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30+ Safe Sites for People on the Autism Spectrum and People Who Love Them :)!

I posted this information in a discussion on the Wrong Planet website, linked at the bottom of this post, and I am now up to 30 Safe Sites for People on the Autism Spectrum and People who Love them.

If anyone has a blog or site they feel fits the "Criteria" for a Safe Site for People on the Autism Spectrum and People Who Love Them and would like it additionally included, in the list, please contact me at my Blog Page on Facebook, Blogspot dot com, or on the referenced page, below, at the Wrong Planet website. :)

I am sure there are hundreds of others that have not come to my notice.

Here is the updated list of Sites that are all freshly linked on my Blog page, in the right column, at this link below:

There is also an interesting discussion going on at the Wrong Planet website, linked below, as to what makes a Safe or Valuable Site of Reference per Unique Perspective and/or Autism Information for Everyone On and Off the Autism Spectrum.

30+ Safe Sites for People on the Autism Spectrum and People Who Love Them :)!

  • Autism Blogs Directory
  • Autism Candles on Facebook for Unique Perspective, Lighting
    Up Autism Awareness, and Disability Employment Advocacy
  • Autism Discussion Page on Facebook for Helpful Advice
  • Autism Dog Girl Blog for Unique Perspective, AAC Apps, and Service Dog Information
  • Autism from a Father's Point of View for Unique Perspective
  • Autism Hangout Community for Social Interaction
  • Autism SD for Information
  • Autism Spectrum Explained by Siblings on and off the Spectrum
  • Autism Spectrum House on Facebook for Unique Perspective and Raising Awareness Across the Spectrum
  • AutiSocial for Unique Perspective, Information, Support, and Interaction
  • Autistic and Awesome Blog for Unique Perspective
  • Care and Feeding of Your Aspie Blog for Unique Perspective (rated PG)
  • Cracking the Enigma Blog for Autism Science from an Australian Research Scientist
  • Dude, I'm an Aspie for "Do you Like Cartoons?"
  • Help 4 Aspergers for Unique Perspective, Employment, Female Specific, and Relationship Information
  • I Have Asperger's Blog for Unique Perspective
  • Inner Aspie for Unique Perspective from a Parent on the Spectrum
  • Jan Sand Blog (Octogenarian) for Unique Perspective and Wisdom
  • Just A Lil Blog on Facebook for Parenting Perspective and Inspiration
  • Khawk Girl's VideoBlog for Unique Perspective
  • LBRB Blog for Autism Science Debate
  • MindRetrofit for Poetry and Parenting on the Spectrum
  • Mostly True Stuff on Facebook for Parenting Perspective and Amusement
  • NPF Bloggar for Blogs from Sweden on Neuro-Diverse Conditions
  • Planet Autism for Unique Perspective of  Parent on the Spectrum, Information and Interaction
  • Sophie Kingsbury Blog for Parenting Perspective and Spiritual Support
  • Vacationing on Earth Blog for Unique Perspective
  • Writings of an American Author Blog for Unique Perspective
  • Wrong Planet Autism Community for Social Interaction and Support

Link to Discussion at the Wrong Planet Website: (Some of these unique perspectives and resources are derived from People visiting that website. :)

Addendum Roll Call :)!  for Additional Safe Sites for People on the Spectrum and People Who Love Them, as Suggestions or results from "Treasure Hunts" come my way. :)!

  • Snaggle Box for Parenting Perspective, Advice, and Support
  • Yes, That Too Blog for Unique "Hyperlexic" Perspective
  • Chavisory's Notebook for Unique Perspective
  • Aspie Strategy Blog for Adult Relationship Advice
  • Flappiness Is Blog for Parenting Perspective and Building Bridges
  • The Clockwork Pastor Blog for Musings on Faith and Autism
  • Married, With Aspergers for Unique Perspective
  • Autistic Culture Blog for Unique Perspective from Israel
  • Autistic Hoya for Passionate Disability Activism and Room for Respectful Disagreement no matter what Polarizing Elements Arise
  • Questioning Answers Blog for Views on Autism Research from a UK Research Scientist
  • Living on the Spectrum for Parenting Perspective and Humor on the Spectrum
  • Looking at Life for Deep Thinkers on the Spectrum
  • The Neurodiversity Network for Promoting Acceptance and Equality for the Neurodiverse through Media, Arts, and Literature
  • Cockney Rebel for Loving Peas
  • White Tree for Unique Video Perspective
  • Autistic Tsunami on Facebook for Unique Artistic Perspective and Synchronicity (not filtered for triggers)
  • Team LD Secure Social Networking for People with Learning Disabilities

Postscript on a Blog that was particularly 'meaningful' to me:

Autism, the Internet and "Ideological First Identity", a Collection of Thoughts:

"Why Can't We Be Friends" by War:

(:No puns intended?:)

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