MoMenTos From Mother Helen

YeS.. it’s trUe.. Baby
Giggle Duels
a do
oF wiNnie
the Pooh
in Modern
house view..
heHe.. as you say..
out of planned chaos.. Glenn..
OMG.. A Prompt with a Giggle..
44 words.. less or more.. at dVerse.. i say now..
i’LL veriLY surELy be back for more.. oF thiS oNe2..;)
HeHeX2… yeP.. back for A Giggle
prompt at dVerse online Poetry Pub..
and i guess if i were any more responsible
than Peter Pan.. i would be catching up on what
now is 10 whole MacroVerses behind on copying
and pasting for all free back-up text on Personal
Facebook Page and two other Facebook Pages too..
where the last 79th MacroVerse named “Heaven is aLike
aLL over sTiLL noW”.. added in for “Nether Land Bible 2017”
stARTinG back on Memorial Day of 2016.. now equals a grand
total per DancE and SinG aS as Say oF 1,189,090 words now..
hmm.. last updated Backup
was/is the
69th one..
actuAlly titled..
“Nether Land Bible 2017”..
way back then at the 1,052,137
word count point.. so with general
subtraction aWaY in head count
way that makes about 137K words
to copy and paste three times for a total
of 411K words across three Facebook Pages..
like i sAid.. aLong with this new MacroVerse heaR
as paRt oF A LonGesT lonG form Poem free verse
on Google effort ever too.. at 3.3 Million words
plus per this upcoming now 751st MacroVerse
noW as 80th MacroVerse of “Nether Land
Bible 2017”.. too.. oveRAll naMed NoW
“SonG of My soUL”.. as
Ocean wHole
Poem too..
yes.. finishing
thaT thOught like i sAid
if i was/am reAlly more responsible
than A Peter Pan.. perhaps.. i would now
engage in the mechanical cognition as staRt
of copying and pasting all of that too.. but heHe..
nah.. rather do free verse poetic expressions about
giggles instead.. as that is what free does.. jUst flows liKe
StreAmS into RiverS as Ocean WaveS to shoreS more
Abundant wiTh smARt.. Fearless UNconditional Love
iN juST moRe MoVinG.. ConNecTing and
Co-Creating with God oF Nature
all that is now even more..
And sure.. i’LL get
around to
the oTher thing
when i do.. do do..that.. too..
but for now.. some more Giggle
liNks from dVerse for juST more FuN..
and speaKing of Fun.. a reminder to me
that this Thursday Dance with all the cool college age
folks.. is my 150th week of doing that too.. along with
what is still coming to be about 7,000 miles of public
metro area dance around the 2017.. Spring Equinox coMiNg too..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Lillian.. iS
not much liKe
A Porcupine
to quiLL
wiTh huMor
oF pinS and needLes
aLL Natural witH Poetic Love PeN..;)
Giggle with.. Giggle aT.. all
the difference
in whether
A Emperor
feels and
senses liFe
with or without cultural clothes..
sure.. laugh at me.. laugh with me..
juST Laugh while i giggle and google all
outside too..;)
DoWn in these pARts
girl giggles are a thing
of the past and
in school
and on the
playground too..
Thanks God Boys can
actually Giggle now too..
as who the F can take reaLiTy
seriouSlY now.. Trump it with a Giggle
is all
is left to do..;)
You bRinG to miNd MorE A TrutH and liGht
thaT jusT thE WORlD giggle has an iNfinite
number oF esSences aS FeeLinGs
And SeNSeS and tHaT
mY friEnd iS
liKe A
HaT anD
iS NoW whY
i for one caLL
GoD A Laugh/gigglE
as essence is alWays
bigger than A word of hUman.. Google..;)
A greaTest Giggle..
a sMiLe on a Dog’s Face
at play no different
than a human
A w A Y
from worry..
never own wiTh
froWn alWays Love to Give..:)
Nah.. my
friEnd.. noThing
Giggles now about
and religiousized rape..
dress up owning people
as cattle in any color
other than
all that’s
left is slave labor
in all the ways that liVes
as less than liFe can and
WiLL Be..FReeDoM NoW..:)
mY friEnd..
perHaps A Saddest
pARt of liFe is when
our sMiLes of LiFe NoW
are not accepted togETher as
LoVinG Understanding IS A greaTest
Gift oF aLL noW iN the diVersity trUe
of BeinG hUman now.. as thaT liGht Now..
A Best pARt of FreedoM as ExpresSinG noW
getting to kNow and feeL and seNse everyone
WiLL be
shared for
A CommonaLiTy oF Love..
Tree oF LiFe aLL Leaves riSe..:)
WeLL.. now for Dinner and ExXtreme
Strength Training and Dance at the gym..
hmm.. all i need IS A TheMe song but for now
these words WiLL do As MeMe DancE and SonG too..;)
2.27.2017 6:06 pm..:)
Hello.. Frank.. thanks so much
for stopping by with thanks
for the Cat and
Loving Video
and what truly does
mean a continuous Nurture
from God same as A Mother in
Isaiah 49:14-15.. in Older Testament
way sAMe as now testament reaLiTy
as to be conNecTING iN MoVinG Co-
CreATING ways with God all
that is is to be allone
and never
my friEnd.. see you
soon at your Poetry place too..:)
SMiLes.. Now..
my friend.. Rafiah..
for we are social
animals and verily
that is science too..
And Loneliness is an emotion
that signals us that we must continue
to extend our handS even further for this
IS A rule of God and Science and Nature sAMe..
tHeRe is no
who and
we are aLivE
as being human
or trying to escape
our nature as social
beings oF liGht
of HeaRt as soUL
of MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
NaTuRE togETher as more than juST
one.. sure.. easier SAid than dOne.. as
considering how much liGht in DancE
And SonG i emit in each day.. the give
is more than return in any given day by far by far
by far.. and the truth is.. by birth and by environment in
restrictions of what is that is.. some of us have to try harder.. even
to the extent of an Olympic athlete of the greatest muscle of Love…
All Depression IS A signal from God to get up or keep falling.. keep falling
keep falling some more.. and so sad when the cultural environment makes it so
hard to hold hands with all others free as small villages will do when free.. all i can
DancE SinG my friend is.. i’m heAR.. willing to hold your Internet hand.. and i don’t thiNk that’s
your laws
wHere you live
as far as i kNow
and feeL and Sense
surELy not
in the
place wHere i
live free within.. for this gift
of life worth still extending a Hand of Love..
my friEnd Rafiah.. never give uP as truly tHeRE iS togeTheR
only do and no trY aS even Yoda says in this Love of/for Life..:)
Memories are emotions
Emotions are memories
and for those of us who are ‘severely’ happy
and have experienced ‘severely’ depressed..
two dimensions of life that is.. and surEly VeriLY
a spectrum as sHades of Grey
to abyss
thin ash existence
and beYond rainbow colors
too.. i’ve been traveling back across
the river Styx ever since my mother fell
catastrophically ill.. as in every stop along
that river in my past my mother was the first
and last to hold my hand and often the only one..
particularly much earlier in life wHere i had no idea
truly how the inner human Universe of me would go or come..
in either dArk
or liGht
the ’round
of that BeYond
and below abyss of miss..
the place i’ve been in.. yes.. the dimension
whole of the last 42 months or so has been one of
almost pure beyond rainbow liGht.. a place of no fear..
a place of all give.. and a place of no fear of loss.. Nirvana.. the
Kingdom of Heaven within.. wHEre no tears are shed but for the joy of Life
even in loss of loved ones along the way.. Mother too much to bear..
for me at least.. to avoid traveling back on the dArk roads of ‘fore..
and more than anything else.. it reinforces what i have lEarned
as an individual on my journey and multi-branching
paths of life of what works for me and
what will not work for me..
for free works for
me.. if i was still
a slave
to the
demands of others
at a job of subsistence upon
whatever the whim of the moment
of others were in the decades then..
recovery would be hard to almost impossible
as the inner Universe must be gardened with focus
away from problem solving mechanical cognition life
in a way that humans are not even wholly evolved to live
now as it is a manufactured life of standard IQ that we live now..
for only a relative few centuries in the scope of being human for a couple
hundred thousand years on this planet now.. in small groups wholly depending
on each other in measure of touchy feely love of cooperation to survive and thrive
to make the measure at the end of the day of forage in survive and even thrive
in a dance
and song
of life
free.. and that
is what families do.. perhaps
only two in a nomad way of nuclear
family to be or not in our new ways of
moving where the jobs are.. even
in global
fashion now..
is it part of our Nature
to do this at hand.. hell no..
it’s way beyond a village of life
for togetheR that glues success
of Love.. in touchy feely way..
away from love it is
aS even science
that mechanical
standard IQ activities to
the exclusion of the human social
touch withers away a pipe of Love no different
than a backed up Septic Tank of solving problems with
no end and never now as simple as getting something to eat
and a FucKinG group hug.. with eYes and Hips of furry that KNow
FeeL and SenSE no separation.. how advanced we are.. depends
on how far a sMiLe can travel today.. or how many times two pairs
of eYes meet in Love for the day of Unconditional Fearless Love..
tHeRe is no drive thru for love only stay a little while longer.. please..
so.. i’ll bounce back.. i am bouncing back for i’ve the tools of Love at Hand
in both art of language and movement that sooner or later does connect me to
others and more importantly exercises the greatest muscle oF all.. the HeARt of Love
that feels and senses more as luminous beings who shine.. giVing shaRing a Love oF LiGht mOre..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Xenia..
The Ducklings Nurtured by
Cat.. is a warm and fuzzy
Treasure find from a Facebook
share as a best pART of
Facebook is
The innocent
Spirit of
Entire Animal
Kingdom tHeRe..
WiNKs.. including
Humans.. now..
A to Z plUs..
With.. SMiLes..:)
“Mementos from Mother Helen”..
yes.. spent all day at my Mother’s
home with my Sister and Katrina and
Katrina’s Sister Kim and our friend Judy
from back at the Bowling Center working days
and also a fellow employee Judy was with Katrina
at the Local Press Gazette Newspaper.. our roots truly
run deep in this community.. as my Great Uncle Charles as family
history records that seems to be different from official history
but never the less.. it said that Great Uncle Charles..
a first settler on Navarre Beach with
his Father.. my Great Grandfather
Edward Robbins
way way back then..
actually named it..
and Edward..
to family history
named Oriole Beach..
haven’t seen it in the official
history books but anyway.. first settlers
they were in the most beautiful pARts of the
County for sure with my Grandmother and two
Great aunts too.. when Edward took the ferry into
Pensacola to his job then.. and brought back the
groceries to the Peninsula of Lower Santa
Rosa County by the Gulf.. anyway.. the
headliner Memento heAR..
is me at age 22
all bearded
a race of life
as a perfectionist in
many OCD-like ways..
coming off a serious.. almost
year long depression at age 21
with a lift here.. wHere i might look
like i never had a problem in my life and
haha.. who would believe by this photo that
yes.. all my life.. i’ve been on the Autism Spectrum
for what they name as Asperger’s Syndrome and nah..
it will not be hard to believe at all per stereotypes of that
disorder if one views this coming 751st Macro Verse of Ocean
wHole Poem.. yes.. now named “Mementos from Mother Helen”..
also now what will be the 80th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible
2017”.. as already talked to earlier in another MicroVerse word total
subtotal of what will eventually be just another Grand Total of words
in MacroVerse way.. and after my Mother and My Sister and Me all
Graduated this year of 1983 from the University of West Florida..not
too long after this Bay Bridge Fun Run.. hehe.. where.. hmm.. it looks
like i’m in the lead here.. haha.. as that dude behind me.. really
looks like a serious runner.. hehe.. but nah.. somewhere
in the top of the pack but not nearly first.. as hey..
only been back into running about 6 months
or so here.. on the 10K and
5K Regional
of run for fun
and all the health
benefits that go along with
that.. and nah.. my knees and
hips and feet won’t do the run anymore..
and i must admit the dance overall is much more
bliss than run as all body parts go in basically all directions
for total head to toe fitness.. but i did dance too.. kinda shook
my butt too.. but never ever raised my arms above my head..
as i was too afraid back then to do that.. hehe.. even though
after i earned my third degree that year in December of 1983
and was doing some graduate work too with at one point three part
time jobs.. simultaneously.. i remember a 25 year old girl asking me..
what are you.. Superman.. same as an eventual co-worker called me that
later on for my efforts at work too.. super achiever making it through all odds..
including non-speaking Autism until age 4 and lifelong Bi-Polar and around eventually
19 life threatening synergy of illnesses in 66 months of hell to get to here.. if this is what
it takes to be Superman.. i wouldn’t wish the darker paRts on anyone but me to get to where
i am now.. the Kryptonite is gone now.. once again.. for now.. as spending the day with all
my Mother’s Memories as mementos in her home.. brought the emotional healing
to open them all up and process them.. i needed most today.. and that
reminds me.. the Military Hero.. who has been helping
me through.. dealing with this at the gym..
notified me yesterday that he
just got notified that
he has stage
2 Melanoma..
so.. it was my turn
to console him as he confided
that he couldn’t stand anything that
spells weakness in his life.. and that as
he was an Enlisted Vietnam Vet and eventually
Commodore of a Navy Station.. he was really good
at compartmentalizing his emotions out.. and that was
exactly what i was doing my best not to do.. as i did it so good
through fight and flight stress at work that i lost them eventually all
together.. to the point i could not remember what a smile felt like
or if i ever felt a belly laugh as when emotions go away
there is no reference point as emotions
are memories and memories
are emotions
that are
the glue of all
cognitive executive
functioning in both focus
and short term working memory
and to get that all working together
as a finely tuned Ferrari.. along with integration
of senses to go along with regulation of emotions
sure.. 12 million words eventually come and a Bible one
a half times as big as that old King James Version in 9 months
with this 80th Macro Verse heAR.. but you kNow.. if you do view this
MacroVerse and see wHere i come from.. where at one point.. the McDonald’s
Cashier.. mistook me for a girl at about 12 or 13.. and sure.. i’ve got the photos
to make you believe it.. coming as mementos of photos stored at my Mother’s home
too.. and when they tell you as you talk so strange and move so strange and wear
your hair and your clothes so strange that you don’t deserve to exist.. you either
become Superman or you FucKinG Give up.. thing is.. My Mother never ever
expected us or limited us in whatever we wanted to be.. she never
told me i couldn’t be Superman.. just like she never told
me back then that i wouldn’t be able to do
#John1412.. as what were you
expecting.. someone to
come back
to actually
fly and walk
on water and raise
people from the dead
and steer bombs away
in sky from Nuclear Destruction
like a frigging movie or a myth.. nah..
3.3 Million words pluS as Ocean whole Poem
in 42 months.. 12 million words in 6 years..
6666 miles of Public Metro Dance in 40 months..
approaching 7 thousand miles close to the Spring
Equinox of 2017 in a little over 42 months too.. and this
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. now at 1.189090 Million Words
and that’s what a continuing Human Storm of DARk and liGhT
will Fruit when one never FucKinG gives up on the race of life.. no
matter what.. and does tHeiR best to Thank God for tHeRe life for a
more than
ever before..
juST a challenge for
YOU to do more.. if YOU
really believe what the so-called
Jesus Dude said is really possible
for human now.. with 100% Faith
as Fearless SmARt Hope and Love
noW.. tHERe are no limits.. THeiR are
no expectations and thEre are no tries but jusT do it NoW
in Victory
over Vengeance
for those who gave
up and became a bully instead of
Supermen and Superwomen and SuperEtC2..
TRumPinG Bullies every now.. With LoVinG LiFE alWays noW..
and nah.. didn’t make a frigging Lincoln Penny off of any of it as
this reward of life as gift is beyond all tools that human make as idols of life..
as the
is the full
100% Pure liGht of Love..
as simple reward of Heaven now..
takes work though baby.. a lifetime of work
that never ends as perfection of practice and never perfect..
goeS oN..
And hehex2.. it’s
worth noting.. thaT
Body was 60Lbs ago.. too..
at 170Lbs back in ’83.. and
it remained that way for years
to come.. no matter what i ate until
hmm.. about when i got married in ’90
at 190Lbs and now at 230Lbs.. or so..
i reAlly did love to run..
ran track in high school
too.. for over a decade
more but dance has so
many more benefits
as the
continues to prove..:)
Facebook Friend Rafiah drops
by for a short quick sweet note..
Freddy, I see you..:)
And i return somewhat
mischievously by saying back again..
Hey… it
Took this..
To get Even
Katrina to
Copy of a MicroVerse
as shared on Facebook
too.. from a year ago..
as what remains when
i dance the beach
in photo
too all flow
all spiral
aS Such in ratio style2..;)
So.. what kind of animal
leaves prints on the beach..
that resemble lines of waves
as they shore the beach.. what kind
of animal.. flows like the MilkYway
in Golden Spiral Phi.. that too..
are lines of waves
as they shore
the beach..
should iT be obvious..
sure iT should be second
Nature to flow as God.. now..
as water and beach become
one Force oF balance beach
and human
sAMe.. when
one becomes
water.. ocean..
waves.. and
shore line all iN oNe
ForCe noW..
the result iS
i could show ya how to
juSt do iT.. but only you
can do iT..
as iT iS an
inside.. outside..
all around now..
above so below..
juSt Do iT JoB.. now
wheRe Form oF God
naturAlly reflects the
essence of aLL that iS
that iS God from
top to bottom
oF inFiniTy
And a MacroVerse memory way way back
from 3 years ago as “She Wolf Lives”..
as i go a ‘little’ further than only running
or dancing too aS expreSsing the Golden
Spiral Phi as essence come in form
of juST anoTheR
of God
who has
come to
Move as
the Pattern of God
aS UniVerse more.. above
so below.. inside.. outside.. all around..
and even come as essence of human form too..:)
Lazarus and a Beer.. yes.. documenting Spring cleaning by
the wife Katrina.. even going as far as washing windows..
last year in this Memorable MacroVerse way
too.. and sure more than
that with
a real time
story now
Lazarus and a Beer
as fully reported in the MacroVerse heaR..;)
A quote as my first deeper meaning poetic
remark on Facebook ever on March
1st.. 4 years ago on
as the private
message i shared with
my first Facebook then
at the end of February
that ended up becoming
my first Perspective pre-Macro
Verse post in Google Blogspot way
on March the 10th..2013.. anyway it began
on Facebook with the quote as copied below..
Kind Autistics Taking In Everything Mindful in Awareness
Autistic Love
And the Science of Kindology
An Ideological First Identity
Sure.. a creative acronym take on
the phrase KATiE MiA.. as not only
a version of my wife’s first and middle
name.. but also a way of looking at the World
wHeRE the Present is more Gold that past and future..
in all FeeLinG and SenSinG way of liFe more than jusT words
as Physical and Emotional Intelligences beCoMme regulated mOre
as sensory integration too.. in ways of MoVinG.. ConNecTing and
CreaTinG even more free from head to toe more too.. wHere we
also create an iDeology bY Director.. ‘i’ as actor.. ‘I’..
producing that actor with plenty exclamation point!
SpiRit eXpreSsinG heaRt of Kind as study
of Kind in Kindology way too.. in
yes.. a miNd
and BoDy
fuLLeR soUL way too..
wiTh bottom line to top
of the lines of Fearless
smARt Unconditional LovE NoW2..:)
And that’s about it for this MicroVerse
pARt of MacroVerse whOle Ocean Whole Poem
And “Nether Land Bible 2017.. as WeLL..:)
Hello.. gigoid.. been taking care of business
with the passing of my mother and
will be.. for awhile.. but wanted
to come by
for your more
intense effort here
at least.. to drop a ‘few’ lines..
Hope you are doing well out there
in the Big Blue Room of Oxygen as you
say and hope the
air out
there is
breathable in
all of human ways…
“…life is long enough if it is well-spent.”
~~ Erasmus ~~
As science shows now.. life
is only as long as the depth of the
emotional and sensory mindful and
bodiful awareness of the present of the moment..
and sure..
words get
to that reality
of experience.. helpful
or not.. as liGht and dARk
grows or not with all the potential
sHades of grey attached to the
complex tool of words
that humans
grow to
be beyond the
essence of experience
of emotions more regulated
and senses more integrated
and self actualization to highest
summits of Maslow’s hierarchy as
Pyramid as well as Fowler’s
Pyramid of Faith
from Myth
to Agape Love
for all that iS in what
some folks name God in
many different languages and
metaphors through all of history
and indicated as artifacts of long ago too..
social animals bind.. togeTheR using all
tools available as far as humans go as science sHows too..:)
“There is nothing like death.
To it, everything is a metaphor.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. trUe.. unless as you say
there IS A great adventure after Death and it’s
worth noting again that about 1 percent of the
population is born innately evil in terms
of gaining tHeir only pleasure
from harming others
as the brain
is basically
FucKeD uP at Birth..
in this way.. so.. if there is no
rhyme and reason or true
meaning and purpose
to whatever existence
noW is is beyond
material reductionism
and as science shows above
reflects below at the Sagan level..
the 800LB Gorilla in the room is the
still mystery of human consciousness as
the rider of the Camel and the Elephant
that we hold dear as the words we say
to express all of what we sentient sTar
dust plUs notice about life above
the camel
elephant of
what lies and tales
the truth below.. scientists are so
far behind on the inner realities of
the human experience of conscious awareness
in repeatable experiment way and so far away from
measuring even the tiniest paRts of ReaLITy beyond
subatomic flow.. sure.. wish for a great adventure but
the reality is.. the energy both in material reductionism
and what we worship and praise as holy and sacred Rational
Consciousness above the Camel and the Elephant that science
now proves are the emotions and the senses that rule all rationality
at our verbal level of navigating our realities in song over dance as
priorities come more in recorded intelligence way in written language
and complex cultures and burial ceremony flowers.. same as 30 thousand
years ago.. what remains now is what binds us now.. and in terms of original
Greek etymology.. my friEnd.. in all the ways that comes in material reductionistic
view or myth and magic and Nocebo Voodo and Placebo Prayer.. what Binds us
toGeTheR otherwise known as the term religion is what binds us toGether as
no matter
what the
ritual is that
comes next.. hehe..
posting every day on blogs
or twice a week.. come hell or
high water or whatever comes next..
in other words.. my friEnd.. once you
remove all these words.. the essence remains..
and if Positive energy in the Universe attracts Positive
energy in the universe and Negative energy in the Universe
attracts Negative energy in the Universe and as Sagan and ‘others’
say we are Sentient Star duST plUS aRiSinG from Crucible of Star
DeAth Burst and Resurrection of those gaseous duSts into
StAR duST uS sentient plUS now.. i WiLL
DancE/SinG go for the positive and juST Do
iT or end up
in the
1 percent
later on and perhaps
be a politician.. a priest
or even a philosopher or two
who don’t understand that rationality
at most is still a present now ruse..
and surely.. the muse of essence2..
is what continues to make the news@6
as EmoTioNs and SenSEs do continue
to rule the Science of being human now for
the little science does KNoW about the bigger picture
and much bigger picture UniVersaL miNds eYes Views..
iN other wordS it’s kinda silly not to be joyous about the miracle of liFE
if one
can and
wiLL and jusT
do iT of course..
alWays easier sAid
in words thaN what
comes in essence neXT..
and usuAlly thAT paRt of what
i fiNd is best regulated and integrated
in that miracle of the present of now
with a totAlly non-verbal dance oF
liFE as that present of NoW..
no confusion
of words
all the Joy of Life noW..
hehe.. @leASt for me
as i for one inherit
that present
Here’s.. A thing.. my friEnd..
the only adventure for
me is now..
don’t need
no promises
or fictional myths..
iN this heaven @least
for me.. is only now.. i inherited it.. what more could
i ask for.. from dARker space and empty cold and hot rocks..
i’ll make
it all a piece
of cake now and don’t
even need no icing.. later on.. my friEnd..
juST.. ’cause.. i can and will and do it now..
and if that makes me a chosen
one and
ain’t fair..
perHaps i did make
this reaLiTy now from
way way back then by simply thennow
never ever giving up on the positive now..
and i’m not stupid enough to say i KNoW anything.. my friEnd..
but i am smART enough to feeL iT aLL and seNse iT all iN the beauty
and wisdom
now.. juST alive now..
mindfully and bodily aware
as ‘they’ say in the present of now..:)
“You’re not ready for what I think.”
~~ Fox Mulder ~~
Here’s another thing.. my friEnd..
when one kNows nothing and feels
and senses all now instead.. nothing anyone
else says.. now.. can get ya down at all.. as one
realizes beyond words that’s the ruse and the buzz is the heaven within..
and man..
it takes a
lifetime as far
as i don’t kNow
to get here my friEnd..
particularly riding elephants
and camels like more of what
underLies me for ONE as trUth..
aS liGht
out of dARk..:)
“History does not record anywhere at any time
a religion that has any rational basis.
Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough
to stand up to the unknown without help.
But, like dandruff, most people do have a religion
and spend time and money on it
and seem to derive considerable pleasure from fiddling with it.”
~~ Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love (1972) ~~
Hmm.. wiNKs.. reference
back to the ‘last’ thiNks..;)
“But a short time elapsed after the death
of the great reformer of the Jewish religion,
before his principles were departed
from by those who professed to be his special servants,
and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind,
and aggrandizing their oppressors in Church and State.”
~~ Thomas Jefferson, [letter?] To S. Kercheval, 1810 ~~
i’ve got a copy of the Jeffersonian bible that is simply
a more gnostic re-hash of what remains of
words attributed
to just another
son of man
in a book where
all biblical scholars
now understand the problems
of the integrity of that.. and nah..
Jefferson’s version don’t ring totally
true to me either.. it’s also obvious how
Washington DC is laid out that our country
was developed by Free masons.. overall..
who wanted to escape the monarchy
of a Supreme Being imagined
to be one of
control along
with the representatives
thereof.. they decided that
rights of life.. liberty.. and the pursuit
of happiness was more like God as
a Republic instead.. one nation under FREE
my friEnd.. getting tHERe slowly as maKing that
happen with a being with strong tribal instincts
only evolved to live in relatively small groups
that are heterogenous as small groups go..
and do do.. is surEly and verily
like herding cats where
the dog of ration
is a
hard dog to pet..
or Trump as that goes with Love for all
in Fowler and Maslow enlightened and awakened ways..
the elite
as they
say in abundance
out of scare city rural
areas and deserts and
snowy mountains aS Such..
on a beach.. under the shade
of a tree..come to be in heaven.. go to a desert and you get a tribal God inSTEAD
to gain fertile land for subsistence by warrior kill and rape and pillaging too.. in HELL..
no adventures
again tHEre.. my friEnd..
but hey.. what are words after death..
other than “spiritual” energy/force/ART
defeating entropy in recorded KA ways..
now turn it into senses
and feelings
MaGiC liveS on..noW
that’s enough for me..
my friEnd.. the adventure now..
as the ‘rest’ (GOD) will take care of itself after
death but the trUe liGht MaGiC is we can dreAM nexT now2..
and only a ‘fool’ would do something not to feel and sense good..
but remember..
of course as for
some folks.. only pain is pleasure of someone else’s pain..
as science most definitely sHows in ‘that’.. ‘1 percent’ now..
nah.. don’t
come back
as A dEvil.. daM
suRe.. not now..:)
“What is it the Bible teaches us? – rapine, cruelty, and murder.
What is it the Testament teaches us?
– to believe that the Almighty committed debauchery
with a woman engaged to be married,
and the belief of this debauchery is called faith.”
~~ Thomas Paine — The Age of Reason ~~
Of course..
‘that one’
and one
one’.. two..
was/is written
in a F
Rocky Desert
S C A R C I T ie S
wHere soMe humans
moved and some reFused
to move on to greener pastures..
meanwhile.. the Indians of abundant
places dance(d) naked with each other..
smiling in orgies of Love toGeTher like an Adriana
Grande Song.. was/is God pissed living within those
people.. sure..
an orgasm
every now..
meanwhile.. ‘other
people’ enjoy getting pissed on
as the record continues to sHow..
A Trump of Love A Trump of Hate..
just survive
with heART or snake..:)
“All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish,
appear to me no other than human inventions,
set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”
~~ Thomas Paine ~~
Sure.. the religions
in places
a little Anthropology
goes a long way
to better
what even the essence
of language and humanity is..
in binding
way in peace and
harmony of beach and rain forest
or anger and hate and violence of desert
and snowy mountain ways..
with the
poverty of aLL
of the Spirit within
that never rises close
to Maslow and Fowler’s
pyramid of
like the Founding
Free Masons said too..
albeit.. excluding women and
‘colored/other folks’ then in
living then/now too..
butt sure.. the tribal
instinct lives on then now for those
trapped by the Nature of the human beast too..:)
“All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish,
appear to me no other than human inventions,
set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”
~~ Thomas Paine ~~
And it’s true ‘they’
have those sucKy
casteS.. even
India2 with
Hinduism too..
with a billion or so folks+..
square one root problem
as usual.. insanely large numbers of
humans living together equals
scarCities and Chaos
to keep
‘roaches’ in ‘motels’..
and never veering off of sidewalks too..
it’s truly ugly for the majority and not worthy of praise and worship
in some places in the world for sure.. but hey.. it’s Nature at its dARkest
and yes
all that is
out of Balance
in human form of essence too..
Karma.. roll the bones.. pay the dues of do
or no
do do..;)
My church is Nature/God sAMe..
in Balance
i dare anyone
to prove it’s not heaven now..
as no one
has yet..
and i for
one prove it’s real..
all that is is now..
and for
iT’s isREAL..
does everyone get it..
no.. of course not.. tHere is dARk too.. rhetorical for all that is..
no misSinG it.. it lives everywHeRE sTiLL in the World/UniVerse2
now.. with Karma of all that is for reaLiTy of DARk and liGht now..
Yin and Yang and Kali and the Cosmic Dancer and such
as that too..
hey.. now..
but at least..
i feeL and sense
the other place then2..
now a little sympathy from
a devil2
to live ‘tHeRe’2..:)
“The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity.
Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept
for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines,
and whole carloads of other foolish trumpery
that we find in Christianity.”
~~ John Adams ~~
A Crux sTiLL
in all of that…is..
And John Quincy
Adams saw into
the weaknesses of
so-called secret
societies then of
Free Masonary too..
it’s rather simple to me..
any organization that refuses
women in are lacking half a brain
afraid of divine feminine love and grace now..
A worst kind of weakness.. sureLY.. VeriLY.. hAlf a bRain
in metaphor
of course
aS iT
AtoP AtLas
ShUdder ShoulDers sTiLL..;)
“…this would be the best of all possible worlds,
if there were no religion in it.”
~~ John Adams, Letter to Thomas Jefferson, 1816 ~~
SMiLes.. John A..
A little Anthropology
101 would help to understand
that it is ‘the bind’
at core of what
A social animal
is and for human
inherently fixated
expresSinG and
labeling emotions
and senses and
commonly shared experience
with abstract symbols from vocal
now to
and tribal
there will always
be the etymology of
religion as the essence of binding two or more
togetHeR as culture/church/politics/sports/science/philosophies/eTc..
as whatever
with a similar
dance of song now..
toGeThER DanCinG and SinGinG NoW..:)
The only place religion does
not exist iS iN the abyss
of piece of paper
existence where
one feels and
senses no
connection to
anything all that is..
that’s hell.. my friend..
a place where tHeRE are no binds but escape..
wHeRe yes.. escape becomes the religion in hell..
been tHEre done it.. a thousand years in one second
where all is time and all is hell and if one thinks that burning forever
is a worst
think at
all.. NOT feel and
sense 0 point piece
of paper existence
trapped in A Genie
bottle of hell forever now
Lesson lEarned.. bind all
that is to one.. make every
step and word and every emotion
and sense holy and sacred full of meaning
and purpose in abstract construct way too..
make all
of life
no dARk or liGht
then Heaven coMes..
perhaps one has to go to
hell first to truly get ‘heAR’.. my friEnd..
to understand that away from bind is hell..
the essence of all that is good is bind for those who feeL and sense
of LiVinG
all that is now
binding toGeTher
forevermorenow.. aS onE..
the opposite of hell.. my friEnd..
works for me at lEast as inheriTinG
the dArk and
meek and last
for what all that is now..:)
“For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered.
But for those of us who can’t readily accept the God formula,
the big answers don’t remain stone-written.
We adjust to new conditions and discoveries.
We are pliable.
Love need not be a command or faith a dictum.
I am my own God.
We are here to unlearn the teachings
of the church, state, and our educational system.
We are here to drink beer.
We are here to kill war.
We are here to laugh at the odds
and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
~~ Charles Bukowski ~~
i feel so sorry
for someone
who isn’t ‘strong’
to enjoy
life to the
max without
a frigging beer..
another benefit
of hell.. maKing heaven one’S own..
i have nothing against weak people as i was
A dEvil as A weakest one oF all too.. in hell2.. wHeRE2
i would have done anything for a drop of anything to get me out of tHeRE2..
yes.. the Lazarus story doesn’t do it justice.. either.. thAT’s trUe too..
thing is..
in tHeRE..
nothing.. nah..
works for.. now…
For one who is one
with God/Nature.. no ‘additives’ needed
in balance.. pre-packaged for fun.. fair.. nah..
i didn’t do anything to deserve heLL.. AFAIK..
reAlly.. except for
now.. the after
Karma pARTy..
wHeRE most
asks me
soMe of what i’M oN..;)
“Patriotism is the willingness
to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.”
~~ Bertrand Russell ~~
Liberty.. is usuAlly only
trivial for those
who have
never trUly
tasted Free..
And WiTH A death of
Patriotism/Tribalism is also
A Willingness to share that Free
aCross Borders oF Past Tribalism/Patriotism now..
is no trUly
Free without
forgives and
gives and shares..
with Mercy more of Love..
as FreeLiGht gRows Ocean wHole..
but aGain.. those who are free.. master A camel and elephant as
Master/Rider FReED.. odd they are and so far apARt they coMe..
unplugGinG heAR and THeRE.. dReAMinG oThERs FRee2..
liKe A pLay oF A
MaGiC Flute..
for those
A DancE and SonG..noW..:)
“Some writers have so confounded society with government,
as to leave little or no distinction between them;
whereas they are not only different, but have different origins.
Society is produced by our wants,
and government by our wickedness;
the former promotes our happiness *positively*,
by uniting our affections,
the latter *negatively*, by restraining our vices.
The one encourages intercourse,
the other creates distinctions.
The first is a patron, the last is a punisher.
Society in every state is a blessing,
but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil;
in its worst state an intolerable one….”
~~ Thomas Paine, opening lines of _Common Sense_ 1776 ~
~~ *asterisks denote Paine’s use of italics* ~~
Yes.. Government is a
necessary so-called
evil for those humans
who live in insanely large
populations.. tHere is
no other
but rules
when humans
no longer connect
to the entire group as friends..
and as one agrees later down on
in this piece.. about 200 or so
sets of eYes
is wHere
some kind
of Government becomes
a reality with humans living out of
so-called Natural Balance.. i have no
problem with Government as i master
it for now..
not to
say i won’t
have problems
again.. but the seagull
doesn’t worry about asteroids
coming and other stuff like that..
Government is slow and psychopaths
who run it.. won’t kill themselves first..
as psychology indicates at least.. hehe..
statistically now.. i have no worries.. so i live on for this great adventure now..
it’s what one does in mostly empty space and cold and hot rocks now.. life ain’t fair
and licking
is great for squirrels..
ride the wave until it ends..
change what ya can and enjoy the rest..
as once again.. a great adventure now.. if one can and will.. now2..:)
“Money made a vow to itself,
that no one who didn’t love it,
would ever have it.”
Irish Proverb
i ignore
for me
at least
that’s why i have
all i need.. i ignore money..
it naturally grows when one
don’t need it.. i find at least.. now.. hehe..
it’s like
it’s Math.. Heha..
i ignore money.. so much..
when it comes.. i just ignore
it more and it continues to grow..
like a FucKinG Money Tree.. And..
i juSt hope those who
inherit that shit..
don’t bLow it up
tHeir nose like my
step-sister did with
her Mother’s inheritance of hell and
die way too soon2.. iF only she had
that gift.. the first Woman my my Father married..
the one who rather stays at home and raises one’s kids
with hugs more than go to work and make some big bucks
for some
stuff.. a vicious
cycle.. it is.. when
money and all its
vices attempts to FeeL a wHole.. empty of Love..
‘Fore.. for A couple hundred thousand years entire villages
yes.. small.. raised children with touchy feely love.. noW it’s FucKinG
Barney the Dinosaur through the lonely stare of crib bars now.. then2..
and plastic
FucKinG cold nipples..
that feel and sense no Love aT aLL..
it is what is is.. Nature Nature.. God sAMe..
pay the piper all Karma due of do do now..
HeHe.. i praise single Welfare Food card
great thanks
for what is important
in life.. love over pride..
love over
all when love reigns real..
A best part of Government
is one that understands what is
most important.. a home of touchy
feely love for a child at all costs more without..
And nah.. no welfare for my Mother but my Father
stayed long enough.. where i would stay rich all my life without
a green bLack dollar.. required to fill that up until i became its slave too..
as money
truly is a root of
all human suffering now..
when it becomes empty Love..;)
“The races of the Galaxy look towards
mankind as the essential lunatic element.”
~~ Terry Pratchett, “Strata”, pg. 60 ~~
Meh.. Love brought this all to
a head now.. if we didn’t cooperate
so much as being human.. the virus
of cultures/religions would have never become the
out of control experiment oF all that is now..
Love IS A
out too..
back in for balance..
but with rationality
over emotion now..
nah.. more likely
a more
difficult answer
as solution of emotions/
senses/ though aS Surely hiStory
and all news continues to sHow.. as Muse.. Nothing
‘normal hUman’.. Trumps human emotion/senses.. dARk or liGht..
EmotionS and senses win.. liGht or dArk..
in other words.. my friEnd.. believe
it or not Ripleys..
and Horatios
and other
folks like that..
it’s common
sense now..
the answers
will have to be found
in ‘Religion’ as EmotionS and Senses rule thE
DancE and SonG for all of whaT iS hUman StiLL now..
AnD what i do mean is the essence as
Etymology of ‘Religion’ in what BindS iN
Unifies uS as Victory
BindS iN
Us as Vengeance.. anyWay..
i’M betting on noW as all that is Love
at LEast..
bE tHe Love yA
wanna be or not for all i can and WiLL DO now..;)
AnyWay.. my friend.. thanks for putting toGetHer
all of what this is aS Highly muSinG to me
in your efforts heAR..
Life doesn’t
have to
And it won’t make sense..
unless we personally co-
create it that way..
to suit our
sense and
taste and
feel for all
that is and..
it’s kinda nice
to be lost
in a village
this large.. as no
one notices me anymore..
enough.. to try to change me..
as most everyone under 40
is strange now.. too.. heHe!..
A beauty of
true chaos
as long as it lasts..
the strange thrive in
a world more of strange..
i’m gonna enjoy this chaos
as long as it lasts.. no FucKinG
for me..
my friEnd..
i’LL take the tapestry
as masterpiece of chaos
on the long way home.. Free
as subatomic flow swirls around in me
for what i for one see as
a beautiful world now.. sTiLL..
FucKinG Fabulous
aDvenTure NoW..
and i’m
not asKinG
for anything else..
now.. but as ‘they’ STiLL
DancE and SinG.. NoW.. thE REAL
Money Tree continues to GroW mY FriEnd..
don’t need
to kNow thaT..
i for one
born this way thaT works..
forevermore now.. juST now..;)
More ‘Memento’s From Mother Helen’.. and yes in ‘this’
photo from DownTown Milton at my Grandmother’s
home where i was raised next to the Railroad
Trestle on BlackWater River in
DownTown Milton
in a hundred year
old or so shot-gun
home.. where the beauty
of the River and the Flowers
in the yard outshines anything
that human can build as homes
away from Nature Free.. you see..
i write poetically to make more of life..
Holy and Sacred full of meaning and purpose..
12 million words of effort have come into maKing
the River of my SouL Bleed Beauty.. from the dArkness
of Before.. but it is real and so am i.. and so is this Wonderful
Adventure of life as i am still amazed by what comes in every word
and step of life.. in other words.. the rider of the camel and elephant
that is the mindful awareness in both mind and body from head to toe..
is surely amazed by the camel and the elephant that are just metaphors
for what lies as truth living
within the subconscious
mind that is
a collective
whole of all
i’ve experienced
in my life.. and while it might
be hard for the folks at Old Seville
Quarter to imagine me as a little
boy in a cowboy hat.. where i actually
road in a ’57 Chevy in the year ’63.. or so
after the Birth Control Pill first came on the market
when i was born on the 6th day of the 6th month of
the 6 decade of ’60.. last century as now goeS on..
My mother pictured ‘here’.. on the
record of what it means
to be feminine..
voted by her
highschool peers
as having the best figure then..
and noted by my Father’s Mother as
having the most beautiful skin for a woman
she ever saw glowing white as estrogen does
when expresSinG at high levels as my cowboy hat does opposite..
‘here’.. before my Father left.. wRite about the time John F. Kennedy
was assassinated then… in November of 1963.. and my mother was so
inspired.. and saddened by my Father leaving and really stressed
out.. looking for answers somewhere in her life.. that she radically
changed from being a Protestant.. moving to Catholicism..
inspired by the widow Jackie and her two
children with the ritual of the Catholic
Church then.. anyway.. explains
how a Grandson of an
Priest.. got
in the Catholic
Church.. hehe..
let’s face it.. all us folks
approaching 60 years old and
older now have seen a lot in life..
have done a lot in life and are still involved
in a brand new cultural experiment through what
we all experience now as a thousand lifetimes and more
of virtual mirror neuron experience of watching and listening
to the medium of home entertainment.. nah.. didn’t have a TV
until age 7 and i didn’t actually have a color TV until age 16.. and
when that console blew up about 2 years later.. i didn’t have another
Color TV until age 26.. purchased with my first Lowe’s Credit Card at
that age.. and i never filled out a check until age 28 and lived mostly at
home until that age with some stints with other folks living in apartments
until i finally lived alone in an apartment at age 28 and got married shortly
after that while living in an apartment with my sister at age 29.. moving into
more apartments.. living with my mother and my wife until age 33 to save enough
money for the start of a mortgage in ’93.. eating pork and beans and those big packages
of cheap leg quarters.. somehow.. saving three thousand dollars while both me and the wife
still made close to minimum wage and below minimum wage dollars today and finally bought our
modest home in the Forest that we still live in today.. all paid off as such as my debt went
on all the way from age 26 until just a couple of years ago in at least car and home loan
mortgage way.. slave to debt.. like everyone else.. but in that year of ’93.. my
non-appropriated Federal job at the little Military Bowling Center was
changed over to appropriated.. GS-5 pay and my pay went
up.. almost double.. and next thing ya know..
i moved from Blue Chevy Cavalier to
Green Teal Camaro and
got into debt some more..
as that is how the American Dream
Steals your freedom of choice away..
in stuff.. in stuff.. and more stuff.. until
the camper and boat is no longer used in the
backyard.. if ever used at all… or for those higher
ups.. the Yacht never leaves port and is used for a dinner
party once a year… same old shit.. same old American Dream
that really is a nightmare for many folks as how many homes does
Oprah need and what does a F iN 10 million Dollar home do for your
Eternal Osteen Soul.. the best pARt of going to Hell is.. you finally figure out
money and stuff don’t mean shit.. don’t mean shit.. don’t mean shit.. all that you
have is the soul that you lost.. all that other shit was just an illusion that helped take
your soul away.. and nah.. no fairy tale soul.. the miNd and BoDy Balance within as
Kingdom of Heaven of emotional regulation and sensory integration where we
become spiraling dervishes without having to stay in synch
with the dude spiraling next
to you..
or girl..
if you live in
an area where the
two can mix in dance..
hehe.. and hold hands and
give a kiss on the cheek for free
and innocent love as all love is when totally free..
like these words that have the navigator below as
the elephant and the camel is set free in greater mindful
and body awareness from head to toe as the rider flies higher
and higher and the camel passes through the needle and all of human
God Given potential is free in a metaphor of the Quantum miNd and BoDy
unleasHing and releaSinG iN Greater BaLanCinG soUL way of HeaRt expresSing
SpiRit of EmoTioN as the soUL Flies HiGher and hiGher in MoVinG.. ConNecTing
Ways of ImaGinAtioN and CreaTivity with all that is as Nature plUs aka God all that is
NoW all now all.. as GoD eYes BrightER as Lamp of Human PoTenTiaL NoW.. 24 carat Gold.. NoW
Baby.. in terms of within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around now.. let’s face
it.. yes.. we need terms of food.. drink and shelter and basic tools for creature
comforts and more than anything.. we need each oTheR to accomplish that sTiLL.. but beyond
that what do you really need.. for you to decide.. of course.. could be another Oprah Home..
a Bigger Osteen Home.. could be a few more Golden ornaments on a Christmas
Tree in a Trump Tower too.. but when the Trump way says that only
the rich are happy.. truth is.. they are never truly happy as
happy only means you are happy
with what you have
in material
and need
nothing else to
complete you now..
as far as human potential
goes.. the soUL continues to
build thee more stately Nautilus
Mansions of heART.. as Spirit and
SoUL to twist some words by Oliver
Wendell Holmes as Home of within
beyond taller Towers that Trump the
height of other towers.. and sure.. as i told my wife
one day.. see that table over there.. that is not just a table..
that is part of the spiRit in KA Egyptian terms of the sOUl of the
person who designed it and even the worker bee effort in drone way
of the folks who put it together.. namely you and me and all the other folks
who helped bring it into existence now.. as there are swirling electrons around
atoms and subatomic flow in that table leg same as you and me.. sure.. a little paraphrasing
heaR as if i had told it this way to the wife all vocal she would have said.. shut the F uP.. you
are giving me.. yes.. a Fredache now.. hehe.. great thing about online is.. tHeRe is an off
switch everywhere you go.. haha.. and i can be all of who i can be like the Army
says and the rest is just a fredbuffet all served out in online banquet style.. haha..
that’s the thing.. this is a brave new world.. there is no longer just a cowboy
haTe.. a scarf for a head.. some fashionable cat eye glasses and
lots of estrogen fueled love beside a ’57 chevy on
the lawn of a Beautiful Blackwater River with
the sounds of choo choo and the
passing sound of the Rail Road
Whistle that can remind
you that sAdly the
past has gone
by and is not coming back..
hmm.. in human terms.. i can still
hear that whistle.. and in terms of KA
Spirit.. my Mother’s spiRit in non-verbal
language now surely lives online in memorial
as most all 12 million words of what i have originally
written in real time online still exist of me and myriads
of different places in repetition too.. seriously.. if you count all
the places my words are.. there is likely at least a tenth of a billion
of them that exist heRe and tHeRe.. sure.. easily 100 million words as
The Google search Wizard can connect almost any word now with Katie
Mia or Aghogday too.. try it sometime.. hehe.. you’ll be amazed.. particularly
considering.. i did it in just 75 months now.. haha.. nah.. just kidding.. don’t try it..
it’ll likely give you a Fredache.. too.. hehex2.. anyWay.. i’ll let Google sort that all out for
free.. don’t need no card catalog for anything i ever wrote.. just a few key words and voila..
history comes back to play.. but yeah.. too busy moving forward.. usually.. to look back at all..
if i’m lucky.. to read anything at all i’ve already written.. as i am out to test the waters of human
potential.. juSt for a hobby and the fAct that it feels reAlly good in limitless way.. as ‘Lucy’ might
say too.. from the furry beginnings to a movie that comes isreal now too.. in this coming Macro
Verse.. there is probably a hundred Memento photos or so.. and while dVerse Synchronistically
had a prompt on that Tuesday at the same time i was looking through my Mementos as happened
time and time again without fail with the prompts i was inspired by.. before i saw them in acausal
connecting way for the three years or so.. i engaged with most of what was done there..
i’ve seen too many coincidences in life not to understand there is an underlying
reality beyond all material reductionism that is all supra organism
of life as God.. of course.. i cannot prove that to anyone
who does not live in my personal eYes
of God that is that
unleashed and
released as me as
higher human God of all
Given potential that i for one
believe we all have inside.. in other
words.. i am no more special than a grain
of sand.. just been brushed by the
challenges that God
Brings all
my soUL
continues to Evolve
deep deep deep of all the
rider i.. sits upon the Camel and
Elephant and so much more of what
this potential of life in the interdependent
relationships with each oTheR and all our tools
and devices of culture have brought to the table
of the entire collective soUL of God uS now.. all that is
so far beyond the eYes of a clanky old scientific method
that measures science and never the whole view of the tapestry
of the painting that is the masterpiece of God that we brush together
as paint of one of the most beyond beautiful experiences that can be life now..
truly.. we live in magical times now.. where once what ways “Waiting for Godot”
is heAR now always for eYes that can see and take advantage of all the inherited
co-handed and feated gifts shared in abundance with all folks now.. who live in free
enough countries with avenues to bliss.. eternity.. IS A place now of all Love where you
never now get bored.. in Heaven NoW as any Jonathan Seagull with a cowboy hat on..
of Love.. you just fly a little hiGher and are no
longer afraid
to look
the ‘Sun’..
without blinking your
eYes for you are the star
that birthed you HeAR.. we
are the sTARs that are all isREal noW..
AnyWay.. back to the point about the dVerse prompt..
tHeRE is so much to be inspired by in all MoMenTos
of LIFE as a better spelling in my opinion as they do allow
us to relive moments of before that are actually the memories
of now.. and reaLiTy sAMe.. as all is miNd.. all iS BoDy.. aLL is heARt.. all is
SpiRiT And all is soUL NoW as some folks get attached to the things ‘out there’ in ‘solid
form’.. and this is wHeRe the issue of semantics and religion comes in.. when we talk
about within and inside.. and outside.. and above.. and so below.. and all around.. we
create our reaLiTies from birth with a deeper gift that is our mINd and BoDy soUL as
evolving in one lifetime now.. and this is so far beyond what concrete reality is..
as truly there is no concrete reality.. we make buildings as skyscrapers
to brinG an illusion of concrete order to quell the nerves in straight
lines and sharp angles for those who are afraid to go a little
more off the limb and
more to
soaring heights..
conservative.. they call it..
comes from a spirit that is no
longer as free or perhaps not born that way..
as science tends to show.. and that’s okaY as
insanely crowded populations of humans need those
rules to get along as science shows too.. other thing is..
as the ‘Matrix’ says and ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’.. too..
for those who live in countries more of abundance.. wHeRe the
more liberal nomads go to play.. the spiRit of the individual eYes
of God can unchain themselves and fly hiGher and Freer than ever
beFore.. while everyone else then and now scrambles for dollar bills and other
material desires of life.. external now.. to what lives inside.. yes.. the eYes of God
Free.. i used to be trapped as the tools that others created as culture too.. and it is
a trap that can be very difficult to escape.. particularly.. if one is spoon-fed this trap
from Birth with no reference point.. out.. you see.. the FAct that i didn’t have a TV until
age 7.. set my SpiRit inside freer even though i could not speak until age 4.. as children who
must face within.. they.. become dreamers more than the tools that surround them wHere the
soUL within radiates as the star shines briGhter within.. it’s pretty simple.. i can get it out now
as i am no longer feeding my self on a strict diet of the tools of others.. input is good.. particularly
a variety of input.. i still consume.. but output is more vital to the life of the eternal souL now.. it
gRows that way more.. when the soUL DanceS and SingS more than just eating life whole..
and Lord kNowS.. it takes a lifetime to GroW and more as uS in tHe TrUe and LIGht
KnoW SenSE and FeeL with zero words @aLL.. aka GOD.. within.. inside.. noW
outside.. above.. so below.. A BaLanCinG acT all oF liFE is and A Practice
as such that never ends Now.. LiFe is Only as FuLL as the Moment
of SenSe and FeeL anD suRE.. kNow too.. soar
or stAy StiLL..
tHeRe is
the sAMe
amount of tiMe now..
the rest is juST iLLuSions
of hands on a CucKoo CLock oF A
chaiNed rhyme with only reaSons…
Tree oF LIFe Flies HiGher when soars..FReED..:)
As ‘the Giver’ says and the words above..
yes.. somewhat indicate.. be careful what you
wish for baby.. as what is dARk is often liGht
and what is liGht is often daRk after the wash
and rinse cycle comes to dry out..
hehe.. anyWay.. i like
this new generation…
you kNow.. what ‘they’
name as mil·len·nials..
around age 37 and under.. i first
encountered them at work.. hehe.. supervising
them as such.. basically they didn’t give a fuck
about who the FucKinG head dude in charge thought
he was as the authority.. haha.. you see.. while some
folks believe the American Dream is one of Trumping the
next tower.. other folks go more back to the original thought
of the unalienable right to life.. liberty.. and the pursuit of happiness..
where let’s just say that the pursuit of happiness IS A little more subjective
than what is previously written in a book or the employee manual aS Such.. and can
you blame them.. after seeing all the Iraq lies.. and the continuing Republican Administration
in the so-called more liberal one after that as the bullshit continued on in hidden emails
and under the the table shit to get your way.. albeit.. the Obama got some freedoms
per say and DO.. of this original Declaration for the have nots of health care
and different sexual orientations that was a virtual
miracle in a country so divided as
all heterogenous cultures
as mELtinG pARTS
of all human
from around
the world are..
amazing.. this shit works
at all and not too surprising
that from the outside in.. it dAM
sure looks like it is falling apart like
a three rings circus with the head clown in charge
or trickster perhaps.. but never the less.. chaos iS in charge
and that is no surprise and to be expected.. all things considered
as NPR might say.. if continued funded of course.. not so.. haha..
the Millennials are the potential Bernie Sanders Saviors.. they trUly
are.. but hey.. there’s the 60’s and pretty much the same young folks then
who at least allowed a Clinton to get into office to try some new stuff and
promote some hook-ups just for fun too.. sexual liberation is inherent in all human
potential.. kinda takes the sting out of not having the biggest Trump Tower too.. haha..
he he.. and she she too.. and more.. the 20’s came and went too.. but these roaring Teens..
i’ve dam sure been enjoying while i still can at ’56.. heHE.. anyWay i’M heaR.. a few people
can see me.. like my friEnd Rafiah from Pakistan..
and that’s
enough for me..
considering.. i haven’t
made a penny off of any of
my Teens of 2000 stuff.. i’m
happy as a barefoot sparrow without human clothes.. wiTh
not even a FucKinG white robe.. just a 7.50 Dollar Walmart T shirt..
And some half price.. JC PenNy shorts and very long DancE and SonG too..
but yes.. i muSt take care of the feet approaching the feat of 7,000 miles in
just a little over a #John1412 ..42 months.. no barefoot tHeRe.. outside in
the sand.. yes.. but on the Mall floors.. no.. at about 125 dollars..
every three months.. in my signature Nike Shox.. 11 and a half
jocks.. in all athletic way feet.. haha.. not exactly
ballet shoes but works for a mix of
ballet and martial arts-like
Free verse
spirAling Dance..
but sure.. at my ease..
i float on land.. as walking
on water is so yesterday.. like
just another son of man.. he He..
once again.. John 14:12 Dances and Sings more..
unless ‘he’ was/is a Clinton and Bush and a Trump liar too..
who can you trust.. just do it like a Mil·len·nial of 2K is
what i for one continue to Give iN DancE and SonG FReED..
let’s JusT
saY at
was/is HeAR..;)
And now to bRinG this to
a RinGinG close wiTh some MacroVerse
Shares as usual.. heAR.. and sure.. even
with Forrest Gump and that Star Lord dude..
and so many more SuperHeroes as such.. the death
of tHeir Mother.. changed their lives in a new direction..
not sure of what that WiLL be in totaLiTy NoW but have alWays
fELt iT CoMing aGaIn all of MY liFe now.. hmm.. funny little synchronicities..
as truST me or Not.. tiMe.. sPace.. And diStance.. is only as real as you maKe that NOW..
“Naked TRUTH of philosophy”.. speaks to the tRuth and liGht of what it would be like
if Jesus comes back today.. and trUsT.. Jesus WiLL come back as humans get what they
wish.. when they wish for it together in a Nicene Creed with all the Muslims
and the rest of the Christians in terms of half the world aS Such..
that’s a lot of human imagination and creativity in self-fulfilling
prophecies.. in action aS Such.. hmm.. i suppose when i was a
runner..i fit the artistic archetype.. tall
and slim and dirty blonde with a beard
and eYes that can glow at times..
just stretch the arms out
a little bit up and
out and voila
a painting
of Fred
comes to life.. too..
and sure.. there is my mother
too.. by the way.. my sister’s real
name is Marie.. Helen means the giver of the
light by the way.. and Frederick means peaceful ruler
and Arthur.. my middle name.. means strong and my last name is
just another version too.. of the original Middle Eastern name of
God as Earth and Water makes Silt on page 8 of Karen Armstrong’s
“History of God”.. what else.. yeah.. born as the second gen.. son of
a Catholic Priest.. French Lineage through his wife too..
let’s get a little DaVinci Code in this if we can too..
and Jesus F iN Christ.. Mother could fit in a Mary
Robe too.. with lily white skin.. and
super feminine face with no
angles at all..
or sharp
sure.. why not..
let’s just dream a little more..
the things is.. we create our realties and
many folks have come to believe they are Jesus
now or at least rode that thEMe and MeMe to get a
Harem of women to live in a compound and stuff like that..
not much different than Muhammad really and his desire to break
the rules for number of wives from 4 to 9.. just for him.. and that’s
how you can always tale when a so-called false prophet comes to town.. they
say they are the only one or the first or the last.. when in God’s time there
is no only one but all and there is no first or last as time.. space.. and distance
does not even really exist in the relative imagination of even Einstein living
as science now too.. in other words.. we have Trump Fact checkers now..
and the biblical scholars realize that no one even knows
what the real Jesus looked like.. Fully said or did..
if he even..fully existed at all.. Faith is not juST
believing what someone said..
Faith is the
John 14:12 now..
that says and does
even more and that you
can do more too.. there is
a Christ born in every John 14:12
act.. surELy.. John Lennon and his Beatles
stARTed a Revolution of Love like that too..
i’M not famous and i don’t give a Fuck about money..
but even without hardly any help.. about 1.6 million folks viewed
my shit on Google plus.. what this means is.. the avenues for John 14:12
are more open than ever before.. now.. for those who are not afraid to exercise
tHeir God Given Potential and be a real Jesus now.. in terms of John 14:12..
NoW iN
metaphor way.
most people are
talking and waiting
And otHeR folks are FucKinG
juST doing it in Nike Victory way(S)..
Hell.. yes.. tHeRE are mosTly BeYond iNfinite Suns and Planets
and OTheR infinite ways.. what putS aLL toGeThER is NoW the God of all that is WE
and so
iN eXtra-
planetary ways..;)
on the Wrong Planet online of what science terms as A highest
populated place of Atheists online at about
a 26 percent mark as a Boston
College actual
study did make..
and after swimming amongst
the crocodiles.. i understand much
better noW in case study way and other research
ways of what makes them tick deep within.. they
simply do not sense and feel the connections to all that is (GOD) thaT our
gifts of hUman potential do usuAlly.. healthy bRing.. i lost mine too..
for 66 months.. and realize fully thaT iS an opaque window of heLL on eARTh
that is real for whatever reaSon that comes in Nature (GOD)
now.. as hUman.. but real as it is
for now.. i can
predict an Atheist
long before they tale
me.. just by the number of
emotionally heaRt felt words
they use in a paragraph or the
Joy that more comes when one has a
Faith in some MaGiC ACT more than a dry
science abstract of systemizing
repetitive bore
as robots
shuffling by
with no rhythm of
God of Nature as expreSsinG
spiRit now.. and if you think they
don’t exist at the Southern First Baptist Church..
tHeRe is no separation of the dead heaRT.. no matter what
label one assigns to oneself.. of the DeaD SpiRit and the Dead Trump soUL..
words are empty shells without
the Nature of this
SoUL oF SpiRit (GOD)
as EYes expreSsing HeARt
iN MiNd And BoDy BalanCinG
FreeR SpiRits now.. and no matter
what they labEL the Word(s) they/uS/wE/i wiLL
FeeL SenSe wE are ‘Christians’ by the uNconditional
acts of both words and doing that speLL
E in uNcoNditional
GiVinG shARinG altruistic
so-called normal healthy ways..
in MoVinG CoNnecTinG CreAtinG ways more
less the environment of machines
we live in make
us tools
Robots now..
sharing and linKing
fActs from sunrise to sunset
each day in a soUL that never lEarns
to DancE and SinG more than copy and paste liFe..
nah.. i’m not Jesus.. i am the FucKinG Terminator
tUrned into Good Guy noW2.. And as
promised i’M back.. T2 heHe..
NoW and with that sAaid.. more
flesh and blood duties are coMinG
i must travel to noW.. away from this
Terminator Keyboard that will imprison
me NoW if i don’t escape too.. now now now..
for i am
jusT hUman..
adhere to the
Laws of God as Nature plUs uS..
or pay the Karma of poTential eARThly HeLL..
off to
i DancE and SinG isREaL..
in yes.. FucKinG Flesh and Blood more..
with more fun photos.. coMiNg on the 3rd
of the 3rd month around 3 am after my 150th week at Old Seville Quarter
oF free verse dance ends with all the new Millennials (college age folks)
of the Teens in ’17.. of this new Century iN the art oF Free Dance NoW MoRE..:)
ONE more thing.. the Facebook Algorithm along with the two MacroVerse
Memories from three years ago and two years go.. bRings ‘this’
Memory as MicroVerse oF First written creative
piece on Facebook for the public in general..
thE first spiRit
FilLed words
from within..
and that spiRit has
been uPon me less and
more now for 48 full months..
just anotHeR Self-Fulfilling prophecy
come to pass noW as this shit is reAlly going
down in first person way with no one else editing ‘my’ words then/now but ME..
read between
or noT it’s iSReaL..;)
Ideology of Identity:
I think I was born as a kind of classical pantheist, as I saw patterns and connections in things that were more of my thinking process, along with the tactile sensory world, than what I think most people may experience as an internal dialogue of thought.
I still have a vivid memory of connection to everything in the world, as if I had been here forever, before I was able to speak that I cannot fully put into words, from about age 3 looking out into the distance over the river I grew up next to. But I think in some ways I knew more about my existence then than I do now, as I could not separate myself from what seemed like a very old home of nature.
I am glad I had the opportunity to roam desolate pristine beaches as a teenager and young adult, without any fear, and feeling one in being with the waves, white sand, emerald green gulf, sea oats and sea gulls, with no dramas in my head.
But even my ancestors could not experience that with not being sure where their next meal was going to come from. Not likely that many creatures in the Universe could experience a little slice of nirvana like that.
I can remember getting back into my car and being jolted back into the reality of all that is the complexity of modern culture, which at that point in time was so, so limited as compared to today. I was never quite the same after home computers came along, as I drifted further and further from a home of nature.
The people I dealt with in the public at that time, in what was a “Cheers” like environment, was also a slice of nirvana. Cigarette filled, but the emotional contagion of a hundred human beings that are happy that I had the privilege to serve and make even happier, equaled the nirvana of the walks on the sun-filled beaches.
I loved my exquisite sensory experience of life….
It was worth not being able to touch man made texture without goose bumps and an incredible feeling of discomfort.
When I see Landon Bryce’s book “I Love My Own Autistic Self”, the little guy on the front is how I usually felt inside that people could only see in the gleam of my eyes.
People often told me they wished they had what it was I had, or wanted some of the drugs I was taking, but I had no idea what they were talking about because there was nothing I wanted but to exist, for so many years…
It was a powerful feeling that no one’s negativity could take away from me, not even when the rest of the world told me I was not one of their kind.
Sorry, that was quite a tangent, but it is kind of therapeutic for me; I hope you don’t mind…
My point I started off with was religion and classic pantheism, which is all of nature and science for me; the cultural complexity of what has come from human collective intelligence, including all the strange oddities, even the strangest of religious cults and beliefs. But most of all the reality of that beach those waves, and those grains of sand, that do not exist without me.
A gift, a wonderful gift that was provided by my father and mother, and their ancestors where there could be no break in the chain of events of human struggle that all my ancestors experienced to survive and reproduce, and their rodent ancestors about 75 million years ago, and all the other ancestors not identified and material substances that came together to make that possible, from the origin of what is, whatever is, is.
That one point that I can only abstractly define because of the human collective intelligence that provides the map to what can be described, as one point that we all share that can never be disconnected, as long as we exist…
Wow, I just realized that sounds kind of like the intro to the “Big Bang Theory” TV show…
And relatively speaking the knowledge that I gained that this is one sliver of conscious existence and what really is a little slice of heaven for some that do exist, considering just the benefit of a warm soft bed, a hot shower, and things now considered so mundane that took billions of years to come into existence that were not here a little over a century ago. Like toilet paper…
But I could never experience that connection of what is, any stronger than when I was three. I have everything and everyone before me to thank for that experience… Including collective intelligence and the understanding of that one point that still exists in all of us and everything else…
I never met a stranger, not even a grain of sand on the beach…
But I did not feel a category, a religion, a race or even a gender for myself, which at least for me enhanced the ability to find a friend in that grain of sand.
I suppose it is the immune system issues and chronic pain that has taken some of that gleam out of my eyes, but it still exists in the eyes in what I perceive of the anthropomorphic expression of the cat in my face book photo.
Who at 18 years old is likely closer to the wisdom of that three-year-old child that only exists in my memory and pictures…
I sense that type of wisdom requires no human intelligence at all beyond the core that is shared.
I think it can be lost so much easier in a human into a little sliver of hell somewhere outside that balance of heaven.
Particularly in lives where instant gratification has become the norm…
I am at the service of my fully inside cat, but he has never had that gleam in his eyes, or the same struggles to survive.
The yellow cat in my Google plus avatar on the “Autistic Hoya” website, was a feral cat that only knew struggles in his several years of life behind our house in the woods.
He became my emotions after chronic pain had removed them from my existence. He gained a gleam in his eyes of gratitude to have a balance in his life when we allowed him a place to gain predictable subsistence.
An identical yellow cat that likely is his offspring, younger and stronger appears intermittently out of the woods and started to injure our now neutered cat, racking up $200 dollar vet bills, every other week so the once feral cat has now been forced to become a fully inside cat.
I am watching him slowly lose that gleam in his eyes, with the call of the wild slowly drifting away, along with all the likely incredible sensory experiences that come with an outdoor world that the other cat that never gets injured in fights at age 18, can still fully experience.
As I sit outside toward the back of my yard, in the afternoon sun, he is pacing back and forth politely, still with a humility of respect for a place of subsistence that keeps him from tearing the screen of the patio.
Perhaps if he could speak and let me know in words what I was taking away from him, I would listen.
But I cannot bear the thought of additional bloody wounds on his face. But still I remember what it means to have that connection and balance…
When I watch him pace back and forth, it is one of the few things in life that will bring a tear to my eye that reminds me that I too am still connected..:)
Other than that, it could be just a word like Synesthesia that seems to trigger something in my brain letting the brakes off the logic to move into figurative space.
At least for me, even one word can be a gift that leads me to a place in words that I don’t often visit.
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
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338,630 words
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Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
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SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

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