Chase of the Sauntering Goose

Oh.. goodness.. the 6th again.. already.. and yes.. time does fly
when one lives in the heaven of now.. mind and body balancing..
feathering one’s way through air on terrestrial land..
Oh.. the power of Allah.. lives within.. heArt
expressing spiRit in balance as above..
so below.. inside.. outside.. and
all around US.. in Golden spiraling
flowing soUl
if we dare
to reflect
the dance
and song
but anyway.. hope
you are doing well..
and doing whatever
it takes to
bring you
in life..
my old
friend in
Very Nice..
sauntering Goose Chase..
and for me.. a call of the wild that both
freer wolves.. and humans share.. faint whisper is..
or bellowing yell.. through the course of life.. and yes..
I fly as air.. now.. calling present.. i heaRt it.. express it..
wITh spiRit of soUl.. air becomes music for dance.. i in
return.. become dance heir.. flowing current breeze
feather landing.. light in air.. i continue
feat of feather air is me
All Now..:)
Thanks for sharing your paintings.. ‘Grebel’..
the way you paint migratory geese.. blend into
patterns and colors of nature that some of us see..
and some of us miss.. not unlike Neo.. escaping Matrix..
now.. wHere we come one with Nature in flow wITh heArt..
and spiRit in expression of soUL.. wheRe shades we wear..
open up mindful awareness..
forever now.. escaping lies
in clothes
of Art..:)
The power of prayer
works just like the placebo effect.
And the cited study is based on secret prayer;
not acknowledged prayer, in positive social connection.
The number one source of human happiness is social connection
IN HUMAN EMOTIONAL connection In ways of ‘oxytocin nurturing
neurohormones’ and bonding, as well, through
mirror neurons and affective empathy.
Not all human beings share these attributes evenly
and that does influence the placebo effect as well;
as science shows that only about
a third of folks benefit
from the placebo effect.
And if one wants to go back to New Testament scripture to get this stuff all figured;
even if the words attributed to Jesus are not his; he makes it clear that his power to
heal does not work for people who do not heal themselves through the real emotions
of faith, belief, hope; which are precisely what is the healing effect and affect, per the
PLACEBO effect. Stress kills; yes, that is an established scientific fact now; fear and
anxiety is the father of stress; positive energy is just positive emotions and folks
who gather together and share the emotional contagion of love thrive as opposed
to psychopathic leaning minds who cannot drink the TRUE ‘holy’ water of human
emotions AKA heart expressed in cognitive empathy ways of words, song, dance,
etc. AKA SPIRIT; FOR FOLKS who have a soul; otherwise known as a mind
and body in balance with emotions properly working to connect to other
human beings to truly thrive as humanity; and not an approximation
of a zombie or a robot; who is separated from both their emotions
and their body; living in a head of textbook or science; instead
of REAL FLESH AND BLOOD human connecting life now.
My doctors still cannot explain how I healed myself of
19 medical disorders without their help; and can
now parallel leg press 930 LBS with my arms
raised in the air 25 times; like no male
on YouTube can do at any age;
or level of anabolic steroids;
as opposed to my level
of naturally occurring
testosterone at 221
off the chart of low,
of a 75 plus year old man.
However; my doctor works by medical science;
and not through the power of belief, faith and hope;
as well as the physical intelligence of TAI CHI like movement
for greater balance, agility, emotional regulation, sensory integration;
and greater cognitive executive functioning in focus and short term working
memory. But here’s the deal; I have ZERO NEGATIVE EMOTIONS; ZERO STRESS;
AND THE Power of CHI, which is JUST a metaphor for precisely THAT; IN THE
WORLD OF FOLKS WHO HAVE not yet attained ‘NEO’ status; it is a world of thriving
that does not exist; when the placebo effect becomes all the time now with human
relative free will; GOD exists ALL THE TIME NOW as the FORCE of the INTERDEPENDENT
RELATIONSHIP OF ALL THAT IS in balance; Humans are one of the few animals that are
WHACKY ENOUGH to let illusions of a whacky cultural environment devolve them through
epigenetics in just one life time; as functionally disabled creatures who live their life out
of mind and body balance in an almost constant state of fight or flight stress; or dismiss
the flesh and blood necessity of human connection for online activities, instead; even
when common sense dictates that human connection for a social animal; any normal
social animal is what success in social survival is all about; GO by the rules of
Mother Nature AKA God or pay the consequences as that NATURE
IS MANIFEST AS HUMAN NATURE; most doctors do not have
a frigging clue about this; as their job is to prescribe
medicines and rarely do they get to the simple
root cause of the FACT THAT MOST
THAT’S too simple for most
doctors to even fathom; as of course
in life spent in mechanical cognition; neither
do they; and it shows in how they age at incredible
rates from human stress, as only an incredibly blind animal
for common sense would subject themselves to the stress of
what doctors endure everyday; until they ruin their own health along
the way.
But it pays well; and most humans are under the
illusion that money brings any happiness
at all; when the flesh
and blood really
hits the roads
of stress
in life.
God is NOW;
GOD is Nature;
It’s as simple as that;
GOD is the Interconnecting
Interdependent Relationship
of all THAT IS; THE GREAtest
Human cultural and or religious
illusion is separation from THAT;
a life of excellence in practicing mind
and body balance; as freedom with GOD
is neither free or
That is beyond sad
and stupidity; there
are no words to
describe it; other
than separation
FOR THOSE who have a clue
of what that even is
per forgetting
what life
“So you’re saying that god is exactly as powerful as a sugar pill?”
Only if you are suggesting that a sugar pill is the emotion of belief.
A sugar pill is a symbol for faith, hope, and belief; same as Yeshua or Jesus.
Emotions mean EMOTING HUMAN ACTION, friend; and faith, hope, and belief
are powerful human emotions that emote human action; but only for folks
who experience the spectrum of those emotions ranging from almost
nULL AND VOID to a full rainbow of the TERM LOVE.
Sadly or not; some folks
do not literally
or metaphorically
get that as religion
and science adequately
evidences as same; science
is just a scribe of GOD; and
the scientific method cannot repeat
the emotional experiment that even science
shows controls rational human decisions; to
understand human nature and use it to one’s advantage
is to thrive; but yes, it takes a practice of mind and body balance
in lifelong excellence to get one there; and any real YOGI can show ya
how that’s done friend; and even science reports their excellence in practicing
human relative free will; in ways of regulating emotions, and integrating senses
down to controlling body temperature and brain waves from Alpha to creative THETA.
THAT’S HOW I PRESS 930 LBS ON A PARALEL LEG PRESS, my friend, with my arms raised
in the air, twenty-five times with the ease of a butterfly singing a song of fluttering flight
on terrestrial land; machine with 20 loaded 45LB plates and 30LBS for the weight
lifting mechanism or not; and how I muster up the ease of focus and cognitive
executive functioning to write an epic free verse poetic expression of 11,135
words in speeds of typing up to 130 words a minute with the assistance
of my natural occurring reading levels of 10 to 15 times faster than
the average human being; the difference with me and
the Jesus of the Old TESTAMENT
AS science
and technology
provides the empirical
tools to document all
real human miracles,
as they happen in
real time now.
Anyway; if no other human
being ever does what I can do,
baby; it is simply ’cause they
never believe they can
and never just
do it;
me and
Nike just does
with the help of GOD;
as the Nature of GOD
in much greater human
potential exists for those
who frigging understand
and use their human nature
to their advantage in just doing it NOW..:)
“Aghogday’s ‘god’ is essentially Pantheistic.”
YES, essentially; but one will have to add some
metaphysical flavor through literal
metaphors of the quantum
human mind and body
unleashed and released
in balance to come
close to get to the
place in state
of mind AND
I live friend; ALWAYS NOW
It is a state of mind and body within;
not something anyone can
purchase with dollars
or grades in school.
And truly nothing new;
eastern philosophies
have been reaping
the benefits of mind
and body balance in artful
activities for thousands
of years in monasteries;
but no; no lessons for
me; I find all my answers
within by looking to nature;
above so below; inside outside;
all around; totally innate instinctual
and intuitive; in an ongoing practice
of human excellence; and that is
what I mean by the metaphor
for Quantum human mind
and body balance
unleashed and
released; religions
TRULY JUST do a big
talk; but no action
of practice to do
much of
but TALK.
Prayer is cool;
but action is where
the big RESULTS COME..:)

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