Long Long Long Day of WRiTE and DancE..
all that’s misSinG NOW IS A SonG to Finish
the laTesT MacroVerse Number 96.. hmm.. what
is the title CoMinG.. yeS.. ‘HeaveN NoW ALWayS HeAR”..
STiLL Waiting on the
Book for that though..
hehe.. perHaps
publish tonight
or.. tomorrow
morning.. wait!..
it is already tomorrow
morning so it’s a matter
of How Late Today Morning..
wHaT i do kNow for suRe iS.. iT iS
16,674 words that NoW BRinGS “Nether
Land Bible 2017”.. all the way NoW.. uP to
1,454,794 words.. too.. since Memorial Day oF
2016.. WiTh Ocean WhoLe PoeM.. NoW.. “SonG
of mY soUL”.. STiLL.. TopPinG 4 Million words
since.. 44 months ago.. end of August.. 2013.. 2..
what else.. oh yes.. 158th DancE WeeK NoW aT Old
SeVille Quarter with all the Cool College age Folks..
including these two pictured Lovely Ladies is dONe
for the NiGht and noW EventuAlly to add all the Fun
Dance photos as the work continues on MacroVerse 96..
With MacroVerse 97/768 stARTiNG NoW HeAr aS WeLL too..:)
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Frank..
First of All.. thanks for the kind wishes
for my wife and i.. and secondly.. thanks to
you for sharing that Jonathan Haidt Ted
Talk on the Ecstasy of Transcendence
common to the Human
Condition across
ages NoW
and cultures/religions
i just had the opportunity
to watch the entire Video and yes..
it affirmed the Gold i FeLT and SenSEd NoW
iT Would Intuitively BRinG.. as i had watched
Jonathan Haidt’s Ted Talk.. on the “Moral Roots
of Liberals and Conservatives” and although.. yes..
i intuitively sensed and felt that Conservatives were/
are more innately closed minded and patriarchal than
Liberals in more Open minded and Egalitarian ways..
the Science of
it confirmed
why some
kNow noW
not what they
Do as they simply
View the World through
Different Conservative and
Liberal ways by Environment
and Birth.. Hehe.. i could write a
Novel on it and i have already several
times over.. at least in Free Verse Poetic
Expression of word size.. anyway.. as Serendipity
or Synchronicity WiLL Have iT iN Heaven NoW.. heHe..
when i arrived at your Blog Site Yesterday Afternoon.. i finally
was finishing my current last MacroVerse Number 96 of NoWtHeN what
i nAMe A “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. in one year effort approaching
1.6 Million words.. this Memorial Day.. in a MacroVerse Title of
“HeaVeN NoW ALWayS HeAR”.. And as usual it’s 15K to 16K
words as is required to write a New Age Personal Bible
twice the sizes of the Old King James Version..
yes.. twice a week.. usually on Thursdays
and Mondays but i’ve been falling
behind as the River Flows
latELy.. NoW on Tuesdays
and Fridays as to not
fall off
cliffs of
human potential
mYsELf.. NoW iN terms
of R and R for hUman
Basic Wellbeing of
more out into
other special interests too..
NoW.. like the 7200 Miles of Public
Dance in 44 months.. anyWay.. it’s really
interesting as Social Scientists also assess
the place where i live in NorthWest Florida..
also kNown NoW as Lower Alabama Panhandle
State of Flowers way.. as the worst place
to attempt to be different from the
Norm in the United States..
overall.. per..
ideals.. factors cited
are major to minor military
stations and bases ranging from
Navy to Air Force in the extended
Metro Living area.. as well as the most
Churches per Square mile as in the Southern
Baptist variety.. once at least.. in the record books for that…
i often refer to it as New Jerusalem as that Gospel of Thomas
Version of Jesus out of the realm of the Roman Empire designed
Soldier Sun God.. wouldn’t be very much accepted here as he more
less comes aCross as juSt anotHeR accomplished Yogi per that Gospel
of Thomas Sacred Text.. and yes.. as you say.. regarding Commentaries.. it’s
reAlly Deep Free Verse Poetry too.. and truly hard to understand unlesS oNe
has experienced the Ecstasy of Transcendence that Jonathan Haidt refers to
now as Ted Talk Standard Science.. where a very small percentage of the listening
audience considers themselves religious but yes.. Overwhelming Majority SpiRiTuaL as
Normal Healthy Humans do..
who intuit at least
the Potential
of the
Ecstasy of
even if.. only experiencing
it after 911 where the Group
Collective Consciousness became
real and empirically assessable as such
where the group mind was talked easily into
going to war with a Country that had little to nothing
to do with the attack.. yes.. Group think is powerful stuff but
NoW iT iS the group FeeL and SenSe as EmoTiOns and SeNses NoW
that Drives the Human Automobile to greater heights or straight
Cliff.. not.. so..
‘hehe’.. these days
as at first i thought it was
a joke when someone told me
he was ahead in the polls.. as No Drama
Obama.. made Politics something not even
necessary to worry about.. so much.. for years..
in terms of nothing much ever changes but the
standard grid-lock of banging heads on walls..
Anyway.. the book you are reading by
Haidt.. named the “Righteous Mind”..
i scanned at Barnes and Nobles
some months ago and
it very much
Ted Talk You Tube
Video i referenced above..
that i will include for you iN
this Comment along with the other
one as this whole thing of course will
be another part of my Current 97th MacroVerse
that i am Stream to River to Waves of Ocean
WRiTing aWay in Free Verse now too..
continuing of course
to get to the
CoMinG SooN too.. 1.6
Million Word Milestone
by Memorial Day.. however..
it’s just A Milestone.. ReallY as
when i add in the link to mY MacroVerse
from last year titled “GodsUniVerseNovel3”..
as finished last year as Facebook Memory.. NoW
on this day2.. And i’ll put that liNk heAR to kill
another two birds alive with oNe sTONe
of Pen.. considering that it iS
comprised of 338,630
words of Micro
responses to
every prompt and link
for an entire year ranging
from April of 2015 to March
31st of 2016.. that fills in the rest
of close to a Two Million Word Bible NoW
as i could easily call that “Fred’s Psalmlets”
of Nature as analogy to the Old Testament Psalms
too.. in close to half a wHOle old timey Bible on iTs OWn..
And sure.. with all the otHeR MacroVerse links shared from the
4 Million Word Longest Long Form Poem.. NoW as Ocean Whole
Poem.. “SonG oF mY soUL”.. it more or less is already NoW A
4 MiLion Word Bible2 at this very moment2.. NoW anyWay.. heHe..
if one were to do the almost impossible
task of pursuing every
link if they even
wanted too..
me.. as i’ve written
so much in a State of
Mindful Awareness that is
Transcendent in Ecstasy way..
i rarely can tale you what i just
wrote as i am basicAlly on Auto-Pilot
like Driving an incredibly complicated Car by now..
where every once in a while.. i look back to what i did before
and say
i ever
theRe and
how did i get
tHere.. ah.. the
Ecstasy and True
MaGiC of Transcendence
and interestingly.. i’ve fELt it NoW in almost
all the ways that Haidt.. in the Video.. you recently
shared provides as avenues to get therE.. iNcluding
Trance Rave-like Dance.. every Thursday Night
with a Huge Collectively Dancing And FeeLinG
And SenSinG and yes.. often inebriated
Bunch of College Age Folks and
Spiraling Free Verse Dance
like the Sufi Dervishes Do
iT as more in Unison
with others..
i don’t do drugs..
whereas i go solo
and free for all.. Moving
Meditation at least as i am
way too ADHD to Sit StiLL other
than Poetic Writing Meditation with
mY Mind and Fingers Dancing Free in Bliss..
in Transcendent Ecstasy of FeeLinG SenSinG
way.. and sure.. somewhat of a Transcendent
Feel and Sense after 911.. but it was a bit
scary too.. to see how most everyone
in the Country left and
right were falling
in line like
for whatever was
Directed by the Country
Leaders then.. and yes.. Nature
Bathing as recent dVerse Prompt too..
and even from College Age i could identify
that as A hiGher too.. Human Transcendent Avenue
to attain Ecstasy With Nature oNe on Pristine Beaches
where Condos and other Human Foot Prints of stress
and worry.. including my own of course.. faded away
into oneness with all as Love.. all as Peace.. yes..
all aS Fowler’s top of the Pyramid with
Maslow too.. in Agape Love for
ALL of Creation.. wHeRE
ALL is Holy and Sacred
And Full of Meaning and Purpose
too.. and that’s the thing.. in some countries
and in some small to larger groups.. Dance is not
allowed.. And Music as a very important element of
the Ecstasy of Transcendence NoW iN Human Potential but
is also considered the work of the Devil and actually the State
aS BeinG oF Transcendence as A MaGiCaL-like way of Human Potential
is often considered evil unto itself.. truly taking away an inheritance of
Human Potential that i do believe most people possess if they can find
an Avenue that works.. all types of Creativity are surely an aveNue noW
for Zen-like Focus that can and will take one there too.. butt sAdly
it seems.. as sure.. even tantric-liKe sex can take one there
too.. THaT is considered only for baby making purposes
in someways of thinking/doing per culture and religious
ideology away from A PoTenTial
aS AN Ecstasy of Transcendence
too.. really only leaving
the Meditation
of Prayer
and War as any way
to the transcendence of oneness
at all.. but at least it helps those of us
NoW as better cognitive empathy and sympathy
and compassion too for those who think and feel
differently than we do.. when we truly come to find
they don’t know what they do.. mostly.. and sadly enough
for the Environment they are raised in away from this great
“Re-Born” of Being Human.. climbing the “Stairway to Heaven”..
as ‘they’ say too.. and hey.. even writing a 4 Million Word Bible
to prove to the more conservative audience members
of my Walmart Dance that
John 14:12 is possible
for those
do transcend
the Human Limitations
Before.. A Dance of Naked
from the Binds of Religion and
Culture in Environmental Way too
NoW that take us away from the Gift
of Inheritance of our Human Potential..
And when no matter what i say or do it is clear
they have no clue.. i cannot get mad.. as i once too
swam in those waters of less that Second Floor Human
Existence.. sparks here and theRe but no FuLL FliGht until age 53..
and sure
it takes
to stay
in this State oF Heaven
iN A Red State now.. hehe..
but so far it’s WorKing mY FriENd..
and to be clear i don’t expect you to have
the time to read these lengthy friendship Poetic
Letters as just another form of Poetry that came to
me long before i saw someone reference a Form on
the dVerse Site.. but hey.. if i am going to continue to prove
to my Walmart Audience that John 14:12 is possible.. i write for
the Potential
that just
Person maY iN LiGht
beCoMe EnliGhtened
IN the Wisdom of Truth
thAT is the Ecstasy of the
Transcendence of NoW alWays
Heaven iN NoW thaT BringS a FruiT
of liFE that is Holy and Sacred Full of
Meaning and Purpose AgApe Love For aLL
oF Creation wHole wiTh NO Separation NoW..
AS the BlankET of lifE finALLY comes with nary
A thought of War3.. as an avenue again heaR NoW..
not as easy in Desert Lands with little Music and Dance..
but hey.. the cALL is Out online coming from many Avenues
of hELp.. and people are becoming more educated in more
overall avenues of liFe as Freedom of Expression SingS Liberty
moRE mY
friEnd as A
Way oF LiFe WhOle
thaT SpELLs LoVe MoRE NoW..
Oh yeaH and i noted in your recent
Discussion with Sabio that also now..
you identify more with Panentheism
and if had to choose a well known
title form for about wHeRe i’M at
as Form of Essence thaT CaN
And WiLL Probably do WeLL enough too..
as i do go much deeper than regular unleaded Pantheism2.. heHe..;)
Yes.. my FriEnd.. Frank.. of course..
Mr. Haidt as a Social Scientist
has to keep somewhere in the
realm of empirical analysis..
And the deeper
of intuiting
a much Greater
Actual Creative Force
than the fractal pARts oF uS
when we reach the highest Maslow
and Fowler Pyramid Levels of Agape
Love and Self Actualization with
the Spontaneity of Creativity
that comes as one
might metaphor
as a Quantum
uNleash and reLease
of HUman Potential in
A miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
Synergy oF A Lifetime as cumulative
leap of logic experience.. sure.. now what
i also look to objectify as soul in subjective
ways too.. is simply beyond the tool of science
yet as ‘they’ say at least ever since the Gnostic
Gospels of Thomas and before in other Eastern
Philosophies and even clear in the Archaeological
Artifacts of the being human.. “as above so below”..
and now science shows inside.. outside.. all around
in Detail View but the Picture remains for those who see more
or less oF iT.. sure.. what some folks like to cALL GoD WhOle pLus
or less of one chained in texts oF olD all alone groWing stagnant even
more as a God of no potential of change.. of course that reflects the Poet(S)
of those
Texts too..
and the ones like
whoever wrote the Gnostic
Gospel Sacred Texts get censored
out by the more conservative closed minded
potential folks.. anyWay to me @LEast it is as clear as blue sKeYes
Above and Below thAT tHeRe IS A much greater miNd than we now..
if one cares now to use that metaphor for something so much larger than
most folks either can or care to see.. it’s MaGiC and the more i grow with
of all
ThAt iS NoW
plUs.. the more
i Glow iN liGht NoW
like juSt A bulb aRound
thaT Christmas Tree wHOle…
anyWay.. some folks are material
reductionists and some folks siMply
fly on terrestrial land.. one of my favorite
You Tube Videos by Pink Floyd spells that
ineffable way of Being more than A common strAnd of Science dUSt..:)
Anyway.. as per the continuing Discussions
heaR on the poTential of Heaven
and the reaLiTy of More..
not everyone can now
be the Director..
Producer.. Actor..
Photographer.. and
Dancer of one’S owN PLay..
tHeRE is the Audience and otheR
Folks more on a sideline of life who
more Spectate than play in what Science
names as the Human Capacity to virtuAlly
enjoy what other folks are doing through
the mirror neuron process.. some folks
really get off on watching other
folks do stuff.. need i
say porn and more..
anyway.. these very
nice two women came
up to me on the Dance Floor
and the immediate one behind
me.. says.. you are my favorite person
to Watch Dance at Old Seville Quarter..
can we get a photo together and of course
i say yes and reciprocate the favor by asking
her for one two.. as common bond of human
selfies as the Modern Age Pictures
Friendship Acquaintance
between two folks
on the
Dance Floor
and more for
other places too
of course.. and it’s true..
for Decades mostly.. away from
Work at leAST.. i too stood on the sidelines
of Life as a Virtually Vicarious Audience Member
of someone else’s play of liFe to joy and misery too..
mostly on TV and on the Internet.. eventuALLy i did and
do say too.. now stuff is different.. i am on the other side
of the life screen.. and i Roving Auto-Biography
much of what i do.. in that flesh and
blood play of life as i continue
to upload my soUL oNLine
as yes.. Screen Play
writer iN FB
Real Time too..
Jack of all art trades
and only master of my own
personal relative free will now with
Nature wHOle PluS AKA GoD NoW2..
So.. sure i am the Director as little i of
Ego Capital I NoW with plenty
oF eXclamation point!
SpiRit of HeART
and MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
and Co-Creating too.. FReEd..
And i no longer watch College Ball games..
play video games.. mostly all i do is some kind
of human being ART.. every.. once in a while.. i act as
Consultant on Paper Work.. if the Home Accountant Katrina
has an issue with that as she continues to increase her expertise
in all stuff home MaKinG noW.. as some folks enjoy doing that now too..
yes.. noW to
each hiS Own
and HeRs OWN
too.. and eventuAlly
the Audience Members..
yeS eVEnTuALLy tHey LIKely
CaN and WiLL BecOmE DiRecTors
and Producers and AcTors and Photographers..
And Screen Writers and sure.. even Nude Artists now too..
of tHeiR owN sELfiE aRT NoW too.. but until then// enjoy the view..
thAT otHerS BrinG to sHoW yA A Bigger viEw OF LiFe And Do aS iS.. reALity too..:)
So.. i went to Dance Last Night
as Diana.. also known as Daughter
of Zeus in the Hellenistic (Pagan)
Tradition of Greek Gods
and such as that
for Human
not really any
Different thaN whaT
the Modern Christian
Church does With Jesus
the Man in Making what one
would Hope is the God of Love
but in Effect the folks who worship
that God Vote for Trump so it’s all
mixed uP.. in other words.. whatever
they are teaching in them Modern
Christian Churches ain’t
Spelling Love in
the voting
per Matthew.. Chapter
5.. BeAttiTudes.. Verses
1 through 11.. WeLL.. Wonder
Woman is what Patriachal Leaning
Men fear the most in ways of Fundamentalist
Good old Bad timey Abrahamic Religions.. A woman
who rules her own roost with Strength and WiLL Free yeS..
EveN Driving a car if she likes and voting and determining
if she is gonna have sex or not and who it will be with and
whether or not she bores children or goes the Super Hero
route in Human Archetype way too.. you see.. back in
the Hellenistic Age as Wiccans and other
Modern Pagans are offering this
ending April Month through
May the 1st as usual
with their creative
stuff up to their
of Divine Masculine
WiLL and Strength in
Base Animal way.. there was
no such thing as the Word Pagan
back in the then Crusade Killing
so-Called Hellenistic folk ways who
didn’t agree with all the tenants of a Soldier
Sun God in three parts as constructed by Roman
Emperor Constantine in Back Board Room ways
oF Fat Cat Catholic Leaders too.. to make iT A Church
Enterprise as Roman Spreading Empire by Force too..
sure.. at Catholic
Church.. you
hear all
about how
the Christians were
Persecuted by the
Romans but they
don’t get around to the
parts of around 40,00 so-called
non-Christian Naturist Healers aka
Witches using their Placebo White Magic ways
of Healing or if one has the Condition of Epilepsy
and gets burned at the Stake too.. hung or whatever
too.. yes.. just plain killed for not going along with the
Christian and Muslim Sheet Music as well.. chopping
heads off and burying Lesbians in Iran to their Chest
Presently.. and stoning them where they cannot
even cover their face.. as cruel empathy
less and compassionless raised
males will do with just
Will And
and no True
Strength now of
Divine Feminine way of
Love and Grace to back
uP the normal Altruistic
Cooperating Human Race..
AnyWay.. the Trump Fiasco does bRinG
to liGht that this hate Tradition of the
different among us sTiLL liVes
Strong.. sure with will
of some truly
Trump men
lacking Divine
Feminine Love and
Grace in Law Making ways too..
and what we get for that is a potential
for World War III.. as Woman in that divine
feminine grace and love better understand how
to diplomat relations than to spill blood.. yes.. now.. really
Dangerous voting Trump over Clinton to the entire potential
Human Race in World War III First World Problems in trickle
down death to Third World Lands too.. so yah.. the hypocrisy
of the whole shooting match for those in the KNoW results in
some frustration and down uP righteous indignation in how the rights
of oppressed and repressed individuals have been taken away.. so..
one gets the Wiccan Religion.. Luciferian Religion and the so-called
Satanist Religion that is Atheist and is just spitting in the face of
Hypocrisy as Modern Satanists believe in no supernatural
anything but mostly making fun of the Hypocrisies
Rampant more than ever in Trump
Christian lands of USA..
Anyway.. i continue to
cultivate the Divine Feminine
Grace and Love of me.. even with
Body Builder Chicks like the Modern
Wonder Woman in her tights… with sTiLL
quite a curvy figure like me too.. hehe in the
more revealing SpiRiT of HeARt and Mind and
Body soUL aRT FReED.. i do in all Red.. White
and Blue way too. and on top of that.. sadly.. out of 21 Super
Heroes on my Desk.. including the Sun With Shades on too..
Wonder Woman is the only totAlly Developed Hero Woman on my DesK..
So.. i’m DraWinG Attention to her and plUs her Movie comes out in June 2017.. too..
and what i find too at Dance.. Wear anything with Divine Feminine Flavor of Love and
Grace and the Women go more Wild wanting to Dance with you.. wear something
like the Incredible Hulk and ugh.. just get high Fives from the Guys..
Perhaps next Week i’ll be beyond a Rainbow.. whatever
works at night and
‘they’ Dance
and SinG too..;)
Hmm.. As peR my lasT
Profile Pic.. Per Wonder
Woman Ways.. Diana..
BarELy VisiblE HeaR
iN A
oF mY ShirT..:)
3700 Words of output in a Day after a fully consumed Day of Writing to the tune of
about 10K words.. yes.. fully flesh photographic output of about three hours to
go along with that and three hours of Marathon Dance at Good Old
Seville Quarter to top that off and night night at about 4 am
Before finishing what is stARTed Before in way
of MacroVerse by around noon on
Friday the 28th of April
Yesterday.. And then
came 3700 words..
some Sun and Sand
Dance and a very intense
workout including eXXtreme
Strength Training… Ballet and
Martial Arts Dance at my favorite
Military Gym.. a little “Big Bang Theory”
as that is currently the only little 30 Minute
Show i watch as i greatly admire the work of
the creators of that show.. along with the skills
of the actors too.. but anyway.. sly foxes the creators
are in bringing Social Critic Messages to the Trump
Masses as what some folks name as Minions too..
or Minions Three or Despicable Deplorable
them or whatever Pagan Terms
are used for the non-
believers of
and compassion
and other Jesus BeAttitude
Ways common in all altruistic
Leaning Natural discussions of
how humans Behave when in
Balance of MiNd and BoDy SoUL
isReAL in relatively small groups
of 150 to 200 sets of Naked and Furry
eye to eye and hip to hip contact in a Dance
under the Moonlit sKeYes oF aLL ThAT iS iN
Broad DayliGht aWaKeNing and EnLiGhtEninG
Way of Transcendental EcTsasy as the fLavor of the
Color oF Dreamtime NoW wheRE Lucid WaKinG DreAMs
are put into action iN A Successful forAge for the Daily alWays
NoW JoB too.. iN pLaY.. sure.. ‘work of the night’ too.. to keep all
hands on deck groWinG in human terms.. to be clear “FucKinG”
iF yoU SeeK iN GoD within as ‘they’ say too.. once one finishes
with the necessary reproductive pARt of the JOB to do DO too..
AnyWay.. “Pagan Monday”.. yes.. hell yes.. “Pagan Monday”
is the title of this 97th MacroVerse NoW “Nether Land
Bible 2017” still aRisinG toward 1.6 Million words
in a year of writing a New aGe Personal Bible
by little old me.. WiTh Dancer DreAMs too
come to fruition as Dance Legend
as titled by the Metro Area
Audience as anoTheR
ParT of “SoNG oF
mY soUL”.. 44 month
Longest Long Form Poem
at over 4 MiLLioN words.. wHo
kNoWs.. could be 4.2 Million words
for the Meaning of LiFE aT LeASt as
FaR As mY FiEld of dreAMs CoMinG to
FruiTioN NoW.. iN oTheR words.. i for one
can prove my MaGiC iN Real TiMe.. NoW ’bout
you “Harry Potter”.. HoW.. heHe.. for aT LeASt
the ReaL Actor too.. it’s not enough to be JuST
the Director.. Producer.. the Photographer..
the Writer.. the Actor And the Stripper of
A Play.. to maKe iT isREAL and as ReaL
LiFe NoW IS A greater challenge NoW
of the sAGeS and the DiRectors
who wanna moVe
STilL NoW..
WeLL iF thAT
SouNds Grandiose
as uS Folks on the
Pagan Bi-Polar Spectrum
Away from the ‘normal’ heard
oF HeRd goes.. must be careful
wiTh Logic and ReaSoN to appropriately
assess within the realms of what is truly
great or not.. i usuAlly rely on other folks
to name me Legend first before i report
that humbly in my report card heAr..
as far as poEtry goes..
hey.. it is
what it is
and i do
what i do and
it is FucKinG FuN
and as a photo selfie
will soon illustrate.. so what!
if not everyone.. can be me..
i am.. i can.. i will.. i juST Do iT
Nike Goddess of VicTory More.. And
Keeping in miNd this MacroVerse is about
the Pagans of past and present too.. don’t take
me too serious when i compare myself to Hermes..
Apollo.. the other Roman Form as Archetypal essence
as Mercury.. and who kNows maybe Ford too.. for a better
idea with lightbulb Creativity too.. in other words NoW A Newer
Age Renaissance.. ain’t too far off ..while i keep the language
not all the way in Grey PooH Pawn Mustard LifE.. in other
words not too prissy and all of that.. Dandy Dudes
and thAT STuFf too.. keep mY ShadoW
anima and animus close
aT Hand
aT Least
in AdulT Restricted
LiNks juST for Grounding
Force of Pan Horned God
as WiLd and FReED too.. NoW2..
anyway.. it’s a bit ironic that Trump now
has brought a new age of Pagans named
Christians now who are all for Lies and tRuly
Despicable behavior in guise of their Dear Leader
Trump NoW.. and it can be so easy to persecute these
New Pagans if we do not do our best to turn the other cheek
now.. yes.. Love the Pagans as a New age Jesus miGht and
WiLL STiLL say.. did i just intimate i am a New Age Jesus.. well
in the SpiRiT of the Current MacroVerse.. sure i did.. as the Old
Timey Jesus in at LeASt Flesh and Blood Gnostic way would surely
be considered a Pagan then.. and hey.. in modern representations of him
all androgynous in female and male balanced way of bearded effete man..
with.. OH My God..! Long hair! that was not allowed even as much in the 50’s
back then in old Jewish Days of around the dates of Jesus’ real life.. if he did wear
his hair long.. he surely would be considered a Pagan then.. as really Pagan just means
not conforming with the current norms of culture and or religion as the flavor of Belief of the
in some
African countries..
Women who have
not been Female
Genitally Mutilated
are considered Pagan
too.. and Jesus F iN Christ..
boys who haven’t had their foreskins
ripped off at Birth were considered pagan
then too.. and still are in some countries and
cultures and religions too.. call ’em infidels too..
just another word for non-believer of the standard
group think of culture and or religion too now.. so in other
words Pagan is a totally moral relativist term.. in human terms
there is no Universal Pagan.. only Deviation from the Bell Curve
of what folks currently believe except for child molesters.. ugh
unless you live in a time with a 9 year old wife or so.. where
that shit is culturally acceptable and less ‘odd’ and
harmful than current Female Genital
Mutilation.. as hey.. it still is
common for a 60 year
old Dude to
a Dowry
12 year old
Victim now for
institutionalized Rape..
Pagan-like acts of crucifying
folks with Different Beliefs where
it used to be that those folks Crucified
folks with Different Beliefs too.. Jesus F iN
Christ.. why can’t we just go back to the Jesus
way of Gentile.. Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or
man No more.. where even Homosexuals get to
be married in the Sacrament of Marriage
but wait! that won’t work in old
Jesus way either as
he said the Kingdom
of Heaven is within
and in that place there won’t
be any marriage.. more like
a Modern WoodStock Festival
with the Beatles Singing
the theme song
of all you
need is Love and
every little thing is gonna
be alright too.. and next thing
you know you have a bunch of naked
humans or close to naked at least dancing
naked in a Field of Love and Dreams too.. or perhaps
call it a Rave-like atmosphere at Old Seville Quarter with
Appropriate Dress code where Women are Bootie
Grinding fronts and butts away with males
as well.. for whatever makes
their shortie
FeeL and
SensE waves
of Bliss ongoing too..
in a tantric like clothed
sensual sexual way of transcendent
Ecstasy too.. Oh Lord.. the Pagans are
everywhere these days.. Sexting each other
as Teens too.. doing what any Free New Age
Bonobos WiLL Do too.. to increase their levels
of Creativity and Productivity too.. i mean reAlly.. have
you seen the output levels of out of the box Creativity in
online Areas of Social Media these days.. it’s out of control
and that is what it means to live out of the box.. yes.. out of control..
in other words Free for LifE LiBerty and the Pursuit of Happiness with
do no harm.. yes.. just don’t click on ‘that’ link or visit that page if you
don’t wanna be offended by some other person’s first amendment Pagan
Rights for Freedom of Expression NoW.. Believe what ya wanna believe
but don’t harm the WiLL of othERs by FoRcinG laws to make folks
comply with what you believe when they are not harming
another human soUL now.. in terms of just turn
me off if you don’t wanna be turned
on by me now..
yes.. no
one wants
their creative
‘Juices’ Flowing
if they don’t wanna be
Naturally turned on in a cognitive
dissonant way other than the way
they were raised in Victorian ways
before Vickie’s Secret was allowed to
be aired out.. before as Gynecologists
did the tedious Manual
method of
Female Patients
who were repressed
that way.. way back then..
yes.. it’s true.. it went down for
real.. Google it if you like.. this shit
did go down.. as crazy as it might seem
before Spencer Gifts came to town with all
the tools of self service ways of appropriate vib
rating ways of stimulation and fuller relief with the pleasures
FReED NoW of being human NoW iN the grace and gift of
Sexual and Sensual Expression per that Declaration
of Independence Providing Freedom of Expression
in First Amendment ways that allows Miley
Cyrus to Art her more furry pARTs..
Before someone else does
a simulation of it
on some
that’s not
even real.. to turn
old “pot bellied’.. men on..
who don’t dance 7200 miles
or so in 44 months like me..
and attract Bar Maidens
all for free with
with free smiles
all consensual in Happiness
in the thrill of the Dance of all of
liFE NoW too.. and sure if they care
too.. they are welcome to peruse all my
art.. just don’t get me killed.. doing that in
front of your Boy Friend please.. hehe.. anyWay..
it is what it is.. lie to yourself if you like.. but in most
cases we are all a little bit pagan to at least someone
else who
see things
the way we do..
or perhaps sees with
a thousand eYes of me..
where all of it seems rather
normal by now.. and that is key..
to bliss always now.. no longer seeing
Pagan.. as much as possible and seeing
One Team Human Being now.. not easy of
course.. takes a lot of Cognitive Reasoning
Control of Base Instincts as yes.. we
do have an all Natural instinct
of Tribalism that says
fear the different
to survive..
but hey..
get to know
the other tribe..
tolerate them.. or turn
the other cheek in terms of
turning their websites off..
or even accept
visit them..
and you might learn
something new or even
become a Miley Cyrus
Nude Artist in your spare time too..
in an all appropriate and legal Freedom
Of Expression as allowed by the United
States Constitution too.. yes.. in First Amendment
ways.. as the Wiccans say.. do they WiLL and do
no other Harm.. easier to do online with an off
button than public dancing and
always veering
same to not offend
them.. in Trump Town
US oF A.. Aka MiLLtown now2..
or New Jerusalem where they would
give ya a crown of thorns and make fun of
ya.. butt thanks God in the New Zion
Matrix Rave of ISREaL USA..
it’s against the law
to crucify
in any
of those ways
now.. and if Jesus
is fearless enough he
can even get away with it
like Hermes.. Mercury.. Ford
and Apollo and Lucifer too.. seriously
lighten up a bit and remember you are
God too.. in huWoManiFeSt Form as
Essence Star Wars Peace Force too..
Love Baby Love where no Pagans exist with God eYes NoW..
Okay that’s 2025 more words.. to add to the last four Profile Pics
on Facebook too.. need a song for this.. too.. and note to self
as usual.. can’t go over about 11K words in a single
description of a Profile Pic on Facebook now
and before i get to that point.. need
another Inspirational photo
to stARt a New
Drawer to store
away all my letters
to the World.. in a place
where at least 68 friends
on Facebook Will be able
to open and also provide witness
and testimony that yes.. this shit
did go down.. iSReaL hehe.. ah the
joy of being a modern
and etc.. avoiding
the loony Bin.. and
jobs of mundane and
such as that to FloWeR out Free NoW..
whether anyone picks aFlowEr or not.. i lived.. 2166 more words..:)
And Kilroy iS heAr NoW2..:) 2171
Yes.. as promised per Current tHeMe
SonG.. yeS.. i’M heAR..
And iN regard to
paRts made
in Japan
and Modern
Men per man
me too.. oh.. the
Facebook Algorithm
Roboto.. you do deliver
Macro and MicroVerse
Memories from yeaRs ago..
without fail.. so.. sure.. i have
A Jack and JiLL Pail uP the hiLL
FuLL to shaRe NoW all For FReED..
yes.. for me..
nah.. not reAlly A
Secret.. i am a Modern
Transhumanist Son of Man..
in other words.. i’ve soaked that
human stuff up and am currently
spitting it out as any trans
humanist of the
as SoN..
eTC.. of not
only Man butt
WomaN and eTC..
WiLL Do too.. just to
esCaPe and Be as free
as possible aT LeASt online
out of cruel Pagan ways of localities
as such.. either over heAR or oVer THeRe.. yeP.. sTiLL
similar essence.. similar challenge.. similar victories…
form as alWays varieS iN terms of houSinG VeHicles
and VessELs as EiTher TrUth and LiGhT or as
predictAbly LieS and dARk sAMe as Different
CoMes in various forms as Language
and oThER hUmanly constructed
Abstract Symbols that one
can only hope will not
become form
in oThER words..
keeping ‘it isreaL’.. as
they do DancE and SinG
too.. in Mr. Roboto and KilRoy
ways NoW aS WeLL.. in Styx
ways too.. could be A River to
Hades if one gets all
stuck in
the guise
of dARK and
LIEs away from TrutH and
LiGht too.. NoW.. anyWay.. Oh G..
it’s only 10:30 am.. Central Standard
Daylights Savings time and i feel like
a nap.. as this Ecstasy of Transcendence
CrEATiVE Experience.. of Bliss thingy can
somEtimes Drift down through Alpha through
Theta waves of neAR DreAMTiMe Sleep.. too..
As DreAms continUe to beCoMe Lucid WaKinG
FruiTioN NoW oN aT LeASt A Page for whaT iS..
AnyWay.. BeFore Katrina puts me down for a Nap..
and tucks me in.. if i can convince her to pause
heR Favorite of about a hundred TV shows
for that WifELy AssUmeD Duty too.. yes
all consensual aS Such.. soMe
MacroVerse Memories
and MicroVerse
ways coming
yes.. for
free by Mr.
Roboto FaceBook please..:)
“Wall Flowers of ALLOVE”.. MacroVerse from two years
ago.. as i continued to struggle to continue my Freest Art
in Free Verse poetry sharing on the dVerse Website online
as place of sharing what was a place for that much more free for
all when Claudia and Brian.. the originators of that site.. who were also
very Free Verse Writers too.. eventually left the place to the hands of
more ‘science’
oriented poet
as rule makers in
more closed minded ways
naturally do.. to be expected
of course.. as they had no choice
but to tolerate my Freedom.. mostly
at least when Brian and Claudia were
top dogs then.. although they curbed my
Artistic freedom in underwear photos while
Nude Women in topless fashion were nothing
at all to be offended at.. hypocrisy at its best
but hey.. the Founder Brian was actually
the person in celebrating the Dead
Poet’s Society way of standing
on a Desk.. inspiring me to
move into
that area of
with zero
shame or regret
with some of my art
posts in that male way
of art reaching 300K or so
likes as witnessed and evidenced
in Blog Statistic Screen Shot ways here2..
there is a really big target audience now.. once
the Globe is at hand away from rather Victorian
audiences who have not stepped more fully into
a New Age Renaissance of Michelangelo.. another
Dude speculated in armchair Diagnosis of Asperger’s
too.. but hey.. something drives a Sistine Chapel Painting
And David
they BecoMe
Flesh as ArT NoW
iN SelFiE New aGE
ways closing in on age
57 as any trULY MaTuRe
Hercules WiLL do.. Natural
without the aid of Lizard
Skin anabolic
as furry as born.. yes..
when i was born.. i was
even a ball of fur then as
my Daddy told my Mama
that boy sure is Fuzzy.. Helen.. in
new age Hellenistic ways.. per Aphrodite
MoTher of Love.. and Father who left early
as happens in most all Super Hero archetype Son of Man Lives..
Anyway.. as the established poets at dVerse way in all Science
of Poetry way.. get several options to fix their poems if there
is a typo or a mistake or whatever before they are deleted..
all i had to do in rushing to a Doctor’s appointment
was leave out the word ‘from’.. as i ‘am from
one’ as ‘i am one’.. per deeper
Bible Writing
in old
new age
ways too.. and
they just severed and
deleted me.. like they did
once before.. after i justified
how i met a prompt in five different
ways.. when they gave either an option
of a photo from the muse or in the spirit
of the muse itself in terms of an Artist’s life then..
and for me.. instead.. cut the other option off instead of listening
to my justification to even be in their world of science poetry.. then..
Sorry.. i don’t see too much art in the contrived area of rhyming poems..
but i still read them all for an entire year and got inspired for thousand
of poems on hundreds of sites.. in poetic expression of response to every
single one.. and that’s the thing about a Sistine Chapel.. it doesn’t come
from Haiku Painting either.. it takes years of perseverance in never giving
up.. and true.. in the olden days.. ‘they’ could have kept ‘their’ muse hidden from
me.. but NO.. there is no way anyone can stop me from being inspired by ‘their’ art..
even if they block or delete whatever else i would do to share my personal essence
and form of art with them all free.. so.. sure.. i persevered and eventually wrote the Longest
Long From Free Verse Poem ever.. and this was just another MacroVerse Drop in the Bucket
oF aLL of that.. anyWay.. they asked in the prompt to talk all about “i am From”.. and i initially
shortened it to ‘i am One’.. in other words from and parT and GoD whOle ONe all thAT is too..
a little deep.. sure.. but when one is writing oral tradition in old new timey way.. it gets
deep baby.. really deep sometimes in the original spirit of what it takes to
recite an entire hiStory in one talk of whatever culture and or religion
iS oN personal topic during A Fred Talk… now/then it wasn’t
enough to just let me be.. and happily and kindly
poetically respond to all of their stuff.. wasn’t
enough for me to always clarify and
validate the meanings and
purpose of my Free
Verse Poetic ways..
but that’s
it attempts
to close the Door..on ArT..
hehe.. it only opened it up for
me.. and by the time they deleted
me the third time for not having the eyes
and ears to even see me when i gave them
full justification in clarifications and validations
for being there.. strike 3.. i was gone.. from linking..
and then.. they deleted my comments.. on their end too..
but they never stopped the muse and they never stopped
the art of me and all of that is juSt parT of MY History and Long Form
Poem and Now ‘Nether Land Bible 2017’.. all Good for print for Now MorE@Least..
Anyway.. the stress of that and the other similar crap on the Wrong Planet in what
was supposed to be a place for Neurodiversity that was just as Card Board Plain
overall.. and same.. it took a toll on the middle spare tire.. and a Haggard
Look on my Face in the span of 2015 too.. up to 237.6 Lbs here..
sitting way too much.. in spreading muse over two full
online communities in reason and art too.. Cholesterol
way up.. Blood Pressure going up.. and yes as
mentioned earlier too.. Testosterone
down to a minuscule 181.. less
than an average 75 year old
man at age 55 then..
Up to around 800
at last
Free Baby..
all meaSures
better of Life now
iN Health and WeLL Being
With Free no longer anyone
tugging at ‘Superman’s Cape’..;)
Ah.. FinAlly A thEme DancESonG
Long enough to last
the rest of this
And FucK iT..
i miGht juST
Keep the SonG
sAMe as DifFerEnt
as you can’t imagine
peHaps how hard it is juSt
to be happy.. give that happy..
share that happy.. and juSt to be lET bE
NoW.. iT’S
what God does
to be Happy
and nah.. no one
BRinGs me DOwn
anymore.. as i juST duSt
my sandals off and move NoW to
Greener Meadows NoW as i understand
the concrete place of the Minion home now..
and if they wanna join me in DancE and SonG..
Great! iF not.. to each one’S own Sown
while i reap
of FReED.. !HAPPY!
DancE and SonG LoVe..
AnYWaY it’s what A TriNiTy
of Apollo and Lucifer and Pan
WiLL jUSt DO as a neW aGE Jesus oF FReED..
SPeaKinG of Kilroy iS HeAR NoW too.. yes NoW2..;)
“MesSage of Dance and Song”.. FucK iT.. i’LL do it aGaIN
with note that Brian from dVerse is the only one .. 3 years
ago.. who visited this one too..
tHeRe are
Modern New
Age Yeshuas
around.. you
just gotta
uP.. they DO Live..:)
God creates!
movement in dance first..
then sound as musicK
then poetry of lyrics
So how sad can it be
that i am the
in a Metro Area of
around 300K
dances with
that is music and lyrics
AS WORD TERM rolling off my
tongue and roof of mouth
in golden spiral!
so large and varied as ours..
with so many languages
in tongue
and complex cultures
that are inspired by so many
collective knowledge
The barrier to sacred love is only
going ON!
all over the
1200 miles..
to spread tHis
sacred LOVE!
my metro
since September..2013…
to do
foot or TWO.. too..!
of Sacred LOVE!
Oh by A way..
Thanks Pharrell WiLLiAMs
for hELpinG to Prepare A way..
iN “iamOTHER(1aM)” ways too..;)
“Imagine Dance of LORD in Heaven IS OnLY NOW!” as One of my First
Poetry Letter Poetry Science Form ways of MacroVerse back 3 years
ago.. to Brian.. too.. long before i knew that was a Poetry
i’M going
by the HAiR
oF the doG’s Essence heAr.. sTiLL..
iN otHeR words.. ReVerse dOG oKay..;)
Hi Brian..
i live in a red state oriented..
oppressed and
repressed fundamentalist Christian area…
The category of the old movie ‘Footloose’..
wHere not too long ago..
Rock and Roll and Dance is considered..
the work of the Devil..
still lives here among the older folks….
What i come to find..
that the younger people are open to it..
so the times are a changing..
and sooner or later..
perhaps there will be the metaphorical..
‘Apostle’ or two or more..
to spread this lovely message of movement..
and hope..!
to truly connect others together…
in my local metro area..
of locked up Sacred Chakra number two..
among the older folks…
in this red state fundamentalist leaning area…
i’m so happy you are free enough to do this..
and happy your wife finds it entertaining..
my wife raised in that fundamentalist way of life..
neither dances..
can stand to watch me dance..
or is willing to videotape the antics..
out in public..
to share with others…
my ‘little’ message of hope..
i SPREAD in REAL life..
as an older middle aged dude..
is being vicariously duplicated..
by the freer younger folks..
in my area..
by way of Smartphone Videos..
and all of that…
the biggest dance club in the metro area..
is the best place to spread the message..
of totAlly free feminine and masculine mixed dance..
as a captive audience watches…
coming up on week 6 now on Thursday night…
And with pop culture..
leading a way!
to inspire the herd to dance again together!
as our indigenous SO CALLED primitive ancestors did..
there is hope the world will one day..
AND SO many other dreamers like him..
and John Lennon…
folks walking AS LIGHT like this….
I think that IT IS some thing..
that most of
i’ll do my ‘little’ part..
to spread the age OLD mesSage
i did 40 miles in the last 3 days..
and am averaging 7 miles a day now..
in stores all over the metro
1244 miles
September 2013..
not to mention the dance floor..
military gym..
and all of those areas..
wHere my NIKE GPS SPORTS watch doesn’t
measure it..;)
yes.. i’ll do IT..!
AND inanimate
Happy Cat.. Yellow Boy
also provided
FReED oF CharGe..;)
As ‘the Boss’//
gives me eXtra CreDiT2..;)
“i WiLL I BE!”
CoMinG Back with
my Poetry prizes
from getting Muse
after the dVerse incident
where i was truncated aS Such
and left to kinda hang out on the
streets aS Such.. hey.. one
step ahead
step ahead
always happy
when MoVinG ahead..;)
Autistic and Awesome Month
Nah.. not my Blog MacroVerse
but never the less with a HyperLexic
Woman of the Asperger’s Variety that
i definitely could relate to.. Blogging way
beFore i ever thought i could.. but a big
inspiration to
me as no
she did
her thingie
and was Happy for it..
she isn’t blogging anymore..
but i sure do remember the inspiration of her..:)
So of course.. i leave a modern note..
in terms of i’ve really changed since back then..;)
Hmm.. Doubting you come back
to your blog now.. but this was
A Memory as shared now on
FB from four years
and just
saying hi..
today.. my friend.. smuggybunny..
yep.. your old friend Aghogday..;)
Also note.. this is Autism Awareness
Month and i have been celebrating that
too.. with Autism Related Pre-MacroVerses
from four years ago.. when i was more or less
the resident Autism online expert.. even mistaken
by Autistic Conspiracy theorists as a paid Employee
by the dreaded Conspiracy theories of the so-called
of the Non-
Profit organization
“Autism Speaks” STiLL
that helps those more
severely impacted by
Autism who don’t
have soap
online to
complain that the
Disorder is extremely
A Difficult.. yes.. DisEAse
to Deal with that does need
some kind of cure.. even iF iT
iS FucKinG DanCinG Happy
everywHeRe one goes like me!..
yeS iN the Science World of Autism they call this
Stimming and yes.. it’s what ‘normal’ DiSeASe free
Mammals do to regulate emotions and integrate
senses yes..! they simply Happy Dance out of FucKinG Straight
Line Sidewalks and Super Walmart Aisles.. tHeRE.. i said it..!.. juST DancE..
Happy iF yA
CaN and WiLL..;)
That does it for
the MacroVerses
now off to Happy
MicroVerses and
related photos too..
from a year ago close to when
i finished my 338,630 word MacroVerse
titled GodSuniVerseNovel3.. long form poetry.. baby..;)
“Not every soil can bear all things.”
~~ Virgil ~~
SMiLes gigoid.. i’ll take
this for the Wisdom of the
Day.. plus all the lEarning lesSons
that tHere are limits in life.. perhaps
not for me.. hehe.. but yes for the
state of E-Land.. potential.. as
what was once thought
by me to be
a 100K
turns out
to be 338.63K
that just barely meets
the constraints of WordPress
and didn’t come close to fitting
into the Blogger Blogs.. but write
and expand.. lEarn and narrow..
i guess..
and it’s
just as WeLL..
’cause it’s jUst for Fun..
and the fun iS iN the dam creating..
the putting the pieces together that
are already created.. is what i used
to do over and over.. noW
at least allowing
me to visit a
little of the
hell i used
to live in
and appreciate even MORE..
the creating free environment
thaT iS the mainstay now.. oF
my heArt.. mY SpiRit.. mY soUl..
as trUly iT iS easier for me to halt
that pARt.. than the systemizing
sTuFF that will go on for waking
hours until the job
is done..
without any
to bE FREE.. iN MoVinG..Connecting
CreaTinG.. and i’m gonna wash that
systemizing science RIGHT out
of my hair in the
of NiGht..
with all
the cool
age folks
my 108th week
of doing just
that at Old
hope you are
doing WeLL and
the issues that arose
have aLL Fallen aWay uP to Peace..:)
Yes.. now.. i can say i did..
have fun dancing tonight
i also can say.. i should have
never stopped at age 29 when
i got married.. truly i lost
quite a bit of the
skip in my
step that
i own again..
albeit a little
stiffer in the
morning and
closer to the ground..
no hopping and running
for me.. just flowing.. floWinG..:)
Oh.. Latin.. Dancers..
have rhythm.. perhaps
a stereotype.. but true..
and yes.. my paternal
Grandmother.. was as
Cajun as they do come
and that and the Sioux
And Cherokee.. is why
even with pale green
eyes.. i do tan brown..
yes.. free in sand/sun..
without the cloudies..
oh yeah.. and they
had zero idea they
were celebrating
an After Novel
of a third
of a million
words of Epic
Free Verse style..
in blog way all free..
but it was too loud in
there to spread the link..;)
And yes..
tonight’s dance..
brought on by
the pale green eyes
of a wolf shirt.. kinda on fire..
i had a ‘nightmare’ last night
that i was heading to dance
in a flannel looking shirt and
long slacks.. ugh.. something
i probably would have done
‘back then’.. in the nerd days..
now i’m crazy cool like Fonzie Einstein..;)
Okay.. yeah.. enough Happy perHaps
never enough Happy but now for a tHeMe
SonG chAnge with “We’ve Only Just Begun”..
haha.. more.. NoW with or without Bi-Polar..
with more memories from a year ago HeAr..;)
Ha! perhaps the best thing about ‘this
memory’ from a year ago is it is possible
to open up with the average computer..
whereas.. my ‘last blog post’
only on Word Press iS EPIC..
as it melts the
capaCity of Google
Blogger Blogs that
are usuAlly much faster
to open than Word Press..
But beyond that ‘this post’ is
part of the dArk Fire that inspired
an entire journey of responding to all
links and all prompts on the dVerse website
over the course of an entire year in poetic
micro to macro expression response then as
well.. as well as direct named interaction
with poets on the journey in real time
then.. so yes.. perHaps the first
reaLITy sHow Super Epic
Poem in Three Hundred
Thirty-Eight Thousand
Six-Hundred and Thirty
words with over 300 photos
from perhaps the most beautiful
beaches from my Katman Beach..
And Cyberian Tiger Beach Blog
posts.. respectively from
And Navarre
Beach.. most all
of which are suitable
for framing as a frigGinG
giVe aWay.. so yes i credIT
the folks at dVerse who put
out a prompt that was supposed
to have the specific words “I am
From”.. where i wrote “i am One”
as metaphor that i am both
from and One with God
as well as a place of
overcoming bullying..
and they could not
F iN understand
what something
like that
as apparently
they see God as something
separate from them and Nature..
example given.. the man
Jesus.. in a frigging
literal supernatural
way.. if that makes
sense and no it does
not so tHeRe.. why “i am
ONE”.. works even better
than “i am from” in this
way of providing
a clear message
for those folks like
Jesus said.. who see and
hear it.. and so they
deleted my
Blog post
without even
waiting on me to
stick the word “from”
in as i even did to appease
tHeir nit picky poetry form..
and instead of getting angry..
i got inspiRed and ended up doing
even more.. as truly theiR real complaint
i and God only liVe
now so we are ONeNOW
so free.. so F in Epic.. and
not afraid to BoldLY Go
as God wheRe no
pARt of God here
has gONe before
as Art
of NoW..
at least
oN EartH
iN Epic way..
so this WiLL be the opening
oF mY Epic but much easier
to open up bLoG posT titLED
“BEfore and After Novel PartY”..
a Celebration of Going wHeRe
no poET has gONE before on
the fAce oF thE eARTh noW..
and like my wife sAid..
no body wants to
go tHere but
wELL thE fACt
iS.. iT IS A refLecTion
oF mY heARt.. mY SpiRit
eXpreSsinG aLL the
emoTioNs noW and
seNses oF mY bEinG
iN mInD and BoDy BaLanCinG soUl
iN whaT iS termED very loosely
and FReED as Free Verse Free
Writing.. Stream.. of Conscious
poeTry that has the tiGhTest most
meaning impact oF brevity iN poetry
aS small little piEces and a tapEStry
oF aLL of a year’s eXperience of JuSt
Doing iT thAT iS a reflecTion oF an epiC
miNd and BoDy BalanCinG exPerience
Of a perSon literaLLy liVing iN HEaven
oN Earth.. noW.. so iN otHeR words iF a
Real EarTH Angel could sPeak
hE or sHe
would liKelY
speaK somEthing
siMilar anD as EpiC
as GodsUniVerseNovel3
aLL FReED iN HaPPy UNcoNdiTionaL
Fearless Loving waY expLoRinG aLL
oF tHe pleaSurAble pArts iN liGht
OF God liVinG iN uS wITh
a feW oF thE dArk pArts
iN Heaven as yeS..
thAT little or
BiG doT oF
YinG and
dArk iS
aT least
a sMaLL
pARt oF thE
experience oF wE
HUmans liVing wITh
tHe God of NatUre
dArk and liGht
iN SonG and
DanCe oF wE..
heARt.. SpiRit
and creATinG
miNd and BoDY
soUl noW iN
Epic God
So yes..!..:)!
noW i..:)!
i WiLL I
no.. my friEnd(s)
i did noT write like
normal human bEinGs..
338,630 words in one
F iN Novel.. i wrote an entirely
new way of sPeaKinG iN LaYman’s
terms.. and yoU WiLL gET thE iroNy
of that if you kNow mY real last nAMe
as an epic keeper of the land in feudal
gerMAN meaNinG
imaGiNe no heaVen
anywHere else but
heRe.. it’s not hard
to do iF yA
live inside..
outside.. above
so below.. and aLL
arOUnd liKe wE mE
And God do kNow
FeeLnOW.. hehe..
and haha.. someone
anonymous.. of course..
with no face tOld mE to
quit typing ‘retarded’ and
‘kill myself’.. sorry baby.. i’ve
only jUst
beGun to
liVe noWiN
EpiC wAy aS
alWays noW..
but no.. i just
ignorED him/HER
as for some duSt..
the dArk Force
iS where
‘they’ choose
to stay and
yes that iS pARt
oF God too.. the uNhappy
pArt iN hUman form that
only seeks the dArk
in discontent..
and hate
as both fearing
the dArk.. and cynical oF the LiGht..
many journeys.. many patHs.. but noW
trUly the poTenTial of never ending
liGht wiTh only tiny sPecks of dArk
and tHere
as only duSt
iN the WinD
that falls
so lost..
of Now..
so sad
so sad..
beyond even
words oF Y i…
but on a positive
note!.. yes..!! tHeRe iS
tHeR otHeR plaCeNoW..!!..:)!
And i will be providing the first 8928 words
and eight photos in this next blog post
that will be now titled.. “BeforE and
after Blog pARTy” at the end
of the post before my fun
dancing photos come
iN dance celebration
of the the new Epic
FuLL Novel titLED
per this
aLong with
the first and
only American
Indian 6 hours
of flute music
in YouTube way
and the first 8
and Beach
photos flYinG
Free.. as yes..
this WiLL be much
easier to open..
and a small cLip
of what i do in the
Novel.. as yes.. per
full perspective.. the
entire Epic Free
Verse Poetry
is 38 times
larger than
8928 words..
Go wHere no pARt
of God Goes before
here on EARtH.. after
aLL isAid and dOneNoW
thAT my friends iS N0W what
the reported man Jesus then
sAid and Do iS possible for
other hUmans wHo juSt do iT
wITh tHe Help Of God oF ALLnOW..
oh yeah.. and for the record.. of lINks
here are the linKs to the first two Novels
i ain’t doin’ this
for money.. but a
‘little’ birDiE
and or sEaGuLL
mE tales
Me to promote
aLL tHree lInks
plus ‘this one’ at
the bottom of all
my posts as KinGdoM
coMes NoW aS ReaLiTy..
ObtW.. thE ‘Long Poem Form’ is nothing
new.. and to date before i came along
the longest one was/is.. “Mahabharata” at 1.8
million words.. well in fAct.. now.. at 662 lonG
chapters.. the epic poem KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
now at 662 chapters.. including this coming one on Word
Press noW is almost twice as long at over 3 million
wordS now.. written in a style that has
i CAN wITh
the help oF
God.. end and
beginning oF EpicNoW..:)
And here’s the lInk to the longest
poem in recorded human history
once again.. nOW..
“SonG oF mY SoUl”..
and trUly bY N0W
thAt shOuLd bE heIR
apParent.. to those
who ‘see’
FeeL and
and thaT’S aLL
i for ONE
coMe to bRinG..
wITh steps
oF Dance
oN course..
as without
dance.. words
are DEAD..
aLiVe mY
oF steps
and words..
aS i WiTh GODonE
noW KinGdoM CoMe..
And yes.. i have hope..
faith.. and belief that technology
wiLL finAlly catch up with mE..yes..
perhaps before i die.. the sooner
the better certainly to give
and share aLL of i as and
wITh God and y O U
miGht ask
wHy i have
thiS hope..
this faith..
tHis beLief..
iN hUMaN
WeLL thAT iS
simple YOU are
the greAtest poTenTial
of God expreSsinG as God’s
eYes and ears.. FeeLinG
SeNsinG and kNoWinGnoWoN
planEt eARTh noW..
i oNly have
five words
for you..
LOSE iT’..
in other
words just
F iN
like Nike
says too..
anyone and
everyone iS
eMploYeD bY
theY reaLiZe
iT iN aWaKeNinG
aNd EnliGhteNinG
waYs Or noT iN N0W..
so aLL i have is FriEnds..
dArk and liGht oF aLLnOW..
ThiEf iN thE niGht arT wEnoW..:)
And sPeaKinG oF aLL oF thAT A Shirt
in the BK.. yes Burger King
‘rest area” that says
from two years
not everyone
can be me..;)
AnyWay.. STiLL1
i’Ve onLY
so lET
iT bE
So LeT iT bE
DonE From dArK to LiGht
BeYONd RainBoW Colors
Too.. juST Do IT MoRe.. noW2
DancE and SinG!!!FREENoW!!!3..:)
Hi.. my FriEnd.. Xenia..
thanks so much for dropping
by on a rather overcast day as
even clouds can and will be so
beautiful after being deluged by Blue
sKeYes of SpRinG..
hehe.. that’s
an inside
jest too
for folks
who deal with
Bi-Polar when
the sky gets too briGht
And Pleasure becomes pain…
Thank goodness way in the past
for me my friEnd.. as Nature surELy
IS A soothing Force for Nerves oF ALl
kinds except for allergies of course..
ah.. aLways a little DaRk SpoT oN
A SoUL heRE AnD tHeRE to
maKe thE LiGhT FeeL
and SenSe even
moRe Beautiful
wHen Azure BlUe SKeYes
oF LiGht CoMe NAtuRE Beauty
FeeL anD seNse aGAIn.. anyWay
my FriEnd.. the best of Love iN Wishes
to you and your husband and all your
beautiful canine rescue companions..
no matter rain.. sleet.. snow or wind..
Super-Walmart Wide Middle Dance
Aisle WiLL FeeL and SeNSE mE
Dance.. heHE.. as after 13
thousand words or
so of writing
in 24 hours
or so..
iT’s Dance NoW
to PuT Words to reST..
onCe agaiN.. aLL thE BesT of DAncE and SonG!!!..
yeS.. i’Ve alSo HeArd iT sAid BeFoRE.. pARTy ON1!2!..;)
“5 days of French Riviera, 5 days of the Alsace wine route and 6 days of Paris”..
Now that’s a Vacation that i must admit.. none of my peers.. young or
old.. are enjoying in a little mill town of Lower Alabama..
Northwest Panhandle of Florida.. sMiLes.. and
that reminds me.. i meant to comment
on this 8 days ago when it was
fresh.. but hey.. Vacation
Pictures as Poetry
and Words of
AKA PoeTry NoW too..
Never GroW old nOw.. mY
FriEnd.. Prajakta.. in oTheR
Words your soUL need not
be Refrigerated heAR either..
hehe.. i Love seeing.. photos
oF Everyone’s life.. Vacation or
not as personal photos truly show
what folks aim at in liFe.. both LiterAlly
so and figurativELy so aS WeLL and now
tHeiR iS Beauty heAR to Give and Share FoR
Free my friENd aS aLL that’s leFt to saY iS Thanks..:)
(:..yes.. it’s true..
i for one have
fancy online
friends.. too..
WeLL.. Looks like “Pagan Monday” for the
97th MacroVerse is Being updated
to “Pagan Monday Now”.. as
‘Pagan Monday’.. on
Google Searches
is already taken
By Pagan Day
Moon Day.. yes..
at first one day as
Mon Means one and
also.. close enough to
Moon.. wHo KnoWs for
a Pagan Wiccan Witch and
Warlock Associated MoonChild2..
per those Theosophy Folks of the
early 20th Century too.. who did Magic..
White Magic Spells to conjure uP a Moon
Child.. pretty much like the Nicene Creed does
in itS owN way of promising someone coming in
Glory.. Judging the Living Dead and such as that..
only a matter now of so-called TiMe wHeRe someone
half way believable will
fill those shoes in sELf
Prophecy way.. as that
is how the MoVinG Style
oF Mountains HapPens for
those who have One Hundred
Percent Pure Positivity as Love..
Luke HoT peR SaY and DO.. never
getting spit out now by Nature and God
sAMe.. by everliving Love as Faith NoW..
yes.. 100 percent.. wHeRe GraiN of SanD
Holds Up Mountains oF Love too.. aLonG
WiTh continuing MoVinG Mountains uP NoW..
And on top of that.. HeRE the Wolf IS A
Major pARt of So-Called non-believing
mainstream so-called Religions that
kept us in the Dark Ages for
Centuries and put
folks away like
Newton for
jusT TaLinG
the Truth then/noW
too.. heY.. the TrUth and
LiGht of thAT iN AgAPe LoVe
for aLL oF NaTuRe CaN and
WiLL SuRely.. SeT yA FReED..
other than that a Dramatic turn around
BriGht eYes seLFie iN the ART oF WaLMaRT
PaRKinG LoT iN DiViNe MascuLiNE Strength
and WiLL.. WiTh A substantial SHoT oF F iN
Love and Grace too.. iN DiViNE FeMiNiNe2..:)
OKay.. per last Profile Pic
FB Photo.. aLL thE DiViNe
FeMiNiNe Grace and Love heAR
iN an all you can see Buffet of Katrina
Love and Grace in Face Way too.. alWays
NoW.. WonderWoman too.. as shE has
Been noted as
such by Kind
Girl FRiEnDs
oF MiNe too..
but nah
aS even
Taylor Swiftie
and RiHanna NoW
says.. don’t make
the mistake oF TaKinG
ThAT Grace and Love
for Weakness as this
Pacific Islander with mucho
American Indian and Irish too..
iS a TiGEr iN A TaNK oF Strength and WiLL
iN aLL DiViNe MascuLiNe Ways too..@LeASt
OKay.. as per last two
Facebook Profile Pics..
back to Beastie Boy Freddy..
all ready for “Pagan Monday Now2”..
hmm.. yes jusT added a Number 2 iN
the Menu as HiSTory continUes to Change..
iN Number 97/768 wAYs NoW too.. Per MacroVerse
titles so far WiTh YeS..
PlenTi oF BoNus
PoiNts in terms
oF Synchronicity
and seeing meaning
fuLL Patterns FuLL of
Purpose iN Holy and Sacred
way all through Nature and extension
iN Trans-humanist way oF aLL the tools..
including abstract constructs of words thAT
ExPaNd HUmaN PoTenTial in limitless ways..
Kinda what Tom Hanks is attempting to do iN
‘Circle’.. way too.. in thaT New Movie too.. any
way.. scientists call this at times a Free
Association MaLaDY oF Apophenia
iN juST an underlying random
soup of existence.. and
of course the same
kinda folks who
once studied
Bi-Polar.. Asperger’s
Syndrome and the like
per study of so-called Mad
Ness and Creativity.. links this
Human Capacity for Pattern thinking
in seeing faces in clouds and such as thAT
as associated with the potential of Painting
ouT A FloWeR of Sistine Chapel too.. and sure
they also once stated that Men are 10 times better
than women in creativity and science.. just ’cause they
wanna score with the opposite sex.. well.. kNow thaT
women are freed in the Great U.S. oF A.. from Men’s
Bondage.. working on about 57 years since the PilLL
dAte of my Birth in ’60.. women are beating the
Holy and Sacred Crap out of men in both
Arts and Sciences too.. as they far
exceed college attendance in
general too.. as alWays..
Scientific Averages
are jusT that
based on
averages of repeatable
data in the culture at hand.. NoW..
alWays NoW changing of course which
inherently means when it comes NoW to
the Study of bEinG hUman.. Environmental
challenge and adaptation in either Negative
or Positive way is the Consequence.. and for
thousands of years.. folks who did art were the
Champions to heal the crowd NoW iN Band-Aid..
Way.. not so much anymore with even more piLLs.. buTT
A bottom line is.. per science too.. Dedicated MeditatioN
iS 27 percent more effective than Opiates now.. Go YogA
TeAM LiGht
Go.. while some
Fundamentalist kinda
folks call that healing shit
evil.. along with the real science
proven White Magic of the Placebo
effect too.. as well as the dARk Voodo
like Magic of the Nocebo effect too.. and
that is what scares of eternal hell are all about..
Voodoo.. so-called Abrahamic Religious Voodoo and
truly doDo in ways of illusory Fears to hold Folks back
from achieving their Luke Hot Positive Chi Potential iN
totAL Faith as Love.. and sure.. putting God somewhere
else but Now iN the within of the LiVinG BeinG and eARtH
too.. to the point that Pagan Apes today say like old Charlton
Heston.. Blow it all uP in World War III with a Happy Apocalyptic
Dance of Death NoW and Kill as Much of Nature with Pollution
as ya can as ‘tHeir’ real home is made of Emerald and Pearl
and Golden Trump Towers.. somewhere else but reALiTY
oF God within Now.. as Force and synergy of Love..
as so nicely metaphoRed by the Gospel of
Thomas.. the Movie ‘Avatar’.. And the
’85 Verson of the Emerald Forest
too.. where the same Kind
of Indigenous Indians
who were slaughtered
and also Force Fed
the illusory fears
of eternal Hell.. too..
thenow and empty promises
of Heaven nowthen somewhere
else and Hell too.. as sure..
they both exist in metaphor
of within.. inside.. outside.. so..
below as above.. and all around too..
been tHeRE down it.. as many Bi-Polar
folks do in either place too.. and was Muhammad
or Jesus likely Bi-Polar with mood swings too.. hmm..
Arm Chair Psychiatrists.. yA Gotta Love ’em or not.. CoMing
iN Glory to Judge the LiVinG and the Dead too.. but hey NoW iN
Covenants wiTh God IsREaL you do what you do and move on..;)
Hi.. Frank.. thanks again for stopping by and per…
“anyWay to me @LEast it is as clear as blue sKeYes
Above and Below thAT tHeRe IS A much greater miNd than we now”..
as you kindly come hear to repeat part of our discussion with me
from the last MacroVerse too.. It’s like a
Nautilus Shell..
this God thingy..
bigger in totem
than the UniVerse
Nautilus we see with
Science eYes that are STiLL
NaKeD faR aBoVe aLL and beLow
aLL from smaLLest thingie to BiGGeST
thingies now.. but hey.. as Neurons Star
through Brain in connections of two Hemispheres
of Brain as huMans CoNNecT around the Global
Hive of Online NoW.. juSt ANoTheR SteP HiGher
thaT NoT all FeeL and SenSe in InHeriTed HuMan
archetypal way.. as some folks say.. if English was good
enough for Jesus we don’t need no Spanish heAR.. hmm.. thenow
but that’s not how the SonG iN Oral Tradition of Aramaic originally
went.. out of sight out of touch.. Lock Up Newton.. and Dark Ages come..
a mix
oF science
and effAble art
WiLL SuRely SeT uS
Freer iN TrutH and LIGht..
but hey.. not everyone speaks this English..;)
With Beard.. Me.. Circa 1983 at age 22..;)
Hmm… quick to throw the first stone
and call Women with Big Breasts and
Big Butts Scantily Dressed no less than
your Ancestors Dancing the Ecstasy
of Transcendence one with God
Prostitutes.. sure i’m the one..
so are you.. heHe..
anyway as Luke
17:21 says the Kingdom of God
is within and as John 14:12 says
those who truly believe Will Do Works
Greater than the so-called Aramaic Yeshua..
A Syrian Looking Dude with Brown skin about
Five Foot one.. and 106 LBs or so.. even smaller
than that little Dude on the I am the One Video but hey
it ain’t the form that counts alone although the Temple
of God counts2.. anyWay.. Face Palm Logic my Friend..
the original Greeks who translated many oral Tradition
Sects and cherry picked the ones they liked.. originally
translated those Oral Traditions to mean “A” SoN of God
just like me and you and all the Daughters and Trans
Folks and Queers and Lesbians and Gays too..
you know or do you kNow me.. Gentile.. Jew
Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no
more and we will make the
man and the woman
one in Divine
Strength and WiLL
And Divine Feminine
Love and Grace FuLL
sure.. NoW2.. like that
Wonder Woman MeMe
sitting on that White Horse
as Human Archetype of Daughter
of Zeus.. Diana.. to match ye are all God’s too..
anyWay.. baby.. instead of spreading conspiracy
theories when folks are counting their blessings
and pointing out the hypocrisies of the Anti Christ
who has already come in a Golden Soldier Idol
of Jesus as a Sun God as established by
Dear Leader Trump Constantine and
his Catholic Cohorts in back
Board Room Deals
as they did
in 325 AD..
those same kinda
conservative more scaredy
cat folks who will follow what ever
sheep authority comes their way in
heard of herd think.. are now Pres.. worshipping
for all practical intents and purposes now opposite
to the LiGht Matthew Chapter 5 BeATtitudes of Verses
1 through 11 as.. ugh.. promised in Anti-Christ way oF Fear
and Hate all the way through the election cycle and continuing
Fear and Hate now.. as that’s what hapPens when men worship
only one man.. the cycle continues in whose yoUr Quarter Back
noW iN Big Daddy way.. meanwhile.. while you call Fertility Goddesses
Prostitutes iN Divine Feminine way stripping down without shame.. sAMe
as the non-Constantine and Catholic Cohort unadulterated Version of
the Gospel of Thomas.. Verse 37 that includes no myths.. just
the more mystical/esoteric/occult teachings of so-cALLeD
Jesus as reported for those with eYes and eaRs to
see.. above so below and all of that
as i am busy as a Queen and King
bY fulfilLiNG John 14:12
while you hater away
fear in ignorance
of knowing
what you don’t
kNow here in terms
of hating against love
with fear.. anyWay.. i for one can
prove it baby.. as my John 14:12 effort
of writing.. sure.. a new age Bible is now up
to approaching two times the size of that
minuscule King James Version of just around
800K words.. sure.. coming close to 1.6 Million
words in one year of Memorial Day of 2016 through
Memorial Day of 2017.. in what i personally name
as i have the direct authority through what you like to
call the Father as Jesus is reported to say in John 14:12
to just do it now with 100% Positive Luke Hot Faith as
pure Agape Love.. yes.. i name this Bible.. “Nether Land
Bible 2017″ and as the so-called original Apostles are reported
to have gone out to the lands with their pockets emptied to spread
some Good News2.. mine is the same as the so-called original Coke
Version of the Jesus too.. Heaven is now Baby and you are the one
too as even Neo out of the Matrix sHow kNows too.. Sure.. count
yoUr Blessings Baby as for those with eyes and ears to see it is
clear that we are already living in the Kingdom of God and
Heaven now on Planet eARTh with the sAMe God eYes
that so-called Jesus and his so-called Apostles
had too.. and even though there is probably
as scholars sHow only about 18 percent
of the New Testament by one author
and only Paul the Saul was an
actual living man by nAMe
then too.. with some
where around
300 to 400 thousand
scribe mistakes some just
honest mistakes and some holy
spirit change driven no different than
what the Paul the Saul did in Direct conduit
with the Force as Yoda and Star Wars metaphors
similarly and different as form in Different Human
Godtalk too.. the essence remains as trUe and liGht..
as alWays for those who do have eYes as LiGht and TrUth..
Meanwhile.. juSt aNoTher Gift for you in ways of MacroVerse
Number 96 of an average of 15 to 17K words each as nows go
on in my New Age Bible NoW.. in John 14:12 ways.. and really my
friend.. it’s simple Logic.. no only God would suggest that anyone could
do greater works than one only God than a real incarnate Lucifer now..
sure.. call me LuciFred if you like.. as i hold out faith and hope that
perhaps even little young you will eventually grow into a real man
of God in Divine Feminine Love and Grace and WiLL and
Strength and even do more than me.. but i’m not
gonna hold my Breath as the BlesSinGs oF
God and Nature sAMe of aLLoWing
this Gift of Heaven on eARth NoW
is too much of a Blessing now
aS oNE to waste that
on fear and
hate but hey..
as ‘they’ say do
as you sow my Friend
and reap the benefits of
fear and hate or joy and love..
i”ll surELy Dance with those women
with Big Butts and Breasts too.. in facT
i already do.. the evidence is clear that even
a New Age Jesus would spend his time with
Fertility Goddesses as some of my fully illustrated
Bible does show from head to toe.. including somewhere
around the MeMe and theMe of so-called Egyptian God MiN
and the Michelangelo and New Version of a KinG DaViD Modern
age dude too.. as arriving at the age of 57.. this June 6th Directlly
at the Center of the Messenger God as Hermes in Gemini too.. born
on 6660 where my numerology report comes out as 0 for the first cycle
challenge of do whatever i will with free will now from nothing to save
the world as i have already completed all the other God challenges
and Nature+ sAMe with UniVerSaL MiNd Metaphor of Quantum
unleash and release mINd and BoDy BaLanCing sOuL
and my next three life challenges are 1 and 1 and
1 my God this is almost too Good to believe
but that’s how White Magic Works as
wE Witches and Warlocks of
the Placebo effect on
all natural steroids
Celebrate the
End of April
and May Day too
on “Pagan Monday Now2”..
coming To A Blog Theater and
Facebook one too.. as hey.. as far as
John 14:12 NoW goes i write the equivalent
NoW of close to two Koran’s in a Month at
130K+ words on Facebook in real time too..
even write book size stuff in the description
of profile pics high lighTeNing my all seeing Karmic
eYes and Temple of God too.. anyWay.. enough about
me for now.. and you juSt make a continuing excellent
dARk muse for/as actuAlly the Longest Long Form Poem2
NoW aRiSinG pass 4 Million words in 44 Months along with
7200+ miles of Public Praise Dance as noted Dance Legend by
the viewing audience in Trump State SouthEast and Military and
Southern Baptist Patriachal Lands of Cheap LA.. Lower Alabama..
State of Flowers in Saint Rose of Flowers County as i will soon be
arriving at Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church at 11 AM this morning as
we are at mile Marker 33 on the Interstate and the number of
our county is 33 in size and Jesus F. iN Christ although
my real birthday is 6660 the last two times
i weighed myself as coming fully
illustrated Bible Stuff2.. i
came in at
233.2 LBS too..
at 6 foot tall of
Mature close to
57 year old Hercules
And Hermes Body and
Apollo at the Theater Poetry
And David/Lucifer Dancing and Singing too..
anyWay for now a little Heaven MacroVerse
as special Gift to you.. my TVC Mario Dark mUse
FriEnd.. i’m busy completing a 97th MacroVerse
that Doubles as 768th MacroVerse as “SonG oF mY
SoUL” in that even Bigger than 1.6 Million word
Bible at plUS 4 Million words in 44 months
now too.. what else.. oh yeah.. i just
completed my 111th month through
Heaven and Hell.. as Muhammad
reportedly only did a day in both places
sure.. 66 months of Hell for me.. with type
two Trigeminal Neuralgia as the worst pain
known to humankind from wake to sleep like
a dentist drill in right eye and ear.. even worse than
what Osiris went through and so-called Jesus in a mini
3 hour to 3 day tour as Medical Literature assesses this
pain as even worse than that of crucifixion pain.. along
with a synergy of 18 other life threatening disorders that
Professionals gave me no chance of ever recovering from
until God/NaTuRe+ HeaLed me on a Beach on what the Internet professionals
then exclaimed on or about July 22nd.. 2013 on Star of David Planetary Alignment
when me and the New age Incarnate Version NoW of Isis the Katrina who “Age
of Adaline” per New age Movie Prophecy way2 never ages either at 47 years
old with no make up.. never even waking up with bed hair and as fresh as
a rose as the night before.. sure.. got the photo evidence for that too..
as i witness and testament all of this in full.. and oh yeah.. the first
of 13 of those David Planetary Alignments then came on the year
that me and incarnate Isis were married in 1990.. not another
one for 100 years or so.. and Jesus F. iN Christ you might
not even get me back to hELp in a Hundred years..
so.. i suggest you start spReading Love and
Hope and what Facebook quizzes name
my Facebook Name as the new age
Biblical term of Joy too.. incarnate
aS Such too.. there is likELy
other PlanETs to save too
my FriEnd and Lord
seNsES within
i need
not hide
as i am a secret
in plain site way too
big for most anyone of any
concern of harming me to see
with psychopathic leaning eyes
and ears of hate and fear and
misery loves company too..
it’s what we Bard and
original Irish Poet
Free Verse
Court Jesters
and FiLi’s juSt do..
we Dance and Sing
our way into the Collective
Christ Consciousness of Human
kind and in Big Bang like way.. go our
Merry way to the Next Way Station as Hitchhiking
the Universe in Number 42 ways.. yeah.. that Bigger
Bible of mine is probably at least 4.2 Million words long
too with a 100K or so fully illustrated photos and tens of thousands
of real God-like Illuminati in the liGht of Lucifer way original Beautiful
AngEL YouTube songs oF LiGht and Truth ways too.. but hey.. whose counting
now when most no one can even get to the end of one of my YouTube comments
with Just a liNk except for someone as similarly Bi-Polar like you and me FRiEnD..
Greater Lucifer
and John 14:12
and Hermes and
Apollo and David
Human PoTenTial..
just a challenge Baby..
otherwise Do what thee
WiLL harming no otHeRs too..
i have a MacroVerse to complete
per “Pagan Monday Now2”.. 2017..
by the witching and war-locking too..
hour of Midnight on the 30th as May Day aRises2..
meanwhile.. once aGaIn thanks for the dARk Muse
Dude.. as alWays God and NatuRe plUs more sends
me jusT what i need in Synchronicity God WiNk ways too..
And for now
you are
the present
Gift of dARk
MuSe NoW.. additionAlly
NoW aN also excellent
inspiration for a longest
poem ever as i am so FucKinG
Rich iN spiRiT i can and WiLL only Hope you visit me in HeaVeN2..
sure a place with no Sun or Moon.. all online too.. perHaPs i’LL
be heAR a thousand years plUs too.. dependS on servers of me2..
A FRiEnD i AM..
BeLiEve it or NoT RiPleys..
And Horatios too.. and sure Marios2.. Y noT..;)
THeRe IS A Roman Catholic Statue
oF A Virgin Mary Hidden Behind the
Goddess Isis Modern Age Incarnate
Katrina all Dark Haired and slender
and never aging too.. as of
course the Osiris and
the Isis had
a Virgin Birth
of Horus too.. and
something similar happened
as the Hercules child born of
Virgin Mother too.. and around
the world repeated in various other
Virgin Birth Myths including one for
the Buddha.. etc.. etc.. to make a legend
as bigger than life in fame and fortune too
as far as telling folks who to worship and follow
them in affect or effect.. of what to do.. and sure..
the Jesus always depicted as Dirty Blonde.. Aryan
Looking Dude in Stereotypical way.. Tall and Slender
with a Beard on what could be an androgynous person’s
face or even
a female face
too.. as painted
that way in a last
Supper way too.. iF
one looks a little deeper
than Beard Deep now.. anyway
funny how Isis in many artistic
representations looks more
Mexican than African
American too.. what
were they thinking..
well.. in Art one often
does not think in free verse
Creativity from Paint to Words too..
and DanCinG and SinGing too.. unless
one goes to Art School.. which wasn’t a big
thing back in them days.. or school at all for that
matter.. as folks kinda felt tHeir way in liFe through
oral traditions in illiterate ways too.. but hey.. painting
does not require words and perhaps someone had a
Dream back then of girl like Katrina today.. Princess
Pocahontas.. in a Disney Cartoon at leASt.. anyWay
as alWays Hyperbole is required to keep a story
going or even to sell a BiG MaC iN Clown
waY.. HeLL.. to sell HeLL in Politics
one need only wear orange
skin and hair too.. to
fool the social
hand.. it is what it is..
So i DancE and SinG as
is Beach Fee and forget all
the snake oil and used Car Sales
Folks too.. true they often make me Giggle
and no.. it’s not Funny if you live in South Korea..:)
Hmm.. iF.. i’M gonna Finish this “Pagan Monday NoW2”..
97th/768th MacroVerse by the Pagan Ritual
Midnight through May Day soon..
gonna have to picK it uP NoW..
but hey.. lots going on this
WeeK.. need to get ahead
in publishing way.. anyWay..
to keep on TracK.. anyWay2..3..
all i had really considered Pagan
except for a Wolf Shirt that represents
all the folk lore of so-called Pagan Religions
and Cultures too.. off the paved Grade of Abrahamic
Religions too.. i went with that yesterday and Did the
Wonder Woman thingie on Thursday Night through
wee hours of Friday Morning.. and now all that’s
left is what all the onward Christians Soldiers
who slaughtered innocent Indians along with
those fought back for the birth rights
of tHeir life.. sure.. they were
named as Pagans and
Heathens too in their
Decorative Painted Faces
and Bodies.. not much different
than the African Slave then named
as Pagan too.. although these folks
WITHIN.. didn’t even need no Bible for Direct
Great Spirit Conduit.. too.. nah.. not jusT the SPiRit
in the Sky.. the Spirit in the Forest and on/as the Beach
and in the Mountain Tops too.. comes with the package
at Birth Within.. too.. one can simply Not.. Miss God as
this God lives within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
as even Science sHows and Proves NOW as NaturE pLus
too.. beyond Scientific MeaSuREment too.. even admittingly
so.. By Scientists these days who know the Scientific Method
ain’t cut out very well for the Art of HUman WitHiN.. AKA God2..
oh yeaH anD..
Don’t Forget
all around too..
Even in full Guardian
of GalaXy Way too..;)
sMiLes.. my FriEnd
i’LL take ‘this’ as an EverGreen
Koan as Tree oF Life in how many
folks see God.. A He away.. from now..
however.. by Koan
i mean i haven’t
a clue what
you mean
now by
your EverGreen
Poem as yes.. PArt
oF A Foggy Forest for
me.. so i’LL Go on with
my own interpretation heAR..
there was once a Day i walked around
A Block at Night at 3 am.. sometimes 3:33 am..
would appear on my watch.. as Synchronicity
WiLL have it too.. what brought me there was
my life for all practical intents and purposes
as a Vampire for i could stand the LiGht
of day.. so i becAMe a NiGht Walker
instead oF A Day Walker iN
my only break away
most days then
from shut in existence
behind a dimly lit screen
where eYes no longer worked
with prescription lens as it only
made the pain of light even worse
than Dentist Drill in eYe and ear..
anyWay.. they always taught us
in Church ’round these parts
that God was somewhere
else in Heaven where
one would
finally meet God
in the After Life as this
place this Earth was inferior
as life.. And death was superior to life..
truly insane but never the less i believed it even
for a while as that is what humans do the best sTiLL..
do what they are told as a social group to stay togeTheR
with no complaints.. sheep for the slaughter or not,.. like
sitting still behind a Desk through 18 years or so of school
and potentially the rest of their life to more and more these
days too.. life moves..
life doesn’t
stay still
God Lives
within and somehow
folks made that Tree of Life
invisible as lIGht.. wHeRE what
could be either A Tree of LIGht
or a Lamp of Tree dePending on
whether one believes God
is Light
or a
Lamp as Human made… NoW
God is the Living Tree.. in we.. and
other than that i hope you are not lonELy
AS the Tree lives allone Within mY friEnd.. Rafiah..:)
So.. this Very Nice Girl who works at the Bodhi Tree
in the Mall who has spotted me at Old Seville
and all around Snap Chat as ‘they’ say..
never been tHeRe mysELf.. however..
as this young Woman says i am
pasted all over the
place there
by the younger
more liberal minded
folks as a Social Media
Icon aS Such.. as a topic
of conversation as my Metro
Dance now surpassing 7300 Miles
has become a Local exPaNDinG topic
of conversation as smART Phone Camera
liGhts tend to go off wherever i go.. as perhaps
one of the most recognized folks.. overall.. in this Metro
Area from what i’ve been told aT leASt as i’m not hard
to recognize for me.. hehe.. and hey.. i practically wear a
Different MessAGe theMed ShiRt everyday as trademArk too..
but as far as Pagan ways go
now.. no one has yet
Named me the
David or
of Dance.. i’LL
go with Pan and Legend
And Pensacola Icon for now..
just what i’ve been told as a favorite
Spirit Animal too.. as that puts me square
into the BaLL PaRk of Pagan ways for sure..
acknowledging that all has/iS/NoW the Yoda Force of God
yes.. all around in all of Creation God Lives as Force NoW aLL..
from smALLeST through LarGeST and Beyond hUman Symbols NoW
too.. although.. the Nice Women at the eARTh Store in the MaLL
agreed that the more one Sees and FeeLs AnD.. YeS.. SenSes
As NatuRe and HUMaNmaDE Symbols AS HoLy and
SaCreD NoW FuLL of MeaNinG and PurpOse too..
the more the MiNd and BoDy LiGhts uP iN
aWaKEninG.. EnliGhTeNinG wAys of
PoTenTiaL Ecstasy of Transcendence
iN the CoMMoN HUMan Experience
of BeinG ONe WiTh NATuRE and
GoD sAMe.. on the otHeR
hand about half
the World
is Waiting for
Heaven after Death
and to even meet God too..
wHiLe GoD alWayS eXistS NoW
WiThiN.. iNSiDE.. ouTsiDE.. aBoVE..
so BeLoW and aLLa ‘RouNd for those
WiTh eYes and eaRs wHO and thaT
See Deeper than empty words now..
wITh no SoUL oF BeInG hUman
aS God does liveS within NoW..
As spiRit wiThiN too..
Oh.. Glory bees
and birds
wiTh and
aS GoD fraCTAL
aS WhOle NoW.. too..
Anyway.. also saw a girl who reminded
me.. i Dance for Jesus.. the hUman Archetype
oF LoVe and GRace and WiLL and StrenGtH WitHiN
too.. iN MasculiNe and FeminiNe Divine BaLanCinG acT too..
and she reminded me.. she Danced with me too.. but too young..
i’m afraid.. to share a link with her as she likely wouldn’t understand
all of wHeRE i’M CoMing from and wouldn’t wanna Break her Pure
Admiration for the Dance oF iNSpiRaTiON NoW.. And then tHeRE
iS mY Pacific Islander Friend who hasn’t been to Old Seville
Quarter for a few months now.. and sure enough she
finally found a boyfriend to spend time away
from that place with and thank goodness..
it seems she met a nice man too..
it’s nice to connect to folks in
Pure DancE wAy.. And
it’s nice to see
all the sMiLes
a new
Pan can BRinG
the Crowd at Hand
in the Distance as Dance
Memories in Snap Chat way
do go around too.. and sure.. other
Social Media for more avenues to carry
me further as A WayWard sON foR NoW.. too..
And.. sure.. we got another Selfie with our favorite
Waitress at Ryan’s and an old School Mate of Katrina’s
too.. on yesterday night.. too.. hey.. for 66 months.. i was basically
erased from HuMaNitY and sure.. it’s nice to be Peter Pan aGaiN.. FReED..;)
WeLL.. ConsideRinG this is for
Coming “Pagan Monday NoW2”..
Hey.. with all the illuminati conspiracy
Theory Garbage like folks in the Music
Industry as Artists are out to get
you with their
and CreAtiVity
iN USinG the PoWeR
of Esoteric/Occult/Mystical
Symbolism just to fire uP now
some very happy neuro-chemical
and neuro-hormones as what does
Happen the more we find in life to
Celebrate as all Holy and Sacred
iN LifE FuLL of MeaNing and Purpose
for Binds of Bowling in Leagues toGeTheR
as Religion instead of.. ugh.. BowLinG aLone..
HowLinG at the Moon like a Lone Wolf MiSSinG
A Furry Beast FaMiLY.. hey.. whatever works.. baby..
no matter Jesus myth or Illuminati Symbolism like
one eYe exposed for Horus Wisdom and liGht too
iN TRuTh or a Victory Symbol with Peace uP
BleSsinGS Symbol too.. hell even Ram
Horn Hands as a Rock and Roll
sHow of DiVine MaSCuLiNe
Goat and rAM Sure footed
Baphomet way wHole
miXed WiTh Divine
Feminine Grace
and Love as
anima and
animus ONE BeinG
YiN and YanG Being HuMaN too..
TrUe.. it miGht not bE what binds you
toGeTher wiTh YouR FeLLoW FeeLeD uP
God witHiN hiGher poTenTiaL BeinG hUmans..
butt juST ’cause thAT don’t match yOur Personal
Language for God and or NaTuRE plUs too.. don’t
mean the Essence does not live even StRonGEr iN
someone else who uses different symbols and language
to express the InEffable so hard to put into words as
Ecstasy of Transcendence WitH and As GoD NAtuRE pLus
sAMe.. as Essence Described in DifFeREnt HUmanly Made
Symbols and Language getS oNe to A SiMiLiAr PLaCe oF
Nirvana.. BlisS and sUre.. what ‘they’ Name as HeaVeN NoW2..;)
And now for some MacroVerse Shares from years past more..
along with some photos highlighting just another
Angel and Goddess Maggie in her Work attire
as art of her for Pagan Monday NoW2 ways
of hUwOMaN FReEDoM too as ArT
of BeinG HUmaN more as my
wife says if i could
have that full figure
style of being i would
flaunT iT too while WiTH
heR beST AssETs too.. but hey
First let’s go with a four year
Memory before i even started taking
photos as this one comes from the Katrina/Isis
Fancy Big Lens Digital Camera.. yes Artist Katrina
in more than one Pagan way too.. capturing God LiVinG
WitHin Sun FloWers of FieLd too.. iN North County ways2..
suRe.. May Pole Day and May FloWers and all oF thAT too..;)
Yes.. SpeaKinG of the Katrina and Maggie.. “Body IS Chalice too”..
Oh YeaH and to be clear.. Maggie is close to a three year DanCinG
Partner.. who currently plays the role of Farrah Fawcett per 10
too as a Charlie’s Angel with Cortney.. the Dark Haired other Angel
and Blonde Chelsea too.. And i’m pretty sure.. Maggie was A
Star of Bay Watch.. at least
on Pensacola Beach of late
as what
of her
TV show
so far too..;)
And i’ll quote the
three year old Memory
heAR.. in rather short
MacroVerse Original Form
as Essence GreaTeR too NoW..:)
Form is Temple..
Perhaps the most coherent
the Gnostic Gospel
Bruce Lee..
expressing spirit
acknowledging form
i wanted to keep this one as short as possible..
to express simple instinctual TRUTH..
about existence..
but the journey back to truth..
after a life ruled by constructs of cultural rules..
can be extremely hard to escape..
in my case..
Without the worst pain known to mankind for 5 straight years..
the inability to use my eyes or ears..
effectively to connect to popular culture..
is my path to escape..
one of misery too…
in a way..
i already escaped earlier in life..
working at a Military Bowling Center..
for 7 years as a simple servant of others..
making close to minimum wage..
after college and three degrees..
and the belief of patriarchal side of family..
that i would go farther than that as expectation as such..
completely failed..
as perceived as such..
by those others..
with this expectation of me…
but nah..
not me..
as i know what is truth for me…
TO touch the soles of shoes of so many folks..
in variety of ways of walking this life..
IS the privilege i experience..
to fully become a balanced human being..
of love and service as such..
rather than importance..
and illusion of power limited and expected..
truly as illusion..
The start of my ‘fall’..
is that of being expected to be a controller..
of others as supervisor..
Then manager..
and further fall from TRUE HUMBLE..
connection with others..
life working on a computer..
director of others..
eventually Community Activities Director..
Athletic Director..
but almost complete separation from..
YiN connection of serving others..
That made me Sacred Love
Instead of Robot of control….
in College..
after leaving clubs and social connections of high school..
separation from lifelong friends in these connections..
becoming isolated as such..
belonging to no one but books..
The hell IS clearly experienced..
but unfortunately unknown to me..
in that book sense of logic..
That humans are social animals..
And for a social animal to be disconnected from others..
living in a life of..
mechanical only..
rather than social and mechanical cognition balance..
Is truly a way to human hell…
IT’s JUST the YIN And YANG balance of Truth..
IN eons of human being way of Truth..
to peace and contentment of Bliss or Sacred LOVE..
already clearly known by folks..
fortunate enough to land in a culture..
that expresses truth of existence thIS way…
But sadly seen as silly ‘woo’..
by folks who live in the darkness..
of western cultural ways..
And sure i’ve been to the YIN place of imbalance too..
and let myself be used and abused by others..
never saying no..
and that too..
can be hell as we are only human in form..
on this earth..
and without the limit of knowing no..
as a real answer when pushed too far to serve others..
Physical death from chronic stress..
and total human exhaustion..
per the ills that do result..
Is a real possibility in the human condition..
No matter how good a heart in spirit may be…
Balance IS TRUTH..
only one knows their own Truth of how to find this balance..
as they seek IT as such…
But those who keep their YIN empathic connection to others..
In spirit of what can be described..
as the Water or Christ Consciousness..
Buddha hood..
or whatever metaphor of free flowing TRUTH
as free being human..
is used as such…
Do know they have the sacred ever living..
SACRED LOVING responsibility to do their best to
assist others on their path..
As co-creators with GOD of ALLITIS
we stand United..
thIS way…
we are nothing..
i am never alone..
i always feel the connection..
with the rest of humankind
to know the FULL darkness..
breaking through to once again
IS resulting PASSiON
to assist others
seeking balance..
in dark and light
for peace
human contentment
in existing..
“Water IS Power”
Another MacroVerse from a three years ago..
With an Epic Flooding rain in Panhandle
of Florida rain then.. along with a
story of Noble Arthur Cat too..
in his last year of life then..
fur and bones of Noble left HiM..:)
Form alone..
IS Weakness…
cat Arthur..
pushing 20
years old in fur and bones..
is usually fearless still
and backs down
to no
neighborhood cat..
But when it comes to the kind
of Thunderstorm we had last night..
He refuses..
to go out
acting keeps
simple survival instinct..
As the cat knows all too..
he too..
in metaphor
How gentle form free moisture
of cloud fall
tickle one’s
face in
Spring of LIFE
from SpringIng rinse..
of frost
But when the formless
the awesome spirit
After 27 inches of
less than
24 hours..
develops greater
for Noah
God gives life
to all life
takes it
with rinsing
Meteors know
this way all
splashing death
to lifeforms..
as well…
Whether we like IT..
or not..
the formless spirit
that dwells within us..
can lead us..
or we can ignore
to flood of human
instead of rain..
when ALL the droplets
of formless
get together..
as same of spirit..
Spring time rinse
together blooming
Also from three years ago..
“Day in the Life of a River Dancer”
As part of my ongoing
‘Day in the Life’
is a day in the
life of
River dancer..
Be the water
my ‘motto’
not unlike
Bruce Lee..
And not a better place to
than dancing
on the river front..
And yes..
a day of epic once in 500 years
of flooding
almost 6 inches of rain
in a one hour
in Pensacola FL..
i document here..
in my local area such…
there are quite a few photos..
but when the river flows..
the end of one day in the
a River Dancer..
is here now..
while this probably isn’t meaningful
to any
but me..
what It
And in the last photos of the
Pecan tree..
and dirt patch in the grass
that is the spot
i grew up
as a child
standing on the grass
looking over the
at age..
feeling like i had been here
how beautiful can it be
to stand there..
any time i want
and to know..
that now
am the
“ALL God Now Comes FREE Flow Spirit”.. MacroVerse Memory from three
years ago.. at the Wrong Planet.. still.. attempting to sHow
’em a more comprehensive God than one finds in
Most Bible Books these days..:)
And now.. a nice Chalice as Form
oF Temple of Goddess Isis
Incarnate Katrina
napping on
Garden of Eden
Home Recliner..
iN Modern Lazy Girl way..
Memory from a year ago sAMe..;)
What else.. owe gigoid a visit
and WiLL wRaP this “Pagan Monday NoW2”
thingy all uP and sENd iT oFF SooN for Publish too..;)
WeLL.. ConsiDeRinG.. ‘Pagan Monday NoW2’ is coming
Soon on May Day Pole Day too.. any Title
with the Word Pan
all tAll
furry WiLL
do too mY FriEnd
g i g o i d N oW..
as i Celebrate the
Pagan ways of my
Irish and Indian Ancestors..
wHo sure kNew/KNoW what was/is real
better than Trump FanS iN TrUth
And LiGht these days.. for sURe..
Ah.. Pan of the Forest and Beach
sAMe and Different too..
with a sPin
and Egyptian
God MiN gettng
Back to Animal Wild
AnD Free Fertile Roots
oF oVerFLoWiNG 911
aS September 11th..
Floods too..
Hey.. make it all as HoLY NoW
AnD saCReD aS oNe CaN And
WiLL iN FuLL MeaNinG and PurPose
waY uSinG iMaGiNaTioN and CreAtivity
iN MoVinG.. CoNnecTinG.. and Co-Creating
WiTh NaTuRE sAMe PlUS GoD ChANGinG too..
And most every thing IS A gonna be aLRiGht NoW..
by the PowEr of WiLL and StrenGtH.. iN Yoda PuRe
aGaPe Love Faith for aLL of NaTuRE TRUst NoW..
wiTh a little lotta Bruce Lee Grace NoW too.. aS Be thE waTEr/AiR2..;)
“Of all lies, art is the least untrue.”
~~ Gustave Flaubert ~~
Tis TrUe aRT aT LeASt
uNTiL i ThiNk
“We’re all Bozos on this bus.”
~~ The Firesign Theatre, from the album of the same name ~~
Hope is the denial of reality.
It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse
to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it.
I say we remove the carrot and walk forward with open eyes.”
~~ Raistlin Majere, “Dragonlance Chronicles” Vol. 1 ~~
HoPe i AM..
WiTh few Carrots..
“Reality is that which,
when you stop believing in it,
doesn’t go away.”
~~ Philip K. Dick ~~
@LeASt foR NoW..;)
“Before you can build a house,
you must first believe
that the bricks are in fact bricks.”
~~ Schopenhauer ~~
I’d make it out of Straw/GlAss aS i’m afraid of
the Big Bad Wolf BLoWinG the BrickS uP.. over mY RainBoW..;)
“If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow.”
~~ Emile Zola ~~
Cat Proves
With some GrAss..;)
“A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself.”
~~ Michael de Montaigne — Essays, Book i, Chap. xxxviii, Of Solitude ~~
FinisheS stART
“You can never get rid of what is part of you, even if you throw it away.”
~~ Goethe ~~
“The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.”
~~ Bob Dylan ~~
Thanks.. gigoid.. now..
finished enough writing
now ‘fore the Midnight Hour
DancE NoW..;)
Well.. Looks like i’m gonna need an Enigma Accompaniment
to finish the rest of this in tHeMe SonG way.. as i didn’t make
publish by the Cusp of May Pole Pagan Day but what i do wake
up with is more pertinent Facebook Memories in MacroVerse
and Micro Verse way to give and share all free for all NoW..;)
MicroVerse Memory with Huuuuggggeeest MacroVerse Link..
per GodsUniVerseNovel3 for fullest perUsaL too in Giant Poem way..;)
Hey man.. Mr. X aka B..
just a ‘footnote’ here of
sorts.. a thank you to you..
for helping me to
pursue my human
potential at dVerse
by being so open-minded
to eXtreme creative strangeness..
hehe.. i remember when you called
that 6K first blog post titled Revelation
66 at the place that you and Claudia
created still named dVerse Poet’s Pub..
the Mother of all Blog posts.. well.. now
this one my friend.. a full year journey
of responding to all links and prompts
with or without linking my stuff..
so ha..
one more
open link here
for the road friend..
weighing in at
338,630 words
and around 300
beautiful beach photos..
that yes.. requires a fast
computer and broad band
access and a couple minute
wait to even taste
with intro
of Dear John..
yes the Dear
John Letter of the
ages.. perhaps.. my
friend.. B.. i will never
forget your kind spiRit
and sure that still SinGs
as pARt of the SonG oF
My SoUL.. that amasses
662 chapters of one entire
3 million plus word poem that
NoW is my entire blog now..
so inspired
by what
you and
Claudia created
as whole.. sTiLL
liVinG at dVersE nOW..
i know you are doing great..
i can feel that.. and i’m sure
your boys are enjoying all your
time my friend.. God Bless..
and may the
always SinG
A SoUL of heArt
wITh you mY FriEnd..:)
MacroVerse Memory from a year ago too..”BeforE and After NovEL pARTy”
with a MicroVerse Introduction as provided as a preview to a preview of sorts..
in other words.. the first small chapter of GodsUniVerseNovel3.. small enough
at around 8K words to open up with average Computer Power and Internet Speed..;)
And now a few more MicroVerses wHole
from a year ago to wrap this Pagan thingy uP..;)
Have you ever noticed that in the major
sacred texts.. of the Bible.. the Kuran..
the Tao.. there is almost
zero humor.. like
the God of Nature
has no laughs
or sMiLeS..
Jesus.. don’t
you kNow GoD
SMiLes and Laughs
aS iNfiniTY WiDe and
morE noW.. WeLL..
i for one
aim to change..
to edit the pArTial
trUth of beFore.. wHere
theRe is more than why so
serious and threats of swords..
chopping F iN heads off.. rape
and killing of little women.. including
little children.. and just like the JoKer
oF God says.. why so F iN Serious when
this place i made
for you iS
F iN heaven
if you find me.. no hell
no.. not me.. and Jesus F iN Christ
when Jesus was talking about me
he wasn’t talking about the me that
was he.. he was F iN talking about
the me of God that lives within he..
yes.. i kNow and FeeL that may be
confusing for some folks but
as a very deep and
PERsON.. perHaps
Jesus didn’t realiZe
that a substantial part of
the ‘Tea PARty’ population
don’t get the deeper metaphorsE
of liFe and the psychopathic leaning
ones as science shows is inhabited
in the checklist of top ten professions
for that literal leaning senses only
eating sexing and maKinG CLERGY
money way of
away from
the figurative..
emotional.. REAL
heArt.. SpiRit and
miNd and BoDy SoUl
B A L A N c I N g noW
way of bEinG.. ThEY! just doN’T!
F iN gET! the deeper metaphorsE!
oF liFe.. and thaT is oKaY too..;)
as someone has to
make the bLack
and whITe
laWyer and
jUdge prinT
to make large
otherwise chaotic
groups of human beings
in cities to get along who are
only still evolved to connect to
100 to 150 sets of eYes but anyway..
some of us can clearly hear and see
God SMiLinG and laugHinG.. yes.. WITH US..
of God withiN instead.. and mArk mY words
i aim and Will to change
the perception of God
into a nicer way
of liFe thaN
frowny faces.. head
hunter.. raping little
children.. and burying Lesbians
to their chest and stoning them
and suggesting that God’s Homosexual
creatures do not deserve the same sacred
rights to marry in the F iN God’s church
that is F iN Nature TrUe wHere God
WilL have no human lies
iN dARk and deceit
for division and
separation from
the UnITy oF God oF
Nature thaT iS aLL.. ugh oh..
i’m sounding serious.. but hey
i can be a ‘LIPtown laBeLed Tea ParTy’ too..
if i closE oFF the hUmanITy and become judge..
lawyer.. and jury too.. but hell no..
i’m gonna DancE and SinG unTiL
the Cow of God comes home
to all in real fur away
from the Golden
calves of words
in books that have
made God into Grinch..
instead of Jolly old soUl
within his children free..
So with that.. giggles of Google
baby.. as i continue to spRead God’s Good Cheer..
away from the cLouds oF FrOwnS oN stiFF leG feAT..;)
god wInks..
God reAlly DO..:)
1981.. a cALL to the beach.. away
from 16 years of school.. including
third year of college.. with still 3 more
to come.. a three month break from
the matrix as it were and
still is.. walking the
beach.. needing
nothing.. wanting
nothing but to feel the
peace of living now then
now.. dead for a year in living
feelings exploding back.. mechanical
cognition takes it away and the art
of Nature bRinGs iT back
wITh the power
of within..
still walking..
buildings distant
in only footsteps of i..
at the beginning.. and
end aLwayS noW.. the Force
of aLL iS All Force but missing
awareness of Force.. a UniVerse
of mostly dark matter.. but a liGht
on places like Earth.. not just Sun
LiGht but blue azure color of
atmosphere and
finAlly eYes.
and ears.. touch..
taste.. proprioception..
smelling.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. and all around..
So.. no longer is the Force Devoid
of sentience.. the Force
iS alive and GroWinG
All around WitH aLL the
other sentience of
awareness oF
what iS..
for that
awareness noW..
LiFe IS A gift.. i can noT
imaGiNe anytHing better
than thiS.. wRite n0w..
and that
my friEnd
iS all i need
to kNow about
death.. the gift oF
liFe i have.. and to
make the mosT oF iT
noW.. iS the gift oF noW..
eXpreSsinG the blesSinG
oF iS of oZ.. a truly magical
place when viewed from the
coLd hard desert sands
of the moon..
and a little
sliver of Heaven..
no doubt that few
of what exists iN the UniVErse
overAll and beYond can enjoy
as Heaven now.. i’m not asking for
anything else.. but what i find iS if one
believes in magic.. magic becomes real..
so i’m gonna go all out and believe that
i will help to make life better on this plaNet
and the neXt adventure WiLL bE even more
awesome than now as now iSreal.. Faith.. Hope..
Belief in magic sTuFF.. calL iTGod.. the Force.. or WTF
just so it’s more than card board boxes without preSent
inside.. trUly.. Hope.. Faith.. Belief.. changes
the way the brain works iN Frontal Lobe
enriching blood way..
use it or lose it.. yes..
applies to Faith.. Hope..
Belief.. as long as those eMoTioNs
are MoVinG the blood of hUman bEinG
to the reward centers of MovinG fronTal
Lobe BRain.. so yes.. for all practical
intents and purposes..
the reward
of God
is believing..
having faith.. hope
in something larger than
common mundane life..
and yes.. if nothing
else.. it’s worth
the blood flow
now.. to the Frontal
Lobe.. as Neuro-science
now shows.. for greater
cognitive executive
functioning in short
term working memory
and better focus..
and yes
feeling good
away from living
dead in depression
and pain associated feelings
as well.. related to depression..
Call it whatever.. but as long as one
has faith.. hope.. and belief in magic..
it makes
a difference
bottom of line..
iN noW.. for those
who have the ability as
science shows truly not everyone
does.. as even a person who believes
in no ‘magic’ in life.. can meditate and get
almost no benefit at all or even less blood
to the frontal
Real iS
Real.. beginning
and end of story now..
but yes.. i will be a super
hero in the next lifetime too..
i can have
hope.. faith and
belief in it.. and
do iT noW too..
relatively speaking..
all natural of course..
in human potential wHere
folks tOld me ‘you’ are crazy
you will never do what you
say you are gonna do.. just do it..
oF My
LiFe too.. noW
and yes.. may the
metaphorse.. continue..
to be with you.. my friend.. too..
as truly the symbols are as good
as the emotions of faith.. hope.. and
belief.. to get that Frontal Lobe FloWinG
a Seagull
spiraling around
greater human
potential named
i like ‘these’
two poems as
some of the best i’ve
read from you so
far as trUly they
are maGic to me iN the
mYsterY oF NatUre iN aLL
Of wE wHo SinG free as
NatUre uS..
and trUlY.. mY
FriEnd.. when oNe
dances as the wind
and water in sand of Free
there is no gravity.. no time..
only noW as bliss of
now.. as my niece
asks me today
dancing with my great
niece of several years old
if i aM a swan.. and i tOld
her.. yes.. perhaps an ugly
ducKLinG iN form butt
oF aLL 230 LBs iN
fLoaTinG featHeRs..
never the
a graceful
Swan oF Force…
iN essence.. mY friend..
Angels come in all colors..
shapes.. sizes.. and even
beasts when
GravitY oF
one water..
wind.. sand
and Sun oF ForceNoW..
Time no longer froZen..
WinD.. WateR..
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Prajakta..
yoUr poem ‘here’ is quite
inspiRing.. second one
from last
and after
writing a
third of a million
words.. in perhaps
the longest Dear
John Letter
in recorded
i can relate..
wITh wINks..
aS trUly wE frEE
thInkers.. feelErs..
kNoWers.. can
maKe a
anY reaLiTy
wE WiLL to reAl..
aS BeautY oF poEtry
iS iN tHe ShaRinG..
GiVinG.. heARt
iN balanCinG
soUl.. wHeRe mUse
iS juSt anotHeR woRd foR
liFe mY friEnd.. so.. thanks
for the muSe as the crediTs
roLLinG foR inSpiRAtiOn oF
LifE noW iS mUseDom…..:)
Per Story of
and what iS
God.. most religions
agree that the divine
spark that is the force
of all stuff.. lives alive
in human being..
and the whole
oF aLLthATiS
iS beyond
the scope
of human alone..
allone is aLL.. end
and beGinNinG noW
of story ALLONEnoW..
so now that most folks
iN the World.. WeLL..
at lEast a suBstantial
porTioN understand
aLL UniVerse
moves beYonD
the borders of some
patches of land in mountainous
deserts.. and caves of smaller than
aLL.. what would trUly be the New Age
Bible.. a third of a million
Dear John words to
3 Million Words..
by one human in one
book.. better yet.. aLL miNds
and boDies conNecTinG iN
aN Emerald City.. so above
and below.. inside.. outside
all around.. without
the Sun providing
to screens
of hUmans MoVinG
ConnecTing creaTinG
iN virtuAL InterNet way..
relatively forever as long
as servers bRinG tHeiR
heArts.. thEiR spiRiTs..
yeS in miNd
and boDy BalanCinG
soUl.. online.. wHeRe the
number of new age Bible
writers are as limitless
as the number
Of gRains oF
sAnd oN ShoRes
oF Ocean trUe toGeTher..
WeLL.. yes.. the Force oF
God WiLL have God’s
way.. no more books
of chains.. in hard
cover priSon noW..
no instructing
God on what
God can and
cannot do as Free
as We.. it’s a brand
new frontier of God
WiLd and Free liVinG
iN Human eYes of FeeLinG..
SenSinG.. kNoWinG more
than ever before.. and
the painting of
God’s hUmans
aRe EverYwHeRe
one browses thiS New
Age Bible fULL oF iNterNet
noW.. wHere God HOlds
hands aNew wITh wE..
wHo bRinG Free
back to
last and
first supper
oF GoD iN noW..
TheRe ain’t no stopping
God.. juSt iMaGiNe what
WiLL continue to come in
greater hUman God potential
as within.. if little old me can
do all of this.. with only
a ‘little’ help from
aLL my FriEnds..
tHere is not enough
space here to list all the
names wHo help me on tHis
jourNey so iT iS safe to say..
to feel.. to sense.. and kNow
thAT ALLONE iS help for mE..
“iF YOU Build iT,
-FiEld oF DreAMs..:)
Every Picture taLes
A Story as ‘they’ say
and there are nows with
Children of Vision co<Me to
say more than a Country aS wHOle..
Hyperlexic Children..
Natural Decoders
of Nature
all aRound uS..
A Rather Materialistic
Country too thE FucKinG
Huuuuggggeee eXtreMe.. hmm..
Ships outside a country from a Country
that invaded another Country and killed
well over 100K otherwise innocent folks..
in the name of an evil present religion named
Fundamentalist Tea Party Anti Trump Christianity..
Karma NOW sees above.. so below.. inside.. outside..
all a Round.. in OTheR Words GoD whOle iN AcTioN plUs
Consequence.. Positive or Negative.. yes.. of course
Reap what you sow.. have you seen in the Fields yET
wHEre the Wheat is ready for blade.. seems like these
are the days that Break Fast in America Forecasts with
that Child
of Vision
in more
of a logical
song aS now
Ecstasy of Transcendence..
can you FeeL iT.. can you SenSE
iT.. WiLL you let it be or WiLL you
turn yoUr eYes and eaRS awAy
from liGht
DEEPER or whisky
Breath of Hardees
in a Hunt for something
more than a glass of Orange
Juice and a Biscuit of Life that
feels and senses more than kicking
the wife and dog when you get home..
or see that old and lonely man in the corner
with his crossword puzzle never looking up to
smiles of the Piano Man or his Beautiful Young
wife who doesn’t dance or seems to never age at all or
how about that man in the
corner.. half shaven..
lost.. perhaps
no job..
no social
role.. no feeling
of status.. lost achievements..
dreams never coming to fruition..
giving up slowly.. now what was that
number to the suicide prevention line..
sadly they put you on hold while a machine
answers and you continue to swallow pill by
slow tortuous pill of life.. sure.. Break Fast
in America and where are the wild and free
indigenous peoples
to Pagan
free again..
i am big i am fast
in dance i am Bruce
Lee smART in Physical
and yes emotional intelligence..
i have the Moves of Michael Jackson
and more and by the Love of Jesus i also
have without a sword to swallow peace or
a hate for family and friends and to slay those
who do not agree but most of all what i am LooKinG
for is a few good men and women..etc.. who have the BAlls
or no Balls@ALL THAT work for change.. WiLd and Free aGAIn
as the only
i kNow
and FeeL
iS thE WiLd
and Free that is Me..
and sure.. God within..:)
So.. i’LL endbegin with three Videos
wHO/thaT say more thaN pictures
or words
NoW more
of course for
those with attention
and focus further
than Gold
eYes of ice
cold death as life..
but hey.. i love my minions
as whY would i want them
to live eternAlly
in hell on
a million
more lifetimes
stuck in a box of death alive..
What are yoU waiting.. for.. juSt do it.. LiVE..
And a
and SonG
oF HeaVEn NoW..
whY not.. children
of vision.. See pLEAse..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked
MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)

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