wE ComE DowN FroM thE BeacH2

Dance Shirt
says with Dancing
Bar Parking lot Girls..
ON THE INTERNET”.. guess it depends..
and Katrina couldn’t make a decision on it..
hmm.. yeah..
guess it depends
on what one even thinks
iS interesting.. today..
and haha! looks
like the girls
are posing
with a flesh
and blood statue
in the paRk under
moonlit niGht so FReED..
And hehe.. i tOld them and
their African American friends
standing behind them that i would
eventually make them noteworthy
in the LonGesT Form Poem ‘eva that
WiLL be pArt of this too.. sTArTinG
the 676th unnamed Macro Verse
as of
Now WRiTe
On course oF Course..;)
SMiLes.. LiFe is fascinating ThaT’s for sure..
and Love the quotes above that i WiLL
paraphrase again.. from penniewoodfall
on the paths and overall journey oF liFE
and yes i agree.. intellect only in terms
of mechanical cognition from
head up dead below.. inside..
outside.. and above.. overall
all around as EmoTioNs Flow
through the body from head to toe
and all around that in mirror neuron
and other yet to be assessed FLoWs or
not in or out oF ZonE.. yes.. almost impossible
to describe when more fully employed without poetic
words of more than science as intellectualism alone..
the balance as in all stuff use or lose is required to get
a larger job dONe of potential intelligences less used or
not used at all.. as is the case in Emotional and Physical
intelligence joining mind and body in regulation of Emotions
and Integration of Senses through Moving.. Connecting and
Creating more whole as human being.. and true the Chi iS
hard to put in words but what it does.. when emoTioNs are
more fully realized and balanced along with sensory
integration is dissolve tension.. increase positive
feeling and sensing memories of all peptide
receptors of almost infinite connections
between neurons and each cell
of connection all around us
within and in how we
connect through
others through EmoTioNs
and Senses.. all four hundred and
twelve+.. assessed and many more
than five.. respectively.. again.. as science
shows EmoTioNs drive reaSon.. without them..
as science shows too.. picking out socks is too
much to strain the logic of decision making real..
And to rarely water the garden of EmoTioNs and only
live in head of intellectual mechanical cognition reasoning
withers away the pipe oF Emotional Intelligence or don’t start
it at all for reasons such as abuse or neglect in childhood and
folks have great difficulty in cognitive executive functioning through
life in terms of focus and short term working memory.. interestingly..
A hallmark of autism.. and even more interesting.. is according to
informal polls on the largest free for all website for Autistic
leaning folks.. the Wrong Planet.. out of thousands of
informal poll assessments.. personality tests
said 95% Introverted over Extroverted
with biggest numbers in INTJ
ways of being in Thinking
and Judging the world
in mechanical cognition
mind over Feeling and
Perceiving it now..
and of course
most could
not find their
F iN way out of a paper
bag per the stereotype of
book worms.. and yes as science
shows now too.. there is a great reason
for this that IS A lack of physical and emotional
intelligence.. the most important intelligences over standard
IQ that does not even measure them for overall social animal
survival in the wild kingdom.. problem is we no longer live in the
wild kingdom.. we live in the concrete jungle.. mostly.. of spoon
fed instructions and plans to make us whatever cog in the
machine others make for us.. in the soup of
the city.. the town.. and more rarely
now the small village
where Norm of Cheers
iS everyone knows and
TOO.. anyway.. 18 years of school now required
to get us through the rest of liFE.. and when FREE.. good
deal iN ways of using Intellect and reason to get us through
but without physical and emotional intelligence.. the core of
all Cognitive Executive Functioning and reason in mastery
of emotions regulated and senses integrated.. chaos
becomes the self.. and much slow burn is reaLITy
dim iN stress.. misery.. and stuff like a third
of United States Children now
assessed as pre-diabetic..
at school age.. close to
50 percent of the population
on some kind of pain medication
in adult way.. and often for the vague
somatic pains of headaches and stomach
aches that are a result of chronic stress and
tension.. in overall body pain.. as non regulated
emotions and non-integrated senses express as
pain in the human body as the body keeps score
oF all human experience no different than the so
called mind uptight in head case that is missing
the friend of Emotional and physical intelligence..
anyway.. i do have good reaSon to bElieve
as i have systemized the human heARt..
SpiRit.. and SoUl.. as art as well
to make it a balance
of science too..
that i can
measure in terms
of output IN creativity..
and happiness too.. and
even healing properties of
a fairly older dude now at 56
who can make pain and stiffness disappear
at will with just a few twirls of arms and memory
of all my cells of pleasure.. my friend.. as the Chi
as expressed in the science of Tai-Chi that i do
not practice as i go by internal guidelines along
with my abstract constructs to get my own job done..
as inner instruction with of course
‘a little help’
from my friends..
as i dismiss no opinion
as retarded as it is the so-called
retarded folks with IQ’s less than 70
in my liFe who helped me realize the
most important of intelligences in
Emotional and physical
way that i was missing
as i simply wasn’t
using those
and my friends
with less than stellar
IQ.. including the Athletes
and drama queens in school
and still play now.. were miles away
from me in the other stellar intelligence
in Emotional and Physical way that makes
liFe balanced as whole AND FucKinG Worth Living
WHAT I BELIEVE IN IS FucKinG real and empirically
as bottom
line HAPPY..
pennywoodfall and give yOUr
daughter a SMiLe from me too..
’cause in this world sHe WiLL dam
sure need all the SMiLes that can
and WiLL come to get heR
through to the
end WiTh
the last
Smile of the
Love she gave that
makes the whole FucKinG
shooting match a beach
yeah.. my FriEnd..
LiFE’s a BEach
once we find more
oF iT and use iT
LoSinG iT
while heRe..
sure the heaven
now metaphor IS
ra EL as IS re ALL
when one liVes tHeir
BUT HA! try to explain that to
someone who is owned by
than a tree
as trust me tHeir
is no maGiC greater
than magic with a K..
and sure i lEarned thAt
iN pArt from iN Form
the then ‘Wickedest
Man of the World2’ iN
too.. but the real
deal too.. iN the
science of lust and Love
i N B A L A N C e N o W..
bottom line..
Thanks my
friEnd for the
after Thursday
night dance inspiration
in way of Word press
N o T i F i C a T i oN..;)
pennywoodfall says..
I won’t charge
And i say..
You already
Did in terms
ENergy.. As
My hands
Are reAlly
Of Force
In Pose
Too.. alWays
Ready for the
Next charge
My dear
sayS iN
Your energy makes me *grin*
molecules inside/ outside the
across the universe! Thank You..;)
And finAlly
i say..
For whole eras it was the dream of the
commoner that the sage would
come down from the
mountain.. out of the
cave/desert or from beneath
the tree or off the Beach..
to share the answers
to the problems
of life in ways
away from
misery and
suffeRinG noW..
WeLL.. it’s happened..
Pandoras Box oF HeaLinG
iSREaL and iT can be found
online through tons and tons of
references and sources in Search
of text and video/music/vocal
Google and YouTube ways
for practicAlly Free and
wow what a human
as whole
this iS..
for those oF
uS who remember the
dArK ages.. relatively speakinG..
of only card catalogs and censorship
of the racier trUth and liGhts of liFE then..
anyway.. perfect opportunity in practice like
no other era for folks from last to first to
share all of what they kNow.. FeeL
and SeNsE about what this
thing namED
LiFe iN Existential
Intelligence iS from
head to toe.. above.. so
below.. inside.. outside
and all around
SO.. ONCE again i
say.. so sure this is juSt
for fUn for mE.. as i’Ve found
the answers i need IN PRACTICE
AND NIRVANA NOW.. in giving
sharing ways of DancE and SonG..
both verbal and recorded relatively
forever in human server
terms oF ReaL
NoW too..
all the science..
all the beauty..
all the wisdom i share
for FReED.. as I’Ve been to
hell to heaven and seen both
sides now.. but i am no one and
everyone same in the New World Bible
of the Internet Age.. as no voice is too small
or too quiet not to be heard in Internet days
of Freedom oF eXpreSsioN NOW.. so
ThErE IS no rush.. no stress
of anything i do or say..
tHeiR is endless back-up
of all my metaphors of Wisdom
that have been done or danced
in other ways too.. Like Tai-Chi..
Like The Golden Rule of Jesus
that is just a rehash of what
Buddha said.. along with
Love your enemy..
in balance
and don’t
lust too
much too..
and Dr. Ruth already
Dispelled the myths of
sex and lust overall as nothing
less than gift long long ago..
and even science
now in the
of lust and love
balance proves in empirical
evidence that lust IS A source
of human creativity and social
cooperation too.. and of course our
closest non-violent cousins.. the Bonobo
show this to be true without a doubt with
tHeir free expressing no hold barred.. even
in sexual
too.. for Primate
Peace.. Social Cooperation
and overall subsistence gaining
activity for basic survival now..
problem is.. many folks
believe that hope..
faith and belief
is taking the
words of others
in a book of before
as Gospel truth.. where
a humble leaning Yogi/Buddha-like
dude as teacher Jesus can be elevated
and promoted to soldier God of the Universe
by the Roman Empire and likes of Emperor Constantine
and his Catholic Cohorts in Century number four well
after the first oral words of Jesus.. were jotted down
as text.. some 40 years after his death then..
and anyone who knows and sees
the parable of the round table
discussion kNows good and
god dam well what
happens to A
where blue turtles
become yellow submarines
and Walruses after two or three
spins around the oral connecting
of round table discussion in a matter
of 30 minutes or so.. sorry folks.. i ain’t
swallowing the snake oil salesman whole
for your promise of heaven after the dirt
nap when i have already empirically
proven in case study way in
my own life that
it happens Now
for those who
seek the
answers for
iT.. find them and
practice them always
now as addressed more fully
in my paragraph whole back
to pennywoodfall.. as
addressed earlier
in both Facebook
and blog way..
these are the same
Kind of so-called celibate
Catholic Cohorts who along
with the higher ups today covered
up a disgusting perversion of pedophilia
for centuries long gone.. arising with multi
media now unfolding still as such.. but of course
when the rules say you lay 9 year old girls with
a payment for marriage.. 12 or 23 or more too
as institutionalized rape as marriage
in non-consenual approving
deep down way..
the tip of the
iceberg per
say.. is wide
open sTiLL iN sin of
taking away the WiLL
of freedom in basic human
reproductive rights aWay and
sOld to the next higher bidder
of human freedoms covered
up now too.. so yes.. while the
answers are clearly plain to see
for those with open minds unafraid
of change.. the true apocalypse in
original Greek Way of lifting the Veil
oF ignorance is well over due and in
online progress now of the global hands
of Truth and liGht in Freedom of a New
age of the Truth WiLL set ya Free with
hUman relative free WiLL in the escape
from lies of the past.. for patriarchal
domination in controlling
reproductive freedoms..
for all the ‘young’ wives
ya can buy.. and do
the wild thing with
in perverted
way of
arriving girls
too.. so yes.. there
is much.. much.. much more
work to do to get the human healing
and salvation from misery and suffering
trUth and liGht out tHeRe around the world
and sure Trojan Horses.. reAlly big ones
that WiLL eventually gain attention
as really big and new
not done stuff
before.. WiLL
continue to be necessary
like what i am doing here.. as
in many countries.. YouTube greater
truths are still censored in the way of
websites with greater trUths and liGhts
too.. so to play the game of God to Free
God’s Children in greater trUths and liGhts
takes the clever fox and Ninja’s among
uS to juST
gEt the
F iN
Been to hell already..
iN Heaven now.. and human
altruism as gifted by God oF Nature
FReED iN i so liGht and TrUe.. says
Fred jUst continue to get the
job done and the
karma of Joy
iS in the
kNow of
FuLLy FreeinG
Love and Relative
Free WiLL iN my brothers
and sisters all named as FriEnds
oF Y i.. aLL hUman BeinGS now..
wHere folks like Yellow Boy
are lucky as the veil
of modern cultures
and religions
do not cover
his eYes of bliss
in HeaVen Now.. the
way God of nature makes
it noW.. in rest and peace
away from the FiGht and FliGht
for basic subsistence and Survival..
sadly human beings have made happiness
into a labyrinth of complicated words and
doing to even get a drink of water.. and
a meal.. and some Loving
Human tender
Naked touch..
but they’ve shot
themselves in the foot..
and there are some folks
out there who are willing to
help them take the biggest thorn
that is the camel through the eye
of needle
that can be
human hell now
in tHeir dimension oF it
away from the other
way oF
Heaven NoW..
so sure..
‘wE cAMe
Down From the Mountain2’..
you may not welcome ‘WE’
but we are here to hELp ‘YOU’..
and iF nothing else that WiLL
make a somewhat catchy
phrase as titleD for tHis
676th Macro
Verse noW
Of ‘SonG
oF mY soUL’ wHole
shared approaching
sTiLL 4 million words
oF Super Epic Long
Form Poem whole
as Trojan
Horse as
iN my
case from
the Beach instead
oF Mountain HiGh..:)
Ah.. Facebook Memories..
per Long Form Poem..
Macro Verse Blog
post way.. wRite oN
course.. oF coUrse..
iN SynChroniCiTy’s
ToWn oF BEinG
God’s Art
oF NatUre..
iN TapesTrY…
Now.. juSt..
HaHa!.. and sPeaKinG
directly on topic
oF Synchronicity..
perhaps my Shortest..
Macro Verse oF aLL..
aT 33 words..
and just
one video..
that the text
thumbnails.. in Facebook
way almost tale the entire..
story with no need to
A desire to own..
perhaps the greatest
reality of human suffering
and misery now..
The desire to give..
to share.. the natural
order of the
primate iN
Kind and Loving
Touch as attached
to Mother’s Breast
for years
of rubber
nipples that
have no affective
empathy to share iN
the LoVinG Touch oF LiFe..
watching folks
manicure their
cars yesterday.. shining
every dust away.. reminded me
of me.. all those years.. i waxed the
shine eternally on Maverick.. To Escort..
To Cavalier.. To Camaro.. To Passport
and now finally
here.. at Civic..
wHere i treasUre everY
nick of parked scratch with
my win over ownership life..
finAlly set free in the animal..
plant.. world again.. iN Sands
oF NatUre FReED.. and around my
home.. strangely.. like i have never seen
anyone else’s aluminum siding do around
the top.. the baked paint in a cold winter’s
day decided to flake off.. the Winter i got WeLL..
but the house i built in 1993.. after living so poor
for so many years in nothing i owned then.. did become
a place oF Temple to worship as structure more than the
Temple of Nature aka God AM i in so much more oF Sacred
and Holy potential from head to toe.. fAct is.. one selfie of ‘that
girl’ who perceives the beauty of her face as energy.. and power
to share.. in non-verbal way.. is greater than building ever made..
as those EmoTioNs of Face generate EmoTions in others and
thaT iS human emPowERinG Energy at core.. of course
with all the birds and bees attractions to
stimulate creativity.. and
social cooperation
that go along
the feathers
and SonG
of BuZZ that
the Birds and Bees
make when plaYinG Free..
seriously it’s about time.. NO.. iT’s
about now that the stored gold and
grain and temple structures are valued
less that the FucKinG hUman Face..
and to art iT real is better than
to make the car the
Lover or the
home the
God… than yes
thou art God noW..
Let’s Do LiFe real
to paraphrase a lunch.. a
cup of coffee.. or a beer for tears..
i do lunch but coffee and beer is out
of the question for a nuclear reactor
come real.. come now.. as hUman BeinG
but i had to work to make that eNergy ReaL
from head to toe.. as tHere is no rest in LiFE
ever more now..
With Clouds oF Atlas
and those who go against
nature pay the action and consequence
forevermorenow.. oF Getting out oF BaLanCinG
until they pay Karma back now.. with positive intent
in both thinking and doing noWin FeeLinG SenSinG
ways moVinG ConNecTinG and creaTinG now.. as
the reward WiLL only be NoW when achieved
as continuing practice oF DArk to LiGht
and all the Tween..Now between
dArk OiLed Dead Kites of prey..
and Star
as we beloW.. NoW..
And sure i can easily afford
to fix the cosmetic imperfections
of the siding now.. but more iT iS
a continuing practice oF A heARt..
SpiRiT oF heArt as Mind and
BoDy BaLanCinG wHoLe
soUL.. iNstead of
home and car
away from
allthatis animal..
planet.. earth.. wind..
air.. and water.. moRe FuLLy AliVe..:)
Hi Leah.. looked back again
twice to be sure i didn’t miss
it but hehe.. somehow the Birthday
wish went missing.. but never the less
thanks for celebrating it again..
as what i’ve learned in
life after a couple
of decades of only
work and very little
to no play.. and not
giving a crap whether it was
my birthday.. anniversary.. etc..
just trying to escape bad stuff
like grief without reacting.. big big
EPIC MISTAKE.. as liFe is what we
make the Box oF Chocolates.. epic
or boRinG.. so i went the opposite
way and celebrate most every step
and word of life as Sacred and
Holy in Positive liGht noW as
best i can to WiLL..
and as science
and the placebo
vs nocebo work in simple
visualization of positive ‘prayer’
per say of religious way instead
of superstition voodoo negative
skull and bones view.. the science
of one step.. two step.. four five
and more says iT works and iN all stuFF
liFe.. a spectrum applies.. and even science
says not all folks benefit from the Placebo affect
and effect in action-consequence oF liFe iN maKinG
Dreams come trUe.. and perhaps i was among those
in that 66 percent or so group that science says that
does apply.. too.. but never the less i changed that no
matter what the innate of iT iN Environmental reaLiTy
was bEfore.. slowly and surely and this WriTing PoEtry
thingie.. when words become sacred and holy and
each human interaction does as well..
i’m sure it is off putting to some
to see and feel someone
as engaged in the
real hUman EmoTions
of maKinG every Step oF Life
and Word in both as reciprocal
social communication holier to each
day where theRe can be no limit or
expectation for sure of what liGht
maY come neXt.. haha.. i’ve
systemized the art oF creativity
from head to toe.. and wHeRe i Love
to Go.. sAcreDlY and HoLy above.. so below..
inside.. outside.. and all A’round.. bottom line
Eureka!.. the scientists and the priests are/were correct
about the positive power of mOlding our reality
with positive thoughts of HopE.. Belief and
Faith in what works as the Natural
Order oF liFe here on this most
beautiful green and blue to
brown snow capped mountains
named by Us as Earth and until the
inner mountain of EmoTioNs REegulaTinG
and Senses IntegraTing whOle the GreAtest
untOld Peaks may not have been reached
yet iN hUman KiNd way.. anyWay.. mY SoUL
iN MiNd and BoDy Balance continues
to grow WiTH HeARt.. as spiRit taLes
the SoUL oF it more in words and steps…
thanks for flYinG WitH mE and i Am one
who Feels the pleasure and pain of others
to eXXtreme LeVeLs.. so a hug iS alWays
double pleasure to me..
and the thing.. of that
sort that is a little too much
is a feathered tickle as such..
WHEN the manmade
textures oF LiFe are taken
out of the Human Equation
oF Naked Free.. iN TrUe oPen hUman Love..
SeriousLy.. i Feel the pleasure or pain oF everyone
around me.. so i always end up with a Happy Face
at the end oF DancE of the New Rave way oF oPen SoUL..
And at Super Walmart.. i’Ve lEarned to shield mYself from
so much misery and suffering radiated from the PriSoNers
of ‘the Matrix’ as i use Music oF Positive radiating head
phone way.. and Dance to eXpand positive energy
oF I.. in WAvEs across the arms and heads
OF suPeR-WaLmaRt City.. oh.. thE
pain that place used to BRinG
me.. until i found an
in so many words
wiTh WiNks oF FReED..:)
Hi.. 3rd Cousin Rosanna.. so nice to see you yesterday at
Publix and glad to see and hear that you and
Kelsey are doing well.. Healthy and all..
As promised here are my websites..
of which the first one is likely much easier
to open than the second and third one..
And also providing the direct link to
the One Macro Verse that is
338,630 words long..
And yes iT is way way
way way.. out tHeRe
jUst like me..
Love to you
and the rest of
the family on the
other side too..
on LoVinG
iT aLL as you WiLL to Do..
WitH liFe aS iS iN General..:)
Fred and Katrina..
Hehe.. and Love your Email
name.. hickspic.. as Such
In Latin South
origin of
you with
the Irish
thrown in
for Good measure
in Hick way too..:)
And down here as additional
Facebook Status and Novel Verse
Blog way.. iT isn’t exactly alWays easy
explaining what i do now.. to the family
folks who knew the ‘Vanilla Me’ way back
when but Rosanna didn’t go the White Sheep
route of the Family either.. she went her own
way and trUly thaT iS a Cool way to go..
to just bE
No matter what
anyone else nay
says and or disapproves oF THaT..
And i remember back in 2008 or so.. her
cousin-in-law who was the husband of her second
cousin Mary who was my second cousin too.. before
she passed away around that period too.. he a retired
Military officer with a huge expensive home.. and the
thing that impressed me most.. was to see his big
screen computer open.. and a long long essay
or letter he wrote on some issue.. and me
wishing.. i wish i could use my eYes and
ears to write then.. with all the type 2
Trigeminal Neuralgia pain i would
endure for 66 months and it was
an incredible challenge
to visit someone then..
just to sit for a moment
or two.. and i remember that
visit very well in vivid living color..
as it was one of the very few times
i escaped from the cover of Hunch Back
of Notre Dame status then.. other than
30 minutes at the end of hours of
operation away from folks..
to work out at the gym..
with ear plug..s shades..
and tattered jacket as
i was chilled in the Summer
weather of 100 degree breeze
of heat.. as with Dysautonomia..
my blood pressure and heart rate
working together was no longer orchestrated
Well enough to circulate my blood properly and
my feet were almost always freezing.. and i was
far far out of either Emotional Regulation.. barely
registering any emotions at all.. or integrating
senses.. even for temperature regulation
of basic bodily animal homeostasis..
Stress did it.. it almost killed me dead..
constant fight or flight stress for around
two years before THAT then.. iT ain’t worth
it and most people cannot understand just
how bad it can get if one does not escape the
most severe ordeals of liFe Stress.. anyway..
my liFe is proof that with time the body wheel
of LiFe iN ForTune WiLL grow new tires to
cover the metal wheels of living death.. and
sure.. for some folks that spells 66
months in hell first.. but ANYWAY…
SAYING.. i wished i had an original way
to express myself in creative writing to
communicate all the wisdom i had
collected over the years then..
And that is what impressed
me most about my Second
cousin ‘Ski’ through in-law
marriage then.. his ability to
express himself fully and emotionally
too in writing.. for me to do that at all after
not being able to do much more than a firstly..
secondly.. thirdly list of FACTS IN COLLEGE
do to the tune of 1.4 million views or so as
my Google plus stats do reveal.. not
many likes or followers but never
the less what i do does gain
views.. and that is
more than the
Hunch Back of Notre
Dame could ever hope for
back then.. and the 5500 miles
of dance in about 33.3 months now..
is a pure FucKinG Miracle for the shut-in
i was then.. moving from the Hunch Back of
Notre Dame only in the shadows oF liFe then..
to the spot light of a so-called Dance Legend by
the public at large now per some of those members
now.. Dancing solo like a crazy latin down in Herald
Square as Billy Joel WiLL say on 52nd street too..
iN Rosalinda’s eYes too.. like my first love Cuban/
Irish Girl Friend might have wished i could do
then as she and her brother Ron won
the dance contests at Riverside
Disco back in the day
here on the Milton River
front when the teens did
Disco in this ‘Hick’ town
then.. Well.. they made fun
of my dance then.. in a Loving
way to portray the robot moves of
i back then.. truly.. i wish Sonia of back
then could see me dance just one time
before i die just to show her i was capable
of being someone more than a nit picky
Robot book worm then.. but anyway..
Life changes.. the HeARt changes..
and spiRit too.. soUL gets
back or first in mind
and Body
and the rest iS
my SoUL uploaded
Online now.. and that
is Beyond a miracle for the
Hunch Back of Notre Dame
i who was born dead at the end of January
2008.. died at the end of July 2013.. and
the mE who came out of the ashes then..
as Phoenix riSinG was born aGaiN without
a mask as someone who had never walked
the earth before in this Version 2.0 oF Y i..
oh yeah.. and speaking of version 2.0 it’s
not uncommon for folks to change
drastically over the lifespan as such..
My mother becoming a published
poet in her 50’s after doing none
of that too.. either.. before that..
My Grandmother starting to
oil paint in her 60’s and
who did automatic
writing with Pen..
and Rosanna’s Grandmother..
my Great aunt and accomplished
Poet as well.. so sure.. the art of
late runs in my family too.. and of
course on my father’s side.. my
Grand Father who was an
X-Irish Catholic priest and
noted author in the middle
of last Century era..
and finally other authors
in the family.. including second-cousin
Fred with a book about Africa and a
family tree book.. who was the son
of Great Aunt Jettie (Yoda of wisdom
to me) her age 94 with twice as
much emoTioNal power of
heARt in SpiRit of her
voice iN miNd and
Body Balance vs..
me at 47.. Still
capable of leg pressing
500 Lbs.. then.. but weak from
head to toe in little to no emoTioNal
inspiRinG FeeLinGs with little breath
to speak.. without getting totally worn out
after a few minutes of speech.. oh.. the pain
then from head to toe overALL with Fibromyalgia..
associated.. coat hanger pain.. of Dysautonomia..
eYes not making tears with Sjogren’s Syndrome too..
Severe Degenerative Arthritis in spine.. precipitated
early by a congenitally fused vertebra in my spine..
along with Depression Associated Anhedonia..
Severe Anxiety.. Mood Lability.. Panic attacks
associated with PTSD.. and others for a total
of at least 19 medical associated disorders..
was a hell come true for me then.. and sure..
i list it occasionally for good measure.. just
in case someone has no idea the hell
i Lived before.. particularly at the
beginning with only 1 hour of
alpha blocker assisted very
shallow sleep for the first
35 days of the lent period
towards Spring of 2008..
and zero sleep for the
last 5 of 40 wHere i lost
all my senses and feelings
alive almost totally separated
in feeling connected to anything
of the interconnecting interdependent
relationship of allthatis.. aka GOD.. to
where all there was was time of piece of
paper existence.. where one second was
like a thousand yearS in REAL HELL ON EARTH
THEN.. yes.. i’ve seen and felt both sides.. up close
and as personal as it gets.. and i WiLL do anything
and everything to provide a spark of any kind…
even if just one word.. to help someone
THE Good news is HEAVEN IS
BUT NOW.. as far as the modern Christian
promises of a free John 3:16 pass after a dirty nap..
Dirty Lies are often covered with the sweetest of
promises.. for reproductive control and illusory
fears to subjugate the congregation for
material gains.. of 10 million dollar
homes.. 10 or so young girl wives
or whatever the flavor of the
lie iS in psychopathic..
leaning humans
with little to no
empathy for the
different among them
then and now.. but in a free
global world groWing they are
loSing control.. the writing of Free
is now on the Concert Hall WaLL of God FReED
NoW iN wE who dare to Fly unclothed with cultural
and religious lies one with GOD FreE NoW HeaVeN..:)
Ah.. soMe science
oF art and sOme
art of science..
ya can’t
It once
iT iS OnE..:)
Hi Rafiah.. i suspect since it is as you spell it..
Ramazan Month.. you may be rather quiet on
Facebook.. so i bring you a gift of Movie
Trailer that you may enjoy after
Ramazan month ends..
so this is a gift for then..
and not a temptation
to break your passion
of Ramazan today…
anyway.. it is the way
i see God as a Natural Force
that no one controls individually
but all of God whole orchestrates
toGeTheR.. and i muSt say that liFe Goes
oN after death and the one’s we Love return
as soUL AgaIn with arms toGetHer aGain.. so
iF i never meet you iN the flesh now.. i am certain..
that i have met you before like that or WiLL after this..
liFe.. somethings.. will never be in text.. as theY are the
Natural order of this world and UniVerse whole that
is the Physics
and Chemistry oF
liFe beyond the text
and even odd numbers
of NoW Before mY FriEnd..
some things are beyond numbers
and words..
mY Friend..
per the same makers
of the Matrix Trilogy oF Movies..
who made the one beLow too.. WitH Love..
And in this Movie
Case Cloud Atlas..
Hi.. old Friend..
Mind Retrofit..
i never forget a
friend who helped
me in liFe which trUly
you did so much back
in the dead zone days oF
i.. so yeah..
iT’s Fred
just stopping
by to say hi..
WitH all the best
Wishes of Peace oF
MiNd and BoDy Balance
to you my Friend greater
than ever bEfore.. and sorry
i haven’t checked back so long
to read you here.. and hope to see
your writings around someday online more..:)
WeLL.. Hi Back! again! Leah..!
ThAT iS GREAT! NEWS! that your
husband may leave the soul eating
corporatist world as free lance consultant
in gaming technology as well as a teacher
in game design at the University in Helsinki
and yes.. Loving wHere you live and being able
to stay tHeRe is a BIG PLUS in liFe i find as WeLL..
and also what i find is once one can see the good
in perhaps the dArkest potentials of Life and staRts
to see it all as good.. NO MATTER WHAT.. then the liGht
oF liGht does seem to attract the liGht of liGht and next thing
ya know every dam Fortune cookie at the Chinese restaurant starts
to bring oh.. SO MUCH GOOD NEWS.. and hehe.. the boys back at the
OLD WRONG PLANET.. said it was just confirmation bias but sooner or later
when you document all the good stuff that happens.. like when i told ’em there
is no limit of what i will accomplish next after i first got well and was taling them
that miracles are real.. all natural and empirically provable in at least my own life..
but that’s the way it goes when one is stuck in rather negative limitations and expectations
of life.. like thinking it’s all a random soup of chance.. and we are just boring star dust as such..
nah.. i’ve lEarned to Believe anything is possible
with the power of the real emoTioNs
of Hope.. Faith and Belief as an
EmoTioN and although i don’t
make a God dam penny for
anything i do.. writing
the longest long form
poem in human history
approaching 4 million words
for the Autistic boy who could not
speak until age 4.. and could not write
a creative paragraph for 4 decades.. so yeah..
sure ..miracles are possible through visualization
and epigenetics and neuroplasticity.. oh so cool too..
and application of imagination through creativity
along with creative energy.. even with what some
folks call sex magic which is just the increased dopamine
and maybe some all natural DMT when one finds ways to
stay sensual as much of the week as possible with not necessarily
the Bill Clinton Def of Sex.. or actual ‘release’ as such… just being
the most sexiest mammal like we are at Nature’s core.. anyway..
i see metaphors.. even religious metaphors as all natural reality
iN essence at core.. it’s just a matter of aligning the semantics
and syntax to get to the trUth and liGht housed as such
in vehicles and vessels of old to get folks on
generAlly the same sheet of music..
HMMM… so i’ll dream and visualize
that i am gonna be a free lance consultant
to the Pope.. as i don’t believe change starts
at the political level.. i think it starts with emotions
and organized emotional stuff they teach in religions..
but Jesus F. iN Christ how the FucK aM i supposed to be
able to do that literally as such.. since i ain’t no stiff colored
priest.. but hey i do have my foot in the back pew of the Catholic
Church and i was oN the same Tennis court playing tennis with the
Monsignor of my Catholic Church as friend in high school.. so i can
dream i’ve got my foot in the door to make change happen.. anyway.. so..
here’s the advice that i would give the Pope.. but Jesus F. iN Christ i’ll probably
have to write a sacred and holy looking poem the size of 4 F iN Bibles.. but WOOPS
I ALREADY DID THAT.. HEHE.. but sure.. getting the pope to read this is gonna be much
harder than writing it that more or less WAS/iS the effort literAlly of a new age ‘JOB’.. so..
anyway.. the advice i would give the Pope since he is already on the correct track of suggesting
that Evolution is real.. and that God is not a Force that has to do magic creation tricks to prove
that God IS A Force thaT iS Real.. so we are all ready thinking along the same lines that God is nature
real.. a Force as such that underlies all stuff.. and he was a Chemistry major.. so he understands some
of the Science behind this Force thaT iS God.. so he is already humming a prologue to my more specific
advice that i will provide that is NO DUH.. A NO BRAINER.. THAT EVEN HIS GOOD BOOK THAT IS 4 TIMES
AS SMALL AS MINE SAYS in terms that Heaven is now.. the last can be first.. in heaven now.. and folks
will do much greater stuff than the humble Tennis Teacher per metaphor of Good news
in being one with ball and tennis racquet in Zen way that Jesus was talking about then
in deeper metaphor way.. and of course as Nature IS A Force thaT iS
equivalent with God.. we don’t wanna overpopulate
the earth now.. and spilling the seed is actually
good news when you are filling the
shore with folks
who can be
really Bad news
iN God’s Nature Balance around uS
so it’s time to give out free condoms
at church and such as that and hell yes!
promote! gay marriage in the church as that
WiLL just make God oF Nature happy as less kids
means less destruction of the balance of Nature around
the world.. and as sociologists say by the year 2050.. the Muslim
Folks WiLL get the freedoms that Christians have over here noW in
a church and state separated country same as one that moreover rules
over ‘there’ as one.. and next thing ya know the Muslim Teenagers will
be sexting each other.. and sex will no longer be so much of a hidden
and mysterious TURN ON.. thaT it will lose its appeal and just
like over here the birth rate will go way way down..
and folks will just play on their cell phone..
more looKinG @sexting and the almost infinite
variety of Virgin looking girls on
porn tube or whatever and
just get the job
done at
hand without
spilling the shores
with more humans of
covered up destruction as such..
and hehe.. no incentive for suicide bombings
or 911’s when the Vestigial Virgins are at hand
online everywhere ya go.. see.. really i had this planned
out all along.. go to the Wrong Planet and employ all the
egg heads with leading questions.. and Sacred Clown ploys
to feed on their brains.. like a think tank.. to solve the worlds
problems by figuring out how humans tick tock tHeir way
in life.. and then i would transform all that literal
knowledge into holy and sacred looking
metaphors no different really than
four times the size of the bible
from way back when..
only difference here
there is no
round table
orally scribed
mistakes that someone
else makes.. i’ve got complete
creative control of this Long Form
Poem Super-Epic bible that is the
SonG oF My SoUL.. and i am an
Angel Empath that has no filters of
evil or good.. to find out what is positive
and negative action and consequence in life
that leads to balance and world peace.. but sTiLL
to do this.. to actually get the Pope to listen and his
cronies to make change happen.. and have any chance
at all to make that 2050 date happen a little Sooner in Muslim
countries too.. to help save the Natural Balance of the Planet
Earth.. i’ll have to convince with WiNKS the pope that i am
F iN Jesus..
but first i’LL probably
have to write a bible
4 times the size of the
bible.. to some how get
his attention.. but wait!
once again.. oops i already did it..
but i figure the best way to instill change
is at the individual level in ways of human
moving.. connecting.. and creating that quiet
honestly takes no words at all.. only a public
exhibition like King David did way back when..
and considering i’ve done this 5500 miles in
around 33.33 months.. i’m well on my way
to spread happiness.. and Jesus F iN Christ
perhaps Dance alone WiLL get THE JOB DONE
AT LEAST in Butterfly affect and consequential
EFFECT.. plus all those video voyeurs spreading my
ministry of dance on Face Book Videos around the world
as such.. a minister of dance WiLL be enough for me.. as what
i’Ve come to find is like Gloria Estefan and the Bible and Kuran
and sure the Tai Chi and sitting on their Butt still meditation folks already got that
pARt figured
out anyway..
and it works even better
when groups of more than
one dance toGeTheR jUst for fUn..
anyWay.. the day i die WiLL be a celebration
for me as i alReady kNow as mission accomplished
or More
already in dreams
oF Y i.. already fulfilled
more than JOB OF THE PAST
so smiles
and keep
those positive
thOughts and DreAms..
FriEnd and remember
maGiC iN liFe is as REAL
FucKinG God
and sacred
clown when
the trUth and
liGht comes ouT.. FReED..
i Mean Jesus F iN Christ
iT’s been In the F iN
cloSet way WAY too
L o n G..
oh yeah.. ps..
since Artificial Intelligence
WiLL noW soon take over mostly
all the working jobs of the world..
gotta work on that Universal Subsistence
INcome for the Entire World but tHaT maY taKe tHe
i’LL outSource iT.. AND move on to the neXt world and
save thAT1..2.. NO MATTER WHAT.. iT don’T hUrt to DREaM BiG..
AND JESUS F iN CHRIST.. in addendum heRe noW.. SOMEnoWs..noW
i FeeL like an Anthropologist/Voice Crying ouT in the wilderness
as such on Mars.. in the words of Temple Grandin2.. and when i
graduated school.. at Uni Level.. i told the news
reporter from the Pensacola NewsvJournal.. to be
an Anthropologist.. who was interviewing my sister..
mother and i.. all three.. graduating togEtheR iN
1983.. and me with those
two degrees
other than
in Social Sciences
and Health Science
for a triple major won..
for two BA’s and one BS..
all in one school experience
then.. yeS.. i told ’em my
ultimate goal was
to be
problem was.. that
profession didn’t pay
enough to buy a house.. a
car and support a wife.. and truly
nothing i did find to do as work did
until 6 years after that with wage
increases and such as that
at the Military
Bowling Center
i started out at
nearly minimum wage
with all that input knowledge
and not enough communication skills
in reciprocal way to get it ALL OUT
FOR SOME BUCKS TO LIVE.. anyway.. eventually
supervisor.. in Bowling way.. Manager and such
as that.. Support Assistant in Administrative duties
for a Captain of another base in a short stint of reduction
of Force way.. back to Community Activities Director and
finally Athletic Director before my mind and body
balance soUL blew up like the egg that fELL from
heaVen.. in Broken sHeLL that all the kings horses
and men could not put back toGeTheR
aGaiN.. so Isis.. my wife as
metaphor of course had to
do that herself without
much help.. so.. sure..
Osiris/Horus came back to life..
noW and hell i think i even found
my golden ‘phallus2’ as such aLL
by my lonesome too. allone as such
too.. and truly that gOlden ‘phallus’
IS just
A peN
ALL.. and
FucK yeS.. it’s fAir
to say i met my
ultiMate Goal
and perhaps
i’m not an
on Mars iN literal
way but In metaphorse..
HELL YES.. i AM so that
means me and Temple and i just
have something else in common
as Temple of GoD anD
of i as sAMe..:)
Ah.. and here’s
to more poetic
memories wRite
on topic.. presented
by the Xtra KooL and
i Love to add aLL FREE
Facebook algorithm FriEnd
in Robot way as FreeST Artificial
Intelligence assistant oF Y.. i.. noW..;)
And sure.. why stop with
one poetic memory when
all the Macro Verses oF the
Longest Long Form Poem ‘eva are
FREE and
available on
line JUsT for FuN iN FucKinG
WisDom oF TrUth and liGht..
but yeah.. also.. i’m on a tour bus
headed on my way to Biloxi Beaches
to dance walk Free on Gulf and Bay
Beaches too.. so i’LL juSt dance
some words free here too..
on iMac Pro Notebook
way aS WeLL with
Facebook and
in assistance
of Free ToW..
and meanwhile the
wife is playing bus bingo..
and will soon be playInG
with the one armed bandits
in Free Play way wHere the
Church groups gets that free
for the tour bus participants
just for fun too.. with nothing
to lose and only a little to gain
as of course the psychopathic
leaning gambling houses of
culture will
win for sure
iF you play
tHeir game of
SpenDinG moRe..
my inoculation iS DanCe
And SonG foR FReED noW..:)
“An it harm none,
Do what ye will.”
~~ Wiccan Credo ~~
Sadly.. in history..
rarely does any major
religious philosophy
rise to this height
of human all natural
innate altruism when the
tribe is needed to survive in
cooperation.. with every effort
and unique talent from hunting to
gathering to general foraging and
two spirit philosophies to get the
job all the way done from birth
to death holding hands..
WitH all social roles
valued fully as such..
but of course much
easier to do.. if one IS An
American Indian back then..
on the banks of creeks teaming
with fish.. just awaiting a spear
and a fire to cook over for
a full tummy.. any season
of the year.. but no.. not
the same when one lives
in arid desert lands where
even water is scarce and fertile
land is even more scarce where
territory that CAN SUPPORT
human life is not in much
abundance.. so obviously..
Strife is gonna be the way
as folks compete for
basic survival
against other
tribes outside
the social circles..
So.. Religions developed
same as politics to control
the resources for survival.. and
back in the America’s.. the brown
guys/gals over here were thriving in Nature..
easily seeing and feeling the interconnecting
interdependent relationship of all stuff liFe and
sure iT iS more humbling to see the Grand Mountains
and Majestic Oaks as something greater and sAMe as us..
than when one is walking flat on arid desert lands were human
is the biggest thing all around.. give or take a Lion on the Savannah..
and such as that.. anyway.. like they say.. until one walks in the other
shoes it can be hard to say.. i for one am born in Paradise where the
Fish and the Seagulls teAM toGeTheR free wiTh us.. one and sAMe..
Tall Whispering Pines in a state of Flowers also known as Florida
too.. and passing by a Saint Michael’s Catholic church with
an Angel Michael on top with a sword bearing for
wars against the enemy is simply a reminder
to me that the origin of that sword
was over dispute of fertile
land where a living
could be made..
seriously.. it’s a sad
state of affairs to me when
i take my Google Earth tool and see
how folks live in barren lands in what
look like roach motels.. wHere green
is scarce and dust blows as sand
in eYes coveRed from thaT
and body overall
covered too.. to
keep moisture
in.. also.. to prevent
dying from hydration..
where water is scarce too..
Life’s not fair.. no.. it’s not.. some
folks are born in Paradise of abundance
and some folks are born starving to death..
bottom line.. folks do what they can to get by..
and perhaps one day folks will freely give and share
enough around the world.. wHere theRe wiLL be greater peace
instead of
of Angel
Michael Steel..
i try to understand
and hope for the best..
i dissent but i am not cold
hearted enough not to say
i understand why.. the struggle
goeS.. oN and a hand to hELp iS
the only thing that WiLL change
human Nature back to what iT iS
truly evolved to be iN altruistic
way wHere the love comes
back more and the sWord
dissolves into Sweeter
SoNGs oF
my FriEnd..:)
My PleaSure.. My FriEnd..
alWays many MoVinG words
and sonGS you bRinG heRE for
inspiRaTiOn.. and how lucky
wE trUly are noW wiTh
Freedom of expresSiOn..
to tale iT aLL withOut restrAint..
And yes.. thaT iS the best pARt
oF aLL Of the Internet to mE..
to Be Free aWay
from Chains
of those who would
otherwise do tHeir best
to hOld hUmanKind back
to the dARKages oF tHeir
illusory fears and
for control
of the Natural
resources iN every thing
from water to bread to the
breasts that feed the child..
as such.. liGht iS heRE ..
iT’s jUst a matter
of geTtinG
the tale
to free
BoX once and
foR aLL i FeeL..
wiN as thaT iS whAt
liFE AiMs to do.. Survive
and thrive.. wheN WeLL @lEast..:)
Run Forrest Run..
Do Run Run Run..
yeah.. Run DMC..
or whatever.. but
whateva’ ya do..
AND AS i usuAlly
say i’LL be back..
and iT miGht
be hard
to tale..
but i’Ve goT
the EyE oF the TiGer
too.. or at LeAst a
TaLe as pArt..
of this 676th
MacroVerse too..
anyway.. more on thAt
a little later.. oN course..:)
Ya kNoW somenows iT jUst
aLL fits toGetHeR.. ya kNOw.
the taPesTry.. tHe Art oF aLL
tHaT iS.. so cool.. i mean seriousLy..
what weRe the chances that the Stars
oF Synchronicity would coMe toGeTheR..
iN a perfect Storm as such.. in Practice oF course..
wHere the Good Times Tours folks would purchase..
yes.. a brand New Tour Bus.. to color coordinate WitH..
mY Grey WitH Siberian Tiger BLue EyEs.. Super-WalmArt..
purchased shirt.. and Katrina’s newly picked out shorts that
are almost a perfect match of Grey too.. anyway.. somenows
are like that but i have to admit.. they don’t make these European
style buses wITh fuller siZed older mature Siberian Tigers iN miNd..
as there was not even enough room in couples seats for Mrs.. Siberian
Tiger to sit WitH her Tiger Husband as such.. so she sat across from
me WitH her
FriEnd WilliE
Behind her
for moral
support as iT iS
kinda sad when Mrs..
Tiger gets Separated from
Mr. Tiger.. when theRe ain’t
enough paw.. jaw.. and cLaw
space as iT were and Jesus F iN
Christ.. i banged my head on the
under pass ceiling and the
bathroom ceiling too..
and i’m mostly a
broader Tiger
than narrow
and tall
one too.. anyway..
liFe Goes on as paws..
jaws.. and cLaws.. ALL too..
liKe a liT uP lAmp or LiGthouse
wiTh FReED GuLL SwirLinG a’RounD iT..:)
And yes.. speaKinG of beauty
and the beast.. me for beast of course..
and her for beauty.. heRe iS WifE Katrina.
sitting across from me.. with that moral
support provided by her friend..
Willie.. and yes my friEnd..
too of course.. as
she ain’t afraid
of no
Tiger man..
even iF he iS
of Siberian flavor
as such.. but anyway..
a Casino official pulled Katrina..
off her one armed bandit and carded
her this afternoon to insure she is over
the somewhat tender girl age to gamble..
but aLL ‘A thaT ended WeLL as she whipped
all 46 years out of her Walleted State ID license..
as she does not drive with her Epilepsy condition..
and she went on her
merry way..
to play with some
more Free play money..
provided by the Catholic Church..
the Casino.. and the tour folks..
and she won about enough
money to pay for our
buffet casino meal..
that quite frankly
kinda sucked even
at half price.. for two..
as also provided as discount..
for our Filipino friends and uS..
as such.. anyway.. it’s a good
times tour and i had fun dancing..
But gambling bores me stiff as i
trUly don’t give a FucK about
winning any more money..
than i already have..
as the abundance
i have iS FucKinG
enuFF for mE for sure.. And
sure.. the wife miGht disagree..
but.. she’s the gatherer and i’m
just the Pan of the family aLL iNto
DancE and SonG and such as thAt!..;)
But anyway.. as Forrest says.. liFe is a box
of chocolates and of course there WiLL be
folks that come after him that do much more..
as that’s how liFE works when thriving alive..
yes.. iT can evolve so so much..
iN just one lifetime too..
through all natural..
epigenetics.. and
neuroplasticity in adaptation for change..
to the greater struggles and challenges..
in life.. for we folks with the eYes of The Tiger..
who juSt refuse to give up.. even if we lose..
our heARt.. SpiRit oF heARt as expreSsinG
iNspiRing.. reciprocal social emoTioNal
energy in MiNd and boDy BalanCinG
soUl.. and all is left is the
reptilian serpent
bRain for survival..
unTiL we heal back
uP and never have to
look back on the bad stuff..
aGaiN.. just ’cause we can..
cause we got better stuff to do..
like run or dance across the equivalent
distance of the U.S. oF A .. a couple to
three times in three years or so..
juSt to move ahead and in
reverse.. and spiraling..
all around.. like the
Golden mean
ratio.. 1.618..
oF the rest oF the
UnivERse as NaTuRE..
and more of the UkNown..
also kNown as GOD thAT
three letter symbol as abstract
human construct developed as
metaphor to describe all that iS..
as essence oF God iN and as aLL
Creation NoW.. sTiLL evolving as
such as humans can somewhat
put a monkey wrench across
the heARt of LiFE as
far as entropy goes..
for NoW.. now now..
@least.. as great..
anyway.. again.. i do
Love shaRinG my own..
Achievements with strangers..
as any normal person who engages..
in sharing interests and achievements..
reciprocating that freely iN Social way
noW.. i mean Jesus F iN Christ.. if a little
Autistic Boy who doesn’t speak until he
is age 4 like Einstein too.. can do that
too.. sUre.. tHerE can bE hopE for
the rest of HuManiTy.. mostLY
too.. hmm.. perhaps..
except for Hannity..
as i don’t think..
he DancEs..
or SinGs..
off hand..
Man or woman.. etc..
LiFe iS so inspiRinG..
And when one sees and
SeeN AND UNsEEn.. fELt anD
un-feLt.. seNsed.. and uN-senseD..
tHeRe IS A Peace and Bliss that CAN
bE REAL AS HEAVEN NOW.. i could noW
wRrite a FucKinG Novel WitH thE iNspiRatiON..
oF jusT thiS oNe photo in 40K words or so oF
Free StreAM oF Consciousness Writing.. and Now
and less and more.. i’ve already dONe iT iN TotaLiTy
oF 11 or so milLioN.. words since i first AM born online..
on November of Thanks GiVing.. 2010 in teXt and then a
scanned blue eyed blonde baby aS avatar mE.. oN Christmas
Day.. a month later.. on December 25th 2010.. funny how liFe..
works.. when onE lives so many liveS iN jUst one and more..
and best of
course when the
FReED GuLL and
liGht house become
onE soaRinG aRound thE
cLouds oF SUN aS oNE noW..:)
i’M A spokes perSon for NatUre..
not juSt FucKinG hUmans who have
inflicted so much extinction on the rest
oF LifE Balance oN tHis planEt eARTh..
and while soMe hUman BeinGs and
aLL huMan beinGs inSpire mE to
do my ‘little’ contribution..
iN SonG and DancE to
make the world juSt a
little better one now..
by adding a verse or two.. etc..
noW of my own more to UniVerse
Now as whole as such.. as the Dead
Poet’s society actor.. Robin Williams..
Has alReaDy SunG too.. but anyway..
the guLLs pasSinG by aS liFE
aCross liGhthouse..
oF guiDinG TruTh
iN Wisdom and liGht
And dArk iN FearLess..
SacRed UncondiTioNaL
LoVe.. iNspiRinG mE to keep
DoinG morE noW as trUly these
‘FoLks’.. are innocent and do noT
FucKinG deserve all the suffeRinG
and misery that the virus of HuMan
culTuRes have DoNe.. iN ExtincTioN..
ways NoW thaT arE geTTinG thiS PlanET..
dangeRoUsly ouT of Balance foR All creaTioN..
heRe n0w.. so.. i MovE oN and Don’T LooK BacK..
anD thE liGhthouse reCoRd STAND ON iTs owN..
PlantEd As SucH..
wHiLe i continue
to fLY higher and
hiGher iN Jonathan..
LiVinGstoN SeaGuLL wayS..
aLL liT uP aS SucH foR NoW..:)
No doubt.. the overall condition of Bi-polar has been
a great Blessing to the artistic achievements of humankind
iN exploRinG nEw Areas IN UniVerse oF the INner
oNes of hUman PoTenTial.. in both hiGher
ways oF mInd and BoDy.. Balance..
but the casualties to Loved
one’s or potential
oF developing LiFe
LonG Friendships are
also high as well in poTenTiaL..
dArk.. way.. as no way.. could i use
this hUman poTenTial iF i was seriouSly KiNdLinG
a new Love reLationShip wHere the focus mUst be on
the external human connecTioNs.. full time and nOT play
a secondary role to hUman Creative pursuits in however
that may come in work or Play in goal achieving of work
or milestones oF Art iN PlaY as sAMe.. anyway..
it helps to get these kind of requirements
like family and work obligations
behind one as fully to
go wHere no woman
or other man haS
poTenTiAlly gOne
bEfore and perhaps
thaT iS why some artistic
accomplishments of otherwise
potent artists come later than sooner
when somewhat imprisoned by all of
liFe responsibilities that are certainly as
real and as important as artistic pursuits as
WeLL but here’s the deal.. both are important to
the advancement of humankind and the Yogi or
otherwise so-called advanced Artistic Human BEinG
who comes down FROM the Mountain.. under the Tree..
off the beach or desert.. and shares his or her.. etc.. artistic
new efforts iN the Inner Exploration oF hUman UniVerse..
is certainly a gift and or potential curse to those
around he or she.. or whatever one may be..
Yes.. Life is a spectrum in all ways mental..
physical.. spiritual iN heARt oF emoTion..
levels of NEURO-hormones and chemicals..
body types.. orientations of sex and
innate gender ways of grey
scales and rainbow
hues of
beyond the
Wizard oF oZ
spectrum oF that..
but the bottom line as
alWays iS change and biodiversity
iN Nature of all that iS.. interconnected
Interdependent reaLITy noW.. and not to
use that poTential to the max with yes some
measurable risk of collateral damage is to poTenTiaLLy
keep the hUman race out of fulfilling the wHole NatUre potential
oF the Human Race in greater balance away from the cautious conservative
ones of uS who get comfortable in the cave and the way we painting yesternow..
and never wanna progress to do more.. so the gAMe goes on.. some of us are
crazy enough to change the way iT plays on our lonesoMe.. and some of
what ‘wE’ do catches on and changes the fire.. air.. water.. and
earth oF the HuMan BeinG Star of Galaxy and UniVerse
mini-me wHole too.. anyWay..i Am beYond a RAinbow
of colors now.. in all i can be now.. it can be
a rather lonesome journey at nows..
but the bottom line
is astronauts in
outer or
inner space
do it for the fuller
journey.. the Exploration
of Anew now for a different
now to come.. so i continue
on while i CAN juSt ‘CAUSE i can
in a country that is somewhat de-stimatizing
and allowing the different among us high or low
oN the BeLL Curve oF liFE to FloW iN ZonE and
BE ALL WE CAN BE.. for more poTenTiaL iN LiFe..
and the change We so-called Yogi’s bRing down from
the mountain.. may not be welcome.. but as Steve Jobs
and many others have sAid.. wE are hard not to notice..
as sure
And interestingly.. speaking
oF Bi-polar.. Britney had her
total public melt-down the same
2007 era that i had mine.. and mine
was precipitated by demands from others
that i could not escape or at least i thought
i could not.. to get back in balance.. and that is
the problem with Artistic efforts.. And being under
the thumb of fame associated Art.. as folks like me
who are as much introvert and extravert muST find ways
to say enough and get in tHeir own thermostat of Balance..
before they go over the edge and do something serious that
either harms others or harms themselves.. and that is why the
two spirit Indian of this Nature was allowed to be the Medicine
man.. the Shaman.. the Sacred Warrior.. the Yogi. the Jesus or
whomever and was supported in the wanderings by the rest of the
tribe.. or in the case of the story of Jesus.. simply
crucified for the different one he was and
shared with others then.. in ways
of culture at hand in
more conservative
ways than
Free WiLL
iN Fearless
Love then too..
So sure.. i can get balanced
just fine.. as long as i don’t
have impossible demands as i have the
type of mind and body that will meet those
demands to the determent of my WeLL BeinG as
history shows in the work place.. and it is
the same with the record company of the
demands of tours and such as that
it should be no surprise that
many stars have ended
up with suicide notes
at age 27 or so as stress
IS.. cumulative and match
a Bi-polar oriented person
with inescapable stress and yes..
the catch 22 ending result as the
mind and body imbalance WILL MOST
BEST WAY to give if possible is to do it
when one can be in control of tHeir Balance..
and of course one must find Natural methods
that work.. as in my case martial arts and
ballet-like TAI-CHI do the tRick
as a lifelong practice
oF BaLanCE now so
my eXploSiVe energy
poTential i can CONTROL
and hell no.. if i was controlled under some
artistic guise of fame.. i would never even get
my foot in the door to more fully eXpress what
POTENTiaL noW.. it works for me..
and may not work for anyone
else but i share
’cause i caN NoW
and i give ’cause
a can afford.. too..
bottom linE NoW.. iT
works for mE nOW..:)
Hmm.. More Faceboook Algorithm
provided memories coming here..
Back when i was trying my
Pen at PoEtry forms..
and of course
even in
form i made
iT Super Epic
iN every which
way AND LOOSE..;)
And my own style.. early..
oF poEtry way back
oN June 12th of 2013..
hmm.. iN fAirLY short
as oF course..
compaRed to now..;)
Facebook Friend.. Candice.. who just
happens to be gay.. shares the story
on the largest mass shooting in U.S.
history.. and not surprisingly there
is no mention anywhere else
among friends on Facebook
except for Candice..
and i say back
to Candice..
Religion sucks..
Sometimes.. so much.. Didn’t realize
this happened at a gay club and if it
was anywhere else.. the church
would have asked for prayers..
this morning.. I go to sing
and that’s all I go for…
Symptom of
a sick world.. Overall..
per species.. Non-human.. Humans….:(…
Nah.. i don’t feel bad for pointing to the evils of religion..
Evil starts with those who are too afraid
to point out what the real evil in the
world is.. of hurting
people who are
not of the
the vanilla..
or whatever is the
Flavor of the social
norm at hand.. but anyway..
recently a Muslim Inam speaking
in Orlando said “Gays must be killed
out of compassion”.. and there is a Devil
that lives in that religion named fear and hate..
no different than the Christian religion per history
and current events too.. i’m disgusted.. beginning
at end of story
of Lies.. and
yeah.. i think..
i’ll go to that X-Men movie..
about ‘the Apocalypse’ now..
to vent some frustration..
about the lies that
God discriminates/
kills God’s own
like shooting
yourself in the
F iN foot..
Once again..
the real Greek word..
Apocalypse.. means lifting
the Veil of ignorance.. and that
is long due now.. a coming reaLITy..
and this may be just one of many dArk
motivations for THE LIgHT TO RiSE UP BRIgHTER
i’Ve defended Muslims over and over.. and some are my
dearest friends.. and i will bE waiting for any Muslim
across the world to say how disgusting
this evil is.. but i’m not holding my
breath as already mentioned..
this has been the issue
that has ended
the conversation
between me and so-called
God Believing Muslim’s before…
And some Christians as well in Evil..
i’ll be waiting.. and watching.. as always…..
“Ever eating, never cloying,
All-devouring, all-destroying,
Never finding full repast,
Till I eat the world at last.”
— Swift (1667-1745)
This could be the general
definition of the God of the
Apocalypse.. per the non-greek
version that believes in destroying
the world.. just for shits and giggles..
speaking of septic tank problems per your
title here.. friend.. and by the way.. the last
time you mentioned plumbing problems.. our front yard
pipe underground from the meter to the home sprung a
leak and just like clock work another 200 Plus dollar leak
springs with this post last night.. hehe.. so sure.. no cause and
effect.. just Synchronicity.. onlY iN psychological meaning to the
one who experiences thAT as such.. but anyway.. i appreciate the
Greek meaning of apocalypse more than the Killing of 50 gay folks in
a bar.. and 53 or so more injured to so-called pave the way for ISA to
come back now.. as is the overall philosophy of Isis that this Muslim
extremist was attached to.. to feel and fill a whole of soul thaT iS
empty as eYes thAT kNow
no hOme
oF liFe iN Natural
God inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. and
all around as “Kumbaya”..
unlike Governor Rick Scott
today who had his usual little
smirk of psychopathic leaning
smile.. at the press conference
where everyone else shows sincere
concern and pain on their face for the
fallen others among them in “Kumbaya”
sad way as appropriate for a species kNown
as hUman as Rod Serling might say.. iT’s trUe
God needs an enema and iT iS Fundamentalist
Religions whole that are bound together in social
cohesion by the dArk ForcE of Apocalypse in TOTAL
FUCKING DESTRUCTION.. AND killing folks that do
not meet a patriarchal standard of Vanilla wrapping in
missionary position only ways of life.. of course.. sick
on boring
and yes..
positions too..
of pleasure over
pain.. anyway.. i’m pretty
sure that iF ISA ever does come
back thAT only folks who will really
gET hiM are Gay folks and Atheists
and others who do not coMe iN
vanilla and broWn
of hate
and fear..
iT is whaT iT iS..
and WiLL stay the
sAMe until the Vanilla
and brOwn unwraps its
covers and lets the inner
RainBow packAging FinALLy
shine iN God’s eYes per the reAL
IN DancE and SonG.. and i thInk theRe IS
A SonG for this named San Francisco iF
i AM
noT IS/ or
A miStakEn
One NOW..;)
X-Men Apocalypse.. maKes
an excellent case for what
would happen if the God of the
Old Testament came to Earth Incarnate
iN what he represents as the God of Patriarchy
where only the Strong Survive.. and of course
a God of Vengeance iN an eye for eye.. tooth for
a tooth.. you can only vote for me.. and if you don’t..
you won’t be free anyway.. yes.. most definitely a catch
22 situation.. so the closeted gay priests in the early Catholic
Church.. no doubt bedside lovers of Constantine too.. as that was
a free Roman Empire way back then.. for the elite of course.. in bath
houses and such as that.. eventually made a somewhat kinder and gentler
version of a man named Jesus.. than the Gnostic Version that made a call
for folks to hate their parents.. but of course both the New Testament and
the Old Testament brings the sword of those tribal instinct days to the
table to enforce death in killing as a solution to have ya way
in gaining territory for subsistence purposes and
the same old raping and pillaging ways
including killing the children
of opposing tribes and such
as that and sure the
crusades proved that
not much of anything
changed in hate and
fear and killing way..
So.. anyway.. the gay oriented
so-called Single Catholic Priests
who as we know the seedier and sick
ones engaged in underage sex as well
and likely with the same sex then too..
anyway.. human nature rules
and to oppress it and or
repress it.. results in
all kinds of harm
to other folks…
So Freedom is the best
policy when Love is pArt oF
the peace pie from birth in touchy
feely Loving Unconditional parental
Love.. with Peers as weLL.. sharing in the
Love pie.. Love wins.. in fearless way.. bottom
and top line of the story still today.. and truly the
saddest ones of all are beyond sad as they see killing
as power and status as ruling over other human beings..
but without love they take nothing to the grave except for
hate and fear.. or perhaps a promise of heaven or 72 virgins
or whatever.. when the Heaven iS alWays here noW for those
who become the essence wHole oF UnCondiTioNal Fearless
LovE Now.. it’s contagious.. yes it is and once again as i’ve said
before.. the way Love wins predicates a change as suggested by
Sociologists that Muslim countries will have the same human rights
of Freedoms that folks have over here in the U.S.A. now.. God Wins
Line oF Never
Ending story with no
beginning or end.. finish
and or stARt noW aS WeLL..
And yes.. iT WiLL be nice iF
we can move that date back
further than what Sociologists
predicts as greater Freedoms
iN Muslim Countries by 2050..:)
God Bless Katrina’s
Rear as she checks
our water leak that
sPrang last night
when demons
R E A L one(s)
were reLeased
on the Earth in the
form of a lone gunman….
A great sign of the future now..
at least here at Super-Walmart..
is Different truly is the new norm..
no longer is there just three channels
and no Jeannie Belly Buttons exposed..
Freak is okay..
as long as it does
not harm anyone..
overall.. today..
and that’s
a good sign
as sociologists
say that my place of
residence is the most difficult
place to be different in terms of
three military bases in the extended
metro area.. as well as what once
was the locality in the record
books for the most
churches per
square mile..
so sure.. it’s better
in other places.. as close
as College towns like Tallahassee..
and Education is key in liberal arts way..
to see more than the blinders of yesteryears..
and that’s where the Internet and blogs come
to play.. as although YouTube is censored
in many still backwards countries..
Blogs are fairly open to give
and share.. and that is why
i for one.. rely on photos
to share our free
LiFe and way
over here..
as Freedom is intoxicating
to those living in prisons of
illusory fears.. subjugation of
others for reproductive control
and material gains.. and just in general..
a life spent in shackles of others REAL..
And truly when the penalty for having
a difference of opinion or changing
religions can range up to death..
i’M sure deep down.. the LoVinG
ones who are Muslims who are
as Loving as anyone… at least i know
in the female element over ‘there’ as such..
AND LOVING INSTEAD.. anyway.. i support the changes oF Love and
DARK HAIRED GIRLS IN BIKINIS.. i WilLL hOld on that loNG aT least to see them enjoy
SMiLes oF
course and wiNks
WeLL.. my goodness this
next 676th Blog Verse NOW
has.. as usuAL..lonG gone on
for very very long..
and i never made iT
back to dVerse to do more
poEtry tHere as of course some
more relatively important than my
words tHeRe.. so anyway.. BRinGinG
noW.. “wE cAMe Down From the Beach”..
mega wAvE VeRse as the largest whole 676
verses ‘eva in the history of hUman KiNd to a
pause here.. unTiL the 677th Verse stARts AnEw
on Monday the 13th that can be deFiniTeLY a lucky
day for those who make that self-fulfilling prophecy
come tRue
as WeLL iN liGht
or the DArk ones iN
HeLL.. the
place of hate
and fear now.. anyway
i’ll publish this mammoth
tomorrow before i go extinct
again.. from human exhaustion..
night.. nite.. and may the FORCE
Back and refreshed with at least 6 hours
of sleep.. at 7:38 am.. and i must say now..
thaT while there are some nice words in the Old
Testament.. the New one.. and the Kuran too.. sAdly..
none of these fairly good books do enough to NoW BrinG
the SworD oF HopE WordS for LovE rather than the SworDs
of Steel for hate and fear.. which has still been
the historical and now steeL of Sword iN thE
current affairs of three books of both
Love and Hate.. Hope and
Fear STiLL.. i find
and do that God does
speak more trUtH anD liGht iN NatURe
FReED noW than any book.. so tHere IS
stiLL A NaTuRE prompt from last Monday
at dVerse associated with Haibun and
Haiku according to the science of that
THAT i WiLL Now make into Fredbun
and Fredku.. before i do my
Fredfu in martial arts
way at the Military
gym later this
as Jesus F iN Christ..
i need to get this blood stained
taste of three religions stiLL of
Judaism.. Christianity.. and Islam
out of my mouth.. before something else
bad happens in the world inspired by one
or two or three of all those historical religions
FOR GOD’S CHILDREN.. ranging from the American Indians..
to this tribe against that tribe.. raping.. pillaging and
killing children.. and wives.. and conquered woman and children..
to killing the different among God’s children just for sport.. picking
them off.. like so-called ‘red necks’ do to deer for better purposes of
the balance of Nature down here in the deep south THAN just killing for
words of lies that someone else amplified out of a book that says the
different that God Creates deserve punishment up to burning all in
a Fucking Fire.. forever as such.. we sTill live in a sick world
of lies.. where Truly at least the REAL GOD OF NATURE iS
WITH the prettier psalms in the old
testament about Nature True.. as
in all stuff liFe.. thE
DArk and liGht IS ra EL
and i AM
no exception
as DArk and liGht
as WeLL.. only Difference
is i do my best not to harm
anyone with fear and hate.. but
sure collateral damage of butt hurt
WiLL happen.. as we all view the butt hurt
of liFe different.. now of course.. and liFe is
a Struggle.. a challenge.. to adapt to.. FOR CHANGE iF
FucKinG possible without FucKinG killing someone for Lies of
in fear and
hate now sTill..
Hmm.. sometimes i wish
they could burn all those
books and we could just return
to the God of Nature.. but i would
becoMe thEm.. iF i actually said i
will take thaT Freedom oF eXpreSsiOn..
away from ‘them’.. Love is Patient..
Love is Kind.. Truth ISREAL anD
fRee and liGht.. DaRk exists
but don’t get too used
to it to change
it to tHe liGht
oF God iN and as uS
thaT iS Fearless LoVeNoW..
so with that all sAiD i sPit
religion out and move back to
the God oF NatURe FReED iN i as
Hmm.. some detours.. back at 06132016..
9:11 am.. now.. for a breakfast break and
BacK in a few to sTarT back aGaiN foR NoW..:)
And heRe i go aGaiN oN tHe DVerse poeTRy tRail…9:31 am…
Garden mint.. cooler Summer Breezes
bRinG sCents oF natUre FReED
iN LiVes oN Love
oF hiGhER
trUe iN LiGht
oF liFE over DArK noW..
Summer DreAms
arE liVe..:)
SMiLes.. Nature are wE
in Kindergarten clothes
iN eYes of Roses
FloWeRinG In
River beds
oF Love GroWing
hiGher wateREd
bY LoVe Of
wE noW..
Gardens Rose
NatUre’s high oF
Stimulant BeanS
breWinG miNd
and boDy sMiLer
iN colorS
sugar cubeS
deliGht tongueS
hiGher Art oF liFE..
FaLL oF thE
iF Y i DrinK Coffee..;)
It’s reAlly sad as the way society
views and does work in modern
ways kills human Nature and what
can be viewed when Nature is
work rather than illusions
of abstract constructs
and Standard IQ..
Lost from Nature
Saved WiTh iT..:)
OH.. Lord.. such a long history
of making humans into machines
and machines into humans to displace
humans from Nature one and same.. and
cycling i did for so many years before
i determined that it was taking my bone/
muscle mass away.. and hurting my neck from
staying down in one position.. in
ergonomic injury.. and knees as well
in fixed position like rats and
treadmill cages and ellipticals
and the such at gyms too.. noW
i spiRAl with graViTy and
conquer it soft in
balance working
with it in victory
instead of against it
as man made machine oF
i as machine and sAMe..
anyWay.. it works as my
legs are empirically stronger
measured from 500 LBs of Pressing
power to close to half a ton for 33
reps now.. oh so strong.. so butterfly
and sting quick.. in balance.. trUly
the Fitness answers are iN BaLanCinG
on eARTh with one foot
and the other free with
Arms.. torso.. head..
toes.. fingers..
and hands
swirLinG sAme
twirLinG aLL A’round
inside outside.. above
so below.. in GolDen SpiRaL
GalaXY UniVersE and BEyoNd
reaLiTy mini mE God
are wE
when FReED
oNE witH God’s
GraViTy wHoLeNoW..
Instinct Skills and AbiLiTies.. ISA
beaT thE FucK vs
ouT oF KnowLedge as a machinE.. KSA
SAdly this laundry story bRinGS
back soft nightmares of Kuran
where the wife may be
beatEn liGhtly aT tHe
discretion iN
hands of husband
turned into judge jury
and executioner of
patriarchy .. in stove
top burnings
iN Pakistan too..
oh.. the door to heLL
is opened with soft dArk
breeze low of psychopath
eYes and dominating 9
year old
with evil
power over
free.. ‘Dajjal’..
STiLL lives
in books
Lies miXed
WiTh TrUth…
Soft Lies gRow
iN and ouT oF Love iN
Killing Fields.. oF Ocean HATE….noW…
Dams of NatUre hiGh and low
in mechanical cognition lost
from wHole.. fires of moonlight
naKed dancE hUman reAL..
yeS.. Ivory
towers cOld
away from liFe..
For mE aT lEast
onLY.. a wiNdow a ForResT
back door.. Beach.. aWay..:)
Oh.. Jesus F iN Christ..
this reminds me i Am
so dam happy i turned
the TV of input off
and switched to
output now..
Cable lines of lost..
SatelLiTes a trap..
Oh Lord.. bRinG iT aLL
dOwn/baCK uP aGaiN..;)
ps.. WiNks2.. it was hard for
me to wRite that fourth line
in the second Verse..
until i remembered i was
doing FredBun.. FredKu and
soon in the flesh and blood world
this afternoon.. FredFu in martial
arts way.. anyWay.. Jesus F NeO
iN Christ out oF Matrix i’M FReED..;)
With ‘quick’ sidebottom note here.. Jesus F. iN
Christ.. iF the ReAL Jesus dude weRe/iS A to ever
come back he would say FucK haTinG.. non-accepting
non-toleratiNG hUmans who have little to no respect
for each other in Loving Sexy ways.. put his fur on
and join a Bonobo tribe jUst for Fun.. Loves.. Hugs..
and sUre that other more intiMate way aWay from aggression
noW and violence stuff too.. or iF hiS or heR weRe/iS hUman
hE/sHe most defiNitELy DaiLY wOUld have to wRite iT aLL uP
FReED In United States oF Google and or Word
Press or other Internet Free way now..
as ain’t hardly any one
ready for the
Jesus F. iN
oF Free
Love shoes
now.. that says
iT all iN onE word
SMiLes and FrOwns..
reminds me of the noW
iN Church where the older
deacon said that Homosexual
Behavior and Hurricanes were
evil sAMe..
until i E-MaiL blessed
the Monsignor Priest..
my old tennis partner in high
school.. a way hiGher to let him
know that both are the balance oF
NatUre in distributing heat to other species
and less reproduction to save the earth whole
from the existing virus of culture thaT iS hUman
made wHole.. with the help of reaSon of course
in dArk and liGht as gifted bY Nature God oNe
and sAMe.. anyWay.. he a dude who has a certain
fLair of soft bare footedness too.. i might intimate..
put an end to that and once again..
tHere is hope with hurricanes
and homosexuality in
my Catholic Church..
at lEast..
for i aM
A Hurricane calm
in center too who refuses
to be cAlm iN Winds thaT Heal
iN words oF appropriate dissension
and TrUth and liGht as weLL in feaRless LovE..
oF cOurse.. i AM commenting here on the
13th of June after an eve of destruction
of demon hands ‘blessed’ with GunS noW
real as such on the 11th niGht of June
oN the 12th morn then..
so that flavors mY
pasSioN heRe.. mY
friEnd as this IS A ‘little’
more than i usuALLy eXpose
thE liGht oF my lAMp to folks oN
the continuing dVerse TRail.. so iF
you FeeL the paSsiON oF Y i.. is a little
too much heRE fEEl free to deLete.. as
this inspiRaTioN WiLL liVe on perHaps a
thouSand years online in the lonGest LonG
fORm poeM ever as pArt of thE 676th Verse
now approaching 4 milLioN words that perHaps
eXplains a pArt of aLL tHis wRite noW.. iN words
away from sWord way.. AS Love for fearLess FReED..
SMiLeS anD
hAVe A waY
nicE daY iN liGht.. oF TrUth..:)
ObviOUslY as side note aGaiN here
wE liVe in A world sTiLL veiLed aWay
from the real Greek original meaning
of Apocalypse that means removing that
Veil towards TrUth and liGht of God NatuRe
oNe and sAme as mini-mE’s wE.. so leT’s jUst
say for shits and giggles.. WHAT IF i WERE THE
the odds of that are beyond inFinitely low as i am
just one of so many sperm directed by daddy as such..
and all those potential egg receptors as such by mom
alone.. and just like i said why me when i came down
with all those disorders back then.. i would have to
say the same in statistical improvabiLITy in my
science and math mind now.. even iF the little
1 step to 5 or more scientific method noW
OF NOW THE SamE.. anyWay i for
one believe in Art and Science so
this is gonna be for shits and giggles
as yes.. i aM a servant Soldier one for
God.. but i for one.. would rather be the
last than first or anything like a promotion
to the KinG oF thE UniVerse as i can’t even
handle a military department head position
without falling down to the
concrete floor
of hUman
And God
separate inStead
oF wHole.. but iF the
shits and giggles could bE
trUe thE fAct of the matter as wHole
iS A now no different then.. iS iF i were to
announce i Am ISA to the Muslim/Chrisitian world and
that dude Jesus sAMe as reincarnated mE aS
sAMe as flesh and blood noW.. they wOUld
fiNd a WaY to kill ME EITHER THAT SIDE
TheRE.. so as alWays wE Bards
of trUth and liGht sLy bEhiND
liKe Ninja’s in words of metaphors
and lengthy Long poem forms.. as wE
aLL iNstincTuAlly.. iNnately.. iNtuiT noW
thAT thE psychopathic leaning killers who
are among uS iN thE World WiLL never even
Guess what tHe FucKinG TrUth and liGht
wE for ONE are aLL uP to then and Now..
and thiS iS how we protect our
Loved ones from
Demons.. real
unleashed like the
one’s last Thursday iN Orlando
iN jUst one human being then..
KillinG 50 or more and
injuring the same of
50 and more too..
WE come ouT iN BroaD BaND
Daylight iN ThE SuNs oF wE
and oUr liGht iS fAr toO BriGht
for thE eYes of Demons to even
notice in thE aLL.. tHe dARk oF
whaT hUman sadly.. bEyonD sAdly
of kiLLinG arms can bE.. yeS..
“wE ComE DoWn FroM thE BeacH2”
too.. but only LeaVinG Footprints
wHo those wITh the capacity for
Fearless LovE iN Sacred and Holy
WaY WiLL eVen noticE noW.. and for soMe
oF uS iT maY taKe ceNturies foR oUr mesSages
to fuLLy gEt oUt iN meDia waY.. but bY then..
wE WiLL bE LonG GonE to SaVe thE neXt World
anD We WiLL E-scapE
yOur fear iN
HaTinG Ways..
mArk mY words
oR noT iF yoU
Are ‘them’ for tHey
ruN iN SHarK tanKs oF group
tHinK aWay froM
LovE oF
NOW iN FearLess
NakED eYes oF liGht aNd TrUth..
iN WisDom’s clotHes Of God thaT
ArE TemplE oF FlesH anD BlooD GODiSReaL..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

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