SonG oF mY SoUL LonGeR


SonG oF mY SoUL LonGeR
“The long poem is a literary genre including all poetry of considerable length. Though the definition of a long poem is vague and broad, the genre includes some of the most important poetry ever written.
The long poem traces its origins to the ancient epics, such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. With more than 220000 (100000 shloka or couplets) verses and about 1.8 million words in total, the Mahābhārata is the longest epic poem in the world.[1] It is roughly ten times the size of the Iliad and Odyssey combined, roughly five times longer than Dante’s Divine Comedy, and about four times the size of the Ramayana and Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh. In English, Beowulf and Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde are among the first important long poems. The long poem thrived and gained new vitality in the hands of experimental Modernists in the early 1900s and has continued to evolve through the 21st century.
The long poem has evolved into an umbrella term, encompassing many subgenres, including epic, verse novel, verse narrative, lyric sequence, lyric series, and collage/montage. In contemporary poetry, the long poem has become a space for the emergent voices of historically under-represented writers including women, post-colonial subjects, the gay and lesbian community, and racially/ethnically oppressed persons, who seek the definitive communal voice connoted by early long poems.”
“Song of Myself”.. one of the relatively
few Long Form Poems in modern
history by Walt Whitman
as the ones
more by oral tradition
as song tied with emotional
and sensory passions that flowed
more than the written word in straight
lines on pages.. i really don’t have any teachers
for the flow of my particular SonG oF mY SoUL now
as creative writing was perhaps the hardest thing for
me to do as listing facts is what i mostly did in a life of work
for pay.. but hey.. folks love form and labels as cliff note short
cuts to life experience so after writing several million words.. a pattern
surELy formed that i can noW relate somewhat of what i do in total.. as Now
tHere IS A SonG of mY SoUL that exceeds 3.3 million words on three public
blogs and written now in real time on blogs and Facebook for an average of
130 thousand words a month.. two MacroVerses a week at an average of
15K plus words A MacroVerse and each of those MacroVerses is
comprised of MicroVerses that can go up to several thousand
words separated by word count divisions accumulating
as totals per MacroVerse whole and within
those MicroVerses are up to over
a hundred or so MicroMicroVerses
that are often Micro-Poems
in how other folks
relate to that
poetry form
and within each
are words wHeRE the
symbols and the grammar
per Capitalization and the
such are rearranged to make
multiple meanings for any potential
reader to determine the meanings for
yes.. including me as i often find a new
meaning in what comes out of streAMiNg
conscious flow of writing when the subconscious
of what one can also religiously traditionally term
as historical fLiGhts of Holy SpiRit and or automatic
writing as such too.. depending on how smooth the flow
goes and the more elegant the shapes that automatically
come in what some poet scientist’s term as concrete poetry
that is designed by pre-planning as such.. mine is overall different
sAMe as i write in left Justification style first in the comments section
of Word Press and Facebook statuses as pArT art pallet exercise in draft..
and i often am amazed what the end result looks like when i transfer that
draft to a post to center the words and
publish the
when the holy
spirit of creative
writing inside makes
a voice with more to say
in big picture archetypal thiNking
feeLing and senSing iNnate iNstinctual
and iNtuitive Deeper HeARt.. SpiRiT and
SoUL of BeinG within as the iNheritance of
our evolution as human beings from the origin
and always staRt and never fiNish of now as the
beginninG with no endinG.. and as the logo on my
Word Press beginning Macro Verse says.. yes.. number 1
MacroVerse then.. noW with this 742nd MacroVerse Now
coMing to fruiTion as my fingers dance and sing this SonG was
is sTiLL is.. aS NoW.. “THE END AND THE BEGINNING”.. now..
yes.. that is how the Epic form of poetry usually
stARts.. in the middle and the middle
way is wHEre (i)s stays now
in flow of the
and my
writing IS A reflection
as A DancE and SonG
oF My sOUL as wHOle
SonG of mY SoUL in short..
and oh by the way while the
MicroMicroMicro Verses exist
in multiple single meaning words
mixed in grammar style against the
so-called grammar rules that surely free
verse poetry does too that this style of free
writing can be attached as label to too.. as each
symbol.. including each letter and number has multiple
MicroMicroMicroMicro Verse meanings too as even the number 1
one as archetype can mean alone or allone as God aLL.. yes the
Tao.. the Great SpiRit.. the Allah.. the Mother Nature True PluS and
all the other metaphors for the Alpha through the Omega pluS even further
than symbols of letters and numbers as all of Nature pLUS as all that is as
let’s face it.. life in general is an epic long form free dance song and verse experience now
some folks more open minded and deep and some folks more closed minded and shallow NoW
and surely we live in a Twitter world now that is both deep and shallow and closed minded
and open minded too.. but the bottom line is.. folks have divided attention and no longer
do we have many folks devoting tHeir entire life in the art of oral tradition of DanCinG and
SinGinG A SonG of TrUth and LiGht as Guardian’s of the Galaxy as we are all iN TrUe LIGht WiLL
moVing.. connecting.. and creaTing.. sTar stuff as Carl Sagan says.. the ingredients
of the Apple pie and us cAMe coMe from crucible of Star Burst Death
to re-born as life as Star duST plUs as we molecular machines
of humans walk and yes even DancE and SinG the EARTh now
in Free Verse dance song too.. as the UniVerse wHOle
plUs continues to flow through our veins
and flesh and blood.. anyway.. i stARted
with form this go around
as the life long
Form Poet
flows the art
and usually others appreciate
a life of art after the artist is long
gOne and the ‘Egyptian KA’ of tHeir
spiRit as HuMaN Nautilus shEll of aRT
is left iN the fossil record of what now will
be results iN a random google search.. thing is..
i’m writing something that may seem like it takes
a thousand years to write but on the other hand how
will it last a thousand years if it doesn’t naturally stand
out then from the rest in blend as well.. as everyone now has
an opportunity to blend in and create/add another “Dead Poet’s
Society” Art form free verse of KA SpiRit oF heARt andSoUL to the Uni-
Verse and Galaxies and Stars and on pLaNets sAMe as hey.. it’s not the
ingredients of the Apple pie that count as far as deLight.. it’s how noW the
the whole dam thing Now is put toGeTheR and how the big picture of pie tastes
to be savored for memories to come and return aGaIn too.. anyWay.. the thing
is.. the Nautilus does not spend its life work as a practice of living worrying
about what other Nautilus builders for mansions more stately do or do not now
Trump thiNk.. as in Nature free there is no lesser or greater.. tHeRe is the
Masterpiece of God that is how the whole dAM thing is put ToGeTher
by we brushes of Art that can be a Nautilus who keeps
creating art for the Holy and Sacred Meaning
and Purpose that is to make the
most out of now
now.. let’s face
it.. iF A Nautilus only
did Twitter there would
be no shells.. just fragments
of matter.. sure.. sTiLL with
Value of the whole but
not as whole of Value
as what
with total
laser focus as
the art at hand
or sea creature
as it were and still is
for hundreds of miLLioN
yeaRs that surELy proves the
value of the tiny Nautilus’ persistence
in MaKinG liFE a Focus of surviving and thriving
now in all the ways a Nautilus can achieve that with human
potential as being human too.. the beauty of life is in the doing..
and the form that comes next most often relates the beauty of doing..
just doing
life the
can for whatever
may come or be nexT…
i go it alone mostly with this
endeavor and likely could never
do this without the muse of the flesh
and blood life of DancE as i am jusT
a human being.. a social animal who to
DancE and Sing a happy uplifting SonG and
DancE heAR.. must fulfill my hUman nature
isReaL here in the Natural world
of flesh and blood
face to
interaction too..
recognizing that humans
are juSt flesh and blood animals
and working with the Nature of ALL
that we come to find and seek as free
as us and Nature all plus as all that is
as God in eXisTenTiaL way of InteLLigence
now is to set oneself free in Truth of Wisdom
and Light of Love too.. so i flow here with just two
of my new muses from dance night as pictured then on
Facebook too as profile status.. tHeir smiles are muse
for a social animal like me to connect as flesh and blood
free loves to do.. best.. with a smile that says we are nOw
TogeTHER this MoMenT iN this sELfie endeavor NoW HeRE
and nah.. don’t forget the value of tears/struggle/
dArk.. more on that in a few.. as life
and laughter and love goes
on free and this
is for
the art of
joy and nothing
more than that than
to be given and shared as is..
no different reAlly that a selfie smile set
free with othERS togeTher this is just a several
million word selfie.. as paRt of a Personal bible
as label and in accounting numbeRinG symbols as
terms of endearment iN holy and sacred meaning
and purpose as this becomes the 71st MacroVerse
of a Bible that in its third Revision now per the 69th MacroVerse
as titled ‘Nether Land Bible 2017’ and now with the 70th MacroVerse
word total added in amasses 1,062,479 words as a running total that will
just save me time of adding all up at the end of a 100th MacroVerse.. heHe..
or wHo kNows and feelS and seNses.. perHaps a Thousand MacroVerses longer then
that would make around 15 Million words in the next 10 years or so.. now.. let’s
just say/dance/sing at age 66 as i am 56 now writing an average of 1.6 million
words a year and still dance walking an average of 166.66 miles/month of public
dance all around my metro area after finishing 6666 miles of
doing that in precisely 40 Months from sTArt at
Best Buy per YouTube Dance Video of
8.27.2013.. so sure.. today
is the 41st month anniversary
of Free Verse Public Dance now
too.. ‘they’ don’t have a label for
Long LonGest Form Free Verse Public
Dance but guess what. i just brought
that to the tAble of cultUre too.. as that is what
the truly wild and crazy folks of life do.. they are just
crazy enough NoW to have 100% Faith in laser focus way
of positive fearless smART and UNconditional Love full
of hope and joy to get the FucKinG (s) JOB at Hand iN
Heaven dONE too.. hEhe..aT leASt for me as i
inherit the Heaven at hand now all
free too.. FloWinG iN ZoNe
CreATinG LiFE Free
FuLL of HeARt
iN MiNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL.. yes.. FloW iN ZoNe
and retaining my hUmaniTy
by MoVinG out of what miGht
be termed as a Nautilus Shell
too and roaming the beach
oF lifE
fully aLiVE
as Human becomes
Beach and one WiTh GOD
whole as this Ocean WhOle Poem
continues its rise and ebbs ever creating
new shores of life in essence and form to
come and last in give and share.. anyway that
is what a smile and a tear too will do.. liGht liFE
foRwARd as TrUtH anD liFe as LIGht SinGS a SonG of DancE..
one with
God.. the Tao..
the Holy SpiRit
Flow of Grand Sublime
American Indian Great SpiRiT
too.. Satori.. Kundalini RiSinG
HiGhER as EmoTiOns reGulaTinG
and SeNsEs INteGrAting more with
all the oThER likely InFiNiTe metaphors thaT
othER StaR Children of God do reLate too.. out
of the priSoNs of those who would separate us from
light as dark.. and that is wHEre the value of struggle and
Tears come in as sentient star dUst pluS liFe rises to liGht sTiLL ouT oF
dArk at end and beginning now oF resurrection of eternally now… so yes
and we are
that Clause of
God hidden within
for most and RiSinG LiGht
in the Neos who BreaK out NoW
of the Matrix that StILL is/are eternal
lies of dArk as now too.. and sure.. all
the sHades of grey that make liFe coNfusions
too as when life is fUsed with God all is Happy Joy..
JuSt another NoW iN the life oF oNe MicroVerse heAR..
as OceaN wHOle liFe iN TruTh and liGht continues to evolve
so far so far out of the group thiNk of twitter verse as life now..
see.. the thing is.. this is all you take with you.. yOur soUl.. the Trump
Towers fall to duST.. and to give it.. is wHere the take sTarts as without
is no real
take in the
future for receive..
sAdly.. until folks figure
that out tHeRE WiLL never
be what flows within the chalice
without walls of separation that keep
Love from esCapinG as liGht and TrUth isREaL..
and i’m gonna need a rather long tHeMe
SonG for this one as i still have some other memories
to share in way of all free Facebook Agorithm MacroVerse
MicroMicroVerse and photos provided on this day.. hmm.. sure
Meditation MuSiC WiLL do but by all means do not forget the SpiRiT
of DancE and SonG of doing liFe MoVinG.. CoNnecTing.. and Co-Creating
more verse of UniVerse of now as sitting STiLL iS only a first moVE towARd liGht
in connecting..
creating.. giving
and sharing liFE aS
TrUth and liGht as Wisdom
and Love GroWs WiTh WiLL
of the fearless and smARt KinD
as courage
of WiLL
over Love as
umbreLLa oF TruTh and liGht..
yes.. Faith as 100 perCent LovELiFe..
So.. A MacroVerse from two years ago named..
“Undressing Curtains in Light of TRUTH NOW”.. then and now..
surELy on topic and worth repeating here in terms of 418 words…
as note.. this Nautilus is multi-chambered as any Alice and Wonderland
Rabbit wHole will go.. and remember.. don’t get lost heRE/hEar plEase.. go out
and co-create yoUr own Nautilus SheLL AS Truly this wHole thing is jusT
inspiraTion for YOU TO DO EVEN MORE THAN THIS and that is how
God hOlds hands around the globe.. iN a SonG oF DancE too when
we all come toGeTheR and create multi-chambered
Nautiluses of Art and Free Love that
has no end of bliss
and nirvana
in the heaven
now.. you see this is
no myth or fairy tale lone..
no religion reALLy than be
the director as ‘i’ creates and
produces actor ‘I’ and paSSioN
of spiRit as exclamation point!
oF A TriniTy of God within
as A DancE and SonG
coMe isReaL
NoW2 as A
HUman BeinG
Father/Motheror juSt
anoTheRr hUman BeinG as
staR duSt SuN plUs beCOmes
SenTieNT more fully MiNdFuLLy and BoDiLY
aWaRE as/in the inHeriTance oF isReaL HeaVEn NoW..:)
is not ALWAYS
an easy thing to do…
i agree that many people
look at Faith and Religion
like THIS in BOTH historical
and modern days..
PER Faith is the Belief
in unprovable things
and Religion is
the Socio-
of Faith..
makes sense..
And Religion CAN be
device of human language
that points to Truth…
And yes.. once again.. Religion and Faith..
in the Eyes and Falsehood of many folks..
are simply ABSTRACT literary devices
used to Oppress and
Repress Human Nature
the herd for control
through illusory
So in other words..
Have faith in what
i tell you OR ELSE…
So in other words..
Believe the tenants
of this religion or go to prison..
THESE ARE the ways
RULE of human
ignorance UPHELD..
The movie “The Book of Eli”
illustrates the difference
between those
who uphold Truths
of Faith and Religion
VS the tool of Religion and Faith
used to Oppress and Repress Human Nature
AND subjugate humans for control through Illusory FEARS…
Overall.. the Political States of the Islam world
STILL use Religion and Faith
AS A TOOL this way…
But Western Countries
are moving away
from this
of affairs finally..
As i know YA KNOW…
My religion IS SIMILAR..
as my native American Indian
Ancestors.. per Sioux and Cherokee…
It is Dance and Song
First there IS Dark..
Then light..
Then movement or Dance..
Then sound or Song
Fueling movement from THEN ON
AND a much better chance of connecting to HUMAN others…
And that my friend is my FAITH.. Religion..
JUST call me Master
Chief Aghogday..
HA! ha!
he HE!
linked here..
And that’s JUST a metaphor.. of course.. ALL OF THIS IN FACT..
IT WORKS for me.. and that my friend IS ALL i NEED…
THE pursuit of Life.. Liberty.. and Happiness..
on course.. as IS.. NOW.. as WELL…
Of course that was before
“Brexit” and “Trump”
as the so
‘Good Book’
in the western
world is once
again falling to the
hands of ‘the bad guys’..
in thAT Book oF Eli..juST
anoThER book hEAR too big
for ‘TrUmp eYes’.. so no fear oF iT
getting in the wrong hands here as
that is what the historical bards did and do hEAR.. STiLL..
if i had Trump aims.. i would finish it in less than character(s) of 140 words
in what his ‘minions’ could finish before the next NASCAR lap.. and that’s
okay.. as the race of life is long and now with much to experience NeXT as
hey.. i played many.. A video gAMe.. yes the same FucKinG oNe in as a mind
numbing Snow Board Game for years.. with little to no creative liGht from me too..
unTil the God of Nature took effective use of my eYes and eaRs with the dentist
Drill-like pain of Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia FORCING ME TO LOOK WITHIN
PRIsON OF THE narRow matrix of culture then.. for 33 months with no wHeRe
to eventuAlly go but to God within and then a word written 74 months ago
on the Wrong Planet with light of computer screen turned all the
way down in excruciating mountain of pain to get through
each word then as the dARk of Pain evenTuALLy RoSe
to Phoenix RiSinG 33 MoNths after that with
a Public Dance and and Ocean WhOle
Poem staRting as Phoenix
riSinG in Fire oF FlAMe oF
liGht from the ashes of
the dARk paIN
of BeFore
that suRely is/was
the dARk of God
WiThiN me that bRought
the liGht to TrUth of Wisdom
and Love.. fearless.. smARt and
UncoNditional aGaIN.. i live as is i be i am LiGhT..
but yes i give all the credit to the DaRK oF GoD wiThiN too..
And suRely an appropriate prelude this is to the NeXt MicroMicroVerse
as shared from a year as coming next here all free as Facebook memory too..:)
i never kNew beauty sad
until i could shed
no tears
of any
and then i found
the strength of Atlas
in one tear that finAlly
made weak
legs strong..
a death now..
made a tear..
a dear cat..
then.. a tear
now made a
human again..
if only for a moment
and the tear birthed
the first spark of hope
in five years.. truly the
first flame to rise up
from five years
of Ashes
in July
of that 2013 year..
so.. sure.. the story of the
strength of sorrow and joy
inspires me certainly and
bRinGs that strength
even greater
in the
present of
now by reinforcing
it again and again through
the art of fingers in song
of creativity iN
and later
dance again..
until every cell in my
body receives joy in
sure.. neurochemical
receptor way
my body..
in this greater way of understanding
how dArk and LiGht work for joy
and hope.. as well as challenge..
it is great to know and feel
that the UniVerse as is
innate iN uS.. iS aS
merciful to allow
a tear
sMiLe.. do
i need to
reAlly.. i feel
therefore.. i
F E E L..:)
SMiLes aGaiN.. my friend gigoid
and Love to you as WeLL..
Life is a struggle and joy..
some stuff
the sAMe
as balance..
ah.. but
iN pleaSure
over struggle..:)
And now.. finAlly as per beginning
muse of two sweet Alumni from the
Nautilus College Mascot of UWF School
and motto of my old school as graduated
with three degrees in 1983.. one year before i
entered a work world of surely pARt of the original
‘1984’ Novel as well.. wHEre the school motto there
in more lofty terms of goal is Oliver Wendell Holmes SonG
of Poetry about the Nautilus to encourage folks to build thee more
stately mansions. hehe.. yes.. i suppose Trump took that to heARt too..
read or not in poetry way.. however.. surely buildings of edifice that are
too tall..
both block
out the sun in
sky and sun of
soul WiThIn as
reflection of
of StaR BurST
stArs thAT make us
wHAt we ArE NoW WiTh A
PoTenTiaL of Shining Bright
A HeARt as SpiRit or faIlling
to form of BLacK wHOle SuN too..
how to inFUse someone liKe TrumP
WiTh tHiS liGht.. iMpossible reALLy
As A STar oF HUMan muSt geneRate NoW
tHeir own liGht no different than free cHIld
reALLy as the Suns and Stars we are as PARTWHOLE/GOD/ALL..
Just waiting
for ‘Trumps’
to take tHeir
Diapers off NoW..
get all cleaned off
as swUm by water and flOwn
by air as the seagull does free
facing no shadows of skyscrapers
wHEre angles of building beCome AngELs
of Heaven once more now.. tHeRe’S alWays tiMe NoW..
free and live..
tiMe with no
alive aGaIN..
SwiM floW iN Zone
YES.. rise.. THRiVE..LiVE
And now.. a final Memory for this MicroVerse to reach an
end for now.. yes.. indeed a very long MicroVerse but hehe..
STiLL much shorter than a MacroVerse with surely
MicroMicroVerses contained as well.. hehe..
yes.. here.. depending on what pArT
of the wHole
you may
read heRE
or tHEre or
over heRE or tHEre
hehe.. as i break this stuff
up in much smaller pieces
to share around too on Twitter
and Facebook and individual homes
oF FolkS on blogs too then and now
as in the present
all is
as present
gift of even more
as MiNdFuLLy AwARe
bEcOmes more focused iN
Mind and BoDy NoW as now is
is aLL tHeRe is NoW and beYond words
of Human iNFiniTy in abstract contruct
ways and terms too.. so yeah.. a trip back
to ’75 at age 14 at a high school Beau Dance
in 9th grade then.. and the girl who asked me.. by
name of Becky.. surely from a distance looks a lot like
that nice much shorter blonde woman off the the Big
Bang Theory TV show as you see all of the folks at
this table.. wHEre a little jab by the cool kid
Yearbook Annual creators said this is a
table to sit the dance
out as wall
do too..
yes.. all members
we were of B Beta Club
for the smarty pants folks
with not a whole lot oF art
in the social ways of
life but oh
lord.. even
sTiLL.. i was/am
the odd human.. then..
out.. but you see.. out
cast has its benefits of
LooKing WithiN.. fiNDinG and
BeInG oNE WiTh God.. so yes..
thAT is why the meek and last
do STiLL more than many oTheRs
InHerit the Kingdom of God as tHeRE
is simply no choice but to look within deeper
when one is outcast for whatever reason from the group
of life..
i wouldn’t do
it any otHeR way
iF Given the choice..
to rise from dARk to liGht
agAIn.. aS SuREly the dARk bRings
the greATest liGhts within noW in Victory
of Love and Hope aWay from Hate and fear..
YOU dog/cat
stars oF aS iN LiFE LiGht..
and that’s the thing.. the outcasts
of liFe.. no different than me are attracted
to each otHeR naturAlly as the greaTest empathy
of Love comes from the dArk of Pain and numb sAMe.. so..
i hOld my head high to rise wiTh the outcasts to cOme and riSE hiGher aGaIn..:)
Well.. it wasn’t actuAlly planned in advance for the Chinese New Year
but never the less.. we celebrated the Chinese New Year on
the 28th of January 2017.. ‘their time’.. ahead of ours
of course at the local
that we patronize
across the years but
haven’t been to in many
months as in my opinion
the King Buffet in Pensacola
beats the Grand Buffet in Pace
Florida but hey! it’s all Chinese Food
when all is said and ate and they did serve
very long Snow Crab Legs tonight as the wife
Katrina did most of the job iN delivering the fresh
meat from inside the Snow Crab Leg shells.. as yes..
she enjoys
staying busy
serving others with
love as that is one technically
identified language of love in
serving others and she likes
the gift language of love
best it seems and
i like the
time languages
of Love too of course with
Golden Rule style Love too..
harming no other folks and loving
them how ya love yAsELf as neighbor sAMe..
and nah.. Christianity surely doesn’t have a copy
right on this as this came way back in Hinduism about
3200 BC as the list review below surely shows noW2..:)
Buddhism: 560 BC, From the Udanavarga 5:18:
“Hurt not others with that which pains yourself.”
Judaism: 1300 BC, from the Old Testament, Leviticus 19:18:
“Thou shalt Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
Hinduism: 3200 BC, From the Hitopadesa:
“One should always treat others as they themselves wish to be treated.”
Zoroastrianism: 600 BC, From the Shast-na-shayast: 13:29
“Whatever is disagreeable to yourself, do not do unto others.”
Confucianism: 557 BC, From the Analects 15:23:
“What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.”
Christianity: 30 AD, From the King James Version 7:12:
“Whatsoever ye would that others should do to you, do ye even so to them.”
So.. NO.. Christianity doesn’t have a golden copyright on the golden
rule.. hehe.. and they really don’t need too as the Golden
Rule is the normal way of behaving human in
small naked groups of less than
150 to 200 sets
of eYes
set free
in small village
life wHeRe empathy
and compassion for each
other are not only a requirement
for thriving but for base survival too..
so.. toGeTheR we stand per cliche of DiViDed
we fall too.. as surELy this is a hint for an administration
now that has little human empathy and compassion for others
if they aren’t just like you that is them in fitting in on the global
scene growing smaller as the Trump Crew is in danger of burning
bridges and building walls to block out folks from Mexico when we
too.. due to climate change may be wanting to get down to old Mexico
to escape coming climate catastrophes.. including higher prices and
and a birth rate that will fall to dangerous levels of supporting the
older folks if we do not continue to allow the immigrants
who come in to stay.. as hey.. how the hell do
ya think ya are gonna build a big
wall without the reliable
that already
does the jobs
no one else wants to do..
for cheaper FucKinG Bucks..
it’s all Tom Fuckery.. nuTheR day in tow..
anyWay.. no one owns the keys for hUman
Altruism that comes for free.. Billionaire or not..
Love wins in the end of the beginning never finishing sTARt of LiFe NOW..
And.. oh by A way.. considering thaT i am born on 6660 that IS A Metal Year
of thE
i’LL do some
rat rap later to
accompany some heavy
metal dance and song for the
Year of the Fire Rooster coming now
to a Chinese Restaurant.. near.. and dear to you too..;)
sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Xenia Tran.. i guess
i am more of a fast
cat who thinks
deeply but
missed the
fact that the smiling
nice young woman who
is actually the only one from
the entire dVerse trail that i fully
comment on from that trail who took the time
and effort to at least come by then/now with
a smile of like.. so.. i suppose.. i too.. kNow..
FeeL and SeNSe as ReaL the
Water surELy
DanceS a SonG
of God FreeLY and suRELy
A SiGn that wins an SoS of
an entire globe’s soUL for
a day in the liFE of God
WiThiN NoW..
i missed the friendly
Greyhounds pointing
back here in the last
few times you
my blog
as it seems
that only a finished
blog was linked.. beFore.. as you
see.. my friEnd.. i’ve visited thousands of
poets over the course of the last three and
a half years and i remember the places i FeeL the
greaTEst liGhts and your home here is one of those
places for a connoisseur oF liGht as now my friEnd.. flowS on…Peace..:)
Haha.. “when i look in the Mirror
i see a Unicorn.. A Bad Ass Unicorn”
well i guess.. in A style of the Super
Hero Named Fred off the Disney
Movie.. Big Hero 6.. this is
suRely true
in a
more fully
revealed and surely as
passionate about liFe.. as ‘me’..
‘talking to the mirror’.. my friEnd..
is talking to the within.. the paRt
of us that is at lEast 14 Billion years old
according to science.. innate instinct
and intuition that sings and dances
oF our fore bearers iN this great
miracle of life noW oN this
planet eARTh even
for the
smAllest of
sea creatures..
millions of years ago
who are also our parents
as is crucible star burst death
oF F aLLen stars and riSinG liFe
noW iN the Love of hUman eYes
or not for this fullest miracle of liFe
that can be heaven on earth now full of
abundance if we all look within to find the Love
and Harmony and Peace of Love that lives so bright
within surviving all the struggles to coMe to this point
of Loving iT aLL as A Buddha miGht say and those other
so-called enLiGhTeNed ones to see all as beauty is to be
trUth and LIGht as beauty sees and hears a Song of Bliss..
well.. my Friend.. tHeRE was a day iN decades of work.. a Hurricane
named Ivan and the destruction of the byproducts of cultural infrastructure
that brOught me to the reaLiTy that all of my life was out there and there was
little left inside to relate to in deeper ways of words or other symbols and
guideposts as signs to deeper holy and sacred meaning and purpose then
iN/aS life… Years more went by lost from self.. And pain and disability took
‘me’ away from culture again.. no choice but to look within
with effective use of eyes and ears gone..
no more emotion.. mostly bLack
wHole soUL.. i climbed
out my
and found
within and the
within i live now
has no limits as a smile
as wider as infinity of Love
wHo refuses to shine any less than Love..
As aLWays.. thanks for the inspiration of your
words.. my friend Prajakta.. as truly as long as
you seek answers to the questions of life they will come..:)
WeLL.. HeLLo.. gigoid.. surELy
i aM gLad to see that yoUr
‘igloo’ today is
mELting into
of GiVinG
and ShaRinG
as that is what
hUman does best
when love trumps hate.. hehe…
i reFuse to let my blood pressUre
rise.. so i put the righteous indignation into art as
art as a source of most human healing when creating free..
aS SurELy reFuSinG to let it go IS A ticKing tiMe bomb of sLow
tortUre as LiVinG deATh..
aka HAte..
and all the
otHeR sTuFF
now wiTh fear
of letting
go now of
control and
spiRAlinG aRoUnd
the sun as any trULy
Free Seagull WiLL do
after they shit as all free birds do do..too..
i thiNK thaT iS correct grammar but as my
mother says as a published science-like
poet.. oh my god my son
is living
of life as i coNtinUe
F L O W iN z O N E noW..
a place i NoW cannot make
her drink as be the water Now
and air of course too.. eARTh
Wind And Fire as sWeLL.. too..:)
“Where there is much light there is also much shadow.”
~~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~~
Not only thaT..
thE LiGht
thE dARk…
thaT is why
thE LiGht
muSt shine
dARk to
LiGht cOmes aGAiN
And i suppose iN words
that’s kinda how thE wHole EnChildA works..;)
“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.”
~~ Carl Jung ~~
And dARk
iNside inN YiN
and YanG oF
animus as diViNe
masculiNe and
anima as diViNe
femiNine aS iN WiLL
And Grace and Strength oF Love…
One.. knows/feels/senses.. my friEnd
iF one cannot find God
iOn the
BEach now
with no clothes
or words or books
no God..
but hey.. now/then
“its” harder to find iN
O U T S iD E N OW oF
EDen A B U N D A N C E
iN A desert so ‘they’ made
onLY and
last prophets
and such as that..
on flat lands
and iN Rocky
caves too
of scarCity…
Never the less..
God shines as A desert moon too..
and under a tree and on the beach
and iN A desert
iN a cave
with labELs
for psychosis..;)
“First things first, but not necessarily in that order.”
~~ Doctor Who, MEGLOS ~~
“Any fool can know.
The point is to understand.”
~~ Albert Einstein
Data download
LiVinG LiGhT..:)
“We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”
~~ Robert Frost “The Secret Sits” 1936 ~~
With modern technology
we can finAlly
of the Hurricane
as above.. so below..
inside.. outside.. and
all around.. And iF we faiL to
deVelop an eYe oUr stoRm fAils sooner2..
and most every
on the
Savannah FeeLs/SenseS this
too.. ha!.. so calLed apeX predATor
as tools butT at coRe.. Trump Weak..
overAll.. as hUMan storms are fAiLiNG..
very few..
“KaTriNa StatUs now”..;)
“Always store beer in a dark place.”
~~ Lazarus Long
So.. i go dancing on Thursday night
as usual and there is one dude who
suggests i might be some kind of undercover
law enforcement dude to uncover illegal drug shit going down..
and there is another
dude as high as
a loving
on Molly
suggesting that
i must be on something to
be high as a Mr. Kite.. DanCinG too..
thing is.. my beer is always lit
uP wiTh no beer aT aLL..
to check out of dARk…
And rules…
i fly with no periods..@aLL
GiVinG Caesar all his local..
state.. and federal law sense
due course of course.. STiLL.. NoW FReED..;)
“Are all your stars shining?”
~~ JD Salinger ~~
i aM liGhTinG
uP more
as i sPeak here more in the
bliss oF aLL thaT neurochemistry liT uP too..
a big
from head to toe
as fractal reflection
of thE wHOle dAM enChildA..;)
“I think it’s good that everyone becomes food.”
~~ Hobbes, the Tiger ~~
Green PlanETs2..
Teeth too..
inclUsive oF caNiNes..
to save the plants from
endless munching2..
And yes..
putting food
iN a box to rot
to dust now2
IS A fairly
sELfish thing to do2..
as far as overAll give and take goes2..;)
“It’s a fool’s life,
a rogue’s life,
and a good life
if you keep laughing all the way to the grave.”
~~ Edward Abbey ~~
THeRe is no fear noW iN
Laugh when isREaL and
GoD’s A LauGh2 NoW2
And thAt’s how i kNoW/
FeeL/SeNSE NoW2 thAt
‘Trumps’ wrote ‘those
bibles’.. no iSreal
or holy
coNseNsuAL LUsT NoW
FuLL of meaning and purpose2..
As uP is dOwn and riGht is wronG
aS rePlace HoLY lauGh/luSt wiTh fEaR
NoW And get World War III.. FuLL blOWN…
So.. i DancE and SinG and giVe iT soMe FinGers..;)
Hmm.. some nows.. NoW..
yA juSt have to pull out
both the Karmic eYes
and put them into
full affect/NoW
when the original
Greek Definition of
Apocalypse as far as
lifting the veils of ignorance
is becoming Heavier and Heavier
as Trump lies sing a SonG so dARk
so dArk away from Peace and Harmony
aS even the Coca Cola Company knows/
feeLs and SeNses better than all the alpha
monkey slinging stuff going around in the last
week/year or so ago.. as hey.. this stuff sTiNKs..
sure.. in words
too to relate
just to let
it out
in my case
so it will not
rot anymore in
my brAiN as stINk
StaNk StUFF tRump
StuFf tEnds to do.. and hell
no.. i ain’t gonna shut up about
fear and hate to pretend that
Nazi Germany cannot rise
up over heAr now
too as
the siGns
are clear as a tar
bLacK dArk whOle
sToLd sOld souL sTar
as the DarK MiNIoN pluS TrumP
FolloWers of the most despicable
human by far as far as little to no honesty
or integrity buys his way to leader of a free
world with the other folks wondering what fresh
hell will come neXt as the used cAr SalEsman promises
them pipe dreams of new Jobs as the richest of the richest
come to rule the country to insure their richest friends get even
more rich too as Capitalism sings a song with hopes of getting rid
of all the social nets that minions are more likely to fall through in the
next recession or great depression or world war III that comes nexT
as sAdly around the 80 percent of evangelistic so-called Christians
gather a dream for an Apocalypse similar to a nuclear war end
by FriGGinG taKinG the Dream of a first Century or so
dude that wasn’t even in a cave.. about the
over rule of the so-called be loving
over class rule of the day
of the now back
then now too ..
that has become
a Holy and Sacred
Nocebo Voodoo way
of wishing for the end of
Heaven here on eARth for a place
they’ve never been and a place that folks
still live within.. inside.. outside and all around..
no different really than the words attributed to a
man who said the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
and promised it in this generation that was that generation
and of course the ones beFore and alWays the ones after NoW
as Heaven IS A state of BeinG within one with God NoW as any frigging
Yogi already experiences like the Yogi-like reported Yeshua Aramaic
illiterate dude said then or not after filterS in the desert dusty roads of
round table discussion of this way or that way or the dusty highway
more to ‘waiting for Godot’.. wHo/thAT never coMes anyWhERe else
but WithIn as co-created WiTh and As God WiThIN..
inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around…
Oh Lord.. folks who come to this place
have been attempting to hELp BRinG
folks heRe forever NoW as LonG
as folks have been
here or never
into the
of GoDoM noW as
metaphored in so many
abstract construct symbols
throughout the history of the hUman
World… see.. the thing is all the real cool
teachings of Jesus have been reported far
far away in both time and place for that place
then and now.. it’s human nature realized as ways
that work and shared with other folks in kind and courage
to hELp them wiTH empathy and compassion to make A
Heaven of Abundance of Love WiThiN overfloWinG as Chalice
NoW without any form butt essence of Love inside as Temple oF God
flesh and blood radiates this liGht oF LoVe too.. wow.. HEAVEN EXPERIENCED
YES.. WE HAVE IT.. as the bELk’s SToRE even relates too on the mirrored columns that hold
up the CeiLinG tHeRe.. whetHeR or not the nice customer service folks live in Heaven now or
not.. the meSsAGe of the Ages rings trUe.. as some folks live in sHades of Grey to
dArk and otherS liVe beYOnd RainBoW colors of WhiTE liGhT iN HeaVeN NoW..
and for uS folkS it’s enough to make ya wanna bang ya head against a brick
wall as folks lock themselves out of heaven with stagnant ways
of MoVinG CoNnecTinG and Co-CreaTinG LIVe adding
A verse moRe to the UniVeRSe of all that is God as
Nature plUs too.. but nah.. no head
banging for me.. as i will
finger piano pLay
it wiTh aRT
and DancE
as the
DArk TruMpeT
oF LIGht BRinGS even
sweeter refRains of HeaVeN noW..
and you see and hear or not.. it is ‘the
Judas’ who often bleeds most as the Judas
and the Judas followers StiLL aWay
from liGht of GiVinG and ShARinG
liGht wiTh otHeRS NoW..
including turning
away folks
in need
as you do to the
lEast you do to God sAMe..
Karma WiLL biTe you in the ass
and bless yOUr heaRt.. do as one wills
and pay the dARk or LiGht consequences
of positive LiGht or negative dARk actions now
later of course or even now.. it goes and comes around
in God’s tiMe that is no tiMe but NoW.. iT’s disgusting that
freedom and even so-called Jesus can be bOught with fear
and all things related to fear and hate and that love can be replaced
by TaKinG and bLocKinG LoVe out.. and oh.. yeah.. sTuFF like ignorance
against fActs like the fact that wHere planned parenthood and even legal
abortions occur there are technical fewer abortions than wHere abortion is outlawed..
..all together with little to no planned parenthood in Catholic Ways of hate against
effective contraception and all the other religious/oTheR ways of ignorance against the
necessity of God’s BaLanCE in all of NAtuRe as even in the United States now
abortions per thousand women have fallen to lower rates than even
when abortion first became available in ’73 then/now.. PLANNED
and not only that the impact of unsafe abortion is much
more suffering for the unborn more and the mother still
in ways of slow tortuous deaths
for child and mother and
permanent disability too..
but how ya gonna ‘make’ folks believe that now
who don’t even appreciate the fAct that an asteroid
created all of human life back 66 million years ago stArting
with the rise of a rodent-like ancestor we humans have shared..
since about 75 million years ago too.. yep.. that Asteroid hELped
make A Gulf of Mexico.. likely.. and we humans too.. might have seemed
to be a bad thing for sure.. for the dinosaurs then.. but hey.. these humans
these days are dumb enough not only to potentially destroy themselves
with bombs but also to sLoWly destroy tHeir hoMe that is the only Heaven
they will ever see on eARTh..NoW.. how dumb is that.. WeLL.. as far as lifting veils
oF ignorance.. those veils are sold and bOught.. hook line sinKer and aLL.. so the watchers..
watch.. and hope for an isREAL Apocalypse more of lifting these/those veils of ignorance..NoW..
HeaVeN alWays
now.. never ever hoarding
it to ourselves.. meanwhile.. “the
Trump’s” live in HeLL NoW WiTh
rarely to ever fully satisfying essence
as Chalice of Love overfloWinG within to
Give and Share to oTheRs Free.. they are the
losers doing tHeir best to BRinG Heaven down now
to tHeir level of HeLL heRE on eARtH as literal metaphor
too as both IsReaL Heaven and Hell and the ‘tween of that
lives within HUman Being STiLL NoW since way way beForE
2K years ago.. and for more years to come if we don’t keep shooting
ourselves in the FucKinG FeAT of Feet and Hands WiTh Trump bulLets of ignorance more..
chest.. DO wiTh
iT as anyone miGht
WiLL either ‘tween of
HeAVen and HeLL and/or all
the sHades of Purgatory Grey
BeTweeN thaT witHiN too.. God FeeLs
and SeNses iN aLL hUman eYes of misery
and suffeRing and trUst me.. God is not deaf
to the crying oF aLL those who are suffering
at the hand of the Trump and his minions now…
Karma will SinG her SonG and best be on the beach side of Karma
to dance with you..;)
And now a MacroVerse Memory.. “THE FARTHEST STAR”
from three years ago.. with the first lines as quoted by
long term online Blogger Friend Lala Rukh
from Pakistan then.. now// immigrant in the UK..:)
.”.Life ‘Inception’
…..Riddle wrapped in Enigma
…………………….Prehistoric pen shrieks
…………………………………………………Echoing Like
…………………………………………………………Tunnels in Labyrinth
………………………………………………………………………..Reflecting tales of Illusion
………………………………………………………..Time follows the quest
…………………………………………..Of Unreachable Stars
…………………………..Struggles and failures
………………Bleed into Hope
The cycle Continues..”
The Farthest Star
by Katie Mia FredericK
True th@tHe Prehistoric Pen leads to labyrinth of illusion..
B long as tHere is hope..for truth..
AND THEN the feathered
shape of yOur song.. instead of boom..
..e rang..becomes a rocket..fueled.. to reach th@star..the farthest star..the star t o F ALL that comes….
“And by the way…*!ya!*..
are simply brilliant.. dear..
the World WILL be @loss…
if yoUr marr..i..age..
stops yOUR
i encourage ya to continue on….
after ya adjust to
yah.. i know
but yaH..i will be
as usuAlly
for yOur
(little x means respect
the way
And now.. A MacroVerse Memory from two years ago
named “Signficance of the ‘STACHE”.. yes..
humorous with of course
somewhat witty
too and
surely on
topic of ‘the pill’
and sucH as thaT
as typicAlly women.. while
OFF the pill.. are more attracted
to the alpha male hairy type sTiLL oF
male.. And ON the pill.. well.. the more
masculine in secondary sex characteristics
like a furry chest are more of the protector
class of desired males to come more per do..
and bare chests and hairless faces tend to rule
more when the women are more in charge heHe.. with ‘the pill’..
is it no wonder that patriarchy shares so many beards.. nAha.. it’s not..
as the more sex differences there are in the genders the more patriarchy rules
as a science
rule now
of course..
and sure.. in general..
Asian folks are less aggressive
in Trump ways of loud mouth alpha monkeys
or those who pretend to be alpha monkeys like
self male esteem
that doesn’t have to
win women over with dollar bills
and such as that
now/then for
value over
the sweat
of a furry protector brow..
wiTh wInks of course as these
are generaliTies with plenty of
exceptions that also rule in
substantive hairy stache ways or not..
And yes.. the Beatles helped bring
back the Stache with tHeir
“SgT. Pepper’s Lonely
heARts Club Band”
Album coveR.. at
leASt for
them likely
inspired by thaT
law enforcement bust
oF A some-What random law-enforcement
statue dude from the porch of John Lennon
as a Random Synchronicity thingie that goes
along with all tHeir so called non-sense SonGS
from the psychedelic LSD inspired music 60’s.. wHeRE
the HoLy SpiRit FloW WiThiN (God liGht within too)..
provides a-causal connecting principle SiGns
of Synchronicity as iNk Blot Masterpiece
painting of what some folks
name as
and oTheR
FoLks as/is BrUshes
NoW oF/as/is GoD do Now see as
Masterpiece taPestry wHOle GoD NoW
as boTh A greaT adVenTurE oF liFE! as/is/oF GoD aLL noW aLL..
and sure.. for whatever reason.. but art.. i tend to look a lot like that alabaster
stOne face
on the
cover sTiLL
of that album too
with all the back up
of the sages of the ages
to cover me too.. fresh out of stone
like a moon child who continues to
evolve more than a rock.. oF miNioN.. hehe..
but hey.. by the sAMe toKen.. like an Egyptian God
if ya
get the
not so
projection of That2..
heHe as mE hAha2..
all ferTile aS Such2..
Pan and Apollo and all that2
And suRe eT aL like Katy Perry SinGs2..;)
the precious ‘stache
a cosmetic accessory to hide
my alien
since 1976…
But more than that
a symbol of rebels of difference..
Since the Industrial Revolution..
peaking with
Magnum P.I.
the 70’s
and now
Where females went from Ooh La La
to Eww.. Ugh.. Gross..
i personally believe it has something to do with the PILL..
but instead of writing a research paper..
i’ll just say.. thank GOD
my days
70’S for hairy ways!
At least I have something
growing for
All over the place
Hmm.. wHat else.. WeLL yes.. *’Contact’
aS Such with a MicroMicroVerse Memory
below as shared on Facebook from a year ago..
and wHo kNows.. could be thAT Dude who wonders
uP on that reALLy SuBliMe graphic representation of Pensacola
Beach too.. yep.. Movie inspired by a Carl Sagan book too..;)
SMiLes.. i suppose the main reason
i have no desire to go to Mars or the Moon..
is.. i’ve practically never left the Paradise that
i live in.. here.. in Northwest Florida.. beyond
the folks who can kinda be sticks in the mud
of the past sometimes.. yeah.. i’ve been to
edifaced Washington DC.. still not
impressive to me.. compared to
the sugar white sand and
emerald green gulf of
the beaches here
along with breezing swaying
sea oats.. and dove white seagulls..
and did i mention the bikinis.. yes.. the
bikinis and tan skin too.. and Disney World..
that was cool.. but i have to admit that as a
young man.. what i remembered most was
all the tan foreign women.. not wearing bras..
i guess i’m human so sue me.. hehe… so now..
In shorts.. i say..
if there are
no bikinis
on other
i ain’t
but i’m older
now.. but sTill
and when i watched one
of my most favorite movies..
‘Contact’ inspired by
the writings of
Carl Sagan..
it was no surprise to
me at all that the place
picked for Paradise out
of all the Universe
for Jodie
Beach at the end
of that Movie.. and also
no surprise that after Billions
of years of research the advanced
Aliens.. came to the simple conclusion
that what makes purpose and meaning
iN all of life.. iS the deep human connection
of affective
in emotional
contagion of actually
feeling the other person’s
heArt of emoTioNs and sharing
that together.. sadly technology..
as ironicAlly even science shows
takes that away.. when mechanical
problem solving cognition activities
take the center role over
life.. the touchY feelY
human ways
of connection
wither away
no less than
a stopped up
pipe of life..
iN iT..
That’s why i saY
F all that.. yes..
Fred all that..
and move
to poeTry
and dance
to increase
the Alien gift
iN me of 14.5 billion
years ago.. or so before
then.. the gift of that
YEs.. in the preSent
of now..
in paradise
Some nows just a
10 minute segment
iN a movie says it aLL..
to employ my
9 minutes
and 53 seconds..
i’m not counting anymore..
i let Microsoft Word do that for
me and Word Press in terms
of effective/affective results after
the flow of
free.. and
sure.. my Nike
GPS sports
watch for miles
and miles of dance
in stores.. after the
flow of that
for now
as well..
iN Affect of
effect of Human
BEinG for N0W WeLL..:)
*As i continue to build ‘this place’
for otHeRs to coMe aGAiN iN thE Future too..;)
“I cannot achieve complete humility
— although complete humiliation is always within reach.”
— Dan Goodman
WeLL.. gigoid.. humbly i say
i missed this one
in my
feed at
first but
seconds help
and as far as humiLiTy
goes if one cannot find someone
to adequately haze one like a school
class verbal bully in public affront tHeRe
is alWays self-haze for those who intend
to rise
and retain
humility as well..
on demand of course
too.. in an online world free…
The so-called secret mystery schools..
i.e. the masons and fraternities and sororities
and hell.. even coaches of football teams and the
military sTill take ya down a notch if ya don’t find a way
to take
or with
numb pain
to a Grain
of Sand and be
miGhty proud
iN humiLiTy to stAnd
with thaT GrAin of SAnd Strong
unwavering aS Such never fearful in iLLusory
ways with little to no unresolved anger and hate..
so.. go haze go..
no jumping
off bridges and
water boarding and stuff like that..
IN Trump ways of foolishness having no
clue about what drives human nature within
for those
a heARt..
a SpiRit and
SoUL beYond
cOal blAck SuN sTar whOle..:)
“And of course, No soap, radio.”
— traditional non sequitor
radio, soap No,
course of And
now what currently
meMes and tHeMes
to be a NoW hELd
sequitor non traditional..
A trip aWay from electronic
devices to DancE and
SinG iN liGht
FReED iN SanD aLiGht..;)
“I wanted to change the world.
But I have found that the only thing
one can be sure of changing is oneself.”
— Aldous Huxley
Yes.. i find this to be
somEhaT sELf evident
NoW as i create my liGht
in the
of Me…
i get out..
butt shaRinG
sUnliGht now can
be a Job of JoB nOw
paraDoxicAllY aS Such..;)
“What I am is what I am.
Are you what you are, or what?”
— Edie Brickell
i am
to spEll
iT aLL ouT..
BeGiNNiNG aLL NoW2..:)
Men are born crying
And when they’ve cried enough
They die
— Ran
AfTer LiVinG
the first tiMe
with one tear..
dry for five years..
i tEnd to disagree with
the literal translation of this
and that
is what
Country Music
is for2.. when ‘Big Daddy’
scOlds the little sons for
crying and they shut iT aLL
iN unTiLL the Grand oLd opRy..
or for the Jesus.. wHeRE tears are oKay
to share tears with any man aT aLL.. so.. sAd..
Dry humor way
too.. my FriEnd2..
oh.. yeaH.. anD tearS iN
beers and sTuFF like thaT
as cOld heArTed repression
or yes.. oppression against
emotions now often leads to
soul NumBinG disEases
oF aDDiction
WeLL in
pain of numb…
sMiLes.. Love heals
when ALLoWeD iN diVine
yin and yang of femiNine grace
and love and masculine StrenGth and WiLL..
aLL DiVinE as such2 as WiLL oVer LoVe aLL fresh out noW2..:)
“Everything is simpler than you think
and at the same time more complex than you imagine.”
— Goethe
sounds complicated
simply and i complexly
“I don’t want realism, I want magic!”
— A Streetcar Named Desire, 1940’s
Leave out a
named desire
on the road of life
and lose the journey
of not
thaT FeeLs
SenSes more than
oLd emPty sHeLL words..
meh.. lots of liberals become
conservative when they lose luSt for liFe..
it’s neurochemistry and evidenced in
science and surELy in the box liFE..
more FoR JoY!..;)
Happy Deaths
are full of life..
for Death..:)
“He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything.
That points clearly to a political career.”
— George Bernard Shaw
“Silence can be the biggest lie of all.
We have a responsibility to speak up;
and whenever the occasion calls for it,
we have a responsibility to raise bloody hell.”
— Herbert Block
“Modern biology has been built upon two great ideas. The first, a product of the nineteenth century, is that all life descended from elementary, single-celled organisms by means of natural selection. The second, perfected in the twentieth century, is that organisms are entirely obedient to the laws of physics and chemistry. No extraneous “vital force” runs the living cell.”
— Edward O. Wilson, “Biophilia”
And sure.. we
just by
observing theM..
or perHaps science is WronG aS
theories come and go as reaLiTy
TRumps pastomorroW aS now..:)
“…it is the privilege of fools
to speak the truth without giving offense.”
— Erasmus
“As for courage and will – we cannot measure how much of each lies within us,
we can only trust there will be sufficient to carry through trials which may lie ahead.”
— Andre Norton
Sure we can through
empirical measures of LBS
but of course that would not make
sense for those who sTiLL feel the
body is separate..
on the otHer Hands
and Feet., trUst when
100% positive forCE
with zero illusory
fears and
Laser focus Love
a S F A i T H noW..
can leg press a half
a ton 33 times and more
at age 56 after total disability
and with permanent disability
sTiLL.. iNcluding an autonomic nervous
system that supposedly doesn’t work correctly..
oh.. Horatios.. it’s true.. Miracles are easy to press as iSReal..
and hard
to meaSure
without tools that work..
i.e.. Faith aS WiLL as pure Love as Force..:)
“One man’s wickedness may easily become all men’s curse.”
— Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 463
should be out
buTT count the
miNions as
keeping hiM iN..
Maxim 463 hOlds sTiLL and the game ain’T over yeT aL..;)
“The wise learn many things from their foes.”
— Aristophanes (c. 450-385 B.C.) — The Birds (414 B.C.), line 375
i lEArn
thE most
from my toes..
NoW when
NoW oN
oF courSE..
as HorSe SenSE
and FeeL onE WiTh GraViTy..
as no
“Never create by law what can
be accomplished by morality.”
— Charles-Louis Secondat Baron de Montesquieu
Moral relativism sings a
cruel song of social
status in stuff
and a savior
oF TRump
now that he’s
out i DancE and
SinG aS dEviL sOld..
EG.. Example GiVeN
a rein
RaIN soUL NoW..:)
Hmm.. glad
‘thiS’ cAMe
after last..;)
Jesus say and
do in reply to all
this fresh hell going down now.. around the world too…
“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do
for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”
According to Matthew 25:45
So.. for all the so-called Christians who voted for Trump
to lead a country that supports a Declaration of Freedom
and Independence for the right to life.. liberty.. and
the pursuit of happiness.. what would
Jesus say about Trump and
yes.. his Minions
today.. NoW..
that’s simple.. it’s
Elementary dear
Watsons.. eTc.. iT
would/will be the quote
above as Matthew 25:45 for
even a Sith could quote that back
to you like Trump and sure.. somewhat
of a Ninja who can basically transform now
into devil or an angel in a split second of a
facial expression.. hehe.. and sure.. a T-shirt too.. haha..
anyWay.. Trump has FucKeD dOwn the real first time in actually
endangering lives and so the court stepS in with a more ethical
mind in legal ways of viewing rights to life and blocks the insanity
gets hurt..
Impulsive is okay
in the world of art when
no lives are at stake but in
the diplomacy of the world at hand..
when human lives are at stake.. sure.. it
is potentially dangerous to lives at risk
and surely that is the state of
affairs in countries who
hold refugees just
hoping for
the basic
common human
altruistic virtue as gift of
basic relief for a right to life..
so these folks say they support
a right to life.. yes.. the sanctimonious
Christians who come to Catholic Church still
promoting the end of planned parenthood that
science proves will only increase the number of
unwanted pregnancies and abortions around the world
as it does today end in more abortions as statistically proven
in countries with planned parenthood and safe abortions compared
to those who do not have this educational assistance to actually prevent
unwanted pregnancies and abortions same.. ignorance reigns in both intellect
and even by those great teachings of the reported dude named Jesus and Yeshua..
back 2000 years ago.. so.. just in a week’s time.. Trump has potentially endangered lives
with his impulsivity and disenfranchised everyone who really cares about the home NoW
of tHeiR planet eARTh that IS A gift oF the God of Nature all to all thaT liVes on this eARTh
now.. scientists.. women.. 2 Billion or so Muslim folks around the world.. Hispanics..
eTc.. eTc.. every FucKinG person who is anywhere close to being a TrUe LiGhT
Christian who bases tHeir life on the empathy and compassion
of gentile.. jew.. servant or free.. woman or man no more..
i know/sense/FEEL ‘yoUr’ book ‘better’ than ‘YOU’ AND YES
i know the other books too.. they are
all flawed.. including mine
as all fall short
of all
the fleas
who suck the blood
of the glory of the dog they cannot
fully see.. that’s in my bible.. by a way.. just
for me.. okay.. as i cannot hate my mother or wife
for not believing in me per that #John1412 thingie
that reAlly rings true for me and what i still Do.. believe
it or not Ripley.. anyWay now that’s a personal issue between
me and/as God.. sure.. a covenant aS Such.. just an inspiration
now or ‘you’ to do more than me no different really than what Jesus
supposedly said way back then now per the words of a dude named Saint
John under oppressive rule.. no different than the Syrians today.. who
John predicted a resolution of sorts to his situation then in what is named
Revelation today.. but.. juSt trUst ‘me’.. if ‘he’ could call anyone an anti-christ
today in direct opposition to Matthew 25:45.. it would surely now be Trump who now does
lead his minions in these new anti-christ ways against those in countries who suffer among
the most now And sAdly too.. at the hands of GW Bush and his administration for destabilizing
the balance of the middle east of what worked when then and indirectly providing instructions
to kill around 100K or so innocent folks of what that administration brought as breaking
the 10 commandments of false witness in doing harm by weapons of mass destruction then
that did not even exist and on top of everything else was just a potential while the
country of Saudia Arabia was the host country of most of the Terrorists
who carried out 911.. and are not a part of this current poorly
analytically thought out action to ban ‘certain’ Muslim
folks in ‘certain’ countries that Donald Trump
has not made money off of in the past..
anyway.. after Trump was elected..
the priest at our church
praised the
new change
all the
Vagina grabbing
and sexual assault
talk.. the Trump did on record
per say.. saying.. yes.. the Priest
saying that in veiled terms since the
allowance of Homosexual folks by law
on the Federal Level as supported by Obama
to get married and get the same support provided
by a country to those who love each other for financial
security and insurance benefits and such as that and oh
yeah.. health care can go to hell as long as it provides planned
parenthood services even if science proves that without that
there will be even more abortions and potentially more
unsafe ones if you get rid of that..
sadly.. Sith Ignorance is becoming
the Lord of this country
more as ‘they’ speaK/
DO… where now.. the
richest are elevated
in places of power and status
to become even more allegiant to
the God of Money and STUFF TODAY..
while the poor huddled masses as the least
of us who need the most help are turned away
from borders while not only the statue of Liberty rains
down tears but the so-called memory of the so-called Jesus
and what some folks name as a God but only a truly self-admitted
humble yogi-like dude thaT would bring tears to his eyes and righteous indignation
now for going against the humble altruistic spirit as provided to human as a greatest gift now
for overall social cooperation and survival for the entire species who practices the greatest
courAGEous iN kINd
giFt of
hUman now
liFe.. yes..
NamELy Now
Love.. Love has
taken a Vacation as
the Sith Empire strikes back..
we haven’t seen the color Red NoW..
of this Empire this fully displayed since
the days of GW Bush and his counter-parts
and cohorts then.. it’s back in full length red tie
CaSino attire.. oh.. yeah.. another part of life that
the Catholic Church pushes.. gambling for those folks
with the disease of addiction who are perhaps married
to someone they cannot stand but stay in the relationship
because true love is against the rules of a church who
hates the least among us who are outcast
too.. yes.. namely homosexuals
who along with
and poor single
mothers who do not have
enough resources to maintain
reproductive health are the targets
of the devils.. those who truly follow the
golden rule currently see.. like ‘they’ are hiding
it.. haha.. as these days.. wolves of fear/hate need no
sheep clothing now and nothing against wolves who are now
free and wild and have more honesty and integrity sTiLL now
than the head Sith in charge could even fathom as a potential
in his life now.. anyWay.. there is a Joni Mitchell song for this song
of my words here that fits in just about right.. NoW as Tears of Jesus and
yes.. the Statue of Liberty tUrn into a rebellion against fear and hate now
more than ever as a sleeping giant of Love has been awakened by an anti-christ
real now..
just a real one..
no myth here against
everything good that the
Jesus was for.. namely LOVE..
Anyway.. since the priest of the Catholic
Church intimated that the passage of protection
for homosexuals to get married and the protection
of planned parenthood had changed the spirit of this
country into something the church could no longer recognize..
and praising the new administration as a welcome return to ‘values’..
i will be sitting in the back pew with watcher eyes to see if the actions
yesterday are condemned as anti-christ actions by the government same now
as many so-called Christians named the Obama.. the Anti-Christ for protecting
the rights of the least among us then.. as yes.. do the least harm clause surely
applies in all stuff life if you can understand God’s Nature in all the dARk and
liGht ways that coMes for the BaLanCinG act of the survival and thrive for
any species
of life
yes.. including now.. YES..
all living F iN eARTh creatures
and sureLy the least among us now
include all the Mexican folks from
down South as the worship of money
becomes more important than the worship
of those who are living on the PlaneT eARTh
now for this gift called life.. coming in glory to judge
the living and the dead.. well.. let’s just say the Christians
who support Trump and these new actions wouldn’t ‘farewell’ with
of that now..
at least not
according to
Matthew 25:45 that
i’ll quote again just for
fun as Lord knows and feels
and senses surELy iN me it rings
so true in the hypocrisy of the all
of the last week’s goingS on now that
the real anti-christ and his fLock of minions
are noW in charge.. all i can say is.. i welcome
‘you’.. like a Gospel of Thomas verse 37.. for Minions to
take off the clothes oF lies even if it is 37 degrees outside
at night and the cold hearts of leaders and their minions of
fear and hate and exclusion as walls and of passports are the coldest oF aLL..
Let’s JUST put it this
way.. Jesus would
not be
and his
minions as
he/they fAil(s)
A most basic
now test of humanity..
now.. yes.. again.. the test of LOVE..
Do i hate any of them.. hell no.. i feel
sorry for them even more with tears of
Jesus and the Statue of Liberty sAMe..
ignorance veiLed iN a real original Greek
Definition of lifting the veils of ignorance as Apocalypse now..
Love can do
WiTh WiLL oF
TrUtH as Wisdom
and the liGht of that
Love shining like a flAMe
of Torch who/thaT WiLL never
go out.. per the Golden Rule and
sure.. Matthew 25:45 too.. for those
wHo DancE the SonG of Love more than
empty shells of words long gone to sleep and now dead..
for some..
anyWay.. back later
with a report if the Church
lips of hypocrisy stay shut
or open up to love in A church too..
the so-called Catholic Apostolic Universal one.. locAlly
that supposedly reflects the core teachings of the Jesus too..
as Hope and LOVE
as currently the
policy of the United States
is the Least Christian policy
of the entire so-called developed western world..
by fact of even what the New Testament says now..
nah.. ‘you’ don’t have to look it ‘up’.. it’s provided ‘here’ ‘again’ as ‘promised’..:)
“He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do
for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”
WeLL.. just one MacroVerse Memory share from a year
ago.. titled.. “Atlas Danced First”.. appropriate of
course with the same attire
i wore last night
and a little
tribute then
too.. to that new
Cool Lucifer sHow
as it started a year
ago too in LA on the
west cost in a bar far away
from Lower Alabama as ‘they’
say LA as the Panhandle of Florida
that overall is shaped like a gun and
named the state of flowerS..oh.. the synChroniCities
of the ALL Natural God of/as Nature and the mysteries
God gOlds as dARk and liGht.. and sHaDes of
purgatory grey more than 50 or so all the way
to iNFiniTy beYond more RainBow coloRs now
and hey.. i do not financially own
that bar named Seville
Quarter but
sure.. iN
iT owns me in
ways of unconditional
love and the folks who go there
now.. surELy.. particularly the women most
as don’t ‘they’ aLways love folks like Jesus and the eTc..
as sTiLL NoW seems to be the hiStory of that as nothing is more
sexy than ISREAL LOVE to the eYes of women who seek that…
more than
a pussy
course by a core timid soul
man/men with a bark/bite and little to no isreal love..;)
Ah.. perfect
timing.. ya just
can’t beat the
of LiFe.. particularly
when they highlight epic
hypocrisy at the highest levels
of United States Government and those
naming themselves Christians supporting
a man who freely admitted he was against everything
that the so-called Jesus said in the Sermon oN the Mount
in the Beatitudes.. yes.. the Trumpster as a dARk ClOwn.. the
same at the
head of
Government now..
all anti-christ as evidence
now for sure as he fulfills
his campaign promises against
all those 11 verses of Matthew Chapter 5
while.. the willing Christians.. particularly
Evangelistic ones.. steam ahead for him
in voting way.. still supporting him
now as top level
who represent
their Jesus against
the Beatitudes.. namely
Franklin Graham.. suggesting
this has nothing to do now with his
bible.. yeah.. wRite.. i guess so.. if it
is only in effect at church while the
Jesus eYes roll.. all over the place
of hide away From loving your neighbor
as the Golden Rule says too.. so yeah.. at Catholic
Church today.. while the Pope condemns this action..
yes.. the ‘Saint’ Francis who refuses to go the hypocrite
route on this one.. not a whimper out of the priest to defend
those poor refugees under the Jack boot of Trump and his
particularly Evangelistic Christian supporters and yes
Pence.. and Paul Ryan too.. verbal supporters
aS Such of this fresh hell too.. and more than
likely the predominant Military
audience in our church pews
who are also most likely
Fox News watchers too
was enough of a deterrent
for the Priest to play politics too..
as he denounced the Women’s March
of last week for tHeir rights while staying totally
silent for those who openly defy the Beatitudes
of the so-called Jesus.. yes.. every one of
Matthew.. Chapter 5.. verses 1 through
11.. anyWay.. ironically.. it is the
so-called liberals of course
who are more
than the
so-called Conservative
Republican Evangelist folks..
nah.. just kidding.. not ironic.. almost
par for the course at this point as what is
so-called good plays out as the real bad stuff
in hypocrisy way again this go around.. as usual
we have bad blood as the rebels go forward now
in a revolution of love against the rise of the ‘evil empire’
again.. in Jack Boot weight of Trump and his loyal minions2..:)
And no.. ‘this’ is not Katrina
or our daughter.. this is super
sweet Dancing Friend Cortney
from Old Seville Quarter and graduate
oF University of Florida in environmental
resource management (NOW THANK GOD NOW
OF NATURE).. as she is out to save the
environment and what better goal in life can
tHeir be
Love of
saving the only
home we have so all
creatures.. small and large..
sure.. even as apricot colored
as Trump can continue to survive..
and Trump’s actions are limiting her ability
to land a full time job with the Government as
Trump has frozen all the jobs as Trump don’t give
a crap about anything other than Trump CRap.. for show..
and yes.. i am showing off my nice dance friend.. you bet..;)
Okay.. back to an after church
selfie with the wife Katrina who
refuses to look any older than my
other mid 20’s friend Cortney.. hehe..
and they are all friends and i am grand pa
material now
56 but
sure.. about
16 inside.. hehe..
iN ways of DancE and SonG..
no bad blood here.. baby.. haha..;)
And now to.. two Facebook Algorithm
Supported Video Slide Show presentations
sPaNning Thursday Night Dance night all the
way to ‘tonight’ on Sunday night and yes it does
fulfill some of the prophecies of Joni Mitchell’s Song..
‘Tax Free’.. as i am pictured with a very nice so-called
‘drag queen’ at Seville Quarter and i am also photographed
in front of the Tax Stand at Walmart.. two times demanding
that Trump
too.. in typical
SigNaTure of Fred pose..
all feminine and masculine
balanced out in ballet and martial
arts Yogi style too.. Yes.. Hurricane
eYe with storm winds all fired up
at center peace
cAlms of
and Grace
and Strength and Love
all fearless and smARt
of course..
in Blue state
way and Matrix
Green pill way understanding
that both sides do have tHeir merits..
although it’s getting much harder to
find any so-called ‘good merit’ out
of the longer red tie.. ‘red tiDe’ ways..
butT as ‘they’ say too.. comINg iN glory
aS Such to judge the living and the dead
to see who has been naughty or nice in
Karma way of doing life now.. yeS iN Golden Rule way2..;)
AgaiN.. iN regard to Pope Francis..
as Facebook Friend Suzanne
shares the article on Pope
Francis’ support of the
refugees in need..
A liGht shines iN
at least one place
in Christian
Faces more
attuned to
Hope and Love
vs.. Fear and Hate..:)
New Facebook Friend.. Tahir.. from
Pakistan.. likely connected from
Rafiah’s Facebook page
as i remember
his last
as being
the same of
at least one of her
girlfriends.. responds to
my newest Facebook SigNature
pose profile status photo that is a little
different from the rest as i am using the
muse from today’s Yoda shirt.. probably my
most favorite to wear out of 500 or so themed
T-shirts out of two closets as the Yoda Philosophy
is one of Yogi philosophy as a mix of Eastern Philosophy
of the Tao.. Buddhism.. Confucianism the Gita and such all
combined in one Yogi Priest like me too.. hehe.. difference being
i see God as Nature+ and do not see human natural passions like lust
as evil as emotional regulation and sensory integration with a little neo-cortical
cognitive behavioral therapy/Love makes liFe where one can enjoy it full with all emotions
and senses in Balance in a place caLLed HeaVeN..NoW this thing they call nothingness in
Eastern Philosophies is just repression of the negative emotions and senses of
life that consume us with worry.. there is a place far far beyond that for
those who truly get matrix unplugged from insane cultural
demands to limit the pleasures of life in balance
and i most definitely do mean all of them
from head to toe as turning a blind
eye away from the God of
Nature wHo/thaT liVes
within us as free
as any Jack London half
dog wolf or the Lion off the
Born Free Movie too.. all these philosophies
were developed still in highly patriarchal societies
that controlled reproductive behavior for also insanely
large populations then.. worrying about the women getting
out of control and sullied like a flower that reproduces wild
and free for desire of diversity and what makes all of survival
and thrive possible instead of keeping it within the lineage of cousins
and socio-economic advantage when once life was all about kind and yes..
courage and day to day foraging of life in an environment with abundance
for the food and drink.. and yes.. continuing Moving iN BaLanCinG ForcE
WiTh GoD Connecting and Co-Creating wiTh aLL of NaTurE as BaLanCinG
mInd and BoDy soUL Freely expresSinG EMoTiONs and SeNses NoW yeS
as SpiRiT.. YeS.. free spiRit as BaLanCinG Force WiTh and aS pARt
of GoD oF NaTuRE wHOle.. and Yoda rePreSents this
nicely.. however.. tHeRe are still some drawbacks
as Yoda suggests that the material
reality of our flesh is somehow
crude rather than
sacred full of the
meaning and purpose
of surviving and thriving from
head to toe in Nature all naked
and free with each oThEr TogeThER
in bond with MoThER eARTh too.. and sAdly
other religions tend to view the Nature of eARTh
and tHeir flesh and blood as inferior as one sees in
some early Christian Gnostic Sects that does carry on
as the destruction of this eARTh we live on now is something
many Evangelistic oriented Christians look forward to too.. and in
other religions too.. for a better place than this they name as supernatural..
like Nature isn’t heaven enough for the butterfly and seagull floating in the
air alive and thriving and spiraling around the Sun of God too.. that provides
all of our life.. specificAlly on this planet now.. we have the power with our imagination
to both escape reality and miss heaven here.. and sadly some folks never find heaven
here as that balance with God
is always waiting
the individual
to seek and find it
and master it as a practice
of life in the PARt of Yoda
Philosophy that makes sense
in MaKing aLL of liFe from dARk
to liGht A HoLY SacReD Meaningful
Experience purposeful as great adventure
from the smallest detail views to the grandest
views of God’s Masterpiece painting of and as
all of NatuRe.. as we brushes of and as God continue
to paint that MasTerPiece wiTh and as God adding a greater
verse to the UniVerse iN both MacroVerse and MicroVerse ways..
to use a metaphor that i often use here to describe my own art of life..
as is.. anyway.. back to Tahir as this is quiet a loud diversion of a path to
get back to my response to him when he said ‘NICE style’ in Facebook
response to my SiGnAtuRE pose thAT is a little more martial arts
than grace as both work toGeThER as agility/balance/strength
to build the pyramids as heavy as the stones are then
spiRing to the capstone of that too.. thing is.. life
is born to be free and domestication
of dogs.. cats.. and humans..
and all the other animals
have fences.. walls
and borders
from free..
yes.. school desks..
sidewalks never to veer off
and neatly trimmed grass and
sycamore trees that never see the
potential of their God Given liFE now..
to grow from a mustard seed of faith to
a Tree of LiFE noW.. anYWAy.. juSt like Neo
from the Matrix too… while some folks are scrambling
for dollar bills.. other ones of us live in a dimension of life
so far away from a dollar bill that truly it is like getting through
a needle as a camel for those who ride the green bLack Back of a bill of sale..
free takes work
but it is
truly for sale..
only give and share..
and that is what humans
do the best when set freed like
that Jack London half wolf breed
domesticated dog come free and re-born
back in the wild as any human can be with
WiLL and Choice and the insanity of Trump ways of being now..
and that’s the thing about balance.. the dARk BringS the liGht and
the liGht bRingS the dARk.. Bush was the dArk.. Obama was the liGht
and now we have Trump back as the dARkesT from liGht perhaps since
Adolph Hitler.. as the similarities in Trump’s Behavior continue to show in policy
way now.. thing is.. as long as freedom of expression is not censored like Trump’s
strategic leader that had the little red faced boy nerve to tell the free press to shut
up and listen to Trump shit.. we will be okay.. and a Revolution of Love as Hope
and liGht wilLL come back in rebel way to defeat the dARk Trump Empire
again.. and the cycle of dARk and LIGht moves on as that lives in all
of us.. more likely innate liGht as Hope and Love in an
environment of abundance and more likely innate
dARk of fear and hate in an environment of scarCity
as hiStory continues to show
in patriarchal
ways of
and control away
from the Matriarchy
and Egalitarianism of Divine
Feminine Love of social cooperation
iN aS Grace/Love and a BaLanCinG Force for
the WiLL and Strength of the DiVine Masculine
inherent in most we all.. when cultivated as a Garden
of BaLanCinG ForCE WiTh and as God of NaTuRe aLL
Now.. HuMaN NaTuRe seT free as BaLanCinG FoRCE NoW FReEd..
i say
back to
Tahir this..
SMiLes.. my friEnd..
Live Life as art..
Live Life as wonder..
Life becomes magic..
OnE in BeiNG wiTh GOD..
or the Force as ‘they’ say.. wiTh WiNks..
And don’t forget the humor and general lust for all existence
as beauty
iN and as aLL
And aS liGht..
as pUre Love.. As
hUman PoTenTial WiTh aS
God DanceS and SinGs aWaKe..:)
So yeah.. this is like a Haibun and
Haiku in the sense and feel that the
longer description comes first about Nature
comes first and the shorter consolidation of
a thOught of FeeLinG and SeNsinG comes neXT
Fredbun Fredku and Fredfu for my
developed style
oF KungFu
in Free Verse
life air as i and
water sAMe and
diFFeREnt too.. and no.. not
everyone can understand everything
that Yoda says as Yoda has no limits
baby.. or expectations.. FRoda FLoWs IN and aS
EternaL ZoNe oF FrEEd LiFE aS iN HeaVeN NoW..:)
Synchronicity is amazing for those who experience this language
of God inherent in all things places and events of life for just a few
metaphors of the Masterpiece as PainTing that is God aLL..
we are expressions of God as above.. so below..
inside.. outside and all around.. yes..
huWoMaNiFeST oF GoD NoW
eternAlly NoW.. and
‘this’ small
bulb that just so
happened to catch
my attention from above
at the Hardee’s restaurant
as i celebrated my latest blood
test for great health.. caught my
attention from above with the registered
trademark of “Fred’s”… no.. it’s not a hat out
of a rabbit trick.. it is much greater as God and than
Santa Clause magic than thAT.. it is the synChroniCity
of God MaGiC in real tiMe floW iN Photography too.. as
i do not plan the stories they flow like a river in photo poem
too.. as God’s StreAms move to Rivers to Bays to Gulfs to now
Seas To Oceans and waves spRead shores greater and Ocean now
never fills uP with relatively unlimited space to GroW as BaLanCinG
ForCE wHOle as the wHole enChilDa of GoD GoeS Free as Ocean too..
at leAst from the smALL
brush view of
a human
Fred too.. more commonly
kNowN and fELt with hUman
SMiLes as i pass by each hUman
being generAlly discussed amongst themselves
and video taped for give and share as me of what
they name as the DanCinG man or DanCinG guy or
a group of young women passing by a bar parking lot
yelling out can we have your autograph and circling
around a city block.. poking a head out the car window
for a shared selfie smile.. and then speeding away mischievously
yelling out.. take your shirt off.. just for fun and laughs and giggles
amongst the wild and free of us who stay young at heARt and SpiRit NoW
and no.. i did not give them a link for what they suggested they wanted.. hehe..
see how i started with pure love and brought that down to the level of hUman lUst..
that’s the way liFE goes.. it is fueLed from the bottom as luST and riSes to the creAm
of the Crop oF Love.. butt.. take out the anchor of luST and froWny face comes neXt.. yes..
and please remember.. conseNsual lUst not P-grabs and Forced kisses from a little frOwny boy
in a red
ugh.. ah.. the TRump
such a dARk Muse NoW for
all the free artists of the world
today.. as humor incinerates Trump
Fear and hate.. as the
Revolution of
to gRow from the
spArk and tidal wave
of fear and hate that continues
to groW dARk out of Trump mouths now..
in acts too.. of dARk.. sadly enough too.. so.. this
little light of mine.. i’m a gonna let it shine.. this little
liGht of mine.. i’ll gRoW it to 6666 miles of public dance
in 40 months and even more now.. this little light of mine..
i’ll write 12 million words in 74 months plus now with the then..
first 6 million or so words coMiNg iN the dArkest and greaTest
of numb pain hell for the first 33 months of that and the
33 months before that in any art eXpreSsinG as spiRiT
oF HeARt and MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG Force
thAT cAMe before as thaT.. and yes.. with
this little liGht of mine.. and mINd and
BoDy.. BaLanCinG SoUL
FoRcE noW theN
A 3.3 million plus
word longest
sTiLL LonG
form poem NoW
in the hiStory of hUman
kind now.. meaSuRinG2..
1.062M wordS iN 7 months
and 21 days of writing thaT before
writing the other in 42 months too..
per that 3.3 million Word Press endeavor
that continues in plus ways now too.. at the
now 742nd MacroVerse with a little light shining
in this now 71st MacroVerse of 1.062 Million words
plus as this MacroVerse now.. and here’s the thing ..all these
statistics prove i did and sTiLL do John 14:12 as it is more than
talk.. along with leg pressing 1020LBS 33 times now on a very difficult
parallel leg press free weight machine with arms raised in the air for
extreme Balance and Agility and Strength continuing to gRow like a
ballerina martial artist too.. i can prove it on my smARt phone in
Walmart like i did today.. for those folks who knew me
before when i lived in a cocoon and less then..
yes.. i can prove i just did John 14:12.. and
inspire other folks to do much more
than me in their own
fruits of life
to add
Verse to
God’s UniVerse
here eternAlly now
in Heaven.. too.. i only
hope they do not ever have to
go to hell.. including enduring a life
threatening synergy of 19 medical disorders..
also including the worst pain known to humankind
as assessed worse than crucifixion for 66 months
from wake to sleep.. named type two trigeminal neuralgia
as it’s true.. a cross of dArk.. whether it be pain or numb or even
Trump’s too.. as the Judas and his followers are often already bleeding
most too.. yes.. tHaT’s a big a paRt of John 14:12 STUFF IN HELL AS HEAVEN IS TOO..
this is my testimony and witness.. and the hero archetype Jesus journey thingie is as
old as the hiStory of Patriarchy thinking and doing as beyond what’s written in books..
wHeRE DancE and Oral Tradition in the days of the real Yeshua and or what they
name as Jesus and similar folks like him.. were the more naked ways of
living life then away from the present day cultures of
domestication that in many ways take
us awAy from thaT hUman poTenTial
now.. but trUe and liGht
it is for those who
use the
made technological
tools at hand.. to the advantage
of lighting that little lamp more than
imagined then.. Nature/GoD becomes technology
as chariots of fire to bRinG Torch oF FlamE aS liGht
too.. and not only do little lamps shine as luminescent
as this.. they GroW as the SUN and the FaiTh oF A Mustard
seed as tree oF liFE WiLL do when sET Free tALLer than ever BeFore too..
shine your
it even
when the forces
of dARk cOme as thaT
iS whaT dARk is for.. to
shine even more liGht noW
to LiGht the World with 100
peRcent FaiTh AS HopE BeLiEf..
FeaRless SmArT and Joy as
Love Pure moRE noW WiTh
a taste
of HoNeY
and luST
to muse
liGht even more..
And an interesting side note.. perhaps..
when i mentioned ‘it’ after i first recovered from
all the pain and numb and the miscellaneous other
medical disorders.. at least in remission way per technical
doctor speak.. while.. some of the professionals noted it as
a bonafide miracle then too.. my mother was highly offended that
i dare compare my pain to the pain of the Jesus.. insisting that 3 hours
of crucifixion to three days or whatever it may have been then is much
worse than all of what i endured from wake to sleep for 66 days per the
suicide disease i had then as an only way out from a pain like a dentist drill
without novocaine in my right eye and ear and generally speaking half my face
spread out to my entire existence beyond that too.. anyWay.. she ordered a book
specifically on the trials and tribulations of what Jesus endured and she started
reading a page in the book and
told me to read it too..
and sure enough..
on the
next very
page what i told
her was proven on that
page.. and that’s how the
synchronicity of God works
Always got your back when
you do liFe with 100% pure liGht
FAiTh and for those who don’t believe it
they fulfill that prophecy as DaRkeR for
themselves.. AND FoR those folks
who JuST DO iT..
NoW God’s
UniVerse as
verse of
HuMaN BeCoMes
HeaVeN now for God to
shaRe as BeinG HuMaN
PoTenTiAL even Greater now..
and yes.. my friEnds ‘we’ enjoy a taste
of Honey NoW alWays NoW.. me and GoD
pART aS and WhOLe as and is LiFe NoW..
Believe it or not Ripley.. i cannot force ‘you’ to
find.. seek.. or drink this Honey oF God never ending..
perHaps.. a sPark you WiLL FiNd to hELp yoU.. heAR.. NoW..;)
And now.. i visit Rafiah’s Blogging place where in the last
several months.. she describes a difficulty
finding muse to write what she normAlly
lovely does from her heARt and soUL
as SpiRiT ExpreSsinG thaT iN wRiTE..
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Rafiah..
all muse of liFe is EmoTiOns
and sENSEs and as they say
in biology and chemistry
neuro-chemistry of
moves us
in life and sTiLL
sadly.. little science
is taught of this in big
picture art of life in western
schools at least and i surely
cannot speak for yours.. however..
the more patriarchal a society is the
more emotions and senses are usually oppressed
and repressed.. easy to see in the most patriarchal
assessed metro area in the United States in terms
of being
sTiLL and
different as free..
as patriarchy.. naturally.
as a state of human being
in response to scarcity of resources
seeks to dominate and control all resources
including human ones.. particularly females
and children as both the prize and potential threat
if those in turn set themselves free from a patriarchal rule..
it’s a mix.. not all good or bad.. depending on which side of
the coin one lives on
as majority
what i
do know and
feel is this.. i can surely
express more divine feminine
grace and love over here in ‘big man’
land with will and strength that is easily
felt afar by anyone so far who would challenge
my freedom all provided as such by local.. state
and federal laws.. and the Internet provides.. yes.. an
avenue like this.. for those not nearly as privileged as i
to both live somewhere where
this freedom iS even possible
for me.. in the flesh
and blood
as me.. and God allone
as surely all animals.. including
human have a natural desire for the
pursuit of life.. liberty and the pursuit of
whatever happiness now meets a thrive of life..
perHap..s a flutter for a butterfly… a spiral around
a Sun for Seagulls and a taste of milk and honey for those folks
human now
and animal too..
other than that happy to
hear you are pulling through the
best you can my friend and always happy
to see and feel and sense you pouring out what
lives within you.. namely God Free.. heAR.. thanks
for dropping
a note..
my friEnd
as you kNow
FeeL and SeNsE
i’LL be around these pARts
iN the future too.. namELy
nowthen.. Rafiah’s places too..:)
And now.. to Rafiah’s newest blog post..
about what she titles ‘Little Confession’..
in the trials and tribulations of free expreSsinG..
SMiLes friend.. Rafiah.. this quiet you speak of.. as i likely
relate before too.. is something i understand so well as once
i lost almost all muse to speak and connect to others lost
in a work arena of behind a computer screen with
all kinds of stress of mechanical
cognition solving
from all
around me
where i was a go
to person to fix it
all it seems like
what felt
as a
world upon
my shoulders and
as a natural born empath
what i was feeling then was the
stress of everyone around me and
the stress of the world at hand too.. a
mistake of watching too much TV.. i suppose
too.. and now i move to the polar opposite of that
from what they say in personality tests is INTJ move
to ENFP in assessment as such from an introverted
intuitive thinking judging person to an extroverted
intuitive feeling perception personality
person.. back in the Summer
of 2013.. as i spent many
years as more of
what you describe as
yourself before the illnesses
of 66 months came to visit me too
then.. so sure.. i guess i’ve been to both
sides now.. and can visit that quiet place
if need be and be happy for hours on end
as i do that so much of course sTiLL writing
130K words a month.. even live on Facebook status
way too.. still though of course it is very extroverted as
i hold little of me back and it comes forward like a seemingly
never ending flood of personality lit fire now.. and what used to
make me timid in strange new social situations.. now i find comfort in
more than most folks around me.. and yes.. a major polar change in experiencing
life has a label called bi-polar too that waters a garden of creativity that never ends
just like
anyway.. my friend..
i am glad you are happy
where you are.. there is nothing
wrong with being introverted as i surely
spent and do still spend lots of time tHERe..
now too.. and i am so glad you have this avenue
to spill over your EmoTioNs and SeNSEs too from
time to time now here on your blog.. as you.. my dear
have been a great muse to me.. as i do feel and
sense what i thiNk is much of your pleasure
and your pain too.. as so many
shoes of life i have
walked and
sit and now Dance And SinG
NoW louder than ever before..
of course in balance as these are
just winds as the center of me stays
Hurricane calm like a Katrina eYe of storm in the Gulf STiLL..
so.. happy to see you heAR.. and everywHeRE i find you.. i am
glad you feel no guard here around you holding your freedoms dOwn
as that is the way hUman is made by God sAMe to be free my FriEnd.. juST Free..
with some moving.. connecting.. and co-creating like this to go along with that and this2..:)
And now.. the Facebook Algorithm all free MacroVerses from the past come in like waves
of this Ocean Poem both metaphorically and literally of course.. hehe.. with the first
named one from three years ago.. calLed.. “GOD enLiGhtens the boy with a Star in hIs
SKeYe”.. doing my best to attempt to provide some spaRk to the left brain
dominated folks on the Wrong Planet that in both metaphor
and literal way.. tHeRE is an entire otHeR
HeMisPheRe of liFE and MoVinG conNecTion
co-creating aS aRT and ReASon.. NoW
to God all oF NaTuRe iN
SeNsinG and FeeLinG
way.. far beyond
the limits
of Standard
IQ measures for
success in school to
become good little cogs
in the machine of society
to make that at least a half ass
success in the years to come as far as
half a brain of worry and analytical reasoning
away from a loving art of life set FReED iN riGht
bRaiN ways too.. i stayed and did my best until they
kicked me out for the third time and i dusted my feet
off more and less for the good of what i would do next in
fields of meadows and desert sands who would welcome me into
tHeiR lands.. so yes.. i did dust my feet off finally and go somewHeRe
else.. and hopefully tHeRE is someone sTiLL trYinG theRe that they are
not afraid
of different
to help THEM..
BUT HEY.. i sTiLL have
the record oF all aS thaT
to poTenTiALLy hELp someone
else find the HiGhER Epigenetic
and Neuroplastic hiGher potenTial
of God of Nature as HUman NaTuRE.. yes..
juST waiting to be be tapped for Heaven to
SpRinG out oF A dARker Cocoon of the past as
we continue to evolve toward liGht or dark
or stagnate
in the
and Standard
IQ Intelligences too..
so far away from the trUth oF LiGht..
aLL iNnate.. iNstinctuaL.. and intuitive too..:)
“Signficance of Human BEING”.. from two years ago..
aLways LooKinG for more metaphors to make
a path to HeaVeN real that WiLL
hELp aNotHER perSON
fiNd a Path
to THAt
liVes within now
for those who do seek and find
it and practice Heaven that works
as a way of life forevermore now isREaL2..:)
And now.. three MicroVerse Memories quoted
from a year ago.. on topic.. and relevant sTiLL.. to HeaVeN NoW2..:)
SMiLes.. friend.. gigoid..
Nature Kills
Nature Loves..
Nature Laughs
Nature Plays
Nature Purrs
Nature Creates
an inFinite numBer
of poems through human
too.. Emotional Intelligences
Number IQ.. Moving Art
of Dance.. Ballet
and Martial Arts
more we
gAiN more
oUr relatively
infiniTe human
potenTial intelligences
the more one sees God
aS magiC
iN bEinG
and balanCe
liVinG iS As Us..
but true iT seems
theRe are the chosen
ones.. who figure thiS
out by choosing
and finding
play moVinG
iN no necessary
order.. expand for more..
Some UniVerses keep
expanding some fAll
back.. but my my
to have
iS maGic
for what
iS credible
for MAgic
God or NatUre
makes no difference
the maGiC iS thE sAMe
when experienced asOne..
Been to both places now..
one iS a concrete boX
iN liFe.. tHe otheRs
hAve no
as ART..
and that’s
all theRe is.. is
now.. any
for now..
Zombie Apocalypse
or alive in moving
connecting and
as GOD
now iN aS uS..
Nature sounds so
much prettier and uglier too..
but no one ever said God iS FAir
or knowledgeAble or perfect
except iN illusions
of huMan
that see
is heLL..
below the
practice oF
tApEsTrY noWaRt..;)
SMiLes.. AlWays a pleaSure to visit
here in all the free floWing
work you do to
add Truth and
iN ways oF
ancient and modern Love
and Wisdom.. there just
ain’t nothing like
iT most
i go.. my friend..
so yes.. a treaSure
for now..:)
#notalwayslearningsmalltalk ..
Haha.. Shawna..
you know that song..
you light up my life..
you light up my
brain.. brains
of a feather
stick togetHer..
but i’m not gonna
say it
it was
as usual…
Yeah.. this Innate
Autism and Bi-Polar
stuff is really hard when
one is in mainstream
but haha!
when free
it’s super
but more
like legend
not being afraid
man.. i wish you could
be just you.. in the flesh life
as you do it OH SO WELL.. ONLINE..
and that’s where i starTed
so let it be written
so let it
be done..
i made myself
into a mythical creature
first.. and i manifest as
the dancing
guy in
real life..
and the martial
arts dude.. and
the dude that
half a ton
with his legs..
all i wanted in life was
friends.. and i feel
like i have a few
plus my wife
so mission fully
dancing and
is just
that made
the cake come true..
Love you friend..
i’m glad
my way..
and now off to
visit your blog
with my
that it
there by
the now i get there
now.. so off to Shawna’s place..:)
OMG..! Shawna..!
one of my
and for folks
who don’t know/FEEL iT..
that’s in the upper head..
yes.. as you kNow.. cut and
paste coming for thiS.. hehe..
and DMT.. OMGx2.. the
spirit molecule
isS alwWys
riSinG me
uP when i
sinG and dance..
some folks get
easier access
and i got
at 21..
and now i have
an all natural prescription
focused more by new electronic
music and trance dance HIGHER
AND HIGHER.. without substance
drugs.. and seriously
most everynow i dance
i have folks begging
me for whatever
i’m on.. and
i just tale
’em dance
baby.. 166.66
miles a month
and you can
have this
now too..
A dancer moving
with savage grace
like dancing girls
in ancient Egypt am i..
and hell yah.. males did
it more than women..
back when
was the
to do to connect
God oF allthatis
sure.. he danced almost
as much as me.. or more..
in the desert sands of balance
my friend.. where each gRain
of sand
iS UniVerse
to dance on
hiGher and
hiGher with
eYes oF God..
if i could bottle what
i feel like inside.. when i dance
so free and wild.. i could make
a trillion dollars and feed all the
poor.. and give everyone..
a home for free..
and no i wouldn’t
seLL iT..
i would just
give it free to the
as a practice
of life.. and
then they
could see
that heaven
iS iNside and
so hiGh
and a John
Denver SonG
comes to mind..
i Loved his movies..
by the way.. about God
being George Burns..
and being
best friend..
it’s hard to prove
you see God to
folks who
danced under the moonlit
fires of night
togEtHer and
FREE.. ’till some
one came.. and
told ’em you are
God iS
a word
and not
and all
around the
dance of liFe
iNTruth and LiGht..
Thanks for the
wITh spiRit
fully in
tow.. as
i just got
back from
12 miles..
my friEnd
Hi.. Friend Zee.. all essence of Art..
Human heArt.. iN SpiRit reAching
out to Grow.. not folLow..
and that is mostly
the problem with
school and work..
maKinG humans
now into
cogs in machines
to suit society and
now basic
needs.. it’s
a scary
trUly not
to have
the time to
a write a poem
in a month’s demand
of school or work.. or
painting either.. as deliGhtfuL
iN color and dArk oF umbrella
sHade from colors iN liFe
as you paint above
my friend..
but sure
i wandered the
desert of no creativity
from age 13 to 53.. with
little respite from a culture
demanding me to be
more machine
than human
now then..
the metaphors
for the Matrix
and Terminator
series of movies
are no myth
they are
movies of wheRe
humans are now..
then too.. but more
so.. so much more so
now.. until we escape
the science of culture
and are
just free
to move..
and create..
as that is what
eliminates the
black umbrella
of culture
the colors
of the wind
that paint
so beautifuLLy
when free flows uS..:)
Hmm… now to publish this 742nd MacroVerse now as i paint with the coLors
of Ocean whOle Poem SonG of My soUL LonGeR than 3.3M words and what is now..
1.062M Words of a “NetherLand Bible 2017” plus the words in this 71st MacroVerse
of that inclusive of the 742nd MacroVerse whOle effort on three blogs now plus..
and sure.. coming up later in the week a coming 146th dance week niGht too at Good
Old Seville Quarter with all the cool college age folks there as.. hey man.. like
the Dude said in the Big Lebowski Movie too.. ‘lot of strands to keep in
my head
man’.. as
sure i fulfill
that Cohen’s prophecy
too.. as well as the
Cohen’s Movie Prophecy of
‘that’ was only the beginning
of the ending story then.. too..
bARTon FinK of course too.. and that’s
the thing.. poEtry and art and prophecy sAMe..
any human can and will do calLed by the creative
holy spiRit of goD sAMe WithIn.. people have tried to
own the essence of God with words since the first finger
scratched rudimentary letters in sand.. thing iS.. it’s a reflection
of the essence co-created by hUman WiTh GoD.. tHeRe is no separation
now when now
the Unity
of Joy of
BeInG oNe
wiTh God
now to
NoW.. caLL iT Rocky
MounTain hiGh or a BlUe
TurtLe.. matters not.. the
hUman constructed symbols
to reflect God all that is
and the HiGher PotenTiaL of
thE HoLy CreATiVE SpiRiT of GoD..
saMe breAThING and LiVIng WitHiN NoW.. diFfeREnt2..
ya can’t own God with words alone.. i mean.. YaH.. DuH..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN NoW aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

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