Artistic Love Layers

Ah.. Layers..
is what i love about ART..
and same with poetry.. as with dance..
piano.. singing.. and martial arts.. in general…
There is no predicting ART that flows.. and to and thro..
in waves of layers.. each one blending
into the others for an ocean of song..
however that may come.. in words
or painting.. and so much more…:)
IS certainly a pleasure I love to do.. and love to read..
when i come across all layered efforts of ART that are simply amazing..
for the more interpretive and introspective among us.. in the multi-media
explosion ART of modern culture.. that consists as so many images.. words..
and songs of words.. almost everywhere we go..
For me to capture.. create.. and absorb it all..
is a fascinating way to live.. always now…
Truly for folks who love to do this.. we are living in a
accessible.. to the masses through
Internet avenues of Google..
YouTube and so many more..
and the best thing of all
is.. there ARE
NO outsiders
to ART now..
anyone with talent..
CAN show their wares..
almost for free with a few digital tools..
and the Love of ART set free in digital way..:)
Ah.. to live as layers of river.. is never lost apart..
to stay with the water of life.. instead of drought of heArt..
can be the refreshing Bavarian beer of light.. in REAL Illuminati way..:)
Ah.. yes.. the shades of day.. do limit the light of night..:)
Yes.. the many splendor of Romantic homelike
turning lights and water off.. cooking meals..
and pouring the finest wines available for relaxation too..
and ah.. the oceans and the rivers do it so beautifully too..
without effort of course.. as gravity and slopes
pulls the way from moon..:)
Ah.. yes perspective..
that’s truly what
all about..
and feeling
the empathy of a comet..
is to know.. that now..
is what it’s all about..:)
Ah.. yes.. heArt is never a time
that can be measured..
or a line of poetry
that can be metered..
or a fly of life that is only metal
winged by the machine of soul..
that never lives in spirit.. to begin with.. now or then..:)
Ah.. yes.. the critter of fear.. is a pesky not so small fritter of life..
but just to twitter it.. without
knitting a larger story of life..
is not as warm..
on cold day nights..:)
Arriving somewhere underdressed for the event..
does seem to be a bother for some.. but not for me.. haha!..
for never host.. or even needing a toast..
shorts are my style in mid-winter..
a warm one am i.. when all the ins
are cold and
I am
out as warm..:)
Yes.. the match that
rubs across the dragons
and peaches of youth in dance or not..
is certainly friction for an intoxicating way of living..:)
Sounds like a movie of Twilight in lucid dreaming..
before.. but not after sleep.. and all the stuff we like to experience..
when not held back.. by worlds and words of concrete.. only..:)
truly a
of life..
frosted in..
and never really
returning to spring..
as long as icing is gone..
and here again..:)
Yes.. moments do have feet of fears..
but always grounded in the earth of now..
no matter time or element.. now is always feat of now..:)
Ah.. yes.. the balance.. so blessed to find.. and to stay in balance..
is treasure sought.. and equally gold to stay in balance in hallowed role..:)
So true to seek within.. call it… find it.. and write it all down..
may seem fiction to others..
but truth remains..
when within becomes light.. and the dark of outside becomes
bright as well..:)
So true.. the illusion is that we are
separate from the forest of all of life..
and yet the forest
can and never wills..
but is the oneness
that forest brings ..
in enlightening way again..:)
Arthritis .. is black creature of life that TG comes and goes for me..
and for now.. after two years of mostly pain free.. i chase it away farther..
in every way i can..:)
Ah.. yes.. the home of the Blue Angels is wHere i am from..
the roar of the engines do shake the roof of above..
and a picture i take of a static statued one..
is delight for patriotism.. as well as bright
blue eyes of sky and steel..:)
Yes.. the earth can be a hungry fellow with quakes
who know no taste.. for human wills for survival..:)
Ah.. yes. the Spring that comes without
feeling can be a spring of death
in life.. as is.. when feelings leave.. and senses are all that is left..:)
Ah.. we humans with gilled structures not fully formed in development
have ancestral home in seas of oceans.. and so lucky are we to still live
close to the salt water that still flows red in our veins of life.. as the rivers flow
to the ocean of life as well.. and yes 90% of human populations still live relatively close
to some body of water.. as after all 90% of humans are constituted by water as well of life..:)
i suppose the truth is that the oceans of human life are one blanket
of sand that holds together as one.. with sand and rivers flowing
same to overall seas of life.. that sometimes culture
hides with blinding darkness of lies.. or mistruth..
sad but true.. perhaps..
but overcome able
i do believe as abled..:)
Ah yes.. a most lovely thing that Winter brings is
a cycle of live instead of a
one way
Ah.. yes.. the dark and light bricks of castle life.. SO important that the
dark of bricks do not fall the light of bricks come tumbling down
in despair of soul.. and to name that darkness.. whether
dark brick or not.. to assess the damage and
to move on fearlessly to rebuild
with light bricks again..
makes the castle
of life fortified
Ah.. yes..
the evolution
ART growing
through shades of charcoal..
colors of love.. and finally acrylic and oil..
that never fades away.. yes.. oh yes..
Art heals.. when fully expressed
and never
Ah.. yes.. the human connection in layers of lips..
will exceed the materials of desires for those with love..
but of course there are loveless lips as well..
of those with fewer layers of soul.. heart..
and spirit expressed in lips or hips or not..:)
Ah.. if only the peace of nature and the simplicity
found in the flowing streams of the forest..
can be as smooth in humans..
but storms do brew..
and rage too..
in dark of thunder pages..
from the books of life..:)
Yes.. the spirit of the Egg..
in all its running woes..
poked.. poached.. scrambled..
until Egg feels no more..
but alas.. there can be life.. with shells picked up..
hum pity dum pity.. making his pieces play again..
together.. more together.. broken pieces put together..
Egg once more.. with bright yellow sun in middle.. flied..
in light.. instead .. of heat.. radiating Center Spirit Egg..
once again..:)
Well.. sweetheart.. i will never forget.. after living five long years.. with severe illness and not being able to connect to any human being in emotions.. either online or off.. the Unconditional Love you provide to me in words in this gift here on your blogs from you to me of hope truly is the immediate spark of love again.. that does bring me back to the Unconditional Love that i am as child.. in Summer of 2013..:)
Truly i live as mostly Zombie before that.. and truly the love in words you give me then.. is part of why i truly live again in LOVING life.. The gift you give me then.. is beyond all materialistic means and flesh and blood sensual interaction among human beings.. I know then for sure.. AS NOW..:)
It is pure love in the white of my heart and soul.. and while i freely pursue all avenues of life fearless as any soldier can.. THAT pure white love is now mine to give to all others.. no matter what they do or how they accost me in real life and here…
I do not know your flesh and blood being.. but you share your soul and heart with me many times here.. in fully expressed Spirit of yours.. and you ‘see’ truly.. i hope.. although my eyes never touch your eyes.. your soul will always be a part of mine…
I know all along that when you get married in the tradition of your culture you will likely disappear from here.. but friend.. means giving love.. where receiving is not part of friend in true friend life my friend..
And you know i know the strength of your soul.. and you know i hope now.. that i am your loyal lifelong friend.. long after now.. when my hair turns gray.. i am feeble.. and cannot walk.. as I have already been to that place of human incapacitation before in life as dead…
The most important thing in life is human soul of self and heart of emotion fully expressed as spirit my friend.. and i know deep down in intuition of the demons that control you and the angels similar to the ones that control me and give to me.. as well in past…
Allah sends me to you.. as Allah sends you to me as friend.. and that is the way Allah works in humans who are true friends.. when there is never any real separation of souls that do feel love to give unconditionally always to friends..:)
Well.. life is certainly about eating and sensing but more than anything life is about feeling.. and connecting to other human beings.. and helping each other on their way..
We live in a strange world.. where once humans are villages and there is no disconnection of flesh and blood..
And now we live in rooms with electronic devices and the worst of all offenders are TV’s that never let us speak back in human terms of expressing emotional spirit…
The emotional spirit of human is a true organic muscle that must be exercised to stay alive.. and the soul at seat of self is nourished by heart of emotions to inspire that emotional spirit to live again in connecting expression with other human beings ALIVE!..:)
And you know.. i will hold not HOLD ANY bars back to go the distance to hell and back to never lose my soul.. heart..
and spirit again…
And some of the things i do with instruction from Allah are places that most people never dare to go.. but my covenant with ALLah is to share all of that with others no matter how hard that can be for me to do..
But the bottom line is this.. as i know you FEEL without FEELING THIS SOUL AND HEART AND having the inspiration in terms of Allah to set Spirit FREE IN EMOTIONS OF ART.. however that may come to be..
IS a desert of existence that the Artist AS INSTRUMENT of Allah cannot withstand to truly live and love life…
And.. I suppose since you now live in the UK that full expressions of spirit in emotions of songs abroad are no longer censored for the fear that one might have passion of Free Allah Spirit to go their own way in FREEST INTERDEPENDENT Love again!..:)
I will link this song for you to hear.. if it is beyond your timeline or cultural ears of past..
And honestly.. it does say it all my friend.. Yes.. it is
ALL about SOUL.. AND TO grow a heArt STRONGER.. and be able to fully express that heaRt again as emotional spirit.. does not necessarily take dark pain of inspiration again.. it can come from the light as well.. but to know and feel the light is to feel the soul.. through heart and SPIRIT EXPRESSED AS EMOTION!..:)
And perhaps there is positive ART out tHere somewhere that will further inspire that SPARK OF SPIRIT TO EXPRESS IN YOU.. AND OUT!.. Ah!.. the avenues of that Love in expression of human spirit passionate.. wild.. and FREE!.. are without limit these days.. with the Instrument of Allah that YOUTUBE CAN NOW BE too.. IN GENERATING HUMAN EMOTION OF HEART.. IN SOUL GROWING AS SPIRIT MORE FULLY EXPRESSED IN ALL WAYS OF ARTS IN LOVE MY FRIEND..:)
wRite ON!
With heart and soul
TO share with others..:)
As always
on Thursday
a celebration of dance..
and tonight is my
58th Rave Dance
night with all the super cool college
age thriving youth at Old Seville Quarter
Pensacola FL..
So more photos to come on that and for my
daily dance walk of life I go wherever i do..


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