Take the Wrong Planet Home

Hi Victoria.. thanks so much
for taking the long way home..
haha.. in getting to the bottom of
all of this.. very kind of you to drop
by with those very nice words of appreciation
and next stop for me dance.. dance.. dance..
more dance
My FriEnd..
be by your
place tomorrow to
comment as i have
to have 10 fingers to
do that then properly
as smart phones
for me
just one finger
wItH SMiLes.. aGaiN..:)
Hi Victoria.. thanks so much for dropping
by again.. and sMiLes.. i am happy you see
my comments as fun.. i aM juSt
about recovered
from the
act of dance
last night and
will be by soon..
to see more of what
dVerse has to offer and
respond to your ‘My Friend’
poem as FriEnds are so important
to find and maintain in this world of wordS now..
where the turn of a friEndly card becomes the
creation now
oF humanLY
FriEndly Words..;)
My friEnd..:)
I’m not normal. I refuse to be normal. Not being normal is awesome; in fact, some folks with open minds see it as Super Epic. I have great respect for Alex for developing this site as it helped me to develop my writing talents that I never developed in any creative way in either school or work; just on a couple of occasions where for some reason I broke free in middle school for a Christmas story contest and Philosophy class in college.
In short, i reached deep down and expressed emotions in words that was very difficult for me to do other than short factual statements all about non-fiction, of course.
Anyway, I don’t post here anymore, because it is very difficult for me to conform to the form of what folks name as the way the English Language is written in straight lines all the way across the page.
In my opinion, it should be expressed naturally like sound waves, or perhaps more poetically put like the waves of the Beach and what is left when the essence of the Ocean become the shorelines of that essence as waves and never ever straight lines.
I am a curvy person now; I do not move by sidewalks in steps or lines of pages by words. But, Smiles, most of the rest of the world sees lines and sidewalks, and moves accordingly the straight and narrow path of what is designed by the architects of sidewalks and pages. I am much more now like the Matrix oracle and Neo2 and architect3.
Anyway, to make a ‘normal’ paragraph break. I refuse to be normal, because i can. I am re-tired with rubber now on what once was hard and metal wheels, and am Financially Independent and without that millstone of Having To Conform, and by the way I would fully capitalize those three words for emphasis but the straight line and sidewalk folks of the world, of course, would see that as yelling, instead of simple emotional emphasis as that is the what normal expects; and sure, I understand that as i used to conform to normal to survive in society.
There are two types of intelligences assessed in science. One, is fluid intelligence; and the other is crystalized intelligence. I just so happen to have a great deal of both, as empirically assessed, now. What that this means is I know the facts and I can revert back to normal writing, if I apply the rule of sidewalks and lines of conformity in crystalized intelligence.
According to research by Michelle Dawson, non-verbal Autistic folks with a verbal delay in childhood, like me, who had this difficulty until age four, often compensate with fluid intelligence as neuroplasticity and epigenetics will humanly and naturally do to adapt to challenge of environmental struggle and change. And later in life they actually exceed so-called ‘normal’ ‘neurotypical’ folks in measures of fluid intelligence.
And interestingly, these once non-verbal so-called Non-Verbal Autistic folks, also have been shown in Dawson’s small studies as exceeding so-called folks with the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, in measures of fluid intelligence. They still lag behind, though, in crystalized intelligence as measured in standard IQ test way. The Raven Matrices measure of fluid intelligence provided the measure needed to illustrate this ‘Autistic Advanatage’, per the non-verbal folks with language delay of spoken speech.
In reference to one of the comments in ‘this’ discussion, where an individual stated that their classmates sort of stagnated after high school, per Michelle Dawson’s research, this makes a little common sense, as use it or lose it applies to all stuff human being.
Go to school and learn facts and get a job and do the same thing over and over and sit in the same basic way of sitting down all day; and physical, sensory, emotional, fluid, and crystallized intelligences stagnate from not doing very many things different anymore, than at least school demands in the way of learning so-called new facts, from before that increase crystalized intelligence in memory way.
And yes, of course, it is more complicated than that but I’ll try to keep this somewhat short in what my potential is of writing close to a Novel in one sitting, as I continue to increase both types of intelligence by simply using it, gaining it, and never losing it, to this point at least, in my life.
Interestingly, when Hans Asperger’s case study patients were followed up on later in life; most had found niches they were good at and were doing quite awesome, in fact; credit fluid intelligence of course, in adaptation to challenge of struggle in the environment, and change.
Now, then, the thing about the original assessment of what Hans named as Autistic Psychopathy; verbal delays like mine until age four were included in that assessment. The APA was as they say, stuck in the world of crystalized intelligence and wanted to make the diagnosis as ‘normal’ people do, by the Crystalized Intelligence book of before. So, they made basically a watered down version of what they already named as Autism, by simply reducing the number of diagnosing elements to ‘Autism Lite’, also known as Asperger’s Syndrome, back in the 1994, DSM IV addition of that diagnosis.
Now, the DSM 5 has come up with a behaviorally determined cover-all diagnosis to make life even easier for them to label it as just one thing. This is what normal people do. They come up with labels and pills to make life easier for them to solve problems.
Problem is; this approach is symptom based rather than root of condition based. And of course that root in the case of Autism is in the whole of the human being in all types of intelligence; including sensory, physical and emotional intelligences that Standard IQ does not assess at all. And if you’ve ever met a psychiatrist; most lack high degrees of emotional and physical intelligences as they are medical doctors and they have been studying facts in the way of crystalized intelligence for literally decades sitting at a desk and now even worse, attached to a computer all day; even in the office with the patients at-hand attempting to do mechanical cognition and social cognition at the same time, which even science shows now, is not what human beings are evolved to do efficiently without the potential for great stress and reducing the proficiency of both types of cognition now, when each is not focused on separately. And of course that is common sense, but no, common sense is not always the way of the crystalized intelligence of what comes before in book way. By the way, wow that was a really long paragraph and sentence; it could be so much easier to read without these long, long lines.
I am diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome by three diagnosing professionals, still. I have the paperwork to prove it. My sister is also diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. More than likely my father and grandfather had the same condition but of course, the diagnosis was no where to be seen in most of their lifetimes. My father did law enforcement and never rose above the ‘degree’ of Deputy Sheriff as he lacked the social skills to supervise. My Grand father was an X-Catholic Priest and a noted Author of last Century who even dined with Einstein in the socialist party circles in New, New York in the intellectual circles of that place then. By the way I am very wordy and can be very precise and detailed too, if I choose to express that type of intelligence with relative human free will.
Initially, my doctor diagnosed me with PDD NOS, because of the language delay in childhood; but after further assessment changed me to the Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis, per the original Hans Asperger’s diagnosis of the condition that includes a potential language delay in childhood that is often associated with Hyperlexia, in which I was a very precocious reader with difficulties in reading comprehension that fits that mold too.
I have extreme tactile sensitivity, which means I cannot touch anything manmade without extreme discomfort. I spent most of my life in man-made environments with hands closed and rarely open, to avoid touching man-made stuff with my finger tips.
This Wrong Planet Internet site, helped me immensely to express myself in writing. I thank Alex Plank, very much for the opportunity to write on this site, as by the time I was able to accommodate 19 medical disorders, enough to write on a computer, about two inches from the screen in extreme pain, with most of the disorders, likely a result of Autistic Burnout after conforming to what society expected of me in over 30 years of work; yes, this site probably literally helped to save my life, as I was suicidal for the two years before that. I had Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia, the worst pain known to humankind, like a Dentist Drill in my right eye and ear without novocaine, for a total of 66 months, from wake to sleep; including 33 months with a lot of that time spent here writing as no drug would touch that pain, and writing helped me a little to remove it from my focus.
It took me 66 months to recover from two years of fight or flight stress that basically almost killed me, as science shows now the stress hormones will break down one’s body from head to toe, which did happen in my case. Doctors have no idea what causes Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia, but in my case it certainly may have been associated with the break down of myelin sheaths as i was in pain in every cell of my body from head to toe, too. I was also assessed with Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my spine, etc., but the worst part was losing my emotions as without emotions there is no glue for cognitive executive functioning.
What I found in my personal research in the road to having an incredibly awesome and epic life now as assessed by some third party interests, is increasing my physical, emotional, and sensory intelligence through free style dance and free verse poetry to connect language with emotion and to regulate emotions and integrate senses through the art of movement (dance/martial arts) as all emotions and senses flow through the human body, and moving naturally regulates emotions and integrate senses when one moves innately, instinctually and intuitively without lessons on how to move.
Anyway, I am comfortable in my own skin now, in ways of getting around the world with advanced proprioception and in emotionally regulating my feelings in the human environment and integrating senses, which means I am centered and no longer lost in an environment, ‘out there’. Yes, I have great self-awareness now, where I was incredibly deficient in this human skill before that seems to come naturally for most everyone else.
Here’s the thing though, with use it or lose it; I received all my gold stars in school, through my Hyperlexic ‘super power’ of reading very fast and memorizing rote facts that I spit back like a computer on multiple choice tests. The teachers loved it, as they never had to help me do anything in the way of learning or tests. Problem was that had little to nothing to do with the real life of work that I would encounter after earning three degrees in college, So, in a way, this incredible strength was my incredible weakness, as I failed to work very very hard on the types of physical, emotional, and sensory intelligences that would make life so much easier than the incredible hard it was that almost literally killed me by age 47.
I survived. I adapted to struggle and changed. I continue to rise now and thrive.
There is even a song for that I will share below. I am so sorry that I did not continue that line above to the side of this page, as I must conform here to come back to even say all of this. But here’s the other thing, my so-called professionally labeled Autism is Super F iN epic and it has made me one of the most epic individuals to ever dance and write on this earth, and I prove that by writing the longest long form poem in the history of humankind, now approaching 4 million words; and sure I literally prove it with my signature link below, as it is way too long to ever ever publish in print.
In fact, Microsoft word says it would take over 30,000 paper pages to print what I name as the ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’. And i also have fully documented almost 6,000 miles of dance in tens of thousands of photos in that same Super Epic personal bible of mine in autobiographic fashion too that includes close to 1000 selfies of gorgeous college age girls smiling ear to ear with me at the dance hall I have danced now for 122 weeks named Old Seville Quarter in Pensacola Florida. Funny, the girls never liked me in school, much. And now totally beautiful college age girls I do not even know attempt to kiss me, or at least that’s what it looks like at the dance hall with their friends, as recent as last night. And I can even prove it here, with my signature link in my most recent blog post with the photo, as the photo is too big to fit the formatting here, in case one wonders, if i am telling the truth.
I make zero dollars by doing this. I have danced walked a free verse style of martial arts and ballet everywhere i go now for almost 6 thousand miles after I recovered from the disabling portions of those 19 disorders that without question I suffered with, like A Biblical ‘Job’ for 66 months, as a shut-in in my home. Yes, Autistic Burnout hurts, very bad, as I can certainly attest to.
So what does this have to do with the topic at hand. Autism cannot be assessed by behavior alone, as far as what makes it the most difficult of all to deal with in the inner Universe of the human being. No one could see the stress I was under when I was in those two years of flight or fight stress at work, as i conformed, as I truly believed I would never ever get another job because people most always thought and expressed I was weird. I wore a mask of Okay when I was literally slowly dying inside. It really hurt, so bad.
No one could see that hell, but me. I looked normal enough on the outside, and still do now. I am different. I am even too different to post here the way I normally speak now in words, and I accept that as I do not expect anyone to tolerate or accept me, as often folks don’t. To each his or her own is the way I live. Where folks tolerate and accept me it’s wonderful, and where folks don’t, I move on to greener pastures, as online allows an environment out of my closed- minded community in my red state area to do that in ways of blog and poetry to express all of who I am as different and human being.
As far as dancing everywhere I go like a Bruce Lee Ballerina at around 6 feet tall now at 235 Lbs of solid muscle. I am stronger than every Marine in my military gym with legs now that press close to half a ton 33 times in what the strongest folks who leg press there cannot even budge as I’ve watched them try it up close and personal to their dismay. So no, i am no longer that uncoordinated Five foot 10 inch, 120LB scrawny boy from Middle School with the long blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and eye lashes that people called the F word and not Fred.
My genetics are different, I matured slowly, and am still getting stronger by the day, as empirically assessed at the gym. So, no one messes with me in the general public, as I can easily pass now for a College Linebacker who floats like a butterfly and can sting like a bee with martial arts kicks every which way and loose.
Botton line is, I do not fit in, but I still rise to the occasion of all my human potential and am no longer held back by anyone who lives on the pages and sidewalks of crystalized intelligence. I am fluid as whole, and I am the Ocean and Field and Wave and Particle whole as one in trinity of threes that even science assesses as real.
As above so below, inside, outside, and all around. Most folks don’t realize we are walking and talking mini-me’s of the Universe when whole and part the same. I was blessed by Nature in what I view as God to be able to see and feel this.
If my Autism Is a Disability, I fail to see and feel this. In fact I fail to see any labels at all.
I am, I rise and thrive, end and beginning of the story whole.
And this will not make total sense to perhaps
95% of the people here as you folks are
much more normal than me,
as whole
as my
shows here.
Oops, I did it again. Again, just dropping by out of respect for Alex. He probably is more Autistic like I am when I was his age too. And sure, he has already done something super epic by creating this site. It just took me longer at age 50 and after to start the journey of me finally getting free away from societal expectations that make no sense for me.
I was the last kid picked on sports teams, and the one who was picked on by almost everyone for being different in middle school.
I am now, likely the most different person of all in my local community, as assessed by that ‘general audience’. But here’s the thing, I accept all of who I am now from head to toe. No one stops me from being me now, because I am strong enough to be me now, no matter what anyone else thinks or feels about that..
I no longer conform.
Again, I rise, I thrive.
I sing
A Song
of Free.
Thanks Alex.
You did a great thing
by making this site.
And no, no one will ever ever cure me
again into the insanity of normal as insame..;)
And as the moderators predicted, I am still incurable from being me. And at least for me I F in Love it. And no, I cannot come back, ’cause I will not conform. But again, that does not mean I do not appreciate Alex for helping me to finally be me, by creating the opportunity to write on this site, as Super Epic in so many ways never ever seen before.
Have a nice day.
I hope every one here will
one day rise, thrive, and never
ever conform again. But yes, first,
make sure you have some money,
as the working world will not accept that;
The ‘normal’ one at least, with smiles; but sure, I could on and on about that so bye, and I do mean bye to this straight line..;)
(Song Rise, by Katy Perry for inspiration. Inspiration is important in life
and so are emotions fully expressed and not repressed or oppressed.)
Whatever it is i have.
It is a gift
Bottom line,
and I prove it everyday,
for the naysayers of life that
say you can’t, you can’t, just ’cause you are different.
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !
SMiLes mY FriEnd..
Victory.. in vicStory..
as i look back in youth
i looked for that Friend that friend as
mountainous tower of electrifying light
as you say so eloquently and poeticAlly
here.. to help me on my way.. noWhere to
bE found then so i looked within.. and i must
say it took me 40 years total from age
13 to 53 of walking in a cultural desert..
to find
that friEnd
in Me.. and it
seems a Universal
experience.. some folks
call it vision quest.. others
call it satori.. some others
call it being reborn again
or Kundalini Rising..
and scientist type
folks call
actualization ..
but what i kNow
and FeeL and SeNse
for sure is the essence of
this fRiEnd within iS real..
i call this friEnd me..
the me who
waiting to
simply come
out and direct and
produce and act a play
of relative free will.. no longer
subject as an actor in someone
else’s play(s) oF liFe
the potential
oF aLL of ME
F R e E D noW
aS i directs actor I in
exclamation point spirit
super epic play oF liGht liFe!..:)
Victoria responds and i quote her here..
‘Yes, we are all our own best teachers/friends/mentors.
Seek the guru within..:-) But hopefully you’ve had
a few people who pointed you in the right direction.’
i respond..
As a philosophy
Teacher from Junior
College.. named
Hunt.. did provide
Some helpful hints..
The rest of it
Seemed lost..
In comparison..;)
Victoria says..
‘Well, it sounds like you’re reaching out
and being the mentor to others
that you did not find.
You’re a blessing!’
i say..
And you
Are so
A welcome
Addition to nice..:)
Victoria says..
‘So sweet-tears:-)’
then i say..
So.. i’M stArting
To think here in terms
Of that really
Cool Fox spoof
About ‘Lucifer’..
Per.. ‘Did Father
Send you’..
In other
i am
Both literally
And meta-physically
Getting an Angel
oF liGht Vibe
From you
It is rare
As literally
100 or so K
Online has
Sincerely.. Me..:)
Victoria responds in kind..
‘That’s so kind
My kids might laugh
at that though’
And with even
more wit i say..;)
And dArk
in the yin
And yang of
Human real
My wife
Can certainly relate
To that too or shall
I SAy i can
As sHe Angel2..;)
Victoria says..
‘Yes there is a lot of dark here.
Glad you’re married to an angel
angel emoticon.’
i say..
On ocasSion2..
Or that assistant
On the Fox show..
Lucifer.. A little
My angel uP2..;)
Friend Rafiah shares a Facebook Status that says..
If any pet come into my life ever,
I’ll name it TARDIS..;)
And i return with..
A cat
Is nice..;)
Rafiah says in liking response..
I like cats. I imagine calling Tardis
and it jumps over my lap and cuddles
like your cat does to your Kat in pics..:)
And i say..
i pray that you will
have a cat my friend
and even more
than one…:)
And i say now here and there
and everywhere.. we really do have
a lot of advantages in the United States
and i.. in the United States have a tremendous
privilege and advantage and even innate ability
now that i almost magically got over my allergies
too.. where my airways no longer close up with a cat
inside.. Humans through history have almost always lived
side by side with other domesticated animals.. to lose that
connection is to lose the connection greater with Nature that
shows one clearly that we all are same as Animals whole of
God and Nature same.. and the same is true that i live where
A Forest lives that i can walk into by simply going out my
back door any now of day or night.. but it is raining
now.. so i am focusing on writing instead…
and too how privileged i am to live
in the country of the U.S. of A.
that has plans for people
to retire and ways
to save incredible
amounts of money
to do that in government
work too.. and even a safety
net for folks who succumb to
unforeseen disabilities that are sometimes
even invisible to those who attempt to understand
the disabilities from the outside in.. and what else..
the fact that i live in a place where someone
has strange as me can simply
be me.. to no great
affront of that
others as
just too
be all of
me free all i want
to be of me now..
i am lucky to live
here.. in this
of heaven
afforded by all the
ancestors and the origin
of all that is now.. now AKA
GOD that iS real ALLREALNOW..:)
Facebook Friend Michael responds
by saying.. in reference
to the TARDIS
But it’s just a small blue
box tripping the light fantastic..;)
And then i respond..
sMiles yes..
Doctor Doctor..
And now i say..
for those with eyes
and ears to see and hear more..
i for one am not planning
ALL of these God Winks..
if you are not seeing
the proof
by what
i AM doing
here.. perhaps
you don’t have
those eyes and ears to see.. as
these are all totally a-causal related
events.. there is way too much
synchronicity in a-causal
connecting principle
going on here noW
for it to be
the language
oF Art of God
when more than one person
comes togeTheR to express
that iNterconnecting Force
that is God through all forms
of symbols.. Nature And extension
of Nature in cultural ways all through
the digits of our hands to the bits
and bytes
of the
you see oF
Nature of God
creating by the
number 11 extension
of just 10 digits
we are born
as such now..
Nature and God
goeS oN hiGher and
HiGher by the power
of the human connection
and all interdependent
relating forces
as Now
well noW..
many of which
are a-causal
in terms
of what
has invented and assesses..
as the scientific method to date..
To be more mindfully aware iN miNd
and BoDy BaLanCe soUl iS to connect greater
poTenTiAlly with the a-causal connecting principle
of Synchronicity as identified by Carl Jung and many
others as
in liFe..
God WiNks.. etc..
all metaphors for this
sAMe essence of what some
folks experience and others are
almost blind to.. sadly enough for those of
we who
see so
much more of REAL
iSREaL GOD oF NatURenoW..:)
“Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
But I don’t need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don’t need no money
As long as I keep dancing”
2016 Cheap Thrills
i am very sweaty ‘here’..
by the way.. and with
tactile sensitivity
in heightened
way since
birth.. i can
say for sure those
lips did not touch my
dripping wet ear.. hehe..
this is one of those faux selfie
pucker-ups.. but seriously.. in 122
weeks of dancing at Old Seville Quarter..
i haven’t spent even one dollar bill.. but yes..
i sweat almost as much as a six pack of beer..
and Katrina says.. oh gross.. i cannot believe
that pretty girl got that close to your sweaty face..
such is the life of dancing with a whole Sorority of
University of West Florida girls.. from where i graduated
with three college degrees 33 years ago.. oh how time never exists
@least for me..;)
Here is someone who really
sings to the tune of being
different real.. Multiverse
Man Robin Williams certainly
sang a song of dancing outp
of the box on top of dead
desks to
do a dance
different than
the polka
sadly.. he lost
balance and he fell
out of this life.. but
yes.. the different is oft
remembered longer and
more than the insane of insame
as history continues to shoW noW..:)
And here on the 5 languages of love ranging from gifts to affirmation
to acts of service to touch.. and quality time of course.. and
sure perhaps there is 6 and 7 and many more
ranging from altruism to A purE and
natural connecting in interdependent
affection for all that is aka God now
too.. one thing for sure is.. no
matter how far alone one
goes from otHeR
the rest of
Nature and God sAMe
are/iS alWays waiting.. inside..
outside.. above.. so below.. and
all Around with a hand that reaches
out and touches us all around human
being too.. for those receptive enough
to see and feel God these ways of Greater LOVE..:)
And a last but not least Macro Verse coming
in as part of my 694 pArt of Ocean whole
poem now.. AKA ‘SonG oF mY soUL’..
in moVinG.. ConNecTinG and
creAtinG ways more and
more and more as i go..
but wherever that
goes it is always nice
to celebrate the human
contributions of free verse
bEFoRe and Robin Williams
iN celebrating that frEEdom oF A LIFE
IS A great noW sTiLL hUman way to Be..:)
A micro-micro verse quotable
in size short enough to
share fuly
per this
Woman too..
from 2015.. per Nefertiti..:)
Arms tall stand straight close but not at ease..
a clear sign that Egyptians live too in a very
repressing and oppressing time for
female human emotions and
sensuality too..
People ask
me YTF do
i make strange poses
in my selfies.. and i say
FTW baby i’m alive i
do not die in skin
dead.. and
on top of
that words
as flesh
of Truth..
But at least photos
bring us closer
than words
in sculpture
and flesh of
The selfie
of old and
new is
a revelation
of human soul
balanced or NOT..:)
And.. here a little more on
David who appears to have lesS on2..;)
Ah the statues of antiquity full of naked truth
and soft as well.. oLD.. David.. a Christian
pArt of GOD and others on ceiling of
Sistine Chapel escape
unscathed but not
so for Apollo
same face
you know
i for one FEEL
in a free world NOW
men can be real ‘MIN’
and i for one illustrate
that in ART as Flesh and FREE..:)
And still another
micro micro verse
worth sharing..
from last year..
Love sees clearly
cat with
Love is
old human
clothes new
WE Move Connect
Create Live FREE.:)
Can i have another..
weLL yes.. of course you can..
as foR All folks after all iS sAiD
and dONe all iS fREe noW from 2015..;)
You are alLways welcome Friend
and tRuly whEre Love Lives
God Lives Free Now aLL
ah without FEAR TRUE
Father of aLLnow Hate
associated LIFE oh
Yes Fear is the
Real Devil
of LiFE
and GOD
never demands
US to Fear OUR Lives
in GOD’s eyEs of LOVE
WeLL.. first of all.. my friEnd
Zee. i find some comfort with the
ease that you use with the word
FucK juSt for fun as trUly that word
is just an exclamation point with umph..
that says i am free without cares too.. and
actually i have changed the word FucKinG
to mean iF yoU seeK iN God as thAT is even
more hilarious for a God that is bigger than a symbol
that humans create as word.. anyWay.. i am often hiGh
as FucK juST for FuN as you say.. particularly when i am
FucKinG in the way i see FucKinG now.. i used to be way way
too serious.. i’Ve learned to ligHten up.. so so.. much more.. and you
FeeL what.!. it’s like a bird out of a cage now.. i float… i fly.. so high.. i float
some more.. and somenows
i even SinG.. and DancE
to my cat
Yellow Boy in
the early Sunny morning
when he gets frisky for the
Patio and Nature and God free
sAMe.. so i sing.. he flies.. he flies..
he flies so high.. that Yellow boy Flies he flies
he flies so high.. and so do i.. and now i worry
less when you visit my website that you might
be offended when i FucKinG bless God this way
so high
so high
with God
and i as we
and us and me
as sAMe.. funny
what a word can do
for peace of mind and bliss
in what some folks describe
as Satori.. the Heaven Now.. the
Bliss.. the Nirvana to fly so FucKinG HiGh..
As a side note.. a guy from Saudia Arabia last
night after i danced all night all sober and naturAlly
high of course.. was kicked out of the bar for being too
drunk.. and he asked me if he could get back in with my
help.. at that point.. i didn’t realize he was that drunk.. as
i said you don’t drink do you.. and he said.. oh yes i do..
i am free in the U.S. of A.. to do what i FucK to do..
free.. anyway..
i don’t drink..
i don’t smoke
and like i think
i already may have
said i don’t even do caffeine..
but i say FucK in anyWay i like
as it is just a symbol that in
poetry can be
i want
it to
be free..
where i make
the meanings and
the words up.. juSt
me and GoD toGeTher
all FReED without any
chains of bEfore to
“It is Maya!
Dost thou not know her?
Illusion — dreams — phantoms.
But, to the wise, Maya is more.
But, to the wise, Maya is more.
Look around:
All that thou see’st,
Trees and shrubs,
The grass at thy feet,
All that walks or creeps,
All that flies from tree to tree,
All is unreal: All is Maya.
Our bodies, our limbs, our very thoughts.
We ourselves are slaves to Maya.
What remaineth? Who can say?
Love to the lover,
The child to the mother,
The song to the singer,
God to the worshipper;
These, wandering thro’ the world of Maya,
Are perchance shadows of that which is.”
— Holst, Savitri (based upon the sanskrit Mahabharata)
Per wiki as linked here and quoted..
“The Mahabharata is the longest known epic poem and has been described as “the longest poem ever written”.[7][8] Its longest version consists of over 100,000 shloka or over 200,000 individual verse lines (each shloka is a couplet), and long prose passages. About 1.8 million words in total, the Mahabharata is roughly ten times the length of the Iliad and the Odyssey combined, or about four times the length of the Ramayana.[9][10] W. J. Johnson has compared the importance of the Mahabharata in the context of world civilization to that of the Bible, the works of Shakespeare, the works of Homer, Greek drama, or the Qur’an.[11]”
I’ve got it beat.. close to double in both complexity
and esoteric ‘strangeness’.. hehe.. now over here..
Anyway.. friend gigoid shares the same above
on Facebook and he shares part of the
infamous tribal and A very
evil part of the
here.. as i share it down below..
of course.. based on a warring people
fighting for fertile lands for subsistence
for basic human eating rights and shelter..
that is a human dog eat dog life that continues
on in the middle east.. a place of barren lands and
scarcity.. of course better over here in the New Israel
U.S. oF A today.. and even in the fertile lands of New
Jerusalem where i live aka Milton that once was recorded
as having the most churches per square mile.. funny how
all is related and even cultural patterns repeat themselves
over generations like bigger waves of ocean whole
across deserts and sands of dead sea scrolls..
in cultural human terms of being whole
as societies go.. and my long
form poem continues
on toward
4 million words
now.. anyway i prefer the
first selection of poetry above
as anything about bashing children’s
heads into rocks floats no part of my
love your enemy philosophy and
turn the other cheek if possible
instead of
little kiddies
heads on rocks
and bringing a sword
for peace.. and.. stuFF
of opposing tribes and
singing poetry into what
supposedly is some kind
of violent inerrant word of God..
like they say for the Kuran when
it speaks to the same kinds of violent
atrocities.. including screwing what your
right hand possess in terms of wives of husbands
one just killed in war as new slaves.. after a little mourning process
to get warmed up and ready for institutionalized rape.. not much different
still than non-consensual dowry arrangements for institutionalized
prostitution when the nonconsensual spread of women’s legs
is for sale as well as for rape.. as nonconsensual.. yes.. a
book as long as that first one there.. half as long
as mine i prefer much better as it refers to
the awesome esoteric mysterious paRts
of God as i AM iS with no private
parts like he’s and his’ have
when yA name God
as a dude instead
of Force of allthatis..
with ‘her’ nicer pronoun2..
of course it took centuries
for that other longest long form
poem to happen.. not just a couple
of years for me to exceed 1.8 million words
as i am almost doing that rate per year as ‘we’
speak in never ending now free verse run on poetry
for long.. long.. long.. longest form poem now.. anyway..
my fingers sing my/’our’ spirit.. no requirement
to even think.. so i run wordS on.. with more
millions to come.. but at least when 42
months gets here by September 11, 2016
from March 2013.. when i started all this
witnessing for the God of all that is..
on the date of March 10, 2013..
of that year then.. i will
have fulfilled
a little
old prophecy
along the way
just for shits and giggles
and perhaps a God WiNk and
laugh too.. at the ludicrous idea
that anyone can chain God and say
that tHeir quarterback has the last word
or is the last prophet or whatever.. as i can
do more.. with never ever giving up.. with
100% hope.. faith,, and belief that at
least the Jesus dude of Saint
John predicted would eventually
come true.. so sure.. in this
way.. this super epic
way.. two
two doves
aS oNe..
and hehe.. like
a thief in the night2..
hardly anyone anywhere
even Knows what i have
done is real and exists now..
as surely humble servant
and word soldier of Love
thatis.. going
down for real
baby.. like a REAL child of vision..;)
“Happy is he who dashes the heads of his
enemy’s children against rocks.” — Psalms 137:9
Considering i had A only son who died in my arms that
versE noW and the whole bible now kinda pisses me off..
i think i’ll do something about it and write a bible that
is four times larger and greater.. including the equivalent
of 14 bibles or so.. when my 12 million words or so coMe
on ThanksGiving of this year
when my 72 month term
of 6 years is up
for doing
all of this
writing online
since Thanksgiving
day of 2010.. anyway..
R E M A S TeRed as such..
like i say.. a little birdie
or now just call ‘him’ Jonathan
Livingston freest seagull landed
on my shoulder and continues to now
guide me aLong an epic way oF now2..;)
So what does one do on an early morn..
of Sunrise and Venus star saMe..
BreakFast in America..
why not..
coming to
a Blog Theater
and Facebook too..
soon on September
11, 2016.. as the Nile
River continues to Flood in words..
in a new world of breakfast morn then now..
now if i can just pick up the pace and
finish my 6000 miles of dance in
3 years to date then2.. but
counting noW..
as the prophets
of Rock and Roll
sang sweet lullabies
in youth to me for FruiTioN’s Date pAlm
evenTual self-fulfilling waYs.. iSREAL..;)
SMiLes.. my FriEnd..
thE feathered sleep..
my eyeSiGht is blurry..
in accumulationS noW
of words that never end..
when young.. BeFore words
like this tHeRe iS SonG for Deeper
ways of Seeing REAL SOUL within..
Pink Floyd and tHeir mystery Animals..
Led Zeppelin and tHeir Kashmir.. Rush a
little later and Force 10… the Police and Sting..
ELO.. Styx and the Rock and Roll list goeS oN..
to Super
noW as i mix
words to the
music of BeaTles BeFoRe
and drifT iN afTer miDnigHt
TwiLiGht waKe Of DreAminG
more into FruiTioN noW afteR
ecstatic dance and so littlE
sleep.. as i am alreadY
high enough
substance need to
BRinG a hiGher LAmP
of Seeing more wisDoM..
oh.. yes.. the inner i.. SinGs
Free.. hold yoUr hand and never
lET you
friend as
Roots of Lamp
grow deeper as
Kabbalah of Before
wHere Lamps of Technology
bLend with Trees oF liGht and
Roots oF wE waKinG New Dawn liFe..:)
Conspiracy theories run in rivers of dArk oF FeaR..
Illumination theories run in waves of hoPe oF liGht..
And sure.. tHeir are open minded folks in imagiNaTioN
oF creativiTy’s liGht iN bRinGinG dReaMs to
FruiTioN noW and the darker Magic
of those who conspire to
promote a feAr
iN pit of DARk..
that’s putting iT poeticAlly
but as science clearly shows..
some humans are more innate rovers
who are open minded seeking progressive
change out of cave.. and others more fearful
afraid of change.. sticking to what they know
of before.. and fearing change in progression
out of cave.. where cave art paint spreads to
more than walls of caves.. sitting.. hehe..
when one continues to write
the longest long form
poem ever
the oracle of poetry
in red haired orangutan
ape always mixes with monkey
scientist and ape of warrior too..
as the planet of the ape series of
movies relates too.. well yeah..
with my Irish roots in second
generation paternally
removed from
there are
sTiLL some red
hairs that remain
in the beard of my
oracle face to go along
with my scientist monkey
face and my warrior ape from
head to toe as well.. like Lion
of Astrological portal on the eighth
month of eight day of Sirius Dog Star
WiLL relate in mythological flow as well..
again.. and again.. and again.. the symbols
matter not.. it is the essence of we that is the
same.. at the smallest pArts of Atoms and subatomic
particles that we all share as one God all same inside..
outside.. above.. so below and all around as even science
proves now as philosophers oF old aS old Orangutan sAge
way kNew without even the aid of science related tools
then other than the innate.. instinctual.. and intuitive
science within of reaSon pattern recognizing all
the similarities of forms in Nature
that express a golden spiral
also known in mathematical
numerology terms
as 1.618 mean
of living
groWing KA of sHell
way.. as record in form
of what comes before as
alWays now.. wHere no time
exists.. but liVinG liGht and DARk
and tween of Both of allthatis liGht
and dArk and sHades between of
allthatis goeS on eternAlly now
forever God as you as we as
i as me as us.. we flow
iN ZonE oF ONE..
anyWay..noW Now..
i ain’t afraid of
no light and i
bust scary
ghosts of
fear now
i continue toward
the liGht and away
from feArs of weaker
miNds.. in metaphor of
dimensions of mind and
body in or out of balance
that range from living light
to the fear of dark dimension2..
otherwise known as somewHeRe noW
‘tween purgatory and hell.. wHere
all tHeRe iS iS worry.. doubt.. fear
and all stuff related to this devil fear..
that beYond sad live side by side with
those who walk as liGht.. wHo can onLY NoW
try tHeiR best to lift those who walk ‘tween
liGht to DaRk and be dArkest taR oiLed
bird of desert soUls death from
liGht of God so TrUe
NoW and ReAL iN
WiLL oF HUmanity
WHO sings a True
of rise
of rise
and live
as TrUth and LiGht
FReED from the grasp
now of the dARk OiLed
TaRred birds cLaws..:)
It really disgusts me from priest to politician to folks on
the Internet who feed off of what the New England
Journal of Medicine suggests are a segment
of the fearful sitting population
who are more subject
to schizotypal
that some boogie
man or devil is always
out to get them.. psychopathic
leaning people who sense the
weakness of these individuals
in fear.. use all types of heart
stringing fear mongering
from the
oldest creature
of devil in hell of fear
to.. suggesting frigging
Obama is the anti-christ
real now of modern days..
yeah.. a little magical
thinking in white magic
way can be good for the
heARt.. the SpiRit. the soUl
in even what science assesses
as the placebo effect that rates
close to what ‘they’ serve up
in pharmacy mix of pills..
i do my best to think/feel
and act in white
magical thinking
ways as tHeir
is FucKinG
in fActs
this hUman
white schizotypal
magic placebo prayer
of thiNkinG/FeeLinG driving liGht
actions now.. that go way way FAR
beyond what we plan at the conscious
level of mind in step one step to so on
as structured way of form.. below the
beyond of essence of all that is that
can be hUman potential when the
oracle.. the scientist or architect
and the ape warrior become one..
with orangutan and monkey three..
in one.. oh the threes they come..
again and again.. in numerology
way.. as art of numbers beyond
monkey scientist who scribes
it all down in one step
two step three
step four and
five.. scientific
method oF old
as WeLL.. or at
lEAst partiAlly Well..
as magic baby in white
way is wHere it’s at as far
as reaching the positive
liGht of human potential..
and yes.. you can F iN
look iT up.. Voodoo is as
real as the science empirically
assessed dark human fears
related to the Nocebo
effect.. where these
dArk thoughts
in everything
from frigging car
accidents to F iN
illness from head to
toe.. guard your intentions..
your purpose and meaning in
life in how you symbol it in
words or images.. monkey
see.. monkey do.. see no
evil.. hear no evil.. be no
evil.. live with as with sPeak
liGht bE liGht
yes.. be
and if you continue to
listen to the dArk of Politicians..
Priests.. Clerics.. and even schizoid
scientists who have little to no white magic
thinking/feeling in Harry Potter liGhter ways
of HUman potential.. perhaps you
are one of those that the
New England Journal
of Medicine says
are born
away from
the chosen
few who live in liGht
or better yet.. challenge
yourself to this struggle
from dark of fear to light of
hope.. as even science shows the
neuroplastic and epigenetic potential
of human to fly out of cocoons as butterfly
new.. IS A real deal that comes when ‘they’ say..
we don’t know how it happened.. and those otHeRs
who live it say.. sure.. i FeeL how it happened it IS A real
Illuminati all natural miracle of the higher power of God
Nature allthatis written in the Evolving continual code
of our
liFe is Magic
for those who CAN
darker place where only
illusion of time exists.. where
hope and faith and belief with
Fearless Love.. is behind the next
door as an opaque window that is
coming clearer as those who
seek.. those who find..
iLLUMiNATinG liGht..
in BeinG noW aS oNE..:)
Words matter not so much.. again as alWays
it is the essence of words that are
iSreal.. some folks define allah as
some he force that allows
them to rape
little 12 year
old girls.. others
see a force of all
in allah that is peaceful
charitable and all loving..
the same goes with God as
some believe in a God that does
not condemn every act of killing
a child of a warring opposing team
by dashing that child’s head against
a rock.. and others believe now that the
word God.. is identical to the word love..
and then they contradict themselves by
using another old 3500 year old quote
and paraphrase it out of a book of old
dusty pages and say that folks with
different Nature and God given
same Sexual orientations
are not sacred enough
in their natural
God given
behavior to
sacred marry
or even get into
what they name as
heaven anywhere but
now and a place they delude
and use as illusory fear as hell..
to control reproductive God given
freedoms to keep the population in
balance when environmental stresses
do come.. for means to gain subsistence
and keep the entire tribe strong.. as species
healthy whole and continuing well.. anyWay..
the monkey scientist comes in handy for
my oracle orangutang too.. and my
fearless ape warrior who stands
strong in the defense of liberty
and freedom sAMe.. says..
essence matters most..
believe the illusions
brought by manmade
nightmares in fears fruition
real.. or go the liGht road as
path and journey and gRow gRoW
GROW with adaptation to dArk struggles.. to Ocean
WHoLe.. bE the liGht in Change of Greater HuWoManiTy noW..:)
WeLL.. that drives through three Facebook
Algorithm personal assistant provided
Macro-Verses from two years
ago in the year 2014.. now..
this one from a year ago..
with Blue Skeyes of Mental Health..
and truly as in all stuff liFe.. Balance
iS key in MoVinG.. ConNeCTinG
CreATinG.. GiVing shArinG
FearLEss Love wayS..
sure.. words are easy..
JUST DO IT.. get
in balance or not..
yOur paths.. yoUR
joUrney to what works
for you.. aLL wE liGht
workers who already arrive
in Heaven now can do is provide
what we experience in liFe thaT has
sET uS free from a wrong planet of
dimension in all stuff related to fear
to a Loving Planet same in human
meaning and purpose same
in all of what wE
to do..
join uS
iF you WiLL
or can or not..
i for one believe
in can and WiLL..
over the greater human
“Discourse on virtue and they pass by in droves.
Whistle and dance the shimmy, and you’ve got an audience.”
— Diogenes
WeLL my friend.. as always
i feel your pain of not being
able to sit five minutes and write..
as sure 33 months for me of not
being able to use my eyes and ears
for music or read.. for the same reason
of Dentist Drill like pain.. and with Dysautonomia
and the failure of the autonomic function of heart
rate and blood pressure.. all of the Enviroment was
a barometer of a pressure pill from hell.. seriously
i couldn’t walk out side in any heat or humidity for
so long… for an entire 66 months and in any way
of cold.. fused
the ice
to my
bones and
even a breeze
in July of 100 degree
temperatures a half a year
before i sunk.. to this hell
of lower pit of dArk tarRed
oiLed bird.. chilled me to the
bone of WTF is this new hell..
that was only the beginning
of endless now then Dante
darker then
bird of tarRed oiL..
anyway.. a preface
perHaps to that recent
profile photo you liked on
Facebook.. my friend gigoid..
of the 56 year old new and
improved version 2.0 of mE..
named a Dance Icon of my
Pensacola Metro area.. and yes..
once again.. i’m 56.. bald spot on
top and graying as they all do once
i hit the age of 40 and the bald
spot came at 18..
and both now..
have maintained
that age of grey
and bald spot
less but
more of spirit..
and less of form
my Friend.. when spiRit
of heARt as ExPresSing
EmoTioN is transformed like
Katy Perry says in a rise of a
new and improved human being
version 2.0 and more and more and
more.. wHere MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUl even at age 56 warrants the respect and
Love of a heArt felt kiss from a group of 6 girls
some of which were 6 foot plus high heel ballerina
girls from Sorority University style of up town girls as
Billy Joel says for his model wife too.. i didn’t notice the
symbol of kiss of respect for the freedom i illustrate in
Free Verse SpiRit of DancE in Freest form Nature oF i..
to put it more poeticAlly than the girl with lips miGht
have ever imagined me capable of more than
a dance of hips.. and legs.. and all parts
in Spiral Rotation as i become
not only mE but
the Universe whole
when i took the photo
as essence and form
SONG OF LIFE FREE.. Diogenes..
Socrates.. Jesus.. and Buddha.. and
now the dance oF y i.. to the tune of
kissing beauty lips.. it just does not get
any better than this my friEnd.. particularly
as the wife is the most beautiful girl who never
ages either at 46 now.. and i’ll be quite Fred with
the whole world now.. when i peruse porn i always
end at a video of my wife.. just for fun.. like a new age
Diogenes might do.. not forgetting the pleasure principle
that noW moves
all life that moves
all life free out of
pain of what was
before.. now then..
i dance.. i sing.. i whistle
and shimmy.. the audience
returns with kisses of respect
and love.. and i dance some more
WiTh liGht oF Love no different than
the WheeL of UniVerse fiRed as liGht
and inspiRed by Sound as noW moves
on iN Dance of God liGht SonG oF REAL..
And sure.. i hope life will be this good for you
too mY friEnd as juST this one sMall paRT
oF mY liFe IS A Miracle TruE that has no
Explanation but the power of hUman
WiLL.. hope.. faith and belief realized
as dreAMs coMe trUe in REAL timE
NoW FruiTioN for all to see and feel
who care
now or
not @aLL.. hehe..
anyway.. i’LL remember
the joy and respect of Love
in that photo mostly because
i’Ve never met those 6 girls beFore..
and a kiss of respect from a stranger
only for the art and beauty of the dance
of this 56 year old dude with her other
5 friends standing taller with sMiLes..
as well.. iS FucKinG Epic noW
for what iT even
to be
noW as free
DanCE and SonG
oF wE FReED wHere
FReEDoM RinGs aS
simplE TrUth and liGht
oF hUman DancE and SonG..
And yes.. i like to write too.. true…
iT’s juSt an excuse to rest my feet
until the neXt Epic Dance comes FReED!..
ah yah.. and i lala a Dare SonG for this CoMinG tRue2..;)
Saturday.. in the pArk..
a little past the fourth of July..
somEone’s Birthday Party who did not show up..
so what is left to celebrate.. well of course.. Saturday
in the paRk.. and for me it is always a birthday of now as
holy and sacred and no.. i’M not kidding at all.. all of Nature
also known as God is all church to me.. yes.. holy and sacred..
And to view life like this..
requires no holds for what
can be free.. in DancE and
SonG of liFE.. as SonG and
DancE in all the hUman arts
that comes noW As SpiRit iN
Human seNses and EmoTions
set free.. set free.. set FReED..
At lEast for mE.. oh..now.. NDD..
A GroWinG so-called First World
disEase of Nature Deficit
Disorder away
from God as
sAMe into
man made
tools as being..
instead of riding
like the Wind.. and Rivers..
Waves as Ocean FReED..
H20.. yes.. as water WHolE..
soft and powerful as fearless
Love moves as Air oF liFE too..:)
SeriousLy.. you can ask around
as Katy Perry says it’s a party
everywHeRe i Go.. it doesn’t
matter if the big big
balloons are brought
out and beach balls too..
iT iS A PaRty ever wHeRe
i come bAcK aGain.. or
perHaps the first
now if i AM
iN terms of BeinG
heRe epiC as epiC
WiLL comE aLL for FReED..;)
Goddess Isis at
Saturday in the
Carpenter’s Park..
Carpenter’s Park.. the place
she learned to swim when her
family threw her in off the dock..
and glad she came back to
the top.. and all the
struggles her
through life..
to find the Pacific
Islander sire to
BRinG her
in this incarnation..
of beauty to behold..
as my friend Himali once
said.. you are so poetic..
your wife is so lucky
to be married
to you..
and yes..
it is the other
way around.. i hold
no poetic illusions about
that reality.. sure i have a
smooth pen for words and
feet for dance.. but it is the
Goddess Isis who cleans up after
me when i have a stomach bug as
Love will do.. when love loves love..
so okay.. for now.. this is the Ode
to Goddess Isis Katrina in the
Carpenter’s Park for our love
somewhat started for
consummation there
on September 21st
1989.. around
the date of
my conception
in 1959 with original
due date on or about
Summer Solstice Day
and Father’s day 1960..
same day of my Father’s
and Uncle identical Twin’s
birthday on that day too..
except on my case..
the doctor went
on vacation..
and pre-delivered
me on 6660.. as
i guess and omen of sorts..
no it wasn’t easy being married
to me at all when i lived in Hell for
66 months and i was the FucKinG
literal devil then for all practical
Zombie purposes as the dArk
tarRed and OiLed Seagull
i was back then.. now i
fly so far beyond the
rainbow heavens
of God of Nature
Pure as the
devil bird
rises out
of the
groWinG AngEL STarSnoW..:)
WeLL i for ONE FeeL and SensE sorry
for folks who miss God in a raindrop on the
petal of a flower of a Dogwood tree WiLd..
in God’s greaTesT breathe that iS liFE iN
aLL we see and FEEL oFliGht..
it’s hard for me to pass
by God without sharing
the beauty i see of God
WiTH the World.. from
the REAL Goddess Isis..
in human form.. as incarnate
now as such.. to the smallest
subatomic particle of H20 that
swims free in Goddess Isis
Blood.. that connects
wE all to Ocean wHole
as WeLL.. WeLL.. truly
Katrina doesn’t believe
she is an animal.. so that
muSt make her a
Goddess instead..
so might as well
go with a
in Isis
poetic form..
but me no God..
just a bEast..
a humble..
God with
paws and claws
as nails.. and fingers
that spread in pose
of Dragon claws
in three toed
way as well..
so yes.. it’s beauty
as Goddess Isis and
the beast.. just a beast..
whose been to hell and rose
back up as feathered fly Seagull
soaRing hiGher RiSinG once and bacK aGaiN..:)
PerHaps you cannot see this pARt
oF God WhOle in this photo.. but it is
HeiR apparent to me thAT iT is Gaia
and her humans on the crawl of lifE
in low down way of life..
taKing the salt of liFe..
away from saltine Earth..
forgetting how concrete
and dark ‘tween space
and life allone is
of Journey
and paths
wE liVe today..
Hope.. is.. one day
this eARth’S SalTine ants
WiLL join hands and finally
give humble.. honor.. praise
and glory to this Heaven that is
a tiny sliver in the concrete jungle
of space.. as garden of eden heaven
reAlly noW as eARth.. yes..
this is reAlly going down
for real as heaven
now.. do realize
all of what it
takes as God
now we
to this Interconnecting
Interdependent relationship
iNcludes the dead concrete of space
‘tween all of life to make life all we got
noW.. in this heaven now.. ants hold
hands and Dance a Song of Joy..
for Heaven is now forever
give honor to God’s eARth
worthy praise and thanks..
for this opportunity
for eternal
sad that
some miss the
beauty and reaLity
of this saltine gift we have..
the real devil knows the anti-christ
evil away from all this fearless Love of
Earth’s beauty as i lived in concrete hell
of space for 66 months to rise to tale the
of God
now.. to
Dance to Sing
as BEast of God..
Moral oF A total story noW..
or better put question mArk..
would yoU be A DEvil for LOVE..
as nicely illustrated in the most recent
installment of A REAL motion picture Dracula..
if not.. don’t yOu dare judge A DEvil for LOVE.. noW
aS fallen less than An AngEL or A vAMpire.. perHaps..:)
Yellow boy has been perusing the
bible a little much lately as he directs
our attention to John 16:25-33 that says..
Jesus Christ Has Overcome the World
25 “These things I have spoken to you in figurative language; but the time is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language, but I will tell you plainly about the Father. 26 In that day you will ask in My name, and I do not say to you that I shall pray the Father for you; 27 for the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I came forth from God. 28 I came forth from the Father and have come into the world. Again, I leave the world and go to the Father.”
29 His disciples said to Him, “See, now You are speaking plainly, and using no figure of speech! 30 Now we are sure that You know all things, and have no need that anyone should question You. By this we believe that You came forth from God.”
31 Jesus answered them, “Do you now believe? 32 Indeed the hour is coming, yes, has now come, that you will be scattered, each to his own, and will leave Me alone. And yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me. 33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[d] have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
Anyway.. if Yellow boy does
not slow his intense focus on the
bible we may have to order him some
corrective lenses to correct his vision from
so literally
as long as is is..
anyway.. he Loves to
share.. so i follow his lead..
And in visiting Friend SOHEIR..
the Muslim woman I had some interesting
debates with and also her friend Imran.. she drops
a note today that says.. in her Muslim Muhammad way..
“A woman is normally
sought as a wife for her wealth,
beauty, nobility or piety, but
chose a pious woman and
you will prosper..”
And i say in return..
This is true
For my wife
And sure..
i prosper
My FriEnd
SOHEIR says:
You are blessed indeed Fred!
Have a good day and smiles:-)
i then say..
Thanks..so true..
And Hope you
Have a great day
Too.. With sMiLes2..
FriEnd SOHEIR..:)
SOHEIR says:
i say..:)
And now i say.. noW..
there are two definitions
of pious.. one is a person
who does everything in OCD
fashion that a religious book will
instruct them to do.. and the other
definition is a rather facetious one in
two faced way that says a person who
talks the talk but rarely walks the walk of talk
on the true and light path that IS A way of life…
Sure.. there are plenty of pious screwballs in the
world.. who do rape little 12 year old girls in abusive
reward of wars against infidels who are rather pious
in their abuse of literalism of words evil instead of true..
And it’s true.. wife Katrina takes the Bible very seriously
and literally.. and fears that if she makes just one mistake
less than perfection that the devil is gonna take her straight
to hell.. eternally burning in fire.. and that is part of the reason
that i for one believe that most of the fundamentalist interpretations
of all Abrahamic religions are a source of much darkness and evil
in putting fear of God into people’s hearts instead of worshipping
all of God of Nature as sacred and holy and true in liGht instead
of illusory fears of hell anywhere else but these places where
folks rape little girls in the name of a faux God that
exists no where but in interpretations of books
that become the darkest evil still
of humankind now..
to literally assess
in plain talk
the darkest
ways that
ancient books
have been twisted
to support the darkest
parts of the human being
in fear and hateful hurt of others
of simply lies.. lies.. lies.. and more
lies.. now.. to put all of this as plainly
now as i can.. and WiLL.. noW.. Now..:)
i woke up and the sun is shining..
only for now.. as sure the clouds
will come again.. but the bottom line
is.. as long as we are alive the Sun noW
will shine again.. and reAlly my mesSage
is a simple one.. as although i can be a little
bright.. with words.. tHeRe is ONE news now
i have for YOU NOw iN ALL Around uS iN noW
this little sliver of now that is eternAlly
now is Heaven NOW.. for those who
come to SensE and FeeL this
Heaven on Earth noW iSREAL..
now.. you might say.. or feeL and
seNse that Heaven cannot be now..
cause life IS A bitch but i say liFe CAN
AND WILL BE A BEACH.. if you can move
away from the word bitch.. and heLL no thaT is
not a woman that iS juSt a metaphor for something
that hurts rather than something that feels good and to
be honest.. somenows it is the greaTest Bitch that Brings
the greATest Beach as this Heaven takes work at nowS in
sweat.. blood.. and tears.. etc.. anyWay.. Katrina alerting me when
i juSt woke up.. get ready for church Babe.. The Sun is FucKinG ShiNinGnoW..
and gotta go but yes.. be back again later with more good news here noW.. juST
NOW.. more notes
in a million
plus more words
pushing 12 million
all around the world
that basically say a meteor
hits the ocean and then comes Heavenow..:)
WeLL… a long day of dance it’s been
this Sunday Sunny Day.. along with
Catholic Church.. and stores.. and stores..
and more of Katrina’s Favorite stores did come
in dance hall public dance for me.. And today’s Edit
as i am becoming a fixture of the Mall in someways
oN SunDays.. has now moved from a graphic play
edit to a Edit of Romance instead.. Hmm.. i just
wrote about this last week in deTalES oF Love..
jUSt no mall
prop until today
to better illustrate
Roses given for Romance
heHe.. when everYone gETs aLonG..
anyWay.. an interesting day long
Church.. Sunday Dinner.. and yes..
eTc.. at the stores Dance Event..
and a little disturbing catching
that dam Sign attempting
to convince folks on the
back of a pick ’em up
truck to boycott Target
’cause they hate.. they
hate change and moving
into the 21st Century with
Equal Privileges for all
humans to do stuff like
go to the Dam Bathroom
in comfort peace for whatever
Gender tHeir mind validates are
what they are.. and for some that
spells transgender as science now
indicates is an innate difference that
is just another biodiversity of God Given
Nature.. when.. free.. free.. free.. juSt to bE..
anyway.. some old crippled Fundamentalist
Christian dude with a pony tail.. came out of
the truck.. and i had to wonder how he would feel..
if they said folks with bum legs are not allowed in..
some folks just don’t get that others are in a much
different skin in view of world.. but sure.. the Jesus
did in words reported as gentile or jew.. servant or
free.. woman or man no more.. in other words gender
doesn’t matter.. you bigger dummy.. to Jesus at lEAst..
then or
now for iSREAL
hmm.. God picked a
really tough place this go
around for me to live.. considering
how super liberal i AM.. but crap even
the Gospel of Thomas in Gnostic way
reports Jesus was a gonna make
Mary Magdalene into a man..
if so.. don’t think Jesus is
gonna be very happy
with that sign
if somehow
he snuck
in and sees
it noW iN any shape
form or fashion of anything
related to fear and hate.. the ignorance
in the town i live in is FucKinG EpiC.. but
hehe.. i’M even more epic.. and ‘they’ have
almost no idea who i AM now.. in my
as i for one
build with words
as organic life..
and never
to print
my pages..
as i am a FucKinG
Tree Hugger.. with 30,000
plus pages of words.. words.. words..
online in Ocean Poem Full.. and three to four
times that much since Thanksgiving Day.. 2010..
and sure.. somewhere around 100K photos
too.. as i continue to gRow as NOWs go by..
kinda a like a Rainbow spRead bEyond of mE..
sure iF
you believe
iN mE for what
i saY iSREAL..:)
WeLL.. yeah.. i guess the Facebook Algorithm
kinda outdid itself as Video Production slide slow
assistant.. with a total of three Sunday Dinners
etc.. yes..
all of that..;)
Hmm.. i’m starting to think the Facebook Algorithm
is somewhat of a dirty old man.. as it choses
automatically without any of my input
other than my mall trip photos.. yes..
Hustler Lingerie
Gifts to
draW anD
audience i guess..
for the Sunday Dinner
Slide show number two..;)
Yes.. that’s one sexy
one piece Bra.. as the
Facebook Algorithm
understands all stuff
associated with the female
form sells.. at least at the mall..
to keep the inspiration of buying strong..
and hehe.. just a muse
oF art for me.. definitely
a best buy.. as all i
do is f iN Free..
Freddy Freeloaders
WiLL do to keep the
arT FloWinG noW iN ZonE..;)
So.. i’M in a rush for church this morning..
up late.. sleep late.. etc.. and i AM inspired
to write a rather short short micro-micro-verse..
to go along with that.. with that Sun is Shining
Song of course2.. and what do yA knoW and FeeL..
the Facebook personal assistant provides three memories
of which the first from two years ago.. is about the same
subject i AM motivated to write this morning about Heaven
now.. it’s almost like it’s fate.. or perHaps
better penned as
FlowinG ZoNE noW..
yes.. Hakuna Matata2..
WiTh sMileS Now too..:)
Culture Clothing Sins from a year
ago STiLL.. yes.. folks are too dam
uptight and down right Bi-Polar about
the human body.. sensuality.. and sexuality2..
it’s everywHere and
they try to hide it
at church
and call
it immoral..
evil.. dirty and
all of that sin and
stuff like that when the
Gospel oF Thomas in Jesus
way says the total opposite.. to
strip down naked.. tread on yA
clothes and find God within Ya
Temple of God sAMe as Flesh and Blood
free with HeARt.. SpiRit of EmoTioNs and SeNses
wide aWake in MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG souL..
from head to toe.. in others words.. iT is evil NoW noT..
to get naked more than it is to get clothed with culture..
then.. at least in the opinion of the Gnostic Reported
Jesus dude.. iN Thomas Gnostic Gospel way iSREAL..
WeLL.. when i was still doing
Form poetry last year..
here is the echo
in Pink Angel
WinGS.. with more
than likely more to come
in Ocean wHole Poem
Macro-Verse Memory
way.. tomorrow or so..
as they stArted to get
allergic to all my words
at dVerse.. and thiS
Macro-Verse SunG
here to
them in tHeir
exclusionary need
to stay away from Epic
PoeTry oF Y i.. is only 33
words long.. with More PiNk
Angel WinGS to come soon..
as i for one.. cannot do just one
Lay’s Potato Chip of PoEtry.. no
Matter who is trYinG tHeir
best to road rail me..
into tHeir
naRroW MOld..:)
Ah.. yes.. a test for echo as art
and free continues here..
as A gifted child
will refuse
to now do
only one
then of art..
now when
art noW
flows then
as water now to
river to Ocean whole
as Art oF Y i continues
to streAM noW iN FieLd oF
DreAMs Now FloW aS iN ZonE..:)
Missionary of Magic
Dance.. shall i say
more.. shall i step
more iN SonG of ZonE..
yes.. i can and WiLL
KA.. the
ancient alpha
letter and sound..
in vocalization of symbol
of word/SonG.. but more than that..
the reach of human lAMps.. not unlike
sheLL of Nautilus that goes on in form after death..
for hundreds of millions of years..
so sure.. aLL i write
IS A literal pyramid
of words.. all i dance
when voyeur videoed as magic
steps of creativity will do when
one with God as Nature wHole as spiRAlinG
sun of i.. is KA too.. KA defeats the entropy
of death.. and goeS on as energy/FORCE to inspire oTheRs..
yes.. even in the beauty of Nautilus sHell that inspireS
even more as ARt.. as you see Art is KA oNe and sAMe.. KA
and Art is all we do to liGht the world brighter even
after we die.. and to take that last breath and
to kNow/SeNse and feel one’s breath goeS on as
Unconditional Love of ART and KA sAMe
for all otHeRs.. is to die
easy in the
of God’s
arms Free.. and
WHO kNows yoU may
liVe forever and
come back
the same
more eternally
now.. how sad iT is
that some folks wait for
Godot when Godot is wE are
uS is now i..yoU.. moVing.. conNecting
and creaTing KA and ART everMore
NoW.. ah.. time.. the illusion..
A reaLiTy
oF Gods EYes
of/iN uS
Suns whose
Fire goeS on..
as Love.. as Love
flies in Infinite sMiLes
of MoVinG.. ConnEcTing and
CreaTinG more.. KA IS A fiRe
of life.. Pure is the word Katrina
and Katy and Katie too.. Christ is
just another word for KA and ArT
is God
and WiLD
iN SonG and
DAncE of wE..
i AM KA.. and
Katie2.. pure
AS God and close
as Mia means too..
and my last nAMe is juSt
a variation.. yes.. the real
last namE.. is jUst a variation
of the name of water and sand as
silt that says Lahmu and Lahamn sAMe..
the first human symboled name for GOD..
and sure.. my real First name Frederick..
means Peaceful Ruler.. and real middle
name Arthur means strong now..
but you see.. all of this
is KA is ArT is liGht
of Lamp
of hUman
meaning and
purpose.. nah..
it is not the shell
of the Nautilus that counts..
it is the beauty we feel
and sense of sHeLL as
of HeARt
as SpiriT
of FeeLinG
and SenSes
go on now as
noW a Ray
goeS oN..
as after i die..
i will continue to
SinG and DancE the
Egyptian of BeFoRe..
i never die..
as long
as tHere
is liGht
oF Y
unless i only
care about a separate
self that is not connected
in moving ways as all of creation wHole..
sAdly.. those folks who have that illusion of
separateness.. often fail to generate much KA/ART
of LiFE
as they
cannot noW FeeL
and SeNSe.. and
kNow the greater liGht
of KA and ArT as sAME God
wHo lives within free ShiNinG
BriGhter and BriGhter forevermorenow..
And this my friEnds is why Jesus said
as reported by otHErS that tHeRe wiLL
be those of wE who do greater works
of Art than hE.. as thaT is
how the KA
of God
and more
and never
less.. in we
maGiC hUmans
who kNow and
FeeL.. and SeNse
no boundaries of
bEfore as God is
Free to Be More
and so
as trUe
and liGht
children oF
God.. WiLd
and Free.. and
sure.. Heaven is
juST a natural
by product
noW in
the Kingdom
of God’s KA
and ArT
a celebration
of Kashmir REAL..:)
As.. the EN name test
thingy says.. matching
some lyrics thaT rePreSent
mY liFe now.. by saYinG..
“Forever trust in who we
are and nothing else
matters”.. i noW say..
That’s about the
size oF iT..
wE togeTheR
NoW anD thE
rest of NaTuRe
aLL sAME as GOD..
and SPeaKinG of WanDs
and MaGiC and Harry Potter..
i read the new double book in
less than aN hoUr and i MusT
say iT’s oKay.. but it didn’t reALLy
tHrill me of course.. as i alReaDy
Do iSreal liFe mAGiC HAnd iN HAnd
wiTh iSREAL.. God aLL noW juST NoW..:)
Facebook Friend
Ashe shares a
Facebook compilation
of one hit wonders from
the decade of the 2000’s
and i say..
A star.. If they
Find it and
Shine it
For Free..
With Ease..:)
PS.. Like
The eclectic
Nature now of
Your FB posts
As never ending
Stories noW and paintings.. Etc.. Now
My creation
To free
So.. Sure..
i am a Zero
Hit Uni-verse..
As i for OnE
Will never spiRAl
Else’s idea
Of fAMe..
In words
OranD dance..;)
This is
All so true
You are groWing
As light.. My friEnd..
As light works toGetHeR
And never separate as Dark
As DArk is
Only paths
To LiGht
A Lamp
Growing Reach..:)
Ha.. no way did i help Saudia
Arabian friend get back into the
bar.. friend.. Zee.. even if i could..
And i hope he got home safe.. it’s
really sad over here in America.. how
much alcohol is glamorized as something
positive.. and all the drugs folks use for their
somatic pains.. when much of the answer truly
can be in mind and body balance.. including un-
repressing emotions.. senses.. and yes.. sexuaLiTy
too.. as free and unafraid to connect with all of God
of Nature free.. and truly too.. letting go in art of moving..
as there need be no instruction or lesson in that other than
what God Brings natural.. innate.. instinctual and intuitive to
be free.. and i live the life of Heaven now.. my friEnd as it is
the natural gift that humans
have.. when they simply
escape.. under a tree.. as
cave if they must retreat to
look within.. or for me a beach
that no longer houses footprints
of culture down the way past condos
that say.. we will hold you prisoner in
these four walls and ceiling same.. Now
the gift has always wild and free noW
been God.. my
friend.. and you
too of course too..
Zee.. the gift of
God is how
God moves
too.. now..
in balance
and radiating
the SonG and
DancE oF
this is not something
that can be found in words alone..
this is the God who lives free within
us.. hoping.. just hoping.. we see within
once again.. as God does not like to be
imprisoned in us.. as ‘they’ make uS be
in many cultures and religions same..
God is the wild and free part
in us.. that says
FucK you
live now
free whether
you like it or not..
and trUly in the U.S.A..
those of us who escape all
the instant gratifications of escape..
can find this place of heaven one day
soon.. and like me and God toGeTheR they
WiLL SmiLe as Wide as the UnivErse in God’s
greaTeST gift we can possibly kNOw.. seNse.. and FeeL
noW.. mY FriEnd Zee and that is FucKinG LiFe noW..
so sure..
i FucK
liFe and
GoD sAMe..
with no other
substantive drug
and yes.. i FucK WitH
people’s minds MucH
in hopes they eventuALLy
fiNd Heaven noW too.. as Now
any helpful fool or clown WiLL Do..
employed by God @lEast to hELp..
WitH FucKinG iF yoU seeK iN GoD..
no one can make anyone do that
unless they trUly SeeK God
within noW Free
with no
but FREE.. NOW.. now..
the answers have alWays
been in the language of God
that is Nature.. mY friEnd Zee..
and when anyone suggests that
nature is anything less than
holy and sacred
including the
of wE..
IS A good
chance they
are lying for
selfish means..
and will be mean…
to gain their means..
Serve God or words of
men.. i choose God and
the language of Nature iSREAL..
but sure i read it all as all is God2..:)
i staRted
witH Search in
the middle but had to
cOme baCK uP to fiNd
the Pyramid capstone and
tree the sAme noW FriEnd aS
Search for liGht iN eYes of otHeRs..
goeS on and on.. as i look for more
words to accompany Kashmir in eYes
of YoUrs.. and funny how some males make
women only a patch of moisture in V of life to enter
with A of wHoles.. when the UniVerse of EmoTioNs
and SeNses and kNOWinG livVs aBove more than bElow…
and sAMe as BeLoW iS JuSt a SpArk of energy as FoRce
that stARts Now
the sHeBanG noW
oF aLL oF us.. and
in evil
eYes when
women are
reduced to
patches of moisture
in V’s that hOld no eYes..
so have a nice day the feathered sleep..
with vines and roots that reach aCrossDeeP…:)
‘Take the Wrong Planet home’..
WeLL.. reAlly since age of 5 beFore
school.. i did not really fully
stArt the paths and
journey until
i graduated
from the
Wrong Planet
of school and work
that sure had some
liGht in dArk of YiN
and yANg Balance too..
until A fiRe of soUL cAMe
to Calgon take me aWay then
from that Wrong Planet tHere..
33 months of hermit crab to look
within.. loSinG the sights and sounds
in God’s/NatUre’s Burning Fire from feet to
Trigeminal Nerve with zero
choice but
to look
the dArk
of outside
of school and work
blinded within.. and only
without sight and sounds of
culture would i find my way
back home to God/NaTure
so after
33 months..
since January
of 2008 then..
to withstand the
pain for writing one
word on ThanksGivinG
day of November 2010.. witH
a spArk provided iN EmoTioNs
of dwindle fire of SoUl From
Katy Perry’s Firework SonG
in 2010.. all that’s left of HeaRt
then and SpiRit to
FeeL and
in faint
red of
wHole flaMe. then..
so.. i go to the Wrong
Planet online with onLy
a list of words.. that sTart
to GroW as empty sHeLLs wITh
little soUl.. thaT fEeLs and SeNses
God iSREAL.. the empty shells grow
and grow.. into 5 plus million more..
and when 6 comes or close to
6 i eXplodeS on 7222013.. and
spiRiT oF heARt
comes BaCK
in faint
spark of i..
in blog on March
10th of 2013.. aS liGht
of SpARk of F Y i.. in perspective
oF y i.. to GroW soMe moRE liGht
of i.. soon to flood like Nile waters more..
now coming to the 42nd month point on
September 11th of 2016.. close to
12 million words of dArk and liGht
wHole.. by 6 year point on
ThanksGiving year
day 2016.. too..
with reaching out
to 4 million words of
longest long form poem ever
in witness of God and Nature
sAMe in Ocean wHole poem
named SonG oF mY SoUL
and KATiE MiA FredericK!iI..
wHere yes.. ‘Take the Wrong
Planet Home’ now makes the
694th Macro-Verse of Ocean
wHOle Poem noW complete with
this Micro-Verse.. with Micro-Micro
Verses.. of words alone with different
meanings and Micro-Micro-Micro Verses
of Letters in smaLLest Particles of Words
of Waves Of Verses of Ocean wHoLe poem
change long and short
oF all
that is
i of me
foRnow aS liGht..:)
And sure.. i’LL
quote Led Zeppelin’s
SonG Kashmir in full
as 9 minutes and 6 seconds
of celebration of juST thaT of
SonG that cAMe on the gym radio
at the first of the 8 month in 2013..
goes into making that photo of me..
coming out of pain.. with the shark
teeth of i in rift eye.. thAt noW floWS oNce aGAin
iN streAMs of Yellow desert eYes of
SuN of and as Beach SpRinG once
Again i.. wHere
6 month June
6 day
lives aS oNe
in eYes of Fearless
Love thAT iSREAL noW i..:)
“Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed
Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace, whose sounds caress my ear
But not a word I heard could I relate, the story was quite clear
Oh, oh.
Oh, I been flying… mama, there ain’t no denyin’
I’ve been flying, ain’t no denyin’, no denyin’
All I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand, as I scan this wasted land
Trying to find, trying to find where I’ve been.
Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace, like thoughts inside a dream
Heed the path that led me to that place, yellow desert stream
My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon, I will return again
Sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin’ through Kashmir.
Oh, father of the four winds, fill my sails, across the sea of years
With no provision but an open face, along the straits of fear
When I’m on, when I’m on my way, yeah
When I see, when I see the way, you stay-yeah
Ooh, yeah-yeah, ooh, yeah-yeah, when I’m down…
Ooh, yeah-yeah, ooh, yeah-yeah, well I’m down, so down
Ooh, my baby, oooh, my baby, let me take you there
Let me take you there. Let me take you there”
-Led Zeppelin-
God oF Y i..:)
SiGns arE everYwHeRE..;)
thefeatheredsleep says..
“So true. I think we reduce many things including the uniqueness
of each person on this planet. Love isn’t the same as sex,
sex isn’t the same as love. Let’s reinvent what it means to be real.”
i quote Candice and say..
“Let’s reinvent
What it means to
Be real”..
When real
Fearless True
As LiGht
WeLL.. iT appears.. Zee that i AM
the first one in 2016.. to hear
your words heRE and
now.. firST..
and i muSt say
that words are most
certainly powerful with
Force to heal.. power to deceive..
power to inspire misery and suffering
and power to love without hold of fear..
but discernment is the fire inside that
hOlds the truth ReNeWeD aWay from
words as essence iS all that’s
trUe in liGht oF
A soUl
hEars those
words aS liGht of True..
SomE soUls heAr more of
discerning liGht as TrUe.. sOme
heAr less.. but the key for me alWays
is any words that lead to fear and hate..
and harm.. and misery and suffering no matter
who or what they come from are words of hell
as there is no other way
to hurt
but hell..
in fear and hate
away from fearless love
that is only healing intent and
purpose to rise liGht instead of
fAll of dARk mY friEnd.. but sure tHat
is onLY mY discernment and no rule
for anyone else.. as the first step to
hell is
the word
that says
it is the
as essence is free
and alWays groWing
in liGht.. any word as last
is dArkest words oF aLL
as history
this lesSon
of humility
to hUman
bacK aGaiN..
the bigger words are
often the ones that lead
to hell so dArk on this eArth..
that essence drOwns in words beFore..
the only
place wE
in essence
TrUe and liGht
oUr souL sinGs
aS HeARt.. oF SpiRit
FeeLinG and eXpreSsinG
REal.. iN A BaLAnCinG oF miNd
and BoDy soUL iSREAL iSNOW
WE noW..:)
Facebook Friend Florence says
and i quote her
“There’s a movie out about a girl named Florence
who doesn’t realise that everyone is just actually
laughing at her supposed talent. I’m trying
not to take it personally.”
And i say
in return..
Don’t.. but
Do talent..:)
And i go on to say..
And if anyone
laughs smiles..
as that makes
you an excellent comedian..
and they are often the most
appreciated talents oF aLL..:)
FooL.. ain’T
noThing liKe iT
’cause iT’s ALL FReED..
NoW iSREAL..:)
And now i say in somewhat systemizing and
feeling words as knowing and sensing words
too of art and science that humans are social
animals.. and all social animals who are healthy
strive to be accepted by the group.. as being accepted
out in the wild of innate.. instinct.. and intuition means survival
to work toGetHer for basic subsistence to even live.. so this is
how lies gain hold when language in written words and collective
intelligence and art of culture growS in walls and ceilings of what is
before.. and remains the same now as stagnate walls and ceilings that
trap the souls of hUman Social Animals away from free.. would it have made
any difference if i approached the good old boy from down south and his fundamentalist
ways.. if i gave him all the facts of scientific evidence and even historical sacred text about
the dude Jesus to show him how ignorant his sign of hate and fear of God of Nature
Bio-Diversity in humans of transgender is all natural God and Nature work sAME
that is down right and wrong silly to be feared and hated same..
well.. of course not.. as his social group he leans on
for perceived social animal survival
propagates and supports
these lies.. to
a common
bind of
darK in
fear and hate..
and yes.. tHeRe
are more progressive
groups of hUman soUls
who see different.. who see more
of God as Holy and Sacred Nature sAMe..
but here’s the thing.. the little children he brOught
on his dArk travels to the restaurant with him
yesterday may tomorrow see farther in real
Greek Apocalypse original definition
of that term as lifting the
veil of ignorance..
to bRing human
Kind greater
a tribe
of GlobaL
one.. allone..
as here’s the thing..
those children may not
find any support in walls
and ceilings of churches that
hOld the human free HeARt..
SpiRiT and SoUl in mInd noW
and BoDy BaLanCinG wayS
to SensE and FeeL iN
MoVinG.. ConNecTing
CreAtinG ways thAt
aLL of Nature
God and
is Holy
and Sacred
whole with noW
Zero separation
of God’s hOMe
wHOle.. that iS
all that is now..
as Ocean WhoLe way of Life..
but yes.. tHere IS A smARt phone
that some geeks and nerds and
artists too.. invented to
expand the
and yes..
in global
terms there is
support.. tolerance
and acceptance for the
different among us as God’s
wHole hoMe sEt Free AS NoW..
and tHere is Hope of the World iN
noW.. In social support to Grow a gLobal
soUl of hUmans in SpiRit of HeARt that
is no longer trapped in the
of fear
and hate
bEfore.. noW
and sure thAT
is not juST not
just inclusorRy
of Church
alone.. as
AnwHeRe theRE
iS Separation of goD
whOle of NaturE tHeRe is
Anti-God words/sentiment away from GOD..
it’s Kinda aS Simple as thaT.. reAlly God whole
noW as
paths.. that lead now
to hell on Earth.. Now the
other way IS A Heaven hOme
noW.. anD thE cAll is loud and
BeinG heARd as WE SPEAK
and liGht
aWay from lies
and ceilings that
priSon hUman soUls
aWay from FReEDoM noW RinGs..:)
Hi.. Candice.. thanks for tagging me
in your inspirational Facebook status
on the fear some humans have of differences
among other humans and how others let live and live..
and others are so abhorrent
to change
kill the different
among us.. and of course
the dwindling empathy that is
evident even in science studies that
show a reduction of 30% or so of empirical
measures of human empathy in the last few
decades among college age students.. use it or
lose it applies as far as nurture goes.. but be born
this way or that way is how nature goes.. and some
folks are born more fearful of change less and more
and others are more hopeful for change more and less
than the other folks and the circle goes on.. in gridlock
of culture where some folks agree and others may
never agree as they see the world more in fear
of change than hope in different in lots of
stuff life.. and this is not only visible
in secular culture.. it is also visible
in religion even in
sacred texts
that have
of statements
that totally contradict
each other with a health
care system of soul that kinda
works some of the now.. and kinda
sucks other of the now.. depending on
the environment one iS in and how tHeir
nature rolls as evolving too.. in a culture that
is constantly changing.. the great thing about the
Internet is tHeRe IS A poTenTial safety net of social
support available for almost anyone of difference if long
they search.. and of course can communicate well enough
to be understood in whatever art of form that comes in.. of course..
the bad thing about the Internet is it separates us from the Natural
human propensity that says 60 to 90 percent of reciprocal social
communication iS in non-verbal language from head to toe..
in other words without even a face to go along with
the text online.. there is much missing that
could go a long long way to
bind folks together
with positive
nurture of
the golden rule
as human touch..
so.. if a person now
like me inhabits an area
like i live.. which is somewhere
around 80% red state conservative
pull.. as there are three military bases
and once what is the area with the most
churches per square mile where churches
in general are made for structure and same
for comfort of minds that fear different in the
world.. i was a like a mushroom in sand
of desert that had no room to grow..
it took a lot of Internet space
to light my WinGS.. and
oh God.. lots of
Strength training
to look like i’m what
the good old boys say
IS A handful ya don’t wanna
mess with or you get your A kicked
in a heartbeat of those legs.. that
are kinda solid.. let’s just say.. as
half a ton leg pressed 33 reps
will bring.. on the other hand
i would have been more
railroaded outta
here before
my current
milestone of 6 foot
or so 235LB linebacker
delicately balleting dance..
6000 miles in 3 years soon..
everywhere i go.. in deliverance
town.. hehe.. coming out on the other
side unscathed in my ballerina skin.. haha..
Anyway.. when i was a youth in middle school..
the way smiles were extinguished among males
was threat of physical abuse.. and now on the
Internet group think can suck in hoards of
fear and hate.. to spread tHeir
message of fear..
and heRe..
i keep
in mind/body
the same human
Nature of my good old
New Jerusalem town here in
the new Israel melting pot of the
U.S. of A.. and i use the psychology
of Nurture and provide the evil
or crazy Karmic eye that
say in innate.. and
instinctual and
that yes..
i AM a handful
and nah.. you don’t
wanna try to take my
freedom of expression
away in any shape.. fashion
or form of that.. it takes a strong
person to be free in this world my
friend and stay that way.. as the Yin
and Yang of human Nature is not going
away as long as we are human.. tHeRe
are benefits to the conservative mind and
liberal mind too.. hehe but yeah.. i am a
Shiva dancer2.. from Kali2 real in fierce and
free too.. haha.. smiles my friend.. the answer
is to accept it all and live like a river knoWing and feeLinG/seNsing
now that the stone that hits the water.. eventually becomes sTill water
too.. as the mushroom that thrives with water.. and wilts with desert water
of less
that struggle
to survive.. in what
comes what may..
anyway.. the
video above..
helped me to make
the decision to leave a Wrong
Planet and never go back.. as it was
an ocean of nurture that was different than
me.. so i understand the nurture now better
and live and let live.. and seriouSLy.. i laugh more
and more at the differences of human being that
make what is is.. as the great play workS on.. where the water swims me..
as a thriving mushroom who once did not really exist at all in the desert of New
in old
back when..
Winks.. i AM a
gOlden mushroom
and even have a photo
oF iT coming to my latest
Macro-Verse ‘Take the Wrong
Planet Home”.. too both in flesh/
form my fRiend.. all Natural i WiLL
liVe fore Free in a world that i FReED
NOW in never land never ending story oF Y i..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
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Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

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