Talking Body of Art

is the human
set free,
in body balance, as well.
And what I mean by set free,
is the human mind set free from a ‘land’
of mechanical cognition, and restricted body balance
in ‘sidewalk’ moves.
And just to talk about mechanical cognition
is mechanical cognition limiting;
However, to lay out
mechanical cognition
in Art is of course a work of ART.
For me ART has a ‘mind’ of its own.
The Art leads me; I do not lead the Art.
My main Arts are from Childhood Piano
and never freeing myself fully to
create unique with piano until age 47,
and a composition free does come.
And then comes writing; first strictly logic
and mechanical cognition starting
in 2010;
then emotions start to flow;
then finally in 2013;
I ‘knOw’ longer have
to think to express
the energy of writing Art;
and the writing becomes Free
verse poetry instead of
‘mathematical’ writing
with ‘Queen Victoria’ as such.
Ah, and eyesight is restored; the smartphone
is a perfect companion to
cherish the moment in the Art of photography,
capturing synchronicity
flow wherever I go; making visual poetry a reality in new technology.
And then the words ‘tell me’ to dance; so I dance and the dance becomes Art;
without a thought; as the creativity in dance guides me through every step;
and move of body Art, until my mind and body becomes balanced as one
force; with emotions regulated, senses integrated; and focus increasing,
along with short term memory enhanced for streaming cognitive
executive functioning, as one human force in tune, as living life.
And then comes Martial Arts to offset
the divine feminine ballet-like flow,
in Sacred Warrior Spirit;
Oh, and there is always singing, as with the
synergy of all these Arts the words in song
do start to flow higher
and higher to reach the ‘Temple’
top of Catholic Church with ‘Choirs
of Angels’ in Unison.
For me, the point of Art
is to for Now,
literAlly become
the metaphor of Art,
as human being.
For me,
Art is the creative force
of the God of Nature; and
inherent potential in most of humankind,  just waiting to
be awakened and enlightened, as human Chi Force energy;
what the Christians call Holy Spirit; or what ‘Anakin Skywalker’
calls the Dark and Light Force of the Universe; Yes, Art can be
Dark and Light too, and all shades of colors and hues of grey,
as well. And there is no limit to Art, as long as it comes from
Human soul in greater mindful awareness in mind and body
balance in Feeling heArt expressed as human emotional
SPiRiT Flow
A Human
Force Fully
ALive and
my middle
name Arthur,
A Core
All Human
And yes, even science
shows this now,
in the creative
and productive
Art of
Art is more than a talking head.
Art is a ‘talking body’, as well..:)
I enjoy being part of an International Poetry group
that shares poetry and other related arts online.
The best part of the experience is
commenting in poetic expression
to the poetry of others and seeing
how everyone relates differently to the poetry in
their unique expressions of their humanity of
perceived Universe.
Art is a microcosm of human reality in this way;
in the fact and art that we all see reality different.
There is no ART that stands alone. Art is always
a collaborative effort from the time
we humans
are born as
healthy social animals in
cooperative effort to inspire each other to
And truly human
without Art is illness at core
of what human even means
as being.
I AM sick, very sick, in a mechanical cognition
oriented culture for 40 years.
And Now I am well,
very well,
in deed
and ART
of Human Being.
Overall, Life Itself,
is a Prompt for Human
Art. Fully living, is
with it..:)
“If a thing or its effects cannot be consistently measured in a quantitative way, then it is safe to say that the thing does not exist. If the alleged existence of a thing consistently has the same effects as its non-existence, then it is safe to say that the thing does not exist.
‘Spiritual’ things are mere concepts. While they may exist in the mind, when one ceases to dwell upon them, they cease to exist as well. Thus, they are ephemeral, as well as imaginary.
Believe in unprovable and immaterial things if you will,
but demanding that I share your beliefs
will be a waste of both your time and your effort.”
‘Human Emotions and Senses 101′.
Science can ‘talk’ about ’em; but the scientific method has no reliable method to
measure the internal and connecting human emotional and sensory force
of being in consistent quantitative way.
So in other words, by ‘your’ logic;
Human Being does not exist.
This is the problem with
Science; believing that
science exists by
itself, and is
more than
a frigging
Humans exist. And ‘spirit’ is just a metaphor
created in biblical times to express the
reality of the internal and connecting
force of human emotional and
sensory regulated and
integrated forces
of being.
And Oh my God; if science still
cannot get a handle on it,
more than throwing
some psychotropic
drugs at it
with little
more efficacy
than the placebo effect;
the biblical folks did not
do such a bad job of ‘metaphoring’
the emotional life of human being
into stuff like the SOUL for self awareness
in mind and body balance; the HEART for
the emotional experience of human being;
and the SPIRIT for the emotional and sensory
connecting force of human being in expressing
this all encompassing human spirit, if it lives much at
all, in human beings with other human being, as socially cooperative
little bitty mammals; not unlike cats and dogs; or raccoons; or bears..etc….
The height of all human ignorance is the illusion that human being does not exist.
And that my friend, is either precisely what ‘you’ are suggesting, or where ‘you’ are at.
But I am not going to make that personal judgement, alone, with just words online.
Ah.. the Calla Lilies of a lonely soul..
reaching out and touching memories..
with all of sensual hold.. and the death
of dreams do bring back.. the CALLa
liLies Black…
Yes.. to lose a dream of wonder..
is a place of much regret..
no wonders gained..
no wonders lost..
no wonders be..
when they are lost…
But there is always
morrow night..
With more dreams
coming in delight..:)
Ah.. yes.. the best time for Love..
IS when life is not a clock..
tHere is no time for Love
and no Love for time..
when now rings Truest..
in Freedom’s Way..:)
Ah.. so much to think of..
in a modern night of rest..
Ah.. so dreams do wither..
when.. problems do
come first..
instead of
as real..:)
Ah.. but what is love but no words..
when scarves do tickle nerves of love..:)
Ah.. but what is words but no love..
when nerves of love do starve to tickle..:)
Ah.. the mind of a life on rewind.. a mind that absorbs
all still recalled.. ugh.. an escape is what i make as
great.. as ugh.. oh my GOD.. this is the mind of
mine i finally lose.. a couple of years ago..
not precisely.. but in general effect
of ‘too much information’
running through
Yes.. the tune of life in all the jazz..
and rock it comes and rolls
WITH.. is best taken..
i believe.. in waves of now..
as particles in fields..
of oceans..
in Art..:)
Yes.. the hunger of passionate midnight lamps do come..
to instill a love of light.. in path of human truths
come pleasure.. pain.. in tween..
life.. is real.. in passion play..
when all is love as
night and
Ah.. the co-pilot of 2am creativity
always a willing navigator..
to life anew.. in
come true..:)
Ah.. the cure of mind wandering in roads of angst..
in past and future of interest yet to come..
the stilling oceans of movement..
sometimes practiced well..
takes mind away from words..
finally into body..
a feeling of peace and rest..
yet.. not.. accompanying words of life..:)
The owls song of 2 am too of hoo am i..
second time around the clock of life
is wHere.. i am at 2 am i..:)
2am and bars of life..
is a drunken
brew of hopes of life..
sometimes the flowers of girls live..
in hopes of young men’s dreams..
but the drink goes on.. as long as 2am.. comes again..:)
Yes.. the earth is a human dream.. of i am and zam of i dreams..
when 2 am.. comes delivering as earth.. where dreams of human..
are never the
90% of school is truly a personal waste of time..
a cultural product to keep the whole of society
running automatically with same as robot humans..
to get in the know truly.. is to eventually escape
the know of school.. and cultural byproducts of time now..
infinity more.. as free verse human experience..:)
Yes.. the impermanence of sky at night.. is perhaps a Universal
understanding.. that all changes.. and nothing.. not
even stars.. remain
the same..:)
Ah.. snow.. the transforming power of silk lattice angels
falling on the rust of barbed war fences.. does bring
a peaceful delight to the soul of human..
perhaps peace as well.. in not warring ways..:)
Yes.. night of 2am.. is soul-lit muse.. singing dark hymns of bliss..
light whole mares strangest.. in all of hope.. 2am imaginary creation…
in life.. is where i stand.. wHere 2am can be anytime..:)
So true.. the clock never knowsNow..
twilight of lucid dreaming.. awake lives in 2am hours..
of witness brew.. that no one sees.. but the artist true..:)
The freedom of the night is a wonderful brew.. of coffee beans unshelled to
a life won true.. ugh.. without limits.. nightmares do sizzle.. ah.. without
limits.. the artist does.. come alive.. in 2 am hours of imaGiNary deLight!..:)
Yes.. when rest of world is quiet.. art comes alive..
in creative subconscious factory.. of imaginary
toys.. of human mind and body.. in illustrious
tears.. of life in light.. of sad in bright..
of all of life.. in colors of rich..
moon-lit lair.. of fair..
in life..:)
Yes.. the eyes of Yogis..
never sleep in darkness..
are wide awake in repose.. of always
recovering in light that never grows old..
a spirit living forever.. in mores of now.. a life of
love that is strong yet never attached to death
of knowing love only grows
death of other
than living life..:)
The moon of eyes of living love.. the depth
of craters that are no sand..
the iris of color..
the pupil
The night fears.. the human mares..
the horse’s courage..
can still..
the dreams..
of demon’s
Ah.. to be alive and sober
at 2am.. in bars of life..
and strong in focus
of nightlife love..
is truly an
advantage over
others who
imbibe to
live free..
where sober ways come
too.. as human free.. even in
bars of life.. where free’s alive..:)
An elf am i.. at 2am..
tall or short.. i play..
as elves..:)
Ah.. the purr of cats.. in Tai CHI rhythm.. can be
the best sleep medicine.. of all of night..
in all of dark.. of light of night..
of day.. as well..
in well of life..:)
Words become friends at 2 am.. willing lovers..
who can never turn away.. to others sides of beds or covers..
yes! words are my friends.. and fortunately.. oh my GOD yes..!
they keep coming and never go away… sometimes to the dismay..
of others now.. so haha! is what i say.. as words love me with
unconditional love the same.. and oh MY GOD.. truly! is me in the words..
the whole time.. hidden as me..forevermorenow.. my words live as me..:)
The circle is ocean field.. the spirit ! of i..
the wire is wave.. the I.. as Zen ego I..
the pin point.. in middle.. is particle as i..
yes.. the seat and seed.. as soul i..
‘who’ directs.. the heArt.. as ego I..
and the spirit !.. expressing the actor I..
‘who’ is wave of i.. and the best of all..
is when soul.. heArt.. and spirit.. become one..
as i…ONE with the rest of Nature of ALL THAT IS
Ah.. the threes in life..
they do come in pairs..
but when they join and become one..
there is never anything.. but bliss
in now.. as 3 in 1.. the magicK human
form.. becomes magicK LiGht
in living
Ah.. yes..
for some 2am is darkness..
for some it is light..
for some it is work..
and for some it is play..
for some it is the termination
of an electric chair life.. for others..
it is a cue.. for sensual delight..
ah.. 2am is certainly a metaphor
Ah.. yes.. a busy life knows best..
awake at dawn.. work of life..
in practice does come..
and rarely does the time of 2am..
ever break sweat of a midnight brow..:)
Ah.. if young can taste old.. the nows will be grand..
for the now of life.. ah.. yes.. the spring of young..
when living old.. is a delight of life..
but the crevices of dark..
do slip between tangles
of brain still alive..
and only partially
here for now..
in greys
of still
gone past…
Yes.. lovers gone past..
in times come present..
always a delight when love..
does come
Tonight is my 59th week celebrating
Rave Dancing at Old Seville Quarter.. Pensacola FL..
with all the cool college age folks dancing freely
with the midnight moon of light
inside of dancing
More photos coming after 3AM to
more fully illustrate the greaTEST

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