Across the Railroad Tracks of Love

Allah makes humans to love..
and by love i mean supporting the tribe
with all their heart
in flesh and blood connections
making life and survival even possible…
Technology and modern societies change the equation…
There is the social cognition part of the mind
that includes empathy
and the systemizing mind
aka mechanical cognition
that solves problems…
When the systemizing mind is turned on to solve problems
the empathizing mind is repressed to solve the problems and vice versa…
My wife’s mother spent her life poor
and mostly away from work raising 6 children
in mostly poverty
without any electricity or food to feed her children…
Her way of life is more like our ancestors
who truly depend on each other for just their basic survival…
The amazing thing is later in her life..
through all her hardships..
she always has an open door for anyone
in her impoverished community..
in her little home..
for someone to lay a head..
and to share whatever she has to eat…
And even through all these hardships
all six children survive
and find people to love them
and take care of them..
for they are given the gift of loving all others
unconditionally too…
Sometimes the true poverty among human being..
is in technologically advanced societies..
and what they call the ‘the side of the railroad tracks where the superior folks live’…
Jesus the prophet words do seem correct..
and Muhammad the prophet shares similar sentiment
of what does seem to be truth..
The meek will truly inherit the Kingdom of Divine Love..
the greatest gift Allah gives us..
if used..
And yes..
i am very impoverished before in this way of life..
needing everything in my life that truly counts
to be taken away to fully understand it..
yes Love lost..
and love gained for all others finAlly true for me…
The lesson of Allah is now my life..
Thank GOD…
This is the problem in the world..
societies are so big now..
that even in individual societies people forget
we are equal brothers and sisters in the eyes of Allah..
deserving of equal love..
Divine verb of LOVE FREELY GIVEN..
to all others needing..
to make one tribe work
in harmony
Divine LOVE…
There may be no real effective answer to this..
as humans are made by Allah to live in much smaller groups..
with only around 150 to 200 sets of eyes..
to truly connect to..
before eyes become nothing
and something to avoid…
And of course when societies exist overseas with no real connection..
it is so much easier to declare wars large or very small..
to never see the pain of innocents..
who will fall to eyes that are never truly seen..
WITHOUT the Love of Allah’s Divine connection REAL Human Being LOVING way….
i never meet my neighbors
until a Hurricane comes and sweeps away trees
and electricity…
The best part of the whole experience
is meeting and sharing food with my neighbors…
Something my wife’s mother can take for granted
almost everyday of her life…
Across the railroad tracks..
Perhaps the reason more of us can do this
so far across the continents with so many folks now is..
We do not have to see each others eyes..
per the written word…
i for one..
LOVE loving eyes..
and can never get enough..
but Allah now makes me..
for whatever reason..
that way..
for NOW @least.
To be clear i am not placing any personal judgement
on your personal life…
These are just the words that come to me..
that i let flow freely here on yOur blog…
Love you..
and may Allah’s Divine LOVE always LIVE IN YOU..
to share with all others
as you so easily share IT here..:)

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