Thursday, June 06, 2013

Visiting the Garden of 'Band Aid'

6192013  8:08PM 111 Days

Finding, Expressing, Exposing
and Digitally Recording

One's Soul
in art of


Prologue in Poetry

"Twilight" by E.L.O.

People do not often reach out

to one in communication

on the Internet

in a “Personal Way”,

It is a chronological list

of anonymous

User names

and real Names

listed by Letter

to keep personal identity


At this point,

one may have forgotten ones,

but one will update

this list

from now









The chronology of the list

starts close to Christmas

of 2010,

when the photo

of a young “Aghogday”

first appeared

on a



The Garden Starts here.

Another M:

"You say what I want to say

but cannot put into words."

Another V:


the Eloquence

of Aghogday

that I have come

to appreciate.”

Another A:

You are a valued contributor

to this community,

will you assist





Another E:

You must hear this

all the time,

but your use

of the language

is unique

and quite a treat.

My mind changes a little,

each time

I read


Another S:


who are you


some good things

to say

Another W:


are an



"I love

to read






Another S:

Your mind

has evolved


of your health problems.

You have

a Beautiful Mind"

Another C:

I am


by your tenacity

in researching

the answers

for ‘this’


Another L:

You should be a Lawyer,

you missed your calling.

It is good to have you

around here.”

Another V:

“It would be good

to have you

on our


Another S:

This Hypothesis

would not have been possible

without Aghogday

and two listed others.”

Detail and Digression Ensue:


One spent about six months focused on discussing one’s college major and special interest of anthropology on Wrong Planet with S, who came to the site to create a new hypothesis in joining one’s mind with others.

One thinks this person had the thread removed for some reason, which one found disappointed as one enjoyed it and referred back to it.

One was the “Devil’s Advocate” on some of this person’s analysis. However, this person still recognized one’s effort and another individual one greatly respects, at the end of the close to 60 pages Hypothesis.

It was close to a year in effort, creating  “Autism: The Eusocial Hominid Hypothesis”

One agrees with this person in part, but at a different Angle.

The style of the Hypothesis is unique in “Hyperlexic” fashion of collecting information from unlimited sources, creating a tapestry that one must spend time to find, but worth it when one arrives.

is providing information on personal life history in the comment above about Anthropology as a college degree and additional health related issues below in the comment about Music.

One also provides more details here in this comment. One does not care for pronouns much so one uses one a lot, by the way, in case one has not noticed. :)

It is distant in personal conversation, but works on a blog, I think. :)

One also graduated at that time in the 80’s with degrees in Health Science and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary.

The Hyperlexic pattern of  Input and Matrices style ability to answer multiple-choice and short answered questions is ideal for school, because when one attended there is little need for output in writing or verbal skills at undergraduate level.

However, it is close to useless in the ‘real’ working world as a base of knowledge with little ability for coherent communication in speech or writing. There is little ability in fine motor skills to write the written word, and little opportunity to find an accommodation in device computers bring to “Hyperlexic” versions of Autism.

One is fortunate to find any job, ending up working at a Military Bowling Center for close to two decades, where people at hundreds per week, quickly became a lifelong passion of interest.

There is no opportunity for academic pursuit again, until home computers come along.

One eventually is ‘pushed’ into higher positions in government employment as Community Activities Director and Athletic Director, because of one’s computer skills. There was great demand for that ‘niche’ skill, but it is now shared by the masses.

The last place the last child picked on sports teams in Physical Education at school ends up is Athletic Director at a Military Installation. This path of push, also led to a spot in a leadership class for the county, in a ‘Forrest Gump’ like scenario.

The Push and Shove eventually leads to a constant state of Adrenal gland reactivity, and ultimately human exhaustion, per Autistic Burnout. There is no doubt in one’s mind that most of the health issues are because of this extended state of hyper-vigilance.

One meet one’s spouse at work, in the emotional contagion shared with happy masses. As a Hyperlexic type Autistic person one shares communication through one’s eyes, absorbing the emotional contagion of people and amplifying it through eyes. It is a life of vision and other senses, including hyper-tactile sensitivity, with input and analysis of picture, pattern and symbol.

It can be a gift of input but challenge in output without a visual interface to view the after effect of one’s mind. One connects with that other “continent” of mind in output two times in school. One time was in a Christmas essay in middle school and once in a Philosophy class in College. It was like a stranger of words one did not consciously understand as existing in one’s mind.

The computer provides that connection now, along with neuroplastic adaptation to health problems discussed below in the Piano comment. Those health issues, in part, impaired one’s lifelong tool of navigating the world in pattern, picture, symbols and human contact through penetration of eye-to-eye vision.

While one’s verbal and nonverbal communication for output and input of speech and complex facial expression is muted, the Universe exists in eyes of one and others. The after effect of words staring one back in face on a screen has ‘literally’ taken the place of a world of complex visual interface and human connection.

The written word or spoken word is not a comfortable place to visit in earlier life, in effect because soul is in one’s eyes connecting to a much larger world in the eye of soul in others.

Home videos are not common when one is younger, but one’s own penetrating stare disconcerted one when one first saw one’s ‘self’ speaking to someone behind a Camera. One use to wonder why some people seemed nervous when one penetrates the soul. One finally understands when one sees eyes looking back at one penetrating another soul.

Not until recently has one understood that it is ‘socially inappropriate’ not to avert ‘stare’.

 On the other hand, one had difficulty making eye contact when speaking, because there is the natural inclination to enter into the soul of another, and away from potential of coherent speech in word.

One often had to write down small scripts of words to communicate in speech when there was the potential of talking to more than one set of eyes. It is a much different type of Autism than what some others experience.

It was hard for people to look one in the eyes, as they felt like one could see into their soul. Some literally stated this. Perhaps that is a gift of Hyperlexia of enhanced input and compromised output.

One enjoyed the life of input more than life of output
. One has a tool in computer technology in communicating thought one accumulates through the course of life, that in effect is one’s eyes now for connecting to people, in limited ability compared to three dimensional flesh and blood eye contact to a person’s soul.

rarely verbally spoke in real life, so there was time to stare into the soul of eye in other people.


The Garden list


Another M:

“I like reading it”.

This is a response

to one’s first Blog Post.

That post is born

in face book
private message

from the person

who started

one’s Blog,

in effect of word

That Blog Post

is in passing message

by one word,


that is like

a magic key

opening a Box

to creativity.


"You say

what I feel

but cannot

put into words

Another T:

"I sense somehow

you will


Another L:

"Thank you for publicly writing this as I can add it

to the other information

I have discovered inside

and researched,

acknowledging it

as True.

I thank you,

because for me

there is nothing as satisfying

in the experience

of happiness,

as I personally

experience it,

than flow of



Another L:

"You are doing a great job.

I am learning SO much.

Others may not be commenting,

but they are listening."

Another N:

"You create

a fantastic

inner space

of mind
with mere


Another A:

It is


of the most beautiful


I have read.”

Another R:

“You are pretty funny
 for a "Human Algorithm”.

Another F:

Commenting on the piano music one created

called “Challenging Alexithymia",

also called


this person described it

as “enchanting and haunting”.


One had to look up “enchanting” on Google, and was pleased that someone viewed it that way. One’s spouse describes it as a tortured soul, and brother-in law describes it as a lonely ghost wandering the earth not knowing one is dead.

That is not far from truth of personal reality when viewed that way at the height of Health problems. Aghogday is not a happy acronym as it represents “Another Ground Hog Day”, which is like a living death, of similarity in ‘painful’ obstacles each day.

One describes it as such in another blog post, “'The Divine Comedy', Autism and Alexithymia”, per personal history. One has several serious immune system issues, including one where one’s eyes stop making tears, which is similar to swimming in salt water with one’s eyes open.

In addition, there is challenge of Fibromyalgia and Dysautonomia/Vasovagal Pre-Syncope where the brain no longer efficiently coordinates blood pressure and heart rate. Add in a sprinkle of depression and a Dash of anxiety and the Autism Spectrum Diagnosis is the least of one’s concern.

The difficulty that was most severe is a rare type of chronic nerve pain affecting one’s right eye. It is beyond anything one can describe. There is no pain medication that can ‘touch it’. The only solution is to kill the nerve in one’s face. It is not an option one is willing to take. The thought of having a numb face is more unsettling than challenge of pain to one.

Although the light from the computer screen increases physical pain, the focus on writing is the only thing that could put one’s mind in a place to escape the pain. Gradually the pain lessened, but one’s eyes still do not work the way they should, and there appears to be no solution for that.

One is fortunate to continue with near vision. One’s world literally exists in computer screens four inches to 23 inches in diameter. One cannot watch TV from a distance. It is still too painful to wear corrective lenses at middle distance because of the facial pain that remains. It is the nerve responsible for focusing one’ eye.

One can still drive and see in the farther distance with prescription sunglasses, but one has to wear them at night because one’s eyes are too sensitive to wear anything but prescription sunglasses at any distance, day or night, where there is any light.

One wore one’s hands out with Carpal Tunnel syndrome, playing the piano trying to escape pain and Alexithymia. That adversity led to the music linked in the blog post "Challenging Alexithymia with Music".

It is one of the few things one is able to create in life one could call one’s own. Fortunately, one can accommodate a Computer Keyboard better than a piano at this point, per Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

One’s Hyperlexic flavor of Autism is like an advanced form of echolalia parrot, when young, as far as output in verbal communication and creativity. The input and analysis of patterns and symbols had no depth of limit.

To put in metaphor one could sing with the choir, in perfect sync, but is lost in solo of song or word.

In addition, one was a member of a church choir for a decade, without a song or tune of one’s own. The Catholic Church is a wonderful adaptation as the choir is at the back.

One could not sing facing and interpreting the souls in the windows of hundreds of eyes at the same time.

One digresses
, however if one opens the soul of others in words communicating with one, one cannot reasonably keep one’s soul closed.

recent Blog Post

who wrote “Thank you

for being a Friend”

to the “viewing audience”


It is sort of

an Oasis,

a Refuge

I like.

Another C:

“I think it is cool and refreshing;

we need people to say positive things about us

Another M:

I really enjoyed this post

of word fun.

Another J:

"I am exploring your posts

and am finding

amazing ideas

Another M again:


"This is really amazing and positive.

I keep visiting it and putting off saying something
since there is always more added to it.

It changes every time I look at it.

It is more organic than anything I've seen of its like.

I appreciate that you are explaining an existence
without using explanatory words.

You're not describing what it's like,
you're sharing what it is;

skipping the simile
and offering an experience
without translation.

That is so very, very needed.

You are wonderful."

Another K:


Another I:

"I am Glad you feel welcome here.
It makes me happy."

Another R and 'Voice of Reason':

"You can't stop the Wave----Mr. Universe"

me thinking:

"I was
'afraid' someone might interpret
my use of metaphors
'that way'.  It happened 'along time' ago, 'too'."

My response, in 'real time':

" I understand metaphor is not your thing.
It wasn't mine either for many years,
until somehow 'it found me'
through neuroplastic
adaptation to
Vision Problems.

I am not suggesting
I am the 'wave',
if you interpreted

that meaning.

I am, suggesting
one can observe
the beauty
of the

as one

There is nothing new
about that message,

it is just

If that 'guy'
Jesus existed,
it is likely someone
like you or me, before
or if they finally found
a way to understand

took his
literally and




figured that
part out


The good thing

about the internet

is if one remembers

the nice things people say

one usually finds them

in recorded text.

These are not exact quotes,

but one feels confident

that most of them are close

to verbatim

because of the way

they touch

the emotional part

of one’s


In real life,

one could touch

people’s soul with eyes,

but not easily

with other

body language

or communication

In effect,

one’s vision impairment

makes that small

but extreme


of focus

of contact

in soul


Not only is this

a Garden of “Eden”,

it is just a small

online part
of ‘real’




of “Angels”

who come forward
 in human


at challenging


in life,

adding hope

for another moment.

They no longer

likely know

one’s name,

if they knew it then

and one no longer

remembers their




one keeps

a record

of spirit





who has not yet planted

a Garden



One encourages one

to plant

it early

and tend to it


as life grows by

for the fullest


for one and others

to circle back

to it,

in connection of


This is one’s online version,

but one now encourages


to start another

‘real life’

section here

in this same post

in the


Perhaps it will expose

too much of one’s soul

but so what,

it is the only


to share with others,

and harder to lose

when there is

a record



"Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity" by the Police

Autism, the Internet and "Ideological First Identity", a Collection of Thoughts:

"AutisticS Peeks!"

It's Good

to Hear





Autistic Spectrum



Postcript A








Just what




Postscript B

One travels

to visit

one's mother.

One finds a thick



By the time one counts six,

one is smiling.

By the time one counts nine,

one is laughing.

By the time one counts eleven,

one is laughing so...

By the time one counts thirteen...

hard one is...

twenty-five in total.



what a Comic


it is


* two too *



 a friend

with One.


At least



"The Show must go on"

by the Alan Parsons Project


Thanks Another T ,

for !



F for ...


* two too *


Another J:

for Jenny



the Block.

'circa early 70's'

"You Look Artistic."


Another M  talking to Another F:
'circa early 60's'

"The baby looks like it knows too much.
It is looking at me like an Adult."

The other F

"One day you are going to walk in

here, find the baby sitting on the side of the crib
smoking a cigarette."

me thinking:

"BTW, the other F still smokes at 81.
Cannot do it; the extra dopamine makes
one's world spin


Another S:
'circa mid 60's'


me 'thinking':

"Please don't cry."

me 'saying':

"It is his nature."

Context: Cat kills bird.


Things the last child picked on
Sports Teams, who has trouble
Coherently Speaking, and
is mistaken for female by
a Cashier at McDonalds' in
their teens expects to hear, by
various people over the course

of decades, thereafter:

You look Athletic;
Lee Majors; Tom Selleck;
Chuck Norris; Are you a
Professional Athlete;
Athletic Director;

You are a Christian
Role Model (a
decade after
foot in

people called
one Jeff over

the course of  life.
One guesses one's
one's name sound
that way, even though
moves closer to

spelling of
one's name.



"We've got your back."

StepM /C-H /J:

"It is time for Introspection."


Great Aunt J:

"What is the Root
of the Problem?"


Second Cousin F:
'circa 2001'

"All there is, is change."

me thinking:



D from Work:
'circa late 80's'

"Your Brain works like
a computer."

me thinking:

"Computers are cool.
That's a cool compliment.
I would like to own one."


R from Work:
'circa mid 90's'

"'wannabe' computer

me thinking:

"Computers are cool.
That's a cool compliment.
I love my computer."


T from Work:
'circa mid 2000's'

"I know how you operate."

me thinking:

"I don't think she means


Friend O from Work:

"I knew this was coming.
I hope you get to come back."


Friend P:

'circa late 70's'

"I try to step back
from the situation."


Another Friend P:

'circa early 80's'

"It's scary. You were always
the one that had it together.
If it can happen to you, it
can happen to anyone."


Another T from Work:


"You always took good
care of yourself.
I didn't expect this to happen."


E from Work:


"If only I had understood
you were under that much stress."


Uncle B:
'circa early 2010's'

"I believe.  I want to
stay in the game."


Friend G:
'circa late 2000's'

"I believe.  I want to
stay in the game and
see my mother again."


'girl friend' S:

"You look like
a Captain of a Ship."

me thinking:


really nice
but sorry one is
not 'military material'."


F of 'girl friend' S:
'circa 1980'

"Hey, what you say?"

me thinking:

"One comes to realize,
one has no
to say"...


barely able
to speak:


I am an


'girl friend' M:

"tear in eye across a
table before a 'Prom'"

me asking what's wrong?

"You scare me when you look
at me."

me thinking:

"Hmm, wonder why she
asked one to go to the Prom...

finding out later it was to make
a 'boy friend' jealous, but it
didn't bother one because
going was good enough."


F of 'girl friend' M:
'circa early 80's'

"It is more complicated than that."

me thinking a mix of then and now:

"He's right.

A Sketch, a Song, a Story, is no longer enough.

There are no Mountains or Deserts for Inspiration.

Waves, Ivory White Dunes,
Sea Oats,
and Emerald Green Gulf
are enough...

Perhaps a Surf Board
Built for two
or more...

a wave...

for someone

to see a world
one sees


M of 'girl friend' M:
'same time frame'

"You know something don't you?"

me wondering:

" How does she know...

afraid to answer or to ask"...


The K:
who 'sacrifices'
over 23 years
of life to take
care of one.

The most empathic
person one has met
in life outside
of mother
and sister.

She would have to be,
to live with one.

She will never fully understand

one and she will never know
the full extent of what she means
to one, but that is part of the
'hell' one

lives in Life.

The first part is 

her 'hell', the second
part is hers and one.

She is more of 'a man' than

one can ever be, and more of
'a woman' than one ever meets.

The 'K' is a most beautiful
letter.  It represents a

'perfect' balance of
phallic symbol
and fertility.

It is an

She is a

'magic one',
not me...

so is her
fraternal twin

I can only
observe a
world I am
locked out of.

Two 'magic' quotes:
'circa 2007/2008'

closing in on
rock bottom
Autistic Burnout..

K speaking:

"I can feel the energy of
your hand above my leg."

me thinking:

"How can she do that! ?"

me thinking:

"Walking around the
block with K;
adrenal glands
stuck in the on
position for 2 years;
perception of time,
to slow."

K speaking:

"Oh, that was so weird;
it feels like time just slowed

me thinking:

"How did she know that?!"

me talking now:

"I am
an observer
of 'Angels'."


Friend "G" from work
'circa mid 80's'

will 'Upload'
their 'Minds' for 'Immortality

me thinking:


but what
about their soul?"



It is

InDeed A

'Divine' Comedy !


Thanks for coming by 'Alighieri',
'Jeff', 'Jonathan', and 'Jack'


and so many



*for Band




One's Angle

on a

'Eusocial Hominid'






Hear ya!



the Hypothesis is longer than 60 pages;

it is over five




This Entire Blog is




in more ways




If one needs reference,

a keyword search by Google for

any combination


Katie Mia, Aghogday,

and Autism

brings up abundant






deep enough

ONe cAN FInd TApestRY
IN gardENs OF WOrd saLaDs



in end of
word sale ad.




For anyone reading my posts up to this point, and are wondering if I am losing my mind. While I do not consider myself to own it, I can still find it in the tapestry of words.

It is not likely that many people can find half the tapestry I can, because synchronicity is a culturally influenced principle, heavily influenced by each person’s life experience.

In effect, the Acausal connecting principle synchronicity is ‘God’, ‘the ONE’, or if one wants to call it the ‘Milky Way’, ‘winking’ back at them.

One can observe it and smile, or one can observe it and become paranoid.

Logic is an excellent tool to control ‘the beast’ of synchronicity for those who are born extremely sensitive to dopamine, with an extreme rote memory, seeing patterns everywhere they look in life.

Extreme pattern recognition is a source of potential unusual expression of what people describe as intelligence or it can potentially result in chaos.

Logic controls the ‘beast’ of synchronicity.

John Nash is an excellent example. There is a question of whether he was Autistic or Schizophrenic. He did not experience the type of break from reality that the movie described in a ‘hyperbolic’ way.

He is a prodigy in math and pattern recognition.

The patterns got the best of him, when he got out of school, and there was no structured focus to tame the ‘beast’ of synchronicity. He found a ‘beast’ in magazine articles after that point.

In ‘perfect’ Metaphor, the last unintended ‘play on words and symbols’, in my blog post was the ‘he’ and the ‘!!’, put together with the Ha and the !, as I could not decide whether to say ‘He! He!' or 'Ha! Ha!'.

It was my 'little pleasure' of finding the meaning out of the word ‘pest’ I found in the ‘word salad’ I ‘randomly’ created out of Tapestry.

‘Smiley-cons’, or whatever other emotional device in words or symbols people use in emotionally connecting with others, are in effect, sale ads for words.

I did not notice the ‘he’ pest in ‘he!!” which looks like ‘hell’ and the winking smiley icon, I used to express my humor, until well after the ‘affect’ of my literal observation in the word ‘tapestry’, as an emotional ‘sale ad in words’ to connect with others.

I am not only fascinated by Synchronicity I have been haunted by it, most of my life, in my little home town that once held the title of having the ‘most’ churches per square mile of any city in the US.

I did not see it documented and if it was, at this point, the city is much larger, and the focus on Church is no longer nearly as strong, but still a powerful force of positivity, along with the folks yelling at intersections waving books.

I was raised a Catholic. It is a peaceful church with little ‘fire’ and ‘brimstone’. Some of the churches in my locality are a little ‘scary’ to enter.

There are many people in my area focused on the ‘devil’, instead of ‘good news’.

My divine comedy of Synchronicity started at birth, when the Doctor decided to go on vacation, and induce labor with ‘oxytocin’ two weeks early on 60660.

It could be part of why I have a little problem ‘connecting’ with people in an ‘oxytocin’ way.

I will not rule out the potential Autism/‘Oxytocin’ correlation in inducing labor.

It was not so bad in my town, until the movie ‘Omen’ came out, and I started purchasing beer and was carded at the Grocery store.

In that context, in my town, unfortunately ‘or fortunately’, I was carded until after age 40. My spouse finds one carded after 40, too.

Some people were literally afraid of my driver’s license.

Oh, what a divine comedy synchronicity is.

(digression) There is an interesting new finding in research that people on the spectrum along with having androgynous features, also have a delay in the decline of growth hormones associated with aging. The link is in my posts about androgyny and the spectrum. (off digression)

Some people were literally scared to talk to me, when they found out my birth date, in effect, because the Doctor decided to go on vacation, per synchronistic event in life.

In this case, it was ‘synchronistically’ meaningful to cashiers as something to be ‘paranoid’ about, because of religious beliefs.

I love the way the ‘6’ looks, as it reminds me of the Nautilus Shell, the Hurricane, the Fetus, the ‘Curled Cat’, the ‘Milky Way’ and the ‘Ducky Way’.

I am ‘proud’ to celebrate that coincidence or ‘synchronicity’ in the literal beauty of symbols in my birthday.

Unfortunately, other people saw the devil in it, instead of beauty.

My mother’s name is ‘Hel-en’, which is a beautiful name, even if a future name would sound much like ‘name hell’ spelled backwards. I could start getting paranoid at this point, too, but I continue to remember the beauty of the Milky Way, Hurricanes, Galaxies, etc…

I was born 6 Lbs 5 ounces. One more ounce and I would have hit the bingo of Nautilus symbol of life. I also love 3’s and patterns in life associated with threes.

There is three 6’s in my birthday, three Nautilus shells in symbol of my College in three degrees hanging above my head in my bedroom, along with graduating from college together with my sister and mother as three in 1983.

I thought it was cool that I started the idea for this Blog on 3/1/13, started the Nature photos Blog on 3/13/13, and finishing what I see as the final product of this blog on 6/6/13. Additionally, finishing what I thought were the final touches on 6/9/13.

That was 101 days.

Did I mention I love 'One' and 1's... :)

I suppose 911 is unusually alarming.

35:15 was from my post on aUtIsM. The meaning my mind assigns is the 53 of age and the number of posts at 51 at the point in time, this post was posted, in what I saw as a type of ‘grand’ finale of ideas, at 53,51.

However, ‘the show’ must go on…

(digression) Human beings do not get to ‘retire’ and ‘live’. It is not part of animal nature.

It is a construct invented by culture, at most.

However, they can re-create, in finding new ‘tires’ to travel. (off digression)

If one noticed all the ‘strange’ numbers in the label of this blog post it is an expression of the beauty of synchronicity.

I could probably write a novel based on all the other ‘beautiful’ synchronicities I see in this post and it is already in the over five million words I have written about the rest of life and beauty of synchronicity described in those words elsewhere on the internet.

This blog expresses the ‘beauty’ that is ‘my’ mind, even if ‘it’ belongs to ‘others more’ than ‘me’.

What I mean by that is I adapted to life, with Hyperlexia, by copying what I saw around me.

Epilogue in Poetry:

If one finds


in this


it is

a reflection

of what still exists

in human culture

that is beauty,

instead of strife.

It is also

a reflection

of the strife,

as well.

Words manifest

the word of one

that is

It does not matter

who is speaking,


is a Universe

of expression.

I am so happy

to be

a fuller part


as I was limited

earlier in life.

I too,

more fully


in the







a piano

no longer
 Yellow Boy
has found

in a place

to stay.



of comfort.





at the

where one’s



to some




One takes



If there is
no spirit



there is

no spirit




Epilogue Too
at 9990
(Choose any Song)
One finds separation from ‘the world’
as close to connecting to reality as one sees.
One is hoping to find and connect to emotions
somewhere online typing five-million words,
but instead, finds one’s soul again.
One visits a fuller place of 'Katie Mia', on 90681,
for a few months in successfully escaping a 'world' of 'expectations'.
One finds one again in the Bliss of that place in the moment of the last few days.
One understands the place better now than one did before.
One has the ability to tame the 'beast' of synchronicity.
One provided a 'password' to help one find it again.
One is not sure ones see value in message.
It brings one pleasure to share one’s soul.
In the last few weeks, one loses track of time;
most of the words are coming from soul.
Along the way, one observes new interesting things,
One struggles with whether technology is ‘good’ or ‘bad’,
but now one more fully understands that it is part of nature too,
if not by design by Synchronicity.
While one understands it is not 'magic',
writing in the last several weeks the synchronicities of 'bugs' in ‘Blogger’ software ‘forces’ one to keep mistakes providing meaning one does not see in 'mistakes' at first.
One corrects the ‘Too’ of one sentence 'meeting' the paragraph of another ten times,
in the Yellow Boy Bible poem,
until one finally realizes a deeper meaning is in the 'mistake'.
It is time winking back at one, whatever, it is.
One cannot help but to think the 'evil' 666 of endless death
in bible
provides deeper message delivered in 'subconscious' mind of 'whoever' wrote that
from a pattern of life, instead of death.
It is an 'ultimate divine’ comedy of One.
It is also an 'ultimate' divine comedy of life,
as the coincidence of 'meaningless' symbol of birth,
is a symbol of the pattern of life, unity, and 'onever' one wants to call it
that one attempts to deliver as a metaphor for someone coming across it randomly in a Google search.
Each moment is still a challenge,
and there are ‘tiny keystrokes’ making a whole in the message that one does not plan.
Stepping back one sees the beauty of Synchronicity and smiles as wide as a Universe, in mind,
to be able to paint it in a way someone might find.
One’s cousin plays a role in bands across life.
The way Jeff Lynne moves in graceful body language singing and playing guitar,
is eerily reminiscent of one’s cousin.
There is graceful gentle spirit one finds in his video autobiography linked earlier today,
in the second F of Jeff, right after the first J for Jeffersonian Bible
to give credit for stopping by in one’s life, providing 'Band-Aid'.
The folks more often busy in the background focused on ‘Creation Activity’
instead of raising families.
Perhaps, a type of “Eusocial Primate”
Maybe metaphor
or maybe not
Never the less
hard to forget.
One identifies with how Jesus is portrayed androgynous,
non-conforming to ‘ways’ of the world.
Whoever wrote the story and painted it
is likely set a-part from others.

 It is a recurring theme of expression of adversity
in the human spirit,
and other animals.
The ELO ‘Twilight’ song is one’s favorite song of all time.
It touches a place in the Universe of one’s soul,
that only Jeff Lynne has been able to take one.
The Album is ‘Time’.
One ‘suspects’ the ‘moral’ behind the message
is people who do not reproduce
or are seen as different
play a most valuable role,
at times,
in Band-Aid
for Tribe.
The expression is unlimited
in edifice of culture
providing comfort
to so many people.
Even the soft tethered structure of Bible
giving Yellow Boy comfort under his paws of life.
How wonderful it is
that one provides the 'deepest' message
from one’s comfort of place
looking backing at one.
Synchronicity is One
and the Same.
Thanks for being
a Friend


and Seven Days

to an end.

Earlier in the Day,
another visit to one's
mother's home.

Another thick card
one has not opened,
but told is enclosed
with Ten Ones and
One  Five.

Almost afraid
of significance



one remembers
the most important

Tomorrow is a day
one often forgets,

perhaps because
one's father is distant.

There is another child
born with dark hair
instead of blonde,

living 51 days,

born 5 lbs 4 ounces,

on 6/04/97

His name is Ryan,

born with

an extra digit,




In asking why,
among other

one comes to terms.

It is nature.


answer is


His life
will inspire.


His life
will continue


live in
one's eyes.

The eventual result
is Five Million Words,

First Family Photo: Father's Day 61597


* Life...moving into
108 Days



Autistic Love Letters

"A Thousand Years"

by Christina Perri


Silent Lucidity

by Queensryche





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Language is A Universe of Expression...

It starts with Stars...

4 digits...

and a

Angles In Sand...

Reflecting Stars In Sky...

Symphony of Science
"We Are All Connected"


"All the World's a Stage"
...William Shakespeare...

Existing Eyes of Universe ONEALLNOWFOREVERMORE ll


Written in the Stone
Earth Wind


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