Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Bing Algorithm Continues to Misbehave

Autistic Algorithm Saga Part 2:

[name redacted], to put that issue in perspective, there were seven exact phrase search results on the "Autistic People should be killed" exact keyword phrase search, before the attention given it by the online "Autism Community", in a Google Search. That is documented.

Now there are 21,900 actual Google Search Results directly as a result of people online in the Autism Community actually talking about the exact phrase, in a rhetorical instead of ill intentioned way.

There are 7,200 actual Google Search Results for the exact phrase search "Autistic People Should Be Loved", largely as a result of Landon Bryce creating a Facebook Page with that exact page title. (Cool page by the way; one of my few favorite likes I recommend on my Facebook pages).

People on the spectrum have effectively been talking about the first negative phrase in rhetorical content in Google Search Results at a rate three times higher, than the much more positive phrase.

The Microsoft Corporation owns Bing as a Search Engine. That corporation does not answer to Google's Auto Complete search specific policy.

Bing gets thirty percent of overall search engine traffic, and all of Facebook Search Engine Traffic that caters to over a billion people in the world.

It is not likely the Microsoft Corporation is ever going to yield to this kind of demand, because they cannot equally or possibly meet the potential demands of all their other Customers.

Those business efforts go well beyond the search engine part of the business where similar concerns could exist for the thousands of other disability/disorder/condition/difference "hate speech" results in a auto-complete search generated by an algorithm working on variables that also include actual "exact phrase" search results that never existed before.

Now, instead of seeing a auto-complete search generated by an Algorithm looking for random keywords in search results, people can actually go to over 20K search results on the internet to actually read about it instead of just seeing a random auto complete result that goes nowhere, of significant interest, in only seven "exact phrase" search results.

"I Robot" by the Alan Parsons Project:

This is one of those things in life that cannot likely be improved on further that may be worth ignoring in the future; effectively going away for most people forever when they forget about it, focused on other pressing issues in life. Back to a time and place similar that existed before anyone randomly came across and noticed the phrase in the first place, in a auto complete search result.

However, I expect to continue to hear about the issue for sometime to come, which personally I have no problem over, because it has become another one of many special interests for me, in a world of Algorithm driven information.

The Facebook Algorithm notifies me when I'm exhibiting autistic-like behaviors, but it doesn't do any good for me to get "Mad at Math". :)

Hopefully, my comment here is a little more lighthearted than my last several comments/posts. :)

Autism, the Internet and "Ideological First Identity", a Collection of Thoughts:

"AutisticS Peeks!"

It's Good

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Autistic Spectrum



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