After Book oF Fred

i have an “After Book of Fred”
to write.. so i guess i’LL
get stArted..
Oh.. by A way.. my therapist
says i should give Ted Talks..
as i continue to
help her
her other
so.. sure.. i”LL
continue the Fred talk.. hehe..
And yes.. she literally did say
that yesterday.. as even my
atTest too..
Sure.. writing close to
12 million words crosses
over to the spoken world too..
and sure.. i fully express emotion..
and that my friends equals
what politicians
in Words and non-verbal
Langauge as Charismatic
and Magnetic.. sure.. the
Body Electric too..
if i could
Dance with
Hillary i could give her some more2..
or get in a room with Trump and make
his head explode.. as sure.. i have
a certain.. intellectual
and spiritual
now too.. hehe..
And first2.. i’LL stARt wITh one
of the nicest compliments i’Ve
ever received from a fellow blogger
Hailing from roots in Ghana..
but i..
‘long ago’..
living on
a virtual
world named
the Wrong Planet
wHere a deficit of
reciprocal social communication
was the diSease there.. i made much
effort to conTacT.. but with little ever response
from others.. and in the sea and ocean of all i do
in life.. as friend.. a very beautiful woman on Facebook
recently said.. when she opens doors for everyone.. she
rarely even gets acknowledgment for that and sure i’LL say
her name.. Sybil.. i don’t know her at all really.. but i do know
at Seville Quarter she shared a video of me.. saying that ‘this
is for our friend who never changes for anyone’.. in other
words my spirit of free gave her inspiration..
and sure that is enough reciprocation
in social communication
to inspire me as
well to do
much more too..
what i learned on the
Wrong Planet online.. is truly
the same off that online planet too..
we are a nation(s) of people in first
world way.. who in real life.. flesh and
blood way become more distant from
that flesh and blood as the virtual
world becomes more real
than the one that
tastes.. smells..
touches.. and
feels and senses
so much more than
screens of sight and sound
only will ever bring.. so i make
it a practice of recording a Garden
of Band-Aid for those who support me
in this journey of giving.. i treasure friends
and record them here in the Book oF Fred
in journey of witnessing for God of Nature all
that is as that will start a new chapter on 9112016..
where this “After Book oF Fred”.. will then be published
on Word Press and Blogger Blogs on 9122016.. and sure
the 911 meme and theme rings volumes of emergency light
like that last photo of me coming out of Seville and Seeing an
ambulance as potential Omen of sorts.. as sure.. for metaphor
too.. ‘those witnesses for God for 42 months’.. did not live long
after that… and what is the most dangerous thing
we humans in our first world countries
do on a day to day basis..
driving.. hell.. yes.. driving
is the most dangerous
shit of all where
we navigate
3 ton bullets
just waiting to
hit a brick wall..
of potential death..
it is no responsibility to
be taken lightly and one
that deserves our full attention
and focus.. as Lord knows even
paying the closest attention as possible
in my life to driving.. there were two incidences
where a cat and a dog darted underneath my car
from the side of the road.. lower than a deer in the
forest.. and even one time.. where an actual Lynx..
a wild cat.. ran into my Camaro front end.. across
the highway.. at incredible speed of trying
to save his or her life from oncoming
on the highway
to life or death..
as it were and still is..
yeah.. Road Kill is pARt
and parcel of creature comforts
of human being.. including human..
of course.. and from now on.. i am going
to put my frigging ‘smart’ phone.. in my glove
compartment.. as on that other seat those
notifications light that thing up bright and it
is hard to break a habit of getting notified
per se.. and glance over to see
what’s going
online.. well..
when it’s night
and there is an open
road.. and no cars.. it can
seem rather safe.. if one temporarily
forgets the danger to wild life.. and even
someone walking lonely in the middle of the
night on the side of the road.. and on a beautiful
calm half moonlit night.. full.. that phone lit up with
a notification.. i looked down.. just for a split second
and my practice of martial arts and quick reaction.. could
have saved my life too.. as a tree had fallen across the road..
as they do when they are ready to do.. even days after a storm
of rain comes through.. or just tree old age and sickness as
it were and is now with those struggles of environment too..
so.. i dodged it just in time.. before hitting it blindly
and going wherever
i might have
in a panic then..
perhaps in to a power
pole dead.. or another destination
like that.. even someone’s home off the
road.. anyway.. lesson learned for me..
and just a reminder that shit does
happen.. and its
best to be
on all your
toes and fingers
and senses and feelings
too.. when shit does go down..
in the dark of life too.. so anyway..
back to more ‘After Book of Fred’
stuff.. i count my blessings in witness for
God of Nature way too.. as a Garden oF
Band-Aid of support for those who do
come in Loving ways on my
hi-way liGht of liFe now..
away from
the lower-way
of life that IS A dARk
poTenTial and reAliTy too..
so here are the nice words
by Rytha Ephua.. who hails
in roots from Ghana in Africa..
“No, I do not live in U.S. either do I hail from South Africa but yes, my root can be traced in Africa, Ghana to be precise……..where love bridges and love for all is cherished. All Africans love regards and are resilience in spirit. We take it all, whether bitter, sour or sweet.
And yes, we are a global citizen of the world of one Race of human beings. That is how I see it too, regardless.
And ooh, you my Friend always make me sob inside anytime you write. You always manage to touch my very core with your words. Trust me, they are profound and ring volumes.
And in case I never tell you this before, I want to use this opportunity to voice it out, I Love You More. You are priceless, though we’ve never met, I’m fond of you. A lot. Thank you for being concern, I appreciate.”
And sure.. words like this from a Stranger
who is a friend the same with no distance..
space or time.. makes all 3.3 million plus words
worth it here.. and the total close to 12 million words..
since Thanks Giving day.. 2010.. when i started the
writing endeavor to escape illness and pain..
that no drugs would touch..
including the worst pain
known to humankind..
Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia.. from wake to
sleep for 66 months since 2008.. like
Dentist drill without novocaine.. except in
my case.. it was in my right eye and ear..
rendering my emotions lost for 66 months too..
and hearing and seeing effectively almost lost..
too.. that in that emptiness was the worse numb
nothing than all the pain in the world then.. could
be as me.. So.. “After Book oF Fred” GoeS oN..
and in the last of my discussion with
my Friend.. Rytha.. i ended
with these words
here.. below..
in response
to her final thank
you.. yesterday for
linking her poem to
my continuing
Ocean Whole
Poem here..
that sure can
be named ‘Song
oF mY SoUL’ or
the metaphor of
‘The Book oF Fred2’
and the after and continuing
‘The Book oF Fred’ now too..
And aS iN aLL paRts
Existence.. THeRe iS
LiGht and DaRk thaT
Serves to make uS
More Loving..
As A
Lioness iS..:)
And now i say..
one of my favorite movies..
i watched after recovering enough
to see TV.. was the Blu Ray Movie..
‘The Book of Eli’.. with Denzel
Washington.. a story of
Hope.. Faith.. Belief..
and beyond all Perseverance..
Strength.. Courage.. to get the
whole job done of Love in a Covenant
of Fearless Love with God to help the
rest of Humankind out.. like my story
of the little disabled boy who could not
speak.. and the watering of the sapling
tree that in full butterfly effect and affect
helped to save the human race from poTenTial
World War III.. destruction same.. as could be today..
As Caesar from the last Planet of the Apes movie says..
out in the village of Apes Wild.. “Apes Stronger Together’..
still rings true as naked and furry as it ever has before.. and
that reminds me.. before i talk more to “The Book oF Eli”.. with
perhaps an inspirational and meaningful video clip of that too..
i saw ‘this movie’.. when i was ill.. and lost without connection
to anyone.. as i could not feel human connection or
connection to God OF ALL of Nature either..
a truly lonely
and separate place…
anyway.. there was a city
and skyscraper buildings.. And
if you haven’t heard in one of the
most populous places.. in Tokyo.. Japan..
“Clean Up Crew Businesses” are booming
in cleaning up the remains of elders off of
apartment floors who have decayed beyond
easy recognition.. ’cause they lost all contact
with flesh and blood folks who cared enough
to check on them to see if they
were even still alive..
i remember that
story and always
return calls but in this other
movie.. the folks are younger
and separated.. and like what has
happened in Japan.. the Younger folks
have lost interest in even having sex with
each other.. and they have replaced the child
and even the dog.. with robot dogs.. as
companions as a lifeless
thing to have
as even
a friend..
as folks do that
with their cars and homes..
obviously as one can get attached
to material stuff.. and give up on the
human race altogether too.. well.. anyway
in ‘the movie’.. there was a strong and totally
sane professional man.. who just opens up the
blinds of his skyscraper apartment and started
‘making love to himself’ in the wide open as wide
as it can get in far away connection from other folks
in solitary apartments in lonely cities of skyscrapers
same as Tokyo and so many other places together..
sure.. even in rural
neighborhoods too..
where ya never even talk
to your neighbor.. unless a Hurricane
or other disaster comes through and knocks
off your electronic substitutes from the power
grid as it were and still can be today too..
where front porches and living
room couches once
again grow
a human touch..
so anyway.. there was
a women in visual distance
from the next skyscraper over
who started doing the same thing..
looking directly at his eyes.. and sure…
other parts too.. as he did with her..
and although they would
never meet
or talk
to each
other.. they shared
a human moment together
in pleasure way that naturally
rises the social bonding neurohormone
of oxytocin.. no matter if one is lone or with
someone else.. yes.. even just touching yourself
‘down there’ will increase the social bonding hormone..
so.. the next time you see an athlete ‘adjusting’ their self
perhaps deep deep down.. they are a little lonely
too.. just wanting to feel what the
Yogis name as some
genital healing..
that yes.. in biochemistry
has scientific credence.. in one
step.. two step.. five.. repeatable
scientific method measure of iSREAL..
now.. here’s the thing.. i am not lonely..
if you’ve seen my dance photos.. it’s obvious
that i connect in social oxytocin ways.. with not
even having to have sex with other folks.. and sure
sex addiction.. comes like other addictions both substance
and behavioral ones.. to feel the empty part of soul that can
sure.. be neurohormones of social bonding oxytocin.. if one
has the potential to feel that at all.. as some folks do not..
including some folks on the Autism Spectrum as science
shows.. too.. and then there is the trust neuro-chemical
of Serotonin and pleasure one that enhances
creativity in doing stuff new that
is Dopamine too..
and sure many other
influences like androgens
and estrogen associated
hormones.. and even potential
DMT for better connecting and feeling
all that is NATURE AKA God that some
folks speculate is produced in the Pineal
Gland as third eye as sorts in the head.. and
yes the head on top of shoulders.. haha.. but
sure.. don’t discount either the Penis or the Clitoris
as a substantial source of Genital Healing in many
ways that come..ha!.. yes literally and figuratively
too.. in whatever shape body ya have.. hehex2..
so.. okay.. no secrets here.. i am an empath..
and my nude art.. is a service
of sorts to lonely
hearts as such2..
as Love Service
in Lonely Skyscrapers
across the world.. there is
Science and Unconditional Fearless
Love to this.. and if you cannot see the
Fearless Love Value in all the flesh you see
in Art.. from Music Videos.. to theater.. to the
earliest nude and erotic art of human beings.. before
Written Language was even a thing.. on cave walls then.. perhaps
you should touch yourself and be reminded in band-aid way aGaiN..
that you are human and per science.. genital healing is a real deal now..
and sure that’s how ‘they’ have and still control masses of human beings
as sheep.. they take tHeiR humanity away.. and say don’t do pleasure.. the world sucks..
i say suck that
and suck this
if Ya
like of
course.. hehe..
and no i don’t mean
that literally of course… as
i am both monogamous.. and happily
married too.. when it comes to the flesh
of skin of doing that too.. so-called ‘sex workers’
who do it out of love.. and yes.. there are some totally
empathic folks who love strangers that much.. yes even
women too.. whether you wanna face fActs or not.. and there
are safer ways.. much safer ways to do that now.. than the brothel
per-se.. everything in moderation.. and repress.. and oppress no pARt
of Human Nature.. or go to the other place that is not Heaven now.. i hOld
no secrets.. ’cause i love fearlessly.. to hide the trUth in liGht iN DaRkness as above so below..
inside.. outside.. all around.. is to hide the Love of Human Being.. there is nothing hidden here..:)
So yeah.. as the beginning theme song says here.. i’ve got more notes to write to spread
around the world like a vortex of never ending winds.. of words and other stuff too.. Love..
And in “The Book of Eli”.. at the end of that movie.. i was happy to see them
shelf the bible in full sacred text.. with all the other sacred texts of human
kind in one big library.. like Google has a card
catalog for now..
as there is
DARk and
liGht in all sacred
text.. and all the colors
of grey and hues of bLack
and wHite that come as sHades
of all that is.. in all that text and
the unabridged version of online now too..
we have a new day and age.. where we have
the freedom to discern what is TrUth and liGht
for uS iN sampling all of that and creating our
own “Books of Eli” that are more than
an impressive
of the original creative
poem.. that Denzel.. known
as Eli in that movie created
on his death Bed.. knowing
in his last breath.. in FeeLinG
that his rest was due in duSt of God
all that is.. forgive me for the dArk i have
done.. and i did my best for liGht.. Thank
God all that
iS.. for my Life..
as Bottom Line..
i can do that now..
and that is the best
pARt oF aLL i do.. Peace
with God… with no shame.. no regret..
no doubts and literally no illusory fears..
Breathe easy into the last night’s breath
into God’s Arms.. and have faith and
hope that it is all worth iT..
to live
to LiVE NoW..:)
And yes.. i’LL do all
i can.. to share and give more..
including putting my FUCKING SMART
You see.. my friends.. what is written can be visualized after
the fact of wishes and dreams.. is more likely to materialize dONe..
words in
repeat of affirmation..
that one can visualize..
F ee L iN SpiRe noW.. for
more.. as wishes and dreAms
come to iSREAL Fruition.. iSREAL noW..:)
And sure.. as cognitive empathy goes..
not all folks have the ability to thiNk visually
either… as in all stuff diversity.. there is no
such thing
as cookie
cutter human
beings.. religions..
or even a FucKinG
Cookie Cutter God of chains
in abstract symbols of human
beings also known as Golden Calves and Words too..
and More than
all human creates
with hands of dArk and liGht..
as well as words of throat that SinG..
ah.. Dance
is liGht and TrUth..
the greAtest mesSAge.. i for
one continue to spread in
of Dance
around the world
in virtual way too..
beyond the floors of
metro public dance..
as Facebook Video
smArt pHone..
who continue
to assist me too.. like
the Facebook Algorithm
Video slide show assistant
does too.. hmm.. mostly without fail..:)
Hmm.. SMiLes.. my FriEnd..
Zee.. i guess.. i missed the
Word Press Notification.. on this
one.. and hmm..x2.. i see.. i am now..
the only male who came to the paRty..
but anyWay.. i fear no strong woman.. and
i fear no human who finds completion within
as sure that is wHere God lives wHole.. as once
one finds complete within.. all there is.. is to give
that Ocean
Love.. my friEnd..
And the sad trUth my FriENd
that some folks can only find
completion in a member of
the opposite sex.. is they
have not cultivated
both genders
now within
as divine feminine
love and grace.. and
divine masculine as
will and strength..
some women
think.. only
a man
can speak for
them.. and some
men feel.. only the
wife can take care of
the child with woman’s
work as well.. culture does
that.. human Nature as gifted
by God within.. is flexible enough
to do almost anything.. but as always
use or lose applies.. Nurture and Nature
balance or lose out in imbalance.. Kind now
and courAge.. my friEnd.. couRage and Kind..
as every Cinderella knows and feels as
And in the old story
of the Gnostic Jesus
in the Gospel of Thomas..
when confronted by his Apostles
on how Mary Magdalene could be
equal on a spiritual level to man.. Jesus
said we will make her man too.. and sure…
if they expected to Unconditionally Love in
Golden Rule way.. they would have to become
divine feminine as well.. sadly.. and now.. obviously
for the most part that change still hasn’t happened
with many Men.. Woman are in the lead for completion..
And truly..
this battle of the
sexes.. per Patriarchy
vs Matriarchy for A Balance
of potential Egalitarianism
is at the root cause
of much
conflict.. but
Sociologists.. suggest
Women’s freedoms will be
the rule of life in most every
North Latitude country by 2050..
Meanwhile.. it’s not too early for
balance and completion.. in all
of human potential.. un-repressed
un-oppressed.. set free.. noW aLL..:)
sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Zee..
could be an ode to a single
Mother ‘here’.. who must be complete..
per my last comment in your last post
in divine male and female
to get the
whole job
of Nurture done..
that sure.. takes selfless
confidence and love to give
all of what love in nurturing way
can be to another one.. to be the
friend one would like to have in a time
of need.. is to also be the kind of friend
one would want to be to self.. as well
in personal time of need.. empathy
and compassion for one’s self
is the highway to Giving
all to others
as well..
as the core
becomes strong
as an atomic bomb..
poweRinG a Garden of Human Love..:)
WeLL.. my FriEnd.. so good..
to see your words today.. gigoid..
hopefully you are feeling much better
or better as it gets for now.. as now rides…
and that photo of
that Elephant balancing
itself on its Hind Legs is
proof in itself that Elephant
can leg press.. much more than
me.. hehe.. yeah.. the savory and
the sour.. i’ve come to make as
delightful mixed drink.. hehex2..
for me at least.. and you know
it’s kind of a miracle.. my fingers
still work after about 12 million
words in 6 years and
my feet
dance after
6K miles in
three years too..
but sure.. i credit
balance of the savory and
sour too.. as the light that wakes
eventually without pain as each day
goeS oN.. i view the darkness.. analyze
it.. but rarely ever does it find an entry way
to me.. seriously as i’m sure you feel.. there
is nothing better than fear free.. but as i’ve
probably mentioned before.. heights will
always bother me.. as i feel almost
practically gravity free.. so
it always
i could
float over the
side when drop-offs
come.. keeping the high
is doing away with negative
stress and fears that are sure
the same two birds with boulders
a millstone of parachute holding us
higher.. to build
those thousand sand
castles for those who fear
not reach.. to Ocean wHole..
bottom line.. the show must go on..:)
Hmm.. Facebook is always changing something..
and apparently it’s acting funny about
editing anything on a profile pic..
including embedding a profile pic
somewhere else.. but haha..
there’s always the comment
section.. and sure.. i’ve got my
own source of photo stream on
my blog to use there.. for proper
accreditation to whatever muse
i’m using for the moment to inspire
writings there.. from yesterday.. all
published and linkable to put into
comments section more.. anyway..
nice young dancing friend ‘here’..
smiling the way at Old
Seville Quarter
on Thursday
Night and speaking of
11:37 pm.. now September
9th of 2016.. as i write this
comment muse now.. the 10th
is soon to arrive.. in anniversary of
the 42 total blogging months from
the beginning of that endeavor to
Witness biggest time for the God of Nature
and on that 10th Day.. March 2013.. Mumford
and Sons released their You Tube video.. named
Whispers in the Dark.. that in interesting ways moves
along in Synchronicity ways.. of all the diverse hats
and journeys i have made along the way.. Since
March 10th 2013.. and sure.. all my life too..
as truly words i tap into.. bring back
more and more of all i can be
before and now.. too..
along with dance of
course.. photography..
and and all around wild one
and gentleman too.. who can
pull off that sophisticated air too..
on a drop of a hat..without even a suit
or tie.. as i have thrown down my clothes
and unashamedly tread on those cultural
clothes with all HeARt.. SpiRit and SoUL..
as the Good Cop Jesus out of the Gospel
of Thomas says do.. too.. vs 37 as such sTiLL..
i take the liGht paRts of all of philosophy and
mystical religion and run with it.. like a linebacker..
and sure.. God’s Cheerleader2.. moving wRite along
now.. with another play of Whisper’s in the dark2.. now..:)
And.. as i come to the next Facebook Profile Pic.. of Katrina
and Yellow Boy.. they are watching me carefully with smiling
faces as i download all my fun from Seville Quarter.. as yes..
i literally tale Katrina all of what i do.. and sure.. sometimes
she says i am exhausting.. and sure that’s even with
the readers digest condensed version of what i do..
if even
anyway.. like
i said before.. the show
must go on.. and perhaps
i’LL use another version of that
coming next.. at the midnight hour
of September 10th at 00:00 morn time in 6 minutes..:)
Ugh.. this Facebook Macro Verse Memory
from two years ago.. about 24 hours on the
Wrong Planet where typing 6 thousand words
a day or so.. was a common practice to escape
pain and now one to document joy.. thanks GoD..
and yes.. we are now
in the 10th day of September..
per this micro-micro verse comment
here of a micro verse.. of this current
Macro Verse titled.. “After Book oF Fred”..
as yes the 701st Macro Verse of Ocean
whole poem.. witness for God now for
42 months complete as blog way then..
stArting with the KATiE MiA Aghogday
Blogger Blog then.. as yes.. the
“After Book oF Fred” could also
be named as the Show must
Go On.. and i kNow and FeeL..
yes.. juSt the Freddie Mercury
Song for that going on2 noW..:)
WeLL.. here.. a MacroVerse from two years ago.. for
an ode to a Passport.. and a smiling baby face avatar
placed on the Wrong Planet online
on Christmas Day of 2010..
who would finally
come back as me..
a Phoenix rising
from ashes.. then..
wiTH.. EmoTioNal
SpiRiT as SeNses
and SensuALiTy fully liT
uP.. on July 22nd of 2013..
and a 1999 Sports Utility Vehicle.. of
almost 16 years old Passport then.. as i kept
A 1994 Camaro for 14 years.. and a 1970
Maverick for 16 years.. first owned by
my mother.. when i paid her for it..
in 1976.. yes.. i take care of stuff..
and i don’t buy stuff very
much.. unless absolutely
necessary and moving to
2014 Civic.. was necessary
to help save the Earth from
Gas Guzzler Trucks and
Sports Utility Vehicles..
that still Guzzle Dinosaur Breath
in KA spiRit of what remains of them now..:)
The Highway to Dance here.. Macro-Verse from a year ago..
celebrating the benefits of expReSinG sPiRiT as EmoTions
SeNses.. and the Non-Verbal social reciprocal
communication of dance too..
Let it go..
Let it go.
Let it all go and
be free where the
Weekend is always the
beginning of celebrating this
greaTest GifT of LiFE as DanCinG
LiFe and SinGinG a SonG oF liFE FReED..:)
Quote from John Lennon..
and this Macro-Verse from
a year ago.. titled..
Jesus..John Lennon..Bruce Lee and BE the WATER not the chalice
“i believe in God,
but not as one thing,
not as an old man in the sky.
I believe that what people call God
is something in all of us.
I believe that what Jesus
and Mohammed
and Buddha
and all the rest said
was right.
It’s just that
the translations
have gone wrong.”
~John Lennon
Hmm.. apparently John didn’t do a whole lot of
research on the books.. or he could have
seen the “Jeffersonian” deficits..
however he did fulfill
one prophecy..
and that was
folks would come and
do greater works than Jesus..
and per direct impact during the life
of the Beatles.. as compared to
the patch of land in the
middle east in barren
way.. they did more..
with any common
sense per lifetimes
each.. however.. that
cost John his liFE.. as
folks take stuff too literally
to the point they will kill for literal thinking..
And sure i take all due Bard precautions..
as i am way too deep for folks without a fully
functional miNd and BoDy BaLance to even
hope to understand.. and pArt of what i do..
is for that precise reason.. i ain’t gonna say
it too simple in a Pop Song that everyone
hears.. as sure.. i’Ve been on the Wrong
Planet for a few years.. and done the hell
thing in real life too.. for 66 months..
yes.. i know the dark that
is out there..
and hmm..
i heard a new song
today that could compliment
who you might be standing next to..
too.. as far as psychopathic leaning individuals
and folks who are not thinking with reason.. in big time way..
i’LL dig it out of YouTube later.. thinking it’s Rihanna for now..
and yes.. Gaga has a new one.. and so does the Republic too..
and play
of God.. goeS oN..
oh yeah.. and per Bruce
Lee.. being the water is divine..
and being the air.. is ultra divine2..:)
Ugh.. yeah.. computer
screens of all sizes..
shapes and colors
scream screens..
and this Macro-Verse Memory
from a year ago.. is the very short
version of what will be coming of more..
in Facebook Algorithm.. saving grace for
the Dinosaur Grave yard of Macro-Verse Fresh..
and Jesus F. iN Christ.. night night.. gotta go beddy
bye.. as tomorrow is gonna be.. i mean.. today now.. the
10th is gonna be a very long celebration of 42 months
of Witnessing for the God of Nature in blog way.. in
fAct there will be a party on the beach towards
Emerald Coast Panhandle way.. in a
restaurant there.. yes.. of course
named as something
different than a specific
celebration for me.. in
Uncle’s Birthday way..
but sure.. i can imagine..
and dream and create almost
anything iSREaL.. so sure.. it’LL
be a total family blast off for fun..
and then comes 911.. as the “After
Book oF Fred” Show.. goeS oN aGain..;)
Ha! Lion King Memory of three years ago.. to date
on September 10th.. on what was 6 months
for blog witnessing for God from first
endeavor of posting my perspective
on life whole on that first
post.. on March 10.. 2013
that is also
the about section
of my Word Press
Ocean Whole Version Poem..
and sure.. it is the cat who is the Lion
King Wild and Free even with a mane
around his chin that is not so clear to
see in this Burger King photo from
three years ago.. additionally..
if one looks closer one could
see a Lion Face in the artificial
Lights behind the building and
sure.. even a Homunculus
in the bottom part
of the Burger
King Window
if one’s Brain searches
for those images from the
database within.. highly
affected by human emotions
of memories.. of course.. from
Disney shows to scary shows and
even beyond in Genetic Memories too..
and it is kinda interesting to keep a running
autobiographical journal of your life that includes
real life images from day to day.. as in this photo
from the records then.. i weigh 20 Lbs less than
i do today.. 210 Lbs then in the shirt and shorts
clothing here.. and sure.. the proven value
of dance.. a greater density of muscle
from head to toe.. balanced out
as Nature does with a cat
who moves freely for
foraging all around
the environment
with no sidewalks
of limits.. can’t say i’ve
ever met another Yellow
Cat with a busy tale.. and mane
on chin like this.. before or after this..
perhaps a harbinger.. and omen of what
would be to come.. and sure.. to see all of
what the mind’s eye sees in positive light..
is to be on a path to light.. as sure..
i could have seen the devil in those
lights if i wasn’t looking for
a Lion King instead..
and that’s the way
liGht and dArk
works.. sTiLL noW..
if our preconceived
notions are never challenged
and changed in the present.. one
may see dArk their entire life.. even in
making relative free will choices.. and changing
life to an outlook of liGht and Fearless Love.. one
may see the human flesh as evil.. and even all
of Nature same as God as well.. or one can
make life a much liGhter place with
with relative free will.. in moving..
connecting and creating..
a Lion King of Freedom
with no worries over
green bLack dollar bills
and Facebook Likes.. Shares..
Followers.. etc.. or ad sense pennies..
or E-Book dollars will be what i shed of
the clothes of this earth that are manmade..
including lies of religions.. same for illusory
fears and promises that death and what
is after is better than what is gifted as
potential Heaven now by God
oF aLL Nature.. much suffering
in the world.. comes by following
human made rules blindly..
and when the facts are
presented.. cognitive
painful dissonance..
of having one’s core
foundation of spoon fed paradigms
of belief can be shaken.. but truly.. the
trUth and liGht of God within.. in innate..
instinct and intuition can set yA free..
but only if one wills.. with relative
free will with God of Nature..
no less than a Lion King
or Lioness Queen
set free.. as it
and still is now..
so sure.. AN omen then
was.. IS.. this photo would be a muse
for more good news.. three years down
the road.. as 42 months of Witness for the
God of Nature comes to close for sure a
human being who is only a furry beast of
God.. who has found his wings in free..
free Nature
of God.. no
less or more than
the Lion King Cat
who roams for survival..
and the potential friendly Love
Pet as life moveS oN alWays noW..
so sure.. i embark after this in journey.. literally
then poetically responding to tens of thousands
of poet’s poems around the world for the next
three years from this.. some i documented and
many i did not from the get go.. and the thing is..
learning to like it all.. and eventually love it all..
in all the points of view i found in others
poetry from dArk to liGht.. changed
my entire world view.. from seeing
about evenly dArk and liGht.. to
mostly liGht now.. even when
the dARk.. is obviously
present.. to change
one’s world
view to liGht
most definitely takes
a continuous and intentional
positive liGht of Art as practice now..
as sure.. i am only hUman and could drift
back to the literal bi-polar place of dArk.. once
aGaIn.. if i did not continue to make those liGht
neural star-like BriGht connections in my brain..
and those peptide memories.. in every cell
of moving for positive neuro-chemicals..
in all the dance moves i make with
uplifting electronic MUSic from
wake to sleep.. i bring A way
to heaven now.. that is not only
a word witness for the higher power of
God within.. but shows the empirical results
in creative output and greater health in form
from head to toe.. as the whole FucKinG
Monty Truth of God within.. as expressed
as form of sPiRit as Vitality in Flesh full blown
as WeLL.. there have many folks who have spoken
to the potential.. but few who have come down from
the mountain.. the desert.. the cave.. and now the
Beach as an auto-biography rover.. to show what
is going down for iSREAL.. as my friEnd.. whose
name sounds like Florida on music videos does
also relate.. with just another Gemini Sage..
have a nice day.. as my celebration as
feast day continues.. as i make it that way..
and sure you can make everyday a banquet
and a feast and the weekend too.. with the higher
potential this of you too.. of God who lives within..
i am the truth.. the light and the way.. but that is
only the i am who lives within me.. and if you haven’t
figured out that is what the metaphor of what Jesus
really means.. perhaps.. it’s time to do some homework
and find the home of God who speaks within.. God
is Nature but yes.. God iSrEAL magic within.. when
sought.. found.. and practiced as REAL LIFE NOW..
SADLY.. many folks look somewhere else in imaginary
heavens beyond within.. and even worship
death more than this gift of LiFe..
why.. because
HE said
so… FucK thAt
shiT.. i wasn’t born yesterday
God lives within ME.. noW.. meOW..
And you know and feel what.. i don’t have
to promote these ideas.. or worry about making
money off my art.. as these truths and lights live within
most human beings.. readily accessible if they can just escape
the lies of culture and religion.. and the greatest thing now.. with
online and the gradual elimination of censorship of free flow information
globally.. all these ideas and truths and lights that work for me are available
for greater enlightenment and ways of awakening of the real Greek original..
definition of Apocalypse that means lifting the veil of Ignorance.. i am just another
one of many of God’s Court Reporters.. who discerns the truth and light for the i AM
who lives within.. sure.. i’ve got more words than most folks have.. more photos.. more
fun and i am Killing every second of time.. with an eternity of Heaven now.. but i am
neither the first or last to bring these truths and lights.. i am simply i am.. i dance and sing on..
and pass
the dArk with
flying colors oF liGht..:)
Renaissance Selfie Disrobing here as Macro-verse
Memory from two years ago.. sure.. still going strong
on this and as the photo journal continues to show
with empirical improvements as my dance
continues to evolve using
more and more of my
body parts.. with
greater relative free
will of mastery over each
fiber of muscle.. in continual
floW iN Zone.. in an ecstatic
fliGht of Dance on Terrestrial land..
and nah.. you will not see many 56 year
old men.. who weigh in at around 230 LBS..
at around 6 feet tall.. move and exhibit form
of flesh and blood like this.. many are lounging
with only mirror neurons engaged.. watching
other athletes play on screens.. whenever
i got to the mall.. one of my first stops
is among my peers.. some in their
early twenties.. lounging on
the benches watching
vicarious tribal
sports.. i find a place
to put my foot up to adjust
my shoe strings.. for what will
become literally hours of mall dance
in stores.. that welcome the art of my
free flow dance presence.. like Dick’s Sporting
Good’s.. my favorite place to do a free style
exhibition of public dance.. the Earth
Store.. Spencer Gifts.. Best Buy..
as sure.. Dick’s and Best Buy
have open dance floors for
me.. and the Earth
Store.. and Spencer Gifts
are small stores packed with
stuff.. a challenge for soft small
controlled moves and the same
with mastery over covering longer
distances of dance.. and Seville Quarter
has gotten so popular that there is rarely
room to express my human potential to dance
there like i used to do.. before they eliminated
smoking there.. and the participation on Thursday
nights is literally going through the roof.. oh yeah..
and that reminds me.. a cross dresser dude.. who
is there every Thursday too.. at age 52.. who actually
lives in backwards Milton like i do too.. told me he saw
me and my wife at Food Outlet.. and when i told him
my wife was 46.. he said.. oh God no.. she looks like
she is in her twenties.. and thought i was about
35.. and i told him.. sure.. Dance and Positive
energy is the liGht Fountain of youth.. as sure..
stress kills.. it literally shortens
the telomeres of your
Chromosomes.. and
if you don’t think they can
be regenerated.. perhaps you
have not seen the before and after
pictures of me in hell vs.. heaven..
and perhaps i’ll share them again..
like i did on my June 6th of 2016
56th Grand Cross 56 Macro
Verse this Summer
on this VERSE
too.. in case
folks are thinking
this is all talk and not
iSReAL trUth and liGht..
now.. you see.. when you get
all stressed out with negative fear
stress about anything in life.. you are
just not only killing your health but aging
yourself as you go.. it’s just not that worry does
no good.. it literally ages you and kills you toward a
premature death from heaven as you go.. i do selfies
much more than vain reasons.. i take photos to prove
that both God and the Higher power of God existS in
me as nows go on.. Jack LaLanne towing
boats across bays in his 60’s when
his peers were smoking cigars
and drinking beers.. couch
potato living their lives
away in office chairs too..
already proved this theory
of the fountain of relative youth
is real and obtainable across the
living life spans of human beings..
he simply moved all his life.. and
kept his muscles strong.. no less than
our Arthur Noble Golden Eyed Brown
Tabby who jumped with ease to the
counter for food.. almost until age 20..
when poor Moby.. who was raised as a domesticated
couch potato with all you can treats.. couldn’t lift himself
up with complications from type two cat diabetes at the
tender age of under 10.. nah.. couldn’t even lift himself
up to take a shit on the FucKinG Floor.. it was a habit
that his first owners gave to him.. when he was young..
before.. and it is well worth noting that it is a habit that
our culture as whole is giving to children now who are
at 33 percent assessed in clinical studies as
having pre-type two diabetes as metabolic
syndrome in FuckInG grade school..
use or lose.. Bottom Guide line..
all the dreams of heaven
after life ain’t gonna
change the hell
of not using
life on Earth..
and hell no.. neither
of my parents were thin..
both were overweight most of their
life.. and i would be too.. if i didn’t do
life like an Olympic athlete as ease.. in other
words.. i move freely.. not injuring myself in one
way of walk and no way of pounding my joints on
the road of run.. and at age 56.. i can provide the
empirical evidence as form.. head to toe.. that although
i don’t tow boats across the bay at age 60.. i do dance
230 LBS now.. close to 6 thousand miles in three years
as balance on terrestrial land.. books that don’t believe
that live is now.. can sure.. make heaven as hell on earth
now.. and they do.. and they do.. and they do.. in up to
crucifying life over dead lies of prophets of evil.. as
interpreted loosely as one can do when language..
is not crystal clear and concrete as it rarely is..
amazing that folks would look to words..
that are always somewhat vague
as proof for God.. that’s why
i take photos.. hips and
eYes and Flowers do not lie..
for at least those with an i am
discerning eye for TruTh and liGht..
one or the other.. riGht or lEfT WiLL do fine..
oh and that drag queen dude.. he is the only
one who has ever spoke to the Unconditional Love
of God as the highest power gifted in human as
any human.. spoken to.. at that dance club with
me yet.. so as Joni Mitchell says.. i will continue
to see God in the Church of Dance over
church of many truths in light..
but quiet a few that are
anything but quiet in loud
oF lies in dARk for
only dollars bills
and stuff of
tax free
And yeah.. the
Passion FlowerS as
presented in this Macro-
Verse Memory from two years
ago.. are in bloom full at my home now2..
in my Garden of Eden @Heavenow iSREaL2..:)
And yes ..finAlly Screens Scream Again.. as my continued
patronizing of the dVerse Poet’s Pub to do stuff
tHeir short ways.. expands to the next
Macro-Verse as my human potential
does too.. and this hinderance
to creativity will end soon
after this.. as i will
be deleted from
using the site.. after
i challenge the censorship of
mY creative poetic metaphors of
meaning for a theme of change from
escaping the lies of culture to a desert
Isle of TrUth and liGht away from those lies
as phoenix rising from the ashes change will do..
anyway.. they said it had to be about literal change
and not metaphorical change.. like it wasn’t real in poetic
words of real life experience and change i was speaking too..
anyway.. it went way over their head.. and they went as far
as suggesting they couldn’t figure out where my draft of comments
section and the my limited poem then started.. to appease them short as
of September 15th of 2015 last year then.. and sure.. the greatest
thing about witnessing for God in real time online.. is all there
is evidence of what happened in words.. it was really sad
that i had poetically took the time and effort to respond
to every single prompt and link in that online
club of poets.. and i was treated like
this when their main bitch
as far as administration
goes is they don’t get enough
likes and comments from visits
of other folks on their poems.. i FucKinG
liked them all.. i literally made it a practice to
like them and get inspired even if i had to read A
FucKinG poem 15 times to get inspired.. and i accomplished
that with Will over Unconditional and Fearless Love.. but i did
too much Fearless Love and they attempted to put their Dog collars
of limits and Domesticated Cats with all you can eat easy on me..
FucK no.. that Desert Isle Metaphor was just a prophecy of what
was to come.. just like the Wrong Planet where they banned
me for doing too much there.. too creatively.. i just used
that as inspiration to make even more FucKinG liGht
on my Desert Isle Ocean Whole Poem.. and
no.. did not let it stop me from commenting
then.. another 6 months on every FucKinG Prompt
and link.. and only a handful ever took the time
to visit me and even say hello.. as it was too hard
for them to do that.. if it wasn’t so easy to find me
among the other links.. anyway.. the thing about modern
cultures is.. it takes away our humanity and i have also empirically
measured that as witness for God too.. as you might see i was once weak
A WiNk ‘link as canary in the coal mine.. too.. but now i am the canary who
swallowed the Lion against Fear
came out
on the other
end of courAge
as the phoenix
rises from the ashes same..
and the cool thing is.. it reAlly aLL went down
down for real and i can FucKinG prove iT aLL
line by line.. word by word.. 12 million words
close to all.. and around 100K photos or so too..
with video accomplices to go along with all that TrUth and liGht..
so sure.. here is a link to the proof of that too.. in “Desert i’LL
Change” from 9152015.. and the link says 30347
as i was aways running in a hurry to meet their
demands to participate then..
i go my own way..
iT has alWays worked
out better when i don’t
try to fit myself into the
boxes of rules of smaller UniVerses
than what i see @least of all that is GoD iSREaL NOW..
iN my UniVerse at lEAst and most of i Am that is mE noW..:)
Yeah.. all good court reporters wRite all the evidence down.. as SonG..
but sTill.. suRe.. i enjoy being God’s Cheerleader WitH DancE.. even more..
as the photo documentation of ALL THAT IS continues to empiricAlly sHow..:)
SMiLes.. my FriEnd thefeathered Candy
Sleep.. i thiNk a lot.. but i FeeL and seNse
more.. and no matter how the child comes..
the lust is worth the life..
and sure.. my wife
is proof of that
as she
was born
upon the Navy
as it sails from seas
of exotic countries that
mix with American Indians
and Irish.. and Pacific Islanders
of other lands there.. and surely
a blessing it was to know nothing of
sex until age 16.. as the lust was widely
dispersed.. and had no one destination to go..
and along that way.. i learned to love with eYes and
heARt.. a shine.. that would dim but come bacK iSreal
stronger than
ever before..
and now i finAlly
can make words thaT
reflect those eYes of liGht..
innocent with no lure for owner
ship of eYes or HeARt as more than
tHaT moistT place for sweLLs of urGent..
anyWay.. i truly feel sorry for those
folks who have never fELt the
Love that never ends of
heArt oF SpiRit
that FeeLs
and moves
with never leSs
BaLanCinG miNd
And.. BoDy soUL..
thaN giving.. more..
a Lamp of Love that
gives that gives more
as turn me on means
light you up more and more iSREAL..
in a day in the life of meaLL and more to come..:)
In all the dArk that comes..
iN all the liGht that goes..
dArk and liGht
live in both..
i suppose i am a little
liGht heavy in this verse.. so
i must pay some respect to the
dARk that can be ark to take
one to greater liGhts as they
understand better the dArk in otHeRs
all so trUe and false too.. hmm.. i’ve
been to A dArkest place of all wHere one
sees a beloved and most beloved relative choking
on a piece of bread and when the heARt.. the sPiRit..
is so dead.. there is no miNd and BoDy BaLanCe leFt aT
all as soUL.. and any pain in messed up broken down stressed
killed brain.. feels like pleasure.. as that is all that is
left is pain.. hmm.. watch it.. the dArk is
not a place ya wanna play..
a place wHere Serial
killer lust for pain..
and misery
of their
human beings
who are only a tool
and aid to help get them
by.. just one more moment of
hell of empty.. where cannibals
eat other humans just to feel and
fill anything of the emptiness of the
souL.. wHere food becomes love
and love is literally food
in human
and blood..
hmm.. i can smell
the psychopath from
so.. so far away.. as i can
sense and feel the soul that
no longer feels a heARt of anything
more than bLack.. than bLack and cOld..
Well.. it’s not easy stARting out as an Angel
as sure as my first Baby Avatar of Aghogday
does portray.. the one.. put uP on December 25th
Christmas day in hopes the liGht would come back
one day back then in 2010.. when the empty shells
of words without a feel of life for me started to come
in journey back from hell then.. and along the way..
spArks of the dArk.. once i rose back to humanity
as flower.. did appear here and there.. as
sudden rage over what
would not have
ever bothered
me before..
like someone
shooting me a bird..
me looking at them
with those devil eyes
of before.. them challenging
me with a head butt in a bar..
and me suddenly choking them
into submission before i said
the joker is just joking with
you.. years ago now this
happened.. and that
darK sparK
been extinguished
complete.. but until a
another dude who was a homophobe
then tried to bootie dance with me..
and i pushed him ‘lightly’ all the
way across the floor on HIS butt then..
per se.. not even realizing the strength
that would come from that moment then.. yes..
i am careful now to restrain.. i focus on Love
all the time.. that is always now of heaven now..
yet.. i aM human and i understand the dArk side all
too well thaT day i first could not feel anything of emotions
and i screamed to the ceiling like that portrait of Scream..
like a demon on Fire asking help from God that i could NOT..
no.. longer sense or feel at all either.. in a drain of sink
that never ends in bottom of darkness with not a Lazarus
drop to drink.. the thing is.. there are places
there are places.. there are places
that exist that you never ever
wanna go.. and never
ever dismiss
that can come
in real Evil from
a human soul
that has gone
away to the
Styx of
point so
dim that even
black hole suns
cannot enter dArk..
as dark as the human
heARt.. SpiRit and soUL
can die as liFe as dArk.. the
thing is.. i didn’t wanna go to hell..
and quite honestly i didn’t do anything
more than never saying no when the demands
of others as people pleaser me only said yes.. yes..
drive the stake in my heart more.. yes yes.. make
me a Vampire so cold in 3 am street lights like
liGht is dArk and deaTh the same as sunlight
hell of once liGht as only pleasure more..
where all is polar opposite of what
came before.. all is bLack
and bLack
is whitE.. iT
iS no wonder that
sacred texts speak of
devil’s and hell’s and angel’s
and heaven’s too.. weLL.. Here’s
the thing.. i’Ve done ’em all and that
makes me somewhat of an iSREAL specIal
Witness for God now.. when it’s iSREAL2..
the good news is.. there are iSREAL more ways
to stay out of heathen hell.. now too.. all i can do
is show
way through..
if you ever get
tHeir you’ll have to
likely find your own way
out.. preventative medicine
of SonG and DancE is the best
way for me with laughs and smiles.. hehe..
anyway.. the song i was looking for was not
and is not by Rihanna it was/is by 21 Pilots instead.. calling
out to me.. calling out to the devil and hell that was once me2..:)
So.. anyWay.. short story at the end of the longer
one.. at the bar on Thursday night..
as a Participant Observer
Anthropologist for God
of course.. i am in the
stall taking a
piss and installing
my ear plugs and putting
the plastic back.. they are
in.. back in my pocket and i over
hear two dudes at the other place
of latrine way talking about domination
of woman as they always do.. just for the
place between their legs.. and they start
talking about size and motion of the ocean
and stuff limited to that place of the
human pArt of life now..
so i come out and say
if you really wanna
make women
and ha.. it ain’t
like the old days of
timid Fred at 180 Lbs
at 2001 in the disco 80’s days
then.. wHere no.. i rarely said
anything to anyone then.. 230 Lbs
now.. dark shades and a body that moves
like a Black Panther/Batman.. late at night..
yeah.. they didn’t say anything.. not
a thing.. and when i was talking about
coming.. i was talking about coming
back to talk to you again..
as surely if any
of the women
out there
knew how
these dudes
truly felt about
them.. in there.. surely they
wouldn’t say much back again.. yes..
and truth be told they don’t as these
dudes just drink the night away mostly and
never even get a smile from the opposite sex..
women have feelers for this.. don’t you know..
F E E L..
best of
both worlds
liGht and dARk..
Sure.. i could switch back to devil and
hell in heart beat if need be.. only
difference now would be.. i would be
a strong
than a weak
one then.. when i was so sick..
i’ll keep the Angel for Good
MeaSure of liGht now for sure..
and keep the devil
and hell
iN my
juST iN cAse..
and if people could
really see and feel where
i’Ve been.. let’s juST.. say.. they
would alWays step away.. in fear.. to
beyond fear.. where even demons never tRead..:)
Celebrating my Uncle Bob’s Birthday..
with his two sons.. on the left..
Bobby and David.. and
My Uncle Ted.. who
is the Identical surviving
Twin Brother of my Father..
his son.. Teddy.. here next to me..
and of course i am the crazy/
eccentric/other cousin.. hehe..
And yes.. celebrating my
42 months of meaning
of LiFe.. 3.3 million plus
word longest
long form
poem ever
too.. and now moving
to the day after that on the
911 day.. with a publish of
‘After Book oF Fred’.. on
912.. 2016.. with much
more to come.. but i’M
kinda really sleepy now..
so nite nite now arrives..:)
Rise.. i haven’t used that song yet in this
Macro-Verse.. as i have in almost every one..
since the Song came out by Katy Perry..
WeLL.. trUly.. iT says iT aLL
for me..
iT could be the
bible of my entire
life.. so why.. would someone
write 12 million words in 6 years..
so.. why.. would someone write the
Longest Long Form Poem ever.. including
a pre-6 months of one blog expanding
to several more for 3 years writing
the Longest Long Form Poem for
36 more months
at 3.3M words
plus.. now..
ending with
42 months whole..
on September.. 10th 2016
and now the day after 911 in the
‘After Book oF Fred’ Macro-Verse
to journal.. to document.. to celebrate all
of that and more in giving ways.. so.. why the
FucK would any middle age happily married man
do Nude art in literally scores of thousands of photos
spread across the world.. in restricted adult links of course..
and dance 126 weeks now on college night with a 1000 or
so selfies with smiling ear to ear college age females with
some of their male friends.. accompanying them too..
and yeah.. why the FucK.. would someone dance
a free style of martial arts and ballet-like dance
in every public place they travel in their
metro area for 6 thousand miles
in three years..
iF you can’t understand
that.. chances are.. you haven’t been
to hell.. and sure.. i can understand why it
would be hard for most people to understand
why i do all of this.. for almost.. 6 years now..
for zero green bLack Dollar bills..
not even a FucKinG
Penny on the
as it were
and is still now..
Go back to March then..
of 2008.. in the middle
of lent with almost no sleep
for 40 days.. 1 hour each night
for the first 35.. with the help of
an Alpha Blocker to slow my heart
rate down enough to rest my head
in card-board shallow barely sleep
for that 1 hour each night.. and the last
5 of 40 days in deepest empty nothing
where a thousand years lasts one second
of hell.. no sleep at all.. well.. the world record
for no sleep at all is 264 hours aka 11 days exactly..
was what i did more hell of torture than that.. well.. now
considering all the disorders i had that were invisible to
others.. experienced inside.. it was a hell that only i could
share with the God left within.. that i could not even feel but pain..
and nothing at all at the bottom of that place.. of ISREaL HeLL then..
and for 66 months all to be.. Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia.. Dysautonomia..
Sjogren’s Syndrome.. where my eyes quit making tears all together.. Fibromyalgia..
Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my spine.. and Spinal stenosis.. Anhedonia and
associated Severe Depression.. PTSD.. Panic Attacks.. Severe Anxiety.. Mood
Lability.. Alexithymia.. a side helping of Asperger’s on the Side on the
Autism Spectrum too.. Coat Hanger Pain associated with
Dysautonomia.. where the blood pressure and heart
rate was no longer being properly
controlled by the
Autonomic Nervous
system.. and blood was
having problems getting to my
brain.. and i was having problems breathing
and my heart rate was up and down and out of
control with my blood pressure too.. keeping in
mind.. that most of this wasn’t diagnosed for
years until after the hell started back
then.. no one could understand why
i would gasp for breath every time
i nodded off to sleep.. or see
the dentist drill in my
eye and ear
no painkiller
or drugs to work
for type two Trigeminal
Neuralgia.. the worst pain..
assessed that pain worse than
crucifixion for 66 months from
wake to sleep in hell too.. all invisible
disabilities.. except eventually the measures
of my eyes making no tears.. still invisible to
others with the unaided medical tools of diagnosis
for all of this too.. and during that sleepless period
of total separation of mind and body soUL with
others and the rest of Nature
aka God whole..
as i only
for someway..
somehow.. someone.. then..
to just put me down as they
would do with a suffering animal
then too.. but you see.. folks.. most
folks thought it was just in my head..
pull your boot-straps up.. other folks have
it worse.. don’t you know.. you have plenty
of money to get you by.. you should be so happy
don’t you know.. don’t you know.. i am in hell.. haven’t
i told you in so many words.. i know you can’t see it but
hell is in here.. please.. please.. please just put me down
easy.. please.. please.. please.. and people wonder why i
spent the extra money.. on gas.. to put Moby to sleep.. so he
wouldn’t struggle with an injection to be put down then.. i know
the feel.. right before you die but you aren’t dead yet.. and all you
wanna do is get it over with please.. as death is the greatest blessing
ever.. thank you God for that.. please let me have it okay.. anyway.. at one of
the lowest points where i was suffocating and could not breathe.. my Uncle Bob..
who we just celebrated his birthday with us yesterday.. called me on the phone
while i was suffocating.. and we rarely received calls from him over
the years.. but when i broke down at age 21.. he was the only
one from that side of the family who reached out..
and wanted me to still be a part of the
family then.. in expressing
that at least.. and he
admitted to having some
problems of his own with
depression in his life.. said..
he would do anything to help me..
drive 80 miles and take me to the hospital..
whatever i needed and.. my father just told
me everything would be okay.. and that was it..
when i first got sick.. and somehow that show
of concern.. helped me to regain my breath and
perhaps in someway it saved my life then.. as
i was sure it was gone then.. and during
some panic attacks before that..
as this physiological issue
of Dysautonomia.. will
definitely make
panic attacks
come on that are
totally physiological
in nervous.. cardio.. and
respiratory in nature of
all FucKeD Up and broke
inside.. from head to toe
in body system way.. and by
the end of that 40 days with no sleep
a place where i could not pull another thought
out of my head.. a place where i went to beyond..
beyond so far.. where there are no words to describe that
place even if i had them.. then.. to describe them.. and i was
sure i died but i woke up in the hospital.. with a mega-shot of
Ativan.. in a trance state that somehow allowed me to control
the pain.. enough.. to finally heaven sleep.. sure.. 4 MG a day
of that stuff.. just to sleep with that pain for months to come.. then..
and a full 66 months to get off that drug for sleep.. and eventually
come back to life with no pain.. from the ashes like a Phoenix..
i rise again.. as rose of flower iSReAL LiVinG aGaIn.. at
the end of July 2013.. around the 22nd of that month
then.. so what would you do if you went to hell for 66
months.. and somehow God of Nature
showed you how to get out..
where modern
medicine said
we can’t do anything
for you.. like my rheumatologist..
there is no drug i have to help you..
so.. go home.. and don’t come back..
Psychiatrist the same.. no drug for hell..
General Practice Physician too.. nothing
for you.. and frigging Neurologist that said..
you have shaky hands.. they can give you something
for that looking at me like it was all in my head.. FucK..
it was in my head.. FucK.. don’t you even know there noW
is such a thing.. as.. Atypical Facial Pain.. also known
as Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia.. well.. let’s put it this
way.. i have little faith in the Medical Profession.. and sure..
thank God for that Ativan.. but i have 100% Faith.. Hope
and Belief in God that lives within.. the who of me
inside.. that is God same as the who of you
who is God same of you.. the innate..
instinct and intuition.. that heals
animals in the woods.. sTiLL..
and the pArt of me you see
when you see and hear me
DAncE and SinG.. and last night
i didn’t dance for my Uncle.. as i already
showed him that on my Grand Cross 56 birthday
last June.. i did something new.. THAT side of the
family has never heard.. my cousin Teddy.. who is a professional
musician.. played the guitar.. and most everyone was too shy to
sing but me.. but you see.. i have no fear now.. as perhaps all
that pain was as they say fear leaving my body with
the metaphor of Kundalini Rising too..
where all my emotions are
regulated.. all senses
and now sure i would
have a video of that to share..
but my wife was too shy to do it in
front of all the family last night.. i don’t need
anything.. i have everything.. that is my life..
if you don’t understand the value of your life..
perhaps.. you would.. if you went where i went..
and do i need anything.. other than a breath of life..
folks who can’t breathe.. understand what they need..
folks who cannot love.. may not understand what they
miss.. i loved before.. and i got that ability to love again..
when you lose it all.. you know you are God as PaRt as
WhOle when you come back aGaIN.. and perHaps as
dArk as heLL was for you then.. WiLL be as BriGht
as Heaven.. you do your God dam best to give to
others.. as God already Damned you to
hell and gave you the
WITH LOVE.. but please.. before you judge anyone..
from Adolph Hitler.. to a grain of sand.. remember
that all of that is God.. and all pArts.. dARk..
and liGht.. and ‘tween in hues of colors
and shades of grey.. are GoD
oNe AS WhOLe.. and the
worst pARt oF all
as aRt and
PArt.. is
separate now..
from God in beyond
dArkness truly iSREaL
DAMNED TO HELL.. and that
too is pARt of God.. like it or not..
tHeRe is no escape from the potential
of living both hell and heaven in one life..
as that gift of life.. and survival.. is the basic
tenant of both meaning and purpose in liFe ISReaL
all costs.. all benefits
LiFE iSREaL..:)
WeLL.. as alWays.. the river of
creativity that can be me.. is full
and exploding with stuff to say..
AnD.. i’ll start off now with another thanks
to the Facebook Video Production Assistant
in helping me construct a nice slide show.. highlighting
an extremely busy weekend of the 10th and 11th
of September.. 2016.. in celebrating everything..
all the time now.. and alWays Heaven noW..
just ’cause i Can and WiLL.. and of course
My Uncle Bob’s Birthday too.. with
highlights more..
coming in
the photo stream
photo book.. along with
the 702nd Macro-Verse titled
“After Fred Book”.. of Ocean Whole
Poem long and of course a full 42 months
of Witnessing for the God ALL of Nature..
for all i kNOw and SenSE and FeeL.. and
yes.. much.. much more to come.. in the
coming years too.. hmm.. no limits
of 42 for me.. for the meaning
of life as there is alWays
more to kNow and
FeeL and SeNSe
iN God’s
Nature per se of
what we flea humans
cannot see and feel and
sense of God all that is.. now
and for so long to come.. forevermore
now.. is a very long now.. now.. so i continue
to SinG the ‘SonG oF mY soUL’ here too.. and
sure.. i went with Alice and Wonderland themed shirt
today.. as last night was kinda the return of a prodigal
Son too.. for not seeing some of my relatives where like
Batman i kinda fell off the face of the Earth.. and disappeared
like a magic trick me.. for over 5 years.. yes.. precisely 66 months
then.. but you know what Batman’s mentor in those days told him too..
Fame Sucks.. Go for Legend Batman.. as Legends are never one hit
wonders.. hehe.. and sure i achieved that about two years into the
public dance routine at Old Seville Quarter.. named as such
by the viewing audience who only know me as the
fearless dancing dude guy.. as Spirit Animal too..
Legend.. Icon of Metro dAnce.. and one of
the nicest compliments of all.. from the
customer service lady at Super
Walmart.. who said…
she and her
Fellow Walmart
workers say.. whenever
i go in to dance.. no matter
what season of the year it is…
i Bring Spring with me.. hehe.. and
she doesn’t even know.. i am A iSReAL
Pan of the ForEst.. hehe.. and it sure was nice
to see the Good Cop Jesus come back to church again
today.. with that prodigal story in that form too.. as Loving
the child who goes away and comes back.. dam sure beats
last week’s Luke.. Chapter 17 story that says the polar
opposite.. in hating your children if they don’t
follow what i tale them to do.. anyway..
the danger of holding a book
to the sky and worshipping
every page of it.. is no
different than
the Golden
they are
both idols of human
beings that attempt to
approximate and represent
the essence of God all that is..
however.. Humans made symbols
named words.. and turned those words
into God after God already.. done ‘been here..
like Forevernow.. to worship words.. is not different
truly than to worship any other symbol.. in visual image..
make all stuff in life.. holy and sacred.. and heaven becomes
now.. say stuff like last prophet and only Son of God.. and you
get discontent.. doubt.. fear.. and all stuff related to separation
of hate.. the teachings of Jesus in Golden Rule way.. with
consuming no other with harm.. is Universal among
sages of the ages who came centuries
before he did.. and to worship
a man.. over what
works in teachings
to bring heaven now..
is to lose the wHOle FucKinG..
point of the meek shall inherit the
earth.. and the last will be first.. it’s
already happening now.. in case ya haven’t noticed..:)
Caution.. Prairie Tale coming..
with the word Edit only
hidden by
E.. for
Everything.. hehe..
sure.. poetic.. makes it more
interesting.. and truly same is boring
and different is interesting.. per even the
the tiny book.. i read from cover to cover in
a matter of super speed reading in a few minutes
aT the Big B and N.. while dancing Tai-Chi Like-Ballet..
and listening to my Alan Parson’s Best of Trance inducing
music too.. to get Laser.. Super Focused from head to toe..
in Super
Fly Brain
and Body as
it were and sure
is today.. as practice
brings more practice in
dance and steps and words
too.. in ‘Lucy’-like human potential..
from the furry me to the online version
too haha.. weLL.. got news for you.. Good
News in fAct.. 911 came and went without
any hitches and only the new fACT i’M fiXin’
to preSent.. juSt ’cause i can and WiLL as i live
in a new age now.. wHere yes! God yes! the meek
have finAlly and silently inherited the Earth and the
last is first.. and i AM juSt a FucKinG poster boy
for all of that
hehex2.. of sorts
as God’s Cheerleader2..
hmm.. it’s like the tumble weed
of the Big Lebowski Movie.. the
911 pArt even with 69 cents
on the check in the grocery
store of that movie..
and sure the
won.. Trump folks..
and while you gnash your
teeth and wring your hands
we are FucKinG sMiLinG every
wHeRE wE go.. truly rich.. no matter
dollar bills or not.. while you worry over
your FucKinG continued hoarding of stuff..
as ya might have to share some of ya grain
stowed up in your silos with the smiling homeless
dude.. or even A Jesus who has no place to rest wHeRe
you live.. thanks God.. yes.. the place of exclusion.. the
place limited to Southern Baptist church walls and i use that
example.. for the ex-Cheerleader Lady.. my wife went to school
with.. graduating in ’88.. still looking CheerLeader good.. with bleached
blonde hair and pancaked face.. and that’s okay.. as dress it up baby..
and those work-out shorts still looked truly fertile i must say.. only
in analytical way of course.. hehe.. so anyway.. the Alice in
Wonderland dude.. after already doing a Marathon
of Dance in public places across the weekend
long.. and i might add.. hitting the 5950
milestone mark.. that surely will
hit 6000 miles in three
years by the
Fall Equinox..
for the next big
celebration coming
in milestone blog way..
anyWays.. miss prim and
proper work-out shorts lady..
exclaims to her son as i am
passing by.. get here quick son..
to her child.. there are too many
weird folks in here.. now of course
i had my head phones on.. considering
DANCE ACTIVITIES.. which of course she
has no way of kNoWing how far and deep
and sometimes red hot.. my activities
do go online too.. hehe.. but
yes.. since she said there
are too many weird
folks in here..
i immediately
turned around as i had
passed her and heard her clearly
as i ain’t got no music on yet.. hehex2..
and as we kNow.. the iPhone ear buds
are designed well not to totally stuff your
ears up.. so.. you can hear cars coming
up on ya and stuff like that when you are
driving your bike and running and all of that..
So.. go i back quickly to the aisle her son was visiting
by the Halloween stuff.. and sure enough there are
a mix of Walmart customers.. who are dressed rather
differently.. and like totally relaxed in their night clothes
and other the Dude off the Big Lebowski Movie ways
of being.. kinda like the Love Version of Jesus who
truly is the Love Christ.. as opposed to the other
polar opposite anti-Christ Jesus who exists
in FucKinG plain site in the New Testament
for those with Love eyes and ears who
can see that hating your Parents
and Brothers and Sisters..
and Children in
Luke Chapter
17.. if they don’t
follow all of the contradictions
of the New Testament like it’s even
possible to Love your enemy and hate
your FucKinG Children.. Good cop bad
cop good cop.. what the FucK it’s like the
FucKinG Joker off the Batman Movie.. live by
the sword.. die by the sword.. why so serious..
i bring a sword not peace.. FucK.. people sit
in the pews and take this shit in.. not paying attention
of course.. as there are a zillion other problems swimming
around in the their head.. to meet the Trump money and other
materialistic goals in life of course.. not even to notice half the God
Dam time.. that the New Testament is a book of Love and Hate..
Hope and Fear.. no different than the Old Testament too..
but when you tale folks you have made a humble
and zealous carpenter as the good cop
bad cop Bi-Polar Jesus continues
into play as a FucKinG God
of the Universe.. that
is just a ploy
that does
not allow
you sTiLL
to question
the total hypocritical
Nature of the book from start
to finish.. however.. in mythology way..
like all other religions and myths.. there
is most often the ‘Kali’ part.. you know the
Angel of Destruction.. the potential devil archetype
without empathy and compassion that says in tribal
instinct way.. go team go.. we are the best team and
your team sucks.. fight team fight.. sit down stand
up..kneel.. go quarterback Jesus or Muhammad
go.. no.. it’s our Jesus and not your
Jesus or this Jesus
and not that
Jesus.. Good cop
bad cop Good cop
Jesus Merry go around
and some of us are still
crucifying others for being different
or perhaps we are just another bleached
blonde Babe from The Southern Baptist Church
with her tight gym shorts on.. making it now clear to
everyone else that she and her son are the chosen
ones and everyone else on the other team just plain
sucks.. anyway.. be careful who you wish for.. as sure.. i have
a Devil two and a Joker in my back pocket2.. per that song by
21 Pilots that i shared before1.. you will never ever wanna
see into the eyes of righteous indignation that live behind
these sHades.. THE eyes who have seen REAL FUCKING
HELL HERE ON EARTH.. but no.. when i slowly
approached her like a Black Panther..
as they always walk.. as a practice
of survival.. she would never
kNow what my eYes
were thinking..
but sure..
could FeeL
my presence
of strength and fearless..
and perHaps.. she’ll think twice
now before she condemns the weird
around her as anything but FucKinG
Clown Fun!.. anyWay.. this is human nature..
she knows not what she does.. and even science
documents and provides this too.. as the conservative
mind sees the world much differently in inhibitions and
fear than the liberal mind does.. in fearless and party time
all the relaxed Panther walk and Dance now!.. i would have
asked her for a dance.. and sure.. back in the old days at
Seville.. she probably would have gotten a selfie with
me.. just to show off to ‘some’ of her friends
the wild thing she saw
out of the zoo and
all of that..
i get
i understand
how and why the
human ticks and rocks..
i forgive her for what she kNows
and feels not of what she does..
i’ve been to hell.. but no.. some
of these others folks
who her child
will go on
to bully
in school..
per the example
this mother sets haven’t
weathered the storms i have..
coming out looking like the statue
of King David and all of that in the buff…
hehe.. as it were and is in all my art haha!..
so perhaps she will think twice.. before she blurts
out something to her son.. that a real Good Cop Jesus
might be hearing in the background.. ’cause you kNoW..
there IS A pArt of her book.. that speaks to coming back in
glory to judge the living and the dead.. well here’s the thing..
only God truly Judges as all that is in the end now.. in how we
iN liGht or DArk of Positive action and consequence
live our life per the rules and laws of NatUre..
as there are literally trillions of peptide
receptors in all the cells of the
body that are fed either liGht
or DArk by the relative
free will of our
thOughts and
actions as thoughts
are simply after effects
of the affect of how we feel
about the world in pro or con
social emotions.. live life in fear..
anger and hate.. and become the
dArk of that.. live life in Hope.. Peace
and Love and become the Dude from
the Big Lebowski show come back again..
perhaps in a grocery store.. writing a check
on 911 for 69 cents.. Remember Horatio.. God
is bigger than your book or the walls of your church..
God is the Force that lives in a grain of sand and quite
Frankly.. the red tip end of my penis.. to put it as FRANkly
as i can.. and will.. to separate anything as holy and sacred
as any pARt of the Body of God from head to toe.. to tip of that
in whatever colors it comes.. from seas to shining seas.. to the
farthest galaxy of mind and body and beyond space.. distance now
and time that has never been explored.. is to live less than we
can in the greatest grace that is the gift of life now..
use it or lose it..
i use it all
and i thrive..
no.. i don’t just survive
i thrive.. as what most folks
might refer to weird and a lazy
bum too.. but here’s the deal..
Let’s see..
wHeRe was i..
hmm.. i.. i wonder
which way i ought to
go.. yes.. Facebook..
Macro-Verse memories now
from years ago.. i haven’t
lost them.. after all.. hehe..
one moment.. please.. NOW while
i retrieve with second or third
chorus.. and.. that reminds me..
a lady i used to work with.. yes..
Dolores.. whose Spirit animal was
the Tasmanian Devil of course.. once
said.. dam.. Fred.. don’t matter what sHit
you get yourself into.. you always come out
smelling like Fresh Roses.. or other flowers
per se.. as i improvise as such as i continue to
go as Cheshire Cat.. Mad Hatter.. Alice And Wonderland..
hahahaha! you may have noticed.. i am not all of myself..
truly.. my smile reaches far on this E-Land never land.. never
ending story online all.. but remember.. beware the Jabberwocky2..
and sure.. i come as the March Hare2.. in the year of our Lord 2013..
so.. i’m here.. since E-Birth.. on Thanks Giving Day of 2010 too..
hmm.. what next.. oh.. God Yes!
yes.. back to the Facebook
Memories fully in Lewis
Carrol like
tow… too
as anything
goeS in
pArt of Pan’s
Woods.. you kNow
pan of pan
more more
to come of that
aLL iT is.. too..
so.. here comes some more
totAlly a-causal related
memories from a year ago..
toTally related to today too..
As Synchronicity continues to pAint
canvas alWayS now.. wHeRe no distance
space or time literally existS onlinE.. noW
as there is no entropy here of notice.. don’t
you see.. feel.. sense and know.. there is no
sun or moon.. to light these words.. no golden
floors.. or pearly gates.. perhaps you just stepped
into the iSREAL Twilight ZonE Heaven and are not fully aware
of the looKing gLass you see through if you have arrived here now..
anyWay.. it’s NoW for juSt anotHeR TeaM ligHT SonG noW.. iF you can
see and
hEart the
cAll of God
all that is yEt..
as the team liGht
members aLL continue to
ArT and sciEncE all thaT is out..
to the best of tHeir liGht and hmm..
somewhat dARk abilities now.. so.. go Lorde2.. at 1:11 pm2..:)
Jesus F. in Christ.. if i hear that FucKinG Trump commercial
one more paid commercial YouTube Advertisement about putting
Freedom in a waLLed lock box..
i am gonna have
to ignore it
even more.. hehe..
oKAy.. back to the
regularly unscheduLed program here..
as now goeS oN.. trUly iSREAL FReED..;)
Allah’s Karma as fully titled here..
Doesn’t need
a book..
Positive action
makes Positive consequence..
Negative action makes Negative consequence..
Flow with God of Nature’s Nature as gifted
as being HUman.. in liGht or go the dArk
path of relative Free WiLL iSreAL noW..
Laws of Nature
God and sAMe
rule.. break them
as wave of dARk and
surf potential hell too..
hmm.. i’ll go for Ocean
liGht Heaven iSrEAL noW.. beats
the other place.. DancE and SonG uP..:)
Bowling Alley Doughnut Life..
Bottom Line..
Dance Dreams more..
and that
reminds me..
Facebook Friend
Cortney.. who is also
a Dancing Friend from
Seville Quarter shares
a Facebook Status on looking
for a job and potential prospects thereof..
i reply..
Good Luck..
i’D hire you
to Dance but as
Sia says in terms..
Of.. Dollar Bills..
The Pay kinda sucks..
But it can be thrilling..;)
And now i say heRe and tHeRe
anD everyWheRe noW oNE for noW
evermorenow.. hehe.. liVinG now..
Yeah.. it’s too bad we cannot
go back to the forAging of village
life.. small groups of warm and fuzzy
feeling humans dancing in the liGht
of ecstasy moves in connecting
and creating anew..
as the midnight
and full
around as
it goes around
too.. and we do too..
anyway.. i dream and
do what i can and will..
and trust me as Alice says
now.. sure.. go ask Alice.. hUman
ImAGinAtiOn.. beats Trump and Hillary
Paper cut dolls any day of the dance week now..
i can iMaGiNe anything.. and trUst me.. most oF iT coMes trUe..
or truSt..
me not..
yoUr will
over free love..
or not.. my wiLL
as fearless love.. alWays noW..:)
Now to a few of my
online friEnds
who i regularly
interAct with
in never
no fAiL..
as hey.. juST
‘C A U S E..
i can and WiLL
over Love as Fearless iSREAL..
as PerHaps i AM A Wizard oF oZ iSREAL2..;)
Hmm.. noW if i can just fit the
10 commandments
into one of
i WiLL have
coveRed all the
major memes iN hiStory
oF art SAges.. mostlY online trUe
and suRE Pentatonix can hELp NoW..
WiTh that too.. in modern culturE ways too..
as Jesus.. F iN Christ.. to geT iT aLL doNe
requires quite a brush to
cover the canvas
aS even
of 12 million
words of ZilLioNs
poTenTiaL more to
cOmE online iSREAL
iN aLL O’ Unabridged bible
through hUman eYes groWinG
moRE as wE sPEAk ‘tiLL more
folks reach a singularity of clarity
iF yoU sEEk iN GoD oF couRsE.. noW..:)
“The believer is happy. The doubter is wise.”
~~ Hungarian proverb ~~
Well.. gigoid… as promised i’m back
at 2:33 pm.. Central
Time on January
12th of 2016..
and surely
the happy
and wise
are truly
the one’s who believe
with 100% faith.. hope and belief..
my Friend.. in other words they
not only walK iN liGht
as Science says..
they literAlly
bEcoMe a
liGht FoRcE
of hUman BeinG
as all multi-trillion peptide
receptors in all cells of the hUman
body FucKinG ‘forgeT’ all about dArk..
and seNSE and FeeL.. A Way BeinG
liGht.. oh.. the science and art my friEnd..
oh.. the
thrive alive..
with fearless love
“I know a lot of people without brains who do an awful lot of talking.”
~~ The Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz ~~
Hmm.. Fitting in somE ways here too.. my friEnd..
The Scarecrow listens..
The Tin man speaks..
And the Lion Roars..
when all three beComE
onE Force of Fearless Love..
but sure.. without expreSsinG thAT
for all
potEnTiaLLy moRe oNE..
so.. that’s why i for one.. choose
A role of Cheerleader aS Fearless Love..
as that my friEnd is the hiGhest hUman Gift
oF aLL..
Instrument of
God oF aLL NaturE now..
Go.. Team liGht.. Go.. Team RA! Go..:)
“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us Universe,
a part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings
as something separated from the rest
–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison,
restricting us to our personal desires
and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.
Our task must be to free from this prison
by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty.”
~~ Albert Einstein ~~
Albert Einstein..
“The Anti-Trump”..
Need.. i say more..
sUre.. Y-NoT..
tHeRe ain’t no
Trump WallS noW
around mE..@lEAst
foR Now.. hehe.. hmm..
“The world, Govinda, is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a long path to perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment; every sin already carries grace within it, all small children are potential old men, all sucklings have death within them, all dying people — eternal life. It is not possible for one person to see how far another is on the way; the Buddha exists in the robber and the dice player; the robber exists in the Brahmin. During deep meditation it is possible to dispel time, to see simultaneously all the past, present and future, and then everything is good, everything is perfect, everything is Brahman. Therefore, it seems to me that everything that exists is good–death as well as life, sin as well as holiness, wisdom as well as folly. Everything is necessary, everything needs only my agreement, my assent, my loving understanding; then all is well with me and nothing can hurt me. I learned through my body and soul that it was necessary for me to sin, that I needed lust, that I had to strive for property and experience nausea and the depths of despair in order to learn not to resist them, in order to learn to love the world, and no longer compare it with some kind of desired imaginary world, some imaginary vision of perfection, but to leave it as it is, to love it and be glad to belong to it. These, Govinda, are some of the thoughts that are in my mind.”
— Hermann Hesse, _Siddartha_
FucKinG LoVe
FucKinG liNe
oF Existence..
as Fearless LoVe noW..:)
“To know that one has enough is to be rich.”
~~ Lao Tzu
IS A state of
miNd/boDy BaLanCinG
for scores more then..
iN thouSands of years..
people lived on the evening
Meal Alone and Love..
MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
And CreAtinG aNew
allone they sTarTed the
neXt day aLL
for Love Now
oF LiVinG noW..
juSt iMaGinE
oNly NoW
and group
greed rules..
Hmm.. i AM
the anti-rule..
LOVE.. FucK the rules of Greed..:)
“It’s All I have to bring to-day,
This, and my heart beside,
This, and my heart, and all the fields,
And all the meadows wide.
Be sure you count, should I forget, —
Some one the sum could tell, —
This, and my heart, and all the bees
Which in the clover dwell.”
~~ Emily Dickinson ~~
To do all of liFe
as poetry
is to live
as both
brush and
paint as God’s canvas iSREAL..:)
“I am an optimist. It does not seem too
much use being anything else.” — Winston Churchill
for me too..
When in hell do
not FucKinG do
as the Romans do..;)
Milton, Florida..
June 6th, 1960..
born in iSREaL U.S.A… heLL..
Also K A New Jerusalem..
on July
22nd, 2013..;)
My tombstone
And yes.. Milton,
Florida.. was named
Hell first.. ’cause oF aLL
the briars on the River
Banks of literAlly wHere i lived down town..
As alWays..
back uP
and beWitch
the ‘competition’..
oF DArk as darK..:)
All caught up to you
mY FriEnd.. gigoid.. at 3:16 p.m..
September 12th, 2016.. noW..
if tHeRe ever could be a Good
Cop Jesus.. you.. My FriEnd
would be one
of his
i roamed the neighborhood
bLock with sHades at 3:33 am..
every night for years.. the street lights
were not as briGht as my computer screen of
pain.. to E-Scape to Nature dArk each niGht.. then..
and one niGht.. a voice within spoke in a language
thaT was no words aT aLL.. FeeLinG SenSinG
within lived
liGht agAin..
desserts only kNow..
Hello.. my FriEnd.. Prajakta..
it can sometimes be lonely
to trUly have WinGs liGht..
but every once
in a while a
another bird
flies by now to
let you kNow/FeeL
you are not alone..
and through the last
several years.. trUly
in a storm of wings..
of writing..
you were
only one of
few to only you..
who consistently
dropped by my blog
site.. and let me know
you came by with at least
a like.. this writing adventure..
as far as the human touch goes..
has been truly a challenge.. while real
life.. is full of the human touch now.. i am
tempted to leave this all behind.. as i’ve created
milestones and completed them.. same as E-Scaping
pain with these words from the stARt.. but it is only a
few folks like you
who now convince
me to stay around
a little longer at lEast..
i appreciate you.. my FriEnd..
and this is a poem you write
that touches my soul
the most..
as i end
my pursuit
in writing foR Now..
for clarity as purpose..
for the meaning of liFe..
just to DancE and SinG mY
friEnd.. the thing is.. i can do that
in real life now.. and i’M not sure now
why i am not doing that more.. my neXt
stop to liGht a lamP.. perHaps morE.. noW.. outside..:)
And in conclusion i say now..
Oh.. yeah..
cRap.. aLmost
foRgET.. i dedicate
thiS.. to my moTher as noW
withouT her love tHeRe iS
no way i could have bEcome
A Love Flu.. hehe.. sUre..
iN most everyWay..
aS noW.. Anew.. Now
reNew.. So hEars
to HeLen.. this..
go ’round.. Merry..
at age 17.. coming out
of the Santa Rosa Sound..
And sure.. i’LL2 continue giving
somEway.. somEhow.. somEnoW anYWay i Go..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less.. A Meaning oF liFe..;)

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