BeYonD April Fred’s Day

The Most Beautiful Day Ever..
That’s what i say ever day anyWay..
DancE and SinG..:)
And older memories back from Bowling Center
Days of Long ago.. Vida here.. very nice and polite
Gym Assistant.. and also relatively small child and
Step Daughter of a Long Term Bowler at Whiting Field
for Literally Decades then.. And they are Having a Reunion
at his home from Bowlers of Old iN June.. with sure.. photos
coming from that as the Summer Draws Closer too.. for even more fun..
this.. as just one of many other smiles from Dance Hall FriEnds at Old Seville Quarter..:)
And now off to “SonG oF mY soUL” and “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
SMiLes my friEnd.. Xenia.. and as the poet scientists say..
one of the greaTest Measures of Poetry
is the Essence of Poetry
that comes
in letters
to FriEnds
And for me at leASt
that’s how this whole endeavor
stArted out as a perspective of my life
slowly coming out from hell of 66 months back
towards the beginning of March 2013.. as the
Eve of April Fred’s Day arrives now.. as i Fooly
Embrace a Role of Sacred Clown.. and i suppose
your way of Reiki.. in general is pArt oF an indication
of why you may be open to more of what i do.. heAR..
As you see more than concrete science systemizing
ways oF LiGht.. my FriEnd.. anyWay that first of
what i name as Pre-MacroVerse in Google
Blogspot way is now the “About
Section”.. of this Word
Press Blog
Arriving past
4 Million Words as
‘SonG oF mY SoUL’..
as a kind of riff off of
Whitman.. the only poet
i ever really read at all for
a few short lines as a young adult.. far
Before 2013.. as of course he did Free
Verse Poetry named.. “Song of Myself”..
and oN course the sELf is the soul if
one takes the metaphor as
deep as
pure in what
secular leaning folks name
as the reborn of Self-Actualization
transformation to having it all as is..
rather than wanting more.. Sailing on
StreAM to Rivers.. Waves as Ocean wHole..
Yes.. my friEnd as process within process liGht
inSpires most.. and an oPen heART.. SpiRiT and
SoUL is Quantum more than what measures
in science papers as systemizing
mechanical cognition
miNd way
now transfiguring
into metaphors even
Deeper oF all the possibilities
oF A Galaxy to explore.. And as i continue
to celebrate my role of Sacred Fool.. or
Trickster Clown.. as human archetypes
more.. when i arrived at dVerse first
my first Pre-MacroVerse shared
there from my blog
spot blog was
66”.. at over 6K
words.. the wonderful originator
of the dVerse Poet’s Pub named Brian
Miller was the absolutely only one Brave enough
to enter that lair.. after i responded to close to 100 other
Poets in the same poetic way i do now.. but my effort was
very abstract coming as deep as deep comes from within..
So.. understandably.. a little too much like Alice in Wonderland for most..
but incredible Brian responded to every single person’s poem.. no matter
what and in my ending statement i challenged the whole crowd to bring an
answer to me for the World’s Problems less and more.. and Brian
at Essence responded with
one word
And sure..
i basically
said Bingo in
a more abstract
way.. just for fun..
as his avatar at that
time was 007 as in
James Bond.. so
why not be
a little mysterious
as ‘they’ say as actor..
producer and Director too..
anyWay.. at that time.. at 6K words
Brian Called it the Mother of all Blog posts..
and true at 338,630 words in one MacroVerse
titled GodsUniVerseNovel3 with around 300
Gorgeous high Def photos of the most
Beautiful Beaches heAR and See
Sunsets and Seagulls
and Sugar
With Emerald
Green Gulf Breeze
of Sea Oats too.. haha.. if
this MacroVerse gave your broad
band access the hiccups.. that one
is beyond.. as Rihanna says.. hehe..
Moore’s Law will catch uP with me one day..
and it has in some places for a price of course..
as yes.. i have the fastest broadband access money
will buy here.. and with an iPhone6s and an LTE connection
here in the states.. i can open up everything but that yes.. Father
and Mother of all Blog posts.. i venture to say it’s the world record
if i cared
and or
beyond appreciating
my gift of Life from God
to make it one huge Luke
Hot Effort.. And that my
FriEnd is what
Hell on
eARTh teaches..
the price of LiVinG
NoW iN Heaven is Giving
and Sharing more than ever
beFore… and sure by the day i pass
away.. then technology can catch up with me..
might take a thousand years by then.. but as ‘they’
say.. whose counting NoW.. not me for Sure.. although
it’s true i was alWays much more of a numbers and visual
thinking person before i lost effective use of my eyesight and
hearing in those 66 months of Hell that was only just another
Path to Heaven.. now.. as weeds will eventually grow in rocks
Struggle toward LiGht.. as i travel a little deeper heAR and NoW..
And i’m linking it heAR for the future when.. technology catches
up for more people than the few who are fortunate enough
to have both the technology and attention beyond
140 characters.. as they say now in science too..
the average human being literally
has the attention of a Gold
Fish.. and nah..
Before i hit my
fifties all i could do
is technical writing and
copy and paste.. creativity
lost for me at age 13 and
18 for only spurts of
young adulthood
i suppose
reTiRinG NoW..
means too.. coveRing
the wheels of soul and
sELf sAMe With Rubber oF liGht
deeper as essence more.. anyway.. when
i existed on the Wrong Planet online.. around two
and half years or so.. a place for folks stuck more
in Left Brain Mechanical Cognition.. one guy
in hyperbole way called me the
7 thousand word dude..
and while my
were on
average about
1000 words.. 7K
seemed far out of reach to
me.. theN.. noW it’s every three or four
days.. at 15K and truly my friEnd what i am
doing heAR is also proving John 14:12 is yes now
possible for those who do go the Luke Hot way oF liGht..
not a place for everyone.. but i only hope to inspire a few
to CAN
and WiLL
DO.. as true
tHeRE are no limits
or expectations oF LiGht
or distance.. or space or now
time heAR as Love NoW Love
as LiGht is limitless my FriEnd..
so BriGht so LiGht and at times
so hard to see but as MannFred Man
in the evolution oF LiGht says too.. and
originated by that guy they call ‘the boss’
as metaphor of two men too in more
than just Bruce SpringField
way too.. My
told me not to
look at the Sun Directly
With mY eYes.. And it’s true
that’s wHeRE the real Fun is
My FriEnD iN Heaven that never ends foR NoW..
Love you and your Husband and your wonderful
Dogs in the Highlands of Scotland my FriEnd.. as the
red hairs in my mustache still do DancE and SinG WiTh Irish eYes too..
As any
Bard Free Can and
WiLL do more for now..
iN Sacred Clown and Holy Fool Way2..
Other than that thanks for dropping by
and the four tries it took to get this far down
in the deeps still of what i continue to BrinG..;)
Xenia comes back by to thank me for the
history behind what i do.. and she says it reminds her of
the “Dante Rediscovered”.. Exhibition at the Wordsworth Trust..
And i return by further saying.. sure.. with deTales2.
You kNow.. my friEnd.. Xenia.. for years through
the mechanical cognition of 19 years
of school or so and a quarter
of a Century
of Government
work the same..
the wife and i would
scroll through the mall
on the weekends before
the dance of me.. and tHeRe
was/is a store named the “World
Market”.. and it reminded me
so much of how small
the place was
i lived
in terms
of human trees
who branch out more
than books oF ‘Fore.. my FriEnd..
And.. As i breeze by that store now
in the Free Verse Dance of SonG’s LiGht..
i alWays make the effort to go into that store
long enough to take a photo of the World’s Peoples
below the light and above the exit sign there and that
my friEnd.. reminds me of you now2.. ‘those’ people who do exist2..
And sure.. these red mustache hairs are turning grey.. but as ‘they’ say..
A LiGht
no Age
but LiGht.. oF
BeYond Rainbow Kind2..
Oh yeah.. and Speaking
of Dante.. that other place
is below Rainbow
too.. i’LL Staycation heAR foR NOW..
And thanks.. that’s an epic compliment2..
See you around PoEtry Land.. A place of Staycation2..:)
Yes.. while it’s true i had rather broad
shoulders in the Summer of Seventy-Six..
Fresh with Sweet Sixteen Birthday at age 16
as pictured here.. with my Step Sister
that Summer when my Father
Married for the 4th time.. albeit
twice to his first.. second wife..
the third one kinda a charm
lasting over 20 years until
she succumbed to the
C of the Lung Variety
with a life long
of the
other C
in packs..
and so sadly.. my Step
Sister here.. with very difficult
life in challenge of being Gay in
a “Red Neck” city.. succumbed to the
other C of Cocaine.. with an 80K or so
inheritance from my Step Mother.. back in
2008.. passing away in that Summer then..
My step sister.. a stand-out Rugby Player for
FSU in Tally Town too.. anyway.. yes.. while it’s
True that the weight lifting regimen starting at age
12.. puts me a little more broad shouldered than Napoleon..
Dynamite or Ronald McDonald In Hamburger way of Clown..
or Lord.. look at the glasses and big hair.. make the Hair bright
Red and.. voila.. Ronald McDonald meets Napoleon Dynamite
in ’76.. too.. and yes.. it’s totally true.. a year or so before this..
i started Dancing in front of a mirror.. yep.. just like Napoleon
Dynamite on the big screen.. too.. as i for one was bound and
determined to ‘capture’.. A ‘Real’ Girl Friend one day soon..
yep.. took until age 18.. and yes.. i met on her
on the Dance Floor too.. could i dance..
sure.. in
measured and
stiff moods of shake
your square bootie the
best ya can all ’round town
with tail feathers then.. too..
AnyWay.. it’s the Eve coming
of April Fred’s Day.. much much
more to come.. wRite on Course
but first some Sand and Free Verse
Dance With Sun and God allone.. be
back after while with my clown shoes fully long..;)
Vote for Pedro.. with
Sheldon Cooper
and his
‘Different’ Girl
Friend.. Drive on by
on TV.. A GreaTesT pArT
of this Future now.. yep.. the one
we are currently in as present of now..
is.. Different is truly celebrated more in the
U.S. of A than ever before.. and i am a bit behind
on watching my ‘normal outcast’ shows ranging from
Sheldon.. as the yes.. of course.. Asperger’s nerd with
issues in expressing empathy although no label is needed
in science lab of this.. broad spectrum of introverted it is with
paint by numbers life.. and then to the Goldbergs on TV with the
Odd Birds as Geek Artists.. and the Gay Boy on the Real O’Neal
show about Irish American Catholics coming out of Marriage Separations
and the closet too.. i understand the challenges of outcast all too well..
thing is.. in the world of Art.. there ARE FOLKS who understand empathy and
compassion as in the world of Art as ofT mentioned heAr.. A Place it is
wHeRe folks escape to find the SpiRiT oF heART within as more of a miNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL in all forms of Art that bRinG this essence
hoMe.. to the flesh and blood we are.. anyWay.. those averse
to change would love to take that Freedom of
Expression away.. but they can’t as for
now.. Freedom Rules at leASt online
whether or not anyone listens
at all.. the outcast
can find refuge
oF soUL allone
with what comes
Holy and Sacred Full of
Meaning and Purpose to them..
even now iF iT iS only the science
of systemizing.. 1 step.. 2 step
stay with the guidelines please
and repeat everything
just like
i said
and did before..
before you go on
to a next discovery.. okay..
not okay for me.. as i for one
journey a path anew.. away from
text and Do of past.. anYway.. there are
the naturally more deTailer thinking material
reductionists among us who go no further than
the observations of past.. and then there are the
seekers.. the finders.. who find at lEast one way
to go further to the dARk Side of the Moon than
anyone before.. and sure.. shoot across the
Sun too.. in Beyond Rainbow Colors
of our Internal
Mini UniVerses
with Quadrillions
of Neuro-Chemistry..
Neuro-Hormonal.. eTc..
connections oF LliGht NoW
in BeinG hUman Ways.. anyway got
somewhat militant atheist friends/acquaintances
as they say.. as nah.. ain’t no Atheist gonna get
too close to all i do.. out heAR on the Branches of Life..
And i have Fundie Religion folk friends the sAMe.. and sure..
they will keep a safe distance from me too.. the free spirited is who
i mesh with the most.. those who are open to almost anything and everything
that miGht come neXt.. and how many people do i meet like that.. very few.. very
few.. leaST around this Red State Land that i occupy now.. in the 5 percent or so
of this
way of viewing
more as aLL oF LiFE
does have to offer now..
i take no opinion with a grain
of salt.. grain of sand yes.. as
all holds what is up.. in way of
hUmaniTy NoW.. in other words..
i don’t  just watch CNN to
see who is doing their
damnest to ruining
the world
as i also watch
Fox News to see who
is actually doing tHeir
Damnest to Divide the country
in additional ‘birther’-like ways..
anyWay from current view point it’s all aMuSinG
dARK to LiGht for me @least..and as far as muse go..
one of the main reasons i choose Thursday Night to Dance
at Old Seville Quarter is it is more of progressive educated
crowd.. but don’t get me
wrong.. the Spiritual
Life beyond Book
LiFE is the reaLiST
thing oF aLL for that
iS how we FeeL anD SenSe
LiFe more than bLack and
WhiTE Science Books and
Religions Controlling
and Subjugating
oTheRs through
hate too..
whenever they say
heAr’s the evidence written
in the book.. be careful not to
worship what is written before.. no
matter what it is.. as now i look further to
the ipHone News.. WE live in a world of Serpent
Reptilian Literal thiNkinG Politician and Science
mInds who get the form reAlly good and lose the most
important essences aLonG a WaY.. WaGGiNG A Dog’s priSon..
behind a
iN chains away now FoR much
GreATER hUman PoTenTial
in Maslow’s Pyramid of
Self-Actualization to
Fowler’s Agape
Love for
of CreatioN oNe NoW..
SpEaKinG oF thAT yeah..
the Hawking theory of nothing
nihl.. does all that is.. as now..
in other words Nothing Creates God..
haha.. if only ya had big enough eYes
to see
trUly is..
We live in an
Ocean.. sure..much
of it painted bLack..
never the Less.. BLack
to LiGht..:)
And with that said..
long night.. i need a nap..
before this really gets complicated.. neXt..;)
Yes.. this is stArting to Sound
like an “Auto-Biography
Rover”.. Butt whaT iS
Poetry as DancE
or SonG iF noT
seT Free
iS.. now..
yeP.. FReED..
@LEast Me.. And
Nah.. i ain’t the first
one to Pain’ThaT..noW..
Yes.. more than a Single Double Entendre..
AnyWaY as i move on to “April Fred’s Day”..
it exists.. the same as “Master Chief Aghogday”..
Hey.. i Can and
WiLL Google it
liNks with more
to come as A Fool
gets more complicated than
ever beFoRE.. STiLL iN Holy
And Sacred ‘Mad Dude’ ways..
Full of Meaning and Purpose as
Beyond Double Entendre ways will Do3..
You see.. life is not a competition butT iT iS A gAMe..;)
Oh Lord as all the yeArs go by.. it’s almost like April Fred’s
Day is becoming a National Holiday to me.. hehe.. so Hears April Fred’s Day..
And am i the only one celebrating this other than a first hit
on a Google Search.. yes that’s pretty Good Evidence in itself.. it’s true..;)
Anyways as in “Master Chief Aghogday” too..
i title MacroVerses in such a way that my
all free Watch Dog.. the Google Search
engine will fetch
uPon command
of only me.. hehe..
And that’s what a fool
does.. stuff in more than
one clever way.. haha.. aT
leASt As smART Fool as Fools role on..;)
Anyway.. even more corroboRaTinG evidence
coming now.. to A lINk(S) neAR heAR to go TheRe..;)
Actually.. “Arrival of the Clown Shark” Came First.. Albeit a little
late on 5.11.14.. With photo evidence heAR too to go along with the liNk..
Yes.. no doubt if i was a GrandMother.. someone would
ask me.. my my my Grandma.. what Big Teeth you have..
AnywayS i’m
Hood and
Smaller little
Red Robin Hood’s
have nothing to fear from me..
unless they are ‘orange’.. heHe.. perHaps
in metaphor only of courses in Double Entendre way too..;)
What neXt.. yes.. according to my class mates in Middle
School.. in Year Book Annual labeling way.. i actually
did arrive as a little old Lady as Clown
in about 1973..
both in
slender string
bean attire in front
of the class as the rest
of the class held tHeiR giggles back
when i told ’em all about how the world works then too.. haha..;)
Oh God.. don’t think i could ever keep track of me without my
all free personal digital assistant of both Facebook and Google..
and sure.. Word Press.. although that is 299 US dollars a year
as ‘they’ say to store monolithic Gigs of photos in 100K+ ways..
of Hi
in science way of course..
hmm.. sort of @leASt as me..
hmm..X2..plUs uPs eTc.. oN course..;)
Anyway.. last year on the third year
of Celebrating April Fred’s Day..
it was the “FReED MiNions” at Play
literAlly at the liNk like this..;)
So what were the chances that six girls identically dressed would
be present for the first time and last time in 154 Weeks
of Dancing on Thursday Night.. Dancing with me on
the first night i wore my Minion Shirt there..
Ask Synchronicity..
like the Double+
to sing and more..;)
oH and before i forget.. actuAlly April Fred’s Day was
celebrated on Halloween of 2013.. too.. Courtesy oF A
Stephen King Version oF A Clown tHeRE too..
of Frankenstein
and A T Rex..
and sure
a little
mixed in
for Fredenstein too..
and i would have used
that for a MacroVerse
title too.. but
me to
iT in Trademark ways more..;)
And by AnotHeR way(S) ‘this’ also doubles as a MaGiC mirror..
And proof that tHeRe wasn’t always a Lion’s
Roar on my smARt Phone too..
the RastaFaRiAn
coMe first..
With my main
Assistant in the
flesh as assigned
to me by God.. sort
of Like Goddess Isis too with
Her best T-shirt AssiT too.. to be clear the Katrina..;)
STiLL all Perky aS Such too..
iN on
47 on
Palm Sunday2..;)
WeLL.. oH Lord.. past time
as far as cLocK hands go sTiLL
for Dinner and a Work-out now2..
STiLL Haven’t got around to sharing
today’s regularly Facebook ScheduLed
MacroVerse Memories from previous yeARs..
anyWay2.. Looks like the tHeMe SonG is running
out as this most defInitELy does continue to go down for iSReaL2..;)
AnyWay.. before i go.. the Fool has a Yellow Boy too.. Blonde
Hair.. and some other stuff too.. as far as Tarot Goes
in the Zero Numerology of Numerical Challenge too that
i am born with.. with number 1’s that
go 1 and 1 and 1 for the next
three life Challenges.. as
the Fool
anothEr Word
for Care Free.. namELy Free WiLL..
Do WiTh iT as you WiLL do iT all or do nothing..
Fun @lEast
to me thAT iS..
And as i overheard today
in Facebook Way.. all Astrology
challenges for the 12 months heAR
are the planets and the stars affect
you in no way @aLL.. well.. the thing is..
we co-create our life NoW ranging from little
free will to A wHOle lot as i do evidence for sure
in the results that come everynow now.. some folks asK
me how i do iT all
and the
is it’s
MaGiC.. and
the trutH iS.. yoU
can’t prove me wrong
but i do prove what i do.. aS
i can empirically meaSure iT aLL
beyond A to Z.. and those who do not
Master the Science of MaGiC usuAlly
Manage to live less than an
ePic one by
i WiLL.. i choose
Free WiLL and LoVE..
any otHeR
too from
Zero to aLL plUS and more..
anywaY in that one way Facebook
convo.. i said.. the stars and planets
do impact the AFFECT of Astronomers
as the science oF it pays
for their meals
and hungry
feel good..
i do it for aLL
Free and that makes tHiS WiLL
A Tasty treat beYond the realms
of Science Bones without any flesh
and blood of imagination and creativity
come to fruition in Lucid WaKinG GuiDinG dREAMs..aLIVe..
and Blood as
ARtistic Empirical
Case StuDy Evidence2..
Science ain’t got a clue
on the way i work iT aLL Baby..
but God.. in me.. leT’s jusT DancE and SinG
oNce aGaIN.. tHIs is going down for isReaL2..;)
The Eve has passed NoW As April Fred’s
Day arrives.. NoW.. meanwhile back at the
Ranch also known as FB.. Facebook Friend
Suzanne shares a Brain enhancer story that
HISTORY.. per yes.. of course..
the American Indians in
how those First
Peoples of the
Americas recognized
5 genders.. namely iN essence..
Males.. Females.. Two Spirit
Males and Two Spirit Females..
and Transgendered Folks too.. either
way as ‘they’ say.. and of course just like
the Modern Christians YES.. REPRESSED THE
FACT2 that in the original Greek Version of
the teachings of the so-called Dude named
Jesus these Days and closer to Yeshua in
the Aramaic Oral Tradition passed around
desert road round table discussions
of Christian Sects.. ranging from
beliefs in one to twelve Gods
before the smARTy pants
Literate Greeks
Cherry Picked
what they
most to write
down before the
Saul who became the
Paul who wasn’t actually
an original Apostle of the
so-called Jesus Dude had some
Dreams of Revelation of inner creativity
also known as the Holy Spirit Quantum
metaphor set free as art that leaps the
logic of what was strictly written before
in Black and White.. no different really
than the Saint John Dude who
also wasn’t really an
original Apostle
of the Jesus Dude..
who had some revelation
dreams that actually related to
persecuted Christians by the
so-called Trump Anti-Christ
Dude.. not much Different
than the modern
Adolf named
the 666
Beast in numerical
alpha count way of the
name Nero then.. as hey..
Yah.. Ya had to code stuff differently
in ways of Revelation as art of creativity
in personal Holy Spirit way.. to avoid getting
dead quick by the really mean Trump’s in charge
then.. and these folks in Irish Days were named
Fili’s.. Bards.. and the Court Jesters all free like
me in Sacred Fool Way2.. and of course.. Jesus was
the human archetype of the Sacred Fool too.. as they
made fun of him.. calling him the King of the Jews as
the round table desert road and original Greek Interpreted
version goes.. with some original Gnostic Texts non-changed
by Constantine and his original Catholic Cohorts then in the
Back Board Trump Board Rooms.. yes.. Back in 325 AD
or so when they promoted Jesus to a Three
Faced God.. yah.. and ya thought 2
spirit is complicated.. huh..
anyway.. as Jesus
became a
Sun God..
all the way from
his role as a humble
leaning Sacred Fool.. quite
a promotion from a crown of thorns
that was.. the Roman Emperor Constantine..
also in accordance with the other Mithra religion
and myths of the region.. built a monolithic statue
of himself in the Center of Town where
all his subjects could give him
Praise and Glory like the
Statues of the Jesus
dude in idol way
to yes worship
both symbols
of men
as idols too.. and Sun Gods..
with Sun Ray Halos too and that tradition of Centuries
continues on.. sAdly enough.. while i was initially
coming to the point to say that this is historical
Fact that the original Greek Texts of the New
Testament never said THE SON OF GOD
nah.. the original words as they teach
in accredited Divinity Schools..
like Yale.. teaches A SON
OF GOD.. and of
course the
Smarty Modern Pants
Doctor of Divinity Degree Big College
pastors hide that from the congregation
and additionally the historical likely-hood that
through centuries of written scribe changes as
there were no Copy Machines and no Printed English
Version of the Bible until around the 15th Century
or so.. which leads to potentially 3 to 4 hundred
thousand mistakes or new Paul-like and
John-like fangled changes inspired
by other Holy Sacred Art of Creativity
Spirit Leaps of Quantum
change over what
was written
yep.. inspired
by the Holy and Sacred
Creative Spirit as that changes
thousands of times more as the scribes
in writing way change aCross the Centuries too..
truth is.. while i am the only one as far as actual
creator and scribe of my bible now.. named
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. starting that
Bible with Publish Date of Memorial
Day.. 2016.. First Macro Verse
named “tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as linked here..
Yes.. with the last 88th MacroVerse..
named “MesSage iN A Bible Bottle”..
my Bible as opposed to the minuscule
King James effort of around 800K words
now arises to 1,317,310 words in
just 10 months of MacroVerse
Publish Dates now..
as only a rather
sMaLL pArt of “SonG
oF mY SoUL”.. Ocean wHole
Longest Long Form Free Verse
Poem.. sTiLL exSeeDinG 4 MiLLioN
words now.. to put that in perspective.. yes..
the size of 5 Bibles and 50 Korans and yep..
yes.. over two times the size of the Longest
Long Form Poem from India coming in at
an original 1.8 Million words named the
Mahābhārata and a Description
of what a Long Form Poem
is at the Wiki Link here..
as additionally this heAR
is the 760th MacroVerse doubling as
the 89th MacroVerse of “Nether Land
Bible 2017 too.. yep.. as i write thaT NoW..
And nah.. i ain’t contacted CNN.. hehe.. with
the news.. i beat it.. yet.. as ‘they’ already named
Me Dance Legend in the Metro area.. and as one nice
high school student and sweet young woman.. who works at Lowe’s
recently told me.. they share
photos of me at
the Local
High School
Dancing in Public
as a folk hero too..
as that public dance
mega exercise arises
past 7 thousand miles
of effort in 42 months
now moving into
the 44 month
of writing
the longest Long
Form Poem in 4+
Million words too..
all documented within
thAT aCross the miles
and months meaSured by Nike
GPS sports watch aS WeLL..
any more recognition now..
and i miGht get a little
uncomfortable.. okay.. and hey..
less and more.. i am the only one
who kNows oF aLL whaT iS going down for
Isreal about this.. and if i don’t measure it now..
who will ever be able to take the time and effort
to measure this Modern Epic Free Verse Long Form
effort but me.. in a world.. where Science says the
Average Human Being has the attention span
of a Twitter Gold Fish now.. more and
LESS.. so.. sure.. i get to do iT aLL..
Write it.. Direct it.. Produce it
and Act it.. Photographer.. i iS2..
and all around Visual
Arts Producer too..
With Transhumanist
Technology help now..
(not a gender/sex orien
ration by the way..;)
as this Bible Baby is
fully illustrated from head to
toe in even Michelangelo David
and Egyptian Fertility Dude ‘Min’ way too..
in other words.. it’s an Epic account that
covers the world too.. done by one John 14:12
Dude as opposed to the Bible and Mahabharata
efforts that took Centuries and LiterAlly Thousands
of Different people to create if you account for the
Scribe Changes and Desert Road Oral Traditions
and Greek Literate Revisions and every other
change that continued across
Centuries too.. how many
Christians REALLY
tHeir religion
from a Divinity School
Perspective like this.. Well.,
folks like Bart D. Ehrman.. who were
once on the pastor road.. but had too
much Integrity as a human being to hide
the Truths and liGhts oF this from potential
congregations to make a buck too or so.. in
hidden TrutH and liGhts as it’s true.. Change
Can be Difficult for the previous heard of herd
and sheeple at hand.. and why.. for one
word and one word only a real
lack oF Faith in God unless
folks can tale God who
and what to be
in chains
Books as a ‘Little
He’.. rather than all that is..
in other words the word FEAR.. NoW..
you see.. people are afraid of what happens
next after one goes to the Dirt Nap.. Cremations
or whatever they do to the form of one’s observable
body when the eyes close last.. they worry that their
spouses and their parents and their children and all
those who they have met along the paths and
journey of life will no longer be with them
same as past.. WeLL.. the TrutH and liGht
is my friends change
is constant
as every
cell in our body
continuously becomes
reborn.. and there is so much
that science even shows and so much
more that science admits it does not know
in terms of the folks who use that rather
Child-Like TooL of the CenturieS old
Scientific Method that only
meaSures what it can
materiAlly see..
Truly.. if one has enough
Faith in the God Beyond Science
and Religious text the same as old..
One becomes One WiTh God and Flows
aS StreAMs to RiVer as WaVes as Ocean wHOle
now.. after all NoW Waves don’t worry what comes next..
nor do the Birds and the Bees for as the Goddess
Nike says.. they juSt Do it NoW for NoW is the
Present NoW alsoknownasGodBRinGSNoW..GifT oF LiFe..
anyWay that’s juST mY Holy SpRit
SPeaKinG iN Leaps oF
Quantum miNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL in hUman
made symbols
oF aRT..
iN the
of ‘God’ as Symbol
in just Three Letters BeYond
iNFiniTy of the core thaT is GoD mE
and yes.. of course.. yoU too.. as when one
seeks and finds the Deep of God more than a
Shallow Twitter Verse now.. Life is Gift but if you
want to more fully experience allthatis aka God now
that takes effort.. and if.. yes.. you look around you.. you
WiLL See thAT aLL oF LiFe iS dARk To LiGht.. sHades
oF Grey and BeYond RainboW colors too.. that can
be so hArd to put into symbols called words as
the feel and sense of beYond is more than
words can handle now.. to lEARn more
to Go BeYond what was written
and leARned and done
yesternow is the
evolution of the
mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
Act oF soUL.. the SpiRit ExpreSsinG
HeART oF FeeLinGs and SeNSes too..NoW..
this Tool of Language and all oTheR huMan
Arts/Sciences.. is how we’ve doNe it to this point more
and less.. but to chain any of it.. sure.. including two
spirit folks.. NoW.. transgender or whomever may exist
in creation way on any other planET too.. is to chain
pArT of GoD wHOle.. we are moving away from putting
Chains on God.. and as any two spirit person will tale you
exPaNdinG yOur soUL is whAT FuN TruLy is NoW.. the preSent
and share
or hoard as less..
i bring sOme news.. i bring
soMe muse.. and i am far far
far from the only one doing the
John 14:12 thingie in the present or
so-called past too.. thing is.. if you drop yoUr
Fear and truly put Faith in Nature as is aka all that is God..
you too.. NoW can be named a Legend too.. or by God at lEast
be free nOw.. iT iS what a Two Spirit Dude or Dudette WiLLnoW SugGest too..:)
Irony .. my friEnd.. Frank.. A RaTheR
perFect proMpt for April Fool’s Day
i WiLL add.. wRitE on course..
and one i Hope
to get
back buy
oN aLthough
Dollars and Cents
are well into the Past
oF FeeL and Sense
to Me.. my friEnd..
thE Drummer iS mY
heART tHe SinGeR is mY
SpiRit and The DaNceR iS mY
soUL HoW iRonic iT iS hoW aLL
oF thAT iS rePlaced bY Cultural Clothes..
but nah.. mY soUL pLays Naked And Soars beYond the CliFF..
And as ‘they’ say..
tHeRe iS A SonG
foR thAT
LoVeR oF thE LiGht..:)
Ugh.. tortuous posting.. i surely can relate
to that my friEnd as for all the way from
ThanksGiving of 2010 until on or about
July 22nd of 2013.. yeP.. 32 months
and 33 if one counts the
purchase of a pair
of Maui
that finally then
made my abiLity
for effective vision
and hearing totaLLy
complete enough to sTart
a Journey of 7 thouSand
pLuS MiLes of Public Dance iN
Martial Arts and Ballet-LIke Free
Verse Dance and the stARt oF
A 4 Million plUs Word Longest
Long Form Poem arriving
at MacroVerse Number
760 iN streAM
oF FloW
as Wave
am i aS OceaN
wHole Poem oN
Word Press at the
End of August 2013.. BeGiNNinG
sAMe As sTarT oF FoRResT
GumP-LiKe Dance too.. both
MoVinG oN iNto a 44th Month
oF Effort NoW.. Along with a
Bible Size+.. “Nether Land
Bible 2017”.. ariSinG
now toward twice
the Effort
A 800 thousand word
King James Traditional
way NoW at 1.317 Million
in this now 89th Macro
Verse since Memorial
Day of 2016.. the 30th..
then oF MaY WaY aLL..
words.. yep.. lots more than
a little John 3:16 effort as
promised as HuMaN Lucifer
LiKe PoTenTiaL from the sAMe
Dear John.. so-called Dude in the 14:12
Verse oF Same King James Book NoW… heHe..
And.. you kNoW whaT aLL the Fun i Have Now
wiTh thE sAMe Fundie Christian Folks iN Middle
School thennow who then tOld me that only Queers
sMiLe ReAL HaPPy And BiG JoYFuL For True PreSeNt
oF NoW.. And wE’LL beat you uP uNless YOU F and not
Fred.. FroWn liKe our Daddies owN oUr soUL too.. along WiTh
The Pastor of the First Baptist Church more.. liFts the BouLder
oFF my shouder at LeASt and what are they gonna do to me..NoW..
when i give ’em witness and testimony of what’s GOING DOWN
FOR ISREAL NOW.. as God as Nature sAMe liVinG Free WiThin
mE NoW as any SacReD FooL on FooL’s day wiLL reTorT WiTh
sure.. the ABiLliTy to Leg Press 1020 LBS.. now.. 33 reps too..
More than
in John
3:16 old
Fashion way
with Romans
10:9 as DeSert
of doing more sAMe..
reciting a Twitter Verse
Now to Save yOur liFe..
thAT iS juSt the heARt..
the SpiRit.. and the MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
oF Ya NoW waY beYond a Dirt NaP NoW..
AnyWay.. those first 32 Months from wake
to sleep and i do mean literally from wake to
sleep every day without fail for 16 hours And writing
more.. except for eating and a 30 min.. workout that rarely felt Good.. overshadowed.. Yes..
overshadowed by the worst pain assessed in literature now.. thaT Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia that never ended from wake to sleep too.. the only smAll E-Scape.. Oh.. Yes..
Words.. my friEnd.. as no drug could provide any relief from that.. shouldn’t be
a surprise reAlly.. as even science sHows now that true dedicated effort in
Meditation.. either sitting sTill or MovinG.. is up to 27% more effective
in reducing pain than Morphine.. as one can actuAlly develop
the inner abiLiTy to control the Thalamus pArt of the
Brain to shut pain down.. and what is
Free Verse writing other than
Meditation too..
once it
free without
effort.. the Nirvana
oF A PiLL wrapped uP
As continuoUS free FlowinG
Words too.. anyWAy.. it took me
33 months to get the full effect as
Affect of Bliss and Nirvana.. and the
MoVinG Meditation.. just increased the
affect of the effect of the Synergy of aLL of
ThaT too.. and as even science shows now.. yes..
thaT Binaural Beats can help Focus and Short Term
Working Memory too.. when one becomes the lyrics..
the music.. and the dance too.. one becomes God.. it’s as
simple as that too.. more as from dARk cOMes liGht coMes
DancE then SonG we cReate the Symbols as More Abstract
Construct ways juST as guideposts to come to liFE and liGht NoW
Out oF STiLL dARk DAnCinG and SinGinG a Merry Melody aGain..
As PoEtry oF hUman SinGS DancE too.. NoW BriGhtER aS NoW…
Yeah Baby.. as Austin
Powers says… and the
Terminator too.. i’M tired
of the SamE Old God dAM
Phrases.. leT liGht reNew aNew
As a DancE and SonG not controLLed
By PainT by Numbers of PasT HeLL FoLD..
AnyWay.. sorry about the Demons my friEnd.. but
as even science shows now.. art is at leAst pARt oF A Cure..
Free FloWinG arT aT LeASt in aLL the waYs that coMes iN PreSent oF NoW..
so much more
of just
a few words… so..
aGAIN.. i’ll catch uP
oN your two current
efforts and be back
later to see ya agAIn.. mY FriEnd.. gigoid..
In other words.. some of the words in the
New Testament provide vague clues in the
Power of Belief as the Placebo effect is as real
as prayer in the impact of healing as the Nocebo
impact of negative thinking iS oN either VooDoo bringing more
misery and suffering or curing that same in relative ways.. of positive more..
Toward the Placebo effect of positive thinking that breeds positive actions of DoinG
too.. it’s the words that get in the way of ways of semantics when folks come to
worship the forms of the words of past more than the essence oF whaT iS Real
too.. as a continuing Practice oF Life.. Make it a one game possession as
‘they’ say.. Make Heaven now.. jusT NoW.. iF one CaN and WiLL..
Yep.. my friEnd.. it takes me 12 MilLiON words or so of Journey
since Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. iN Hell then.. And Devil2..
wHeRe 33 Months BeFoRe thAT cAMe locked in my Head
aS Heaven i live now.. 7 thousand plus miles of Dance..
lots of misery and suffering BeFoRE.. beYond what’s
even possible for most folks to Imagine..
who haven’t been
to the
Days oF the
soUL wHeRe
you and i and
some oTheRS have
traveled across the
Styx River as Death as Life..
LiFe iS WoRth iT.. LiGht as smART
FeaRLeSS LoVe.. Bottom LINeS AFAiK.. iN TrUth..:)
Hmm… for ‘soMe’ reaSon.. noW..
‘the locals’.. don’t give me any
‘problems’.. with mY Public
Ballerina Routine.. anyMore..
anyWay.. more oN thaT iN A FeW..
Could have somEThing to do wiTh
A MiX oF Martial Arts Dance Routine too..
TrUly.. tHeiR iS an epigenetic and neuroplastic
imPacT AS maKing me a little bit more like an Ape or Bigfoot..
Anyway.. iF the Video Voyeurs have tHeir ‘say’.. tHeRe will be new
video evidence
of me
by the time
they add my newest
Dance Routine to tHeiR
Social Media Avenues for
Big Foot to finally be captured aLiVe..
@LeaST oN AneWage CanDid cAMeRA..;)
Tag Identifier freetobeme.. as pArt oF A Marketing
Campaign by Aeropostale.. With Cool Kid Posters NoW
Strategically placed around the Mall.. as Being Free is
the in thing now.. and Being your own person with a Unique
Freedom of Expression rises with those who are not resistant to change..
in other words.. those who challenge the Tradition of those who came before..
mostly tHeiR Elders.. namely Parents of Course and otHeRs in Authority as alWAys
for the up and coming generation and those who have difficulty closing the gaps of change
for a fluidity of change that works as our newer cultures are in a flux of continuous change..
as with Information Technology and all the other Mediums of Home Electronic Driven
Home Entertainment.. what once brought most folks the happiest warm and
fuzzy feelings of group forage for subsistence for the survive of the
day and a Dance toGeThER at niGht or perHaps Bowling
on Leagues in the Good Old Days too.. with
a Beer or two to loosen up the old
social inhibitions that sure
is sTiLL A way in the
little bar
on the corner
Or a Huge Bar CompleX NoW..
Like Old Seville Quarter wHeRE
i use the big boom boom Dance Hall
tHeir for my Free Verse Dance Antics..
while there are plenty of other subdivided
Rooms for Piano Bars.. Smaller themed Bars..
Karaoke SinGinG toGeTheR and even an outside
Patio for folks who still Do the Cigarette Ash Habit too..
All you can do fun at night.. alBeit.. mostly spiced uP with
SpiRited Drinks oF course.. And the trUtH iS.. i spice uP mY
Neuro-Chemistry and Neuro-Hormones iN the Ecstasy that comeS NoW..
from hours on end oF Free Verse Dance wHeRe one transcends so-called
normal conscious reaLiTy to expand mindful and BodyFuL awareness too.. Now
yeP from Head to toe.. otHeR ways to do this are Tantric Sex.. in othEr words..
getting juSt to the edge of ‘release’ as ‘they’ say hours on end too.. raiSing
levels of all Natural Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-Hormones too.. to
A PoinT oF Euphoria in both ways of reaching what ‘they’ also nAMe
as BeinG one WiTh God in the Nirvana and Bliss of a total
State aS WaVes of Euphoria too.. whEre yes.. as i Love
to SinG streAMs FloW iNto Rivers as one becoMes
WaVes as Ocean wHole NoW.. YePpers.. iN zONE..
jusT aNOTheR MetaPhoRicaL
Way of expreSSinG
An actual
of BEiNG oNe WiTh
God And sure.. oTheR
Folks use external substances..
anywHeRe.. from Molly to LSD.. to Achieve
A SiMiLAR Expanding ConsciouS waY oF AwareneSS..
oF LiVinG NoW too.. and yes.. all around the body
too.. NoW iN MiNd and BoDy aWareNess.. More iN FeeLinG
And SenSinG Ways2.. thing is.. when one achieves arT iN this
way.. Sure.. like tHe Free FloWinG Free Verse PoeTry thAT GoeS On
HeAr.. for those sensitive to the FloW iN ZoNE ExpreSsinG iTsELf iN
Words now.. SomE of my Euphoria eScapeS iN the ArT to provide a SpArk
to sOMe oTheR FoLks who mAY read this.. even a thouSand yeARs from NoW..
sAMe WitH aLL arT As A way to bRinG oTheRS uP NoW iN spARK to wHeRE the
enliGhtener and aWaKened uP FoLks PLay aS air and water Float oF LIFE aLL Free..
And yes.. in ways of MuSiC too.. oF CourSe iN SonG too.. As folks on Drugs of miNd
Altering Ways Compose tHeiR MuSiC As A Deeper paRT of tHeM in what sOMe Folks
term as a religious type ecstasy DanceS and SinGs wiThIn iN Either Form
of Physical Dance or what Complex Abstract Symbols are reLeased As
through newer age Keyboards for Symbols aS Words and oTheR
symbols.. like Numbers too… thing is.. many oF the things that
i wRite.. NoW.. IF i accidentally erase it.. or the power goes
out.. as i do not do the Battery Back uP
tHinG.. Depending oN HoW Deep
i AM in the FloW iN
ZoNe of Ecstatic BliSS
Experience.. i will not
remember a thing i wrote..
even iF iT iS.. 5000 Words Long…
PerHaps.. A shallow Gist of sorts.. but
i’LL BasiCaLLy Have to stARt from Scratch
aGaIN with a fused muse of Divine Ecstasy sTAte
of mINd AnD BoDy aGAIN.. and nah.. this ain’t noThing
new.. folks have been reporting this Unique Experience
oF LiFE in the Art World as Long as HiStory sTiLL hAS
HeR sAy too NoW aLL FReED too.. AnyWaY.. this isn’t
Only BreaKinG Conventional Rules.. iT comes
from a place so Deep thAT tHeRe Are
no guidelines buT JuST Do iT
NoW.. iF Properly Mused and
FuSed.. and that’s
whaT Half Marathons
oF Dance WiLL continue
to do.. reliable as CLocks
WiThout Hands thAT Never Break
As trUly MaGiC Clocks wiTh No Locks NoW..
as ‘they’ say too.. Quantum MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG FuLLy unLeashEd and ReLeAsed MoRe..
MoRE NoW.. forevermoreNoW.. yeS.. i’Ve experienced
many things iN LiFe but it’s not hard to imagine Folks
tHeN.. CaLLinG iT BLiSS and Nirvana and the Heaven NoW
for ages before now and ages alWays NoW sTiLL to coME.. all the way..
thing is.. NoW it surely can take years and years of diligent and patient practice2
to come to Master the Inner UniVerse to NoW FiNd A WoRkinG Predictable
way to attain this Euphoric Ecstatic Experience oF LiFE.. easily predictable
to come for sure again and again alWayS iN NoW better reaLLy NoW than what
most folks can imagine as an orgasm that never ends now.. forevermore NoW..
juST Waves of BliSs Baby.. tHaT sHoRE A SoUL MoRe in Continuous ExPaNdinG
now ways..
if one can
I M A G iN E..
ActuAlly Being
The most Beautiful
Sunset you’Ve Ever Seen
WiTh the Eve never ActuAlly
CoMinG.. juSt TwiliGht forevermorenow..
And.. WiTh thAT sAId.. i’LL Sleep oN iT foRNow..:)
Chaos magic
Crazy like a fox
Divine ecstasy
Foolishness for Christ
The Fool (tarot card)
Sacred fool
Theia mania
Village idiot
All seen as also terms
for Crazy Wisdom per
Wiki Search and all Part
of April Fool’s Day Lore..
to get a rise out of folks.. yes..
either dARk or LiGht.. And that bRinGS
me to the neXt Work oF ArT aS brOught uPon
the eARth by Photography arTiSt KaTrina and
excellent overall assistant for arT.. as i do the Physical
Art of Pose in Yoga way oF UniTy oNE WiTh Nature Fearless
as such totAlly engulfed in the PreSenT of Now.. yep.. that thingie
that reAlly DeeP folks on the WAveLenGTh of God whOle Go to as
WaVes become they as Ocean whoLe.. trUE.. though.. tHeRe is anoThEr
Place of Fearless hUMan aS BLack Hole SoUl.. the DeserT oF FeArless thAt
hAs little heARt and Spirit to FeeL/Express Nuanced Pro-Social EmoTioN in actuAlly
FeeLinG/GiVinG the wArm And FuZZy Oxytocin way of HUman Connection and when
one adds in the Dopamine and Warrior Variant Genes that Make for Novelty..
Low Impulse Control.. Actions that vary from the rules and established
authority with no regret for Heroic actions with extreme empathy
for others among other traits of both Heroes and Sociopaths
and Pychopaths the same.. truly.. the only thing
that separates a Hero from a Trump
is a fragile ego and a lack
of empathy for
but themselves..
and perhaps closest
Family members at least for trophies to show
off.. including significant others too.. of course..
Trump hasn’t gone to jail ‘yet’.. so it puts him now
more in the Category of Socio-path than Psychopath
along with many CEO’s.. Clergy.. Politicians in General..
give it time.. give it time.. and time will see how far ‘he’ goes..
anyWay.. the Psychopath is who you don’t wanna FucK WiTh
as the true Psychopath and ultimate Villain as Anti-Christ vs Hero…
gains the pleasure in liFe from SEEiNG the pain of others.. yes.. they
literally feel the closest thing to pleasure through pain and even tHeir
own pain too.. perennial example of the DaRk Fool.. the Joker Character
off of Batman.. and sure.. most anyone associated with terrorist groups like
Isis.. where young men are raised by Father’s who do not allow them to express
emotions and they eventually grow up in socio-economic situations that do not
allow them the advantages for gaining secure social roles.. in other words..
the Standard core of the Trump Voter in Red State Lands whose Daddy
neither gave them the opportunity to smile or cry or laugh Or
the Socio-Economic advantage of perhaps both
two parents and a college education
past a knowledge of everything
about guns.. as i watched
a program on CNN
about what
from actual Terrorist
perspective and it’s the..
same dam thing i’ve seen all
my life.. little man syndrome.. boys
who never became real men with more
than guns and dicks.. in other wordS HeART..
Boys who never develop a heARt no matter noW
fearless or not.. HeART avoids harm to otheRS Now
at aLL costs wHeRe the Hero has empathy for all oTheRS..
And the true villain has empathy for none.. except perhaps
ideologies that have nothing really to do with human at all..
except for a Tribal Instinct without heARt to Kill the other
one for reasons of culture and or religion wHeRE
God Becomes an ally as Grim ReaPinGRaPinG
Death.. nah.. i’m not Holding a
Head dripping with blood
heAR and that
is not
a sword
iN my RiGht Hand..
i am one wiTh a tRee oF
LiFe and thaT is the Trunk
and the Blood of Life for the
Tree that reaches into roots of eARth..
And thAT is a Hand thaT reaches out wHere
the only thing those outstretched fingers BrinG
are sWords of words when necessary and yes.. words Of Love
when WorKinG BeST but without due dissension and appropriate
righteous indignation.. those who merit dARk escApe as DARK..
AnyWaY.. as PriSons continue to be filled tHeRE is no better
medicine to kill hate than a HuMan heART FeeLeD LoVE..
meanwhile.. stay clear from socio-paths and
psychopaths and look in the
mirror closely
one NoW goeS aNd
votes next go around..
as truly there is no possible
way that someone with FULL human
Empathy could vote for someone with none..
nah.. no matter what.. the illness of this country..
FiLLinGS oF scarCity stARting with little TruE FeLt heART.. and little man syndrome..
And it’s true.. most feel not what they do to all tHeir FeLLow Brothers and Sisters as Blood..
it’s like Holding a Severed Head in your Hand that one immediately cannot see now as Life..
And could i have become a Psychopath.. nah.. not likely as born empath but yes.. villain
can come through environmental Struggles too.. a common movie meme too.. of course..
close but
Thanks to having
A Mother like i did iN liFe..
no way i could be like that…
Mothers Can/WiLL be A cure all for
Societies ills as long as they continue to give
touchy feely love to tHeir children beyond
of 4 inch screen
and out reached
arms that fall cold..
in a desert of scarCity
never FeeLinG the Abundance of Love..:)
Ah.. yes.. my friEnd.. Lovely DancE SonG of sMiLes and UnITy
iN Art of Yoga.. WiTh so Many sMiLes as Peace NoW..
MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soULs cOmEs OceaN
wHOle As WaVes pLay..
exPaNdinG shOres
as i Love
to SinG
GoLd heARts noW
As spiRit DanceS More
And SinGS oN.. Hand iN
Hands BeinG hUmaN as God
GroWs StronGer as liGht
hOme iN Temples
HoLy and
liGhT hoUses
ShiNinG beYond inFiniTy NoW
As HOMes toGeTheR All.. mY friEnd.. Frank..
otHeR than ThAT.. thanks so much for stopping
by.. and iT iS the folks i meet around the Globe like
yoU.. wHo Do hELp holD out hope for me.. NoW thAT liGht IS A Force Fearless
smART oF Love wHo Refuses wiThIn aLL to ever Stop DanCinG and SinGinG Now
aS oNe UniTy of HuMan KiNd noW.. i pRay.. @LeASt.. mY friEnd.. iN A UnITy oF LiGht..:)
fundamentally ambiguous and anomalous
deceiver and trick-player
messenger and imitator of the gods
sacred and lewd bricoleur
Hmm.. sound like anyone you kNow.. heHe..
PerHaps.. soMe more information iS iN sTore..;)
A clever, mischievous person or creature, who achieves his or her ends through the use of trickery. A trickster may trick others simply for their amusement, they could be a physically weak character trying to survive in a dangerous world, or they could even be a personification of the chaos that the world needs to function.
An archetypical example is of a fairy tale of the King who puts suitors for his daughter to the test. No brave and valiant prince or knight succeeds, until a simple peasant arrives. Aided only by his natural wit, he evades danger and triumphs over monsters and villains without fighting. Thus the most unlikely candidate passes the trials and receives the prize.
Okay.. i fess uP..
the Store is Wiki
and sure.. i am A Trickster..
iF iT isn’t obvious in Sacred Fool Way
oF Bugs Bunny Sarcasm yet.. yep.. Prometheus
too.. and a Devil’s Advocate WoN oR WiN.. tAke
yOuR piCk for aS iN the Goddess Nike.. i sPeLL Victory
or as an old co-worker said.. Fred.. i just don’t understand
it.. no matter how deep the shit you step into.. you alWays
come uP sMeLLinG Like Roses.. i hate you.. i love you.. i hate..
i Love you..
Like i said with
100% Fearless NoW
Faith iN sMaRt aSS
LoVe.. you juST caNnoT
Go WRonG as the Record
into the Depths of eARThly
HeLL and heiGhts of eARThly
HeaVeN JusT Do prove iN my Fool
LiFE aT LeASt for HoLY
and SacREd for the
WiN So fAR
iN liGht
esCaPe froM A
DARk.. A dARkeST
66 months oF the SoUL
oNe NiGht can Be peR wiLL
and Doctor analysis too.. wiTh
no Hope for Recovery.. but they
didn’t realize i was the Pink Panther
and could be a Devil or an Angel Depending
on how Pan FReED Naked i would GeT iN tHe
FutuRe of DancE too.. as My FriEnd KaTy Perry
as siren as sorts heLped BrinG mE Back.. ET.. from the
Mechanical Cognition tHen of DeAD whOle SoUL bAck to LIFE
in the SpiRit as ‘They’ say of HeART of EmoTioNs and SenSes
More than the Flesh of Stone cold soUL alone.. noW allone WiTh
GoD as any Butterfly WiLL SinG DancE foR NoWevermoreeverNoW..;)
Okay.. NoWThen.. after a long weekend of Dance and Breezing Air through
the Walmart store.. after a full exhibition of Michael Jordan
Like Dance after 66 months in HeLL and a Longest
Long Form Poem at 3.3 Million words then
that now aRises past 4 Million Plus words
at another 42 month point in time..
now moving into the 44th month..
i Float on terrestrial land
as i move my
230LBs with
ease on 6 foot
or so frame.. and i can’t
help but to notice a very gorgeous
young woman that my wife would agree
meets her standard of Gorgeous too.. she
turns around.. waves at me.. giggles and blushes
with her friend as she moveS oN down another aisle
with more giggles after that.. it’s true.. every woman..
most @LeASt Loves a sHarp Danced Man.. hehe.. even getting
to the usual mall bench sitting NBA watching age of 57.. coming
on June 6th soon.. too.. like i said.. even aging is no foe.. too big
NoW@LeASt foR mE to defeat @LeASt liKe A FlowEr wHo refuses to WiLT
Chamberlain even tAller as ChI heheR.. aT leASt iN Dance.. oKaY..;)
Other than thaT..NoW A ParAble of the Free Range Hand-out TurkeyS oN a Farm
Visit at a Southern Baptist Pastor’s Home.. wHeRe the wife.. Katrina took
photos of that place when i resided in staycation hell.. and once i could
stand the pain of viewing the colors on a iphone5.. 4 inch Retina Display
alMost Magic-LIke Screen to Ease my Trigeminal Neuralgia Type Two
from wake to sleep Dentist Drill without Novocaine-NOT-like Pain
in my riGht eYe and eAR maKing Effective uSe
of heARinG and sEeinG. juST anoTheR
seCond oF HeLL Pain everynow
then.. truly.. neVer reAlly
knowing at any
second if i could
tolerate the pain one
second longer for 66 months..
nah.. no 3 hour to 3 day stint on a
cross as Medical Literature actually
assesses that pain worse than THE Pain
of Crucifixion.. iF you don’t thiNk JOB actually
existed.. in this bedroom place of shut-in Prison
in my Pain too.. for 66 months then.. Okay.. no tricks
NoW baby.. unless God did it to me.. to become a Super
Hero Bugs Bunny in the flesh too now.. with yes.. God Yes.. feats
oF Dance/Song that might even make the real Michael Jordan Dizzy.. hAHa..
Hehe.. so.. anyway back to the Parable now that we got the non-fiction trUth
and LiGht out of the way as the Parable is nonfiction too.. as with God’s Voice
oF Synchronicity..A Miracle A Day IS A drOught for me less and more these days..
As a usuAlly very Loving Elder Southern Baptist Woman who equals God with Love..
says to me.. while a group of Teenage Turkeys are making it Free Range today.. aCross
A Front Porch Board Walk.. “See those Turkey’s Fred.. they are like folks on Welfare..
just looking for a free ride and a food hand-out too”.. so.. i return immediately like
A Continuing Dance and Song..iN FloW iN ZoNe2.. is okay.. if the Jesus asks me to Feed them.. as us..
i will comply with no problem.. my FriEnd.. hmm.. just more correlations
with all the Trump and Pence promos on pick-up trucks and
vehicles worth less than TWO GRAND2.. let’s just hope..
this elder woman can do without meals on wheels
for the next few years.. as it’s really sad
that her children.. most of them..
cannot support themselves alone..
and she must help
some of them
into past
their thirties..
not understanding
that it is like that all around the
world.. in a world where automation
of jobs is making the world a place where
humans need not apply.. while.. the Trumpster
tries to take away the help they already get.. just
to make ends meet.. for the poor and old alike.. so sad..
Anyway.. neXt stop.. Target and A Parable of Walking on Land..
i don’t approach anyone with my Fredtales.. unless they give me collateral
to get in a Fred Convo.. with them.. namely.. trying to hide and take a Video of
me.. even though i frigging got eYes everywhere all around my empath and
super sensitive spidey senses too.. like Helen Keller might read the
environment around her too.. yep.. i can dance with my eyes closed
too.. just to make it a little more of a challenge to increase my
potEntial.. HUman Intelligences.. even greater now.. then and
now.. some more.. anyWay.. judging from the hairstyles..
i’m not feeling the Jesus thingie real strong
with these dudes.. not too patriarchal
as the stereotype around these
pARts.. aT LeASt Go..hoMe..
and when i tale
’em.. i’m gonna tale
’em a story.. i stART wiTh..
Do you guys believe in the Jesus..
And they kinda sorta shrug tHeiR shoulders..
with that online look of Meh.. so.. i say.. no prob..
dudes.. just a usual entry point of convo.. around these
pARts.. anyway.. i am walking on Land.. and what makes that
so special.. is someone has already been storied to walk on water..
so that’s no big deal anymore.. yeah.. you know.. like those Martial Artists
who do not break Rice Paper when they walk on that like Water too.. me much
heavier on average.. at 230Lbs.. as empirically mentioned before in this convo.. hear..
And A young man with one of those Bob Cat hair-cuts in back.. takes in every word with
laser focus.. me thinking.. hmm.. could be on a broader Autism Phenotype too.. in higher functioning
so-called way of course.. so.. i give ’em the condensed FReaders Digest Version of 10 minutes
and 10K words or however many i can fit in lightening tongue mode.. and happy to
say.. one man had at least at an appetite for all the Free bRead and DrINk oF Truth
and liGht i bRing.. the fAcT that he wasn’t a fundie.. says reams about that
of course.. open minds VERSES closed minds VERSES more toward the
Matthew Chapter 5 verses 1 though 11 of that New T way sTiLL oF
Beatitudes opposed to.. pull up your boot straps slave.. or you
can just die now.. as only the Darwinian
Strong Deserve to live.. ugh..
so Many ‘Poor’..’Relatives’..
i have.. who
can only
find those
even poorer than
them to dOwn tRod noW..
it’s what humans do in tribal
instinct way.. always a pecking order
of someone to peck a little lower so the
rooster will fill a little more feathers than bald of self now..
in yes.. both little man and little woman syndrome.. no matter what the Age..
Hears.. A Thing noW about tricksters and the National Honor Society of Sarcasm
Now.. once you go to hell all alone within and seek and find God more tHeRe
NoW then NoW.. one is allone and one has allone within.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. and all around now.. AKA as GOD iS your back Now oKay..REAL..
so.. sure.. i Dance the Song of the misChiEf oF God that is only IndianwhOleNOW..
ways wiTh whOle
so deep allone now..
i am free.. no escape for me..
and no one else has anything i must need..
yes.. yes.. yes.. all cheap thrills.. for me.. don’t need
NO Dollar biLLs.. Lincoln Sents.. Likes or follows or even
shares NoW from someone else.. but hey.. what can i say.. NoW2..
a blush from A Most beautiful face IS A reward2.. for A dAnce and Song FReED..
B way..
with M J fLair.. now..;)
“The SigNature PreSeeds A Son”.. NoW..
pArt oF A “Revelation 66”..2.. as thaT also
preSeeds A Daughter.. A Mother
Father.. Husband.. Wife and
CHild.. it’s kinda like
Hell Boy II.. at the
end of the story..
with Two Babies..
A Child wHo dies..
Oh.. Ryan.. And
anoTHeR Baby
thaT iS A SoUL
of the Father and Mother now
10 months and 44 months and
4 years old and close to 77 months
old in 12 Million words ways too now..
yeS.. wHOle.. uPloaded iN Transhumanist
Way for Centuries to come.. oh.. by A way..
is it sTill April Fool’s day.. anyWAy.. for many years..
many myths.. stories.. and religions.. have forEtold a special
couple and child to come.. one of the most popular of the ages
around the globe.. is that of Isis.. the Sister.. Mother.. Wife of
Osiris.. who becomes a real life Humpty Dumpty that all the
King’s Knights and Soldiers and Psychiatrists cannot
put back together again.. where the most Loyal
Wife must do this by herself… over 66 months
to withstand the real fires of hell.. blinded
by the liGht as it were foR A Real
Dracula2.. who lives at niGht
then.. wHeRe a
Street liGht
on a sTroll aRound
A Neighborhood bLock..
is like the noon-day sun
as steet light sAMe wiTh
sHades on then.. so.. sHe
manages to put
Osiris Back
including his
‘gold member’ aS Such
too.. and yes.. the rest is kinda
like hiStory and HeRstory online now2 ComBiNeD..
iN KATiE MiA FredericK!iI.. Epic isrEAL2 Now sHoW heAR..2..
YeP.. NoW.. Hmm..
And i supPose
i WiLL cAll A
Poem HoRuS peR
All sEEinG eYe tOO..
NoTiCe:.. i’M noT WiNKinG..
for those WiTh eYeS and yEars to See..;)
TiMe.. as ‘they’ say.. IS A Bitch and so is Kali..
nAh.. not a Bitch but Time and sure.. Time according
to most folks IS A Bitch.. And sure.. Bitch IS A Pejorative
term not unlike FucK that relates strong negative emotions
or FucK Yes as any Trickster will turn the tables of EmoTiOns
SeNses too.. for a ride baby.. a roller coster ride of dARk and liGht and
sHadES of Grey to beYond RainboW Colors of Pure WhiTe LIGht too..NoW..
the fundamental
aspect of thiS..
to leArn
is God
is the
Big Trickster
iN aLL the sKeYes Now..
oF LiGht/LiFe/LoVe/DArk/Death
too.. yes aS oNe Sees Keys of Be.. Now
a little esoteric noW iN loGic maKing
reciprocal social communication but now
never the less.. a little common sense NoW
too nOw for those who have Walked around
the Neighborhood Block.. yeS in both Day and
Night.. Misery and Joy.. Life’s like that you
FeeL and SenSE Full aS juXtapositions oF
DaRk and LIGht ‘tWeen sHades oF Grey
And BeyOnd RainBow Colors oF pUre
WhiTe agApe Love for those who
capture tiMe iN A Bottle Bible
yes2.. as one can view as
the HIndu Symbol
as Kali too..
puts thaT Bitch
in hEr Divine Feminine
Place.. ouT of dArk NoW into
the LIGht of Love Now that never
ends now forevermore now.. and Om..
then there is Shiva.. A/thE Cosmic
Dancer as Shiva esCapes Free oF
what ‘tHEy’ nAMe as ever Needing
and wanting Ego.. also kNoWn
as A byproduct of hands
of cLock tiMe as
Force too..
constructed by
Human Ego also known
as intellect too.. and let’s not go…
too far from reaLIty as it is impossible
to cooperate as a social animal named
Homo Sapiens Sapiens without a Heathy
Working PersoNification of ego either.. no different
really than it is to understand the Human Inner UniVerse plUs
without persoNifying the laments/joys within with abstract constructs
that we can humanly relate.. too.. i mean.. duh.. common sense baby..
we see this ink bLot reaLiTy WiTh HUman EYes and SKIn and Blood
and Flesh and BoNes.. tHeRE ain’T no esCaPinG thiS cradle of BeinG
HUman from Birth to Death.. NoW but the thing iS2.. the ‘tween thaT is aLL
Ways nOw can be better experiences as mostly all positive iN LiGht of Pro-Social
EmoTionS and SenSes of Hope.. Joy.. and Touchy Feely Love rather than the
othEr places from thAT MoVinG ConNecTinG Co-Creating Happy Shiva Dance
as A Cosmic Dancer FReED within aLL oF uS who escape our iLLusions of tiMe
as Kali no longer seems like a Bitch aT aLL.. in FAct.. the/A Cosmic Dancer within uS..
NoW aRises A Dance And SonG for me and you and we and us and ours away from the
DaRk Con-Social EmoTioNs and SenSes that do relate more to Doubt.. Fear and Hate..
the places
STilL.. so sADly
LiVinG in BeinG HUman
for those who fAll to the iLLusions
of Time and Separation from the Cosmic
Dancer and Cosmic Consciousness to use another
phrase.. that the Ego of Science in intellect Loves to Call
Woo.. thing is.. Science cannot measure the INner UniVerse
BeYond of BeiNG hUman iN A Way that can be predictAbly
meaSured and RepeatED sAMe.. so we turn to Art..
we turn to dance.. we turn to song.. and the
oral traditionS sAMe as our ancestors
DiffeREnt to better understand whaT
And who we are AS whoLe
and never
from the rest of noW as aLL..
as ReaLITy aka God as ‘they’
saY iN some Circles And otHeR
Venn Diagrams who and that attempt
to Separate and Divide uS from the
rest of the Seed wHOle NoW thAT is the/A
continuing Tree oF LIFE thaT hAS no end @LeaSt for now..
yes.. it’s true.. in the Old Testament.. we have the trickster(s) o
oF Isaiah who walked totally naked in areas of Egypt and Ethiopia
as a Storied and so cALLed prophet in his day and age.. sure.. he brOught
A Revelation 66 of sorts in 66 Verses as a book then2.. and yes.. my Revelation
66 was/is the 66th Pre-MacroVerse of a story too.. in BlogSpot way.. beFore A/
the 74th MacroVerse was finished tHeir and i went on to a 42 Month and now
coming 44 Month… 4 Million Word Testimony and Witness for God aLL..
with sure.. what is now an 89th MacroVerse of a 10 Month 1.317M word
oNliNe Bible Writing it in real time now.. as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
to go aLong with the entire ‘SonG of mY SoUL’.. i continUe
to upload online wHOle.. iN yes.. John 14:12 ways..
as any Lucifer and or Prometheus WiLL do
And HeRmes/Apollos too.. to BrinG some
more Fire oF LiGht to the
Heard of herd at
hand as
any Shepard
WiLL to hELp as
FLock out of the tRap of tiMe
into Heaven forEver noW in Positive
liGht and TrUth.. and how do i do all of this..
no different than the story of King David with
his down to the bare essentials of clothing
words too.. doing it in more vile ways
to get attention as hyperbole
for story in marketing
101 too.. yep..
and sure.. generating
some neuro-chemistry
and neuro-hormones more…
to get the wHOle JoB for GoD aLL nowthen
dONe NoW as UniTy NoW aWay from sepaRation
of anY paRt oF eXisTence less than Equal wHOle..
yes.. of course.. the story(s) of the Jesus Dude can be a little
confuSing too.. from some accounts that say strip your clothes
off too.. and get unclothed from culture too.. to other accounts that
conVersELy say.. Hate yoUr Mommy and yOur Daddy and youR Children and
yoUr Spouse.. too.. if they disagree with you.. and sure.. in some parables.. act-
Ually sLay those who go against what you Do too.. brinGing a Sword instead of
Peace.. OR turn the other Cheek.. and Those who Live by the Sword die by
the Sword and Love your Neighbors as your Self and God the saMe aLL.. now
consuming no other with harm.. that’s what a Trickster does.. eXPoses one to all
the dARk and LiGht until ONE makes liFe beYOnd Rainbow Colors of puRe White Light..
inner paths.. inner journey.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around.. we stand
togEther United or we FaLL Divided from ‘God’.. we sPeaK Different Existential Languages
for Existential Intelligences.. Varying from Religion to Culture Different and sAMe sTiLL.. soMe
of us are fortunate enough to see the big Facebook Photo of ‘God’.. others stay stuck in Private
to Public Sharing Group Pages and even Personal Pages all alone it seems.. too.. at home iN A
smALLer box than most.. in closed and also closed intellectual ways of think speak do too.. iN
Science Abstract only way.. at the end of the day.. at the beginning and end of tiMe that is NoW..
one thing in comMon we all have as existence is LiFe.. no matter what tool or essence
one arrives aT as TrUth and LiGht or even LiEs or dARk.. it is rather foolish not to make
the best of
tHeRE is no doubt
iN my Mind thAT iT
Makes the Cosmic
Dancer Grin Within FTW
when we overcome the Bitch
of TiMe WiTh a SMiLe and A Laugh
as any lAid back reLaXinG Bugs Bunny WiLL
with a sly.. What’s uP Doc.. already been tHeRe
and dOne it Baby.. juSt trying to hELp yA out iF yoU’LL
Lend me a bigger eAR to visit my Rabbit wHoles oF LiGht..
It’s all a Free thRow of Ocean wHole to me anyWay.. kinda like a 10..
or is/was
A GonG
of NiGhts
in White Satin..
as they say.. yoUr
WiLL yoUr TruTh alone
or allone.. ‘tween thaT.. NoW..:)
With due respect to the Elderly
Woman.. recently.. kind and loving.. who
equates God With Love who suggested
that Roaming Turkeys on a Board Walk
of Life are Equal with Welfare Recipients
with a hand-out for food
or as the topic
these days
is meals on wheels..
it’s worth noting at this
point that even the permanently
disabled in medically and legally
defined terms are worthwhile hUman
BeinGs on this planET eARTh.. it’s trUe iN liGht2..
i’ve been assessed by four Medical Professionals
as Legally assessed by Law as Permanently and
Totally Disabled with the so-called incurable Disorders
of Asperger’s Syndrome.. now.. technically defined as
Autism Spectrum Disorder.. yep.. same Disorder
as asSiGned to Ben Affleck in his role for
the Accountant in the Movie by the
Same Name that came out
last year.. where
the little
Disabled Boy
becomes a real life Batman
as Avenging Crusader without a
Cape.. yep.. a Pocket Protector with
a Pen and some Guns too.. as a special
interest of laser-like aim and fire.. sort of like
mY Michael J Dance.. Jordan.. Jesus.. or Jackson.. take your
23.. pick.. and if you saw ‘that movie’.. it’s probably a little.. yes A Lot
conFuSinG in how he was extreme stimming with a pipe to his shin
oF leg.. and Metal Banging Heavy Music with the assistance of
a drug that likely made the experience even more intense so he
could finally accommodate every day life in relative peaceful way
iN Absorbing all of the Environmental Stimulus around him in ReLaTiVe BeTter
Focus.. and Greater Short Term Working Memory abiLiTy to even communicate
in reciprocal social fashion where anyone at all can understand the poTenTial for
FLiGht oF ideas unleashed and released.. it’s not so much that i wanna dance..
since now that i do it all the days of my life.. all i have is peace.. but if i did not
accommodate the challenges oF aLL the Environmental Stimulus of liFe wiTh
out this adaptation as healing remedy.. come to me.. all innate.. instinctually
and intuitivELy aS Such from God Within aka NatUre pUre.. i would
still be like a cat in a lightening and thunder cage.. just
waiting to break down again.. and the writing..
thaT’s a gift.. too.. PathS and A Journey from
God as Nature who thaT also
bRinGS me to this
in otHeR
words.. Do NoT NOW
judge a homeless person
or a person on disability or
a person on welfare until
you have walked in tHeir
BRain and BoDy and
mInd sAMe..
can NOT DO
it.. so don’t even
trY.. aS iNvisible disabilities
are the poTenTial for HeLL on
eARTh For those who have never
visited thaT HeLL WiLL never fully
kNow and FeeL and SeNSe as tHeir
ReaLiTy born NoW.. so yes.. i am most Definitely
FucKinG aweSome.. at leASt to young women who
view my Dance.. and the trUth and LIGht is.. tHeir
ain’t no money market for a new age Jesus or Krishna
or Buddha or other way out of the BaLL pArk Prophet or
MesSenGer of God.. and if i am too hyper-religious or
hyper-‘sensual’.. in my Nude aRt.. juST chalk that uP to
the Diagnosis of Bi-Polar.. as any Trickster Clown WiLL NoW Be2..
And the Autism Spectrum.. just another way of scribe.. and systemizing
scientist often alone underneath allone.. in division of science away from
the resT of reaLiTy more.. (GOD).. so.. put the Asperger’s Scientist and Bi-Polar
Prophet Messenger of God in Perspective and voila.. you get me living off the Government
Dole.. too.. not to say i have to have that though.. as any Accountant kNowS in Numbers
as they Accumulate Around A Half a M.. after working mostly close to minimum slave wage
jobs for about a Third of a Century before they invest the rest in safe terms of accumulating
enough Washington Green BLack Dollar Bills and Lincoln Sents in GW Bush ways of nah.. no
longer having to pay taxes in the Decade that came after 911.. yeP.. Thanks George.. you then..
too.. in dArk Trickster WayS paVed the US oF A Roads of MiLeStoNes for jusT anotHeR Path
of Journey to make all of this going down for IsReAL NoW too.. And
what’s his name.. oh yeah.. Trump the Trickster Orange Clown who
Any Batman Caped Crusader without a costume
KNows and FeeLs and SenSes aLL
Naked WiTh God aS Such..
yoU Mr. T.. are a
DaRk muSe
and HeLL no.. alReaDy
been the Devil iN Hell.. i kNow
the Kali Force of dARk.. wHeRE
aLL iS tiMe ReduCinG to somEthing
as Hellish as never having enough sTuFF.. iN sCaRCiTy.. Gold Towers.. so..
enYoy the ride.. Mr. T.. the A1 oKaY TeAM LIGht.. loVes iT NoW aS PuRe WhiTE LiGht..
Yes.. Babe.. beYOnd Rainbow colors and wheels with no meals oF soUL FuLL..Abundance..
And regarding the AffLeck Video.. this is what i’m doing at Old Seville Quarter every Thursday
Night using all the stimulus as a tool.. to desensitize myself to the rest of the world..
same thing.. when i Dance in SuperWalmart.. yep.. same as i do with my
Nude Art to make me comfortable in my own sKin.. eXXtreme yes..
bottom FucKinG line.. iT iS my religion that allows me to
not only FucKinG Survive But FucKinG Thrive now..
so nah.. this isn’t only an Ocean WHole “SonG
of My SoUL”.. or “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
or even jusT one MacroVerse Number
88 as “MesSage iN a Bible Bottle”..
And nah.. i never had
the opportunity to
my soUL
iN the dARK pARt
of 66 Months iN HeLL..
oTheR than word memories
NoW.. or all those melt-downs
that my Mother had to deal with as
a child as yes.. i literally put hole’s in walls
too.. jerked doors off of hinges.. even Literally
A McDonald’s Metal Door as i pushed through it and
it flew off the hinges.. after the emotional turmoil
when my first Love Girl Friend broke up with me..
Chi as they say.. as the rest of my friEnds
on a Trip to the University of Alabama
ran to the car and escaped too
as the metal
on the ground..
and yep.. running around
Tampa at a Beta Club Convention
way way back in about ’77.. in school..
to burn off a little extra stimulus stress..
i ran into a car and over the top i came
out unscathed with some dents on the hood..
yes.. on foot.. called “Car Banger”.. after that.. and it’s that
way for lots of folks in life.. we see the sHell but we are not
deep enough to see tHeir essence.. until perHaps they write
a book that never ends.. best way too for sympathy for the Devils
in liFe is to be the Devil first who wishes away the rest of the UniVErse
so they won’t have to finish off the likely result of a suicide Disease like
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain from Wake to Sleep as Dentist Drill-like
Pain in eYe and eAR without Novocaine.. things are and is.. tHeRE ain’t no eScaPinG
NaTuRe aka God as LiGht and LiFE and dARk and DeATh.. ‘tween Shades of Grey and
yes.. the beYond Rainbow Colors of PuRe WhiTE liGht when one discards the
Parachute of Culture all and juST Rises.. Ascends WiTh GoD aLLone aS LiGht..
SiMiLar Essences and as is liFe.. Call God Nature or a BlueTurtle thAT’s
aLL RiGht and or Wrong too.. dePending on Personal iNk Blot Views..
buT plEase.. JuST DO make the best oF iT.. yA Can..WiLLinG anything
elSE isREaL Insanity..
oF dArk..:)
Stars are born to output and share liGht..
at least for as long
as they live..
and as dim as i once
was.. almost bLack
of liGht..
the saving
grace then was
to water a plant
to make
grow made
my life still
a star
matter how
dArk the candle
i felt iN bLack
then.. and
oh.. the saviors of the world..
and a story i love to tale a little
different as parables do.. when free
and not imprisoned by books.. pages..
paragraphs.. lines or words of print
of yesternows.. bound
by past authority
that no
longer should
exist.. for free..
so.. anyway.. sorry iF
you already heard it but
it will be different anyway..
hehe.. as free WiLL be
when unleashed
and released
as being
starliGht oF eYes
within.. a dusty road..
a little boy with no words..
disabled from birth without
the ability to speak.. but a lover
of growth.. in shape of trees..
a sapling brought home
by loving mother
then.. placed
on a counter
by a lamp that shines..
the boys sees green and
wants to see more.. so he
nurtures this PLANeT
the ability
to speak..
water he does..
fertilizing Love..
Sunshine hope
iN eYes of Loving
Kind.. fertile ground
outside.. dig a hole
to comfort roots..
spend time
and effort
caring Love
and the Tree rises
broad and sTrong..
and soon provides shade
for the front porch home..
Sidewalks come.. but tree
sTill bRanches out.. Flowers
come more beautiful than before..
Students from the local school who
study trees are amazed by the beauty
of this tree.. photos are taken.. shared..
and the boys eYes shine to see what his
Love inspires.. tree no longer needs boy
to grow strong now.. and the little
boy becomes ill and his life
goes dark..
Years later..
a shy young man iS
walking this sidewalk
of the boy’s home.. and
a most beautiful dark haired
girl approaches him.. with smiling
face.. the boys eyes liGht up but what
to say.. ah.. the center piece of conversation
iS standing tAll and floweRinG more beautiful
iT seems than ever before on this March Spring
day.. a spark of instant Love is in the air..
and that begins a Love that
will last ’till death..
the shy boy becomes
confident with the Love of
his wife.. joins the Military..
and even rises to the ranks
of politics then.. Love grows
and fearless Lives..
the boy is
now a
Strong man..
and makes a decision
as a leader of the world
that prevents World War III…
Life on the PlanT now iS saved..
So who is the savior.. the boy..
the man.. the girl.. the Loving
wife.. the parents.. the schools
providing education.. the tree
or the little disabled boy
and all the
from around the
world.. well the truth
iS aLL they are.. as theRe
is no i.. me but us and we
oF Life..
Moral of the
story.. water a tree
Of Life and see wHere
iN ocean
eYes free..:)
Yes.. Worth Repeating as note.. from “Sand Box Heaven”
as published on 3.31.16 of last year oF course.. WriTe oN cOURses..:)
Okay.. and i have 16 Tabs oPen on my Big iMac 27 inch as Aerosmith
miGht say with a Big 10 inch record2.. including the MicroVerse above
and the MacroVerse liNk attached.. so.. for brevity sakes @Least and
more.. heHe.. if you juST haPpen to oPeN uP any of the liNks
and Read more.. i WiLL briefly address the titles and
the time FrAMes iN thE Last three years from
A to Z heAR.. with 14 coMiNG
titleS and linkS Hear as
when the liGht oF
Sun GRows from
March through
April and BeYond spRinG
iN Summer Days through
shorter FaLL liGht and WinTer too..
so.. does the CreAtiVe HoLy Spirit oF
CreaTivity GroW WitHIn.. inside.. outside..
above.. so.. below and all around more green
pasTurES as Meadows BriGhter noW for LoVe oF ArT..
And when the Valleys of dArker Days mUse coMes.. sAme and DifFeREnt too..:)
“HE ART”.. MacroVerse from 3.31.14…:)
“AL ONE”.. MacroVerse from 3.31.14..:)
“sacredKlove”.. MacroVerse from 3.31.14..:)
“NO thingNESS”.. MacroVerse from 3.31.14..:)
“Dance of heArt in steps and words”.. MacroVerse from 3.3.15..:)
“i AM GOD AND”.. MacroVerse from 4.01.14..:)
“TRUTH of NOW and THEN”.. MacroVerse from 4.02.14..:)
“Einstein’s HAPPY Dream”.. MacroVerse from 4.03.14..:)
“SOUL OF HEART”.. MacroVerse from 4.03.14..:)
“LOVES SACRED BALANCE”.. MacroVerse from 4.03.14..:)
“OMG! EVIL ILLUMINATI!”.. MacroVerse from 4.03.14..:)
“PURfect EARTH”.. MacroVerse from 4.03.14..:)
“sKEyes of GOD”.. MacroVerse from 4.03.14..:)
“Prelude to a RISing UmbrELla of Dance”.. MacroVerse from 4.03.2015..:)
And as “thEy” saY iN Terms of Sacred and Holy
Full oF iT.. Meaning and Purpose..FuLLaLL2..
FoolS.. and Tricksters.. ClownS and
even and odd oTheRS2 wiTh
SiMilar Essences2 wiTH
much different
otHeR Forms2 aS
SiMilar LabELs too..
thATtHiS aBouT doEs heR
foR NoW @LeASt tHis go ’round..
WiLL puT “BeYonD April Fred’s Day”
To Bed FoR NoW and BroAder Publish soon..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

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