5000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

Celebrating 5000 Miles of Dance WalkinG iN the last 30 months..
here at SuperWalmart with wife Katrina.. who has a few
choice words for me.. clearly audible..
and one muttered under her
breath.. hehe..
she doesn’t
quite share
aLL mY
WingS yeT FREE..;)
OH yes.. AND HERE is the
accompanying music
to the dance
store exhibition..;)
And yes.. my Grandfather’s father..
comes from the Black
Forest of Germany
from a family
of world renowned
Watch Makers sTiLL..:)
Alternate accompanying SoGg..
hmm.. they kinda
sound alike..
Third alternate song.
hmm.. something
familiar with the
other two.. too..
hmm..wink emoticon
Fourth option.. play all three
songs at the same now..
IF your bRain
WiLL take it..
wink emoticon
As pARt of the Video Documentary Series
on mArkinG the milesTone of 5000 Miles of Dance
Walking in a little over 30 months iN mY ‘special’ way
oF doing iT.. i take one through the day of a Public
Dance Walker through all the obstacle
courses of dance in Public Stores
and a few surrounding
outside areas.. precisely like
‘this’ on the SideWalk to Bestbuy..
at the Metro Mall of course.. wRite on Course..
and yes there are around 4 more videos coming..
leading up to the ritual Blog Post celebrating each
thousand mile increment iN 6 month average span
of now for me.. as ya gotta celebrate the bleSsinGs
oF Life iF yA ever expect to get to the BlisSinGs
pARt noW.. like me.. hehe..wink emoticon
Continuing the 6 part Video Series.. as i take one..
on an exploration of a Public Dance Walker’s Day i
N a Life as it were and is now.. i move here to
Dancing in Dick’s Sporting Goods Store..
and keep in my mind.. please.. if you
ever decide to try this that i have
obtained permission from every
private store owner/manager to do this..
and additionally.. make it clear that it is my
wheelchair accommodation to the disability of
Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my Spine and
Spinal Stenosis.. where actually if i do not keep
moving like this in varied directions like the Galaxy
and Planets all natural in the Golden Spiral PHI mean
moving ratio of 1.618 that yes.. you could see like shore
of the beach.. when/where my foot tracks move in sand
all free.. MY legs could go numb.. AnyWay.. i haven’t
had any problems with store management except
for the main halls of the mall..
as they are afraid i will
distract folks too much from buying stuff..
hehe.. that’s my mission.. by the way..
to be free in one’s own skin.. totally
balanced.. like a Hurricane eye.. now..
with potential energy like the power
of Wind and Water when need be..
of course.. and yes.. expressing
one’s emotions from peaceful
bliss to the Hurricane Wind
and Waves of energy
required for the fight of life that
can be expressed fully in the art of dance..
from graceful Ballet to lightning fast Martial
Arts-like Kicks to keep the fiGht for
liFe iN fearless going Strong
and sure.. i know i kinda
look like an Ape butt there is
a very good reason for that.. i am
empirically measured in the weight room
as strong as an Ape with one of my other videos
documenting me leg pressing close to half a ton o
n a very difficult parallel leg press with my arms
raised in the air.. 14 times in the video..
slowly and surely.. and now 25
times in the gym.. but why
keep recording the same dam
thing over and over every now you
add some reps.. but sure.. ya can come
watch me at the gym if ya like as it is just
routine for me to do that now.. every.. Mon.. Wed..
Fri.. as well as lifting 209 LBs max with the Nautilus
Neck Machine.. and the max of over 200LBs on the
Bicep Machines.. over 200 LBs on the hand grip machine..
and max on most other machines as well.. so sure..
Gorilla am i.. and graceful one at that as i care
to hurt no one.. in the process of the
art of i.. i am.. and sure i know/feel..
Gorillas aren’t that attractive looking..
at least with clothes on.. hehe..
but i’m here to watch.. FEEL..
and teach.. in VERY UNIQUE WAYS..
not to make babies.. anYway.. sMiles and Winks..
at least not directly.. anyWay.. sMiLes again.. as my
OVERALL SonG oF mY SouL coming aliVe
onliNe MORE AND MORE.. kinDa like the
movies.. ‘Lucy’ and ‘Limitless’.. AS
iN ALwAys preSent NoW..!..;)
As the Video Documentary Series of a
Public Dance Walker Now continues to the 4th
of 6th videos.. it is now to slow it down.. some..
in the Spencer Gifts store.. that is quite confining
and full of games.. sex.. and rock and roll related stuff..
reAlly.. almost ANYTHING GOES.. and sure that’s the
way i like it.. except i’m drug free.. as i’m on a Natural
High Baby aLL frEE.. with aLL my creative juices
floWinG.. including.. Dopamine.. Serotonin..
associated Endorphin pain killers.. all natural
DMT.. likely coming from the Pineal Gland in
my head.. for all natural connecting Loving
Empathic Feelings for others and the rest of Nature
AKA GOD.. and yes.. that is the head above my shoulders
as well as gLand.. hehe.. and hmm.. let’s see.. YES.. YES..
OH GOD YESS.. or yaass.. as they say in Facebook Land..
in teenage and other younger folk.. acronym expansion..
Brain Waves baby.. associated with bliss.. yes..
that crappy Beta Club brain wave of stress
and problem solving moves into
Alpha wave accomplishment.. then..
Theta wave.. my space.. of super
creative focus.. away from all the worries..
stresses.. and problems of life.. yes.. kinda
like the 2 A.M. morning affect iN creative juices..
when ya forget all ya worries and just FLOW FLOW
FLOW BABY like lucid day dreaming at night.. iN ZonE..
but here is the thing.. ya can have aLL of this.. ANYNOWNOW..
yeah baby.. the Dopamine.. the Serotonin.. the Endorphins..
all natural DMT.. Alpha to Theta wave bliss.. and even yes..
HGH.. increasing levels of Human Growth Hormone
at any age.. to repair.. all ligaments.. tendons..
muscles. and even F in Bone and Neurons
in ya head.. yes.. yaas.. that grey
and white brain matter too..
between ya ears.. and all
the associated receptors that
flow from Vagal Nerve.. metaphorically
speaking that Kundalini Serpent thingy..
that runs from brain to gut.. and spreads out
with super charged or dead human emotions to all
the receptors in all the cells of the entire body… and
associated atomic and subatomic connections that reach
out into inFiniTy.. less
and MORE.. inside.. outside.. above..
so below.. and all around.. in FEELING BABY..
okay.. those are all the clean and dirty details.. but wait!.. there is
also the Penis and Vagina.. in reproductive energy and creative
flow that generates more hormones of lower glands in way
of estrogen and androgen related juices of emotion iN
energy for human reproduction and overall
creativity/productivity.. and additionally increasing
oxytocin.. the social bonding human hormone.. of getting
uS all TogEtHer like the glue of hormones.. whatever color
that may be from fluids to emotions true.. and yes..
oxytocin receptors on the bottom of one’s
feet when one dances free as water
and air on the sands of earth barefoot
and frEE.. to connect to Mother Nature Truth
and liGht all ASonE Force oF Nature aKa God
are we aS UniVersal Force.. once again.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. and all around.. anyway.. dance iN balance..
one foot with the other.. barefoot.. if possible.. in Earths’s aLL
natUral gRains oF sAnd.. wiTh absolutely no
repression of free flowing movement all natural..
and the rest of the clean and dirty details WiLL
come togEther freely and all natural iN our God
of Nature Given Human Nature.. it is what our
reAlly smaRt wiTh ART ancestors and so-called
primitive ancestors and cousins.. including the
Bonobo with tHeir free flying sensual and
sexual ways of sharing touch oF life iN
feeLinG do to bE free and super cooperative
in peace.. as those ancestors of ours.. dancing naked..
freely wiTh the Call of the WiLd oF God sTilL iN pLay.. of
LiFe noW.. around midnight moonlit campfires iN total God oF
NatUre Given Human NaTure BlisS n0w.. the answers are aLL
on the beach wITh or withouT the footprints oF wE when Free
aS a dance oF LiFe WitH each othEr and the rest Of Nature
AkA aS GoD can bE NOWjuSTNoWiNGiftoFpreSentNOW..:)
In the 5th of 6 Documentary Videos describing
the typical day in a life of a Public Dance Walker..
i now arrive at Jo Ann’s Arts and Crafts Store.. not
my way of Art but surely a great way to express human
creativity for many folks.. including my wife’s latest
Creative project of making bead associated bracelets and
necklaces just for fun to give away.. as although.. i make
plenty of jokes about her shopping addictions.. she keeps
the expenses in line.. as she handles all the
accounting duties.. as delegated.. hehe..
by me.. a person who used to have to have a
hand in all the fine details of all stuff in life..
hmm.. well yeah.. that’s kinda stiLL true.. heheX2..
but i have let go of a lot of what i controlled before..
but creative expression.. that is under my control.. as i
like to go free without restrictions.. except.. all local.. state..
and federal laws of course.. any smart person gives Caesar his or her dues..
as i don’t wanna do the rule making.. i’ll just pay someone else to do that with taxes..
works fine for me.. okay.. well yes.. gotten off track of dance a little here..
but the point is.. a balance of rules and free as well as all other
dark and liGht stuff of life is necessary to gain and maintain
balance iN liFe.. and by this point in Jo Ann’s..
i’m mellowing out a little.. in dance..
but still going strong.. and the variety of
environments and how that influences dance in an
everyday way of dance walking now.. is just pArt of
the documentation.. of what’s all involved here..
as i often talk about dance walking in my blogs..
but i don’t take the time to document the actual
act like this but every thousand miles.. as it
takes way from my all free style poeTry..
as the documentation process.. is rather
instruction orientated than free as i can be..
but never the less.. one must prove what they do
these days.. in full details.. facts and figures..
to help the folks stuck in the box of details to step
out into the deTales of imagiNation in moving connecting and
creating.. big picture way of thinking.. feeling.. and doing..
as i too was once stuck in that incredibly difficult box of
brain to get out.. there are limitless different types
of human intelligences in practice that most people
have never experienced.. as simple.. as extreme
skills in proprioception.. where one can
literally feel tHeir way around
the environment without their
other five senses.. and yes..
one can view me doing this in fAct in
these videos.. as that is how i normally
avoid running into anything.. whether it is
clothes racks in stores.. or human beings..
in my crowded hundreds of folks in dance hall way…
wheRe.. by the way.. this next blog post celebrating
30 months of dancing 5000 miles in public..
WiLL also celebrate in photos..
my 102nd week of dancing at
Old Seville Quarter.. one of the
top ranked Bars to Dance in America..
in P’cola.. Florida on Thursday Night..
and truly if you are a dude.. and wanna
meet the gals.. learn to dance free baby..
as around 600 smiling gorgeous gals in selfies with me..
documented in 101 blog posts so far.. clearly illustrates
the true value of dance at core of male and female getting together..
whether it is just smiles.. or more.. for those unlike me who are
married to an Indian-like Princess.. and that will do for now..
SMiLes.. again.. Pocahontas.. John Smith.. and such as that..;)
And now we come to the 6th of 6 Video’s documenting a Public
Dance Walker’s feat.. of dancing 5000 miles in a little over 30 months..
Just Walking approximately 166.66 miles a month.. is really not much
of a feat considering our ancestors and even waitresses and
waiters and other folks on their feet most hours
during the day.. can actually average around 5
or 6 miles a day of walking.. but yes.. this
ain’t just walking.. this is getting the
whole body in play.. and the bestest
thing of all.. is.. even though it might
look strange.. complicated.. or whatever..
it’s really effortless in flow iN ZonE..
even at my weight of 230LBS.. as i move
with gravity instead of against it…
Gravity is a force that can be
harnessed with balance.. as any physics
or gymnast major knows and or feels.. most
humans move like Robots on concrete sidewalks in
repetitive way of move.. that can and will lead to
much ergonomic injury in lower back pain.. knee pain.. arthritis..
and associated stress related injuries from doing the same dam thing
over and over and over again.. WHEN and wHere.. every small move becomes
ART iN moving liFe a different way.. one becomes more mindfully aware
and feels life as more of a sacred and holy art rather than
stiff cardboard box way of life.. anyway.. all
i can really say is dance iN Balance..
whatever one may do.. that’s what the
rest of the UniVerse does and if ya think
you are separate in non-feeling way away from
God of Nature given Human Nature.. quite simply
there is a consequence for inaction of getting in
balance with Nature.. and that my friends.. is stress..
the Fear and killer of all stuff related to Love.. Dance for Love..
i for one do iT.. and It works.. and if ya wonder why i do all of this
for Free that’s why i do it FOR FREE.. IT IS THE JOURNEY THAT COUNTS
with infinite paths.. the destination is ALWAYS now and only
a real fool would not make the best of now.. AS NOW
And the more i give and the more i share..
ALL FREE.. THE CLOSER i AM to God this way..
jUst noW fREE..smile emoticon
And sure i ain’t the only one..
many Yogi-like dudes and dudettes..
have separated themselves from the rest
of culture and hoarded it to themselves..
away from other human beings in need of
escape from the prisons and hell of
cultural and religious lies..
then and now..
And then some like Jesus
came down from the Mountain or
desert as it were or beach as it is for me..
and maybe got crucified.. deleted and or banned..
and then others heard voices in caves.. and still
lived by the sword.. including Jesus at least
as reported in the New Testament too…
The thing is..
Truth and liGht is always
a new dance of life in ever
changing nows.. when we chain
our freedoms in books and ideas
of the past only.. we chain God who
lives within us.. and truly God does not
like that as far as i for one for ONE GOD
kNow and feel.. now..
Action.. Consequence..
dArk or liGht Dance of Life..
up to each individual.. but truly
sad when the ignorance of the
past of smaller Stale God’s
take away the
FREE AS uS.. iF we toss away
the chains.. that still hold some folks
down.. ranging from Wars of Lies.. to
Female Genital Mutilation.. Institutionalized
marriage for money.. in just another non-consensual
way of prostitution and rape for at least some
and many still now.. and even covering up
Lesbian women to their breast in dirt..
and stoning them to death..
to every other F in heartless
way that non-caring and
souLess ignorant folks
with little
to no
Still chain
God in
Folks who
live in these hells
and prisons as slaves
of ignorant folks still now
stuck in yesternows hell
wHere heaven iS alWays
free now for folks who
sImply find the
inside.. outside..
above.. so below
and all around.. all
innate.. instinctual..
intuitive iN moving..
connecting and creating
ways.. of greater focus..
and short term working memory
in enhanced cognitive executive
functioning to better give and share
Free with ALL other humans beings
and the rest of Nature Free AKA GOD NOW..
JuSt Dance FREE!.. wITh GraviTy oF GOD FREE!..
and with that said.. with this task done.. NOW for
me to practice what i preach and become
one with barefoot sand of
God iN Sun
of what
AND THEN to copy all
of this to YouTube.. the next
step now.. to it even moving from
Facebook to the Celebration Blog
post oF “5000 Miles of Dance Walk NOW”..:)
WeLL.. oh Goodness.. almost forgot the
Dance Walking Excursion to Barnes and Nobles
that briefly illustrates how i gain great focus in
emotional regulation and sensory integration.. by
listening to trance inducing-like Music.. for example..
just about any Song from Alan Parson’s.. around the 70’s..
and doing a spiral motion of dance.. yes… again.. like
the galaxies and planets in PHI of golden mean spiral
move of 1.618 ratio around and around again..
wHere she or he goes.. no one cares..
as the focus iS iN the ACT OF FEELING KnOW..
away from extraneous non-associated thoughts..
like whose gonna fix the sink if it stops up..
and stuff like that…
WellX2.. trUly there
ain’t no way.. i could ever complete 10K to 60K
word blog posts.. without me some dance and eXXtreme
iNTENSE LASER FOCUS.. and in doing this in Stream of
Consciousness Automatic-like writing.. the Focus is
piercing in efficacy.. let’s juSt say.. with a
little ecstasy.. aLL natural salt and
peppered in the mix of sOul Food
of SpiRit in HeaRt of EmoTioN..
aS WeLLX3..
But here’s the thing..
Positive emotions have alWays been a human
healing force.. and positive inspiring music is simply
the medicine of emotion bottled in records.. MP3’s.. and
now online unlimited YouTube access for FREE.. where..
Wireless is free of course too.. and dance..
WeLLX4.. non-verbal expression of all
types is according to scientists upwards
of 93% of reciprocally social communicating humans..
and a Dance was the news spread from tribe to tribe..
totAlly without words.. before Text became both King
and Queen of the F iN World.. ya see.. just ’cause
the modern way does it THIS WAY.. don’t
necessarily mean it is the BEST WAY..
But sadly.. human Beings have also an instinctual innate
and intuitive need to be accepted by the tribe.. no matter
what the message is said and done in the flavor of the Cultural
Moment oF belief.. specific to each tribe of human being as
so-called Labeled from within.. Anyway.. with modern
higher and deeper frequencies of music than humans
are able to orchestrate.. before.. with their throats..
mouths.. and tongues.. the potential healing power of new..
never felt emotions.. are truly legion.. compared to silly
folks who would put chains on these kind of expanDinG
human freedoms.. in ways of music produced in Art
in All creative ways that come now…
Anyway the fACt is now.. iN Art as
we grow older with expanding technologies
to enhance and create new sounds of emoTion..
only imaGiNaTioN.. kNows or
feels the limits of all of this..
in experiencing more and more potential blisSinGS..
iN LiFe.. away from human misery and suffering ways..
So yes..
once again.. yes..
plug that iPod or whatever
accommodating music.. iN..
iN a Dance Free mUch greater
hUman potential.. foR NoW..smile emoticon!..
And for further documentation oF aLL the Dance history of me..
Here comes more of the dance parade ALL free… fOr ALL-n-ALL..:)
And yes.. still behind on updating the Seville Quarter
stuff in the Annual photo album.. ‘666 Months of Dance’
Blog Post.. but that is coming soon.. of course..
as the yearly post around Spring
dedicated to my Next Annual
photo Album from
Dance FREE”
will be coming next
week on my 103 dance
week annual celebration
minus one week with a nasty
intestinal bug not conducive to dance
at all.. or even walking around the home..
without a ceramic throne close to escape oN..;)
Well.. back at 9:24 am.. SAINT PATRICKS! day and
the wearing of the green as well of course..
as the Irish Spring in my eYes.. glows
pale green as well..
unless my
eyes change
to somewhat
Blue as Irish
Pale eYes of Green
wiLL somenows passionately do..
can ya tale.. i missed me poeTry
well.. sure i did.. i’ve been in the
systemizing state of mind doin’ my documentary
duties.. for posterity sakes in arRears.. if ya WiLL..
i swear sometimes i feel an Irish accent coming in from
age 4 or so and above.. genetic memory.. is a real thingy
ya KNow.. and when we move like our ancestors.. invisible
to capture prey and escape predator.. like the rest
of the UniVerse.. one more time.. let’s sing
in UniTy.. and dance aSweLL iN the Golden
Spiral PHI mean of 1.618 sWirl
iN foot prints oN sand
oF God oF Nature’s
Earth not unlike
Galaxies.. the Nautilus
SHelL.. Curled Cats like
Golden Furred Yellow Boy..
Fetuses developing in Mother
and Mother Nature’s womb UniVerse
one and wHole as sAMe wE are when
Dancing.. Singing not unlike the sTarT
oF iT aLL.. when dARk ignites liGht.. moving..
dancing.. sound.. singing.. and somenow.. human
gets.. heRe now.. and answers iN Lyrics of PoeTry
echoes from end to beginning of eternal noW iN what
truly can be the Paradise on this Earth as Heaven when
we dance
and SinG
a SonG of Art iN
B A L A N C Enow
as wE.. in UniSon
UniVerse Flow aS uS..:)
Hmm.. okay.. i have to go to
a wedding today.. but other than
that.. i will be attempting to expand
on the poeTry miNd of beiNg in and out
of travel on iMac pro way with 10 fingers
employed.. in E-Notebookway.. and yes.. this
is sacred and Holy R and R Thursday for me.. and
the Irish i’s of i.. WiLL eventuAlly deck out on
the Dance Hall Floor of Old Seville Quarter tonight..
with all the cool college age folks who will be celebrating
their Spring Breaks from around the country too.. visiting our
Sugar White Beaches of the Panhandle here.. wHere they too.. wiLL
too.. have the opportunity to dance my style of Irish Jig FREE..!
yeah.. i know
and feel too.. as the
cashier at Captain Dee’s
stated Tuesday Night when
we are purchasing a special
fish meal for mum.. that i must
be in Law Enforcement as i am monitoring
the area in 360 degrees slowly in laser focus..
like i am just waiting to pounce on prey of
Bad guys now.. well true i am.. but I’m not
just a Lion
i am
Fox.. and
only the Fox
knows what the
Fox WiLL do next..
along with Nature of
Course AKA godNOW..
and sure
all Irish
foxes have
at least
even if they
do stand tall.. upright..
and swish their tale..
amusingly for the
foxes all
free too..
in the nymph
forest of Pan
of i now..
with a few
with a splash
of Unicorn and
Mermaid on the side..;)
Anyway.. back to systemizing mind..
Tuesday’s Public Dance Walk
Video Documentaries in
Summary now..
moved from Super Walmart..
to a Doctors Office.. to Jo Ann’s..
Arts and Crafts.. to the Mall
and Dick’s Sporting Good’s..
Side walk to Best Buy..
Best Buy.. Spencer
Gifts.. Starbucks..
the Earth Store..
then.. another SuperWalmart..
and ending up at Captain
Dee’s fast food sea
food.. and four of the
places were only
photoed in the
coming blog
the 5000 miles
of dance walk in
30 months.. as sure
i try to respect the privacy
of the general public even IF
hehe.. hundreds of folks videotape
me at tHeir WiLL and freedom just
for fun on their smartphones to share
the crazy dancing dude from the P’Cola
metro area with all their friends.. like they’ve
captured big foot.. hehe.. or Frankenstein Fred
head on tape as a kind of deer head to hang
on their Den Wall.. per Mutual oF OmaHA’s
Wild Kingdom show back in the 60’s and
70’s or there about.. when i was a school
desk robot boy..
with arms stiff and
straight pointed down..
in stiff noodle looking string
bean body tall and somewhat
slumped.. hmm.. i see that
today too.. so much
more sadly enough..
young boys and
girls and much
older too.. sadly
so obviously anxious
and uncomfortable in tHeir
own frigging skins.. when the
answer is truly.. innate.. instinctual
and intuitively real in ancestral past
and preSent now in genetic.. epigenetic
change to challenge in adaptation.. additionally
in neuroplastic way from head to toe.. in miNd and
body balance.. bE a REAL NINJA.. MOVE INVISIBLY
oF left and right
foot togEther iN
Golden Spiral
ONe.. and
then next thing
ya know and feel..
the hemispheres are
balanCinG iN aCT too..
and who kNows and FeeLs
now iF enough folks dance to
the SonG of the SpiraLing UniVerse..
perhaps the East and West Hemispheres..
along with North and South.. wiLL Dance
and SinG a SonG of Balance.. Peace..
and Love under
WilL aS WeLL
wiTh no harm to others..
like a golden Rainbow
Spreading across
the Globe now.. FREE..:)
13 and lost out of mind and body balance..
stuck in head of text.. and lectures.. ugh..
And sure.. Ynot.. on
Saint Patrick’s Day..
Irish ancestors.. staRting
with Uncle on left and Father
on right..
And.. then..
small boy..
on far left.. with all his
brothers and sisters.. living
iN Ireland.. close to 1900..:)
SMiLes.. yes.. the system can really suck so bad.. almost everywhere in the world in varying amounts.. as of course we are animals for free and not slaves for purchase..
Oh.. Money.. you green eyed black inked devil..
Oh.. Banks.. you greedy suit tied paper dream…
Ah.. Freedom.. not as easy as don’t
buy anything.. but in degrees
to get there
aLL FreED..
hmm.. at
least for
It’s kinda hilarious.. the so-called
Bible says money is the root of all evil..
but one of the so-called fundies greatest fear
is the total elimination of money.. and the Unification
of humankind in Love that of course was the dream of
so-called Yeshua.. Jesus.. and other labeled human
names.. for this
overall tribal dream..
oKay.. the fact is.. machines are
taking over all the jobs.. as presented
well in that video about ‘Humans Need Not Apply’..
machines are doing all the so-called back breaking
labor.. that most humans are totally functionally
disabled from doing now anyway..
‘fat and happy’ in 4 inch
so what next..
swim or sink..
or swim free again..
i understand.. there is no
dam way i can defeat the system..
but i can dam sure beat it with my own self
set free.. as the inside.. outside.. above so below
all around movement of ONE i am continuing
now in a dance of
art of i
as Life..
the rest of it makes
me giggle with tears for
those fools unfortunate enough
to ignore the truth and liGht..
and just tears
for those
who have
been censored
in so many ways
to figure out how to get
back aLL free to the Call of the
Wild of Nature God.. not unlike
that half dog wolf that too.. once
howled with
others together
free where the moon
is Life now.. in liGht of DArk
Feeling Wolf
and Human
aLive.. just LiVe
and free to pursue
survival.. without
slave owners
who will NOW
iN Shorts
IT work for me..
debt free..
no bucks
or banks
at aLL..
Anyway.. literally.. seriously..
there will have to be a massive
overhaul of the way humans do business
with banks.. money.. health insurance..
jobs.. and overall commerce..
when the jobs do go away…
and there is no one
to buy
to support
the few percent
who own all the machines
who do the work.. unless
they care to be
AND that’s
a prophecy of sorts..
not by me.. but at the
GROW.. iN cold heArted SpiRited
SoUls out of mind and body Balance..
wheRe trUly
the Soylent
green is
the food
by dead green eyes
and stained black
ink..smile emoticon
Meh.. facebook.. now..
is like a note pad to me..
and best of all.. it is all free..
as i am impervious to commercials
and use them instead.. to entertain my ideas..
truly.. it is amazing
what one can do
with the System
as iS.. totAlly Free
iF they just dance iT
write iT.. SinG creating
instead oF buying
iN prisons
oF green
and banks Of Greed..:)
SMiLes.. mY friend.. gigoid..
realiTy grins..
At least we CAN preTendnoW..;)
Regarding.. the Lake
and Forest photos..
Fightin’ Irish..;)
Bear Lake.. yes..
Literally ‘Bear Lake’..
Fox or Bear.. matters not..;)
SMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid.. speaking
of Irish stories.. and a pint of Stout..
my ancestral stories.. were out
of view.. until this
year.. when our Irish
roots are more fully exposed
by family there.. searching.. for
the relatives.. of the X-Catholic
priest.. my Grandfather.. who
are part of his immigration
here.. with ‘the
Church’ as it
were.. then..
and interestingly..
our Irish roots are more
fully exposed.. per My Grandfather’s
Mother.. born of Rainsford name there..
whose ancestors were actually part of the
Mark Rainsford family who sold the beer
operation building to the Guinness
family to pursue more
stout in the
way of
Dark Beer Glory
and actually.. my middle
name comes originally
from Arthur Guinness
as yes.. Arthur
the Beer
man.. who i remember
now.. each time.. i leave
Seville Quarter.. with a picture
of Guinness.. Stout at the end
of the Alley.. with the signature
of Arthur Guinness
fully pictured
there at the
end of the
Alley of dance for
me… Been out in Nature
in the woods today and
a really peaceful place
named ‘Bear Lake’..
and ha..
i guess i could
have stayed..fur
iN tow
SMiLes.. and hoping
i don’t get pinched
too much
in hours
and hours
of free style Lord
of the Dance.. now.. however
that may come.. iN simply now
Flow oFthe ZonE.. In now then..
and while i used to enjoy a Stout
a day in my younger years.. i really
don’t need one now.. as i can’t imagine
any more
than i am now..
Beer or no Beer..
free iS free to me now..:)
Well… never made it back
to dVerse poetry land
and now a full two
weeks behind
but that’s the
way it goes
as wHere the poeTry
goes i simply follow
along with iT..
iN free as iS
so yes..
more fun photos
coming to this
‘5,000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!’.. as
when aLL oF the entire world.. inside.. outside..
above so below.. and all around is truly Loved
as free.. insPiRatiON.. is more than infinite
aS iT iS
real and
by out
put too..
@least for me
with.. SMiLes
of course..
and yes.. more fun
dance photos coming
sometime around 3 am..new
iN this new blog post then at
wee hours of Friday morning
after the 102nd dance week
Thursday Night ends
with all the
cool college
age folks
who dance at
Old Seville Quarter
totAlly aLL F R E E..


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