Desert i’LL Change

If i am ‘ever’ stuck on a desert Isle.. cast away.. i will write something new and refreshing in the sand each day.. several times.. and perhaps hours on end.. with a stick.. since lead on stick never runs out with ink as sand.. as pencil or pen.. but if there is no stick and or ink as sand.. available.. i might read my “The Pocket Rumi”.. book.. of Wisdom Poetry.. smiles.. or who knows.. feels.. Just imagining.. dreaming.. and creating my way off the Island by trying something new that no other
Island Outcast ever thinks.. feels.. or dreams of.. with human imagination and creativity.. in fact and moreover feeling.. that IS precisely what i already do.. smiles again.. and if absolutely none of that works.. i will just dance.. drink cocoNut milk.. as a forAger.. once again.. as usual.. like now.. in simple human bliss.. as God is the best dance partner of all.. with or without other friends.. who like to dance.. and live as well.. and my dance will change and never stay the same.. from now to now..
True Human
Outcasts Dance
Island Castaway Dreams
Alive with GOD

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