CocksComB deLiGht oF SciEnce And arT

124 weeks noW oF Super Fun
Dance at Old Seville Quarter
in the can.. but not wasted..
hehe.. fully documented
for years to come.. like the
photo of me and my sister at
somewhere around the age of
middle school.. wHere nah.. i wasn’t
the kid picked as most likely to be named
a Dance Icon in my Pensacola Metro Area..
hehe.. i looked more like i would be collecting
bugs or butterflies or who knows even selfies with
a thousand pretty girls at Old Seville Quarter once i grew up..
much further than after puberty in my mid 50’s hehe.. FREE…
Bottom Line.. yes..
FREE.. anyWay..
nice of the Facebook
Video Production Algorithm
to keep the
video slide documentation..
just going DOWN FOR iSREAL..:)
Eureka.. finAlly aLL oF Charlie’s
Angels back toGeThEr for a
Dance Hall Reunion..
with Charlie2..
with Maggie..
and Cortney..
pictured left to RiGht!..
OMG.. it’s so so now to sleep..
after i add all the fun dance photos
that are more than the Facebook Video
Algorithmically decided to include in slide show way..
anyWay coming to
my latest post..
iN MacroVerse
of Ocean WHole Poem View Now..:)
sMiLes.. My FriEnd.. Cabrogal..
first oF all.. to get the empathy and
compassion paRt out of the way.. now..
yes.. nice to you see you blogging again
after around 5 months.. hope you
are doing well.. Oh.. the Asperger’s..
now.. back to what your blog post..
post inspireS in me now..
as EW=F.. Emotions
times Words=Force…
Words that inspire
E M O T i O N S
make change..
in terms of
and Creativity..
Give and take.. we give
and take in terms of Energy..
And when we enslave other species
and domesticate them as is the plight
of the Chicken in the walls of grey prisons
we really FucK uP.. per se.. as we domesticate
ourselves.. and perHapS.. end up using Super-Walmart
carts to move our Fried Chicken eating bodies instead
of Free Ranging the lands of FoRaging in Hunting and
Gathering in the bliss that comes with miNd and BoDy
Balance.. as to be domesticated is to lose one’s BoDy
and miNd in the process in Human way too.. OFTen..
iN Dysregulation oF Emotions and
Disintegration of senses
from the time we sit
in school to
small work
now to get the
all you can eat fats
and sugars that oh.. feel
so.. so good.. for an animal
wHo is hUman who is evolved
for Intermittent Gratification and
not the instant gratification that comes
from the Human who has lost the call of
the wild.. no different than the wolf-dog from
that Jack London Book.. To no longer have
a luSt for the HUnt of liFe.. yeS.. in all the ways
that comes.. is to die a chicken’s life in a slow
torture of a grey walled prison that truly most
humans today are no more aware of than
the chicken with his/her free grains in her
or his chicken/human grey cAge.. anyWay..
the Good news is..
iF wE understand
that we too
are born to
be wild..
we do something about it.. now.. all nows..
and that my friend is why.. pArtLY.. every Thursday
Night now.. i make it a religious ceremony.. at age 56
to Dance Wildly and oh God.. full of lust/love with women
whose hips and breasts taste of the reproduction of liFe..
always out of my grasp of course.. as a happily married
man who FucKinG hasn’t forgot his Wild thing and uses
the science of his human nature to keep the productivity
and creativity going ..oh God…so strong the day after dance…
As you may remember.. Aleister Crowley was all in to this
thing called sex magic and sure.. sex magic
wasn’t well understood from a scientific
point of view then.. as it wasn’t then
something that was appropriate
to study.. Queen Victoria
and all of that.. you know..
but science shows now
that a balance
of lust and
love is at
the core sTilL of
human productivity
and creativity.. so sure..
enhance the lust part of
life without having the instant
gratification for it.. in other words..
the hUnt of liFe iNstead of visiting a
brothel.. makes the Karma of action
and consequence always of human libido
where LL=P+C.. yes.. Lust times Love
equals Productivity plus Creativity
and of course when that comes
in a positive way.. the science
of Karma says the positive
come in more
than one
way.. now
and to make
it into an instant
gratification game
of the domesticated all
one can eat grains chicken..
or the domesticated all you
can eat Fried Chicken or the
Domesticated all you can do
porn.. is to shoot oneself in
the chicken’s foot.. also
iT caN bE to understand
our Natures
in LiVinG iN
NoW giving
as much noW
as taking and for
humans with their
cognitive reasoning
discipline with a healthy
mix of empathy and compassion..
and no.. don’t forget the hunt for life
in Moving.. Connecting and Creating that
for human spells a Balance of lust and love
in life.. and yes.. killing animals reduces empathy
and compassion for flesh and blood all around..
that is one part of domestication.. i care not to
change.. as it is my empathy and compassion
in terms of love.. that makes me a gentleman
no matter how much the blood sinks
to the lower part of
my body
in the
free range
dance of life..
but i have to admit
when the sexiest breasts..
and hips move before me even
when they are my long term dance
friendS it can be a little hard to do this..
a balance though.. in the luSt and loVe of liFe in this
case giVing much more than taKing makes liFe fUn..
@least to me.. and all i know/feel is.. the girls are smiling..
a LoT so they must be enjoYiNg it a little bit too.. @ least… NoW
bottom line.. iS..
to lose the
Libido for
the hunt of life
is to die aS iN life.. no
matter iF iT is a chicken
or a human who has lost
tHeir free range of MoVinG
CoNecTinG and CreAtinG..
beHind desks and cubicles ..
mY FriEnd.. oh to live.. FREE..
tHeRe’s noThing liKe iT..
in animal terms..
oF humans sAMe as
chickens for the most pArt..
are most definitely SLAVES…
NEO.. sAdly sees and feels tHeir
pain most everywhere he goes..
except for the active danCeRs/SinGeRs in
the hAlls of Free Range HUman LiFe..
for those who don’t drink..
and pretty much
NEO.. now
My FriEnd..
to watcH as the
others slaveS to their addictions..
to instant gratification in all
the ways that comes
in behavioral
and substance
priSons aS well..
i’M addicted to lUst
and loVe but in BaLanCinG..
my friEnd.. FOR FREEsT LIfE..
as NEO SinGS and DanceS on
and aS alWays.. thanks
for the
DS=a lot of words..2..
DANCE times SOnG..
and no.. ‘the word’ didn’t come
first.. always dance then song..
and whatever comes after Movement
then Sound.. MS equals all that is and GOD.. sAMe..
and perHaps
distance.. space
and time is all illusion..
is Real too..
SeriouSly.. my friEnd(s)
last night.. who was/were the
sexiest wom(e)an(S) in a cRoWd
of hundreds of girls.. at least then
from what i could see and feel with
shadeS on.. probably had no idea
how much she(they) would inspire all of this.. (LL=P+C) the next
day.. the advantage my friend.. oF ALwAYS GoinG.. hoMe.. ALLONE..
And SinGinG WiTh
ALL that is iN BaLanCinG
ForCE.. NoW.. AKA GOD..:)
WeLL.. iT’s TrUe as this Facebook
MacroVerse Memory of two years ago
say..s Out of my mind..anything! is possible!..
in terms of productivity
and creativity wHere
innate instinct and
intuition come in to
play and of course of out
ones’ mind means/FeeLs.. to move
now past mechanical cognition state
of miNd and to FloW iN ZonE iN
miNd and BoDy BaLAnCinG FoRce
iSREAL also kNoWn as Super Consciousness
miND and BoDy BaLanCinG or Christ Conciousness
or yes.. the cALL of the WiLd oF GoD sOught.. FoUnd
and pracTiCinG jUst thAt for an eXpanDinG view/FeeL oF
miNd and BoDy Total awareness iN noW thAt has
no equal in the written words.. pages.. and books
of hUman alone.. suRe.. a pArt of thiS hUman
collective intelligence may be but the
Father.. the Goddess.. or whatever
yA wanna metaphor for it.. sure..
even a Blue Turtle too.. is
the poTenTiaL.. the DNA
gift of GoD oF aLL NaTuRe..
An iNheritance of a iSREAL..
Heaven and Bliss and
Nirvana same in
of animal homeostasis ..
WiLd and FReED aS BaLAnCinG
Force noW of the ExisTenTiaL InTeLLiGenCe..
oF BeinG all one can be in the greAtesT GiFT
and oNly iSREAL gifT of the PreSenT oF NoW
noW.. aLLoNE WiTh GoD WiLd and FRee iN
A DancE oF liFe nowoneforevermoreeverforonenow..:)
‘Celosia cristata is a member of the genus Celosia, and is commonly known as cockscomb, since the flower looks like the head on a rooster (cock).’ Quick Wiki description and definition of the
head liner thumbnail muse of photo for
the Facebook provided Macroverse
Memory of Kat Year Secrets from
a year ago.. and of course many
more Kat Year Secrets have been
revealed now.. but of course if they
were all revealed that would be instant
gratification and humans are evolved to
juST do intermittent gratification and that is
why in stuff of Romance things like one night
stands and all you can eat buffets without a hunt
of/for life can leave one feeling rather empty and never
ever filled/FeeLeD up as a slow romantic burn of FeeLinG is what
keeps life hot and never luke warm in all the work of GoD NoW
sAMe iN Interdependent InterrelaTinG Connecting Force oF
LiFe.. and this flower that has a white dusting on top
of what might look like a multi-colored brain if one
metaphors it that way.. aS in much stuff
Nature like Mushrooms.. and the
longer top oF reproductive pArts
of male Sego Palms that
lived about 300 million
years ago2.. before the
first human peNis appeaRed..
is sure kind of what the name of
the flower suggests2.. particularly
when red and full.. with a little white
dusting on top.. let’s face it.. life is full
of lust/love to get the job of survival and
reproduction done.. and more coming
on that soon.. in a another micro verse
that could be dedicated to a sexiest dress
i’ve ever seen a woman wear on a dance floor
too.. we naturally aim to please each other.. whether
we consciously do this or not.. wE are creATuREs of luSt
and love that inspire the productivity and creativity Now oF
liFe to gEt iT aLL dONe.. this is no secret but a lie that noW
has been forced on us to say that lUst/LoVe for life in all the
ways that comes in intermittent gratification is no less
than holy and sacred as it brings subsistence with
social cooperation in productivity and creativity
from birth to life.. as aLL of liFe is FeeLinG and
SenSinG weLL beFore words even are
a dreAm in a child’s beauty of FeeLinG
and seNSinG liFe Free from head
to toe.. seriouSly.. some folks
spend all tHeir lives in
misery and suffering
from repressing
the FeeLinGs
and SeNSes.. yes
including lust of and for
liFe too.. and this is the way
folks have been controlled through
cultures with religions.. etc.. that suggest that
the earthy reaLiTy oF FeeLinG.. and seNsinG
liFe noW iS somEhow evil and less than worthy
oF liVinG liFe iSREaL.. WeLL.. heRe’s thE Deal..
Nature and Human Nature is alwayS in control..
we have the abilLiTy to liVe a life full of luSt and
loVe in Happy balance holding each otHeRs
hands or live in the other place of fear
and hate.. and when i first stArted
dancing my very sensual free
dance in public.. when the
First Baptist Lady in her
60’s came up to me
in her bleached blonde
hair.. with bra pointing breasts
straight ahead in a bright yellow
dress to tale me that i was evil then
and just drawing attention to my self
no less that her blonde hair.. her brightly
colored cockscomb dress or bra pointing
her breasts to a direction that says i am fertile..
i am fertile.. i am woman and i am a sexy beast too..
i almost stARted to seriouSly giggle.. when she said
i shouldn’t be shinning my liGht oF MuSe for LiFe iN
LusT and LoVe BaLanCe as trUly mY dance was
attracting much more attention from the opposite
sex a few years younger than her brightly colored
cock’s comb dress.. yellow hair.. too.. and push
up bra that says i am woman heRe mE roar..
humans are funny.. and there are no
secrets for someone who kNows
and FeeLs all of mY human
nature as God’s trUth and
liGht in wE.. i would have
given her a liNk to my
cockscomb art too..
but to be honest..
like dance i was juST
stARting that muse of aRt
then.. and the wife tales me..
yeah.. babe.. i thInk that does
the female trick and treat now..
as who better to ask if you are
sexy now than the wife who has
seen ya.. for 26 years now..
if you can do something
new to turn the world
on.. by all means..
wear the brightest
cockscomb dress ya can
fiNd with Yellow hair and
push ’em up bra.. because honestly..
a briGhtly coloRed cockscomb bRain
as metaphor is the biggest sexual organ
oF aLL and to let the fantasies ecstasy oF iMaGination
run free creativeLY makeS iMaginary Lovers the hottest feaTure
oF LiFe’s poteTenTial oF aLL anyWay.. NoW.. anD got an
ARS theme Song out of the end of this SonG now..2..
as a hint iN DancE
of More to coMe..
in KAt YEar SeCrets
moRe REveaLeD.. noW2..;)
Hi Zee.. oh.. the pleAsure.. is
all mY mine and miNd and
emoTioNs of BoDy
and SeNses too
oF liFe.. as
heLps uS
iN BaLaNCinG and
procesSinG all these..
as i eNjoy them and cry
the sAme.. and beFore
my moTher dies.. as sure..
she is 81 and we all must
make room for those who come
neXt to pArTake iN/oF thiS grEaTEst
God Given GiFt oF LiFe oN this Warm
and trUe liGht blUe orB pLanEt.. In a UniVerse so
full of space without nearly as much liGht oF
Sentient liFe.. what a gift iT iS to bE
able to experience liFe to the mAx
as when we do we cherish iT aS
We are
God’s ONE
as wE.. noW..
i wiLL share this
with her and it
will make her
happy and ease
the grieving process
as a memory more
when she leaves..
i go wHere i AM now
weLcOme.. mY friEnd..
and tHerE has been no community
whole that has ever welcomed the all
of mE.. and that is oKAy.. as sure.. free
verse in all stuff liFe is what i do.. noW..
no matter
iF tHere
is ever
a community
whole that allows
a place to rest the free of BE..
thaT is me.. in other words.. i have
been deleted and banned out of
every online community no matter
iF iT is folks with disabilities or ‘grey poupon’
Poets.. it is the price of free my friEnd.. Vagabond
Wanderer.. i’LL continue to bE.. best oF aLL FREE..
rarely does any group of individuals understand me
at the administrative level of that.. but those who do.. i cherish..
and trUly people seem to understand
me better when i dance and
keep my mouth totAlly shut..
and perHaps that is the
reAson i am named
now as Dance
icon and
by the
general public
in doing that now
almost 6000 miles
everyWheRE i go..
in three years since 2013..
juST for fUn in a MoVinG
Ballet and martial arts-like
way of a dance oF liFe FReED..
trUly mY FriEnd.. the greAtest art
has been produced by those who
have to work hardest to have a connection
of some kind with others.. as trUly the hUman
connection is what drives every social animal
to even live at the most basic levels of survival..
At the heARt of every masterpiece IS A heArt that
never gave uP the SpiRit oF Human Love iN
miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
souL.. and that my
i AM.. oh what
a lonely boy who
literAlly works miracles will do..
juSt for the sMiLe of a friEndly hUman..
the human connection.. is what moves
uS.. mY FriEnd.. Zee.. as long as we are
HUman and Create Free as Fearless Love does2..
i don’t need no chocolate bars.. or no dollar bills..
a smile will do for now.. or a word of
kind.. it’s all i ever wanted..
a tEar
thaT iSREAL.. iS
FucKinG iSREAL..:)..
WeLL.. anyWay.. per reference
of last Micro-verse.. in poetic
discussion wiTh Zee..
noW in this Micro-Verse
thaT wiLL soon enTale..
Micro-Micro Verses from
Thursday open liNk niGht
from dVerse as i Free Lance
Free Verse poetic expresSioNs
in response to muse of inspiRaTioNs
i fiNd tHere.. i will say heRE iN larger wHOle
of this 698th Macro-Verse.. yeT to bE named.. but
perhaps ‘CocksComB deLiGht oF SciEnce and arT’..
wiLL Do.. as a SeNsuAL FeeLinG CocksComB coloRed
brAiN more than RainBow way continues to DancE anD SinG
FReED NoW iN Bliss.. Nirvana.. that reborn thinGie of Super Consciousness
of Father Son and Holy Spirit.. Goddess.. Daughter and great ancestral
DNA SpiRit liGht oF liFe.. the metaphors matter noT as lonGeR as the
EssEnce GeTs dOnE.. and the metaphor of Autism and the Nautilus
does come into older pre-Ocean Poem of pre-Macro-Verse
in the 6 months of 42 wHole months noW as WiTness for
GoD oF aLL oF NatURe that sure even this approaching
FuLL Ocean Poem personal bible does little to
no JuSTice foR GoD oF aLL.. or even the
8 million words i wrote wHOle
bEfore thAT.. soon to maKe
around 12 Million wHOle..
in the 6 yeArs of BeGinninG
on ThanksGiVinG DaY.. 2010
through noW 2016 as TsuNami
oF words oF poEtry and steps of
DanCe do continue to gRoW soMe MoRe..:)
AnyWay.. the so-called Autism Spectrum as put
toGeTheR Behavioral deficits in Reciprocal hUman
Social Communication.. is a catch all diagnosis
for many potential underlying physiological
and environmentally produced
disorders of reciprocal
social communication
and restricted repetitive
behaviors now beYond Social
Empathic Cognition overt Behaviors..
And in general.. the systemizing science miNd
in 10 to 15 percent of the population leaning this
way.. have similar behavioral deficits in reciprocal
Social Communication.. and poTenTiaL restricted
and repetitive ‘special interests’.. biggest difference
is some unusual folks find a niche in life that works
WeLL to Super ways in finding and maintaining subsistence
needs fully.. and others don’t and are considered functionAlly
disabled.. we all have potential hidden talents.. and the fAct is
one reason some folks never change from Autistic to Artistic.. noW
is.. it doesn’t bRing iN Bucks much now.. particularly.. as sources
oF Art online are offered freely all over the Internet now.. i have a
feathered nest so that doesn’t hurt.. but sure.. a boy or girl now when
they grow up do have to eat at least.. and that don’t come free usuAlly
without ways of modern robot like machine iN A Cog of society to keep
the creature comforts.. and extravagant luxuries always increaSinG…
i got off that boat.. Thanks God and am roWinG oN my On NoW..
And speAKinG oF the all night Dance i jUST gotta geT a nap..
if thaT SonG does not inspiRe a greATer liT oF LamP
iN Creation
Activity noW
as servers
so free
Serve iT
aLL uP for
mE FReED..
@ lEast and
west and etc..
et al oF aLL oF thAT..
for mE noW aLL FREE..:;)
WeLL the SonG is found and the
Sun just came back from behind a
napping FeeLinG cloud to a BriGhter light
noW of wide aWAke inspiration and
with that sAid.. Facebook
Friend Ned of Blogger
lore as gigoid
who continues
to take somewhat
of a social media break
shares two quotes on Faceboook
each that i like in yin and yang of liGht
and dARk ways of wisdom and EnliGhtenment..
that the alien or outcasts of LiFe who walk or jog
the late niGht sidewalks of liFe spiRaLinG ouT in Flow
beYond the sidewalks come to finD.. more and more in liFe..
as once aGaiN the greATest masterpieces of new are often
Created by the Nautilus who never givES uP on a SHell for
mansions of stately per Oliver Wendell Holmes that never
cease to gRow oN as Ocean Poems larger.. the only
question now is who will play mY pArt in my
own Pee Wee HerMes MoVie noW.. WeLL NoW..
trUth iS.. this sheLL oF Nautilus F Y i..
is too big for any movie screen or
actor other than the FloWer
oF Y i.. WitH zero limits
or expectations
of culture now..
and sure
many folks have
intimateD iN artful ways
that individuals like mE and more
WiLL come from in future days wHeRe
folks come without fears of illusions of
yesternows of culture and or religion..
Free with God aS oNe WiTh God..
the way has been prepared by
many otHers for this opportunity
through both religion and technology
and now to to share the two quotes of like
in dArk and liGht aSone by Ned now.. from Facebook..
“Religions are the great fairy tales of conscience.” — George Santayana
“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” — Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
WeLL.. the tRuth and liGht iS.. prepare ye a way for the HUman potEnTial of mE has
been provided by the myths and religions same.. in human archetypes
explained in metaphor therein that often material reductionists or
folks that haven’t looked deeper beyond the literal
myths fail to see.. as sure.. the folks
who wrote the Jesus story were
not him.. but who they
were.. iS REAL outcast
then Scribes and Catholic
Priests.. who were inherently
lacking in social graces and reproductive
success enough.. to go the metaphorical
monk route for a social role.. these folks ..
many of them.. kNew and fELt the hurt
of outcast.. many were Androgynous
Mama’s boys.. and sadly few were
females.. and that is why the
lean is all patriarchal
in what is left
of the good
old book
but what did survive
is human wisdom in addition
to the human dArk politics of
illusory fears.. empty promises
to control reproductive freedoms
in all ways subjugation and control..
including slavery.. violence and even
rape too.. that continues on in institutionalized
non-consensual ways of Dowry marriage in the old
Muslim way of Abrahamic origin of religion there..
well.. these dudes that wrote the New Testament
were mostly not warrior dudes.. as the created archetype
of the Jesus dude by effort of many folks toGeTheR is mostly
Love.. with the Roman Empire Political stuff added in to expand
that by the sword of course.. in territorial disputes to gain the more
fertile lands and hips and breasts for continuing subsistence and
reproductive success.. as all hands on board were needed as a
TogeTheR effort then to get the job of life dOne.. and heRe
comes the other pArt of sMarT that is important
for a truly free human being NoW
to arise.. and that IS TECHNOLOGY
THAT does not happen when one
must conform for hands on support
from the tribe alone.. so sure.. i love
both religion and technology/science
as they have prepared a path for me
to GroW to BeCoMe aLL of what i do/AM NoW..
all i have to do is discern the dARk pARts out
and focus on the StAR oF Y i FReED for NOW..
Sure.. Nietzsche’s supermen.. Whitman’s
priests of the cosmos.. the dudes then..
whomever.. created Jesus said would
do more than he noW.. including
females of course
who were
less than men
then same as females
in Muslim countries now..
overall.. with some exceptions
of course as in all stuff liFe as
Yin in DArk and YanG in LiGht.. NoW..
and the converse of that iN BaLAnCinG
GreaTer ForcE.. and yeah.. Buddhists have
predicted this person(s) after the balance is
lost of Buddhism too.. we rise.. i rise as
the path has been prepared by art and
science sAMe noW.. and sure.. iT is
the HeLL i am from for those 66
months of A iSreal JOB challenge
that fuels me on in InspiRaTion
greaTest no different reAlly
than a bLack wHole
SuN that a galaxy
whole spirals
so when you find
that the dArkest place
oF aLL of Hell on eArth is
the greATest inspiRation oF aLL
what is tHeRe to Fear.. NOTHING..
AS me.. yes..
Bottom line.. tHeRe is
no way reAlly to fully overcome
the lies of culture/religion’s parachuteS unless one sheds
most of the dependence on a parachute of culture/religions oF
acceptance in it to make a living..
a culture that provides a
more independent
option like
the U.S.. for
those who find
iT.. trUly can rise
iN the dREam of whomever
created Jesus ALL.. and the oTheR
TruEr liGhte now.. paRts of Myths..
Religions and SciEnces sAMe Now..
AS Total Art oF liFE FReED noW..
for mE
i say.. i RiSE..
iN juSt DoinG iT NoW
as Victory does fLow
through these veins oF
TruTh and LiGht iSREAL..:)
i just came here to see your
underroos.. well.. not reAlly..
i came here to see Shawna
as i find her first before she
goes away again for days..
for weeks.. for months
whatever she pleases..
which everyone should
do for free.. yes.. i
came to see
the human
being Shawna..
FucK the rest
oF dVerse i’ll
maybe do it
later on and no..
and not even
for her poetry..
all though that
is always interesting
and inSpiRinG to me..
oF course.. i could go on
but i have a hangover of this
amazing dress that my dance friend
wore last night.. i suppose that is why
i went straight to the underoos as i still
have a dress on that moved in so many ways..
i don’t kNow.. i FeeL.. i SenSe
i am man.. heRe me roar..
yes lust moves
me in
so much
more.. and you
are only a person of few..
in the entire world online
i can be free enough to talk
with about stuff like this.. and
that is why i like the Shawna
as Shawna Banahna alWays
tales it iS as sHe
sees iT
100 thouSand
words here and tHere
and what seems like a BilLion
steps of dance.. i move on too..
shed the dresses of lust and it is now
for warrior work out at military gym…
before i snuggle in with love
as i always
do when
i come home
from the luSt of/for
dance and life all day
fighting.. lusting
Loving.. that’s life my
friEnd.. and sure i can
let it all out on you.. like
a breeze that is fully honest
and never
back as
Hurricane oF Y i..
with the creme and calm
Center of a DArk Storm too..:)
Yeah.. i’m pretty sure i mentioned
it before but not only am i
diagnosed with the
Gillberg style
of verbally
delayed Asperger’s
that is also literally
known in some circles
as Einstein Syndrome..
per the hyperlexic part..
as more than a pun.. i got
the Bi-polar too.. which sure.. explains
extended runs of hypergraphia.. yeah..
and all my nude art.. wild dance and stuFF..
and my doctor wanted to give me Epilepsy
drugs to stop my Lewis Carroll stuff…
as he was said to be
Hypergraphic too..
Lewis and not the Doctor..
but Alice and WondeRinG
i’LL stay.. in my case my
highs can last for decades and
my lows can last for years as now
66 months rates for the longest
of no emotions at all for me..
but it’s true.. emotions are
the glue of cognitive
executive functioning
and in times of extreme
stress humans tend to
repress those emotions
that exacerbates issues
of both emotional regulation…
and sensory integration which impacts
both focus and short term working memory as
again emotions are the glue of both of that..
and sure.. emotions are located in our body…
Balance that body from head to toe
with the exercise of art as body
moving balance and ergo.. the
mind follows suit.. as
the body was always
in charge naked to
begin with
in moving
ways then..
before we
it with all the
stresses of culture.. my
FriEnd.. Shawna.. anyWay my
high or what Doctors describe
as constant hypomania… is now
going on past three years.. and sure
iF it lasts 4 more decades i will have
lived oveRAll a very sunsHiney..
very very
in the park my
friend.. oh the lows..
but ah.. the high that never ends
in Alice and Wonder Land oF Y i..
sure.. if my spouse was a Baptist preacher..
although i don’t think that’s allowed the last
time i checked.. for females.. And i was locked
uP in a church environment like that
with homeschooling four
kids.. and not having
a wife who does
it all for
Pan me
in Peter style
too.. sure i might
be in the opposite polar
way too.. as the social stresses
of life are always what flipped
the switch of liGht to off for me..
in other words.. Pan works for me..
sMiles.. i’LL keep you in my thOughts and
prayers my friEnd.. but tHeRe does seem
to be practical reasons too…
why the
go off in the
other way too..:)
Did you feel that 60% of Smart and heart is art..
WeLL.. Zee.. see literAlly iT is.. and
Evil spelled backwards is Live..
and Devil spelled backwards is
Lived and Stressed spelled backwards
is Desserts and yes Desserts Lived Live..
is a greater pLease of life than Evil Devil
Lived and oh yeah.. even in the word
HeLL.. in fact 50% of HeLL iS God
as EL does mean God in
some of the first
of Abrahamic
Religious words
for GoD and
in early
Religion Tradition..
of course translated into
English as all these words exist now..
And in the Christian New Testament Heaven
is addressed as on earth in this generation..
and in the Quran.. Muhammad addressees
Hell as near too as he journeyed to this
place while in life.. and true
there is only one person
who kNows the full
extent of both
Heaven and
Hell my friEnd
and that is what
psychiatry names
as the Bi-Polar soul..
and before Psychiatry
it is thought that these folks
range from Leonardo to Michelangelo..
to Beethoven.. to Vincent Van Gogh..
to so many more folks who have
done so much in the Heaven
pArts and even Hell parts
of tHeir life on this
earth my friend..
and there is no doubt
from what is left of the words
of the man Yeshua.. and what
is written of the man Muhammad
by those who actually knew him that
both these men existed on this Bi-polar
spectrum of high and low at least.. to
have as much love and discontent with
the way things were to make a change
and a change they both made no matter how
one may disagree or agree with the details that ensued..
so in other words.. many of the folks i have met in the poetry
world are on this spectrum of greatest liGht and greatest dArk of
heaven and hell too.. and sure.. i am technically diagnosed as both
on the Autism Spectrum with Asperger’s Syndrome and with Bi-Polar
disOrder too.. but the thing with me.. is.. i have a super logical mind from
the Asperger’s that i got from my father’s side mostly and a super art mind
from my mother’s side mostly that the Bi-Polar came from that is heavy
in folks in my family who have became very successful and the
opposite Van Gogh.. as the Dark Black hole soul of life that
can come with the Bright Yellow Sun way of
bEinG.. anyWay.. iN putting it in much shorter
terms than this.. poeTicAlly i can relate to the
dArk niGht of the
soul where
all is time
moves or feels
or senses at all.. this
place of dArk tarRed and OiLed
bird who iS in a place that is cold
inside.. year round in a day where spring
never comes nor even winter nor even
any change at all in a place i once
named as aghogday..
for another ground
hog day..
never ever
comes in a heart
that has lost art.. in
a smart that has lost art..
in a live that feels evil as it
has no heARt.. to lived that
has become Devil of who i felt
as nothing but nothing as piece of
paper existence then.. kNowing that
a fire of hell in dowsing oneself with
gasoline would be preferable to feeling
and sensing nothing.. nothing.. @ALL mY
friEnd.. and in that place i understand precisely what
God was and is.. the Interconnecting.. Interdependent
relationship of all that is.. and when one becomes separated
from God like this.. there is no tear for a drop of Lazarus in that
place here.. it is the place that likely all true prophets of God have
gone too.. a place beyond all fears.. all tears.. a place where even
mythological demons and creatures dare not tread.. and when a person
goes here.. they will report this place does exist.. if they ever make it out..
and perhaps they will become a great artist in SonG.. DancE.. Poetry.. Theater..
Paint.. and even Inventor too.. to BrinG the HUman race up to a place far far from
hell hEar on eARTh.. my friend.. as even Earth is comprised of 60% Art.. so are all
these 60% statistics from the hUman who sPeaks with language of God’s SKeYeS
as God Sees KeY trYinG to tale uS something that IS A secret plain in our siGht
that most people miss in every day language who are not hEaRinG
and SeeInG/FeeLinG the Deeper meanings of Life that God
places even in the way we wRitE.. sure.. it’s
safe to say it IS A caution from God in
plain siTe.. to make life more
art and less science
my FriEnd.. soUl
iN miNd and
for the path
to heaven is Art
of HeARt and SpiRiT
ExprESsinG tHat ARt
as alWAys has been dONE
iN DancE and SonG ever sinCe
the MoVinG Big Bang and the SonG
thaT STiLL makes as the background noise
as God sTiLL DanceS and SinGs Free.. wE are
God mY FriEnd.. no different than the smAllest GRAin
of sand that spirals at subatomic flow at Golden Mean
Spiral of 1.618.. all is holy and sacred from EL to HELL..
and ALL iS a TeSt from GoD to Be like God in DancE and
SonG.. my therapist asked me once.. advice on how to help
her client as he had never ever experienced emotions in
his life.. all his heart was was he with no art attached
to that amputation of soul my FriEnd.. WeLL.. i
tOld her the only way i could see out for
him.. would be to go somewhere
legal and private and dance
with God all naked
with feet attached
to the mother of
Earth bare
as foot
and feat
of dance sAMe..
Well.. you kNow.. that’s really
not even considered socially acceptable
over here in the U.S… as only a fool for God
would do that.. well the thing is.. even in the
Gospel of Thomas.. Jesus was reported then as
saying in vs. 37 to see the living one inside
that was the father as they referred to God
living inside then.. one must strip
their clothes
and tread
on them unashamed
in front of God.. WeLL my
friend.. if they did that then..
sure.. they could be stoned too..
for being insane as nothing more
than a Holy Fool then.. but those who
Love God most and want to feel God from
head to toe.. will find a way.. to sense and feel
all of what God offers as Gift on this earth in an inheritance
of heaven now.. and those clothes include culture.. school and
work.. as truly the heart IS A muscle of Love that must be exercised
full time all of life to be strong as Muscle of Love can come to be.. and
my friEnd.. after going to hell.. several times in life.. with the last stint..
lasting 66 months tHeRe wHeRe tHeRe was no memory of emotions..
as with the total loss of emotions.. memories that are emotions
do not exist there.. even as a tear.. a smile.. or the most
distant faint water drop of a laugh in hell..
it’s impossible to color the bLack
of each individual hell my
friend.. but only
through poetry
and other forms
of Art now FuLL
is it possible truly
in words and art..
back to art..
the smart back to art..
the devil back to lived..
the evil back to live.. and
as whole the Earth back to art..
wHeRe is desserts all of everYwhere
F R O M S T R E S S E D I N H E L L..
TO we see and feel.. wHere we hold hands
again and say i Love you My friEnd no matter
who is looking or listening noW.. mY FriEnd..
there are no coincidences in life my friEnd..
theRe is no random.. not even in the
God who exists in HeLL.. every
moMent God is hOlding
uS toGeTheR whether
we feel or see
thiS noW..
all is synchronicity
iN aLL dARk to liGht
to sHades of Grey to
hues beyond the bRightest
Rainbow uNiCorn Blue mOon..
all IS A canvas.. all IS A stage all
are we as actors and paint of the masterpiece of God..
and one day my friEnd.. i aM going to paint God in words as brush..
in a way that most everyone will see and feel both God and heaven now..
mY friEnd..
and you are helping
me as just anotHeR messenger of God.. FReED..
and yes.. that makes you special.. a very special woman inDeeD wiTh LOVE..:)
SigNeD.. jusT
anotHeR Holy FooL for God..
wHere aLL is Luke Hot mY FriEnd..
aWay from the other place of CoLD..:)
And these are my passwords to Heaven for you..
and no.. i expect nOthing in return.. not even a password from you..
the gift
is what
you have
aLready inspiRed heRe..
as a friEnd to
Facebook and Dear FriEnd
Himali.. from India currently
residing in the United Arab
Emirates responds to the
headliner sky photo of
SasQuatch LoVe Feat sKeYes
in saying..
Beautiful day !!
i say in return..
Thanks Himali..
In these clouds.. i
An Angel
Child birthed
Below the Sun..
Magic is in
sKeYes of
God when
We see the
Key to open
God’s HeArt
iN uS In FeeLiNg
Ways wiTh
And CreatiVity
oF SpiRiT eXpreSsinG
God’s HeArt
iN uS iN
MinD and
So nice to
See yOuR
Himali says
in Kind and Creative Return..
Beautiful imagination Fred !
I love the beauty and the sunshine..
gives much light
and positivity
And then i say..
Creatively too..
Thanks my
Friend.. i was
Reminded about
the years ..then..
i was so Depressed..
In a Blog post by
Zee.. who was
How the world
Looks and FeeLs
iN that
Of Life and
In leSS one
FeeLs it..
It’s impossible
To More Fully
Understand… I
Am so Blessed
To Find A way
Out and Will
Do anything
To Help
See and
FeeL the
Of Life
My FriEnD
Many people
Like My Mother
Most all their
Life.. The
Lucky ones..
i work like
An Olympic
Athlete not
To Go Back
WHeRe tHeir
iS no MaGiC
In sKeYes oF
God that does
FeeL liKe MaGiC
Of the otHeR
Place.. NoW..:)
And now as i share a Facebook algorithm 2 year..
Macro-Verse Memory that is more reflective of
the more vertical ways my words flowed down
the page instead of all around as they tend to do
more.. as pecking that message with one finger on
my smArt phone finger in bed at 5:55 am.. takes away
a full concert of 10 fingers on Keyboard
of Digital bits and bytes as
technology becomes
art of piano no less
and even more
in how words
can flow
and go so
many more places
in essence as form than
before technology came along
to assist someone like me with
dysgraphia and chicken scratch
pen and quill writing that has turned
into flow of hypergraphia now… oh how
we humans really are “i’m reAlly special now”
as i say in the blog Macro-Verse way wHere all
is art from head to toe.. in the essence of the 10
fingers and toes.. and all the pARts as Holy and Sacred
‘tween that yes.. quite frankly.. including full view of human
penis and vagina too.. no different than the more protruding
parts of flowers and plants and the receptive butterfly parts now
that come with buzzing bees for life too.. truly sad that something
so beautiful and innocent when only the child of that was the prize
of the village to be raised with love no matter how many fathers added
a gift of semen to the mix of butterfly receptacle for life in busy bee way..
of work
of the night
or day.. for life..
for life.. for holy
and sacred life in
a Universe mostly full of space
now and rocks with no life.. and
Suns that burn hell fire.. without
soft butterflies and SinGinG Buzzing
Bees to get the job of bRinGing more sentience
of life to be.. just to be alive.. as how could anything
be more sacred than the flower of Vagina.. the bee of penis..
and the sacred semen of life that BrinG Holy and Sacred HUmans to life..
no less
than the
roSe that
SinGS of Breath
more to be in colors
of Love more than illusory
fears.. and hate of humans who
cover this beauty up with clothes
and illusionary words of illusory fear
and hate so dark.. well the truth is..
i can’t really tell my Muslim friends
that a big part of why they are
unhappy is because
they are often
in ways
of covering
this free love
up from head to
toe.. by a culture that
says boys and girls cannot
even hold hands until they are
married.. and sure that is a way
to control the financial flow of resources
in a barren land that is short of fertile subsistence
and understandable too.. life is a struggle in these
infertile places.. and sure the bottom line
is survival either happy or sad..
but to be naked and
free and hold hands
with the opposite sex
all of one’s life.. is always
the way of God set Free in wE..
hard to see behind the covers of
culture still across the globe from
places first world to three too.. yes
sadly we are far removed in the clothes
of culture in many places even from the
essence of what it means to be human in literally
holding the hands of the opposite and sure as they
still do freely in even Saudia Arabia the same sex
too.. which is very very sad to me.. that they are
not allowed to do that with the opposite sex..
and no wonder really at the number
of closet homosexuals from
that place when the
records were opened
up in that online dating
place world wide.. truly a
country that does not support
the interaction in physical ways of
the opposite sex and only allows that
among family members and the same
sex in common sense terms.. is truly
a homosexual country in practice
in every day terms of life..
and sadly as at least
one online source
shows in Arabian
Doctor’s practice over
their open to case-study
public purview.. up to 80%
percent of 3 to 6 year old little
girls are molested in the home in
sexual ways by either family members
or intimate friends of home.. to go against
the God of nature FReED in us naked from
head to toe in holding hands in all the ways
that comes.. is to pay a Karmic price of
action and consequence therein
and what becomes so called
holy in human so-called
good books.. produces
the greatest evils
of all
in harming
other human beings
at core of what it even means
as human as when what is taboo..
as far as God’s Nature in incestual
relations and generally speaking homosexual
behavior.. where one is born for heterosexual inclinations
all through and through.. becomes a fetish of life that often
brings much total human suffering and misery too.. better to
Love the God you FeeL/SensE than the God who is made in idols
of words
in subjugating
illusory fears.. empty
promises of a heaven after
life for suffering in the real poTenTial
Heaven on earth in this generation as
promised in the New T by Jesus even too..
as reports of scribes and priests relate that too..
but truly.. if you are hEaring me from ‘over there’..
the way that God is killed as Nature free in
us.. is only by Force.. by threat of
punishment in controlling
human nature in
sTiLL repressing
it and oppressing
it iSREAL noW..
otherwise those
parts of religion
would never still
even come to be or
exist now.. as when humans
are set free they return to empathy
and compassion and a free lust for all
of life from head to toe.. to inside to outside..
to above.. so below and all around now.. God
iSREAL.. it is only human lies of words that
take us Away from GoD iSREAL as wE..
naked and free and holding hands
across the lifespan
once again
AND NAH.. we live in populations
more than we are evolved in to live
this free way again.. in flesh and blood
everyday life.. as we are only evolved to
connect to about 150 to 200 sets of naked
eyes and hips in everyday work and play of life..
But when Miley Cyrus shows the art of her below
and breasts that are made to feed the life of lust for Loving
life whole.. if you make fun of her.. you are simply making fun
of God
Free when
you see all
of her online now..
i hold hands with her
in symbolic way by setting
God free in metaphor and iSREAL
naked and FReED too.. and if you
dare not look at my body from head
to toe as Holy and Sacred as Miley’s
body is the same way.. when you
search her out on Google
or however you
come across
the Temple
of God as she..
she is Brave enough
to be God as all that is
and stand before God as
witness that no one owns
her but
the who
free in her
naked flesh
and blood as
Temple of God from
head to toe.. the holiest
and most sacred of all art i
do is my nude art.. very few people
will understand that but the children
oF God who have truly set God
free in they.. treading
on the illusory
fears of
and religion
same feeling that
they are i am special from head to
toe as holy and sacred iSREAL..
the fAct that a person can
truly get back
to this way
of Nature’s
art at its highest
level of what is Temple
of God from head to toe..
means that whatever we symbol
and metaphor as Jesus can finally
come back now.. at last on restricted
Google links.. and places where Miley
is shared all over as God comes to
and free
as wE once aGAin..
before the lies of the Apple..:)
And as synchronicity will have it.. a year later
in this MacroVerse Memory from a year
ago.. “i AM2”.. as the i AM
theme continues here
a year later too..
in a dVerse inspired
prompt where the
administrator of the
poetry site that is
already sounding
a little too much
like an
man-made government
as that goes too.. asks the
poets to use modifiers to change
the meanings of what they say.. in
grammar ways of doing that in literal
way.. to break the rules as they say..
well.. i went a step farther and
still modify words
too.. by using
inG to mean in God
in many words there.. in
fAct 13 times in the first
paragraph alone.. and of
course i had to explain this
to the very literally thinking
Swedish physicist as in even that
native language its mostly concrete
and hard.. and sure even my ancestors
in Black Forest of Germany per the father
of my Native Ireland Grandfather are known
for their concrete and precise ways of language too..
yes.. kinda stiff.. living in cold places the human can come
to be.. its nature.. reflected in language too.. as cold dark grey
days do affect human nature in all the ways that comes too.. anyway..
there is enough crazy horse and ghost dancer American Migratory
Sioux and Cherokee in me.. to talk and move in ways that
come from essence over form still now.. the gift
of my ancestors who moved away from
the cold Siberian North
across the Bering
to an
and free new world
of fertile life in the Americas
of teaming fish in creeks to the
buffalo who roamed Strong and
proud.. sure i am a wild one in
many ways and perHaps i owe
that gift to my ancestors
who made the
sacrifice to
travel to a place
where a Naked SonG
and Dance toGeTheR under
the warm moonlit fires of SoUls
eYes free in heARt and SpiRit noW
eXpreSsinG wayS once aGain became
the reaLity of the Ocean view home of
Beach once again Naked.. Free and Holding hands Again..
i AM
all Free
to be DanCinG
SinGinG Naked and
free.. and sure all the twerking..
all the bootie dancing.. and all the
breasts and hips moving wildly in the
rave dance of night.. is reflective of that
human indigenous spirit once again set
free as the Firework of we shoot
up instead
in hell
of human
made prisons
of culture and
religion same who
would cover up the flesh
and blood of God’s TrUth and liGht as US..;)
SMiLes.. thefeatheredsleep.. obviously l can relate to this
story about a little Autistic boy.. as i was
him2.. who couldn’t speak until age 4..
wHere thank God the Doctor
told my mother.. as he
could feel
the intelligence
underneath my
bright eyes that
obviously were full
of emotional affect
and receiving a whole lot
of information from the
environment at hand that
yes.. he will speak when he
gets ready to speak.. you give
him everything he needs.. and sure
that was Love my FriEnd.. perHaps that
is the biggest Temple Grandin difference
where she eventually not only survived but
thrived in the real world too.. really making
a difference in the way animals are eventually cooked..
but truly.. when one has met one so-called labeled autistic
person there is no us vs them.. as this condition is a spectrum
with no one inherent condition that creates the social reciprocal
behavioral deficits that create functional disabilities in the so
called optimum functioning of society today.. and sure.. noW the
repetitive restrictive special interests that could eventually
be a full opera by Mozart or so much more now.. hmm..
i would have been Beethoven but Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome cut that potential somewhat away..
hehe.. i couldn’t write anything really longer
than a cut and paste page of technical
information until age 50 and a little
after that but sooner or later
all those heightened internal
experiences of senses and feelings
that when positive are still truly the experience
of the pot of beYond gold at the end of the rainbow came OUT..
that only the pot of Gold knows/feels in internal alchemical metallurgy
noW sTiLL oF lyrical flow.. so.. wHere to go neXt.. i AM a Forrest
Gump Feather Floating in the wind.. my friEnd..
close to 12 million words of miles since
2010 and 33 months before that
in losing speech once with pain..
again.. and after that
33 more months until
the pain went away at the
end of July 2013.. and 3 years
from then and 1 month now as
my 42nd month of Blogging is coming
to an end now.. the longest long form poem
ever that will never be published in print.. as sure
MicroSoft Word says at even 3.3 million words that
are still approaching 4 million words now.. that 30,000
worded pages and 60 to 70,000 photo pages would fill the
mArk oF that at 100,00+ pages for the poem and book or what
ever it is online i did just for fun… the feather knows and feels
no limits when free my friEnd.. and trUly no one usually
notices it and that is A-okay.. as if they did.. they might
get a net
and capture
it and it would
no longer float free..
Moral of the story..
i be
Thanks for recognizing
me along the way.. my nice
author and poet friEnd Candice..
and oh sHit.. almost forgot the close to 6,000 miles
in 3 years now across the U.S.A in twice the distance
of DanCinG everywhere inside and
outside in public i go.. cRap..
no sHit PARADE..
i am
forget how F iN Epic
i keep groWinG
to BE..
and no.. i’M certainly
not the only one.. how
many folks are doing the same
thing underneath the so-called
optimal functioning level of the
Twitter verse now.. just doin’
it.. just doin’ it.. ’cause
it’s joy
carNate mY FriEnd.. noW..
seriously though.. A favorite
pARt is the Selfie Dance Photos
of the 1000+ girls with smiles from ear to
ear smiling with me.. as i say FUCK YOU TO
as i dance on by
them with their
Beer Bellies watching
NFL on mall benches now..
and all of this was breWing way
back when before age 4.. where my
mother told my Father.. there is something
about my boy.. it’s like he knows something and
he is not telling us like an adult in that crib.. and then
my father says.. well yeah.. one day you’ll come in here
and he’ll be leaning back with a cigarette in hand.. in crib..
i never picked up that habit.. and sure.. i put off FULLY talking for close
to 47 more years AND LOOK WHOSE TALKING NOW.. WITH NO END ‘TILL NOW.. goeS oN..;)
P.S.. in highschool.. when i was the first human to be picked by teachers in 10th grade..
to get inducted into the National Honor Society then.. at that local school..
the teachers thought it was great but the girls and boys were not impressed..
And at the end of earning three college degrees with still little ability to
speak fully and coherently in either vocal or written social
reciprocal interaction ways of creativity then..
they still referred to me as superman doing
that and three part time jobs too..
and after 30 years of work
before it almost
killed me at
the end..
my fellow
workers referred
to me as superman2..
since then.. online i’ve been
named Yoda.. the perfect definition
of God.. which was way more than i asked..
heHE.. Buddha.. and back at work they called
me the living example of Jesus2.. at the Bowling
Center i managed too.. and now in dance.. inspiring
to legend.. to icon of dance too in the metro area..
spirit animal.. boss of dance.. most valuable player
for the boy who was picked last in teams at
school.. at church.. the singer who
i want to sit next to just to hear..
and yeah.. i married ‘this’ girl
who never ages..
and who lived
through 66 months
of real iSREAL hell with me..
enduring the worst pain known
to humankind with type two trigeminal
neuralgia assessed as a pain worse than
crucifixion like someone drilling one’s teeth
without novocaine but it is in one’s right eye
and ear instead.. making effective use of sight
and hearing almost intolerable for 66 months
from wake to sleep.. with 19 medical diagnoses..
including Fibromyalgia.. Sjogren’s Syndrome…
Severe Degenerative Arthritis in spine..
Spinal Stenosis.. Congenitally
Fused Vertebra in Spine..
Nasal Passages almost
closed up in sinus
way from
and Dysautonomia
where blood pressure and
heart rate no longer synched
where at the beginning of that real
JOB hell of that 66 months i could
not sleep for 40 days of lent in Spring
of 2008.. except for one hour of very
shallow sleep.. with aid of alpha blocker
to slow my out of control heart rate
for cardboard box-like sleep for the
first 35 days and none the last
5 of 40.. where suicide
became my only
goal as savior then..
and sure at age 21.. they
almost locked me away in a mental
institution as they had never come
across a case like me.. in a mania no
sleep episode of that continuing cycle
of decades of up.. and years of down
in Bi-Polar souL way too.. bottom
line x2
lived it all my
friend and lasted
long enough to tale
the story in just one comment
to a friEnd’S online poem..
and sure.. there is much
more to it than this..
as close to 12 milLion
words do tale.. noW..
as mY FriEnd. reaLiTy
is much more
DOWN for someone still considered
totally and permanently too disabled to
optimally function in society today.. by
written reports of professionals still
now my
as the
truth of the
matter is
was not made
for this world.. and
nah.. i wouldn’t say that
but hey.. i cannot deny and tale a lie as Abe says2..
the fActs speak more than volumes on thaT.. noW
and if i come back again.. if i could come back
again.. yeah.. i’d do it forever juSt
to see
one smile
from my wife now..
all the rest oF it was
just icing on that wedding
cake my friend.. as the
feather goeS oN
and yeah.. sure.. i leg press
close to half a ton on a very difficult
parallel leg press machine with my stretching
arms raised to the sky like a ballerina2… 33 times
at age 56..2.. wiTh a sample of 14 times of that on
YouTube too.. but hey.. the truth is.. other folks
could do more than me too.. if they just believed
more than what the optimal functioning of society says they can be..
and juST Do…
FucK thaT
i do
liFe my
way friEnd.. so..
what in summary.. does the
clever fox say.. Victory..!..iNOW…;)
The Facebook Video Production Assistant
continues an almost never ending
opera of my metro area dance
walk and even
a pre-game
work-out show..
complete with Karmic
All seeing Bear eye..
and this Bear
teeth.. heHE..;)
And as fortune WiLL have it..
Facebook Algorithms never
ever give uP iT seems as.. yes..
the video slide show continued
all the way until the end of the
night in part two of inspiration road..;)
Coming back full circle here..
as Karma action and consequence
Can and WiLL do of course..
with the Karmic
All Seeing
Bear eye
with teeth
fully exposed iN
and WitH the CaLL
oF the Wild heARd and
acted uPon for consequence way..:)
WeLL iT’s TRUe.. i reAlly do Love
hUman Faces so Facebook is eXtra
Cool to me.. but yes.. we have Bodies
too.. and even Brains and hearts three
in one per se.. of heARt.. and SpiRit
aS Essence oF HeARt.. exPresSinG
miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
as oNe force oF
GoD wHOle as
wE iN syNergy
of MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
anD creAtinG wiTh each oTHeR..
hOlding hands too.. and man.. i do
my best to describe what i AM fully
doing in terms of enhanced cognitive
executive functioning in focus and
short term working memory that
DancE does bRing Free style
in reguLating EmoTioNs
and inteGrating SeNses
thAT FloW iN OuR Body
from Vagal Nerve.. also
kNown and FelT as
Kundalini riSinG too..
from bRain to GuT
and swirling all around
cells to peptide receptors
that remember positive neurochemicals
and neurohormones in cells from head to
toe too.. but sure the Milton Folks seem to
have a hard time understanding this as i
even had one fairly young person state
they’ve never heard of mind and body
balancing so perHaps the old
legend of the Buddhists is true
too.. suggesting that when this
basic art of life for noW iN
gaining and maintaining
simple Animal Homeostasis is lost..
in neurohormone and neurochemcial
BaLanCinG from Head to toe3.. thereby
reGulaTing emoTiOns and InteGrating
seNses for fully body inteLLigence iN
MoVinG.. ConNecTing and creAtinG
With OtHeRs toGeTheR.. too.. yeah..
Baby.. the world needs more teachers..
to humbly help folks bRing tHeir innate
instinct and intuition back from the brink
of mechanical cognition death of being
imprisoned in one’s head out of full body InTeLLiGence
from head to toe.. as they say.. baby makes her blUe geNes talk..;)
And sPeaKinG of that SonG yA kNoW and FeeL especiAlly if you are
a male who hasn’t forgot to FeeL and SeNse the eNvironment of female
around them in reproductive innate instinct and intuition that says
the hips are a signal and the butt too of course in a way
a woman walks in poTenTiaL for reproductive success
in Birthing large headed babies like me..
with super potential intelligence too..
hmm.. yeah.. baby’s got butt for me
too.. and breasts.. well interestingly
enough.. in most primitive cultures.. breasts
are not idealized as much as hips.. as it’s kind
of secondary you know to the initial ACT.. per se too..
in FAct.. the science of breasts and hips in this reproductive
way says that breasts become more idolized and treasured when
subsistence resources are low… as the toddler can nurse too..
when the foraging is sparse.. so hmm.. what about all the Breast
worship in the U.S. oF A.. wHeRe every which way ya look in big
banners of mall advertisement and on the road too.. hmm..
to be honest i have always been fond of hips and breasts..
so sure.. i don’t mind it all as baby can let more
of her blUe geNes talk in tightly fitted
dance dresses from top to bottom
too.. hey.. i may be older
but i ain’t dead yet..
and until
then baby
can sing
a song from
head to toe..
free as free can be..:)
Oh.. the Public Dance Walking Memories.. and
about wHeRe iT all started here on August 28.. 2013..
as far as Video and or Ocean Whole Poem
Documentation oF iT goes.. at this
point.. no Nike GPS Sports Watch to
Measure it yet.. but
at Best Buy.. i give it
a somewhat crude spin
then.. as sure.. after sitting
in my bedroom for 66 months then..
with the worst pain known to humankind
as a shut-in of course.. yeah.. i was like
an animal who finally escaped out of a cage..
or better yet a human who escaped out of the
big one of culture and religions then too.. after
47 years of doing that before the pain said
get the FucK out oF all of that and
eventuAlly find God within and
in doing so all innately..
instinctually and
intuitively finDinG
miNd and boDy balance..
thaT iS moving as art.. connecting
with other human beings noW and the
rest of Nature and creating something
new alWaYs now bRinGS all naturAlly
with the power of emotional regulation
and sensory integration for much greater
potential fulfilled in cognitive executive
functioning through enhanced super
laser focus.. and even short term
working memory too.. in other
words.. getting yoUr shit
all togeThEr.. and
seeking and finding
the heARt of YoUr human
potential.. eXpresSinG that
HuMan potEntial as heARt of SpiRit
art in all the ways creativity comes
in a BaLanCinG Art and Science oF
life that should be at least 60% heARt
and Art as by God of Nature trUe and liGht
BE Now sTiLL over the course of hundreds of
thousands of years before school and books and
the mechanical cognition rules A life now down to
key strokes of data entry in routines and rituals
of 8 hours a day of analytical reasoning duties
stuck in the head.. wHeRe the hUman heARt
dies an isolated way away from Art and
SpiRit of ExpreSsinG Art and Creativity
sAMe in a body that has become lost
in emotions dysregulated.. and
senses disintegrated.. from
BaLanCinG with miNd one
as wHOle soUl of much
greater poTenTial
hUman intelligences
fulfilled instead of just what
they measure oF F iN Standard IQ
tests that measure what ya need to
kNow and do to be a good little cog
in the machine of society to keep the
creature comforts and greater instant
gratification luxuries coming that defeat
the balance of life of intermittent gratification..
with all you can eat sugars and fats.. all you
can drink beers.. wines.. alcohols.. and other
varieties of substance addiction associated drugs..
to take a shortcut to happiness that becomes more
often misery and suffering too.. yes.. as even those
who made a dude named Jesus in a book.. as role then
model of human archetype to aspire to be.. the answers
are within.. Nature AKA as the Kingdom of God does..
live within.. as even science now shows we are
made of the cosmos star stuff too.. as star dust
of Great potential we have become.. as the
miracle of life when expressing that in
all of evolved God of Nature given
human potential most definitely
does show.. anyway..
i still grow
this way
as the
most definitely
clearly shows2.. as there
was no doubt i would do things
not reported that others have done
specifically.. per se.. in my own created
art of liFe to come three years ago at
the time of this video.. same date noW
of month then.. in fact.. i documented
thaT on the Wrong Planet when
i told them on that website..
there was no sky for limit..
of what i would do next..
then that i have
what the therapist
named as miraculously
recovered like a real religious
miracle then.. going from not even
being able to go into a Whataburger
for even 15 FucKinG minutes to
dancing solo in front of crowds
of hundreds in public stores
and eventually much more
refined.. in dance hall way..
to yes.. the tune of
around 1000 girls as
documented in selfie autographed
smiling dance photos with me too..
as documented too.. in 124 full weeks
of doing that now.. that yes.. still exist
in Ocean Whole Poem way now.. anyway.. NoW..
it’s just proof that this higher potential of God
exists.. and God does too.. and more about that
in a few.. per the next Macro-Verse shared from
a year ago.. since this one too.. as Ocean Poem FlowS oN..:)
Yeah.. sure.. WTF IS GOD!.. this big question
that is easy peacey as piece of peach cobbler
to me.. as i have zero problem with the
fAct that science now proves God
to exist 100% with proof..
in what all the sages
of the ages have pointed
to God as being noW as an
allthatis interconnecting
and interrelating Force of
life with no one name but the
essence of all that is.. as science
shows this cosmos of Nature.. aLL iS
one force living within wE too.. just as
the folks who wrote the Gnostic and other
New Testament Gospels do relate if you can
see and hear the deeper meanings of the
way poetry is written in biblical sacred
text too.. folks seem to be butt hurt
that it took science to prove it..
not understanding that
science is the
scribe that
is God’s best
friEnd.. so far.. in
proving God’s existence
without a doubt.. but you kNow
and feel the tribal instinct.. huh.. people
worship the words they use to describe God
over what the FucKinG essence of God alWays
has been and alWays WiLL be as interconnecting
and interrelating force ALL aS ONE NoW.. no shit..
God is FucKinG iSREAL and every wHere as noW one
Force of existence.. sorry.. if you missed iT in a book..
in a three or five letter idol as form of word.. without
this essence realized and
fELt iN yoUr liFe..
tHeRe iS no
God but
an idol
of a word for you or none..
noW ironically enough from
the view point of the reported
dude Yeshua as such.. yoUr small
words for God have bEcoMe.. yeS..
Anti-Christ now.. as they have now
lost the essence of thE TruTh and
liGht of God that is all that is that
lives equAlly within uS.. the rest of
the UniVerse.. iNFiniTy and more
to the smallest Quantum subatomic
particle in a grain of sand too.. i don’t
kNow about you.. but that makes me feel as warm
and cozy As an iSREAL God blankET oF onE noW..:)
How refreshing.. yes.. DrinKing Kool Aid Dance..
one of the best pARts of this macro-verse iS.. iT sHows
one of my first dance ‘dates’ with
my nice Hispanic dance friend
from two years ago.. and
two of Charlie’s
Angels.. Chelsea
and Cortney from
two years ago.. wHere
Chelsea came first.. then
Maggie accompanied her and
highly spirited Cortney came next..
who was kinda the social organizer then
and spokes person for Charlie’s Angel’s2..
as she was sorta the only one i really got to know
in-depth oF verbal language then beyond the dance
of life2.. i kNow a little bit about Chelsea.. and
only the dance of Maggie.. and the Hispanic
girl.. just pleasantries on the dance floor..
and i don’t even know her name
after two years of intermittent
dance.. but i do feel the
way she dances..
next to me
for sure.. and
yes.. from a distance
too.. as every human’s
dance when set free is like
a finger print too.. truly iT iS lovEly
art.. and a treasure to experience
first hand in the greatest
evolving reciprocal
social communication
of human that has/iS always
been the body language of dance
from the mating ritual to the warrior dance
to the simple and complex spiritual ecstasy of
not only connecting to each oTheR but to Nature
one and God sAMe.. yeah.. baby.. the Dance Hall
is my real church and Nature too.. but sure..
i like SinGinG..
iN the Catholic
Church too.. to
balance the verbal
spiritual pARt oF connecting
to each oTheR and God aS WeLL..
iT all coMes out in the DancE and SonG
oF liFE and trUe to fact of act and FeeLinG..
iF you don’t DancE and SinG iN eXpresXing your
Spirit inside of God this way.. or at least express
it in the poetry of wordS.. it would reAlly be sad to
never find God within and Express God as HOly
spiRit of DancE and SonG and poEtic words now…
prophets without all these three as iSREAL messengers
of God NoW are missing something that King David
seemed to have.. along with the warrior spirit
for defense of survival too.. hmm..
yeah.. i’M more like King David
in many ways2.. except i can
control my warrior and lust
side in a disciplined way
without going the
dArk route
of harming
others in all
of God of Nature
in my greater hUman
poTenTial expresSing hoLy
spiRit of miNd and boDy BaLanCinG
SoUL noW as FREE Tree of liFe and kNowLedge
are noW ONEFORCE noW as me.. oF course2..NoW..
Bottom line.. a sacred New Testament text goeS oN..
the Messianic Kingdom of Heaven was promised then..
in the generation of Jesus.. perHapS.. it came
for some human beings who survived a liFe
like i do now Free with God and otHeRs
who share these freedoms of God
Given potential as human Nature
sAMe as Nature Free.. and
across the Globe now..
the real living rapture
is more possible than ever..
for those who escape the traps
of religion and culture and Fly
FReED wITh God as the evidence
certainly relates that i do in liFE NoW..
No.. fairly tale.. is this Kingdom of Heaven..
NoW.. achievable.. iT iS iN Cheap Thrills iSREaL NOW2..
and sure.. SiA is A messenger free oF god noW2..noW iF
you haven’t noticed.. hEr Holy and Sacred Angel Nature2..:)
The Facebook Autobiographical..
Filming assistant in video slide show
way.. continues to deliver.. and any short
slide show video that stARts out with a
Orange Flower.. is kinda nice
in my opinion..
for one..
My Uncle and
Aunt.. Both now
With older age
Memory issues
In their eighties
But still dancing
With Aunt playing
The Piano for a
Band.. And as i
Understand it..
My Father’s identical
Twin Brother Ted..
Recently asked if
My Father.. Who passed
Away.. Two years ago..
Had any children.. And
i can’t say we had many
Conversations.. the decades
he remembered me.. Oh..
The joy of the Autism
Spectrum.. Passed
Down in Broader
Phenotype at
And at
Least.. i
Why now and
Myself.. Better too..
And yeah.. He’s 84
And Dances with the
Younger Ladies while
The Aunt plays.. Dance
Is at least pArt of A Fountain
Of Youth.. yes.. i’ll do it ’till 96..
Mark 80 more million words
Of poetry by 40 more years
Too.. And 80 thousand more
Miles of Public Dance unless
i pick up the pace more.. noW2..
And no.. i’M NOT kidding..NOw1..;)
Yes.. Yoda goes to church..
in the longer view of this..
And Dance walks every
wHere he goeS iN
public view too..
even with
ducks and fish
two and morE noW2..;)
Hmm.. wondering
here.. iF i can loosen
uP Hillary enough for
a bootie dance ‘here’.. heHE..;)
True Story.. as alWays
of course.. at least.. in metaphor..
Two Farm Boy Heavy Weights.. seemed
to be perusing the value of my dance at Walmart
yesterday.. and within 15 minutes.. after i gave them..
The Fred
talK.. they suggested
that i should run for President.. and
then i quickly provided the metaphor
of Jesus in the Desert wHere the metaphorical
Devil inside suggested he aspire to worldly status
and power.. and i said.. hell no.. status and power
are human cultural illusory developed ways of
life when humans started storing grains
when folks started getting jealous
of the haves and others
started getting angry
at the have nots
for wanting what
the haves stored up..
it was better when we all
foraged toGeTher for the day..
shared what was gatHeRred and forAged
and hELd hands again the next day to gEt
the Job of Basic Subsistence and Survival
done for the now.. dancing togeTheR.. mostly
naked around the campfire and midnight
moonlit way of Free liFe.. ONE WitH God
oF NatUre and each oTheR.. then FREE..
and then today.. another dude suggested
that Yoda would defeat both Hillary
and Trump.. in a fair race..
but course they have
no idea of the
extent of
in Yoda’s closet
that are paraded for
all to see.. if they like..
of course.. noW.. heHE..;)
Yeah.. it’s gonna take
A wHole lot more than
2-six packs of Heavy
Duty Scott’s Paper towels
to clean up all the shiT in the
world but.. i gotta SonG.. and
a DancE and ten fingers and toes
to stArt a maTch.. and A waVe for a FiRe
oF Ocean Poem way and a DancE and SonG
for more too..
as metaphorS
MoreS of CoursE Now.. GO..;)
WeLL.. i read a very interesting book.. yes.. from front to
back while i did my slower TAI CHI-like dance at
Barnes and Nobles this evening.. while yes..
listening to A Best of Alan Parsons Project
Album.. as of course it’s kinda spacey
and relaxing too.. for a book named
‘A God That Could Be Real’.. and iF
they said iSREAL as i pun that
jusT for fun off iSraEL too..
to make a point.. God
is real too.. anyWay..
they didn’t get the
idea directly from me..
hehe.. a famous scientist’s
wife.. now.. wrote this book..
and some of her ideas mirrored
some of mine.. but nah.. i ain’t gonna
restrict God to what Physics thiNks iT kNows
and doesn’t feel at all through the scientific method..
and don’t get me wrong.. it’s nice to know and feel..
that we don’t live on a flat earth too.. but there IS A
Magic about God beyond any bible or fiction.. i’VE..
ever read that reAlly cannot be described any better
that the word Magic to me.. as it defies all systemizing
ways of explanation.. in scientific method terms.. of course..
the key is.. if you don’t believe tHeRE IS A MaGiC in life.. you
will find none.. and if you do.. even iF iT IS A placebo effect..
never the less.. the positive consequences that come
from positive beliefs and actions are iSREAL..
and as far as the magnitude of the
MaGiC that comes as consequence..
tHeRE could be an aRtFuL formula
for that that iS simply Luke Red Hot
100% faith.. hope.. and belief with
zero doubts and fears.. it works
for me.. 100%.. i cannot promise
it will work that way for anyone else..
as it is an inner force that is not completely
quantifiable or even qualifiable either as it can
and will come in depths that empirical means.. including
words.. we cannot touch.. at least fully.. in much fuller human
potential of the higher power and Force of God noW wiThin
PRACTiCE THiS FORCE NOW.. anyWay.. Yoda understands
and FeeLs the trUth and LIGht oF all thaT is.. this.. and does
his best..
to give aT
lEast a spARk oF
how he experiences A
iSREAL Heaven oF liFE noW..:)
Both the Bible and Kuran.. taken literal.. are obviously misogynistic..
it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that part out..
but sure you have to be able to read.. and the
truth is many folks in Muslim cultures
are still illiterate and take
what ever they are
given by the ruling
class in interpretation as
Gospel truth that cannot be
questioned.. and where religion
cannot be questioned comes the
prison part.. the acid thrown on female
faces.. the stove top burnings.. the raping
of twelve year old girls in what they name as
Dowry as nonconsensual means rape.. bottom line..
whether that is little twelve year old girls.. or the
abomination of doing that to a 9 year old girl..
as such that does still sadly occur as well..
as in the 7th century too.. or even after
marriage.. as is still not a crime in
some Muslim countries now..
and folks who are
Homosexuals.. well..
when the Christian religion
was in charge of state.. as it still
was in reality of holding slaves and
imprisoning adulterers and homosexuals
until the real gentile or jew.. servant or free..
woman or man.. no more.. was finally promoted
and justified as correct in the secular part of the
world by Majority rule of Supreme Court Justices..
who ended being more ethical then the so-called
Christian rules before.. with no votes or even
voices of women allowed in life.. those
changes are coming in Muslim countries
too.. as here’s the thing.. the real God of
Nature lives free in us to be who we
REALLY ARE.. and this voice is
singing louder and louder as
information and voices
is no longer
censored by
threats up to
death as much and
CAN BE found in the New Testament is that
Sociologists.. suggest that the same freedoms
that women and homosexual folks here and the
other oppressed folks of the United States of
America once did not have also.. will be the
reality.. in at least Middle Eastern Muslim
countries in the coming decades.. equaling
those Freedoms in the U.S.. by 2050..
and sure.. some countries in Africa
will lag behind.. as they have
less to offer to first world
countries in terms
of dollar bills..
like the oil of the
middle east.. but sure..
perhaps one day.. Female
Genital Mutilation will be
an ignorance of the past..
COMES to pass in these countries too.. as the
Kindgom of Heaven is simply a place
where folks can live free
in a state of peace
and harmony
where they
can be
full gift that
God of Nature
evolves them to
be now.. in MoVinG..
ConNecTinG and CreAtinG WAY..:)
sMiLes.. And Hello.. my FriEnd.. thefeatheredsleep.. AKA Candice
and nice Facebook Friend and author too..
who is not afraid of different..
and that my friend
is the prize
of different..
rubbing noses
with those who
are different.. and sure..
somewhat same too.. i saw
the movie.. about Alan Turing.. named
the Imitation Game.. and sure this could
be as much about Asperger’s Syndrome as
that new movie.. named the Accountant with
Ben Affleck coming out soon.. of course fiction
doesn’t grab the same tears that reality can as
reality is often magic and harsh too.. too harsh
for even words it seems.. religions are created
to control.. religions are created to bond..
and yes.. religions are part of liFe..
as human’s seek purpose
and meaning and
go on..
of course
as nows go on..
ah.. but to lift the ignorance
and still go on.. and yes it is happening
incrementally as nows go on.. where even
in the Catholic Church the truth that what
they name as revelation is just a metaphor of
the Nero that was oppressing the so-called
Christians at that time of so-called Saint John..
is assessed now in the Catholic Church as
just a metaphor for that point in time…
sure.. there is a long way
to the reaLiTy
coming out that
who ever Jesus was..
there is no proof of miracles
or resurrection of death and
3 to 4 hundred thousand scribe
mistakes of small to major in what
makes a bible now that 2.2 million folks
ascribe to now.. and as oft promise of a brighter
day.. sociologists suggest that Muslim folks in the
middle east will have the same freedoms that women..
homosexuals.. folks with disabilities.. and other previously
much more oppressed folks in the USA.. did not have before..
before sanity
of reaSon rules
insanity of before..
there are no Elton John’s in the
middle east.. and likely no Alan Turings..
as the more harsh the culture flushes out
different the more culture kills itself in the
process of achieving more as whole.. and
the rule of nature will always be adapt and
change and survive and thrive or don’t.. simple
as that.. and true.. when resources are shared more..
a culture becomes less patriarchal and warring and
more leaning towards matriarchal and loving.. the Yang
and Yin of War vs Saturday in the Park with less clothes
of culture to cover up human freedoms.. it’s predictable and
truly as Atheist countries show.. religion of oppression comes
in many clothes of politics of controlling and directing human nature
for the cause of survival for the day.. China.. BiG case in point..
oh.. to live in abundance
is to live free.. the rule of nature
as long as social roles for social animals
survive.. and instant gratification doesn’t
kill folks by the time they reach middle age..
but to live in scarcity is always a place for
human misery and suffering.. the
infertile lands of deserts…
the ice of the Siberian north..
but on beaches with bikinis.. rarely
a fist is displayed.. as passion of Free rules
the human heARt.. the SpiRit.. and the SoUL oF FREEDOM
MY FriEnd.. Bottom Bikini line.. FREE RULES WHEN POSSIBLE..
when no longer are DicKiNsoN Poems hidden in drawers.. oF dArk..;)
The EN name test thingie..
provides a test of which bible
verse reflects me
and the
Joshua 1:9
“Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and of good courage;
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
And i say..
Bottom Line..
i ain’t scared..;)
And sure.. as it is our human
nature to be fearless with love
but how to do that.. as words are
empty without living examples of trUth
and liGht.. well.. truth is.. when my psychiatrist
who i inspired to go teach movement therapy
as proven.. my way works more than
the pill way he attempted
to help me with
when i first
went there
with total
human exhaustion..
also known as General
Adaptation Syndrome as
nicely described by Hans Selye
and even worth providing a Wiki Link
for it.. if you haven’t heard of him and or his theory yet..
Bottom line.. recovery of the consequences of living through 2 years of flight
or fight stress at work.. took 66 months.. STRESS ISN’T WORTH IT..
DO ESCAPE.. as stress most definitely
will break down every body system
of the human body..
as stress hormones..
are like acid on the brain
and body.. if you wanna drink
the drano.. of a slow burn of death…
ANYWAY.. still.. the psychiatrist and
medical profession all together is
truly a practice of medicine..
and promoted as
a way of
money.. of
course too.. over
natural healing like rest..
long term rest.. healing the
body.. building it back up slowly
and surely and finding what works
to keep life in animal homeostasis
as BaLanCinG Force like all
smART animals do
with innate..
and intuition
too.. as when the cat
gets enough stimulation..
even pets.. the cats moves
out of the way.. and if he or she
is pursued.. a scratch or more than
love bite will most often come next..
Cats are yes.. smARTer than humans
as they NO when to say no.. and no means
no.. when their capacity for environmental stimulus
exceeds their ability to simply withstand it in reasonable
innate.. instinctual and intuitive way of FeeLinG what
works and what is dangerous to tHeir
well being outside of the
comfort zone of
animal homeostasis..
humans.. on the other
hand.. sit motionless as far
as big muscle movements go
to help the blood flow and burn
off stress chemicals for 8 hours and
more a day.. and humans don’t say no..
as the insanity of culture has no idea what
it means to be human for a FucKinG Dollar Bill..
when a FucKinG Dollar Bill becomes the God
BeinG of HuMaN BeinG.. problem.. truly
established by religions to suggest
that this world isn’t real and
dying is preferable to living
as the height of cultural and
religious ignorance in reaLiTy
noW.. by the logical fallacy of
appeal to authority of before.. no
FucKinG how old it is.. or FucKinG
how craaayyyyzzzyy.. or violent it
came to be.. in the beginning of human
ignorance away from the truly simple trUths
of human nature in liGht of what it even means
to be a human animal set free again.. ANYWAY…
WHEN i told my psychiatrist how much i write.. he
called it Hypergraphia.. as sure every human behavior
has a label.. except since believing in lies of before in religion
is considered socially acceptable in culture.. that’s not considered
insane.. that’s considered within the norm of human behavior.. however..
if one becomes all about God.. or what the psychiatry world names as
Hyper-Religious even though that is kinda the opposite of luke warm
that has a bi-polar label too.. Love God a little but
a lot is craaaayyyyzyyy.. is what the Doctors still
say.. in Bi-polar way..
and worship the human
body as the flesh of God as
Temple same.. like nude art..
and that can be labeled even in
the church as craaaayyyzzzzzy too..
well guess what.. i AM the Happy one..
and sure the psychiatrist in his continued
pill pusher practice suggested epilepsy
drugs to bring me back down
to luke warm
about everything
in life.. and just shuffle
by like a Robot in Super
Walmart in Zombie Apocalypse
way with dead britches OWN too..
well no.. i said no.. and if you wonder
why there haven’t been too many Leonardo’s..
Mozart’s.. Beethoven’s and Michelangelo’s too..
is the drugs came along.. and not until
recently could a person.. even
say no.. when beyond
the norm.. way beyond
the norm came visible
and fear of the beyond
was medicated by institutions
and drugs that were mandatory to
kill this pArt of the human soul more..
well.. sure.. there are those who do need
this kinda help.. but there are others who are
just different and must fly free to be alive.. or die
in the lies of priSons bEfore.. in a slow torture away
from heaven now.. and on top of that.. duh.. getting in the
floW iN the ZonE of creating art.. no different than Michelangelo..
Mozart.. Leonardo.. Beethoven and more feels good.. of course..
as Brain waves change from Beta worry.. to Alpha focus to theta
creative pleasure in the Good Cop TwiLiGht Zone of guiding
lucid waKinG dreAMs of metaphor of Holy Spirit Flow
comeS iSREAL.. in a metaphor of Quantum hUman
miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL.. UNLEashEd..
ReLeasEd.. for poTenTiaL incredible works Now
of arts to form.. in essence.. free relative FREE
WiLL noW as this
Ocean whole Macro
Verse of Poem GroWs
more and more in places
too large for juSt one perSon
to eXploRe.. i am A drop of water..
i am A streAm that flows as RiVer
as Ocean WhoLe PoEm i AM iSREAL..
i AM juST another Wave of God iSraEL AM i..:)
Facebook Friend Himali shares two consecutive
statuses.. the first one says..
“I’ve learned that home
isn’t a place;
it’s a feeling.”
And i simply say..
Home iNside..:)
And secondly she
“Everyone needs a
friend who will
call and
Get Dressed
We are going
on an Adventure.”
And i simply say..
Home ouTside..:)
The trUth and liGht is..
some folks are more introverted..
and some of those are more closed
minded.. and some of those.. are averse
to change.. and some of those are rather
homebodies who sit at home and read
and watch TV to see and hear
the actors in another
Director’s play..
and truly that’s
Okay.. and sure
tHeRe IS A spectrum
of ALL of that as no human
is a cookie cutter copy of anotHeR
human or label.. or book that describes
human being.. and there are others who
see joy everywhere.. inside.. outside.. above..
so below and all around.. who pursue adventure..
change.. in a progressive way.. and sure they are
liberal as compared to conservative otHeRs
in generalized way.. and yes.. of course..
i thrill some folks with my progressive
antics and scare the BeJesus
out of
other folks
now.. and sure if
you cannot see how liberal
a person like Jesus would be..
you cannot see me at all..
as i wear
too.. gentile or
jew.. servant or
free.. woman or man no more.. different
is same and same is different now
and no.. i’M
not the only one
but sure i AM a RARE
SPaRoW FReED.. and as every
day goeS oN its anotHeR FiGht
SonG for mE to bE thIs way..
i AM what i Am
‘CAUSE i can in the
U.S. oF A at LeASt..
the Kingdom
of Heaven
hAS/iS COMe..
and sure.. in somEways
i COMe aGain in glory to
literAlly judge the living and
the dead.. as the 42nd literal
month mARk of this Witness for God
comes to a close in a way on September
1st when my nExt 699th Macro Verse iS published
as that was the first day on Facebook that my Katie
Mia name came to mean more as Kind Autistics
Taking iN Everything Mindful iN Awareness
floating to my mind like a feather
from within.. and
i put it on Facebook
along with a sky of
blurry clouds that i had
captured on a Winter day
from bEfore that i will share
here too.. from March 1st of 2013
then.. and sure on September 11th..
after 42 whole months.. iN Blog ways
comes.. i’LL make that sacred and holy
for mYself.. as when the eYes shut wHole
in the last float of breath.. we become Star duSt
with GoD aS oNE aGain.. and in every field of
Dreams.. at the end it is only wE who comes as
Star Dust to liVE noW..
or never
live much
aT all.. and i wiLL
sleep in Star DuST
comfort then.. wHOLe
knoWinG and FeeLinG
that this go aRound i juST
DiD iT.. no matter what cAMe neXt..
and sure.. i left some mArks oF thaT
iSREAL to stay a long the way oF LIFe iSREAL2 Now2..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

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