Sweet Sixteen Castles of Love

We humans..
are an innately instinctually and intuitively creative animal
who will build and share new creations in stuff
others can see.. hear.. taste.. touch.. smell
with other senses like proprioception
and infinite nuances of emotions
Just for Love of each other
and associated subsistence
and survival if  given the opportunity..
Oh and so many of us.. are so separated from
sensing and feeling.. what we do in our lives work for
subsistence and survival.. where there are so often no human
smiles and connections along the way of making life
moving connecting creating ART..
instead of cold steel metal of machine in life..
At least ‘Zombies’ get a pArt of human in what they do..
and on a more macabre point people who cannot feel Love
from others or express that Love often turn to violence and more
macabre ways of making some.. any kind.. of human bloody connection..
oh.. the song of us.. can be so lonely and separated from us..
i’m just glad i have an opportunity to sing at all..
and most importantly connect in feet
of flesh that dance a life of now..:)
One of the greatest measurements of this Magic of Love in Human
Creativity that i am exposed to in life is the Legend of Coral Castle
and the reality of that place in Homestead Florida where a Latvian
man spends 28 years alone building a castle in dedication to his ideal
of his sweet sixteen girl friend who
walks out on him in promise of marriage
day when he is young.. all alone this man suggests that he learns the
secrets of building the pyramids of old.. and builds this coral castle
alone with blocks as big as 30 tons seamlessly placed together so well
without mortar that no light will escape through the tonnage of bricks..
And the Legend pArt of this
great Art inspired by ideal of Love..
reports young people sneaking into watch him at night.. and seeing him
somehow floating the big blocks like hydrogen balloons.. but the science
of it suggests he uses a complicated leverage system.. him alone at a
little over 100 LBS before his death.. in his 60’s.. accomplishing this
great feat of human potential in working with Nature’s Laws
of doing great ART in accord with those Laws of Nature..

ThEre is no God’s human beauty..
like the naked flesh of male
or female and lies and tales
the truth between those
polar gender opposites
that live in spectrum
of human being..
God’s truth
lives on
in naked
human flesh

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