Green Pill of Gay Confederate FREE FLAG Knowledge

Yes.. ‘this’ just goes to show that there are at least some weeds to
pick in every cultural vocation.. and yes.. this stands true
for non-paid vocations as well.. like dance.. poetry..
and song.. there are weeds to
get in the way
of work..
progress.. smiles..:)
It’s really simple; and by the way this is NOT directed at ‘YOU’..;)
It is a monologue; and THAT is what ‘Gillberg Criteria Asperger’s does’..;)
God is the Force of Nature as Naturally evolving NOW.
And God does evolve ‘humans';
‘normal humans’, anyway;
with affective empathy
that allows humans to
feel the pain of other
humans; children
share laughter
with other
not ’cause
of church
but because of all naturAlly
evolving innate instinct and
intuition to do JUST THAT;
BUT THEN; cognitive empathy
comes from trial and error
in socially cooperating with other
human beings for greater chances at human survival.
Alphabets and written language are developed to enhance this
survival with written text of what works best for human peace of
mind and overall subsistence activities to maintain and thrive the
human population alive as is; particularly, in food gathering, shelter
making, and reproductive activities. So the bible is developed as a
rudimentary written code to enhance the survival of the social group;
and in doing this the laws of human nature are uncovered that include
a Universe of much differently experienced emotions and senses among
a tribe of human beings; but never the less, consistencies are observed that
make life work better, overall, for survival; so the great work of human survival
goes on; God exists as all of this; and strange that people cannot see THAT reality
of how this started and how it goes on; people get caught up in semantic differences
of abstract language code to describe, as much of reality that varies in mileage from each
human being; particularly, psychopathic leaning individuals that are totally selfish and don’t
give a crap about the rest of the social group; there is a time when they are pushed off of cliffs
as they serve no useful purpose for the survival of the social group as one with the GOD of Nature;
now they are tolerated no matter how silly they act in selfish ways of more or less, trying to feel a love
in life that is to lost to them; for reasons of screwed up nurturing parents; or whatever it is in social stress
that kills their ability to feel a full nuanced life of heart in emotion, balance in emotions and senses in soul;
and the ability to fully express spirit of emotions verbally/non-verbally to carry on the mission of survival of
human beings that has been going on for thousands and thousands of years with great success; anyway, GOD
exists as Nature; always has and always will long after human beings disappear from the face of the earth will all
their verbal disagreements over a reality that is as clear as the nose on their face and emotions of love, hope, faith
and belief in the laws of Nature AKA GOD that truly work super cool for those who do work in alignment with those
laws of GOD AKA Nature, instead of going against them; like sitting still as a couch potato with a remote control
watching TV everyday; consuming sugar and fats all the time; and in general, falling to the ‘sin of culture’ rather
than living in accordance with the LAWS OF HUMAN NATURE AS ASCRIBED BY THE NATURE OF ALL AKA GOD..:)
HAVE A NICE NOW; it’s all one gets; all one ever had; and all one ever will be with the GOD of Nature as ONE
THE greatest GOD Delusion
of IT
Yes, separation
from GOD as Nature..:)
The Jesus of Gnostic Gospel of Thomas attempts
to explain this in parables, as Lord knows if anyone
with this much common sense did it in plain language
it would be too simple for most minds to understand this TRUTH.
Culture clouds the God of Nature; always has; always will; to escape
Culture in mind and body balance is to once again ‘join hands’ with GOD;
and be born
GOD OF Nature, instead
of Insane rules of Culture
that make no real human nature
sense AGAINST the Laws of Nature AKA GOD;
as applicable to Nature and Human
Nature, specificAlly as
for those with
deeper eyes and ears
who are not afraid of the Truth;
but of course most people cannot
GOD THAT rarely stays fair through the
course of a lifetime; and yes, in this way;
GOD is a lot like Jack Nicholson in this
play of life that is more like reality
than any bible school
class of
study; afraid of THAT
TO make the best
of it is truly SUPER COOL..:)
BUT AGAIN; most people
for NOW..:)
Conservatism, is part of innate nature, in general, as nicely illustrated in
this Ted Talk Video. It is as predictable as the nose on a person’s face,
per metaphor of GOD gifted nature, as God as Nature, as is for Now,
Some folks are open-minded;
Some folks are closed-minded, IN GENERAL.
Polarized gender roles are strict closed-minded ways of social
roles in general; the stuff in between, is openness to NEW experience;
novelty, variety, diversity, in other words, ‘the strange'; not something
that conservatives AKA Republicans can deal with easy; OVERALL,
ha! even when
one doesn’t write the
standard way
IN ‘Queen Victoria’s English…
I like novelty.
I ain’t scared of different;
and I for one choose the
green pill; as i understand
both ways of
life; and realize
the red and blue
pill Folks, one or the other, are
not going AWAY, as different;
so in this way, I am A SUPER COOL
I can understand that;
as I for one read 10 to 15 times faster than the average human;
typing close to 130 words a minute when properly focused
is an excellent advantage in today’s world, too.
Problem is we live a society now,
where science assesses the average attention span
of a human being around that of a gold fish; yes, literally, a gold fish.
I write 11K word free verse epic poetry in one sitting; so attention and focus is NO PROBLEM FOR ME; NOT THE case though for the other 95 or so percent of the population that cannot do more than a Facebook status.
So science must get a little creative in the way of Ted Talks if there is any possibility that most anyone will gain the ability to think outside of the box, and in stretching their mind a little in novel possibilities of new horizons in thinking.
And to be clear, repeating the same old tired phrases that have been repeated in textbooks for decades is not getting outside of the box. At least Ted Talks, GET OUTSIDE OF THE BOX; and at least for me that is refreshing.
so I CHOOSE to create and just don’t talk about it;
I JUST DO IT, in whatever way suits my fancy.
But anyway; that IS THE issue and it is a FACT SUPPORTED by evidence that some folks are introverted conservative leaning type folks and others like me are super extroverts and very liberal, with little to no prejudice over ANYTHING in life.
I love using satire for social commentary; but I am well read ENOUGH to understand a spectrum of differences past black and white ideology that is the focus of racism everywhere one goes now, and throughout history of human beings..:)
I have experience literally working with around
100K folks in the general public,
over the course of decades,
in direct flesh and blood interaction.
I didn’t need a ‘Ted Talk’ to understand that;
I totally get it from the real flesh and blood world of experience..
Street smarts are the best kind of smarts for human survival, at core, at least..;)
Everything else is truly more or less mental ‘masturbation'; but mental stimulation serves a valuable purpose; as well as a utilitarian one; obviously in developing cultural byproducts for material comfort.
Meh, I control my happiness from within; but ‘YOGI’ is a high intensity mind and body in balance workout; that excludes for now; hmm, somewhere around 99.99% of the population; but that is just a ‘rough guesstimate, for now; as study of “Yogi’s” is an art that barely exists in science..:)
TED TALKS ARE NO fly by night amateur blog show; they are the real deal; and not just anyone gets to come on that science show. If you do not watch them; there is no way one could assess that one way or the other; but that is your business and not mine.
Humans beings closest primate cousin; the bonobo,
regularly engages in promiscuous sexual behavior
with both heterosexual and homosexual behavior to temper aggression and violence.
The effect of this is a much more peaceful ‘culture’ of primate species as compared to the Chimp variety of primate that is innately ordered as patriarchal ‘culture’.
Sexuality is a powerful innate instinct for both domination and cooperation.
Sexuality freely expressed and shared by all members
of a species, as the Bonobo way of life shows
is the best way for peaceful cooperation among primates.
Additionally, the Bonobo species is a matriarchal leaning species where the socially cooperative bi-sexual females dominate lesser social cooperative males through the act of standing together.
Interestingly, increasingly women are doing that now; homosexual marriages have just now been vindicated as legal across the 50 states in the U.S.; so yes, the human species is attempting to return to ‘bonobo’ roots of living.
Even in dance halls today slow dances are replaced by bootie dancing where the women freely rub up against each other. And yes, unless you’ve been lately, as I go every week now for 64 weeks this new free way of lesbian leaning behavior may be out of your cultural purview.
And yes, I live in the most patriarchal area in the U.S., as assessed by sociologists. And one of the most conservative areas as well. But as we know many males don’t mind watching women rub up against each other.
Or perhaps you don’t know; and that’s okay too; but yeah that is a common male turn on. And no, guys don’t mind watching at all on the dance floor where I visit that is rated as one of the top 100 dance clubs in America.
Oh, miscellaneous note; generally speaking, I am considered the best dancer there. I have no problem expressing both the feminine side of my nature in ballet and the masculine side in kick butt martial arts skills.
I get the bootie dances from the females and the fist bumps from the guys. I get hundreds of photos of girls smiling ear to ear with me,
as evidenced in my blogs every Thursday night for the last 65 weeks, minus one week where I had a little intestinal bug; no dancing with the runs, haha!..;)
But anyway, to understand the dynamics of human nature
is to reap the rewards.
Women love guys who can express the feminine
and masculine nature in dance; and what can I say;
Bruce Lee-like Behavior is a turn-on
for military leaning men too; with fist bumps only; of course.
But like I stated in another thread; liberalism has its benefits; and in my case I fully document them as I go; as a ‘reality show’ participant Anthropologist observer. And yes, I do have a college degree in Anthropology, so I ain’t blowing this ‘science project'; just out of my butt; for common sense usage metaphor..;)
Culture is the dominating feature of repressing homosexual behavior. Very little separates the biological differences of male and female gender. It is culture that forces women into believing for social esteem that their pleasure parts must be mutilated for social status in African Muslim cultures. It is culture that convinces folks to cut the foreskin off their babies penises for a 20% ‘member’ discount, in terms of removing flesh, still in so-called advanced first world cultures.
It is culture that is insane; and no, not the homosexuals that exercise a peaceful sexual behavior that reduces an already overstressed population of human beings.
And homosexuality is a common increasing behavior
in many animal populations that are socially stressed,
no matter what the stress is attributed to.
So, yes, if one wants more homosexual behavior,
just stress the population a little more.
Is it any wonder that ‘queer’ is becoming more popular
as time goes on; no it is not, from a science perspective for animals, in general.
But anyway, I love bi-sexual women. They are super cool. They display their same sex pleasures freely at the dance hall I frequent. And it is obvious that some males are homosexual from birth.
Most anyone with streets smarts and ability
to understand non-verbal behavior
can see that with simple common sense.
Not all people have the ability to assess this who
cannot understand non-verbal behavior.
And no, non-verbal behavior, is not an indicator in all cases;
however it is in some cases, for anyone who has this kind of human common sense.
And yes, while the Kinsey study on human sexuality shows a high preponderance of homosexual leaning interests among males; no,
I have zero interest; as I am a
super straight women loving heterosexual;
the photos in my blogs provide enough evidence for that,
and as a side note my wife is often viewed as an ‘Indian Princess’,
as evidenced in my blog as well;
and I also do all nude male art, in new age straight male renaissance style;
and some of my female dance partners enjoy ‘perusing’ my art, with a really open mind; smiles. My wife is used to it; it doesn’t phase her. Variety is the spice of life.
Ha, I am a spice of life..;)
Hope you don’t mind my humor; Some folks like that kinda thing mixed in with science.
Most people find science boring; sadly enough, so I mix it up, like the folks at ‘Ted’ do..:)
Oh yeah, and there is a reason for that. Emotions are the glue of memories; particularly
short term working memory that allows greater focus and attention.
This is why humor is a must in efficient learning; of course, on course,
for folks who can understand humor only.
For those who cannot;
it is just an annoyance;
but in reality, most people can,
as that is normal human common
sense, as human enjoyable behavior
to increase focus and cement memories for learning.
Anyway, here is the text reference for Bonobo homosexual behavior
for your perusal. It should be required reading at all First Baptist Churches;
to get in the know, of the wild thing in both ways of the highways of primate sexual behavior.
The last time I pointed it out to a ‘Southern Baptist Boy’, his jaw just dropped in disbelief when
I pointed out the evidence that male Bonobos ‘sword’ each other with their penises as a simple
peaceful homosexual behavior to reduce aggression and potential violence among peaceful loving
Bonobos who just get along by DOING THE WILD THING all they want; Love not war is their MOTTO;
“These primates are so closely related to people that they share 98.7 percent of humans’ DNA. Along with chimpanzees, they are humans’ closest living relatives. Yet, barely anyone knows what a bonobo is. In a survey by our Hominoid Psychology Research Group survey, only 15 percent of people who had the highest level of education (university) knew that bonobos are great apes. Spell check does not recognize ‘bonobo’ as a word. But in the debate over whether gay marriage, or any other non-reproductive sexual relationship, is “natural,” no other animal holds more importance.”
“Homosexuality in bonobos is not cultural. When primatolgist Frans de Waal first saw the outlandish sexual acts of bonobos, other scientists remarked that the behavior must have arisen because those bonobos were locked in a zoo. But data gathered from the wild — and wild-born bonobos in captivity — over the past two decades has demonstrated that bonobo sexuality is just part of who they are.”
“The two bonobos Lodja and Mwanda were part of a study we conducted at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in Congo. Like many bonobos at the sanctuary and in the wild, these individuals practiced g-g rubbing, where two female bonobos rub their clitorises together, penis fencing between males, and a myriad of other socio-sexual behavior.”
“Sex for fun in bonobos, and many other animals, plays a social function. There is stress-relief sex, make-up sex and random hook-up sex. Chimpanzees, humans’ more violent cousins, do not seem to use sex in this way. They occasionally torture each other, kill strangers and demonstrate other echoes of humanity’s dark side. [Bonobos Make Love – Chimps Make War ]”
“Bonobos, who use sex to resolve conflict, have never been seen to kill each other. They share food. They are more cooperative than chimpanzees. And they are nicer to strangers than they are to friends. To bonobos, a peaceful, sexual existence is the most natural thing in the world.”
Anyone who suggests that
GOD doesn’t
make homosexual
And ILL IN WAYS of education.
But yes, learning new stuff IS POSSIBLE.
It’s the change in thinking that is the hard part for conservative
leaning minds, per the reference already provided in another
thread, specific to this link:
Anyway, have a nice day; I have more dancing in public to do; to reduce human aggression and violence;
and attract female onlookers of course; as I am only a friendly primate ON NORMAL course..;)
Yup; life ain’t black and white.
The American FLAG, yes, overall; is A symbol for human freedom.
While the Confederate Flag, yes, overall; is a symbol for human slavery.
One is designed to give at least most humans freedom;
the other is used as a symbol to specifically
Anyone who lives in the deep south knows precisely
what that Confederate Flag stands for and one
will rarely ever see someone flying it over their
pick-up truck who is not vocally prejudiced against
black folks; that is just the hard cruel reality of it
who thinks differently, ain’t been up to the farm
lately; like I do on a once a month basis; to watch
the negro haters eat; as well as worship Jesus
at the same table of hate; with homosexuals,
single mothers raising children
and anything else
against patriarchal ideals
of religious white beliefs;
yes, overall; Jesus for
them, is A leader
of a century old
metaphor of the
‘KKK'; and all this
frigging birther
stuff is born
as Confederate
Flag symbolism
stuff too; just ain’t
no hangings anymore;
as that is a hate crime;
with serious legal ramifications
of punishment; and years in jail.
But just a decade ago, the folks in the military
where I live, are advised NOT TO GO TO so-called
‘redneck farm-town Jay’ after dark; by their peers in the know;
if they wanna come back
alive in one
piece of continued usable
equipment for the military.
Yes, in Jay, the confederate flags fly
high and shamefully
It’s truly disgusting,
and changing slowly
as ‘those’ flags are finally
being taken down in public
places where I live, as a result of
of this ignorant mindless killing
fueled by a life of prejudice and
in general, the four letter word, hate.
The killer is achieving precisely the opposite
of what he hopes; a true fool for his hate fueled beliefs.
Ah.. the feeling of homesick at camp in such a good feeling,
as it proves one comes from a loving family;
and truly for me whenever I left
the home of my mama,
I was homesick as
she was the greatest provider
of nurturing love I ever see; and that
gift of nurturing love is a camp of life
that will never be equaled for me
‘here or
there'; love is precious
and homesick is evidence
of that precious; i truly feel
sad for the little boys and girls
who do not miss home at all;
that is sad
to me
beyond tears
where love
can even be missed;
i was the luckiest
little homesick
boy; I was
too chicken
to go to
only homesick,
visiting my father..:)
Dedicated to all human beings
!ALL !

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