Dancing Song of Poetic HeArt

Ah.. time.. the most mysterious invention of human of all..
Truly though.. most animals other than human know only now..
Humans ability to create the illusion of past and future with neocortical
control brings an illusion of time.. that truly does not exist.. in the minds
of other so-called lesser animals.. Humans suffer angst as well from this..
Yes.. there is distance and space but time is a relative concept of the
both of those.. with no static qualities other than those that humans
assign to it with both science and subjective perception of each
unique Universe.. When human is totally connected to
GOD in now.. as at least most of the other animals
if not all are.. as we are the only ones with the
abstract written language and tools
to record history as if it
exists today.. ALL
there is for these
animals is yes.. now..
in connecting to all of the
rest of nature that is animal
perception of now.. the creation
of recorded history and attachments
to material items that stay the same.. is
much different in a life spent in nature where
change is both the norm of internal and external
reality.. but yes.. harder to see this in someways.. where
life does not flourish as greenly and brownly in seasons fresh
and in death with change.. For some it becomes truth that human
is greater than nature.. and perhaps that illusion is easier when nature
does not change as much on barren landscape where human is most all
that exists.. but with eyes.. of TV and other tools the truth of change is NOW..:)
Is that a R or K.. that’s hard to say..
for i am Katie and you are Rafiah..
And i guess that’s pArt of
Poetic Justice..
Ah.. ALL the symbols of life.. both alive and not alive..
do bring association of great meaning and purpose to human being..
the dead of soul.. can be attached to a road.. the life of love..
can be attached to grains of sand.. and where we go..
can be a straight road.. or a curve of sand
that is ever now.. but the truth is..
we do make our own path..
sometimes with the direction
of others.. and sometimes with GOD
of nature that lives within us..
To listen to heart.. as soul with
GOD.. to bring a spirit alive..
in all the symbols of meaning
we do arrive.. is to be
more fully alive and cherish
what we do as important.. most important
as important.. as every step of life is precious..
to make a human soul.. heart.. and spirit
expressing complete.. humanity life..
in all the forms of dark and light
that make
us one with the
powerful dark and light
and all shades of grey
and hues of color
that are GOD
within us..
a tree of life..
that is beauty
in palm
or dates
that are fruit
of life as human..
Ah.. what beauty.. but prize of life..
When human darkness
black of gift..
Oh.. what left of light in
human whiteness.. when
vow of love..
is only beauty
prize.. of price
in black of
moonlit Night..:)
Ah.. perhaps the coldest reality of all
is the virginal wedding dress waiting
in black white for a stranger never
known.. sometimes the bullets
are culture of love
given freely
A dowry can
be a gift or Rape.
That’s cold reality.. but yes.. Truth
for the lesser of man that is still woman…
It’s sad when a woman sees her wedding as a funeral…
IN fact.. it’s beyond tears to truly fear.. the end depends on means…
Ah.. yes.. to acknowledge all the shades of grey..
and hues of colors.. is a first step.. then there
is tolerance.. then perhaps.. acceptance..
and the hardest part of all can
be understanding..
but to forge ahead
with tolerance.. to gather
steam for acceptance is the
first step.. to the real heaven of
Unconditional Love in all the tough hues
of colors and shades of grey that Love Does..:)
Yes.. freedom is more than red white and blue.. freedom is black
as well as blue.. and the greaTEST freedom is human
expression in all the greys.. tanned tone colors..
and white of flesh that comes
as well.. oh.. the leaders of
freedom do fly with Miley’s
in white of breast.. and A
evangelism of lies..
but freedom
lives where
humans fly
free as
Ah.. the breath of light of the kitty kat..
is the sweet voiced mother
of human being..
with sing song voice..
bringing purr of delight..
Oh.. so sad.. of children
with eyes so
cold in text
of screens..
of cats
feel love in
melodious voice..
but a child of human
I only use unhappy
faces.. in case
of EMERGencies..
and yes.. TH..IS
Oh.. the star of life as human soul..
is worth as much as the stars of sky..
and certainly the cold hard asphalt of city lights..
Oh.. the young men.. with only survival
in mind.. the heart and soul long
past.. all is left is grasp
in cold moon nights..
and just another
hit and run..
where a star might flourish..
otherwise known
as the ghetto reality
of those forgotten
stars.. to shine again as black
as white as black as life in Light
flickering alive once
Oh.. so true and insightful too.. that black and white is
a restful night of TV as well.. there’s something too..
about imagination more.. where emotions
grow greater.. where special
effects of color do fall
instead of glow..
but oh.. when
colors first hurt
my senses.. it is
a warning that something’s
up.. and soon black and white
is all i can tolerate.. turned down
to lowest bright.. of computer screen..
and then my dreams become all
black and white rolling
text.. truly better though
than just trapped
in one mind
for two years
Stress is a somewhat magical
thing.. in terms of the dark thorns
it can afflict on
a human life..
OMG if only people
understand the necessity
of mind and body
balance before
it is
too late
in less
Ah.. yes.. the black of day and white of night.. become so much darker
in times.. of turning black.. raven souls death in hearts of life..
Oh.. the spirit of the black.. does dull the soul..
but later memories of dark raven
wings.. do inspire the hearty
raven’s song.. in
phoenix delight..
By the way.. Ravens
are okay.. they get
Poe raps
dark feathers.. that
still delight in flight of beak..:)
Ah.. yes i say..
embrace all the shades
of grey and colors of life..
as God is an artist without
infinity of all
as one way
of light
and dark..
in ALLways ONE..
never alone.. for those
who sing a song of ALL..:)
Ah.. the song of HDTV.. do children sit..
where the song of black and white of
US in 60’s and before..
sizes more colorful
in rings of human
and Creativity
truth.. as Tree Houses
of Life.. in sand and mud..
where Grand Canyon
and tributary rivers
of Niagra Falls.. are
in front yards of
next to
I can honestly say from experience true that black is no color of human emotions and senses.. and is darkest life of all.. in death as life..
but i can honestly say.. too.. from the depth of the blackest
of human souls.. hearts.. and spirits..
there is a potential
for Phoenix to rise
out of
asHes aS whitE fiRe SpiRit
iN passiOn heArt SOul aGain..:)
Love is a muscle of light that grows bright or dims..
Taken for granted it wastes thin.. in tiny
streams of light.. in darkest oceans
blue.. where emerald sands
of life once show through..
So frequent people
visit muscle
gyms of life..
meat markets..
instead of meeting
emotions of heArts
School Lighting Love..
No one tells me about
HeArt.. Soul.. and Spirit
School.. funny how cogs
of humans in machines
become more important
than life of connecting
spirit of human
alive.. sad..
human eYES
in loving
School now..:)
Oh.. yes.. a poem is a palette of endless imagination
delight.. there need be no boundaries
of sidewalk or no dancing
here.. Where creativity
lives.. poetic expression
is paint.. and the colors of black
and white.. are replaced
by hues of grey.. or
colors not even
seen for a
to date..:)
Ah.. true heroes of life need no change
of water to wine.. or walk over water..
the miracle of life.. is in courage
and kind.. in the end the
fearless of love
do define
life NOW
AS Divine..:)
Ah.. path to dark.. spiraling filling down
threads light in dark.. stairway
hell.. slow drift black..
corners numb
where eyes
no longer
passage out..
seeds of light
root true in darkest
nights.. where light blooms
in darkest cocoons of butterfly wings..
to delight again flight living.. well flown truth..:)
Ah.. yes
foolish selfish genes
is illusion.. drawn by some..
but the core of our differences
are only separated by one point
of sameness in beginning and
end.. oh.. to adopt nature as
oneself.. is to know and feel
delight.. that nature is a race
we are all in together as ONE..:)
Ah.. yes.. escaping to
Nature’s graces.. unscathing
human culture.. snow and
ice fresh air breeze.. in
tread Allone..:)
Ah.. yes.. the strings of vocal chords become
extension of ivory and ebony.. human
tools.. for even out-of-key
to perfect
and white tunes..:)
Oh.. true.. the piano can be a wonderful
tool of expressing true love..
and for me not with
much talk.. ‘then’..
it is pArt of a ticket
to a 25 year wife..
(she is 19 then..)
i no longer play
but what lives
of creativity
still exists
on YouTube
Promise of Winter.. driest twigs left..
loveliest leaves.. long sense..
joining dirt of life.. living
green again.. Spring
rising past
Promise.. always
Life.. learning
Ah.. imagine life.. Sun returning.. not knowing
sure… Imagine life.. Moon may
be.. sky light.. alone…
Stars twinkle
beauty.. not
else of
Sun much more..:)
The breaths of the last
of life.. March strong
into the last
White of life..
dark comes..
light goes..
breath is
Alpha Hierarchy.. cell block C..
solid faces looking forward..
no feeling
Alpha comes
A O A.. Again..:)
All the adversities of life.. can bring
a greater love in connecting
warm human touch..
for those who stay
with love
and do
not fall
into darkness..
Love mushrooms
grow wide as Atomic
in black and white..
expanding to primary..
gaining pastel feelings..
finally bliss..
black and white..
wheels of life.. going
’round and
hues.. shades..
shadowing.. delighting.. human
realities.. colorful
That’s really a great song.. that just randomly pops up through my google algorithm for YouTube songs to watch today.. and it fits perfectly with the theme here.. and is part of the inspiration for it.. smiles.. and yes.. the previous ‘world record’ for me in shortest poetry is 66 words.. so this one beats the other one.. by 16 whole words..:)
Anyway.. hope you are having a fabulous Purple now.. without any need for that confession stuff.. as i enjoy the traditions and rituals.. from a back pew view.. still at my Catholic church.. but i for one take all the ‘Labyrinth Stuff’ with a grain of white salt.. tossed across my shoulder.. into black space..;)
Like my Catholic Grandfather Priest from Ireland eventually does.. to get married to my Grandmother in his Priestly Parish.. he at 36 and she at 17.. in free style love outside of the Catholic Mold.. Scandalous yes.. but scandal can lead to life too.. namely mine.. eventuAlly..
Ah.. the rules of God of Nature do rule.. even from
the back
Yes.. the color purple more reflects the Crown Chakra to me.. which personally for me is just a metaphor as the Kundalini metaphor as well.. Christ Energy.. Chi Energy.. Buddha Energy.. or whatever metaphor is used for when one lets go of all the negativity.. and lets positive emotions and senses free flow throughout the body.. with absolutely no tension from Chronic Repressing Emotional Stress.. escaping rather than confronting the negativity of life.. with positivity to rule life as is… with relative human free will…
All natural.. and the animals of the wild already
have a leg up on us human beings..
in connecting to the
all natural GOD like this..
without human words at all…
Innate Instinct.. and Intuition are all gifted to humans from birth to find a way for peace and harmony of mind and body balance in soul.. heart.. and spirit.. culture often takes that away.. but the mix back to life.. is certainly possible in at least some cases of flowing much greater alive in human potential..:)
Thanks Glenn.. for the poetic Camry response.. here too.. i used to have a Teal Camaro that turns to blue in street lights at night.. and green in natural sunlight.. and that is so cool.. when i drive it off the Chevrolet Lot.. i imagine someone.. is gonna stop me and steal it.. it’s so cool to me then..
Thank goodness i finally graduate from Cars..
and pursue new loves.. haha!..:)
Yes.. X.. and when i write this.. the song ‘King of Pain’.. by Sting Rings.. through my heart and mind.. and the reflection of my soul.. that remembers all too well that my soul is all black at one point in time.. without any light escaping or getting in.. and I do technically become the King of Pain.. with the worst pain known to mankind.. Type Two Trigeminal neuralgia from waking to sleeping for 5 long years..
So yeah.. i can truly say i earn the JOB medal
for the job of JOB.. as a ‘Soul Survivor’..
So at this point..
i will link two videos
that speak the rest..
And thanks for stopping by X..
Exploding into the Color Purple metaphor
in the end as the beginning.. is a metaphor now..
for my life.. thanks for providing that here.. tonight..:)
Yes.. Whimsygizmo.. the tortured soul.. is a common human archetype for the budding artists among us.. and I guess one could call that the CROSS of human creativity.. as certainly it is my ticket home.. to much brighter places above the ashes.. as Phoenix rather than Poe BLACK Raven..:)
Smiles.. and thanks for dropping by..
and hope you are having a great rest of the night..
as well.. for now.. and now again..:)
Hi Mary.. so true..
the eyes of purple do go much deeper..
 than eyes of black and white..
a richness of soul.. in heart..
as spirit.. expressed..
in violet hues..
of creativity..
Ah.. yes.. Grace..
life is both love and blood sacrifice..
the two mix as a cross of life..
the dark and light.. of life..
in all the hues of color
and shades of grey..
for truth as
ONE life
Thanks Clustered sky.. the funnest thing.. i for one do.. is dance walk a style of martial arts and ballet everywhere i go in broad daylight and florescent lighted public stores.. now.. accumulating 3700 miles on my Nike GPS Sports watch.. in a little over 21 months..
AFTER being a shut-in in my home with 19 medical disorders just 22 months ago.. with
no chance of recovery given by the doctors who treat me.. before the REAL MIRACULOUS RECOVERY..:)
Something happens..
And I got
Anyway.. the youth love it naming me everything from Boss of Dance.. Super hero of Dance.. Legend of Dance.. and my most recent favorite name calling as Spirit Animal by two lovely girls at a big Dance Club I dance at.. every Thursday night.. moving in on my 62nd week this Thursday..
But the folks my age and older at 55.. different story..
My wife hears behind the back comments as she scans the store areas.. from I wish he would fall down.. that will be funny.. to just one received today.. as ‘IT takes all types’.
Ha HA!.. and ‘she’ doesn’t know even a fraction of what i do on the Internet..
I will likely blow her skirt up.. no doubt.. in a flame of disgust..
But that’s the price of being totally free.. the naysayers and haters..
will have theirsay.. and i will fight just as hard for their right
to freely express their selves in dark..
as i go on in lights so bright.. i blind ’em with the dance..;)
Anyway.. x2.. I’m not the first one to do it.. as i come
across ‘Joe’ on YouTube in December of 2013.. about
440 miles in on my ‘Forest Gump’ Journey across
the U.S.A. in store miles now.. crossing it twice..
sometime in the future..;)
Hi Adriana.. there is definitely rhyme and reason and creativity of finding the Universe in all numbers for me.. and this is just a little variation on the real art of numerology.. where multi-digit numbers are added together to get single digit numbers…
For me it starts with the date of today.. 6092015..
added together for 23 adding 2 plus 3 for 5..
then the time at 824 this morning added
as 14 and then 1 plus 4 as 5…
And when the time is 824.. at
night.. i use the same little
simple addition formula…
But for me life is one of meaning
and the more meaning i can create in
life the more purpose it has for me..
Thank goodness i can create my own
meaning and purpose in life now..
without waiting for someone
else to take the first step
or spoon feed me.. a culture
of meaning and purpose
from almost birth..
that i may or may not
agree with at all..
Choice and Creativity
through human relative
free will.. through the
real power of the
human emotions
of faith.. hope..
and belief..
with Unconditional
Tough Love serves
as my guiding principles
in numbers.. words.. and
most importantly flesh and
blood connecting human life
with the rest of nature as what
i understand as the three letter
metaphor called GOD or whatever else..:)
Thanks Hank.. and the color purple is almost a magic color..
in so many ways.. through so many cultures.. through history.. and even before..
But yes.. considering that red mixed with white and black actually does make purple on the color wheel.. it’s not surprising that this color has so much meaning
for the human race..:)
Thanks for dropping by.. as well..
Thanks.. lynn.. the video truly inspires me the most.. when i come across it this morning.. as it is like the soul beating purple in space and stars of black and white.. in the purple clouds of heArt.. expressed as spirit in that video..
And truly.. i am a lot like the magical Peter Pan.. that is the inspiration of the broadway play.. for that song as well in real life.. for some folks it is a pejorative for a middle
aged man to be named that..
But for me it is real freedom of expression.. and truly i do make
my dreams come true..
With the power of imagination..
real human emotions of
faith.. hope.. and belief
in Human Creation
Activity in all the Arts
i can both find.. pursue..
and practice as the meaning
and purpose of life for me all free!
Yes.. it helps not to have to do any work
for money anymore.. as culture can weigh
so heavily on most all of us.. through those
real demands of human day-to-day survival..:)
Hi.. Kanzensakura.. thanks so much for your words of appreciation for what i do here today.. and truly i just let it flow short and long.. however creativity rolls all natural for me through creative spirit.. and yes.. it is so much easier doing something like this as well.. compared to 11K words or so a day.. more or less..
HaHA! i even have time for a movie..
the first time in around two months..
So yes.. the rewards do come as well
for doing a ‘little less’
online as well..
But the dance does still go on in the background
of literally tens of thousands of steps
almost everyday
Truly for me the dance is the best..
as i come into this world naked
and twirling my big toe around
the soft bed cushion of my
crib.. according to my
mother.. rarely
sleeping at night..
and wandering off
if she takes her eyes
off me for even a spit-second…
Now i finally dance again.. no tools
required.. just feet.. and yes.. the music
is the best add-on for me to inspire greater
in loving
a life
Thanks Kanzensakura.. you are such a sweet and loving person.. to reach out and touch folks like you do.. your soul is very white.. i can see it in your words.. so bright..
and tolerant and accepting as it is..:)
Whatever gifts God gives me.. i accept as gift..
even the pain for 5 years.. is gift of dark..
that makes whatever my reality is for now..
a gift as well…
I go with the river of God..
come what may.. if i die today..
the gift of life..
is forevermorenow..
gift of me..:)
To celebrate that
is the icing on the
Birthday cake
now.. and
that my
i do
Ha! that’s funny and truly i love reading
other stuff folks write and poetically responding to it
much better than writing individually and small talk..
although after five decades I am finally getting
the small talk stuff down to an art of life as well…
Most of my life folks refer to me as a man of few words..
with lots of energy and happy smiles in real flesh and blood action..
serving other folks.. quietly as i go..:)
Too much dancing.. yes.. a day full of dancing everywhere i go in public yesterday.. dinner and a movie.. and back here to at least do the somewhat small talk of responding to comments here does me in.. and while usually i only sleep for around 6 hours or less.. for some reason i sleep much longer last night..
But look out world.. here comes another day full of reading.. writing.. and the dance steps of creativity in art.. that for now.. TG.. runneth over my chalice of life..:)
But anyway.. that is very kind of you to reach out with care like that.. and believe it or not.. intuitively it does cross my mind before i read this.. that someone might wonder what happened to ‘the man of words’…;)
Big smiles..x2..:)
Thanks so much Bill and as history shows over and over..
truly Unconditional Love must be tough love to work.. as well..
Soft love alone.. is just not enough.. for an animal.. as complex as human..:)
Hope your now is going great.. and will be by later.. as I sequentially go through all the poems.. again.. with an attempt of a poetic response.. to make a much bigger..
collaborative poem here.. with all kinds of connections..
As that is what humans do best of all
togeThEr and strong
as ONE connection
of social animal with the tool of ‘sign language communication’..
to potentially make that connection the brightest or darkest of all..
The light is where i go.. but yes.. always recognizing the importance of the dark.. as well..;)
Things are always gonna get tough.. and sometimes pitch black.. but the white of soul..
can be..
of life
come truth for now..:)
Thanks Bill.. with smiles..:)
Ah.. yes.. grandfather he is.. and a noted author as well..
whose theological text is still studied in ‘God circles’ around the world..
A quick search on ‘Soul of a Priest’.. ‘Out of the Labyrinth’.. and ‘Behind the Dictators’.. brings up three of note. And interesting particularly the ‘Behind the Dictators’ one.. as he is an insider at the Vatican in the early 20th century.. as legal counsel as one of his priestly duties then.. before going to South Africa.. meeting my Cajun grandmother in Taylor county all on my paternal birth side.. and then eventually editing a magazine
named the Converted Catholic in the 40’s
in an organization named
Christ Missions in
New York.. New York…
But anyway.. he uncovers some information that suggests that the Jesuit Priests are behind some Illuminati conspiracy theories ‘indicting’ Jewish ‘big wigs’ at the time..
as a sort of behind closed doors gossip to keep congregations anti-Jewish and strong in the Christian Catholic ways… And OMG.. those
theories still run strong among some
conspiracy theorists
folks around the world…
And interestingly.. Einstein runs in the same social circles as he does.. with some out of the norm socialist leaning ideologies that found them as acquaintances where they actually have dinner one time together .. a story that my later business woman grandmother does relate.. around the dinner table of stories.. along
with being saved at Wakulla Springs.. from drowning
by the old Tarzan of movies.. Johnny Weissmuller..
And my great grandfather on my maternal side
camped with Geronimo in the wild..
and is later a self taught..
bar passed lawyer..
Yes.. where have the story
tellers gone.. oral tradition
is a big thing when i am
young.. and more
or less drown
in text
BUT HAHA! RISING Again on blogs..
in at least ‘sign language’ ways..
But oral tradition is a thing of
literally hours around couches
and round tables.. the attention
span of folks now.. is not nearly
what it is then..
for the
things of humans
instead of stuff..
of material dreams..:)
Numbers are always
a particular fascination for me..
as of course they are derived from
nature from the time of prehensile
thumbs grasping sticks.. scratching
alphabets in sand.. copying angles
of imaginary connections in sky..
and the 10 digits on two hands
of five digits than make
20 with feet included
as well.. So they
are nature
and math
as one
and same..
And my method is truly just
basic addition and not much of
anything else adding the
numbers of the date together
eventually arriving at just
one digit of 1 through 9.
And then adding the
time AM or PM
in three digit
per 824
as 8:24 am
or pm.. whenever
i press publish.. per
8 plus 2 plus 4 is 14
and 1 plus 4 is 5.. and
then the symbolic meanings
of each number to me is intuitively
derived and then confirmed as same
by others in numerology who have come
to the same symbolic meanings before I do..
so this must be a human archetype.. well suited
to more mathematical.. interpreting.. right brain
minds like mine.. Truly all these words are never
a part of me until great human suffering and
epigenetic and neuroplastic change.. when
then i literally lose effective use of hearing
and sight.. and any ability to connect
in human connection where
words first just lists are
all that is left
of my humanity..
and to make
those words
organic in emotions
is the only to save
my heart.. soul and
spirit reborn
so yeah.. at
least in my case
the flesh
That’s 606 words Victoria..
and July is coming up as my
2nd anniversary with dVerse..
and truly then in July.. just
regaining use of my sight..
i have no idea
what my
face even
looks like..
It’s been a very long ride..
thanks.. as you have always
tolerated all I’ve done
in my recovery without
prejudice or judgement..
yes.. you are what I can
describe as a
real Christian..
no matter
what your
religion is
in terms of
Kind hearted
described Jesus..
beyond what
i often
these days
for sure..:)
6’s and 9’s
are like the
PHI golden spiral
of Nature to me..
and certainly
sacred to me..
with all
the day in 2013
of my recovery..
for now..
Ah.. yes.. same story as my mother..
where women are still barefoot
and pregnant and that’s all the goal..
There are enough people in the
world today.. there are
better overall options
than to reproduce..
Thanks for dropping by
again.. Victoria.. and hope
your now goes great..!..:)
Ah.. yes.. ‘this blood’ is more than red.. and ‘the blood’ is more than blood.. and ‘black and white’ is more than white and black.. as metaphors for emotions of heart.. in spirit of soul of life.. expressed as such.. and thank you Truedesssa.. for the kind compliment of comparing my words to ‘Violet’.. as they have been compared by
a ‘synesthate’ as a blood red witch..
leading in some way of words..
flying through the
air on a
But she has no information other
than that in synesthesia
The violet sounds
much nicer.. thanks again..:)
And hope you are having
all wonderful
Yes.. a further clue is the Alexandrite Birthstone.. in my ring up there with ‘the man of steel’ all red.. white.. and black.. in colors of T-shirt as such..
Alexandrite changes in Gemini colors with me in the precise middle
of that Astrological sign.. on the 6th..
And yes.. my colors change
regularly too..
more than
chameleons can
imagine on
Tonight is my 62nd dance week celebration
of Rave Dance with all the cool
college age folks
Old Seville
with more fun
dance photos coming
sometime after 3AM…
as what could this post
be ‘without’ some

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