Golden Rule of Eyes

The constraints of a reality humans create for themselves
and impose on others is most definitely Einstein’s DEF
of the insanity of doing the
same stuff over and over again
and expecting a different result.
I come here to this Internet site to study the human condition.
I come here to this Internet site for folks to criticize both my style of language
and content of language, to again study the human condition.
I come here to this Internet site for inspiration
to build upon ideas of imagination in prose
for the creation activity that I enjoy in life so much,
as it stimulates parts of my brain AND body in BALANCE
that are NEVER EVER stimulated by analytical thinking mind, alone.
I go to literally hundreds of DIVERSE International Poetry sites
to gain inspiration and create free verse poetry that is assessed by
VETERANS of both writing and reading poetry,
as ‘a new strata of free verse poetry
never seen before with poet eyes’.
Some folks describe
it as beautiful,
astounding, and amazing;
other folks describe it as too much text.
And yes, I can prove that with both quotes and links on request.
And that’s truly amazing, considering that in 2010
when I start this writing expedition,
I can write little more than ‘laundry lists’ of facts
in techno speak for the Federal government,
in some of the hats assigned by the Bosses
working for the Federal Government
through strict
regulations and guidelines,
IN MY federal service ‘there’
through the course
of a quarter of a century.
Oldavid, OMG of Evolving and Amazing CREATIVE Nature,
you come here over and over and OVER again every day trying to convince college educated young folks that evolution is some kind of conspiracy generated by scientist nerds THAT YOU MAGICALLY CHANGE INTO NARCISSISTS, all over the world, for CLOSE TO A century now.
You do prove in the parameters of this website that ‘human evolution’ is almost impossible for ‘some’ folks in the span of months, on a website, beyond the logic of repeating stuff that no one is ever EVER going to believe.
I communicate with you because you are a sure source of inspiration in my study of the human condition, as your flavor, though extremely vanilla, is fascinating, per doing the same stuff over and over and expecting a different result that human common sense dictates is literally impossible.
Need I say more. I tend to avoid personal attacks as they are the lowest level of hierarchy of human critical thinking on the bottom of the pyramid of human evolution in just one life.
However, I do play with humans from time to time; as that can be fun too..;)
I HAVE only one important piece of advice for you, NOW.
Change is LIFE.
Try it; you might like
it, OR NOT.
But anyway, honestly, you inspire me enough in a way;
that truly I can write FREE verse poetry about you, in an
anonymous kind of way,
in a prayer for
YOU are
And you ‘should’ feel special;
as those words are words I usually
reserve for truly close friends, like my
Muslim female friend(s) from Pakistan.
AND they move out of ‘the box’ with
ease on a day to day basis amazingly
FREE for living in countries that
technically do NOT afford
that luxury my
It’s a wonderful time in history
in the Good Ole USA to
express the human
condition in all
“i’s” colors
and ’50
C R E A T I V I T Y;
THE greaTEST evolution
of all in just one LIFE FOR NOW..:)
‘The Kingdom of Heaven is Now’,
expressed by the TEACHERS of past
and PRESENT come fully alive for NOW.
“Kingdom of Creativity New Israel”
Science, by way of Simon Baron Cohen, et al; shows that in general, Autism, is a deficit in human empathy; both cognitive and affective as a spectrum of difficulties; Yes, an imbalance of human mind and body in balance per systemizing machine cognition verses soul, heart, and spirit of HUMAN FEELINGS AND FEELINGS EXPRESSING, as cognitive and
affective empathy with other human beings to achieve
social cooperation for the best chance of survival,
for the social animal human being is;
However, Autism is just a set of observable behavioral deficits as assessed by DSM5 Criteria, associated with difficulties with Reciprocal Social Communication in non-verbal language deficits; sharing interests and accomplishments and reciprocating same; as well as Restrictive and Repetitive behavior, including difficulties with sensory Integration as a variable of that; although not a requirement for diagnosis
per sensory integration difficulties
assessed through behavior, as well.
So, it is true that there are some Autistic folks who have extremely high levels of both cognitive and affective empathy assessed as such; yes, like me, by professionals who still ‘rate’ behavior as Autistic when folks go on and on about their special interests in intense focus; sometimes to the point
where they do not recognize folks in their environment
are sick and tired of hearing about it, etc., etc. etc. etc…
However, it is often the same dopamine associated focus
that is also related to extreme emotions and
affective empathy, AND CREATIVITY
so the two most definitely CAN go
‘hand in hand’.
Autism is ‘only’ an abstract concept defined by members of the American Psychological Association APA, in the USA.
There are genetic causal factors limited to the more severely impacted, like Fragile X Syndrome, as direct causal factors of the condition of Autism Spectrum Disorder. But that is still about 5 percent of assessed folks with Autism, per previous diagnostic analysis, where only 11 percent are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome; yes, it is substantial numbers.
There is no ‘One Autism'; and never will be, as it is an abstract concept of shared behavioral deficits with unlimited potentials of genetic and environmental issues associated as potential causal factors.
But anyway; personal attacks are most definitely a barometer
of folks who do have deficits in cognitive and affective empathy.
For the human archetype of ’empath';
personally attacking someone else
is no less than personally
attacking oneself.
And true ’empaths’ care equally for both self and others
as worthwhile and worth not personally attacking.
And of course the Internet and faceless anonymous avatars are a ‘perfect’ breeding ground for ‘weak’ folks with little self-esteem to bully others, as they have likely been bullied by others; and to get away with it; without getting their butts whipped like what might happen in real life, rough, and tumble reality,
for true cowardice that is transparent as hell;
for folks who are ‘bigger’ than that
in terms of EMPATHY.
The greatest ‘stupidity’ is lack of human affective and cognitive empathy; and that evolving attribute of human being and all of the social cooperation that leads to abstract written language, collective intelligence, as well as complex culture and the byproducts of culture that are tools that do make life more comfortable, safe, and secure; AND are precisely the human evolving CULTURAL attributes that allow a pale skin
flabby baby that cannot hold its BIG HEAD UP
on its own, by a village of social
cooperation to raise a
defenseless WEAK child
like this.
And yes; the true devolution of humankind is just this;
The loss of the village and humanity truly becoming a Zombie Apocalypse
of creatures losing both cognitive and affective empathy that certainly is NOT
an issue JUST associated with Autism, as research shows that in the last several
decades that empirical measures of human empathy are decreasing to the tune
of about 30% in several decades; as the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ and ‘Terminator
Series’ of cold hearted machine-like Robot Humans becomes not just
fiction but cold hard hearTed objective reality,
without a soul of mindful body
and mind awareness in balance; a fully
emotionally nuanced heArt; AND or a fully
expressing spirit in
both affective
IS the devolution of
human being through
the guise of mechanical
oriented cognition of cultural
illusion of human hell come truth;
in Just one life-time through the processes
of both NEGATIVE Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity.
My real deficits of so-called abstract concept ‘Autism’,
in functional disability, in social communication, is almost
entirely culturally produced, as my diagnosing professionals
agree; now that I for one have found the answers for my own
cure in mind and body balance out of the cultural induced trap
that is Autism, in at least my case. But yeah, “RRB’s” for me live on..;)
But an all encompassing special interest in strength training, creative
dance in a style of martial arts and ballet; as well as free verse poetry
is a perfect way to share with others, and reciprocally communicate
as such; to a much greater extent than almost any other so-called
Neurotypical can do.
Kind Autistics Taking in Everything Mindful in
Awareness, KATiE MIA; (:@@@:) Autistic Love; And the Science
of Kindology, An Ideological First identity;
is MY ticket
and away from all
the reciprocal
social deficits
of Autism I
do suffer
from at
one time
FROM the spoon-
fed mechanical
cognition poison
of a culture increasingly
growing ‘insane’ away from basic
HUMANITY. Anything that teaches the
Golden Rule; regardless of the details
associated with that; that are
incorrect; is miles ahead
of what truly counts
in life and that is
THAT IS why religion will never ever
die; it is core of what makes
humans tick and survive;
as religion is an EXTREMELY
effective and affective avenue
for human social cooperation
and social bonding
for common
The height of human true
IGNORANCE are all the moves
of culture away
As long as “YEC’s” are socially
cooperating and having
children who succeed
in having more children
counts in
All the rest is
just ‘fluff’ and
more or less..;)
‘They'; RFO
(religious folks overall);
YES, will inherit the earth;
And even science shows that
religion is in a lull (HULL); but soon to
make (GRAINS) gains in the coming years;
as numbers of procreation
are always the bottom line
of the
Some folks talk about IT.
And other folks just do
the ‘wild thing’ and go
on to continue
A species
‘Bibles’ are
‘just’ accessories
And ‘a’ women covered up
except for eyes; that’s the
‘ultimate sexy’ for an ’empath’
like me, who can see a soul
with just one look in
the eyes
as well as
desire of heaRts
and spirIts expressed
Oh yeah, and here’s the EVIDENCE
from ‘PEW POLL’, as this IS GOING to happen;
‘fairly’ soon, with more and more
covered bodies
and beauty
‘eye’ EXPOSED..:)
And yes, this is a ‘deep’ issue of humanity that takes much deeper eyes and minds
AND words, than the average human today is either capable of, or wills to do.
But yes, it is fascinating for those who still have the innate human
tools and WILLS to do just this; WITH ALL due empathic Respect
of course, on course, FOR the
It will make plenty of sense
when ‘you’ have a Gay son or daughter.
And with your attitude here; If they commit suicide it will be
both AT least, in part, YOUR FAULT AND THE FAULT
of your bullying IGNORANT religion in BLACK work of Book.
The closest primate cousin of humankind, the Bonobo;
all empathic LOVING social primate animal with God
given Bonobo Nature regularly engages in
oral sex; including tongue
kissing and homosexual
behavior as
a way of life;
hour to hour to
assure aggression and
violence is NOT A
IS extremely
more so than
less sexually
human beings
who never the
less commonly engage
Homosexuals; oral
sex loving folks;
and all the rest
of that kinda
makes peace
a reality
instead of
and frigging WORLD WAR III.
Watch, look, SEE, and learn:
“Homosexuality in bonobos is not cultural. When primatolgist Frans de Waal first saw the outlandish sexual acts of bonobos, other scientists remarked that the behavior must have arisen because those bonobos were locked in a zoo. But data gathered from the wild — and wild-born bonobos in captivity — over the past two decades has demonstrated that bonobo sexuality is just part of who they are.
The two bonobos Lodja and Mwanda were part of a study we conducted at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in Congo. Like many bonobos at the sanctuary and in the wild, these individuals practiced g-g rubbing, where two female bonobos rub their clitorises together, penis fencing between males, and a myriad of other socio-sexual behavior.
But what set Mwanda and Lodja apart, as well as the other six bonobos in the study, was that they were infants, each younger than 4 years old. They were orphans of the bushmeat trade, and were born in the wild. At Lola ya Bonobo, they were raised with other infants and human substitute mothers. There were no adult bonobos to “teach” them sexual behavior.
Sex for fun in bonobos, and many other animals, plays a social function. There is stress-relief sex, make-up sex and random hook-up sex. Chimpanzees, humans’ more violent cousins, do not seem to use sex in this way. They occasionally torture each other, kill strangers and demonstrate other echoes of humanity’s dark side. [Bonobos Make Love – Chimps Make War ]
Bonobos, who use sex to resolve conflict, have never been seen to kill each other. They share food. They are more cooperative than chimpanzees. And they are nicer to strangers than they are to friends. To bonobos, a peaceful, sexual existence is the most natural thing in the world.”
I am ‘strong as a chimp'; but as loving as a Bonobo; yes, for me women, ONLY; but to each
I LOVE TO play with Homophobes
in real life; trust me; I put
them in their place
of total
A martial artist can
do that with a whole
group of male homophobes; TOTALLY FEARLESS.
But anyway; with a little education for ‘YOU';
Your sons or daughters
if you care to
more than one son;
as science shows that
the next batch of
sons are more
likely to
OF all God of Nature
Given Human Nature;
And yes, Science, too.
These kind of human beliefs
are both ignorant, disgusting,
and non-human as both
science and
YOU don’t get to control GOD
or gays with a little black work
of human constructed words.
You can try; or even cry;
but sorry; it will not work
in a ‘True Israel’ like the GOOD
OLE USA; BY ‘Book of Ignorance’.
I assert absolutely no false accusations
about ‘you’ or your family; as it is all contingent
on ‘you’ having gay children;
which you do not have now. So pay attention to what I write or NOT.
Anyway, the scripture you quote is both ignorant and false according to both the GOD of Nature and Science.
So there; believe that or not…;)
There is no such thing as a ‘real friend’ who does not tolerate, accept, and support the FULL GOD given nature
of another person which does include homosexual acts, in the case of your brother, believe that or not.
Folks that commit suicide don’t always give reasons; the greater pain is often kept silent.
And this is certainly the case for social acceptance of full human God Given Nature in
the case of homosexuals who do commit suicide; whose natures are considered
evil, by way of homosexual acts, by ignorant so called loving folks; who are far far
from understanding GOD and God Given Natures of
other humans beings who are simply
created differently by God of Nature,
per minds and bodies
that do the ‘wild stuff’
with the same sex.
Just something to
ethically consider
morals of
religion ARE OFTEN FALSE ranging
from Female Genital Mutilation
to not understanding that
Homosexual Acts are part
AND ART of God given
Let me put it to you in clear “layman’s” terms. This is a very personal issue for me; as I as an individual in the past have a very dear Lesbian friend who is going to commit suicide with a loaded revolver; where I have to use this same exact logic; to talk her down away from a loaded revolver to explain WHY her mother is so ignorant not to accept her homosexual behavior; because of something someone writes in a book somewhere thousands of years ago.
Humans will do almost anything for social acceptance with the ‘herd’ of humans they are raised in; yes, including driving their children to commit suicide for the best intentions prescribed to them out of religion. And in my life I find that Gay folks are among the MOST kind and loving folks; they just use different body parts to do stuff and that is all. And in fact, they are often the last folks who will go against their parents; as they often find love nowhere else; suicide can be the only option to escape when no one accepts a person’s nature fully; not even family and parents. That is beyond sad my friend; and beyond sad if you cannot see and FEEL THAT.
This not only sad; it is truly terrifying and deadly FOR those who reap the real sin of the real evil portions of a book that does in DEED drive innocent and kind loving folks; and yes, sure, so-called well intentioned relatives to driving them straight to their graves.
I look at this like it’s worth saving someone’s life.
Perhaps you look at it as scripture and a 2000 to 3500 year old book.
But yes; life and the God of Nature and that real human
GAY NATURE THAT ANYONE with any common decency
who has empathy and doesn’t even need a science book to know,
DUH; GAY IS all natural and clear to see;
from as early as early grade school, my friend.
Alcoholism is a horrifying disease.
Sexual acts from gay folks are totally Natural God given Human Nature ACTS.
There is a huge difference friend, and truly it all boils down to unconditional love; or NOT.
I’ve done my part now, and can rest in peace. Your will is yours and you will face the
God of Nature for all you do; as all do, in time, friend, to learn and evolve
as an Unconditional Tough Loving creature OR NOT.
I am a freedom fighter; and in real life; no homophobe escapes
my force of Unconditional Tough Love for all; as truly
their real all natural souls, hearts, and spirits
are at the ‘stake of life or death’, as well…
After hearing all this; can you even imagine
how you ‘would’ feel if your child committed
suicide after being warned with this; if you
didn’t feel bad; that is the saddest story of ALL.
And the ‘tears’ of
roll down, down, down
to an
OCEAN of unwitting HATE.
If I have a TSunAmi I will
wash it
I have 100% faith, hope
and belief GOD will
HELP ME Do ‘Just’ that.
Love and Humans are worth defending.
Text is text; Scripture or ‘WTF’.
It’s totally disgusting;
at least,
to me.
‘That’ makes ‘sense’. And ‘that’ is truly ‘sad’ beyond ‘words’ that ‘some’ obviously cannot ‘see’.
And I guess “that’s” just ‘the way’ ‘it’ goes for ‘some folks’, As my ‘father’ tells ‘me';
In more ways than one; If there is a ‘fair GOD'; truly ‘folks’ will answer for ‘this';
If not; that’s just ‘the way it goes for some folks’, AS my father tells me.
If ‘THAT’ ‘is’ ‘my brother’ I will love ‘him’
unconditionally and show him
regardless of God Given Nature;
AND all my
brothers and
I feel sorry for your brother;
but more than anything, I feel
beyond sorry for you; seriously;
for you know not what you even do.
Ah.. yes.. the love of the mommy feels like no other.. but the love of the mommy is most important of all.. and so sad.. it is for children to love mommy.. and mommy not able to express this all unconditional love for child as well.. the pains of life do go both ways.. and when my wife’s mother dies.. the consolation can never be found.. as she never feels the love.. ever in her life.. ah.. to love is to gain.. ah to not love at all.. is the saddest expression of all…
And that darkness of feeling her loss that is never found.. is beyond a bottomless pit of nothing.. i know to feel for her.. as i feel the feelings of others like they are my own.. as well…
i hope it’s not the same for you friend.. as my wife still wants her mommy back.. and to be her little girl.. too.. and she never even meets or talks to her father.. so that is all i will ever really be to her.. as well.. and i guess i never really feel a father either.. so i have to be my own father too..
Yes.. truly.. sooner or later we have to be our own best friend.. mother.. father.. wife or husband.. as life is long.. and comfort is full of gains and loss.. wherever love is found.. is a place to capture life.. and light.. and sometimes the darkness of loss.. is brighter than never finding light…
Anyway.. this feels of sad to me..
so i will pray for light for you.. my friend..:)

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