KmF 509 Train of Being

If i am a Train Kat instead of A Katie KAT..
what will i do.. certainly no travel on any
one line of railroad track thought.. or feeling..
of emotions and senses.. i will be like A flower of the Universe..
coming out of center balance flow.. with laser cat eyes of imagination..
dreams.. and creativity..  spreading out each and every way.. yes.. it’s
kinda like KATaDHD living 9 lives at one time..
spreading out.. and befriending all..
who i might and KAT CAN..
with Kat tales of Love
that satisfy whiskers
of ME OW..nOWOnE!..
Oh what a great prompt for inspiration.. Mr. Bill..
And Mr. X’s poetry associated with trains brings inspiration
to me last night.. for the start of my train stream
of consciousness.. in poetic ways
AS ALWAYS.. but tracks in
rigid way almost kill me
in the flesh and blood stuff of life..
so i rarely use sidewalks.. and never stay
on track anymore.. more like THAT
Flower THAN a line of Thought..
And also.. my train of
photos is a little too much..
perhaps for most..
as wherever this KA cho
cho is inspired to whistle..
the train follows in
all directions.. as sure..
and with a little ‘one direction’..
added in for multi-media song of..
Steam engine flow..  continuing in ALL DIRECTIONS.. but anyway i guess
one can consider this train of thought my effort here if they like..
and will include it as my 6th comment for my current train of
thoughts blog post.. if one wills.. in exploring tracks now..
As this locomotive of words is not hard to find either
on or offline.. all aboard the KmF 509 Train of words..
song.. and dance.. as wandering locomotive being
here and tHere.. as free range caboose
follows close as rear..
Anyway.. i will not
miss any poetry
here or poetic expressions
in response for sure..
the KmF 509 train is coming and wherever that goes..
from this point on.. i only feel and care not to know..
at ALL on trackS of FEELING life..
Yes… i grow up on a river only about a stones throw of adult arm away..
from bridge and real train tracks then.. shaking foundation of house.. this
prompt means a whole lot of inspiration to me.. bringing memories home..
i have a video of a home train somewhere stored in iPhone way..
that i might add before I train all my poetic expressions
for a really big gain of train.. post..
sometime after this entire train
experience runs its course..
around midnight tomorrow..
more.. for more fun for me..
in artful way of trains.. alive..
and fully expressing train poem tracks..
Next stop all aboard my Honda Civic..
will be the dentist office for a little
cleaning of my locomotive grill.. will
be back later.. and am looking
forward to this.. my friend in
trains too.. choo choo..
one or two o’s..
i leave or
add sometimes..
also known as
see ya later..
down tracks..
of life free..
i ride.. i drift..
without tracks of life..:)

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