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Challenging Alexithymia with Music

"Challenging Alexithymia" by KATiE MiA/Aghogday
AKA "Nautilus", linked in the Blog post below. :)

Autism and the Nautilus:

I struggled with Alexithymia, off and on, during the course of my life.

The Piano helped me gain access and a language for emotions from age 12.

I also found it more fully opened a pathway of emotion in my brain, enhancing my verbal speaking skills in connecting with people.  My fine motor skills were not good, but never the less, I could play by sheet music well enough to gain a benefit.

My emotions were also generated by the "Spirit of Radio".  It seems like the "Spirit" of "Complex Emotion" and "Meaningful" lyrics in music is fading with time, with all the new available avenues to stimulate one's mind.

"The Spirit of Radio" by Rush:

My favorite song to generate emotion from playing piano by Sheet Music is "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin:

I found much of my emotion in nature.  The song linked below, "Moonlight Feels Right", gives me a feeling of Moonlight, from a gifted musician who found a way to adequately describe moonlight in music and lyrics, in a nuanced upbeat way.  It is one of the few songs, I don't get tired of listening to.  It is mesmerizing to me in a happy way.

"Moonlight Feels Right" by Starbuck:

I always wanted to create music without a guide, and during a period of chronic stress when I found myself losing all connection to emotions, the result was the Piano music I now call "Challenging Alexithymia With Music" and "Nautilus".  I finally took the time recently to upload it to a YouTube video format, from a low quality recording I had off of a voice recorder.

Interestingly, part of how I was diagnosed with Alexithymia was when I could not describe an emotion for the music that I suddenly was able to create.

My spouse's brother has a gift of emotional insight.  He described the music as "a lonely ghost wandering the earth, not realizing they were dead".  My spouse had previously described it as what sounded like "a tortured soul".

I doubt anyone who has not experienced Alexithymia can personally relate to the music, in the context of Alexithymia.  Never the less, there may be someone out there that can. :)


The recording volume for this music plays very low on mobile phones and tablets.  The music sounds distorted when the volume is turned up.

I attempted a louder recording input version at this link:

It plays at increased volume, however it still may sound distorted on mobile phones and tablets.

The sound does not seem distorted on Desktop computers at low volume.

A "Timeless" Song

"Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright:

I created a poll on the Wrong Planet website, linked below, where the issue of Alexithymia and whether or not emotions were evoked from the music and could be described in words, was discussed in detail.

Autism, the Internet and "Ideological First Identity", a Collection of Thoughts:

"AutisticS Peeks!"

It's Good

to Hear




Autistic Spectrum



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