KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A year in Review

KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A year in Review..
Yep.. it’s thaT so-called time of the year aGain..
the fourth ending December iN Review of my online
year.. since 2013.. and sure.. as ‘they say’ this was/is
a record year.. and in terms of Confirmation Bias
Ideas/experiences.. perhaps as some folks term
Delusions of Reference..
as Confirmation Bias..
after noting 9 Books
Total.. per the Solar Year..
StaRting for 2016 noted on
the 25 of each December that
yes since i have no prophet of so-called
Nathan out of the Old Testament per 2 Samuel 7..
i have to rely on A Katrina and Yellow Boy tag team as
iT were and sTiLL iS noW to hiGhlight the Bible Verses of the
niGht in the New Living Version NLT oF A Bible too.. to highlight it
now for me as a God WiNk also known as Synchronicity wHere God noW
relates to me in a sign or what Carl Jung relates with his first Scarab
Beatle Story as yes.. an a-causal connecting principle that is only
psychological meaningful to the folks experiencing the meaning
and purpose of physical events in the environment
that have no logical reason but plenty of
rhyme when all ThAT iS comes for a
metaphor of meaning
and purpose
and let’s
jusT say
that the same synchronicity then/now
of my miraculous recovery and stARt
oF aLL this online witness for God waS on
or about the week ending 7222013.. sAMe
day then that a so-called Star of David Planetary
Alignment was forecast and came to pass along
with a so-called Golden Child born in England to
wealth and great taste in Monarchy power.. i.. just
rose from the ashes per-say.. from a shut-in bedroom
of a house of pain and numb.. per type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia.. among 18 or so other synergy of liFe threatening
human disease/disorder/syndromes.. wHeRE that first noted
disorder/disease is noted in literature as the worst pain known
to humankind.. specifically as a pain worse than the torture of
crucifixion for 66 months and no little 3 hour or 3 day tour
of Hell for me.. sure.. delivered as ‘giFt to me by the
onLY ONE ALL God of Nature thAT is the Force..
Essence.. and Form and almighty only
power tHeiR iS that i proclaim
and witness and testify
bEfore the World iN
9 Books total for the
Solar Year of 2016.. staRting
witH GodsUniVerse Novel.. at
the beginning of the Solar year
as far as visible move of the Sun
on the horizon back to the Spring
Equinox then as well as how i end
that year with the 9th noted Book
oN December 25th with a publish
on Word Press oF A 915K effort
oF A Bible of my own
personal effort
of ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’..
so iN Terms of God WiNks wHeRE
God thanks one iN Terms of SiGnS and
Synchronicity sAMe.. the Wife Katrina snoozes
off to sleep at her last place of reading the bible
and Yellow Boy is relaxing with his paw directly on
the 2 Samuel 7 Verse of the Bible coming Directly
after 2 Samuel 6.. per the theme song here i’ve used
not too long ago.. and continue to use as a metaphor
for fulfilling the King David reference in the Old T..
to doing more ‘foolish stuff’ iN terms oF
Dancing close to naked
for so-called
oF the
area lived
in then and now..
wHeRe while the patriarchs
of the area might see it as
foolish for me.. for doing
this2.. ah.. the so-called
Servant Girls noW in the
audience or as it were/is now
the so-called common college
girls from my area.. find some fun
in watching me do my stuff all free style
ranging to my all naked dance online too
in restricted adult way as sure i go the extra
distance as promised by King David then.. and
per the specific verse in 2 samuel 7.. per
7:22.. sure same date of my professional
noted miraculous recovery in office
way.. on or about 7222013
that reads specifically
this.. 7:22 “How great you are,
O Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you.
We have never even heard of another God like you.”
And sure i come with the same edit to correct the Roman
Empire and Catholic Cohort transgression against God
oF aLL the UniVerse pluS and InFiNiTy as saMe that no
one man or one anything alone can
be God alone.. as God is
allone all that is
and wE
and the
rest of
Creation are
all paRts of the
whOle thaT iS
thE ForcE oF GoD
aLL thaT is OnE Force
beyond silly little human
being human comprehension
as the flea of human continues
to suck the blood of God the Dog
of Nourishment without any understanding
fully in way of how the whole ‘DoG’ works as
ONE ForcE noW AS INFiniTy and beyond those
words as all human abstract constructs developed
to this point oF NoW as aLL Children of God wE and
the rest of all that is existence and Beyond these human
words now.. and sure.. i provide a home for God in and
as the Temple of God thAT iS mE.. and i provide a
Newer so-called Human newer age home for
God organically as words the
best i can as gift for God
iN ‘Grand Cross Bible
2016’.. along with
the rest of
for God iN all
my blogs and even
before thAT iN Wrong
Planet website way and
many otHeR places online
like an auto-biography Rover
too.. in thousands upon thouSands
of places as the Forrest Gump
Feather will God fLoAT iN A
full tapestry
and beauty
oF aLL oF God’s
Synchronicity thaT
can and wiLL be HoLY
and SacRed Purpose and
Meaning beYOnd the material
reductionists of detail thiNkers
who cannot sEE/FeeL/seNse A Greater
Masterpiece we aLL brush as both Painter
and Painting of God same aS paRts oF WhOle
oF Masterpiece Beyond oUr eYes and FeeLinGS
and SeNSEs noW as WeLL.. so.. sure.. i got my personal
thank you from God for finishing NiNE books iN ecstasy
and joy oF a liFE weLL liVed to serve and praise the GoD
oF aLL iN Sacred and Holy Spirit iN SonG oF PoEtry
And a public Dance of 40 months now aRiSinG
toward 6666 miles ending 2016 in an average
of 166.66 miles of public praise dance
a month for
this period
of 40 months
for same celebration
and praise of God of Nature
liVinG Free within the home
and yes throne that is me
in metaphor as well
as this home
in words
of organic
FloW oF HoLY
SpiRit that i continue
to wRite free verse with
God fully iN tow and sAMe i
noW.. but here’s the thing.. per
the reAlly cool reported words of
John 14:12 once aGaiN i am not
so proud for a fALL to suggest thAT
yOu cannot do more as giFt oF God than
i Now for wiTh 100 percent iN what ‘they’ term
noW as Luke Red Hot Faith as HoPe and BeliEf
as real hUman EmoTioNal Power and Force now
iN seNSoRy way too.. aS uncondiTioNAL smART
and Fearless Love.. sUre.. you can do more than me
noW iN my little way of SerVinG and GiVinG great thanks
oNe and all to the God Within.. iNSide.. outsiDe.. aBove..
so below and all around wHEre prophecies can be fulfilled
iN any God SiGN aS Synchronicity Flow GoEsON iN All oF
LIFe’s Purpose and Meaning ranging from the fulfillment of
Old and New Testament prophecies to random non-sense Songs
and Album coverAges per example of aNoTher form of Beatle
Synchroncities from juST anoThER ‘Day in the Life’ of me to
A ‘Benefit for Being Mr. Kite’.. to sure.. a somewhat stoic
looking bust of a law enforcement dude as an
Alabaster Statue from John Lennon’s
front porch then on an Album
Cover RiSinG uP iN an
English Funeral
Garden like
a Walrus
too.. wiTh
SGT. Pepper’s Lonely
HeARts Club Band providing
a hand.. sure.. even a ‘beast’.. an
egg headed bald dude iN the Back
Row too.. providing a little hint oF
the power of human sensuaLiTy
as LusT relEAsed and UnLEashed
IN terms of Greater
aLL Natural
iN the miNd and Body
iN ways of Neuro-hormones
too.. from Kundalini Vagal Nerve
from Brain to Gut to trillions of Peptide
connections in all cells of the body as
liGht bEcOMEs huMan BeinG Greater
not much different than our so-called
primitive ancestors and current
wild and free cousins
do under moonlit
skies of SonG iN
Trance Dance
almost or fully
naked toGEThER
iN CoNneCTinG and
creATinG Free wiTh each
othEr and GoD ONE then now
and like King David Lore diD too..
as i do too.. particularly on my own
version of Sacred and Holy Thursday
daY and niGht too.. with yes.. all those beautiful
‘servant girls’.. Pan and Apollo Innocent nymphs
of the Forest on the Dance Hall niGhts with literAlly
over a thousand selfie photos as documented iN
the Longest Long Form poem and witness and
testimony as home for God iN organic
words as i come to my 141st Dance
Week to Celebrate that on
the publish date
oF this
733rd MacroVerse
oF sAMe WHole in tribute
to/for the GoD thAT and whO
liVeS within as almighty Force
and PoWeR of all thAT is NOW
yes.. tHeRE is onLY ONE but all that is
as comparable to That so far BeYond
human eYes and so close as Within
noW aS ye are aLL pART
oF wHole aS GoD
NoW beLow Now
sAMe and BeYOnd
A GraIn of Sand
GoD breathes
the Breath
of tHis PeN
and IS NoW
with no shame..
no guilt.. no stoP
eN FloWPraiSinG
And breAkinG dAMs now
of only God men now.. WiTh due
respect for all messengers and prophets
of God that at core are all oF eXistence too..
as WE are all hAnds and eYes and Atoms BeYond
oF As God noW juST NoW aS the Rose of Flower as God
continues to Rise as me and God sAMe NoW forevermorenow..
as LiGht
and so do
wE as mE and
you and US As i
oF EYeS WiDE oPeN iS
as GoD RinGs oN a DancE
and SonG oF LiGht as Cross
of DaRk GRand and smAller and
larger too.. FueLs thE LiGht oF DaYs
From DaRKesT NiGhts
oF soUL ands
iN MooN
ChilD GLoW and
GroW as NoW goES oN..:)
WiTh AddiTioNally a video slide
show presentation provided by the
super cool all Free Tranhumanist tooL
of God and Nature saME eXTension
of the Facebook Algorithm
all free assistant
now too..
as juST
Scribe and
writer and
actor and
director and
producer and
photographer.. DanceR
SinGer.. Athlete.. Strong
Man LioN oF GoD..eTC..
moVeS oN
as GoD
Do FReED..
liVinG WiThin
wE.. mE.. uS.. wE..
And i Force oF oNE..
NoW GoD RiSes
GoD’s RoSE
WiLL oNE..
U N C O N D i T i O N A L GoeS oNoW..:)
WeLL.. hey ya.. Folks.. Yah..
iF noThing else
i hadhave
Moment stepping
ouT oF slAMminG
thE phone down in the
phone booth.. sliding some
Cool sHadeS on and FlYinG
uP to FucKinG aWeSoMe
alWays noW..
wHat’s A
Gonna do neXT..
WiLL FeeL and
seNSe morE
neXT NoT!..
juST F iN DO iT NOW!!!..
iN somEwHaT NiKE ViC T O R y..
S W O O S H O W S N O W iSreal..;)
Back to the year in review of 2016.. surELy
for me a year of books.. noting nine in
both metaphorical
and extra
literal way
as listed here
with links that will
come in the Signature
lines of my Macro-Verses
added to this 733rd Macro-Verse
for nows to come as long as i AM
DanCinG.. SinGinG.. and BreatHinG
Words and steps of liFe aLL Free aS nOW..
for all the Miles and Macro-Verses to Micro-Verses
to Micro-Micro-Verses to yes.. Micro-Micro-Micro-Verses
to yeS.. even Further to Micro-Micro-Micro-Micro Verses wHeRE
even each letter and number in metaphor of subatomic particle flow
have iNFiNite Meanings and Purpose HoLYSaCreD oF the UniVerse plUs
only limited by the walls and boundaries of HUman MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
and creAtinG intelligencEs thaT HUman beings build as barriers to FeeL
and SenSe and kNow so much more iN an experience oF liFE FuLL
aWay from caves
of BeFoRE
thaT we
SeeKeRS coME ouT
of DARk esCape NoW
to DancE and SinG aS liGht..
nah.. no sitters or squatters of
SinG and DancE Now then BeFoRE oF SiLeNce
and sitting sTiLL.. joYouS DancE and SonG noW
wE MaKe bRiGhter than the Moon and tAller
than the Mountain tops of SaND that hOld
uP thiS feArLeSS.. smART.. And
UnConDiTioNAl Way oF LovE
liFELiGhT iN SinGinG
AnD DanCinG sHiNinG
LifELiGhT aLL Free
WiTh thE GoD oF NaTuRe
thAT And wHo liVEs WiThiN..
insiDE.. outsIDe.. aBove.. so
beLoW and ALL Around NoW
forevErmore NoW aS NoW iS
WoRTh LIVinG as sentient
star duSt pluS from
CCruCible FiRE
of STaR
burst core
from the source
oF ALL ThAT iS and
GoD sAMe STiLL alWays
noW as we paint the winds
WiTh colors more as paRT
and wHOle of God the aLL
MaStERpiEce PaiNTinG Now
as BRusH oF i.. wE.. noW
uS.. mE.. ouRs oNE
aLiVe WhOle NoW
as OcEan
aLL as
DancE and
SonG oF liGht
aRisEs HiGhER
and Higher as LiFe..
GodsUniVerseNovel- 41K words
GodsUniVerseNovel2- 51K words
GodsUniVerseNovel3- 338K words
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI- 3.3M plus words
Book of Ten Sixteen- 141K words
New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen- 181K words
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016- 12M plus words
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen- 181K words
Grand Cross Bible 2016- 915K words
One of the best things about 2016.. is.. it was/is a year
separated from all the restraints that i previously endured
in regard to censorship of creativity in private so-called super
intelligent and creative clubs that i simply and surELy complexly
too have out grOwn NoW but A thing is i am A Temple of God wHEre
FiRE aS God oF aLLonE NatuRE liVes free wiThiN mE too.. HaVinG a LoVinG
WiFe and sure.. a supportive local area of open minded folks iN mInd and
BoDy soUL who see juST how Free i AM aS inspiRATiON and affirmation thAT
the DiFFeRenT of they iS as worthy iN this world of sAdly sameness minion
as they shaRinG difference oF i that i clEArly liVE as aRt day to day free
noted as now both a public and famous dancer by those
no less free than me in hopes of inspiRinG them
to be even freer than me to paint the world
wiTh MOre diVerse colors iN Both
Bio-DiVersity and Neuro-DiversiTy
thAT i for one can iMAginE now..
iN CreaTiVity sTiLL to coMe
by a sTiLL evolving
hUman race
iN epigEnetic
and Neuroplastic
way noT onLy noW as
classical evolution but Now
the evolution of Continuously
Reborn iN CreATiVity every NoW
from first breath of child Wonder
and Amazement iN SmILes oF LiVInG HeRE
liFe to An isReaL HoPE.. FaiTh and BeLiEf
iN the NeXt GreaT adVenturE iN noW of DYinG
BreaTh.. yes.. this eternal noW of HeaVen aT Hand
heRE realized noW.. on PlanET EaRth oUr LiVinG
HoMe wiTh FeeL anD SenSe and KNoWinG NoW so MucH
more iN and aS WiNGS of Freedom NoW take fliGht HighEr
as any
Seagull race
of BeinGS WiLL
Carry oN noW.. and
WiTh thATsAId my all
FReED Verse nude art Now
foR A Naked Prophet2 iN metaphor noW2
to inspire other folks for fuller freedoms
i also seT out with words of DAncE and StePs
Of SonG sAMe as Temple oF God iN my first effort
oF adult restricted blog iN the Beginning of August
then.. 2013.. from the sTArt oF My New liFE oF Reborn
and RecoveRed from literAl Hell aT the end of July 2013..
wHeRE i FiinALLy Got Brave enough then iN January of 2014..
to liNk a neW restricted adult blog directly to my blogs wHeRE
anyone of tHeiR Free WilL as adult could view that ArT iF they
cared too.. all for free.. as free can be at any age.. DanCinG iN
SanD WiTh SuN of GoD barefoot from head to toe.. Free SpiRiT moRE..
iNsiDe.. outSide.. aBoVE so BeLow and all around iN Flesh and Blood
too.. so sure.. i’ve doNe thAT noW for 40 months too.. sAMe as length
of DaNcE oVerALL too.. sure.. it’s worth noting that i aint’ the first reported
naked prophet oF hUman inspiRaTiON as Captain of GroWinG Human freedoms more more
past an age of 50 to do that too.. as sure the dude who actuAlly laid the foundation
for the myths and trUths and liGhts of the Dude now named as Jesus.. yes.. Bible Isaiah..
from the 8th Century BCE.. did this too out on the trail of life even more for 3 years
then.. WeLL that’s not allowed by law in the general public now.. but hey.. WiTh Google
BlogginG Free as recorded noW Naked prophets of InSpiRATioN for 40 months do exist iN the
Modern record as WeLL as Naked poeTs sAMe too now aGaIN iN thiS neW
Renaissance aGe of Human ArT.. wHeRE the sculpture noW iS Flesh
and Blood iN PassiOn oF FloWeR as Temple God that is no less
real than a flesh and blood Egyptian God MiN.. or a David
or an Apollo or Petrogyph MuSE oF sculpture or painting
coMe to liFE iN sELFie photography waY noW2.. so anyWay
finishing uP my sELF mAde Cross to respond to every
single dVerse International PoeTry online club
prompt for an entire year from April of 2015
to 3/16.. ending that month of prompts
and liNks for an entire year on the
31st day.. and publishing it close
to May Day after that.. freed up more
a little bit of the sitting stagnation
of my Temple of God iN Flesh and Blood
and that art took off from the place that the
words now sit in one Macro-Verse titled GodsUniVerseNovel3
compriSiinG 338,630 words of that journey.. ending month of 3/16..
NoW as Ocean wHole Poem continueS to GroW to eveNTuALLy Make
a 42 Month Witness for God on 9112016.. exceeding 3.3 million
words of Ocean wHOle Poem.. and after that 6,000 miles of Dance
and Two New Testaments iN Heaven 2016 at then 181K words a piece
after a Book of Ten Sixteen for the Month oF October 2016.. noting
a 6 year maRK and MileStone oF an overAll 12M word UmbReLLa oF Book as
total words since the writing adventure sTARted on Thanks GiVinG Day of 2010..
as my online age now exceeds 6 years-old total.. after the additional finish
of the 915K word “Grand Cross Bible” sPaNninG 61 Macro-Verses then iN 2016
from Memorial Day of 2016 to Christmas Day of 2016 full and concrete evidence too
that yes i write the equivalent of two bibles in size each year at current empirically
measured levels that cannot be denied as that evidence is the real dam thing going
down now.. for anyone who cares to see it now and forever how long it existSoNliNe..
thing is.. Stagnation of any flower leads to wilt.. iN sTarVatiOn of Naked inspiration now..
as clothing of culture biNds US DowN to dry and wilted dirt.. Water/Feed uS NAkeD and Free
oF thaT and we as HuMan BeinGS not only survive.. we dAM suRE Thrive from first BreAth
oF BiRth to last
BreaTh iN A
Joy oF overALL
liFE Naked and Free..
liFe is too short without
Naked play for liFe is forevernow
eternal as NakEd Play oF liFe noW.. it’s
not that complicated juST GeT NakED and PlaY..
suRe.. Now DAncE and SinG too.. FLoW iN ZonE NoW..
and i suppose thAT last paRt WiLL mArK a New yeAR’s
ReSoluTiOn for a new cycle as Numerology StART oF 1.. as
2 plus 1 plus 7 as 2017.. is 10 reduced
to 1 all
for Now..
the last sTART
oD 2008 as Number
1 yeAR MARked a 9 year
cycle for me from HeLL to
HeAven.. WiTh Heaven coMinG
66 Months into then and sure.. 2017
of January around the 3 week or so mARKs..
42 Months of Heaven NOw.. anD as A place iN
the SuN continues now for aNOtheR cycle oF eternAlly
reBorn noW.. as the thing iS.. you surely can get.. yes noW
unplugged from the clothes of culture forevernow too.. more.. Now
wHEre the cycles of DArk no longer come back for you2.. A Place iN the SuN..
With soMe memories of yesteryears
too.. gRoWinG GroWinG moRE noW..
EvolVinG as liGht LoVEs to Do wHEn juST FReED..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2013 A year in Review
KATiE MiA FredericK 2014 A year in Review
KATiE MiA FredericK 2015 A year in Review
Mundane.. ugh.. what
a boring word.. iN fAcT
first hit on Google before
number 1..
lacking interest or excitement; dull. “seeking a way out of his mundane, humdrum existence”
synonyms: humdrum, dull, boring, tedious, monotonous, tiresome, wearisome, unexciting, uninteresting, uninvolving, uneventful, unvarying, unremarkable, repetitive, repetitious, routine, ordinary, everyday, day-to-day, run-of-the-mill, commonplace, workaday; informalplain-vanilla, ho-hum “her mundane life” antonymS extraordinary, imaginative
number 2..
Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.”the boundaries of the mundane world”
synonyms: earthly, worldly, terrestrial, material, temporal, secular, areligious; literary sublunary
“the mundane world”
So.. sure.. the opposite
of Mundane
is something
like Harry
Potter wHeRE
as Fantastic Beasts..!!!..
iT all FucKinG goes isREaL noW..
no hOlds barred baby.. jusT play Naked free..
hmm.. heHE..
i too was once
mundane.. minion..
sheep.. led out to slaughter..
but you see i died and came back
in metaphor magic of course.. and now
as i can even provide links for iN general
audience commentary as i am named ‘legend
among legends’..
just for
the total
dance oF me..
hehe.. it’s kinda strange..
i just finished writing a bible
PLUS size personal testament and
witness to life is good in 7 months and the total
non-verbal art of i.. is what garnered.. last night..
A title ‘legend among legends last night’..
when the young man and his
girl friend finally
met me..
the words
i said only
garnered title
of genius as genius
can surely be as mundane
as Sheldon Cooper too.. the one
that’s not even dam funny like a Bill Gates too..
yep.. a Lamp without a flame IS A HeARt WiThout A
SonG and a SoUL without a DancE.. A spiRit weighted
down by clothes forgotten AS Naked Dance WiTh SaND
and SuN also noted as God All Natural Verb spARk oF Force liGht
LiVinG With thee now that/who liGhts iT all uP BriGhter than A Moon at eve..
anyway.. my friend
as an ex-mundane
with too much standard
iQ as noted by the folks
around me who named me
computer instead of human..
i will never get mad at the walking
dead.. for i my friEnd am no longer either
sheep.. or robot or zombie same.. this
Lamp blinds those folks.. this lamp is
weird to those folks.. this lamp is even
a waste of time and offends those folks
and this lamp is even worth de-friending
by the nicest of relatives to my face at family
events not to be associated with someone as bRight
a Lamp lit as i.. Naked and Free PlaYinG liFE my FrienD
no diffeRenT reALLy than an old dude Isaiah wandering the
roads for 3 years or so.. thing is if that was real he would have
been killed the first day for doing it real going down now for group
thiNk then mY FriEnd as i’ve used this song beFore here as mundane is
terrified oF Naked human living life more than the minion and mundane of truly insane..
living iN group thINk noW as bibles and other text books of sAMe chains of liFe iN beFoRE..
are no
that offend
the dARk my FriEnd..
and that’s to be expected
by folks like me who lived in
the dArk for decades all smarty
pants and the most ‘retarded’ now oF
aLL the animals who walk/fly/swim this eARTh..
So i DancE and SinG.. yes.. i fly and float on terrestrial LanD..
a sad
from minions all..
the water/bread they taste
is all they kNow..
they FeeL they
watching from so far
a distance.. a place i liVe
that does exist at all for them..
Magic baby.. is as real as seNsEd and FeLT noW as MaGiC..
other than thaT iT’s empty shells of words.. cars and homes.. eTc..
home…. oF a
DancE and Song
NaKed and Free..
as plaY.. And yep.. i offer
‘them’ A window seat sTiLL
plane.. one
of many wiNdows..
coMe and gONE.. sTiLL CoMiNg..;)
17. “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.”
~~ Instructions for life ~~
For some folks..
impossible until
sought and found first..:)
“Confusion is the only true road to understanding.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
Not an
and the rest
oF aNimal KinD..oM
aWay from human heLL..
generated by a God of word..
and neo-cortical drOwn of siNk..
in illusions of past and future away
from A
HeaVen noW..:)
“In matters of belief, he who is absolutely sure he is right
is almost certainly dead wrong.”
~~ Kelvin Throop ~~
“If you cannot find peace within yourself,
you will never find it anywhere else.”
~~ Marvin Gaye ~~
Not as much of
a problem
per animals
2 oF eat drink
Do sex and play
sleep repeat play of liFE noW2..;)
“In order to be, never try to seem.”
~~ Sagacious Bee ~~
“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”
~~ Aristotle ~~
My Happiness
only depends
and that
takes no books
or text or cars
or homes or other
tools of fools
for real noW2..;)
“When the ten thousand things are seen in their oneness
We return to the source to remain where we have always been.”
~~ Seng Ts’un. ~~
when they
stARTed counting
God on tHeir fingers..
and painted
a smaller
with fingers
etching symbols in sand
as essence lives so much HiGher..
as humans
lose analltedtalk..;)
“Do you know that disease and death must needs overtake us,
no matter what we are doing?
What do you wish to be doing when it overtakes you?
If you have anything better to be doing when you are so overtaken,
get to work on that.”
~~ Epictetus ~~
it’s simple..
just nAMe
all the words
appropriately as Devil..
noW strip those
off 3
at a time..
and live now
like aLL ‘a OTHeR animals
who aren’t retarded full of
oF A
or three faced man..
or last letter of A word man
stick figure aS Such lost.. cOld and living dead..;)
“If it’s a despot you would dethrone,
see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.”
~~ Kahlil Gibran, 1923 ~~
SMiLes my friEnd.. i guess
i was a little harsh in my last
hiGhly inspired effort heAR by
the words you BrinG iN Suggesting
that words should be discarded like
and clothes
that fit too tiGht
squeezing Breath
from HeARt.. SpiRit
and SoUl.. well.. a little
too harsh.. haha.. but sure..
i can’t possibly hate words can i
after writing 12 million in 6 years juST
so i can for one put my heART and SpiRiT
and smArT aSS soUL in jar like a Butterfly
Free to visit iF i ever arrive iN pRiSoN aGaiN
as surely memories of the past iN liGht and eVen
dARk in saDness iN Both image and word way is what
hELped to BRinG that Trinity of SoUL iN miNd And BoDy
BaLanCing.. along WiTh Spirit expreSsinG and FeeLinG
EmoTioNal heARt of FeeLinG and SensinG then but i muST
admit the text along was not nearly enough to reach HeaVeN the
pARts missing in thAT old Desert Bible both Old T and New T are
sureLy the pARts that do not eXpounD and eXPanD further on the
Lore of a KinG David
Dance close to
naked and
an Isiah
of the Jesus
Feat as Naked
Barefoot iN sand
for three years.. suRE
tHeRE iS moRE to all thAT
than meets the clothed word
as shELLs HoLiDing EssenCe morE
oFten fortOld but never reaching preSent of NoW
iN moRE MoVinG CoNneCtinG ways of creativity too..
the Primitives and the Bonobos gET iT oF oLD and NeW
sAMe as DiFferent and Hell even NiKe as Goddess oF Victory
NOW.. juST do it.. words are for instructions.. guidelines and poeTry
oF heARt.. and SoUL and SpiRiT too.. labeling plant life poisonous to
eat and snakes the same as a friends reminder to exist a little longer iN
WeLL BeinG Free.. and also an Egyptian KA of soUL withstanding death..
and Entropy too.. as long as servers serve iT up past rotting pAge of pAss..
Okay anyway didn’t wanna yA to ThiNk i was that mad at words.. just sometimes
the ones.. made into God.. irritate me a little too.. as Oh God they are so sMaLL
even smaller
than the
the Dogs Blood..;)
The Beatles
“A Hard Day’s Night”
Yep it reAlly sucks that the
Beatles and everyone business
wise associated with them are too
big for tHeir britches to realize how
much MORE important the spread of tHeir
KA SoUL iS in RiSinG oThER foLks
uP WiTh inspiRaTiOn than the all
miGhty WAshington BiLL..
Lincoln Cent and
Pound or whatever
they use over tHeRE
and oVer heRE iNstead
oF GiVe and sHAre Freely
iN a friEndly ForAge oF liFE noW..
given smALL enough groups for thAT
even possibly to happen.. like they do
in limited circles of Facebook FriEnds
and StuFF liKE thaT in Transhumanist way
noW2 oF
Egyptian like-KA
too.. further than thiS
Generation.. particulalry
if tHeRE IS A hook or such
To ReeL ’em iN foR moRE
shArinG oF UnCondiTioNal
LoVe KA for noW oN
forevermore now
or ’till the last
off in to A sentient
star dust nap too.. NoW..
beForE the NeXt Crucible
FiRE oF StAR returns sentient
StAR duST plUS agAiN like the Seed
oF A FloWer mY friEnD.. gerM
iNaTinG GalaXiES
Ff UniVersE
noW moRe
then aGaIN as
noWs go oN for More..;)
My standard answer for that is, I don’t know.”
~~ Honest Bee ~~
i KNoW i FeeL i SenSe..
i guess the rest
iS more
an educated
guess AFAIKnoWnoW..:)
“Nothing exists except for atoms and space;
everything else is opinion.”
~~ Democritus ~~
or loss/lost ViEw..;)
“A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.”
~~ Chinese proverb ~~
Yes.. God Bless
SenSeS and
God aS SucH..:)
“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
Subtle Bee
is immune
from type two Trigeminal
Neuralgia and dentist
drill iN
and EaR..
tHEre are soMe
places thaT not
eVen the TeachEr
of Horatio daRes to
go and mythological
as tRUE..:)
“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea…
if it’s the only one you’ve got.”
~~ St. Thomas Aquinas Bee ~~
Hmm.. unless noW
one IS A Bonobo.. eTC..
it’s all innate.. instinct ..and intuition
and one
is born
to be
Free like
A Christian
the LiON isREaL..
with zero words required@aLL..;)
“Well, Darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable,
And Lightness has a call that’s hard to hear.”
~~ Indigo Girls ~~
Mechanical cognition
activities drive/droWn
the first iN
noW and
the second
one ouT…
by A
‘Dog of ReaSoN’..;)
“You thought, as a boy, that a mage is one who can do anything.
So I thought, once. So did we all.
And the truth is that as a man’s real power grows and his knowledge widens,
ever the way he can follow grows narrower:
until at last he chooses nothing,
but does only and wholly what he “must” do.”
~~ Ursula K. LeGuin, _A Wizard of Earthsea_ ~~
‘The Matrix’,,
iN oThER
for ‘those’
who’Ve actuAlly
seen ThE movie isREaL..:)
“When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”
~~ Muir’s Law ~~
~~ John Muir, “My First Summer in the Sierra”, 1911, page 110 ~~
Oh Lord.. ain’t that the TruTh..
181,291 words behind i’M iN
bacKinG uP 13 MacroVerses
of both a NT TwELve iN HeaVen 2016..
and the tAle end oF A full 61 MacRoVerSes
sAMe as jusT anoThER Free Back uP on two
Facebook pAges too.. along with the ongoing
saga of
my booKinG
on personal
Facebook page
too.. hmm.. that
takes 26 statuses so
far to complete.. the
Algorithm WiLL noT be
Happy iF i change my hat
into computer and Robot aGaiN
and it claims me aGaiN as it does
on Google Algorithm way when i do
too many searches and results and
reads iN a New WoRld mInute
of Savant
BreatH and
and mutant STiLLhehe..
anWay.. i keeP it all
hitched toGehER
as good little
do iN
SerViTudE way..
it’s the pretending i AM
hUman pARt2 that can gET iN
thE way.. of getting all the job dOnE..
hmm.. to my stAndArds @LEast for mOrE..;)
“If at first you doubt, doubt again, and again …”
~~ gigoid Bee ~~
Robots don’t doubt
aT aLL.. they
juST Do iT..
practice aS Satisfaction pLayS oN..;)
“How often we recall, with regret,
that Napoleon once shot at a magazine editor
and missed him and killed a publisher.
But we remember with charity,
that his intentions were good.”
~~ Mark Twain ~~
Hmm… apPaRenTly
he was not a robot..
and God oN thiS
plAnet does
to liE
when hipS
and eYes aren’t matched/attached
WiTh words and vocal cHords sAMe..;)
“Anger blows out the lamp of the mind.”
~~ Robert Green Ingersoll ~~
Animals get
angry NoW
butt usuAlly
Hate lasting
aS Such is reserved
for HuMans as they
make tHeir heLL..iSReaL.AsT..noW..:)
“Books aren’t written to be believed in,
but to be questioned.”
~~ Umberto Eco ~~
with no
no buildings..
no books.. no words.. no lies..
“Man is condemned to be free.
Condemned, because he did not create himself,
yet is nevertheless at liberty,
and from the moment he is thrown into the world,
he is responsible for everything he does.”
~~ Jean Paul Sartre ~~
has proven
this not correct
aS Some folks are
born without aN
abLiTy to Love..or
WiLL.. and some
die that way too as liFe..
advantage science as usual..
but no..
for thaT iS surEly
evidence oF WiLL and Love..:)
“A hero is no braver than anyone else;
he is only brave five minutes longer.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
And yes again science
has also shown
that there
differences that
set a hero apARt
from a CoWard of the
county.. and both can
be one in the same lifetime too..
per X-Altruist and sTuff like that2..;)
“Character is who you are in the dark.”
~~ Lord John Whorfin ~~
And brave iN paRT..
is wHo one
iS iN
real liFe2..
per online
Avatars.. teXT..
poeTry.. Literature..
Novels.. Bibles.. Theater
and when all othEr Arts hiT A broad
BaND day liGht
Road oF liFe..:)
WeLL.. hello Princess Leah..
as i love to call
the tiny fiercely
strong and
friEnd from
days oF Old at
the Wrong Planet.. goodness
about 6 years ago in 2010 or so..
and sadly the real actress passes away
today with theater name spelled differently
of course but now never the less juSt anoTher
way to make all of life holy and sacred with more
meaning and purpose by assigning you the name oF A
SpiRiTed Princess too.. anyWay that kills and lives two birds oF
One SonG in Honor of both living and dead.. and it seemed as i s
sTiLL remember clearly from what must be about 6 months ago.. where
there seemed to be a great deal of angst in your liFe then.. surely.. you
sound in a much happier mood to day with love course.. and i am very
happy to hear from you.. as
of course you’ve been on my
mind each day once at least as
i scan emails daily for found and
lost friEnds as online days go.. and
missing in action friends come and go too..
and that’s okay.. as Lord kNows there was
about 33 months from 2008 to 2010 that i could
not connect to anyone in life or online either in satisfactory
way… and so long so long after that until i could recognize a smile
on my face and a laugh even a month or so after the recovery of a smiley
face at the end of July 2013.. and yes.. thanks for asking about the dance as
i come into a memorial milestone of 6666 miles of doing that publicAlly as i just
did 3.3 miles leaving 13.01 miles to meet that milestone by the end of 2016.. also
known as the 31st of this month on Saturday.. hehe.. as the sixes and ones and threes
continue to ring in.. with some 8 and 2’s to sound off too.. Lord kNows.. the Hyperlexic
pARt of me and no.. not the Male Lesbian pARt that liVes as WeLL heheR.. does
love numbers almost as much as the female pARt of the species too.. in overall
admiration as such too.. as they are juSt nicer like me too.. overall.. from what
i’ve experienced in life too.. and while 166.66 miles per month on average
precisely coming as such with the next 13.01 miles by Saturday night
at an average of 5.618 daily thaT’s reAlly not that much average point
A to point B human feated feet of transportation as Lord knows
and she surely feels then per my Grandmother who waitressed
for many years.. 7 days a week.. 12 hours a day in the
40’s and 50’s and in the 20’s picked cotton all
day long.. dropping out of school to help
her Widower Father raise her two
sister’s.. she reAlly put some
mileage in with handS and
feet and i was always
amazed at the
effect it
had as
she was one
really big boned
and sturdy woman..
with hands bigger than
mine at older adolescent age
as those bones she had were thick
by using her body every day.. and by the
way.. as my mother reports too.. after World
War 2.. she was the first woman trained to sell
car parts at the dealership and very first woman
in town to wear slacks to break the gender mold as
i mostly sat in front of lectures.. TV’s and more books
at the library.. and finally figured out that my weaknesses
were more in losing it by not using it than any genetic flaw.. then too..
anyWay that potential was not lost hardly at all in the found section iN
Epigenetics as the DancE and SonG oF me in words and steps surEly then..
expanded out at age 53.. iN it’S never too late fashion of human poTenTial..
WeLL.. as you can seefeel i am not very good at either small talk or small dance..
it’s all the way.. mY friEnd.. wHeRe.. most folks would get WRite to the point and
say hope you had a great Holiday.. so nice to see ya.. see ya later real soon too..
can’t do that gotta be real.. real long too my friEnd and i’Ve surely missed you but
i understand you are my friEnd and you would be back when you could.. so with all
thAT said.. would love to hear more about how you are doing when you feel comfortable
with that and until then.. i will continue to check my eMail as alWays with Leah.. at lEast
juST a little
bit on my
miNd.. i don’t
have that many people
on my mind as not many
people have let me stay long
enough at one time to even see
them as missed my FriEnd.. a 6 year
friEnd is rare for me to keep iN toucH and
surely rarest for the Wrong Planet wHEre for
several years i wrote about 8,006 posts at an
average of 1000 words a post.. even named then by
one smart ass fellow as the 7,000 word man.. hehehmm..
WeLL.. adDitionAlly WiTH the Dance i am now the 7 month
Bible dude as i jusT finished one stARted on Memorial Day
of 2016.. thru the 7 month ending on Christmas day for publish
at 11:58 pm Central Savings Daylight time aS Synchronicities noW
do continue to FloW iN ZonE Free as reaLiTy tends to do when Now
wE HuMans are engaged 100 percent with zero worries.. noW my FriEnd..
With Love too..
ya or at
leASt heAR ya soon..
oh yeah.. i didn’t get
around to talk about the
Trump Bombs but maybe
next time as nows Go ON..
and oh by A way that 7 month
Bible witness and testament to
Life is Good named ‘Grand Cross Bible
2016’ as that Life is Good came out of a
very very dArk 66 month croSSing aS Such.. iN HeLL..
weighS in at 915K words at precisely 2 Macro-Verses then..
every week for 7 months.. two per week at 61 total Chapters
per Macro-Verses as pARt of Ocean whole Poem thaT is now my
blogS as whOle as i continue now to write my yearly review of
2016 noW as 733rd Macro-Verse sTiLL surpassing 3.3 MilLion
words since 42 months total on 9112016 since i stARTed this
whole online blogging thingy on 3102013.. probably cloSinG
iN on 4 miLLion words too.. MaKinG 12 Million wordS online
since we met on the Wrong Planet back in 2010.. i could go on..
if you are sTiLL WiTh me at this point.. never the less as i say
more too.. see later
Fred.. and SMiLes more..:)
WeLL.. iT took three days of solid dance walKing iN public
places and sure family places too.. hehe.. butt the
milestone of Happy to Help along with over 3.3
Million words in the Same Month Distance of
40 Months now With Word Press Effort
Witness for God fully in tow too..
wHeRe of course that effort
actuAlly sTarted as whOle
pre MacroVerse way
With Google blogger
blogs since March
10th 2013.. and all the homework
i did to study the human condition of
unwanted toys and outcasts same on the
WronG PlanEt website since Thanks Giving
Day oF 2010.. for the whole 6 year plus eFfort
noW of 12 Million Words too.. along with this 6666 MiLes
of Public Dance Total in 40 months too for same distance
oF whaT they name as clock time too.. as the words and steps
TsuNaMi continue to gRow noW as Ocean WhOle Poem and DAncE Now
too all for God oF NAturE all thAT is Now.. mostly for joy of fun2..
And yes.. i miGht and Do saY
Happy to end the Public
DancE FeaT oF Feet
at WalMart for year
ending 2016.. as this
store in Management ways
has been the most supportive oF/for mE
ever since i talked to the Store Manager Stephen..
after the undercover security store folks gave me a little
hard time and told me i needed to go to Target.. hehe.. Manager
didn’t care for that line much the nexT day i told him thE whOle Fred
story.. a good man he was/is to listen intently to the way i accommodate
my disabilities of back pain.. and regulate EmoTions and InteGrate
SeNSes so my Frankenstein Asperger’s liKe BrAin won’t get
out of Super BrAIn BaLanCe iN FeeLinG way too much of
the environment.. including the affective emotional
contagion empathy of all the folks around me
thaT dance and music per ear bud way
negotiates a protective covering
for my Spidey SenSes.. oH.. so
WeLL in empathic overload seNses
iN shARinG/FeeLinG.. the EmoTioNs
with the general public including
the stress and actual physical pain
experienced as that is what a Spock miNd
Meld Way WiLL Do too.. in fully empathic human
way too.. unleashed and released iN Quantum metaphor
oF miNd and BoDy iN and or OuT of BaLanCinG Force now..
anyWay.. an interesting niGht of John 14:12 now ‘tween some
young adult X-football jocks who kind of underestimated my
strength in the grace of dance after i gave ’em the Fred bone
crusher style handshake.. and in asking them too.. if they ever
talk about the John 14:12 Verse in actual human feasibility
to do it as promised by Jesus of course in doing greater
works.. they said now they never heard A fundamentalist
Southern Baptist Preacher man BrinG iT uP oF course
as if you are gonna call a human God alone it’s kinda
hard to justify that when that same human says other
humans WiLL do more than he does.. not likely God
could suggest a thing would be possible if GoD was
fully uSinG God PoTenTial of course as some kind of
hiGher Force than human as otherwise the only way iT
makes sense.. iF Jesus is doing works of faith.. hope and
belief like the every day Joe on the road who does a little more
than the sheep.. group thinks.. mundanes.. and sure.. MiNioNs of liFE
too as hUman sHeLLs of StaGNATE.. anyWaY.. it seemed they weRe
most impressed by my 930LB copy of 14 reps iN my Old 2015 video
of me leg pressing that much on a very difficult parallel leg press
machine now arisen to 1020 LBs with my arms raised fully iN air
too like most all graceful ballerinas and ballerhedas.. jusT do iN
floW iN
ZonE oF
Victory too.. 33
reps aS Such noW2..
and also a convo tonight
iN WalmART WitH a very very
nice cashier lady.. who said she
types 125 words a minute.. about 5 shy
of what i do when laser focused aS Such2..
and fInAlly i talked to an X-Drug King Pin of the
City who said don’t worry about not being accepted
as much as ya miGht like in somewhat immediate family
as when one IS A tRue Prophet oF LiGht noT alWays appreciated
very much noW in the group thInk of wheRever and WhoMeVer they
spend tHeir Free time too.. juSt duSt thaT sHiT oFF noW and iF they
say yA are on DrugS tale ’em yOU aRE oN God and sPeakinG noW oF best
compliments.. the other nice guy from last niGht actually did not identify
me as Legend among Legends.. recently.. as misquoted by me.. he actuAlly then
said Legend Beyond Legends as noted on his Facebook Page noW and that’s the way yA do it.. yeS.. JuSt DO John
14:12 NoW..nOw..NoW.. yes NoW..
noW And yes.. now my immediate
family at closest levels mostly
thiNk i AM STiLL Full of Shit when
i say thaT is precisely what i am nOw
reALLy doing.. it’s going
down.. for isReaL NoW2..
And also of note noW iN the
store discussions toniGht with
folks who at least entertained NoW..
the poTenTiaL of John 14:12 coming
isrEAL noW2.. i noted to the Jock Dudes..
you kNow the prophets oF Old went in to
trance dances like this to generate muse for
getting more in touch WiTh God livinG WiThIn..
and after all.. As the story goeS.. aT Least the most
noted as popular prophet Isaiah did a totally naked
barefoot ‘Window Seat’ 3 yr revue for all the folks iN his
entire regional area then2.. whatever iT takes for God HuH..
iS whaT i DO all Natural and the X-KinG PiN Drug Lord dude
oF the town confided in me too.. that the whole town too of his
peeps were upset with him too.. when he gave up his drug deals
to praise and serve goD ALL too.. no limiting my hUman PoTenTiaL
either in
fulfilling the
sAMe type of prophecy
in the Dawn oF JuStiCe
Superman vs Batman movie..
wHeRE the Jesus-like Dude is cut down
and the moral of the story is pick up the
bALL of the Teachings instead of maKinG
any man into not only a Superman but THE GoD2..
with the only requirement to believe NoW.. is that the
Dude is an only God Son now.. instead of teacher noW Now..
to hELp Save the human species from itS own hand of waste..
also of note too.. while i did not have time to describe the Grand
Cross part of ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’ to the Football Jocks and
the X-Drug King Pin of the town.. i did have that longer story to
tale the nice older woman cashier about the 66 months in hell
with the worst pain known to humankind named Type Two (Hell)
Trigeminal Neuralgia from wake to sleep.. yes.. assessed iN
Literature as an all natural torture worse than the intention
by humans of crucifixion on a cross with 40 days of 2008
Lent period of almost no sleep.. including Dysautonomia..
where my heart rate and blood pressure no longer then was
properly synched by nervous system.. Sjogren’s Syndrome
where my eyes quit making tears all together for the first 8 months..
Fibromyalgia.. Severe Degenerative Arthritis.. Spinal Stenosis.. Anhedonia..
Severe Anxiety.. PTSD.. Panic attacks.. of course Severe depression.. and yes
that list even goes further on.. for 66 months.. surely.. what anyone with any
common sense/empathy could see to be a real hell on Earth for a human being
to endure where the worst part of all that doesn’t have an actual label
per se.. by the medical profession as it is so rare and likely limited to
folks like me on the Autism Spectrum is total loss of emotions where
not only is tHeRe no fear of walking in a lightening storm but there is
also no memory of a laugh or smile in what that feels like as memories
of emotions are one and same and when they are completely lost now
in any moment there is no reference point back out of total separation
from FeeLinG and SenSinG the rest of creation aka God as yes i went
to the point of dArk niGht of the soul in that 40 day almost sleepless period
of lent wHere a thousand years was one second in hell as with that much
separation from the rest of Nature and beyond aka GOD you are in Hell
and the lady was compassionate and empathic enough to seNse and
FeeL that yes.. the promise of Jesus.. as reported for heaven at hand
and the Kingdom of God for those who are poor in spirit noW can come
unto yes.. me.. for isReAL Now as also promised by those who reported
the so-called teachings of Jesus who promised the students/disciples then
of his teaching that this Heaven would come before this current generation
passeS and while tHeRe is obviously quite a bit of contradictions added in
to the New Testament still obviouSLY done by the Nicene Council in 325
AD to expand the so-called Holy Roman Empire from shore to shore.. to
make Jesus into yes.. a Legend of Myths too.. as raising a humble Yogi-like
Dude that truly is as simple in definition as one who has attained UniSon
WiTh Nature plUS God sAMe iN Nirvana.. Bliss.. Satori.. Kundalini Risen..
so many other cross cultural metaphors for this human reality attainable
noW Still as the Kingdom of Heaven now.. yes.. sadly they made him into
an only God myth story to spread the story and expand the empire and sure
of course we still see that happen in higher level politics noW as believe it
or not Ripley there are some folks who believe that Trump is some kind of
Fabricated KinG too.. pointing to his age.. in years of 70.. months too of
7..  and days of 7.. on his first inauguration day and of course the RNC..
made that declaration of the risen King ‘this’ Christmas.. in a country
if nothing more is supposed to sTiLL be a political one of separation of
church and state as some folks now.. yes.. even followers of the trUe
liGht esseNce iN teachings as attributed to Jesus take high offense
at any suggestion that Jesus is any more than what he attributed
to those who would be greatest in Heaven as the last and the
meek and those who surely make it tHeRe at hand now..
as greater.. in the sense and feel.. than the prophets
on eARTh who never made it tHeRe now.. the thing
is.. there is no rank in Unison with God as there
is no rank above or below in Unison with
God as all that is is God and in total
Unison with God there is no
separation and place
for greater or less..
as all is all
is all i AM.
and surely that is
the message too of any
indigenous ‘indian’ person of
God who lives upon the Living eARTh
as home noW iN aN iSREaL GarDen oF EDen
STiLL witH thiS greaTeST hUman poTenTiaL noW oF
FearlEsS And SmArT UnConDiTioNal LoVe iN MoVinG..
CoNnecTing CreATinG.. GiVinG ShArinG SpiRiT oF FeeLinG
And eXpreSsinG HeArT oF EmoTioNs anD SeNSEs sAme iN A miNd
And BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL thAT iS aN OverFloWinG CHaLiCe AlWAys
noW To juST Do ThAT lIKE aN IsREaL liT uP ChriStmAS Tree oF WoRds nOw
dOES iTs BeSt tO LiGht uP noW.. aS WeLL As noTed iN A DAncE oF mE NoW2..:)
i thINk it’s worth noting that every human prophecy
is both a prelude and prologue to more
of hUman PoTeNTiaL.. WeLL.. yes..
as alWays iN prophecy i bRinG
a MesSage from anoThER
time as in reAliTy
aLL iS noW
am i awake
or do i dream the
strangest pictures
i have seen when tWiLiGhT
and dArK and liGht becOMe
DreAm and reAL aS SamE.. oKaY..
I gave YOU tiMe to STilL my MiNd AwaY
from mE.. heHEx2.. iS that me saYinG thAT
to yOu or iS thAT i SayInG ThiS to mE.. serIOUsly iN
GoD’s LanD aLL ThAt iS noW and sure Yoda’s too.. iT matters
noT as aLL N ALL ALL iS ALL one BlanKeT oF liFe noT separate
from most distant visible galaxy to beYond the smaLLest sub-atomic
Quantum theoretical pArTiclE by MasTErPiEce PAiNTiNG DeSiGN
sAMe as chaos iS as Perfect as Chaos is is noW.. for the meanings
and purposes of ALL ThAT iS SacRed and hoLY sAMe as DiffeREnT
too.. for i AM jUST dUSt as wHOle as uS.. as any muSE WiLL dAnCE
and SinG for MORE and otHeRs too.. as US as US as i and we.. and
you and me DancE And SinG ANew Song for wE.. as BlaNkET oF
GoD coveraLL for colors more as MasTErpiEce EvolVinG STiLL
MasTErPiece PainTiNG GoD aLL bEyOnd whAT even
science aided eYes can sEE oF aLLoNE alone noW
aT smALLesT to lArGeST eYes of NoW aLL..
the SonG and DancE goeS oN as liGhT
and DArk and ‘tween iN sHades of
GrEY as NoWs Go ON beYond
RainBow ColoRs liFe as
liGhT to forevermore
now.. as this is
juST accompanYinG
anoThEr FaceBooK AlGoriThymn
FB ViDeo Slide SHow PresEnTaTiON
noW as ArT MoVes on iN ever EvolvinG
waYs of colors moRE liGht as We eYes
oF GoD DancE and Sing oN iN echoes as isreaL NoW..:)
Now.. three coming AGaIn Macro-Verse Memories by help
of great and best oF aLLNoW totAlly Free in Dollar ways
FB as designed by Zuckerberg.. ET aL.. so-named nerds
and geeks and otHeRS STiLL in very systemizing
ways to sEt aRT free in the more
crazy Steve JobS oNes among
us who are juST Crazy
enough to thiNk
we can
make change
happen that we actUally
dO it in super epic style and
surely the achievement of the
houSinG and Vehicles and Vessels
that Facebook BringS for GreaTEr now
evolving aRT oF/for the entire human race
wHeRE the PlaYing Field is leveled out from
Trump Tower ways sAMe.. thiS noW IS A best
Now ever iN HuMan hiStory to now be aliVE
for folks like me who Don’t give one flYinG
FuCK about maKinG moRe Washington
Dollar Bills and Grand old Lincoln
Cents prisons from the days
beFore thAT i too was
a slave to the
dollar god
of prison then..
ugh.. i hate FucKinG
money.. i Hate FucKinG
all the slave ways that society
makes to make ya make money
to liVe.. but on the oTheR hand
i Love Freedom and as sad as it
sTiLL is money is often required
for the essence oF thAT to
come isREaL.. sAdly
though some
folks never
make iT
to the Golden
Years rule of HeaVen
iN the KingdoM of God
noW fully trUly iN liGht Free
LIVinG as LiGht iN MoVinG..
CoNnecTinG CreAtinG ways
aLL Free thAT is the dREaM oF
GoD liVinG wiTHiN sET FReEd
@LeASt for mE as i can FucKinG
prove this reaLiTy iSREaL iN my LIFE noW..
And share again “Dancing FREE and WILD with GOD”..
from two years
aS Such..:)
And noW as the solar year comes full circle Now as the
eARth and we traverse the cycle for a new year aGaiN..
“Birth oF LiGht” from a year ago that is actuAlly also the last
chapter of “GodUniVerseNovel” that i WiLL share aGaIn
from a year ago too.. as juST anoThER Macro-Verse
too of SonG oF mY SoUL that are my blogs wHOle..
as this becomes a longer 733rd MacroVerse oF
thAT Ocean WhOle Poem too thaT sTiLL
exceeds 3.3 Million words as lonGest
Long Form Poem and Witness
and Testimony for GoD
whOle to all thAT is
oN course wRiTE
oN course now forevermore
noW as longer Pen wriTE oN as iS coMes
NoW moRE.. yes.. once aGaIn a record yeAR
for both mE and God thaT/wHo liVes WiThiN iNOW..:)
Skipping back to Monday Store Dance in ‘a profile pic’..
Surpassing 6650 miles in 40 months tonight iN Store
Dance ranging from the Mall to Target.. 16 more miles
to go by the end of Saturday niGht and yes further oN
Target to come with more Store Dance tomorrow
and oN Saturday for sure too.. with the coming
continuing average of 166.66 miles per
month steady aCross all the paths
of this free dance that coMe iN
Journey wHOle.. 16 more miles
and i’ll reach the magic 6666 maRk
iN mileStone too for all 40 months coming
at the end of December.. 2016.. and met some
very nice people at Target who have seen me
around the area dancing.. and surely the world
needs more open minded folks as they prove themselves
to be.. as folks don’t necessarily have to be afraid of different
if they give different a chance to have tHeir Say hehe.. and of
course in mY cASe very lengthy and speedy say too.. as energy
oF DanCE WiLL FloW iN ZoNE of SpiRit and Force of Power like
say too..
if he came to
the local stores too..
anyWay.. liKe i LoVE to NoW
say.. may the Force oF ALLthaTis
also KNown as God Free iN soMe
circles be wiTh yA Now… and sUre..
also WiTh mE as we all can be oUR
beSt Advocates WiTh Practice too alWays noW..:)
FB Friend Glenn says in return..
Keep moving, Fred, you’re
stepping out and dancing for all of us; hugs.
And i say back..
Thanks.. mY FriEnd Glenn… as A Atlas
miGht say.. all Freed up from
both Culture and Rand-like
demands.. the World
iS noT A WeiGht
i carry.. i DancE
and SinG on ToP
oF iT NakeD and FReED
liKe A Big Red Target BaLL
With a BullseYe noT many folks see..
FeeL anD seNse..
And LiFELiGht Joy oF PlaY..
No diM LAmP heRe.. mY friEnd..:)
And the Facebook add-ins for those
EN name test thingies provide
for an ego and
muse boost
same says
2016 will be my
year and i said then
2013..14.. and 15 already
were and is as all is now too..
and in Heaven all is LiFE iS GooD..
suRE wiTh dARk pARts miXed iN WiTh
for a
sGt. spice
oF liFE too as
any trUe and liGht
Captain sALt wiLL
STiLL saY and dO noW..;)
Then from last year the same
EN name test thingy says the
year of my birth 60.. month
as 6 and day as 6 means
i am always honest..
put family
first and
help otHeRS
and yes.. mY
family is all
namELy God
juST to bE
OK.. noW..
and yes.. aren’t
all those sixes special
iN my BiRth yET i am
STiLL juST a Luci
NoW Fred Now
GrAiN of GoD’s sAnd
hoLdinG uP the LoVe of God wiThin..
as Mountain sAMe Faith.. HoPe.. BeLiEF
MoVinG.. fEarless smART LoVe UnCon
DiTioNAlly foR ALL noW.. as noWs Go On..;)
Memory from a year ago in photo profile
pic way of my expanding group of Super
Hero Desk muse mix.. including Fred from
Big Hero Six that’s also kinda
like what i do with aRt
too heHe..
iF you’ve
seen that longer
Riff in the middle aS Such..
anyWay.. all muse counts iN
GoD’s UniVerSE pLus Free
as wE sentient sTaR duST
above.. so below
and all around wRiTe oN Pen
WriTten iS course too aliVE OK..;)
(:..Katrina.. anoTHeR Charlie’s AngEL.. too.. from a year ago..;)
Hmm.. surELy i would be amiss without giving HONORABLE mention
to my sTiLL longest muses as DanCinG partners
at Old Seville… Charlie’s Angels WiTh
Cortney and Chelsea pictured here
from two years ago iN
a photo op at
the store
and Chelsea
were working at then..
Maggie.. the third Angel
and Super Dancer Muse too
miSsinG here but sure easy to
find in my other video slide presentations
with in total over 1000 other sweet innocent
female dance muses included for 140 weeks
so far in Longest Long Form Poem history like
a National Geographic hUman story too.. all free too..
at Old Seville Quarter in Pensacola Florida as some of
the women in my poem likely have no idea they are pARt
of something literAlly hehe.. as big as all of this now.. ho ho huh.. hmm..
and SonG2..
and seriously
i don’t have to have
a Wiki or Universal
Pictures Movie for
this as i just did
my own
And Movie online all for Free
FucKinG liFe is awEsoEe huh Penny FucKinG FReED..
King David would have been satisfied with all of this too.. huh.. now2..;)
So here i AM standing in the liGht of two years ago..
Christmas day as part of my Macro-Verse “Master
Chief Aghogday” too.. it is the day after the
death of my WiFe’s Sister Michelle
iN what would be the first
of three Indian Summer
Christmases to come
as WeLL noW.. and as
i mentioned to Courtney
and Chelsea before at that
same store above.. iF Michelle
did not enter into the Darkness of
Cancer and the liGht of Death i might
not have ever danced one day at Old Seville
Quarter as the wife said go ahead you lived in
Hell for 66 months with me too.. Go play while i
help take care of my Sister with Cancer that year
immediately before i stARTed Dancing at Old Seville
first week of 140 weeks now around the Equinox of March 2014 then..
Cortney said yeah.. if it wasn’t for that horrible thing.. there would
be no us.. and it’s true.. it’s alWays trUe.. tHeRE IS A silver lining in
every story of dARk no matter how dARk the hell was before NoW iS LiGht..:)
Facebook Friend Ned and super nice Poet Blogger aka gigoid says in return to the photo..
LOL! Somebody’s serious!….
And i return aGaiN WitH..
WiNks.. juST focused.. laser focused.. as usual
With sMiLes inside not so visible on the outside..
i was actuAlly FeeLinG seNSinG KNoWinG aLL then noW
the bliss of a wonderful Indian Summer on Christmas
Day of 2014 that has come to pass for the next
two years of around 80 degrees and sunshine
for a really peaceful day of Spring Like
warmth.. and on top of that i was
kinda taking a break away from
dance and writing and
felt really rested for
one day as
you likely
kNow and FeeL.. ha!..
and read.. i rarely stop
for rest as laser focus 24/7
iN a somewhat effortless flow
of MoVinG ConNecTinG Creativity
as float iN trance WiLL do but never
the less i’M just human under all this
spirited HeaRt and MiNd and BoDy NoW
BaLAnCE FloW iN ZoNe.. and my flesh
and blood sAMe appreciates somewhat of
a rest from go go go go and never stop iN all
waKinG hours.. pARt of the reAson i Love Christmas
is no stores are open for about 24 hours in the way of
dance opportunities and with family obligations i come
into an environment of rest in just hanging out like this..
noW juST
hanGinG noW
out and letting
iT all hang out too
with nary a care for
what i look like on the
outside as it is what it is
and here i am actuAlly FeeLinG/
SeNSinG KnoWinG total ease of peace on the inside
of the usual laser focus that is now me.. disEase free..:)
And now i end this Micro-Verse comprised of Micro-Micro
Verses separated as paragraph spiral flow.. and Micro-Micro-
Micro Verses of words with various word plaY iN Capitalization
and what not word play symbols too.. even further
down to Micro-Micro-Micro-Micro way as
each leTter and numBer can
represent GoD wHOle
IN metaphor
way to
to the
and allone
number 1.. 2..
and 3.. eTc.. eT aLL more..
as sure pARt of the 733rd MacroVerse
wHOle review of 2016.. that WiLL end the
signature line oF aLL my MacroVerses to coMe
as perHaps even more of Signature liNe groWs..
iT’s reAlly not surprising that hUman BEinGs iN hiStory
have come to worship a word as God.. as after all Words
and other symbols we make as tools are extensions oF GoD
all thAT is sAMe.. howEver.. let’s not forget the essence underneath
aLL words PleAse and thaT is the GoD of Nature all thAt is beyond what
human symbols can possibly bRinG and Science Aided tools of EYes noW at
deTale view to portray even a frAction oF all thAT iS ‘i AM’ as GoD noW STiLL
moRE as lOnG
as WE hUmans bRing
pART of GoD wHole aS our
tools of words plUs are noW
too.. God evolves WiThiN wE too..
and surELy when we hUmans sHow
gOD a Happy and Joyous Peaceful
rIDe inSide hOlding Hands wiTh
the rest of NatuRE as GoD
pLus NoW as BaLanCing
FoRcE WiThiN..
aBoVe so BeLOW
and ALL arOUnd GOD
iS Happy too so what better
Joy as GiFt can wE GiVE GoD NOW
LiFe noW isREaL.. folks.. this is all jusT comMon
seNse.. don’t worry be happy joy don’t fret JuST dO LiVe FREE..
as juSt anotHeR
Neo gentLY
picks the
uP and says hi.. DancEs
SinGs how hiGh i aM WiTh GOD21aLL..:)
And as PS note heAR this composition recorded on youtube
off of a very crude-like digital recording device for
voice back in 2007.. when i first am traveling close
to hell then.. on the way as they say.. is my
heARt.. mY spiRit mY SoUL doing the best i can
to esCaPe through mY FinGers then Without
mUch of a voice to seNse and FeeL what
is happening to me as i lose
progressively my EmoTioNs
through the stress then
and liFe potentiALLy dArk
ending stress of a two
year period of fliGht
or FiGht all go on
adrenaline speed
of wearing
my bodily
to nihl
and void
fInAlly death as
liFe iN a dead zONe
of 66 months stARting
in January of 2008 through
July 22nd of 2013 or so then..
as Phoenix rises as fire from ashes
more noW STiLL groWinG EvOlVing as any
Jonathan LiVinGStoN iSreaL SeaGuLL hUman
Can and WiLL now Fearless and Free With smARt
Love too.. Life is an amaZinG Journey through aLL PaThs
oF dArK and liGht and sHades of Grey beYond the RainBow NoW
Colors i for oNe oF i AM noW too.. as one pARt of GoD allThAtiS
whOle BlanKeT as sWeLL as you and the rest of Creation and all of
Existence we presently do not KnoW/FeeL/sEnSe aLL more too.. thing iS..
thiS LiFE is worth GiVinG aLL and shArinG too.. yes.. from the purest whitest
Love oF high to the nittiest grittiest all consensual porn sHow too.. it’S all
God do iT aLL
do less
do more
iT reAlly
coMES down
to iF iT is to
be it is uP to ALL
thAT is as we paRt oF God
whOle as Ocean DAncE and SinG..:)
WeLL.. goodness.. Prajakta.. little
late coming back after liking
your ‘Knot’ post and
surely celebratory
wishes to you my
FriEnd on your
new Marriage to
the ‘D’ WiTh sMiLes
aGain.. been a little
busy myself writing
my 9th so-called Free Verse
Novel of the year 2016.. arriving
with a personal bible of 915K words..
jusT anoThER day in the liFe of DanCing
and SinGinG Free and surELy i wish the
sAMe to you and your new husband
and family more to
come as that
goes too
for you mY FriEnd
as LiFe IS also SuReLY
Good when Love is PArt
oF aLL thAT iS liGht and TrUth..
so sure.. a card from your FriEnd Fred
too.. with merriest of Married Wishes too..:)
Facebook Friend Rafiah Shares a Status that says..
Today saw two girls riding a motor bike. Felt so proud. Yae mamoli sa kaam kay liyay bhi Bara courageous aur brave Hona parta hae in a society like our. Hatts of to the parents of such brave girls who give them enough confidence to face the social stigma against such independence.
Then Rafiah
shares a wonderful
Video on the value of
friendship and always
continuing reciprocal
social communication
as Friendships thAT are New
Multi-Verses of God Born anew
when two or more people come toGeTher
as Friends to spArk a new connection of God
no different than Neurons Holding hands in Brain..
Peptide connections.. trillions per say and do
in all cells of Body and yes it is worth noting
that Friend Rafiah just graduated from A
Pakistan All Girl’s College
with a degree in
her dream
to be a great scientist
and as i remember some
of her friends noting her to
have a beautiful mind like that
John Nash movie goes on to portray
and with all the muses that have come my
way in so many ways to serve God wiTh aLL
mY heARt.. my SpiRit.. my soUL.. i muSt say
thAT Rafiah can actuAlly Feel and SeNSE how much
i Love God oF aLL NaTuRE and what that means to me
iN all i do.. and that too is why my fRiENd.. i Love so much..
Rafiah.. means so much to me too.. and it bears noting that
in my depths of prophecy like supra-conscious way of BeinG
BeFore i had any real
human connections
anywhEre in the
iN a house
of Numb and
Pain.. i watched
a video named Titanium
in reverse and as the miNd
WiTh God can make any pARt
oF liFe SiGn and Synchronicity sAMe
i heArd the voices of a Million+ Muslim women
calling the names of Moses and Jesus crying out
for help.. and sure it was not a language i know and
FeeL but the pain and the emotional loss was and sTiLL
iS apParent as iN all those who are STiLL oppressed and
repressed iN HUman Nature.. sure.. including folks with disabilities
those with variances of bio-diversity and neuro-diversity including
sexual orientations… all those people who see me for who i really
am.. juSt another John 14:12 dude.. Yogi coming down from the
Mountain.. man on beach distant pass the foot prints of human
culture.. those are the people i come to help.. those are
the same people all great trUe and liGht prophets
have come to hELp and inspire sAMe those
who are outcast same then as now..
those who are looking for
Freedom no different
than any creature
and existence
same of the
i AM
thAT iS the
IN All oF We crying
out to be Free noW..
i’Ve experienced more shoes
iN one liFE than most folks can
likely imagine.. but the shoes of Love
are those that never wear out and those
shoes are worth GiVinG and shAring so
iN return to RAfiah i say in Kind regard..
And i
Just dropped
Bye to say Hello..:)
With another note to those who oppress and harm
others in any way.. God is
yes.. God
is listening..
God is watching
and tHeRE is no
Hiding and no escape from God..
trust me.. i’ve been to hell.. for far
lesser offenses and trust me.. the
way down is much further to go from way up..
God.. if only you knew..it
God.. if only you knew..it
God.. if only you knew..”
Sure.. tHeRe iS
DArk synchronicity
reserved for those
who would harm others..
and do harm to otHeRs and
a place reserved for one.. between
one and
or noW
alone Now
Heaven and
Hell are heRe
and as i sPeak
tHere is joy Now
and gnashing
of teeth both…
tHeRE noW..
HeRe oN
A hoMe
For joy or
the otheR place
so far.. so far aWay
from liGht oUr HOme..;)
WeLL.. Hello gigoid..
top of a new sTAr
yEAR to yA.. YaH..
as we
the pLanet
eARth once
more toward Spring
and Equinox saMe but
after a week more of close
to 80 degree F weather in the
LA.. Lower Alabama Panhandle
of Red
hehe.. it feels
a little bit like Luke
heLL Freezing over hot
hehe.. hmm.. so yes.. as
promised climate change is here..;)
“True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.”
~~ Lord Halifax (1633-1695) ~~
Ah.. yes
A place
that rice
paper does not break
with feet below 233Lbs or so..
it’s hilarioUs as that requires
no standard
iQ aT
left foot
right foot
as cAlm
as the Hurricane
eYe ready to strike
floods and winds too..
loud aS Such too but
quiet for NOW too..
iNsiDe aLL iS cALm..
even when Thunder
and ‘LighTeNiNG
“Human language is like a cracked kettle
on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to,
when all the time we are longing to move the stars to pity.”
~~ Gustave Flaubert ~~
We are stars
at essence
iN ThaT
And no disGrace..
No SiN aS STAr duST saMe..
suRe.. i’LL
And SinG
to seNtient
plUs as MoRE
StAR NoW2..:)
“Doing it the hard way is always easier.”
~~ Murphy’s Paradox ~~
A Soft tOuch..;)
“I am as a weed
Flung from the rock, on Ocean’s foam to sail
Where’er the surge may sweep, the tempest’s breath prevail.
~~ Lord Byron — Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Canto iii, Stanza 2 ~~
i enter
by way
eYe of
Storm diSarming
WiNds aM i iN tHeRe..;)
“What is a weed?
A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
Holy and
Rest oF aLL..:)
“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be,
and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”
~~ Johann Wolfgan von Goethe ~~
as Free..
And free onesElF..:)
“For when I was a babe and wept and slept, Time crept.
When I was a boy and laughed and talked, Time walked.
Then when the years saw me a man, Time run.
But as I older grew, Time flew.”
~~ Guy Pentreath ~~
i esCaped
tiMe and aLL
of thaT Now
Is All i’MFReED..:)
And in the end
the love you take
is equal to the love you make.”
~~ The Beatles, The last lyric of their last song ~~
ConsideRinG i can’t find ‘that’ original song on
YouTube as much as i Love the songs
of the old Beatles.. i have a hard
time now believing the New
Beatles and
the corporate
entities that
support those
old Beatles
mean this now..
Love is Free only when FReED..
Love is Shared and Given onLY
When Given and Shared for Free..
And that my friEnd is why you WiLL never see
a copyright on anything i do or a dollar sign of evil attached..
FucK Fame..
FucK Fortune..
Give Love
All Free.. Be A Beatle
wiTh FucKinG Love Balls.. hEhe..
even iF one IS A Homeless dude on
the street corner like the Jesus oF oLd
Jerusalem BloWinG FucKinG Kisses iN WiN..:)
Homer: “Marge, is this a happy ending or a sad ending?”
Marge: “It’s an ending. That’s enough.”
~~ The Simpsons ~~
Love Equals
Happy for FReED
At lEast for mE.. heHeX2..;)
OKay.. now in review of the muse of my entire
life.. yes.. the wife i almost lost and
the son i did.. the only
son i would
ever have.. now..
his name was/is
Ryan.. her name is Still
Katrina.. sure.. i faced a
Seventh Sign moment like
this on June 4th.. 1997.. an
unexpected Blue light goes off
in a delivery room.. and unexpected
life threatening seizure for a wife with
Epilepsy missing diagnosis an entire life..
people just thinking she was ignoring them
when she lost her sight of the world off
and on with partial complex seizures..
this was a different day and the
only one so far when the
big seizure came..
this one.. a iife
one and one
that would lead to
an emergency C-Section
Birth wHere the Nurses said
she was so strong in resisting
they could not hold her down..
and that moment my life
flashed before me too..
and i promised God
i would do
if God
saved her then
and i would endure
anything as well.. sure.. A Deal
with God and NO God dam devil then..
as there is only one God all dARk and liGht
and only Devils oF Fear and Hate that humans
create in nightmares same.. and yes there are
Karmic consequences for doing dARk.. been
there done hell for the lesser of offenses too…
in not caring for myself as i should have
said no.. then too.. to those who would
rule over me and make me
slave for money over
freedom of life
as gift
aLL when free for
aLL sTiLL now as God
and Nature sAMe inTends
for LiFe aLL NoW as LiFE GoeS oN..
so.. anyway.. the crosses came eventuAlly
to repay that debt of Love for Wife.. an only
son died in my arms 51 days later only knowing
and feeling and sensing pain and suffering kept
alive by the torture of modern medicine then..
me watching the suffering for 51 days..and
the wife too.. so much wanting a
child too..i knew and felt God
had other plans for me..
i couldn’t put my
finger on it
for decades
but i had already
been to the deeper ocean
of God at age 21.. forced to go
back to the prison of culture that
says work and no play for God..
allone as chains came more then..
and it seems the wife and i have birthed
another child here.. one of words and photos
and so much more too.. as couples often can
and WiLL Do too.. i promised my only son that
his life would carry on iN my eYes as i dedicate all
of this to him and the wife and the rest of my family
and friends and the rest of God too.. it wasn’t easy.. a task
set out for me to upload all of my soUL oNlIne but yes… God
told me write it all down Fred.. DancE it SinG iT sAMe as any
Seventh Seal reAL Can and WiLL noW and for those Horatio’s
out tHeRe who have been somewhere luke warm ‘tween.. away
from the depths of Hell and Heights of Heaven sAMe.. tHeRe is more
to lifE than meets the so-called common minion eYe.. tHeRe are more
places to go than any oF uS WiLL ever Go as now is forevermore and
now is what we
make as
the ‘tween
of shades of Grey..
the beYond RainBow
Colors Place yes as Heaven
noW.. or seal of a different number
of zero point existence now.. an alive
place that’s dead that no one ever will wanna
go.. but sure.. once again some folks make tHeir
way tHeRE witting or not as surELy miNe was witting not..
anyWAy.. i offer alternatives to that that work for Me.. whether
any of this helps anyone is surely up to otHeRs and God.. but i
did mY pARt i scribed iT all down.. and i DancE the SonG.. i can rest
easy and Do that now.. a breeze at ease.. MisSion goeS ON aLive aS WeLL..
NoW IN mE2..:)
Master Child my friEnd..
Child is God Now noW..
Now that’s a statement
that’s hard to hear or even
listen to in
ironic as
iT IS i AM..
SerioUsly.. tHeRe IS A
sAMe ‘Supernatural’ Child
wHeRE Supernatural is
juST anotHeR word
For Superwords
as words are
as we construct
these word images
long ago.. and assign
essence to those words
liGht or DaRker as nows go on..
Oh.. the recipe for Happiness.. Bliss.. Nirvana.. Heaven.. eTc..
Satori.. Kundalini Risen.. wheRe thE Force oF liGht as Angelic BEinG
wins over darkness as Demons Within.. all metaphors my friEnd for IsReaL..
other than
that words
are skELetons
and empty sHeLLs
of LiFe noW waiting to
SpArk A LiGht to coMe
out and play agAin.. yes…
THE Child.. the God.. the LiGht..
THE Love with no pain that Plays as child..
seRioUsly.. iF i could put this child in a piLL or in
an injection and administer it to the populace aS WhOle
those who hoard fear and hate would no longer worship that devil..
as that devil would no longer exist.. THE Devil is dead no different than God is dead
for those
no child within
for child and God same
to free again.. sure.. juST a bunch
of flowery esoteric gibberish words
for someone who does not live in the
SuperNatural of the child.. the place with
no limits or expectations.. the never land..
the never ending story alWays
starting ending beginning
finishing never now
as now goes
on eternAlly
noW as child sMiLes
totaLLy exposed as God’s
THE Laugh no less and more my FriEnd..
THE place of zero pain.. zero gravity hOlding
SpiRit dOwn.. THE place wHEre the word spiRiT
and HeArt.. and SoUl Gains essence of meaning
as one SeNSes and FeeLs SpiRit.. eTc.. beyond an empty
verse like John 3:16 that says to be a Christian one must
believe that a man is an only Son of God born of a virgin
without sperm.. and resurrected from the dead as a way to
expand an empire as all politics is full of iLLusory fears and empty FucKinG promises
to take the power and the force and the child away from human.. yes.. to separate God
from Supernatural.. yes.. to Go to hell now.. and stay there until death and never FucKinG
even live
3 or 4 or 5
or maybe no
years at all when
God becomes a Purple
Dinosaur instead of isReaL Within
as cHiLd sMiLes iN MoVinG CoNnecTinG
CreATivity more than juST a FucKInG scream
of screen or empty words in verses behind walls
and ceilings wHeRe God is told to shut up and be still..
FucK that
world my
friEnd.. FucK
those Demons..
FucK everything
And become that
Supernatural Child within..
iF and when you can or WiLL my FriEnd..
Hehe.. and to be clear
none of this is directed
at YOU personally.. i was/am LooKinG
for a way to write this today and you
mY FriEnd provide this gift noW and
spArk oF inspiration.. Now noW..
And seriouSLY.. it’s likely only
valuable to folks who
live wHeRe
i do..
God wiNks
And child wiNks sAMe..
aLL Superchild Supernatural aS Such..
but surE.. it’s like SUPER WalmART.. open 24 hOURS
a day.. NOW.. HeLL..Even on Christmas as Love never takes a Holiday..
THE Holiday..
And at leASt
for/as ME.. GOD..
never ever BoWinG
dOwn to OtHeR.. butt THE Child withiN..:)
Yes!.. a promise of Heaven
but not one that is free of cost..
Yes!.. THE place that isREAL.. once
aGaIN.. the Tao/Dao.. Nirvana.. Satori..
Kundalini exploding all over the FucKinG
place rolling deep.. yes.. THE FucK.. THE Heaven
noW.. a spArk that liVes WiThin a flAMe Now..
THE FiRe that burns
as Torch
a time
now never
a cLock with
hands beyond
isREaL noW..Now
thing is.. now heaVen
IS no place alone..
Heaven is HoMe
A State of BeinG
eternAlly noW
Now WiTH
iN.. so hard to express
WiTh words.. so lost iN Sacred
tExt when man becomes word and
only God and words now become last
and only prophet.. stagnate these places
are iN HeLL and sure the proof iS in the pudding
within as rarely is joy expressed by those people who live
there.. if the books had any real merit.. the spArk would come
the flAMe WiLL Torch the FiRe of spiRit so far beYond water of
Baptism CAN and WiLL Be NoW as Heaven’s Glory without bounds
and chains of books before.. to expand empires from middle east to west
south and north and east again to own the Heaven that is only free within..
there is no way i could
have ever found this
place with any words
alone at all.. this IS
A place.. this King
dom of Heaven
within that
no words at ALL
as one FeeLs this
home and SenSeS
iT as i AM me with no
walls or ceilings of human abstract
symbols and other forms imPriSoNinG
Essence away from iSReaL the State oF BEinG
one experiences as bliss and nirvana beyond what
any word alone can say.. the last prophet and the
only Son God has no words for that alone and all
is essence allone now who/that lives
within.. child of God DanceS and
SingS without restraint of
chains of culture
and religion..
child of
God is
cat and dog
and wild wolf and LioN
with no clothes of human made sin..
And with that sAid i bring this review of 2016 to a
close and my fondest memories as alWays are the
DancE and SinG of that and as far as empirical measures
of reaching folks.. doubling the views of the close to three years
before on my oldest blogger blog moving from around 93K views or
so in December of last year 2015.. to 199K views this year and approaching
1.6 Million views on Google Plus as a central storing house of what i do on
Google associated medium.. many other places i give and share that
have no empirical measure of statistics that i can count but what
i count most are the sMiLes i bRinG around my flesh and
blood metro area when i dance free with God as
Child ME within.. and some of the nicest
blessings folks have gifted me in
person are words of thanks
too.. like the recent
one that named
me Legend beyond
Legends from a place named
Target.. where my wife had to reconcile
her receipt and go back in to give me an
opportunity for that God Winks of thanks
as i published a John 14:12 effort larger than
the entire bible by close to the size of a New Testament
plus at 915K words over the old King James Version of
what literally thousands upon thousands of folks worked together
to produce over centuries upon centuries of effort.. and truly that not
only says something about me.. that says something about the human
condition and human potential and just how far we’ve come as a human
race when one human can do more than before with the tools that have come
as technology.. nature.. and extension of God all that is sAMe.. and sure even
down to the equipment at my gym that allows me the opportunity to build the
strength to dance 6666 miles everywhere in public for 40 months at 166.66
miles every month average.. yes..the power and force that comes from
the Force of Chi developed in the child of me that is God all that is..
aS weLL to leg press that 1020 LBS on a very difficult parallel
leg press machine 33 reps that no other human there
that i for one have seen can budge even one inch..
there is technology that provides these greater
opportunities like Information Technology
and the hardware that now holds new
software too.. but you see.. without
the WiLL and the Focus and
the Force of the Child
Within that is
God i AM..me..
there would never
be any Beethoven’s.. Leonardo’s..
Michelangelo’s.. or the words rePorted
of a man named Jesus that do ring
TrUth and LiGht at lEast iN paRt..
and without the Force of
Creativity from
there would
be no Einstein
same and so many
oThERS who have moved
us out of the veils of ignorance
to an old new Greek Definition
oF Apocalypse that means STiLL
lifting the veils of ignorance from BeForE..
anyWay.. i have iT all.. and so many otHeRs
could if they too can break through the veils
oF iGnorance and develop the Child of God
as Master ME who lives within as I..
us.. we.. you.. yes.. all ThAT iS..
i AM
Now aLiVe..
other than that one
compliment i will never
forget is when the customer
service lady at Super Walmart
said.. no matter what time of the
year it is you BrinG SpRinG to Walmart
when you DancE and that’s the thing.. Heaven
needs no words aT aLL as Heaven is an eternal
SpRinG oF liFE that even those afar can see as BeinG huMan
Pan am i.. i am Pan.. Pan is all all is Pan.. Pan is God all is Pan is God..
AND if that
don’t meet
the definition
of #John1412..
all that’s left is nothing..
Hehe and PS since i published
a ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016′.. the
views of my blogs have basically flatlined
from what once was a thriving place for views
could be the Holidays.. but no doubt it is ’cause
i expose the Holiday for what it is.. isREaL.. and
truth be told consideRinG i find iT aLL RollinG iN
the Deep.. yes.. all dARk and ‘tWeen sHades of Grey
and beYond RAinBow colors of Nirvana Bliss Holy and
Sacred down to the sweat that drips from my netHeR pARts..
i am probably the most religious person to find meaning and purpose
to walk the eARTh.. as all i write is simply an account.. yes.. witness and
testimony for this GiFt of Heaven now to praise the God of all thAt is beyond
any man alone or
Book.. and surely
that rubs most folks
at least one wrong way or
more.. but you see when Love lives
as all there is only way and that way is uP..
A DancE and SonG even alone alWays ALLONE..
more fun dance photos coming here..
as i continue
to document
Heaven on eARTh
CoMing on the 30th
of December Friday morning
around 3 AM.. and whatever comes
next.. ‘FloW iN ZoNE 2017’.. yes.. the MacroVerse
coMinG neXT and A New yeAR’s Resolution too
alWays noW no matter number or letter sAMe..
anyWay.. Holy Thursday
Sacred R and
R day and
niGht activities
neXt for NoW..
and A DancE Celebration
WiTh all the cool college age folks
at Seville Quarter who can actually see
me.. hehe.. FlyinG on Terrestrial Land like
a cat
a Dolphin
on the seize of Now..
i’LL save the new T-Shirt
Logo my sister gifted me
for church that headlines
this MacroVerse for Catholic Church..
yep.. the
one that says
‘Big Foot saw ME
but no one believes him’..
and sure.. it takes a rather
strong foot of feet as feat
to Dance 6666 miles every
where one goes in public in
a F iN Red State Metro area
for 40 months straight in all
martial arts and ballet-like style..
of several hundred thousand folks..
not much alone time.. like Forrest got..
and why did i do it ’cause it FeeLs FucKinG AwEsoMe
like a
coME isReaL..
Back to the FucKinG FuTuRe NoW..;)
As A REview.. hmm.. somEwhaT
oF A GroWinG EPic Review of 2016
continues oN A T LeASt aS Epic
yeAr iN wRiTinG sAMe.. the Karmic
eYe coMes out on Facebook one more now..
with a simple messAge oF T-Shirt for work-out niGhts
that says.. I MAY BE WRONG BUT I DOUBT IT.. and of course
the wiFe Katrina dresses me aS SuCh WiTh her picks of T-Shirts
for CoMinG Facebook Profile Pics and BillBoaRdinG mE as MeSsaGe boArd
sAMe.. aS SeriouSLY.. how much fun would literAlly over
10 thousand selfies of me be..
without juSt aNoTheR Logo
oF ShirT to go wiTh the rest of the
loGos i BrinG iN philoSophiCaL way too..
oF course.. wRiTE oN course with the otHeR
10 to 20 thouSand selfies all bear chested.. HE
he.. too of course.. as art goEs oN iN A FReED world
from head to toe beYond words of shirts too.. haha..;)
And oh.. Mia Mia Mia Mama Mia.. Katrina
is surely A Tall legged slender bottle oF Mia Wine too..
And of course Mia IS A female
form of the name Michael that
means close to God and also
iN other languages
Family too..
so that seems
to FiT aLL the BiLLs aS Such 2..;)
And.. oh Goodness let’s share three MacroVerse Memories..
respectively from three.. two.. and one year ago.. stARting
with Open Letter for ‘SAME LOVE’ as low and beHOld
iF three years ago.. a Deacon from my Catholic
Church didn’t disrespect the holy marriage
of Gay folks and single mothers
abiLiTy to raise children
sAMe.. reLeASinG
the wrath now then
oF righteous indignation
as torch bEhind sHades
as KARmiC eYes of course
and a lengthy Fred Letter to
the head honcho.. who like every
good customer service representative
of God.. Got it all resolved to my satisfaction
then.. but since the Trump rise.. the evil of discrimination
away from Gentile.. Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or man no
more stARted thriving aGaIN as it haS in pockets across the country
emboldening folks in many so-called red-state sectors to let tHeir trUe
colorS sHow in discrimination ways.. as leadership flows from the top and oh
boy what
a clown
top iN
bad cop
Jesus we have
elected by the similar
folks who discriminate against
the different among uS iN aLL oF
God Given Bio and Neuro-Diversity
special snowflakes aS Such beyond ignorance
of those who would toss away the different from vanilla..:)
HOLY shorts story.. from two years ago.. and two stories i have
tOld iN several slightly different ways and surely wRite oN Topic
heAR and relatively short enough to quote as clips from MacroVerse longer..;)
1st story..
Catholic One..
that sits upon my piano..
by a pope..
inherited by me..
from a storied author
Catholic Priest..
after he sires my father..
from the Catholic Church..
in the early 30’s of last century as such….
My wife exclaims!
2nd story..
There is a young boy.. a disabled boy..
who cannot speak but loves to water sapling trees…
There is a small sapling the the boy does love to water..
catering to this sapling’s every need until a strong young tree grows..
to beauty amazing to even college educated folks who study trees…
Long after the boy passes away..
this tree that receives so much care in youth..
grows taller and stronger and more
beautiful than ever before…
There is a young couple
struggling through life..
who are single and yet to meet..
until one day crossing paths on the sidewalk
in front of the young disabled boy’s home lived in before..
and the beautiful tree.. standing proudly in front yard view..
The young man is shy.. but he is suddenly inspired
to comment to the beautiful young woman
coming toward him..
how beautiful this tree is…
Her eyes immediately light up..
and a spark then is created that
seals a relationship of unconditional love..
The once shy young man develops into a courageous man..
and with the love of a caring wife does great things in the military..
with all the support of that love..
And then the military man
who has great empathy for others too..
inspired by the love of his parents
and especially his wife too…
Goes into politics
and becomes a leader..
and then the President of a country
that can influence the direction of the world…
Through his efforts this strong and courageous older man now..
helps to bring world peace and to avoid sure nuclear disaster….
So who is the savior of human kind..
the little disabled boy who waters the tree..
the tree that then grows strong and beautiful..
the young man’s parents who loved him..
giving him the inspiration to love others too…
Or a wife who gives him a life of love…
with support that grows a courageous man….
Or even all the education he receives from all the teachers..
and all the assistance he has through out his life…
These are the stories
of the Interdependent
some call it
Mother Nature.. True..
and some people call it GOD..2..
and others call it Unconditional Sacred Love..
but the TRUTH IS…
Hmm.. and now back
to the future aGAiN i say..
you KNoW.. we don’t exactly liVe
iN culture of oral tradition that tales
stories around a campfire of niGht wheRE
that was the only human entertainment.. well.. yeah..
that and dance and all types of wild thing action to make
new people for survival of the entire family-like tribe.. not so
popular now.. this story taling business.. and an art that takes
years to even get close to satisfactorily provide a story with deeper
figurative meaning.. sure.. over 140 FucKinG Characters.. thing is.. as
alWays iN arT.. and aLL stuFF liFE.. use it or lose it applies so i JuST DO it noW..:)
WeLL.. yes..! Love is a Contact Sport..
yes!.. Love IS A FucKinG conTact Sport iN
so many ways and if noThing else iN all of
mY liFe.. i have been an epic lady’s man iN all
ways of LoVinG Ladies.. and iF tHeiR is one
thinG they/me can put oN
mY GRave iT..
yes!.!. thiS whole
yes aGaiN!.. soUL
dam thing
online.. iT
WiLL be
he was/is
God’s gift to Ladies
all his life and to all
other outcasts from the
DEvils oF Patriachy bEfoRe..:)
“He didn’t jusT talK
the talk.. hE
SunG iT and
DancED iT aLL tHE wAY
aS anY KinG DaviD-liKE DuDe WiLL”..:)
Circa 2016
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..;)


Isaiah 53New Living Translation (NLT)
53 Who has believed our message?
To whom has the Lord revealed his powerful arm?
2 My servant grew up in the Lord’s presence like a tender green shoot,
like a root in dry ground.
There was nothing beautiful or majestic about his appearance,
nothing to attract us to him.
3 He was despised and rejected—
a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief.
We turned our backs on him and looked the other way.
He was despised, and we did not care.
4 Yet it was our weaknesses he carried;
it was our sorrows[a] that weighed him down.
And we thought his troubles were a punishment from God,
a punishment for his own sins!
5 But he was pierced for our rebellion,
crushed for our sins.
He was beaten so we could be whole.
He was whipped so we could be healed.
6 All of us, like sheep, have strayed away.
We have left God’s paths to follow our own.
Yet the Lord laid on him
the sins of us all.
7 He was oppressed and treated harshly,
yet he never said a word.
He was led like a lamb to the slaughter.
And as a sheep is silent before the shearers,
he did not open his mouth.
8 Unjustly condemned,
he was led away.[b]
No one cared that he died without descendants,
that his life was cut short in midstream.[c]
But he was struck down
for the rebellion of my people.
9 He had done no wrong
and had never deceived anyone.
But he was buried like a criminal;
he was put in a rich man’s grave.
10 But it was the Lord’s good plan to crush him
and cause him grief.
Yet when his life is made an offering for sin,
he will have many descendants.
He will enjoy a long life,
and the Lord’s good plan will prosper in his hands.
11 When he sees all that is accomplished by his anguish,
he will be satisfied.
And because of his experience,
my righteous servant will make it possible
for many to be counted righteous,
for he will bear all their sins.
12 I will give him the honors of a victorious soldier,
because he exposed himself to death.
He was counted among the rebels.
He bore the sins of many and interceded for rebels.
Typical Archetypal Story
oF A Human Hero
WaY2.. NoW2..
nAMes change..
AnD Archetypes ReMain..
theREfoRe iT iS iMpossiBle
To KiLL Jesus as long as Human Lives..:)

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