God Signs Synchronicity

Ah.. the signs of GOD are everywHere.. for those WHO WitH ‘eyes’ to see..
Oh.. the scribe of GOD.. the science of GOD.. tales truth of same
ALL of Interdependent Connecting Relationship that is the
ART of GOD.. as canvas tapestry works.. of GOD in ART
AS ART of GOD is ART.. as Synchronicity Breathes…
AH.. the devilived deTAILS of life do evilive
IN human eyes as pieces of GOD..
NOT seeing whole of Truth @ALL…
OH.. the microscope of life
BE comes the truth
FOR some.. belies
THE telescope
Ah.. yes.. the strife of life.. a mixed plate of salt and pepper to spice it up..
and truly without the dark there cannot be light..
so we play to a twilight that mixes both..:)
Ah.. but i love the weeds of dandelion form..
so bright yellow.. they do remind me ..that life of weeds..
is not fair to leaves of grass.. but beautiful just as well.. as total play of life..:)
Ah.. to dance in rhythm to glowing moonlit nights..
to day of death and sleep of life.. is a certain way.. to live life..
in poetic feet above the ground.. in grounded way..:)
Yes.. to dance with wind in salt air waters..
to become one with nature.. in watered win..
to feel the splash.. of wind upon one’s face..
is to live alive.. in splendor
of the seas and airs afloat..:)
Ah.. the rules of Queen Victoria do restrict.. and honestly I still
have no clue to terms and rules of English.. and never
do learn them at school.. i look at the patterns of
songs of language.. relate them.. and make
straight A’s.. without ever really learning
how to even compose a paragraph
before age 50.. consistent in
creative ways.. the problem
is not enough
pain.. and now
i write and write
and write through pain
and beyond.. ah.. life
is strange
For minds
thinking uniquely
differently in change..:)
And i for one love the food
captchas that capture blogger robots.. as
now i’m ready.. for Saturday Steak at Ryan’s..:)
Yes.. the minds of blades under blades of mowers
sing a refrain of longer ways of growing..
ah.. the mowers they do cut
back taller stronger
ways.. of
being green..:)
The intersections of neurons of minds are like the minds of
earth connecting as we speak.. in poetic ways of hearts..
and souls expressing spirit.. as we continue to grow..
ah.. the blessings of a world connecting are so
wonderful to have a unique voice and ear..
in mind of beauty
art wHere
choirs of
unique and one..:)
Ah.. the seasons of change remind us
humans that now is always different
and unique to cherish as
nature’s change as well..
Ah.. the forms of
home.. and car..
and dollar
bills do stay
static in a past now
illusion.. that takes
us away from a
morning walk
of life
The greaTEST joy to me of living in an illness worse..
in someways.. than hospice itself.. as nothing is
left.. not even effective vision.. hearing.. or
feeling even a tear.. in all is pain..
is to know and understand now
these places of human in now
hell do exist.. and to know
death in life
is to
for life as death..
and the ultimate
that death
a joy of the
flower that
no longer
of life..:)
Ah.. the love of a mother is the supreme love
of a Universe of earthly humans.. to break
a vicious cycle.. is to start the
wiring of a human
renewed in loving child
potential.. surely.. yes..
this is an environmental
issue.. where nurturing is
no longer a greater part of
a village of
One or two
parents is
not always
enough.. and
truly never is..
in terms of Village..:)
Ah.. the freedom of ships at seas..
wolves at play.. sea gulls of
winds spiraling around
a golden mean
way.. do tale
the tells of
the wings
of Freedom’s Wild..:)
To bury a human soul and heart..
away from expressing
spirit.. is to maim
a love of life
so great
that death
is truth in life..
To raise alive
is to
come again
in living glory
of sacred love..:)
Ah.. yes.. bloomer of wit.. beyond
courtrooms of measuring
life.. ah the love of
life is a trial and jury
of living.. JUST
living out
of life..:)
Ah.. yes the tools of life.. are extension
of mind and body.. that render
chaos in relief.. no longer
bare human does
exist.. when
Ah.. yes… to express.. to express
in no restraint of freedom
in a path out of pain
of stress.. never
in requiem..
of stifled
soul.. and
heArt of Spirit!..:)
Cultures of same do arise.. when nature’s golden
spiral moves.. do become angles instead
of angels.. of love.. ah.. a move to
angles to still a fear of change..
ah.. to embrace change
is to become
fully human
again.. with
instead of
seasons of change..
always now..in angel ways..:)
Ah.. yes the social river
of common purpose
does roll along..
and often
do roar alive..:)
The pencil of life is a multi-purpose
tool.. so many intelligences
that pencil innately
stores.. so many
blocks of potential
do scribble away..
As Truth as way..:)
OH!.. the plans of Mexican food..
when siesta is write around
the corner.. Yikes.. as side
walks come to cover
broader dusty roads
of life.. meh..! tHere’s
always grass
and another
way of life..:)
Yes.. Dandelion tales do tell.. do tell
a story of wings of butterflies..
and yes.. it’s nice to hear
of butterflies in
search of
yellow Lions..:)
One hour and thirty eight
minutes of poetic writing fun..:)
in response to twenty others for now..:)
AVG.. 5 minutes each.. in back to science knowledge..:)
The term Syzygos, is an excellent metaphor for the truth that at least some of us have
access to a higher self that is all peaceful, knowing and FEELING; much higher than
what we consciously assess ourselves as capable of being, doing AND FEELING.
To become integrated with this metaphor of Syzygos, and
what others describe as Christ, the Holy Spirit;
the Holy Guardian Angel; the Kundalini
Energy, CHI, KI, QI, and so
many other metaphors
for this much
higher human
potential is to live
in a divine state that
those who do not enter
can even fathom; ah the
grace of this, is beyond the
eyes of most; but never the less;
the metaphors of it across cultures
from primitive to advanced is the same
HUMAN POTENTIAL fuller realized AS TRUTH..:)
More or less my ‘Syzygos'; and I are ONE, and as
veteran of many paths of life; both light and dark;
I for one, no matter what the naysayers life SAY,
I DO say 100% for sure; it is height of all human
accomplishment that never ends in peak
of mountains of achievement
in greater and greater
potential LIGHT
When people suggest I
am insane for being
the best I can
it’s a laugh
of GOD to
GOD and
Only if they knew;
Only if they know;
Only if they feel;
what I know
Then tHeir
eyes will
That’s a great analysis showing the necessity of the balance of both sexual energy and pure white love as the source of humanity’s libido and all the creativity that springs forth from humanity as whole.
And even Aleister Crowley’s general focus on so-called ‘sex magic’ is gaining at least some roots in science, in the science of Lust and Love as balance as a great source of human creativity and general productivity in larger life.
I am happily married but I for one as a very sensual individual from early age; not in a dominating way; just sensual way; can map the magnitude of my creativity in a long night of sober but trance inducing sensual dance in rave dance nights on Thursday; as the next day, my creativity in both dance and words always soars as evidence of that yesterday and today; and it will falter off until that next peak experience of sensuality and trance dance of higher mind and body balance comes together again; next Thursday night and after that.
Truly the source of all my creativity is the art of dance and connecting sensuality to other human beings in flesh and blood life; albeit mostly all females as the Patriarchal fundamentalist male crowd in my area are terrified, overall, of a guy who does ballet dance; but fist bumps regularly when I display lightening fast martial arts kicks from less than an inch of touching in target; including humans, in the club where I dance, in the spirit of play of course.
Anyway here’s the documentary on the science of lust. And Love does balance that out; as my marriage is still definitely successful and not compromised through the sensual freedoms in connecting this way with full clothed members of the opposite sex in dance..:)
And to be clear not all folks are born in these intense sensual ways; and they do make due with their gifts as well..:)
And thanks for the 6 tarot card;
as 6 follows me around all my life ever since
birth on 6-6-60..;)
Anyway, fall from unconditional tough LOVE, in not loving
all that is GOD is the REAL fall in life; not a fallen angel..;)
Not very likely I would have very gotten married, if I had not met the ‘one’.
No one else I ever meet, is equipped do deal with ALL OF ME.
But alas, children are not part of the mix of our marriage; and
that makes a huge difference, in associated duties and
stresses of marriage. It’s easier, as far as I can
see without children; to keep it somewhat
romantic; but with years, friends
are more like it; at least
with 25, like us..;)
If I have children I will neither
be here; or anywhere else
free; as responsibilities
of children do come
first, rather
or couple’s
In my book, at least;
and in my case, I choose
freedom, and other
ways of regenerative
abilities; it works
for me..:)
Well, Ana, as you may remember while I for one; have never gone 40 days with fasting; I did go precisely 40 days with almost no sleep; numbering 1 hour each night of very shallow sleep, for the first 35 of 40, with the aid of a powerful Alpha Blocker to make that even possible; and then absolutely no sleep during the last 5 of 40 days.
The world record for no sleep is 264 hours; precisely 11 days.
I didn’t get the record; but 11 days might have been easier.
This happened, ironically, during the lent season of 2008.
Of course for me it is not something I want; it is
the last thing imaginable anyone will want;
and I’m sure you at least; can trust me on
A cocktail of dysautonomia, where my heart
races to keep the blood going to my head in
a nervous system that no longer coordinates
the autonomic function of heart and blood
pressure, means every time my head hits the
bed I get faint; but before I pass out my heart
races to awake; a constant hell of heart and
blood pressure out of whack that sure is then.
Oh and then there is the Trigeminal Neuralgia,
type two style, where sleep is the ONLY ESCAPE
from novocaine less pain; with the pain in eye
and ear instead of teeth; and yes, that’s bad
enough; but there is a total of 19 medically
diagnosed disorders, including Sjogren’s
Syndrome, threatening loss of eyesight;
no more eye duct tears; like swimming
in salt water with eyes wide open it
feels; and yeah Fibromyalgia pain
all over; Spinal Stenosis; severe
degenerative arthritis in my
neck making any movement
in neck or not; severe pain
all the time, and I’m
running out of
space to
describe the rest;
bad stuff; but this
is the worst part;
EXCEPT; by far the
worst part is losing all
my emotions; becoming
totally disconnected with
the GOD of Nature through
senses too; including the sense
of Proprioception in navigating the
world without eyes and ears; OH MY
THE GOD OF NATURE; and aha! that is where
the realization comes to me that of course; Yes,
hell yes; GOD is the Interdependent relationship
of all that is; and when one becomes separated
from God like I do then; one lives in hell where the
experience of one second of time is a thousand years
of hell; all there is, is time in hell; In the heaven I live in
now, in the REAL KINGDOM OF HEAVEN of now; there is NO
perception of time; forevermorenow is wHere I am at for Now..:)
I suppose this is why some folks do the fasting thingy; to figure this
stuff out by looking within too; but hopefully one can figure it out with
the help of others, instead of fasting; and no one; no one needs to go without
sleep for 40 days; as if they do anything close to that; they will be praying every
day for death to escape that; and that is all; where death seems like life and death
is life for all practical purposes; to see divine purpose in death is truly life and the
PATH TO FEARLESSNESS as truly anxiety and fear in general ruin a human soul, heart
and potential for positive loving spirit expressed in connecting to other human beings and
the rest of
Yes, I sleep okay now;
perhaps not enough at less
than 6 hours some days;
but certainly far from the torture of that past.
I’ve always been a night owl; and I practically sleep my way through school groggy; as I rarely go to bed before 2 or 3 AM, as a night owl; listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Dog’ song and stuff like that. HeHe!.. amazing I graduate 11 out of a class of 381, ‘asleep’ and rarely studying; but getting my homework done, of course..:)
And if you haven’t heard it; its kind of mystical sounding; ’cause the maker of some of the songs, Syd Barrett, expresses music out of the realm of the music science BOX, in meter and measure.
It’s psychedelic without the drugs. And yes, he eventually goes too far off the edge of abstract; and falls to mental illness; but his Art remains forever as long as YouTube servers keep going.
And in respect to that; here is the song for you; if you haven’t heard it; who needs fasting when ya Got Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd, in the hands of a Smart Phone and YouTube..;)
Music is amazing for altering levels of consciousness; I play with that all the time; with my favorite play tools; YouTube and smart phones, etc..; and Piano in the past..:)
And the music inspired by the psychedelic phase of humanity in the 60’s and 70’s; can be the best at that.
I’m not sure there are any more folks doing acid; when they write music like Pink Floyd; the Beatles; etc..:)
But yes, the music does live on in YouTube way; like the biggest music library imaginable to me when
I am in my youth; it’s like candy in a store for me, now; and all ya can eat; I don’t like candy, by the way..:)
But; OH God, do I love music, singing, and dance.
I always hated writing when I am young; can’t
even do a paragraph of creativity.
Stuff changes; if one lives long enough
and beats the
that will
come in life….
And that’s
That’s the
best.. in fact…:)
I will check those songs out. And haha!
you are like me. Folks ask me
if I am on drugs all my life;
As no one can possibly be that happy.
And then they say whatever it is,
DAM; I want what you are doing.
Maybe we are born that way;
But I do feel blessed;
As when I reach 47; I find out
how the other side lives.
But now folks say; what is it Cocaine, Molly,
LSD, or ‘whatever'; how the hell can you
dance at full speed for 3 or 4 hours
and not even take a water break.
I tell ’em,
Practice is my secret..:)
Plus that ‘Christos’ Stuff;
When I attempt to
tell ’em the second
part, is when
I get the
WTF looks;
and ha! even
more suspicion
I am on ‘something’.
That’s what they
THEY GO..!..:)
And perhaps one
day; they too;
can have it
For me it takes practice;
but never the less;
it doesn’t
penny and
is worth more
than the weight
of the world on
human shoulders..:)
Ah.. yes.. and believe it or not.. for five whole years.. there is almost no energy for me.. with my 94 year old GREAT Aunt Jettie.. crippled and barely moving foot to step.. with more energy to talk than me at 47…
What i find now is how fully expressing emotions and not repressing them..
particularly pro-socially.. in a spirit of Unconditional Tough Love..
POWERS me more and more in ENERGY OF life
as i improve IT as an Art of Love of.. and in Life..
wHere ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’..
AND floats on terrestrial
earth wITh wings of feet..
hands of expressing
love.. and a song of heart
voice.. coming from soul..
expressing UCT Love to
And yes, i ‘must’
accompany these words..
with a song of the same
name as well.. for fuller
multi-media poetic
expression.. wHere
Life becomes ART
and ART becomes
And truly this is how I feel in life with GOD as my co-pilot
in heArt.. Soul.. and Spirit expressed again!.:)
Unafraid to be a real man.. and human
being.. with both divine feminine
and masculine being balanced
in mind and body
The video above describes why there is a poverty in culture in providing
subsistence making work for a culture that is no longer what it is
for thousands of years as foragers, then agrarians, and then
manufacturers. The key is, then, there is a tangible product.
Now, the product of the work is often not something
that can be sensed or felt with little to no social roles.
But anyway; it’s not anyone’s fault when they are poor
when there are not jobs provided to gain subsistence;
where foraging, agriculture, and manufacturing
are no longer viable solutions for sustenance.
Information Technology and resulting globalization
is the Moral Failure, as this new way of life has
no soul or heart. Humans used to rule the
world and they still do; but machines
are replacing the workforce, in cold
souled, and hearted ways of roles.
Poverty rates are assigned as dollar
amounts not earned; But the death
of the human soul and heart IS
true poverty; and truly life away
from work producing tangible
products that can be sensed
and felt, in ways of human
sharing, helps one to keep
the value of both the
product and the heart
and soul of human
Integral and whole,
as common humanity;
with THOSE social roles.
The greatest message of the video
above, is this is all a new experiment
in humankind; this Info TECH. revolution;
and truly it is becoming a revolution of the
machine instead of continued evolution of the
human being as flesh and blood connecting social
animals with social roles. And social roles are of highest
importance; as utopian rat models of society in the experiment
of John Calhoun in the 60’s, shows a lack of social roles can lead to
extinction, of at least, a society of rats; humans do share much of that
social animal DNA as well. And with rates as high as 50% of college graduates
not gaining jobs a decade after college, still living at home with parents, and many
others underemployed in service jobs, far below their education; this current experiment
of society is not working well for more folks. But alas, the bright side is at least their is still
Social Welfare to provide a safety net for a cultural experiment that is not currently working well.
Poor folks should watch the video above;
and not listen to the voices of generations before; some retired
with golden feathered nests; when social roles in work are plentiful; and even early retirement is possible.
I come from the days before; I live in comfort in retirement; but I am not so cold souled and hearted not to
look further to the truth to see that poverty, largely in ways of not finding jobs, is the problem of a culture
that’s experiment produces raising the incomes of those ‘who own the machines’ while relegating the
populace to a life of social roles in work, if any, with little human connection in products that can be
felt and sensed; in a life of both disconnectedness from humans and the rest of feeling
sensing human nature with ‘earthy’ nature ; There is not only a poverty in our modern
cultures in moral failure of providing healthy social roles of work; there is almost
a total apathy of even admitting what the real problem is; where the
fictional movies; the terminator series and matrix series, are more or
less already truth come in flesh and blood
machine reality; where the moral
failure is a poverty of
machines; that
is the cause
of poverty;
And seriously, in many ways
the folks who entertain themselves
including me in someways, are here
simply because there is no social roles
provided for them, in society they can do.
In my work area; when the Info Tech revolution
is just starting in the early 80’s, I am hired in a
before, totally unrelated area of employment
associated with Computer Tech stuff; that
becomes part of employment then; and
my skills are needed; now most everyone
has those skills; I thrived on the rise up;
and now others are paying the price of
the end result of shiny new machines
that multi-task human skills; for
a human who is NOT evolved
to multi-task machine
cognition and
social cognition
activities at one time;
per the smallest example
of the cashier at McDonalds
with service with a cash register
smile. That’s a hard job; and evolution
of human being and science now evidences
why; and why our culture in ways of adequate
social roles is failing greater every day. Now
folks moreover must create their own social roles.
And that is possible for imaginative and creative individuals.
But they are truly the outliers; some folks have difficulty tapping
that potential; for many environmental and innate reasons, for now.
Anyway, it’s a fascinating topic of discussion; and there are many more
reasons and solutions that meet the ‘eye’s of much ‘deeper minds’ with
both the science and art of the human nature of humanity
BEING. It’s much more complicated than either
an economic math equation or
a conservative
Sunday School
Class; for ‘eyes’
‘seeing deeper’.
I think the examples of domesticated Wolves, show that domestication of humans is not all what it’s cut out to be.
But at least in places in the U.S.; we can still be wild and free; but only if we assert that freedom can we do it.
The fact that I have no interest now in reproducing and have no children; does set me apart from
what I am free to do; it’s nice to have children; but lots of individual potentials of human
freedom certainly go with that; as well as any time to even have inclination to do it.
The idea of priests in Catholic Churches not getting married; overall; has some
merit; as communion with the greater forces of nature are certainly
easier to obtain in a world farther away from the responsibilities
of what must be done in everyday life. And on top of that
becoming a structured part of a religion to do that
is highly restricting, as well, per individual
feelings and senses understood
and expressed about
I have a feeling the GOD of Nature
will win out; history shows
this time and time again
to be true; no matter
the experiments that
humans put forth
out of human nature
and Nature in general
I think the greatest thing about technology is it is making people softer, overall.
Bars used to be a scary place to go to, with folks starting fights with folks.
But now truly folks have softened; and while I personally do not see that
as healthy; it does lower testosterone levels in males as fat percentages
go up in body; even at the military gym I go to; the military audience
there is extremely soft; and often punching on a smart phone;
rather than a punching bag; and lifting half as much as folks
did when I am young; Ah, the darkness of life; always
has a silver lining, somewhere; A country of softer
folks means less violence.
And that ironically is growing across the globe,
as machines take the punch
out of human
I am peaceful and strong;
I can live life strong
without punches;
thank goodness;
And seriously I am the ‘omega';
male when I am younger and
generally speaking, I am recognized
as the ‘alpha’ male archetype when
I go to bars now. But no; not before;
and it’s fascinating to observe the differences
in that; living in both places in one lifetime.
Alpha, is definitely the best;
particularly, when
it is humbly done.
Usually the old adage is folks get weaker when
they get older; but in my case, I for one can prove
in empirical numbers that I get twice as strong in
9 months, moving from a quarter of a ton of lifting
power in my legs to close to a half a ton, last year.
That does show the incredible potential of human
epigenetics; at even the ‘advanced age’ of
55 next week. And my stimulus
of adaptation, and change
in environment, is
martial arts
and ballet
style dance..:)
I don’t think we will ever go back
to the ‘gladiator days’ again;
pushing buttons
is even the
new way
of war
drones and
such as that..:)
The games of thrones
and video games
take the
place of
flesh and blood
aggression and
violence in
games and
plays of life.
And that’s
a good
thing too..;)
But not for me..:)
I direct, produce
and act my own
real life flesh and
blood play; and
stay away from
all virtual stuff,
except for
and such as that..:)
Just as note, Boston University has already done a comprehensive peer reviewed study on this very forum, in the ‘hay day’ of the Strident WP Atheist days of Wrong Planet, where spiritual leaning folks are constantly ridiculed for their belief in a gang-up effort by anti-spiritual, material reductionist bullies. Even then, the Boston University study shows that in analyzing the actual posts here, in PPR, overall, instead of just a few opinion threads; only 26% percent of folks here assess and express themselves as actual Atheists.
The issue with higher functioning spiritual leaning folks on the Autism Spectrum is they develop their own sets of spiritual beliefs often not controlled by one religious ideology. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as each human being views the Universe uniquely in relationship to issues with existential intelligence. And yes, existential intelligence is a very import aspect of human intelligence to feel secure in one’s very existence on a now to now basis.
My ideas of GOD are 100% secure in nature;
there is proof of GOD in all that is to me with absolutely no doubt.
But here’s the thing, I see much further in life than most people do, as a result of many challenges in life that most folks have not faced. When I describe my ideas about philosophy and GOD the folks who see it as gibberish or garbage have simply not been to the places, I for one, have been in, in life in both physical illness and the joy of 54 years of paths in life leading down many roads in real flesh and blood life out of a world of electronic devices, as well as in them too.
Chances are without the intimidating environment for folks with out of the box spiritual ideas, if the Boston University study is done here again; the percentage of atheists will be the similar or less than the so-called NT online control group at 17%.
And true, the percentages of Christians are rather low; but it doesn’t take much intelligence to see through the myths of the OT and the NT of the traditional revised bibles.
But here’s the thing that is the most important part of that. Folks follow truly insane myths and ideologies for the truly sane reason for social acceptance, for basic subsistence and social survival.
And no matter how silly the ideologies are; survival is what counts for any social animal at the end of the day.
And even if it is female genital mutilation that is the social norm for both self-esteem and religious ideology in some countries; the alternative of not participating in the NORM of social cooperation can mean DEATH, IN EVENTUAL POTENTIAL.
Many folks on the Autism Spectrum who already have trouble with reciprocal social communication are outcasts by the time they hit the church pews, knowing what’s going on; so there is not much to lose from seeing deeper truths; escaping church as an outcast already; and finding one’s own path to what one calls and defines GOD, in unique ways.
And that is a great advantage in being an outcast.
As I for one can dance naked in front of the entire world;
on adult restricted nude art blog; all legal of course.
And feel absolutely no shame; ’cause human sensuality aka LUST, is a scientifically all GOD of Nature given proven core of both human creativity and productivity, so I use that to my advantage as a muse both to me and a few other female poets and dancers in the real world, to ENHANCE MY CREATIVITY, big time; AND YES, my wife goes along with it, sort of..;)
And yes, the evidence of that follows me everywhere I go, in terms of
creativity and productivity, for those with ‘eyes’ deep enough and
patient enough to see the full extent of what I do, numbering
around 1.1 million now, on just my Google Plus page for ART.
The outcast as always, can and does win in the END, AND sometimes
always now, in the real kingdom of heaven, as just another mind
and body balanced creature of GOD. I live wild and free
and many others who follow the social norm, afraid
of not being accepted
live in either
a systemized
prison of culture
or their own ready
made hell of ‘robot life';
following the rules and
never moving out of the box
for all the joy that can be possible
in Loving Life
as it
That’s truly sad to me; but with human
potential and the real science of
epigenetics and neuroplasticity;
all natural human miracles
in essence can and will
come true for those
who gain ‘deeper
‘eyes in minds
and bodies in balance;
adapting to enough challenge;
even if one must make that challenge
for themselves in imagination and creativity
to make the words so let it be written so let it
be done become:
CREATE OUR OWN REALITIES, when we get integrated
as what we are evolved to be in mind and body balance.
And that is a simple truth of how to get to ‘THE HEAVEN OF NOW..:)
But yes, it takes sweat and sometimes even blood; and a real continuous
practice of the joy of THAT
‘Great Work’, wHere
perfection is the
practice and NOT
That’s simple. That’s because Biology
is the science of life and not life itself.
Biology only measures stuff that can be
reduced with a scientific method
by way of material reductionism.
Not all of life can be reduced to that;
by the scientific method to consistently
observable and measurable phenomenon;
And OMG; that’s just common sense, as science doesn’t
even have the full process of why folks get depressed ‘figured out’.
To me it is simple;
Depression is a sign
of ‘sick’ ways of living;
A ‘sign’ from the God of Nature.
Anyone who doesn’t feel good; most anyone;
is simply not living by the laws of the All Natural GOD;
And honestly; that’s why most folks come to the Wrong Planet;
as they are simply lost from the rules of the God of Nature; and
in the
of a society
gone truly mad,
in many sitting still,
non-flesh and blood,
connecting to each
other, ways
Planets cannot ‘survive’,
if they do not constantly
move and humans
suffer for
the lack
of that.
It’s as simple as any
social animal foraging
for existence. To move
is to live; to sit still
is to
same stuff;
ways of
It’s a well known fact my friend;
that folks who sit on their butts all the time are more likely to get depressed;
if for no other reason than they cannot burn the stress chemicals off that accumulate in their bodies. Exercise is what makes that happen. And it is also a well known FACT that stress is associated with depression. That’s just common sense but;
I suggest ‘you’ get a health science degree like me;
before you go done another road you are clueless on, my friend..;)
If evolution is NOT the ABSOLUTE TRUTH; you wouldn’t develop as an embryo with a tail my friend and precursors to gills; like your chimp-like ancestors and fish; and the rest of the common mammal ancestors with tails; like the rodent YOU used to be around 75 million years ago; more or less in still common DNA.
And before that star dust; according to Carl Sagan;
and even more common sense.
ALL starts and ends at one point;
and one point still exists in all that is, as is;
and that’s common sense for above so below STUFF;
inside and outside you and all around GOD stuff too..:)
The reality of the matter is; if a ‘group like this’ comes to the front of the HUGE Assembly of GOD Church, where I live; that has policemen out in front OF the church directing in and out traffic from the highway; with guns protesting Christianity, drawing disrespectful photos of Jesus; they WILL be told to get the f*** out in no uncertain terms; but yeah; JUST GET OUT;
And there WILL be NO restraints of
disagreement in the area community;
as it is around 95% or so Christian leaning.
And truly these folks could be in more danger from the folks in the Christian Church than the Muslim church of minority where this Islamic protest is taking place. Mobs rule; the folks who are doing this are truly cowards of freedom of speech; as they will
NEVER EVER do it; where Muslims are the majority; and if they do NOT like Christians they likely would have enough common sense and realize they have small enough ‘balls'; NOT to attempt it at a congregation of literally several thousand folks attending the huge Assembly of GOD church in my locality.
Where I live; a person doesn’t disrespect GOD or Women; if they plan to live comfortably.
While it’s not exactly separation of Church and State; it IS both reality and mob rule; however
one ethically assesses it.
The problem here is; there is a right to freedom of religion; and from an ethical; and perhaps not legal
standard, per 1st and 2nd amendment rights; these folks are just cold hearted assholes.
They don’t even deserve visibility on the news as the weakest of cowards; picking
on a religious minority instead of facing up to the
NOT; like in any shade of gray or white they come in..:)
It will be less than silly; and truly dangerous,
if they try this; in opposition to Christianity
ways; where I live; for sure.
I don’t agree with all
of any religion;
but I do
agree with
allowing folks
the peace to practice
their individual religions;
without Bull-crap like this.
And truly they are stupid; as it
is a small world; and yes, a crazy
terrorist can find ’em, and go to
their frigging homes and kill their
entire family; with just a little techno
ability; the height of stupidity is risking
one’s family; no matter the value of big talk.
YES; Pantheism is most definitely a theist belief; PAN THEISM; get it.
And Yes, both the Nocebo effect/affect and Placebo affect/effect
are real scientifically proven all natural benefits/dangers of human
belief. So yes, nature ‘answers’ prayers through the placebo effect.
And yes, bad stuff happens to cynics who believe that life is all a
b**CH, and stuff like that through the Nocebo effect; and don’t
take my word for it; listen to the experts, if you care to; but
you are far off base in your claims here; in regard to Pantheism.
Pantheism is a theist belief; ‘they’ do Not name it PAN THEISM
JUST FOR the hell of it, my friend; that’s just common SENSE.
Oh, and by the way; the Gnostic Jesus dude by accounts in
the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas describes GOD as
a Pantheist GOD as well; within humans, outside
humans; above so below; all around Nature
is what Gnostic Jesus speaks to in the
link below, as well; even saying
hacking off foreskin is
stupid, as that is
gifted by
“The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet. He consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly his delicious pay. What balks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to his proportions. All expected from heaven or from the highest he is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak or a scene of the winter woods or the presence of children playing or with his arm round the neck of a man or woman. His love above all love has leisure and expanse . . . . he leaves room ahead of himself. He is no irresolute or suspicious lover . . . he is sure . . . he scorns intervals. His experience and the showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar him . . . . suffering and darkness cannot—death and fear cannot. To him complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth . . . . he saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore or the shore of the sea than he is of the fruition of his love and of all perfection and beauty.”
– Walt Whitman

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