Godzilla IS GOD

actually people with extremely high IQ’s
are more anxious on average and less happy…
It’s really not ‘normal’ to have extremely high IQ’s…
And yes.. i speak from life experience..on that one too…
Standard IQ tests measure crystalized intelligence..
moreover than fluid intelligence…
The greatest challenge of my life..
was knowing less..
as far as crystalized knowledge goes..
and to explore fluid intelligence of being free RIGHT NOW…
I think the battle really is to lose intelligence not gain it..
per crystalized intelligence..
and really most folks in our western countries
see intelligence as crystalized intelligence rather than fluid intelligence.
But fluid intelligence is more often relegated to visually thinking humans ..
over verbal thinking humans..
Particularly when there is an imbalance..
per example of lesions of the right hemisphere of the brain..
that are yes.. associated with non-verbal learning disorder..
and Asperger’s syndrome..
as previously diagnosed in the US..
and seen in scientific studies as such…
Humans are created by evolution..
every now and now to adapt to change and survive..
really nothing more or less…
The greatest problem for human unhappiness in life..
is actually instant gratification..
and the lack of real environmental challenge..
in REAL LIFE for adaptive change.
HUMANS ARE evolved for intermittent gratification..
and happiness is in the looking forward not the reward…
And the greatest looking forward is when one strives for the best now possible..
simply as now is the reality that exists..
and yes.. now can be imaginary or real…
The greatest real challenge..
is the full flesh and blood experience..
that does most definitely revolve around challenge..
whether that challenge is a material one..
per the Sun revolving around the challenge of a black hole..
or a human foraging and or hunting for food…
The problem really is..
humans can’t touch the ‘products’ they are hunting overall..
In other words..
they often don’t see the product of their constructive efforts to live..
when pursuing them in a flesh and blood way..
A source of great unhappiness is not being REAL…
i don’t know much more common sense would be necessary to understand that..
but to Truly live is a flesh and blood existence..
away from illusions of culture.. like books…
Now don’t get me wrong..
i like books…
but they are nothing compared to fully using the brain..
through 360 degrees of dance..
where the whole brain lights up..
not just one narrow area of thinking…
Yes.. we know a lot these days..
But truly like Socrates said..
we know nothing too…
i understand that more fully when I dance FREE..
WITH no instruction from anyone else
but my instinct and Mother Nature true aka GOD…
i know dance..
but it is far from crystalized knowledge..
it is fluid intelligence on the move…
That is unless someone else is giving the lessons
and one answers to any judge except Mother Nature TRUE aka GOD…
Yes.. the Apple of knowledge and instant gratification..
truly can be a poisonous one for human beings…
One need look no further than a third of school age children
who are pre-diabetic now and record numbers of folks..
on pain killers and antidepressants to see the effect of culture..
yes.. the poisonous apple part.. and crystalized knowledge…
i’d rather be free and all natural…
ain’t ‘kNOw’ doctor sticking their finger up my genetics…
This is the worst possible human scenario in my experienced opinion…
We TRULY live for challenge..
not for having it made and cushy by someone else…
it doesn’t have to have anything to do with money..
or the collection of materialistic goods…
Humans truly thrive when they are both challenged and share the fruits..
of their constructive productivity..
that they can touch and feel
and yes SHARE TOO..
for the whole dam species to survive…
No.. not a selfish gene..
a gene that is shared for survival.. as is..
of course.. without the poisonous apple….
The ultimate truth though is in the Godzilla movie:
“The error in man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around.” Godzilla (2014)
And it’s obvious everywhere one looks.
One third of pre-diabetic children means fewer children over all produced by them as Diabetes reduces the ability for folks to reproduce.
People on painkillers don’t reproduce as much.
People on anti-depressants don’t reproduce as much.
People satiated by Pornography don’t reproduce as much.
Yes.. as an example for the point above..
science shows that in Japan younger folks..
no longer even care to have sex with the opposite sex
and are adopting dogs as a cultural way of having families instead..
even strolling them in baby carriages all dressed up…
Men are adopting feminine ways of grooming themselves in South Korea..
and losing interest in women too…
And that’s just a drop in the bucket of how Mother Nature deals..
with disobedient humans…
There is a whole Novel I could ‘wRite’ now
that not many people could read no matter how interesting I make it..
as a culture based on the dopamine producing impact of instant gratification..
gives many people the ‘attention span of a gnat’..
as they are looking for the next big ‘hit’ of something new…
Hell yes.. frigging mother nature aka GOD is STILL FRIGGING IN CONTROL
and ‘she’ is as AWESOME as ever.
GODZILLA did his job and got the hell out of HELL..
And that was an awesome movie…
What one really has to understand to appreciate the movie is
aka Mother Nature TRUE…
He gets the job done for survival and MOVES ON…
He doesn’t linger around or pay attention to the games of fools…
My cat feels the same way about human culture..
But I keep him locked in the patio..
so he will not injure himself by TRULY LIVING in the wild..
So yes.. i am the devil too…
He doesn’t know he has feline leukemia..
but should he really care…
i can’t ask him that..
but if he could he would tell ME please GOD..
please let me go outside..
just one more time..
really I don’t care if I live or die.. I just want to live FREE…
SO YES.. IN MY LIFE I play the role of GOD..
and Devil for my cat.
But by GOD.. it is just a role…
GOD is outside.. inside.. above and so below per Mother Nature True…
And yes i finally find GOD as Mother Nature
and now i Live the dream of my disabled CAT FREE ONCE AGAIN..
A child of Mother Nature True…


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