Bowling University and Curious Ted Forrest

senses.. FEELING
emotions.. passions.. soaring
when practiced freely.. as fruit of eyes..
regenerating creativity and imagination
in all that feels and senses.. when free
to balance all of it best we can..
a mix of lust and love makes
human passion for life
go ’round.. and
upside down..
in just the nick of time..
staying on train of living life..
they don’t teach that in school..
it’s a poetry thing.. and not
the kind that queen’s sing..
A Lesson of life for me..
is never leave
low brow
for some..
but highest
inside of me..
expressing outside..
as Passionate Tough
Unconditional LOVE!
Ah.. so sad..
a Cordova Mall Dance
and just a faceless nameless
dummy to take a selfie with
but WAIT.. drum roll..
next Facebook
Profile Status thingy..coming..;)
Yes.. Thanks God yes.. a pleasant
and pretty blonde haired face..
don’t know the name but really
Super Kool Bear HEAD
to top her off!..
and if all else
fails on
Sunday metro area
dance walk.. drum roll.. coming next..;)
Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. triple X..
i mean YEX! tHere is always
wife Katrina as an easy fill-in for a selfie
day or night.. but i do love to meet stranger
than her heHE!.. as well.. she is kinda normal..
and i am.. well.. you know..;)
But anyway wearing
my Curious George Shirt..
with relaxing monkey.. pictured..
with the words ALL DAY EVERYDAY
and yes always now.. is a Curious George
PLAY DATE FOR ME!..wink emoticon WITH
NO BLOG POST Sunday.. 14,333 words shared on my other blogs
at 3:16 AM will most definitely suffice.. while the next one brews..
living in print wRite here..;)
Hmm.. i almost look ‘Joker Happy’ but hmm.. not quite..
i am kinda high today.. though.. like most days.. as heaven is
literAlly now all the time for me.. as promised by the really
cool dude Jesus.. in his reported words..
about the kingdom of heaven..
with GOD inside us..
outside us..
around us..
with a key word(S)
one will not get tHere with any magic incantation
of a John 3:16.. as GOD gifts us with great stuff..
but GOD is also a GOD of merit.. requiring
us to meet challenge in life.. adapt..
and change in continuous practice
from birth to death.. the cost
of the Kingdom of Heaven now..
is truly like a biggest camel or even
Blue Whale fitting through less
than an eye of a
but possible yes..
for those who seek.. find.. and exercise
a way that works through practice.. practice.. practice..
all now all life long! in mind and body balance..
to regulate emotions.. integrate senses..
increase cognitive executive
functioning as well in focus
and short term working memory..
and hey it can be as simple as free style all innate..
instinctual and intuitive DANCE! as i continue
to flow with GOD like AIR in everynow dance..
i get closer and closer to the all powerful spirit
of unconditional tough LOVE..
and fly higher and higher..
no different reAlly
than ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’…
me.. now.. smiles.. and biggest smiles.. i feel and know now..:)
I just have to have another reminder photo of that monkey
kicked back in heaven.. named curious..Fred.. and truly back
in the Summer of 2007.. after about a year and a half
of continuous Chronic.. adrenal gland
stuck on flight or flight work related stress..
my body is giving out.. where i am chilled in July
in 100 degree heat when.. a breeze crosses my skin..
and I am already having problems viewing colors on
TV screen without pain in my eyes.. and I cannot
even bear to listen to talk radio anymore.. and music
hurts well before then.. yes.. i am falling to general
adaptation syndrome AKA  human exhaustion..
as described by Hans Selye.. as school
and work does not teach one
what chronic flight or fight
stress will eventually
do to a
where all the bodily systems from
cardio-vascular to respiratory to nervous to yes..
all the systems are literally slowly destroyed by poisons
of stress hormones circulating through the body
day after day that turns into 2 years for me..
where i literally almost die…
Fear is the parent of most
all stress and human hate..
and i have 100% faith that I will not go back
to THAT PLACE.. of 2007 and 2008.. ’cause I know how to
control my emotions and senses now.. in relative human free will.. so the Monkey or more
one aptly describes as Bonobo that is me.. thrives now.. in all emotional.. sensory.. and
rational areas of life in standard IQ status..
for us Curious
and Curiouser George..
and now Fred
as well
always now..:)
Oh.. Lord.. 29 years old.. 1989.. Wild-EYED..
DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY Bowling Center Worker..
behind the counter serving up rental shoes.. Summer courting wife Katrina.. and spending close to two decades of working at Good ‘Ole NASWF Military Bowling Center.. a ‘third place’ of life away from home and work/church.. so fun.. that i quit church as Bowling Center becomes church and home.. all the same as work away from house..
Bowling Center’s may be low brow to some folks.. but they are highest heArt of human being and GOD to me.. and i also find a wife there who lasts 25 years.. plus.. 19 years old then… yup.. 10 years younger.. it is a place of treasure.. no matter what the high brows say in life.. people often tell me then.. I can do better than THAT.. but truly those are not people at all in my estimation.. of what people wholly can be.. as human being with Love instead of eyes of dollar bills or mathematical equations of LIFE.. LOVE! the greatest toughest unconditional power of them ALL!
And associated of course with this now  blog post titled
University of Bowling and Curious Ted Forrest..
Trust me or NOT.. IT WILL make sense before ALL IS SAID AND DONE..;)
Hmm.. and per reference of two Facebook profile status photo thingies above .. I almost look ‘Joker Happy’ but hmm.. not quite.. i suppose i am born almost a ‘Happy Joker’.. after all is said and done..:)
And tHere is wife Katrina.. as stunning as any Ms. America..
or Universe or Isis or Cleopatra or Indian Princess that ever walks
the earthy stage.. poor as dirt.. and she thinks the other girls bully her in school.. ’cause she is poor… but i feel better.. as I know how mean girls feel.. where jealousy reigns where tHere exists Universal beauty of Light and Love as one person living now or then.. but anyway.. she looks not much older then..
at 19 as she does now at age 45..
tHere’s something
magic going on here..
and i do not KNOW what it is BUT
i FEEL WHAT IT IS beyond words alone..:)
I hate to sound crude but she can look gorgeous when she picks her nose.. and no.. i’m not suggesting she does that as she is equally aggressive as beautiful.. as well.. and i make sure i stay on her kind side.. if at all possible.. or else.. the military drill sergeant comes out in her..:)
Truly it is the
chronic repressing
of emotions that ages one.. she let’s all
THAT OUT in NO uncertain terms with me.. as the empirical evidence still radiates from her face.. so i enjoy the full range of THAT up or down.. knowing it is healthy too..:)
And she is mistaken for American Indian.. Hispanic.. East Indian.. Middle Eastern.. farther away from her actual half paternal Pacific Islander roots mixed with some American Indian.. English and Irish roots on her maternal side.. a thin nose for arid lands.. instead of wider nose for jungles of life.. are what makes her a diversity of human beauty all in one.. from west to east.. equally as such..:)
Okay.. my scientific study
of Wife.. Katrina.. done for now!..;)
First of all, welcome back;
and even though I do not often comment here it is more for the fact that i tend to take the oxygen out of the room with my wordiness; but I see your creativity as an enigma of sorts and of great value to others so when it seems you may be weathering choppy waves i bring in some prevailing winds from the other direction, if you will, as inspired by the voiceless force that lives within me.
I find this poem of yours very inspiring for personal reasons
that I will share a little with you, hopefully for inspiration;
but I promise it will NOT be the 14.3K SIZE
of my last epic free verse poetic expression on my blog, smiles, and winks..:)
Straight A’s are my goal through school.. 11 out of 381 tying with my best friend Lynn.. then on to college and a triple major and three degrees.. but for some reason I cannot do the output of creative communication.. including writing and speaking in verbal way.. i manage that at age 13.. but the repressing environment in my ‘red state’ area.. turns me into a more quiet ‘real man’ boy.. plus i already have issues then.. with not speaking to age 4.. stuttering.. social awkwardness.. and general issues associated with what i become professionally diagnosed with at age 47.. in terms of something like ‘Sheldon Cooper’.. with Asperger’s Syndrome..
i am kinda like the higher standard IQ version of Forrest Gump.. as well.. as i kick my legs out strange when i run.. and people say that Fred sure can run.. run Fred run.. and eventually at work later at the Bowling Center where i work.. running down the middle cross walk of the lanes to gather up ‘dead wood’ pins.. folks literally do bellow out RUN FORREST RUN!.. yes.. an ‘interesting’ life i lead.. smiles again..:)
Problem after college is even though people literally name me Superman for attending to 3 part time jobs.. poor as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday.. still reining in top grades.. gaining triple major degrees.. i still have problems speaking and writing.. and in them days it’s mostly multiple choice.. even in college.. in the input stuff i’m good at..
So the Military Bowling Alley becomes my job.. for a young man who can play a ‘weird’ style of Tennis with super curving balls.. but who is still not coordinated enough to roll a ball down the middle of the lanes with body in flow to score more than 98 or so.. out of the 200.. A.. grade of Bowling.. but although i am very underemployed there.. technically speaking.. i start to thrive in social cognition.. doing funny exploits.. making people laugh.. watching children grow up.. having an extended village ‘third place’ home away from house and church.. for almost two decades..
It’s a life of Cheers.. and i am ‘Ted Danson’ less or MORE FOR ALMOST 2 decades.. the best job in the world.. as i gain my heart.. spirit and soul.. as bright as the noon-day sun.. but then toward the end computers come and my mechanical cognition grows again.. dims my social cognition skills.. and slowly become an office robot.. government cutbacks.. reduction of force.. and eventually the smiling boy that i become again.. after being silenced in school of red state boys and girls.. loses his grin for five years as Computer Support Assistant.. Community Activities Director.. and then Athletic Director of the Military installation for the boy who still has no idea how to PLAY team sports.. but watches a little football here and there with dreams of being coordinated in movement like that one day… and is assessed as a vital commodity for his computer skills then.. over what it is he is actually administrating..
As part of my Autism Spectrum issue.. i cannot bear to touch manmade stuff.. i have extreme emotional empathy where it is like i am the other person and cannot separate myself from their emotional pain and physical pain.. and yes.. i’ve been feeling that from you.. even though i do not know you well at all in real life.. and truly that empathic nature of mine inspires so many words of beauty from the GOD force that lives within me.. as i travel around the online world of ‘scientists’ and poets.. but i cannot write legibly.. per issues with dysgraphia.. and this device created and promoted as art.. respectively.. by the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.. becomes a wonderful accommodation for creativity of the stellar lights that live within some of us.. that will never be seen in the underemployed world.. if not for this tool For Hive of Global Interaction now..
And oh my GOD.. i learn so much while being disabled and cut-off from culture for five years.. all innately instinctually and intuitively.. but the best part of that is i can escape a stuffy no-window office and prison of mechanical cognition.. that almost literally kills me from chronic work and related social stress.. and then one day GOD tells me in GOD’s dance words DANCE FRED DANCE.. INSTEAD OF RUN FORREST RUN.. SO i close into almost 3900 miles in 23 months now.. in dancing like ‘David’ everywhere i go.. with shopaholic wife.. and then GOD says in GOD’s way.. WRITE FRED WRITE.. AND this is the result of that.. and the caring eyes and all other emotions and senses that are once mine in flesh and blood life.. become words as eyes of love AGAIN in PASSIONATE unconditional tough way.. SO the smiling 13 year-old boy who writes a little poetry and play then.. become the Ted Danson.. Forrest Gump.. Bowling Alley guy again.. in words my friend..
So basically I just want to say i have empathy
THAT and FEEL your
‘pain’ and encourage your enigma ways
of writing until your last breathing day..
Have a great day friend.. with smiles..
and when you go into rough winds again..
i’ll be back to share a ‘few’ words with you..:)
But as you know I will be reading without fail.. as
GOD gifts me with little verbal and writing skills from birth.. but oh boy does GOD let me read.. around 10 to 15 times faster than the average human.. with a memory the size of an elephant.. as associated Hyperlexia.. with an accommodation by THE LIKES OF Jobs and Gates, et al.. NOW!.. to let my LIGHT SHINE..! IN WORDS OF ME!.. Raining every where i go.. along with a dance with GOD in steps of tough unconditional LOVE!..:)
But most of all i play with GOD like a little child..
With Love,
‘Thanks’, for providing that interesting debate that includes more FOLKS IN IMPORTANCE OF TRUTH; than Craig and Dawkins.
At the time scale of 1:31.11, the young Asian or Pacific Islander woman, has the answer and that is WE are the ‘eyes’ of ‘GOD'; some brighter and some dimmer; and the gentlemen that suggests that the essence of the Universe is vibrational music through 11 dimensions of hyper-space is
SPEAKING no different really than my short free verse poem that I already provide in this thread that poetically speaks to dark, light, movement, and sound as GOD exists now in ACTION VERB, instead of Abrahamic noun; along with lyrics of poetry that sing in music to a core of the human mind and body in balance at highest levels of expressing VIBRATIONAL Truth and Light of reality as ‘Human Forest’.
The rest of the Video provided, is human tribal instinct expressed more or less, in complicated mechanical cognition; where I am right and you are wrong and my team is better than yours; ‘nana nana nana'; I can’t hear what you are saying kinda stuff.
It takes folks who are reAlly LIVING NOW IN
out of some Illusional Academic and or
Theological Ivory Tower, to come up
with the simple answers of Truth
and Light in what CAN and WILL make
this HUMAN Life GREAT as opposed to
suffering and misery and a potential earlier grave.
Human beings can create their own purposes in Life with
AND THROUGH Imagination and Creativity
coming from depths as great as the giants of
Philosophy and Arts, IN GENERAL,
have done through history;
AND potentiAlly MORE.
Some never attain the ‘Forest of Human Life’
for becoming blind for seeing trees WITHOUT FOREST.
My Anthropological study-time on ‘this Internet site’ is particularly fascinating, as I share my philosophical insights (the same exact ones) here with systemizing minds and (the same exact ones) with poets across the International online arena of poetry.
And in empirical evidence, I am able to document where my insights here are described as incoherent and even moderated out of the conversation, as such; whereas, the same insights as assessed by creative poets is described as profound genius;
as documented currently on my latest 14.3K Epic Free verse poetry blog post; that yes, even without linking it to poetry sites is assessed as such by a poet who is able to read all 14,333 words assessing the poem as
THE LONGEST BUT one of the coolest
in great detail in poetic response, as well.
The point is this; some folks create
purpose in life and thrive; and some folks do not.
This overall ACTION force of reality that some folks call NATURE
and some folks call GOD is never before or after; when it comes
to reality NOW; AND what potentiAlly makes life great
in lemonade as opposed to sour lemons.
There is A WHOLE LOT OF LEMONS IN THAT PODCAST; and some lemonade that makes the medicine of life go down like bliss for those of us who master life’s REALITY WITH GOD NOW, as ourselves, THROUGH imagination and creativity in mind and body balance.
It works for me with practice in action; written words describe; but written words are only cultural byproducts as tools. Life starts in flesh and blood away from the illusion of written words alone; as well as other cultural byproducts as human tools that aid comfort or create misery and suffering in life..:)
God is reality as Nature NOW in action VERB, and so am I..:)
Anyway, this is a fascinating discussion and hopefully this
makes enough sense where it does not get moderated out.
Smiles; and with all due respect; no hard feelings from me on the way folks treat me, overall on ‘this site’, for the last 56 months, as they literally do, as I prove in irrefutable fact they simply know not what they do; and yes, some folks here by there own metaphorical poetic EXPRESSIONS in heart, spirit, and soul assess my communication as having no problems understanding me at all.
Problem IS when only one or two ‘types’ of Autistic speaking folks are provided freedom of expression in discussing philosophy as truly the answers in philosophy are poetry and NOT SCIENCE ALONE. However; it is like Plato’s cave; not all live in the same cave and that is the greatest truth of all, when it comes to human beings, WITH understanding in cognitive empathy as well as the affective empathy of tolerating and accepting others for a FULL SPECTRUM OF HUMAN DIVERSITY IN working reciprocal social communication; WHERE communication can be validated and clarified with due acceptance, tolerance, and most importantly PATIENCE TO hear ALL OF WHAT other human beings have to say.
Sometimes folks eyes light up with joy
when I speak to them in real
others just nod and say hmm, OK.
But at least the second group is tolerating me
and not slapping me across the face;
but of course in real life my size and strength excludes that option in
ALL CASES SO FAR; smiles; BEING an alpha male in true life effect
and affect helps a person to speak their mind in terms of flesh and blood.
AND IF anyone doubts I make
for Alpha male, the evidence is more than flesh and blood clear in a special full color link in a blog post of mine titled, ‘Staycation Breeze’, as when I express that side of my human flesh and blood being; even so-called thugs do NOT wanna meet me in a dark alley; but if one is brave enough they can assess that pArt on their own; as I am in this Anthropological study of GOD and human alike IN PROVIDING plenty of documented evidence for clear case-study perusal by the ART AND science oriented minds among us that yes; believe it or not, includes me; for dam sure, still now; even enhanced since I expand human potential mind and body in balance with imagination and creativity AS ART, far beyond my ‘computer brain'; before 30 months or so ago..:)
And no, I do not have to speak anything special to show my strength; fearless speaks with no words at all, in real FLESH AND BLOOD life, at least; it is truly A greatest privilege there in life; as God of Nature is a God of Love and Courage too; in all that manifests in human life; and if anyone thinks they are more than the pecking order of the Animal Kingdom; THAT IS the greatest God Delusion of all; and part of why the Internet is so popular for SOME folks as it allows them to puff up their ‘illusional fur'; smiles; my fur is literally and metaphorically REAL, and yes, I understand my privilege clearly and remain humble in flesh and blood life, without too much satire, AS I am once a fragile and weak pecking order human too, in flesh and blood life..:)
LIFE SPENT twice as such in the same life;
is also an incredible flesh and blood
tool of personal case-study
reference for my life-long Anthropological study,
in ALL stuff human and GOD of Nature, overALL.
But anyway; thanks again, for that inspiring Video
AND have a great NOW in mind and body balance, if you will, of course..:)

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