Grand Cross Bible 2021

SMiLes Dear Sohair

The Nile Welcomes All

The Same As The Nile Stays

In Flow Away From All Distractions

And Verily Issues From the Past With

SMiLes Indeed

The Nile

Is A River

We May All Strive
For to Maintain
Inhaling Peace


Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT For
All Healing Giving
Sharing Caring Freely

YeS AGAiN With All With Least
Harm Yes Nile Flows in Loving Focus Free Now..:)

SMiles Dear
Xenia Many
More Poetry
Years of
Your Way
Joy Year ‘Round
Now For You All ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ
SmellinG LoVE’S Prints๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿค—☺️

Dear Xenia


Spring in Winter๐Ÿค—
Christmas SMiling๐Ÿค—๐ŸŽ„

SMiles Dear
Xenia The Sun
Is Out And


Is Returning
To Christmas
In Florida’s PaNHandle☺️๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿ
Now So Very Green Changing

THorns Bring More
Beautiful FLoWeRS
of Roses

Bring Deeper
Roots For Stronger Trees

Nautilus Shells and Galaxies
Start With Narrow Spirals Expanding

Out As Existence Continues to Spiral These

Ways Through LiGHT And DarK to Grow Our

Living Trees

Taller and
Stronger As

Valleys Make

Mountains Same

Height in Appreciating

Taller Tree Tops And Deeper
Roots Same Yet Changing

Different of Course

The More Miles

i Public Dance

The More i Find
Balancing FRiEnDS

With Gravity Dear Savvy

Not Unlike Writing in Flow FRiEnDS
With Gravity Exists in All Dimensions

When Balancing Comes Now To Inhale
Peace Exhale Love Deeper For All Indeed..:)

Dancing Singing Poetry IS A Map To Hope, Faith,
Belief, Joy, Happiness, And Overall Love (“Why Is
He Dancing Singing Grand Cross Bible 2021?”)


Dancing Singing Now

Sadly This is Rarely

Just A Rhetorical

Question For Play ‘These Days’…

Well You Know Dear PM Back Then

The Grinch Tried to Cancel Christmas

According to A Fairy Tale At Least Hehe

So Perhaps there is a Chance That Joe Munchkin

Will Not Fly Back as A Monkey to Kiss the Butt of

The Wicked Witch of the West too Yet It’s True

With or Without


Even With

The Grinch And
Associated Comrades

True the Kids in Whoville
In West Virginia Could Sure

Use Some Fresh Clothes in those
Mountain Cabins for the New Year too…

Yawn No One is Gonna Cancel Christmas

For me As my Tree Stays Up Year ‘Round With

More Colors Than Ever Before New too As Yes
i Am Currently Starting A “Grand Cross Bible 2021”

Yes It’s Just A Metaphor As “In the Beginning” When
Most Folks Were

Illiterate Books Were

Held in High Reverence

When All Books Were

Termed Bibles then
in Some Locations
of This Big Blue Green
And Brown Orb As Such
We Spiral Around in Galaxies
On Just Orbiting A Healthy Star Still…
Hehe, Yet of Course All of Nature Real
Moves Even When We Sit Still and Slow
Twitch Fibered Muscles Are Constantly Firing
Now to Keep Us Sitting Up Straight in Balance

It’s Worth Noting That is a Rather
Ergonomic Injury Potential thing
To Do As Those Tiny Movements
Are Repetitive Indeed So Yes As

That Principle Applies to All Stuff
Existence Within, Inside, Outside,

Above, So Below And All Around

The Rule of Nature is Balance For Change

So in This Way in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,
2020, And Now 2021 God Yes i Dance And

Sing A New “Grand Cross Bible” Every Year
For Six As A Tradition of Change in Balance

Too, Yes From Memorial Day Through New Year’s
Eve For 7 Months Out of Each Year Now Through
All those Years i Write A “Grand Cross Bible” Greater
in Size than the ‘King James’ Effort Always Changing Always

Evolving Just Like

my Soul SPiRiTinG
HeART Free Now As

It’s True Whatever Stagnates

in Life Moves into Imbalance and

Causes Problems With Our Health
And Well Being and May Harm the Balance

of the Rest of Nature Adapting to Constant Change Now True…

In This Way Every Christmas Bible of my Life is Always Different Now

In Fact For Us All, Truly Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love or Less in

Life is A New UniVeRSE

A New Testament

to Adapt

And Change

And Evolve Greater to

Light Up New Colors of
All Our Christmas Trees

Or Not Or Not Or Not

As Some Folks

Are Rather

Averse Now to

Change Yet It’s True too
Boats Need Sails to Explore
New Seas for Subsistence With
Fair Winds and Following Seas Ahead

Yet Storms Do Come So Boats Do Need

Anchors In Old Harbors to Stay Afloat And True too

Humans Do Bond and Bind Over Common Symbols

And Ideologies too As Tradition Does Naturally Exclude

Others Who Don’t Play By Those Rules and Stay on the
Same Sheet of Choir Music in Church Now True too Yet

It is Also Possible to Write Our New Testaments And

New Bibles, Direct And Produce Our Evolving Soul

Play of Life And Still Visit The Traditions And

Sort of Be A Visitor Like the Reformed

Grinch And Even Perhaps

Play Their Reindeer

Games Enough

Not to Get

Exposed With

Our Red Noses GLoWinG

HAha So What’s the Meaning

And Purpose of All of These Words

Just Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

May All You Love Prosper And Thrive With Their
Relative Free Will in Tow Or Airing Out New Sails of Adventure mY FRiEnD…

Anyway i Still Have “SonG oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old” To Put Together

As That Longest EPiC Long Form Bible Poem Holds This 11th Titled Subchapter

Long Form Bible Larger Than the Old King James Size Effort in 100 Months too

As True All Those Words in 100 Months in Free Verse Spirited Play is Indeed

More Than 12 Times Greater in Size than That Old King James Size

Effort unlike ‘The Book of Eli’ Dear Movie Buff, i Didn’t Go

The Route of Copy Cat Like ‘Denzel Washington’

Playing the Part of ‘Eli’ on that Movie
Then It’s True i Continue the

Race With my Best

Life Only Now

And Like My Mother’s

‘Prophecy’ in A Letter We

Found In Her Home After

She Passed Away in ’17 That She

Never Sent to me Post Marked Dated

By Her on my 33rd Birthday in 1993, As

She Said After My Life Is Over

A Grand Story it Will Tell Yet

Of Course, i Suppose It’s Poetic

Justice As When i Was 33, i Didn’t

Have Much of A Creative
Bone in my Soul It’s True

That Didn’t Come Until

Blooming Much Later

At Age 53 And the Next

10 MiLLioN Words Yes

Funny Now How Life





Souls Grow Evolving Yet

i Love Old Traditions too; Yes,
i Used to Be A Very Black And
White Thinker Then Who Had so
Much Trouble Bending to What
i Didn’t Agree with; Hehe Now i Change

All the Metaphors to Love And it Mostly All

Works Out DarK Thru LiGHT True That’s Colorful

Feeling Sensing Almost Wearing Shades That Are
Rose Colored HAha…

With No Know…



With SMiLes

“Life Moves Pretty Fast”

Yep, Yes, We Gotta Make it the
Best Party We Can Loving Will At
Least According to “Ferris Bueller’s”

Religion and Basically In A Way Mine too
With the Focus of “Forrest Gump” For No
Particular Reason Except For Feeling Like
Dancing More Than Half the Distance around the
Globe too for Close to 16,000 Miles in 100 Months…

Yet Without Any Real Worries Like ‘The Dude’ off “The
“Big Lebowski” Movie too And When it Comes to ‘Terminators’

i Refuse to Be A Machine Doing the SaMe Old SaMe Old ‘Thing’

Yet an “Avatar” i Will Be Squeezing All 242 Pounds in this Fiber Optic

Cable Close to The Speed oF LiGHT And LoVE Even Faster Than

Dancing Around the Equator Distance of the World hAha.. And

As Far As “Neo” Goes i do the Green Pill And “Whitman”

As “Leaves of Grass” Fed By Leaves of Living Tree me

Feeding Both Trees of Forests Whole And New

Sapling Green Trees RiSinG Out of

Holy Falling Leaves iN



Green Sprouting Soils
Through All Winter Snows
And Spring NoW on Christmas
Day in the Panhandle of Florida True too

As Summer FLoWeRS Still Remain Here

in My Own Garden of Eden Staycationing Eternally Now

Gratitude Yes it is Why i Never Stop Doing Newer Testaments of Breath Now..:)

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD There is the Sweetest Little Yellow and White Tuxedo
Kitty Who Greets Us Walking Around the Neighborhood Block Each Night As

The Frogs Do Still Come Out As They May When Temperatures Rise Back
to Spring on Christmas Morning; As Here, Hehe, 4 Seasons in a Week
in December Spring of Panhandle Florida In Winter is No Big Surprise

As Even Air-Conditioners Have Been Turned on, on Christmas
Days Before; Yet Anyway, The Little Sweet Kitty Laments

A Desire for Us to Have Another Kitty FRiEnD in Our Home
As Yes, It’s Been Almost 3 Years Now Since Our Last

Cat Passed Away True And if Ya Keep Putting

It off As Far As Anything in Life Goes

In Use It or Lose It Ya Just May
Never Find It At All Again or Yes
Even A First Date Now mY FRiEnD…

Until 2008, i Couldn’t Bear Pets in the Home
Because of Severe Allergies as i Believe i’ve Told
You Before, For When 19 Life Threatening Synergy
of Illnesses Came Then Including the Worst Pain Known
to Humankind, the Suicide Disease, Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep That No Drug

Would Touch; Most All of these Disorders Related then to 11 Years
of Work Related Stress Yes Ranging From Chronic to Acute Fight or Flight
the Last 2 Years of That ‘Term’ of Life Basically In Prison of the “Matrix” of What
Society Brings, Strangely the Allergies Went Away And What Our Cat FRiEnDS

Taught me Best is A Return to the Call of the Wild in Balance of Loving Nature Then
And Now too; Particularly , “Yellow Boy,” A Feral Cat From our Back Woods Feeding

Him in A Dry Spell As He Came Whining Under Our Shed Begging For Food And True

in Return As He Became a Lap Cat Of Love Transformed From A Dangerous Competitive

Killer From the Woods He Showed me What Is Truly Important in A Continuing Play for Life’s Existence
Free Without All the Illusory Human Issues We ‘Think’ We Have For So Many of the Clothes of CuLTuraL

Tools We Wear/Become That May Otherwise Be Discarded to Inhale Peace Exhale Love As Our Social Animal

Other Friends at Home Do Teach So Well my FRiEnD in the Spirit of this Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

A Very Merry Christmas
And Happy Holidays

to All You LoVE iN
Life mY FRiEnD

SMiLes it’s

A World for

Playing Life Loving Free

Now Fearlessly in Kindness Oh What A Cat or Dog
Will Teach A Human How to BREaTHE Free Again…:)

SMiles Dear Chaymaa
All Your Quotes So Valuable

to Personal Growth What i Do
my Best to Do is Make Every Life

Experience A Poetry Prompt for
Both Dance And Song For More

Gratitude For this Breath
of Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love


And The More i Do
This the More i Find i
Grow As A Soul Ever
More Coloring my

HeART And SPiRiT to SPRead..:)

Really, Who Has the Years, Months, Days,
Hours, Minutes, Seconds Required NoW iN
FoCuS to Actually Understand Anyone At All (me)

The More Ya Understand Folks Now The More It Is
Realistically Impossible For Them to Disappoint Ya in

Whatever They Do Now

SMiLes Dear Akshita Oh How

There is Connecting Moving

Co-CreatinG As Long As We

Dance And Sing A New Song




From Ice And
Concrete Before

Just to Flow Alive

Free Where Hands Touch
ReNeWinG Bird’s Wings, Smiles

Yes, “W I N T E R” Hehe.. Got A

Top “T, I, E, R” Result in ‘Katie Mia Frederick’

Out of the ‘Winter’ Letters Required to Join in

From my Pen Name Related to All my Letters

Yet No, i Don’t Join In on Any of The ‘Reindeer

Games’ in ‘Poetry Prompts’ Online as Invariably

i Will Just Be too Strange/Different For Anyone Who



Total Freedom
in this Life With SMiLes…

Rather Make All of Life a

Poetry Prompt For Dance

And Song Free And Just Do Every
Event of Life Moving, Connecting,

Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Freely

Co-Creating this way in Autotelic Flow
With Rarely Any Rules…

HAha Other than
Death and


Taxes that
Generally Speaking
on the Federal Level

i’ve Avoided Paying for
13 Years Without Even
Breaking Any Rules Hehe…

For It’s True Ya Have to
Know The Rules to Beat

A System With No Wings…

As Today 12.22.21 is the Opening

Date for the Matrix Movie Part 4

Per Title, “Matrix Resurrections”…

i Am surely Not Going to Join Any
‘Matrix Party’ Verily i’ll Just Do ‘Neo’ Allone…

Writing Poetry In Reverse Like the ‘White
Knight’ Feeding the Right Hemisphere of my

Brain as The ‘Dormouse’ Suggests

Hehe in the ‘Matrix Resurrections’

Movie Trailer Singing it Well
Along With ‘Grace Slick’
And ‘White Rabbit’ too

As Far As What to Do
Removing Ourselves
From Concrete Ice

Souls In


to Flow
As A River
Free Once Again…

With No Banks to Restrict..:)

-Fred or ‘Alice’ or ‘White Knight’
or ‘Dormouse’ Or Even “Neo”, Nope,

~All The Names Really Don’t MatteR aT All…

Fear of Loud Sounds for the Lion Roars And Will Eat us

Wings to
Fly or Fall

SMiles For me
It Is Mostly
i Do Life



A Lost๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿคฎ
Cause For Them…

Merry Christmas
Marianna to All
You Love With
SMiles of THorns



RiSinG Again ๐Ÿฅ€

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Wherever You
Are This Moment i Will Love to Arrive

Now Just Like Santa Claus to Give

You A Warm Hot Chocolate Hug

And Mug of Cheers to Make

Every Little

Thing Alright

With You Just
Sunshine and Spring

in Your Eyes SMiLing 

i’m Knocking Softly On

Your Door Hehe

Don’t Wanna

Get Burnt

Coming Down
Your Chimney Where
it is So Very Cold and Snowy
For Christmas Eve And Day For You

Anyway Promise i’ll Be Visiting on
Christmas Morning…

And Many More too

As Long As You


Santa in Your Home

FLoWeRinG NoW For
Christmas iN Deed in
Metaphor Ever Green

Thank You Shawna B.
Keep the Jingle
Bells A Ringing With
SMiLes Now Of
Joy Love Breathes
Hehe.. one Day
i’m gonna OPen
Up a “FredMarK”
Greeting Card
Company… Wait!
Already Do it For Free! heHe..๐ŸŒฒ

SMiLes Yet Again
Rue i Follow
This Path Late
At 53 You Early
At Thirty Something
As Assessed Not
By Youthful Beauty
Still Yet The Story
I’ve Listened
To of Your
Life You
Are Still
So Young And
Talented Truly Gifted
With Poetry of The


So Young

You Will Go

So Much Farther

Than Me on

Your Path
If You Just
Keep Traveling
Once You Arrive
Long After
i Pass Away



Fred And
Do Feel And
You Are
Now Just

This Magical




You Always
Within to See Love๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ™

Lovely Canadian
Christmas Views
Merry Love
To All


Love And

BREaTHE NoW ☺️๐Ÿ™

SMiles Rue
i Just
Cards Year

‘Round Hmm

JeSuS Will Choose

Reply Only

Is if
Comes Back
Today As Promised

Same Way He
Came Last
Go ‘Round
In The
New Testament

Excluding No
One From
Of Love
Who Would
Open Their
To Him

Full Well
All He
Is Heaven
Now For All

Okay Rue Busy
Completing My
Christmas Merry
Card Back



“The MaGiC” Finally Returns
Indeed ‘The Child Of LoVE’ RiSinG AGAiN

SMiLes Dear

Savvy Gratitude

Is the Give of Love

Thanks Giving

For Giving

All We Do
mY FRiEnD Now

Gratitude No End or
Beginning No Finish
ALWaYS Starting Now



This Gratitude
Tree This Loving
Forest iNDeeD For All mY FRiEnD…

Happy HoLiDaY LoVE to All You LoVE ALWaYS NoW…

And Thank You For Your Wondrous Every Day Poetry of ‘Living



my Dear FRiEnD
With So Many SMiLes..:)

i KNoW NoThing PM,

i Am Wave

i Am Water

i Am Ocean

i Am Particle

i Am Wave

i Am Field i Am
BeLieve i Am BeLeaf

i Am BeLove i Am Forrest

Whole And Sure ‘A Real
Forrest Gump’ Too Hehe…

Or So


i BeLeaf

i BeLove i Do…

me Just Another
River Flows No Fear Now
No Banks Will Hold This Will oF Love…

Repeat This ‘Prayer’ Three Instances

And Perhaps You Will Click Your Heals

Dear Alice or Dorothy And Return Home to Y.O.U. too…


OBTW Merry
Christmas God Yes

Happy New Year SMiLes

NoW And All That Jazz Yes

Every Day Every NoW iNDeed
Just LiGHTiNG Newer Colors on LiVinG LoVinG Trees…

And Thank You For All Your Inspiring Every Day Words..:)

SMiLes PM, i Wanna See the ‘Matrix

Movie’ Today in A Way It’s Looking

iN A MaGiC Mirror Too

Yes LooKinG Deep

Within Finding

All the Gifts

of Our Inheritance

Our Ancestry At Our
Very Finger Tips In Other
Words The Gift of Unpacking
Epigenetic Potential With Enough
Struggle to Make Change Real For
Positive Adapting to the DarK oF

Live Transforming
Our Selves NoW into

A Much Newer Enigma

Mirror Creation indeed

So What’s Possible is the Sky
The Limit or The Ground or Is

Above Below And All Around

Within Inside Outside


PreSently The

SaMe Distance

B A L A N C in G

Center Point FRiEnDS NoW
With Gravity For All that Exists

Shall i Try the Blue Pill or Red

Hell No i’ve Already Tried

iT i’ll Grow My Own

Life With

The Green Pill
i Create And Skip

Right Left Over the

Left and Right Hemispheres

of Mind in Union of one Believe

one BeLeaf one BeLove One Living

Tree To Spread My Leaf to Forest Whole
Ocean Water Wave SaMe Indeed Just

So Many Trinities Particle Wave

Field True too

Like my



And All of Existence True
Merry Eve of Eternal Loving LiFE iNDeeD
Dreams Come to Fruition We Do Create New

As Mirror Changes Our Creation Now For Real…

PS: Gotta Proof-Read And Add the Multi-Media
to A 57,710 Word Long Form Poem MacroVerse

Celebrating 10,000,000 Words of EPiC LonG Form
Poem Longest “SonG of mY SouL” to Make the 12:15 PM

SHoWinG of the “Matrix Resurrections” First Movie of Any

Movie i Will See Since Before Pandemic Days Came

If i Don’t Make it on Christmas Eve

THere is Always


Day Still to Come
NoW ALLwayS A Trinity
of Plans A, B, C i Do Hehe..;)

Santa Day


Dear Doc

As Long
As We

To Give
Love With
No Wrappings
To Hide Love

Still Through
North Pole Cold

Or Pandemics
In Deep Snow

Snow ๐Ÿฆ 

To MelT HeHe๐Ÿฅถ⛄️

Greatest Gift

Is A Mother

Who Gives Life
And Gardens
Love The

Child oF LiGHT
Dear Chaymaa…

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Life is the Fruition
of The Dream


Some Lose
The Life of the Dream…

Indeed Dear
The Rebirth
Of Love When
Give up on
Us is The
Return of
Love When
We Do Same


Else Lost
We Refuse to Lose

Happiness Two G’s

Dear Chaymaa

Makes God

Giving mY FRiEnD
That Comes Naturally With L..๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ˜Š

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Our Cat
Yellow Boy
Survived In
Our Home For
Almost 10 Years With
Feline Leukemia Out

Of The Woods

We Refused to
Make A Choice
To End His Life
When The Vet
Told Us As The
Only Choice To
Protect Other Cats
Keeping Him Inside

We Could Feel in
The Holiday
Season of
2018 He Was
Passing Away
Amazingly At the
Bar i Danced At
As i Felt That
Way i Took A
Random Picture
Of A Burning Torch
In Fire Of A Fountain
That Shaped The Figure
Of A Yellow To Orange

Fired Cat

As if


my Eyes
i Still Honor
His Memory

With That

Of Fire

Love Will
Do Extend the

Life of Most

All to Life
Is Good As
Our Cat And

Don’t Really Pass
Away Like Others
We Love As We


THeiR Love

As “Saint
Elmo’s Fire’s
Myth” Real

“Elmo” Another
Name For Bringer
oF LiGHT Meaning

Of my Mother’s Name
Helen Who Went To
Her Death Bed on
Valentine’s Day
In Hospice in
2017 She Lasted
8 Long Days Without
Food Or Water For
The Long Good Bye
With Undetected
Cancer Through
Bones Through
Breast Through
Brain Two Years
Prior Losing 80
Pounds Only
Taking A Bayer
Aspirin Calling
The Pain Arthritis

She Beat My Sister
At Scrabble Several
Days Prior to Her

Death Bed As
Her Brain Was
Bleeding The

Doctor Said
Usually People
Last 3 Days Without
Food Or Water And
Attributed Her 8 Days
To An Unusually


Of Love
Builds Indeed

As Her Love Still
Breathes me As
Yellow Boy Does

Too In The Love
i Heal, Give, Share
Care Freely No Different

Than An Ever Blessing
Of A SMiLe my Child
Ryan Never Had in
Only A Life of Pain

For 51 Days
His Blessing
Death His


Beat in
my Arms

In 1997

He Never
i Dance i Sing

i Give Away to

All i BeLieve
i BeLeaf

i BeLove

Part of All
Our Living
Tree Bleeding
And Breathing
LoVE iNto The


Of God
Water Wave
Ocean SaMe

Merry Christmas
Dear Hawaii FRiEnD๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ

Thanks Dear
Savvy Happy
Spirit In HoLiDaY
To You
With SMiles๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

Hi Himali.. Since You Love
Santa i’m Sure Merry Christmas
As Birth oF LoVE and LiGHT And
New Years ALWaYS LoVE MoRE
As NoW iS ALWaYs iN OrDeR For
ArT so this is mY CHrisTMaS
Card to: You
From me
And Yes
PS.. too..
HelloooVE HiMaLi
WiTH aS LoVE to: YoU SoMe MoRE..๐Ÿ™‚

The Mortal Sin The Fear The Hate Against
Eternal LovE NoW iN ForGiveness


Bottom Top Line

Empaths Do
‘This’ As
in Quiet Breeze
Yes They Hear Your
Soul in Silent Nights of Days…

It’s Worth Noting At Least to me that i Wrote
‘This’ With one Finger On A SMarT Phone For
Real That’s All ‘David’ Needs to DeFeaT AGain

NoW One LooK iN
EYes Enough For me
For i Am Higher to See
Freely Breathing
Hehe i Only
Come Here
For the
Of Your
To Be
This is only
Poetry For 2021
Vision Longest
Nights Deserve
Champagne of Eyes
As Always Thanks
Art You Are
Happy Holidays
Do Remain
A Gift
Present 2022๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’ซ

To Efficiently
Flow Reaching
Human Potentials
In More
Sense What
You Take
Your Eye
Off The
Pay No
To The
You Starve
And Die Whereas
In Our Modern
World Facing
That Most
Have to
Deal With
To Survive Slave
To The Work And
School World
The Starvation
And Death is
Rise With
Comes To
Happy Holidays
To You And
Love Kally๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ˜Š

Lights Continue
To New Color
THiS Way
With SMiLes๐ŸŽ„

Lovemas Even Better Really Sad A Priest Says
Us CatholicS iN Mass As If Them Are Not Love Is God Now

Repeat After Me Or Do Not Religion Will Never Be Love As
Tradition By Definition Means Us Not Them Excluding Love

Or What They Do As Them

Not A New Story Why JeSuS, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Etc., Escape
Church And State Freeing God Nature All NoW Within NoW LoVE

Echoes of Snow My Ancestors From the Black Forest
Of Germany as I remember Playing a Little SnowBoarding
Game As In Florida Snow is So Rare; Yet, i’m Sure i would
Feel the Ancestral Memories of Deep Frozen Winters
If I lived Somewhere Farther North by Far
From Florida Now; Smiles, I haven’t
Worn Long Pants since 2013;
So i tolerate Cold Naturally Well;
And Polar Bears Were my Favorite
Stuffed Animal From Childhood For True
i Found Love in That Stuffed Toy that would
Never Go Away as My Father Did at 3 for i am
Sure There are Many Folks Who Have Stuffed Animal
Parents This Way as Surrogates And Of Course Stuffed Pillow
Lovers Through
Life as
Lovers Fade Away
Yet We Still Find Ways
To Generate the Warmth Within
Yes the Christmas Sprit Year ‘Round At
Best We Create Within to Warm Ourselves
Surely With More To Give to Others this way too…
Love Within
Warmth Indeed
Smiles Lillian From Norway
As i Know a Lillian From Boston too…
Oh the Magic of Northern Lights And
Snow Aglow With Sublime Memories
When Ice Becomes Warm Within
Yes Merry Love to You
Year Around
You Always
Find Ways to
Generate Sunshine
Of Love to Feel and Give and Share More..๐Ÿ™‚

Our Family From Ireland “Who Black Sheeped”
My Catholic Priest Grandaddy When He Left The
Church Basically In Part So i Could Exist Now Breaking
Those Rules Hehe, Got In touch With Us to Visit Them For
A Family Reunion in 2017 Yet My Mother Passing Away Excluded

That Option From Coming to Fruition

They Asked For Photos to

Include in the Ritzy

Occasion As Apparently

Our Relatives in Ireland

From Limerick Where my
Grandfather Was Born Are
A Bit Ritzy in Material Accomplishments

Like Some Other Members Living in Mansions
on my Father’s Side of the Family Anyway All

They Had to Say is it is So Strange (UNAPPROVED) That

i am in Shades At Night Even Though i Wear them From

Recovering From the Worst Suicide Pain
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Assessed

As the Worst Pain Known to Humankind

in My Case in my Right Eye And Ear Like

Wake to Sleep Shut-in my Bedroom

For 66 Months As if Wearing

SHades at Night Is the

Strangest Thing

i’ve overcome in Life
AS NO Drug Would Touch
The Suicide Disease For me…



It’s True Some of Us Materially Reduce
The World to Details We Can’t Look Past

i’m Sure my Penis Would Offend Them
iN my ‘David Art’ too Yet We Didn’t Share
That Art With Them As It’s Rather Exclusively

Linked And Truly “Grey Popoun” At Essense of
Renaissance Art At Least All Fancy Dancy too..

It’s True Some of Us Can’t See PAST the
Trees For the Forest of Beauty All God

Some of Us Reduce God to Words

And Insist God Only Comes And
Returns to Earth With A Penis

To Hell With Vaginas they

Only Deliver Sons of Love

Huh Well NO it Depends

On How Those Sons are

Gardened for Love or

To Erase the Aversion to
Killing Someone of our Same
Species in Desert Tribal Wars

By Removing the Smiles and
Cries of the Young Boys From

ALLMost Birth From Big Daddy’s

Fierce Dead Faced Glare So

What’s Left Over

Anger For

And ‘Left Brain’
Hemisphere Restricted



The Different Among
Us Until the Whole Nature Picture Free Loving All
of God All Of Nature Returns to Life Balancing Again

Left and Right Right And Left One Whole God Now We

Yes Some of Us Come Free Some of Us Go Lost This is Life…

Hehe, Dear Savvy
Amused by the

Illustration Here

of in General

A ‘Sharp Pencil’

Left Brain Metaphor

As Opposed to A More
Colorful Crayon of the Right Hemisphere

As Mechanical Cognition
Vies For Superiority

In Left Brain

May even
Grow Angry
When Control
No Longer Seems
Its DoMain Yes Dominating

The World With Words Too mY FRiEnD

Overall Our Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual
Intelligences in Big Right Brain Picture Playing Now

True it is Often A Balancing Force of
Liberation Within That Leads to Both

Sharp Pencil Fine Lining And Crayon
Brushes Painting the World Newer In Colors True

When Art And Reason Becomes Chaos MaGiC Real Indeed…



Out of Order
So Very Uniquely..:)

Hehe We
Don’t Have
A Chimney


So He’ll
Have to Knock
(Rudolph We Trust)๐Ÿ›ท๐Ÿ๐Ÿคฃ

We Had Frost on
Our Roof Thursday
Dear Cindy
Yes Below
Freezing ๐Ÿฅถ
Yet 76F on
Tap For
Not A Place
For Frosty A ☃️
Snowman To
Thrive Never
The Less Rudolph

Yes So
Free Hehe
Nose to See๐Ÿ›ท☺️๐ŸŽ…

“It’s A Wonderful Life”


Indeed As the Old
Jimmy Stewart Christmas
Story Relates Do Count our


BLeSSinGS For Those We Move,
Connect, And Co-Create With in

Life As We Go or
We May


of Moving

And Be Left With
A Question is Life

Worth Living At All

For It’s True It’s Really

Not Without Love as Billionaires

Surely Pad the Pocket Books As
Those With Fame and Fortune

Surely Pad the Pocket Books

of Their Psychotherapists too

With A Question of ‘Why me?”

Love is Free

So Why Do We
Attempt to Sell and
Buy Things so Much So
Far Away from the Fins
That Swim the Fish the
Wings That Fly the Bird
And the Hands That Climb
The Monkey So Far Above in Trees

For Indeed We Tend to Forget We aRe Believe

As True That Word Originates From BeLeaf and

Even Further From BeLove So Very Close to HeARTS

Who Dance And Sing This SPiRiT oF LoVE Moving Connecting
Co-Creating SoUL So Fearlessly Free Now Just A Dance And Song of Life

Just This



This Naked Living
Tree Enough Whole
Complete to Heal, to Give,
to Share, Inhaling Peace,
Exhaling LoVE iN LiGHT
of Joy For All With Least

Harm Every Leaf of Love that
Feeds The Tree Every Leaf of

Love That Feeds Holy and Sacred

Soul Soils Where Sapling Green Trees

Survive Fertilizing ThiS WaY Through
Deepest Winter Snows As Roots of Living

Trees Grow Even Deeper As Love This Way

Summer FLoWeRS Returning in Flow Leaves

Falling off Living Trees to Winter Spring Love Free For All Again…

It’s True Dear FRiEnD

i Relish in DeLiGHT

For Every Smile

of Love i Am

So Fortunate
To Be Able to Give
Away And True too

i Often Copy and Paste
The SMiLes and Just Put
The “SonG oF mY SoUL” Now
on Repeat to Play Again my FRiEnD
Or Dance Or However Love May Move
Connect And Co-Create in Love’s Great Breath…
As my Christmas Tree Up Year ‘Round Just Continues
to Add New Colors oF LiGHT Merry Christmas Dear FRiEnD Cindy


This Now is
‘A Wonderful Life’
Nice to Share With
Leaves of Trees Forest Enough
Whole Love Complete Like You With SMiLes
Hehe Yet Ya Don’t Have to Do it ‘Naked Free’

of Course

That’s Just
My Thing HAha…

As All i Am is Leaf..:)

SMiLes Dear Okidedatter
Orchard Daughter Lillian as

You So Eloquently

Brand A Name

For Your Poetry
Book on Sale on

Amazon Yes Such

A Sublimely Beautiful
Video You Produce With
Hints of the Poetry You Create

Indeed So Deep As the ‘Moon

Kills the Day’ As You Say Dear

FRiEnD Through Sunsets

And Sunrises With




To Rise From Fall Again

From Norway Northern Lights

As The Sun Idles on the Horizon

Today One More Day As Surely A

Promise of the Sun at Least RiSinG Comes Again
As Always Thanks For Your Inspiring Soul Free to Delight


So Deep

As Oceans

Swim Love

From Shallow
Clear Waters of Love Above..:)

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha

Love iS A Whole Ocean

We aRe Fish What

Happens When

Fish Are Separated
Now From An Ocean

They Surely Don’t
Drown They Slowly Suffocate

What Makes Love An Ocean Now

What Makes Fish Able to Breathe

This Water And Never Suffocate

They Swim They Swim They

Never Stop Swimming

The Water Deep

And Blue

Or Shallow
And Clear They Swim
They Swim They Never

Stop Swimming Until they
No Longer Breathe Water Free

So Why Are So Many Humans Falling
Away From the Water of Love the Whole
Ocean And Suffocating Slowly Now This Way

Yet Why Does the Hawk Rarely Fall From the Sky

They Fly They Fly They Just Keep Flying And Sure

Why Does the Monkey Rarely Fall From the Tree

He Climbs He Climbs He or She Climbs And

Just Never Stops Climbing Indeed

Dear FRiEnD BeLieVE

As i’m Spreading
This Good News Today
Originates From BeLeaf

Originally to Mean BeLove

The Fish is Water There is No
Separation the Water Swims the Fish

The Hawk Is Air and Wind There is No
Separation the Air and Wind Flies The Hawk

The Monkey Is the Climb The Tree Inspires

There is No Real Separation the Monkey is the

Tree And So Are We This Leaf of BeLeaf

Yes BeLieve Yes BeLove As Long

As We aRe Trees Of Love

Holding Hands

With All our

Leaves Forest Whole
Naked Enough Complete

Being Love Yes Being Leaf
Tree Forest Whole BeLove

For It’s True As Long As We Do
Who We Truly Are This Ocean of Love
We Swim We Fly We Climb Even Deeper

And Higher as Love Gains Fins, Wings, Yes

And Hands That Just Never Stop Swimming,
Flying, Climbing Love Now So Yes Be Leaf,

Be Tree, Be Forest Whole Love BeLieve BeLove

Yet Most Importantly Swim, Fly, Climb Love And Never Give Up

Be Love

Do Love

mY FRiEnD With Love..:)

SMiles Dear Sohair
Within, Inside,


So Below,
All Around,
Yes Nile Is

A River

Of Love True

my FRiEnD
Thank You☺️๐ŸŒน

SMiles Dear Akshita
It’s Just An Honor
To Travel The

Globe Through
This Fiber Optic

Cable And
Interact With
So Many Beautiful

Poetic Souls
From Indian


Of Poetry
my FRiEnD
Thank You ๐Ÿ™


SMiles Thanks
So Much For
Being Human
Dear Samreen

That May Sound
Strange Two Days

Before Christmas

Yet Sadly So
Many Places
i Visit are For
Sell Yet Not

For Love Now
Indeed For me
At Least You

Inspire Hope
For Humanity
Simply Being

The Social
We aRe Born To
Be Love BeLieve
The Word Origins
From BeLeaf Of

Living Tree
Of Humanity
Evolved From
Before Birth to

BeLove Yet
This BeLeave
This BeLieve
Of Humanity’s
Loving Tree

Is Often Lost

Forest of

Love By The
Tools We Make
The Things That

Are Us
More Now

Than This Living

Tree This Leaf This

Forest Whole Now
That is Humanity’s

Love Naked
Enough Whole


Are one
Of Few Who
Truly Feels

my Leaves
And Returns
The Same As

Compassionate Tree๐ŸŽ„

And Indeed Although
You Are A Muslim Indian

Your Leaves Rise Genuinely
The Way The Good Cop


Of Jesus

As Love

And Just
A Man Continues
To Spread Yet only

For The BeLeaf The
Living Tree of Believe

The Entire Forest Of Naked
Enough Whole Complete

Love At Best We aRe Born

To BeLeaf This BeLieve

This BeLove


Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN Joy oF LiGHT

Now For All With Least
Harm, Healing, Giving,
Sharing, Caring For All

Freely Fearlessly

Hehe This is my
Christmas Tree

Dear Samreen

And i
It Down
Now Dear
New Colors
Of Love Now๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿค—

As “They” Sing ‘Hallelujah’

And As You Sing Your Saving
Grace of Love too For Real

As Another

A Child Of Love

The Greatest Gift ๐Ÿ™


SMiLes Christmas
Trees That Build

SMiLes Year


Dear Savvy

Still LiGHTiNG

Up A Tree This
Way Year ‘Round…



Again Just
Coming All
Around Again For Free..:)

A Different Color
of Gratitude Now
May Be iMagined

For Creation

And Fruition For


Grain of Sand
On A Beach A

Practice ThiS Way
Surely Makes Being
Thankful For Humanity
So Much Easier Come to Play

Thanks Again For the Lovely Quotes

Dear Chayma

With Holiday
Season Smiles
From Florida Singing Hello..:)

SMiLes Allowing the

Inner Moonlight to

Come Out and

Play Without
Being Afraid

A Favorite Way
of Seeing Dark
Come to Greater LiGHT..:)

Forging New Paths
Day And Night

Truly Seeing

Thru the

DarK Dear
Chaymaa Indeed
Thanks for All the
Lovely Inspiring Quotes..:)

MaKinG Room
For People


First Oh to
Find Minutes
Out of the Day
Dear Chaymaa
to Express Human Again..:)

Fear Anger And
Hate Are Close
Bedfellow FRiEnDS

Dear Chaymaa

Sleeping Close to
Each Other in An Addiction

To the Dopamine and Noradrenaline
The Trio Generates Most Often From

A Home Base
That is Not

FelT iN

To Break The
Vicious Cycle
May Be Very
Difficult As All
Addictions Come
to Wanna Stay More Sadly in DarK
Yet Again Someone Must Break the Cycle

For Worlds
to Return
to Love
For Real…:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Science Shows Giving
Without Expect of Return
Increases Levels of Happiness
For Months As Truly Altruism

Is Gift


As A State
of Being Human

HAha And that Solves
How Come i Got So Happy
As The World Is Surely Not Always

One That
A Favor
of Love
SucH A VEry
Busy Place of
Work Away From
Love This World Will

Be Yet if Someone Doesn’t
Break the Silence Love Goes Away..:)

SMiles Kindness
Runs The World
Toward Love Dear Doc☺️

Thanks Dear Doc
For Kind Wishes
In The Holiday
Season my



Thanks For The Kind
Wishes Dear Human
Samreen Kindness
iS A Wish
All Days
Indeed God
Bless You All
With Loving SMiles๐Ÿ˜Š

MacroVerse Memory From 5 Years
Ago 2016, Yes, the 1st “Grand Cross Bible”
Of 6 Larger Than the Old King James Effort

Completed in 7 Months From Memorial
Day Weekend Through Christmas Weekend



True i Do
What i Can
And Will For Love True

As “Grand Cross Bible 2021
Keeps Sprouting New Leaves

Some Folks Work…
Others Twerk…


Humans And All OuR CulTuraL Clothes
Are Slowly Surely Suffocating the EartH All
i Want For ChrisTMaS Is More Naked LoVE ReaL

We aRe ALL Only God’s Children Yet We Connect As God too…
True.. ‘Story Book Character JeSuS’ Must Hold Hands for God to


“Love one Another Like i Have loved You”
-John 13:34

“For Where Two or Three are Gathered
Together in ‘my name’ there ‘Am i’
in the Midst of “Them”…
-Matthew 18:20

Those Who ‘Come in Glory’ Have
Always Done it With ‘God Clothes’
That ParT iN ArT WiLL Never Change
When LoVE ReaL FlesH And Blood

Merry Christmas!
Season Love
‘Round Breath
Eternally Now Smiling๐ŸŒฒ☺️

Neo In
With Ever
Green Pill
All Is Mind
Now Beyond
Form Color
Life Epic
In To Some
Never Green
Yet Always Yours
To Create
Free Will Directly
Of no
Planning At All
Just FLoWeRinG
Colors New and or Old..๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŽ„

Beautiful And Sweet! Merry Christmas!

Love Is
Love Is
All True
Now When
Real With
Eyes Now
Breath indeed
‘The Child’
Loyal Fur So Warm๐ŸŽผ

Merry Christmas
To You All too
i Love Y’all
Too Dear
With SMiles๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ„

SMiles Humans Yes
Naturally Story Talers
Yet Love Exists In
Eyes Lips And
Hips in Dance
And Song
A First
Written Word
In Every Wag
Of Dog Tails True

Too Indeed Dog
Wags Tail of


First True
Too And A
Child Babbling
Non-Sense Songs
And Dancing With
No Instruction Is Yes
Indeed An Unadulterated

Of Love
Real Needing
No Santa Or Other
Myths Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Thru DarK

The Night
Merry The

Day Lovemas

Longest HoLiDaY

Real BeLiEVE BeLeaf BeLoVE
LiVinG Tree Spread Forest Leaf




Forest Indeed For
All As Green Rises More๐ŸŽ„

And SPeaKinG of A “Green
Pill” ThiS Way i Didn’t Make
The Movie Matrix Resurrections
On Christmas Eve So Day Will

SMiLes Dear Sohair 

FoR Me
It Seems
With SMiles ๐ŸŽ„

Merry Lovemas
To All You Hold Dear ๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿ˜Š

Dear Kally
You Too my
FRiEnD With
SMiLes Yes
Tree of Love๐ŸŽ„
Spreading Leaves
To Grow And Feed
An Entire Forest Love ๐ŸŒณ

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Only Success i Know
i Feel i Sense is Love

Life Long



WitH SMiLes mY FRiEnD..:)

Beary Christmas๐Ÿป
i Miss You Merry

i Tried
To Slim
Down For
Christmas i
Even Wore Dark

Blue Yet i Still
Couldn’t Slide
Down Through


As Grizzly
Bear Sized

Santa’s Just
Won’t Fit So
There is Really
No Choice Yet

This Squeezing
All 242 Pounds of
me Through This
Fiber Optic Cable
To Visit This Christmas
Morning True When it
Was Freezing Wednesday
Night The Hair on my
Legs Kept me Warm
Plus The Neighborhood
Kitty as i Own No Long
Pants And No Hehe
That’s Not Toronto
Deep Snow on Our
Roof on Thursday
Just White Frost
Before Saturday
Christmas Today
Back Up to 77F
Degrees Or So
Until the New
Year Comes
Next Perhaps
i’ll Find A Darker
Blue to Slide Through
Your Chimney

As Usual
An Avatar
Of me is
Yours When
You Need A FRiEnD
Hehe or A Grizzly Bear


For Now At Least…
๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿ›ท ๐Ÿป ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿป๐Ÿ›ท๐ŸŽ…

You Feel You Sense
my FRiEnD It’s So Easy
For me To Be FRiEnDS

With Anyone
And Make The
First Effort Over
And Over Again

Even if Years
Pass Yet It Surely

Wasn’t That way
At All When Basically
Working For Money
Was The Only God
i Had Room To Work
For After All Both in
State And Church

This Is The
Most Important
God In Lands That
Consume Things

More Than Putting
Humanity First It

Was A Hard Lesson
To Learn Yet Driven
Down To The Last

Breath Facing
Death Thrice
In My Life i

Got To See The
LiGHT Of My Greatest
Life Mistake of Not


People First

i Got To Return
All Three Times
To Correct That

Mistake So When
i Do Face Death
It Will Be A Life


For my FRiEnD

This is Where i
Come From to Live

Yes Death

Yes Life

Yes Love
In The Same
Place Eternally

Now in Other
Words i Will
Patiently Wait

For You to Return
To This Leaf of Love True

Leaves Fall Leaves

Rise LoVE NoW

BeLieve BeLeaf

BeLove Truly

All The
SaMe Word

Yet Essence

Living Trees
Spring Again
From Winter
Fall to Summer
FLoWeRS Of Love Again ๐ŸŽ„

Merry RamPage Christmas Writing Spree Hehe! Yes!
Dear Shawna Baby! Barely Space to Dance This Eve At

Walmart Yet I Managed to Squeeze it in Between

So Many Tens of Thousands of Words HAha

And The Roast Beast Feast My Sister

Brings on Christmas Eve

As We Are Doing Pig

So yes Stuffed

A Bit on Christmas

Eve i Am Too With SMiLes

Never The Less No Christmas
Beast Feast Will Be Complete Without

Some Christmas Wishes of Love To Your

Whole Dear Family mY FRiEnD It’s Been 101

Months Since i Did Reformed Grinch And my

HeART Still Fills 10 Scale Greater And More

Than That Numb Ticker

Between Below

My Shoulders

Before As Just
A Tin Man And

Not A Very Courageous
Lion Either Then Yet in a Way

Cursed With Still All A Scarecrow

Brain Seeing The Depths of Hell for
66 Months Forever A Second With No Escape

Love is The Way Ahead No Other Way for me to BREaTHE NoW

Inhaling Peace Yes Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Now Healing
Giving Sharing Caring Even More With Least Harm And Oh Lord

I Am Starting to Feel Like One of those Ancient Oral Tradition Dudes

Like ‘Eli’ Off of the “Book Of Eli” Movie Except all These Words Keep

Coming In On Newer Waves Ocean Whole Water NoW as Today

And Every Day

Now Is BeLiEVE

BeLeaf BeLove Yes

Be Living Tree Leaf

Feeding Tree And Falling

To Only Fertilize New Winter
Spring Green Summer FLoWeR

LiViNG Trees As New Saplings Sprout From Soul Soils Fresh!

Dance Sing Dance Sing Dance SinG Love Never Ends Dance Sing Now..:)

Very Welcome
Dear Aarushi
Blessed if i

Get Your

With SMiles๐Ÿ™Œ☺️

Merry Christmas! Leah,

i Miss You It’s Been About
A Year And A Half Yet What

My Mother Taught me Years

Ago is Ya Never Give Up on A FRiEnD

Even if Years Pass As Long as They Do

Not Insist You Go Away
And Usually Someone

Won’t Say That Unless
They Are The Ones Hurting Most

If Love is the Only Gift One Seeks to Give a FRiEnD

Yet Of Course i Rate 100 Percent on Extroversion,
And 100 Percent on Openness, Practically Zero on
Fear And Anxiety of Neuroticism and True

Agreeableness Yes Unless i Am Talking
Politics, Religion, And Philosophy

As i Am Not One to Hide

What i Believe As Truth

And What I Continue
To Evolve As Real

Soul to Be More

Human Than Before
Always NoW AS A Practice of Love

Let’s See What’s Left of the Big 5 Personality
Test Yes With the O.C.E.A.N. Acronym of Variables

Conscientiousness Sure 100 Percent if it is Associated
With my Special Interests of Dance And Song And Art Overall

Yet if it is Visiting Church as A Participant Anthropology Observer

Not So Much as A Scientist i Usually Don’t make it until the Homily
These Days for What I Will Pick Up on-Line in Study of the Readings in

My Off-time As the Church Has Lost Most All my Respect in Support of
Trump Over His Term And Removing Social Distancing and Requirements

For Masks in the Most Deadly Period of the Delta Variant Indeed True i Like
To Sing Their Beautiful Loving Choir Music in Communion With Others Yet

It’s Just Not the Same When an Organization has No Respect for the

Sanctity of Breathing Life And Of Course The Overall Gaslighting

As Making After-Life The Prize of Carrots and Sticks Most

Just Gaslighting Reality All Together As Nothing

Really Worth Striving At All for Now

In All Of Human Potentials

To actually Create Heaven
On Earth Now Naked Enough
Whole And Complete Together
Holding Hands Really Needing Each Other With
SMiLes Yep all Hands Including All Gay Parts Touching
For Love And Every Transgender Reality of Life As Variety
Springs From Reality We Continue to Move, Connect, And Co-Create New Now

Anyway This is Easy for me Yet It’s True Most of my FRiEnDS Are Truly Quiet

And Introverted Like You i Am Practically The Planet Mercury Never Losing

A Step of Dance Or Word of Song in Messages to Deliver Next

Oh Lord Just An Energizer Bunny Yet It is true I’ve Seen

The Other Total Side of This Coin too..

And That Helps to Never Give up

On A FRiEnD the More Shoes

Ya Walk in the More

You Do it Clothed

And Nude the More

You Understand

The Human Conditions

The More Ya Just Love Love Love

As Today i Have Been on a Kick of

BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove For the Germanic
Roots of BeLieVE iN Deed mY FRiEnD No Limits

For me Yet i Understand Not Everyone is

Water Ocean And Wave too mY FRiEnD

i Miss Having a Kitty in my Home a Little

Yellow and White Kitty Waits For Us to

Play on Our Nightly Walks Around the

Neighborhood Block to Reach Out and

Touch Us Every Lap

We Walk At Night

He Also Reminds

me it’s Never too Late
To Reach Out to Any FRiEnD

Who Has Become a Stranger too

For There is No Stranger Who Is Not
A Potential FRiEnD i See No Different

Than How Little Yellow and White Kitty Views Humanity True

Oh How Green Your Kitty’s Eyes Are Oh How Vivid my Memory is
As In my Life Time Never Goes Away All Movie Maker Life in Memory indeed…

Dear Longest FRiEnD Online Since the Year 2010 First Arriving on ‘the Wrong Planet’

In My Life as the Living Dead then True We Remember Those Who Treat Us Human

When We

Feel Least

Human oF All

I Surely Do my

FRiEnD Merry Christmas
With Love to You With

SMiLes of LoVE..:)

Truly Exquisite
Presentation of
These Delicious Looking

Pistachio Cup Cakes Dear Aarushi

Hehe, It’s Amusing i Spend

So Very Many Hours Writing

Poetry And HAha Your

Recipes Are


All My Wife is
Interested in all
the places Globally
i Visit to Respond Just
like this for Literally 10 MiLLoN
Words in A Free Verse Poem i Create
From Inspirations Around the World in Longest

Long Form Poem

“SonG oF mY SoUL”

Way for the Last 100

Months Along with 15,923
Miles of Public Dance in 100

Months too Yes She Always Says

Save Little Chef’s Recipes For Her

As Cooking is one of Her Favorite Hobbies
hAha Thank God For me And How Do i Celebrate

Christmas Never Limited to One Day Christmas

Is the Spirit of Loving Giving Sharing Caring Healing
to me Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All With Least Harm Every Second of Every Day

Indeed i Color
Every Light
of my

Personal Christmas
Tree BeLieve BeLeaf
Yes BeLove All Leafs

of Living Trees

We Make

This Whole

Forest of Love’s

Recipe With All the
Ingredients That Humans
Come to Make Water Wave Ocean Whole

Just Flowing Where Love Coats All Cakes of Life..:)

So True Dear
Yam Losing

A Potential
Path To Uncovering

Our Self
For Real
Naked Enough
Whole Complete

And Or Loving
As Well Secure

A Place
Enough inDeed๐Ÿ˜Š

Love is the Musical Instrument
That Plays Us Higher Or Lower

in Notes of Life

Indeed ‘They’ Say

It Takes 10,000 Hours

to Master Any Creative Effort

in Life Yet We Humans Always

Change So Love At Most And Least

Is Practice



Truly Focused
on the Ever Changing
Play at Hand the Dance
And Song in Step At Note

Or Catching Up to Hear and
See What’s Being Played Now

So Differently Yes Love A Lifelong

Art And Each Unique Soul An Ever
Changing Instrument Moving Connecting

Co-Creating Love Best We Can And Will

Yet Sadly While We May Put Forth All Our

Efforts into Money Making Adventures

Gaining Rewards And Awards

In Life So Much Effort
Practically All Our

Life What

We May Lose
is the Attention and
Focus it Takes to Create Love
As A True Human Masterpiece

Yes a Work of Art Dear Ava We Never

Stop Perfecting Now People First People First

Indeed More Than A Quick Swipe Left and Right of Dating Apps

Where All is Superficial

Like Bones With

No Flesh And

Blood Where

All Becomes

Things and the
Art of Human is Forever
Lost it Seems Somewhere

In A Box of Old Memories With SMiLes…

Love is the Masterpiece That Takes All Paint

Brushes of Life to Make..:)

Falling Falling Falling

SMiLes Dear Yam Why
Is Love Called Falling Falling Falling

Well True It Doesn’t Necessarily Have
Reason Feeling Feeling Feeling Ups

And Downs

Rising Falling
Rising Falling

Not Everyone
Loves Roller Coasters
Indeed Love Will Be Both
Exhilarating And Scary This Way

RiSinG RiSinG RiSinG How Mature
Love Stays Healing Giving Sharing
Caring Even More Balancing Peace And

Harmony Just

Peaceful Inhaling
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All With Least Harm in Effortless

Ease of Life
Is Good Love

Is Faith of Trust
Life is BeLieve
BeLeaf Living Tree
Forest Whole BeLoVE iNDeeD

my my So True How Other Wise
Falling in Love Will Feel Rather Insane

As Heart Drops Falling Rising Falling Even More

One Experience For Sure Love Is Only For You To



For Art of Reason..:)


SMiLes Dear Annabel i only gave my Wife
One Gift And i am Gonna Give it to You too:

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

Love iS A Whole Ocean

We aRe Fish What

Happens When

Fish Are Separated
Now From An Ocean

They Surely Don’t
Drown They Slowly Suffocate

What Makes Love An Ocean Now

What Makes Fish Able to Breathe

This Water And Never Suffocate

They Swim They Swim They

Never Stop Swimming

The Water Deep

And Blue

Or Shallow
And Clear They Swim
They Swim They Never

Stop Swimming Until they
No Longer Breathe Water Free

So Why Are So Many Humans Falling
Away From the Water of Love the Whole
Ocean And Suffocating Slowly Now This Way

Yet Why Does the Hawk Rarely Fall From the Sky

They Fly They Fly They Just Keep Flying And Sure

Why Does the Monkey Rarely Fall From the Tree

He Climbs He Climbs He or She Climbs And

Just Never Stops Climbing Indeed

Dear FRiEnD BeLieVE

As i’m Spreading
This Good News Today
Originates From BeLeaf

Originally to Mean BeLove

The Fish is Water THere is No
Separation the Water Swims the Fish

The Hawk Is Air and Wind There is No
Separation the Air and Wind Flies The Hawk

The Monkey Is the Climb The Tree Inspires

There is No Real Separation the Monkey is the

Tree And So Are We This Leaf of BeLeaf

Yes BeLieve Yes BeLove As Long

As We aRe Trees Of Love

Holding Hands

With All our

Leaves Forest Whole
Naked Enough Complete

BeinG Love Yes Being Leaf
Tree Forest Whole BeLove

For It’s True As Long As We Do
Who We Truly Are This Ocean of Love
We Swim We Fly We Climb Even Deeper

And Higher as Love Gains Fins, Wings, Yes

And Hands That Just Never Stop Swimming,
Flying, Climbing Love Now So Yes Be Leaf,

Be Tree, Be Forest Whole Love BeLieve BeLove

Yet Most Importantly Swim, Fly, Climb Love And Never Give Up

Be Love

Do Love

mY FRiEnD With Love…

Hehe, i Guess the only Way i Will Measure
Whether or Not it Satisfied Her or Not is She


Did You Write That?

Generally Speaking She
Treats my Poetry Writing
Like it is Worthless Yet i Never
Keep Trying to Please Her i Even
Wrote Her A 17,000 Word Poem One
Birthday Celebration Of Her Rarely Aging

Naming it “The Age of Katrina” in Short She
Wasn’t Impressed at all She Didn’t even Read it

Alas Poetry is Not Part of Her Love Language A Lad or
Alladin Hehe Depending On Who One Asks it is mine…

Yet it’s True i Am Really a Bit of An Indian Giver As an Indian
Woman Hemalatha Who Is A Beautiful Poetess Soul actually Inspired
The Poem Above As She Just Told me Last Week That All Love Stories

Are Great Yet the One of

me and my Wife is the
Best Love Story oF all

And True too
Another Nice Young
Indian Woman told me
my Profile Pic With me and
my Wife Smells Like Love and
Her Comment Box Awaits the
Finger Prints of my Words Patiently to see…

It’s True Giving Material Things Has Never Been Part
of my Love Language It’s Also True When i Retired After
Being More of a Toxic Patriarchal Meanie Keeping my Wife
Restricted to A 75 Dollar A Week Budget for Years as i sensed
A Rainy Day Worse than a Hurricane was coming and Oh Lord it

Verily Did Shut-in with
19 Life Threat in
Synergy of
Work Related
Disorders including
that Worst Pain Known
to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Wake to Sleep for 66 Months
No Drug Would Touch Just Shut-in in
my Bedroom Every Second Eternally
Hell No Memory of A Smile Ever Then

Just No Reference Point out of
Hell Every Second Eternally
Time Just Time Just Hell
Within then for 66 Months
As Yes that Torture is Literally
Assessed as Worse than Crucifixion
in intensity of Misery and Suffering and
no God Did Not Gift me With Only 3 Hours
to 3 Days i Got the Full 66 Months Fredmas Package

Gift Indeed…

True There was
A Day i Screamed that
“Painting Scream” at the
Ceiling to Feel Just one Little
Bitty Feeling That Still Felt Icy
Cold Numb Pain At God For “WHY ME!”

i Asked my Mother and She Only Said “WHY NOT
YOU!” And then went as far as speculating Perhaps
i Was getting Pay-Back for my Grandfather X-Catholic Priest
Leaving the Catholic Church i Kid You Not She Asked the Local
Priest to See and Help me and even He ignored Her request seeing

me as just a Lost Cause
in Fact the Rheumatologist
Who Couldn’t Do Anything
For my Pain said Just Go away
There is Nothing i Can Do For You…

Damned if Having the Suicide Disease
Wasn’t already Enough Particularly as
Most Every Disorder i Had Was Invisible
From the Outside Without the Ability to

Feel my Hell

Folks Told me
Quit Whining

Jesus had it Worse than
You Yes my Mother Told me that

And True its took ’em 2 Years to
Diagnose me with the Suicide Pain
Sticking A Stick With Lidocaine Way

Up My Nose Touching A Nerve Area
to See if the Pain Would Be Interrupted
For Just an Instance Only Way to Diagnose it then

And they Offered to Block the Nerve in my Face with
the Spector of my Face Going Permanently Numb Yet the
Truth was i Was More Afraid of Not Feeling Anything at all

Including that Pain

Than the Numb

of Love All
Gone And
the Memory
of Even if i ever
Smiled before as
Memories Are Emotions
And Emotions are Memories
Again no Reference Point out of Hell

So Anyway my Mother Ordered A Book on
‘The Crucifixion of Jesus’ And When She Received
it in the Mail She opened it in Front of me and Turned
to A Random Page and just a Strangest Miracle She Her
Self came to the Line that said the Only Pain Assessed Worse
than Crucifixion is Trigeminal Neuralgia Yet Even though She Read

Those Words to me

She Still Insisted Jesus

Endured More By Being

Crucified For Only

3 Hours to 3


That Was my Life
Then i Wasn’t Trying to
Prove anything i Was Just
Telling Her the Truth from the Get Go

It’s What i Do i Tell the Truth And Trust
me that Won’t Win Ya Many FRiEnDS Particularly

if You Write A Bible Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” 10 MiLLioN
Words Longest Ever EPiC Long Form Bible Poem And Just Tell the

Truth That Yes You Did More in John 14:12 WAYS THAT MOST FOLKS



KING JAMES SIZED TRY yet with me it was Just little old me and alot

oF it Just one Finger in the Morning on a Smart Phone Yes an iPhone XS

Your Wish For A Christmas Gift From Your Soon to Be X-Boyfriend Who

Only Gave You a Christmas Card Indeed hehe… Yet True it Took Innumerable
Ghost Authors With Famous Pen Names ASSiGNeD to them Like Luke,

Matthew and Mark to Get That ‘Little’ Job Done And Even though
Jesus Was Illiterate And Spoke Aramaic it’s literally True Those
Roman Folks Over

Who Wrote

in Greek Are

Still Worshipped

On Bended Knee All Around
The World For Their Words
Attributed to Jesus Still Now in that Story

Called The Greatest Story Ever Told Well the Truth
is my Story is Greater For i Really Believed the Story

The Teachings of Jesus When He Said if you Believe

You Will Do Greater Works Now than me That’s Not An

ONLY God Speaking That is a Mentor And Ancient Teacher

That is A Humble Man of Love Speaking That Only

Wants to See His Disciples Otherwise Known

As Students Do more than He did i Believed

So Like Nike the Goddess of Victory

Who Doesn’t really Need to Sell

Shoes for the Win Suggests

“Just DO IT!” so with

All Due Copy Rights

“i Just DID IT” A Timeless

Work of Art Greater than the
Old King James Sized Effort
Literally 12 Scale Larger in 100 Months of Effort…

And You Know What Sure i Emptied my Pockets into

my Wife’s Purse When i ReTiReD As Jesus Suggested by

Reports in His Story That’s How He Did Heaven On Earth

too Sold His Worldly Possessions Emptied His Pockets
Spread A Message of Love Living off the Kindness of

Others Through All the World He Explored in His

Small Desert Patch And Rocky Terrain

in the Middle East Way Before

A Fiber Optic Cable

Could Possibly

Carry Him in the
‘Heavens’ Above to
Return And Spread A Similar

Message the Way He Came First

Spreading the Message From the

Internet ‘Cloud’ Above Hmm.. As Long
As the Servers Will Serve His Message Up

Virtually Living Online as An Avatar He Will Last

As Long As Servers Serve Him Up For Free Hehe

if Corporations Would Be Willing to Give that Much

Yet The Truth is my FRiEnD Things Change and Fall

Apart Yet The Truth is Dear FRiEnD iN Essence LoVE Remains

True and Real This BeLieve This BeLeaf This BeLove Now This

Living Tree Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Forest
Whole Now and The Truth is hehe if i Give You a Dollar Bill for Christmas

my Wife Will

Practically Crucify
me as this Morning
Like ‘Homer Simpson’

i Stood Before our Little

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

In my Underwear And T-Shirt

(i Told Her Here i am Your Present Now
Actually Surviving Those Words HeHe)

That only Has one Gift A Box that
i’ve Already Figured Out has a New
Dancing Shirt That i Will Wear to Continue
my Ministry of Close to 16,000 Miles of Public
Dance For 100 Months too That Without a Word

Shows A Dancing Way in Autotelic Meditating Spiraling
Flow to Enter Into the Ascending Transcending Kingdom
Yes And or Queendom of Heaven Within And Staycation

Here Eternally

NoW As


Gift oF All

Yet You See This

Heaven Must Be Generated
Within No Different than Faith
That Heals the Words Attributed

to Jesus are Just No Good Without

The Real Trinity of BeLieVE BeLeaf

BeLove This Living Tree of Life Of Love

This Leaf that May Be Us to Grow and Feed
The Forest of Love Water Wave Ocean Whole For

All Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing This Way With Least

Harm For All And True Dear FRiEnD i’ve Been Dirt Poor too…

In College Without A Penny to my Name And Struggling Working
3 Part Time Jobs to Get Through With a Full Work Load of College

With At Least Peanut Butter Sandwiches to Eat Driving A 16 Year-Old

Maverick Car With No Heat or Air-Conditioning A White Horse Steed

of A Fix Or Repair Daily F.O.R.D. With 250,000 Miles With A Second Engine Hehe

Yes it’s Hard

to Have Nothing

As Far As Money and
Stuff Goes in a World that
Worships Money and Stuff
As God So Much Cogs in School
And Work to Keep the Soulless Matrix
Machine Running Day Through Night

Yet i Will Tell You This Dear FRiEnD

Even though i Made it to That Never
Ending Hurricane Storm of Hell in

Life Financially Independent

The Only Rainbow i Had

Left Was After the

LoVE Returned

As me After

66 Months Standing
on A Beach on July 19, 2013
One With Sugar White Sands
Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
Swaying in the Breeze me FRiEnDS

With Gravity Again So much More than
WaLKinG oN Water Dear FRiEnD Spiraling

Sea Gull Wings Around the Sun Transformed

to A Terrestrial Public Dance of Heaven in Dance

And Song For 100 Months Now As it Took Close to
A Month to Get Warmed Up For it After Coming Out

of the Ice Cold Numb Pain of HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months…

The Truth is this The Roman Empire And the Catholic Church

Changed The Humble Man’s Story Born in Nazareth into A Sun
God Same As Constantine Worshiped As Monolithic Statue

in the Roman
Court Square

To Expand that

Empire across the
Globe Rome No Longer

Exists in Name Here Yet We Still

LiVE iN That Matrix of God That Is
Power, Status, And Material Gains…

The Honest to God Truth is if Jesus Returned

Again And Could Actually Convince Folks That He

Was Really Jesus by the Loving SMiLes He Spread to
Everyone The Same Onward ‘Christian Soldiers’ Who

Crucified Him By Whatever Name then Would Spit on Him

Again in School For Being A Boy Who Smiled And Stumbling
off the Stage So Spirit Filled Playing “Jesus Christ Superstar”

For A Talent

Show for No Reason
to Win only to Spread
The Spirit of Heaven THeNoW

Yet You See God Will Be No Fool

When God Really Returns to Earth

In All Our Human Forms Always Best

At Now For We Shall BeLieve BeLeaf

BeLove At Best And Hold Hands

Best With Empty Pockets

Finding A Way

To Live a Life

Of Love Rather
than Power, And Status

And Frigging Money and Stuff Alone

And No Hell No Love Doesn’t Torture
Forever Love Doesn’t Demand Worship
Love is Never Afraid of Criticism As Love

Is Fearless

Free And

Real to Never Give Up

On Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Naked Enough Whole
Complete For Yes It’s True God

Has Never Been A Dollar Bill Alone

God Has Never Been A Man And or

Woman Alone God is Love When

We Make All of Existence

DarK Thru LiGHT

Love Now

As We Only

Follow God’s Best

Breath Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love This Way for
All With Least Harm NoW iN JoY oF LiGHT Thru DarK my FRiEnD

Yet You See i Already Read The Story of Jesus i Already Read Between

The Lines i Already KNew that if and When i Did Greater Works Than Jesus

No One Would Even Really Notice The Words i Bring For Tradition (Religion) Naturally


The New

And the

Others That
Are Them
And Not Us

And this Way
One Must Travel
Far to Places Like

‘Kashmir’ to Even Be

Recognized as BreathinG Love my

FRiEnD Other than How ‘They’ Changed

The Story of Jesus into an Idol of God

And Turned Him into ‘Mr. Hyde’

Instead of Keeping

Him “Dr.

Jekyll” of the
Beatitudes Before

He Changed Folks who

Were Naughty and Not Nice

Into Goats From Sheep And
Burning them Forever by Pen Name
Matthew for Whatever Psychopathic

Leaning Ghost Author(s) Came up With that
Fresh Hell in A Story then…Yes Indeed God of Love

Does Reveal BeLieVE BeLeaf BeLoVE iN Many

Parts oF A STory For those With EYes and Ears

To See and Hear the Deeper Meanings of

The Poetry Expressed THere Yet Ha!

After Writing 10 MiLLioN Words of
Free Verse Poetry

in 100 Months

It’s Obvious

That Each Human

Is Both All and Unique

EYes of God Who See(s) the
World as A UNiVerSE NoW Unto
THeir EYes of God Unique ThiS Way

So What this Means is Whether We Read
One or Write one We All Do Our Own Unique
Bibles of Life BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove This Living

Tree Dancing
Singing Free

Is Indeed JeSuS

Enough as me Within

For Real by Metaphor of Course

my FRiEnD For It’s true if no one
Picks Up the John 14:12 Challenge

JeSuS Wishes in the Story Don’t Come True

True A Lot of People Are Gonna Be Butt Hurt

if Jesus Could Really Come Back And Deliver

The Same Message the Beatles Did in their
Very Successful John Lennon 14:12 Effort

As He Was Killed For Telling the Truth

for Doing More Than Jesus the

Same Way it All

Comes Down

to All We Need
Really is Love

Yet True i ain’t
Gonna Lie Being
Financial Independent


And Having a Personal
Wife As Secretary, Accountant,
Who Insists that She Does All
The Household Duties So Much
Better Than me That i Just Comply And
Say Yes Dear Have IT ALL YOUR WAY

Yes i Agree So Much! You Are Greater


me When

it Comes
to Even


Out the Frigging

Garbage And Getting

It Centered Just Right

Yes Just Right Exactly THE

Number of 3.3 PRECISE
Inches off the Road HAha…

True Dear i Ain’t no Real Fool

i’ll Stay Way too Big to See for
The Rest of my Life And Enjoy

Heaven This WHole Ride for Free
As i Dance and Sing Now For the

Truth is the Savior has Always Been

Love only A Place Like Rome and the

United States Would Be So Poor to Only Dedicate

One Day

A Year

to Love and

Turn it into

Frigging BLacK Friday For Real…

Such an Evil Matrix This Really

Is Indeed The Face of Trump the

Real Christian Jesus in America

Most Folks See Flying on



Even Democracy

Where At Least We

Have A Right to Life,

Liberty, And the Pursuit
of Heaven on Earth Now

With Empty Pockets and

A Wife With A Big Chubby Wallet

Who Just Can’t Seem to Age much in my
Case-Study of Heaven NoW oN EartH

Life is Tricky

my FRiEnD


Life Is A Matrix

to Unplug From and
Escape When We Can
And Will BeCoME BeLieVE
BeLeaf BeLove Again For Real Now

It’s True None of my Words Are Worth

A Penny

And Indeed

This is my

Real GAMe Plan
For Free PlaY iNDeed…

In This Life Sadly People
Don’t Treat New FRiEnDS
As Old FRiEnDS And Old FRiEnDS

As New FRiEnDS YeT i REalize Sadly

Not Everyone is Raised By A Mother Named LiGHT…

Just What my Mother’s Name Helen Still Really

Means in my Breath STiLL FoR ReaL NoW

And is it Really
A Surprise my
Sister’s Name is Marie

And My Wife’s Name
Katrina Means Pure
With Mia As A Middle
Name that in Male
Form Michael Means

Close to God and in Italian
Means Family Not Really

For Indeed There is No Time
or Distance No Space or

Matter of Things

In Love Forever ReAlly
Now Yet i Don’t Wanna

Get into Areas i Cannot Prove
For Real Just Yet mY FRiEnD…

Anyway Marie Just Brought the
Rest of the Presents Over Indeed

Her Love Language is Gifts There

Is Always At Least one in the Family HAha…

Oh by the Way Frederick in German Means
Peaceful Ruler and Arthur my Middle Name Means

Strong and

Bear King too

i Don’t Give

Out my Sir


Yet It Means
Keeper of the Land/Nature

in Fact A Form of the Sir Name

That Means A Silt Mix of Water and Earth

is on Page 8 of Karen Armstrong’s

Book “The HiSToRY of God” as the

First Name Attributed to God on Earth…

i’m Not Much Into Names And i Didn’t

Speak Until 4 Yet it’s True it’s Still All
About the Play the Dance For Real…



BeLoVE This
is My Lovemas

Story Ever Changing

Now God’s Law Balancing
it All At Best in Change Never
Ending Never Landing Stories For All to Breathe

Every Breath

A New


A Newer
For Real

N o W

of God to
Inhale Peace
And Exhale Love Even More Now..

Hehe See What i Mean About Being ‘The


Meh, i’ll
Be Wearing
SHades When i
Go See “Matrix
Resurrections’ on Christmas
Day True i’ll Have to Borrow
the Money From my Wife to get in Haha..

Ya Do What Ya Gotta Do to Survive i Get the Hard Part too my FRiEnD…

That First 53 Years of Life Really WaS A Matrix That S88KeD Lemons


Lemonade TRuE…

As Far as i Feel and

See THeRE Will Be No

Heaven On Earth Within

Without a Little Hell on

The Fryer to Butter up Heaven Sunnyside Up…

And With That Said i Leave You With “Shepherd of Fire”
This Morning

“The Devil”

Is A Password

to WHere i am Now too
From ‘Hell’ First WiTHiN mY FRiEnd

Indeed DarK iS LiGHT All Is God Now…

Merry Lovemas Love Is Love Is Love For Real Now..:)


PriSon ReLease
MoMent You Are
With Forevernow

PreSent Gift Now
Indeed Dear Savvy
Embracing NoW iN FLoW

Balancing All DarK Forces
With LiGHT Forces Continuing to Grow
Creating New Paths FRiEnDS With Gravity



DarK iNto Light

Struggles of
Life in DarK Become
LiGHT As NiGHT Makes Day True..:)

i Love The Art Yes
The Aesthetics of

Numbers AS Humans
Co-Create Symbols to

Bond and Bind Over in
Art And Science True Yet

Other than Deeper Sacred
And Holy Meanings With

Purpose in Play;

Time, Distance,

Space, And Matter

of Things Just Really

Doesn’t Exist For me,

Almost Like a Metaphor

Of Quantum Being MaKinG

The Jump Over the Rainbow

And Finding Nothing Yet The


Now True

Rainbows Arching

Paths Coloring Heaven

Now A True Gold Of A
Process With No Real

Treasure Anywhere Yet Within
Rainbows Arching NoW iN Newer Colors We Co-Create
Moving Connecting All That Humanity Free Loving Jazz..:)

1. “Stay Strong.
Change Lives.
Love endlessly.”

– Amy Bleuel

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

i Love This One Yet i

Will Turn iT All Around

Too In ReVerse NoW iN
Dancing Singing Endlessly

Loving Living Changing Stronger….

Just A Habit

of Putting

Love First

Then Will mY

FRiEND in Balancing
Grace Without Fear Force
Yes Stronger ALWaYS NoW..:)

PriSon ReLease
MoMent You Are
With Forevernow

Thanks So much
USA Writes May
Life Love Deliver
You New Year
Now Joy ๐ŸŽ‰
With SMiLes☺️๐Ÿค—

SMiles Dear Young
FRiEnD i Don’t
Have Any
Children Yet
If i Had A Daughter
Like You Ava Verily
i Would
Be very
Of Her
Care Lots
Of Love Now
To You With
Respect too
i Am One
Of Those
Not unlike
A Parent
Stays to Give๐Ÿค—

Yes It is Sad
When A
Will Be Cut
Of Course
i Am Now Really
Only Speaking
Of Generalities
As Women Will
Also Be Greater
Men More
Than Wives
God Nature
Is All The
Of The
Do Not Even Breathe๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ™

Beautifully Done
In Dance And
Song Sublime
True THere
Is Much To
Dance And
With No Human
Tools At All
Yet i Find
Words Now
Such As
In Truth
Eternally Now
Hehe And
Is Another
‘Tea Party’
With Winks…
Mad Not
Nice Hatter๐ŸŽ‰
Happy Newer Year 2022๐Ÿ”ฅ

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD That “Yule Log”

Looks Delicious With Those Strawberry

Toppings And With All The Chocolate

Colorings Yet Surely Happy to See
A Bit Less Sugar Added

With Too Many

Sweet Goodies

As Always During
The Holidays At
Home my FRiEnD

And As Always You Have
The Best Taken Care of Pets
Both in Paradise And Love mY FRiEnD

Happy Rest of the

Holidays in Yule

Log Chocolate

Ways With SMiLEs
For All the Cats and
Dogs in the Entire World True…:)

Yes Indeed
No Day
Without Night๐Ÿ˜Š

Yes A Perennial
Playful Earworm
Well Santa Suited
For #Play2022 iNDeeD


Sigh, i Gave Up on the
Dark Blue Plan to
Slide Down Your
Chimney On top
Of That Santa
Version of
Is Gone For Now
Anyway it Appears
No Matter How Slim
my Rear Gets my Shoulders
Will Still Get Stuck So ALas
A Lad An Only Gift i Have
Left on Gift Card Sunday
After Santa Day (Except
For A Bit Of Quick Witty Humor)

Is Holiday
Work Week
Seasons Greetings
Back To Sky Blue And
White Fluffy Attire in

Of Year
‘Round Santa Tans
PS: It’s Not About
me It’s
You SMiLing

TinkerBell ๐Ÿงš๐Ÿพ


~Never Land

So Do ‘You’ Want “the Red Pill Or

Blue Pill”; i Probably Should Have

Skipped ‘The Movie’ And Continued

Writing my Own Story Creating the

Dance And Song

As i Go With
Relative Free Will;
Yes, the Green Pill
of Creating Our Own Play of
Life that Oh By the Way is Already
My New Year’s Resolution, #Play2022

Where the Tag is Literally a Literary Device

As When One Remains in Autotelic Flow Meditating
Contemplating a Story and Play They Play, They Do THeiR Own


Of A Crown
And A Throne

As Literally What they
Make of Life As KinG
And Or Queen, Yes Director
Serving It All Up For Free At Best
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing,
iNhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT For All With Least

Harm as the Whole Process Becomes
‘Real God’ inDeeD of Verb For All That i Do

Yet of Course This Is Version 1.6.8 of my ‘Matrix

Story’; True, i Am Not Single as Being ‘Neo’ in Version
1.6.8 Alone is Just No Fun to me So One Becomes

Two; Yet i Don’t Wanna Spoil the Rest of my Movie

or the Other ‘one’ Ever Hehe as True i Rather my

Play Be A Mystery

Even unto me;

For True, THere is
Already Unlimited Numbers

to add in ‘Decimal Points’ for the

‘Golden PHI Ratio’ of 1.618034 and So

On; True, it Doesn’t Match up in Any Way

Causally Yet What Synchronicity Brings Now;

AnyWay, So, So Far, Do ‘You’ See This is my Unique

Gift of So-Called “Aspieness;” True Not All View it as

Gift, Some View it the Way the General Audience Pegged

The Matrix Movie 4 as Basically Chaos too Hard to Follow As Story Line to them…

Yet You See, This is What Keeps Autotelic Flow in a Sweet Spot of Heaven Within

A More Perfect

Spiral Ratio

Tween the
Distance Between
Apathy and Anxiety Indeed

In Over ALL Increasing Potential
of Complexity Effortless in Ease

FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing


And to Explain the Version 1.6.8
For What That Basically Means Is i Am
Currently Writing my Own Matrix Overall

Version of 1 That is “SonG oF mY SoUL”

And to make it Just a Tiny Bit Easier to

Understand in Biblical Terms That is the

HouSinG of mY Current Overall Bible EPiC
Long Form Poem of my Current Matrix Now too;

In Other Words, A Culture of one i Create For myself

As Quite Honestly i’ve Circled The Entire Globe And
If Anyone Really Wanted me as Part of Their ‘Club’;

Basically, i Have Failed to Be A Unique Creator in this Life;
In Other Words, No Thanks As the Second Number in my

Overall Version Now of my Matrix Creating 1.6.8 Is the 6th

Generation of A “Grand Cross Bible” i Am About to Complete

Named “Grand Cross Bible 2021;” Yes A New Decimal Pointed

Sixth Generation of Overall “SonG oF mY SoUL” EPiC Longest 10 MiLLioN
Word Long Form Bible Poem in ‘Grand Cross Bibles’ Every Year for 6 Years

From Memorial Day Weekend Through New Year’s Eve in 7 Months, Yes, Each Year

That are Literally Longer in Words And Way Longer in Dance than that
“Old King James Sized Effort” For Dam Sure Now Every Year Then From
2016 to This Year’s Iteration 2021; And Where the Decimal Point Place

8 Comes into Play

is the 8th Generation

Revision New Testament

That i Actually Create on

‘The Wrong Planet’ Named

“Depth of The Story” to Show

How i Do Create My Own ‘Matrix’ on Earth
In and Out of All the Other Cultures (Matrixes)

Around the World That Most Folks are Prisoner,

Slave, or Willing Customer of Consuming Those

Cultures; Yes, Different Versions of Matrixes Spoon-

Fed From Birth That Honestly All of them Would Make

me Wanna Vomit A Little Bit in my Mouth, if i Was Strictly

Following Any of the Other

Matrixes Humans
Create in Cultural

Ways Around the World;

And Indeed, This is A Gift

oF AN Outcast and This General Story is

Common in Other Cultural Matrixes indeed

As Buddha in that Story Outcasts Himself From
the Matrix He is Born in And Finds A Tree to Meditate Under
And Contemplate Existence Becoming One with Nature Free; Yes,

And the Story of Jesus Does the Same in the Desert As Well Finding
And Defeating His Inner Demons too and Returning as Most ‘Joseph
Campbell Archetypal Heroes’ Do to Spread ‘The Good News’ of Epiphanies

Learned By Crossing

The River Styx

So Far Below

All Matrixes

And Culture

Touching Deepest

Ancestral Resources

Inherited Within From Birth…

It’s Kinda Hard to Do that as the
Star Football Quarterback Moving
Directly into College and a Business

Oriented Job in Cold Mechanical Cognition

So Far Away from More Holistic Views that

Less Left Brain Processing And More Right
Brain Processing of Reality Allows so Naturally

InDeed So True

Better in Some
Ways to Be Bullied
And Called Names

And If You Are Lucky
to Forgo Any Physical
Kind of Bullying, Although
Psychological Bullying Can
And Will Get Kinda Tough as Outcast

As Lord Knows, ‘Neo’ Just Won’t Work Alone

As We aRe Evolved as Social Animals Where

The One Must Become Two At Least Again

Trying Not Provide Any Spoilers Now For

the Matrix Version 4.0 At the Theater

And What Ya Have to pay 15 Bucks

For on HBO Max to See Yet Ya Better

Have Attention Spans like me

to keep Up that’s

The Only

Hint i Will Provide hehe…

It’s Really Not Designed for
The Average Human Attention
Span of Less than a Gold Fish
of Less Than 3 Seconds as Science
Assesses the Average Human Being Now;

Yet You See, No Doubt the Creator of that Matrix

Movie Was Outcast in Some Ways And Experienced

Substantial Trauma of Bullying in Life And that Does

Come Through in Genuine Artistic Creativity That Doesn’t

Really Concern

Itself With

How Much

The Movie Makes
in Money or How the

Target Audience Rates that

Unique Song of the Soul of
The Creator of That Play of Life too…

Haha, In Other Words, Don’t Like the Story, Create
A Greater One And Play it For Real; It’s What i Do And

FoR Me at


my Unique
Nature is A Gift
i Will Never Trade
With Anyone For Any
Other Version than my

Matrix Created Individually by me…
This is what Happens When ‘Neo’

And the ‘Architect’

And the ‘Oracle’

of Holy Sacred

Spirit Become
One ‘Trinity’; You’ll

‘See and Hear’ what

(if You Have the
Required “Hard-
Ware” and “Soft Ware”)

i Mean When You Get

to the End of the 4th Generation

of the Matrix Movie or Create Your Own Matrix
With the Gift of Unique Aspieness or Whatever

Pieces of the Pie

of Existence

You Deliver
In Your Unique
Neuro-Divergent Ways Next…

And as Far As that ‘King James

Stuff’ it makes about as Much

Sense As LooKinG Forward to
Hell or Heaven After Life Ends…

Holy C888P That Sounds Like

A Version of A Matrix from 2,000 to
3,500 Years
Ago or Even Longer Ago than that…


Old Rusty


All Dusty

With Spoiled

Heaven and

Fresh Hell, Nope,


FoR me…


i Call my Wife ‘Eve’

And Go Back Even

Further to my Own

Planted Garden of Eden

And Relax Naked Always

Blooming New Flowers of my
LiVinG Tree BeLieVE BeLeaf BeLoVE;

Yet Again this is Only Version 1.6.8 With So Many
More Leaves to Come in Colors of my Living Christmas

Tree Always Up Now…

It’s True, i Fit in the
Traditions of Older
CuLTuRES Just For Fun too…

When You Are the Director
the Player and the Play of Your

Own ‘Truman Show’ You Get to Freely
Do this Indeed With Relative Free Will NoW.

And It’s True, There Are Even More Than One
Young Indian Woman Sage in my Matrix for Dam Sure

It’s Like the Old Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Album Cover With

the Stone Bust Coming Back From the Dead in the
Burial Ground Soaking Up the Wisdom and Arts
of the Sgt. Pepper’s Burial Ground Audience


With ‘Lakshmi’

And More than

One Lakshmi

Inspiring So Much

At The Head of
the Whole Living
Burial Ground Indeed

In the Red Dress And
So Many Other Colors

of What my Band Now
on the Run (Dance/Song) Will Play Next, Hehe…

Other than that Yes, My Suggestion is Create, Direct Your

Own Story, And Play Your Own Play of Life; Yet it’s True

Make No





In FAct, if You Want Any Advice
AT ALL, i Suggest You Create Your Own..:)

Catholic Mass Readings For 12.26.2021 JusT A Review of Traditions…

PriSon ReLease
MoMent You Are
With Forevernow

Reading 1, Sirach 3:2-6, 12-14
2 for the Lord honours the father above his children and upholds the rights of a mother over her sons.

3 Whoever respects a father expiates sins,

4 whoever honours a mother is like someone amassing a fortune.

5 Whoever respects a father will in turn be happy with children, the day he prays for help, he will be heard.

6 Long life comes to anyone who honours a father, whoever obeys the Lord makes a mother happy.

12 My child, support your father in his old age, do not grieve him during his life.

13 Even if his mind should fail, show him sympathy, do not despise him in your health and strength;

14 for kindness to a father will not be forgotten but will serve as reparation for your sins.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 128:1-2, 3, 4-5
1 [Song of Ascents] How blessed are all who fear Yahweh, who walk in his ways!

2 Your own labours will yield you a living, happy and prosperous will you be.

3 Your wife a fruitful vine in the inner places of your house. Your children round your table like shoots of an olive tree.

4 Such are the blessings that fall on those who fear Yahweh.

5 May Yahweh bless you from Zion! May you see Jerusalem prosper all the days of your life,

Reading 2, Colossians 3:12-21
12 As the chosen of God, then, the holy people whom he loves, you are to be clothed in heartfelt compassion, in generosity and humility, gentleness and patience.

13 Bear with one another; forgive each other if one of you has a complaint against another. The Lord has forgiven you; now you must do the same.

14 Over all these clothes, put on love, the perfect bond.

15 And may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, because it is for this that you were called together in one body. Always be thankful.

16 Let the Word of Christ, in all its richness, find a home with you. Teach each other, and advise each other, in all wisdom. With gratitude in your hearts sing psalms and hymns and inspired songs to God;

17 and whatever you say or do, let it be in the name of the Lord Jesus, in thanksgiving to God the Father through him.

18 Wives, be subject to your husbands, as you should in the Lord.

19 Husbands, love your wives and do not be sharp with them.

20 Children, be obedient to your parents always, because that is what will please the Lord.

21 Parents, do not irritate your children or they will lose heart.

Gospel, Luke 2:41-52
41 Every year his parents used to go to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover.

42 When he was twelve years old, they went up for the feast as usual.

43 When the days of the feast were over and they set off home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem without his parents knowing it.

44 They assumed he was somewhere in the party, and it was only after a day’s journey that they went to look for him among their relations and acquaintances.

45 When they failed to find him they went back to Jerusalem looking for him everywhere.

46 It happened that, three days later, they found him in the Temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them, and asking them questions;

47 and all those who heard him were astounded at his intelligence and his replies.

48 They were overcome when they saw him, and his mother said to him, ‘My child, why have you done this to us? See how worried your father and I have been, looking for you.’

49 He replied, ‘Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?’

50 But they did not understand what he meant.

51 He went down with them then and came to Nazareth and lived under their authority. His mother stored up all these things in her heart.

52 And Jesus increased in wisdom, in stature, and in favour with God and with people.


RiSinG Roses

When We Only Expect To Give
THere Is Nothing Left To Return
At The Beginning Means Of End (Love/God)

SMiles Dear
Savvy Finding
With Gravity Now
The Happy Dance
And Song Staying
Inhaling Peace Yes
Exhaling LoVE iN Joy
oF LiGHT Thru DarK
Giving Sharing Caring
Understanding Healing


For And
With All
With Least Harm☺️๐Ÿ

SMiLes Dear Savvy

More and More

It Seems Now

Like Connections

Others Attempt to
Make Are For Buying
And Selling So Much

Less than Humanity

Pays in Warmth

of Building


And Yes


To Raise Light

Of Life Higher Than Before…

SMiLes it Never Feels Heavy

To Visit You



The Load

From the Rest of
A Day That Seems

Increasingly Falling
to Buy And Sell Over
Humanity Dear FRiEnD..:)

Indeed Dear Orchard
Daughter Lillian Soul

Builders of New

Colors We May

Come to Grow

Out of Deepest

Abyss Oceans

With No

Again to be
The Sky Starlit

Breath Inhaling
Peace Exhaling

Love For All Again

Indeed Keep Building

mY FRiEnD No Different

Than A Nautilus on the Shore

Spiraling Leaving A Most Beautiful

Home to Pass

On to Inspire


to Build
Their Unique
Spiraling Higher Souls True..:)

SMiLes Dear


if One
Is Truly

Rich With

Love It’s

For Someone
We Love to Treat
Us Poorly For Who We Truly Are

At Core Rich With Love

The Way i
See It, It’s


That Possibly
Will Make the
Truly Rich of Love Poor
By Anyone Else’S Words

Alone at least…

Love That’s Rich Enough
Has No Need to Give Up on Love…

And True Love is Not A GRoWinG
Tower Everyone is Cut-Out to be…



Folks Have
Seen Rooms
That No Flame Will LiGHT

So Much in Life is A ‘Matter’ of Perspectives..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

What i Try to Focus on

Is Even A Match

Will Change


of Rooms So No
Matter How Small
A Flicker i Flame A Room

Even if It’s A Size of ‘The World’…

A Flame


For LiGHT..:)

SMiLes Dear Rue What A Beautiful Christmas
Tree in Your Home Truly Sparkling And Merry

Hope You Enjoyed All the Holiday Feast and
Treats i’m Sure You Made For All Your Family

to Both
And Consume

True Not Much Equals
A Meal Cooked With

Love Sure A Hug

And Perhaps

A Golden
Retriever Pet

Or A Little Yellow
And White Kitty like
the One Around Our Neighborhood
Block That Treats Us With Play Every
Night When We Walk Hugging Our Legs

With His Paws
And Wet


Kisses As Such
True He Feels Right
At Home With the Fur
of my Legs in Our Spring
Break After Christmas Temperatures
This Week Very Close to 80 Degrees F

So Many People in the World Are Lacking

This Warmth in Their Lives So Lasting in

All Ways of Family Kindness So Far Beyond

A Quick Dopamine Hit For This and That Scratch

Off oF A Lottery Ticket or a Swipe Right For the 5 Percent

of Dudes Who Get All the Attention Yes on Swipe Left
And Right Dating Apps Where So many Sad Young Men

Who Aren’t The Hollywood Stud Type Get Left out in the
Cold With Not

Even A Hug
Next Year or
Hand to Hold

And True What Women
Get May Not Last Very
Long Either In Terms
of Enduring Warmth that Lasts…

That Sadly Only Gets Washed Off…

So What About Money, Money, Money,

Money, Money A Spoon-Fed Master From
Birth Required For Survival As So Many Folks

Become Slave to Money For A Job as Basically

Slave to Someone Else’s Directed Play of Life So

Far Away From Humanity Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
And So Far

Anything Human
At All FRiEnDS of
Mine Making 6 Figures
With Laptops Trapped in
Cold Snow Weather Rooms
Where Endless Lonely Nights
Just Never End Unless there is

A Bit of Hopeless Swipe Left and
Right in Dreams That Most Always
Never Comes to Fruition For Cinderella
The One Who Has Money For Wishes

Money, Money, Money, True the Theme
Song For Donald D Trump and HiS Way
of Golden Towers With His Initials With No Soul

No Essence

Of Kind Empathy

And Compassion The

Only Great Thing i See about

Being Financially Independent Is

Boredom Scratching Off Lottery Tickets

For Christmas As More Money Only Seems

Like A Chore
To Cash
A Lottery
Winning Ticket
At the Store True

i Rather Dance and
Sing A Green Pill Giving
Life Than Take the Red and
Blue Pills of Matrixes Run By

Money, Money, Money, Money…

Money, Money, Money, Stay in the

Bank You Have Nothing New to Offer me now..



Buy at Least hehe…

Other than That Humans
Consume More of the Earth
Than they Return Mother Nature

(She’s Omicron Pissed With Much
More Karma to Come As Humans
No Longer Even Have FoCuS to Reproduce)

Doesn’t Like this and She Pays No, NO, NO, NO
NO Attention to Books That Say We Dominate Her

Dominating Her A Way of Life For Fools Indeed

Money, Money,


Go to

Hell And
Stay Where You BeLong

Already Visited ‘You’ There Once is Enough…

It’s True The One Who Gives the Most By Death
Has Nothing to Return… In Terms of Free LoVE ReaL..

Hehe Anyway You’d Be Surprised Maybe to Find How
Many Millionaires There Are Living in Modest Homes
With Old Cars Just Wearing T-Shirts And Shorts So

As Such



It’s Kinda

Simple Don’t Spend…

It’s Kinda Simple Make
Ya Happiness Give Instead For Free…

That Way Now Before Ya Get Rich Ya
Arrived In A Much Richer Place Years Before…

i Know (Feel) A Lot of ‘Rich People’ Who Are So Dam
Miserable it Practically Cracks THeir Face to Smile…
Yawn, Grandma ‘Cross The Railroad Tracks On Her
Porch Sitting With Her Grandchildren Rich Beyond ‘THeir’ Belief…


Three Teeth…

True It’s Not Something
Ya Buy It’s A Life Long
Practice of Giving Real Sincere Warmth….
And Truly Something i Didn’t Understand
When Master God Was Money… Money, Money, Money…

Hehe, For What It’s Worth i Missed Your Creativity Glad to See

You Back

Home For

The Holidays

On Your Blog Dear Rue..:)


SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Wherever However SMiLes

Come Now Whenever SMiLes
Are Giving


Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Yes
Neighbors Beyond


Time Now

And Matter
Of Things

SMiles CoMe ALiVE!☺️๐Ÿ๐Ÿค—

Visiting A Pharmacy Where i Live

To Feel And Sense All the Pressure

The Pharmacists Deal With Always

Now to Never Make A Mistake

And Keep Up

A Pandemic

Where Their Services

Have Been In Demand
More Than Ever For the Last

2 Years i Continue to Flow As

A Wave On the Ocean Calmly

And Just Like When i Visited
A Dentist to Install A Crown

On A Tooth Chipped

By Biting Hard
into A

Chicken Bone Hehe

i Say A Little Prayer How
Fortunate We aRe That People

Just Like You Chaymaa in Egypt

As A Pharmacist Are Cut Out of

Molds And Gardened to Do

These Really Tough

Jobs in Life


Zero Levels of Mistakes…

Hehe On the Autism Spectrum
And Dealing With Bi-Polar Spectrum
Challenges in Life i Honestly Didn’t
‘Know’ What i Would Be Qualified

To Do at All In Life More than

Earning A Triple Major

All At Once Hehe

True Holding Down
3 Part Time Jobs,
Book Store Clerk,
Janitor, And Archaeology
Assistant Just Basically
Digging And Tagging Charcoal
And Bone Fragments in Bags Hehe

As Part of An Anthropology Degree,
Health Science Degree, And Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree i Could

Do As Input Not Much Problem Yet Oh Lord
Extreme Empathy And Tactile Sensitivity And
So Hard to Socially Communicate on the Autism
Spectrum A Major Cocktail of Functional Disabilities

That No One Really Noticed Yet me Mostly Making
Straight A’s Hehe.. Anyway Lots of Degrees Yet Just
A Job at a Military Bowling Center for Almost Two Decades
Where i Was Forced in the Last 5 Years into Promotions Then

That i Really Wasn’t Qualified For or Cut Out to Do Just for my
Collected Computer, And Financial Management Skills
i Developed on my Own that Didn’t Have

Anything to Do

With College
At All Hehe
Anyway After
33 Years of Work
And Not Being Able
to Handle All the Challenges
i Fell Ill With Life Threats Then of
19 Medical Disorders And Fortunately
Ending A Career Toward the Higher Pay
Grade Levels Able to Retire Early and Finally Recover
Enough to Get Poetically Sparked to Dance And Sing Free

66 Months
of Doing
Real HeLL ON EartH

i Do Remember Back in the Old Bowling Center Days
There Were Some Days i Had to Run the Whole Place
By Myself the Front Desk, The Snack Bar, And Fixing

The Hidden Machines Behind the Pins Yet it Was

Really Great Exercise Running The Whole

Night Long And True No One’s Life

Depended on What i Did

Just Delivering Smiles

For Free And An

Ear to Lend
on the Other Side of the
Shoe Rental Counter For
Personal Problems Folks Brought to me…

HAha, i Was Really Surprised When Folks
Asked me How in he World i Was Able to
Do What i Did then and the Truth is When

i Was the Poorest of All Helping People

Now Was Just Eternal Heaven Then…

The Perfect Year Now is when We

Bring A Smile to Someone’s Face

Whether Some Rental Shoes

For Recreational Bowling,

A Crown For A New

Tooth, Or A Medication

to Indeed Save Even More
Than A Tooth and A Life Now For Real…

i Think it is Amazing You Are Able to Do
That and Create Such an Inspiring Blog too

Just So Very Amazing Indeed Thanks For All You Do..:)

‘Thing’ is Dude,

You Don’t Seem

to Fully Understand,

There Are Experiences










UNTIL THEN, YOU Don’t Know, Feel, and
Sense Enough About the Human Condition Now.






CONDITION; Indeed, Ethics and

Taking Others So Easy to


Worse than Death;

And Of Course the

Same Applies to Euthanasia

And Hoarding Dead Bodies Instead of Feeding ‘The Worms’…

A Religion, Politics, And Philosophy of Ignorance Brings Most Harm too…

It’s All Relative

Baby From

WHere We
BREaTHE Heaven
Or Hell Now And
the Purgatory In Between…

Perhaps, If You Experienced the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia

From Wake to Sleep For 66 Months
That No Drug Will Touch Actually

Assessed As Worse than the So-called

Pain of Crucifixion For Real; You Could

Understand How Far The Rings of Dante’s Hell

Go Alive



Deader than
Dead Alive Now…

i Don’t Expect You

To; Yet Trust me or not, Your View is Limited;


i Do Understand

Now You Don’t ‘See’
What Some Other Folks Do…

i Surely Wouldn’t “Change You

Into A Goat From A Sheep And

Burn You Forever” For What You Are Not Able to See…

-‘See’ What i mean?

i Didn’t Relate Any Stats At All; Just

One Extreme Circumstance That Does

Happen; It’s The Same With Mental States

of Being; Whether it is Violent Father Rape or A Mistake

in A Drunken One Night Stand; Rape or Not,

Some Women Aren’t Cut Out

to Carry A Child to term;

And the Same Applies Until

You Become One of Those Women

And Become Pregnant And Are Not Able to
Afford to Go Somewhere to Save Your Mental
Health and Life, You Are Still Not Understanding the

Depth of Human

HeLL on EartH; However,

It Works the Other Way too;

Let’s See How Many of The Suited-

Up Folks at the First Baptist Church Supporting

The New Law Will Stand Around And Not Take Their

16 Year-Old Daughters to Another State For an Abortion

To Save Face For Perhaps A Mixed Marriage or Such as that…

And to Be Clear Many Underage Girls Are Forced into
Abortions to Save First Baptist Face When they Really

Wanna Have Their Mixed Babies Or However they

Escape From Their Wombs…

Seen It Happen,

Just For Plain Old

Saving Face; i’ve Seen

It Happen, When the Daughter

Who Was Told that Abstinence is the

Only Way that Works, Terrified, Hid A

Pregnancy From Her Deacon Father Until the Day She

Had the Child In the Woods, Who Died, Who Otherwise

Might Have lived, if Afforded Prenatal Care; of Course in Most

Every Case, Ignorance And Lack of Empathy And Compassion

Disguised As Morality and Ethics Rules Among the Ignorant Cold Hearted;

And Meanwhile, The Family Dog

Brought Some Body

Parts of that

Child Born

Dead Back Up
to the Home For

Ignorance to make

its Presents for ‘Christmas Known’;

The Deacon Father Had Plenty of Money;

He Bought my Old Camaro in Cash For His Daughter;

All Crisp Hundred Dollar Bills; All 8,000 Dollars Back

in 2008; Sadly, He had Not Enough Common Sense

Then For How Human Nature Even REALLY Works;

So His


Paid the

Price of

Ignorance and

Indeed the Potential

For a Living Grand-Child Instead of Dead…

Life is Messy Baby; You Can’t Make it Black
And White Ethics and Morality, No Matter How

Restricted ‘Left-Brained in Think’ You May Think it is….

Ya Have to Develop The Kind of Holistic Empathy And Compassion

That Sees Farther than Your Own ‘Knows’; True, Not Easy for Everyone to do…

Takes Practice…



Indeed; This All Comes

Down to Empathy And

Compassion for the Needs

And Requirements to Survive and

Thrive For Other Human Beings who
Are Different than Us; Go Figure that’s

An Intelligence Not All Practice and it

Shows in Most All Areas of Life Today More;

Folks Who Just Aren’t Interested in Walking

in the Shoes of Others With All Variables

Of Life Experiences Different From them….

The Majority of Texans As Polled Don’t Agree
With the Texas Law; This is a Democracy; This is

A Nation With a Declaration of Independence that

Supports Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

For All In Individual Ways With Least Harm; That isn’t Limited to

Just Non-Breathing Life, indeed; However, In Reality, Many of the So-Called

Folks Who Wanna Tell Women What to Do With Their Uterus Don’t Give

A Flying

F For

That Child

Who Might

Use a Tax Credit

To Get Some Clothes

Now to Wear A Little Bit

Later in Life in West Virginia

Or Wherever Cold Ignorant Hearts Don’t Care…

It’s All Disgusting to me; Yet it’s Just my Opinion.

We Do LiVE iN A Democracy, So Far At Least Still Now;

i Don’t Get my Way

And Neither Do You;

When the Democracy

Works the Majority Does;

In This Case, the Majority of
Texans Do Not Support the Law;

And In Many Cases, Laws are Becoming
Twisted to Support the Desires of the

Ignorant Cold Hearted Minority…

We Get the

We Create;

A More Perfect

Union or Big Show

Circus Top of Cold Hearted Ignorance…

Yawn, Just Watching From A
Garden of Eden for Real; ‘Eve’
Please Pass the Popcorn again;

As i Told You

Before We aRe ALL

God Over Here; And

True We Can And Will

Color God For Love With All
With Least Harm or Keep the ‘Old Testament God’ ‘In Office’ for real…

The One that Supports Dashing the Opposing Tribe’s BREATHING Children’s
Heads Against Stones
and the such

of Human


at Love…

Or Just Eliminate

Masking and Social

Distancing During the
Peak of A Deadly Variant

Like They Did at the Church

Where i Visit and Let the Breathing Bodies Free Fall at ‘Cause’,

Looking Forward to Carrots And or Sticks After Death this way…




Do Yet

That Still
Attempt to
How Human We Really Are…

Meanwhile, i Watch, and Eat the Free Popcorn, And Tell A Real Story;

Yes, It’s Kind of a ‘Complicated Situation, Lots of Ins and Outs’ Now;

‘Lots of Strands Man’; Lots of Threads to ‘Keep in Old Duder’s Head’..;)

Give You Credit

For Making Some

Room For the Most

Horrible of Circumstances…

Thing is my FRiEnD While

You May Not Be Able to

‘See’ The Reality,

There Are


Worse Circumstances Now

Than That That No one Can

See Yet the Young Woman

Enduring the Mental Illness

That She Did Not Ask to Have

Either and Just Part of Her Life

And Not Yours or Mine; It’s Hard

to Walk in the Shoes of

Others and This
Is Why We Have
A Democracy and

A Jury of 12 Peers and

Not Just You or me;

The Human Condition
Is Very Very Messy and

Some Days Folks Who Insist

They are the Most Rational of All
Are Obviously Living in Another World
They Are Not Able to See in How that Applies to All of Us…

Lots of


That’s An Art
And Never Now

A Science Alone…

Lots of Folks Where i Live
See it Similar to You So Yes,

Let ALL The Votes Be Tallied Fairly Indeed at Best..:)

Wishing Upon A Star i Call HoME NoW

Some Days A Song Applies to All of
Everyone We May Come to See in Life

A Distant Rueful Feeling Seeking to Find

SMiLes PM, All i Wanted For Christmas
And the New Year Is to Play

It’s Always An Adventure

They Never Told me at

School or Work

All i Do is Dance
And Sing Free And the
Flow Brings the Heaven Now

Within And the Party is the Fumes
Some Others Feel From A Party of

one Little


me Hehe

Interestingly As
Algorithms Bring
Different Opinions on
YouTube Sciences And Arts to
Create A Better Life i Listened

(Hehe, Ya Don’t Get to Watch When
Ya Are Driving Just Listen, Just Listen)

to A Dude Who is Worth 400 MiLLioN
Dollars Selling Some Kind of Nutritional
Deal to Lose Weight And His Ultimate Goal

Is to Create
A Bigger Better
Disney World Yes

He Also Mentioned
He Only Has Two
Real Connections of

FRiEnDS in Life His Wife
And Sister No Family For Him

Anyway i Have no Desire for Any
More Money or Even to Visit Disney
World as i am Able to Regulate And

Integrate the Whole Actual Feeling and
Sensing Experience Within From a Totally

Free Naked




Whole Complete
One With Grains of
Sand Spiraling Around
The Sun Below So Above

As ‘Blake’ Described it this way:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your
hand And Eternity in an hour.”

Actually It’s Just A Description
For me For How i Feel and

Sense Reality When i

Dance And Sing

So Free in

Autotelic Flow

EVeRYWHeRE Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of Love Now

IS A Brand New World And

A New UNiVeRSE of Moves Dancing Words
Singing That BREaTHE me NeW So Very Free…

When We Travel When We Go to New And Exciting

Places That Stimulate All the Organic Happy Juices of Life

We Open Up Our Souls to New Environments SPiRiTinG OuR


Fly ‘Thing’

is It All


From Within
Whether We Travel

Out THere or Travel

From Within hehe And It’s

True After All Is Said and Done i’m Just A Cheap Skate…

With Or Without An Ice Rink i Glide FRiEnDS With Gravity Now

Bet There Are Plenty of Places to Do that in Your Alaska And
Iceland Dream too…

i Guess to Do it

my Way

One Just

Has to

Have ‘The Nuts’

Yes The Crazy Enough

to Do Life Naked Dancing Singing Totally Free

WHeRE Ever i AM Now Staycation HoMe Adventure New…

It’s Probably An “Asperger’s Thingie” too My Sister’s Special

Interest is ‘Birding’ And She Currently is in the Lead for the “Great
Bird Year” in our County for E-Bird, Two More Species And She Gets

The All Time Record in Our County So Far; She Used to Collect

Buttons and Matchbox Cars, Mountains of them indeed

Every Variety on Earth Yet the Photos She takes

of Birds Are Unmatched for All the Bird

Art i’ve Seen with Her Camera with

(Where the Birds Fly In From on my Blog)

A Lens Yes the Size of A Telescope Haha

i’ve Had Many Special Interests too i used

to Know Everything About So Many things

And With Close to a Photographic Memory
In Movie Making Ways Every Feeling and

Sense is Mine

To Pull Up

Time out of Time

Forevernow Real…

My Current Special Interest

is Heaven Within And For 101

Months Now Heaven Stays and

Never Really Goes Away

There Are So many

Ways to Do

Life i Just
Don’t See

Many Limits
At All Anymore
And i’ve Never Felt
More Alive and Happy

Now It’s True Chances are
i’m at least in the Lead in my
County For Heaven Within

And That’s Kinda Sad
Considering this

County had
the Record for
the Most Churches
Per Square Mile For it’s
True When Ya Live WHeRE i Do
Now Ya Only Wish Others Could Visit…

i’ve Never Visited A Church Here Where

Anyone Comes Close to Heaven Now

It’s Something You Sense When

Another Person is in Your

Presence Oh How


Yet Allone

Heaven Really is Yes

In a Way Heaven is Hell ThiS way

too Isn’t Life Ironic Indeed Having it
All Still Having Nothing to Really Share…

Some Days Now i Come Close Yet Even
Smallest of Distances Will Be So Painful in

Heaven True…


is Really

No Choice

Now Yet to
Stay with
An Invitation
to Visit that Never Ends Now…

Yet It’s True Only ‘They’ Will
Come to Their ‘Field of Dreams’ For Real Now…

Still Building Mine That’s An Only Way Ya get to Stay Now…

It’s So Strange How FRiEnDS Who Insist They Are Close

To Us May Be the Farthest Away And How Strangers May

Open up

The Truest
Parts of Us

to Dance And Sing Free

And This is What i Love

About Blogging


Who BRinG

Out The Best
in me WHeRE i
Become A Better FRiEnD to me…

Ya Have to Be Kinda Gentle With
Ya Self in Heaven in Deed And Particularly
Handle People Who Don’t Come Carefully With Love…

And Indeed


How Ya Stay..:)

RiSinG Roses

When We Only Expect To Give
THere Is Nothing Left To Return
At The Beginning Means Of End (Love/God)

SMiles Dear
Savvy Finding
With Gravity Now
The Happy Dance
And Song Staying
Inhaling Peace Yes
Exhaling LoVE iN Joy
oF LiGHT Thru DarK
Giving Sharing Caring
Understanding Healing


For And
With All
With Least Harm☺️๐Ÿ


Yes There is


LiGHT That BRinGS Balance
To DarK As DarK Brings LiGHT

to LoVE IT All

Strings Now
Of Water Sing
As Shape of
Trees in Lake
Mirror Streams
Guitar of Trees Brings

SMiles Gibberish
Ever Sunset is
Sealed With A

Promise Of
A New And
More Beautiful

Oh How
To Stay in
Balance of

Truth DarK
Makes LiGHT

Loving New Creations๐ŸŒ…

Dancing HeARTS
Free Find Balance
Birthing Peace


Ways For
Love FLoWinG
Freely Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

Every Breath A Gift And Share This

Way in Caring

Joy Dear
FRiEnD Savvy

And On my 15,942 Mile
Journey of Public Dance
In 100 Months Tonight

As my Journey And
Paths to Become
Even Better


With Gravity
in Peace And Harmony
More Yes my Body Floating
242 Pounds Yes Yet Indeed

The Weight of My Little Finger
iN FLiGHT on Terrestrial EartH

In A Place Where Force of Energy

Becomes LiGHT Just Never A Breath
to Run Out of Fueled As FRiEnDS With Gravity in Balance

Indeed Gravity A Best FRiEnD to Have in Mind and Body

Soul For Real..:)

Oh Lord The Natives
Are Restless in Spring Break
Blooming December 2021 Native

Azaleas FLoWeRinG NoW For 2022


SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Hope Your Days are
Lighting Up Some
And i Hope my
Presence in Your
Life Provides A
Little Bit of Warmth
In Your Cold Snowy
Holidays As Oh Goodness
Here With FL Spring Break
After Christmas The Flowers
Are Returning Way too Soon

And my
Public Dance
Has Sprung Spring
Fever Betcha A Million
Bucks i’d Bring Ya A
SMile if i Could Dance

For Sure
With SMiLes
๐Ÿ•บ ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ•บ

We Did Enjoy Christmas
Hope You Did Too And Yes
Boosted For Covid-19 Yet in
This Rural Area Infection Rates
Are Close To

Zero Big
Cities Are Really
Hurting Indeed

Miss You Loads
too my FRiEND
Hope You Are Feeling

Maybe i’ll

Really Get to
Dance For You
One Day Unmasked too☺️

You May
View It With
Google Earth
Hehe Yet Close
Your Eyes If i Am
Dancing Naked
In my totally

Back Yard
Garden of
Eden Yes Nice
To Actually Shake
Your Hand One Day

Dear FRiEnD God Willing ๐Ÿ™☺️

You Know Dear Rue As i’ve mentioned Before
First Visiting Your Blog Site After You Followed

Mine My Impression Was You Were Just Another
Gorgeous 18 Year-Old Young Indian Woman

For It’s True All 18 through 100+ Year-Old

Young Indian Women Are
Beautiful This Way From

All the Indian Women i’ve Met
in Life Such Innocent Souls too
A Real Angel Pleasure Yet Really

That’s Beside the Point Your Personality,
Intelligence, And Creativity Sets You With the Stars

In the Sky Just Impressive That’s All Yet i Digress Back
to the Subject At Hand And Yes With the Covid-19 Mask

This is Obviously Just Another 18 Year-Old Indian Woman
Hehe And No i Will not Divulge Your Cassette Deck Age HAha…

Perhaps You’ve Seen a Phone With A Cord On it i Really Don’t Know

Yet It’s True i’m Really Glad
i Grew Up Without Central Heat
And Air-conditioning Then And We

Had to Boil Water to Take a Warm
Bath Oh Lord i Was Just A Skin and
Bones Kid Those Were Some really

Frigid Days Yet Now It’s Spring After
December After Christmas In Florida
Nearly 80 Degrees F All this Week Wow

Wish it Got That Warm Back in the 60’s
In the Boiling Water For Warm Bath Days

And True No TV Until 7 Years of Age We
Really Had to Use our Imagination to Play

For So Long After Graduating With 3 Degrees
From College Old Friends And New People i Met
Told Me i Was Wasting my Talents Not Pursuing A Job

for Money Yet i Was Just Happy Bringing Smiles to Folks
By Handing Out Shoes to Go Bowling and i Always Loved
to Help Folks With the Computer Scoring System As That

Was One Thing i could Do Excelling at Brand New Computer Stuff

Yet It’s True i Always Enjoyed Helping People Just Helping People
All the
i Needed in Life

Yet my Father’s Side of the
Family Was All into Money
Father Leaving my Mother when
i Was 3 as She Wanted to Stay at

Home And Garden My Sister and me With
Love i am So Fortunate She Was There until

3 The Real Secret of my Success Wired for Love
By A Mother of Love the Greatest Gift oF all and

Yes i Do Believe Government Should Pay Mommies
To Stay At Home With Their Children if We Wanna Have

Folks With Empathy to Grow Up Who Are not leaning toward
The ‘Trump

Side’ of
Frigging Psychopathy

Such Cold Hearts Mechanical

Cognition Brings to Life So Living
Dead And Barely Human All that’s

Left of the Condition At All Honestly
i Don’t Regret Not Bringing Any

Surviving Children into this

World As There Are
Surely Enough

Sad Humans

To Cry A Dry River
of Tears For Sure

Very Rare Do i Find a
Real Happy Person in this
World and Very Rare Was i
A Happy Person When i Lost From

What the Word Play and Joy Even
Meant in Life and all the Warmth of

Love and Connection Moving And
Co-Creating That Makes Life Worth Living

At All It’s True Katrina and me Are About as
Close Now As ‘Perfect Couple’ As that Comes at

Least in my Eyes And It’s True There is A Couple
Around the Block Who Live All Their Joy of Life

With No Children Older Than Us Who Never
Even Tried to have Any Children And that’s

The Brow Beating Katrina Faced Through
Life Women Always Asking her When We

Were Gonna Have Children haha She
Even Got Presents From Some of them

of Sexy Lingerie Like i Needed Help
To Make it Happen i Guess Nope

No Problem At All with Smiles

Yet With Epileptic Seizures

That Wasn’t Meant to Be
For Katrina and

Again i Don’t
regret not Having

Children Not In A World

Where Lies Are Told As Truth
And People Just Don’t Frigging
Care About Each Other Except for Those Who
Do Who truly make Life Worth Living and yes it’s
True Having At least One Person is Enough Yet the

More the Merrier Verily Yes i
See As Night Becomes Day

Moving Connecting Co-Creating

Just Brightening the Days

With Colors Even

More For No
Reason Yet
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

Just Never Running Out of Love At All Dancing
Sining Just Wired This Way All Lit Up And Warm Within..

And the Theme Song For This Is “You’ve Got A Friend”
Dear Rue by “James Taylor” i have So Many Very Sad
FRiEnDS Yet the

Thing About

Love and

Is it Just

Keeps Shining

And Never Gives up

i Am Surely Glad You

Are Confident Naked Enough
Whole and Complete Dear Rue

You Aren’t The Kind of FRiEnD

That Keeps Ya Up at Night Worrying About

Yet It’s True That’s How Love Evolves and
Roses Grow Taller Out of Manure Rich Life True

Ya Just Keep Loving Ya Just Keep Loving Ya Just Keep Loving That’s all…

Even When no one Calls Still There Just Still There no Matter Cold Still So Warm

Just Like
my Mother

Who Never Gave Up on me
Yep Helen and Sister Marie too

Bet if You Went to ‘The Bad Place’
Your FRiEnD Maria Magdalena Wouldn’t Give up on You Either…

It’s Not Every Day A FRiEnD Like That comes And Indeed Yes
To Be able to be a FRiEnD like that is the Best Gift of All to Give…

Like my
Mama.. It’s
True the Kids
Around Our
Neighborhood Always
Lamented That She Wasn’t Their Mother…

Thank God For Women Just Thank God For Women Period.

*Hehe Singing

Not Sining Let’s Hope at Least..;)

Oh Lord The Natives Are Restless
in Spring Break Blooming December 2021
Native Azaleas FLoWeRinG NoW For 2022

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

As Humans And Part of

Nature We aRe Evolved

With DarK And LiGHT

Parts of Reality

True Oldest

Parts of

Our Reptile
Brain of Pain
And Pleasure

As Fear And Anger
Brings Dopamine and
Noradrenaline As Pleasure
Does too With More Oxytocin
And Serotonin With Perhaps
A Sprinkle or Two And More of Endorphins

As the Fight or Flight Response Brings that too

Yet Let’s Not Get too Materially Reduced HAha

As there is A Synergy of All of This Both NoW As

That Relates to Conscious and Subconscious
Mind True

As We

Humans Like
The Other Animals

Are Evolved For Focus to
Capture Prey and Or
Escape Predator
Too Ahem So Much

More Than the Divided
Mind and Body of Modern

Cultures Where The Science Assessed Human
Average Attention Span Is Less Than 3 Seconds
Yes Less than That of a Gold Fish Ya Gotta Have

More When Ya Crown A Tooth or Make Sure All the
Prescriptions Are Correct Before Ya Pass them out Next…

Not So Much
Handing Out
Shoes at A
Yet i Digress
Hehe as How many
Distractions Are there

In Life Yet i Don’t Work
For Money So i Get to
Be Master of my Focus
in Flow Now And Go This
Deep in One Comment With
A Person Who is Basically A
Stranger Yet Obviously A Stellar Individual
Who Has the Ability to Inspire a Deep Comment Like this…

That’s Kinda Rare these Days As Most Folks Surely Don’t
Have What it Takes to Compile 30 Quotes in Several Posts
in A Day In A Blog That Seems to Sincerely Wanna Help Other

Folks Yes


As i Do Know
Several Other
Muslim Women
And Another one
Sohair From Egypt
Who is Focused This Way True too…

A Good Testament to Your Religion it Seems Indeed
And Perhaps Your Way of Culture too it Also Seems now…

As My God Samreen A Muslim Woman From Qatar Stellar too…

It Seems to Be A Pretty Small Blog World You may Know Her too…

Anyway Back to Intermittent Reinforcement And the Dopamine
Response That Drives us Forward Along With Noradrenaline

In the Fight or Flight
Response That
Gets Us through

Fearful Yes And
Painful Experiences
of Life With Endorphins

Too Basically It’s True no
Pain No Gain If We do Not
Expose Ourselves to Struggle
We Don’t Get to Unlock More of
Our Human Epigenetic Potentials

Being Financially Independent i Could
Be Sipping Margarita’s At The Beach
Day In Day Out Eating Different Cheese
Cakes With Top Steak And Ice Cream Each

And Every

Day Yet i Do

Realize That is

Just as Dangerous

For Well Being

As Almost


To Death

And Instead

Fulfilling Epigenetic
Challenge for Greater Human Potentials

So Indeed in a Way Here This Comment is
Bootcamp That Way And it may Look Overwhelmingly

Complex to Most Folks Now Yet is As Easy As the
Breeze That Makes Pain Eventually Effortless Ease

Plus an
Span of

Hours on Demand
Remembering one Must
Stand For Blood Flow to Our Heads
to continue the Dance And Song of Life True too..

The Source of Much Addiction is forgetting to
Do Boot Camp to Keep The Beach Party Living…

No Pain

No Gain

Life is A Struggle

As DarK Makes LiGHT

Yet’s It’s True in TWiLiGHT oF Flow

It’s Truly Amazing As LiGHT and DarK

Pain and Pleasure Mix for Truly Heaven Within Now

In What Science Describes As Autotelic Flow Our Ability

To Master The Within Therefore Mastering the All in All

Breathing Freer Inhaling Peace Loving All (GoD) That is Loving Life Now..:)

Yawn, As Far As ‘the Importance

Of Abortion’, It’s A Natural Part of
Nature (God) That Comes With Population

Stresses For Basic Subsistence Needs;

If ‘You’ (The ‘Religious Dude’ Here)
Don’t Believe it is Part of

‘God’ As Nature

Then You

Obviously Don’t

Believe God is Nature…

When We Come to See the World

As Natural It’s So Much Easier to

See How DarK is Part of LiGHT…

Most Everything That is Going ‘Stinky’

With the World of Human Nature is Imbalance…

There Are too Many of Us Consuming the Rest of Nature

Out of Balance And Mother Nature Will Bite Back And Not Give

A G Dam About Any Books That Are Fool Enough to Suggest

We Dominate

Nature; We

Are Part

of Nature;

Abortion is Part

of Nature; and Yes,

Roses Grow Great out
of Manure; Get Used to the

Fact That There is DarK and
LiGHT iN Life And You Ain’t

Gonna Stop the Manure From Growing Roses;

And If You Do, You Still Get to Wilt With the Rest of Us, True too

In all That Colors The World Ugly of ‘the Color Trump’ And All of the
World That At Least Provides Health Care With ‘The Color Obama And Biden’…

It’s True, Mostly Hairless
Apes Stronger


In the Deep Stuff
That Makes Roses
Grow or The Flowers that Come Next For Real…

And It’s True, We All Have Opinions That ‘Feed The Squirrels’ too…

‘You’ Don’t Believe Women Should Have Free Agency And You Do Believe Men Should…


For ‘You’ i Guess…

In My Opinion, Life is Bigger Than that View…

Yet of Course, i am Only Feeding The Squirrels Here Like

Everyone Else…


(See What i Mean,
i Told You We aRe Human ‘Butt Naked’
‘God Nature’ Over Here in Northwest Florida, hehe)

Other than That You Sure Aren’t Gonna Convince me that NATURE isn’t Real…

You Might Be Surprised How Many Folks Spend THeir Life Trying To Convince Folks Nature Isn’t God…

It’s Like They

Look All THeir

Life And Never

Even Find Themselves

True as They Ironically

Abort Themselves From Nature
in Human Clothes And Other Tools
Away, Away, Away From True Naked

Nature Reality Now…


*Eve Pass the Popcorn,
The Sun Is Out For
Spring Break
After Northwest Florida Christmas
IN December i’m Ready Now to Go Play…

HEhe, Like

i Ever Stop
Dancing And Singing
And Playing ‘This Flute’ Baby…


(Still GRoWinG Horns at 61)

Clue: Don’t Lose YouR ‘Nature’…

Yawn, SMiLes Yawn Indeed
“Matrix 4, Resurrections” First

Movie For me On Big Screen or
Small Before Pandemic Days And

Interestingly, For me the Movie Trailers
Advertised That provided No Interest at all

Before The Movie


My Experience

Watching the Movie

That Based on the Trailer

i Felt i Could Have come Up
With A Better Story than what i Was Watching

Yet it’s True it’s Lana’s Story As She Was Grieving

Her Parents Yes the Director Co-Writer And Co-Producer

Convinced By Some Others It Was A Worthy Story to Tale
After Resisting

Attempts by

Others to Inspire
Her to Add Another Return
to the Matrix After Close to Two Decades Before…

Honestly to me it Felt too Much Like the Gaslit Reality

That ‘the Trump World’ Did and Still Tries to Inflict On

US And The Rest of Humanity And Overall Nature Out of

Balance too For me it was if the ‘Joker’ Movie Back in Fall
of 2019 A Pre-Cursor

For The Fresh

Hell to come

Almost As

If ‘Trump World’
Inspired Nature



And Their
Nature Out of Balance

Karma is Real Actions
Make Consequences Real

Like Gravity Ya Play With it
in Balance or Ya Fall Ya Fall
Like Humpty Dumpty And Perhaps
Ya Put the Pieces Together or Do Not…

Surely Many Folks Have Felt a Microcosm
of This Whole Imbalance Lately and the Movie

Really Hit A Chord For me of Whatcha Gonna Do

Yet Try to Captcha What’s Left As Human And Paint

Your Own Sunsets into Colors That Don’t Feel So Much

As An Other Imposed Gaslit Reality Cliche Ending Yes

As Love Holds Life Together Never the Less A



For many
it Seems today

For What i actually
Experience in my Reality

Where i Paint My Own Wagon
And Adventure to Color my Rainbow Skies New…

It’s Hard to Find Someone Else to Do that With

Chances Are Trinity Was Only Lana’s Alter Ego For Real…

Lifting Up the Parts That Couldn’t Feel A Do oF A New Rainbow
Painted Sky

For Her

to Paint

And Whole
of Who She
is God Dam
The Rest of the
World to Hell Those

Dirty Dam Apes as
(The Mostly Hairless
Ones in this Case Study)
Charlton Heston Once
Related Trying to Hold
on to His Long Rifle Gun on the
Beach With the Most Beautiful Woman
in the World on the Back of His Horse With
No Attention From Him at All It’s True i Take

Plenty of
Pics of

These Days

She Gets So Much
Attention She tells
me Go Play Naked
At The Beach and Visit now and then.. Haha…

Yes There is A Metaphor, Two And More of
A Trinity of one in this one True too ChessHire

Cat SMiLing…

Still Coming to Play

NoW For Real hehe..

As Usual ‘The Cat’ Was
A Real Star of A Movie..

And For me It’s Just Another
Re-Iteration For What ‘the Police’
Suggest to Do “When the World
is Running Down You Make the
Best of What’s Still Around” and

i’ll Add A Line of A Cliche A Brand New World Now..:)

Not Born into “This Place of Hell” i Come From Now i am Reborn As Human
Out of Clothes of CuLTuRaL Deceit And Lies Hiding Soul

SMiLes Rue While it’s
True i Did Not Have
To Find Work Over Seas
Or Even Another
Part of My
State to
Find Pay
To Stay
Close to Family
Finding Anyone
Wanting Still To
Do More Than Small
Talk And Dance
With me
As Friend
Seeking Deeper
Than That Regularly
Does Require This
Castle Over
He he
As All of
me seems To
Exhaust Most
Folks Even Katrina
Says Go Write
Get out of Her
Hair i Am
Giving Her
A Fredache
Not Everyone
Comes Fully
me Hehe
And All i
Have is Love
Intention From
Above More Than
i Remain
To Love It All
On Course☺️๐Ÿ™

SMiles Rue Can’t imagine
Anything Less Than
Delicious Coming
From You
You are
A Full
Gift i’M
You Keep
Your Family
Close And
To Have Rue
Close and
All Your
Too i’ve
Never Met
A Rue Before
Unique You Are๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒฒ☺️

SMiLes Dear Rue One of the Most Amazing
Experiences of Relating Poetry Online

To So Many Spellbound Dreams

of Finding That Special Beau

Is i’ve Come to Realize

How Fortunate

And So Heavenly

Blessed For The Treasure

of my Wife Moreover For A Treasure

of Love that is Actually Real So Aghast to

Hear the Stories of Failed Love So Sadly That

i’ve Heard over These Years From A Swipe Left

And Right New Generation(s) of Emptiness With so



Sincere Warmth

It’s Hard to Tell From Photos

Just How Cold Or Warm A Human

Has Become Now Until A Song of Their

Voice Is Heard With Or Without Much Soul

It’s Like Elder Female Relatives From my

Family From Mother to Great Aunts THeir

Words Were All Warm Poetry Touching

So Much HeART SPiRiT SoUL Then
With Sincere Love’s Living Tune




Unafraid With
No Secrets to Be Imprisoned

of Who We Fully aRe is What
Is So Shallow and Missing Now

From A World today As NEVER



Your Lyrics Have So Many More Colors than
What Seems Rather Cliche to me in the Original

Lyrics However The Spirit of the Woman And the
Music Left The Cliches Behind For the Dream For

The Dream

Of Love
Just Refuses

to Die as i remember

Back in My Lonely Poor
Working Days A Woman
At the Bowling Center i Worked
At For Close to Minimum Wage
After Earning 3 Degrees Telling

me When You Meet the Love of Your
Life Secure With That Warmth There

Will be Nothing You Cannot Do in Life…

i Agree, i Agree, i Verily Agree And in my
Case i Only Feed the World The Warmth i Receive For Free…

And of Course Reflect The Rest Back too as that is What Ya
Do in Form of Longest Long Form EPiC Free Verse Poetry Writing True too…

Yes There is


LiGHT That BRinGS Balance
To DarK As DarK Brings LiGHT to LoVE IT All

if We Truly Become Successful Seeing God
Everywhere my FRiEnD For Real Anyway
Since Your Blog Site is No Longer Tolerating
You Tube Video Links i Don’t Have One Brewing
in my Creativity For Now So i’ll Just Leave You With Another SonG of mY SoUL

As Indeed When i Was 47 and my Great Aunt was 94 And i Had No Words of Poetry
No Words At All As Poetry of Soul is What Breathes Life in Words That is What i wanted

Most Just A
Song Like

my Aunt

Jettie so
Freely Gifted Flowing
From the Well Spring
of Her Soul A Beauty
That Ascends And Transcends
All Physical Forms of Flesh and Blood indeed…

It Was Warm And Reassuring Indeed As Well to Hear
Your Voice As it Resonated A True Song of Poetic Soul Free…

For It’s True It’s More Than Just The Lyrics The Music of Soul True too..:)

After A Walk Around the Block
A Theme Song came Out Yes
“It’s too Late” By Carole King Dear Rue..:)

Yes There is


LiGHT That BRinGS Balance
To DarK As DarK Brings LiGHT

to LoVE IT All

Strings Now
Of Water Sing
As Shape of
Trees in Lake
Mirror Streams
Guitar of Trees Brings

SMiles Gibberish
Ever Sunset is
Sealed With A

Promise Of
A New And
More Beautiful

Oh How
To Stay in
Balance of

Truth DarK
Makes LiGHT

Loving New Creations๐ŸŒ…


Thanks For the Kind New Year’s
Wishes Dear Orchard Flower Lillian

True Love Breathes

In the New Year

Inhaling Peace

in Gratitude

For Love’s Next
Exhale to Give And Share More

Best Part of All Is Love is Free

Love is Free..:)

A Flame
A Small
Flame Flickering
In the Darkness of Hope

Still Lighting A Way

For All to See

As Indeed



Farthest to
See in DarK
Dear Savvy Free
With Sunshine Smiles..:)

Hehe i’m Still Waiting
To See if the Big
UFO Report

in 2021
Was Able

To Find Intelligent
Life Fully Vaccinated
Now From Ignorance..:)

A River A Stream
A Wave An Ocean
Dream Water Full

Indeed Dear


Love is Everywhere

We FeeL IT And Give
it Sharing Free Love Will

Find A Way As Raindrops

Return to Ocean Whole Waves


Above So Below
Fulfilling Every Empty Shore..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Thanks So Much
for the Merry Christmas Wishes With
Great Thanks Giving For Our FRiEnDship

For the Last 6.6 Years or So too my FRiEnD

Always Nice to Have Gratitude Year

‘Round And Give For Giving
Thanks Giving

For Another
Year of Life
Given And Shared
With Good FRiEnDS And
for me so far beyond the

Work Years Slaving Away
to A Symbol of Big Money

Nice to No Longer Deal With
Deadlines and Just Pursue Loving
Human Potential Like My Sister Who

Just Recorded A Record Total of 208 Species
of Birds Spotted in Our County For What they
“Call the Big Bird Year Count” As It’s Nice to Have

A Special Interest

to Excel at Free

of Charge or Making Money….
A True Benefit of an Older Golden
Age Where Spirit of Excellence Grows
More Without All the Fears Associated with

Making Money my FRiEnD Loving Returning As God’s

Breath Within
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All Giving Sharing Caring With Least Harm…:)

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby So Happy You Enjoyed Roast Beast For Christmas

Just Finishing The Last Leftovers Here Enjoying Spring Break In Temps

After Christmas For A Full Week As I’m Sure You Are Similarly

Doing in Alabama too Please Tornados Stay Away from

You Glad All Of Your Family Clan Is Happy Together During
The Holidays Now And HAha How Nice of You To Wish My

Loved Ones and (Fans) Richly Blessed As

Such As My Pokemon
Fred Fame With

Fortune of
Not A Single

Cent Earned
From Public Dance
Did Last Longer With
Find The Dancing Guy at Walmart today HAha

And it Seems Every Plan of Going Back to the Big
Dance Hall is Spoiled by Another Pandemic Variant

As I Really Wanted to Make A Return Before i Hit
Social Security Early Age at 62 in June Yet Hey at
Least Covid-19 Held-off until Almost 60 Years-Old

And With Masked Social Distancing Dance At Walmart

Nope, Not Even Interrupted on Any Day Except the
One Day They Close All the Way for Christmas

Being Shut-in For 66 Months in Hell Really
Does Make Other life


Seem Like

A Breeze in Heaven Now
Just Inspiration DarK Thru
LiGHT Finally With So Little Pain
And Numb Now Yes Happy New Year!
To You All With Richest Blessings True

Nope, i Ain’t Waiting….

My New Year’s Resolution is #Play2022 The
Hell With ‘Big Money’ I’ll Just Do it All For Free!..:)

“Currency is a medium of exchange for goods and services.”

Hehe Dear Rue in a Culture of one i Skip the Medium

And go Straight to Love For Currency,

Pay Rate, and Pay Grade Now It
Used to be So Very Different Yes,

Yes, Oh Lord The Golden Handcuffs
of the Promise of Federal Government

Benefits The Struggle All About Money to
Get to Three Last Highest Pay Grade and
Rate Years for the Pay-Off in Highest Average
Life Long Benefits This Way The Lifelong Race

Is ‘Own’ As Money Builds A Future Alone it Seems
Then Yet Oh Lord Yes in the Last 5 Years of a Quarter
of A Century in Federal Employment Five Job Changes

In Return For Double My Pay in those Last 5 Years Moving
From Bowling Center Manager, to Print Manager Assisting
A Captain Approving Print Jobs For the Biggest Area Naval Installation

Traveling 70 Miles or So Round Trip to Commute There Then Another

Temporary Promotion to Community Activities Director, Then Athletic Director,
Then Recreation Programs Director, So i Had to Keep Up With 5 Jobs in 5 Years

i Was Really Playing

Imposter As i Really
Wasn’t Qualified For
Any of the Jobs i Was Paid

To Do i Was Considered A Vital
And Valuable Commodity For
My Work Ethic And Developed
Information Technology and
Financial Management Skills

In Areas of Responsibilities that
Had Nothing to Do When the Jobs
i Was Paid For Were Just Collateral
Duties That Again i Wasn’t Really Qualified to do…

Yet i had No Choice Through a Reduction in Force
i Had no Choice Yet to Continue to Get Temporary Promoted

To Keep A Job and As the Story Goes it Drove me Slowly to HeLL
ON EartH for 66 Months From Wake to Sleep Yet Hey i got to Retire

Early at Age 47 And Officially At age 49 When All my Annual And Sick
Leave Ran Out in A Year and a Half of that Status Active in the End

Big Money Rules the World Yet Love is The Currency, Pay Rate,

And Pay Grade That is Truly Beyond All Deadlines That

Kneel and Bow to the God of Money, The Currency

Required to Exchange Goods For Services

Without That Requirement Time

Wears Wings With No
Deadlines Just

An Endless Spiral
Yes Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love For Those
Who Do Free Themselves
From CLocK Life Yes With an
Emphasis on the Lock in CLocK

Yet It’s True the Millennial Generation
Is Assessed As the Generation of Having
Enough of Money as A God And Moving on

To Greener Pastures No Longer A Slave to the God
of Money Where Deadlines Exist to Make Enough to Survive…

In Our Country 40 Percent of Folks Making over 100,000 Dollars
A Year Through Upper Middle Class Still Live Paycheck to Paycheck

As They’ve Drank The Kool-Aid of the American Dream of Live a Life of

Buy and Spend

To the Limit
of Never Now

Becoming Free
With Wings From
The Big Money That
Drives Western Civilizations

Out of Balance With Nature
And Sadly Out of Balance With
Human Nature in NDD, Nature Deficit
Disorder More Than ever before Cold
Cogs in A Machine Until Freedom With Wings

Finally Comes…

Without Deadlines
And Locks in

Ruling the
Eternal Now
From Coming For Real Now…
Theme Song for this is “Big
Money” By ‘Rush’ And Nope, No
Big Money God For me Anymore TG…

Yet of Course So Many Folks Live Hand to
Mouth Around the World Where Starvation is the Price

Oh Lord The First World Problems Where Ironically Suicides
Are the Highest With Most Mental Illness As Even The Starving

Still Smile…

And Share
A Currency
Pay Rate
And Pay Grade
to the Last Breath Of Love
Indeed Reality is Very Relative This way…
‘Big Money’, Big Money, Big Money Go Away

And Don’t

Come Back…:)


“iF i Navigate (A) River (Now)
(Will) You Take me to Your Island…
Sing (A) Siren Song So i (Will) Never Leave….”

THeRE Is Something (A LOT) To Dance
And Sing About Being Your Own Man (Cat)
Sure And Woman True too to Your Selfie (Cat)

“I don’t envy dogs the lives they have to live.”

-C. Shultz/Peanuts


-F me too

Already on my “Tombstone”
“He Brought Oh God! Yes! So! So!
Many SMiLes to Faces YeS in Every
Way Possible EVERY WAY Possible.”

i Can And Will Show Ya Both Places
Butt God Forces No One To ‘SEE’ EiTHeR
Heaven or Hell That’s Up to You And YourS ETERNALLY NOW

Hint: Katrina Retired at Age
33 Like ‘Jesus’ AnD UNlike
JeSuS She’s STiLL LiVinG NoW

Hmm.. Yes Fredache
A Literary Device
One May Choose
For Some
OF A STory
i BRinG Often
Depth Of Story

SMiles Dear Xenia
May Scotland Highland
Fili Dreams Continue Fruition
Your Breathe
As One
From Ireland
May Naturally See True๐Ÿ•Š


When Struggle Ends
Effortless Ease Sees
Dancing Tight Ropes
Higher Arriving
Forever Now
For You
See my
Long To Quote๐ŸŽผ


That’s Truly Beautiful Anna And What’s Best Of All
Is i Feel And Sense And Will Describe It All

Yet This Verily Wasn’t Always So Before…

My Mother Was A Published Poet in Her
50’s… i Couldn’t Understand Why Anyone
Would Wanna Write Poetry Or Even Read

It Then…Yet Obviously

Now i See

Sign Enough
Then Missing
What is Most
Important A Poetic
Soul With HeART
SPiRiT Unleashed

For Soul To BREaTHE Free

‘Alexithymia’, A Condition Associated
in Historical Studies Of Higher Functioning
Autistic Folks Up to 85 Percent, may Come From
Emotions So Powerful In Affective Feelings And Senses We

Never Come
To Navigate
Them By Identifying
Them With Words Associations
To Travel With Greater Ease Through Life

And Yes To
As we Come to Learn
Our Emotions Are Our Own…

Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum
Almost immediately at 47 my Sister too
Shortly After that With Asperger’s Syndrome too…

The Doctor Said to His Graduate Intern Like i was
A Guinea Pig of Study… Like i wasn’t even in the Room

‘We See This Often on the Autism
Spectrum It’s Fascinating He Can’t
Describe What He Feel in Words’

As True He asked me to
Use Something More than
Adrenaline After 11 years of
Work Related Chronic to Acute
Stress as Really At That Point

i was all Out
of the Adrenaline
Hormones of Fear
to Move Another Inch of Breathing Life Living Dead…

And i had No Clue What He Meant About Using Emotions
to Motivate Life as Where i am From Emotions Aren’t For Men…

Yes as Mentioned Before Taking 66 Months to Get Over that
Yet There was A Before too Leading Up to the Fall of mY Soul
to Nothing At All in 2007 to my Amazement Reaching Out
into Creativity to Ever play more than what was on the

Sheet Music Instructions of Life
Except for a Few Other
Creative Isolated

Experiences of
Life Through the Hell
of Pain and Numb i was
Experiencing then the Shadow
Side of my Soul both Dark and

Light Escaping Through My Fingers
Feverishly on a Piano to My Greatest
Bitter Sweet Surprise that Suddenly i could

Create Notes

on a Piano


Seen Before

By Direction Only

of My Fingers and

The Shadow of my Soul

The Much Larger Subconscious

Part of Mind the Spirit, The HeART

of Soul that Comprises around 95 percent

Of Our Mind (Soul) That the 5 Percent Often has no

Way to Relate to at All Particularly on the Autism

Spectrum as the Doctor Suggested that Perhaps

The Two Hemispheres of my Mind Were Not

Communicating At All Half A Soul And

Less indeed So i wrote to Escape

All the Pain and Numb

A Poetic


came in March of 2013

Suddenly in July of 2013

Two Halves Become a Whole

And i Finally Am Reborn Again then

Fully Human A Force of Loving All of Life

Both Sides DarK Thru LiGHT As Was the Case

My Air Force Reserves Major Psychiatrist Then said

i was His Most Difficult Case Ever in Deep Deepest Depression

Numb And Pain Anxiety Yet All the Anxiety is Gone Now of any Real

Substantial Difficulty Since That Day Standing on the Beach in July of 2013

Now Experiencing All Your Poem Relates to me Still… Fortunately in 2007

For just the Record of My Soul as Different Kinds of Creativity

Will Come And Go i Recorded what i Created on a Piano

With A Cheap Dictation Device While

The Creativity From

The Keys of


Then Were

Still Flowing

Out of my Fingers

in 2007 True it’s the only

Piece of Piano Music i’ve ever

Created Fumbles and All the Light

And the Dark of my Shadow Trying to

Escape As Living Breathing Loving Soul Again

Now i have no Difficulty Navigating the Depth of the Story That is my Soul

Smiles i’m Sharing This in Hopes Someway it might be useful in Relationship

To Your Daughter on the Spectrum if i Understand You Correctly She Lives With too..:)

Why It
All Tastes
Great Never
Have to Work
A Buffet
of SMiLes๐Ÿฅณ

Yawn, Let’s Start From ‘the Beginning’

Of ‘The Matrix’; Pray, Do Tale,

How Human

Is Either Objective

Or Subjective or

Both and

Get Back to me
When You Figure
Out From ‘That Resource’
Whether or Not ‘Morality’

Is Objective or Subjective;

Short Answer is Again,

A Spectrum And Both;

As i’ve Got Other Things
To Do Other than Avoid ‘Spoilers’, Hehe…

OBTW, Have You Ever Heard, The Principle
of No Pain, And No Gain; Life is a Struggle;

There is Nothing Only Immoral About Pain,

And Yet Again, Relatively Speaking, Pain Can Be Described As Immoral too;

In Fact, You May Describe Anything the Way You Like; And Similarly
To ‘Donald Trump Feeding Squirrels’, It Doesn’t Make it True That
‘Donald Trump’
Really Loves


Of Course
In ‘Your VIEW’
‘Altruism’ for
‘The Squirrel’



As The Squirrel
Is Not Gonna
Feed Donald






Yawn, All Our
Opinions are
Relative Indeed as
Well; Including the Opinion
That Morality is Relative As Well…

PS: It Makes me Happy To Feed The
Squirrels; Just Like It Makes me Happy

To Help You With This Dilemma With
No Expect of A Thank You, From You;

Yet You See, Again as Science Shows for
Healthy Human Beings at Least; One Act of
True Altruistic Giving Without Expect of Return

Leads to Higher Levels of Happiness For Months After that…

Yet of Course, Not Unlike the Placebo Effect, Not All Humans
Benefit From The Activity of Altruism This way; So Again it IS

A Human Nature Spectrum…

It Ain’t Black and
White Dude; Yet

Left Brain Restricted

Processes of Mind

Tend to Demand it is

And Just Can’t Escape

An Endless Truly Illogical Way of Thinking…

Life is Full of Very Beneficial Pain That Leads to Greater Human Potential….

How You Could Suggest That Pain is Objectively Immoral is Indeed ‘Black
And White Restricted Think’….

Thrill Seeking Folks

Do Indeed Risk

Injuries; That May Be
Viewed By Others as
Needless; However Yes,

They May Discover New
Ways of Doing Life that
Both Benefit Them And Other
Folks Altruistically As Well through

The Bruises That Come through a Life
Where Thorns Make new Colors of Flowers
Possible at all to Rise As Roses…

Or i Guess You Don’t Get the
Metaphor of the Christian

Cross Either

or Do You…

It’s Up to
You To Decide,
Indeed, What You Believe

To “Take a Red Pill or Blue” or Create Your Own Green

Pill Newer Like me; Therefore, Morality is Indeed Relative…

Of Course, You Could Try to Avoid Pain All Your Life For Objective
Morality and Never Come Close to Meeting Your Human Potential…

Some Folks Indeed are More Cautious and Conservative This Way; others are not…

From Listening to Your Life Story, Hearing All Your Struggles And Pain You Have Endured

It Doesn’t Seem to

Me that You Really

Consider Pain to be
Objectively Immoral…

Or Perhaps You Still Do; That’s Up to
You; See What i Mean Yet; Yes, Morality is

Both Nature and Nurture too; It’s a Spectrum
Like me and You too…

In Other Words Yes,

Morality is Relative And
Influenced By Nurture and
Nature as Well too Now; Particularly,

As Some Folks Are Literally Born without
A Conscience And Typically Have more
Psychopathic Leaning ways of Viewing
And Doing the World at Small and Large…

For A Psychopathic Leaning Person to the
Extreme, The Only Pleasure They May Get
Out of Life is the Adrenaline Rush of Inflicting

Pain On Others; And additionally, Folks Who Are

Low ON the Ability to Feel Oxytocin And Serotonin

Tend to Get Addicted to the Noradrenaline And

Dopamine That Fear, Anger, And Hate, Overall Do Bring;

Facebook Understands

Those Kinda Leaning

Folks And the

Algorithms Fed

That Dark Part of

Humanity to Make Money

Off of Fear, Anger, And Hate Addicts…

Again, As Scar From the Lion King Movie
Relates, “Life’s Not Fair” From the Bottom of the
Bowl of Soul SCaRCiTY; Like A Suggestion Altruism

Is Immoral;

How You come

to That Conclusion

Defies Logic to Me;

Yet of Course, Relatively

Speaking me and You See
And Feel and Sense the World
Obviously Much Differently Yet

Are Both Civil Enough to Agree to Disagree…

i Credit Your Christian Believing Ways in General
For that potential…

Score one

For Your

Version of
in Relative Ways
of Morality, This way too…

You Are Likely the First Person
i’ve Ever Heard Suggest Anywhere that

Altruism is Immoral; Even on This Website…

Although People Here Have Willingly Admitted
Their Autistic Difficulties in Experiencing Empathy

As They Are Honest About it And That’s to Their Credit;

Yet It Is EXTREMELY Unlikely, You Are Correct, Yet You Believe
You Are And That Indeed is Your Relative Morality and Opinion too…




Personally, i Think You Are Being
Honest About Your Opinions, i
Give You Credit For That too…

What Really Gets Under my ‘Claws’
Is When Someone Like Donald Trump

Intentionally Lies to Manipulate Others
For Selfish Gain, No Matter How Much He
Harms Folks too Ignorant to See What He

is doing to them…

It Amazes me How
Folks Still Don’t See
Through this though

Scientific Theories About
How Restricted Left Brain
Think is Blind this Way to

Despicable Leaders and Used
Car Sales Persons Selling Lemons to ‘Minions’
And the Such as That do make it Easier to Understand why…

Chances Are it all Started “That Matrix” When Their Big Daddies
Told Their Little Boys To Repress Smiling And Crying; Therefore,

Repressing The More Holistic Right Brain Processes of Social
Empathic Artistic Emotional Real Intelligences; It Sort of Sadly
Fits All Together this way Logically too; As It’s Also True Science
Shows When Folks Injure their Right Hemisphere, The Left Hemisphere

Will Process
The World
in Very Delusional
Ways Like Insisting
Their Paralyzed Arm

Can’t Possibly Belong to
Them; Therefore, Their Relative
Morality that ‘Donald J Trump’ is God Sent For them…

Like A Savior That is Really A Paralyzed Arm They
Can’t Understand

Is Theirs…

Hmm.. Stuff in

Life that Makes

Ya Go Hmm.. Just Hmm…

It’s Not An Opaque Window
to me so i consider myself
Very Fortunate; Particularly, Where i Live
And was Raised in Church and the
SucH as that of Ignorance…

A Short Answer is All that

Is Associated With Human

Being Nature is Impacted

By Both Nature and Nurture;

Humanity IS A Spectrum;

Sadly, Folks

Try to
to Discrete
Separate Parts;

And The Rest of
Reality, Sadly As Well;

That’s Not How Reality
Works Unless it Becomes
The Illusion and Reality too…

Yawn, Ya Just Can’t Put Any of it
in Prison, Unless You Do And Lock
Yourself Out of Larger Truths Now

Sadly, Not Able

to Transform

DarK iNto LiGHT
With Relative
Free Will
True iN
LiGHT too…

Ah Yes, Speaking of ‘Beautiful Ones,’

John Bumpass Calhoun (Yes that’s
Really His Middle Name), And His Study

of Norway Rats in the 60’s That Came With
A Following Conclusion As Quoted Below From Wiki:

“In July 1968, four pairs of mice were introduced into the habitat. The habitat was a 9-foot (2.7 m) square metal pen with 4.5-foot-high (1.4 m) sides. Each side had four groups of four vertical, wire mesh “tunnels.” The “tunnels” gave access to nesting boxes, food hoppers, and water dispensers. There was no shortage of food or water or nesting material. There were no predators. The only adversity was the limit on space.

Initially, the population grew rapidly, doubling every 55 days. The population reached 620 by day 315, after which the population growth dropped markedly, doubling only every 145 days. The last surviving birth was on day 600, bringing the total population to a mere 2200 mice, even though the experiment setup allowed for as many as 3840 mice in terms of nesting space. This period between day 315 and day 600 saw a breakdown in social structure and in normal social behavior. Among the aberrations in behavior were the following: expulsion of young before weaning was complete, wounding of young, increase in homosexual behavior, inability of dominant males to maintain the defense of their territory and females, aggressive behavior of females, passivity of non-dominant males with increased attacks on each other which were not defended against.”

“After day 600, the social breakdown continued and the population declined toward extinction. During this period females ceased to reproduce. Their male counterparts withdrew completely, never engaging in courtship or fighting and only engaging in tasks that were essential to their health. They ate, drank, slept, and groomed themselves – all solitary pursuits. Sleek, healthy coats and an absence of scars characterized these males. They were dubbed “the beautiful ones.” Breeding never resumed and behavior patterns were permanently changed.”

“The conclusions drawn from this experiment were that when all available space is taken and all social roles filled, competition and the stresses experienced by the individuals will result in a total breakdown in complex social behaviors, ultimately resulting in the demise of the population.”

“Calhoun saw the fate of the population of mice as a metaphor for the potential fate of man. He characterized the social breakdown as a “second death,” with reference to the “second death” mentioned in the Biblical book of Revelation (Revelation 2:11). His study has been cited by writers such as Bill Perkins as a warning of the dangers of living in an “increasingly crowded and impersonal world.”

And Speaking of the Metaphor of ‘Bumpass’, How Shocked i was To Find, After Leaving the Dance Hall Experiences
of the Late 80’s Into Married Happily Ever After, Still i Will Add Is True, Yet Practically Aghast Entering into the

Dance Experiences And Associated ‘Miley Cyrus’ Memes of 2014, As A Young Twenty Something Woman
Forcefully Grinded Her Buttocks Up and Down on my Male Frontal Parts As Such. It Was Like WTF, Back
‘in the Day’ in my 20’s, in the 80’s When the Millennials Then Were Just Toddlers; in the Adult Bars

Men Actually Asked Women to Dance And It Was All Face-to-Face, With Actual Kissing, Where

What i Came to Find is You Will Be Gifted A Grinding ‘Bumpass’ Against the Frontal Parts
Dance Without Even The Aggressive Almost Predator Acting Young Female Women

Turning Around to Make

Face-to Face-Contact

in Anyway at all;

Just Dancing Away
And In This Way With
‘Her’ Girlfriends Leaving

Together And Leaving the
Dudes Behind; Indeed Between
The Late 80’s And The New Millennials

As Adults, The Relative Morality of Mating Behavior

Changed Drastically With Women More in Charge
of Their Own Satisfaction As Surprisingly the

Aggressor; and to Be Clear There Were Also

Predator Like Groups of Dudes Seeking Not So
‘Responsive’ more ‘Innocent’ Young Women Where

They Were Also Looking for A Quick Clothed Hook-Up too…

Yet Then What Was totally New Compared to the 80’s, Yes, Was
the Prevalence of Women Dancing Together in Grinding Dancing this Way…

There are Other Analogies For Human Behavior as In Japan In A Very Over-Populated
Place in A Small Geographical Area, Young folks Are Losing Their Interest in Actual Procreation
With Each Other; Sadly, Isolated Elders Are Taken Care of With “Clean Up Crews” By What


Of them With No Actual Social Contacts, Who Have Even Noticed They Died, Until the Clean-Up
Crews Take Care of the Grizzly Remains of Humans Who No Longer ACT like Social Animals,


Not Even Healthy Norway Rats.

And Of Course, There
Is A Huge Grooming
Rage in Make-up And the
Such For Males in South Korea too….

And Of Course, Science Shows, A life Spent
More Reduced to Left Brain Processing Life in
Mechanical Cognition Ways Withers Away our Social

Empathic More Artistic Actual Emotional Spiritual Intelligences too…

Indeed, There is Clearly A War Between the Genders Going On; Indeed,

Humans Are Truly Out of Balance With Nature and Human Social Animal Nature Now…

And True, Even Pandemics Naturally Take Advantage of this As Where i Live in Northwest

Florida, Despite the Aversion to Vaccines and Other Appropriate Pandemic Measures It is

A Rural Area

Not Packed

Like Lemmings
in Cans of Huge Cities
of Stacked Human Beings

In Skyscrapers With Little Human ‘Soul’
Left as that Comprises the Metaphor of
Social Empathic/Artistic Spiritual Intelligences

Bringing More Purpose and Meaning in Life in Social
Roles that Are More Human Than Machine. Indeed, Humanity

Is Suffering

In A Relative

Morality Way, this
Way; Yet We Aren’t Rats;

We Are Not Mice; We Do Have

More Potential to Adapt; And Yes

Research Shows Homosexuality is
One Way to adapt to Population and
Other Social Stresses in the Nature of
Being Human With Our Diverse CuLTural

Challenges too;

And When it comes

To Social Roles and
Meaning and Purpose in Life

That Counts, For Example, the
Once Rather Isolated Janitor Cleaning

Homes May Open Up a YouTube Channel

And Make A Frigging 6 Figure Income Inspiring

Other Folks to Clean Their Bigger or Smaller Homes;

Yes, Humans Have almost

Unlimited Potential

That Rats Do Not

Have; So True, Rat Does Not Equal
Human; However, There Are Similarities
to Consider In How that Relates to Both
Moral Relativity and the Changes in the Environment

That Do Lead to More Homosexual Behavior in the Animal
Kingdom at Large…

It’s Nature;
Ya Can’t

Just Fit it in

A Big Bible Book

Or Even A Science
Experiment Alone

As Nature is Art

And Order

is the Science
of What We Do

To Make Life, Overall, Work
Enough to Survive and Potentially Thrive;

Yet for Those who Believe That Big Cultures
Can Work Without the Order of Government Rules,

It Ain’t Gonna Work; We Do Have to Have Order And
Rules of Morality to make it work or We Get Chaos and Demise,

And Even
More Misery
And Suffering to Humanly Endure…

And it’s True, Although Record Numbers
Of Omicron Infections Are Being Recorded in

Big City Life, It’s Almost as Close to Baseline as
it has Been in my Relatively Smaller Rural Area of Living…

Indeed, There Are Advantages of Living in Smaller Rural ‘Trump Town USA Places’…

And Online Does Allow those of Us More Liberal, A Place to More Fully Express,
Move, Connect, And Co-Create Our More Open Minded Ways of Liberal Being too…

Humans, Overall,

Are Smart Critters;

Imaginative, and
Very Creative as Well;

We May Just Find A Way
Through Diversity to Keep
Surviving Without Total Demise for A While Longer…

And Meanwhile, i’m Gonna Thrive, Just

Cause i Can And Will For Now..:)

Morality is MOSTLY Relative…

Morality IS A CuLTuRaL Construct
That Humans Move, Connect And Co-Create
Together; Yes, Ideologies And Associated Symbols

Co-Created to Bond And Bind Human Social Animals
Together; The Glue of Life That Keep Folks Working together

For Basic Subsistence And Even Thriving Joyously Singing Off the
Same Notes of Sheet Music of Choirs So Harmoniously Together

At Midnight Mass
or Whatever Indeed
As Even Renowned
Famous Atheist
Sam Harris


Gospel Singing
or A Rock Concert
With Folks Coming Together
on the Same Wave Lengths of
Feeling And Sensing Life Do Ascend

A Singular View of Life Transcending
To A Group Experience of Much More than
Themselves Alone; Yes, Indeed it is Necessary

to Understand Morality is MOSTLY Relative to
See That Humans And The Environment of Spoon-Fed

CuLTuRES From Birth With Their Own Rules of Morality, Just

About Anything Goes as Let’s Not Forget There Are Some Primitive
Tribes Studied Still Surviving Now That Use A Phrase in Their Language

For the ‘Work of the Night’ For Bringing Children into the World As Children
Are The Prize of the Whole Tribe Where There are No Words in Their Language

For Masturbation
Or Homosexuality
As From Puberty on
Those From Reproductive
Ages Practice A Religion
of the Work of the Night
In ‘Missionary Positions’ of Creating
Children As A Shared Belief in Morality
of What is Most Important In Life And True

Epigenetic Effect and Neuroplasticity Does Come
into Play As Hormones Change According to Environmental
Influence too As There are Not the Same Population Pressures
And Stress associated With the Wombs of Mothers Bringing Children
To Term As That Does Influence Environmental And Biological Changes

That Result in More Orientation of Homosexuality as Seen in the Rest of
The Animal Kingdom too; Yet Let’s Get Back to the Relative Aspect of Morality;

Women in Some African Cultures Feel Great Esteem Over the Pleasure That
Would Otherwise Literally come if they Still Had their Clitoris Pleasure Organs

Attached; So, For Many of them Their Morality As Spoon-Fed From Birth Convinces

Them It’s Better
Not to Feel Pleasure


Than Pleasure

And Instead Gain Greater

Self-Esteem By Following CuLTuRaLLY
Their Rules of Morality From Birth

And True of Course World-Wide
Many Women Gladly Go Into Arranged
Marriages Feeling Great Self-Esteem Having

Sex With Someone They Barely Know and May
Even Disgust them Someways Through Institutional

First Night of Marriage Date Rape If it isn’t Consensual

By Example of Child-Bride Marriage too Where Indeed

What We Would Consider As Horrifying Pedophilia is Considered

Religiously Acceptable And Moral As In Wars Rapes Are Considered

Moral Too in the Name of ‘Their God’ and Throwing Acid on Women Accused of

Adultery and Mutilating Penises of Little Boys in Many Countries Without Blinking
An Eye Without even Any Anesthesia to Cull the Pain Either Without Blinking An

Eye as Little Babies

In Baptism, Terrified,
With Water Poured Over

Their Head With the Natural

Aversion to Drowning of Course;

While the Rest of the Congregation

Laughs as the Child Cries Out As Of Course

They Aren’t Feeling the Terror of the Child
Somehow the Empathy for the Child is Worn
Away by Relative Morality Indeed or Shall We

Review January 6th of 2021, Again And See the
Banners of “Jesus Saves” By Gallows With Chants

Of Hang the Vice President Mike Pence and Overthrow

A Democratic Process Then; Indeed, What’s Really Scary

And Nice About the Human Condition is Through Relative

Morality We Can

Make Dreams

Or Nightmares
Come to Fruition

Through the Cultures,
Religions, Philosophies

And Yes Politics We Move,
Connect And Co-Create Next, Yes

And Now And Through History We are
the Basic Same Classical Evolved Human Beings

Biologically As We Were At the Start of Agriculture
12,000 Years ago and Before that; What makes the

Difference in How our Genetics are Expressed is the
Environment That Most Definitely Includes the Overall

Cultural Environments We Move, Connect and Co-Create;

And Oh by the way there are Also Other so-Called Primitive

Human Cultures
Where Great


And Promise for The
Future Village is Obtained
And Expressed For the Prospective
Mothers Collecting the Most Semen
in Reproductive Activities With the Most
Potential Father’s Possible As All that Input

Is Considered Potential For Greater Human Achievements

And Since No one Knows Who the Father Really Is Indeed

The Village

Has More


Propensity to
Raise the Child
With More Love
Much More Love

Than Just One Father
With Of course all the
Mother’s Helping too Where
Compersion is More a Way of Life Than Jealousy;

Yet of Course one of my Three Majors in College
Was Anthropology and It’s True Coming From a
Small Very Conservative Town With what was once

In The Record Books For the Most Christian Churches
Per Square Miles Then in Locality of Inhabitants, i Was

Quite Aghast to Find Such Disregard for The Christian
Religion; It Was the First Time i Ever heard Someone

Dare to Question

it in College;

It’s Worth Noting,
Not Everyone Leaves
Their Home Town and

Not Everyone Goes to College

To Gain Greater Views in Life;

Yet Now There is the Information

Highway And More Folks Are Criticizing

Relative Morality that is Practically Insane

Like Believing The After Life is More Important

Than this Life Now Like Believing That An All Loving
Merciful Forgiving God Tortures Life Forever ‘Amen’…

Morality is As Fluid

As The River



As Is Sexual Orientation
And How We Treat Each
Other in Fresh Hell or Spoiled Heaven on Earth…

i am A Participant Anthropology Observer And
i Do Write Free Verse Epic LONGEST LONG FORM
Poetry As A Retirement Special Interest Hobby for

Free As i am Financially


And Don’t
Wear Diapers
Believing More
Money and Stuff is
Gonna Make me Happier…

i Have Friends With Morality That Relatively
Varies Very Extensively All Around the Globe

And i am Surely Armed With Lots of Resources

When it Comes to Allowing them a New View of Life;

And it’s True Folks In Other Countries Who aren’t So
Materially Reduced in Outlooks On Life and Attention Spans
Who Indeed Are Gifted in Both Intellect and Creativity too; They

Can And Do and Will Withstand the Depth of True Stories
About the Diverse Human Condition That Do Come And

Two of my Favorite Ted Talk Videos to Open Minds
That Do Open A Little Bit, i Will Share Here in Regard

to the Morality of
Conservative and
Liberal Human Behavior
As that Relates to Biology
And Sexual Orientation as

It’s True i Am 100 Percent
Extroverted, 100 Percent
Open Minded, Close to Zero
Percent With the O.C.E.A.N
Variable of Anxieties
And Fears of

And Surely Have
the Ability to Say NO
When it Comes to Agreeableness

And Obviously Conscientious Enough
to Finish A Project or Keep it Going when

Most Folks Would Have Given up on both
The Project and Life Way Before they Arrived
to Where i Come to Be Now; Yet Again it’s a Matter
of Biology And Environment; i Was Mistaken For A Female
And Accused of Being Gay for my Androgynous And Happy
Way of Expressing myself in this ‘Trump Town USA’ in Middle

School Indeed and now i am Literally the Strongest Leg pressing
Dude out of all the Elite Military Dudes 4 Decades younger than

Me at the Military Gym i Work-out With; AND YES True, i Warm Up
With 1380 Pounds Three Times Weekly And Still Can Do the Max That
The Machine Will Hold of 1520 Pounds at 61 Years of age, Yes 15,942
Miles of Public Dance in 100 Months Does Help Humans Become
Strong as Orangutans As Science Agrees We Do Still

Have the Epigenetic Potential to Do this


i Get to Do Ballet and
Mixed Martial Arts Public

Dance in Front of All the
Onward Christian Marching

Conservative Bully Boys/Men Who

Would Have Once Threatened to Beat
me Up And Call me Queer for Moving

in Graceful Balance Like a Lion on the
Savannah; Yet It’s True You Won’t Find

Any Mice Making Fun of the How the Lion
Moves on the Savannah at Least Not Whiskers to Whiskers

Unless Someone Has No Idea Where They Even are in Life…

Morality is Relative And Pleasure is Real and the Kinsey Report
Long Ago Showed that People Lie about What they really Like or Do Not

Like to Do in Life For What Body Parts End Up Touching together or Not

at Least From the
Research that Exists

Life is A River Always

Changing And the more
Freedoms We have the More

Fluid the River Becomes As It’s

True There is Isn’t Nearly as Much
Freedom in China; Yet The Authoritarian
Way it is Run Means They Squashed the Pandemic

In March of 2020 and Keep it Flat-lined Since then
And With A Few Blips They Squash the Pandemic Again

Through Closures, Masking, Contact Tracing, And Over 90
Percent of their Population That is Vaccinated with

Way Over A Billion People

And Only A Little

Over 5,000 Deaths

Overall; yet It’s True

For Some Folks it is Literally

Give me Liberty or Give me Death…

Balance Baby, A Healthy Balance is Where it’s

At and Finding that Balance When the River of
Culture is this Fluid and Streaming Out in So Many
Directions of Relative Morality is A Real Great Life Work of Art



i Just Dance
Naked With Sand
And Sun And Become
Grains of Sand Mixed
With Sunshine in Effortless

Ease yet of course Not everyone
Has Financial Independence and
A Wife Who Does Everything else
Around the Home as She Insists
She is the Very Best at Doing it and i Just
Agreeably Reply Yes Dear Indeed Have it All Your Way…

Anyway, Here Are The Videos And Really Considering the
Beauty that Environment and Biology Brings in Nature’s
‘Consequences’ of Different Sexual Orientations When

Population and General Social Stresses Come into Play
With the Womb and Hormones And all the Research
Coming to Light in that Area It is Indeed Beautiful

That Nature

Produces more

Kind Empathic
Individuals Who

Are Not So Competitive

For the Reproductive Game

And Instead Are More Loving
Cooperative and Empathic Overall Indeed

(Don’t Forget How Many Births Elton John
Love Songs Have Literally Fathered From Afar)

As The Hormonal Changes Do Come into Play

Yet For Some ‘Reason’, Yes, Folks Get Stuck in the Weeds
of What Body Part Touches What in Material Reductionist
More Left Brain Literal Processing of the World in Disgust;

Yet it’s True in the Second Video Jonathan Haidt Entertains

Why A Conservative Person Will be Disgusted More By Seeing
The Little Bitty Teeny Weenie of A ‘David’ By Michelangelo

Focusing on that
Small Organ
of Reproduction

While a More Liberal
Person May See the
Bigger Picture of

Aesthetic Beauty
And ‘Hardly’ Notice
the Tiny Flaccid Penis at all;

True the Catholic Church for
this ‘Biological/Environmental’
Human Conservative Propensity

Did cover Up the Tiny Weenie of
Michelangelo’s Jesus Sculpture until

The Entire Almost Microscopic Tiny Weenie
Was Exposed in the year 2017; yet it’s Worth

Noting That Small Packages of Males Were the

Prized Jewels in the Days of the Renaissance

And the Prize in Porn Today Was Considered

Gross and Disgusting Then it all Depends

it All Depends

On Relative Morality

Indeed As Indeed Gay Folks
Are More Interested in Sizes
of Male Penises As a Focus of Life
As of course They Have one too and
Want More Than One to Enjoy too…

Meanwhile Straight folks Spend Their
Life Neurotically Concerned About it
And Send Penis Pics to Disgusted Prospective

Female Lovers Who Are More

Concerned About
The Size of the

Grinch’s Heart…

Yet of Course Spoon-Fed
Porn From Pre-Teen Ages

Surely Aren’t Helping the

Neuroticism or the Empathy
Overall Towards the Hearts of Women too…

Yet Again, You Could Be Frustrated to Hell and
Back Like Where it Was All Hidden Miserably (60’s Thru 70’s)

In Small Rural Christian Dominated Conservative Areas

From Age 13 Until 18, Where You Didn’t

Even Have A Clue Females Enjoyed

Sex at all Until your
First Major


About the Birds
And The Bees
And All their Parts too..

Like i Said Morality is Relative And
With Arts And Sciences i am Just Happy i Have

Perspectives of 61 Years From so Many

Vantage Points of Real Life Experiences

To Understand and Master What
Works for me

in Balance;
And Now and then

i Give And Share those
Views With Others as i surely

Understand What’s It’s Like
To Be Lost in This World; All of This

Relative Morality Without Any Other Views to Escape;

i Don’t Want to Move to China, i’ll take my Chances Still on Freedom;

And True i have enough Frigging Intelligence, Empathy, Compassion

to Support Others

Who Are Different

Than me as Both Education

And Being a Participant
Anthropology Observer

More than Just Book-Work Brings…

Anyway, A Biggest Picture is Humans
Are Out of Balance With Nature Taking
Hoarding More Than Giving Sharing

And This Means So Many

People Will Continue

To Suffer the Karma
in Natural

And Consequences

Until they And the Rest of
Human Cultures Find Balance OR NOT…

This is a Very Complex Question And if Anyone

Thinks they Can answer it in a Twitter Size Response;

And in Even Beginning to Answer it in an Essay this Long

They are

Sadly Mistaken

As i Could Attempt

To Cover it in 10 MiLLioN
Words of EPiC Long Form
Poetry as a Participant



and Barely

Still Scratch the
Surface Understanding

The More i Know the More i do not know…

Yet indeed That is what Deepest
Thinkers/Feelers Understand

What They
Don’t Know
And Feel
No Matter
How Many
Facts and
Figures and Loves

They Have Collected
in Research and Real Experience of Life;

And For me at Least, Far From Materially
Reductionist in Think and Feel, this Makes
Life More Mysterious, Awesome, And Even More
Thrilling Every Day Now; It’s true “it’s Good to be me”

As “Austin

Related to
A ‘Beautiful Stranger’ too hehe…

With ‘Madonna’ Along For A Wild Ride…

God Yes, Indeed Ya Have to Be Somewhat
of An ‘Undercover Spy’ to Figure All this Holy S88T Out…

Yet if And When You
Do in Autotelic
Flow Generate
And Regulate

And Master Your
Own Emotions and
Senses Within it really does

Become as Simple as a Balancing
Dance Naked Enough Whole Complete

In Sand And Sun As Grains And Sunshine Loving Life;

Yes, Being Financially Independent With ‘Wendy’ the

Beloved Fairy

God Mother
Wife Friend

Doing All the
Rest of the Work

Does Provide A Reality

For A Real ‘Peter Pan’ to Exist;

Yet You See, Yet You May Not Feel
or Sense, or See, This IS MY STORY ‘Rabbit Whole Deeper’;

This Is My Relative Morality, i own myself And Master indeed…

It’s Kinda Rare These Days to Live Such an ‘Autistic Social Life’
Yet i do, yet i do, So True…

For Me at Least…


With A Personality
Like Mine Ya Can Tick
off A Whole Lot of

‘Bucket List

Items’ With Relative Morality And Free Will Before the
Last Breath of Loving Joy Breathes With Someone else…


As IS A Tree Leaf

Branches Veins



Within Back to
The Top of the
Tree That is the Leaf As Well

Reflecting Roots That

Carry Nourishment

Above After



And Becomes
Nourishing Soils

Below Dear Savvy

Living Trees Leaves
Branches Roots NoW As Above

One Force to Feed Us For All Freely

NoW As You Dance Sing Living Life Lovingly!

SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta

A Very Touching Story About

Your Grandfather Passing Away
So Nice to See You
All Outdoors

By Love as A Child too

Sadly i Traveled Through
A Dancing Walk of Many

Neighborhoods Today That Come

In Very Affluent Ways As i Traveled
Miles Today To Measure What i See

As the Condition of Humanity Where i Live in
Beautiful Spring Like Weather in Northwest Florida

Yet Through Traveling By Literally Hundreds of Nice

Homes Only One Group of Children Playing Outdoors in the

Warmth of Youth

Yes in Very Imaginative
Creative Play That

Forms Moving


Ways With all of Nature
True too So Many Subdivisions

Away From Nature’s Breath So In Touch
With Nature You All Seem to Be With Each
Other in India Now Still Today For True Far Past

All That Family Warmth There are those Who Spend
Lonely Cold Years Behind Laptops 60 Hours A Week

Making 6 Figure Incomes Yet Where is the Warmth And
Wisdom of Family Elders to Guide Us Forward Where is the

Human Touch And Warmth At all True Stuck in So Many Subdivisions
Of Life Away From Mother Nature and Our Nature too Dear FRiEnD

Stay Warm

Your Grandfather’s

Breaths of Wisdom and
Love That Way His Soul
His HeART His SPiRiT Never
Truly Disappears i’m Sure You
Will You Seem Very Human And
This Is What Loving Humans Still in Touch
With Humanity’s Breath of Love and Wisdom

to BREaTHE Free..:)

Make Everything

Give It ALL Away

Make Everything

Give It ALL Away

And If We Forget

Step One Do Step
Two ALL OVeR Again

Dear Chaymaa ALL Again..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
A Smile is Forever


Next SMiLe
We Give Forever Now..:)

Hehe You Covered Pride And Greed Well
Enough Yet You Left Them Alone as the

Read More Links Carried Us to Somewhere

Totally Unrelated to the Other Five So-Called

Deadly Sins
True So Many
Folks Are Totally

Lost in Pursuits of
Money that Comes in
Colors of Likes Follows
Shares And the Like Again

Perusing Every Thank You Comment
To Lure Someone In For Dreams of

Financial Independence

However it Most Always

Is Trapping Someone Else
Into a Pyramid Scheme of

Going No Where Yet Back to the
Base to Start All Over Again Finally

RiSinG High Enough to Figure Out

We’ve Always Been Naked Enough Whole
And Complete Just Covered Up With All the
Green Money and Stuff That Becomes Us

Instead of Being Human Dear Annabel

In Sub-Divisions Away From Human Nature Sadly So..:)

SMiLes Dear Zoe Yes Nice to
See You BacK NoW Among
The Avatars in the Blogging

World As Far As i Will See

Feel And Sense Whatever

We Burn Of Love Bridges

Before Were


Love Enough
to Last For What
Makes LoVE True
And Lasting Real Now

Yet i’m a Dude Perhaps
That is Why i’ve Never
Burned Any Bridges
of Love From Before…

Every Single One is
Still Welcome in My
Warm Home Of Love…

Yet True it’s Not Lonely
Verily That Likely MakeS A Difference..:)

SMiLes Born on the Autism
And Bi-Polar Spectrum Beginning Life
Without the Ability to Put Words Together
For Speaking



Age 4

Mental Health
Has Been A Life Long
THeME And Challenge for me…

i Have 5 Major Online Pen Names
Starting With Aghogday, KaTiE MiA Aghogday,
KATiE MiA, Kate Mia, And KATiE MiA Frederick,

While It’s true my Wife’s First and Middle Name is
Katrina, Katie, or Kat for Short And Yes Mia For Middle Name

KATiE MiA Is Also An Acronym for ‘Kind Autistics Taking in Everything
Mindful in Awareness’ Yet of Course i’m Not the Kind of Shallow Aloof
Cold Mechanical Cognition Restricted Autistic Person With Barely Functioning

Mirror Neurons

And A Deficit
of Feeling

Empathy for
Others Unlike me Yes,

Nope, i Am Supercharged
In all that is Empathy and
Sensory Abilities And Yes

With A Propensity to Go into Computer
Mind Mode in Systemizing Science Ways

And Lose That Warm Part of Humanity that
Was More of my Story at Life at 3 Before Speaking
Sentences of Words Put Together at Four Years Old

So Yep i Am Basically A Sensitive Snow Flake Born Child
Mothered to Love Alive this Way Full of Anxiety True As Well too…

As Humans Have Created A More Stimulating World than i Was First
Able to Adapt Myself to in Natural Animal Homeostasis For 53 Entire Years

Finally With A Practice of Autotelic Flow in Free Dance And Song of Poetry

Voila Balance
is ‘Mind and Body Soul’
To Keep Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing Free For
All With Least Harm And of Course in a Twitter
World this Way it is Rare i really find a Place to Rest

my Head Still
Where i am not
Only Tolerated Yet
Fully Accepted for
Truly A Sensitive
Snow Flake i am

IN Rather A Large
Male Hairy Bear
or Wookiee Looking Body
And It’s True i Have Extreme Tactile
Sensitivity to Almost Any Human Made
Materials A Naked World Suits me Just Fine

Yet True this is An Over Clothed World Where
Humans Have Become More Their Tools Than
Humanity Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating Naturally

Surviving And
Thriving This
Way to Actually
Enjoy This State of
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Loving Humanity Being
Yes Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love For All…

So Okay, Basically i Came into This World as
A Canary in A Coal Mind Whatever Brought me
Down First Would Ultimately Bring The Other Non-Canary
Human Beings Down Further too So Yes in Achieving Recovery

From A Really Severe case of What Science Actually Researches
Now as A Real Human Condition Called Autism Burnout or Autistic
Burnout Resulting in a Synergy of Life Threat in 19 Medical Disorders
For 66 Months Shut-in in my Bedroom From Wake to Sleep With Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia the Worst Assessed Human Pain and Numb
For me without even a memory of if i ever felt the feeling of a Smile before

No Drug Would Touch

Yes i Wanted to Help

Other Folks avoid

The Real HeLL ON EartH
i Went through as A Canary
In a Coal Mine That Others in History
Have Termed Variously as Neurasthenia,
Nervous Break Downs, And General Adaptation
Syndrome As Well Among Other General Metaphors
Too of Basically Having A Frigging Dead Battery to Live

For What i Understand is the Life Juice of Properly Regulating
Emotions And Integrating Senses Through What An Autotelic
Flow of Meditating and Contemplating Free Dance And Free
Song of Poetry Brings to me So i not Only Talk about it like

A Science Project

i Do it For Real

in Real Time Now

As A Real Anthropology

Participant Observer in

Not Only A Science Research
Paper Yet actually a Longest EPiC
Long Form Poetry ‘Bible’ Project for
100 Months and 10,000,000 Plus Words Now

For Free For Free For Free As i Really Don’t Wanna
Touch any of that Human Made Disgusting Green Money
Stuff Anymore in my Life as my Wife Doesn’t Mind Touching
it or Keeping it In Her Chubby Little Wallet Hehe True it Wasn’t

Easy Standing By Her
Man in Hell Either

Yet at Least

She Got A
Chubby Wallet
To Do it as All My
Life i’ve Sensed A Really
Horrible Hurricane Coming

For me Before Enjoying the Rainbow
Stars After Tar Birded HeLL ON EartH

It’s True i used to Have Prophetic Nightmares

That Were An Omen When i Was a Child for

My Ending and Starting Destination of Life Again…

So Anyway Back to Join You In A Review of 2021

Now that i Have the Background Information Before
That Taken Care of


Now if one Puts
my Pen Name ‘Aghogday’
into the Search Engine One
Returns Research Linked to

A Small Piece i Wrote About ‘Autism
Burnout’ in 2013 When i First Started
Blogging that Spring A Perennial Top
BlogSpot Platform Viewed Hit With Tens
of Thousands of Views Now Yet it’s true

i’ve Spread A Song And Dance of my Soul

In Almost Innumerable Ways Around Online Since

Thanks Giving Day of 2010 And Even Locally Where

i am Literally as Recognizable As the Local Weather
Man Everywhere i go


No one

Asks me About
The Weather They
Just Smile They Just Smile

or the Children Point at me to
Their Parents And Exclaim Gleefully
‘There He is the Dancing Man!’ True it’s
Like Pokemon Never Really Went Away for
the Full 100 Months of 15,942 Miles of Public Dance

Yes Perseverance And Adherence to Restricted Repetitive
Special Interests is Really Rather A Gift too in Laser Focus

of Painting Sistine Chapels and the Such oF Never Ever Giving
UP Even if there are some disagreements about Making God and
the Others Naked as such With All Body Parts Proudly Displayed Freely

Just Hmm..

Anyway Artful
Photography a
Special Interest too
For Way Over a Hundred
Thousand Photos Online
Probably About 150 Thousand
Total And What’s Really Cool is i Can
Link the Oldest Pen Name Avatar “Aghogday”
in A Google Search With Just About Any Descriptive
Phrase Like a Card Catalog for Most All the Photos and
Words i Have Done Ever Since 2010 Thanks Giving Now

True Use the
Tool Master it
And Do Not Let
the Tool Use Us

And Become Terminator
Machines Instead of Naked
Enough Still Whole Complete Humanity Now True

What’s Perhaps Even Cooler is on the ‘Wrong Planet’
The Website for the so-called ‘Unwanted Toys of Humanity’

Where Systemizing Restricted Minds Tend to Wanna Rule the
Roost As We Find that With Folks Who Literally Interpret Poetry
In Old Bibles too Trying to Take Us Back to Older Testament Theocracy
Days true too in the United States of ‘Trump’ After i Regained My Right
Hemisphere Processes More of Social Empathic Artistic Real Emotional
Spiritual Interpretive Intelligences Again My Depth oF A STory Wasn’t really

Welcome There At First

When i Rose Like a

Phoenix Out of the
Old ashes of my
Very Restricted

Left Brain
Science Material
Reductionist Way
of Processing the World
in Very Small Picture Way

to A View the Size of Full Humanity
Once Again Yes Naked Enough Whole
Complete So Several Times They Kicked me
off the Wrong Planet Yet Like A YoYo That Always
Returns or Perhaps a Boomerang Aged Dude i Always

Came Back Just Like A 2.0 Version Of A Terminator Trying
to Save Humans From The Same Old Dam Older Testament Machine age

Honestly They Just Couldn’t Understand then so i Kept Giving Them Mulligans
And allowed them to Get Even More Than Three Strikes and Unlimited Gutterballs too

So anyway my 8th New Testament Named “Depth of the Story” Still In Quotes a First
Google Search in a Solo Thread By me for 16 Months Now and Close to 1.3 MiLLioN Words

Is allowed on the ‘Wrong Planet’ And Viewed More than 78 Thousand Views Now Ever Since
August 19, 2020 The Day After i Celebrated 7 Years and 8.4 MiLLioN Words of “SonG of mY
SoUL” Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Bible Now Again at 10,000,000 Plus Words in 100
Months And True i Am Currently Finishing the 11th of 11 Greater Than King James Sized
Sub-Chapter EPiC Long Form Bible Poems With “Grand Cross Bible 2021” As this
is the 6th Greater Than Old King James Size Effort Since “Grand Cross Bible 2016”
Completed in the 7 Month Period Between Memorial Day Weekend Through
Christmas And New Year’s Eve Might Run A Few Days Behind to Finish
it this Year Yet i am getting Mighty Close to Another 58 Thousand
Word Bi-Weekly Effort Just Since i Published the Celebration of
“SonG oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old” on Christmas
Eve Just 6 Days Ago And Over 33 Thousand Words
Ago In this Effort Now Still Writing Now It’s true

i Used to Do A Review of Each Year too
By Blog Post Title and New Year’s
Resolution for #Play2022 Yet
There are Just too Many
Other Celebrations
To Fit that
Ending Now

So Thanks For
The Free Rental
Space From New York, New York
Dear Psychologistmimi Yes Thanks
For Tolerating the Neurodivergence
Of me For the Last Several Years on

Every Single Blog Post You Ever Do

As An Indian Dancer Savvy Raj

Allows From Across the Ocean

in the Same Way and

Scores of other

Folks Around the
Globe Yet Not Every
Single Day Like You two

In Fact Savvy Hasn’t Missed A Day
in Close to Two Years Now that i Have
Visited Her Yet i don’t think She’s Been

Through What You Have in the Health Care
Field As an Executive in the Last Two Years for Sure…

Mental Health And Well Being Should Always Be the
Number One Focus of Everyone on this Planet Earth

For With Naked Enough Whole Complete Comes the
Empathy And Compassion to Love All of Nature With Least Harm

Yes, This Work is Vital For All of Us to Do to Save Ourselves As Both
Anchors and Sails Yes in Both Real Conservative And Brave Liberal Ways

For Fair Winds and Following Seas And Yes Indeed Safe Harbors For All For Real

i Don’t Have to Tell You Happy New Year Hehe Just Yet As i Know Where to Find

You Both
on New Year’s
Eve and New Year’s
Day As You Bounce
Back Like a YoYo Everyday True too…

As You Always Come Back Us Autistic (like me)
Folks Take Great Comfort in Folks Like You True too..

God Knows, Feels, Senses, i Do Love An Everyday Routine

Now of Change

in Balance

Such A Gift A Present of NoW iNDeed…

And Obviously You Are Far From Neurotypical
too A Requirement for Every Rental Space

on the Globe

i Visit

And Am


Consistently Return…

Sadly While Reading
What i Wrote on the
Wrong Planet About
Clean Up Crews taking
Care of the Remains of Elders
in Skyscraper Apartments in Japan

Who Had Lost All their Human
Social Contacts in Life Where

No one checked on them

To See if they Were

Still Breathing
When They Died

At that Very Moment
Walking Around the
Block My Sister Related
That A Nice Man We Knew for

Years Working at the Naval Installation
Where We Worked Was Delivered Christmas
Food By His Previous Co-Workers After Retirement

A Day Before Christmas They Noticed Mail

Piled All Over His Front Porch

And A Horrible Odor

Coming From
Inside the
Closed Door
Home True

He Died Alone
Home a Month Before

And Nobody Even Noticed

He Came Missing

Alive For that

Long and

Even With the
Horrible Odor the
Mail Person didn’t
Even Call Someone

To Check to See what
Might Have Happened to

Him And Indeed This

is A Symptom For All
The Problems Humanity

Currently Has We
No Longer Move
Connect Co-Create

Together Needing
Each Other Alive


Working in Front of
A Screen in 5 Job
Changes For
the Federal

In 5 Years then

To Keep the Golden
Handcuffs of Retirement

For me to Still Come is
What Brought me Down
In a Mechanical Cognition

Restricted Way of Life
in Information Technology,
Financial Management,

And Supervision

of So Many Programs

Then in 5 Years Yet
It’s True i Even

Lost Contact

With my
Wife in my
Own Home

for Those 5 Years
On-Call from Work
Around the Clock

And When i Left
i Had no Idea Who

i Even Was Well

Now i Know Now

i Feel Now i Sense

i AM Human And Enough…

Hmm.. Yes At A Penny a
Word for my Thoughts
i Owe You Now Twenty-One
Dollars And Fifty-Two-Cents Just
For Today’s Rental Space Now hehe…

Yet i’m Still Breathing, Moving Now,
Connecting and Co-Creating Human

As Even An Avatar online And Really Real Now True too..:)


Donald J Trump WAS The Leader of the “Free World” Humanity WAS/IS Not Rational

“MNPD” Related to Addiction Wilted Human Flowers Most Often Stemming From
Childhood Neglect And Abuse

JeSuS F8CK88G Christ (iF YoU SeeK iN God/Love) Don’t These Neglected
Abused Souls Deserve Compassion…

Don’t Forget The Demon With Your
Angel Lest You Suffocate And Your Soul Falls too…

Love is Written In the Stone
the Stone Is God
the Rock
Is the Love We

Still No 6-Pack For 61
Yet Still Perhaps Sexy-At-62
Achieved So-Far At Least
As i Still Have until 6.6.62 to Improve

Just for the Tale of the Tape Still i Stand A Bit
over 6 Feet Tall in Nike Shox Shoes And Still Weigh

242 American Pounds…

i Consider Nude Art the Oldest and Most Authentic Human
Art i Will Post the Entire Picture in A HeART Beat Where Legal

And Community Standards Allow

So Many Metaphors Other Words
For Waves That Wash in and Out
Expanding Shores Receding Expanding More

MaKinG Every Move Step of Dance Word Of Poetry Song Holy And Sacred
Full of Meaning And Purpose ReNeWinG ANeW ORiGiNaL CReaTiViTY

Tired oF Old TiReD Religion i CReaTE mY Own Fresh FLoWeRS
For God Thanks And CoLoRinG Creativity Eternally NoW PRaiSE

HeaR’S MoRE Than A ‘THiNG’ iN HeaVeN WiTHiN No Limits CoLoRinG
World oF LoVE GiVinG SHaRinG Free NoW For ALL GoD ReaL NoW LiGHT

Thanks Dear Sohair
For All The Kind New
Year Wishes Time

Love Stays๐ŸŒน☺️

True, ‘You’ Have the Ability to Use Your Vocal Chords; Yet No
One Has to Listen to Ill Conceived Beliefs and that’s the Point;

You Don’t Seem to Have A Clue what the Mental
Health, Socio-Economic, And Overall Wellbeing

Requirements Abortion MEETS ARE as Yes, a Frigging

‘First World Requirement’ for Public Health THAT EVEN

Predominantly Catholic OLD MEXICO HAS







Meanwhile, the ‘Big R Politicians’
in Texas, Etc., Now Make it no REAL
Secret Their Agenda is to Stay in Power,

By Meeting the Evangelistic Christian Base
Dreams to Establish A Theocracy in this Country;

Really, No IFS ANDS OR BUTTS; It’s Disgusting For

Anyone Who Believes in the Principles of Religion

Separated From State That this Frigging Country was

Built on to ESCAPE FROM ‘OLD EUROPE Cobwebs’ And Yes,
Newer Europe has practically Escaped And there are Folks here who

Wanna take Us Back to the Frigging Dark Ages Where Women Then

Were Afforded Little to No Free Agency Over Reproductive Rights.

Anyway, Meh, Just

My Opinion and
The ‘Forefathers of this Country,’

Specifically, in A ‘Deistic Propensity’

to Keep Religion Separated From State;

Somehow, Managing to Keep It Under
More of a ‘Masonic Definition’ of A ‘God’ With No Name…

While Providing The Rights For Breathing Life, Liberty and

The Pursuit of Seeking Individual and Group Happiness With

Least Harm For All BREATHING LIFE.

UNTIL IT WAS POLITICIZED, Not Unlike the Pandemic, IN THE 80’S



IN OTHER WORDS, There are Still
First Baptist Folks Taking their Teen
Daughters to Abortion Clinics to Save Face in Church,

For Their Illusory Socio-Economic Positions of Status in Life;

Just Like They were

Before it Became

A Political Wedge Issue
For Republican Politicians
to Stay in Power For the Four Last Decades…

‘Those’ Are Obviously Socio-Economic
Issues You’ve Dealt With Now
In Life That Have Impacted
Your Ability to Function

in Life, including

Your Mental Health
And Well-Being;

Yet Those Are Apples

Compared to Women’s Oranges,

You Still Don’t Seem to See From A View
Point of How this Impacts Women Now

And The Non-Breathing Life they Do
Carry after Being Impregnated, Whether

They Choose to Carry the Non-Breathing
Life to Breathing Born Life Or Not; Fortunately,

Your Specific Life Circumstances Aren’t Relative

to How All the Rest of the World Sees this Reality; More
Specifically, Women Who Are Most Directly Impacted;

You Have an Opinion;

Others Have Different Opinions
That Currently Are Still Majority
Ruling A Woman’s Right to Choose.

Yet It’s True, Politicians Are Doing this
to Stay in Office; Desperately, Their

Only Measure

of Value

in Life in Their
Illusory Power
in the Sense and
Feel that it may
All Be Generated Within
For Free Without All These Strings

Of Degenerate Actions Taking place

That Harm the Overall Well Being of Society As Whole.

And On Top of that Nature As Whole As Humans are
Already Living out of Balance, Aborting Their Place of

Balance in Nature Now…

And Suffering All
The Consequences
For That Imbalance

We May View All Around
Us Now in Almost Innumerable
Factors of What Happens When We Cross Mother Nature’s Balance…

Anyway, You’ve Convinced me That You’ve Defeated Your Own Demons
In life Without Getting in Trouble, Like So Many Other Folks in Your Position

Might Have Done in Terms of Drug Abuse, Violence, Or Other Criminal Acts of Life…

i Think That’s Great

And i Laud You For
Your Accomplishments
This Way as Obviously
You’ve Been Through
A Lot and Are Still Surviving…

Thing is This is the Same Kind
Of Attention that i Give to the
Well Being of Others That You

Understandably Can’t Seem to Identify with;

That’s Okay, You Are One of Many Humans
Just Trying to Survive best you can and will…

Just Like Women,

Who Often have
to make a Heart Breaking
Decision for Their Own Well
Being Or the Well Being of the
Family They Already Have; It’s
Really Impossible for Any of us

To Understand How Deep That Trauma Goes…

Except for the Person who Undergoes it And
This is Why We Currently Do Still Have Choice as an Option…

Not All Folks Are Going to Understand This And that’s the
Human Condition too…

Yet Again

We Have
A Democracy
And A Rule of
Law With Judges
That And Who Will
Determine the Path Forward;

Otherwise We Could Be Living
In A Third World Country Under
Cover of Even More Clothes/Tools/Ignorance
That Separate Us From Free Balancing Nature.

Unless You Are A Woman, It’s

Not Apples to Apples,

End oF A Story; A Never
Ending Story So Far Indeed;

And Yes, the
United States is
A Representative
Democracy; the
‘Republic’ Label

Is Another ‘Republican
Talking Head Point’ While
Trump Was Slowly Raping the Constitution

And Inciting A Deadly Attempt At Insurrection
to Attempt to Overthrow our Representative Democracy Process…

And Like it or Not, Roe Vs Wade Has Been ‘the Law of the Land’ Since 1973.

And Yes, The Supreme Court Will Determine the Direction of it Once Again,

Like It or Not,

Live Here or Go

Move to Another
Country Perhaps

Where Women Don’t Have Reproductive
Rights In Your Kinda Place Ya Wanna Live…

Hehe, or Maybe Texas When it Attempts to Succeed From the Union….

Or Mississippi, Yes, Largely a Similar Kind of ‘Striving Republic’ Indeed
of ‘Confederacy’ Again…

Keeping in Mind,
HAha, i LiVE iN the
Ignorance of the
“Subdivision” of
DeSATaNiS; Yes,
Mini-Me Trump
And the Orange
Wanna Be Dictator Himself…

And Yes, It’s True i Have the Resources
to Live Wherever i Wanna Live in the World;

However, i Rather Be on A RaMPaGE Dancing Spree
And Free Verse Writing Spree Loaded Solidly in the Tip of
the Barrel of the State of Florida PaNHaNDLE That Says