FruiT SaviorS

StaRTinG the process of reviewing the last year’s
worth of poeTry in response to all the dVerse
Online Poet’s Pub prompts and links..
and in the midst of last April i was
also busy in
many logical..
religious and political
discussions.. on the Wrong Planet
site.. the last ‘resort’ of sorts.. for
the outcasts of this world.. also
known and felt as neurodiverse..
as certainly i am sTiLL.. hehe..
rogue maverick
i am now..
but flourishing
flower of creativity
more than ever before
simply from empirical and
artful analysis of where i was
in the realm of creativity last
year at this now..
and Facebook provides
those memory prompts
as i record all i do tHere
as i do here..
as well
on two Facebook
pages and additionally
my personal Facebook Page
Katie Mia.. named and originated
in wife Katrina Mia’s real name..
as well as acronym for Kind
Autistics Taking in Everything
Mindful in Awareness.. as
yes.. there are the strange
among us who sTiLL
have incredible
amounts of
empathy.. whether
iT is expresSinG THAT appropriately iN
A way externally.. with the common
sense requirements of the culture
or not.. as it can be.. will be..
were.. or is.. Love
grows wITh
when real
and practiCinG
Love as aRt
over science..
so yes.. my therapist
from way back in 2011.. uses
me as an example.. to her other clients
that yes.. it is possible to adapt to Autism..
ADHD.. and even Bi-Polar and be a super
empathic.. moving.. connecting.. and creating
human being.. and i started off with all my
professionals who were attempting
to help me get out of the
dead zone of 66 months…
with now.. me providing
them advice
in helping
other folks
get out of their
deadzones now..
iN being human..
as practice of art
and science in the
growing.. giving.. sharing..
moving.. connecting.. creating
oF now iN real.. anyway.. iN looking
over the month of April of 2015.. iT is
sweet and sour.. as i was responding to almost
every dVErse prompt and most all links and doing
my best to help
the folks at the
Wrong Planet out of their
deadzones.. but the cynicism of
both the liGht and the new of making
art in the 21st century using all of multi
media in poetic expressions.. was a change
that the rigid minds of the past.. were not willing
to allow.. and the brow beating started around
the middle of April.. with one of the
dVerse administrators basically
brow beating
me into
my shit short..
to another administrator
deleting one of my links
for missing one required word..
instead of simply allowing me to
correct it.. to that same administrator
suggesting she could not find an 8 lined
Octet poem.. when i already completed
18 in a row in the comments
section ‘write’ where she
made the
the real problem was
it was too much trouble
to open up my links and get
to the end of them.. which truly
there was never a requirement for any
of them to do.. but anal retentive minds
will wanna make everyone be like them..
as that is as big as they wanna see in the
narrow of life that yes.. i too can relate.. too..
after being trapped in work and school of life..
i grew out of it.. thanks God.. so i cannot judge
another person who is still stuck in the narrow
sidewalks of what truly can be limiting creativity
in this life now.. so anyway… the sweet pArt of last
April.. was with me.. this kind of intellectual bullying..
is nothing new to me.. in general.. per the art of folks attempting
to thin the different fish in the Aquarium.. something i am well acquainted
with.. particularly as a very androgynous looking boy from middle
school… in a very fundamentalist.. red state.. patriarchal restrictive
‘Christian’ culture.. that said back then.. in the 70’s.. boys cannot
even smile.. ’cause smiling is queer.. and dance.. ha..!
ya gotta be kidding.. so-called ‘real men’ didn’t
do that back then..
well.. nows have changed
but those who would trap us into
yesternows.. of how it was done then..
continue on as does the conservative
vs liberal mind in closed vs open
minded ways of thinking that
influences everything in
life from the God of
Nature to
the God
of Books..
and Words..
to the Republicans
and Trump and Hillary’s
and Bill’s freedom road..
but the bottom line is this..
when the bully boys tried to tale
me i was weak and didn’t deserve to
live ’cause i was a Loving Boy then.. they
made me stronger than ever and eventually
more Loving than ever before.. and when the
folks at the Wrong Planet kicked me off there..
hehe.. i became even more poetic than ever
before.. and when the folks from dVerse
basically said you are talking too much
Fred.. shut the F up.. i became
louder and louder
than ever before..
and now excluded from
both places as being free..
i am F iN Freer than ever before..
’cause ya see and feel folks.. noW iS aLL theRe
iS.. and not to make the most out of your human
being iN the now that is all that is.. is pure idiocy
in binding one’s potential to the ideas of someone
else.. i giggle at tHeir rules now.. ’cause i live
in a world that allows the greaTest frEe
of human potential that ever
exists before..
but the thing
iS.. one has to
wanna be FReED..
i aM frEE iN Now wITh
God of Nature.. and no
one stops me now.. they continue
to spread the TsunAmi of who i am
by attempting then.. to prune the limbs of a tree
that grows stronger and taller every now someone
attempts to cut me back.. and that is what the Dandelions
of God wiLL alWays do.. come back more colorful like the
Sun than ever before.. but anyway.. after reviewing last April..
i find that my solid response to all dVerse links did not come until
around the middle of April.. with my Octet.. 8 line.. poetic responses
and around the Earth Day frame of now then.. so it will be a few more
weeks before i catch up with that.. to get the full year in.. so looks like
my taxes in form of words.. as “GodsUniverseNovel3.. will be a little
later than April 15.. but nah.. no deadlines for me..
what lives.. lives in flOURishing
Now as FREE..
no group thINk
for me.. THANK GOD..;)
Oh yeah.. no windows seats
either.. and that reminds me..
got another link of photos
to complete
oF i
in restricted
lInks as such..
but freer as Jesus
WiLL ever be treading
on the clothes of culture’s
past aka vs 37 from here..:)
37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid.”
Yes.. sorry.. Conservative Fundamentalist
Christians and Muslims.. the TRUTH iS ouT..
Jesus was/IS a
FLamInG Naked LIberal..
can you see “hi’M”yeT..
look deep.. ‘he’
iN your
miNd and
oh yeah.. and listen
real careful to the last
words of the SonG iF ya
WiLL.. ‘you’ probAbly cAlled
Jesus.. a ‘Fruit Cake’.. huh..
or.. perHaps
you are Jesus too..:)
Yep.. StiLL got BiLLs
to pay..
more on that
in about three seconds..;)
Oh.. Facebook.. you are
an excellent secretary
to me.. along with
and its
child Youtube..
and blogger blogs
as such.. all for now..:)
Facebook Friend and really
cool frolicking dance
friend Cortney from
Good Old Seville
Quarter provides one
of those.. Urban Facebook
myth videos.. advertising
the fake 6th season of
breaking bad..
i provide
the sad fActs
that it is not true..
and go on to say..
thanks anyway for
providing that cool video
and go on to say..
i couldn’t use
eyes during
that period of
time.. so i missed
breaking bad.. but nah..
i lived it..wink emoticon..
but yeah.. seriously.. i spent
66 months.. in my bedroom iN
my underwear with no.. not a lung
disease.. but the worst pain known
to mankind.. type two atypical trigeminal
neuralgia.. and 18 other medical disorders..
in a perfect synergy of human hell.. and no
i didn’t make any money off meth or words..
but i god dam sure.. wrote about 6 million
through the pain.. and about 11 million
words now.. as pain is an incredible
and when the
pain goes away..
yes.. season 6 iS REborn..
iN movie fashion or not..
iT iS real
oF pain
iN liGht oF Now..:)
oh!.. and then Cortney says..
But this was in October of last year!
The video I posted was made this year.
She posted one of those remade
Facebook version videos so i go on
to say..
SMiLes.. same version
from last year..
those rascals
changed the
date in the one
you have.. the comments
section of the 2015 Youtube
version also explains
it fully.. but i do wish
there was a new version
i think i’ll do it real.. hehe..;)
i could have been a lawyer..
but it was too easy and boring..;)
been missing
you lately at the
dance hall/mall
but NTL nice to
see your
thoughts here..
oBTw3.. my cat
is cuter than yours..
Facebook competition..
stuff.. etc.. haha.. wehappy2..wink emoticon
and yes.. i’ll shut up.. now1..wink emoticon
And i didn’t notice..
but other fraudulent
Facebook evidence is provided
that the lie is true.. as Facebook
resources often do.. for tons of likes..
and Facebook pennies on advertisement dollars..
And i go on to say..
Hmm.. didn’t see all that^^
For more proof watch the newest
Godzilla movie and you will see
Bryan Crayston’s
character (Walter White)
being zipped up in a body bag…
i saw Godzilla..
it tipped me off..
wink emoticon
Video copy and paste…
And then i say..
i’d rather be liked
than correct..
but oh well..;)
and i know.. i’ll
really shut up now..;)
And now.. as side note here again..
And Jesus.. if you think Facebook is hard..
try convincing Atheists.. Christians..
Muslims.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc..
alike that God is real.. Jesus is real..
but hell no.. NOT the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.. oF
GOD.. Heaven CAN alWays BE noW.. and Hell CAN
TOO.. and the Bible and Quran are SORTA full of shit
yes.. (the ideology of last prophet is lie too).. noW
and CONSIDERABLE truth and liGht too.. in both books..
and all other religions/sacred texts too…
Yeah baby..
i am a lawyer
straight from
heaven and hell..
and Angel and Devil too..
might not have many friends..
true.. but THE truth and liGht
set ya
free.. and trUly
alone free iS alWays
better than a priSon
of cultural related
’cause the essence
oF living iN Truth
and liGht iS ALLONE BABY..
FOE.. or shut the fuck up
fred.. ALL iS fearless Love..
And trust me.. if i had a penny
for every now Katrina told me now
to shut it up.. i would be richer
hehe.. now..
yes.. she never
gets jealous as she
knows.. no woman would
ever put up with me but
her as that is her assigned
and yes of
course i kNow
iT and feel It
too.. God tOld mE
iN so many ways
that the
real God
oF Nature
speaks to me..
SMiLes.. as Synchronicity
continues to brew..
and magic
is as
real as
the observer
affect in effect
of you’s and i’s
and we’s and me’s
and uS’ of Allthatis for rEal..
Anyway.. the naked truth can hurt
as fully illustrated in the video above..
but the Nature oF hUman iS beautiful as free
as at least what science shows of it… in those
incredible symphony of science videos we also
share.. It’s hard to go naked in this world.. but God
dam it’s fun.. Impulsive intuitive actions.. Bi-polar
and ADHD too.. extreme focus to get the job
done.. yes.. Asperger’s too.. but the bottom
line is yes.. crazy than the rest works
to get the job dOne.. and some
nows iT takes
the rest of way..
the point is.. there are
many other sprouts just waiting
to bloom.. to find them and sprinkle
them.. with sparks may just be enough
to make the liGht come back baby
once again..
iN Free my friend..
oh the flow.. oh the ZonE..
should i reAlly care iF anyone
comes with me.. WeLL.. trUly the
only way to get here iN the
first place iS
the liGht
of Caring
and that my
friend is why the
Devil’s among uS wILL
never come.. until they too..
set themselves free iN Angel
caRinG ways.. iS iT possible..
to sit for sure.. to move.. more
difficult.. to connect after
moving easier.. to
create.. the
for FREE Of Tree
oF LiFe to spRead
in liVinG words oF Nature
liVinG i.. sMiLes.. just brushing
waves of i.. smooth now across
shores.. of what iS real.. my friend..
and yes.. crazy too.. Big Bangs don’t
go off without a wild and free
song or dance.. of other
group thInks..:)
sMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid.. one of favorite movies..
“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.. says it real..
truly a culture that imposes routine over reality
of change.. is insane.. or in Einstein’s definition
of Insanity.. doing it over and over again..
is truly insane.. as Nature
doesn’t work that way..
and the quickest way
to Kill the God of nature
is to trap her now in words
or books.. of hidden lies
to control others who
wanna store
more grain
than tHeir
brethren or
sistren to insure
the beaks of children
and theiR children get
thEir fill and more for
the offspring of they..
oh God.. a Labyrinth
of cultural hell.. storing
grain has become.. wHere
now the tools.. books.. words
and other.. are human and God too..
in idols of other than God of Nature true…
But of course.. like Jack.. one must find a way
to escape the camel of culture first.. to arrive
at thiS destination as free.. and to escape
the Nurse RatchED.. as Church and
State and big bLack Legal
books.. including
Bibles and
also rans..
iS quite..
of the Needle
noW.. sTiLL.. no different
reAlly than the stories oF
2K years ago.. sTiLL trapped
iN gRaiNs Of yesternows.. some
10K or so.. years before that.. so.. yes..
when you first indicated your postulates
of truth and liGht.. per main too.. was aLL iS
change and thou art God.. let’s do lunch..
that is the real God.. including all of the
rest of Nature.. that has been
put down to
tHis truth and liGht
of REAL.. and that labyrinth
of words.. politics.. as state and
religion.. hides the God of Nature
In clothes aS idols oF tools iN heLL
now.. i avoided the lobotomy..
and still remain
free.. oh..
yes.. now..
give me Liberty
or give me death..
onLY frEE iS life.. REAL..
sADly.. so many others have
accepted the lobotomy at hand
in culture.. in state.. in church.. as
they shuffle by with eYes and hands
and feat oF feet..
as iLL
LiGht reMaiNs..
and that’s the
good news..
now.. mY
iT’s a heLL oF an
anchor iN truth for
Tree Of LiFeNow LiGht..:)
Hmm.. 11:11 pm.. now..
and quick note.. i’m thInking
here.. no road to dVerse tRails
of poetry yet.. as other stuff comes
up.. but never the less theRe iS alWays
poetic prompts wherever i go.. thInk.. or feel..
but i am considering again.. the blesSinG of being
the last kid picked on teams in school.. and the bullying
for being androgynous and weak looking too.. and getting out
of college.. with three degrees but little writing or oral skills
in social cognition or creativity.. leading to about 18 years working
at a Bowling Center.. passing out shoes and collecting dirty rental
shoes back from the customers day in and out.. thousands and
thousands of feet and eyes of folks i see.. but the
humility.. empathy.. sympathy.. and compassion
that becomes me after all of that.. WiLL
eventually come back.. even after
living in deadzone pain..
and numb
Spirit ..and
SoUL HeLL for
66 months.. riSinG
like a phoenix in the
cooling fires of waves
at beach at the end of
July of 2013.. so now..
i adhere to the Neo
school of no rules
martial arts and dance..
the Robin Williams Dead
Poet’s society of tear the
FiN rules out of the how to
do poetry book.. for the snob hobs
who WiLL onLY adhere to Queen Victoria
rules in words and tight panty hose and such
as those sidewalks so narrow and false one
cannot even breathe out of breast free
So sure.. an
ode to free this
iS iN aLL mY style..
as there is no copyright
worry for me.. as no one
tRuLy FREE..:)
“Earthmen like Ramses, Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Lee Kuan.
Your whole Earth history is made up of men seeking absolute power.”
~~ Spock ~~
Patterns of Force, stardate 2534.7.
“He that feareth is a slave,
were he never so rich, were he never so powerful.
But he that is without fear is king of all the world.”
~~ E. R. Eddison, The Worm Ouroboros ~~
QFTA.. Quoted
For Truth..
an interesting
Juxtaposition and
one i must say Rules
and Loves the world
in terms of
bEinG Force oF
human dArk and
liGht.. and when i look
to the difference of myself
and my father.. so similar iN
many ways now but so different
in the choice for status.. power
and money.. and truly it starts
iN a nursery of
mothers where
his mother told
my mother..
don’t pick up
that child who is
crying in the Nursery..
my Grandmother owned..
OR that child will come to think
the world owes ‘it’ something
and never learn independence..
hmm.. yes.. that part of my father
was never filled up as a child.. apparently..
at least not from the mother as his grand
parents did most of the raising.. i hear..
but as they say this is most
often a cycle of one
parent to
the next..
where my grandmother
used lots of words that said
Love.. but the loving touch that
my mother owned so well.. was
missing to the point where instead
of being where the grown-ups were
a step-up in her home.. when we stayed
in the afternoon.. living in her city for a year..
in child rearing duties.. we were relegated to
cots with the tiny tots.. and i remember feeling
like i was in prison.. and she was the warden
locking us in a cot.. me.. an old soul at age 7..
wITh and where my loving mother
alWays alloWinG copious
amounts of Loving freedom..
bottom line was.. no matter how
fearless my father was he was
missing that certain something
named expresSinG Love.. truLY..
yes.. to rule one’s
iN peace..
iT does take
Fearless Love..
as it’s true.. i trusted
the world completely
and found out it was
far away from true..
the gift of Fearless
and Love
iS what
a so-called
perfect storm of Love..
and i think that has to come
later in life when the Yin of
Love and the fearless of Yang
come toGeTheR finAlly and
shake hands with
a Willow Olive
Branch that
WiLL bend
yet not
break.. true i was too
Loving and soft.. and was
missing the other side
that my father
the best pARt
that iS Love.. but the
bottom line iS i have all i need
in the Fearless Love of Life and
trUly when one has that one iS
the King
of Real
who truly
iS the servant of
aLL ’cause they have
iT aLL to give.. and nothing
iN return as necessary to fiLL
up a space that was never satisfied
iN the young hugs or school hugs of liFe..
Love lives.. Fearless Lives.. both thrive iN Now..
And the truth iS we need aLL kinds of humans to
make whaT iS
as there are
so many kinds
of humans that
make the world
what iT is.. now..
and no.. i wasn’t
willing to have the
chairs broke against
my back In breaking up
bar room brawls like my father
was.. knowing he was asking for
that in his 46 years of Law Enforcement..
So.. sure.. Nature provides many kinds
of temperaments
to get the jobs
all doNe..
but aGaiN.. as i often now
say.. i for one.. hit the jackpot
oF Fearless Love.. now.. to be a
humble servant and truly
kNow and feel when one
iS tHe King of fuLLness
oF empty..
tHiS tRuLY
priZe oF the
sages of the ages
iN bliSS.. nirVana…
yeS.. heaVen noW..
SMiLes but i do get
carried away iN the
out put Of liFe n0w..
and loss count of
the date.. forgetting
today was the 9th of April..
my wife’s 46th birthday.. just reminding
me now that no King is perfect except
the Queen who serves him well iN
So today iS
“Isis” day for the
Queen who never
ages.. and one who
worships his wife.. iS
one who has a happy liFe..
Sadly that iS likely why Spock
wITh WinKs..
and Creativity
iS King and Queen
iN MoVinG ConNecTaRion..
wiNninG planEt for…
And yes.. my father was like Spock..
married three times.. and truly mY
financial independence in terms
of money in the bank..
was not needing
it and
the same
dam wife..
for 26 years..
the best bank
account of aLL..
he left my mother
’cause she wanted to
stay home and raise the
kids.. she stayed until age
three.. where the cut-off date
for the brain in pruning the window
for a liFe aS Love ends.. as scientists
now say.. so his gift to me.. was leaving
me with Love and his future dream of
money too..
Life is ironic
and magical
too.. as dARk
leads to liFe in so
many curses and
gifts iN real LiGhT2..:)
Ah.. emotions.. feelings that run from BRain to Gut
through vagal nerve and spread out to receptors
in cells all over one’s body and sure before
science the limited but sure scribe
of God carefully maps
out in someways
HOW wE FeeL.. and sense..
there are infinite connections
as uS iN Moving FeeLinG..
connecting creating..
no different
as above
so below
inside.. outside
all around.. and that’s
the thing.. Science measures
repeatable observable phenomena
and we humans are highly restricted
from what we can be when set free..
in terms of all potential emotions..
senses and sensuality
as the cAll of the
WiLd that StiLL
lives iN uS yes..
sAMe as cALL oF God
REAL.. when iN balance and
Free heaven.. when out of balance
and prisoned hell on this terrestrial plane..
Frequencies of vocal chords express human
moving emotions to connect and create.. Instruments
as same.. copy and expand human emotions.. the tools
of human Love and all other potential emotions grow
beyond the human
head alone..
allone.. and more
creates the UniVErse
within more.. and more..
as we humans cooperate
and expand our potential
moving.. connecting
oF liGht
as Life WiLL
LiVe when FREE now..
and hmm.. or humm.. the
frequencies of humming meditation
to fiRe and un-repress human emotions
from lower frequency growls for the fight
of life.. to soprano song of Love in Romance
for comforting connections of neurochemicals
neurohormones.. namely dopamine.. serotonin
oxytocin and yes.. even aLL natural DMT when
set free higher and higher as body and mind balance..
and no for me.. no rules.. just move like wind and water
free.. and in the video above.. it’s full of rules and points here
and there on the body for focus.. but when moving free in every
which way the mind and body balanCinG WiLL.. iN terms of freeing
senses.. emotions.. and sensuality.. the best way i know iS in sUn
and sAnd.. and sUre.. water too.. but with rules come the
mechanical cognition mind.. and reaSon.. wHere the free
animal moves iN balance
to conserve energy
and be invisible
to both predator
and prey..
a prayer
is trUly free in moving
dancing humming singing..
the way to bliss.. nirvana..
and heaven now.. to feel
the naked sun and be the
wind and water.. Is to Live
free.. no rules reAlly.. balance
and free expresSinG oF wHo wE
are when tHe cALL of the WiLd that
God SinGs true as SonG oF SoUL
for Free..
and this SonG is dedicated
to Yellow Boy.. feline leukemia
restricts him. in a cave of dead
things.. where his paws are glued
to the only thing that lives inside that
iS uS.. his refuge.. the smells and sights
of a screened in back patio.. but escaping
today twice.. just to roll around in the warm
sands free.. immediately wild and free again..
in the fiGht and Love for the real purpose oF
liFe that
iS FeeLing
iT aLL as God’s
eYes and sKin wE are..
wHere we are the arms of
God that hugs each other and
Nature true iN sands of eYes thaT truth
iN liGht.. and yes.. Yellow Boy cAMe back
with kind and soothing.. words.. me crawling
at his level on the sand slowly and quietly
toward him..
as one force
oF SUn.. WiNd
and Sand true liGht..
And here’s the thing
God lives as Nature.. and do
you really thInk… feel.. or say..
that God iS happy as astronaut
coming back from Satellite view
to planet that is cancer in destruction
of cultural out of balance human tools..
God iS REAL and GOD LIVES real iN
aLL of Creation noW.. to harm any hAir
out of balance.. iS to bE God dARk and
deVil way.. and is tHeir a price for
doing this.. do you see the
misery and suffering
iN faces of God
everywHere you
Go.. WeLL.. Karma
iS action consequence
noW.. and people are paying
for out of balance everywHere God’s
eYes of dARk are liVing less that liGht
of positive flow in ZonE of Balance now Truth..
to pay the piper iS simple.. to live in balance
of liGht or out of balance in dArk.. the way
back is simple.. but culture is complex..
there is no purpose of dancing
iN the sand.. sun.. and
Winds of balance
free moving
but Life..
Just Living
as God WiLL
do when FREE..
So dance.. So Sing
So Move.. connect
and Create.. it’s no one’s
choice reALLy fRee but me..
we.. us.. you.. and i now FReED..:)
Celebrating Goddess Isis..
i mean Katrina’s.. 46th birthday..
and as usual.. ever since her 19 birthday..
the gift of never aging.. from being Loved by me..
and Kool Aid of course.. in form oF mE.. one and sAMe..;)
SMiLes.. mY friend..
All liGht would bE
blinding without
DARk.. as dArk iS
bOat to liGht.. iT’s juSt
way iT is.. considering
aLL dArkness iN UniVerse..
thAt yes.. iS viSible.. iT’s overAll a nice
place to be heRe.. iN azUre etheReal
spHere REal.. it’s kinda hilarious.. reAlly
to go without lesSons and intuiT fRUiT
NaTure TrUe through moVinG..
connecting.. creating..
farther oNe gOes
one gEts
back and forward
to Natajara..
iN both dance and
static form.. ah yes.. just
some bronze statues from a
few centuries ago.. to express
Indian Lore.. but those Indian
folks are some of the
and dancers
theRe are.. both
sides of the pond as iT
were and sTiLL iS.. subatomic
world UniVerse outside inside
above so below and all around
flows.. and to becoMe
UniVerse iS becoMinG
liGht and
HaLLs Of SaniTy
and iNsanitY REAL..
so here’s to TwiLiGht mY
Friend and real.. pLace noW
tapEstry wheRe iT aLL makes
NeWBronze aGe
statue(s) iS laughing
hystericAlly iN blood
sweat and tEars.. can
ONE her he.. heRe.. iT’s REAL..;)
“I’m living at a peak of clarity.. and beauty I never Knew existed..
Every part of me is attuned to the work… i soak it up into my pores
during the day.. and at night.. in the moments before i pass off into
sleep.. ideas explode into my head like fireworks.. There is no
greater joy than the burst of solution to a problem..
Incredible that anything could happen to take
away this bubbling energy.. the zest that
fills everything i do.. it’s as if all
the knowledge i’ve soaked in
during the past months has
coalesced and lifted
me to a
peak of light
and understanding..
This is beauty.. love… and
truth.. all rolled into one..
This is Joy..
-Daniel Keyes,
Flowers for Algernon..
Excerpt taken from the
New John Elder Robison
Book titled..
Switched ON…
A Memoir of Brain
Change and Emotional
Awakening.. a 28 dollar
or so.. book for purchase
at Barnes and Nobles.. about
how Mr. Robison.. a man diagnosed
with Asperger’s Syndrome in middle
age.. turns on his emotions in connecting
to other human beings finAlly in full.. through
therapy of Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation..
In other words.. magnets lead the way to neurons
making new connections in the brain firing it all
up in emotional way.. better than before..
and hmm.. i fixed my heArt too..
but it was through the SonG
and Dance of Poetry and
Feet.. that yes..
neurons in holding
hands together in new
neuroplastic ways of change
along with some mighty interesting
epigenetics.. considering i went from
a 44 to 45 on the Autism Quotient Quiz
as general scan for the potential of Autism..
down to 11.. additionally 55 to 95 on the
Emotional Quotient test.. and from
INTJ personality to ENFP.. And
on the non medical tested
quiz for Asperger’s..
titled.. the Aspie
from 195
to 92..
like a polar opposite
change all from the period
of June 2013 through August 2013..
in.. yes.. just a two month period
of time.. a major change in brain
and body balance all together
eventually allowing
me a freedom
in social
and physical
change at the age
of 53 that i had no
idea was possible before
then.. other than a fairly temporal
stint of social disinhibition at age
21.. also that could be termed
as Bi-Polar in someways
as it can for now..
but the question is
or better put the answer
is.. this free way of moving
connecting and creating that
i experience now.. is infinitely
better as heaven in now wheRe
there is no time but now..
in yes.. heaven now..
whereas before
time drags
on.. yes dragon
of time was me lost
in space and distance
out of emotional regulation
and sensory integration of
a miNd and boDy balanCinG
soUl.. with heaRt pumping
exquisite emotions true..
iN SpiRit expresSinG sAMe
with others as any finely tuned
ferarri.. soUl… spiRit.. and heARt
WiLL do N0W in quantum fashion expanse
and form of unleashing and releasing now
much higher potential iN the intelligence
of human moving.. connecting.. and creating
now.. and of course what i did iS relatively free
whereas TMS.. Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation
that my insurance wouldn’t cover when the doctors
gave up on helping me in others ways.. is still a very
expensive therapy that definitely helps Mr. Robison..
and possibly can help others.. but yes.. there are
other exercises that are all natural
to increase all associated with
human empathy
and emotions
that are relatively
free that i feel are likely
of the same process basically
in stimulating the neurons and new
developing pathways in connections
of all the neural journey in potential
for now..
And yes.. i understand
that this is very deep stuff
for those who can take tHeir
emotional health in mind
and body balance
of senses in balance
for granted but some of us
are basically lost iN heARt oF liFE
and can sure dam use some help
in literally
our heARt..
and yes..
miNd and boDy
soUl.. now.. juSt now..
school doesn’t do the job..
church tries.. and now we have
TMS.. but as always from the day
of GreeK Gods like Apollo and the
God of the forest Pan.. there is the
SonG and Dance oF feet and PoeTry
that serves that same general
savior since
day one of the
revised alphabet flavor
of the day as it were then
COME BACK AGAIN.. any questions
and i’d be happy to answer them.. but yes..
as i’ve been told.. i blow the brains of most
people up.. with aLL i put out but the truth
iS.. mY solutions
have worked miracles
for mE with the Innate..
Instinctual.. Intuitive gifts
provided all free noW from the
God oF Nature.. the potential
iS certainly tHere iN coPious
amounts.. the answer
tales the truth
oF Saviors
YOU.. and me..
and we.. and uS..
and i for sure for N0W..:)
One of my favorite pArts of my 30 or so months excluding
‘banning periods’ on the Wrong Planet website is the poetry
and question and answer session between me and a young
Muslim male on this website.. as to proof for the existence of
God.. and this is just the conclusion as the linked full Q and A
session lasted over the course of a week or so..
thousands of words that i copied on my
blog posts as well.. as i better find
ways to express what i know and
feel of the God of Nature True now
sTill.. but to
write a parable here..
consider this.. there is
a desolate beach.. where the
only human tools without even
footprints are the bible and kuran
that fell out of a plane.. for only purposes
of information here.. sMiles.. the two books
are laying on the beach.. and a very healthy
seagull who has been flying higher and higher
lately.. let’s just call him Jonathan for now..
for cultural connections purposes.. lands
a healthy load of bird stuff on both books..
so then a Muslim and Christian person
are walking hands in hands in Love
on that beach.. they come to the
two books and give the
seagull and his
response to
the books
curse to hell
for defacing the idol
of the book that represents
God to them.. well.. the bottom
and top line is this.. what the
Seagull landed is pArt of God
too.. a necessary requirement
for God who lives in and as the
Seagull too.. and as the Sea Gull
named Jonathan spirals the Sun
of God higher and higher.. the
Seagull continues to live in
the kingdom of God
as God forever
now higher
and higher
with and
as God’s Sun
One Force of the
living ONE God
inside.. outside.. as above
so below.. and all around.. yes..
even that STUFF THAT the
Seagull landed on those
two dead books.. named
as the living God.. where
sure they are an expression
of all that is that is God but
only the stuff that the Seagull
landed on the books is a requirement
to live as God now.. on this terrestrial
plane that is THE God of Nature’s greaTest
gift to uS.. yes.. trUly it takes more work to
be Jesus than to worship an idol now on a
cross.. just like it takes more to be Elvis
or Michael Jackson.. than to be a
groupie thinker and believer
in the crowd of
sheep.. as
Seagulls named
Jonathan fly higher
and higher as Seagulls
wiLL.. named properly as
children of the living God
within who fly higher and higher
in the eternal heaven that can be now…
But sure.. like the following blog post asks…
any questions.. as the new Testament forecasts
that the meek shall inherit the earth.. heaven is
all around us now.. and that folks will come to
do much greater works than Jesus did then..
yet.. somehow folks
continue to focus on the
man of yesterday instead of
becoming the human potential
with God like a Seagull named
Jonathan they CAN BECOME
NOW.. so many paths..
so many journeys.. so many
higher destinations killed by
the fundamentals of yesterday
that never learn to grow.. with
God as God alive for now in higher
and higher more blissful way..
Jesus was no dummy..
at least from what
was more fully
reported of him
in both the New Testament
and Gnostic Gospels un-covered
more fully in 1959 in Egypt but the
thing is.. minus the myths established
in the Nicene Council in 325 AD.. by
Roman Emperor Constantine and his
allies in the Catholic Church to increase
the size of the Roman Empire by making
Jesus into a myth of a Soldier Sun God
in accordance with the Mithra Religion
in the surrounding area then.. and to
kill anyone who opposed the idea
that Jesus was THE ONLY SON
OF God then.. except of course
for the Sun God Monolithic
statue of Constantine..
so he could become
the same thing
in eyes of
his Roman
yes.. beyond these myths
and the Virgin birth and
Mary.. obviously copied from
the mythology of Isis suckling
the Virgin birth of Horus as well..
thousands of years before the myth
established by the Roman Empire to
increase the size of the Roman Empire..
the same lights and truths of Jesus are
expressed in recorded history through the
Tao.. the Budhha.. Lao Tzu.. and so many
others in liGht of Golden Rule.. that is the
common thread of science.. as well now
that humans have this natural propensity
among the greatest propensities
of any animal for all natural
altruism when set
free and wild
as socially cooperative
animals will do for survival
noW.. by Moving.. Connecting..
and Creating iN aLL giving
and shaRing ways.. before
the gRains of agriculture
were stored and hoarded..
beginning some 10 to 12 thousand
years ago.. and we became more
of the con-social emotions of
humans that imprison our
real pro-social emotions
toGeThER iN cooperation
for survival In giving and
sharing through moving
connecting and creating
alWays now iN
just doing iT
aLL now toGeTheR
iN forAge oF hunting
and gatherRing liFe for A
AS iS WiLd and Free..
weLL no.. the
of Pandora
has been opened..
tHere iS no going back..
but there is understanding
where we have been iN the
story of God.. and the potential
of wHere wE can be aGaiN.. In
the Heaven of n0w.. at least oN
an individual basis.. as liFe iS too
short to try to turn the titanic around
on a lifeboat of real.. we are the very
pudgy camels and the eye of the
needle of culture continues
to get smaller and
making us
more machine
than free and wiLd
sociAlly cooperating
humans to stay alive…
A saving grace iS human
imagination and creativity.. adaptation
to challenge and change.. to make
the balance of human heaven
real again.. whether or not
anyone wants to join
uS iN Heaven
or not..
Difficult.. yes..
but possible yes..
and i for one kNow and
feel with 100% hope..
faith.. and belief that
iT iS True for mE..
aLL i can do iS
share my opinion
and experiences iN
how i arrive and have
staYcation heaven
now.. the paths
are many..
the journeys
are different but
oh! the bliss oF
iN destination
oF eternal heaven noW..
Jesus was correct about
that for sure.. it exists for me..
but i paid attention to all he had
to say.. and discounted the same
kind of psychopathic intentions
in church who tried to rule me
in school and work my entire
life.. i rule mE wITh
God now.. i for
one am
Free WiTH
God NowONe.:)
And sadly.. the modern
phenomenon of Isis and
the lies of the Bush administration
that led to that by dissolving the order
iN Iraq are no different really than the
killing order of the day back in 325 AD
and after.. by Constantine and others
who went as far as burning people
at the stake for any kind of heretic
thinking away from the myths
then established.. it’s kinda
sad and hilarious.. Constantine
made into a saint but a ruthless
ruler of killing making religion
into a compulsory way of
state rather than
a free wiLL to
joIn and Love
God free as even
the more pure pArts
of the Kuran suggest
should be free.. social
scientists suggest that the
Muslims of the world will at
least come around to more free
ways of being that western Christians
do now.. by 2050.. but sadly those
who are different like the Lesbians
and others here still ostracized
to Marry and Love by those
in the church will likely
still suffer at the hands
of exclusions away from
God instead of WiTh God..
by closed minded ways of
fear.. anger/violence/wars..
and hate.. but the saving grace..
yes.. the world will no longer tolerate
evil acts like cutting off the hands of thieves
where the hands of God are less important
than the material goods and tools of human..
and Loving Lesbians will no longer be
covered up to their breasts and
stoned where they cannot
protect their eyes from
Rocks.. and no more
female genital mutilation..
and perhaps even over here
less folks will mutilate
through tearing the
foreskin off of
male reproductive
organs to separate us
as different than the rest
oF God oF Nature.. and maybe
in Florida again.. the Life of God
in humans will be more valuable
than insurable items in the home
that are only dead things that
humans make more often to
store in garages higher.. the time
is coming.. as the Now of Heaven
gets closer and more and more humans
are set free back to Wild oF Balance as Nature
noW.. GoD oF natUre set free iN/As ALL oF uSnow
wheRe GOlden Human Rule from God iS practiced fULLy..:)
Facebook Friend Florence.. just a casual
acquaintance i met dancing at the Earth
store with her.. in a fun way
while wife
Video taped
uS.. very artistic..
involved in theater
productions and
refreshingly out
of the box she is
to me..
as such.. much..:)
And she says..
and i quote..
“I’ve been avoiding watching Inside Out for fear
that I’d cry like a four year old, less than halfway
through and I’m crying like a four year old.”
And i say..
Good movie.. And yes..
i cried too.. At this and most Disney movies..
’cause they understand/FEEL what it means
to be emoticon
And as side note here..
the fAct that i can go to
Disney movies now and
cry tears of joy and
is miracle
for me as a dead
soul who spent 66 months
in hell.. and whenever i see one
of ‘those’.. ‘so-called’ ‘rednecks’
who are ‘so-called’ modern
Christians who told me
when i was in middle
school.. that only
queers smile.. do
art and dance
and boys
are not
allowed to
do any of that
both in middle school
and the city park.. back in
the days where i was all skin
and bone.. and aLL heARt.. SpiRit
and soUl.. too.. yes.. ANYWAY..
LIKE when i am in Walmart
yesterday evening
spinning around
in my three foot
sacred space
like a Tai Chi
feather iN bliss
with/as God iN
heaven now..
a ‘good old boy’ and
his girl friend silently
snicker in the distance..
thinking that no.. of course
i would not notice in my own
‘little’ world that is larger
than they could possibly imagine iN
noW.. wITh my SonGs and ear buds attached
reading an entire book within less than
a span of an hour’s time.. i decide that
teaching lessons in mischievous ways now
is okay too.. so i go from point A to point
B where they are in a flash down the aisle..
and at their side all 230 Lbs of me in
a state of Chi where i could
push my way
a concrete block..
or more.. i say..
hi.. my friend.. have
you ever danced and
read a book… and he says
oh no.. i haven’t.. then i say..
well.. my friend that is what
Navy Seals do.. weird
stuff like
this.. and no..
hell no.. i am not
a Navy Seal but
it gets the same point
through where i did the same
thing when a similar group of
good old boys approached me then..
back at Barnes and Nobles yesterday2..
And when i’m in the Good Old Seville
Quarter place.. i just show ‘those’ ‘kind’
of ‘good old boys’.. my handy dandy
Youtube video of me leg pressing
close to half a ton with ease on
a very difficult parallel leg
press machine..
and they
back away..
i am for Love
but they come to
see iT iS Fearless Love
when they ask the questions
as snickers iN the distance or
to fAce..
Lion Loves
without fear and so
do humans who fulfill
FruiT Saviors oF Hope
dO iT REAL N0W..;)
Facebook Friend Rafiah
provides yet another.. almost
full body selfie of her at a
family BBQ tending whatever
roast beast they are cooking..
probably chicken.. i’m thInking
and i say..
sMiLes.. My friend..
There is nothing ordinary about you..
If i had a daughter And a choice..
She would be like you.. Angel emoticon
And then i say..
And she would also
make me that BBQ..
wink emoticon
Rafiah says..
If you were near I would have definitely cooked for you.
In fact I live cooking for my beloved ones.
heart emoticon I like to feed them. :Dv
And i say..
SMiLes.. sounds
delicious friend..
smile emoticon
And as a side note now..
as truth iN FAct of the matter
i am human.. a very social and
emotionally sensitive human..
no matter how strong
and fearless i am..
and i have a great
longing for the
human connection
not limited to any
one place.. time or
effort.. so i honor the
friends who have stuck by my
side.. and Rafiah.. is among
the greaTest of those.. and i kNow
for sure.. if back in the day of Jesus..
she would be the one standing at the
cross and shedding tears along
with the rest of
his closest
as that is what
real Angels do..
and she looks the pARt
of that play even then..
in all the lies of the Nicene
Council and Constantine and
psychopathic.. patriarchal
males.. who made Jesus’
greatest Gnostic Gospel..
as reported then apostle..
Mary Magdalene.. into a prostitute
in attempts to discredit her high
and exquisite status as an apostle
of Jesus.. and truly a prophet too..
interestingly.. high and exquisite
is what the name Rafiah
means in Muslim
name dictionaries..
and sure i will share
that photo in blog way to honor
both her beauty and innocence too..
not unlike the purity of my Wife Katrina
where yes.. the name Katrina.. a form
of Katherine
as well
in dictionary
definitions as such..
and her middle name
Mia.. means either family
or close to God.. as form
of Male name Michael but tHiS
is an aLL gAMe.. mY friends
wHere the gRain of Sand
that holds up the
Mountain of
iS as
as aLL the rest
oF existence that
hOlds toGeThER REaL
NOW.. jUsT.. N0W..:)
As far as i kNow.. tHirst.. theRe iS spArk..
then flAMe.. and soMeNoW fiRst
THAT sPark
aS FLamE
withiN uS as
liGht from dArk
aLive.. but wItH
what price.. living
liFe.. but with what
mercy.. staying AlIVE..
as Dance and SonG
from beginning to
end iN
now aGaiN
noW.. inNOW..
wAves oF BeInG
dRops oF uS WinDinG
StrEamS iN riVers oCeaN
wE.. fLamE reMaiNs i nOw..
aLL and protector oF LiVinG NoW…
Struggle to LIVe balance to BE noW
to LiVe
as FreeOneNoW..
SparK for more DArk
for less Black hole
soUl or
wE to bE2
coMes aGaiN
liGht truth
or back
lies now
Rise or FALL
iN lesser
Yes.. My friend.. i understand..
As my spark was more or less
Gone for 40 years.. Ugh..
Desert of creativity..
More on the Wheels oF
LiGht and Love
and then..
Now.. to return to dVerse Poet’s
Pub.. after a long weekend break
from Friday to Sunday.. and
today.. Monday.. Celebrating
Katrina’s 46 birthday
as of
so wHere was
i.. yes.. all the way
back to March 24th.. 3 weeks
ago.. on Thursday.. now 7 prompts
behind.. but real life flesh and blood stuff
must come first for the living among us..
and this prompt is about the
Octain form of poetry
that has many
rules about
the form
to go by..
just spent
some time.. just
for ‘fun’ looking at
now what the Wrong Planet
website has to offer.. and in
terms of logic and rules it is
very much like the Octain
route of rules and
to make
free poetry
a science of how
someone else does
it before.. continuing on in
the realms of free rules oF Y i.. more
stream of consciousness writing where
like Forest Gump says.. ya never kNow/
FeeL.. what flavor ya miGht get next..
you miGht even be surprised that
tHere are new beginnings and
endings sAMe.. as the
feather floats
through the
wInD of Free
as the credits are
real in the movie of Now..
of course that will not make
a whole lot of sense to folks
who haven’t watched Forrest Gump
but wait! it is free poeTry and can mean
anything ya like it to mean.. from A to Z
and beyond
iN the only thing
iN life that’s is tRuly
free.. iN making imagination
and creativity REAL In moving
connecting.. giving.. shaRing way..
ah.. 4112016.. just another way to
iN magic
noW iT
iS for NoW..
at 4:22 pm..;)
HA..! main difference.. same as ever..
between big pArtY pantyantics.. yes!
C O N servative Vs L I B eral.. GO!
store the gRain NOW! and YOU can’t
have any of OURs.. Vs..
let’S share.. itALL..
and make
a new
Trump has the
most stored so that
basically means he’s
never going to heaven
now.. as long as tHere will always be
more grain missing now for him to want..
It’s really simple math.. more means not’ta..
no matter what
Trump does now..
he loses as long
as he wants more now….
Conservatives.. generally
speaking are the first grain keepers..
and Liberals.. generally speaking.. are
sTill hunting for new instead of
Will human
Nature change..
not likely as some
folks are scared and
stay the same.. others
are fearless and continue
change.. some make rules
and sure.. that’s
for huge
for humans
still only evolved
to connect to 150 to
200 sets of friendly
flesh and blood eyes..
so it’s a mix that works..
a human soap opera of politics..
religion.. and philosophy that
never ends.. i’ll watch
from a distance
but keep myself
Free from
Freedom away
from Living WiLL
as Love
SMiLes.. i for one
cherish weeds
and apples
more than
culture and
alphaBet soup
says iS better..
beauty In imperfection’s
change.. insanity
iN sAMe
even i
iT weRe
possible noW..:)
SMiLes.. when
i had my eyesight
before the illness that
took it away for 66 months..
including hearing too..
i read all the papers
and did all the
news on
a habit
by 911
etc.. but TG..
loss of sight
and hearing
truly took
the illness
of culture all away
from me.. i’ve yet to
turn hell back on away
from hell.. iN real.. oh
the blessing of No and
off switches that can be REAL..:)
my FriEnd..
oF Fearless
LesSon Of
Jesus sTiLL..
when REAL.:)
One thing i Love
about blogging
with Facebook
is it always prompts
me to see wheRe i was now..
1 year.. 2 years.. and now..
even.. 3 years ago.. and wITh
me of course.. in full reality
show iN autobiography
as such..
like moving
pictures of STiLLs
and words of mY Life..
last April was one of wet
and this one.. one of dry.. the only
difference reAlly is the sand leaves
fewer foot
but sTiLL..
i dance as the
free dancer iS posTman
who comes no matter..
the weather.. Spring
iS alwayS
iN wordS
oF stepS..
tHe maiL
iS always
deliveRed iN
SPring Of eYes
deliGht noW..:)
Well.. SMiLes
Bryan.. pushing
3 weeks behind
here.. can onLY
hope by now..
that snow
has melted
and flowers are
yours as flowers
never melted in
Florida.. overall..
aT all.. iN the warmest
WiNter ever recorded
iN human warming wayS..:)
SMiLes.. a naturAlly
more visual person
than verbal person..
i am smitten by the
statues of the male
and female forms you
provide.. and pleasant
to say.. the best way i appreciate
the softer version of the human genders
is in a soft to hard dance.. of being
iN flesh and
blood.. 11 million
words.. i would trade
for just one dance
step i own
now with
gender now..:)
Easter Egg
oF NoW.. alWays
resurrecting change..
Hope iN courAge Of Love
Wins over fear.. anger.. and Hate..:)
Pain.. tRuly a monster
that lies In wait..
and truLY
oF Life
iN real
can make
monsters go aWay..:)
sMiLes.. i cannot
imagine how sad iT
would be.. not to grow
up with Gulf.. Beach..
and sand.. so white..
but i often
oF mountains..
snow.. and vALLeys
deep.. Meadows Of
Green.. i wiLL continue to Sing..:)
WeLL that’s 10 with 19 more to go..
but dinner and Workout first
as well as other stuff
5:41 pm…
WeLL.. thiS iS enough
for a celebration oF
“FruiT SaviorS”
for now..
now to
and continue
the poetry pARt
iN the comments
section of ‘this’
new blog post.. later..
11:17 pm..

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