i’M F*KinG A 0KAy

StArting off this 693rd Macro-verse of Longest
Long Form Poem ever sTiLL approaching
4 Million words perhaps sometime
later this year.. and currently
pacing somewhere around 1.5
million words a year.. around
30K words every week and
yes.. recently..
42K.. in one
week of Novel
size.. yes.. i like
Numbers and statistics..
just for fun… in metrics
of/for wHere i’Ve been and
what milestones have come
and do continue to go in juSt
doing iT way.. and at 5743 miles
currently measured in all Nike GPS
Watch Dance antics noW iN ballet and
martial-arts like Free FloW iN ZonE waY
of Free Verse Dance.. i am running a little
behind in doing the usual 166.66 miles a month
if i would have finished 6,000 miles by the beginning
of September.. but i suppose the words have come on noW
a little stronger.. and i do not wear that watch everywhere i
go in dancing way.. as some places like Seville Quarter and
the Military Gym do not have any access to GPS tracking in
meaSuRinG way.. and of course in some buildings the tracking
device is much more accurate than others.. so sure it is a best
case estimate.. but it is pretty safe to say i go about 4 miles an
hour on average.. every which way and very loose and
the average go time also.. according to the Nike
watch keeper is 2 hours or so..
sometimes less.. and sometimes
23 miles in one day of 8 hours
or so.. as i have specifically
documented in a past
Mall dance as well..
in Nike GPS Sports watch
way.. anYway.. i will not be celebrating
my millennial land mark of dance like i did
last August for 4K miles this August.. as it
appears it will come well into September
for 6K miles tHere as i have been going
around 2k miles average a year..
with 2014.. as the most
productive one..
as in 2015..
i was prompting
myself with poetry on
Both the Wrong Planet and
the dVerse site every dam day..
with a blog post nearly every daM
day too.. two a week at 13 to 17K or
so as average length is comfortable
enough for me.. with dance to balance
all that sitting out.. yes.. off this God Dam
27 inch i Mac all in one screen.. anyway with
closing in on 12 Million words total of writing
since Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. closing
in on 4 Million words since my Ocean
Poem whole Word Press Blog
stArted.. in my 36th month
noW and the 42nd month i Am
iN Since March of 2013.. wHeRe
the first poetic spark camE around
the first of March iN 2013.. or so.. along
with this.. my 122nd Dance Week at old Seville
Quarter and around 100K or so photos used in
conjunction as visual poetry in my blogs and on
FlicKR too.. thaT first year before i made my
Ocean Poem FlicKR three.. hehe.. with all
the nude free verse art in New age
Renaissance as an Egyptian Min style
kiNda Baroque aLL A toGeTher as strike A
post stuFF2.. as yes.. thiS is a little too
much for most folks noW most all the
time now.. the greaTest pArt oF aLL
oF All of THiS iS iT has been a
Super Epic Blast and i haven’t
been pAid a God dAM penny oR
green bLack dollar BiLL for any oF
what i’Ve done in literAlly sweat.. tears
and blood.. as sure.. when i first started dancing
the feet kicked on the ‘other’ leg.. and there were some
falls.. Before i got rid of my colt legs then.. but i keep on juST
DoinG iT and tallyiNg uP what i do for the documenting record.. noW
aS hell.. i am likely the only one anYwHere who could keep uP wiTh
wHat i do.. even if someone else tried tHeiR very hardest to
do tHat inStead of ME.. so yes.. a mostly individual
effort hEar.. wiTH truly a lot of help more than
a little from all the ‘friends’ i for one see
NoW in everyone per se.. but these close
to 69 months of doing all of this
now.. sure GoD daM beats the
33 months before that when
i couldn’t do a dam thing
and was a shut-in not
only in my bed-room but
in my head back then without
effective use of my body..including
eyes and ears.. without great pain..
almost intolerable.. so lost.. so lost
in space.. like an ET who didn’t live here
anymore.. anYway.. 3 years of recovery i’M
sTiLL celebrating here and maKinG it a full month
celebration as i do count mY blesSinGs iN GraTiTude
way all around all the ways that does come now..
as all tHeRe is is noW for mE.. and the
more holy and sacred i maKe iT alL anD
tHe more i bEcoMe mindfully
aware of the moment
oF noW.. in MoVinG..
ConNecTinG and CreATinG..
the more Heaven is ReAL noW.. and
the more i have to offer other folks in poTenTial
hELp way too.. so.. anyWay as A measuring.. giVinG.. and shaRinG stick
has been taken out.. i put iT bacK iN and let’s see what comEs NeXT..
as this takes actually thInKinG in mechanical cognition ways..
and what i like best IS A Free fLow iN ZonE arT liFe.. noW..
oh yeah.. and at minimum wage.. months ago.. i already
calculated that if i got paid minimum wage and
just the costs of what i have put into this..
for this 69 months now.. and less
months then.. iT would still be
approaching 200K dollars
now.. and Jesus F. iN Christ..
iF i had juSt a Penny for every
word i wrote.. that too.. would be
approaching 120K dollars too now.
but leT mE tale yA.. tHeRe is no price
to put on the tag of FeeLinG and SeNSinG
HeaveN noW.. and all oF tHis iS equAlly
paRt of Heaven NOW too.. as i continue
to effortlessly floW iN ZonE foR NoW so-FReED..:)
WeLL.. sUre as i stARt off the second
Micro-Verse of 693rd Macro-Verse Here
of Longest Long Form Poem aS SonG oF
mY soUL noW.. i guess i could have just sAid..
i AM A iSreaL Forest Gump.. And Jonathan
Livingston Epic Seagull noW.. aNd suRe..
kinda liKe some other folkS in.. eTc.. eT aL..
history and movie
books..eTc.. too..
but it does geT
a little lonELy soMe
nowS in thEse hiGh HeAven
cLouds.. so i SinG a SonG
to MySelf thAT juST sayS i AM
noW WiTh
WiNks.. as
thAT iS whAT
A sMiLe anD A
Giggle.. anD A
heARty beLLy lAugh
caN sound liKe too.. juSt
iN organic word pLay waY of ceLebRaTinG
liFe aLL WiTh zer0 stUFF to hidE noW2..
Hmm.. yes.. ‘i’M F*KinG A OK’.. noW
And tHeRe’s A title
aLready of number 693..
inspired by Styx now 2..
numbers and other stuff
2 too.. and yes i am most
deFiniteLY FucKinG GaY
Happy noW too.. butt.. let’s juSt
say i aM all Happy aBoUt Women
aLL F*KinG A oKay too.. noW fuLLy aS Such2 Now..;)
Hello.. mY FriEnd gigoid..
nice to see you back.. and
offering your back to save a little
puppy dog is certainly reflective now
of a nurturer and a i care giver FOR
liFe.. very commendable.. i must say sir..
yeah.. by the way in real life i call most everyone
sir/ma’m.. it’s that Clark Kent thingy i can’t seem to get rid
of from
birth either..
hehe.. before
the Good Cop
Mr. Hyde comes
and goes.. anyWay..
i can certainly relate to
Emily.. perhaps more than
most as in her poem here i read..
that i quote hEar too as WeLL.. iN dArk…
“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.
And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.
I’ve heard it in the chillest land
And on the strangest sea,
Yet never in extremity
It asked a crumb of me.
~~ Emily Dickenson ~~”
i read this as a sour-sweet despair
of the one who has felt this sweet bird
of hope.. but who has lost all memory of
the feeling of that.. and perhaps the emotions
of faith and belief too.. as yes.. they can be emotions
for most folks.. when pro-social emoTioNs live from birth
with the MotHer’s Hand or other close to breast caregiver
that gives that Loving oxytocin nurturing care from birth..
particularly iN years 0 to 3.. EmoTioNs heal.. tHere
is no doubt about ThAt.. the NoW happy
neuro-chemicals and neuro-hormones
bathe the cells from head to toe
in peptide way.. and when
this bird of hope.. faith
and or belief and all
the other nuanced
Pro-social Gay happy
EmoTioNs do not live in
our cells from toe to headway..
life can certainly be a colD and Trump
place.. i seriously doubt that Trump
would even notice a puppy
on the side of the ‘wrong’..
but that is what Trumps
do.. and even make
puppies more
humans too..
perhaps.. i shouldn’t
pick on Trump(s) but ‘he’ FucKs
WitH mY FriEnds and that makes
the Good Cop Mr. Hyde come out.. heHe..
as sure.. i am as gay happy as they come.. NOW..
but ‘they’ wouldn’t wanna sees my Hyde come OUT..
anyWay.. the poem reminds me of the old dead zone
days where i couldn’t feel a God dam thing but pain..
as yes.. that never ending dentist drill in my
right eye and ear with no God Dam Pain
Killer that would work from wake to
sleep for 66 months named
type two-Trigmeinal neuralgia
that a Google search in .83 seconds
picks up 16,500 matches with my
user name and thAT.. as yeah..
i think i’Ve reported that
pain a noW anD oR
16,459 other
instances too..
but the truth is when
i was enduring it for the
first 6 million or so words
i wrote online.. i only mentioned
it a handfulXnow.. as the reality was
too much to even FucKinG talk about..
like being in hell and writing a story about
iT.. ain’t what someone does when they are living
tHeRe for 33 or so months straight before words become
the first opportunity to escape it all.. like a drop of Lazarus
water in hell for sure.. as empty shells that flutter in a dark
oiled bird of pit.. of words.. anyWayX2.. i was riding a bike around the
block.. in the deadzone as something i could do.. without passing OUT
on foot.. as standing up the blood could hardly
get to my head back then.. particularly
in warm Temperatures in Florida then
too.. and the lady around the block
stopped me and said i don’t know
what my Mother in-law
would do without hope..
in her Mother-in-law’s
’bout of illness then..
and i just sat there thinking
i haven’t heard the word hope in so long..
that it was kinda surprising to even now
here someone say it all.. but quite honestly
then.. i had no FucKinG idea what the
feeling of hope was.. if i had ever felt
a smile.. a laugh or what FucKinG
FeeLinGs even were aT aLL back then..
the pain i experienced watching someone
else smile was the pain of the bird of hope
that never touched me in anyway then..
i know then and feelless of what this
place of HeLL was then..
iT IS A place
a drop
of water
or crumb
of Food is
nothing at all
as all ya wanna do
is feel just a God dam
second one more time now
before you die.. and i suppose
that is part of why i didn’t kill myself
as all i wanted to do was FeeL a FucKinG
I SAY sMiLes at the beGinGinG oF every GOD DAM
LINE.. i FuCkinG mean iT as i’ve been to a place wHere
smiles never existed..
not even
in NOW
a memory
then.. now
as they
say for Horatio
there are places in this
life that some folks have
never been.. there iS and to
live in this place of living
death is hell
is hell
is the
so IN OTHER words my
FriEnd.. i can certainly feel your
pain.. and i am certainly glad i can..
but the most important pArt of LIFe
tHere is that i can care now.. a liFe
Trump Place
oF HeLL.. i know
Trump lives in HeLL
’cause i have seen that
place but in his case i don’t
think or feel he’s ever been alive..
so yeah.. i have sympathy for the
Devil as God blessed me with the
experience of living in REAL DEVIL’S SHOES.. then..
SMiLeS noW..
WeLL.. the Haibun.. Haiku dVerse theme
of the day is Romance.. and of course as
i enter this Romance Domain.. it will be all
go for broke and love.. as i do my own style
of Fredbun and Fredku.. after getting back now
from the Military Gym engaged in very serious Fredfu..
and you kNowFeeL human nature is kinda strange.. the way
a male warrior sees and feels the world much different than
a damsel in distress.. funny how the heat of the moment can be
Romance and dominance too.. as another part of the Nature game
of primate too.. submission shy.. and dominate extrovert.. can be the
name of a Romance game with mix of EmoTioNs and SeNses too..
sure that all togeTheR makes the passion of reproduction
come in all the ways it does.. along with nurturing
family members in what comes next
after that.. now..
and it’s interesting
the way that works in
a balance of lust and love..
as passion can build in the largest
sexual organ there is that of course
is the human brain that directs the much
smaller organs in breeze of getting the
lust and love job done of continuing
the species as such.. anyway
this struggle to survive in all
the passion of a balance
of lust and love
that is
powerful in a species
that can mate 365 days
a year.. given the potential
‘messiness’ of doing that every
day of the month.. but sTiLL.. Libido
IS A powerful Force.. where what normally
would disgust as even science shows melts
away.. like a multi-colored M and M that melts
in a mouth and not in hands.. okay.. remembering
entendre and innuendo of wit.. can keep thaT job donE
to eXplore hUman romance from the coiN of tale to head..
you see.. and potentiAlly FeeL.. i eXplore iT aLL iN PoEtry..
imAginAtion.. and creatiVity.. even in the flesh of ART2..
but i am as self-controlled as A FucKinG Jesus2..
outside this Internet art stuff as discipline of
Monastery can and does come..
i don’t drink.. i don’t smoke..
i don’t do drugs… and i
don’t FucKinG ever
cheat on my wife
and she knows every
single way i do art in all the
ways that comes.. she knows i Love
everyone including all of Nature in a white
Love way and I have intense affection for all of that
aS ReaLiTy too.. the thing is she spent THAT hell with me
in a basket case way back when for 66 whole months then
of death.. in life.. i came out a different person.. the wildest
and lovingNesT man you miGht have Ever dONe sEEn or fELt..
and if you are loved by me NoW you may never ever be loved like
HONOR.. but i wouldn’t hurt a fly.. or flower.. or a butterfly down below..
i will just love eyes and lips.. and hips the same.. from a distance
from a Love that never
will end..
and when the
night comes and
and i lay my head down
to sleep i will snuggle with
my wife.. and do the next
day the same way
of unconditional
fearless love
where i cherish
all beauty in an
innocent lust and
love for iT all from below
to above.. inside.. outside
and all around Nature and
all of what i Love wriTe noW..:)
And BeFore i move on in play..
to the dVerse Romance thingy..
as i AM juSt about to Run out of
gas unless the Romance poems get
me going over there.. every Romance
Novel.. or short story.. or macro-verse..
or micro-verse of poeTry noW too..
needs a little mystery.. a little
intrigue and a little
eYe to
go along
WitH aLL oF
thaT isReAL noW2..:)
yeah.. i danced to this song at the gym tonight like magic..
oh.. so free.. in front of a few women with Yoga pants..
oH.. i never glanced at any of them.. but
i could FeeL
funny how
yA can feel things
even if you go into
A environment literAlly
FuckInG blind like me at the gym..
with no shades of eYes or even grey..
but yeah..
i FucKinG
earn every move
with the greaTest
of care
trust me i could
write a Romance Novel
like you never felt before
as the thing that every
woman remembered
about me
was just
the touch
of my finger tips..
to a cheek to a brow..
to eYes yes that see a
feeling soul below..
i could go
on and
on and
on and on..
but i have poEtry
to visit in a delicate way..
with Force of EmotiOns on Fire..;)
From aCross the alley..
the BowLinG one.. in ’89..
19.. me 29.. Pacific Islander
Ocean brown eYes thaT cOUld
bE feLt deeper than
water blues..
snow white
Goddess Isis
in tan style sKin
who still never
ages in an age of
Adaline thaT is Katrina
at 46.. funny how folks don’t
believe.. it.. but now that’s
how goddess life goeS oN..
never bOught
never sOld
never wOrkEd..
onLY maGiC oF
fearless love…
SinGs a SonG
oF ALWays
reNewal iN
jewEL oF LoVe liGht.. noW
IS A warLock hAir oF BeWitched..:)
DanCinG liGht of Love
eYes meet.. soul to me..
Isle out of cave..
soUl oF bLackest
bottom wHOle
a tropical
Island of LoVe
iN mY Backyard
desert garden eve
yoU.. thiNk..
it’s a fairy tale…
ye.. wiTh
iSREAL faith…
my friEnd.. not that it matters
the lEast iN poetry
land or anywhere
else wHere a soUL
SinGs true but
i never kNew
are a
until now…
funny how the feeling
mind works now around
all caps of a name my
friEnd.. anyway.. good
to see you aGain..
and may
come your way..
in whatever way you
like.. toGeTher or lone..
And like honest Abe
says.. i cannot tale a lie..
my wife Isis is both mother..
sister and a little bit of wife…
And i my
friEnd am
thE real Peter
pan as Pan..
iN my own
noW of
land now..
but a nice
one folks tale
me as i never have
a stress with Isis putting
me back toGether AgaiN.. the good
Goddess and not the F iN head hunters..
and bEfore i came back from a River Styx..
sure i
too.. and
i suppose all
my words are HoruS now..
aT lEAst iN pArt of ArT my FriENd..;)
sMiLes.. Victoria.. my friEnd.. i suppose if words
were the way to hEart as a young man
and i had only sHades without eyes
to Love.. my wife.. i might
have never met her..
as Lord
i couldn’t
even hardly
sign a Christmas
Card as much more
than sincerely yoUrs..
the liGht waS in my eYes
unTil the siGht and hEaring went
away as pain.. and those i had to make
organic words..
or my
yes.. did
suffocate to death..
funny how the words
eventually even took the
pain in my eye and ear away…
but oF course it was the renewal
of a heArt and spiRit eXpreSsinG neW
EmoTioN in empty sHells thAt eventually
becAMe eYes of Love aGain.. i suppose
the words were alWays tHere.. i just had
to become
deaf then..
to feel and
save them
mY friEnd..
and i suppose
the travel of pain
is worth this eventual
destination in words of Love..
Love SinGs
in eYes blind
deaf off words oF SonG..:)
Victoria responds..
love your responses – thank you..;)
and i saY iN ThanKinG reTurn..
Thank you
My FriEnd..
i equAlly
Love the
Of poetry
A song of
Response aS WeLL..:)
And Victoria in compliment says..
You’re a master of that!
And i somewhat humbly
A practicer
Who never
Ever gives up
Or quits for
Less than
And now
i go on
to the
IS A laugh
that never wears pants..
or head of house hold per say..
the frOwn that
cracks a grin..
and the
only tickles
a chagrin as
Win for Love..
works Love
works hard..:)
Well.. if one can
romance a stone..
why not a dress..
or even a pair of pants..
as what moves sings in
of joy..
Some mushy
Some move
juSt do..:)
Life gives Love gives..
gives life gives love..
and the cycle
goeS oN
as Long
Life gives..
gives love’s
gift liFe..:)
Nature kindles
Love aS Eden way..
Deserts without life
tenders loving
way darker..
fertile than soUL liGhTnoW..
Meadows as valleys
wherever life rises
over ‘theRe’..
SoUl oF
sAnd wiTh Love..:)
sMiLes.. romance
without a little
is just
science abstract
to me.. thank you..
that’s the way i like it
my friEnd.. alWays noW..
the best
pArts out..:)
WeLL.. i guess.. just goes to
sHow one can take the
girl away from the
culture and
but taking
the mother
and culture
away from the
girl.. is next to
impossible.. i never
expected anything to be
easy in life.. hehe.. and i
suppose that is why i’ve only
had one wife.. no matter what
the differences were my friend..
help with a sMiLe..;)
sMiLes.. i can’t hELp
but to thInk of how i asked
my somewhat Indian Princess
of a wife to marry me.. in a casual
convo at the Bowling Alley i worked at..
me.. her.. and
a fellow employee..
so.. i say on the lane..
very casually like i’m
swatting a gnat..
we should
it makes
centS in
overall common
sense… casual
alWays worked
for me..
i almost
died and
then i got
reAlly intense..
PasSioN oF
liGht gRows
afTer deaTh..
And 11 is
1:31 am
on 8092016..:)
Back to the
dVerse Romance
prompt at 10:06 am..:)
sMiLes.. my
eYes veered
off to Virginia
Wolf.. and i must
say/FeeL there are two
things i’LL never Now
do for
and yes..
writing is
one of those
things i do give for
free and share with
FriEnds too.. Free is
always Romance when Free..
as Fearless LovE noWinGs..
A toucH of
for FReED..:)
SMiLes God
IS A topless
pasties @aLL..
sAdly both the beauty
of lust and laughter is
missing from ‘the bible’..
iN RoManCinG thE
philosopher sToNeS
oF all thAT iS..
and eXcuse mE
while i
i mean
A Edit
and not
the only
as God
IS also An
booK wiTh more
than pages and a cover..
and words and letters
and other
allthatisGoD noW..
God iS
A laugh offearless LUsT
and A BaLanCinG oF MoVinG
CoNnEcTaRing CreaTinG LoVE..
so much
morE alWays
bRoaDer than aAdeSign
ofFhUman InFinitY noW..:)
As a side note.. here.. last night
Yellow boy and Katrina were
reading that ‘big bLack book’
called the bible
in a verse by
second PETER
talking to
the evils of
sex and false
prophets who would
suggest that lust is okay..
and sure the Bible and the Kuran
too are designed by selfish and patriarchal
men for one reason only and that is to control
women from practicing tHeir own freedoms
of sexual/LUST/Love ways.. sure there are
other reaSons/FeeLinGs too but
to control reproductive
freedoms is what weak
men are motivated
to do..
as they
can’t keep
a woman without
forcing her to
A ‘dirty deed’
by law and
not straying
to a stronger man..
so sure.. a ‘false prophet’
IS A LiOn of Free.. a child of
God without clothes oF lies..
Love and lust feels and seNseS
Hips and
do not
lie.. Sex
Lust and Love..
kNows/FeeLs more
than any
so cAllED
bLack books
by men then/now
on deserts to own
women and other men
as slaves.. wherever all
there is is a frOwn
and no
that are sincere
and silly iSreal..
is a place
wHere Trump
that attempt
to own the Earth
including hUmans
away from God FReED..
God laughs
with luSt
at little
bLack Books..
huh.. even little
old me can write one
14 times more in just
around 69 months now..
in what took
little men
to do all together
who were never liOn FReED..
as a New World David will slay
with an edit of an
pussy cat
Book wHOle
Now back to
the regularly
scheduLed Romance
program with a little
more fiery luSt for a
iSReal God who has teeth
and not just cLaws to slave
men and women away from free..
in books that lack a REAL LUST
SHades beYond
50 greys..
and colors
noW beYond
any Rainbow
siGhted by tools
as sMall as hUman science..;)
But first i must say..
Jesus F. iN Christ folks..
do you really not have enough
common sense to understand just
how FucKinG big God is and
how FucKinG small i am
wHo can write
12 million
words about
God wHole
in around
6 years
and you really
thiNk thaT i who
admittingLY am only
a flea on the back of
a Dog that is God thAT i WiLL
never fully understand and can only
possibly follow with eYes limited by
that sAme God At Hand who is alWays
Nature and master sAMe.. in as i oF
I as spiRiT ! fLows holY
and sacred iN ZonE oF oNE..
i AM pArt oF God and so iS
aLL else wHole beYond what wE
little flea hUmans with our
tools of science can
kNoW can FeeL can
see as paRt
oF FiEld GoD
Ocean WhoLe..
we are sTar
duSt FeeLinG..
SeNSinG and KnoWinG
noW part of God as eYes
oF God too.. but we are pARt
and oNly parT oF whOle ever moRE
forever noW.. Jesus F. in Christ.. and
you thiNk you can meaSure God and chain
God in one of yoUr
little books..
WeLL perHaps
you science
God in yOur
owN way of
lens beYond
GoD wHOle.. as
God continues to
laugh at fleas who
suck blood without respect
of who provides A back to ride
as lifelong
oF wHOle
doG of GoD knoW
iSReAL iS more than
you wiLL ever knoW FeeL..
SenSES OR WRITE iN books
that have numbers of words
and finite
away from
A God bigger
than your words
and science of iNFiniTy noW..
some of wE see God bigger and smaller
in literal and figurative ways.. and
then others of us attempt to trap
something infinitesimally smALLer
than God in bLack books
that don’t
even have
common sense
oF God more than
an Indian who lives
one with Nature all real
all now all that is God
with zero
books.. dead..
away from a God
who lives free from
Words that chain..
sure.. put
in priSon
and see wHere
thAT leads you..
as that is what
happens when one
attempts to put
God iN
of bLack
books as anything
away from free is
a path to human made hell
on earth.. away from God
made heaven
now as
of Garden
floW Free inZonE
of GoD now FReED
mE WitH
sMiles wRite on course..:)
So in short.. do you not
understand i AM alWays
iN and as
mE noW..
it’s a great
path.. iF you
try iT alWays
iN maKinG allthatis
as God Holy and SacRed
you too.. miGht liKe Heaven2..
as getting A iSREAL LiKE FROM GOD
A most
super epic
FucKinG experience
you may iMagiNe or
creAtE as liFE noW..:)
AS yeS.. now
i move on
to the
poet NoW..:)
But first.. lunch
and a cLoud and
SAnd DancE
iN GoD’s
hOme NatUre
FReED i AM..:)
11:40 am..
Evolution of Art in what once was only fingers
of piano and now lives from head to toe
in giving and sharing too..
yeah.. three years
of lessons in
Piano starting
from age 12.. but
truly a comfort in life
to find some emotional
expression in what eventually
would be come chronic and
severe never ending
stress.. as
the cat
thunder and
lightning strains
iN death of heARt
in a cage of never
ending falling..
to the pit
of somewhere
else.. yes.. living
stress is the anti-christ
of living art of HeARt as
SpiRit exPreSsinG liFe
aS miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUl from head to toe.. inside
outside.. so below as above..
all around a life of art..
fearlessly loVinG noW..
where systemizing
the by way
in a distant
past so far
of then iN
worry.. yes
Sixty Nine ONE
Ninety Six of God ARt
i go neXt alWays noW as I..
as this pre-Ocean poem
from three
noW as FReED..:)
And sure the eclectic Nature of this
Macro-Verse from last year..
named Hurricane ART am i..
ranges from photos of the
Beach to Rave Dance to
songs in you tube
way i have
as Karaoke
to actual videos
of me dancing last year
where this year.. the weight
of 235 Lbs has moved more
from the middle of me to broader
shoulders and even stronger hips
and legs as well.. to original piano
composition in somewhat classical
Beethoven and Mozart draft style..
still.. as carpal tunnel syndrome
cut the polishing of that art
short as my first
real endeavor
in real original
creative art
since i was
in middle school
at age 13 writing
my first and last Christmas
Prose from heARt winning
an award out of two home
rooms of 80 students then..
writing a play.. and playing
Jesus Christ Superstar on
the piano.. where i still had not
learned to move without enough
grace where folks erupted in laughter
seeing the shaky way of spirit induced
movement that came after that.. and just
a spark of writing about the oneness of God
that came from deep down from a Holy Spirit
at age 18 in a philosophy class in junior college..
yes.. and here now a collage of all the Facebook profile
photos of artful physical comedy
in still photo ways.. in this link..
yes that and more
in just this less than
five thousand word post
that says so much more in
the visual art of videos and photos
too than just words of black and white
text that continue to flow from micro-verse
particles of H20 to waves of Macro-Verse
as Field oF Ocean Poem total view
that has aLL up and
down and inside
and outside and
all around with
it all beyond A to
Z as InFiniTy oF ArT
oF thE SonG oF mY SoUL
continues to SinG an eclectic
Flow oF God in/as mE.. with yes..
lust and love and humor too..
as any book without lust
and humor is
a book
a substantial
art of God Free
in we human beings.. as
to suggest sex as humans
naturally eXplore that as children
of God or silly humor for nothing
more than laughs is less than eat
drink and be merry is to bow to a smaller
God than the Lion who stands tall
with his
on the
Savannah FREE..
sAdly.. Jesus was neutered
by lesser men than he.. but
for me the glory of God
lives from
head to
AS LioN who lusts and
loves and laughs in living liFE FReED..
stay in pRiSon and rot a boWing life
or Stand as tall as a LioN of God
and juST
A SonG
oF soUl
free as yoU..
as mE.. as uS
as wE when God
liVes free aGaiN in/as wE
iN the garden of eden of FReED..
@lEast for mE.. noW oh so FReED..
fear rules.. a balance Now of fearless
lust and love with laughs FREESnoW..:)
Hi Zee.. i don’t work..
i only play so i am the
first here to say knock knock..
and Lana Del Rey has
a voice that sinGs
the dArk place
of mosT all the
that fLows
from a River
of hUman
hands sunk
bEfore in a reign
of numb pain.. that
feels little to no heARt..
the spiRit of ThAT heARt
that moves.. connects and
creates toGEtHer onE for basic
subsistence and survival.. in real
MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL…
iN so many folks that has beCome the
butt of sad song cigarette of days gOne
by wHere the child was/is rarely attached
at breast from/now birth.. wHeRe simple
play in GroWinG MoVinG..
conNecTinG CreATinGways
is replaced now sTiLL
by sitting
sTill behind
lecture desks
and books the
same that have no
touching flesh and
blood connection.. or
even barefoot oxytocin
connectors to Mother Earth
as Love for God NatuRally iNcreases
in respect of all thaT is.. as giVing liFe
and never taKing that all away
until death comes
as it will come later
of course as
of life in
Wheel of fortune
oF breathing goeS on
as Star dust we feel.. sense..
kNow liVe iN eYes of God pArt
Whole oF liVing UniVerse poeTs
we come..
to say..
my FriEnd
hope you noW
are having a nice day..
and God bless the butts
of cigarettes that feel no play..
in simply loving each other Nature
whole God as humble and majestic Gift of LIFE..
sAdly.. some folks live alMost tHeir entire lifE wiTh
A deaTh liVing feeling of born to die.. those
who are born to truly
live are watered as gift
of Garden oF Love
iN floWerinG
eYes Of
God pARt allone..
liveS in heaven now..
bottom line
Voice in
We who SinG
thAT SonG Free.. my FriEnd.. Zee..
A Mother’s Love can make or break a cigarette butt..
i don’t smoke.. drink.. or even do caffeine.. i don’t need
more money.. a bigger home.. a bigger car or even.. now..
a job.. my mother was/is employed as a giver and a nurturer
by God so-Freed.. and noW i continue that traiTioN oF God aLL FReED2..
and thAt cOld of tHat cigarette JOB of biblical account.. i too.. a tarRed bird
of before in the pit of ThaT oiL thAt kNows the birth of death in life alWays ready to die..
i livE noW
i live
bottom line
my friEnd Now..
And aGain have a nice day..
With love of a cigarette butt comes back to liFe..:)
AlMosT sure that the
saddest souls have more..
at least from the smiles that
are real by bridges of homeless
folks that i come in actual hand to
hand and feet contact with.. as the other day..
i danced for a group of homeless folkS on a pier
where they congregate in a church of nature..
smelling more like a real hUman
a sanitized
person no longer
in a symbiotic
WitH aLL the
rest of
that iS.. noW..
Interestingly.. without
fail as the mores do play
there are enough scraps left
over to be with Nature one.. is
what the homeless men.. say then..
i’Ve been to that place that yes.. buys
more and houses no heARt.. no SpiRit..
no LiVing soUl.. with Nature OnE noW..
and i told the homeless man who stArted
DAnCinG with me.. the only man perHaps brave
enough to do that in any tHick town Super-Walmart City
but a very few to none there.. yes.. i told him.. don’t tell anyone
noW that Jesus danced with you today.. as above his head was my
favorite portrayal of that myth housing Jesus.. but on a cross without
nails.. just leaning there with a self actualized more mature version
of the man before hugging anew with a spirit dove on top to
connect with the rest of all that is..
So.. the homeless man said.. you can
have Jesus.. he is no
friEnd of mine..
as sure he
kNew i was
kidding as i looked
way too expensive to
be a Jesus on a pier still
after living so long with more..
and then he said you are God and
so am i.. that Gulf is God.. this pier is
God and that Sun is God too just now
mY FriEnd too.. and i smiled.. ’cause i
kNew bEfore i staRted and continue
DanCinG that the
real Jesus
was/is standing
before me then/now
sTinKinG to
of whaT iSREAL..
And WiNks.. i’Ve goT
juSt the photo to accompany
this on Facebook and Ocean Poem way..
as alWaYs mY FriEnd.. i kNow and FeeL any
noW i can fiNd inspiration enough here
for a Novel oF a comment
the feathered sleep..
kNoWn as Candy1.. 2..
or 3.. iCe no Y thaT
i WiLL cut
NoW.. Free..:)
Blue is my favorite color..
lure of azure skies in winter
cold fronts with high energy
and liGht.. to every color of
Blue that God bRinGS frEE.. Now..
oFF to dVerse.. i go noW.. with a
blue prompt and a few blue links
already lit uP tHeRe.. but it’S now
soon too..iN going to Store Dance fun..
after a little blues for liGhting words uP beFore
steps of dance come as free as A blue color LoveS noW..:)
DArker blues of deep and death
liGhter blues of hiGh and birth..
Ocean blues never
morE noW
Colors SinG
More when
open SonGs
BoLd.. noW
i love the
color blue and
oh yes.. blue is what
‘they’ nAMe as A sim soc
color of artists nAMe.. saD
song blues and liGhter hues
of Ocean wHole.. SpRinG liT for i..:)
sMiLes.. as scientists
say blue is the favorite
color of countries across
the globe in eyes of humans
capable of course of seeing
sky and sea.. sunshine
and water.. giving
life.. neither
can live
blue of
air and
water sAMe..
in a reflection of
toGeThErness of aLL
tHat lives..
sky blUe
liGht.. Free..:)
sMiLes my FriEnd
Lillian.. the Adirondack
mountains you mentioned
this morning took me higher
of course than i’ve been
in panhandle of
Florida flat
lands here..
but a share of
the same name
in chair here..
takes me to
the Blackwater
River where i was
raised in darkest
deepest black blue
River channel
of 80 feet
or so deep
back then
as mill town
ships with
black resin
from pine
trees brought milton wood..
but now the chair reminds me
of my Grandmother.. the white
one she painted there over and
over across the decades of a life
that retired early in her 50’s.. three
of her’s more i came to live
with some and see..
with mother and
sister with me..
i suppose it felt
like that chair
and she would
live there
forever.. the
house is gone..
the chair is gone
and with a lump
in my throat i
intimate she is
gone too.. but
the river is there..
the black deep blue
water and a Pecan
tree still stands where
my Grandmother’s spirit
as Adirondack mountain
of Love once stood
taller than
i thoughT
my spirit could ever sinG/
gRow.. she stArted painting
in her 60’s after her father died..
oil paintings from visual memories
after her sight was almost gone.. kinda like
the story of Beethoven composing after his
hearing was gone.. anyway.. i always wanted
to create too.. something more than school.. so
i suppose
i’ve inherited
her chair along
still with that deep
black blue water..
and pecan tree
River that i still
oft visit to
Mountain spirit.. now..
thanks.. i can’t imagine
anyone wanting to make a buck
or a like or a follow off poEtry my
friend.. how valuable IS A memory
like this living again.. now.. just now.. painting water colors.. and wind.. for i..
Life iS iN the Loving.. as chairs gRow old and poEtry GRows more.. on.. iSREALnoW..:)
All seeing eye of human
life.. cosmic orb of beauty
more.. Karmic gOld
of livinG now..
eARTh our
disposal now..
as Stars above WiTh
eYes so BriGht look down
uPon our day lit skY
they worship
air upon
and breathe
the water they
sing our life..
oh blue
you live..
oh blue
you sing..
all seeing
eye of Earth you Be aliVe..:)
Smiles.. my FriEnd
thiS BrinGs to greater
liGht how much greater
iT iS to worship A sky
blue and sun
of yellow
in black
and white
print of pAges
that only yellow
dead in days gone by..
where all is holy.. sacred
and living blue the rivers
of blood that veins
our love
now with
that KNows
no home
now but
God as eArTh
Nature allone..
as Love we give
as Love we take
as lovE we share
as eARTh we make..
and love
we now
do.. blUe
eYe oF God’s Nature
Truth iN liGht oF BlUe..:)
sMiLes.. the best
thing i lEarn from
cat eYes no matter
blue or green
or color
of gold
is the gold
of heaven
lives now
in a sweet
rest of napping
cats or a walk now
that feels BaLanCinG
of planets aligned..
as paws
Now for
pauSinG blues
of beauty noW..:)
3:16 pm
on 8092016
off to other
adventures in
the flesh and blood land
of Earth so blue and true
to Worship as love of liFE noW..
in DanCinG and sinGinG and Earth Love
of so Warm and TrUe BluE in liGht oF iSreal LOVE..:)
OMG.. the Facebook Algorithm
personal assistant and secretary
and now visual arts production assistant..
is crazy fun as far as i am concerned.. hey…
like Freddy Free Loader says don’t call me
late for Supper i’M alWays here for a free meal..
with empty pockets of money..
it’S FucKinG Hilarious
if people
new how
much more i
have than money
never talks of hehe..
so yeah.. i’ll continue
to share the Facebook
Creativity train in layers of
art and love as free is free
and i am love for free hehex2..;)
And another version ‘here’
with super epic style of
Algorithm art that
i will also continue
to use as muse for
totAlly Free Verse poEtry
and an overall DancE for
all that is.. as i share this
free video slide show stuff
on Facebook.. and in the Word Press
blog comments section in Ocean Poem
as i go.. as sure it would be repetitive aRT
in wHere i do go.. as that
is all included in my
own photo streAm
of Real time now
and FReED..
with my own
YouTube selection
of music to accompany
all that is 2 in art floW iN ZonE noW2..:)
i somenows ponder if i am
the only person who has this
much fun and never ever spends
a F iN penny.. at the daM stores..
i mean.. even at the Biloxi Casinos..
i frolic all over the dam place.. drink
free root beers as complimentary free
loaders who enjoy the compliments most
often do.. and after all for those Christians
out there it was asked of the true Disciples of
the dude Jesus that they empty their pockets..
and just go out and teach and get free meals
as they go.. for those who would
see a certain value in
retaining one’s heARt
SpiRit of heARt and
miNd and BoDy
soUl in otHeR
words of my own
style of new old
age Renaissance
art.. yes.. clothed this
way as Caesar’s law demands
but haha.. to do this nude would
be a blast.. on a big red ball like this
hehe.. anyway.. for now i have at least
one big one to stand on for free.. hehex2..;)
So last night.. Katrina yells to me.. typing
in the bedroom.. quick.. quick.. Fred..
Yellow Boy is reading the bible again..
and he has a special verse to
direct your attention to..
and in this case..
WeLL.. Katrina’s
eYes are on 2 Peter 2..
and A Description of False
Prophets… Yellow Boy is
clearly focused on the
Day of the Lord per
2 Peter 3.. more
2 Peter
3 verses
10 and 11..
12 and 13..
from the
that says..
10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.[a]
11 Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12 as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.[b] That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. 13 But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.
Just in
case anyone
is wondering whaT
is going on.. heRe in ‘this’
eXtra cool Profile Pic noW2..:)
And ‘here’ is an expanded
view iN biblical study of Katrina’s
Shopping legs.. as hey baby.. i dance
a lot.. which means she walks a lot too..
in all her
favorite dance
stores of mine.. so
nice of Mr. Sam Walton
to provide an expansive middle
aisle for me to dance.. in every
metro city i go.. free style..
baby.. made in
no clothes
oF lies of
way back
then.. Art
is all i kNow of
WalmArt clothing
Apparel as such
except for the T-shirts
that i free advertise for them
every i go.. in reciprocation of
never taking.. more than i give..
in ways of Free DancE hAll sPace..;)
“Though the legend was pure fantasy,
we still need the hope it brings!”
-Styx 1978
from the classic album
and book.. Lord of the Rings
Funny how life works..
some folks get stuck
on form and others
live essence..
some suggest
myths and
and others
live the essence
of myths and magic
iSreal.. the young and
old.. the rich and poor who
listen to legends oF old and
new of human archetypes.. and the
magic and mystery they bring to some
day self fulfill what is written into
being as what is done noW in essence of what iSREAL..
AS anyone who saw the ‘Inside’ Movie by Disney a year
or so ago.. now available on Blue Ray by a way2..
The Kingdom of Human Imagination in a world
of Inner Universe of Creativity of
EmotiOns and SeNses is a wonderland
wHere anything imaginable as a dreAm
may also come FruiTioN in terrestrial
land we live as a New Kingdom of
liGht with no moon or sun..
coMes in E-Land true
wHere technology
and humans
in transhumanist
way and by the way that
has nothing to do with gender
for the more ‘literally’ thiNking
potential audience out tHeRE.. so.. anyway..
when it comes to all the help i am getting from
the Facebook Algorithms to spread my little mesSages
wiTh digital art of Fingers on this Keyboard of fearless
Love.. and the folks that run Google.. and Even Word Press
too.. ya would almost think and feel we miGht be in some kind
of illuminati cahoots to bRinG this much liGht by juST A little
old hUman beinG like mE.. WelL.. it ain’t eXactly alone tHAt i do
all of this.. as a little help from my FriEnd(s) is a lotto of a Win
of GoD
WHole allone
hElp noW WhOLE
as the essence of
hope.. faith and belief
as EmoTions trUe are what
counts with all the other
EmoTioNal and SeNsory pro-social
ways oF FeeLinG and SeNSinG.. liFE noW..
regardless of the myths that house the vehicles
and vessels of symbols that carry on a much deeper
essence of meaning as TruTh and liGht reAl iSREALnoW..:)
Good Evening in Pakistan.. friend Rafiah..
thousands of miles away you are.. but still
you provide “Dr. Who” assistance to me as i
continue to travel down this road since the dark
night of soul and my regeneration of course that you
are familiar with to this point.. and if you distantly remember
i already shared a Tom Hanks movie that indicated you are a
helper in this way across time that doesn’t really exist.. at least..
in ordinary clock fashion in relative way as Einstein does relate..
and of course verified now..
that time is a wave.. we
are particles and of course
God is Ocean whole as Field..
and the show must go on for now..
so the thing about ordinary girls from
Sialkot and ordinary boys from small
mill towns.. is ordinary is not something
they are going to stay.. once regeneration
comes and let’s say in the case of Rafiah..
she becomes a great scientist even more than
an Angel sent to me from God to help me on
God’s mission assigned to me for those who
heRe the cAll and come out of cocoons iN
ordinary as something much
more different.. yes..
some’times’ strange
as folks might
Dr. Who to be
and the shadow of
every hero according to
Jungian archetypes is quite
a challenge too.. but never the
less there is always another Lois
Lane.. the smart girl with glasses
to help the Super Hero.. who
was once Clark
Kent on his way..
i have many helpers
like this.. but i must say
you are far more than ordinary
to me as you are my special ‘little’
helper scientist woman.. who sees
more than words will tale.. of course this
is always the early case for regeneration as
the right hemisphere of the brain is hard at
work in understanding the world one is in
at ‘this time’.. and eventually the
creative manifestation of that
will come when right
hemisphere and
left hemisphere
of brain join together
and there is a human big
bang in the brain.. and what
some cultures name as reborn..
others.. Kundalini Rising.. others
Satori.. and with the BBC and the
British the Dr. Who experience..
and the vision quest
of the American
Indian.. the
human archetype
of hero is a story as
old as humankind.. and
what is the greatest of all
powers my friend that drives
this archetype.. is care for more
than the individual who cares so
much for others.. in a way where
it is hard to separate empathy for
oneself with empathy and compassion
for everyone else to the point where one
may even give their life to save the world..
or the village at least.. the family.. or the
loved one.. or the stranger that no one
knows except the assistant who
offers help along Dr. Who’s
way who has no name
but the owl of
that says who
who who.. Doctor Doctor
please help me across the
seas.. i’ve already burned my
friend.. i’ve already come back
and as every human shares the
same DNA from the origin of all that
is that never is anywhere… anything..
or anyone but allone we as God all
pArtners in play oF God.. now..
the dark side.. the demon
inside.. will take the
name away.. in
the dark
night of
soul and
we rise whole
with God allone
and the powerful play
goeS on.. and there are
some of us who get the script
in advance and share it to simply
power it on greater now as always
neverland of never ending story more..
so have a nice day.. come ‘dance’ with me and
we will always travel to eternity ’cause eternity
is always now my friEnd.. there are juSt those
of us who
have forgotten
and those of us
who eternally”
now to RE-mind..
anyway// i thank you..
as i purchased a T-shirt
at least a year ago.. that
had this strange looking phone
booth on in with a midnight and
what i remember as a moon hidden
somewhere.. i had no idea who Dr. who
was although i’ve heard of Dr. who of course..
and never knew that what i had on that T-Shirt
was a TARDIS until today.. heard the word TArdis
too.. but just never got around to googling about it
until today.. as your muse continues for me.. but
to be clear for me a muse is not something you
use a muse is an Angel from God that
can even come as a little
Yellow cat under
neath a shed
who reads the
King James Bible..
as one of his many duties
as my assistant and his assistant
too.. as sure i am assigned to be his
assistant too by God.. same as the
relationship of Katrina and me as
truly we are all here to assist
each other.. no matter
nationality.. religion..
gender.. race..
sexual orientation..
yes.. the list is infinite
in potential human
differences but the
one same thing that
connects us all in NOW
Interdependent Relationship
is God my friend or how you
sing Allah one.. one God that
isallthat is that has no name
but i AM the am that always iS..
AM is Being here my friend and
that is the greatest gift nowforeever
morenow.. for all we Dr. Who’s who
are actors in God’s greaTest play that
is real now.. and truly the writers who developed
this literature and those who produce the continuing
TV show now.. even if only on a subconscious archetypal
human level.. are here to remind us too.. that there is so
much more to life as whole than material reductionism.. my
friend that left brain thinking only will BrinG but alas.. my assistant..
you are a chemistry major and by default and almost magic
that make you my inherent friend.. as you see deeper
you talk
you feel deeper
than you can express..
and that is always the
way it is for a young human
angel from the sTArt.. but trUst
mE.. yoUr art to help others is far
and greater iN coming.. so sure
that makes me in a way the
Jungian mentor archetype
too but that is what
happens to the
Dr. who all
naturally when
he or her or etc..
is reborn as butterfly
to pollinate the other flowering
beings on tHeiR way to Doctor Doctor
can you help uS please.. and tHey say
yes.. yes.. yes.. even if there is no ask for that..:)
i have 100% evidence
that God exists and is
greater than any bible
or book has ever sAid
in human words..
not many folks
have thaT
preSent GiFT..
so in thankS now..
to God i Give bacK..
you see.. for me faith
iS reaSon.. faitH iS ReaL
BeliEf iS MoVinG EmoTionS
And most imporTantLY.. GodHoPE
iSREAL alWays i AM iSREALnoW..:)
Well.. it’s 11:01 am.. and when the ones
come together in threes it’s usuAlly Good News..
for me.. after all that is what my numerology
report says in sliGhtly diFferent order..
per 0 1 and 1 and 1.. for the
four challenges of life
that says.. as 0
i can be and
do whatever i wanna
do.. as i have successfully
completed 1 through 9 as an
old Soul as such.. and the ones
are just additional reinforcement
of whatever i may decide to do next..
wITh the Interconnecting Interdependent
relationship as all that is.. as the word
God has been rather sullied by human hands..
swords.. head hunting folks.. raping little
girls.. wars for words and making men into
God’s or last prophets themselves higher
than any other men as history shows now..
aS only psychopathic associated leaning
folks will do who do not have this
empathy and compassion and
altruism for all
sAMe as now..
one teAM
of this
relationship of all that
is i AM now.. juST noW.. so
i suppose i could bRing the Karmic
eYe out aGain particularly in action
and consequence of the really continuing
disgusting play of words in psychopathic
leaning to extremely leaning dude Trump..
and the way he manipulates 40 percent or
so of the minions in so-called red
state conservative land.. to
believe that Hillary
is gonna end
way of
guns and
such as that..
well no.. i mean..
we do have what is named
as separation of powers and
gridlock that continues in the
house of representatives and
senate and stuff such as that
and the real fear of course
is the Supreme court is
gonna go the liberal
count way..
which just
means that freedom
for all folks and their
God given rights to be free
in who they are will continue
for years to come.. as the Donald
has just about Sunk his boat so low..
that i don’t even have to show the
Karmic eYe for the action and
consequence of words
so.. so low..
that it becomes
hard to determine if
he is saying go team or
kill the quarterback and
half back and full back
of the other team..
hmm.. this is the
real world trump
not your
and trading
in wives once
they reach 40 or 50
or so for a new doll
play toy too.. with the
exception that you are too
good to soil your hands with
the life of baby diapers like
most human beings eventually
have to do.. except for we
who go the childless route
and create something
more than hate
and discontent
and shows like
FIRED and he is such a sad
sad little boy.. i must wonder
who harmed him so much when he was
little to make him into what he is today..
as Jesus F. IN Christ.. he is starting to
make Mussolinilook tame at least in the
political ring.. that thank God he has
shot himself so much in the foot lately
that GodZilla could potentially
win this thing against him..
as at least GodZilla
don’t say
no ridiculous
words of hate and
discontent with lies
that stream continuously
and not just in some E-mail
fiascos and such as that.. anyway..
it’s getting to the point i don’t have
to watch the circus to know for sure what
is gonna happen next come election when the
rig of Trump falls.. falls.. falls.. falls..
IN REALITY AT ALL.. other than
to rebuild a country that was torn
down.. by the folks who rebuilt it
for the Chaos that exists over there
and has indirectly led to thousands and
thousands of more deaths as the devil you
know in terms of saDDam’s can be much better
than the Devil’s Spawn you don’t know then..
that spread like starving cockroaches who
have no heARt.. no SpiRit.. no SoUl
of iSREAL.. kinda like the
Cheney’s of the world
who only have
a mechanical
left in death
of living life without
spirit without soul more
than power and status and
dominating others through illusory
fears to subjugate and control as
tHeir only pleasure is seeing others
in pain for their materialistic gains..
Anyway.. in some ways Hillary kinda makes
me sick.. but Trump makes me wanna put
my finger down my throat and
just purge his silly
shit once and
for all
so he can
vomit hate
and discontent
where he belongs
in the prisons of all
his Trump Towers for bought
and sell of a soul that never
lived for he.. and yes with sympathy
for the devil as always i must say he
knows not what he do do’s.. or what he even
FucKinG misses in real earth hell now..
yes.. we heaven mates even have
a tear for the Trumps
of the world
as we mates
in heaven
who have
been former
Angels in Hell
kNoW the dark path
of the oiled bird in
a pit he or her doesn’t
even realize is different from
the other totAlly different dimension
of reality now that is HEAVEN iSREAL noW
WHERE money is disgusting and something
you don’t even wanna touch.. and a
Tower is just a dead man made
thing.. and it’s like
the most insane
thing in the
world to be attached
to all these illusory treasures
of life that never ever really fill
you up outside of yourself.. when you
could be filled to the brim and over flowering
with the pro-social greaTest iSREAL hUman poWer
as gifted by God to uS as Nature of Fearless Love
iN a Love
oF all that is
holy and sacred
now allone never
ever separated by
the darkness and division
of all related to fear and hate
now in discontent of never ending
emptiness that will never be filled
the other
place is sOught
and found oF iSREAL
HeaVEN NoW.. jUST noW..
ugh.. and it’s kinda hard
to pic a song for politics..
only hope for the REAL POLITICS
in three ones aGaiN of Exclamation! noW Hi.. fiVe!..:)
WeLL.. Rafiah.. somehow
i feLt i would see soMe more
of you here today aWay from
Facebook on your homepage
of mémoirs of what tales true
of Rafiah’s heARt.. and
SpiRit ExpreSsinG
heR soUl
of Feat
and poEtry
and even Bibles
and Koran are truly
a rorschach test that
reveals a God of DArk
or liGht that alReady lives
within the hUman being who
may express fearless love or
that other place.. anyway.. oh the
analytical brain.. i could imagine this
into something wonderful and Romantic
in your life.. but i saw that comment on Facebook
where you were not happy with your feet as compared
to what you saw as pretty shoes.. but i will say and feel
to you my friend.. that it is not the shoe.. or the foot or the
flesh of human form that is the most beautiful Angel oF aLL..
iT is the heARt.. the SpiRit.. the SoUl of essence within
that connects us to God allone.. in Interdependent
relationship.. of holy and sacred allthatis..
i suppose i talk too much about God..
in fact the psychiatrist will tale me
i am crazy as i am too Luke
HOT about this.. and perhaps
some Muslim folks would think
i’M crazy to do my Ramadan twelve
months a year all nows of now.. to
honor and give praise and glory to
God ALL Always that includes you
my friend and your feet and the
paint that i will treasure always
as much as any book
as those feet
are the
of God same
as any toe
nail of
i know
and feel
as God whole..
so i kiss your toe nails.. yes..
no.. i hOld them to my heARt noW..:)
WeLL.. tHeRe is stiLL
room for some poetic
responses on dVerse
in Romance and Blues
way.. a very tropical week
here with low in the Gulf by
panhandle of Florida.. so a great
place to stARt again.. with Romance
or Blues.. so.. which way WiLL i go.. hmm..
Romance sounds good.. FeeL i’LL continue to go
that way for now.. as God noW sinGs a SonG of Fearless
white Love within.. that kNows and FeeLs no separation from
any other as the dude Jesus said in the Heaven of now there NOW..
will only be brothers and sisters of love and not even any marriage..
but to be this fearless love way.. one must lose the illusions of owning
other humans through degrees of separation.. the unity i have with my
wife is a code of agreement.. of human heArt.. and SpiRit.. and essence
of altruism real in hUman bEinG but my LoVe for all that is that includes all
of Nature including my fRiEnds IS A greaTest Love that knoWs no boundaries
of even
alone.. one
must.. i guess.. die
first in life.. and come
back to feel this Lover of
life we as i.. so perhaps the
hell was worth it to be here
in the place whomever
wrote those words
to a man
2 thousand
years ago..
has come true
aT lEast for me..
so sure.. it is as real
as if a friEnd of miNd
sAid it’s true now.. named
God oF aLL that is now.. we
are all Loving voices of God
and FeelinG SenSinG BeinGS
oF God as wE Rise toGeTher now
allone aGain and leT ouR LampS
Shine aS onE God We RiSe aGaiN..
anyWay.. at lEAst i have a SonG for
what comes next in my continuing
Romance with GoD oF ALL NOW..
the parachute is loosed.. i fly Free With God.. noW iRiSE..
and my Lamp oF liGht may blind some as iT iS oN noW to sTay..:)
OKay.. Romance
iT iS with GreeN
and blUe eYes sAMe..
so.. sUre i’Ve got soMe
more FloWers to deliver for NOW..
as the dVerse Romance proMt continUes to comE..:)
So true.. love can be drunk
and chocolates can be nurturing as
the wine of fine eYes that sparkle
can be a
of true love
that gRows
and never goes
stale of bottles gone
sunk in Ocean of forgotten
Love lives
a chocolate
wine.. FeeLs..:)
Side note hEar..
It is often fundamentalist
Christians i find the farthest
away from a God who is free and
never judges for being human
so at times i test their faith
to see just how strong
it is in free..
and accepting
the differences
of others.. well..
this micro-micro-verse
hEar now rated a delete
in censoring me out..
so what that means
to me iS it is worth repeating
again and again.. and sure if
he deletes me again.. i will still
get inspired by him and write my poetic
responses here.. but what i will do is shake
my sandals off the gRains of ignorance.. until the
real apocalypse in original Greek meaning of lifting
the veil of ignorance comes to him in a different way than
mine or
not.. as that
is up to his soul
for pRison or free
in what he sees of thAT..
what i kNow is this.. for sure..
whomever the real Jesus was of way
back when.. he would be no more accepted
in so called Southern Baptist and or fundamentalist
other churches including Mosques than the crucifixion
of before.. but you see they are not dealing with a lamb of
me.. this cub is now a full grown lion that even
a growl from me in words of real
will signal more than the
romance of a liON REAL..
anyway.. there is always
a little tension that
goes with the
Free so
here it is
again worth
repeating for
trUth and liGht
where as the Gnostic
Jesus reported.. to see
God one must be willing
to strip their clothes all of
culture.. tread on them naked
and be unashamed of one’s nakedness
once again.. a child of Nature.. God ONE sAMe..
just a nobody i am but God is everyone..
particularly freer when naked FReED..;)
SMiLes.. God
IS A topless
pasties @aLL..
sAdly both the beauty
of lust and laughter is
missing from ‘the bible’..
iN RoManCinG thE
philosopher sToNeS
oF all thAT iS..
and eXcuse mE
while i
i mean
A Edit
and not
the only
as God
IS also An
booK wiTh more
than pages and a cover..
and words and letters
and other
allthatisGoD noW..
God iS
A laugh offearless LUsT
and A BaLanCinG oF MoVinG
CoNnEcTaRing CreaTinG LoVE..
so much
morE alWays
bRoaDer than aAdeSign
ofFhUman InFinitY noW..:)
Now back to the currently
scheduled Romance programs
in hopefully a lighter tOne
in Romance than that stoNe there..;)
sMiLes.. i’Ve only been through
one labor and an early one and
very difficult one it was..
and yes.. when
the blue liGht
came on..
and a life threatening
seizure ensued with an
emergency C-Section..
all the life threatening
and life shortening anomalies
of the child were sweetened
by the fact my
wife was
still alive..
i lEarned
a lot about love..
life.. and death in those
51 days until that child
died in my arms..
wHeRe i cannot
why folks
will not just
love each other
and let differences
fade away..
anyWaY.. all
i kNow/FeeL is
love wins as fearless
with gratitude my FriEnd..
whoever you are.. it doesn’t matter
as everyone now is that child who
my arms..
LeSSon of God
mY FriEnd..
of all that is..:)
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
for so many years
i lost that word L..
but alWays now
i aM
word L..
funny how
easy iT is
when one becomes L..
L for the
easy peaceYes..:)
And iT’s funny all the
nows i’ve hEard iT
since i becAMe
iT and saYinG
iT a YiN
oF liFe
suRe.. i
SMiLes.. my FriEnd..
i’M worKinG so hard
to change the word God
to NatUre.. imagine if folks
paid homage.. honored.. worshipped
and praised Nature with the same Glory
they give to something created in shells of
words in books of pages grown old
and torn
in thousands
of years gone
by.. but true the
irony of it is the dude named
Jesus as Gnostic Text indicates
was another Yogi-leaning dude
like the Buddha.. or any other
awakened person who sees God
as we and i and me and uS as Nature
whole.. with No separation.. as Indians
who dance around moonlit campfires as
naked free before lesser men came
as Savage
Free.. SMiLes..
God is lamb and Lion..
but mostly God is Free as Nature wHOle..
i love God
as God
i smell.. i taste..
i touch.. i see.. i hear..
i propriocept in inFiNite
other seNses and EmoTioNs
that don’t even have human labels
for the pARts of magiC real of Nature
that are God same aS eXpreSsinG iN mY
sHells of letters and words too.. but what i sense
and what i feel of God all as Nature trUe is more
than idols of human
symbols for
the essence
of all that is nature
will ever bring in books..
my friEnd.. and alWays whY
a photo.. juSt onE Photo oF God
in the SunSet and cloUds of God’s
eYes that sees through uS iS worth
more than close to 12 million words
i have written in 69 months that is simply
a prayer with God oF all Nature now that one
day more otHeRs
and Love
God all that is
as much and more
than i do now..
of God’s
eYes see more than words..:)
Online Love.. a world
of words over flesh and blood..
a world with so much time to get
to kNow more than flesh and blood..
pen pals first.. lovers long after..
and even
partners stArting
with words..
sMiLes.. by
should be
a poet..
i suppose..
online has its perks..
Coffee of
Words oF on EliNe Love..:)
To fight for love..
To endure the scrapes of love..
To fight for love..
is to say and FeeL more than Love..
Love scrapes by..
Quick side note..
for the trUly creative
writer.. wHeRe words come
out deep from a place never
remembered or seen before.. it’s
kinda hard
to dismiss
what some
folks name
as reincarnation..
just say’in.. juSt
DreAMinG juST forEver iS aLL..:)
now back to now
aGain forevermore
now as all that is now..
i saw a Facebook share
of a poodle mounting
a Pikachu.. in stuffed
animal form.. of course..
as online is vapor ware..
and it reminded
me of the
younger folks
who are no longer
interested in the biblical
way of getting toGeTheR with
each other as fertility rates decline..
to levels never seen
there before..
as i understand
Answer to
GO Pikachu…
Survival 101..
wHere INstinct 101
wins over M-101
terMiNators of liFe..;)
Memories of emotions in words.. etc..
of symbols of loves gone past..
big mistake.. for me at least
putting the
essence of
those symbols
aside.. took a long
time to get them back
eventually wHere even
a tear was respite from hell..
as science shows an increase in
dopamine is normal in creativity after
loss as part of the grieving and recover
cycle of human life.. the oxytocin of nurture
drops.. the serotonin of trust in all that is drops
too.. but it seems the idea
of sadness
is truly
anew.. sMiLes
at lEast from a science
view.. but i for one noW will
never tale sadness to go away..
or loss.. as i know A saddest pARt
oF all
be loSinG
sadness my friend..
at lEast for me now..
Sad Songs
more to come..:)
Oh.. addiction..
surely and mostly
a sign of emptiness within..
in all the ways that comes.. both
iN substance and behavioral ways too…
not nurtured
as child.. bullied
by peers in school..
or ostracized at work..
sAMe.. Love.. the core
of Love.. all else the
core of distance
of the
thAt SinGs
a SpiRit of MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL as filled as FeeLinG
Love’s elixir of liFE noW..
with Now no
dollar amounts
or expensive
brands of whatever
fills A wHole thaT cannot be fELt..:)
A Love affair with food..
as i’Ve heard others say..
but not all of course.. the
cooking is the love of my wife..
as she only nibbles
she cooks..
of Love
stays a slim wife..;)
Oh.. yeaH.. and
hi.. Lynn..
at number
23.. not even
at the end.. this
go as merry
sMiles.. i would rather
Love a piano.. a guitar
or sure.. a Ukulele too..
than a car.. a house or
a set of clothes.. as the strings
are simply extensions of vocal chords
that are inherent instruments of human
emoTions.. and in those extensions of our Emotions
as vocal chords longer and tighter and softer too..
we SinG more of the humanity of connection
in moving creating ways
thaN we could.. do.. at
least many of us.. particularly
those who are too tone deaf to
sing on key.. and can do the
Emotions in paint by
i was blessed
with perfect pitch..
need no form or sheet
music of poEtry as my
fingers sing no different
with words on keyboard..
of human heart..
some folks don’t understand
that wysiwyg of mY heArt.. spiRit
and soUL unleashed and released
from a pitch that fell from choirs of
angels and saints.. to the darkest
oiled tar bird
no longer
as eYes
oF SonG..
So.. i SinG.. so i
SinG on the
SonG oF
mY soUL
approaching 4 million
words now my friEnd with
only a degree of Love that
never ever ends or conforms
to sheet music of Before.. noW..
SonG oF mY SoUL
and iSREAL..:)
sMiLes.. as i now continue
to dance everywhere i go.. yes..
noW for 3 years.. approaching
6000 miles of Nike GPS sports
watch measure.. i can
say with surety
that my wife
has never
ever in those
three years
i smell
but not in that way..
and here..
Forrest Gump lives..
the REAL ForRest oF DancE..;)
SMiLes.. the bullying of school.. particularly
the middle one of puberty can kill the
heart and soul of art and romance
in other inclined folks..
as i surely can attest
for a 40 years of desert
in creativity spoiled by
mostly males who were afraid
of anything that wasn’t away
from art and love.. anyway.. i
was smart and that kept me going
all through life.. in standard IQ way..
but the lost creativity and romantic
potential in some ways.. was
a greater loss
than gains
of standard
iQ.. then.. THEN..
anyway.. to make
12 million or so words
shorter.. than THaT..
i overcame
i overcame
in super epic way..
and the modern version
of me that is still getting
even physically stronger at
56 thanks those bullies for pushing me
over the moon.. over the sun.. where even
to shine..
Colors of
Super Epic as iNoWv.2..:)
And ps.. in a hEart as large
as mine.. i could only offer
advice to help those bullies now..
in fact.. i tried a little.. but i scared the
F out
of them
no doubt..
as they’ve never seen
and undomesticated
like me NoW..
wHeRe the wild things ARE iSREaL..;)
SMiles.. online
tracks of lost loves..
lost friends.. but mostly
for me new ones that would
never ever live and thrive where
i grew up.. i can say with confidence
that at least from my Senior class.. none of
them would
me now..
as i escaped
the place they lived..
Online tracks
Ignorance at home..:)
Pen Pal Romances…
reminds me of the ones
with paper.. as one i loved as
young went to California.. and i must
say that those letters were dear..
and i suppose now we
can sort of take
for granted
how big the
Ocean is and
how many fish
of Ocean Love we
truly can connect with..
never ever having to wait
for the post man of hope.. now..
Some of we really do need an ocean
now to find love.. as for some of us.. the tiny
Aquarium can not house fish like us in peace of Love..
Ocean online..
Love’s GOld fish..
E-scapes.. FReED..:)
SMiLes.. my Friend.. thaT iS..
was a beautiful poem.. rytaephua..
about your Romance now and certainly
in the spiRit of Carpe Diem in capturing
the moment no matter what the form is
called from then or now.. or anywhere else
in someone’s
form of before..
Anyway.. my heArt
is not for sale for dollar
bills.. for likes.. for followers..
for shares or for anything else
than art of free.. i worked for the
government for a quarter of a century
and followed all tHeiR rules..
i work for
art now
and thrive
priSon bars…
When i first came to
dVerse it was A thriving
place for art.. and then it
became just another government
prison and i left and visit free as
art will be accepted as is or
the walls of
confines.. oh..
of BeFore.. now…
sMiles.. my FriEnd..
i would rather live on
a Desert Isle of free than
to be forced in a cave every
night for bOught and sOld for
otHeR eYes.. hoWever.. it’s true.. no..
noT all can create or play unless tHeRe is
sheet music of beFore.. so tHeir IS A place
for them in the comfort of the cave that i too
once lived in
before i
that cocoon..
to Desert Isle…
i fly wiTh
simply free..
one word at a now..
one step as a dance RomanCinG
wiTh onLY God and mE to SinG FReED allone..
in A Tree of liFe with leaves fAlling effortlessly
as breeze spReads them as winds do SonG aLofT..
as FriEnds..:)
sMiLes.. my FriEnd Lillian with liGht Now..
Love it that you and your husband heRE
sport a pose of Love with statue of same
behind as Art of Love in visual poEtry
that words WiLL never SinG alone…
funny.. how we appreciate so
much what we don’t have
when we lose what
we might have had
but never tried at all..
it’s kinda strange that it
took me almost 40 years
to find art aGaiN.. but the
GreAtest arT i do is the now
that never ends iN expanding
Appreciate of Now.. in SonG and
DanCe wHere all is sacred and holy
i see.. i feel.. i sense.. i do as alWays
Love iN Fearless ways oF Art i SinG NoW..
ThrilLed to
be aLiVe
Bottom way..
tops wiTh sMiLes..:)
A map
to Love..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. as a person
diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum
with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2008
at age 47.. with my sister arriving
at the same diagnosis.. a few years later..
near 50.. it is obvious that
we received this challenge
from my father and his
father where my
father thrived
in the routine
of law enforcement
for 46 years.. and my Grandfather..
as he would eventually be an
X-Catholic and historically
noted Catholic Priest/Author..
mY Love Now for Freest Verse
Poetry and Dance is great as the
free verse ART away from mechanical
super logic.. super standard IQ cognition
of three college degrees.. etc.. rEleased
my heARt.. my SpiRit mY soUL
noW.. so to sPeak..
my father never
spoKe his
heARt.. my Friend..
and sure tHeRe are
many men like
this raised
in areas wHeRE
i live.. as Boys to Men..
are taught that emoTions
and smiLes and even Love
are less than real for men…
ThaT’s changing..
but poetry..
oh.. poetry
me human..
more than most now…
Adapt and change and thrive
in challenge or
elsE.. noW..
the story
of Nature’s
of all of we who
survive and even one day
thrive as never ever before..
as Fearless LovE that SinGs
and DancEs Super EpiC
like never ever bEforE2..
iT’s neVer
to Rise..:)
JuSt another two year ago..
Memory in Macro Verse way
that says DON’T WALK! DANCE
the walk of LiFE.. and sure this
sTiLL holds trUe for me.. at 56 even
more so than 54 or even 7 yearS olD
iN school oF sTiLL death aS trapped beHinD desks
thaT go no wHeRE but human head.. a truly
sMaLL pArt of The WhoLe ShEBang
named hUman noW as evolved of
course according to God and
Nature sAMe.. and the
sychronistic eventS iN
mY LiFE oF ArT and PoeTry
aS SonG oF mY souL wHole
Ocean poem FloW iN ZonE
continue to contribute with the
wHole dAm sHoW noW.. so
yes.. i say.. THE SHOW MUST
GO ON.. and nah.. ain’t the first
perSon to mention thaT and rEminds
me alREady of A sonG to sTart to
accompany this Micro Verse of
MacroVerse of Ocean WhoLe
poem now in super epic longest
long form ever reflecting GodsUniverse
NoW of course in Macro Verses 1.. 2.. and
3 lAbeleD as GodsUniVerseNovel.. 2.. and
3 more specifically labeled as such with juSt
that 3rd Macro Verse.. as such.. weighing in
at 338,630 words per se.. and yes.. below
the micro-verse level.. tHeiR are micro-micro
verses that often come too.. and below that
each word can contain multiple meanings
in micro-micro-micro verse way..
and OMG even lower too..
as micro-micro-micro-micro
verse when even the
Capitalization of a letter
or not can even BrinG a change
iN the meaning of the whole Ocean
Poem way.. in SonG oF mY SoUL..
as yes.. each single letter in that
title is specifically deSiGned
in stream of consciousness..
more openED mindful and
bodyful awareness for
the multiple changes
that can and will
come iN
as nowS Go On
for now.. so sure..
when i say these words
letters.. numbers.. etc.. in way
of other symbols too are an organic
representation of how the WHOLE SHE
BANG OF ALL WORKS TOO.. sure iT should..
iF we are open and free as we are aLL mini-me’s
oF God when simply sEt Free to freeLY expResS
our heaRT aS SpiRit iN MiNd and BoDy BaLaNcinG
foR noW..:)
Hmm.. yes.. and heRe..
a short enough micro-verse
from 2015.. to quote here in full..
all about living a life up top.. stuck
in head ways of BeinG thAt certainly
i was guilty of for so.. so many years as
just a brainiac over full MiNd and Bodiac
BaLanCinG ForcE now too..
anyWay.. liVE and leARn
in soMe of tHe harDest
ways i cAMe.. finAlly noW
to analytically understand
most of the Art oF thiS too..
but it’s a practice of continuing
bliss in the nirvana.. the satori..
the kundalini rose.. vision quest..
and born aGain reaLiTy oF a liFe
iN tRue success of WhAT can count..
Living a liFe in BaLanCinG ForCe oF
liGht wiTh thE GraVity oF God and no
longer aGainST the GraVitY oF GoD FReED..
iN TrUly what cAn bE described as a Free Verse
DancE of continuing bliss and joy iN liFE.. but each
perSon muST finD tHeiR way to thiS Nirvana of
MovinG.. ConNecTinG and CreAtinG noW…
liFe is work and practice with God
forevermore noW.. Bottom
line.. liFe can bE
a Work oF Fearless..
LoVE.. or a practice
oF the dARk side too..
thAT loses a muCh GreATer
liGht along the way of Free LiFE noW..:)
So yes.. heRe.. as i quote me from.. 2014..
to date me too of course to 10th of August then..
‘Ah.. i live up top.. for decades on
end.. and for me.. at least..
i find all the answers in
starTing feet..
left and right..
18 years of school
or so.. and no one
ever teaches me
how feet
are Art..
of human
i Dance..
and Sing..:)’
Hi.. Sherry Blue Sky.. thanks so much now for slooowwwlllly dropping
by and as you say.. “I scrolled a million miles, for one of your smiles….”
And yes.. haha!.. what you did do is scroll through what MicroSoft
Word says is close to 30K words.. close to 300 photos.. a dozen
plus videos.. and links and links upon links to literally over
a million more of my words as the links do filter
on down.. and uP!.. hehE..
anyWay.. so glad you
enjoyed the photos i
share on the dance of
life and 69 months now
of constant writing.. oh..
from almost wake to
sleep does equal
close to 12 million documented
words online with the approaching
4 million that are in this blog alone..
and perhaps more.. as all i can do is
estimate that from the rate i gRow oN now..
but as my quick about section sayS.. on this
blog and Ocean wHole poem of 693rd Macro
Verse here as i continue another somewhat
long Micro Verse here.. specificAlly it is
all my pleasure of art to keep going
every which way and so loose
as FloW iN hUman ZonE
as “i Like to Write’..
WiLL staY A FLoat
noW aS WeLL
gRows as
mE as perSon
too.. in human potenTial
wHole as WeLL to mATch thE
SonG oF mY SoUL iN Ocean FuLL
Poem Flow.. otHeR than thaT i Love
to see wHere the fLow WiLL
take the shapes neXt
like a crop field
of ET wheat
as oats
i sew for
seed to gRoW moRE
iN Fearless LovinG Words..:)
Memories.. memories..
memories oF art flood in
with the continuing tropical
low deluge of panhandle
iN Florida Summer days
in 8 month still
dog days
of Summer
cooled by rain..
anyway.. the spirit
of Jimi Hendrix and others
like Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd
go by no meter or measure or
rhyme of before.. these original
artists go deep with heARt.. SoUL..
as SpiRit rises to Express the deepest
Ocean of within.. the human archetypes
of artist that dances wildly and beats drums
toGeTheR naked around the midnight moonlit
skies of hUmans Brighter in Creativity than liGht
of moon and sun that KnoWs no Beyond of hUman
Imagination set free without rules of form alone over
essence of all that is.. yeah.. i kNow thaT’s kinda deep
but ah.. i am doing what they do in Free Flow of what
WiLL iN ZoNE of LoVinG noW come next so free..
of what was beFore alone the synergy of now
allone.. anyWay.. some cool photos of the
beach here that will alWays be deeper
than words as the beauty of thAt
can be infiNite in multi-Universe
hUman eYes that when
seT free WiLL perceive
tHeir peace of GoD wHOle
differently in someway as
multi-UniVerse humans
WiLL.. set free from
the limits and
of others as
we simply
play Guitar
Free without
those restrictions
noW in a new age
without chains
us to priSon
walls of insame..
And the joy i feel that
what i do yesterday is never
totAlly the sAMe as what i create
today as the Nautilus sHell or cross
that starts at center pARt spRead out..
in this case
from the
to noW..
thanks to my personal
digital assistant.. the
Facebook algorithm
Memory generator
as i give credit
no matter
it is
for all
that is that
helps me on
my continuing
evolution of the art
of all that is aka God
that lives free within me
out noW
oh.. so
much more Now..
as the KA of mY
future spirit continues
to sing now and then allone..
in this new age metaphor of heaven
and pie in the sky of God.. or pi F yA
like or PHI for Golden Spiral oF God come
to words as juSt i another pARt of Gods phi oF eYe..
in all seeing fashion in my multi-universe eYe of God
that too like
Jimi and Syd kNows
and FeeLs no bounds of
beFore to stay the frigging
insame so Old
so cOld so far aWay
from God Force oF FreeSTonEnoW..:)
Well in shorts and less..
the TRUE beauty of Thomas 37
is to shed one’s clothes as reported
from the Yeshua of before.. yes before
this humble Yogi-Like teacher was clothed
with illusions of myths to hyperbolically expand
the so-called Holy Roman Empire in 325 AD and
after intermingling what was left in copied and
scribed words.. thousands of times over
centuries of Before.. as no words
at all were written down of
oral tradition until
4 decades after
what is left
of Yeshua’s
life in record books
transformed into a King..
a Soldier God King of the Universe
from naked feat and feet of humble
barefoot hobo wandering the villages
in only value of the Fearless Love
within that moves.. that connects
with all others and God as Nature
true.. that fills us up with feeling
and sensing nature whole creaTinG
without restraints
of clothes that
bind us..
as yes.. we
humbly shed our
cultural clothes find
God lives freely in our
Temple of God from head
to toe.. unashamedly seeing
all functions and form of human
being as sacred and holy Temple
of God more fabulous and baroque
than any manmade temples that attempt
to approximate the majesty in art of GoD
that is the huwomanifestation of God iN
every human.. every animal.. every fish
and earth worm of God here on this
beautiful blue.. green.. brown
sanded and white snowed eYe
thAt is an eYe of God as wE
too see WitH God eYes
trUe without clothes
of culture alone
that can no
God on skin
from Sun on head
to toe.. inside.. outside..
so below and so above..
all around wE as and are
pARt of GoD wHole alWays
noW eternAlly iN What can and
iS bE Heaven noW for those of wE
wHo fiNd a path that works to seT
the Heaven
of wE free..
away from tiniest
needle hole to fit
the core of ouR soUl
through away from
camel of culture so
bloated.. so bloated
from water of cultural
illusory fears in controlling
uS aWaY from Being
free BeinG a free
pARt oF
GoD wE
rise re
Art of heARt and miNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUl exPreSsinG thaT
in pasSioN of words
beHold a liGht
of God inside..
to spREad a liGht
connect wiThoTherS
TruE.. iN photos too..
capturing the EmoTioNs
and seNses oF liGht iN
hUman liFE from head to
toe even in a couple of recorded
years from 2013 to 2015 in a collage
of Facebook Profile photo pics as mY
soUl continues to evolve as eXpreSsinG
thAt in Holy and Sacred Temple of God
tHat is the selfie of You and i and wE and
uS celeBrATinG liFE toGetHer noW agAin..
yes.. duh.. of course selfies are sacred unless..
ye of little faith really don’t understand that we are
all Temples of God in flesh and blood form that hold
that divine spark of All that is inside.. outside.. yes.. now
below so above.. and all around.. and sure not every
one is free enough and loves tHeir Temple of God
enough to share that art with others.. for those
who feel the Temple of God is somehow
evil from head to toe iN uncovered form
as toe to crown of hair that covers
the Temple of God free
tHat is we.. or
bald as that
may come
that shine
without hair as well..
it is totally disgusting to me..
that someone would suggest that
Miley Cyrus’ Temple of God that she
unashamedly bares in front of all the world
as freest indigenous child of God on God’s
Great sacred gift on the Planet of earth now is
anything less than a free and sensual sacred
holy child of God from head to toe..
no matter what color
her frigging pubic
hair is too..
sorry but
when you start
to see human
hair as evil..
Jesus F. In Christ
you’ve lost your God..
mind and body long ago..
as holy and sacred Temple
of God from head to toe.. and
if you cannot see Jesus in Miley’s
naked form.. head to toe.. when you
search on Google to make fun of
her nakedness.. then perhaps you
never ever kNew the real Yeshua
from before.. as the Gnostic
Gospel of Thomas clearly
states in vs.. 37.. you will
never see Yeshua
or God until
you once
can walk
naked in front
oF God and all
others without being
ashamed of your Temple
oF God set free.. and sorry
if you don’t take good care oF
it i suggest you put the remote
control or keyboard down and
pick up a weapon of flesh and
blood free and exercise your
Temple of God free
from the devil
of culture
who tales
you your
Temple of
God is somehow
more evil than the devil
tools of culture including
the clothes that cover that
Temple of God from head to
toe.. the saddest part of all
is some folks have to get brave
to be free.. i AM free.. there is no
brave.. about that now.. as i walk
naked as the Lion on the Savannah..
who doesn’t worry about her breast size
his testicle size.. his penis size.. whether
or not she has gray hairs on her mane.. sHe
is just a standing tAll child of God that looks
toward the
Sun and air
to breathe
Breath aLiVe..
Miley and i giggle
at your clothes oF lies..
better yet and sadder yet..
we shed tears of sadness
for ye of little and clothed fate…
But muSt end this with a sMILe..
Dance naked with God in sand
and sun.. connect to God as
iNterdependent reLaTinG
Force and see and
bE the Face
oF GoD
REborn in HeavenFREE!..
Lamps of God SinG liGhtnoW..
And DancE WiTh GodaLLonE..:)
More here on Coral Castle.. South
of Miami.. and the Latvian Immigrant..
and old man who stood 5 feet tall..
and at 100 LBS on his lone..
moved 30 ton stones..
for feat in lone..
equaling what
the Egyptians
did TogetHer
in building the
pyramids beFore..
and if anyone doubts
what the power of muse
and love will do.. this story
that is true and evidenced as
fAct is well worth pursuing new..
as perhaps this man like Tesla..
who was overlooked with
Edison.. found the
secrets of
free energy
that no human
can control and
bind with dollar bills
to keep humans as
slaves in jobs only
fit for robots without
feelings or humanity wHole..
And that reminds me i’ve been
trYinG to get through the movie
‘Chappie’.. another story where they
try to make a machine into a human
by suggesting they can make that machine
have feelings.. but what they fail to remember
is even at the highest levels of psychiatry they
only have pills for that that work hardly any
different than the power of belief that is
just another word for the placebo
effect for those with great
hope.. faith.. and belief
successfully feel how
to incorporate
this all natural
and Nature/God
gifted higher power
to us for those of we
who fear no dark of Nocebo
effect and affect that is just
the opposite real natural
voodoo that science
now shows works
to make us ill
just like
the placebo
effect in converse
of belief can heal us
no different than what
the original Yeshua as
reported real life natural
miracles said too.. before
the scientific method was even
created back then.. when one
looked for the patterns that worked
in Nature and gave and shared that
enlightening information to rise others
up to a lighter life of Fearless Love as
truly Fearless Love is 100% positivity
of thoughts and feelings without any
negative thoughts and feelings at all..
and that my friends is the Christ liGht
in metaphor of course.. as when one
achieves this real all natural Christ
Consciousness in fuller MiNd and
BodY BalanCinG real all natural
soUl.. the focus is laser.. the
beam of Love is intense..
the eYes of God SinG
trUe as liGht as wE..
and yoU can move mountains..
in metaphor.. that floW in ZonE..
with zero negativity of all associated
with fear that BrinGs that Love down..
and next thing ya kNow.. you too may
do something greater than me than DanCinG
an all new style of ballet and martial arts like dance
every God dAm place you go for 6,000 miles in around
36 months.. writing close to 12 million words in 6 years
and WeLL over 3 Million words in a longest long form
poem ever in just three years too.. how the FucK
do you thiNK and FeeL i do all this Mountain
moving without this 100% Hope.. Faith
and Belief as total positive God Force
of energy radiating from the core
of God paRt wHole thaT is the i
of ME
as a greater
Force oF God
in human liGht
maniFest in the KA
oF SpiRit iN all these
words.. all those DAnCe
steps recorded in modern
technological way and shared
around the world In Facebook Video
ways by the followers who voyeur record
me on their smArt phones and spread mY
FreeSt ministry of Free Verse Dance.. WeLL..
let’s say.. not everyone has what iT takes to
read what A truE and liGhTest Free child
of God is capable of in Mountains
of Words.. but my non-verbal
language of DAnce
Speaks the same
of Human
Freedom and
if you ever think
someone like me can
be replicated and mass
produced.. go ahead.. try it..
i challenge you to create A
INTO A MACHINE.. you’ll never
do it as if you do not have the
other intelligence oF art iN
mind and body baLanCinG
SoUL.. ReAL noW aliVe..
you’ll never ever even
program yourself..
as this ain’t noW A
Fucking systemizing
science program.. this
is God Art Manifest as
words and photos and what
science cannot even adequately
measure or even understand now
without eyes and ears thAT Art oF GOD..:)
WeLL.. looks like the..
or shall i say.. A KArmic
eYe is back to finish this
693rd Macro Verse.. hmm..
what am i calling this again..
yes.. “i’M F*KinG A 0KAy”..
Sounds like a
SonG to mE..
anyWay.. for the
enD and stARt oF noW
aGaiN.. as this is my ritual
oF Holy and Sacred Thursday
R and R day too.. wHere i travel
to do the Sacred and Holy ToGeTheR
DancE wITh all the Kool College Age FolKs
At Good Old Seville Quarter iN mY 122nd
week of celebRaTing DancE tHeRe
tonighT on Thursday NiGht wITh
more fun Dance photos
coming to this
current MacroVerse
and the neXt onE too..
as the Ocean Poem Story
of thE SonG oF mY SoUL..
juSt continues to floW iN ZonE
of All ThAt is as thAT2.. of course..
wRite on course.. as i add those photos
in around the 3 am wee hours of Friday..
not quite the 13th but the 12th after a long
long niGht of Dance fun all the way aRround NoW2..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)


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