Super Fly oF liGht

“Individuality seems to be Nature’s whole aim —
and she cares nothing for individuals.” — Goethe
Fallacy number one
of modern civilizations..
Human is separate
from Nature.. hmm…
FAct.. SoMe HUmans Care..
PArt oF Nature does inDeed care..
All of Nature is surely more than care..
and less than care too.. and for hUmans
wHo care that makes pArt oF Nature God sAMe Great..
Caring is Great..
Love is Great..
in this way
iS Great too..:)
Fellow Poet Blogger MotherWinterMoon expresses
concern that she is unable to open up my Word
Press Blog.. and she is very nice to
ask this question..
as most people
likely never try again..
as sure.. as i suggest below..
life can be kinda busy in the first world today..
And i go on to say..
Hi Friend.. Thanks for asking..
That’s the URL of one of two blogspot blogs that people with this issue use as an alternative…
The Word Press Version does not handle.. well.. the intense use of visual poetry that i use to complement what is currently technically the longest long form poem ever at 703 Macro-verses and over 3.3 Million words long.. If in print.. In terms of paper.. Over 30K pages long..
It’s a hobby just for fun and the Word Press Version takes a very powerful computer and really BROAD band access to open up..
Winks.. Technology has almost caught up with me.. But i continue to challenge Moore’s Law and cultural norms in general.. Even in the poetry world.. But ha! History proves i’m in good company with the ‘craayyyyzzy ones’.. i don’t use sidewalks..;)
And that comment doesn’t go through as her blog doesn’t accept
links without moderation so i go on to spell the link out
and replay it back again.. as she still expresses
concern as her internet is never slow
and she hasn’t had this problem
with other blogs..
in doing so i
copy the comment
above again and
say additionally..
i cannot open the
Word Press Version
of my blog with my iPhone5s..
but no problem with my iPhone6s
with an LTE connection.. and with
my wife’s Micro-Soft based HP computer
i cannot open up any of it.. and it is the
same year.. 2013.. of my iMAC computer..
it’s more of an issue likely that your
Computer and Internet access
hasn’t met a blog
of close to
the Nature of
what i present there..
And as my wife tries to
come up with a label for
me as a person.. all she
can say is “you’re something”..
haha.. but you know this is the
poetry world.. and that shouldn’t
be a surprise i thought.. but i often
find as in the old days of Whitman and
others.. some folks are still on guard with
of we..
anyway.. thanks
for asking.. life is busy..
and Lord Knows if i still
worked.. wouldn’t have time
to even write 300 words on the
Internet vs.. the 12 million words
i’ve done since ThanksGiving Day
of 2010.. i was never a word person
but with the loss of my eyesight and
hearing.. effectively with what is
termed as type two Trigeminal
Neuralgia.. the worst pain
known to humankind
from wake to
sleep for
66 months like
a dentist drill without
Novocaine.. that yes.. in
my case was in my right
eye and ear.. i had to find
a hobby in hell.. and i had
no other choice but to
become words
my friend…
as no drug
would touch
that pain..
along the line my
soul came back and the
pain went away.. and now
i am just a dam of Love
of hell..
and a dancing one too..
anyway.. i’m thinking
the other link will likely
work.. particularly if you
have an iPhone6s or later..
and with the new 7 it should be
a breeze as it is with a Samsung
7 too.. as Moore’s Law finally
catches up to all i do..
my friend..
Have a great day..
for me at least Life
is the gift that has no limit
in sharing and giving.. my FriEnd..
somehow visiting hell for 66 months
made it that way for me.. an adaptation i guess.. to Heaven..
no.. i reAlly don’t
have to guess..
there is no
doubt.. in faCt..
as i live it now..
a much better place in liGht..:)
Motherwintermoon responds
back eloquently in
sympathy for
the history
of my pain..
in anew
of why i like to write.. SO MUCH..
and i return.. by saying poeticAlly too..
SAdly.. my friend..
not many people
have sympathy
for the
me and
it seems you too..
thank you.. there IS
A place for folks like
it’s a place
we make or break noW mY friEnd..
i have zero pain now.. and
i am not going back to hell..
of this..
as i make it happen..
every now without fail
in giving and sharing all..
in a beauty of effortless flow..
it’s nice in heaven.. best oF all.. it’s real now
and that my
friend can be
An ultimate message of poEtry..
sAdly.. somehow that pArt of
Luke 17:21 got lost along
i brought
it back and
so have many
otHeRs.. sAdly2..
it is almost impossible
to convince someone
else heaven exists
now until
perHaps by the
time i write 80 million words
i’ll find a way to put Heaven into words..
and perhaps that IS A reason for hell.. my friEnd..
Back on the ‘Wrong Planet’.. an Internet site
for outcasts who are far from what this
Autistic Online Community whole
termed as Neurotypical..
which of course there is
no typical in human nows that always
change but sure.. relatively speaking
in generalized ways.. anyWay.. E-Scaping
life as a visual thinker.. a necessity of a pain
disorder that changed eye vision to something
that could not be utilized effectively without almost
intolerable pain.. and any pain where you can
avoid committing suicide is somewhat
tolerable.. as there is pain
that is not tolerable..
as at first
i was willing
to jump off into
shallow water off
a boardwalk or even
lay flat in a puddle of
4 inches of water and
drown myself.. but sure..
autonomic reflexes and all
of that.. even though.. were mostly
shot with another disorder.. i couldn’t
do that or more aptly put my instincts
would not allow it.. as i found out the wild
of the reptilian brain aka as the Serpent
WiLL live at all costs.. at a price of life
that has always had its peaks iN
struggle for all animals
per se.. of the
on Earth..
anyway.. escaping
the synergy of life threatening
disorders of as you say Murphy’s
Law and i say now in hell.. words were
shallow with little substance of the full feelings
of Emotions.. and Affective Empathy that move us
to do more in life than sitting still and stagnating as such..
and what they oft said on that Wrong Planet when something
came trUe and liGht and blUe as sKeYes of sPark of Wisdom..
QFT.. Quoted For Truth.. and today.. that’s all i can say about
the pearls you say plus even more below with the quotes
for truth
once again..
and sure.. i’ll be
using this ‘elsewhere’..
no need to read any further.. hehe..
as i understand life’s limitations
all too
in literal hell
as you’ve likely
heard many times by
now.. my Friend.. gigoid..
“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together!”
~~ (The Beatles) I Am The Walrus ~~
If only folks knew that The Walrus IS A real Good Cop Jesus..
“The only people for me are the mad ones,
the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved,
desirous of everything at the same time,
the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing,
but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles
exploding like spiders across the stars…”
~~ Jack Kerouac, “On the Road” ~~
If only folks knew that Jack Kerouac IS A real Good Cop Jesus..
“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”
~~ Seneca ~~
If only folks knew that Seneca iS A real Good Cop Jesus..
“”I say that a man must be certain of his morality
for the simple reason that he has to suffer for it.”
~~ G. K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, 8/4/06 ~
If only folks knew that G.K Chesterton IS A real Good Cop Jesus..
“The question was put to him, what hope is;
and his answer was, “The dream of a waking man.”
~~ Diogenes Laertius — Aristotle, xi ~~
If only folks knew that Diogenes Laertius IS A real Good Cop Jesus..
“Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future,
you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way in the answer.”
~~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~~
If Only folks knew that Rainer Maria Rike IS A real Good Cop Jesus..
“All virtue is summed up in dealing justly.”
~~ Aristotle ~~
If only folks knew that Aristotle IS A real Good Cop Jesus..
And now i say..
If only folks knew as history clearly shows now in empirical
way that this Biblical concept of Jesus is a human archetype of
the hero who struggles as a potential good and bad cop too..
and sure that is clearly evidenced in what exists
as the current story in the
New Testament too
for Bi-polar
in both liGht and DArk..
yeah.. as i’ve said many times
before.. the Luke 17 part that
says hate your mommy.. daddy..
siblings and children.. if that they
don’t believe precisely what i say..
to Love your enemy.. oh the irony
of the bi-polar good cop and
bad cop of all of that
as sure..
many folks
in law enforcement
start out wanting to help
everyone.. and eventually
their empathy and compassion
can get drained too.. as sure they
are only human too.. and they breakdown
too as the story told in many words of different
humans as science now shows too in the Jesus
Meme of the New World too.. oh a wish
for the Greek Definition of
Apocalypse where
we finally
lift the veils
of ignorance..
figure out
Love and
Nature is great
and worship the whole
enchilada as sacred and
holy and live in that pArt
of Luke 17:21 that says
the Kingdom of Heaven
is within as Nature iSREAL NoW..
Kingdom of God.. yeah.. when the
Love flu
in interconnecting
interrelating way..
so fare a travel
when one let’s
tHeir Love Flow iSREAL..
Love is Great.. Love is Great.. Love
iSREAL.. why not do iSREAL Love and
Worship that while maintaining a semblance
of respects for the myths that house the vehicles
and vessels of TruTh and LiGht.. anyway.. i ain’t writing
this for the poor front porch folks who are already doing the love flu..
i’m writing it for
the big
and hate..
the eye of the
needle and the
fact cat camels who
i have sympathy for as
the deVil lost iN iSREAL
HeLL too.. and sure to
get through that’s a JOB
For JOB.. meanwhile i’ll
enjoy Love on the Front Porch of GodNoW..:)
Thanks my friend.. i was kinda floating
through today on the gas fumes left
of the night of last dance..
bordering on the
of Lewis
hehe.. as
the wonderland
continues heRE and
tHeRe for now @lEast..;)
WeLL.. back now to
last night and
as i said then..
in regard to two beautiful young
women from the University of
West Florida.. who could easily
be models and likely more beautiful
too than what most folks see of models
these days.. and sure all women are
beautiful in their own way.. but these
women are going somewhere.. they
are not at the dance for drinks
and pick up per se.. they
are there to let
loose from
the mechanical cognition of
University Life .. where as i know
and feel all too well from my history
there.. there are some days where if
you don’t have a beer your mind may explode
out of balance per se.. as yes.. mechanical
cognition activities or as Johnny from the
Shining says.. all work and no play
can make Cindy Sue
a very unhappy
girl too..
and i have no idea if the twins
in the dance photos are named Cindy
or Sue.. either.. hehe.. as i’ve never been
much of a label person.. easily able to
see the soul of anyone in the eyes that
are truly the window to God inside..
My Father was an Identical Twin..
and per these happy Smiley
Seville Quarter Dance
photos.. celebrating
my 127th week
of dance there..
i must say.. these
Seville twins are
identical too.. in beauty
of course too.. and niceness ..
as i find all the other girls at Seville
who have become dance friends with me..
the regularly scheduled Macro-verse for
Thursday as one can see now.. got pushed
to 9162016.. it seems it was just meant to be..
couldn’t be too late for dance.. for R and R Holy and Sacred Thursday..
and sure for the specific meaning of that significance 91616 is all nines
and sixes and ones kinda like my birthday 06061960 but sure today’s
date has a two in it for second as well.. there will always be second
or there can be no first.. it’s truly as simple as that.. and there
will always be first as there can be no first without last
either for logic purposes only in concrete thinking
as truly reality doesn’t have to fit the
order of human made math..
or symbols of letters
and words
to even
scratch the
surface of the essence of
all that is.. anyway..
the profile pic according
to the latest Facebook bug
or change or whatever they are
doing with the software at present ain’t
likely to stick in the comments section of
my blog working on the 704th Macro-Verse of
Longest Long Form Poem now.. so sure.. i carefully
made sure those twins were included in the Facebook
provided Video Slide show for last night.. plan B and beyond
always in my back pocket.. per se too.. in systemizing old Fred..
the Robot ways of being.. that i can pull up at will with the devil and
hell too..
if need
be for survival
and thriving art of course too..:)
And now we move on to Facebook Algorithm
Provided as every good secretary will do to help
‘the boss’ get the job done of numbers or art..
or both as it were and is.. a MacroVerse
memory shared here too.. of..
Ojoy THE DEAD ZONE.. and
i’ve probably already
spoken enough
about that today..
but sure there are always
more ways to share than what i say now..
here in a memory of two years ago.. where
i continue to get stronger as the record shows
there as well as moving on in potential oF art..
where age is only a number and heArt is everything more..:)
And now.. finAlly from a year ago.. a hallmark post named Desert
i’LL Change as the prompt of that day from a year ago at
dVerse would sever my further attempts to link there
that had already somewhat stifled part of
my creativity in fitting the less
of expectations and limits
of others..
a short poem
to meet their expectations
of rules by the letter.. for
a prompt on change..
but a denial by the
administrators that
the change in rebirth of life
as Island escaping cultural rules
was enough for what the true Jesus
could metaphor of reborn too.. you know
the Good Cop Jesus.. who was just a flesh
and blood dude.. who went out in the desert
away from his sidewalk cardboard patriarchal
culture repressing emotions and senses and
sexuality too of course.. to find God innately
instinctually and intuitively inside as free
animal of God’s Kingdom
on Earth will do
in animal
Heaven too..
i suppose.. i couldn’t
really expect anyone who
would go by the book of a promise
of reborn in a heaven after life..
after all that is a source
of domination
of Nature..
and each other
in old patriarchal ways
in all that runs a red state way..
but i for one will not hide my own
personal trUth and liGht in what sTiLL
is the greATest aWaKeNinG oF my Life
as Phoenix rising from the ashes of all the
illusory fears and promises of culture and religion
today.. and of course.. transparently.. the administrators
just wanted to me to do less as they wouldn’t be held
up loading my blog on slower computers.. and that’s
okay as i told them they didn’t even have to come by..
but that wasn’t enough.. and that’s okay too..
as since then.. i’ve been able to more
fully find my personal potential
of art without restraint from others
and since then in empirical measure
the viewership of the my blogs that are
much easier to open.. that sure.. the
administrators could have used
with a little effort too.. have
skyrocketed with 655 views
as the picture tales the story
in blogspot in a hour’s time
yesterday and 1395 views for one
day too.. it’s a big world.. and not
everyone has a slower computer or too
much other stuff to do.. to get inspired by
much more of what i do.. and this is the potential
inspiration that could bring the next Beethoven
or Mozart or even Einstein to the forefront
of modern culture again.. as Lord
knows everyone needs
a hand
along the
way.. at least a few..
if one is human at all..
i enjoy running up A Hill..
not a Hill of Likes.. Follows..
and brown nosing for prizes now..
but a hill of love that never ends.. uP as Free arT..
and that reminds me of the two lovely young ladies i
met on the sidewalk.. at the end of the night.. at
Old Seville.. excited to meet me in the voice..
as they had been viewing my free dance
from a distance for a long time..
up to then.. they said
what they were
afraid of in life
as they had seen happen
to older folks is they would lose
their heaRt.. and of course as i tale everyone..
the answer is free.. dance.. naked without rules of culture
now.. to bRinG yOur heARt down.. but sure i used another
metaphor than naked.. and told ’em i was 56.. showed
’em photos on Facebook of the wife who never ages
and they sang to me in Unison as i walked off
in the Full Moon parking lot.. WE Love you..
We Love you.. twice.. somehow that
tasted better than all the
Facebook And
Word Press
likes i’ll ever
get as i could
see it in their eyes
in the photo i took then..
before they ever said it..
Nah.. Hips and eYes don’t lie
on the free dance floors of LiFe..
and sure God told me to write it all
down.. and keep a record of my miracles
that iSREAL to come.. so i wRite/DancE on in simple
and complex Covenant of Love with all that is GOD noW..
for truly in both dance and words God iS poetry at GreATest LiGht..
keeping in
mind.. essence
oF poeTry and not
human words or steps alone..
God IS A Verb oF BEinG noW aLLoNe..:)
Fellow Blogger Friend Zee shares
a open mic poet speak about
the state of when
boys say
they love
the girls
in their life..
And i say..
Lovely Poetry in the spoken word
my friend.. but what is Love..
a password to own
or key to free..
all that owns
is away from free..
all that frees lacks ownership
of others.. as the village instinctually
raises the child and we are all brothers
and sisters.. but as science shows the
limit there is a village of around 150
to 200 sets of eYes that fight
for Love
and Survival
fearlessly day
to day toGeTHer..
as One Force oF huMan
beings as the monkeys huddle
together in the zoo arm in arm
when intruder humans
come inside..
or the
that huddle for
warm in polar way..
Love is the Force that
glues us toGeTher beyond
all obstacles of Environmental
Stress but those were the eyes
of the
the written
word my friEnd..
as synchronicity will have
it.. i just wrote somewhat of
a poetic thank you.. honoring two
girls who were strangers exclaiming
i love you for nothing and everything
of the free dance of me.. i told ’em i wrote
poetry.. but did that matter.. they had never
heard me speak before that moment.. no it
didn’t.. ’cause the love song was in body language
and eyes that say we are togeTher in this game before
those feelings
fall or rise
to shells
that may or may
not hold eYes of Love..
Wild Wolves Love more than
domesticated ones ever will.. the
answer is simple.. they need each other
for the hunt and survival of life.. wHere togETher
and Social
liVing to
survive and thrive
alWays now Free..
when a person is truly
free it is truly hard to
do less than love my friEnd..
that is what
my experience
teaches me to
date of life and
death before
of life
from that..
other than that as
i go into the modern dance
hall and hear the rape language
of the men in the men’s room away
from ears of women.. i often find my
self falling into similar poetic words about
the state of males.. but i quickly come to
my reasoning mind that says it’s
culture mostly that makes
them that way..
so far
from a
village of love my friend..
they (many) truly are the unlucky
ones to be born into cOld sHeLLs of Words..
where flesh is only a tool to be consumed…
SMiLes.. Thanks Hank as
always for stopping by and taking
the time and effort to leave a comment..
and it’s safe to say that every blog post here
in total as you comment here to my last
comment on my blog post
that in the ‘ordinary world’
is an entire blog post to itself
as each Micro Verse or even
Micro Micro Verse can be viewed
from smaller level of the entire Macro
Verse SigNature sUn arE onE here
as 703rd Macro Verse of entire Ocean
Poem of Longest Long Form total Poem
in the history of humankind.. hehe.. as i say
to let folks know WTF FTW i am doing here in
total as art.. to make the UniVerse make sense..
hehe.. perhaps figuratively and literally too if
one can see the greater metaphor for
how Nature works too as art..
my friend instead
of only
the small
view of empirical
science as it gathers
pARts to see better
the whole of God as
A scribe of God too..
i am both scribe and a painter
of God my FriEnd.. and sure.. i’m
not the first one for sure who went beyond
the crowd to do more than the standard of the
day.. otherwise there would be no theory of relativity..
there would be no painting on the sistine chapel..
nor the other greatest works of artists who
made their art a laser focus from
wake to sleep..
where most
all of what they
did would have been
considered some kind of
psychological disorder now if it
interfered with whatever the social
norm of group think decides is the flavor
of the success of the day.. it’s worth noting that
in some countries that group think still says female
genital mutilation is what a woman does for self esteem
and women follow this ideology blindly as that is what society
says to do.. and in other countries they remove a portion of the
male penis to separate males from the other male animals of
nature to make them special.. haha with a 20% discount
of member benefits from Nature as it were and
still is for protection from environmental
elements that foreskin provides
when one is not too
afraid to go
out into
Nature born
as we are born to
be all natural and equipped
to meet the challenges of the
environment we are naturally evolved
to live in.. humans have amazing potential
my friend but only if they escape group think..
and the catch 22 of that is group think is
required for survival in the wild
too.. problem is when
words can be
written down
as collective intelligence
and folks forget how to think
for themselves as a group to do
new stuff too.. and that’s the great thing
about blogs.. particularly when one pays
for a Word Press Blog with no limits of storage..
like the army says i can be all i can and will be..
with no limits or expectations of group think my friend..
and when i finish the sistine chapel or symphony of writing..
the joy will be in doing it.. the same reason Van Gogh painted
too my friend.. to celebrate the joy or dampen the pain of the
beauty and struggles of life.. so again.. thanks for seeing
a pArt of the Sistine Chapel here worthy to comment
on.. as surely if i used the Sistine Chapel
as a prompt to write poetry
i would focus
on the pARts
that inspired
me most.. and perhaps
eventually when my pARts
came together there would be
another Sistine Chapel painted with
words my friend.. so the show must go
on or not.. it depends on the relative free will
and how much we can withstand those who say.
this is not how we do it.. so stop.. just stop.. hehe..
there is no stopping me my friend as i find God within
and i respect God too much not to be all i can be.. so the
oN and
here in Fredland
there are no ceilings
of paint at all my friend
as air and water am i
as the breeze
ends.. waves
of Ocean whole..
and the stream
that has an equal
salience as the Ocean whole too my Friend..:)
SMiLes my friEnd.. Prajakta.. Evolutionary speaking
failure is part of the daily routine of foraging
for missing the capture of prey or the more
deadly aspect of not escaping predator..
basic lesson
and carry
the biggest stick
one can.. however.. these
days the stick is a keyboard
and a screen.. and standard
IQ along with collective intelligence
as written down.. i was blessed with
standard IQ.. and when everyone else
struggled in school it was a breeze for me..
never even having to read the textbooks as
memory for lectures would do.. the social part
was beyond me.. but the key is it was beyond
me.. so something i got used to as beyond..
then.. so i went on with great
success as a problem
and the problems
i solved eventually took
my heArt away as that is what
science shows mechanical cognition
will do.. it more and less kills the poetic
intelligence of the hEart.. so sometimes
it’s hard to tale if one is a total failure in some
ways as there is no view to the other
potential world that some
others can take for
granted too..
i would trade
all the standard IQ..
all the money i accumulated
by being a proficient personal
financial manager.. for just one
poem of life my friend.. and that was
a decades failure… in success i had no
idea even existed then.. there is a world of
what society says is success today.. and there
is a world within that is scores of thousands of years
old that dances and sings.. without a written word and
that my friend is the poetry of the heARt that’s free.. and
that’s why i don’t worry about likes.. followers or whatever..
but the human touch is what has always made life worth living..
and i find that greatest with a song and dance of life that has
or sheet music..
for me failure is not being free..
so in reaLliTy of that i was never
a success with riches.. or a gold
star for doing the best in school..
or being named Superman in both
work and school for doing the most
with relative ease through most of it..
my HeARt was mostly untapped as a resource for LiGht..
but nah.. i don’t bLame myself.. as i knew not how or why i failed..
as it wasn’t important to either school or work to teach liGht oF heARt..
simply ’cause it’s a resource inside that can only be tapped with freedom..
there are
no lesson
plans that
work freely for creativity of the heARt..:)
i find the
greaTest hope
iN bEinG cHange
i hope for.. sMiLes..
from bEyond
sMILes.. mY friEnd.. thefeatheredsleep..
as ‘they’ say.. what doesn’t kill you makes
you stronger.. but when it’s killing you..
it sure hurts..
until you bloom
again.. the Hardy
Rose.. the soUL now
that knoWs the empty
of the bLackHeARt Rose..
my challenges in life were not
of the intellectual kind but the
physical and the emotional intelligence
of liFe.. that is humanity at core as evolved
sTill.. as if humanity can be measured on a paper test..
written as number standard of dollar bills.. size of homes..
speed of cars.. style of clothes.. so much more external to
iNternal WiLL
of MoVinG.. CoNNecTinG
CreAtinG WiLL oF iMaginAtiON
riSinG AboVe Challenge.. adapting
to be so much more of the gifts
of surviving against struggle..
from ancestors furry..
gilled.. to
and star dust
from Star
explosions.. before…
Star Dust Sentient.. what
a gift that is.. To be all we
can be.. is surely to Face A
Sun of God that gives us
this great life
to be all we can
be while this opportunity
for life exists.. iSREAL.. sMiLes..
so many creature comforts and sAdly
what is missing in many folk’s life is a real
physical and emotional struggle for life where
we experience misery and suffering up close and
personal.. where we fight toGetHeR to make the meal
of the day a reaLiTy for all to share.. wHeRe we DancE..
SinG.. naked.. unashamed of the nature/sun that births
our flesh.. in sand and sun free.. and where we are not
afraid to reach out to each other.. holding hands..
for the joy
of this
is as
is for now..
Life has alWays
been a Rose.. oveRAll..
and a hardy one witH
thorns.. thaT cross of
tHorns IS A miGhty onE
tHat makes liFe iSREAL.. and worth JoY..
in every way we can find to celebrate thaT
bEtween crosses oF dARk tHorns spARkinG liGht..:)
“Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still.”
~~ Chinese Proverb ~~
However.. as science suggests
now.. twenty percent of all the
animal kingdom are born sitters..
while the rest lean more towards rover..
Some folks do better in dancing meditation
than sitting meditation too.. i am a Super
now.. no
sitting still..
meditation now
for me.. however
it works fine for sitters..
and introverts who find
the world out there a little
too stimulating and don’t
have the courage to dance
in public..
he.. ha..;)
“I like people better than principles, and I like people with no
principles better than anything else in the world.”
~~ Oscar Wilde ~~
All social animals live
by principles.. including
the principle that says
i don’t wanna follow rules..
i can get away with dancing in public
only for the reason.. i can sense when
i make ‘sitting folks’ uncomfortable and
remove my self from their view as now to
avoid complaints to store management
and to get my privilege.. yes.. privilege
to dance in private stores revoked..
so.. sure.. even in the wiLdEst
of Public Dances comes
the principle
of no harm
to the sitters who
are scared of the
Super Rovers too..
and for a social animal..
liking folks better with no
principles is a moral relativist
principle in itself as it goes against
basic social animal nature that even
without language is based on the principle
of social cooperation.. and with other organisms
of course.. the principle of pleasure and pain applies..
now for
the struggle to
successfully survive
now to now alWays..:)
“Failure to understand reality is not reality’s fault.”
~~ Bill Henneman ~~
The reality is some ‘folks’ are not even
born to understand reality.. and perhaps
the culture that provides A greater ‘understanding’
of reality.. in human collective intelligence.. is actually
a not so kind of virus or cancer.. as this understanding
of reality has allowed humans to manipulate the balance
of Nature.. and destroy Bee Populations.. et al.. etc..
without even understanding the
synergy of the discrete
actions that
spoil the whole as
tapestry as canvas
of life for the hand
that strokes the painting
of life with a destructive pen of death..
All is action and consequence and all
is Karma of reaLiTy.. iF fault lies within
the realm of reality.. it is indeed the
action and consequence in pARt
of reaLity whole.. therefore
the fault as consequence
as well in dArk perceived
as opposed to liGht
but of
course in
terms of reaLity..
some ‘folks’ see that
as good and evil.. and ‘others’..
mostly in terms of feelings and
senses without written abstract
symbols/concepts that determine’ moral words’
for the essence of pain and pleasure iSREAL..:)
“Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life:
the longing for love, the search for knowledge,
and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.”
~~ Bertrand Russell, Autobiography ~~
And inDeed with Moving and
Creating added in to the mix that
makes us human.. sadly.. ‘philosophy’..
other than martial arts.. mostly.. has
been stuck between the ears..
in neo cortical way of reason..
and even away from heARt..
in limbic system way..
the reptilian
brain cannot
be ignored for
art of innate..
instinctual and
intuitive movement
to get the heArt now
regulated in feelings
and the body integrated
in seNses to have any
chance of achieving real
animal homeostasis as ‘our’
other ‘friends’.. move like the
wind and water as invisible to
escape predator and capture prey..
And true it is that the modern ‘science’ of
sociology shows that the ‘art’ of self esteem
for the highest demographic of self esteem attributed
to any ethnic and gender demographic alone is that of
the African American male.. factors cited are ability to
defend one’s self successfully in a physical or verbal
altercation.. and prowess in reproductive fitness..
If i didn’t learn this education from folks
like my African American Friends..
i would be no more
than words and
flowered words
on page.. instead
i am a vibrant public
dancer who receives words
of i Love you from totally strange
beautiful young women who also
tell me i must have mighty big balls
to do what i do without fear.. truth is..
they are only average.. but even women
with no testicles at all are far braver these
days than boys who continue to play video
games in their parents basement until age 30+ or so…
as all stuff in animal life.. use it or lose it apples and to
lose physical and emotional intelligence is simply to
be a
nerd and
or wimp of life..
like me before i learned
my ‘African American Male’ lesson
well.. it don’t matter how smart you
are.. if you are scared of the midnight walk in
the wild.. i.. at least.. find in the greaTest lesSon
of life.. to walk as the Lion is free.. anything
is a
in a book..
or perhaps
a poem without
teeth.. yeah.. some
of the ‘weirdest’ stuff
i do is based in art of science too..
King David was no ‘word fool’ either
as that myth goes.. dancing for the
slave girls with little ‘own’ IS A way
for a king
not a slave..
and to free the
slave girls.. is the
hero realized when
the slave girls freely
say.. oh God.. oh god.. i Love you
just the way you are.. heHe.. and
as Lilly Tomlin says ‘that’s the truth’..;)’..
“And now there is merely silence, silence, silence, saying all we did not know.”
~~ William Rose Benet ~~
Thanks God for the
God scribe of Google..
and the Internet as it is
the censorship of freedom of information
that is the killer of we did not know..
as long as one continues to get out..
Defend oneself and dance..
and wow the opposite
sex.. or whatever..
et al.. etc.. is
A flavor of
to create
life in
of life
well beyond
books of ignorance.. my Friend..
simply ’cause i also hang out with
the wild and super happy ones too..
and keep my hall monitor pass..
pocket too..
with a healthy
poEtry of HeARt..
to keep the LuSt
and Love for liFe
and all oTHers..
aLL aS BaLanCinG
Force of Super liGht way now..
And yes all of this to get the
title of my current 704th
Macro-Verse.. so
far of Ocean
Whole Poem..
noW as
‘Super liGht’..
as alWays.. thanks
gigoid.. A giFt iS
iN aLL GiVinG
and shaRing of liFE aLLone
as Super liGht of humankind
continues to Rise toGeThEr onlinE now..
hOlding hands of more than pens too.. glObAlly..:)
And in summary one of the most valuable
lesSons my Teachers provided me in
school.. is.. if you do more than
the norm
you get
in LiFe..
So i dance
more and lovely
strangers who are
women say i Love you
just the way you are.. and
hmm.. i thInk tHeRE is a SonG
for that too.. as that is the ultiMate..
for mE.. my Friend..
Love.. juST Love
Free Love
for nothing
more than
oF Y i..
with no
Words aT aLL..;)
CRap if i was younger
and stiLL didn’t have
to recuperate.. and
use this wRiTinG
as an excuse to
rest my older feet..
i M A G i N E noW..
juST aLL the Love you’s
i could geT all for FReED..
ha! and ‘they’ don’t even kNoW
my name other than i Love you..
i juSt
say FucK
Words and
juST DancE..
then i wRite on..
hehe.. i suppose..
to deliver the mail..
or the money as it WeRe
and is as words.. words word..
oh.. the FucKinG HomEwork.. never ends2..
all for
Credit.. he sHe2..;)
as a side
note2.. assisting
you in your temporary state..
also.. while your back
pain continues..
stIll go
over 2k words..;)
To see God inside all human
beings and all of nature same
as God sAMe IS A Road
to Fearless my
in Love way..
over here in the U.S..
tHere is a climate of great
political division now..
but sure
that is
what humans
innately can do..
if not polished and
refined by fearless love..
discriminate against the
different.. even if what the different
does seems so deplorably dArk noW as
Hillary recently announced about a segment
of the population that consistently is fearful
of the different among us.. well.. as science shows
noW it’s paRt of HUman Nature.. as no two humans in
inherent nature are identical and some are
very different and always changing
of course too.. to understand the
differences of human being
and to tolerate and
accept the
we cannot
is surely
a path to
better see
the Kingdom of God
that lives within what each
of we may see and feel differently
of the liGht and dArk of LiFe that
crosses our eYes uniquely as every
hUman multi-Verse wiLL.. seNse
and FeeL.. to do.. Evolution of
the hUman soUl is toward
understanding.. tolerance
and acceptance
of the difference
iN liGht
and dARk.. of oTheRs..
and even understanding
the trouble some folks have
in a basic task of even understanding other’s
differences IS A path and WiLL for those who
can.. and in this way.. it’s true.. as far as innate
propensities go.. God does as Nature make at
least two castes of human beings.. the wild and
the free.. and the cautious and reserved.. in
other words.. liberal vs conservative..
these two natural castes
are evidenced in cultures
around the world..
but sTilL
this KinGdom
perceived as dArk
or liGht depending
on how one is innately
born.. is StilL
no matter
dARk or liGht..
i was really disappointed
when Hillary suggested that
the ignorant were deplorable..
as trUly some know not what they
do nor can some feel it and sense
the harm they do to others..
as the
board is often
the largest in eye.. for those who
complain at the eYes of Different..
how blessed are those who develop understanding
and how much help to those who have difficulty
and accepting
the liGht and DArk
of Namaste that lives inside..
as Kali Will have ‘her’ say too iN
liGht of dArK oF aLL thAT is.. iSREAL2..
anyWay.. if everyone could see God in
everYone now.. and the Kingdom of
Bliss.. Nirvana.. Heaven.. iS feLt
on this terrestrial
plane now..
oh.. the Joy
of liFe as liGht but
true.. the DARk iSReAL2..:)
Across the Railroad Tracks of Love.. sure
the place i grew up.. in Down Town
Milton with the wild
Land Kids..
yes.. tHeir
name was
actually land..
and we watched dark shadows
and they played more wild out
in the yard.. with six kids.. and
there was only four of us in a
matriarchal loaded river
home.. of
Grand Ma..
Mama and
Sister.. with
little to no for me iN
then.. rough and tumble
play.. anyway.. my wife
was born across the railroad
tracks in a place where they throw
the child in the river and they learn to
sink or swim.. in a place.. where the
door is often open if one
has a home
to let
the other
folks who
struggle in for
a night stay and more..
and by the time i had finished
with my braces of higher paying
work world.. i determined i hadn’t even
scratched the surface of gaining my
across the railroad tracks
of Love
in physical
and emotional
intelligence that is
fluid and always changing
as the social and physical environment
demands for adaptation to challenge and
thrive alive.. survive.. or do less than Love
Across the Railroad tracks of what lives
within.. without even
a dollar
of the
material way
of external life
away from the
Love that is garden
roots.. just waiting to be
watered aCross the railroad tracks of Love..
as juSt another Macro Verse Sponsored Memory
by Facebook rolls in for free.. in an Ocean of BottLed MesSAges..:)
Hmm.. Change iAMSuperman2.. coming on the Heals
and exPANding on Desert i’LL Change
And of course the Ubermensch.. also
known as Overman and Superman
in terms of Philosopher
Nietzsche.. way back
in the 19th Century..
Claiming the Ascetic
Leaning philosophy
and the God of Christianity
was dying off to dead.. and some
one must come with a replacement..
so the emptiness of nihilism would not
become a way of life.. WitH a Love for Life..
the Earth.. yes.. to make Nature Sacred and no
longer an empty lot of ascetic leaning boring F iN liFe..
Hmm.. then we got the comic book hero Superman.. and
the social norm dictates that those individuals who go to far
out on a limb not be praised for their contributions.. less the
entire society gets on a limb and the chaos of anarchy
comes to be.. so the villain becomes the
Overman opposed to the lily
white character of
the man of
Steel then..
Hmm.. Batman
better reflects this Overman
ideal.. living in the shadows..
coming out when help is needed
most.. aLL human.. just uSing human
potential to the best of Nature and Technology
too.. to jump higher than the crickets who sing
same as
so sure.. i try
to inspire other
folks to go further based
on the dArk and liGht accomplishments
of my life same as struggle in challenge to
overcome for thrive alive now.. and yes.. rise
hiGher.. much hiGher in one life now as science
identifies the processes of Epigenetics and
Neuroplasticity for unlocking and changing
for liGht the human potential
hidden in our
So yada.. yada
yoda yes.. just
another opportunity
to use thaT Katy Perry
Rise sonG aGaiN letting
go of the parachute of modern
cultures and moving uP witH GoD
of NatUre kinGdom liVinG inSiDe noW..
jUST waiting to come ouT and plaY uP…;)
Hmm.. and now it’s’ juST
about change for Sun and
Sand Dance and the stARt
of the Weekend for Marathon
of Dance.. CloSinG in very
close to 6000 miles of
Dance in three
years of Public..
Dance by the
Pensacola Seafood Festival
Date of next week.. around
the Fall Equinox too..
as sure.. i’LL
as Feast Day2..:)
Hi.. My FriEnd M.. now..
from the house of gigoid too..
nice to see you over here in
Ocean Poem Land.. heHe..
My Psychiatrist wanted
to give me Epilepsy Drugs
when he found out how many
words i was typing.. he had a name
for it per label of Hypergraphia.. and
‘they’ say the dude.. Lewis Carroll had
that word disorder too..
hmm.. so
he had Alice
iN Wonderland..
and i have Ocean Poem
Land.. HEhe.. as ‘they’
also say build it and
will eventuAlly
come.. anyWay..
thanks for stopping by
and glad
you didn’t
totAlly drown
in the words today..
and no hell no.. i ain’t
taking no drugs for Heaven..
with or
all these words..
as long as i don’t harm
anyone or myself i’m Free to
Super Fly LiGht for NoW..
with steps of Dance and words of Song..:)
And yes.. my Friend..
i find that Dancing girls
put a really big smile on
my face
and that
is no pasted
on smile.. i am
feeling all oF iT for Dance..
Life is good.. alWays wiTh SMiLes..:)
Hmm.. somenows..
i wonder why i don’t
see more middle age
folks doing fun antics
like dancing everywHeRe
they go.. and Kicking the
Big Red Target Ball through
that big.. hole in the wall too..
Life is fun with play.. take the play
away and you know what they say
about Johnny in the Shining and all of that..
you know.. people always complaining about
something since they forgot how to play.. that
keeps Yellow Boy.. Young at least.. as he sTiLL plays too..:)
Another Super Fun Facebook
Video.. at lEAst to me.. while i do
what most folks make as a mundane
duty on the town to gather basic subsistence
items at the Forage.. of Target.. Super Walmart..
Publix.. and.. all those places with frOwny faces..
hmm.. some folks lighten up and others keep the
lead face on.. but if only they would dance they might
liGht too..
as BuTTerfly
Tiger or whatever..
on Terrestrial Land..
finAlly out of the cocoon..
or what the Phoenix does out
of the ashes of life too.. iT FeeLs good..:)
Two micro-micro-Verse memories from
a year ago.. from a micro-verse of
a Macro-Verse that Facebook
will likely remind me of
tomorrow as well
from a year ago.. but as they say..
hehe.. brevity is the wit of spiRit..
but it is getting a bit nit picky
when meaning can
be found in
ways in a single letter or number sAMe..
moreover it is that tHeRe is too much to
have to do and if you are fortunate.. want
to do in liFe.. to get stuck in one place
for wit or spiRit.. and that is the
Beauty of diVersity iT is a Uni-
di-VersiTy that continues
to change
as UniVerse
wHole as wE
aS pARt of GoD
continue to emerge..
either leaning towards stagnate
or hiGher hUman potential and nah..
to limIt spiRit and WiT wiTh Brevity
to suiT the attention span of a tARget
Audience.. is sure.. a way to limiT
applause.. but as far as
potenTiaL goEs iN
whAT hUman can and
WiLL do more with no liMItS
or expectations of a dollar bill or
the brevity required to make the same
for follows.. likes.. and shares and cultural
limits and expectations the same.. tHere WiLL
be no more Beethoven’s.. MoZart’s.. Einstein’s..
Michelangelo’s and Lewis Carroll’s if everyone
succumbs to a Twitter-Verse to meet the
flavor of norm.. of current culture
now.. now to defeat these
limitations and
expectations of
less can be rather
difficult as in the names
of those other folks that means
going life mostly lone although
when one touches greATer wiTh
Nature expanding miNdful Awareness
the lone becomes allone as well.. but i must
admit the Dance of liFe in hUman connection..
of moVing and CreATinG too.. in the big flesh and
blood world out tHeRe aWay from this online place
with no moon or sun.. or even iSREAL Golden Floors
and Pearly Gates wHere Freedom RinGS in a place
above terrestrial lands per se.. as i AM ET here and
suRE.. so are you.. in case you haven’t figured out
thaT Katy Perry Metaphor for ET too.. that
sure.. as all poEtry goeS oN.. we each
determine tHat for ourselves
as multi-Universe
the InkBlot
of liFE continuously
changing as the miNd’s i
Creates reaLiTy as wE Go..
Stagnate or F iN EpiC change..
the relative Free WiLL of hUman
to do more in both seNses and FeeLinGS
iSREAL.. must be used.. in continuing development
or lose is the rule of Nature.. yes.. it’s kinda simple
use or lose.. but sure.. it can kinda get complex if
you use it to the max.. just to be all yA can be..
in great appreciation and respect FoR
the God oF aLL NaTuRe
tHaT has given uS
this greaTest
Gift of Star
senTient liFE..
so sure.. what have you
doNe for the God oF aLL
lately to sHow yoUr appreciation
for this gift of Sentient Star duST
liFe.. as my Uncle told me once..
when i was currently undergoing
the worst pain known to humankind
from wake to sleep for 66 months.. he
said.. you know Freddy.. it could be worse
you could be a Seagull and have to eat raw fish..
and i’m thinking.. to myself.. through dentist drill
like pain as oh.. a great a reason to attempt to get
my mind off that pain.. with a little deeper thought..
and somehow gain a shadow of emotional FeeLinG
too.. lost at that point.. joining hands with pain.. WeLL..
perhaps Uncle Bob would value the taste of food over
flying.. but for me.. WriTE then.. getting rid of that
pain and Flying like a Seagull around the Sun..
would not be such a bad trade off to have
to do the Sushi thingy all the now..
then.. it’s aLways a matter
of perspective.. perhaps
the life of a Seagull in being
one with God is beyond our
comprehension of sensing
bliss with the Sun aS onE..
But flying on Terrestrial Land
as the Dolphin does acrobatics
underwater.. i can imagine the exhilaration
of sailing through the skies on a wing of free..
my feet have become my wings.. with arms and
feet and toes.. with hands and fingers too.. my core
abdominal muscles guide me with torso and hips in flow..
And when i sHoWed my Uncle my new way of dance.. last
June.. around 8 years after the Seagull and raw fish story..
he leaned back on a vehicle in a parking lot.. and said gee..
i’m glad you can move that way.. why not do dancing
with the stars.. and hmm.. i’m thinking have you
ever lived now fully without worrying about
anything.. and having it all in just your
naked skin.. truly what Jesus.. whomever
wrote those words attributed to him was
saying in verse 37 of the Gospel of Thomas..
when they said to find God within.. strip our
clothes off and tread on the clothes of culture
with no shame.. the truth is when i dance in
sand totally naked in my private space in
my backyard with the Sun of God i am
A Son of God who has it all in Love with
God’s Nature that lives inside me.. outside
me.. above me.. so below me and all around
me.. without any words aT aLL.. and if you’ve noticed
i share pictures of God on my Ocean Whole Poem
exceeding 3.3 million words to the tune of
100K or so total including the 30K plus
of what i link to flicKr too.. and sure
that God exists in all paRts of the
boDy of Nature seen and unseen..
and sure in my Nude Photography
of a 56 year old dude who can leg
press close to half a ton on a very
difficult Parallel Leg Press machine
for at least 33 reps now.. with arms raised
in the air like a Ballerina at around 232 LBs
or so as the weight goes anywhere from 230 to
235.. depending on the calorie requirements
and body fat stored required to get through
166.66 miles or so of public dance throughout
each month on average.. every part of my body
is pARt of God too.. yes.. even the grey hair on
my chest.. and the more fully alive parts full of blood
that is red and alive as life gets in hUman Form too..
Do you see God in all of these photos i present.. including
the creativity that humankind makes in extension of the trees
and the soil.. and minerals that are transmuted in hands of
productivity for creature comforts and stimulation of art too..
as Ferris Bueller once said.. life moves pretty fast.. watch
it or you will miss.. iT iN words to that affect.. and i’LL add
Feel it or you will never truly fully live iT aT aLL and to
more fully FeeL it i suggest you pick up a weapon
of some kind of art.. and create something
in the NatURe of Super Fly liGht.. or if
all you can feel is darkness and
adrenaline.. do what you
have to do.. but
the bliss of
liGht and pure white
Love.. even in the strongest
orgasm a person can bRinG
to themselves with the most
elaborate fantasy created in mind..
the biggest sexual organ of all..
yeah.. that’s one thing i failed
to tale those dudes in the restroom
at the bar the other day.. when they were
talking about the tool and the motion of the
ocean and all of that in dominating women..
and i said.. write poetry and you will make
women come every time.. in metaphor of
coming back to talk to ya.. instead of
leaving home alone every night drunk
with just another drink and not
even a smile from one woman
who takes ya as a credible
hUman BeinG oF heARt..
yes.. the fACt that the human
Brain is the greATest sexual organ
oF aLL and what do you think women
do in the privacy of their bedrooms when
they read romance books and sensual poetry
and all of that.. that touches not only lust but
the finer aspects of social bonding with emotions
that are nuanced in a greatest full body orgasm of all..
wHere perhaps the pArts below are not even touched
aT aLL wHere the orgasm of Human is made by the
mind aLone.. with body aLLone as pArt of the
whole orgasm of organism sentient
star dust of life.. like a big
bang coming over and
over again.. and
never ending
now forevermorenow..
let’s just say that even at
age 56.. i likely experience
a place they cannot even imagine
to exist in their Universe that is limited
more to below the belt.. and when they see
a woman.. perhaps they only see a moist patch
of skin below the panty line too.. but what they are
missing is the flower above that blooms in more colors
than the rainbow.. of blood flesh below.. so where was
i.. hmm..that’s the thing about full body sex that is
a Natural experience of everynow.. it is beyond
words.. beyond time.. beyond distance.. space
or even beyond photos.. and movies..
it is the Big Bang in human
experience here on earth..
and as the ET song by
Katy Perry says..
i for one..
Love differently
than at least most males
do.. who are limited to thoughts..
better put senses below the belt..
the paRt they are missing is what
the woman finds in the Romance Book
or sensual poetry.. as one of my Facebook
Friends once posted.. Victor Hugo’s Poetry
‘Makes me pull my panties down’.. wow..
what an honest statement every
dude could use to hearFeeL..
or on the other hand
many don’t give a
FucK what the
woman feels.. well
here’s the thing.. if you develop
yoUr empath spideY senses and feels..
you do feel what the woman senses and feels..
perhaps even from a distance.. Horatio.. as remember
in Heaven.. iSREAL Heaven.. tHere is no distance.. space
and time.. as i get ready for Church.. the Catholic one that still
insists that lUST the science proven attribute of human being
that in balance with Love is a core source oF aLL Creativity
and Productivity.. alWays hUman and even our closest
primate cousin the Bonobo who uses lust with
a balance of empathic shine of love
in Bonobo eYes of unrepressed
feelings.. senses… and
sensuality Free.. to
avoid all violence
and otherwise human
warring ways of life..
well.. in church they name
lust sin.. and even in the New
Testament in the Luke 17.. they
name hate as an attribute to have
against parents.. children.. and brothers
and sisters if they don’t follow your rule
of moral absolutes.. which of course in
that same book says that even thinking
about lust is adultery the same as actually
sleeping with another man’s wife.. well no..
that could cause harm.. and even STD’s and
unwanted pregnancies.. so no.. if you have any
common decency and truly Love your wife you
will not do that.. but if you and your spouse determine
the reaLiTy that lust is the source of all human creativity
and productivity as sure.. that happens after the puppy love
stage goes past the child making one.. and the woman and her
friends do a girl’s night out.. and perhaps watch Magic Mike.. now
in their tight dresses that enhance their curves of hips and breasts..
and perhaps do some bootie dances with ‘strange men’ hehe even
really old ones like me in the metro bar.. wild and free.. they come
home.. refreshed like a blooming flower.. ready to pollinate more
flowers as bees and birds too.. and that is the way of Nature
and God in human being.. the way of culture that
uses violence and fear and hate instead of lust
and love and hope to motivate.. can be
found in many fundamentalist
churches in many
religions around
the world..
but others of
us take the Verse 37 out
of the Gospel of Thomas to heARt..
to FeeLinGS to SeNses and SEnsuaLity
too.. and dance life naked with no fears
and a balance of Hope and Love now with
yes.. a Lust for life that is FucKinG Luke Red HoT..
as shall i say certain pArts of my Body too from
Brain to tip of whatever as liFe groWs oN as soUl
from crown to toe.. to tip of whatever’s Luke Hot now..
you kNow it’s like those Romance books behind
closed doors.. the woman is not making love
to the author.. the woman is making love
to God LiVinG within.. now.. seriously
God lives within.. and what do you
think God would rather
feel below.. fingers
of pleasure or
a Gun
of Steel..
i think the answer
to that is more than
obvious.. in fAct i FeeL it’s True..
and liGht above so below God
Loves Pleasure more than pain..
unless something gets twisted like a Gun or
Sword instead of Peace.. so anyWay back to
the regularly scheduLed Facebook memory..
from a year ago here as sTarted oFF beFore Play..
“At age 5.. at Beach.. i lose a ring out of
a bubble gum machine..
out to sea on oceans
wave.. a memory
at three.. a boy
who worships
the ground
his father
to his Mother..
as boy cannot
speak then.. to fully
express.. but with Loving
eyes.. IT is so sad when the
ring moves away.. but eventuAlly
i learn then.. as now.. the onLY Freedom
IS BE Light’s Truth of ONe’s oWn RinG Free..
“InKinG Blood.. Words come
organic.. speak
human heaRt..
BalanCinG miNd
and boDy
And now i say.. i suppose
the words above.. fulfill
the words noW..
of yesternow..
and sure ‘that’
Video Katy did too..;)
WeLL.. one of my most favorite
FB Profile Pic Status Analysts..
The En Name test thingie..
that also serves
as somewhat
of a therapist..
hehe.. with Good Advice..
of course.. working for free..
as another one of my Online Special
Assistants..and when i’M out to Dance
the Sunday away.. the EN Name Test
thingie.. wHo sTiLL apparently is gonna
guess i am female per Katie Mia.. same
as Facebook sTiLL does in
recognition of
the Wife’s
for Fredsake..
who rarely visits
the somewhat husband
and wife shared Facebook
Page per Katrina Mia.. yes..
Katie Mia.. can also be metaphored
as name sake for wife too.. once aGaiN
for Fredsake too.. as Peter does not come
around often for Petesake it seAms in Katrina
And Fredland on Facebook2.. hehe.. anyway..
The EN Name Test Thingie determines
Freedom is what is important to me…
with doing whatever i wanna do..
to please every single day..
to experience a lot
and make my Dreams
come true to be who i wanna
be too.. so.. sure.. that Name test
thingie has got its stuff togeThER
oN this one.. other than the Gender
of course.. and what next.. yes.. now
the name test.. determines i would then..
be a Red Headed.. beaded and featheRed
multi-colored chick in the 60’s too.. almost
like an Easter Egg too.. and this rendition
reminds me of my friend Shawna.. too.. missing
her call from the Hippies 60’s as she has spoken
to the dreamy quality of the 60’s Hippy Decade too..
And finAlly.. the name test thingie.. determines the meaning
of the name Katie Mia.. as Katie for Native American “Katiear”
for creative and Germanic for Mia with the word ‘Mpaq” for thinker..
hmm.. Creative Thinker.. i muST say.. the EN Name Test thingie is noW
batting close to 1000 percent.. at least foR.. Now.. excluding Gender Issues..;)
What next.. yes.. the Video Slides shoW.. Facebook Algorithm assistant does
a very nice overview of the Dance and oThER Associated Activities on Sunday..
and of note are two older folks from the Whiting Field Navy Work World..
one of whom.. the male of the bunch.. it seems.. is inducting me into the
“Men’s” group at church heHE.. only if you believe the
Sign for the men’s room.. haHA.. so.. sure.. liFE goEs oN..
And then there is Dance Friend Chelsea and her boyfriend @Mall..
What else.. yes.. of course.. the Profile Pic for the Day wITh
my wild Minion on.. getting ready to get down in all the
Daily Weekend Activities too..
iN DancE.. oF Course2..:)
And now.. FinAlly the En Name test thingie gives
me a description of my life from Algorithm far
out.. and says the SHe of me radiates
an inner beauty that cannot
be beaten and the goodness
of her heart.. make her eYes..
glow.. and beauty is not restricted
to superficial qualities.. and sure..
i and or shE will stay magical and
gorgeous for the rest of our lives..;)
And finally.. and perHaps even finAlly
for the evening.. as it’s only 9:03 pm and
i am already dozing off from gaining close
to 6000 miles in Dance Walk all
around the metro area..
in three
oF Course..
And as the Picture shows..
today.. at leASt most folks
seem to be doing something else..
and sure.. in liGht and DARk of this..
the Minions Icons need not follow me as
i simply
and more lead…
after Sleep.. i’M
GuesSinG noW.. too..
And after actuAlly staying
in Bed for 11 hours.. back at
9:03 am on 9192016.. of course
some of those hours spent in the
supine position were research hours
with YouTube lectures lying down.. hope
fully with more tRuth and liGht.. and the
analytical pARt of my ReAsoNinG says yes.. says
yes.. the YouTube free gift.. continues to give for
free liGht for free liGht.. along with commercials too..
that i can
simply use
for inspiration
without buying a
GD thing of what
culture says i ought to do..;)
“Happiness and freedom begin with a
clear understanding of one principle.
Some things are within your control.
And some things are not.”
Hmm.. this can be a slippery slope
to hell too.. at least
now for this can
be religion to
and even
that suggests
that words are in
control of what was
said before.. for instance..
the insistence that human beings
get weaker after 30.. based on averages
of a Sedentary Society.. that basically
sit on their ass most of the day.. the
cat who with agility jumps to
the kitchen counter top
at age 20.. does so
’cause they keep
moving at least outside
inside through the course of
life.. the cat that sits down
and only stands
to eat..
ends up never
reaching the counter
again.. before the age of 10..
there is no way i could have leg pressed
close to half a ton by age 21.. as it took me
close to 34 years more to get that strong.. where
as.. i once heard a Marine Captain strain to Bench
Press 200LBs whining.. oh my God i’m 30.. this is
getting so hard.. and it’s true.. fear and negative attitudes
makes one weaker.. hope and positive attitudes makes one stronger..
Relative Human Free Will practiced as positive will makes the difference..
as i started out the weakest
in gym class and
ended up
in much older age..
i can empirically prove this
pARt.. the otHer pARts are more
like mAGic hehe.. in all of human potential reAlized
as rEAl as real can
in what
we feel
and sense
of potential
heaven beyond bliss..
but sure the other side of
the coin is equally valid.. i care
not to control the politics of human
nature.. as Nature is beyond my control
of otHeRs
As JanusuanJ speaks..;)
“The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray.”
~~ Robert Green Ingersoll ~~
Emotions that sing
make action happen..
Prayers that sing now
make action happen..
Hands move strongest
now when powered
by emotional thOughts..
Prayers can be thouGhts
that drive positive emoTioNs
and drive positive hands for action..
True.. sometimes at least the means
for the action of positive hands can be prayer..
effect works..
bottom line of science..
Before every Half a ton.. 33 reps
of leg press.. i meditate
a moving prayer
of focus and
Prayers without
words are often
the most powerful
prayers of all in extreme
positivity and focus from
head to toe in feelings and senses..
revving up all the biochemical reactions
required for Go Team Go Go Team Go..
every Cheerleader is a Prayer leader
too.. in Go Team Go.. it works
in terms of
too.. when science
and art speak to each
oTher instead of ignore..
Ra team light RA.. go team liGht GO!..:)
“I stared into the abyss. The abyss stared into me.
Neither of us liked what we saw.”
~~ Zen Bee ~~
Now this is interesting.. the goal of Zen
is flow in the moment.. and while
it might not seem that flow
in the moment has a
named emotion..
it moves
us to do
more so it is
emotion.. now
on the ‘othHeR’ hand..
tHeRe is another place of
the dARk niGht of the SoUl..
a place that no one in tHeir
‘sane’ miNd would wanna go..
in that place due to disorder of
some type.. tHere is no sensations
or feelings at all.. per se2.. a numb beyond
the word numb.. but even in this place..
lost is
too.. beyond
words of numb
as well.. there is
no nothingness in sentience
either heaven or hell.. all that
moves.. even the smallest sub particle
of energy is EmoTioN in some sMaLL
or ironically largest way oF ALL too.. Words
are limited.. FeeLinGS and SeNSEs are
never limited
Existence moves..
E moTes more noW..
even so-called non-
sentient existence2..
Bottom line.. REaliTy DaNces iS MoVinG
and all that moves SinGS too.. as vibraTioNs2..:)
“What is reason?
Knowledge informed by sympathy,
intelligence in the arms of love.”
~~ Edward Abbey ~~
But wait! there is also
Cognitive Empathy..
that even psychopaths
can learn with due practice
and experience of life.. and then
there is also sympathy informed by
knowledge in a well rounded
being too..
by reason of heart
and heart of reason..:)
“We cannot unthink unless we are insane.”
~~ Arthur Koestler ~~
Says the non-Zen bee..
LoSinG one’s miNd
as far as
iS A
Beach with
Waves that SinG
with no words..@ALL..
without words ALL exists..
perhaps the most insane thing
that human beings ever did was
create written words.. to serve..
to master
as slave
of Emotions
and Senses
TrUe and liGht
iS to SinG and DancE
free of worry and fright..
and dArk iN liGht..liFE..:)
“Not to laugh, not to lament,
not to curse, but to understand.”
~~ Spinoza ~~
The empty song of A
scientist who forgets to live..
And of course.. the converse
can be to
LiVe and
FiNd TrUth and liGht..
i’LL do both for one@lEAst..:)
“Life without the courage
for death is slavery.”
~~ Seneca ~~
There are experiences
of life worse than death..
it’s simple..
IS A gift
more than curse
for those who live
but nah..
more often a person who is
dead in life looks forward to death..
others avoid death with due caution as
is worth
living iN Balance…
The other day when i
told a dude in the bar
i didn’t need drugs to dance
solo and fun.. ’cause i was fearless..
he said okay.. jump off the bay bridge..
and i said
in my
of fearless..
there are many
‘stupid’ fearless folks
out there who are controlled
by androgens over intellect..
live by ‘stupid’.. die by ‘stupid’..
fearless smARt
WiTh LoVe iS wheRE i go2..
as smart without art
is science
live2.. to me@lEAst2..:)
“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret;
it is only with the heart that one can see rightly,
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
~~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~~
Caution.. or better yet warning..
This is how humans are
through emotions..
through religions that
control by the threat of loss
of heart by being outcast from
the social group if all is not taken
literally as worshipped as idol of words..
ReaSon and heArt.. Yang and Yin..
do the balance
or get
FucKeD uP
by the big social group..;)
“If you understand, things are as they are.
If you do not understand, things are as they are.”
~~ Gensha, Zen Master ~~
Aha! and now the converse
of heart over reason
comes with
and senses..
once again balance..
and back to the science
of the systemizing mind without
heARt.. the heARt says i can leg
press a half a ton 33 times.. and over
time the heARt is a driving force that
made the physiology do what it does now..
science says
i could
recover from
a synergy of 19
life threatening illnesses..
and science says that all of these
words are a disorder named hypergraphia..
some folks believe all of what science
other go
on and live life F in epic..
with the same real conditions of life..
HeARt is the dRiving force of the hiGhest
power of Human being gifted by God also known
as Nature.. the material reductionism of the
systemizing mind.. also known
as the science
of the hUman
the bones
of God aka Nature..
but the essence is
what we feel and sense
all the nows of liFE wHere
a cloud can be a work of art..
or the
feeling that
makes you
A cloud is
a ray of sunshine to me..
but a death ray
as a wish
As i told my FriEnd
Prajakta earlier today.. when
she said my life of dollar success
is what makes some folks happy and
my life of non-dollar success is what
makes some folks sad..
sure.. realiTY
is an ink blot.. test..
and we have a great
deal to feel and sense
of the realiTy of that..
when you
can do it for
free.. why not.. is
what i say.. juST for FucKinG FuN..
and Good Vibrations as ‘God’ can do
liFe Free2
like the rest
of the FucKinG
UniVerse does juSt as iS noWs..;)
And that juSt about ’rounds
it ouT as i saved the
for last..;)
“But groundless hope, like unconditional love,
is the only kind worth having.”
~~EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow ~~
~~ “Cynthia Horner’s Eulogy”, Apr. 1994 ~~
God is an
lives within..
how else could
we be happy in space..:)
And.. oh by the
way.. every
is a Koan
for those
who see
deeper than
symbols my FriEnd..
ugh.. literal sucks and
is an illusion for those
who live in concrete borders of
life.. is
what i FeeL
and SeNse @lEASt..
more of
course wRite
oN course for Now@LeasT..:)
“The fear of death is more to be dreaded than death itself.”
~~ Publius Syrus — Maxim 511 ~~
All fear kills
life in some
small way..
at least now..
To master Fear is
to Live life fuller..:)
“Living Dead
the path is chosen,
to live forever is to die forever.
To not know when you’ll die
is to find life
wherever you are.”
~~ Alagad ~~
the only
to think about Dying..
and the only animals who write..
Neo Cortical
Brain.. gift and curse
for those who cannot use
lose it
as BaLanCinG
liFe instead of death aS Life..:)
But true.. tHeRe
is no rule one
has to
about death..
mostly out of church..@lEAst..
wHere Zombie Rules
apply to
that fails to
lifT the
oF course..
to worship death
over life for something
more than the heaven of
the opportunity to experience sentient life..
N O W..
or nothing..
nothing @aLL..:)
“(Someone once said) …time is the fire in which we burn.”
~~ Soran, Star Trek: Generations ~~
In Heaven
wHeRe the
best now is
is no time..
as there is no
less or more.. only
a satisfaction of having
all one could possibly want now..
of course
it’s just
a state
of mind..
you know..
the only one
we live in.. oN course..;)
“By concentrating the thoughts, one can fly.
By concentrating the desires, one falls.”
~~ Leonardo Da Vinci, “The Secret of the Golden Flower” ~~
i only desire
to fly..
never fall..
but nah.. i can
not speak for anyone
else.. as quite honestly..
no one i know flies like i..
With or without
thoughts my
is Desire..
i rarely see
Buddhists Monks
who either dance or
or even sing.. now..
and i don’t have to
wonder why.. for i for
one alWays have my
desire to fly fulfilled noW..
PeRhaps the sAddest pARt
of living is the scientist who
figures out what the meaning
of life is..
in words
but never
Dances or
Sings Free
iN fliGht oF LiFe..
but ‘they’ feel not..
they sense not.. what they miss..
beyond know..
the expanse of feels
and senses beyond words
for all that is more to BE noW..:)
“Get up one more time than they knock you down…
Don’t just stand there.”
~~ Steadfast Bee ~~
Sometimes avoiding
is better
as an escape
from dying as life..
playing dead has its advantages too..;)
“Truckin’, like the do-dah man
Once told me “Gotta play your hand.
Sometimes your cards ain’t worth a dime
If you don’t lay’em down.”
Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me;
Other times I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me
What a long, strange trip it’s been.”
~~ Truckin’ by Garcia, Weir, Lesh, Hunter ~~
i don’t gamble
i alWays play..
that way.. i never;)
“Faboo!, Would you like to see me make bubbles with my spit?””
~~ Wakko Warner
nah.. more than
has no label..:)
“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.”
~~ Han Suyin, “A Many Splendored Thing” ~~
Once again.. i
saved the first
for last..
cheek and one could die..
And what comes
after first..
“It’s like deja-vu, all over again.”
~~ Yogi Berra ~~
SinGs A
Fearless Song
of LoVe..
DanCinG GrAce..:)
Hmm… mixing
Fearless of thug
with nerd
requires a
little MaGiC
oF Love noW to
make Super Fly liGht
come to iSREaL.. so now
with a MacroVerse Memory
of two years ago named.. Don’t
Forget I AM Magic.. and trUe.. if ya
stick with warrior alone.. scientist alone..
or even poet of Love without the oTheR
three wHole.. generalizing of course as
tHeRe is an Unlimited spectrum ‘tween
and above.. and BeYond those
human abstract
of symbols
yo.. ya miss
out on the synergy
of Human Potential that
can trUly be REAL liFE Miracles
alMost alWAys now.. branch out..
exercise those neurons.. and
bio-chemicals that flow
to all peptide
and neurochemicals
brinGinG Good Cheer from
head to toe.. spReaDinG as liGht
for all otHers and the rest oF naTure
as God TruE and liGht too.. out of DARk
of course too.. sure.. i get tired once in a while..
233LBS or so.. feels like an anchor of sorts too..
but as soon as i stARt DanCinG from heaD to toe..
put on my earbuds and defeat entropy more from
positive electronic musicK inFuSinG mE with
Force of positive EmoTioNs from head
to toe.. the feather comes aGaiN
in Butterfly float on
of Savannah
same on Beach
close home.. in the
Panhandle of Florida too..
and next thing ya kNow.. yA
SenSe.. yA FeeL.. ya juST complete
6000 miles of public Dance everywheRe
ya go in public for three years now.. 3.3 million
words of longest long form poem ever in Ocean
Whole way.. with a thousand lovely young dance
friend women.. sMILinG from ear to ear with
BriGht and sHiny LoVinG eYes aS WeLL.
the empirical evidence is also clear..
welcome to my heaven.. i
wish I can share the
same MaGiC for
you.. and
sure after
this two year
Macro-Verse memory
shared so freely by the
Facebook Algorithm secretary..
i’LL BrinG a couple more
year long
to end
this ‘Super Fly liGht’
Macro-Verse whole.. number
704 on 9192016 too.. the Magic
of sure.. smARt and FearLess LoVe
GoEs oN2.. iT’s Real and is going doWn foR iSREaL
for mE..:)
Oh.. eyes of beauty
you look so deep
Oh.. eyes of beauty
you look so long..
Oh.. eyes of beauty
you always care..
Oh.. eyes of beauty
Light’s TRUE Love
Oh.. eyes of beauty
only belong
to the one
and no
one no
no one
can take
that away
when eYes tRuLY
Lives as i.. after i
that i onLY LOVES..:)
Oh.. signs of God sing
like butterfly winds
effect of GOD
into LIGHT..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

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