Dreams Weave New Creativity Both Sleeping WaKinG Stories

Dreams Weave New Creativity Both Sleeping WaKinG Stories

SMiLes Dear Savvy A Small Flame May Light
Up An Entire Auditorium Yet If We Fear

The Small Size
of the Flame

We Create

The Auditorium
May Always Remain Dark

iNDeeD THere is No Creativity
Too Small to Change The World

To Colors
More Than Before..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy Now While
ArT iS A Word in my Language
What Art Really Does is Give


Our Ocean
Whole Souls
That Otherwise
Might Not Get to Speak

in Forms

With SMiLes..:)

Beautiful Poem Dear Cindy Indeed the Soothing Healing
Benefits of Human Connections Moving Co-Creating ThiS WaY

As Even Science Shows the Healing Power of the Social Bonding


In Quelling Both
Anxiety and Pain In Life

The Greater the Warm Network
of Humans We Move Connect and
Co-Create With the Greater the Lifelong Health

Benefits in Well Being All the Way Across the Lifespan

True What May Be
Missing Most in
The Current
Mental Health
Crisis in Our Western
Not So advancing Countries

In Terms of A Village Lifting Humans Up….

Thanks Dear
Cindy Indeed
The Silence
Of Moving
May lift
Others Up ☺️🙏💫❤️
Even More With SMiles

Don’t Kid Yourself Humans Are Villagers If Ya
Don’t Find A Village WHere Ya Feel Ya Belong

Follow Your Own Path
Spontaneously And
Patiently in Flow
Sure Let’s Call
This LeSSoN

346 Yet Real
Must Be
Subject To


As Real

Life is Constantly
In Flux And Flow
Spiraling Like
Our Milky



True As Above
So Below Now
All Parts Integral
As Whole As Princess

Pocahontas Relates in
Corn Fields Of Nature

Forging Her Own Path

Through Neatly Planted

Rows Of Corn As Both

The Message And Pose

Relates As No one Does

It Hehe Yet me True

You Will Google

It And Like

my Style of
Free Dance And
Flowing Forms Of
Poetry Ever Changing

Never Saying The Same
Yet There is Repetition of

Always Playing This Game

Of Life For Fun And Greater

Human Potentials Lost And

Found Other Than That

There’s This Helloooove

And Happy


To You my
FRiEnD With SMiLes
And Warmest Hugs
Of Kindness For



Gift Of Breath
To Give Share
And Care With Least Harm


A Spirit of Love For All Beyond Just
Concerns of What Body Parts Touch What

Perhaps The Word ‘Catholic’ A Church for All Villagers

Existential Death In Some Ways At Least

‘Bowling Alone’ Is Just Not A Healthy Way
For A Social Animal To Epigenetically Negatively

Transform into Now ToGeTHeR We Rise

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD So Nice
to Feel Beauty of Nature Vibes
Allowing Us to Come
Into the Magic
Real of Where

You LiVE iN Deed

Paradise on Earth

i Surely Feel the Same

About the Forest i LiVE iN
As Well As The Beach We Visit

A Relative Few Miles Down the Road

Sugar White Sweet As Sea Oats Breeze

Sea Gulls Spiraling Around Sun in Clouds Or Shine

Nature Speaks


Of God

So Beautiful

In Balance With All

The Lessons Humans Need
to Learn To LiVE iN Balance True

For Those of Us Who Appreciate this

Gift of Nature Whole So Pleasing it is to BREaTHE

i suppose if i lived in the Desert or the Snow i Might

Not Feel So Warm About Where i LiVE And LiFE

Yet It’s True We aRe Nature So WHeRE

We Choose to LiVE iN Nature

Can And Will

Make Such

A Great Difference

In Life Particularly When

We Do Have Freedom to Choose

my FRiEnD And Are Not only Parts

As Slaves to What We Will Not Master of Darkness iN LiFE
Colorful Indeed The Vibes of Nature Your Home Dances and Sings

Aloha Peace and Love to You And Yes Bless The Half Moon Bringing Sunrise True..:)

LeSSoN 402🌸🌟
Every New Pastel
Color Sunrise 🌅 Of
God’s Birth Our Ever

Breath New

Hehe “Lucifer”
Dances Sings
“MaGiC NoW Of
The Butterfly Effect
In Placebo Effects”

Work With
SMiles That
Are Trusted

It Matters
Not if The

Doctor is
Or Not Or Even
If A Pill is Sold
Or Worshipped


Fears No Science 🧬

Considering the ‘Other Ancient Texts,’ That’s Surely Not A Surprise; Nor Did i Suggest
The Bible wasn’t the Most Reliably Copied Ancient Text; Yet Key Here, is Ancient Text;

And Sure, After it Was Actually Printed in the 15th Century, More Resources Went into Insuring
The Copying Veracity of it; As Western Civilizations Pushed And Forced Folks to Believe in It
Then As Theocracies

Finally Changed into

Democracies; And Yes,

It’s Still Taken Centuries,

Since the United States

Declaration of Independence,

Even Separated From ‘Paul And the
Standard of Women Being Inferior to Speak

On Matters in Church;’ And Subjugating And
Controlling Them Mostly For Patriarchal Controls of Reproductive Freedoms;

For Instance, Rules For Female Teachers As Illustrated by Illinois State University From 1915:

“1915 Rules for Teachers

1. You will not marry during the term of your contract.

2. You are not to keep company with men.

3. You must be home between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless attending a school function.

4. You may not loiter downtown in ice cream stores.

5. You may not travel beyond the city limits unless you have the permission of the chairman of the board.

6. You may not ride in a carriage or automobile with any man unless he is your father or brother.

7. You may not smoke cigarettes.

8. You may not dress in bright colors.

9. You may under no circumstances dye your hair.

10. You must wear at least two petticoats.

11. Your dresses must not be any shorter than 2 inches above the ankle.

12. To keep the school room neat and clean, you must sweep the floor at least once daily, scrub the floor at least once a week with hot, soapy water, clean the blackboards at least once a day and start the fire at 7 a.m. so the room will be warm by 8 a.m.”

Women Finally Got the Right To Vote in 1920; And Change Started to Happen In A More Democratic Way for Half
the Population Marginalized in Control and Subjugation This Way; And Yes, Practically ‘Through the Ages’ ThiS Way

As We Surely Didn’t
Treat Women then

Much Better Than Current
Extreme Sharia Styled Muslim Countries…

That Much Has Changed, Despite the Ignorance
of the Old Christian Bible; Despite the Ignorance

in a Suggestion that An All Forgiving, Merciful, Loving God,
Who Loves Enemies; Also, Lies Without Integrity And Does the Opposite

By Burning Foes in Torturing Fire of Suffering forever; That Will Never



HOWEVER, As i’ve Already Related, there is
Some Cross-Cultural Evidence of Truth that
May Be Derived From Some Parts of the Book in Alignments
With Other Religions That Actually Increase Well Being in this Lifetime Now;

The Christian Religion aS A Whole Believes, if the Myth of LITERAL BODILY Resurrection of

‘Jesus’ IS Not True, Then The Whole Scheme is A Worthless Ruse; And In Effect, in Saying That

They Express
The Total Value
of Their Religion;

All A Myth; And in Terms
of Truth, A Biggest Lie Ever Told
in Torturing Part of Creation Forever in Suffering….

That’s Just sick; However, Some Folks Believe “Q-Anon
Non-Sense,” So Go Figure, This is the Human Condition, Fully
Expressed As Is…

i Didn’t Fall off
A ‘Turnip Truck’;

At Least Not After
i Found Balance in Life…

As far As i’m Concerned,
Folks May Believe Whatever
They Like As Long As They Don’t
Destroy The Freedoms of Others; As
Some Apparently Want to Make this Country
More of A Theocracy Again Than Democracy,

Where More Marginalized Folks Are Bullied And Abused Again…

Fortunately, We Have Freedom of Information/Expression; And An Unsuccessful
Attempt by the ‘Trump Scheme’ of Overthrowing Part of Our Representative
Democracy By Inciting a Deadly Insurrection As Validated By The Republican
House of Representatives And Senate Leaders At the Date of the Deadly Insurrection…

As Long As We Have
Democracy, The Lies of
Religion that Seek to Control
And Subjugate The Freedoms of
Marginalized Folks Will Continue to Fail…

i Saw Through the Ruse, Before i Could Speak
At age 4; Easy Enough to See the Kingdom of God
Within; i am a Leaf Still Now That Greens my Tree Falling to Soils
And Greening New Trees of Life in A Forest Soul Whole of Existence;

Ocean Whole;

Particle, Wave
And Field; Yep,

And A ‘Zillion’ other
Metaphors Plus For Being
Part of All that is And More;

Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

With a Large Enough God Within to Love
iT All DarK Thru LiGHT; Other than that to Each Her or HiS Own…

There Are Some Catholic Priests Like ‘Richard Rohr,’ Who Have Presented
The Metaphors of the Bible Differently; Like Hell is Just A Ridiculous As Literal
Concept After Death As i’ve Always Seen it too; He Managed to Keep His Spot as

A Priest; Albeit A ‘Franciscan’ One As That ‘Saint’ Was A Rebel more Like a ‘Lucifer’ in

Light Bringing
Ways too; In Other
Words, Someone With
A More Open Mind than
Those Bound to Literal Traditions; IN BLACK AND WHITE;

STiLL NoW, Refusing to Move Out of That Cave, No Matter What;

i Know many Folks Like that in Life; And Some of them i Love
As Much As Anyone Else; From Different Religions too; It Wouldn’t

Be Any more
Fair Now to

Folks Unworthy

of Love; Just For their
Ignorance; Both Nature
And Nurture Influenced As Such…

i Understand The Beast of Human Irrationality
And i Live With it Just Fine; It is What it is; And the

Bible Surely Does A Fantastic Job Expressing Just
How Irrational the Human Condition is; We Are A Story

Making Creature Who Bonds and Binds Over Stories
(Yep Religion)

No Matter How


Or Even Dark

They Are; Evidence

Enough With the Old
Christian Bible Verily, For Sure;

Again, It is What it is; Adapt, Survive,
And Thrive


in this One
Life For Real Now…

You Are Very Knowledgable
About Your Special Interest
of the Bible; i Also Know Folks

Who Are Very Knowledgeable
About their Video Games to the Same Extent;

And i Do Respect That; As That Is What they Love to Do;

Again, Now,

It is What it is;

The Human Condition;

Stories We Run on True or False, Equally As Such;

And Obviously, Both Truth and Morality is Relative, Depending on Make And Model

of Vehicle And Vessel of Human Being; Yep, Depending on Nature And Nurture As Such;

The Old Christian Bible Proves That As Much As Any Book too; Both False As True, Ironically As Such…

Religion is Part of
Human Nature; it
Ain’t Going Away; i Have
Hope it Will Improve Even More…

Not Gonna Go As Far As Faith, Though; at
Least At this Point From What i’ve Seen in the
United States, Since 2016; Ranging From the Trump
Fiasco of Lies to Not Requiring Masks and Social Distancing
At Church During the Most Dangerous Parts of the Delta Variant

Where So Many

Folks Who Didn’t
Have to Die, Died

For the Lies They Believed in;
Also Sadly Supported By Church Rules too;

Walmart Had Greater Morality and Ethics
Taking Care of their Employees then…
Pretty Sad, When Corporations Are
More concerned With Healing Practices

Than Church

And A So-Called
God of Love who
Tortures Folks Forever
Who Are Foes, They Once
Loved With Total Mercy And forgiving;

And That Explains So Much of the Ills of Our Society Now,

In Part..

Folks Are Indeed
influenced So Much
in Their Day to Day Life;

Depending on What Kind of
Religion They Hold Near And
Dear And Sacred And Holy Ranging

Again From Politics to Religion to Video
Games to Sports to Just Never Ending Religions

Of All Colors and Black And White That Bind and
Bond the Human Condition, in Some Kind of Systemizing Way of Order;

And Or Human Arts Coloring
Souls New With
For Real True;

Yep, Now
And HiStory
STiLL Shows

Most Anything
Goes, Folks Will
Agree to in Crowd
Source Thinking Ways…

Most Everyone Where i Live
Believes Similar to You; Meh,

i Have No Problem Getting Along With
These Folks Here; Through The History
of my Life, i’m Usually Noted As A Most ‘Perfect
Example of a Christian;’ Even the 23 Years, At Work,

i Never
A Church
at All; Some of
Us Are Just Good Natured Folks,
Born With Open Arms for Every Stranger
As My Mother Said i Was, Well Before i Could Speak at 4…

Usually, Wherever i

Go People Smile;

Healthy i’ve Always Had
That Effect Yes on Decent
People; There Are Plenty Of
Christians and Muslims Who
Are Very Decent People As Long
As You Fit Well Enough in their Venn Diagrams,

For who is
Included or

Not In Life;

If i See Bullying
or Abuse Against Marginalized Folks;
They’ll Know About it, When i’m Around…

i’ve Erased A Lot of it Within the Walls of Churches,
i’ve Attended in the Past; And that’s Why i Still Go;
i Have the Ability to Still Make A Difference For Greater Good;

Even if it is Just
A Shared
Or Angelic
Songs With Wings Higher…

Not Much Different Than
The Years of Dance in Public
And Dance Halls As Well Still
Dancing Singing Wings Free ThiS Way Now…

Birthing Love
Always Now;
It’s What i Do
New Where Welcome;

And Even WHere i am Not Welcome too…

Always Now;
Every Breath
A Gift, A New Miracle of
Living Birth Now For Real RiSinG;

Indeed, Every Breath, A Resurrection Ever Now;
A New Creation With Every Human Breath Inhaling

LoVE New NoW iN
JoY oF LiGHT For All
With Least Harm; Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing New Now..:)

SMiLes Dear USA Today So Happy
To See A Trilogy of Blog Posts From You

Yes, i Celebrate The Worth of Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of LoVE iN JoY OF LiGHT As A

New Resurrecting

Life Every Breath
i Take As It’s True

As Carl Sagan Suggests
We Are Made of Star Stuff
Iron in Our Blood Stream Iron
At Core of Earth Coming From Gaseous
Star Dust From Super Nova Explosions

i Guess i’m Fortunate as So Many Folks
i Live With and Love Are Not Random At
All as Parts of the All in All that is the UniVerse
Yes the Cosmos Unto Itself Us As Carl Sagan

So Eloquently
Sang Poetically
As Scientist During
His Loving Life on Earth then

Even Inspiring the Movie ‘Contact’
With Jodie Foster An Astronaut Who
Took a Mystical Journey Within And Really

Found A Kingdom of Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
Heaven Within She Only Wished She Could Be A Poet
Instead of Astronaut to Report Her Mystical Journey Back

To Her Very
Large Village
The Planet Earth

As In the Movie The
Alien From The Sages of Ages
in A Dream Within of Pensacola
Beach in Florida Close to Where i Live

Said in All Our Searching the UniVerse
it is the Warm Connections With Each Other
That Make Life Worth Loving Living Same Smile Same


As A Child
Loving Another
Stranger With A Smile of Warmth
That’s Real And the UniVerse Among Us
Truly Caring Loving And Not Random At All Indeed

A Work
of Art Now

A Sunset
Sunrise Within
in Balance of
Ever LiViNG Moving
Connecting Co-Creating
With Each Other All Now For Real…

MaKinG Every Breath A MaGiC Miracle
Indeed Path to Heaven Within Always New Now

And Yes
At Best When
Possible With SMiLes..:)


Such A Fulfilling
Tree of Life Forest
Whole When The Leaf
We BeLieve We aRe Greens
BeLove For Who We aRe ToGeTHeR ALL

With SMiLes..:)

Night Makes Day Possible New Now
LiGHT We Appreciate So Much iN DarK

Clouds Hide Sunshine

Yet Rain Brings Life

Without Shadows Of
Us There is No Sunshine Or
Us With SMiLes USA Writes..:)

SMiLes Dear Vrunda God Yes
Love is As Real as What We Feel
to Give Share Care Heal Away for

Free Best For All With

Most Respect

Least Harm Now Yet

Of Course Romantic Love
Is More Complicated as Passions
Override All Calm Waters Of Ocean LoVE iN DeeD

True one May Have ‘The Chemistry’ For That Yet Sadly No
The Other May Not Be Feeling the Magic of Romance At All

Yet What Remains True is the Feelings You Generated For Real Within

To Give That Up
in the Future
Would Only
Be The Gift
Of Within You to Discard

Some Folks Never Feel Any Kind Of Love
Perhaps An Empty Lament for Lost Love

Yet to Love at All is MaGiC oF HuMaNKinD For

Real to Experience
And Explore Until

The Chemistry Comes
Complete in A Faith and
Trust That May Never Go Away
Till the Last Blinks and Breaths of

LoVE Together iN Peace

Free That Way to Really
Yes Fully Live Now Naked
Enough Whole Complete

For When LoVE iN Peace

Breathes ThiS WaY NoTHiNG
Left to Add or Subtract at Least

Deep Within
For Real


Hehe It’s True Dear Sohair i’ve Always Had Two Eyes Yet Lost Almost All
Effective Use of my Right Eye and Right Ear in Pain of that Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Like A Dentist Drill in Both No Drug Would Touch Really Making Effective

Use of Any Seeing or Hearing
Almost Impossible Until Eventually

i Endured the Pain 33 Months into Shut-in
In my Bedroom on the ‘Wrong Planet’ Online
Writing that First Word A Mountain of Pain on
Thanks Giving Day of 2010 With the Screen Light
Turned all the Way Down Two Inches From the
Screen as Even my Prescription Shades Focusing

my Eyes Increased the Mountain of Pain that Much More

Somehow Getting Katrina to Walmart Every Two Weeks or
So Sitting in my Car Through the Cold of Winter And Heat
of Summer Pointed Toward A Privacy Fence on the Side of The

Store Mostly
With my Eyes
Closed Asking
Why me Yet of Course
my Mother Made it Clear

It’s Reality Now Why Not You

Yet She Also Said This Will Pass
Yet Any Faith Hope Love Even the
Memory of the Feeling of A Smile
No Perspective Out of Hell of Pain and
Numb Then Where Every Second is A Thousand

Years of Real
Hell No one Else

Yet me Could

See on The Inside Out

Many Folks Suffer From Invisible
Disabilities ThiS WAY Particularly
So Many Homeless Robust Looking Dudes
With the Demons of Mental Illness Silently

Them Each
And Every Day

As Those With Feathered
Nests of Being Able to Deal
With Life Basically Spit on them
And Say Get A Job You Abled Body Man

And Or Woman
With Demons
Strangling them
The Mental Illnesses Within For Real

True There are Many Kinds and Not So Kind
Types of Human ‘Seeing’ mY FRiEnD Fortunate Am
i To Be Able to ‘See’ in The DarK of Pain and Numb

With Little Effective

Uses of my Eyes Or
Ears or Soul Living
Dead To Understand
Then Hell is Real Now
Yes Within And Also to
Appreciate the Opposite
Place Most Hours of The Day Hehe at Least For Now

The Story of the Injured Eye is in Many Historical Human
Stories Folks Have Bonded and Binded Over For Real Including

Osiris in That Egyptian Mythological Story Hehe Even the Phantom of the
Opera And Yes The Terminator in the Terminator Modern Series of Movies too

And sure hehe me too
Yet of Course my Story
is More Local The Dance
Has Gone Metro Yet The

Story is A Bit too Long And
Complex For Most Folks to Have

the Attention Span to Listen to

Yet It’s True i Share it Now And Then
in the Wild of Public Dance too Yet Dance is the

Human First Way of Sharing Cultural Stories and Bonding
And Binding Over the Shared Dance as Literacy is A Rather Modern
Invention of Humankind So Yes Hehe i Have a Leg Up on Taling Stories

Through the Dance i Do Touching the Silent Part of the Soul Deep Within For
Others to Share too As That Is Where Humans Come From the Most in Story Taling

Now and It’s True With
The Loss of So Much Face to
Face Contact With Technology
Replacing So Much of that What

We may Lose is a Common Communion
of Not Only Verbal Song of Sharing Yet A
Dance That May Be As Essential as Sharing A Dancing
Smile on Face to Face Contact That Way So the Dance

Continues in a World Losing the Attention Span For the
Oral Tradition Changing And Staying the Same as Living

Rooms Used to Be Places
Where Really the Only

Human Entertainment
Was Sharing Stories This

Way Whether Song or Dance With SMiLes

Dreams Weave New Creativity Both Sleeping WaKinG Stories

Wild Flower Stories Bloom Free Yet True Not Unlike Some Wild Flowers
Folks Call Weeds Invasively Choking Other Species of Flowers Out What

i Bring May Be
A Bit Like a
TSuNaMi or
A Nile Flood Hehe

Yet You Are Still A Part
of the Generations of Story

Talers Indeed Dear Sohair Yet

i Mostly Could Only Write Down
A Bullet List of Firstly Secondly Thirdly
To Do Lists of What To Do In Life Until

God Of Nature Took Away Effective Use of Eyes
And Ears in All Pain and Numb of Living Dead Soul
Through No Wrong Doing of my Own Hehe Except
Never Saying No at Work No Matter What Stress Came

For Over A Decade Then

True ‘No’ Will Save
Lives too With SMiLes
As Yes Stress Maims and Kills too for Real
in Very Cumulative Ways across the Lifespan Still

Hehe my Sister Said in all that Pain And Numb That
i Needed to Start A New Chapter of my Life took

66 Months Yet the Effective Result is
12.7 MiLLioN Words of EPiC Long
Form Poetry and 19,801 Miles of
Public Dance in 127 Months Since
August of 2013 Hehe Slow Blooming

Wild Flower i Was Took Me A Whole
53 years till i Really Even Started to Bloom

Hehe Like the Nile River and Or a TSuNaMi Hehe

Yet With Enough DarK An Asteroid oF LiGHT JusT Might Hit the

oF Earth With SMiLes

With the Deep of Within
Bringing A Tidal Wave to Life…

Anyway Stories Like the Rest of Existence
We Share May Be Filled With LiGHT Or DarK
Humans Bond and Bind Over and Co-Create

in Even Newer Ways Now

As Hehe Every YouTube
Channel Every Blog Every

Other Part of Media May Bring

New Stories DarK Through LiGHT
For Folks to Bond and Bind Over

Like A Zillion YouTube and the Such
New Religions And While There is Much
Wild Flower Freedom in ThiS WaY of Story Taling

There is Also the Separation of Humanity Diffuse

Moving Away From Each Other Like An Expanding

UniVerse LoSinG Its Bonding And Binding Heat for Overall Existence

Humans are Living Way Out of Balance OverConsuming Nature

There is No Escaping (Karma)
The Real Actions and
Consequences the

God of Nature Brings

If We Believe We are
More Powerful We aRe Fools
The Message of ‘Godzilla and King Kong’ Still too…

Hehe and Sure me too
Yet i Never Wanna Be
As Popular As Godzilla
or King Kong as Generally
Speaking the Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall…

Life is A Gift i Cherish i Shall Remain Hidden in ‘Eden’

With ‘Katrina Eve’

With Mostly
Only A Free
Dance to Share
Where Most No One Even
Knows my Full Name Just What i Do With SMiLes..:)





SMiles Dear Sohair
Your Words Make
Sense to me And
i Always Find
Inspiration In
Them Yet It Is
True Important
That What You Do
Brings You Satisfaction

With SMiles
Oh Dear Lord
Before Age 53
i Could Hardly Find
Any Words Of Creativity

At All

True They
Had to Find
me From Deep Within

Same With The Free
Dance too Just A Mystery

A Grace
In Life to
Receive Free

THeRe Is No Deeper LoVE
Than A Connection oF SoULS

Star DusT Sentient
Mountains Of
LoVE iN Peace

We Stand
ToGeTHeR One

Born We All
Are From Crucible
Fire Of Star Death
Explosions Resurrecting
ETerNaLLy We aRe Now

Breathing Star FLoWeRS Seeds
Both We aRe Sun Above
Star Below …Us…

Not only Do
We Dance
We Sing Free too…

First Is DarK
LiGHT Births

Of Stars
On 8Day
Beyond iNFiNiTY
8LoVE Standing Tall

God Us Creates Poetry
JusT Never
Now We BReaTHE

Center Point Balance
ALiEN HeaR..:)

LeSSoN 137
LoVE iN Peace WiLL KeeP US ToGeTHeR NoW
First And Last STaRT And Finish BeGiN

Nothing i Do Is Worth A Penny
Of Any THiNG Yet My Soul Do You

Understand The
Value Of A Soul?

LeSSoN NuMBeR 138
The Value Of A SoUL(S)


LeSSoN 139
CoME to: SoUL SaVinG LoVE NoW From:
Fame, Fortune, Status, Power NoTHiNG AT ALL

LeSSoN 140
If i Can And Will Do ‘ALL oF THiS’


LeSSoN 141
one For ONE
Don’t Be Normal
-‘Neo’ And me And
OuT oF DarK NoW

LeSSoN 142
Again Meaning
Or HeLL aS A DEViL True.. Etc… Etc.. Etc..



LeSSoN 143 AND 144
BoTH DarK And LiGHT Two Paths


Place WHeRE
Landslides Fall
Away Mountains oF LoVE
JusT BeCoME More Challenging to Climb Free

Oh Dear Lord Miriam How my Peers From School And
The Money Making Paternal Part of my Family ‘Thought’

i Was Wasting my Life Playing the Role of ‘Ted Danson’

Behind the Counter at A Military Bowling Center Listening to the

Life Stories of Perhaps A Hundred Thousand Folks over the course of

18 Years Internationally Through the Military and The General Public that

Got a Pass to Use the Place Over So Many Years Anyway ‘Those Folks’ ‘Thought’

i Should Be Fulfilling my

Human Potentials in a

Different Way and Ways Than
Lifting Other Humans Up in Ways

of Warm Human Connections Which

of Course The One Who Gives Receives the

Most As This Is Human Nature not the Competition

to Buy Stuff That Humans Are Spoon Fed From Birth

Or Become Someone Other Than Human For Real Well

True i Lost That Through 5 Job Changes Behind a Screen

Moving Up the Ladder of Administrating And Department Head

Meetings With Military Officials Like Captains of Installations

Through 5 Temporary Promotions Yet at the End When it

Burnt me All Out i Remember Sitting in my Back Yard

Just Wishing i Could Go Back at A Such a Low Wage

Just to Serve Others in A Warm Way of Humanity

Every Day in the Life of me Like i Used to then

And When i Did it Then i Always felt it’s Sad

i Have to Get Paid to Make a Living
To Make Others Happy And Now

That i No Longer Have To Get Paid

It Doesn’t Matter Where We Go We

Are Fully Human Now And It’s True Most Everywhere

We Go People Are Waiting For Us to Call them By Their

Name and Lift Them Up Again i Don’t Have A ‘Name’

i Was the Bowling Alley Guy Before And The Dancing
Guy Now And That’s Enough When Life is Warm and

No Longer

Void Within…

i Find the Warmest

Most Human Waitresses
At the iHop Breakfast ‘Club’ Hehe
And Whataburger Walmart Workers

Down to Earth And Not too Important to
Greet Everyone as Human And Still Truly Warm…

i Find it Fairly Easy to Lift Folks Up All it takes is A HeART
That’s Warm…

The Flame
Every Day
iN A Life Without Fail…

So Hard to Do When Humans
Play Basically Roles of Machines Most Every Day…

iNDeeD A Golden Age Any Age Still Warm True ToGeTHeR…

A Communion SPiRiT
Of Souls Still Beating..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy According to my CuLTuRE i Am Such a ‘Lazy Man’

No Desire to Make Another Penny As i Understand The Secret of Life

How it Got Secret i’m Really Not Sure Other Than Becoming More

Machine Than Human

Oh Dear Your Mother

Is So Very Correct

It’s All About Human

HeART Beats STill RiSinG

No Longer Falling And The Truth

is THere Are Unlimiting Ways To Lift

Other Humans Up Every Day i Seek and

Find Frowns Where Ever i Go Cracking


into Smiles

As Gentle

of Course
As i Can
And Will

With SMiLes

Dancing Singing Free

And Yes For Every Face
i Crack As i Will Hang With
it Years to Make it Happen

i Just Become A Little Bit Lighter on my Feet…

Perhaps One Day i Will Float Away Yet Until

Now i Shall String Others ALong the Kite of my Wings..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Bliss is A Child too Young

To Talk Yet Not Too Old to

Share A SMiLe With

A Stranger They’ve
Never Met Before
Namely of Course

Another Child With SMiLes

Fortunately For me i Brought

That Child Back to Life With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes i Am Also Reminded
of the Great Styx Song

‘These Are The Best
of Times’ Now As

It’s True These

Are the Only Times Now
We Humans Tend to Look
Forward to Things And Never
Arrive at ‘Times’ Simply For the

Dopamine That Brings Within From
Looking Forward AHa Key is Generating

All that Heaven New
Within in Autotelic
FloW oN Task of
Whatever Now
is Loving


Sure Easier
Said Than Done
For Some As Done Dancing
Becomes Sung Now with SMiLes..:)

Beautiful Song Dear Cindy
And Surely A Wonderful Tribute
To The Child Who is the Star No


Who They Are
Sadly Vietnam
Decimated Half the
Rest of the Males on
my Mother’s Side in 1968

And True That Was only 1 Out of
2 Males Left Besides me as Life isn’t
Always Kind to Males Who Go To War

To Defend
ThiS Way

Yep If only
Power Didn’t
Corrupt So Much
STiLL NoW And Make It All
So Senseless indeed mY FRiEnD
Never the Less the SPiRiT of one
Willing to Give His and Or Her Life for


A Wonderful
Spirit and
A Star
LiveS On
in Humankind
This Way True too

Happy Thursday Hehe it seems

Hehe There is Always A Way Out of

DarK iNto LiGHT


This Hope
New This Faith iN Peace
Yes This LoVE ReaL NoW..:)

Ah Yes A City in The
Cloud With No
Sun, Moon, Or
Stars To Fall
From On Earth
Lost From All
The Light They
Cannot See A Place
On Earth Where The
Revenge of The Nerds
Continues To Dominate

Was Once
About A
Back to Life
Left Behind
The Day After
They Still Are

On 4.18.2024

No Time, Distance,
Space or Matter Here

As Now The Little
Autistic Boy Was the
Richest Man in The
World Buying The
World As They KNeW

IT Then
So Small
In Twitter
With No Edits

Yet Now Bringer
oF LiGHT too

Big To
See Safe
And Sound
Totally Free
From The

“They” Still
Keep On Earth…

Just Another
John Story
With SMiles💫

SMiLes Fascinating Rue Still Looking
For A PDF Version of ‘the Book’ That
Doesn’t Require an App to Down Load

It Hehe as

i am Already

Full of Apps with SMiLes…

SMiLes Dear Rue Not Unlike For A Pandemic

It Seems Every Human May Have to

Go Through A Vaccination of



To Get Through

The Next Loves in Balance

And Sure The Same Loves True..:)

My My Savvy Dear ‘Lost in Space’
Behind Three Posts Yet

Happy to Be Here As

You Always Inspire So

Much So True So Easy

It is for Us to Take For Granted

What We Have And Miss What We Don’t

Have So Much

Yet it’s True


Must Be Patient

For the Lost And Loyal

For The Already Found

This is A Practice Of Life and

Love Like Any Other Strength

And Muscle to Be Perfected Greater Now And
Yes Shined More Important That Any New Car

Or Fabulous New Home With Many Rooms

i BelieVE iN Treat Old Friends Like New

Friends And Treat New Friends

Like Old Friends



Gratitude And

BLeSSinGS BLiSSinGS Within Drive
Itself Within For Connections my FRiEnD…

SMiLes Dear Savvy There Seems
To Be An Art to Science oF ALL

Connecting All

Like Planets Revolving
Around Stars Like Stars

Revolving Around Black Hole Stars

As We Connect We Grow As We Stay We Love…

Compersion A Word Rarely Heard Savvy

Yet What May Be Described As

Opposite of Envy And


Gaining Bliss

Watching Other Folks

Gaining Bliss And RiSinG

Higher Than Ever Before..

Yet of Course This Philosophy
Starts And Ends and Begins Again

Never Finishing When We Become Naked

Enough Whole Complete Newly Now No Longer Needy

For A Hand-up of Love


So the

Spiral Of Love
Continues Up
Moving Down And Up
To Climb Living Trees
Green Even Higher Now FLoWeRinG..:)

Reality is Every Now We Transform
Into A Slightly Different Existence
As Human Being And Yeah

In Eras of My Life Then i’ve
Wondered What Happened

To Those Smiling Eyes and
Joy For All of What Life Offers As Present

With Fears of What Future Brings too

With Enough Years And Hehe


We Finally
May Find

The Inner Manual

So We Won’t Have to
Look Back to Older Days for
Better Days WHere Every Now

Becomes A Better Now to Create NeW
in Colors of Life Real… This Much i KNoW
Feel and Sense for Sure A Best Day oF A Life

May Not Come Until one is Almost 64 Where one

Feels the Most LoVE iN Peace Strongest oF All And Most

Fortunate to Be Alive too… True It’s All About A Better Day Now

To make

It This

Way Truly

Present Newly Now
Akshita the Ups
And Downs That
Stay Yet Rising Higher
in Change We Help Create And Master Now..:)

SMiLes Losing My Mother Was Always
A Greatest Fear In Life i was Just So

Happy i Recovered From
my Illness to Be Strong
For Her In Her Last



Her Love Still

Breathed in me

i Understood the

Gift i Still Had

to Give


Her As She Left
That Legacy of Breath to me..

What i Did Understand at that point

How Important it is to have a Personal
Jesus if You Don’t Have a Mother of the Same Story…

It’s Kind Of An Epiphany

When Your Mother And

Father Are Gone And

You Come to Realize

You Have Become

The Best Qualities

Both Gifted to You to Carry on

My Mother’s Love My Father’s Fearless

i suppose


of Life’s Miracle

Where the Parts
Come Together

to Make LoVE iN Peace

A Human Greater in Synergy

To Carry on Breath Higher

If We Accept the Good Parts
And Forgive The Dark Parts Same..:)

SMiles Dear Xenia
Finding Muse in
Every Breath



Light Squeezing

Sugar Out Of Lemons

Holy Sacred Every Step
And Word A Dance And



HoMe Love
With SMiles🙌🤗☺️🌟

“An intensity
of salamander orange
and caterpillar yellow

quelled beneath
everlasting rainless skies;

a playground of easy living
and high art

in a variable framework

amidst trillions
of meaningless rainbows

and vast emoticons
spewing unchallenged

of spherical harmony.

(and sometimes
you’ll be with me
for untold durations

and at other times
you’ll be forgotten
for candlelit millennia.)”

A Bird
A Rose
A Weed
Love All
Four Letter
Words Alive
For Change

This is
My Specialty
Give even when
All Hope Is Gone
And Forgive Trespassers
And offer them a Dance
And Song For Free Hehe..💝

SMiLes It’s So Much Easier for me to See How Much
my Loved ones Have Helped me in Life Particularly

When i See How Much So-Called Adversaries in Life

Have Only Lifted me Up Higher Dear Miriam
As Muse May Be Equally Powerful

iN Both DarK And
LiGHT Ways to Lift Us

Up if We Accept Both the

Troughs of Waves and Crests

As The Same Height Valley Low
Mountain Top And True Surf the
Waves As HigH As Troughs Create Crests

Marry the Night Merry The Day Yang and

Yin Hold Hands Particle Wave Field i Am

Naked Enough Whole Complete True it

Will Get Rather ‘Esoteric’ To Describe

Yet Those Who Arrive As Waves

Appreciate the Troughs

That Make the

Crests Possible

As Night Creates Day With
SMiLes And Every Thing and

No Thing Becomes As Beautiful As DarK iS LiGHT..:)

Oh Dear Lord One Wisdom of Life i’ve Learned
Well falling to 19 Mostly Work Stress Related
Disorders in a Synergy of Life Threat for

66 Months of my Life Shut-In my

Home Even With Never Having

to Make a Another Penny
in my Life Retiring Early

At age 47 Without Health

Dear Isha There is No Wealth No

Matter If We Have All the Money in
The World if a Soul is Broken All is

Lost for Now

Yet Move and
Repose Even Though
The Repose May Last For
Years for Healing the Wave

Shall Eventually Rise and Have
Wisdom of Trough to Understand
True Beauty of Crest Always to Be Created New

Waves Keep Moving
No End of Move And
Repose And Move Again…

ALWaYS STaRTinG NoW NeW With SMiLes..:)

Stress is the Circulation of
Neurohormones Related to
Adrenalin that Keeps Us More
in a Fight or Flight

Response in Life

Of Course Chronic Stress
Exhausts our Human Resources
This Way And Literally May Start

To Tear Down Most All Bodily

Systems When Stress Becomes
Not Only Chronic Yet Acute in

Potential Fight or Flight Ways
Extreme Of Course Those

Who Find Balance Through
Meditative Practices Which are
Really Unlimited to Seek and Even
Create Ourselves That Reduces the

Amount of Stress Not Potentially leading
to Tearing Our Bodily Systems Down Actually

In a Day in the Life of me What i May produce in
A Day May Be Extreme Indeed From Writing to
Public Dancing Photography and Many Other

Arts of Life to Where i May Not Get to Sleep
till 5 AM in the Morning and Only Sleep

A Few Hours So What i Must Do
Actually i Don’t Have to Do Anything

Yet that is No Solution Either As if We Just
Do Nothing We Basically Rot From Head to

Toe and Soul too
And Get Old Hehe
Instead of Evolving
Into A Knew Human
Creation Every Day So

What i Do is Find Ways to
Become More Efficient Yet What
i Don’t Do Is Ever Now Leave the

Work-outs for my Health Behind New Even
If i Feel a bit Down with an Allergy i’ll Press on

As i’ve Always Done Yet Without Rest We Run Out of
The Ability to Do Much of Anything and Do Start to Load
Up on the Sugars And Other Carbohydrates and Even Caffeine
And the Such to Try to Keep Our Engines Going Move and Repose

Adapt to Change

Rest in Balance

It’s the Way the Rest
of Free Nature Lives

We aRe Only Human Without
Re-Creation of Our Organic Beings

We Tend to Go to the Place of Entropy
Instead of Evolution in One Life Day Now..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha Similar to the Cycles of Existence Destroying and Creating

In Hindu Religions God May Be Described as the Nature of Move and Repose

Adapt to Change

Find Balance

Adapt to Change

Find Balance Waves

Comprised of Troughs
And Crests Without the
Lower the Higher Cannot Exist

Yes the Paradox that is No Paradox
At All Without the Below There is No Above

Existence is A Home of Many Rooms When

Rooms are No Longer Suitable to Breathe

A New Door An Entire New

UNiVeRSE May Not

Only Be Opened

To Live in Next
Yet Created as

The Move and
The Repose Becomes Our Gift too..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair

True Without Feelings
Essence of Living Sea

Creatures of Shells
On Beaches Now

May Only Leave
Empty Shells

On Beaches

As Letters We Write May Become
Words Only Empty Shells on Beaches

Even if We Send the Message in A Bottle
Out into an Ocean Where Others may Feel

Life in the Shells of Words and We May Not

i Surely Can Relate to that Experience for A
Long 66 Months Waiting for the Words i Wrote

To Become Alive
For me to Feel
The Life of
Shells on Beaches
For Sea Creatures Then
to finally Bring Back to Life
As Once Again We Become
A PArt of the Ocean Whole

Free to Be Swum By Waves
Free to Be Flown By Winds

Soul FeeLeD
FiLLeD to
Relate the
Life of a
Free Ocean Breeze Again..:)

Dreams Weave New Creativity Both Sleeping WaKinG Stories

“i’m just one Big Freakin’ Ray of Sunshine”

Just Another Funny Public Dance Shirt to
Make Folks SMiLe Before the Dance May

Even Commence

Anyway Spiraling through
Walmart i Saw a Classmate
Way Before Since High School

In the 70’s Close Enough to When
Your Mother Was born in ’73 Hehe

And She Said You know Fred That’s What
You Are “Just one Big Freakin’ Ray of Sunshine”

As She Already Was Introduced to the New Revised
Version of Fred At Our 40th Year Class Reunion Back in 2018

Of Course i Tend to Remember it All So i Said Do You Remember
What You Told me in 9th Grade Back in 1974 and she sort of winced

Hoping it wasn’t anything negative Yes She Told me one Day in the Halls
of School Not in a Mean Way Just in a Very Matter of Fact Way Then “Fred
You are Strange” Yet You See Although it was a bit scary to Hear Stuff Like that
Then as Strange People Might Not Ever Meet a Girlfriend Might Never Get Hired on

A Job hmm… Might
Eventually Starve
to Death as a
Homeless Person
on the Street True

To Conform and fit
in Particularly in Those Days
Before Most Everyone Became Strange
Hehe was A Do Or Die of Fitting In Indeed…


Sigh i Tried
And i Guess
i Tried Enough

to Survive Yet

One Benefit that Exceeds All
Others Being Strange is if You
Are the Strangest That Means

That You are Less likely to See Other Folks
As Strangers as of Course Hehe No One May
Be Stranger than You And that’s the Best Part oF All

As the Meek and Kind Really Do Inherit LoVE iN Peace the Most
Otherwise Known Felt And Sensed as the Queendom of Heaven Within

i Just Said Queendom instead of Kingdom as that is A Stranger Way of Putting it Hehe

Yet Here’s the other Benefit of Being Strange And Being Outcast All You Have to Do
is Compete
Your Own
Human Potential

There is no Fear as
There is No Up or Down
In Any Social Hierarchy That Way

For Instance at the Gym the Other Day
The Assistant Noted You Know Fred You Do
Stuff That No One Else Does Like Still Warming
Up With Up to 1540 Pounds (699 Kilograms) of Leg Pressing
When You Start Your Work-Out and Unlike Most Others Who Hit
A Hand Full of Machines and Leave YOU DO THEM ALL ALL 40
US 3 TIMES A WEEK WITHOUT FAIL TOO even if you are having
allergies in the spring hehe of course You know the rest of that
story already like Celebrating writing a 12.8 MiLLioN Word EPiC
Longest Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” as of the 128th
Month Anniversary Date Today on 4.18.2024 of Course With
19,801 Miles of Public Dance That i Will add to This Afternoon

too Hehe

Yet Perhaps the Best Compliment
my Old High School FRiEnD Gave

And she really is Nice she wasn’t
trying to be mean calling me Strange in 1974

It’s Just what i was back then and still am today

She Said Katrina Told Her at the Class Reunion
That When She Met me i Was the Kindest Person

She Ever Met and in fact even in High School even though
i was the Strangest one of all as in the Nerd Club the Beta Club
That Friend was in too the President of the Club Opened up the

Meetings with Ladies and
Gentlemen and Fred Hehe

As if i Had No Human Category at all

Yet You See my Best FRiEnD was the Girl
He Had a Crush on And One Day He Said

i Just Don’t Understand You Are Everyone’s
Favorite Person Even Though You Are So Strange
He even Said No One Calls Their Child Fred These Days then

Of Course He Was Referring to the Girl Who Was my FRiEnD Hehe
As Really Even though we were Just FRiEnDS it was Pretty Clear that

i was the one She wanted to sit next
to at Lunch Most Everyday at School

Even if No one else seemed to want to

It’s True These Days This Story is Strange
As Most folks Only Write A Few Words or even
only Some Emoji’s Connecting to FRiEnDS Yet

If You Wanna Write The Best Stories You Write Them
to Someone You Care About Hehe even if they are Working
For a Big Four Accounting Firm Saving Billionaires Billions of Dollars

Which Doesn’t Likely Leave Much Room for ‘Fred Talks’ Yet of Course
i Will Copy and Paste the Story And Share it in many Avenues Globe Wide

As it’s True Many Folks Have No Job at All Living at Home Still With Only
What May Seem Like too Much time on their hands which Just Might make

Room for
my TSuNaMi
of Words hehe

Anyway Strange i Will
Remain and Do as any Other
Way of Existence Would only Be Boring to me


And A Great Part of
Being Financially Independent
And ReTired for 16 Years Is i No Longer
Had to Fit in And Could Grow to the Size

Of An


i Create to
LiVE iN Now

With SMiLes…

Which Also Means
No Matter How Big
You Get in Life There Will
Always Be Room For You With SMiLes too




“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.”

-William Blake

SMiLes Dear Savvy
It Took me 53 Years to
Find This Place William Blake

Relates Implicitly in His Poetry Hundreds

Of Years Ago

The Awe And Wonder
i Have For A Flower Coloring
THE EartH Blooms Deep Within

my SoUL For Real For It is True

in the Working Days for Money

Flowers And Happiness

And Joy Were Just

Words Void

of Beauty And Truth Art Within
We Dance Sing Free Becoming Blooms..:)

Thanks Dear Yam
i Find Those Afraid
Of DarK Are More Often

Cynical oF LiGHT

SMiles i Slay Fear With
Play Dancing Singing
Free iNto JoY oF LiGHT

iNHaLinG Peace

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

FRiEnDS with Gravity

Balancing Center Point All iN All

As Water Is Waves
Of Ocean NoThing
To Add Or Subtract

The Ocean
Returns to Whole 🌊 ☺️

Thanks Dear Cindy For
The Room In Your
Beautiful Poetic
Hotel True Hehe
It Seems i Went on
A Bit of An Asperger’s

Attack Hehe
IT Happens
Now And Then

With SMiles

LeSSoN 153
SoMe Dance Free Heaven
SoMe Shuffle Buy Heaven

DancESonG A PoeM

LeSSoN 154
HuMaN Naked Raw
Determination It Is

What It Is

Will of Faith

LeSSoN 155
The First Step Is The Last
Step The Way Will Breathes

LeSSoN 156
Eye of Tiger WiLL

DaNCinG Tides

Love Is Storm Seeing
Blues Become Blood




Love Withstands

All Of What Is Still To Come

Batten Down the Hatches

Secure the Sails




Yet Never Give Up

On Darkest Stormy Story Nights

-Snoopy, Version Whatever

‘Twas A Dark
And Stormy


Ran Out of

Version NuMBeRS Hehe Zoe..:)

Indeed Reena Stories Humans Bind And

Bond Over From Birth Spoon-Fed ThiS WaY

For Whatever Ideology and Symbols Humans

May Co-Create For the Rule of Order And At Best

Wings That Are

Not Clipped

Under Ceilings

Trapped Within Walls With No Doors

Left To Create Human Potential RiSinG

Blasting Past The Ceilings Tearing

Walls Down to Lands of

Freedoms Where

Wings Sing

More Than

What is Spoon Fed Before
Even Dance Free With SMiLes..:)

TaKinG A NaP
Do You Want
The ‘Door Left’


Of Course

Hmm, There Are ‘Gods’ In Stories
That Folks Find in Books And Churches;

And There Is Nature Within And A REAL
Experience of Ascending And Transcending

Oneness, instead
of Separation So
Cold and Lonely Indeed)

The Mundane of

The ‘Constructed
World of Human Tools’…

Words Are Buildings, No Different Really
Than Temples As They May House Essence

of A Deeper Experience of Life or A Life Spent

Following Concrete Side-Walks And Eventual

Really Bad Back Pain From Only Walking One Way;

In ThiS Way, The Gods of Books And Other Buildings
Are Mostly A Pain in the Butt to me…

Yet Never the Less, Yes,

Interesting, Comprised
of Both Human Dreams
And Nightmares As Human
Imagination And Creativity Naturally Brings…

People Are Gonna Find Common Bonds and Binds
With Mutually Agreed Upon Ideologies and Symbols;


If It’s Not God; It’ll Be Another ‘Trump’ or A YouTube

Channel Appealing to Dopamine And Adrenaline Generated

By Misery Loves Suffering of Overall Fear, And Hate; And Of Course,


Theories too;

Meanwhile, Others With
A More Glass OverFlowing Life

Will Thrive More Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete As They Always Have As Well…

Sure, Inhaling Peace, Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing With Least Harm for All…

Stories Change And Characters Remain; It’s the Human

Condition, There is No Stopping IT As Long as We aRe Here…

Anyway, The Old Article in the ‘New York Times,’ By Obviously A
Militant Atheist, Who Suggests We Should Kill Gods; Is Just Cannon
Fodder For Fox News And Such to Get Another ‘Old Testament God’ Elected President…

Understand the Human Condition, First, And Tread Softly in Mine Fields Like This; We Really

Don’t Need

Any more


For the ‘Religious
Right’ in ‘Affirmative Action,’ to Hire Another Demagogue
Human God in Highest Offices For Another Dictatorship of a Lesser God…

The Really Good News is Younger Generations Aren’t So Fooled As They
Do Have And Do Use New Sources other than Fox News And Some Boring Church
That Insists They Are the Chosen Ones Out of All the Creatures in the UNiVeRSE





And True There is Some
Utility to Sugar Pills Like That too…

And That in Part, is Why ‘The Old God’
Is Here to Stay Another Few Decades Or So…
And Only Expanding in Third World Countries

of Scarcity And Ignorance As Always…



Sees Valley
CHooSinG RiSinG


BREaTHE iN Be i Am..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Love Your Sohairtalk About Balance

FRiEnDS With Gravity i Love to Dance And Sing

Mountain Same Height of Valley Stream

Just FLoWinG With Ease

Sweet in Spot


Apathy and Anxiety
Always Increasing Human
Mind Body Balancing Soul Whole

Of SPiRiT HeART ReLeaSinG Free Yes iN Ease
INCReaSinG All Human Potentials Just Out of

Reach of Seek Yet Finding More Paths of Life As Love to Clear

As What Breathes Within God Pleases Most For All to Give

And Share Free Caring Healing With Most Respect Least
Harm For All Dear Sohair From Base to Top of All Pyramids

i Greet You on Your Early Morning Wake-Up in Egypt

For A Long Day Teaching Young Women Students

Language Such A Valuable Skill to

Mutually And Consensually

Relate Symbols For

All Essence of Nature

God’s Face We Share At Breath NoW Yes For Real At

BesT AGaiN One Love For All iN Peace Yes One God For All True

From Depths of DarK Thru Most Colors oF LiGHT NeW We All CReaTE NoW..:)

SMiLes Dear Vrunda R.A.I.N.
Read A Book About Rain at Barnes
And Noble Before Yes Dancing
Meditatively And Listening to

Meditative Music

For It’s True

Bliss Is Made

Up of DarK And LiGHT

Same as Night Brings Day

True As With Yin And Yang

There is No Heaven Without

A Touch of Hell And The Acronym

R.A.I.N. i Read in the Book Represented

Recognizing Our Feelings Allowing

Our Feelings and Senses to

Come Interrogating

How We Feel

And Sense

To See What Those

Feelings And Senses

Are Associated With iN Life

And Finally Big N For This Book

Is A Book About Compassion

Nurturing The Feelings

Ya Wanna Grow And

Wire Yourself NeW NoW

Yes Sort of Like the Old

‘Two Wolves’ Folk Tale About

Nourishing Pro-Social Emotions

That Come To Stay And ThiS Way

We Wire Ourselves More For LiGHT

Of Colors to Face all Shades of Grey Through

Even BLacK Abyss of Soul And Come Out Easier

On the Other Side As A Christmas Tree Still Lit Up And

CoLoRinG New Year ‘Round With No Need to Ever Take it Down



And Plenty

of Feelings and
Senses to Color Our

Christmas Trees Even Higher
To Come Now Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Freely With Least Harm iN DarK oF Course…

OBTW Very Few of These Words Except For the Acronym

Of R.A.I.N. And The Word Compassion i Speak of Here From ‘the Book’

For True i Dance And Sing New Colors For Whatever Comes Before..:)

Oh Indeed What Poverty Of Life
Living in Places Always Day and
Never Experiencing Night Or

Anything Yet Green

As Summer Burns Year
Around With Deserts Dark
That May Never See Colors of Flowers Grow

Indeed Dear Yam it is the Reality of Dark

That Allows Us to Appreciate

The Dark Before and After Life

Particularly If We Experience A Full
Nature of Life Without Too Many Instant


That Turn
Day Into Night

Indeed Marry
The Night Merry The Day

DarK Becomes JoY oF LiGHT..:)

Silence of the Wind
Creating Dunes of
Waves And Oceans
of Waves The Same

As Troughs Make
Crests a Reality Yes

Dear Savvy The Reason of
Yang at Best A Loyal Servant

Nourishing Places for Yin to
Continue to Wave Free in

Us Ocean Whole Art

With No PArts

of Particles Waves
Fields Left Out With SMiLes

Move and Repose As Below So
Above Below Again Winds Carry
Waves From Death to Birth Again

With SMiLes

SMiLeS AGAiN..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha Gratitude for the Staples of
Life We Create Each And Every Day Just to Survive

In This Life Is A Best Way For Gratitude Indeed For

Instance My Great Aunt Jettie at 94 Crippled With Walker

Able to Tell Her Headaches and Other Pain Just to Go Away

Expressing Gratitude for Ice Cold
Juice Several Flavors and Ice Cold
Water and Milk in Her Refrigerator

To Enjoy Whenever She Liked You Could
Still See the Joy of Heaven in Her Eyes as Yes

Perspective Again Raised by My Great Grandfather

A Single Parent With a Wife Who Died From Breast Cancer
Early Homesteading 150 Acres From the Government early
Last Century on The Beach For Free to Farm it then Yet Just

A House He Built Alone with Holes For Windows With No
Indoor Plumbing

or Electricity
of course Yes

True So Many
Conveniences She
Had the Perspective
to Appreciate We Take for
Granted Now Compared to

The Folks Living Near my Rich Uncle
Who Live in the Mansions Near the Emerald Gulf
Coast Some Elderly Folks Have Had So many Material

Riches in Life
They End Their
Life as There is

Nothing Left to

Buy to Increase

Their Never Ending
Desire Never Reaching
The Kind of Naked Enough
Whole Complete Way of Life
my Great Aunt Jettie had with

Her Perspectives then God Yes

And What Did She Say About
Death Just Another Great

Adventure of Life As It’s

True That is How She Felt

Every Second Of Her Life

A Place of Perspective

And Gratitude for
All the Gifts Life Brings…

And i’ve Mentioned It Before Yet With
Her Great Spirit of Feelings Senses Emotions

About Life She Spoke in a Poetic Song About Life
For Hours on End i Listened as i Had no Story of my Life

(No Vibrations
of Energy
To Generate)

To Share
And Now
i Share Hers

Her Adventure
Perhaps Becomes Yours
As She Had all the Secrets
of Life in Every Blooming Flower



i Finally
Figured out How
to Late Bloom too
Took till 53 Yet Some

Of Us are Just Born And Or
Raised Rather Slow For Total Soul…

Toads On Roads Waiting to be Kissed By Rain..:)

SMiLes Dear Cindy Modern
Neuroscience Suggests our Mind’s
React to Stories As They Do With

Basically The Hallucinations of

Reality our Minds Make Related
to Past Hallucinations of Reality

Too “Dreams Weave New Creativity
Both Sleeping WaKinG Stories” Wow As

Synchronicity Might Still Have it As We Also
Generate Our Realities That Way in A-Causal

Connections We Co-Create That Sort of Vaguely

Fits In With the Title of What i’m Writing Yes Quoted

Not Necessarily

For Truth Yet What
Poetry Does Best When

Free Brings the Implicit
For Others to Uncover Depending

On What They Are Currently Hallucinating

About Reality Now And For Those Who Don’t

Believe Story is as Powerful As So-Called Materially

Reduced Reality Look No Further than the Cook-Out

of Politics Lately


All the Food
Some Folks Continue
to Consume in the Strangest
of Human Story Hallucinations too

It’s True A MaGiC UniCorN Is Just as Real
As Any Other Mythology Humans Bring to Life

If It Feels Good to Share the Mythological Story

It is the Hope it Brings That is As Real as Real Gets

Deep Within With SMiLes

For What is Real How

We Materially
Reduce Reality

Or How We Continue
To Create Our Own Stories
And Play them Free For the
Joy of Human Potential For Real

As Yes We Have the Real Potential to Do this Now

Ever Notice Though How Some Folks believe Their Mythologies
Are Better Than Anyone Else’s Hallucinatory Stories of Life The Way

i See it Make the
Best of What Is still
All Around Choose the PArts
That Feel and Sense the Best

And If They Don’t Play Well
Enough Create A New PArt

of MaGiC Both in
Essence and
Form Never
Felt and Sensed Before

Happy UniCorn Weekend
For Ollie the White Cat and
Misty the White Horse Making

Fully Horned As Still Attached

Dreams Come True With those who
Still Possess and Use the iMaGiNaTioN
the CREaTiViTY of A Child With no Limits From Before..:)

SMiLes Just Before i Read Your Joy of Spontaneity Post
Dear Miriam i Was Awakened By The Sun And Looked
Down on my Apple Watch As It’s Been Tracking my HeART

At Night
As It’s Sort
Of Been Doing
A Dance of Its
Own Like me Hehe

Oh Dear Not Bothered by Allergies
in Many Years Yet the Second Round
Already in A Month Fog Head Comes Again

Like Back in the ADHD Days yet Free Moving
Meditating Poetry And Dance Takes Care of that

i Just Really Wanna
Nap Gonna Get One

Soon A Best Gift Is

my Apple Watch Reminds
me even Though i Don’t Ask it

That my Calendar is Free For Naps
For Any Part Of Any Day So That’s Okay

Yet It’s True i Tend to Add A New Experience
in All of Life’s Spontaneity as It’s All An Adventure

to me now
Even if i
it off this
Screen until
A Nap comes Next

Thanks For A Place Online
to Unwind Adventure With SMiLes..:)

💐Florida Friday Flower Story💐
A Single Bloom
Holds The
Of All Existence
Clear To Breathe
Without A Word




Ah Yes Dear Savvy Like MuSiC Every New Venue to Play

In iS A Whole New World to Generate Creativity

As New Environments Can And Will Do Spawn

SMiLes Visiting Different Poetic Souls Around An

Entire Globe

On The Information

Highways Leaving Messages
in Bottles of An Ocean That Large
JusT ANoTHeR TesTaMeNT New Now

To Carry On
Wayward Sons
And Or Daughters Freer..:)

No Longer the Dancer Or Singer
Transforming Into the Dance

And Song in Flow

Dear Savvy

No Longer

Human Form

Instrument of
Essence MuSiC We Free..:)

A Greatest UniVerse A Most Mysterious
UniVerse A Most Complex UniVerse

A Place That Truly Has no Walls
Ceilings Floors That Is

Always Changing With

Every Inhale Of Peace

Exhale oF LoVE

At Best Naked
Enough Whole
Complete in JoY oF LiGHT

Just For This Ever Changing
New Now of Existence Yes Now

Is Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes The Great Within

of You to Navigate Each Day Each Breath

in Adventure New DarK Thru LiGHT Again Now

No Walls Ceilings
Floors Not Even
A Word Necessary

Other than Possibly
FRiEnDS With Gravity
iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Again Move And Repose Re-Create Again

In Other Words

Letting Go

of Breath

Until Breath
ReturnS AGAiN
As You Free With
SMiLes Dear Isha

Of Course Only in my
View Yours All to Re-Create Now..:)

Dreams Weave New Creativity

Both Sleeping WaKinG Stories

Hmm.. just about to
Comment long ago
And then Came Play
On the other
Line… hmm…
Something about
Creativity something
About Imagination
In Stories
Beyond Distance
Space and Time…
Bottom Line i Flinched
Yet.. The Show Goes On..🙂

Essence of Spirit

All ‘Totems’ Holy
And Sacred

Food Drink People
Whatever Rises Feels
And Senses to inspire
This Present Life Awaking
Synergy The 99.5 Percent

Of Our Mind

The Subconscious
Miracle Maker
That We
Bring To
LiGHT Totems

Tools in Deed Do Bring
No Limits For Totem
Of Band-Aids Heal

Hand-in-Hand Soul(s)
Spirit Animal Spirit Life
More Than Survive Thrive

LeSSoN 157
Whatever IT Takes For
LiGHT To See🌈🌟🌲
Rainbow Star Ever Green

LeSSoN 158
Don’t Wait For Someone Else Be YouR Spirit Animal
Then Rise ToGeTHeR As Totems BReaTHE We Create

LeSSoN 159
It Is What It Is
Foolish Not to Make Best Of Is Now
It Surely Is Up Or Down to ALL oF US

LeSSoN 160 Truth Of Who We Even Are

Hint: Yes God Nature Free to LoVE iN Peace to Be i AM

SMiLes Dear Sohair So Many Masks We Wear In Life
So Many Also Assigned By Culture Varying So
Much From Even Human Nature of Kindness
In Altruism For All Who Share Our Blood
Yes Masked Away from Love
Where Guns May Become
More Love Than Even
Flesh And Blood
Where Tools Become
Mask of Strength and the
Human Becomes Totally Weak
Desks Become Masks of Sitting Still
Away From A Free Dance of LiFE Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses As Most Any Child
Will Naturally Do Until Sidewalks of Order Come
to Rule the Spirit of Spring the HeART The SoUL
Of Free LiFE Sunshine Within Dew Drops On
Midnight Moonlit Star Nights Leaves of
Grass Lit Up in Water’s Light Just
Sublime Beauty All Not
Seen Yet Light
So Much
For Appreciation
of What Is Seen
SMiLes Yes Masks May
Cover Beauty too… Yet Free
Free Of Masks We Thrive once
Again Wearing the Face of Nature
God No Longer Bound to Masks of ‘fore…
SMiLes Sohair i used to Want to Quarantine
Tears Until i Found the Value of Cry
To Bring Sunshine of Smiles
Back to Thrive As
Power of Love
Fades Fades Away
to Quarantine of Love
Love Is The Home The Food
The Drink That Is Always Our
Home Lit Up as Light Houses
We Become Guiding Beams
of Bright to Bring the
Way Back Home
to Love
to Love
That Who
Us Best Out of
Quarantine Within my FRiEnD..🙂

Buddha Being Flow Being
Ascending Transcending
All Imperfections
Anxieties And

Of Life

All Moves
Co-Creates in Ease

Hehe Our Refrigerator
Is Ticking i Want A New
One With An Ice-maker
Katrina Wants A Bigger

One Without An Ice-maker

The Negotiations of Life
Never End Those Who

Cooperate Most Love

Those Who



End Up Alone
In Flow All Moves
Connects Co-Creates

Best Ya Have To Let Go
Of All Imperfections Of
The Buddha Crystal Statue

In The Store And Still Be

The River And Not The
Grain Of Sand In Shoe

That Cripples It is True
The Smarter You Are the
More Details Of Life You
See The More Ambitious
You Are The More Status
Power Money Fame Seeking
We Are The Harder Naked


To Attain

The Secret To

All My Heaven In

Life Is Letting Go
Of All Of That in Flow

And What Do Words Relay
Perhaps A Hint As Flow
Relates Nature’s Poetry

In Human Dance
And Song Set Free

It’s True The Greatest
Intelligence Is Letting

Go Of
And Becoming
The River With No Smarts

The Place Where



Always Begins
Effortless In Ease

Balance Real Kings
And Or Queens Are
Valley Mountain Same Height

Hehe In Other Words
In This World We Are

The Same


A Grain

Of Sand Escaping Shoe
‘Have You Ever Been Mellow’


A Feather

In A Breeze

Have You Ever

Danced A Tight Rope

Higher And Higher

With Ever Increasing

Bliss This Is The Kinda

Intelligence i Will
Love to Give You



To Share
Heaven A Bit
For You to Own
All On Your Own too🎼

So You Ask Why Is It So
Lonely In Heaven These
Days Zoe It’s Like The

Day In Church
Choir So Full of
Joy That A Young
Woman Covered Her
Eyes And Said Oh God
Your Face Is Too Bright

Folks Have Been Begging
me Forever It Seems For
Whatever It Is i Am On

Yet This It’s What It’s like
To Be Born With A Smile

Yep Still

Have A Newborn
Pic Born With A Smile
Of Love For No Other

Than A Smile

Feels Good So Why
Does Misery Love
Company So Much

And The Happy One
With The Most Energy
Naturally Ends Up Alone

Folks Bond
Best With
Those Who
Share Their
Feelings Most

Of Course i Came to
Understand Why too
As i’ve Been To The Polar
Opposite Place The Place
Of Hell Within Too My


SMile Was
So Bright in
Hell i Had to
Cover my Whole
Soul Nothing Hurts
As Much In Hell As
Seeing Heaven All




No Way
To Enter

Hint: Lots Of
People LiVE iN
Hell Don’t Let All
The Winning And
Fancy This And That
Fool Ya All The Instagram
Beautiful Butt Pics This



Is Naked

And All Based

Within You Are

Also One Of Those

Kids In The Movie

About The Strange

Ones You Get To Stay
Too And Wonder Why
Others Don’t Get to Come…

We’ve Come To Believe
That Heaven is What We

Compete For





It’s Naked
Cooperative And Free
Best in Flow With No ‘Reasons’

Love Your Heaven Dear Lots
More Fun Than Hearing



Hell Yet i’m
Glad i Got
To Go To Hell
Too As i Still Get to Care

About People Who Stay



How Impoverished

i Would Be Without
Being Devil 😈 Too…

Look At ThiS Way

All That


You Truly

Happy Is Love

Isn’t This True

This Is Why People

Are So Sad/Empty/Never

Enough They Don’t Feel/

Have Love’s Energy iN Peace


This God

Damn Simple…

Love Is on A Death Bed

Their ‘True Force’ Is Weak

Sunshine Within Gone Dark…

As Far



Hole Sun Abyss…

Other Than That Apathy…

Anxiety… Mixed With




As Only Relief

Yawn… First
World Last Problems🌎

SMiLes Dear Sohair Part of the Reason it is so Wonderful
To come Here And Visit is You are Of A Generation that
is Still Able to Tolerate Longer And Deeper

Explorations of Life
In Words With SMiLes

And True This Is How Your
Words Inspire me to Explore

More of the Human World
We LiVE iN From Your Views
in Egypt Dear FRiEnD As Your

Summer Already Arrives There
in April Approaching 90 Degrees

Already How Different this is than
FRiEnD HiMaLi Who Lives in Toronto
Now Out of Desert And Year ‘Round
Humid Summer Conditions in India

Now She Has Been Dealing With
A Winter Freezer Hehe and A
Spring That Still Wants
to Be Winter Most Days

Here Where i LiVE
There Are Four
Seasons This
Year As Climate
Change Made A
Few Years Feel Like
Almost All Spring and Summer
i was Really Surprised How Much
i missed Hot Chocolate in Winter

As Winter Brings Hot Chocolate
Comfort And More Warmth With
Hugs And Other Sweaters of Comfort…

And True Most People Who Visit Where i Live
Say it has the Most Beauty Overall That Nature Has
to Offer Year Round in Terms or Forest Beach and
FLoWeRS Dear FRiEnD Yet You Know What When

i Worked For Years So Stressed the Beauty Here
Rarely Touched me at all and i never even made
the Trip to the Beach for almost Two Decades too

Just Down
The Road
As Truly
Work Became
Almost All My Connection
in Life So How Sad that is

That We Become the Tools
We Create to Make a Living
And Lose Our Connection to
God’s Face Nature So Truly

Lonely this way

of Living

Will be my

FRiEnD Yet

it is not the Environment Externally
That Really Changes The Environment
Within that Feels And Senses The Environment

Outside of Us Indeed That Is Truly Within too

And In this Way When We Connect to Nature More
We Connect to God Same And it’s True The Quran
Has Much Reverence for the Balance of Nature

And Charity

For Taking

Care of

Others in Balance too…
And Actual Specific Instructions
to Do this too For True Love Your
Neighbor As Yourself Could Mean

Only Love Them The Way You
See Life That May

Be Heaven

for You

Like Hell For
The Neighbor Indeed

Like What if You Do Love to Stay
Inside Cool When It’s Hot and Your

Neighbor Rather You Be Outside in the Heat…

As that is What Neighbor Enjoys Most In Life

True We Need More Specific Guides to Life too

For Instance How to Get to Heaven Within

The Buddhist Way of Life Teaches

This Great Whereas

There is Just

Brief Mention

of It in a New Testament

Christian Bible For What Truly

Is this Heaven That Will only Be Found

Within True A Place We All Must Individually

Seek And Find Each of Us With Unique Pairs of

Eyes Gifted By Nature of God For Real my FRiEnD

Cognitive Empathy Understanding the Views of Others
in Doing Our Best to WalK iN Shoes We’ve Never Stepped into

Is Part and Parcel of

Agape Love As True

It Will Be Very Hard

For the Unmarried Priest

Never in Romantic Relationships

to Understand What those Other Parts of

Life are Truly Like to Offer Counsel for help…

How Blessed Are We Who Have Been to Heaven And

Hell Affirmed By Others In Gifts And Bullied by Others
in Curses of Life too and Endless Other Opportunities
to Walk in the Shoes of Our Neighbors to Understand them
More And Offer Assistance When We Can And Will That Actually

Helps more
Than Harms
Them my FRiEnD

This is a Work A Work of Lifelong
Caring and Understanding A Real
Intelligence We Must Develop to
Make Love A Great Work of Life

And Not Just
A Few Words
In A Book to Recite
like Our Christians sometimes
Do Believing that all they have
to Believe is Jesus is Idol of God
To Go to Heaven One Day When

Truly Heaven is the
Place Within
LoVE iN Flow
For All Reaching
More of Our Human
Potentials As Gifts Yet
Uncovered to Shine as
Bright As Our Suns Within
Will Dear FRiEnD the Learning

Never Ends the Love the Great Work
of Love Never Need Cease GRoWinG

As LonG As We Do Not Stop ALong

The Way And Say This Is All

We Need to Feel Sense

And Know About

Life Like

A Closed Book With

No More Page to Read

No More Books to Check Out

As We Come to Not Understand

How Truly Small We all Are With

Always So Much More to Learn and Grow More

in This Great Play of Life We May Come to See As Life…

As These Words in a Comment of Your Blog Move Over

Eight Hundred Words Now Hehe As Most Young

Folks Will Freak Out if someone

Told them They Have

to Write

A 500 Word

Essay in School

Hehe and Some Folks

Will Get Overwhelmed

If There is More than Two
Lines of Comments on their
Blog or Even in a Message my
FRiEnD For You See Hehe You

Are Still Blessed With An Attention

Span You Have a Reference point Before

All the Information Overload And Endless

Distractions of Life Come For Again There

Will Be A Day If We Are Not Careful

Where No Attention Spans

Remain And

We Come

to A Place Where

We All Live in a Paper

Bag And No One Knows

How to Get Out And No One

Even Has the Focus and Attention

Span to Read About the ones Who Escape….

The United States Led the World in Covid-19
Cases And Deaths For the Ignorance That Lives
in So Many Riches and Abundance Here As People
Have Become so Spoiled In First World Material Abundance
As The United States Has 4 Percent of the Population and Uses
40% Of Human Resources As the Same Ironically Applies to the
Richest Materialistic Nation Then Leading in Vaccinations 212 Million
Vaccinations While Egypt Only Received 165 Thousand as a Poorer Nation

Indeed yet

You See

You Are

Not Ignorant

You Still Protect

Your Children in
Classes From Afar

Although It’s True This
Harms Social Interaction
And Developing Cognitive
Empathy for Love too Yet at
Least Your Country Cares Enough
to Protect the Vulnerable this Much from
Disease And While the People Here did not
Care enough many of them to even wear a

Mask Money

Talks And

Came For All Fastest
And Then Over 70 Percent
of the most Vulnerable were
Protected By the Fast Fix of
Vaccinations As Masks Were too much
Trouble for the Spoiled Abundant Among Our Populace…

It’s Like Little Himali Small as a Child Yet Moving to the
Top of Her Class in Accounting in India Mostly Dominated
by Men Moving to A Frozen Country Alone Just to finally
Perhaps one Day Enjoy What She Sees As An American Dream

In A Climate
of Balance

With Freedom
That Women Where
She is From Do Not Enjoy

True How Much We May Lose

In Abundance And How Much

We May Gain in Scarcity Dear FRiEnD

It is the Human Spirit Within it seems

Who Struggles And Must Climb Out of

Deeper Pits Finding Most Colors of Life to Generate Now

This is the Way of Life Dark Makes Light And Sadly Folks Get

Lost in

Light Out of Balance…

Balancing Act it is is Dear

No Science Project alone

Always A Work of Art Life is

Move Play Repose Rest Repeat Life’s DarK iNto LiGHT…
When i was Chronically to Acutely Stressed by Work Related
Matters 11 Years toward the End of my Personal Demolition
i Lost Temperature Control Within A Breeze in 100 Degree
Temperatures Chilled me When that Happened in


It was

only a First

Step to Hell

For Indeed There
Came a Day That i Couldn’t
Bear Any Heat at all for my
Autonomic Nervous System
Lost the Ability to Send Blood
to my Brain in Heat True We

Must Always

Find a Way to Take

Care of Our Self for

This is the Place

God Exists


This Temple of God

Of Ours to Cherish and take
Care of Most to Give and Share
Caring Love to All Before We Run out of Gas
Completely as i surely Know Feel Sense what it felt like
Not even

to be


to Lift

One Finger up
Dear FRiEnD





of love gone
Destroyed by the
Tool of Culture i Became
Essence of Fear Indeed Dear FRiEnD

No Longer i am as Now i Breathe LoVE iN Peace Free

It Seems This is Becoming Rarer More We Become Tools We Make
Anyway These 1600 Words is What it looks Like When A Human
Goes to Hell Finds A Way to Come Out Defeating Entropy of Energy
As FRiEnDS With Gravity in Balance As Balance Indeed is God’s Rule

For Planets



And Galaxies

Orbiting Black Holes

Same Dear Friend And

Perhaps Spin And Torsion

When Center Point Balance

Births Brand New Universes Out of Black Holes

too As Death Creates Life And Resurrection of Life is the Rule

For All those

Parts of Existence

Finding Balance Dear

FRiEnD Center Point Balance
Life With God Eternally Living Free
Now It’s How the Early Egyptians Built

The Magnificent Pyramids



To GRoWinG Taller in Essence
No Matter Form That And Who Breathes
Never Landing Never Ending Stories Always

Breathing Freer Dear



Bless You..🙂

In Short,

Don’t Limit Yourself…

It’s Only to Your Advantage…

To Do What You Can And Will Do Next…

You Surely And Verily May Skip the Rest…

Don’t Usually Come to the ‘Dating
Part’ of ‘Wrong Planet’ As i don’t
Have A Problem in this Area NOW;

Yet i saw ‘this’ on ‘the Cover Page’ of the Site…

True, Yet Before, When Most Women
From A Distance at Least
Thought i Was Great
Looking, Tall,

And Powerful;

It Didn’t Belie the
Fact That i Was Still
Not Comfortable in my

Own Skin; Wallflower in Bars,
Having to Drink 4 Beers Before
Getting the Courage to Walk in,
in my 20’s; Again From a Distance Standing
Still Tall, Powerful Looking; Considered

Very Good Looking Then; Sadly

Yet Missing Fear Free Within;

Fast Forward to Almost

60 Years-Old Dancing

Solo Free Last Years

Before Covid-19 Took

That Dance Hall Pleasure Away;

Two Young Woman ‘Forcing’ Their

Grinding Hips Upon The ‘Frontal Parts’

of me Happily Married Not Even Noticing

Any of the Women in the Dance Hall at All;

Asking for my Phone Number; me giving them
the bad news; nope not 35, Way Older Enough
to Be Your Daddy, almost 60, So what was the

Only Difference As Yes i had Empty Pockets
At Close to 60, Never Buying A Woman A
Drink And Turning Down the Free
Drinks And Visits to Parties With
5 Blondes and the Such; 6 Was

too much that was the point
of overwhelming in Dancing

Hehe; What Was the Only

Difference; They Sensed,

They Felt, i was Fearless

And Enough; In Other Words

i Was A Mountain They Wanted to Climb…

And i Didn’t Have to Say A GD Word, Just Dance…

As i Was Stopped Upstairs by Tables of Beautiful

Women Who Said they Wanted to Be Married to

Someone Just like me as they Asked me

For A Selfie And Offered Their

Number to Send it to them Next…

Only Difference, i Was a Domesticated

Little Afraid Kitty in a Man’s Body Before;

The Lion Was the Part Within Yet to Roar until age 53…

Social Science Shows the Most Attractive Part of a Man

to A Woman

is Fearless


Just Enough as is to be…

Just The Safe Space They are Looking for in Excitement Indeed…

Yep, Mountain to Climb; Standing Lap Dance, Whatever Makes Life Bloom Most…

The One Period of my Life in my Twenties, i Felt Confident, Fearless, And Enough

Is When i met my Wife; If Not For That i might Not Have Ever Got Married;

It’s More



You Are Within

And How You Carry Yourself…

What Drives You… The Essence Beyond Just Form…

And When i met my Beautiful Wife, i was only Making

Five Dollars An Hour And That Didn’t Make a Bit of Difference…. to Her….

Fearless Confidence With A Smile; or at A Bar With No Smile at all; Just A Fearless Solo Dance….


Mileage Varies,
Depending on
Make and Model of Human Vehicle/Vessel…

OBTW, Being Able to Write Free Verse Poetry
From SPiRiT, HeaRT, SoUL All Naturally In Flow
Helps too And that’s ‘Another Story’ too…. It’s

Like the Other Side of the Story Where

You Don’t

Even Need

A Body At All…

Just HeART, SPiRiT,

SoUL As Words Become THAT even more

Ironically Than Flesh and Blood Like

’50 Shades of Grey’ Or Beyond

Rainbow Colors of Bliss…

That’s the Kinda Love That
For All Practical Intents and
Purposes Will Attract Flowers to one Bee Forever Now…

i had a Facebook Friend, A Nice Woman, Who Boldly Admitted

In Her Status That Words oF An Old Grey Wrinkly Poet’s Words Drove Her ‘Undies’ Down;

to Be Clear, it Wasn’t My Poetry; Yet i remembered What She Said as i am Better at it now….

In The United States, Folks Tend to Be Way too Empty, Skin Deep, From Materialism And
Competition to Win;

Life Gets Much Deeper

And More Loving than that…

Places THAT

May Never Imagine, See or Bee too…

Rest oF it is Mystery For Others Still to ‘Unfold’… Within…

Here’s A Hint: Stay As Far Away From Labels As ‘You’ Can
And Will For If You Do Not They Will Define and Limit All You Do In

Life As

Essence is

Beyond Infinity of All Measures Now

More Powerful Than Any Form of ‘Force’….

Or Shall We Feel What Hurricane Force Winds Cat 6
And Above Will Flood Over All Forms Humans Build
Leaving Nothing At All Yet Essence of Wind; What

If You Will Give

That to A Woman

What Will Happen

Next; i Guess You’ll Never Feel
And Sense It all Until You Do It All Next… and more…

As New ‘UNiVeRSES Within May Come to ‘Burst’ And ‘Birth’ Anew

As Any FLoWeR Blooming Colors of Beauty Ever More Will Do Even More….

In Short,

Don’t Limit Yourself…

It’s Only to Your Advantage…

To Do What You Can And Will Do Next…

Here’s Another Thing, Discount No Different Opinions…

It’s Always to Humanity’s Advantage To See More DarK Thru LiGHT…

Wow And Just
To Believe i Thought
Caesar Salad Is Italian

Yet Dear Doc

Finally Opens
The Door to More
Of A Mexican Salad🙌☺️

SMiles Cherie
The Only Innate
Feelings Of Fears
To Our Environments

Are Falling
And Loud

As All The
Rest Are Learned
And Unlimited As
The Waking Nightmares
Humans Create Alone
And Together in

Illusory Ways

Sky Diving Is
Surely Overcoming
Innate Fears Fueled

Key Is Overcoming

Others Where Fears

In Feelings Are Generating

Unnecessary By

Humans In

Nightmares Indeed

True i Am Still Afraid
Of Falling Yet That’s
Just About The only
Place i Feel Fear Now

As Yes Indeed Now It Is
Possible to Overcome
Illusory Fears Removing



As Such

In Methods

As Easy As
From A Free Meditative
Flow Of Dance From Head
To Toes As Fear Becomes
Otherwise Frozen And


In Muscle
Memory As Such

And All Points of
Connections From
Head To Toe As Many
As Stars In Skies Science
Counts A Quadrillion or

So Light
‘em All
Up As A

Christmas Tree

iN Colors Of Love

Yes Indeed Y’all Be

RiSinG All iN FLiGHT

With Zero Feelings Of

Fear Hmm i Wonder What
SoUL With No DarK Fears
Will BRinG So i ‘Just Do It’




Any Worries
Of Selling Shoes 👞

Dam It i Just Couldn’t Get It Out of my Mind
A Picture of Pizza And Spaghetti
At An Italian Restaurant A Bottle

of Red By Billy Joel A Song

About Dreams Found After

Lost Perhaps A Bottle

of White Pills For



Of The Cheerleaders

And Star Football Players

Homecoming Queens

Where They Get Married

Early PeaKinG Out Facing the 9 to Find

Grind of the American Dream And Still

Feeling A Bit Lost So Out of Touch From That

Extra Little Magic of Life That Just Makes it all



Forever Now Real

If Ya Had to do it again…

Anyway Oregano i had to ask

my Wife What That Would Do

In Saucer Size Eye Tears She told

Me it Is Rather Strong And Would Really

Hurt And i Stopped Thinking About Pizza

And Spaghetti At the Italian Restaurant Billy

Joel And A Bottle of Wine Yet Truly It Says It All

Of Dreams Missing Lost Trying So Hard to

Find Again Anyway i’m Glad my Wife

And i are no Longer Arguing over

(Dam the First World Problems)

Getting A New Refrigerator i

Want one With An Ice-maker

(Like the One We Have Now)

Versus A Bigger

One She

Wants that

Will Fit In the Space

And Just in the Nick of Day

My Sister’s Partner is Very Handy

Just Purchasing A New Starter Relay

(to Make the Intermittent Clicking Stop)

And It All Worked Out Fine Thing is mY

FRiEnD Been to Hell For 66 Months from

47 to 53 And Went to Places After that i never

Fathomed Existed Before It’s Never too late to Color

New Dreams Never Ever Give Up for one Day You

May be Walking Down A City Street And a Carload of

Young Men Who Might Have called You Girl as A Boy

May Call You Legend When You Are Old Enough to Be Their

Grandfather if You Started ‘That Hobby’ Young As Such Hehe

Yet Even More

You May


Them Believe

You’re Never too Old For

Life to Be Joy for No Reason Yet to Dance Just Now Just Now

Where It’s All Free iN A Place With No Bottles of White or Red…

You Know What i don’t Know You at All Yet i bet i would Miss

You if You Stopped Blogging… It’s Really Nice to Know People You don’t…

It all



Out So Right Hehe..
HAha i Did Not Anticipate

This Ending Moral of This Whole Story…

As This Is Just Another Bar i Stop At to Play Piano

i Got Tired of Playing All Alone So Like Any Guitar
Dude And or Dudette i just keep moving to keep playing inspiring

This Breath Now…

No Different than

The Dance

See the

Thing is

Play Don’t

Wait Play Just Play

No Matter What Anyone

Else Thinks or Does Just Play…

Play Play Play Play Play Play Play SMiLes

Dam That’s A Good Song And it Feels Better than ’77

As i Ain’t Just Listening to the Music Now i am Playing Play Just Play…

Do It All

For the

Play As

The Play Is

What Counts

Most Now.. at least to me Now…

Yes The Hardest Part is Doing it

Even If no else in the World Wants to Play

After You Overcome That It’s All so Dam Easy to Play..🙂

SMiLes In Life There Are Wrenches
There Are Guitars And Some Days Most

Sadly Guitars Without Strings

Oh How Hard it is to Be A Guitar
Without Strings All that Lovely Music
Once Played And Gone All Gone into the

Void The Whole of the Instrument With No Sound At All

Yet the Wrenches Have Difficulty Understanding As They’ve
Only Been A Tool Neither Instrument of Music With or Without Strings

Oh Lord When i Was A Young in Numbers
Man A Military Woman i was ‘Involved’
With Said i Touched Her ‘Heart Strings’

And i Was ‘Smart’ Enough to
‘Think;’ Yes, Think, Instead of

HeART FeeL iT Had Something
To Do With ‘The Physical’ Instead

of Words Expressing The Deepest
of Feelings Within Beyond All Discrete Measure

And at That Point i Had Forgotten i Ever Had Strings to
Play At All For It’s True How That Song “The Way We Were”

Touched me So Much in High School As a Virgin With A Crush
on the Smart

Girl 3 Years
Older Than
me in the “Nerd Club” Then…

i Suppose the Moral oF A STory
is Our Souls Don’t Always Evolve
Toward Higher Love Powers As Environment

Counts So Much And It’s True if You Work With A Bunch

Of Wrenches At Work Chances Are Someone Will Say Suck

It Up Buttercup It’s Not That Bad We’ve Got Work to Do Now

So Pull Those Bootstraps Up Even if We Are Speaking About

The Very Robust Looking Homeless Dude on the Street

Hearing 100 Voices In His Head Instructing Him

Differently What to Do Next… And Yeah

When i Lost All my Emotions Entering

Into 66 Months of Hell of the
Worst Pain Known to
Humankind And

Lost With No
Reference Point
if i Ever Felt A Smile Before

Oh How i Gnashed my Teeth
in the Once Living Room Sitting
With my Mother And Wife Shiny
Happy People They Still Were And

There Was No Way Out of the Opaque
Glass Around my Soul Trying To Remember

What it Felt Like to Be A Shiny Happy Person Before…

Lost, Lost in a Vast Space With No Measure A Pit Below With No

Bottom or Top As Recently i Was Defending the Lives of Lesbian
Women Buried to Their Chest in Saudi Arabia And Stoned And Saying

i Don’t Believe in Any God of All Mercy, Forgiveness, And Love That Burns
Any Part of Creation Forever in Torture And Misery and Suffering Because

They Were Naughty in this One Life to Live It’s true There Are Days to Smile

And There Are Days to Stand Up With Back Bone And Say NO As It’s True

It’s A Big Mistake

For Anyone

To Mistake
my Smile Now

As Not Having
Teeth As It’s True
The Dentist Said
i Have Some of the
Biggest Teeth He’s Ever Seen, Hehe…

And This is Why i Smile Now my Teeth Are Just too Big to Hide…

No Different Really Than Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head With

Feet Too

Big For A Bed…

Look Around i Do
Life is A Struggle
And Night Makes Day

And Dark Makes Light

Elon Musk Recently Said
One Day Robots Will Do All the
Work And We Humans Will Have
All Abundance For Whatever We Want

Yeah, Like When my Relative Inherited 80,000
Dollars And It Went Up Her Nose And She Ended Up

Dead And So Many Other Relatives of Other Relatives
of People Who Have Never Learned How to Be Naked
Enough Whole And Complete Without Any Cocaine (etc) Levers

Wrench to Press…

Is There Even Any Room
In This World Left to Smile…
i Make Room As i’ve Lived in the Other Place
too Yep So Far Away From the Other Park Bench in The Desert…

More And Less We LiVE iN A World Now Increasingly Where there
is No Time Left For The Human Condition to Even Breathe Freely

And Sunshine
Fully in Tow Expressing
All Of Who We May Come


No Place
To Hide When Free..🙂

Always A Pleasure
Dear USA Writes
Much Love
To You
As Well
With SMiles☺️🏝

Yes Let’s
All Light
The World
Up With Love


SMiLes Dear Isha Apparently You Came Across a Stranger
Who was Ignorant in Many Ways of the Human Condition

Exercising at a Gym Will Reduce Your Stress Make You Stronger
More Confident Feeling More Embodied in Your Own Skin And Free

True Been Doing it for 51 Years Since Age 12 When the Other Kids Said
i Was too Strange And Weak to Exist at Least i Could Change the Weak Part Hehe

And i Did

And i Never Quit
And i Still Do and

The Boy the Other Kids
Made Fun of Saying i had
Bird Legs Is the Strongest
Leg Pressing Dude Now at the
Military Gym By Far Warming
up With 699 Kilograms Closing in
on Age 64 On June 6th Yet It’s True it

Always Reduced my Stress Reducing Anxiety
Increasing Confidence Feeling at Least a bit More

Comfortable in my Own Skin We Are Human Animals
When We Forget Our Bodies We Become Disembodied

No Longer FRiEnDS With Gravity As Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses From Head to Toe is What Does Bring Greater

Cognitive Executive
Functioning including
Focus Attention Span Short
Term Working Memory and
Long Term Memory Retrieval too

True Just Exercising before an IQ
Test Has Shown to Increase IQ 10 Points

HAha Imagine What Might Happen if a Human
Did it 51 Years True at 22 You Can Do That Too With SMiles

Anyway one of my Degrees is Health Science i Didn’t Fall off
An Ignorant Turnip Truck Telling a Young Woman if She goes to

The Gym
She’d Gain
Weight and
Not Look Good

Nothing Could be
Further From the Truth

Mind Body Spirit Heart And Soul
It Flows From Toe to Head and More..:)

Catholic Mass Readings From the small hours of
April 21, 2024 Yes at 1:11 AM to Be More Specific

For One Who is Shepherd For the Entire Flock From

The Front to the Middle to Behind the Flock in Other

Words Yes Shepherd For All No Parts Left Out Ahead

Or Behind Indeed

With the ‘Midde Way’

Left Intact As Well

Well the Truth is

The ‘Flock’ The UniVerse
Is Rather Large With Potentially
Unlimited Other UniVerses Being Birthed

As Well That Requires Shepherds Shepherds
Shepherds Every Where Nope One Good Shepherd

Is Not Enough Although Taylor Swift Is Definitely Doing

An Amazing Job For Her Target Audience of Women Looking

For Love and to Be Seen in This World as Precious Gems Again

True More
Than Instagram
Models too Something

Real and More Authentic That Feels
With A HeART That Plays Guitar Strings For Real

i Suppose ‘Dudes’ These Days Get ‘Jordan Peterson’ Or ‘Trump’
Indeed Be Careful Who Ya Identify As Shepherds ‘These Days’

Reading 1, Acts 4:8-12
8 Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, addressed them, ‘Rulers of the people, and elders!

9 If you are questioning us today about an act of kindness to a cripple and asking us how he was healed,

10 you must know, all of you, and the whole people of Israel, that it is by the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, whom you crucified, and God raised from the dead, by this name and by no other that this man stands before you cured.

11 This is the stone which you, the builders, rejected but which has become the cornerstone. Only in him is there salvation;

12 for of all the names in the world given to men, this is the only one by which we can be saved.’

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 118:1, 8-9, 21-23, 26, 21, 29
1 Alleluia! Give thanks to Yahweh for he is good, for his faithful love endures for ever.

8 It is better to take refuge in Yahweh than to rely on human beings;

9 better to take refuge in Yahweh than to rely on princes.

21 I thank you for hearing me, and making yourself my Saviour.

22 The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;

23 This is Yahweh’s doing, and we marvel at it.

26 Blessed in the name of Yahweh is he who is coming! We bless you from the house of Yahweh.

29 Give thanks to Yahweh for he is good, for his faithful love endures for ever.

Reading 2, First John 3:1-2
1 You must see what great love the Father has lavished on us by letting us be called God’s children — which is what we are! The reason why the world does not acknowledge us is that it did not acknowledge him.

2 My dear friends, we are already God’s children, but what we shall be in the future has not yet been revealed. We are well aware that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he really is.

Gospel, John 10:11-18
11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.

12 The hired man, since he is not the shepherd and the sheep do not belong to him, abandons the sheep as soon as he sees a wolf coming, and runs away, and then the wolf attacks and scatters the sheep;

13 he runs away because he is only a hired man and has no concern for the sheep.

14 I am the good shepherd; I know my own and my own know me,

15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for my sheep.

16 And there are other sheep I have that are not of this fold, and I must lead these too. They too will listen to my voice, and there will be only one flock, one shepherd.

17 The Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again.

18 No one takes it from me; I lay it down of my own free will, and as I have power to lay it down, so I have power to take it up again; and this is the command I have received from my Father.




SMiLes Dear Savvy For Centuries Beginning
Of End A Myth Appeared That the Best
Leadership Comes From A Fist Instead

(Even Studies of Chimps Prove They
Choose Leaders With the Most Empathy
For All Servant Leaders Additionally With
Highest Levels of Cortisol Stress to Give it
All is Greatest Sacrifice of Soul at the Chimp Level Indeed)

of A Hand Reached

Out to Serve

From the Back
And The Middle
With The Vision
of The Front As Well

To Help Those Who Fall Behind

To Glue Those Further in the Middle Yes
In Mold of Common Purpose And Again

Vision For Change Necessary to Adapt

And Survive And Even Thrive as One

Happy Sled of Dogs Climbing

Snowy Mountains To

Get Human Supplies

Where They Need to Be
to Survive Frozen Winters ThiS WaY

Indeed THere Was A Day When Humans Needed
Each Other Each And Every One to Even Survive
Child Becoming Prize and Necessity For the Whole

Village to Survive For Any Potential Thrive too

Technology Makes Life Easier in Many Ways

Yet it Provides Some Illusion That We Don’t

Need to Work/Play Together Closely as A Team to get
the Jobs Done By The Night of Play As A Dance and Song

May Come to
Bond and
Bind With
And Midnight Moons Together

God Yes The Best Leaders Put People
First Understanding Without Human Capital
There is No Capital Worth Earning At All at Least

Not When Ships Lose Their Anchors And Sails too

Becoming More Machine Than Human The Conundrum
The Jeopardy of LoSinG Humanity Continues Where i Started
Out Working There Were Scores of Folks in the Administration

Department to Run the Organization by the End Just A Handful

And The Top Leader Mostly Behind A Screen So Many Levels it Took

Below the


to Get to Humans Breathing

There is a ‘Special Kind of Hell’
That Happens When Employees
Who Sit Next to Each Other Email
Each Other Never Making Eye Contact At All

There is A Special Kind of Hell Everywhere We Go

Where Text Replaces A Phone Call With A Real Song
of Heart Felt Soul True There is A Special Kind of Hell

When A FRiEnD only Calls a FRiEnD And Never Visits
Their Home Again

True There is the Hell

of Clean Up Crews in Japan

Hired to take Care of What is left

When Elders Are Left in High Rise Apartments

With No Contacts At All That They Ever Lived At All…

True There is NDD Nature Deficit Disorder That Includes Losing
The Connection to Nature Each Other And Our Souls Deep Within

No Significant Difference Really
With GDD God Deficit Disorder

With All that
Danced And

Sung Once Again
Happy Earth Day 2024

For Those of Us Who
Still Truly Dance Sing
And BREaTHE Free More

Than “Bowling Alone” For Real With SMiLes..:)

LeSSoN 162
Sail Your Boat
With No Wind
Fly No Wings Go To

Hell Live To Tale

LeSSoN 163
Hell Inspires
Forever Now

LeSSoN 164
Heat or Cold
Neither ‘Bothers’
i Thermostat NoW

LeSSoN 165
Make Heat Cold

LeSSoN 166
Make Cold Heat
Make Night Day
Make Sun Moon LiGHT

Portrait Birds
Sunshine Skies
God Peace Lovely
Wings Art Soni Brings

SMiLes Dear Savvy
A HeART Beat Now

Is Long As A Breath

A New Breath is Long

As A HeART Beats More

And Blood

With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy As We Close in on
Earth Day, April 22nd, Where i Live

in the United States We Use

40 Percent of the World’s

Human Resources With 4 Percent

Of Humanity’s Numbers of Living Breathing

Beings And Sadly Verily It Seems We Pay More Attention to

What We Consume Than Who We BREaTHE to Come to

Be Moving
And Co-Creating

With Each Other Free…

SMiLes i Am So Happy i Am
Out of the Consuming Stage

It’s Amazing How Much More Fulfilling
Working As Living Is Giving And Sharing
Caring And Healing More Than Taking, Hoarding, With
Callous Harm Towards The Rest of Nature Out of Balance…

The Good News is There
is Plenty of Room For

More Potential

To Care and Heal
For A Living World
As Part oF All We aRe
No Longer Separate From Being Nature

Sitting Among Over 20 Trees in my Back
Yard Listening to the Birds Tweeting in All
The Trees Dancing And Singing Together
With Acrobatics of Squirrels As We

Too Climbed Trees More
Than We Do Now So

Connected As
Part of Nature

That Way It’s Nice
to Be Singing Among
The Trees in the Online
of Forest Connecting ThiS Way True too…

It’s Another Way For Birds to Fly and Sing
Together Free

In Our
And Blood True…
With SMiLes of Course
As Avatars Circling the Globe
Through Fiber Optic Cables NoW
NewLY Traveling at the Speed of Love Best..:)

SMiLes it Seems Breathing Itself

is Tribute Enough to A Parent’s

Gift For Us With SMiLes
Mariana After All Now

It Took An Unbroken
Chain of Nature For

Us to Be Born At All to Breathe
How Fortunate We All Are Indeed

to Have Parents
ThiS Way at All Now

With SMiLes for Living
If We aRe So Fortunate
To Be Gifted With SMiLes At All..:)

Beauty of A Sunrise
Tear Drop Falling

To EYes of Grief

Sunshine Returning

Within Indeed Dear
Cindy Blues Changing into


Warm Again
With SMiLes of Course
Congrats on Publishing Another Lovely
Newly Soul-Felt Poem Dear Cindy FRiEnD..:)

Here the ‘Meek’ “Inherit the Earth”
Through ‘Wit’ Over ‘Brawn,’ THere

Is No Contest Tween “Bugs Bunny”

Munching on A Carrot New Now Naked,
Enough, Whole, Complete With So Much

(Obviously, in Autotelic Flow Generating HiS Own
Happiness ALWaYs on Task of Wit in All He Meets
And Greets in Life; True, “Getting By on the Friction
of the Day” As ‘Rush’ And “Tom Sawyer” New Relate as Well

As the ‘Trickster Archetype’ Who Breaks All the Social
Standards Defying All the Norms Coming Out AHead
For those Too Slow to Reach The Depths of Rabbit ‘Wholes’

Still to come

Again As Another Parenthetical Statement Becomes Part of WHole)

Once Again, Wit Easily Defeating Frigging “Elmer Fudd” With

A Long Arm Rifle…

“What’s Up Doc,” It’s True, i’ve Come Across A Few NoW in The
Deep South Bible Belt Over Flowing With TuRNip Greens AS Such…

And i Surely Am Not Only A Fictional Character on Sunday Morning Cartoons,
Anymore at
least, hehe…

With All Due
Respect to
“Warner Brothers” Of Course…

And Yep When i Get Tired of
Spinning ‘Rabbit Trails,’ “Tornado
Time” for Spiraling Dance on Earth
Without A Frigging Word Except
For Some Unintelligible Animal Sounds;
Yes, “Tasmanian Devil” my Altar Ego too, hehe;

(Neither Fictional Either)

Among Many Others, More Numerable Than Visible Stars in
Night Skies At Least With Systemizing Science Unaided
EYes of Course AS Such..;)

It’s True When We Hide Emotions

Emotions Become Pain in Every Way

We Feel and Sense From Head To Toe

And So Much More Beyond All of What
We May Discretely Measure And Observe In Others True

So Yes Scream At the Ceiling to the Top of Your Lungs

Create A Tear And Tale A See Fairing Story of How The

Struggle Becomes

Healing Waves

As Ocean

Comes Back
To Balance Whole

And Sure Heal A Stranger
on the Way of Your Caring Story

Isn’t This What We aRe Doing Now
What We aRe ReAlly Doing NoW AS Humans
On This


i Believe
It is For No Reason
Yet What i STiLL
Feel And Sense
Is Most Real Within…

You Know i had This Whole Thing
Written Differently And my wife Came
in Exclaiming Something About Coming

Supper it Jolted me Back into Reality i Hit
A ‘Wrong Button’ and it Deleted All i Wrote And You
Know How that Works Once Original Creativity Now
is Lost From Page or Canvas It’s Never Coming Back the Way

It Was Before No Different Than With Every New Breath Now
We Become New Creations of Being Human So YeS Once Again

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG Love i Let The Waves Come As the Ocean


Free Now
SPiRiT Winds Flow New..:)

SMiles Aloha FRiEnD Hawks
And Monkeys Rarely Fall Cause
They Practice Flying Climbing

Always Now Such A Clumsy
Awkward Nerd i Am When
Young in Numbers Yet That

Was Before i Public Danced
19,818 Miles in 10 Years And
7 Months Yes Learn To Move
As If We are Kissing The Earth
With Every Step As All The Other

Animals Do To Paraphrase
Zen Buddhist Philosopher
‘Thich Nhat Hanh’ As True

It Took Many Years For
‘Michael Jackson’ To
‘Moonwalk’ on Earth

Too And 53 Years
For my Words to
Flow With Gravity

ThiS Way
Too Key
oF All Nature
FRiEnDS With
GravitY iN Balancing
Metaphor For Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN

Kitty is Zen Master
Without Any Human
Lessons Like The Rest


Humans only
Out of Practice

With SMiles Aloha FRiEnD
🙇‍♂️ 🐾🏝🙏☺️🌊🍃🍁🌊🦅💫

Thanks i’ll
Keep Twinkling
My Toes Like
Stars Dusting
The Floors
With SMiles
Keep Dancing
my FRiEnD😊🙌

SMiLes Dear Orkidedatter Lillian
Orchard Flower And Happy Earth
Day to You as i am Writing A lot About

Earth And Human

Nature As Always

With SMiLes Today

And Tonight Too So What

Is E H With No Art

True Art

is Core

of EartH And

All Nature Does

in Passion of Art

King Sago Palms Need

Not Hide The Relationship of

This From 300 MiLLioN Years or So
to Now in Human Form of Spring Bees
Pollinating Flowers too For True We Have
Two Female Huge King Sago Palms Just

Waiting For the

Sign of


Sago Palms

To Come ‘Wild Horses’

As You Poetically Imply

Standing Tall to Play With
Nature’s Greatest Way of Passion

As Spin And Torsion Creating New
UNiVerSES Out of BLacK Holes Far
Beyond our Earth too As Quantum Mechanics in Physics

Theories Suggest too Anyway Your Poem Reminds

me of the Song ‘Wild Horses’ By Gino Vannelli French

Canadian Singer Composer From Last Century Seems

Like Yesterday For Real to me His Wife in the Video

So Sultry Understanding The Gift Always Hers to

Own As Yes She Tamed The Wild Horse

For the One Then at Least

So Many



Wanted to Tame

A Woman Who Trusts

Her Find is Lovely To Hold For Free..:)

SMiles Dear Jade As Creativity
Rises Language of Reality
Becomes Synchronicities
Of Ever Connecting


Never Ending

Stories Pathways

We Light Through

“God’s Mind”


With Unlimiting

Doors Some Find

More Easy to

Open AND Close

Than Others my FRiEnD

Essence of MaGiC


Trumps Fiction☺️🙌

SMiles Dear Summerhilllane
Beautiful Portrait
Of Canadian
Winter Spring

Hehe There’s
Probably A Deeper
Meaning HeaR in
Springing Golden Years

i’ll Let You
Writing About
All Those Parts With SMiles😊🙌

Of Writing
As Mind

Are Now

Art And Reason

It’s Worth Noting

‘Koans’ May Be



Yet They



The Most


oF All As The



To Create
Chaos Magic
Dear Kally FRiEnD😊🙌

Point Of Fact Many
Of The Beatle’s Songs
Are Most Incoherent

(Most Popular too)


oF All

And ‘i Am

The Walrus’ Is
God For Those

Who Now


What ALL Truly
Means (Feels/Senses Now)
With No Separation As Often
Quantum Mechanics
Understands God

And State
Serving Politics in Group
Think Of Human Tribal Separation




In Created



Symbols All CuLTuRaL
Tools Of Clothes We Wear
In Separation From NaTuRE ALL

“i Am The Walrus”
SMiles Dear Kally

One Man’s


Is Another Woman’s Heaven🏝

In Other Words Real God’s


Mother Nature

With No Words At All🌺

LeSSoN 169
Sacred Holy
Original Creativity DiViNE

Beyond Thinking HeaRT SPiRiT SoUL
Receiving Ocean Whole Gift God WiTHiN

Poetry IS A Selfie of Soul
True So IS A Selfie When
One Looks Now into the
Windows of THeir Soul
Is Also A Photo of

A Loved One’s
Eyes With SMiLes..🙂

Poetry Is When Ya
Wake Up As Words

SMiLes i BoRRoWeD
A Pen to Write That

NoW A Seed iN mY Soul New

SuN Is RiSinG Touched By God



LeSSoN 170
Sparring With
Air No Trauma
Martial Arts Best

For Grace Of Balance
Peace And Harmony
Now At Ease Truly
Moving Meditation…

i Often Use A Gym
Towel as 250 Pounds
Becomes The Weight
Of The Towel Brushing
Softly Rest of All The

Objects in Surrounding
Environment As Soul
Of Towel
Us Now
Takes Orbit

Requires Only 3 Feet
Of Space… Success
Easy to Measure

Weight of
Towel in Flight
Even Better Yet Balancing
Finger Tips Weight of Gravity

To Toe Real..:)

LeSSoN 172
Words of Affirmation
Come And Go Particularly
If One Forges New Paths
Awe Feel We CREaTE Remains No
One Will
Take Away

JusT Poetry In Flow
Of Escaping Neo-Cortex
SPaCE MaTTeR Accessing Greater
99.5 Percent of Subconscious Mind
Processes of Course Considering All
Is Connecting All Is God Eternally NeWLY NoW

As Quantum Mechanics Agrees Cosmically Of Course This
Human Natural Higher Force of Potential is All Naturally Part of
God NoW too hehe in case anyone wonders how so-called Artists

Messengers Whatever
Ya wanna call them
Do their Original
Creativity Still OMG

Ugh Inspiring some
Folks to Worship them

And call them Idol Names
Above all Still like Only Gods
And Last Prophets and Other
Idols Quarterbacks of Favorite

Religious Football Teams.. In Flow
of Bliss in Love of Loving Original
Art of Creativity There is no Greater

Reward than this Nirvana Any Idol
Worship is only Pie in the Face
For Anyone who
comes to this
God Place
Within Yet
You likely already
Understand this as a ‘Jain’

Yet just don’t wanna ruffle
Any Feathers for anyone who
Sees a Lesser God Than What
Lives Within You Free Now Just All..🙂

SMiLes hehe
Almost never
Get Cold Truly
Blessed in so many ways
Life is Best for me as i return
As A Dance And Song Life is
Best When Art Grows
Wings and SMiLes…
Okay Back to
If i Will Keep Up..🙂

SMiles Dear Sohair
All Around Our Globe
And Even All Around
Home i Find LoVE iN

Peace Frees Newly Now

Best As Human
Souls Actually


With SMiles

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD
Happy Earth Day Coming
Yes Let’s Celebrate Earth Day
Year Around Anyway As You
Surely Daily Do in Your Beach
Paradise Home Now And Ocean

Point of View
From Behind
The Board of Surfing

With Seals And Sea Turtles

Too What A Wavy Way of Freedom

to Join With Nature iN Balance ThiS WaY

Hehe Still Surfing
Terrestrial Store Floors

Thank Goodness Some Stores
Keep Them Smooth Enough to Do

With Just
Shoes Although
i’ve Been Accused
of Wearing Skates Before

At Least From A Distance With SMiLes
All Your Pets Look Very Pleased Too..:)

Buying High Art From A PHD Sexologist

In The Bushes of Cuba Wow That Sounds

Dear Miriam Indeed Like An Interesting Interaction

With A Stranger Oh Dear Lord From Public Dancing

10 Years and 7 Months Now Almost 8 For 19,818 Miles

God Yes i Surely Have

Stories of Interesting

Interactions With

‘Strangers’ That
i’ve Recorded in
my EPiC LonG Form
Poem of Each and Ever
Day oF A LiFE of me for
All Those 12.8 MiLLioN
Words In Those Dates too

One of the Ones That Almost
Brought A Tear to my Eye (She Had A Few
Relating Her Story About Dance) is When
A Young Woman Said She and Her FRiEnDS

Were Having Tough Years at School And Little
Did i Know Then of Course She Said Taking the Voyeur

Videos of me Dancing In Public Helped Them Dancing to
It After School Not to Take Expectations From Others Too

Seriously Indeed

As True One Will

Break Out in A Free
Dance And Break Frowny
Faces into Mr. Blue Skies With Sunshine More God Yes

So Many Other Memories Like When the Door Installers
During Covid From the Lowe’s Contract Team Said Years
Ago in 2014 when they were in Middle School They Dressed up

Like me With Colorful T-Shirts, Shorts, and Shades to Trick or Treat

For Halloween

So Many Stories

So Many Stories of

Interactions With Strangers
And 6 Years Spent at the Biggest
Metro Dance Hall Before Covid-19
Shut-it Down Two ‘Strange Young Women’

Approached me With A Kind of Dance Hehe
They Never Did in the 80’s Asking me for my

Number As i Whipped Out my Driver’s License

And Showed Them the 6.6.60 On it on March 12, 2020

The Day the Pandemic Shut the Dance Hall Down as Even

Christmas Eve And Day Couldn’t Do It Before i Also Showed

Them my Wife in A Bikini And It’s True All That Counts is i Brought

SMiles to Their
Faces That Last

Practically as Long

As Servers Still Serve That
Night of Smiles And Over 2000

Other Photos With Strangers No

Longer Strangers As Humans Commune
With An Ecstatic Joy of Dance Frolicking Free Again

OBTW Happy Earth Day Coming as Usual i Will Be
Celebrating With Strangers Dancing Everywhere i Go

And True in
Words of
in Poetry too…

Honestly i’ve Never
Really Met a Stranger

i Guess That is Part
of my Condition From

Birth Perhaps Just Another
Autistic Splinter Skill of Course…

Hehe Other Than Being A Bit Wordy Now at least..:)

LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW

“What will become of the restless kind
Where do they go when they’ve done their time
Wearing their hearts out on the line for all to see
Must be the gypsy in their soul
They have a need to rock and roll
They always will, they’re out there still
They’re the night owls”

As the Little Band Relates If You
Believe You Rest When You Re-Tire

You Only Do More As You Both Roll and Rock
Mr Gottfried Hehe Yet It’s True Every Morning

At About 3 AM i Wake Up With A Nod Up From An Involuntary
Nap Into This Screen 5 AM at Best 4 AM And Morning Comes

Again after Another 4 Hour Nap or So It’s A Nap That’s All i Get

A Nap Yet It’s All my Fault For Putting Tires Back on Barren Wheels

With Never Die Tread that Some Days Treads on me It’s True Even

In Heaven on Earth

It’s All About Sticking

in the Sweet Spot Tween

Apathy and Anxiety Always

Increasing Human Potentials

As The River Within Flows Yes

To Breathe A Little Higher and

Stay on the Wave Being Ocean Whole

Water never


Into a Thousand
Mirrored Pieces Again

Those Pieces Every Last
And First One of Them God Yes
Are Helluva Sharp Piercing THorns


Don’t Forget
to Smell the


And the
Silver Lining
of Snow No Allergies Hehe…

YeT On The Other Left Hand
Awarded ‘The Cosmic Sneeze’…

True Why Accept Only A
Common Cold When You
Get The Reward of A Cosmic Sneeze..:)

SMiLes Dear Amethyst Lamb You Surely

Capture a ‘Taylor Swift World” True

“The Tortured Poet Department”

And What A “Fortnight” From That

Place Will Relate Keep Up the Excellent Soul
Deep Poetry You Never Know One Day She Might

Peruse the
Lyrics You Bring

Yet You Already Have
The Gift Whether or Not
You Keep it By Giving it Away Free..:)

SMiLes Dear “Peace Truth” So Happy You Came Back All the Way From Australia
To Visit Us at “LoVE iN Peace to Be I Am” Glad You Were Able to Connect to
The Ever GRoWinG EPiC Long Form Poems and Hey! i Found You Again on the Reader

Again After Not Being Able to get the “Like Function” to Work on Your Full Blog
Always An Issue With ‘BandWidth’ i Guess With SMiLes From Far Down Under As True

Hehe You Are my Most Southern Hemisphere FRiEnD And A Mighty Loyal And Kind One
i Surely Will Relate With Your Emjoi Gifts of A Hug Two Teddy Bears Another Hug
A Crown With One Hundred Percent Heart Yes a Kiss is Always Nice With Twin Hearts
With A Key to Another Teddy Bear Hug With Another one to Grow on Linked With

One Hundred Percent Smiles of Star Kissed Blessed Hearts

True Star FLoWeRS

We All Are Seeds

oF LoVE iN Peace
At Best For All With
Most Respect And Least Harm

Hearing From You Today Really
Brightened Up my Life as We’ve
Been Enduring Not Only The Stellar
Flowers From a Most Beautiful Spring

Yet That Dry Nagging Cough Seasonal Allergies

Gift too

Yep A Gift Snow
Brings No Allergies

Always a Silver Lining
As DarK Creates LiGHT too..:)

A Loyal FRiEnD Who Always Comes
Through is Surely Worth More
Weight That Gold Dear Isha

Glad You Are Finding
Connections Fulfilling
Like That With SMiLes

Of FRiEnDS Who
Continue to Return..:)

First Of All Happy Sunday
Let’s Talk About The Weather
Spring Finally Coming For
You Next Weekend TG
At Least For A Day
With Only A
Light Sweater

Secondly i’m Dancing
In Walmart With A Statue
Of Liberty Shirt That’s
Become Too Tight

More Binding
Than Freeing

And Then i Take
A Snap of A Random
Album Cover called
“The Tortured Poet
Department” Having
No Idea It’s Taylor Swift
on The Album Cover

Until i Get A Notification
Of Her New Song “Fortnight”
Which Reminds me of When
You Asked About A Fortnight
Stay To Study For A Test
When i Had
No Clue
What A “Fortnight”
Was Haha Anyway

Come to Find Out
It’s The Fasted Downloaded
Album Ever as We Live in
A World of Young Tortured


It Seems…

The only
One Who
Writes About
Heaven Down
Here In Florida hehe

Yet i’m only A Dude
In A Echo Chamber
Of Bliss Now HAha

It Seems…

With SMiles
⛅️ ⛅️ ⛅️ 🌧️ ⛅️⛅️⛅️

Hehe SMiLes Dear “Peace Truth” Thanks For Returning so soon again God No
A Few Allergies Haven’t Even Slowed a ‘Zillion’ Moves of Dance Down Today

And Thousands of SMiles Generated For Others With All the Miles of Public Dance

Yes In Just One SuNDay That Started With Song Entertaining Souls From Church

Through Thousands of More Words of Poetic Song Still Singing Now God Yes It’s

Very Possible i am A Most

Alive Human On Earth

‘These Days’ Yet i Surely

Do Still Remember the ‘Other Place’

THere is No Doubt That ‘Luke 17:21’ Is Correct

And ‘John 14:12’ is More Than Ever Possible

The Only Place We Will Ever Fully Find Heaven
Is Within The Same Place We Will Ever Escape Hell too

At Least

For the ‘Time Being’ New

With SMiLeS Now THere is No
Time in Heaven Within Yet All THere is

Is Time When Hell Suffocates Forever Now..:)




Wonderful Story of the Little
Hummingbird Who Did Its Part
To Quickly Retrieve Water to Put

Out the Huge Forest Fire Just
For the Reverence

Dear Savvy
Of the PArt
The Hummingbird
Understood It Plays

As All of Life All Parts
Integral Whole Save

Part and Whole

Still Sticking


Through Fires
And Rain the Last

Resort Always the First
PArts CoMe Together to Create The Whole..:)

iNDeeD Dear Miriam i Surely Agree
A Warm SMiLe Together Is the First
And Last Resort of Humanity Always

Worth Keeping Now

After Losing the Memory

of Ever Actually Feeling A
SMiLes And That Finally
Returning After 66

Months This Much

i Understand the
Feeling of A Smile
or No Memory of A Smile

Difference Tween HELL AND
Heaven Within on Earth Now For Real

Give me the Feeling of A SMiLe and
i’ll Live Forever Now Lose it and As Far

As i’ve
Been Concerned
Lose All that’s Worth
Living to Share Indeed..:)

“Geneticists have discovered that all human
embryos start life as females, as do all embryos
of mammals. About the 2nd month the fetal tests
elaborate enough androgens to offset the maternal

estrogens and maleness develops.”

From the National Institutes of Health
Hehe It’s True Dear Yam Lots of Men

Don’t Wanna Hear the Reality That

All Human Embryos Start Life as Females

Yet It’s True “After approximately 6 to 7 weeks of gestation,
the expression of a gene on the Y chromosome induces
changes that result in the development of the testes.”

Androgens More Prevalent in Males and Estrogens More

Prevalent in Females Develops Humans and Their

Behavioral Propensities Much Differently True

True There is a Great Spectrum Between

Male and Female And in Each and Every Human

Being Per Their So-Called Masculine and Feminine Traits

That May Be Greatly Influenced By Culture As Basically Big Dudes

Wear Skirts
in Scotland
Called Kilts

And True Saudi Arabian
Dudes Will Be Seen Holding
Platonic Male Friend Hands

in Public as Well Yet Not

Allowed Between

Genders of Course
Your Muslim Faith Requires
Many Differences that Other Faiths Do Not

And That Varies Greatly Between Different
Sects of That Faith like the 45,000 Plus Denominations

of Christianity Mostly Believing They Each Have the Real Truth

of Reality

Dear Lord We
Humans Are Always
Changing Getting to Know
Someone And Actually Getting
Along Under One Roof is a Great Challenge
of Life Long Marriages For Sure Mix in the Kids

And The Rest of Life’s Responsibilities Stay Sharp Indeed
Navigate The Ship Through Rough Seas Safe Harbors and

Try not to Hit
Any ‘Titanic’


ALonG The Way

If It Was a Science Project
Alone We Might Figure it all Out

Yet it is not It is LoVE iN Peace

New Tween Differences of Unique
Humans A Lifelong Art Now Never Stops…

Move and Repose Meeting Challenges Adapting
Successfully Resting Doing iT ALL OVeR Again New..:)

STaTe oF LoVE iN Peace
NaTioN oF FoCuS


EartH DaY 2024

SMiles Zoe Cultures
Vary A Rainforest
Tribe Might


Why Do You
Wear A Spiked

Torture Device
On Your Foot




At Least You
Will Know

They Are

Than The
Shoe Wondering
What Would Make

A Human
Self Abuse
Hehe Like
This Honestly

If We Could See our
Selves Through Other
Cultural Lens We Might



Free Whatever That

Means Whatever That

Means Is Up to All Of Us


It’s Nice
To Feel Enough

Folks Are As
Big As The Raindrops

And The Ocean


The Sky 🌌

SMiLes Dear
Savvy Curiosity
Every Spark Star Birth..