Belief is what makes prayer work AND
Belief is what makes the Placebo affect/effect work;
Yes, different metaphors, per ‘Prayer’ vs ‘Placebo’.
But the bottom line in
AND NO; ‘aria’ is not the same
frigging thing as ‘air’..;)
(:aria is spelled different than air;)
And NO, PaN Theism is not even close to Agnosticism or Atheism;
IN PAN THEISM; there is both 100 percent faith and proof of GOD.
It’s simple yes; but never the less; The TRUTH. Both short-sighted
Scientists and Christians have trouble seeing simple BIG PICTURE
Truths. And yes; that is part of the science of ‘narrow left-brain’
ways of detail thinking vs. MUCH ‘BROADER right-brain’ visually
imaging, pattern, interpretive mind ways of thinking.
I do both; that makes me..
SPECIAL; that’s my
Autistic Super Power;
And no, not all prayers work;
Even religious folks WILL tell ya that;
and scientists too; as not all folks
can benefit from the placebo
effect/affect or prayer.
Scientists suggest the
percentage is
at around
33%; and
chances are
that’s why some
of the folks here are
atheists; as placebo
just will not work
for them; or prayer.
When it works; whether
or not it is magic; it
seems like magic;
and that just
increases the
OF human belief
for those who can
access that POWER.
I FIND ways to increase that
power my friend; a year
ago, I believe I can
move mountains;
and while I cannot
move mountains;
I can leg press close
to half a ton with my
legs; as compared to
a quarter of a ton
nine months before
the power of my
LIKE a real life
And yes, if you don’t believe
it; there is proof of it
on YouTube; a search
on ‘930LB Leg Press’,
will take ya to it..:)
Attitude is close to
100% of what makes
folks real life ‘super men
and women’. The power
of the real human emotions
of hope, faith, and belief
DO POWER THIS for those
who are ‘chosen’ by the
And no one proves
this God of Nature
is fair; other than
the notion of
Karma and
So if ‘those two’,
do not exist;
sorry, if you
are not one
of the ‘chosen ones’
like me friend; sincerely..:)
That’s just the way it goes;
perhaps or NOT..;)
First of all; I guess you didn’t see the thumbs down
and comments on Bobby Chiafullo’s, so-called 2710 ‘attempted’ world record,
as it is half a rep using his elbows on a vertical leg press machine, with sled mechanism, per this link:
Even Pat Robertson; noted evangelist, can do a half rep of 2000 LBS on a vertical leg press machine; not impressive at all.
Well, I am a Health Science degree holder; and one of my many hats working for federal service for a quarter of a century is Athletic Director of a military installation; I am well versed on the science of exercise, as well AS verse as a free verse poet.
Oh, and free verse poets can make metaphors
out of any word they like to get A POINT ACROSS.
And speaking of language; the modern science of
language suggests that all human
language is metaphor at core.
OH, and speaking of
vertical leg press machines
that provide bio-mechanical leverage
using a vertical sled:
The machine I leg press 930LBS slowly and
surely with my arms raised in the air, 14 Reps; putting
all the force of gravity on my legs, instead of upper body accommodation and vertical
sled, is much much harder than a vertical leg press machine; it is a parallel (straight) leg
press machine that I use.
I’ll let these twins explain that to you; in ‘body builder’ language, if you’re interested in
how they DO it in real muscle head language, per the following link:
The noted strongest man to leg press on YouTube is
former Mr. Universe Ronnie Coleman
doped up on anabolic steroids to
the max; by his own admission.
He does 2300LBS on the
Vertical Leg Press Machine;
with proper form.
However, steroids
do make the difference;
as he barely looks human anymore;
or even Gorilla, for that matter.
He looks like an alien; and that’s what steroids can do to a person.
I have 221 rated testosterone; that of a 75 year old man, off the charts of low;
But that doesn’t stop me, as I have the power of the God of Nature working with
me as a domesticated human wild and free again. Yes, chimps and me
are super strong; our advantage is we are not; and no longer, in my case,
functionally disabled by a culture of sitting on one’s butt.
The God of Nature is mighty cool stuff; live by innate instinct and intuition
and one can be as strong as a gorilla and still attract young women; closing in
on age 55, on June 6th as such, per me.
Seriously; you don’t think I get that strong just to see the weights move; do you;
I am noted by my metro area audience, as a legend of dance; freely dancing a
unique martial arts and ballet style dance; all created innately instinctually through
intuition of the God of Nature manifest in me; and as obviously you are not shy to do
research; which I commend you; as some folks here are too lazy to do a google search;
you can find the evidence of that with me and over 200 gorgeous young females of college
age, grinning ear to ear, with the muse of dance I bring to them, at one of the Top Hundred
FUN dance clubs in the U.S.; Old Seville Quarter in Pensacola, FL, by Googling ‘God’s Muse
of Dance’ and there is a new one, ‘666 months of dance’, with over a 100, in a couple of
months. I go there once a week. And yes, I also do this dance everywhere I go in public
stores with my shopaholic wife; now for over 3600 miles, in 21 months, as measured
and documented, by Nike Sports Watch.
Now this might not be all that impressive; and I do appreciate you being man enough here
to at least say the 930LBS press is impressive without all these technical details. That’s impressive
enough for this place.
Yes, what makes it truly impressive and PROOF of the benefits of working with
the God of Nature, manifest as human nature is that 22 months ago, I cure myself
of 19 documented medical disorders, all in recovery or remission, including the worst pain
known to mankind, type two Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is like having one’s teeth drilled
without novocaine, except in my case, the pain is in my right eye and ear; making effective
use of hearing and seeing almost impossible without intolerable pain; for five long years.
Other challenges include Dysautonomia, where my blood pressure and heart rate are no longer
properly synched by my central nervous system, in this autonomic nervous system disorder;
Sjogren’s Syndrome, where my eyes quit making tears, like swimming in salt water with one’s
eyes open; Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my neck; Congenitally Fused Vertebra in my
neck precipitating early onset arthritis; Fibromyalgia; Anhedonia, PTSD, Severe Anxiety; yes
the list goes on. But the bottom line is there is no drugs doctors can find to even provide
a relief from the pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia during all waking hours of my life; and nothing
they or modern science can do for my other disorders; so they basically just send me home;
to wait to die.
Well, I didn’t give up; I looked to nature and within my own innate instinctual and intuitive
eyes of Mother Nature aka GOD manifest in me and healed myself.
So now I ask you; what has your ‘GOD of Science done for you lately’.
Science sucks compared to the power of human nature set free as a wolf
or chimp in the wild. I have no limitations friend; as I now know that
limitations can be human killers. And yes, If I believe modern
medical science, instead of the God of Nature that lives in me;
I will still be a ‘Hunch Back of Notre Dame’, in my underwear
and T-Shirt in my bedroom; instead of a dude in the real
Kingdom of Heaven named a Super Hero and Legend of
dance by both male and female onlookers, and dance
partners, per the extremely diverse; yes, variety
laden female type; evidenced in those links.
When You say GOD is not Nature;
you are either foolish or blind
with little real eyes
the God
of Nature;
manifest as
Human Nature
through natural
instinct and intuition,
Trust me; or NOT;
the God of Mother
Nature is your Master;
if you even know
‘her’ or
And yes; I too, am once
functionally disabled
by this culturally
induced myth
come true
of Autism.
But no longer, for
me; I’ve graduated
from my cultural
produced diapers..:)
Faith, Hope and
Belief are all
REAL Human
Emotions that
emote human
IS THE difference
between myth OR
reality; Behind a
screen of scream;
Take it as a grain
of sand or not;
your choice;
but regardless
of what you do;
you never escape
the God of Nature;
and who knows
perhaps in death.
But only Mother
Nature with her
has a ‘real’ clue
about that;
my friend.
I for one
focus on what I know is
real with 100% faith, hope
and belief in the God of Nature,
and that is simply
my friend
with GOD.:)
“The most efficient way to grow”
That is precisely what evolution is, my friend.
‘You’ provide ‘the proof’ for me, I ask of you.
No, of course science does NOT actually prove
‘much’ in technical detail, per truth; IT is a path to larger
TRUTHS for those who can make the creative leaps of mind,
through a WHOLE mind of both detail and big picture thinking,
in mind and body
free of stress;
focused, and
A mean, lean,
And not just
a sitting still
Anyway, enjoy ‘the ranch';
‘you’ are more fortunate
than most here to
still be
to the GOD
of Nature
when you
leave here..;)
That’s fascinating; and the first time I’ve heard of a potential Japan connection to historical Jesus, per ‘Hero Christ’, as the phrase for the metaphor of ‘Hello Kitty’.
Thanks for that; and I’ll do some more research on that; but meanwhile, it gives a whole new meaning to ‘the’ video below. And yes, Hollywood is always playing with the minds of fundamentalist Christians who want to rule the world; no less than fundamentalist Muslims with their religion.
The real dude Jesus does seem more like a Yogi Naturist Philosopher, per everything Nature ‘says’ goes; unlike a Televangelist in it for the dollar bills and attachments to human tools.
Truly, endless happiness without limit can be
found and kept within HUMAN BEING;
Any REAL Yogi can tell one that..:)
There are many human ‘priests’ manifest as the metaphor of the ‘Christ or Buddha Nature’ through time of Human Nature and God of Nature Merit, who work their butt off to make the fruition of that come true in their human life, to teach others, as well.
But any religion or country can anoint a human and elect them to whatever high office they like; even a
Roman Emperor named Constantine, and cohort Catholic Leaders promoting the likely Yogi-leaning Jesus
Naturist Dude to the King of the Universe; a step above the king of the world; per that
lead male part standing on the bow of the Titanic; shortly before it crashes and
And I’m not going to lie; when I, at age 54 turning 55 next week, dance with
scores of smiling girls, some of which call me a dancing hero and or
legend of dance; I too, at times, FEEL like A King of the world;
But not unlike Leonardo DiCaprio;
it’s just a frigging feeling;
and NOT the literal truth.
There’s a lesson to learn in that.
‘We are ALL dust in the wind’.
Now is the only gift that is real.
I dance NOW all the time to make
While others
shuffle by
in robot
walks of
grim in Super-Walmart.
It’s truly no different
than ‘Neo’ as Me..o.;)W.:)
When i play piano and sing for the CAThOLIC church choir for 10 years in the 80’s.. my fellow choir-mate tells me OMG! FRED! stop smiling so big.. your face is BLINDING ME WITH LIGHT! AND SHE then covers her face with her hands.. and comes back to earth.. and so do i..;)
YES .. i have a seriously BLINDING LIGHT NATURE!
Ah.. the paths of life..
diverse.. strong
and weak..
a flowing life of streams
rivers.. waves.. beaches..
oceans of life do
gleam in my
A path of homes in the photos above..
Before the brick and mortar one that protects
as shelter now.. through  Hurricane ‘Erin’.. through ‘Ivan’..
through ‘Dennis’..  dodging ‘Katrina’..  and holding my body captive
when spirit dies from 2007 to 2013
in 66 months of total
human hell.
Arising like Phoenix from ashes of barren soul..
heart.. firing spirit alive in eyes of GOD that
Yes.. photos of homes of past ending on river front patch
of sand that shot gun home one hundred years old
does stand before.. where eyes of i at age 3 before
speaking at 4.. do feel ONENESS WITH NATURE
AKA GOD.. YES i innately.. instinctually.. intuitively
know in human heart.. soul.. spirit.. before words..
that this earth is my home gifted by the God of Nature
and God’s plan for me is to hold hands with others
to go to places no one else goes before..
as Instruments of God
like this
woman of delightful
Opera ART and daughter of Light
in Ballet moves to Universal
Song of Life as
on or about
July 22nd 2013..
The miracle of life does
!come again for me!

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