One Flew over the Rainbow Next

A place for poetry..
is an environment conducive to exploring..
mindful awareness..  in the moment of now..
and this is a great place for that.. in absorbing
and growing greater depths.. of human being..
i for one.. appreciate it all..
A Rainbow blessed NASWF Gym..
getting ready for my three hour workout tonight..
in martial arts mix of ballet and EXXtreme strength training
and i suppose this warrants a special blog post..
and i guess it’s gonna be something like
‘One Flew over the Rainbow Next’..
but i have no frigging idea
what it’s gonna be
about YET!..;)
And oh NO!.. my favorite
Werewolf Workout shirt..
that is a little too small at XL..
gets ripped by my claws
when i tear it off..
and i guess that is fate..
as Mr. Werewolf on the shirt
is wearing a ripped shirt too..
but another duplicate is in the closet..
saved for special occasions.. on the town..
safe at the full size of MAGICK BEAST XXL!
Can there be any doubt that some folks live in a plane of hell on earth.
Can there be any doubt that some folks live in a plane of heaven on earth.
I’ve been to both places.
No doubt for me;
And much nicer to be;
in the second
place now.
I never try to commit suicide;
think about it; yes, plenty when
i experience the suicide disease;
type two trigeminal neuralgia;
from waking to sleeping for
five years;
that period
of time i experience
two distinct seizure
type ordeals where i
seem to die; yet live;
the first ‘death’ results
in 40 days without sleep;
except for one hour each
night for the first 35 of 40 in ‘hell';
with the assistance of a powerful
alpha blocker for a very shallow
one hour of sleep those first
35 nights; none the last five;
culminating in a hospital
visit where another death
like experience occurs;
but this time when
i wake up; i’m in
‘heaven'; It just
does not
fully manifest,
until five years
later on July 22,
2013, or about
that date.
tHere is stranger
stuff in this life
than ‘fiction can
ever imagine';
not all survive
to tell the real
tales; but
a few
to be
from Heaven.
Sons of God
mentioned in the Bible:
Adam… Luke 3:38
The Pre-flood Pack… Genesis 6:2
Israel… Exodus 4:22
Angelic Earth Patrol… Job 1:6
Peace makers… Matthew 5:9
The resurrected… Luke 20:36
Those led by the Spirit of God… Romans 8:14, 19
Those who have faith in Christ Jesus… Galatians 3:26
Those led by the Spirit of God… Romans 8:14, 19
Jesus… Luke 22:70
Occurrences of the word monogenes
that don’t apply to Jesus Christ:
…the only son of his mother… Luke 7:12
…for he [Jairus] had an only daughter… Luke 8:42
…for he is my only boy… Luke 9:38
…offering up his only begotten son (i.e. Isaac; Abraham already was the father of Ishmael.) Hebrews… 11:17
Most scholars suggest that Son of God in Hebrew means Servant of GOD;
that is a job of work, practice, and merit; and not anointing alone;
and of course there are countless Servants of GOD;
More than one is equal to A son of GOD.
The bible is full of inconsistencies,
and discrepancies;
And hypocrisy as well.
But yeah; there is helpful
stuff in there; AS WELL.
If the real Jesus has his way;
he probably will burn it back ‘then’.
He finds his answers in the desert;
like anyone can by looking within;
God doesn’t play by human rules;
God plays by God’s rules;
but even my cat feels that.
He is not crippled by abstract
in the written
language of collective
intelligence, used as culture
to subjugate and control
GOD given Human
Nature with
hmm, mostly
for reproductive control
and for gains in power
and material
of culture.
I don’t have a desert;
but a desolate beach
the same;
Thanks for the music;
it is always more inspiration
than anything i can come up
with in words; i must wonder
what instrument Jesus plays
and dances with; perhaps
his voice in true human
Angelic perfect
as that
can be so
inspiring too;
Like a chalice of
TRUTH without
a vessel
Here is another resource by someone
who listens within as well;
but still pays a little too
much attention to what
is already
‘iN SToNE’.
Marriage, is a cultural tradition in the U.S. that is NOT RELIGIOUS specific.
Denying marriage as a legal edifice to protect folks in fiscal and reproductive issues
to anyone is a real problem. And if the country decides more than one woman or more
than one man is okay for a marriage that will stand as well;
not likely though as there is no 66 percent outcry for THAT.
LET’S face reality and NOT FACTS ALONE;
THE Supreme court is about POLITICS
too. It’s just human nature
to be conservative and
or liberal; and
Judges and
or the Law
NEVER EVER totally
unless we get robot
judges; that will
still be programmed
by fallible
liberal and
LAW Books don’t run
humans alone;
humans do;
and gay
is A proof of that; EVEN
AT the Supreme Court
LEVEL. It is reality;
tolerate it; accept it
or NOT; but there
ain’t no changing
for now;
with the current
Supreme Court
Justices in tow.
That’s why I quit
watching politics;
it is as predictable
as human nature.
IT’s a balancing ACT.
considered a personal attack.
People name folks trolls ‘here’ and receive
admonishment for that
from moderators, in the past.
It’s not considered free speech ‘here’
to actually personally attack anyone or accuse them as such.
But I’m guessing or hoping this is just a joke; huh;
As the Wrong Planet is nowhere on the map of the
of bigger society.
That is why it is called the
Wrong Planet.
A place for the ‘unwanted toys’
of culture who, overall, have
no substantial pArt
of it in real life
Intelligence of the
Standard IQ variety,
can be a double
edged sword.
Been there done
the other edge;
Of High
POETRY, is alive;
I choose poetry
over death.
But haha! people often accuse
me of being an employee of Autism
Speaks, here; just ’cause I DO NOT
accept the conspiracy theories
in great research and detail
to refute all the lies on that;
THAT type of thinking is
not beyond
I AM JUST A permanently
disabled person in their
underwear; locked in
their bedroom then,
for five years total;
passing time
with the
worst pain
known to
HUmankind AKA
the suicide disease;
type two Trigeminal
Now I live again;
and don’t give a
crap whom or what
posts here, for now.

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