000 SeCrET AGenT oF GoD

TruLY it’S iNcredible fUn BeiNG a Jesus2.. and iN fAct
so much fun tHat iT liteRAlly eXhausted me to the point
of going to sleep last niGht beFore stARting mY neXt
MacroVerse number 691 of longest long form poem
ever.. of course.. yes.. i am following a somewhat
strict riTuAL iN the stARt of each Macro-Verse
to leT anyone who randomly coMes
across this stArting mini-ocean
of words in micro
to macro
to ocean
whole poem
view WTF FTW iF WuT
i AM even doing here
as they stArt to Go iN FloW
and perHaps wonder WTF
is going down for real
here.. anyWay thEiR
IS A Autobiography
sHow going on aT the
dVerse poEtry pUb tHat
iS coming in liMits of 44 words
in what they name a Quadrille form
of pOeTry theRe.. he HE.. but of course
Quadrille and Twitter don’t match weLL WitH
what i do in longest long form poem way.. as i go
on and on here.. and cut this a little short to go expLore
noW some Facebook Algorithm Memories as alWays wRite oN coUrse
oN topic as synchronicity WiLL have his and her or etc.. way
as God WiLL do Free iN aLL of We noW.. when open
heARted.. SpiRited.. wiTh MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUl as mighty miGhty miGHty WeLL.. as Earth
WinD and FiRe WiLL say too.. Jesus.. liVinG
toDay iS like BeinG the Lucifer Choir Master
of YouTube TUnes with easy access
to inSpiRE the DeViL reaL eViL
of neGaTiVity ouT oF uS now..
hehE.. juSt a search
AWays iN aN
LIbraRy oF
OceAn SonGs
inSpiReD by HoLY
SpiRiT wHoLE as an
unabridged Bible of SonG
online.. wHere any SonG oF GoD
Can and WiLL CoME aGaIN aS LiGht..
And noW oN WitH the memories
as liGht WiLL comE
for FUn
and sHits
and Giggles/Googles..
too as any Sacred Fool..
Holy Mad Man.. Shaman..
Sacred Clown and or Warrior
of Healing in defense department
oF God WiLL do.. hehe.. the ultiMate
secret agent.. ‘000 SecReT AGenT oF GoD’..
And JeSuS F. iN ChRiSt In JusT the fiRst Micro-Verse
of this Macro-Verse of Longest Long Form Poem oF aLL
as SonG oF mY SoUL.. looks like i miGht alReady have
a title for this 691st MaCroVerse Free Poem.. hmm..
buT i’LL have to FinD anoThER SonG noW as
Lord kNows EarTh WiND and FiRe
is MiGhty inSpiRinG and may
coMe agAin heRe sooner
than later wRite noW
TruE.. and ReAL..
perHaps a little FruiTioN
of FantasY iS iN oRder NOW..:)
WeLL.. speaKinG of Autobiographies.. this is/was kinda my coming out pARty as hUman BeinG three years ago on August 1st.. as before thaT point tHere were no new and current photos of ME online anywhere as with all the suicide disease pain of Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia for 66 months.. and the exiT oF all feeLINGs of emoTioNs including affect in face of feeling sAMe and expResSinG sAMe to otHeRs.. i was literAlly a man without a face then as far as eXpresSioNs go for 66 months.. and when my EmoTions cAMe eXPloDinG back on or about the time point now then of July 22nd 2013.. i was simply amazed to FiNd Facial Expressions in these first online
photos mY wiFE took of mE wiTh
heR more powerful camera then..
hmm.. anyWaY iT wAs FuN THEN
and free of inhibition to lEt
all mY EmoTioNs FinALLy
ouT in Both visual images
oF FaCiAl ExpReSSioNs
and words aS WeLL..
as wordS becAMe
organic for
mE in NatuRal
EmoTioNal SinG SonG
wAy to basicAlly repLace
mY humanity no different reALLy
than a Helen Keller with no effective
uSe of HeAring or SeeinG as the pain
took that away from me.. effectively for
66 months… and trUly tHere are no words
thAt can adequately describe both the pain
and emptiness i fELT and SeNSEd for 66
months long thaT actually sTArted in
the WintEr of 2006.. when suddenly
colors stARted hurTinG mY eYes
tHaT went on for two years then..
along with foot pain so far
bEyond stabbing
onE’s Foot WiTh
a knife those two pre-years
oF Hell back then.. the TrUth is no
Doctor understands whaT fuLLy happened
to me.. but i kNow what it WaS.. simply a long
process of God burning a white soUl and eRasinG
all the DArkNess of Forever from the self thAT was
mE of i.. iT stARted at mY Feet and eventuAlly
ending up at my Trigeminal Nerve.. some
folks cAll iT Kundalini RiSinG buT iT iS the
VisioN Quest that soMe initiates of
the great work of spiritual quest
that God Gifts in synchronicity
way as challenge.. tHeir is no
ExplanAtiON oTher than that
as to hoW i could fAll so loW
in fire to cleanse my soUL..
And go so hiGh like a Big
Bang of HUman AwakeninG
oN that Beach on July 19th 2013..
and RiSE uP more fUlly on July 22nd 2013..
and finALLy come out of the closET oF HeLL
online on August 1st of 2013.. WeLL.. sure tHere
was so much rise to coMe thaT i could have never
fULLy predicted then.. but i did in Revelation 66
a few weeks beFore thaT aS tHat ReVelaTion
was then tHat i woUld Rise to Heaven
on July 22nd.. aLL STiLL Documented
as God tOld mE to do.. i ain’t
crazy but you dAM suRe better
belieVe i
So.. Fast Forward a year later.. in 2014..
and my Friend Lala Rukh that trUly
helped me recover as she was so
EMoTioNal and connecting to me
in that time frame at the end of July
of 2013.. along with two other girls..
one who was my first Facebook friend..
and another.. both autistic women..
who helped me regain my
Emotions.. as friEnds
WiLL do without
and LaLa Rukh
in a day to day friendship
as bloggers WiLL do.. as she was
trying to escape the reality that she
would be forced to marry a man in Dowry
way she had not even met and did not know..
and her Love from College was a young man
that didn’t fit with her parents plans for her.. so
sad that was.. beyond sad really when there IS
A society that thrives on a man powered
institution of marriage same as rape
when non-consensual.. but for
Lala she accepted THAT AS
as her parent’s same
and of course she
called it Allah’s
Will and would
never blame her culture..
her parents or what she described
as Allah for all her Emotional pain that
was obviously in large core for one reason
and one reason only.. and that was she could
not be a free child of God and make her own God
dam Love choices.. tHere is so much suffering of women
in Muslim countries and the saddest part of all is many
accept the pain as hell on earth.. while they are
promised an empty promise somewhere else
but earth of heaven when it can and will be
here for those humans who are allowed
to exercise tHeiR Free choice and God
Given right of relative free will with
God.. men rule with rules.. God
rules as free as WE bottom
line of God
NOW.. iT makes
me and God in all of WE..
very angry.. i promise you.. in
righteous indignation that folks
like Muhammad who were power and
status hungry to actually dominate women
with other men.. used God as an excuse to
put other folks.. namely women.. in a prison
of a hell they made with an empty promise
of heaven after the pain they used to
rape and pillage women same..
and that’s what psychopathic
leaning folks do.. they
warp the heart
strings to
get another
FucK or whatever
suits their selfish
fancy over subjugating
and controlling others through
illusory fears and empty promises
of a better day that is fantasy of hell now..
that’s real in fruition way as human nightmares
become reality in the sOld of HuMan WiLL and LoVE iSREAL
as SoUL.. as SpiRit as HeART reAL WiLL to BEs aLiVeNoW..:)
And now to a year ago.. 2015.. mArking the point wHere i meet
my new friEnd Himali then.. and a celebration of the
out of the Box Poet Emily Dickinson and her
poetry letters hidden in a drawer and
sOld many years later after
she died.. so sad that
she did not have the
ability to give and share online
like out of the box folks do now..
as Lord nows.. while i am way too
complicated and long for most folks
to get to the end of my poems.. at least
they are viewed in numbers over a thouSand
each day to some extent on all my bLogs.. as the
mesSAge of Free WiLL and Love in Fearless courAge
and kind gets out in ways that folks who lived in relatively
small villages without mass communication could not dream
of in yesteryears of all the pioneers out of cave art ways
BeFoRe and sure it makes me very happy to remember Emily’s
name in my last Macro Verse very special macro-verse about Jesus i
AM 2.. as sure she was too.. and her words not unlike whatever
is left of the real man Jesus Centuries after he died are
sTiLL repeated in what the early Egyptians named
as the KA of everlasting noW spiRit power when
one’s soUl lives on in symbols/words/art
of Memorial liGht of
hUman heART
and spiRit..
Poetry is the
heARt.. the SpiRit..
the SoUl related.. to achieve
immortality of Love is to Love in art/
words/symbols of fearless now after one
goes it is what true empaths oF God do wish
to give and share as much liGht as they
can while heRe and extend thaT Love WeLL
after the grave as they may not be here but
wHat they WiLL do is to continue to give and
share Love in selfless empathic Love Long after
they are gOne.. and to lay on one’s death bed and
to KNoW for sUre that tHeir Love WiLL Go on iS
a Real Titanic of SoUl that KnoWs no shore of God’s
greaTest gift on this eArth under Sun of Space tHat
IS A Love tHat can even SinG on After death of Flesh..
Bottom line..
thiS LoVE
#iSREAL ..:)
WeLL.. HA! enough about me..
but sure.. this IS A realtime now
autobiography moving in motion
too.. a blog of whatever comes to
heARt to SpiRiT to SoUL iN mINd
and BoDy BaLanCinG ways from music
videos.. to photos.. to all oF arT noW thAt
comes to Now as Art oF Y i.. in tonS oF ExpReSsioN..
fAct is wE are aLL StArs.. mini-me’s of God’SUniVerse
BeYond Words and otHeR symbols wE maKe but suRE
wE try.. wE crY.. to ExpRess and leArn all We can as wE
LiVe.. we LiVe.. we LiVe NoW.. in what can be a whimper
or super-
epic liFe
i’LL go WitH SupEr Epic..
aM aLL too familiar with whimper sTar
too… so noW off to DVerse to
see what other
folks can
of theY.. as seriouSlY
i would noT bE doinG God
JuStice ONE by documenTinG
mY life as any less supeR epiC
than thiS GiFt oF GoD and NaTuRE
sAMe to mE.. no lUke warm here baby..
red hot star from soUl to toe.. to StAr BeYoNd i iSREAL..:)
11:29 am.. 8022016..
Oh God! forgot to eat
Breakfast.. been sitting
on the Katrina prepared
table for hours..
anyWayS.. bacK
now to
44 word Quadrille
and to sTart WiTh
Shawna Baby.. wHile
she’s StiLLnred hot
and alive in poetry Land now..:)
Ha! i can’t believe
you are sTiLL anD heRe..
thE viSual thiNker
i NatUrally aM
and deeper
deeper longer
tantricK thInKer..
F ee L e R..
i can feeL2..
lots of
tWists and
tUrns to this
tRiP hEre.. hmm..
been kNown to do
a sElF poRTraiT
or too.. thouSands
oF TiMes2.. buTT
i don’T tHinK tHeY liKe
it whEn yA
liNK too MAnY
iFs AnDs
hehe.. for more..
anyWay.. i go oN..
and yAhthEy cannot
as thAT iS
doeS aFter
oF Y i..
see ya later
Shawna Babe..
and mY KaTriNA wOUld
maKe yA sanitiZe
tHaT taNtriC
But i
for One
aM A
DLY hE..;)
Oh.. cRap
thaT was
more than
44 words
or wAs
i remember this one from last
year when i was determining
if you were Brian Miller’s unusual
‘alter’ other ‘X’ creative identity
just for fun
with hose
on or whatever..
anyWayS.. to eXplore
A feminine side..
hehe.. i thOught
this might have been
Brian’s wife then.. just
to be funny and all of that..
like why would a NICE
looking girl like this be
brave enough to talk to me..
online.. at least.. as in real life
tHEY are not always aFraid of me..
or if they live in other countries it seems..
like Shawna Land in the U.S. oF A2.. now for CooL..
anYwayShave a nice day.. aM oN thE uSual RaMpAge
words out
wHere ever
mY iNk Gun
iS pointed to
the fOur corners
of the world of CrE
T i
V iTy..;)
OKay.. Shawna
breaKiE DancE over noW..
back to so-cAlleD
‘real’ ‘poetry’
iN heARt
U. S.
oF A nD
aLL A’round
thE World iN
Words oF poEtry2..;)
First oF aLL.. thanks
Lillian.. for providing
this dVerse prompt..
gonna have lots of fUn
poeticAlly responding therein..
so trUe heRE my friend thE ioN
of PASS i oNs oN.. in positivity
dEfeats the negativity of
desPair aWay from
hope as we
hUmanS noW
have poTenTiAL
for either And oR HoPE
liGht bodies Or anD DArk
thE sAme we CreATe in much
more than just the symbols oF thE
SenSes and EmoTiOns thAt noW maKe
us mini-me’s of God oF UniVerse ALL
sAme.. oh.. the stars and bLack wHOle
SuNs too.. a BreaK oF DAwn and moRninG
StaR of Love juSt Waiting to BE uS wE riSe
OnCe morE
aS liGht of StAr
BRiGhtLY noW
ShiNing LiVinG
LOVE’S liGht..:)
Some autobiographies
are Rivers Raging a life
of change at all costs.. others
stick with same and rarely ’cause
ripples and that iS why StiLL water
and RAging waves live in one Ocean Body
of REaliTy sAMe.. to tolerate the differences
of both and accept them is always much more difficult
for the STiLL waters than iT is for fast currents that
KnoW no
of BeFoRe..
so.. NatuRally some
folks smile through iT
aLL and others are more
likely to frown aT aLL..
it is what it is.. a mask
or real of A play as IS..
in SmILes and FroWns of ‘Tween
to liVe inside and outside of the Box BeForE..:)
sMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Grace..
as sure i’ve mentioned
bEfore what i’ve lEarned
at 56.. as my Great Aunt
Jettie taught ME dead
at 47 in life..
is we are only
as young as we FeeL..
could be 80 at 21..
105 at 47.. or Jesus
F. in Christ.. 16 at 56
in even empirical evidence
of pressing half a ton with
legs 33 times like no other man
does with his arms raised to air
like a ballet dancer on an extremely
difficult parallel leg press machine..
even F iN proVing that on YouTube2..
bottom line is this..
science is based
on functionally
disabled cultural
on GOD..
i choose God
and live life
like no else
and ALIVE..
Have a nice
day WitH LOVE..
MY friEnd.. no
limitS noW or
either.. just like
that verse from
Saint John that
says others will
come and do
much greater
of systemizing
human limitations
and expectations oF BEforE noW..:)
Brian didn’t link but a short
detour here to his poem home as i caught
his signature link that says he’s sTiLL
alive and kicking words
online now.. for
a while longer..:)
sMiLes.. my friEnd.. Brian..
i never underestimate
the heArt of a leper
as the leper of
can die
a death of
never washing
the feet of Love
iSREAL.. i choose to push
myself as far in pain as i can go
as what remains my Friend
is love
A Force
Greater than
any disability i have
encountered so far..
including Leprosy
of the heARt
oh to FeeL
tHAt SonG After
the Love iS GoNE..
tHaT my fRiEnd.. is water
in Hell to drip instead of drink..:)
To earn Love
gReaTest Joy
of riSinG uP..
to Give Love
yet.. money
what.. money..
what.. haha.. money
nothing.. Love all be all
see all.. feel all be all seNse
more Now than nothing noW smiles
and that’S enough
as Lord kNows liFE without
remembering what a smile feels
like.. as there IS A place so cOld witH
no reference as feeling and memory
sAMe lost.. a lesSon lEarned then..
money is
aT aLL..
and to be
here even if
to water a sapling
tree for growth is to
give love give love and
never live death.. aGain..
WiNks.. i suppose thaT iS
mY Autobiography of HeARt
but i WiLL tale
yA thiS.. one word
can be enough to
turn A Titanic aRound..
mArk mY wordS WitH SMiLes..:)
It’s Funny.. but really it’s
not funny how much in school
we tend to learn the logical SonG
but forget it seems so much more
now than ever before.. iN the Art of HeARt..
i remember the SMiLInG eYes oF i as child
too.. and it was greAT thaT i had a photo of
those eYes before adulterated
by the logical SonG..
and even science shows
noW in Oh God.. duh ways.. that
when systemizing mechanical reasoning
cognition is used over social empathic
creative artistic ways of moving..
connecting.. and creating
intelligence(s).. iT iS as
iF the brain
has two pipes..
one gets clogged
uP and the Love
Leaves the
Being HUman heArt..
iT’s trUly science and
heArt too.. the HeArt is an
EmotioNal Muscle thaT liVes
from head to toe.. to use it is to
make iT Strong.. Reslient.. and sMiLinG
LiGhts of eYes and aLL oF Body Language
courAge iN Fearless LiGht oF Love…
Standard IQ.. mostly an invention
of a few centuries now.. a poison
pILL to the HearT of Love
and thaT Pill continues
to GroW unTiL
the throat
Love no
Longer Breathes
a SonG of HeART
aS SpiRit eXpReSSinG
a little child’s natural propensity..
to move.. connect.. and create.. hand
in hand forAginG ToGetHer for the
meal aT hand thAT iS SaME
aS LoVe..
mY FriEnd..
the ChILd of mY
eYes iS back simply
’cause i murdered my
Standard IQ.. as much
as i could.. hehe.. but rears
it’S ugly head.. as thaT is what
18 or 19 years of school WiLL
do as snaKe over hUman HeARt..
along with decades of government
work and all the work before thAT..
i write poeTry to maKe the Muscle
thaT reALLy counts breathe Brighter
liGht than ever beFore.. sAMe WiTh DancE..
mY FriEnd.. to work out the GreATest Muscle oF aLL..
IS A Tower oF Love iN MoVinG.. ConnEcTing.. cREaTinG noW..:)
WeLL.. my FriEnd
Glenn.. i can say the
sAMe for the Beatles
era of the 60’s
disco of the
70’s and Madonna
of the 80’s.. first
loves gone.. and
marriage come
to 90’s settling down..
losing the wild of me..
and eventually hell for 66 months..
biggest mistake.. loSing the WiLd oF i..
noW iT all makes FeeLinG WiLD seNse..
but never in
thAt pARt
for 19 years..
i puT noW all
the wAy out
of mY miNd Now
along with work as
yes… the wheels are no
longer metal they are rubber
and changing to harder environments..
yes.. for all practical intents and purposes
i AM
in Good
year alwayS
noW wayS.. CaLL
of The Wild sAMe
with a very laRge waVe OceaN
wHoLe of LovE.. mY FriEnd.. and
goeS on..
heHE.. iN Rhythm-FuLL
more thaN liMits and
expectations of Before
in Lost aWay from Found and FREE..:)
‘Flibbertigibbet and Fancy Free’..
SMiLeS and thaT
SpeLLs mY perSonal
in juST
oh.. the
oF Dr. Jekyll
AnD Good Cop Mr. Hyde..;)
Hmm.. and now for lunch
break.. beFore thiS
oNe reAlly long
too long
for hUmans
to read..
mE NoW2..;)
1:30 pm…
Back at 2:55 pm with some more words
from Shawna’s place.. WiTh sMiLes of course..:)
Yeah.. isn’t IT crazy.. how lucky i Am
to have a wife who is never ever threatened
by any thing i do.. i mean.. Jesus F. in Christ..
my somewhat average allnaturale body
is all over he Internet.. and women are
are even free to share
that if they
oF it when they
get my poEtry linkie
at the dance hall wHere i warn
them.. do not press ‘that link’ as there
is no hiding anything there.. i have no
secrets.. i share iT all.. and that my friend
IS A best way to live as i have zero to hide.. i Am
a ‘000 Secret Agent oF God’ ha!.. thiNking of Jethro
from the Beverly Hill Billies now who said Double
Naught 7 for 007.. anyWay.. i who lives iT all wide out in the
open.. and no.. no one much even notices.. locALLy.. i AM heRe..
except for when i dance.. and yes.. i threaten guys everywhere i go..
as they tightly clasp their wives hands when i dance
in Super Walmart Aisles as they have never
seen a guy move like
that/this OR THE
other thing..
peRhaps.. they
are just afraid i’m
i don’t kNow.. perHaps
your husband might be
correct as if i didn’t know
me as well as i do.. i could
be a little frightened of me too..
hehe.. anyway my FRiEnd.. perhaps
i’LL dress uP as a Preacher and visit
y’aLL one day.. with the Goddess
Isis Katrina same.. but unTiL then
i’M having a great big blast with
you like i have
been ever
since day
one as wE click
as crazy IS as
crazy does when SUPER
and noW
aS aLWays
IS All i Need..
Thanks for being
a FriEnd as thAt is rEally
the only thing i wanted in liFe..
As the accountant i have been
most of that liFe..
so hard
a FriEnd..:)
And yes.. some more words of WiLd and
Free here WiTH God and mE..
so cALLed bY NaTuRe
FReED as
And Beach Tiger memories
from two years ago
BeFore this shirt
faded out as
sweat shop shirts WILL DO..
anywaY iT sTiLL FiTs..
the ShiRt iT do..;)
And yeah.. this probably
has a lot to do why mY
wife is never threatened
or jealous of my Love for
aLL women.. as sure Women
do NOT geT any more Lovely
than this.. and never age on top of thAT..
should it be any surprise that the Goddess
Isis prophecy thingy was only a prelude to
Katrina.. WeLL i for one am not surprised..
and it IS A maGiC speLL iN iTself when one
is married to Goddess ReAL
that WiLL never stray
in ways that lesser
men and
stray.. Honor
is Honor.. code is code..
everything i do is shared
with the wife with zero of
anything to hide..
she understands
how deep my Covenant
With GOD goes.. perHaps shE
doesn’t understand all the deTales..
but quite honestly neither do i as i aM
alWAys catching up to the Intelligence of
God wHole oF Nature thaT is Beyond any
FucKinG words..
HUmans overall
are lame.. but that is
much of culture’s doing
over what hUmans can
do iF they exercise tHeir
fuLL God given potEntial
hidden from siGht of much
more of what they could do
if they jUst listened for the CaLL
oF the WiLd Within that is God’s Voice
sAMe innately.. instinctually.. intuitively REAL..:)
Hmm.. dVerse has a prompt
on Fear now.. and synchronistically
as i was speaking of fear related to
Jealousy with my Friend Shawna..
i ThInk i’ll jump on in the fear
water of poetry
and perhaps
come back
to the
one a little later and
start a new comments
section Macro Verse
for that.. Fear is the killer
of all that is Good in liFe.. and i do
mean illusory fears.. as fear of heights
and loud noise is normal.. but all other fears
as science shows are learned.. and the best
thing about lEArning to bE comfortable in Your
own sKin as DanCe and MaRTial ArtS aLL Free style
WiLL most definitely do is regulation of aLL Emotions..
including fear and sensory integration wHere yA GoT iT
ALL toGeThEr and are rarely frazzled by the day to day
liFe of the animals wE are aT Core as hUman BeinG…
aGaiN.. thE MeMe is CleAR acknowledgement
thAT we are animals no better as WhOle
as rest of Creation.. Animal Kingdom
all and Nature aLL aS GoD sAMe..
and we mUSt toE A LinE of
Struggle for Survival
in Fearless LoVinG
SoCial Primate way..
to live liFe TrUly Free
without Fear as comfortable
in our oWn Animal sKins no less
that Lion and Bonobo sAMe FREE
from all the cultural illusory fears that
WiLL come in a liFe of Stress rather
than Peaceful LiVinG Harmony WitH
a Healthy dose oF ChallEnge as GroWinG
alWays Greater iN God oF Nature Given poTenTiAL noW..:)
sMiLes.. i can honestly say
that in any given day
heights are my only
anxiety and my
only fear.. noW
as i suppose
i wanna live in
fAcT i aM sure i am
afraid of falling to death..
sure it makes sense to avoid
heights when we can.. as missteps
happen beyond
Fear of the loss of loved
ones haunted me all the days
of my youth.. until my child died
in my arms after 51 days of suffering..
i saw A blessing of death
first before
i ever let
go to truly
live.. and even
after that facing
death three times
myself in life..
i lEarned
to LiVe..
GifT i no longer
feAr as the scariest paRt
of All is liVing iN Fear.. for
me @least
my friend..
as grieving
takes care
of the
rest oF i
in tears of Love..
as even worse than fear
for me was the inability to shed
a tear or feel.. or even remember a
smile or tear for 5 long years.. and the
death of a cat that generated one tear
was the best literal feeling in years
to FeeL
a heARt
long past fear
long gone dead
wHere any pain
was better
@aLL then..:)
Oh Lord.. the invisible disability
of anxiety of fear the same
in general
ease of
being free..
and all the other
invisible disabilities that
can come in liFE.. and it was
amazing as i seriously at one
point was diagnosed with 19 disorders
that no one could see on the outside of me..
pull your bootstraps up.. it could be worse until
2 years passed and diagnosed with the worst pain
known to humankind as medical literature related it
to a pain worse than literal crucifixion.. per type two
Trigeminal Neuralgia.. seriously after one goes to hell
it’s hard to be scared.. almost impossible to be scared
after doing that for 66 months before the end of July 2013..
but heights..
they do sTiLL
scare me.. even after
faLLinG to point zero of
Being HUman then..
as the walKing
Dead iN SpiRit.. REAL..:)
I had a Jamaican Friend.. a super smart
guy from the Island who said he never
kept or watched or listened
to anything related to scary
like monkey see.. monkey
hear.. and monkey do too..
And i have to admit now that i no
longer watch TV the only voices i
hear in drifting memory to sleep are
the ones i wrote and never the one’s
that beLonG in another scary play
or Real..
i change what i can
and turn the rest oFF..:)
Ah.. yes.. my FriEnd..
the cognitive behavioral
therapy oF a positive emotional
SonG in vocal personal inspirational
way to alleviate anxiety and fear..
but sadly when one is
forced in a corner to
do stuff they
come to believe
they have to do..
no matter the stress
response that can come
with that.. that science now
shows can eventually destroy
the vital organ systems of the Body
REAL2… and truly lead to a premature
death.. something old wive’s tales said
oF ThE
Of thAT HeRE..:)
WiNks.. i aLways
thOught the beauty
of Lewis Carrol
was his
of what was
said bEfore..
And doing iT his own
way no matter what… by
definition that IS a total
lapse of decency as
it is alWays
that determines
that in moral relativism
over absolutism from
what i’Ve seen at least..
wHere FGM is a sign noW
of social status in some
countries.. partial
of male
in so-called
civilized worlds..
Hmm.. yeah.. Dowries..
mistakes with Capital noW
Punishments.. the list goeS ON
quite often iT iS the culture norms
thaT sinG a SonG of Decency thaT
iS BeyOnd what NatuRe even evolves
uS to be.. oh yeah.. like sitting still in front
of screens for hours on end.. never scanning
the horizon.. as children in China rate near sightedness
in clinical studies of up to 90%.. too.. clinics for video
game addictions.. and even Japanese youth no longer
interested in the ‘biblical’ act of
sex to have babies.. as they
now prefer robotic dogs
who need no tender
vittles of
connection now..
two thirds of school
age children pre-type-two-diabetic
in the U.S. oF A with obesity
rates rising on the LivinG
room couch.. half
of the country
of adults on
some kind of pain
medication.. often for somatic
discomforts that are simply emotions
repressed and oppressed… sensory
and sensuality too.. in mind
and body imbalance
where all
of that
a very sick
alternative of TENSION VICE
VS.. to being free.. un-repressed..
un-oppressed.. oh.. oh.. so human..
once again alive alive as we can be..
Lewis Carrol.. seems rather comparatively
Naive back then.. and Alice in Wonderland
as you say was truLy smARt
to escape this place
thaT is rarely
noW in Wonderland
of truly ignorance
beyond naked Dreams of GOD
liVing iN uS free as decent as God Bees
and Birds too..
my FriEnd
here at
the end..
of all that is
this for now.. hehe…
as i could be Alice.. the
Mad Hatter all in one with
Lewis too.. with hypergraphia
too.. bottom line.. no matter what..
i AM WiLd and Free with mad hatter hat or not..
But truly culture has always been the illusion to fear..
as anything goes when MORE than 150 to 200 sets
of naked human eyes and hips that do not lie
get together over thAT in populations
and ways of life that humans
are simply not evolved
to live as
now REAL..
i observe it from
afar and take no paRt..
oF iT NOW other than long
winded poetic Free verse
commentary just for fun..
And that reminds me too..
to leave this scream of screen..
HEHE.. in
screAMs of Glee..;)
SMiLes.. Photophobia..
the most horrible
fear of aLL..
the fear
of liGht
and i must
say that i did
not enjoy as Vampire
for 66 months where even
the street light at 3 AM
was the Sun on Fire
in Fear
and pain
oF liGht
so lone
in dark
hmm.. i rise..
i liGht uP noW
DArk iS history
HeLL iS gONe.. noThing
i Am afraid of but literal
heights.. even though i already
went to
the lowest
place of
where even demons fear to
tRead.. and i do mean that pARt
tHere ain’t no
going back tHere for
mE.. LesSonG LeArned
LiGht with
aLL my Might
and SWord of Pen
and Dance of sANE SonG as REAL..:)
As mentioned oft
to date.. and now
heights and loud noises
are the only inborn human
feara.. but sure that is normal..
and there are exception that exceed
all other preconceived notions from the norm..
as truly at one point
i was afraid
of colors..
the stARt i suppose
of Trigeminal Neuralgia
or the
oF mY SouL..
oh as they say
Horatio.. this world..
this reaLiTy.. is stranger
than any fiction in what
any one individual can ride
or Heaven
too.. thanks God..
for the fearless place..
but sure.. i don’t do heights
i like
to live
i’LL keep
iT that way
as lOnG as humanly
and humanely possible..:)
All caught uP wiTh thAT
prompt and noW
some real
liFE in public
DancE to come in the
good old three dimensional
world outside this screAM
of screen
and flat
metal dream
of words.. so long….;)
4:55 pm..
#thisisparadiseetc …
iN Reference to juSt
anotHeR BEach photo noW
oF a DaY iN the LiFe oF Y i..
AKA Jonathan Livingston Seagull2..;)
A UniVerse oF poetic prompts i find everywHere..
hehe.. even my Facebook Algorithm Memories
of Macro-Verses from before and here we have
five on this day of August 3rd starting two years
ago from 2014.. on Magick Musick Poetry of
WeLL.. considering they
do move and
make sound
as the Earth
Does when it spins
and revolves the Sun
and the same happens at
atomic and below core of inside
we as well as this above pARt of
realiTy too.. obviously wE too as pARt
oF this Grand DancE and SonG oF reaLiTy
WiLL do WeLL to DancE and Sing iN Unison
oF Peace and Harmony.. and no.. not HaRmoney..
HarmoNy.. as frigging DancE and Song produces Force
iN Power of EmoTioNal Energy.. it cost no green bLack
dollar BiLLs to have FuN in GodsUniVerse Free.. jUST
a Practice of the work of DancE and SonG in GiVinG
and ShArinG all naked away from cultural prison
wAlls and yes thaT iS juST a metaphor.. you can
wear clothes.. in public at least.. when ya dance..
particularly.. iF yoU are like mE and need
some cotton between you and the
manmade environment of
polyester and such aS
that in Monsanto.. etc..
etc.. et..al.. synthetic make..
yes.. i have to even wear cotton
under my super cool Walmart T-shirts
for those textures that my skin just does
not like per virgin cotton to give me comfort
as super tactile sensitivity does demand now..
Anyway.. Sia in a few.. while i look uP a SonG
tHaT is juSt a’Bout made for this poem by yes..
Sia2.. and O’GoD iT can be hard to be Free
and DancE AnD SinG like this in Footloose
town when yA FeeT and SonG in Feat as
such are so dAM Fancy Free aLL uP
in Arms and Legs oF get down
baby get down and
DancE and SinG
FReED.. as wE
continue to SavE
tHe HumaN Galaxy SouLs
oF course through the PoWer..
oF thE EmoTioNal HeaLinG FoRcE
oF SonG and DancE.. oH.. sO FReED!..:)
Yeah.. i kNow per last Facebook Algorithm
Macro-Verse Memory that i did say
thaT DanCinG literAlly naked
was not absolutely necessary
For DancE and SonG HUman
Galaxy soUl HeaLinG but iN
private places WiTh SuN
and SanD for God to connect
iN aLL oF NatUre From Head to
toe to soUl oF oxytocin receptors
on feet of feat iN Dance so FReED..
iT is kinda nice to do it all natural and FREE!..
to FeeL and Be a SoUL oF God oH.. so..noW iN BLiSS!..:)
JUSTlOve.. yes.. after you DancE and SinG
aLL naked iN Sand and Sun wiTh/as God
so FReED whAT iS leFt to do
as when the Body
leTs goes oF ALL STRESS..
FReED.. aT
lEast for mE..:)
Yes.. 6FinREAL.. sAMe as GOlden
GoD SpiRAls thAt FloW as RiVer Ocean
WhoLe.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all around reaLiTy as perceived and
lived.. iN MoVinG CoNnecTinG CreaTinG
GiVinG shArinG waYs iN iNterconnecting
iNterdependent relationship oF aLL
tHaT iS aka GOD of NatURE wHole
iN Fields of DreAMs cOmE to
FruiTioN reaL as hUman
abstract symbols
sketched in
sanskrit SaNDs
oF Far East eventuAlly
beComE LuciD enough
dreAms to organicAlly
portRay the EXisTenTiaL
reALiTy wE liVe WiTh anD
aS GoD wHole iN Unified FoRcE1..
HeLL yes.. Baby.. Peace Words of GoD onE
WorLd NoW FREE iN anD aS BaLanCinGnoW..:)
Hmm.. yes.. to end up on tHis
Algorithm Facebook Macro-Verse
Memory Parade.. Grandfathers never
met but heard and felt.. just thInk/FeeL of tHis..
noW the unending chain oF events tHat alloWed..
someone as so-called disadvantaged as mE..to..be
born without the ability to speak.. until age
4.. born fragile and weak.. and STiLL
looKinG thaT way.. way through
Middle SchooL back then..
and RiSing evenTuaLLy
to Be STronG iN BoTh
DanCe and SonG iN MoVinG..
ConnEcTinG and CreAting wAys
oF GiVinG and ShArinG iT aLL.. Fear
Free noW from GoD DaM heAd to toe..
and aLL ArOund the WoRld WiTh mY
technological tools of super cool
E-phone.. butT that’s juSt mE.. hoW
aBout all The struggles oF my ancestors
to TraveL here eventUally to Paradise..
oF Northwest Florida Sugar White
Panhandle Beaches Free wHere
even iN the Carl Sagan Movie..
based as such.. WiTh
Jodie Foster.. named
Contact.. Pensacola
Beach was/is the
Paradise the
‘Advanced Beings’
chose for Heaven now
to find out more about ExiStenTiaL
Intelligence aS FearLess LoVe TheN..
no different than wHat Humans have
kNown sAMe as FeLT as FearLess
LoVe FoR tHe WiN through all of
HiStory and pre-History of
social human primate
way aGaiN foR thE
WiN of Social
to survive and
be oh.. so happy
ToGeTHer Hand iN Hand..
more or less SinGinG/DanCinG Kumbaya
oF Love and Hakuna Matata noW2
for yes.. fearless.. no worries
and no stress too.. when
the foraging for
subsistence work
iS DoNE foR noW
and it’s simply NoW
to paRty toGeThER
aS oNE EmoTioNal
MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
CreaTinG.. GiVinG.. ShaRinG..
yeS.. SeNsuaL Force2 as WeLL.. OH
so Free.. and of course there were/ARE aLL
the efforts oF all the rest of creation.. wHere
no break in the chain of LIFe eVenTs could come foR
We.. oH so Blessed and Lucky ones to LiVe
iN Heaven noW.. so suRE.. aT lEAst for mE..
THiS IS A LiFe LonG first and and last
alWays StartinG noW chain of Events
to Celebrate a SonG and DanCE oF
liFe Now.. or peHaps someWheRE
aLonG yoUr liNe yoU missed tHis
meaning and purpose oF liFE noW..
yes.. to DancE and SinG wiTh
aLL of Each oThEr Free
ToGeThEr noW..Now
to life not only
a survive but
a God
dAM Thrive
as oh!.. so!.. WeLL noW..:)
Funny how culture has made life
into something so scary..
convoluted and
iM a horribly
complex way
where beings named
humans lose tHeir evolved
Humanity.. almost all together
alone.. alone.. alone.. alone..
so lost.. so separated from
it’s that simple
it truly is as when
the essence of Love
lives freely the forms
no longer matter nearly
as much as before.. and in
my dArkest nights of my soul..
i managed to strain my eyes to
see a zoo show of monkeys who
were frightened by some intruders
and what did they do.. they came toGeThEr
and hugged each other close.. and what do we
do.. well we are attempting to do the best we can
as we search for Pokemon toGetheR to find the
answers the best we can.. when seriously
they are NoT
FucKinG hug..
and in some countries
iT is literally FucKinG illegal
for the opposite sex to FucKinG
shake hands with each otHeR.. whAt
evil lurks in the minds of culture that makes
the lie of hell be truth.. of separation from
each oThER.. aLL i kNow/FeeL
is i Dance naked and
Free in front oF aLL
oF God noW
iN fEarLess way..
and iF you ThiNk i’m
crazy.. i suggest you broaden
youR thiNking caps a little broader
as heArT to the foraging days where humans
then were not insane as a culture away from
God who always lives in WE Stronger when
we shake hands.. and do not hold our hands
to our heArts in Fear of being human.. culture
is nuts.. religion is nuts.. but TruSt mE GoD iSREAL..
and when you liVe according to the NaTuRe oF GoD iN
wE Heaven is no wHeRe else but a hug of Humans/Nature FREE..
how blessed We are to have this poTenTiaL of Fearless Love
how cursed wE are that last prophets and humble sages are made
in to only begotten sons instead oF UniFiED wHole.. and sure the
problem iS large groups of humans LiVinG ouT of Balance WiTh
NaTuRe wHole as God when they are only evolved to
peacefully and nakedly co-exist in connecting
and FeeLinG and TouChinG and SenSinG
fuLLy 150 to 200 sets of hUman eYes..
anyWay.. wE can safely connect
to more online..
and help
human race
from what they
already are.. as separated
from the God oF Nature and
each otHer wHOle aLL aS OnE
Tree oF lIFe WhOle the
oF onE..
SeT Free aGain
BeForE the apple
oF Ignorance comes
in Books aWay from
FearLess LoVe noW
never ever afraid or ashamed
to hOld hands as brothers and
sisters all as God WiLL hAve uS Be FReED..
dedicated to my BestiE Muslim Friend Rafiah
and literally A Billion+ of other humans like her/them..
wHere ‘God’ tales them/her iT is illegal to shake
my/ouR hands
iF wE ever
meet.. and sHe/they
is/are so Kind.. and yes..
tHeRe is an illness iN the
WorLd beYond beliEf in the
GoD of NatUre tHAT alWays
promotes thE way
of HOLding
aLL hands
as pRAY for
survival and subsistence
aLive and ThriVinG NOW
the greatest sin is the sin
that says wE cannot touch
wE in loving
wayS now free
by a book(s)
by a m(e)an
and or noW
wHo has
iN FeArless
liGht aS LoVE..
taking the ability of
humans to reach out and
touch each other is poiSon
that will always lead to strife..
violence.. and war.. history proves
this out StiLL noW in Reams of
suffering.. misery.. and death..
but liFE is changing as
Freedom is
A flU
thAt WiLL
never be
and or cured
in real hell..
by ignorance
alone away from allone
WeLL.. mY FriEnd gigoid.. hope you find healing in your
own now and or time.. as i surely know wHere pain
and injury can take
one away from life..
and the greatest pain
i’Ve kNowN as i’Ve often stated
before.. beYond the scientifically
assessed worst pain known to humankind
that i endured from wake to sleep named as
type two trigeminal neuralgia along with 19 other
disorders was the loss oF all affect of emotional
feelings.. to the point i no longer even felt
fear of anything at all.. not even life..
or pain and i suppose that was
for 66 long months..
pARt of a very
ill circle
for survival
as the snake
WiLL do what
iT takes to go on..
as reptiles do with
reptilian brain alone..
but human dead is no life
after living with emotions full
as the elixir of life that keeps us
moving without fight or flight adrenaline
that fuels those with little FAITH.. which IS A
real moving EmoTioN for those who feel the
actual literal EmoTioN oF Faith that can and noW
WiLL move uS forward iN action of JuST doing more..
along with hope and belief as pArt of thAT liVing piE for
greater liGhts of not just survive but A thrive in liFE.. so.. yes..
pain can take that away.. and when pain takes that away.. pain
can be more desirable than a lack of human affect as emoTioNs
experienced as simple as what lies behind a smile or a tear the sAMe..
So.. as long as my EmoTioNs and otHeR associated senses that moVe
mE as EmoTioNs are intact..noW.. no matter if this writing goes away that was
simply an escape from hell then.. and a way noW to spread emoTioNal energy
for those who are receptive to it now.. as sure.. not all are.. for either nature or
nurture reaSons too.. it is the way i go.. as the Winds and Breezes Free of
organically produced words fly in alignment of the EmoTioNal energy
thAt can be Storm oF liGht in words.. my FriEnd.. so.. anyWays..
hope you find some joy in thE liVinG liGht of EmoTioNs
and SenSEs with or without the writing my friEnd..
as liFE is not liVinG aT aLL to mE.. wiThout
a UniVerse within.. inside.. outside..
so above.. below and
all around
oF EmoTioNs
S E N S E S..
TrUE and fULLy
experienced from a sMiLe
to a tEar to the EmoTions oF Beauty
FeLt as Love for aLL of NaTuRe in MoVinG
ConnEcTing CreAtinG way as a smile on
a baby WiLL bRinG
to an adult
no words
At ALL mY FriEnd
BuT unconditional
Fearless Love… sAdly
theRe are many people wHeRe thAt
sMiLe on a Baby”s Face does nothing..
in fAct.. they have no desire to help..
not even to
Without Love
of the fearless variety
mY fRiend aLL tHere iS iS
heARtLess poliitics.. no matter
culture or religion.. liFE without
touching Love iN Fearless way
it sucks
it sucks
it sucks
and sucks
some more..
up to head hunter
and nuclear ways
of lone of lone
away from
as liFe
WiLL bE whEN
hUmans FeeL more
than Green BlAck BiLLs oF LiFE
and sure Hillary and Trumps too..
as every story needs a punch
line of
mY FriEnd..
as i continue
to edit and redefine
the pie in as layman
terms as someone like
me is capable of in mutant way(s)..
of different of different in new way(s)2..;)
Facebook Friend M. Florence
shares a status that says..
“I just looked at the weather report,
and it’s going to be raining for the rest of my life. ”
With what i guess is an apathetic emoticon as it has flat expression…
And i say in somewhat encouraging return..
Now.. But
You can be
Sunny Now2..:)
WeLL those are just my
generic words of wisdom in layman’s
terms.. and she IS A wise young and a very
artistic woman.. and she reads lots of deep stuff
as her statuses in the past do suggest.. so i felt
confident in leaving that remark that she would
know and feel the deeper generic pARt
of thAt i was and am sTiLL implYinG
and thAt iS the weather does
contribute to the state of
our sense of WeLL
BeinG in Emotional
and many Sensory ways
oF course.. as per metaphor
of culture.. who wants to be in a
cage in a lightning storm of never
ending stress without the ability to
escape.. WeLL iF i worked at Waffle House
like mY Friend M. F. does.. i would definitely be
stressed out.. which any normal person would as they
do the orders and the socializing.. keeping track of short
term working memory details trying to keep everyone happy
happy happy with an outer smile on tHeir face no matter what
the stress feels like inside that definitely needs to express as real..
So.. sure.. society has us do things
that are beyond what we are evolved to
do.. and socializing and mechanical cognition
short term memory working tasks are most definitely a
recipe at Waffle House.. and or McDonald’s..
etc.. to move on from that job as soon
as another job break
comes.. ugh..
it doesn’t matter
how many degrees
yA have.. if the jobs are
not available.. sometimes you
end up working at a Bowling Center
for almost two decades like me after
being near the top of the class with three UniVersity
degrees all the way since Kindergarden Catholic school..
and second grade too in Private Catholic school.. and as i
really digress.. the rest of my schooling was in public school..
with some of the greatest socializing education of course at
the Cheers of Bowling Center’s in military style where everyone
kNew the name of Fred as Norm.. as everyone.. and almost
everyone in the smaller town then knew Fred as the
Bowling Alley guy.. ending up managing that place
before i was promoted to other areas
of mechanical cognition life work
with computers as such
away from human
being.. so what you may
ask is how this relates to the rainy
weather forecast of Northwest Florida
that for Florence seemed like forever now..
as likely she needed some Sunny Weather respite
away from Waffle house wHere i assume she still works..
as sure.. i don’t have anything but real friends on Facebook
everyone gets that gold star status in my friend book..
and yes.. i read some of all of what they post..
when notifications come.. and care
enough about what they
say and do.. to actually
like it as i for one like
almost everything anyway
as open minded liberal folks
will do.. and sure.. i am wordy enough
hehe.. to leave a comment here or there..
as nows go by.. in my usual.. EXXXXTREMELY
busy day of writing and dancing same.. as the
human connection real.. is just as important
as the MoVinG and ConnEcTinG too..
in ways of creaTinG in SonG of PoEtry
and feat of DAncE too.. so back
to the weather.. the nice
Sunny weather increases
feel good Endorphins.. Dopamine..
Serotonin and makes us generally happier
than dreary overcast days.. as let’s face it
we wouldn’t FucKinG be here without the Sun.. so Kudos
to the Sun and Mr. Blue Skies is always welcome here…
For me.. i generate these same happy neurochemicals
and neurohormones in a SonG and DancE of liFE
that i freely do on the whim of a dime of
Heaven as LiFE.. i am free to
generate my own
Sun of happiness..
in creaTioN Activity
of MoVinG ConnEcTinG
sAMe but i certainly realize
that this is not a privilege and or fortune
that most people have in liFE.. but trUly
mY SuPeR epic LiFE is possible as i never gave up
before.. and now i reap the harvest of what i sow
in Karmic eYe way each and every day.. as Mr.
Blue SkYes sMiLes WiTH mE.. and sure M.
Florence iS alWays weLcomE to dAnce WitH
mE in a Happy dance iN Sun oF Y i.. as every
one else iS too.. as long as they are sincere
in wanting to be iN a Happy DancE WiTh ME..
in Free Fred Style
liFE.. oh the
BluE skEyes
oF Y i.. are here aGaiN
as i rise as the Morning Sun
iN eYes oF i as Venus Star
thaT Loves the liGht
of after
noon.. morning
and alWays noW
dEliGht iN P a r a diSE
of LIVinG HeaVen noW..
So sure.. i am now kNown as
the DAnCinG Guy/man all over
the Panhandle in far west Florida..
but you can cAll mE MR. BluE SkEYes2..
as i generate my own sunshiny dreAM NOW..
And oh.. yeah.. M. Florence.. iF you look up
to the sky today.. oN this Summer Day..
8032016.. ‘tween the hours of
12 noon and 1 pm..
i made the
Sun come
for you
my Artistic
Friend from
the Earth Store
with pretty and
somewhat mysterious face..
And as i look out my 24 inch
long window to the green and multi-other
colored beauty of Summer True.. the Sun iS
STiLL shining at 1:28 PM today iN BluE
SkEYes oF TruTh and LiGht iSREAL..:)
BreaKing stereotypes.. true..
the real King of Freedom of
Being human.. otherwise we
would still be living in caves..
and i would
never know
you now my friEnd
or even be here across
the Ocean blue in paradise
Real.. the stereotype breakers
can.. do.. and WiLL make Heaven
Real.. and when they are nice they
WiLL share iT effortlessly and Free as
A Great work oF arT iN liFe.. and beYond
tHat God does not make all humans to be
married or this way or that way.. in cookie
cutter cheese ways.. somewhere along the
line of Free someone moved the cheese..
and another person
BeinG FReED..
mY FriEnd Rafiah..
who can and will make
her dreams come to fruition
with the real human Emotional
powers of hope.. faith.. and belief
’cause she is special and special wins..:)
Rafiah responds a day or so later..
on 8042016 around 11 am.. as my clock says
so far away from Pakistan
wHere she lives at night..
below a
as SAMe..
as she says..
I am very tired right now and I am laying down
in a mattress, and I want to tell you that one thing
that makes my life extra bit special is you friend Fred..:)
And i almost immediately reply.. as fortune of
not having to work for money.. and fast fast
Computer and Internet access over here in the
U.S. oF A.. can and WiLL and does bRinG noW..
SMILes.. my sweet
and innocent Loving
Friend.. i think of you
every day and feel you too..
and today WiLL be no different
than other days as i feel you sTill..
sweet dreAms mY Friend.. of Peace and Love..:)
And i say now..
Yeah.. sure.. some folks send food and stuff to
folks in countries who have less privileges
as we over in the U.S.. i send Love in
copious quantities as that is what
is often missing most
here and even
less there
as Rafiah
FeeLs how
to Love more
with heArt than
anything else of form..
so often in so-called poorer
countries.. no matter what the
religion says in lead of Love..
Love wins
of never
ending hUman
Stories NoW..:)
WiNks.. weLL i AM not afraid.. ’cause
yoU are still here.. and i was trying
to decide which prompt to go back
to.. autobiography or fear..
so the p.s. of yoUr
name was enough
to script here..
hmm.. now
let me go
back and read
what you wrote again..
never mind.. i just remembered..
i wanna live naked too and that’s all
i need to know to never ever fear aGaiN..
as FEEL..
dear Shawna
as your
poems continue
to nibble at
of words
in GroWinG way..;)
And of note this is comment
number 60,0096
as a turn of
a friEndly
in micro verse
to macro verse
to Ocean poem whole ways..
And now off to explore more
of fear in the remaining fear
links on dVerse tHere..;)
2:01 pm.. 8032016..
Yeah.. i think it is kinda hilarious
in a sad way too.. when folks think
they can talk folks out of generalized anxiety
to full blown panic attacks in words when it
is mostly driven by a physiological response
in neurochemicals.. and neurohormones out
of balance in body flow.. and for me at
least at one point the Air Force
Psychiatrist who studied
me assessed me as
having the worst
case of anxiety
he had seen.. including
his cases of combat fatigue
and PTSD same.. and my other
Doctors prognoses were i would
be on anti-anxiety meds the rest
of my life for sure.. but the pARt they
miserably left out was the body part
of the anxiety connection to the Mind..
as what i.. particularly on the Autism Spectrum.. did not
have.. is Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration
that is Innately.. Instinctually.. and Intuitively driven by
MoVinG the Body Freely in distance and space in an
artful way freely.. as all natural physical intelligence
as any lessons in mechanical
cognition ways on how to do it..
just takes away from
releasing tension
as mechanical cognition
by very definition of the beta
waves of mind required to exercise
that type of reasoning instruction driven
intelligence is stressful in itself and counter
productive too.. problem is.. some folks are literally
afraid too.. to do anything without instruction as that
too is a type of fluid intelligence that not everyone shares
equally as some folks are very literal verbal thinking folks
who must have instructions in words to get the job done..
so sure.. the human condition is complicated and every
one views the world differently and there is
no one prescription of healing for
everyone same when
it comes to the
real hUman heARt
of EmoTions regulated
in SpiRit eXpreSSinG ways
of experienCinG and giVing
FeeLings and the integration
of Senses in mind and body
balance that can certainly
be metaphored
as a soul
in self
ways too.. of animal
homeostasis that most
animals enjoy except for human
beings who are taught a full load
of illusory fears from birth.. and of course
the traumas that are real that come from
culture as whole from birth to death..
anyway.. to make a somewhat
longer story shorter..
the psychiatrist after he
saw how successful i was
in totally eliminating my anxiety
and doing things that most people
in the world are not brave enough to do..
like dancing solo in front of hundreds of
folks pushing 6,000 miles now in the
36th months of doing that now..
quit his practice
to teach movement
therapy instead of just
pushing anti-anxiety drugs..
Lesson learned for me and
him and those who do remember
what being human even is in action
and practice and much work of simply
being in animal homeostasis balance..
Anxiety made my life almost not worth living..
i have zero anxiety now.. and whenever i have
a chance to tale this story.. i just do it.. as i escaped that
hell and thrive every second of every day with zero anxiety my friEnd..
and if my therapist hadn’t seen it herself she might not have believed
it as she
named it
a literal miracle
when i went from
not being able to do
almost anything in life
to anything at all i wanted
to do free of all anxiety sTiLL
now.. no woo here.. my friend.. science2..
as even science is finally determining that
the body keeps score and our mind lives
to toe..
with sure..
heaRt.. Spirit
and SoUL that
can liVe Free as a bird..
floating without a fear on
A horizon of iSREAL NOW…:)
SMiLes.. i live close to a Gulf.. a shallow
one wHere hills are all we have..
and on a trip i made to
even some
small mountains
was an exhilarating
one for me.. and scary
too.. as heights make
me feel like i am floating
the air..
a bottom..
i fall..
and i feel
weightless on
land most all the
time now.. so sure.. i guess
that is why i float far
away from
cliffs.. hehe..;)
Yeah.. it’s hard for me
to kill too.. sure..
even a snake..
or a roach
or even
a flea..
i just
let ’em
bee.. even
a wasp who
wants to sting..
hmm.. never had
a cotton mouth come
to bed.. i suppose there
IS A first for everything..
my friEnd..
sMiLes.. oh my God..
mY wHole liFE has been
a roller coaster ride.. and
since tHere is no way to get
off of that.. in any reasoned
i avoid
the feel
of the ones
i don’t have
to ride.. as one
roller coaster like
this.. is enough for me..;)
Ah.. yes.. a violent end..
humans.. one animal that now
no longer necessarily meets that
end.. but
to be eaten
be much
fun either.. oh..
the Violent end
the way of Nature WhoLe..
funny how folks can ignore
that dArk.. nice how
as Heaven..
relatively being..
is possible now..:)
SMiLes.. i see liFe
IS A sTar.. a bright
one or dArk
i Rise.. winGs
fresH.. asHes no
lonGer hELd.. flY
aWay.. aS lonG aS i Fly
i Stay hiGh as STar oN FiRe..
A SonG a DancE WiTH WinGs oN BoLd..:)
SMiLes.. my FriEnd rythaephua..
i suppose the one thing thAt could
take mosT aLL the fears aWay
from yoUr
dreAms iSREAL..
iS thE green bLack or wHatever
color oF money eXists wHere yoU
liVe in paper or plastic.. oh.. the
priSon MoNey BRinGs noW..
for not
F money
i wish you
could too..
mY FrienD.. FReED..:)
Well.. darn.. gotta get
to a Dr appointment
be back
later to
3:24 pm..
Hi Brian.. thanks so much for stopping
by.. and ha!.. i give and share iT all..
you are welcome to
‘steal’ whatever you
like here.. hehe..
as iT’s all free..
to me.. anyway..
and Jesus F.
iN Christ..
iT is the literal
and metaphorical
“SonG oF mY soUL”..
approaching 4 Million
words noW in Ocean
Poem Flow Way..
HeHE.. no matter
whaT.. i refuse to
SeLL mY sOUl
for the
of the
Green BLack
BiLL DeViL now..
so sure.. partake
of Free all ya like
hehex2.. and yes..
i Love the Cern symbol
N A T A R A J A StiLL noW
for God as cosmic DanceR
and SingER WhoLe iF one WiLL
LoVe God To LoVE thE DancE and
SonG of God and SinG and DancE
WiTh It IS A hiT paRAde that i for one
WiLL Continue to GroW.. in Nautilus
ShELL oF WhoLe as sUre GoD iS
a Nautilus SheLL oF ArT
and Science in liGht
and DaRk of MoVinG
ConNecTinG CreaTinG
waY whOle as NoW
‘Tween ALL2..
as NoW goes
in juST
Do iT
NoW or
so to sPeak
hehex3.. as God
SinGs and DancEs oN
aT lEast iN Me foR noW aLIVe..:)
Even for Super Heroes..
Do not underestimate
the Power of The DArk ForcE..
when camouFlaGed as FeAR..;)
OKay.. the
‘aLL seeinG’
Karmic eYe is bacK
iN aCtioN.. ConseQuence
way tHat never ever reAlly Leaves..;)
More Facebook pre-Ocean poem memories and while i am iN
mY 36th month now of writing that three plus million Field Poem words wHOle.. with my first actual poetic spArk coming at the end of February 2013.. and posting it on March 1st.. 2013.. this is the 42nd month of my poetic heARt more fully expressed as i witness deeper of what i Am inside as being hUman and bEinG pARt of GoD wHole sAMe as Field of DreAMs come to FruiTioN as i.. anyWay.. this one is kinda cryptic.. from August 4th.. 2013.. soon after i exited mY
Hell on Earth here.. and probably only mostly
meaningful to mE.. but paRt of the ARt
of PoeTry and Holy Creative SpiRiT
Meme sAMe.. is the inner
journey to fiNd God WiThiN
and not until blogging reAlly
has the opportunity to observe
thAT inner reaLiTy as expressed
in realtime online been even possible
as bEfore we’Ve mostly received memories
after the experience or second hand or even
thousands of hands different accounts of the
Vision Quest to be one WiTH GoD whOle.. iN
Ocean way sAMe.. in other words.. i AM witnessing
for God as i go in real time now.. and never BeFoRe
has the potential for this come to FrUiTioN for hUmans
to express this archetypal hUman UniVersal experience
BeFore or to put iT in layman’s terms.. stream of consciousness
wRiTing that flows as waves as water H2o in Ocean wHOle NOW
Poem way.. and you’LL only understand that funny metaphor iF
you kNOw mY real last nAMe.. hehe.. as sadly and trUly out
of character.. most all vision quests are lacking humor when
recounted.. even dry humor like mine thaT iS cryptic too..
for those not fully in the kNow and FeeL of WTF FTW i
Am even saYinG but hey if you are gonna write a
REAL COMPREHENSIVE Story one must use
every literary device at hand.. including
mystery in cryptic.. and magical
ways too.. as after all iF tHere
is REaLLY only one GoD
tHat comprises ALL thaT iS
yes.. to reflect tHat means
aLL inclusive noW..
and that mY friEnds
includes the obvious rEaliTy
thaT God iS a laugh too or thAt
tRuly magical ability would not
bE ouRs too.. iN oTher words
beWare of Priests.. Pastors..
and Politicians and or a
God that has no humor
and only threatens hell
or heaven and purgatory
and no joy in heaven now..
with a giggle to go along
with the
noW.. iN E-Land
new as communication
in connecting.. moVinG
creaTing waYs eXpands
across a New world and age
of Global HoLDing Hands as God’s
eYes eXpand aS
wE noW2
REAL noW2..
so the dates are ripE noW2..
iN reference to the palm in tHis post2
in 418 style For one standing tAll Infinity now..
a symbol is a symbol in anyway that comes.. the essence
iS real forevernow.. in all the ways all that is IS juST noWGOD..:)
Okay.. weLL yes..
tHere are accounts of the
good cop bad cop Jesus..
the good cop bad cop Lucifer..
the Good cop Bad Cop GoD..
the Good cop Bad cop Superman
and Batman too.. the Good Cop
bad cop Dr. Jekyll and or Mr. Hyde..
and that applies to most all animals
including humans too.. so sure iT iS
aLL pArt of all that is aka God2.. so to
be Fearful of the dArk is the sAme as to
be Cynical of the liGht or apathetic in
purgatory too.. all that is is
God all that is includes all
of this and all of everything
else.. and hUman language
is juST a flea in an Ocean
whOle of the poTential to
describe more of all thAt iS
that may be described by much
more than uS on oTheR planets too..
so anyone with any FucKinG common
sense would understand thAt all that iS
AKA God would laugh a silly sneer aT
leAst aT huMans who thiNk they fuCking
knoW whAt all ThAt iS iS completely with
any only one or last so-called messenger
oF God all thAt is.. in a tiny FucKinG liTtle
flea huMan bEinG no matter how fierce
tHeiR GroWl and sneer may look
we Are juST fleas on the DoG
oF God that enjoy whaT we
hAve noW as GifT of GoD
WHole.. some of We eat
drink and be merry in
Heaven and others
are even afraid
to shake the opposite
sexeS hand like they
miGht FucKinG get iT pregnant
out oF wedlock.. and even say some
last word of God said it was so.. sorry NOT..
Humans are fleas.. and Nature whole shows
the lie of thAT in a HeARt Beat as the Bonobo
Primate.. the most peaceful Loving primate..
shakes hands with down below.. and rarely
ever ever resorts to acts of aggression
and violence other than a little rough
and tumble foreplay to dilute
potential aggression violence
and FucKinG DiRty Bomb
world war III’s for a dream
of 72 Virgins in a place
called heaven now that for
a dude who has never held a
girl’s hand is an illusion of what
they already have but is locked in
a prison of A REAL MAN MADE HELL..
IN A MILLION OTHER LIES.. but the bottom line is free
humans who are not oppressed and repressed from
head to toe.. live as the primate Bonobo does..
IT’S like God’s biggest face PALM
ever called only God’s and last
prophets on earth.. who suggest
thAt lust is anything less than holy
and sacred to keep the fucking
species in peace away
from war same..
and FucKinG
sane too.. out of
hell on earth now..
Anyway.. trUst me you wouldn’t
wanna see me angry as this is just
a face here hidden with a giggle of truth REAL..
by God of
animal Nature
iN Human TrUth
and liGht now.. beyond
fangs of LoVe and LiGht
and a Dajaal eye of Karmic
Truth and liGht as action consequence
of which tHere is no E-scape.. in other words
the consequences are all around you if you live
repressed and oppressed from the Nature of God in
you that includes a healthy balance of lust and love
every FucKinG day of youR FucKinG liFE noW..
every paRt and every Function of the hUman
animal body is Holy and SacRed sAMe to
reduce any of that to prison or less
than holy and sacred now..
is the dark path
to prison
in purgatory
real and heaven
now.. with all the aggression..
violence and wars from small to
large from a human being who is
clothed away from Temple of GoD whOle
noW that most definitely includes.. yes..
LOVE ALWAYS NOW.. or the other
place oF
HeLL on
Earth as the
6 O’clock news
broadcasts every FucKinG
niGht in a 24/7 news cycle too..
for those sad song human beings
who have lost tHeiR way from the
gifts of God inherent as LusT and LovE
LiFE NoW..
yes the path to
hell is painted now
with clothes away from GOD..
and in terms of action and consequence
in Karmic eYe real.. tHere is no escape
but the hell thAT will BRinG for those
who practice liFE out of Balance
with innate.. instinctual.. and
intuitive intelligences in
emotional.. sensory..
physical and yes.. sexual
intelligences whole with Love
with love and True relative Free WiLL
With God of Nature REAL whole Field
oF Ocean
Real Now
as one as one as allthatis
God iSREAL noW.. as the
never ending witness for
God iSREAL continues noW
as i
WiLL to
do WiTH
GoD noW
HOlDinG hands aS oNe
ForcE noW iSREAL noW..
so.. have a nice day.. i sure WiLL
AS simply inherited by any hUman being who
has escaped all the lies of culture and religions
and once again lives naked in the BReST of God REAL..:)
WeLL.. Hello.. penniewoodfall..
i liked this yesterday.. yes.. the
Sylvie Guillem-
Two(Rise and Fall)
iN ecstasy when light
and movement become
one and hehe.. i’LL rise ya uP
iN ecstasy.. a Nataraja free Yogi
Dance too on the Beach in Trance
way of Ecstasy2.. in Peace of Breeze
and Water sAMe.. aLiVe we Are free Now
FloWinG oNe iN zOne aliVe iN BaLanCinG noW..
Hmm.. what else.. yes.. oh.. the death of stuck between
the ears.. the rise of storing grain.. to the clothing of the
brain full of body below.. uncovered flesh and blood to
free the Human soUl iN MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
ReAL as hUmans can and WiLL go.. aLL innately..
instinctually intuitively noW when we do reflect
a spiraLinG Galaxy and UniVerse BeYond..
wHole.. iN MoVinG.. ConNEcTinG
and CreAtinG waYs Free juST
God dAM Free.. so easy
to be when set
free from
the ears and
clothes that cover
nakedness of liFE in WE
aLiVe and no longer zip-locked
in death bags as diapers from birth..
yeah.. ever notice when a baby ‘says’
what’s the shit is this FucK all About
and pullS it off as who wants
to shit in tHeir own sit..
as covers do
to protect
do do..
we humanS noW are
funny aren’t we… making
sitting in shit the way to go..
instead of leaving iT in the grass
and dirt free.. and fertilizing a way
for another living thing.. the flies.. the
ants or WTF lives next from what lives
now in a never ending circle of what is..
either lie or truth
up shit
a human made
diaper of hell.. now
don’t get me wrong.. appropriate
sanitation practices from running
water to sewage and garbage service
same has saved more lives than the third
leading ’cause of death now in medical
practice at hospitals will ever do in
preventative methods of
but that’s just
another symptom
of too many humans
living too close together
out of Nature real.. in nakedness
of dance that refuses to live with
dodo stuck on ass no matter
what the age
of nature
as free
away from
lies of shit.. iNOw..
but sure this is just
a metaphor for a much
larger pile of shit.. and i am
still looking for a diaper big enough
to collect it all and dispose of it in an
environmentally safe way away from
between the ears.. of a hell separated
from mind and body balance.. aLL a SouL oF REAL..
no shit here.. just freedom from head to toe dAnce..
hope to see yA ‘Round
these pARts.. perhaps i’LL
track yA down somehow online
and read a little bit more of what you
do past here.. as any ‘000 Secret Agent oF GoD’
WiLL now
DO crawling
the web.. oh so free
for whatever may come
next.. covered up shit or
ecstasy.. the choice is clear
to me.. just dance.. just dance
And SinG Naked F iN Free.. even
a baby kNows and FeeLs as GreAT aS
iS as iSReAL
for LiVinG noW..;)
Oh.. goodness.. i liked this one day..
but never got around to commenting..
after almost missing your latest one
as you are moving on to vacation..
and what i will say.. is writing is
an excellent way to let
stuff go in my
iN Pain noW
in general
from early
bullies.. to first
loves.. to deaths of
Loving family.. friends
and animals sAMe.. to write
it down and pack the past in
a book.. is often to move ahead
free at lEast for mE.. the Beauty
of writing dreaMs into fruition real
on land so real.. and the Beauty
sAme of processing memories
of dArk for change to liGht
WriTinG is a liFE lonG
gift i hope you
never leave..
aS it surely
IS A path to peace
of miNd my FriEnd
Prajakta.. iN LoVinG ways..:)
Homecoming.. yes..
and perhaps a larger
global issue of NDD..
Nature Deficit order too..
and for me.. just 20 miles or so
south as far as i can walk where all
is left on beach is foot prints of me..
i suppose we are all Indians my FriEnd..
Indigenous people’s of Nature at HeARt..
At spiRit of EmoTioNs and SeNses.. oF miNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG soUl.. and what i kNow from
19 years of total school and over 30 years of Work..
thaT yes tHere is a going home in roots of Nature FEEL anD
ancestors sAMe that needs to come in Vacation and eventually
retirement way.. wHere the trUe Golden years are in Vacation
and more tire for wheels that have lost the natural rubber of
liFE thAt hold uS Close to wHeRe wE liVe iN siDe
self-actualizing wiTh NatuRe wHole.. in
interconnecting.. interdependent
relationship aLL.. not something
often found in four walls of
office space
or even
cave walls home..
a farther place of
heARt.. oF SpiRiT
soUl.. a pLace oF NatuRe
home.. wHere wE never muSt
we ARe..
we are aLL
onE buT true iT is
not enough to pen tHis..
one must get out of the
cave and FeeL iT ouTside
as aLL oF NatuRE wE as sAMe
mY FriEnd.. and sUre i missed This
post as i was at that Beach on Sunday..
wHere i almost unplugged from electronic
devices except for an extra set of eyes to
record heaven.. to give iT and ShARe iT REaL..
juSt to remind folks that Heaven does STiLL exist..
of wE nOW aLiVe
as Tree of LiFe away
from caves of Knowledge
without this liGht of Tree as free..:)
Never underestimate
the Butterfly effect
or affect oF
‘000 Secret
Agent oF God’
coming to a theater
near heAR ‘sooN’..
and or
as Soon
as Katy
Perry provides
another Rise
Music Video
as required
opening Theme
SonG for the ReSt
oF the photos2noW1..:)
And Never judge a
Book by the cover..
or what’s inside iTs pAges…
Essence iS BeYond coveR
and pAgeS sAme.. alToGeTheR noW..:)
That was/is fUn..
noW back to the
original Monarch
what ever
iT takes.. haha..
iN Karmic eYe wAy..;)
Ha!EN name test thingy..
in that case you must
be following me around
Town as i only have
53 Facebook Friends..
and get maybe 5 likes a
week.. online it is possible
that the statistics could be much
hehe.. welL..
that probably makes no
sense as it is in reference
to a Facebook Profile analysis
that suggests that i have 794 folks
that like me and 5 folks that hate me..
and trust me no matter how much trUth
and liGht you spREad.. iF iT is trUly TrUth
and liGhT iT ain’t gonna make you too many
actual socially reciprocating friEnds.. WiLL iT gEt
attention.. yes.. of course.. as most humans are naturally
curious.. but i’M not exactly the easiest person to debate one
on or even iN greater numbers than that as i’Ve been around the
Word.. Knowledge.. and Art block.. lots and lots of nows.. just for
fun like an easy peacey peachy keeny breezy dAy at the F in Beach..
in otHer words i do mY F iN homework from Science to ARt.. so anyWay..
never discount the power of human will in feelings of faith.. hope.. belief etc..
that can and will make what is written into fruition of dreams come trUe.. and
seriously i can understand the emptiness that folks like Katy Perry and so many
others must feel with so many adoring fans who take videos of them.. but never
really stay around to get to know them deep just as a human being one on one.. being
an Artist cannot be done juSt for fAMe.. as fAMe is as empty as liFE comes without
advantage as i have the patience.. empathy and compassion
of JOB and the writing power of Thoth.. Hermes.. Mercury..
etc.. in output style of dance and words the sAMe..
so i understand not everyone can keep up
with me in words of poEtry Free verse
style or steps of Martial
Arts and ballet-like
free style dance
either way.. and the
trUth is i’d have a difficult
now catching up with the me
that was more diluted just three
months ago.. than even more laser
focused now.. but that’s the way
of human potential.. impossible
to sit and wait for others
to catch up otherwise
the new may
never get
SunG or DanceD
aS iSREAL noW..
anyway.. i’M always here for
questions and answers for anyone
who does not mind a Hurricane of words..
feelings.. and dance of LiVinG Style of gratitude
for jusT F iN BeinG here as co-creator WiTh GoD noW
as tHat is the trUE Source and Force thAT drives most
insanely famous artists in Hollywood Land too.. where
the general audience must be pleased enough to buy
in record standard ways of Being vanilla norm enough for NOW..
so.. ugh.. WiTH aLLtHisstuff is sAid and dONe aGAin..
my 121st Week Dance niGht is coming tonight
with all the Kool college age folks
at Old Seville Quarter.. with
more photos coming
in smiley eye dance..
soon after
as Sky
faLL continues
to rise as always noW..
around 3 am on Friday
Morning.. 8052016..:)
Yes.. Mr. Squirrel..
things are getting
a little squirReLY aRound
HeRe.. while you eNjoy
sHadeS oF A Dogwood tree..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)


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