Re: Hi… I’m Back

Ah.. yes.. Peter Gabriel
and his senior video.. i believe released in October 2005..
that will make him precisely 55 like me.. as he is 10 years
total my senior.. born in 1950.
And this 1986 video
brings back fond
memories for me
back in 1986.. a poor yet
happy young man
to get his first credit card and purchase
my first used console TV with fading color..
as before that all I have is a black and white TV..
Albeit a color TV at age 16..
at home with mother..
until it blows up in smoke
a few years later..
and in 1986..
living with a girlfriend
with her two children
in a wasting
away trailer..
oh do i know..
what it
feels like to be poor..
and grasping at straws
of modern luxury and comfort…
And ah.. Peter Gabriel.. such a humanitarian..
bringing the score of the movie the last Temptation..
rightly depicting Jesus as a historical man rather than
a ONLY SON OF GOD to the dismay
of all the Christian Fundie sheep..
in my metro super-red-state locality.
Yes.. i shed my frigging skin and pound the truth of freedom
IN dance into my STILL FUNDIE LOCALITY at Super-Walmart
to the grins of children and GENERAL dismay of ignoring older folks
who think I’m fuc8ing crazy.. while I smile and grin inside
with my ‘Terminator’ look
on the outside.. AS BIG as a Universe..
with truly starry eyes on skin.. instead of ‘normal’ human clothed
and hidden cultural skin.. gaining connection to all.. instead of hiding away
in a cave of human lies.. IN skin that refuses to see the simple truth of bliss IN Truth connecting existence..
when one is finished foraging food for the day.. coming back to the campfire to dance naked and free under moonlight nights
of embeRing campFire ecstasy with others of the tribe..
holding skin together.. as one force
of humanity starry eyes twinkling freedom..
Well yeah.. with the exception of rave dancing
every Thursday Night.. i am a tribe of one..
at Super-Walmart.. except for the little
children who i do inspire to twirl around
Super-Walmart the rest of the night..
and harder for parents to say no.. after the ‘Terminator’..
just does it for an hour or two..
in the biggest middle aisle.. like a frigging ballerina on crack…
Few there may ever know my REAL name.. but chances are they will not forget the dancing dude
in red state Fundie-land until their dying day.. gasping their last breath.. finAlly realizing
hey.. I could have danced..
why did NOT.. I dance..
now I understand.. WHY
the dancing ‘Terminator’
looking dude at
Super Walmart.. DANCES LIKE HE DOES..
(as yeah.. i’ll probably still be dancing..
when ‘they’ are dying with last breath)
I am fortunate.. i already die in life..
for five whole years with a pain
medically assessed as worse
than real crucifixion.. not
not just death..
how blessed i am NOW
by the FORCE as IS.. NOW
FOR THIS great gift of pain..
misery.. and suffering
worse than
to become
a real
of life..:)
The REAL job of JOB
is convincing other
folks that heaven
is reAlly
But hey.. the so-called
REAL Gnostic Jesus can’t
convince folks about that
2K years or so ago in words..
so that is why i say fU8k words
and use the oldest and greaTest
language of all to minister my message
of bliss.. in the heaven of now.. DANCE ON…
Anyway.. Leah.. thanks for the morning cup
of inspiration.. with this will be the blog post
of the day.. and last night i am hoping for an
inspiration to say
HAHA! THAT makes you
princess Leah.. and speaking
of princesses.. Shakira doesn’t
quite put the ‘intellect’ and
‘deep’ ways of ‘speaking’
into her music
like Peter
Gabriel.. AND YOU..
BUTT.. with HIPS
she too definitely
knows how to take
her skin off and JUST
FLOW in dance
with the
as is
Biggest Smiles;
Your friend,

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