Jesus..John Lennon..Bruce Lee and BE the WATER not the chalice

“i believe in God,
but not as one thing,
not as an old man in the sky.
I believe that what people call God
is something in all of us.
I believe that what Jesus
and Mohammed
and Buddha
and all the rest said
was right.
It’s just that
the translations
have gone wrong.”
~John Lennon
The area I live in is a haven for fundamentalist Christians, who live their life by making Jesus a GOD instead of philosopher; teacher; a person with a way to a better life.
Yes, John 3:16 is their mantra of life. But unfortunately it misses the entire message of even what’s in the rest of the new testament that does makes sense in accordance with the laws of human nature.
The man Jesus aka Yeshua’s real reported message is there is a higher power in this life, now, that a person can tap into to cure themselves of life’s ills.
Well, science does most definitely show that to be true in many ways now, as science indicates that attitude and stress itself is a killer of human beings, down to the destruction of the central nervous system, respiratory system, and cardio-vascular system too, as well as other bodily systems too.
Stress hormones are only truly meant for sporadic bursts of flight of fight.
Culture for thousands of years now, has been bringing illusory fears, to basically shorten the lives of folks concurrently with the technology of sanitation and medicine that lengthens life as well.
Jesus, the real man Jesus, as indicated in earlier text than the Roman Catholic and Roman Empire twist for power ways, basically says forget the lies of culture, you have the power in your self, to heal your self, and yes, science does indicate this as true; all you have to do is get in control of stress and don’t let it control you. Yes, hard to do, when a person is under control of other folks for their very subsistence of hand to mouth existence.
Well, anyway, the first Sunday of every month my wife’s relatives have us come to an elderly Baptist preacher’s family get together on his farm.
In his little church he went to the trouble of buying all the kids shirts that say: it’s not about me it’s about Jesus.
Well the problem about that is: Jesus is dead.
The kids are alive.
They have the opportunity to control and improve their life through the real human attributes of will, belief, faith, and hope. Yes, these are real human powerful emotions that emote aka as moving folks forward to a better life. But the power is all theirs, not a dead man that showed folks a way to get there through their own will, belief, faith and hope, and no one else but them.
It is about me.
Our Universes start and end with me.
But we connect too, to others too, and that is where love and empathy comes in, with science having a better understanding now of what makes human’s tick, in this way of love and empathy too.
Anytime a person personally attacks someone, I cringe a little bit, as it such an obvious indication that, that person only feels inferior.
In science, it is no part of science; emotionalism is all it is.
And there is absolutely no place for it, in formal debate.
And yes, the reason this forum can never be considered actual debate, as it is freely allowed here.
All it does is cloud the real issues at hand.
But never the less, this forum is one described as discussion; not debate; and yes discussion often includes personal attacks.
And yes, personally attacking one’s beliefs (i.e. you are a troll, moron, idiot, etc. for believing that way) is most definitely a form of that. A person is their beliefs; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
That’s why they say never discuss politics and religion with someone who you want to be friends with; you attack their soul, yes their figurative soul, and you get bit back; most often, if you attack their beliefs as belief’s are core to ‘soul’.
My religious beliefs about GOD as the GOD of nature are impervious to scientific argument.
But still, the Christian folks in my area, think I’m some kind of devil when I tell them in my shorts in 18 degree weather that I have developed the power to be impervious to these cold temperatures by the ‘all seeing power’ of the GOD of nature. I only giggle inside, not outside to make them feel bad; there’s not much flack they are going to give a 230LB martial artist.
No, I wasn’t always the alpha male by far; but per my GOD off nature it is definitely the best way to go in life; if you have the power within your will to make yourself the Alpha male. And no, don’t think you can’t; or you won’t. Even moving from totally disabled to that point at age 53 to 54 for me.
I believed; that made the difference. And no I wasn’t trying to be above anyone; it’s just how people view you when you are strong and fearless on the inside and outside too. That makes it even more fun, as I do not care if people show me respect non-verbally or verbally in real life, anyway. And yes, that too is part of what naturally makes me an Alpha male too. It’s just a part of nature. And oh my F**ning GOD NATURE is just as awesome as science.
And hell yes, if you don’t believe it, I have more than enough evidence on many places on the Internet to make you a believer on that one. The power of the Alpha male is proven as valuable as a real GOD of nature given talent. And respected everywhere a person goes in real life, too, most often.
And yes it is definitely on topic as Jesus said; basically you can do anything you want; with faith, belief and hope and most importantly the will of you and Mother Nature true aka GOD for me and many others too.
But on a scientific point; it’s not some supernatural magic; it’s epigenetics and neuroplasticity; if there is enough environmental challenge through adversity; either stimulated by the environment or you, change in adaptation both mental and physical does and will occur, as in our DNA we have the ability to un-domesticate ourselves, basically, and bring the inner ‘APE’ out, and yes retain civility too, as balance as well.
It’s what Yogi’s in the Tibetan Mountains do. And science does prove it out, as yes true in all of what human potential can be with Tibetan Yogi’s too.
And yes, Bruce Lee is another excellent example. He’s probably more like the real man Jesus, than anyone else in recent history.
They both have something in common; neither one believes in fundamentalist ways of religion. And both of them very much believe in me, and the GOD of nature too.
Be the water not the chalice rings true for both historical men.
And yes, words I live by every now of every now.

And science..
Science provides a tremendous amount of evidence
for an interconnecting force of all things that connects us all..
aka GOD the ONE i know of NATURE TRUE..too…
It’s way too big.
And still mysterious..

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