7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Xenia Tran..
thanks.. so much for coming by with
words surELY worth quoting to me.. again..:)
“Wonderful beach pics with a kind face in the clouds watching over you – smiles from the skies when you picked up the love baton from your mother all the way up the ancestral lines
smile emoticon
heart emoticon..”
And to hold all words holy and sacred
full of meaning and purpose and God’s
sKeYes as pArt of God’s’ eYes
with our ancestral
lines and
all that is
holy and
sacred full of meaning
and purpose all that is God
is surELy a way to joy in liFe.. i find..
in all the dARk and liGht as WiLL come..
and somewhat literally and metaphorically
speaking.. as the death of my loved ones came
before.. my sister would always see patterns in clouds
that came to reflect those faces of loved ones as this seems
to run in the family a bit as my Grandmother did Automatic writing
too on the maternal side.. and in those automatic writings as she lay
in bed almost blind from eye disease.. much of what she wrote came true..
i didn’t understand it.. but i see a deeper way now too.. out of the robot mechanical
cognition that school often brings away from ‘dreamtime’ now.. as ‘they’ say.. Horatio
and all of that.. anyway.. i never saw a loved one’s face in the clouds before they
passed away until a day i spent with my Mother in the Hospital.. walked
out the door and there was a cloud that probably only my sister
and i could identify.. immediately of my Mother.. a younger
version as we had seen in photos when very young
standing in the waters of the Santa Rosa
Sound at 17 years old..
God speaks
to us
this way
to comfort us..
tHeRE is no doubt
in my miNd God within
does this freely when times of
need do come.. anyway.. i’ll share
the photo here again.. as it is surely
holy and sacred and full of meaning and
purpose to me.. as all of God’s sKeYes
of all that is within.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below and
all around
to me..
Thanks again my kind friEnd..:)
Xenia returns with..
‘all of God’s sKeYes of all that is within’ that is so beautiful Fred and the photograph of your mother’s younger face in the clouds is amazing. What a loving gift to cherish. Love from all of us here to all of you there my friend..:o) xxx
And then i say..
SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. again..
i believe in God of all that is
in everything and everydo
beyond what
feels and
senses of
all that is too..
doesn’t always now
mesh with the Beliefs
of my Scientist and local
Christian Friends but the
thing is.. Dogs Go to
Heaven now..
as humans
would love to
do.. if there was/is
‘paws’ enough to Love it all..
anyway.. i also believe in AngELs
who come in human form when we have
the greatest needs for comfort to go on.. now..
i have met a few in all the paths of this journey
of life.. and veriLY and surELy i say.. you are one
of those comforts
on this
journey of life.. now..
nice to meet you on this path..
my kind friEnd.. Xenia Tran..:)
Xenia returns again with..
It is very nice to meet you too on this
path my friend Fred..:o) xxx
And finAlly i say..
AlWays A
Fred in FRiEnD…
And tHeRe is no
RanDoM iN
God sKeYes..;)
Frank stops by to
say he liked the
Video and i respond..
Hi Frank.. thanks so much for dropping by
and the lead singer of the Chvrches Band
is surely a spirited young woman..
the whole band
is full
oF LiGht..
hope you have
a continuing great
now today.. my Friend..:)
And now i say..
A Synergy oF all
the pArts makes the
wHOle aka God.. now..
from a detail science view
empirically measurable aS Such..
thaT doesn’t make sense from whole
view as we pArts see the wHOle from
a fractal point.. now that does
makes fractal sense
to science
in empirical
view that we are
made of star stuff now..
but you see.. the UnivERse
and beYond is Bigger than stars
and while our Biology and Chemistry
reflects all that is.. the whole of our conscious
mind can not be explained by science as the pArts
of neuron stars in brain.. no different than the stars
of God’s SKeYes above so below as now neurons fire liGht
us whole.. true.. we are star seeds too as science sHows
stars are also future seeds too.. spreading duSt of potential
in more sentient star duST plUs parts as we come to be noW in
soft and hard resurrection of Star duST pArts walKinG upright now..
with the abiLiTy for both art and science to express more as the whole
of God as pArts within AS God lives inside we at smallest view and largest
view too.. to suggest that the whole is not a greater consciousness in metaphor
as we are today.. is to not understand the unending connection from large to smAll
of all that is.. within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around.. in other words..
God is wide awake now.. and so are we.. tHeRE is the mini-me’s we and thEre is the
Big we
of all that is
God now.. in other
words.. the entire tapestry
of the painting is the fibers of
the brush.. the colors of the paint..
and God is the masterpiece as all that is
beyond what we individually paint as Masterpiece now..
And the more we see now of the Master Piece WhoLe when
we do seek and find this Master Piece WhoLe for an entire
liFe more now that MaGiC is simply finding the WhoLe more as
all the pARts join hands and feet in a Dance and SonG allone..
can you imagine how sad i feel for the folks who never seek and
find this beauty of God Masterpiece now.. well.. it’s like rescuing
who doesn’t
see the life liGht above..
thing is.. it’s rarely found in books..
in faCT for me it’s mostly within..
as surely God’s sKeYes live as
me awake.. only wishing
deep deep
in otHeRs.. sAMe.. now..
and more than ever beFore..
and that’s why Language was/is invented..
in a humble attempt to give and share this trUth and liGht
more to those who walk in darKness away from God wHOle.. now..
and the three letter word has become a cuss word of fear and hate..
caLL it
a blue
a we we..
the essence is
love and core as
liGht iN sKeYes uS
that see without letters
or words.. as they are only
tools in a humble attempt to express more..
thing is.. the Bible is only around 800K words..
and the Koran is only about 80K words with a limited
vocabulary in words of ~2000.. if you don’t think God
is bigger than that.. perhaps you might consider seeking
and finding a little more of God and expressing God in all the
forms of human art and science you can too.. but to chain God in
in letters.. words.. or books alone.. and to limit the holy and sacred
all natural meaning and purpose of God in forms alone.. is to not see
and feel and sense.. more of the Masterpiece of the big we WE more..
as God
is bigger
is true and
him too.. as wit
is more than brevity allone…
With all that said too.. today.. March
the 10th.. of 2017.. mArks a milestone
of 48 months in a covenant.. yes.. a very personal
one between God and in me within.. inside.. outside
above.. so below and all around.. as God’s sKeYes joined
with me back then close to the beginning of March of 2013..
and end of February when automatic writing in keyboard symphony
way came all naturally to me with God sKeyes in me coming awake
more and more as nows go on then and now.. 3.10.2017.. surely
a special day to me now.. as this service with God has been is
worth all the 48 months in trials and tribulations to get
wHeRE i aM now aS oNe WiTh GoD whOle
more and more as nows come
to now more.. i stArted off
a Google Blogger
Blog then.. in
way.. titled KATiE MiA/Aghogday
with the first published post number one..
of “KATiE MiA/Aghogday: My Perspective on Life”..
and that came originAlly at the end of February 2013..
in a causal private message to my first and only Facebook
Friend then.. named Mags.. who has since left Facebook..
as it often becomes a cup of stale tea to many folks..
what can say.. i WiLL to Love iT all.. dARk and liGht
as a lifelong practice of maKing all
of now joy as
the best
i can and will..
so i am still heAR
and way too tenacious
to give up on humanity..
no matter how much
life is Trumped noW
by sOur lemMing
liFe Now
fear and hate..
in all the ways that
comes.. even.. in so-called
Christian Land that will love
to taint God’s Nature by excluding
people who in God’s Nature come in all
colors of Bio-diversity and Neuro-Diversity
with no less or more of gentile.. jew.. servant
or free.. woman or man no more.. in other words..
Transgender folks and homosexuals are as sacred
and holy.. full of God’s Meaning and Purpose than
any no
who holds
illusions different
for the bind of religion
that are dARk in Division
away from the liGht of God’s
Unity as blaNKeT whOle
God Masterpiece
now.. wHere
the Queer colors
make God’s Painting
even more beautiful in Elton
John Yellow Brick Roads and all
of that more.. in all the beyond rainbow
colors of pure white liGht God Makes iN aLL
of existence sKeYEs.. either evolve WiTh God
more or stay stagnant in prisons of letters.. words..
and books before.. of course NoW Universal WisDom iN
TrutH anD liGht are contained in all books of religion..
in so-called sacred text and Sunday morning homilies and lectures..
thing is.. we all have God’s sKeYes.. we all can and will be prophets
and messengers and angels and yes demons and devils as metaphors now
too.. if that is the path we can and will take on life too.. liGht is a way
oF Comfort and Joy.. DaRk IS A way of malcontent iN misery and suffering..
LiGht has a sincere sMiLes higher and dARk comes down to frOwns noW and
smirks.. oh.. the Glory for those of us who sincerely sMiLe hiGher in comfort
and joy.. as dopamine.. serotonin.. endorphins.. and oxytocin and even all
natural DMT will naturally do even higher when as we gRow in LiGht
Ocean WhOle WiTh and as God this way.. but you see.. if you can..
doubt and fear and hate and all stuff related to division
and fear take that unity of God within as liGht
away.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all around.. some of us
float on terrestrial
Land with
sKeYes of
God Light
and some of we
siNk below wiTh
sKeYes of God dARk..
it’s nice as up up and away
balloon of life.. won’t you join
us in a place wHere all you need
is food and drink of the Love of life..liGht
and sure.. the bread and water.. and a little
hELp from yoUr friends iN a shelter of Love as Life..
you.. see.. my perspective of God has/is gRowN AS
words beyond the Ocean more of 12 million words that
stARted on Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. i was/am SeeKinG
the way to liGht of Love as liFe full of holy and sacred
meaning and purpose then.. and now the essence
of empty sHeLLs of words i FeeL and
SenSe noW in eternal bliss..
i could have stopped
in Heaven when
i made it
tHeRE on
the beach on or about
the 22nd of July of 2013..
whole when as written by
the professionals who were helping
me find my heARt.. my SpiRiT of soUL
iN EmoTiOnal and SeNsory ExpreSsinG
and FeeLinG and SeNSing LiFE then
stated my recovery from 19 medical
disorders too.. from extreme pain
to bliss was/IS A real life
miracle for
a shut
in of 66 months
no different really
than the Hunch Back of Notre
Dame or a Phantom of the Opera..
or John Nash wandering the halls then
of a University and never really connecting
to others.. as my home then was My Bedroom
with a Uniform each day of all white underwear
from top to bottom.. but hey.. at least the colors matched..
sure.. i was financially independent.. i could have sipped cool
water at the beach with Winds Breeze and Emerald Gulf waters
wHole with Sugar White sands as Seagull Spiraling around the Sun
with never a care of helping anyone then.. come up to wHeRE i lived then..
but nah.. that ain’t the way Love works.. as Love was/is the cure to all my ills..
Love Gives and Shares oR Love dies.. it’s juST Nature and the essence of
the bEast of human Love.. do it or die.. in all ways LoVe Brings liGht of Life
or dEAth
as dARk..
as Life..
so yes.. my Perspective
does continue to groW from
a Microcosm Humanifesto heaR
now 4 years old.. the essentials are
sTiLL tHere in Beatitudes personal
to me.. but the shores of my sOUL
as Ocean WhOle PoeM in 4
MilLiON plUs words now
do continue to
to 824 Blog
Post Verses whole
and more in what grew
to 6 blogs more in private
and public way in a total
of Seven to explore all i am
yes.. within.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below and all around..
i didn’t wanna juST savor the liGht i gained..
i wanted to go as Far as my God Given Human
PoTenTiaL in liGht of LiFe Can and WiLL go now..
which means a continuous practice of life in find and seek God more..
and in this way.. as i cherish all sacred texts of before in all religions in
the dARk and liGht thaT bRings.. i go further in an exploration than not many
people who have experienced hell first for 66 months dare to go in Heaven now..
and as the Gospel of Thomas says in verse 37 in stripping the clothes of culture
off and getting all naked with God within.. that means treading liFE as liGht with
no shame for how we are born all innately.. instinctually and intuitively
into this life as healthy altruistic beings who give and share in
flesh and blood feely touchy all naked God ways LiVinG
Within free without a mAsk of culture
born again..
whomever Jesus
was and is then and
even now if and when he
could and does live again..
he shares this Universal Human
Nature or she as it were and is now
too.. with other human beings in
liGht poTenTiaL of GreaTest
Altruistic Gift of
thaT God
Gives us all
Naturally as such
with no letters.. no books..
no religions or other recorded
ways of collected intelligence to
bind folks toGethER in dARk of Division
or liGht oF uNiTy now.. so.. i juST did it.. i broke
the old moldS and Moved even hiGher NoW wiTh God
as a gRaIn oF sand can and WiLL hOld uP Mountains
oF Love Real and Move those Mountains of Love more
to OtHeRs too.. in give and share way.. yep.. i got naked from
all the lies of culture and religion that spell separate and division
of dARk away from liGht.. hOld all of God within holy and sacred
full of meaning and purpose.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all around.. wHeRe no member as PARt of God is any
greater or less
than any
as pARt of
GoD wHOle now..
forget all that you’ve
leArned if you can and
liVe wiTh GoD Of Nature
Free in how God Dances
and SinGS within…
works for
what the meek
will do as the Gift of Love Free..
the greaTEst fearless and smART
Art of Life LiGht wHeRE all is wealth within
unconditionally inside.. outside.. above so below
and all around humanity whOle and all that is more now..
And with the memory that sTiLL HOldS and expands more as Ocean whOle Poem today..
i would surely be amiss not to mention my friend Mind Retrofit also on the
Autism Spectrum like Mags was and is.. who were the only
ones who stood by my side close when the
rest of the online Autism
Communities couldn’t
see the liGht
of hUman
and compassion
for all otHeRs then..
for the most paRt.. anyway..
often a clearly stated pARt
of tHeir own personal hate for
tHeir parents.. for what ever reason
that hate came then for them… My Mother
Loved me Unconditionally.. all was is liGht of
ThAT for me.. as a sMALL child watered as
Garden and wired neurologically from
head to toe.. by the Love of
a Mother wHOle as
Nature does
when the
Village raises
the child away from
Electronic tools of life
with no blood and flesh of life as
warm and touchy feely love now
in oxytocin neurohormone way
as those neuron wires of bRain
through Vagal
Kundalini Nerve
spread liGht to all
trillions of peptide connecTioNs
in cells all around the body then
in neuro-chemistry/hormone ways..
and continuing noW iN Strength oF
liGht as Crucible Star FiRE Seed that
dies and resurrects sentient sTar DuST
pLUs uS wiTh a Gift of Love to connect to
othERs wHOle and all that is more as God too..
as Nature’s Breathe Dances and SinGS as GoD iN We..
yes.. aGain.. the big we WE.. if you can and WiLL SeeK
and FiNd the Love within NoW to Give and share nOw more..
And Mind Retrofit.. a great poet.. connected to me in a very
mystical Synchronicity way.. i guess.. the different ways our minds
worked and as Synchronicity grows and goes.. she.. helped retrofit
my miNd with ART of heART.. and brought me to the dVerse trail
wHeRE my heART leARned to SinG more WiTh liGht of New shores..
With Ocean WhoLe Poem StiLL GroWinG now.. and this “Nether Land
Bible 2017”.. coming to this 83rd MacroVerse now.. and Lord KNows
and FeelS and SenSes.. with the 82nd MacroVerse added in now..
that makes a total word count of.. drum roll please.. as i get
out my handy smArt Phone with a memory for Numbers
in Calculating ways.. yes.. now 1,230,052 words..
Still.. at an average of 15K words just
barely so at 15,000.6341 words
per MacroVerse since
the first Macro
Verse publish
on Memorial Day
2016.. as titled..
‘tSuNaMi 7tH WaVe oF LoVE’..
And sure.. if at that point.. i realized that was gonna be
the first MacroVerse of a new Bible in personal way..
i suppose that title would have worked for the
whole thing too.. but sure..
this is more
and sublime
than that..
“Nether Land
Bible 2017” as literally
inspired by my friEnd.. Leah..
a moderator from the “Wrong Planet”
back in the old days of posting 8009 posts
then.. at about an average of 1000 words each..
for the ones that remain that were not deleted out
by moderators and such as that.. yep.. makes about
8 Million words of what is still recorded there.. as hey..
the Internet can be forever in relative human terms
a whole
lot more.. heHe..
anyway.. Leah was
different than most as
she was full of empathy
and compassion actually
expressed in words one could
feeL and sense and after literally
spending years on that place one of
very few and then and the only one who
remains in contact with me now.. thing is
i always reciprocate communication other
than Spam ruses for bucks without fail..
or folks who think i am a pretty
girl.. namely the wife
Katrina instead
of me who
start the conversation
off with oh.. you are so pretty..
in the bar ways of life in how i see
men treat women noW as meat in a meet
market every Thursday night.. and sure
some women.. much fewer.. butt yes.. some..
treat men that way too.. ‘amusing’ fronts of men..
really strange ones like me without asking with butts..
nah.. it doesn’t hurt.. butt i sure wouldn’t go up to a person
without a restricted link.. at least.. hehe.. and bring that much of me to
a strange
asking first..
but hey.. that’s the
way i was raised by
a mother.. all polite and stuff..
sure.. i do get out in something close
to a speedo now and then on Facebook too.. hehe..
all in good fun as any sacred clown will do to expose
and hypocrisy
aS Such.. anyway..
the bootie dances
are harmless fun
as both
me and
the wife see it..
a little strange and
pART of human natUre
real butt still not pARt
of the culture i came up in..
and i surely expand the views
of others in many many other ways
like this.. as they consider different..
as different can be natural too.. and in a smaller
village of naked loving humans a bootie dance of friends
could surely generate much heat on a cold night by a campfire..
and much in the way of beneficial neuro-hormones and neurochemistry
too from head to toe.. as Lord knows and feelS and SenSEs too.. after
a long long niGht and day of SensuaL and FeeLinG Dance NoW in head far
to toe in all the ways that can and will come.. my creativity skyrockets..
primed with the fire of God that is the Bio-Chemistry fuel that leads to
greaTest ARTs of HeART.. SpiRit and SoUl as Creativity now.. Major
Artists in Hollywood.. either understand the science as a BaLanCe
of Love and Lust in how that fuels creativity in Bio-Chemistry
way.. or they do it old school.. they juST FeeL and SeNSe
it isreAL and do it more close to Naked WiTh GoD oF Nature Free..
with no shame.. no sin.. as in this way.. any Jesus of God of Nature can
take all that away by juST DoinG God Naked NoW within.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below and all around with hands and feet uP and doWn and all-round
too.. in Golden Spirals of FeeLinG SeNsinG all GiFts within of God’s Love now.. Free..
and back to numbers of words.. my last stop off point of copying MacroVerses in text
only completed versions to a total of three Facebook Pages i Admin.. including my
Personal Facebook Page that i write all of this in real time now too.. in bits and
pieces.. much more easily digestible in reading.. of course.. too.. all though.. this
one is getting to be an epic MicroVerse of this yet to be named 754th
MacroVerse of Ocean Whole Poem and 83rd MacroVerse new
of “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. well.. yeah.. my last
stopping point in copying all of that
came at the actual titled
MacroVerse of
Bible whole
“Nether Land Bible 2017″
as the 69th MacroVerse then..
totaling in at 1.052 Million
words then.. and that means..
i am now 178,152 words behind
on copying and pasting in three places
on Facebook now for a total of 13 MacroVerses
that take on average two statuses to fill for a grand
total of 534,456 words.. almost the size of another
‘regular’ old size big black book bible.. in one copy and
paste swipe in total words at least.. as the King James
Version weighs in at about 800K words or so.. with
that Koran Book at about 80k words.. as i go
130K words on average each month
in real time on Facebook
and Five Blogs too..
3 public.. 1 private
and 1 restricted
adult warned
blog too..
and Twitter.. and
Google Plus and Tumblr
in ways of links too.. yep.. it’s
kinda amazing in how the so-called
famous and rich now ‘Zuckerburg
and Gates Nerds” have brought
this tool at hand and feet now
wHeRE Artists can use
the systemizing
tools to
be a one
woman or
man or eTc..
Director.. Producer..
Photographer and other
Visual Arts maker as actor
too.. with very little help in the
way of flesh and blood miles from
others in hand and feetS on way..
i am amazed.. i am blown away that i can
do all of this for practically free in terms of dollar
bills.. in Washington and Lincoln Cents way.. just a $299
a year unlimited storage space Word Press way.. every year
WitH Broad Band Access at under a hundred dollars a month
and sure.. a little more with hand held devices.. and a work
horse of a iMac in 27inch view that is still as reliable and fast
as when i took it out of the box about 43 months ago too.. and in
fact far from antiquated as Best Buy is still selling a model like this
with an i5 processor for about the same price now.. Go iMac and mostly.. you
won’t go back.. yep.. Steve Jobs did it with art.. with BiG Picture Art thiNking
verses detail thinking was/is kinda chaotic in MicroSoft rather than MacroSoft view
heHe.. in hardware way too.. oh God.. now.. this MicroVerse is getting huge in terms of
MacroVerse view too.. haha.. but hey.. i’ll give the rest of humanity an opportunity
to read it in ancestor ways.. HEhe.. at leASt for a thousand years if servers
can hold me and it up that long for free.. in the avenues that live on
like that.. hard to imagine Facebook.. dying at least.. and that
is why the back-ups can and will be important there..
thing is.. i have human hands.. and only
one pair.. last time i got even
close to this far behind..
my hands started
to incur
a whole
lot of repetitive
injury pain with that
same same same mechanical
robot endeavor.. oh well.. my
personal covenant with God
holding many hats as one..
as Whispers in the
dARk.. a Song
by Mumford
and Sons
who get the original
message of the Gospel
of Thomas Jesus without the
myths and other lies of modern age
versions.. really well.. and it just so happens
that this song.. who Mind Retrofit turned me on
to shortly before my miraculous recovery on or about
July 22nd.. 2013.. was published on Youtube on March
the 10th.. 2013 too.. lots of synchronicity in that song for me
too.. down to the same Blue Jacket i wore in my Senior 17 year old
photos for the Class of ’78 in suit style and dark blue tie way.. a parking
lot by some ships at Old Seville Quarter with a Concert Hall and railroad
tracks and a rather small blue car i would eventually own.. with cops knocking
at my window.. while i updated my smart phone art late at night in the dark after
dancing in the parking lot there.. and yes.. life as a photographer in a Navy town
now.. with 100K plus photos in a very fully illustrated Bible too.. and like any motorcycle
rider.. a wild one now too.. with three friends who helped clothe me in a dance hall too..
and yes.. hell yes.. got down to my underwear and more and stomped on the clothes
of culture too.. and sure.. had a beard like ‘that’.. too.. a little later too..
and meanwhile.. i picked up some sun glasses to go with my new all
casual attire.. and sure.. it all starts with Nature as
Jelly Fish swim and shore too more.. and
that’s the way God’s Synchronicity
in sign language goes and
gRows within oCean
wHole view where
the rhyme makes
reaSon without any
small take.. science material
reductionist view.. as God’s SKeYes
within see much further.. in gifted innate.
instinctual and intuitive way.. anyway.. i guess
that covers about all thaT is for now.. with more to
come later for sure.. and who knows.. eventually
those 13 Macroverses in back-up.. i am behind on
as crosses must continue to be carried with joy
as that is how the reaLITy of God’s
dArk and liGht works toGetHeR..
dArker struggle.. adaptation
change and
of LiGhter
Dances and Sings
more.. forevermore now..
and now.. i’ve gotta find a few
more theMe and MeMe songS added iN
to FiLL/FeeL the emotional and sensory
air of this Dance and SonG.. and MicroVerse heaR..
and heHe.. as with all auTomatic wRiTinG.. iN StreAMs.. read iT aLL
at lEast one now to see the sense and feel of all that comes what may..
AS ‘they’
Dance and
Sing.. press comMent
and just read what cAMe..
And coMes.. neXt.. NoW..:)
“White Knight AS Dark Horse”
And YaH.. i have another
MacroVerse to share first..
from two years ago that celebrates
my 2nd Anniversary of Blogging
and providing proof and evidence
same for an isREaL God liVinG
wiTh us iN smAll we
and big
way now
too.. on the
Wrong Planet
wHeRe proving this
through evidence to a
hard lined Fundamentalist
Muslim Dude by name of Sophisticated
and to a hard line Atheist Dude.. who doesn’t
actually believe that affective empathy can be felt
from others by feel and sense more than even see..
is like swimming with crocodiles who have no feel for God
but of course real crocodiles do as they are not prisoned in words
of mechanical
cognition now
in either
or religious
books same in literal
ways of seeing God separated
from we instead of Big we WE
within and mini-me
fractal PaRts
as God
as science
calls that Nature…
Oh.. the idols of words
in how they sTiLL cover up
the similar essence of UniVersal
TrutHs and Light more as a big
blankET of we wE liGht LIFE Love..:)
And sure.. i’ll do the text in full heaR.. as hey
this MicroVerse is already at Epic length now already..
so miGht as well do a bigger show.. Ynot.. as Servers
Continue to Dance and SinG me mostly Free now..
and the more fully illustrated stuff in visual
and auditory way is included in the
full linked MacroVerse too..
from two years ago then..
on March the 10th..
sophisticated writes:
An infinite, eternal, omnipotent, anti-matter, timeless,
sentient high power can cause something into existence.
adifferentname writes:
Please provide evidence that such a being exists
or that such a being can exist.
sophisticated writes:
You are a good example.
There was a time when you did not exist.
You were nothing. Think about that for a moment.
Then all of a sudden you came to life.
adifferentname writes:
How sheltered a life have you led to not know about biology?
aghogday writes:
‘He’ might be doING something else but i can easily prove both.
For one thing GOD lives within you and I, we, and me.
GoD is ALIVE as an energy inspiring
FORCE that is you and I, we,
and me
For another thing, this thing called HUMAN mind
However, this thing called creativity as the Human ‘Quantum’ mind AND body BALANCED, UNLEASHED, AND RELEASED
per fuller use of all human intelligences AND EXPRESSION THEREOF, in synergy, CAN AND WILL make real life HUMAN miracles happen, WITH HUMAN RELATIVE FREE WILL MORE FULLY EMPLOYED.
For instance, I as a shut in person with 19 medically documented disorders, FOR FIVE FULL YEARS, evidenced; shown by science and documented by doctor AS AND with NO chance of recovery, are ALL recovered ‘simply’ and surely by the ‘Quantum’ Power of my mind AND BODY IN BALANCE, with the higher force of Nature aka GOD or Mother nature True, IN HUMAN BEING MIND AND BODY BALANCE, AGAIN, MORE FULLY UNLEASHED, RELEASED, AND EXPRESSED EXTERNALLY IN FLESH AND BLOOD REAL LIFE; not just these ‘skeletons’ of words, alone.
Sadly, if you canNOT do this too, perhaps you are the one with a sheltered life, friend.
NO SH**..
And here is the evidence, below, freely provided of course, as promised some months ago on this site, as there is no reward greater than the force of GOD in human mind AND BODY BALANCED, as a ‘Quantum’ Creative Force, making REAL HUMAN DREAMS COME TRUE…in FLESH AND BLOOD LIFE.
Nietzsche STYLE AND even MORE thaN THAT
But nah, no grade school lessons
am now,
And if scientists over here, in the U.S., cannot explain it,
I seriously doubt you can either.
But go ahead give ‘her’ a try if you will,
can, or like.
Mother Nature TRUE COME alive AS ‘GOD’,
in sentient human being(S) IS real AND TRUE.
TRULY there’s
only room for
an infinite smile in now,
wHere i live NOW, eternAlly NOW,
wHere forever is one second of Heaven..
I am a very polite and kind person in real life.
But my entire life people have taken that kindness for weakness.
But truly most of them have no idea how strong i am,
either in the spirit of love or the spirit of strength.
Walking into middle school the first day in 6th grade,
homophobic so-called real boys call me the F word
and not the Fred word, for smiling generously,
at everyone I meet in the hall.
Nah, they never see what
I am capable of in strength,
until i challenge the biggest football player
to a game of arm wrestling, me at skin and bones,
and him extremely muscled for a 13 year-old,
at that time, in 8th grade.
I put him down
in less than a second,
and he says, oh sh**, Fred is STRONG.
After all, my middle is Arthur and that means
WELL, i’m not skin and bones anymore,
and i’m still nice and i’m still strong,
and never does anyone ever
bother me again,
about being nice in the real world.
And if I see them giggling behind my back,
when I do ballet in either the club
where I dance
or in the general public,
I do one of two things.
In the club where I dance with all the
pretty girls,
I show ’em a quick display
of my lightening quick
martial arts kicks,
getting less
an inch
from any
target I desire.
And in public, now, I show ’em my 930LB leg press video of me doing it slowly and surely 14 times, with my hands in the air. And then I tell ’em, if they do ballet/martial style dance for 3200 miles, in 18 months, they too, can be ‘Superman’ too…..in words to that affect AND EFFECT..;)
I have to prove people wrong in their assumptions about me, almost my entire life; but finally now, I have nothing to prove anymore, as it is ALL ONLINE, HA!HA!
SO FITTING it is, when my friend Ariel (like the name of the angel) takes a video of me at the gym, lifting that weight, and the song by Rihanna, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West, “Four Five Seconds” comes on, with the words “you take my kindness for weakness” and I’m “four five seconds to wildin”.
Yes, I am wild, I am Free, And I am still a kind and smiling child of GOD AKA Mother Nature TRUE who CAN LITERALLy kick A**, with a half-a-ton of power, if it’s the last resort for survival.
Fortunately, as always, as no one has ever dared lay a hand or a foot, on me, yet, in a serious threat of fight, all I have to do is show ’em what i’m capable of.
And truly, I am capable of almost anything
and everything,
if properly
focused and motivated,
with due ethics, in tow, of course.
A person can tug on “Superman’s Cape”,
until they take it off, and find out
I’m neither “Big bad Jim” or “Slim”
entirely new that they likely
have never ever encountered before……
Yeah, someone inspires this but i’m getting too well known in the general public, to give anymore specifics than this, without hurting someone’s feelings. ‘Cause yeah, I am the eternal nice guy, in the crowd….a people pleaser who has the potential to KiCK A** too.
aghogday writes:
For one thing GOD lives within you and I, we, and me.
adifferentname writes:
We’re discussing the existence of actual supreme beings,
not the metaphorical euphoric fantasies
brought on by self-actualisation.
Thanks for the response,
but you’ve added nothing
useful to the debate.
aghogday writes:
Well, NO, you are INCORRECT.
That’s your definition of GOD.
Jesus, the man, historically reported in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas,
clearly states GOD is inside human being, outside human being, above so below.
In other words, Nature IS frigging GOD. It’s as simple as THAT AS ALWAYS HAS BEEN, ALWAYS WILL BE, AS LONG AS NATURE EXISTS.
I am just a TRUE APOSTLE OF JESUS, IN THIS REGARD, WITH comprehensive knowledge of most other religions too, where the TRUTH remains the same, as Nature as the Higher Power, AS GOD, and simply the fact that human being is a watered down ‘worm’, in comparison to what REAL HUMAN
STRENGTH CAN BE with the higher power of Mother Nature TRUE MANIFEST IN HUMAN BEING Nature, as a free GIFT AS IS, MORE FULLY EMPLOYED AND PRACTICED in numerous intelligences
that most human beings today, never touch, in metaphor or reality.
YOGI FOLKS, LIKE THE REPORTED JESUS, can steam heat off of robes in icy waters, AND CONTROL THEIR BRAIN WAVES LIKE ME, as they have control over their autonomic nervous system through relative free will, and BIO-FEEDBACK, OF COURSE, LIKE ME.
It’s much more than a long word in the dictionary that describes other words, describing REAL LIFE HUMAN MIRACLES, in comparison to what the average ‘human worm’ can do, WITH OR WITHOUT BIG SHELLS OF WORDS THAT are just mental masturbation, in true effect and AFFECT, online, OR EVEN OFFLINE, in most cases.
AND THAT’s OKAY, as meaningless pastimes, are a way to pass the time, too.
I prefer real life miracles in flesh and blood, cause THAT’S SUPER KOOL, JUST LIKE THE REAL JESUS, AS REPORTED, SAYS.
ANYWAY, here’s the documented evidence, as reported in the GOSPEL of Thomas, all about the Pantheist Yogi Leaning dude, Jesus.
AND YOU can keep talking about a Supreme FAIRY TALE, all you want, as a form of Mental Masturbation, while I continue to evidence a REAL GOD, I CAN IRREFUTABLY PROVE, AS A FREE HIGHER POWER OF GOD IN HUMAN BEING THAT IS TRUTH, PROVEN, AT LEAST, BY ME, in real life STUFF.
GOD IS the TRUTH AND THE LIGHThe All Seeing EYE, AS metaphor.
EVEN Madonna is smart enough to figure that one out.
It doesn’t even take a step in A school room
TRULY nothing else matters, in what IS TRUE REALITY.
ANY questions..;)
And haha.. it wasn’t too long after this
that the restricted ‘left brain’ mostly only
thiNking folks who science suggests.. comprise
about 50 percent of the higher functioning aspect
of the Autism Spectrum who have non-verbal learning
disorder with huge verbal IQ but because of either
use it or lose it functional disabilities in life or innate
or after birth lesions of the right hemisphere of the brain
at times literally they cannot to do the math or more abstract
interpretative social empathic right brain way touchy and feely
deeper ways of life.. and nah.. it’s not funny.. the funny paRt
is that the moderators banned me for the second time for not
having a clue with the left side of their brain without the use of
the right side of WTF FTW.. i was even talking about.. like an opaque
window in hell of left brain trap with just a glimpse of right brain
feeling and sensing heaven.. i attempt(ed) to bring in metaphors of words..
thing is.. if you don’t get the essence of the word as metaphor.. it’s just empty
shells and for most practical intents and purposes like putting lipstick on a pig and
the pig don’t give a shit slop about pretty in the first place as they don’t experience
that pART of potEnTial hUman liFe either.. sAdly.. enough for humans who don’t see.. and
realistically now feeL and sense the whole ocean of God of Ocean whole with expanding further..
shores more within.. inside.. outside.. above.. and so below.. sure.. like a cloud of the Love
of my Mother liVing the sKeYes above.. as i cared enough to find her tHeRE in Youth spiRit
of Love
me.. my mother
Lives as Love.. ’cause
i can and WiLL BrinG heR
to liFE forevermorenow that way..
how sAd.. iT iS.. for those who cannot
allow folks to live forever as love now within..
aLL.. and as the
darK of God Goes too..
some folks kNow not what
they do by Nature as God too..
empathy and compassion and yes
even sympathy for the ‘devils’ of life
born this way is surely merited with
kindness over iGnorance
of tHeir iNnate
and Functional
sKEyes fuller now..
i tried.. i cry now.. i tried
to help them.. but as i told my
friEnd Suzanne on Facebook.. recently..
when an ungrateful person accosted her
in verbal abuse over a misconceived error
she didn’t make when she was helping him..
turn the other cheek is fine for expanding empires
to keep folks in line and sacrificing for corporate
interests in church and state way then and now
in all the public and private ways that comes
what may.. however.. in real life
as a people pleaser
that literally
me with
stress.. sometimes..
you just gotta duSt yoUr
sandals off and go to more
gracious meadows of people
who can at least see the fAct that
your are doing the best you can to help
them and you can do no more.. nah.. my
life is too precious as gift from God to sacrifice
it for human ignorance either born or made that
way in environmental ways in use it or lose it ways.. too..
i try.. i cry.. but nah.. liFe is to precious to sacrifice it
for the ignorant and those who can and will not know..
try sure.. but help those who can help themselves more..
or at least
will tolerate
the help you
bring with acceptance..:)
And speaking of acceptance where
closed minds and bodies still do live..
as one way to open up the right brain
hemisphere as two ones as 11 become
H as eight infinity tall standing erect more
away from doubt and fear and shame.. is to
liberate the entire mind and body in all the ways
that comes.. the art of Dance and Song and in general
a path to Unity oF MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL as
Ocean whole Shores exPanD even more.. as evolving sOUl..
so i’ve documented my evolution online in all the nitty gritty that
comes to sHow what human potential in hiGher Gifts of God NoW can
and WiLL Do at almost any human living age noW.. so.. sure.. a photo
in my Grand Pa Grey tighties as age 54 on March the 10th in one year
celebrating Blogging and Recovery of over 7 months in Heaven and the
Form of Strength my Body took then.. sure.. armstrong as such and
bulky at 220Lbs then.. now at 230Lbs or so.. as my most recent
body art shows.. 10Lbs heavier and more lean than
ever before.. as the evidence and proof
continue to show.. before my
art of martial arts
heaR at this
date here
and before
my Dance started
around the Spring Equinox
with all the Cool College Age
folks at Old Seville in extreme marathon
Dance for me around a three hour or so tour
of Dance then now arising to the 152nd Thursday
this week.. with a couple of Thursdays missed for ill
and other important issues rising like Christmas falling
and rising on that day.. to be with the wife at home.. my Father
Dying and stuff like that.. in settling his estate across the
Panhandle where he lived in Tallahassee then.. as my
Body Golden Spiraled more in Phi 1.68 mean move
ways.. the more the form oF Y i as essence
becoMes more like the
reflection of
God whole
as Nature Free..
and yes.. there is nothing
dirty to feel shame over any
member or function of my body
whole and the rest of God as Nature
too.. some folks feel shame and fear
and even anger and hate over Nature as
God.. butt to love iT aLL naked is Joy FReED
as GoD Living Free within.. no separation baby..
make God evil and pay the Karma in the Parts of
God Free one turns into both deviL and HeLL real..
Humans.. great potential for naked dreams or clothed nightmares
with never now.. the sKin of God meeting the eYes of God iN God’s sKeYes Sun..
So yeah.. that about
covers all that is for now..
stripped down to the flesh and
blood of God within..inside.. outside..
above so below.. and all around with
so much more to come.. after this epic
but sTiLL smaLLer MicroVerse of MacroVerse
Of ‘Nether Land Bible 2017″.. oF Ocean wHole
Poem as Song oF My SoUL’ more at plUs 4 MiLliOn
words thAT as subtotal of 12 MiLlioN or so since Thanks
Giving Day online of 2010.. juST a speck sTiLL.. juST a
pARt oF
GoD whOle
so much more than
little old me.. full of words..
and so much more than thIs alone..
as the DancE allone alWays SinGS more than the SonG alone..
Gotta get my hAir
cut.. i’ll find the
othER songs later..
as ‘they’
don’t be late..
and i’ll read this later
and leave it be for now..;)
And with a quick visit to
Xenia’s Blog site for Poetry
and Love for her dogs and cats i say..
WeLL.. my FriEnd.. Xenia.. we have
something in common.. as
an anniversary date for
Blogging on
March 10th..
four years for
me that i treasure
too in all the liGht
mostly and even the
smALL dARk paRts too
overAll.. liFe is surELy
A Wonderful Adventure in
aLL the ways Love comes as liGht more..
so.. sure.. Happy First Blogging Anniversary
to you with many more years to come as living
art with your husband.. dogs.. and cats too.. all as Family..:)
Imagine.. NoW.. yes..
juSt iMaGiNe.. hmm..
Sing it baby.. oh.. yes..
A World with no signs..
A World with no rules..
no laws.. no regulations..
And Lord kNowSand feelS and
SeNseS.. no Religions or Countries..
juST onE World of Peace witH no Walls
or Borders or even Fences as everyone would
Worship God thE FloWer and Love.. the HiGhest
Force and Power that HuMaN BeinG is Gifted wiTh
By the God oF and As NAtuRe iN BeiNG hUman now..
IMaGINe.. no Heaven above or Hell Below.. dAM suRE
noT haRD to do.. when one understands both places are
poTenTiaL NoW.. LiVinG WiThiN as aLL dARk and liGht iN
HUman ways stARts from Within now.. and spreads out to
inside.. outside.. above.. so BeLow and aLL aRouNd.. so
sure.. make Heaven better within now than.. HeLL beFore..
Meh.. let’s get real.. hUmans are not evolved to
connect to more than about 150 to 200 sets
of friEndly HaiRy Beast or sHaved
BeauTy Legs and under
arm pits.. wITh
eYes of
course to
see what’s
coMiNg neXt iN
hUman form WiTh ears
to HeAR iT too.. sure.. like
minorities who come into this
country in immigration way.. like
South Koreans.. Vietnamese Folks.. Chinese..
the Filipinos and Hispanic Folks too as they
sTiLL stick close toGeThER maintaining tHeiR
uNiQue mELtinG Pot Traditions NoW as cultUre and
religion sAMe.. of tHEir so-cALLed home lands of
beFore.. and yes.. iN general they and white folks
have tHeir churches.. to bind togeTheR iN comMon
holy and sacred full of meaning and purpose liGht
or dARk coMmon interests.. no matter iF iT is Foot
ball.. A favorite Quarter back like Muhammad and
Jesus too.. iN tHeir respective religious teams
too.. with or without a football of course..
try to keep hUmans from bonding
wITh common BiNd also
kNOWn as Religion
and social roles
fAil.. and
neXt thing
yA kNOw now..
ya got John B Calhoun’s
Utopian rat experiment from
the 60’s.. where males groom themselves
incessantly.. and lose all interest in defending
their territory.. and lack a Japanese Youth wave
in current world wide affairs of no longer being
interested in doing the wild thing with
the so-called opposite sex now..
the more we move to
machine life in
cognition.. the further
we move away now from the
flesh and blood oxytocin
neurohormone for the flesh and
blood touch of being all filled up
with warm and fuzzy love.. lacking
any needs for behavioral or substance
addiction both.. in dopamine hit way..
as oxytocin.. the Love Neuro-Hormone
buffers the need for speed.. all cozy and
comfortable talking oral tradition by the campfire
dancing free close to naked under the dew of moonlit
fire night of warm and fuzzy human beings toGeTher now
more than separated by frigging text.. but then again.. at
least.. the text spreads world-side.. further than a local dance..
In Other words.. while we miGht lEarn to better understand each oThERs
Differences.. to live in insanely large populations.. means pockets of people
getting along toGeTher with shared reciprocal social communication interests…
it’s how human works.. miGht as well face the Nature of our Nature and make the
best oF it yA Can iN whAT works for you.. anyWay.. ‘this’.. current Facebook Profile
Pic.. NoW that says.. “PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK! Owner not responsible for any damages”
is how the world workS in insanely large human populations.. rules.. baby rules.. and
that is what conservative thinking minds do best.. caution before you park or
cross the street.. the sky is falling but not yet fall out.. so far.. TG.. i
AM A Realistic Dreamer.. i do lucid waking drEAMing and use
the Force of iMaGiNation and CreaTiviTy to make
my DreAMs come to FruiTioN.. and i alWays
enjoyed the ‘Norm’ liFE at the
Bowling Center Cheers
wHeRE everyone
knew me as
Fred.. the Bowling Alley
Guy and we enjoyed warm
and fuzzy human reciprocal social
communication in all non-verbal and
verbal ways in the flesh and blood.. anyWay..
‘they’ might not kNow me and FeeL me and sEnse
me as specifically Fred but what they do kNow when the
Wife and i come out of the Golden Nugget Casino.. about 150
miles or so away from here in Milton.. Florida.. wHeRE i reside
at home.. is enough about me to yell out.. according to the wife
Katrina.. “Hey!.. Do you Dance at Seville Quarter”.. from a busy intersection
on a 6 lane road.. while i dance across the intersection in reverse.. hehe..
all decked out in Minion attire.. as trademark Super-Walmart 7.50.. Dollar
T-shirts and half-price JC Penny shorts.. with the Super Cool Sunglasses
of course and a Law Enforcement Hair cut and passing for Military
too.. butt.. the main thing is.. AFAIK.. i am the only who dances
everywhere they go in public anywhere in these paRts
of the SouthEAst in about a 300 mile radius in
Trump State Red as conservative as
it gets in the good old U.S.. of A..
according to Sociologists
doing studies who
say.. this is
the hardest
place oF all
to be different
and hehe.. i veriLY
say i surELy got whAt thaT
takes.. at Least for now.. be stale
or be new.. stay same or try something different
now to be Known at LeaSt as a No man with a social
role at leAST as Clown Dancer iN my Case.. haha.. also..
Danced at a Festival too.. “Grillin’ on the Green” as ‘they’
say iT iN Biloxi too.. next to the Hard Rock Cafe.. and this is
the second time in a few days whEre a young woman attempts(ed)
to Beauty and the Beast Ball Room Dance with me.. i ain’t figured
out the fancy pancy dances yet.. juST Butterfly Tiger Free for me.. hehe..
thaT as A
Girl Friend who
was a Navy Uniformed
Wave back in the Bowling Center
Days.. used to exclaim.. “FucK mE Running”..
and i still haven’t figured out.. how to do that either..
butt.. i’m pretty sure she was just kidding.. all though
she was quite Athletic as that comes as well.. in total
fitness.. hmm.. 3 miles away now from meeting
the 7,000 MiLe Dance Forrest Fred Dance..
MileStoNe.. in a little over 42 months..
so.. yep it is possible that this
new MacroVerse may
be named “7000
Miles of DANCE
as this is a ritual of a tradition
for my own personal religion now too..
in social role of public dancer/sacred
clown thingy.. and free verse long form
poet too.. jusT for FuN.. as you do not have
to make money to get your binding and your
social role all soWed and Reaped aS Such..
as hUmans have iMaGInaTiOns and
Creativity to make tHeir
own personal
coMe to
LuCiD WaKinG
ones as FruiTioN iN reAliTy
now or not.. depending on how
strong one’s relative free will is now..
And then tHEir are the MiNions of ‘cOARse’ now
as they follow wiTh the lead of oTheRS in Authority
way.. and that’s OkAy too.. as i honor them heAR noW all
as WeLL in Yellow and Overalls Peaceful way.. haha.. if we
can jUsT toleRate and even accept the Differences of oTheRS..
that’s my DreAM aT lEASt.. not hard to IMAgine in who i WiLL to be@lEast..
and juST anotHeR challenge for everyone else.. as that’s hoW liFE DanceS.. SinGS.. bRinG uS uP as UniTy liGht
instead of
oF DARk..
wHEre the
MiNiONs even enjoy
naked love oF Unity too.
hmm.. works for me @lEASt.. hehE
And WiTh thaT all Said.. a few MacroVErses
as Facebook MeMories to share from yesteryears..
juST for the HEAVen oF iT noW that never ends eternALLy
noW aT LeASt as the meek do inherit this eARThly Heaven NoW
who FucKinG Work for iT in a practice oF Love that never ends
as perfecting that practice as continuing practice greater
toWard liGht now..once aGaiN i do say.. iT works for
And that’ll
come tommorrow
added heAR as
nite nite
hour earlier
to save ‘the time’.. too..;)
Fellow Poet Blogger Victoria shares
a quote by Joseph Campbell on the
Hero’s Adventure that Dances
and Sings as tHis..
“Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god. And where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves. Where we had thought to travel outward, we will come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we will be with all the world.”
-Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell.. a poet and
pioneer of the original
modern day
men’s movement
that started out
as matriarchy inclined
in the 70’s and celebrated
more of the warrior aspect in
the 80’s as an overall “mythopoetic men’s movement”..
loosely organized then that has become toxic
in wars against so-called feminism in
the different forms that comes
in today.. what truly
remains are
the archetypes
within and as i
answer back to
i say..
and she says
yep.. with
thumbs up..
anyWAy.. i was born into a
toxic environment of Red State
Patriarchy that Joseph Campbell addressed
first in a place where mens’ emotions were
stunted by ‘big daddies’.. who insisted boys
smiling and crying is queer as foreign for any
normal big boy to do.. if he ever was gonna be a
‘real man’.. as a toy soldier.. a tin man without a
heARt to express that gloWing thing in the Center of the
Long Haired female with a beard so artistically expressed
in church that was the only lifeline for the male to have to
express the grace and love that IS THE SOURCE OF ALL TRUE WILL
AND STRENGTH that makes a man and a woman whole in Divine feminine
and Masculine Potential.. you see.. tHeir is a River of a soUL with
many StreaMs that come to Ocean whole With Waves that form a pattern oF
ALL that Dances and Sings toGeTher in Peace and Harmony.. iN liGht..
the way out of hell
is to become
again.. i say
no different than Buddha..
Jesus and the other folks
who had a bigger more whole
soUL.. the answers tell the truth
and lie within.. as LiGht over dARk..
when wholly expressed as holy and sacred
full of meaning and purpose where the social
role for both male and female is worKing toGeTher
as Love to make the forAGe of LiFE isReaL NoW
and thrive
in Joy and Strength
and Fearless heaRt
as SpiRit expreSsinG
heARt of emoTions and
SeNses iN miNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG soUL and yes.. that means
a balance of both boy and girl power
whOle as the Warrior Lover emerges as hero trUe iN liGht..:)
The modern so-called mens’ movement is just a group of lost boys
of what i saw over and over on the Wrong Planet Website same
as Reddit with pasty fingers behind a keyboard
that never lEarned
to either
or sing
a SonG of
Sacred Dance
in both Grace and Love
and Strength and Will all fearless
and whole with needing nothing from
the so-called opposite sex but Love to give..
that’s the accomplishment in Heaven on Earth
where marriage
is just another
word for all human
beings as brothers and
sisters whole.. wHeRE
the child is
by the
Village whole
toGETher noW and
competition is lost
away from Love.. we live in
an unbalanced STATE wHere the
so-called war of the sexes in Patriarchy
way is at the core of most all aggression.. violence
and even potential World War III as Lord kNOws NoW and
FeeLs and SeNSEs.. juST look at Putin and Trump.. Birds of a
Feather who are juST little boys who never grew up to be a real hero with a soul..
be like them.. heHe..
or be like me.. haHa..
trUSt me or not..
get more
from women as
my records as documented
JuST Do IT sHow.. if you let your girl
out a little more to play with the boy now
that is you.. and become a real man with a soul
more fully developed than A Frankensteinfurter aS Such..
it’s really not so much that i like women so much more than
men.. i just feel sorry for men.. as i know the STATE OF AFFAIRS OF IGNORANCE
when they don’t
even FeeL/SeNSE who they
are as being human wHole
instead of half a boy or man..
anyWay.. i sHow ’em how
to do it.. by
actions over
words in just
Doin’ iT NOW
in Victory
way full
as the Dance
can be more readily
‘seen’ in BaLanCe of soUL
iN miNd and BoDy way more NoW
than 12 million words of SonG.. heHE..
sure.. on the edge of a 7,000 Mile stint
in a 300 mile radius of Dance.. Ranging East to West
from Biloxi.. in a little over
42 Months.. to Tallahassee..
with most effort in the
most Patriachal
assessed Metro
area of
yes.. aSSessed by
Sociologists aS Such..
sure.. God seeded me HeaR
for Good FeeLinG and SeNses
in total liFE Challenge and teST
way and nah.. it’s not just a Random
Forrest Gump Feather as even Forrest says now..
it is a combination of Chaos and reASon MakinG
liFE arT NoW as a Box of Chocolates thaT
comes in all colors as puRe WhiTE liGht..
is FuLL oF
as crucible seed
of Star BuRst Death
in FiRE.. Dances and
SinGS hiGher
continuing ReBorn NOW..
liFe is even more than Harry Potter
MaGiC for those who FeeL and SenSE iT wHOle..
iN aS A SonG of DAncE.. And it’s trUE and liGht.. take it from me.. not all men are
rats and
not all rats are men..;)
Oh.. Lord.. i’M all danced
out and juST about pooped
but no bed until i finish pArt
oF A STory of Dancing A Free Style
Ballet and Martial Arts.. yes.. aLL Free
Verse Style Dance in Public all around
the P-Cola Florida.. Metro Area.. now.. arriving
at 7000 miles as of March the 12th.. 2017..
more precisely.. 7007.66 miles as the
Trusty Nike GPS Sports
Watch does
for free
in online way
as proof for documentation
as i have been doing from the get
go of all of this.. as video shows began
on August 28th.. in 2013.. yep.. a little over
42 Months to complete 7000 miles of Public
Dance in what over the years averages by the
end of each year point.. 166.66 miles a month
with 6666 miles coming iN at precisely 40 Months
at the End of December of 2016.. too.. yes..
i do like words and numbers too..
hehe.. as the RaTioNaL miNd
miXes wiTh the MaGiC-liKe
iMaGinaTioN as
CreATive mINd..
anyWay.. what can i say..
oThER than DAncE and SinG Free
with the History of Dance recorded below
in documented liNks stARTing at the 2000 mile
mArk.. moVing ahead after that at 1000 mile mARks
to Keep the HiStory of the endeavor all intact and yes..
tactful as factfuLL.. too.. heHe.. so.. heAR are the liNks to
that and recorded Dance History in selfie way with around
1000 or so really nice folks.. yes.. mostly.. overwhelmingly
Women from Old Seville Quarter as i will likely mArk
another three year anniversary tHeRE as
midnight falls into Saint Patrick’s day
at the eve of March 16th and
Dawning of March
17th too..
as any
With Beauty
WiFE WiLL Do2..
as MythS and Legend
and MaGiC continue
to roll on play wRiTe
oN course.. oF course ..HeRe..
anyWAy.. the Bottom three Seville
LiNks only carry through September
of 2016.. got 6 months of photos to catch
up with coming up this week at several hundred
more.. theRE.. to get iT all uP to dATe as FuLL of sMiLinG Faces..:)
And sure.. more videos to come in this 7000 Miles
Series of Dance Walking but i can feel the
sleep coming very soon.. after well over
a Marathon of Dance.. accomplished
juSt this weekend.. and all this
writing.. too.. As Dance
And SonG continues
iTs Free
miX aLL aRound
tOwn and online2..;)
Back in the AM and i must
have really been exhausted
after a Marathon Weekend of
just about everything.. as i slept
about 10 hours that is very unusual for
me.. anyway.. a Dance Video for every thousand
miles celebrated in a little over 42 months that
makes a total of 7 dances here.. and it just gives a
snippet of the taste of joy and fun and exhilaration
of what it is to spread your wings a little more out
of the cultural box aS Such that culture will put yoUr
ass in as a lock box if you are not careful.. to get trapped
in that box of both miNd and BoDy soUL iN or out oF A BaLanCinG
act of pure JoY iN liGht or despair in dARk.. or OMG.. sheer boredom
iF iT’s not the opposite these days of sensory and feeling overload..
hmm.. balance the body and the mInd NaturAlly FloWs like a River more..
all streAMs leading to US As surfing waves of Ocean whole on terrestrial
land.. sure.. i can show you the form oF iT.. on the outside here.. the varied
response of the audience.. hehe.. from the Good Old Boys running away to the Young
Free Spirited Women embracing it with the quote of the day of ‘that was awesome man’..
out there on the side-walk at the mAll leading to Best Buy.. life is an ink blot test
and we are the actors who paint that test with many colors or closer to black and white..
i do not ‘LOOK’.. like i would do anything i do.. from writing 12 Million words whole..
since ThanksGiving Day of 2010 to writing A 1.2 Million word “Never Land Bible 2017”..
since Memorial Day of 2016.. to singing beautifully like an ‘angel’ as the
surrounding back pew members of the Catholic Church sometimes comment..
to Dancing these 7000 miles all around the Metro Public area for
42 months either.. Nude art.. nah.. not something
that a 56 year old dude does either.. but hehe..
don’t be deceived by the Baggy clothes..
i don’t ‘show off’ that much
in clothes..
hehe.. except
for Artistic clothed
poses that are simply a Yoga
Unity with the Divine as mix
of Masculine and Feminine
Grace.. Love.. Strength
WiLL.. in the flesh
and the truth
IS As even
S E N s E S..
in Star Wars
miX.. we are not this
crude flesh alone.. we
are consciousness.. including
subconsciousness.. we are spiritual
BeinGs of sensing and feeling beyond
empirical science measuring ways of
duplicating repeatable phenomenon..
and nah.. i don’t really ‘look’
like a scientist either..
truth be told..
the crude
that looks
like the form of
me still is not much
different than that stoic
statue as a bust of a random
Law Enforcement Officer that John
Lennon used from his front porch
in that famous Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely
Hearts club Band.. Album cover
from ’67.. then.. yep.. big..
long head with a mustache
as such.. could
be an
Cop like me
on the beat aS Such..
like my Father for 46 years..
thing is.. behind that Funeral
Bust was/is the potential to be
more awakened and enlightened than
a Stone Alabaster Statue.. with a little
help from a whole crowd of enlightened
and awakened ones from hiStory beFoRe..
including folks like Marilyn
Monroe.. along with
Whitman too..
we all share DNA
and we all share the
potential of absorbing
the collective art and science
now with the broad band access
as freedom of information and art the same..
may you live in interesting times as ‘they’ say or
better even yet.. may you transform your statue into a living work of art alive..
for me at
least that’s
the lesSon
off an
cover of a HEart
that is no longer
alone stone.. yes.. a heARt
and SpiRit and SoUL allone..
as juST anoTher pARt of the
Masterpiece Tapestry Painting aka GOD ALL thAT iS..:)
WeLL.. now.. to tackle and Dance and Sing all the MacroVerse
Memories as shared on Facebook from years ago.. mostly that
do relate in at leASt someway to 7000 miles of Dance in the
last 42 months and more.. particularly in the art of
words as sWeLL as SonG.. with so much
more to bRinG to
the Present
of Now..
WiTh A day in the
life of NOW and how
that relates to the Sgt.
Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Lonely
Club Album Cover art as nicely
illustrated in the MacroVerse link
as such with stone statue of stoic
random Law Enforcement Dude in Alabaster
way.. juST hoping to be reborn aGAin
in all Enlightened
and Awakened
Dance and Song.. Moving to..
“A day in the life of a DANCE WALKER” IN Part
two of three MacroVerses from three years ago..
celebrating my first anniversary of Blogging and
also a little over 6 months of public dance by that
point too.. where in a couple of weeks after that the
Seville Quarter Dance would stARt around the Spring Equinox
then.. a little after as such.. with that Beastie Looking
Grey Speedo attire to go along with the Beauty that is
the Wife Katrina too.. all around the RiverWalk
Arts Festival that year too.. as the Dance
and Sing of now goes on.. so much longer
as the Present of now
Free said
and did and
done and does..
Yes.. “A day in the life of a Nude
Artist”.. too.. paRt three of
a day in the life
three years
ago.. too.. all
underwear art of course
tHeRe away from restricted link
more.. to keep all PG related to
not any more than one could
see at a public
but never
the less.. a continuing
record of progress on
an art of all free
flesh and
blood where
no member of
the body as whole
as pArt is any less
holy or sacred than
any oTheR pARt or Function
of Member paRt of WhoLe no less than God..
in full meaning and purpose..
and sure..
less too..:)
Now skipping up to two years ago.. just
another fun photo pose and antic
to make life a one
game win
way too..
as possessing
one life alWays
NoW of course.. as
NoW is alWays all thAT
exists now.. kinda common
since now of course.. hehe..;)
And with the same Millionaire shirt from the old Monopoly
Game.. Faux sipping a little half and half heAR
as Actor copy of the Big
Lewbowski cult
status movie
by the
Cohen Brother’s
Directors wHere a
Jesus-like dude comes
back to the future as
promised.. and just
as the laziest
dude in his area
of LA.. nah.. not
Lower Alabama Florida
Panhandle as such.. heAR..
butt off in California way
of Los Angeles as such..
anyWays.. many
of life
fit the same Human
Archetypes of course..
sharing the same DNA NoW
as well as sharing the past
down of religious and cultural
elements aCross religions and or cultures
too.. as a practice of life to bind togETheR
over common holy and sacred meaning and purpose
of life.. and yes.. it’s usually one half of conservative
against one half of liberal in either closed or open minded
ways of perceiving more or less of reality AKA God now..
Different strokes
for different
deep and
some swimming..
oh my God.. so much more Deep..
yep.. tHeRE is too sides to everY
story and when you combine the two..
that can and will lead to a mix oF
LIGht and dARk wHeRe all
becomes holy
and sacred
full of Meaning
and Purpose.. and voila
Heaven/Nirvana/Bliss.. eTc..
now with just the WorKinG MiX
of MoVinG Co-ConNecTing NoW and
Co-Creating WiTh GoD all thAT is WhOle
including the PARts as me and you.. eTc AL
of course2.. all get to make both the teAM and the
Overalls now
way beyond the
grey overAlls of MiNioN two..;)
“Chalice of Allah’s”.. LOVE heAR
as i find a common Language around
the world
as sure
and more Love
now as liGht LiFe..
noW and sure.. short
enough to repeat Now..:)
Interesting.. over here in the U.S. ..as boys are becoming more distant from girls and girls are becoming more distant from boys.. where there is an ‘epidemic’ of sorts.. of girls coupling up with girls who have given up on boys.. and boys who can no longer express emotions stuck in video games and the such.. they wonder why.. oh why.. don’t girls wanna be with they.. they should.. but they can’t ‘FEEL’ ..why.. as a self fulfilling prophecy of a gender that increasingly can no longer express heArt of love….
i suppose when I go to dance… even at 54.. i find so many friends there of the fairer gender.. as i am not afraid to express love in either words or graceful heart of moves…
Anyway.. i never get to watch Sherlock..
But I love girls too.. and can do without the three letter word that begins with s and ends with x.. just to connect with smiling eyes.. and graceful feet….
To the dismay sometimes and great surprise by me.. even at 54 with wedding ring.. for the ones who want more…
And he! he! I am not gay either.. there are just things in life more exquisite in heart.. soul.. and spirit.. than x or s.. and the middle E..
i hope your girl FRIEND returns LOVE to you soon..
The nicest thing about being retired is there is time to love the whole world..
And I have enough love to set out..
And do
have relative
human free will..
and that’s all
i need..
And I see now words
shape a chalice of LOVE..
But the base here must be longer
to hold the love that is the chalice of me…
And it looks like a chalice more at my home than yours..
And i put in the words in place of semi colon.. slashes.. and dots..
as your blog here don’t like links that be clicked on much..;)
Just ‘call me’ if you like IT when you get home..:)
And may be one day your smile
will be as big
a few
words to
make a wine
glass.. a base that
is way too long..
http semi colon two slashes katiemiafrederick dot com /2015/03/11/chalice-of-allahs-love/
And yes.. the Beauty
that goes along
me.. Katrina
of course and Yellow Boy too..
surELy prettier than me.. HeHE..
Memory photo from a year ago.. heAR..;)
‘Slingshots Dance UniCorn sWORDs’.. even more respect
for Women’s Day.. Poetry.. and Dance
Memories.. too.. from both Seville
Quarter and
the World..:)
“MAGIC man over the Moon”.. Celebrating
my Third Blogging Anniversary overall..
a year ago too.. along with
the last MacroVerse as
WeLL.. wHere i dig
into the
of the
pARTs of my
life too with
a Dance oF liGht
more at Old Seville
and yes.. thaT
years ago
thAt leads to liGht noW..
as Ark of hope liveS in dARK..:)
And also a fourth Anniversary of a Nature Photos Page
on Facebook that went along with a Blog Page there as well..
from 3.13.13.. and that’s where i copy and paste all the text
of my Blog Posts from four Google Blogger Blogs and one Word
Press Blog.. and as repeated from before..
i’ve fallen behind what is
now approaching
600K words
total of
and paste
words in 13
MacroVerses behind
in a total of words
still owed to those two
Facebook Pages for all free
back up.. and this MacroVerse
will make 14.. and Thursday will
likely make another one for 15 falling
behind.. as i still have several hundred
Dance Selfies to ready for a three year anniversary..
MacroVerse probably named “Leprechaun Pan Dance 2017”..
anyway.. yep.. approaching 600K words behind.. and that’s
a lot of
for one hand too..
with the 152Nd Dance
Week Celebration approaching through morn of Saint Patrick’s
day with a few Thursday Nights missed and caught on Saturday.
for this and that in a three year sPan straight of Dance..:)
“SOUL builder”.. from three years ago..
going on to Dance And Sing more
stARTinG then too.. thaT
i am out to pursue
Essence of
and form is simply
a free floWing eXpreSSioN
of that in both form of art
and form of flesh and blood..
key is BaLanCinG.. iN MoVinG..
CONnecTinG.. and CreaTinG
ways.. find the
and Make
yoUr Hurricane
Winds Art oF Form
in all the ways thaT
Can and WiLL coMe FREE..:)
“Arthur Forest Dude SET FREE IN PAN OF ACTION”.. 2 years ago.. and per the word
PAN that means all as in PanTheist ways of LooKinG aT God..
all that is as ‘they’ say too and more than
we can perceive too.. as little
fleas sucking
the Blood
oF LifE
from the
we can fully
Breathe.. spread
out yOuR arT and sciEnce
as far as yA can and WiLL
NoW as the more yA FeeL and SeNSE
now the more eternal now is in Paradise
more as Heaven and Nirvana and Bliss and
all the oThEr metaphors for the place i live now..
it as the meek
who do not want
material Goods
for happiness
all free
as Art and
sciEnce sET FReED iN wE..:)
Yellow Boy eXpreSsinG the
WilD and Free
in a photo from
three years ago..:)
And what iT is thaT binds folks
together.. sure.. the word that doubles
for that as religion.. and even culture..
and yes.. even politics and sports and common
traditions and ethnicity and even similarities
in looks.. it’s what social animals
in form of human
do to
survive for
the forAge of
the day and even
thrive in a DancE
and SinG of Life..
Different Languages..
Customs and Activities
but it is the underlying
FeeLInGS and SeNSes of MoVinG..
CoNnecTinG and CreATinG ways of liFE
that make liFE more of what iT can and
WiLL be now.. Believe in Love as Love exists..
however you get to this Gift as higHesT PoWeR
GiftED to the Human Being by the Love Nature
as gifted this way and God as all that is
are the Paths and Journey that work
for you and the togETHeRness one
IS A pARt of now.. thAT
CaN and WiLL
in an isREaL
Kingdom of Heaven
of NoW.. the worst place
of all is the empty of the
nihilist who only believes in lists..
and fActs and figures without the glue of Human Love..
the HiGhest Force that liVes all Positive liGht within
to be
and never
held selfish
less than give and share..
sure.. a photo share from two
years ago.. of a group of Filipino
Folks togeTher and a pARTy we were invited
too.. who truly live the human condition for what it is..
no matter what tHeir specific symbols and beliefs got them to this Love of toGeTher..
folks’ have
forgotten what life is..
just an observation.. of course..
wHeRE i Live and DancE/SinG in Super Walmart
wiTh rarely
sMiLes of LiFE
iN a DancE and SinG
toGeTher isREAL..:)
“My CAT is a TAI CHI master”..
from three years ago.. yeS.. in reference
to Yellow Boy and all animals in the wild
who move from Center Balance to escape predators
and capture prey.. and of course to Move with
Gravity as every calorie conserved counts
in Nature for both survive and thrive..
thing is.. words are great for
sharing and giving
for a
liFe in
all the ways
those symbols
can come.. but words
are also great to get
attached to all the dARk
in Life as negative ways too..
Dance.. a Free verse Dance oF aLL
Natural BaLanCinG Force as the Body
moVes the mINd iN EmoTioNal Regulation
and Sensory Integration wHOle..IS A way
to Bliss now.. floating on a cloud of eARTh Free..
and this MacroVerse published before Katrina got the
courAge to VideoTape the smooth moves of me PlaYinG
WiTh Gravity and God sAMe.. all 230 Lbs or so
of me set free.. and people
cannot figure out
how i move
for three
hours straight
of Marathon Dance
now fully illustrated
in YouTube way.. WeLL..
it’s the same way ‘they’
built the Pyramids
Baby.. NoW
A BaLanCinG
acT wiTh instead
of Against God
oF aLL Nature
noW aLL noW
Look around
and see the
Golden Phi
be the
move the
PHI.. connect
the PHI.. and
co-Create the PHI
oF God IN all the steps
and words oF LIFe and be God
as PaRt wHOle Born aGaiN aLiVE iN LIGht..
ThERe is no reaSon IN my liFE but the
Rhyme of
that is GoD’s soUL ME..
First.. tHeRE is dARk then
liGht.. inSpiRinG MovEmenT
as DancE and then Sound
aS SonG thaT continues
to iNspiRe the
MoVe oF liGht
alWayS NoW iN
thE Present oF NoW..
meanwhile.. someone invented
scribed words and made life way more
complicated than a Dance and SonG
FReED.. sure.. with some Food and
Drink to accompany thaT liGht
with a liFE
of two
or more
WiTh some
HeLp tHERe too..
as God GroWs in
liGht of HuMan liFe..
iF a cat can and will do it..
NoW.. sure.. ya can2.. NoW2..
Facebook Friend
and Fellow Poet
Blogger friend Suzanne
shares a few thoughts
about Archons as the so-called
dArk ones among us that hold back
liGht and others refer to them as
Reptilians.. heHe.. living more
in the Reptilian
brain than
and yes even
Limbic system
for complex pro-social
emotions too.. as thaT
comes from cultures that
raise men to kill in wars
to kill empathy and compassion
in men.. in normal ways.. stifling
that human potential in acts of
aggression.. violence.. and yes..
potentially World War III..
So.. i visit and mention..
SMiLes.. Myths often House
Vehicles and Vessels for
Both Truth and Light and
Dark and Lies…
Types”.. per
A life spent
In Left Brain
Thinking.. lose
Some of tHeir potential
To escape that Box.. And
According to research by
Jonathan Haidt.. the basis
For this is genetically Hard
Wired for more Conservative
closed mind nay-saying than
Liberal open minds as the
Political Divides in the
World.. surely
Freedom.. i would
Be flattered if ‘they’
Read what i wrote
But nah.. They
A speck of
DuSt over Free
Verse any thing..
AnyWay.. the Ted Talk
By Haidt is fascinating
As these ‘Archons’ do
Still live in Dark..
Sadly.. but
Great at making
Rules and Hall
Building Fences for
Separation verseS uNiTy..;)
oF A Coin
are heaR for
a continuing survive..
even if.. not thrive..;)
And surELy.. this eXplains
why my Personal ‘David’
art doesn’t
hAha and yeS heHe..;)
And with all that sAid..
i’ve got some more YouTube
transferring to go and get
ready to copy and paste a 6
month collection of beautiful
mostly smiling women with little old me..
well.. okay.. not so little.. but older me..
as the “Leprechaun Pan Dance of 2017”.. comes as promised
on February
sELF fulFiLLinG
Prophecies and all oF ThAT iS..
And Nah.. i won’t forget my MaGiC ‘FLuTe’..
and yes..
little FRiEnD..
aLL GOld Member aS Such2..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

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