Thursday, April 11, 2013

Autism and Unwarranted Fear Based on Label Alone

I commented on an article shared on the Facebook Version of this blog, regarding the continued myth about Society in General, typing in Hate Speech in Google Searches associated with the disability first identifying language in use of the terms "Autistics" and "Autistic People".  It is repeated here for those that do not interact with Facebook. People on the Spectrum have enough to deal with in real life, without a myth generated that society is busy away typing in identify first disability language in Google searches, to hate people on the spectrum.

Society overall, does not use the phrases "Autistic People" or "Autistics Should". Society uses the phrase "People with Autism", as it is politically incorrect to use disability first language.

That is certainly not an advertisement from me suggesting that people in described online "Autism Communities", should not use disability first language if that is their own personal preference.

However, people first disability language is the reality for most of the rest of Society. What is moreover evident, is that people first disability language for "People with Autism Should", brings up no "hate speech" and never has.

This is not the same though for "People who are fat should". They are the ones that are hated much more over those words in a actual Google Auto Complete search result, with no defined label of disorder or disability.

Most often a difference that can be visually seen in the mind's eye is what usually leads to actual hate speech results in a Google Auto Complete search that actually leads to real world results on the Internet.

Autism does not have a visual image of significance for hate to be based on label alone, overall in society.

For the most part the only actual "killing" and "die" search results from Google are people in the described online "Autism Communities" speaking about rhetorical issues of concern regarding killing and dying, not actual people in society discussing these issues with ill intent over disability first language, per Autistic People or Autistics.

It can be an odd, anxious, or expressionless face that brings forth the real hatred from people's hearts, instead of a disability first label of identity on a spectrum. That is not a myth. This is seen in cruel reality in a historical picture of a person's face in the link below, well before there was any hint of offense to come in the future.

This is what some people on the spectrum actually experience in life, that requires no label what so ever. Regardless of what this young man's diagnosed condition might have been, it is a similar anxious expressionless face seen in many young androgynous males who actually have a label on a spectrum.

It is a reality check that the Google Algorithm and the Autistic Label is the last thing some people on the spectrum have to fear. This online "Autism Community" generated algorithm myth is not helping that reality that some young men on the spectrum live with every day.

It is hard to read the over 500 comments, in this link, and it is not suggested for those that are easily triggered by this reality, but it can bring another perspective to this issue.

The second link, from the Wrong Planet website, is refreshing at a look of the power of the minds of people on the spectrum using logic instead of fear to debunk a myth over a Google Auto Complete Search Algorithm that has no soul to determine intent or rhetorical content of internet chatter over disability first labels used in personal preference for identity.

There is nothing to fear of substance from this Algorithm Myth.

However, it does not appear that even people on the spectrum can make the unwarranted fear go away.

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