FoR YoUr eYes onLY

Facebook Friend Rafiah
views the thumbnail large
Word Press Publishing
photo as it comes..
when i share
the ‘WinDoW
Ark’ Blog post
and says..
I love the
window and
the view in it.
heart emoticon
I would like to have that
kind of corner in my room.
And i say..
SMiLes mY friEnd.. Rafiah..
thanks.. i’m glad you enjoy
the view here.. through mY
WinDoW.. truly.. there are two
kinds of windows iN liFe that
i Love the most..
one is a WinDoW
into the garden
of Eden which
iS God’s
and the other
iS the WinDoW
into the soUl of
God that iS also
the human eye..
both are views of God..
and iN mY liFe as trUly i was
a lot like Spock in the sense that
i wasn’t fully aware of the expressions
on my face.. but i laser focused iN
miNd melding thoughts and
emotions as empath
when i connected
with eYes
to any other
human being..
and even though
i could not really concentrate
to ever read any homework books
in school.. i absorbed the teacher’s
brain and heARt with eYes
that could see more
than words
of books..
mY friend..
so in 2008 when i lost effective
use of mY eyes.. then.. trUly i lost
two beauty WinDoWs to view the heARt
SpiRit and SoUl then of God that i could
so easily see that lives in the eYes oF
Nature.. including all eYes oF animal
and hUman alike.. so.. what to do.. oh..
to BRinG God back iN connection
deeper than God that liveS iN
me then as iS back
weLL.. that iS
when oN a Thanks
giving day for me on
November 26th.. 2010..
then.. when what our church friend..
yesterday.. when we visited her..
wHere i took off my shades for
a second to rub mY eyes says
oh.. you have beautiful green
eYes.. as offline
aLL folks
see of
the WinDoW
to mY soUl iS
the dance of me..
and mysterious shades
covering what iS more inside..
mY soUl as WeLL.. mY friend..
Yes.. slowLY words became
mY covered eYes..
mY spiRit
mY heARt
and the even though
after i lost aLL the pain
i sTiLL must wear shades
everywHere i go offline..
the dance of i..
iS noW
mY spiRit
mY heARt
mY soUl
iN words and STEPS!..
of i.. oH.. the Windows of God
my friend.. they are everywHere i look..
and the best places are wheRE hUman
eYes connect.. in eYes .. iN words.. and IN STEPS..
AND You.. mY friend have some of the most beautiful
WinDoWs to a soUl
i have ever seen both
in eYes and words..
as neither
bE complicated
pARt of GOD.. noW..
and oh.. the eYes in liFE
that i have viewed that do set
you aPart from most.. over 100K..
worKinG in a WinDoWless Bowling
Center to Nature but FuLL oF hUman
Nature inside.. and likely over 100K online..
since that Thanksgiving day iN 2010..
but i must
say sTill..
the hUman
eYeS arE mY favorite
WinDoWs to God’s eYes..
and yours are deep
to God mY friEnd..
thanks for sharing
them iN Brown
and Black
Print.. so
oN Facebook now..:)
Ah.. the intelligence.. reaSon..
oh.. the heARt.. FeeLinG
and sAdLY wHere
most uSnoW
live wherever
First World Problems
rule.. the reAson
Sun of Life..
away from
feeLinG.. mY
FriEnd.. Prajakta
and sAdly as iS a
story of life so long
away from feeling
and closer
to reason
wHere smarT
loses the heARt
of Life.. iS a journey
aWay from what is REALIST
In bEinG hUman aT aLL.. spoon
fed this from birth.. it truly can be
hard to get back to arms iN comfort
of BeiNG hUman as.. as Nature trUly
goes.. the gift of Love that iS iN innate
AlTRUistic Nature oF truLY wiLd and
Free human
iS a
Book oF Love..
where the true savage
can be the books.. the
school.. the work.. and the
green and other colored paper
and metal stuff that ruins aLL oF
That wHere the pasSiOn and Love
OF THE TRUE liOn hUman either iN the
Jungles.. the Savannah.. the Forest or Beach..
Mountains.. meadows.. etc.. etc.. LiVinG
away from
dead caves
and books..
words.. and
other symbols
like paper money
and print that takes
uS away from Love
iN fearless end and beginning
oF story In livinG more than just
Survival.. In liVing fearless maGic Love..
with roots that defeat entropy and apathy
of living
friend.. Love
Spreads without Fear..
Tree of Life over
Oh.. God!
NakED Love..!
you eXcite me..! you
comfort me.. you make
me more human from the
NOW i am 16 and aM eXposED
to the greatEst art of God iN.. hell
yeS.. penThouse magazine.. oh ending
JeWeLs oF God.. bEhind pants and dresses
of school.. you wiLL not be held back anymore..
God’s Love of hUman sKin iS here and will NOT
be hidden anymore.. well.. at least online.. anyway.. hehe..
And surely enough when BROAD band access of free online
human naked art COMES.. back in the early 90’s.. aLL ‘kinds’
of crime goes down.. should iT reAlly be any surprise that the
NaturAlly occurring social bonding oxytocin neurohorMone
and dopamine and serotonin in pleasure and trust neuro-
chemicals and pain killing endorphins that are
increased by the human contact either visually
or feeling in seeing and touching flesh from
head to toe.. in so-called porn..
reduces human
violence and
warring ways..
weLL.. HeLL NO..
as thAT iS God’s
Nature aLL Natural
bEinG n0w grEat!
releasED iN hUman
form.. of what lies
and tells the truth
underneath and wITh
hips and lies that don’t
lie in human eYes oF Living
free.. and oh.. the entropy.. the
death of liFe iN liVinG.. iS precipitated
bY coveRing up the nakED trUth oF
feeLinG comfort and pleaSUre
of bEinG human.. but ah..
entropy iS defeated even
greater now..
as oNe
of hUman
Love iN sKin
in mirror neuron
way.. increasing
human oxytocin..
dopamine.. serotonin..
pain killing endorphins..
and even poTenTiAlly the
so-called God molecule
DMT.. from potenTiaLLy
the Pineal gland above
and yes associated
with the Penis
and Vagina
and breasts
and hips and all
the delicate and tough
muscled skin above and
below.. inside and outside
all around that.. is shared relatively
free online now… wheRe the beauty
of the sKin never ages as long as
the servers of God iN online way
keep on serving
of God’s
sKin iN Real
as videos and
photos WiLL COME
WAY.. and
for me to take
this without giving
would be the greAtest
siN of aLL In relative
way of course
so i give
of whatever
i can to defeat
the entropy of living
death where God’s greaTEst
gift is covered up.. and in those
places where it is covered uP as
God WiLL say iN God’s way..
those are the places
where the most
in ways of
aggression and
wars do still exist..
and the most peaceful
places are topless beaches
and even more peaceful places
that are bottomless to wHere this
pit to heaven.. is open ended sKin
of GOD
an Ode to
God’s Porn
aLiVe once
again iN hUman
Form.. at LEast
online free.. and you
can frOwn all ya want
but iF yA are huMan
and trUly Free God’s
children.. you too
WiLL share
iN aLL the
ways oF God’s
Love Free.. LiVinG
as the Real reported
Jesus does say iN the
Gospel of Thomas 37..
so sure.. consensuAlly speaKinG
these days more than likely iF Jesus
walks the earth now.. he would be a
consensually performing porn STAR NOW..
it’s no joke.. he said he was a stripper when
37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid.”
Yes.. Jesus was the first
dude back in iSrAeL
a nudist
camp back
then.. and somehow
tHiS trUth and liGht
got aLL covered uP
by those who would
Own God rather
God free
Yeah.. baby.. ‘Jesus’
was a lot more like
then and
Side note.. i’m FucKinG
wickED aRt in liGhTinG
IF yoU
See K
God.. God’s
cover.. Now..
iN words noW..
or pay NoW now
the consequence
oF THE action of LiVinG
D E A T H N O W.. aKA
or HeLL..
Hmm.. so the scientist
of my mind engages back
here.. while i am opening
the patio door and Katrina
is emptying her mop water
and i think..
well.. actually
i kNow as a degreed
Anthropologist.. Sociologist
Psychologist and Health Scientist
as degreed at the University of West
Florida.. where the humble Nautilus
Shell in the form of the Golden
Spiral 6.. sits atop my desk
in yes.. three 6 Nautilus
SheLLs of degree
college tHere..
that hell no..
Jesus rule
of stripping
down and going naked
everywhere we go in large
cities today in huge populations
more than 150 to 200 sets of friEndly
human eYes that we are StiLL evolved
to comfortably live in will not work now any
better really than a frigging 1 or 2 thousand
sets of eYes or thousands more on a busy
city sidewalk wherever one looks away
or is overwhelmed by social stimulus
in taking in social cues and
figuRinG them aLL out
at one now..
and OH MY
GOD.. add in several
thousand penises.. breasts
butts.. vaginas and all of that
and crap your brain might liKely
eXplode from all that social
info taken in
all at
one now
then and now
per se.. so.. clothes
have their place in large
human societies.. yes.. even
covering up the whole enchilada
in hot arid desert lands to keep moisture
in where water is not easily found to prevent
dehydration and ultimately potential death there..
Survival is key.. and even though there is more aggression..
violence and wars over there.. they are still reproducing
and kicking
alive in fists
and feet and
chopping heads
off and crucifying
folks.. burying Lesbians
up to breasts and stoning
them.. slowly torturing them..
while they cannot cover their
eyes from Rocks.. but nah they
Live in iRan and IRaq.. etc..
and i live
in the Heavenly
abundance of God’s
Paradise.. in Beaches..
Sugar White Sand.. Sea Gulls
SpiRaLinG the Sun.. Rivers with
fish fLoWinG Freely into oceans of
bliss.. Forests filled with Deer and
Flowers beautiful iN all seaSons
of the year..
how can judge
the folks who live
iN ‘hell’.. or the children
who were never hugged and
given yes.. the feelings of life
from ages 1 to 3.. both tHere and
heRe.. these people deserve our
empathy and sympathy in understanding
ways to help them into heaven the best
we can
from HeLL
as aLL iS God
from mountain
to the
grain oF
sAnd that
holds the
of God’s
iN hUman
Being Love aS WeLL..
so sure.. maybe one now
they WiLL gET freely accessibly
broadband porn too.. and consume
it in whatever amounts bRinG them
greater levels of oxytocin social
comfort.. dopamine pleasure..
serotonin trust iN Nature
wHoLe.. and perHaps
even DMT..
the God
too.. now..
balance iS kEY
some folks can
take and give more..
others less.. but wHere
there is a volume knob
and an on and off button
iT becomes choice iN stead
of Force of Fear.. anger.. and hate
Where fearless Love rUles hUman
Heaven now..
Free as Free as God
Be in
eyes for
It’s a fAct iN science
now that lust or what iS
otherwise known as the
human connection of flesh
from head to toe.. either
in sKin
of touch
or mirror
neuron way
of seeing it
in recorded
way.. or imagining
iT same in day dreams
of luCid DreAMinG BLiSS..
that lust increases human
productivity and creativity as
well as social cooperation iN
Surviving.. Living and Loving
free.. a balance of LuST
and Love
iS what
makes the
FREE World trUly
greAt.. and sure
i’ll lInk that video
aGain.. as FActs..
sPeak Louder to some
folks than Just doing iT NoW FREe..
in God given innate instinct and intuition
in touchY feeLY ways of MoVinG.. Connecting
WiTh.. for
and AS
the God oF Nature NOW!..;)
Yeah.. baby.. it’s science and art..
and this is just more proof
as to why
i am so
creative.. productive..
iN general.. and
and Sacred
personal path
of Thirsty Thursday way..;)
And yeah.. it kinda pisses
me off how the church/state
Jesus.. historically
speaking.. and
me when
i was
young.. coveRinG
up the best that
God has to
iN hUman
beats pent
And nah.. the Bible..
the Kuran.. the Gita..
the Tao and all that
sTuff.. iT’s cool noW
butt NOT nearly
aSiT left
aLL tHiS
super cool
human GoD sHit out!..
so yeah.. i’LL juSt do iT nOW..
and FucKinG un-Neuter ‘Jesus’..
and aLL those ‘Mary’s’ then and noW
too.. oh.. oH YES!.. so.. NaKeD and
Art and Science..
puT ’em toGeTHeR
FucKinGnoW aS
Do ya dare mE to nAMe
tHis neXt GodbLog posT
naH.. won’T
do thaT..
iT miGht
bOil the
blood of
liteRal ThInKinG
cardBoard miNds..
eVen worse than aLL
oF GOD eXposED aS
iF yA.. don’T liKe thiS..
which more than likely
Ya wiLL noT..
iT oN Facebook..
after aLL iS said
and dONe heRe..
‘Facebook’ asked
mE ‘what’S on
yoUr miNd’..
baBy.. bE
careful what
YA wish for.. ya..
miGht juSt geT iT..
or heLL..
iN noW..
It cAn
aNd WiLL
Be Now aT lEast
iN pArt bY tHe chOices
ya maKe iN priSon oR FREe..:)
iF ‘you’ follow what i do.. you may kNow..
i have been doing Art of the human body
for over 2 years now on restricted
links as to not offend anyone..
and Google in all its algorithm
intelligence.. provided a short
movie.. in moving PG ways..
that wife Katrina has
approved for public
purview.. and now..
what’s interesting..
perhaps.. iS that i am
fixing to turn 56 years
old this June.. of 2016..
and have been dance walking
now over 5100 miles.. 32 months..
since recovering from a 66 month stint
of severe shut-in illness from years January
of 2008 to July of 2013.. where i could not even
make it into the backyard without almost stumbling
down with a TV Dinner that i barely had
enough coordination and focus
left to even make
on my own..
so i do this
not just for
the art but for the
inspiration.. and potential
of human recovery in life..
in both neuroplasticity and
epigenetic way through
hope.. faith.. and belief..
truly riSinG from the ashes
like a phoenix.. here at
230 LBS.. now.. not like
a body builder
reAlly but
more like
art of hUman
heARt when set
free.. iN dance and
SonG oF liFe wheRe
the human archetypes as
Apollo.. Pan of the Forest..
and even the Jesus as reported
iN verse 37 of the Gnostic
Gospel of Thomas
comes iN real
as living ONE
liFe again noW wITh
God of emoticon
AnD n0w juSt fOr fUn..
heRe’S aNotHeR SonG
bY RiGht sAid Fred..
oN tHe cAT
aS iT
aNd sTiLL iS
Facebook Status:
Yaas.. Yoos.. oOs.. FeeLinG
HulKy.. HuNky.. HonKy DorArY..
did i misS anYthinG.. yeS wiTH
siLLy lauGhs.. Now..
piece oF advice.. noW..
never take liFE seriOUslY..
yeS.. thAt alMost killED mE..
God NatUre makes laughs FoR
no reAson..
and heaven
noW oF course..
wiTh.. sMiles.. oF jOy..
i thInk i left something riGht
ouT Of the liSt butT
a horN
as sucH..wink emoticon
A few words
here from
last Century..
named Alan Watts..
on having fun ‘these days’..
Hmm.. next change..
pAce.. booK
for what
maY come
next.. come
next come
may what
for Song
change next
Hmm.. foR Now..:)
without Art
is truly A noW
yes S and M
way of bEinG..
Art iS literally
66 percent
of SMart
but S and
M stands
out in terms
of misery.. pain..
and suffering.. and
those who enjoy the
pain of living smart without
ARt.. are rather insane to
N0W tale A
trUth iN liGht
oF Lies foR NoW…
Mechanical Cognition
over Social Cognition takes
an organic toll on mind and body
balance.. Standard IQ points are bare
measure over much greater and required
intelligences for animal survival.. vs.. spoon fed
Mechanical ways of cognition from now of birth..
it’s like 1 plus
1.. 1 without the
other is missing 1…
The Bonobo answer is Love
The Human answer is Love
Culture’s answer is
the mechanical
cognition of
IQ noW
over BeinG
hUman.. and
those iN power
are doused witH
mechanical cognition
as the intelligence of the
HeArT dies a painful death
without BEinG hUman noW..
iN MoVinG ConnecTing Creating
EmoTional HeARt.. Spirit ExpresSing
heARt and boDy
and miNd
balanCinG soUl
wayS oF BEinG NoW..
so the beginning and
ending answer is the
1 that’s missing that iS Love aS
the greaTEst primate gift of ALL
living NatUre
ReaL nOw as the
GreaTest primate
Intelligence hOlding hands..
noW.. SMiLes mY friend..
i have ‘rich folks’ iN
‘mY family’ but the ‘poor’
ones wear a sMiLe that’s reaL..
And reaL iS trUly aLL that counts..
iN thiS liFe that can trUly bE JoY when REAL
from tests
of culture that
cover up what’s inside..
GreaTest gift for me.. loSiNg
effective sight and hearing for
66 months.. loSinG the virus of
Culture.. and rebuilding the JoY
oF Culture
REAL my friend..
gigoid.. iN noW
100% SMaRT..
My FRIeND..:)
Ha! yes..! Real iS aS Real does..
and proof of multi-verses noWin the
fAct that every human experiences
reaLITy different.. from folks in caves
who hear voices to free verse poets
and folks who believe in myths of
folks dying on crosses
and coming
back to literal
life when the point
reAlly iS coming
back to life
oF emoTioNal
hEart.. SpiRit
heaRt.. wiTh
miNd and boDy
balance of soUl..
but oh.. to live a lie
is as real as living the
truth… but sure theRe iS
real heLL and real heaven
and that purgatory stuff
‘tween.. as relative
free will allows
us to be the
experience and
one who has a great
amount of feeling
into creating
feelings now…
i’ve heard people
say that mechanical
cognition is all that counts..
and i’ve heard people say
that human emotions are
foolish to experience in
all the degrees of feeling
that now can bring..
but sure thaT iS
iN pArt tHeir
choice.. but i for
one.. choose iN biofeedback
of feelings.. senses.. and yes..
sensuality too.. to make my
nows aS aWesome
as multiVerses
can come
to live..
Surely.. living
with emotions is more
fun that just being an atom
of a Sun and generating heat
and burning
now.. my friend..
but ha! try to convince
that to someone like Trump
or any other elected official
away from FeeLinG and
it’s like a worm
hole that
to get
through the
opaque window
of hell and or
now.. N0W
Now iS rA eL
iT’s ALL that’s real
but oh my.. it can be so
large or so small depending
on the paths and journey of
multi-verses.. free or lockEDin
labels of words.. culture.. and
collective intelligence
in lucid
nightmares now..
No exclusions for me..
i’ll dream iT aLL and make
It real
in multi-
verses iNow..
with no real
now my
friend.. ‘God’ is
dead.. ‘Jesus’ is dead..
but the essence of both
sTiLL lives
witHin.. outside..
above.. so below
aLL around Me
wE.. aLive mY
friEnd iN iREALinoW..
And for the cloSed
minNded heArted
spiRitED soUled
wiTh WiNks
and SMiLes oF REAL..
my friend.. gigoid.. iNow..
Seriously.. some folks worship
labels.. when gOlden calves
aT lEast..
are shiNy
iN liGht.. mY friEnd..
iF theY dance liFe
YeAh.. baby..
No iS
SMiLes.. No
thiS muSt bE
mYfavoRite loGo
T-shirt oF thEm aLL..
By Sheldon Cooper.. yes
and all his degrees…hmm..
I’m Not INsane.. My Mother
had me tested.. false and
true.. and true and false..
depending on which
i fAce.. noW..
TheRe iS alWays
spAce for anotHeR
TriPle A plAceNow..:)
And speaking of crazy
and Facebook.. nice niece
Candy.. who is kinda like
me in a different way..
talks to the face
book audience
and admonishes
her lack of
who do not
tale her about
art gallery night
in Pensacola or invite
her there.. so after she
gets several responses the
problems solver i can be to
the extreme in a split-second
if need be.. Googles.. copies
and pastes the schedule in the
comment section a few seconds after
i read of her need..
and then she says
UR awesome
and then
i say..
hehe.. i’ve heard that before
and crazy too.. crazy sMart i’ll be..
haha.. and dam it.. i’m gonna make Katrina go..
at least one scheduLed date..wink emoticon
Hmm.. sTiLL haven’t
got back to two weeks
ago Thursday 169th open
link night at dVerse for poeTry
expressions unleashed again..
but over two weeks to current
at the 170th open link night..
the free poet Shawna always
nesting new blogs and leaving
her old eggs behind..
has perched for
a moment..
so i will
pay tribute
to her freedom
for a little while
this morning before
we are off to Biloxi
Beaches.. one armed
bandits for Katrina
and beach/casino
dance walking
for me..
just to
the entire city
of traffic as such
on the main beach
drag.. in sand too..:)
Katrina is ofTen
saying the shape
of some of my poeTry
looks like tits too.. yum..
busts are are so great all
around the world.. but anyway..
looks like i’m gonna be 6 prompts
behind.. perhaps until the 2 week
July break.. so just stopping by
to say hi.. and that one
about the bones
got me out
of bed with
my smart phone..
as it is particularly
inspiring and requires
a full loaded gun of
10 fingers to respond to
too.. be theRe in a couple..
to let the word buLLetc fly aRound..
hehe.. never at a loss for AMmunition..;)
Oh.. oxytocin.. what sets Christian
the hugging Lion apart
from puff
the real
and Zombies
is a lack of oxytocin..
the neurorealhorMONe
of love.. in affection way..
and as an empath back now
from Zombie LAnd for 66 months..
yes.. back in my dead zone.. 2008-13
days.. and long long cold night of life
24-7.. i lost my oxytocin then when
i first could not feel the pet of a cat..
and yes.. that warm and fuzzy
baby comfort feeling is
oxytocin.. as the receptors/
makers for that are from the brain
to the bottom of the
feet when
we feel
the mother
of earth and
Sun warm our
toes and finger
tips too..
the cat’s ears
went back as the
cat can feel a lack
of oxytocin too..
and knows
it is a sign
of snakes and
other zombies as
such.. so due caution
is at straying away..
and yes..
as i know
you are interested
in serial killers.. this explains
the Zombie part.. as it is a pretty
horrible place to be.. not to be able
to feel the empathic spirit of another
person’s soul or one’s own so to literally
consume the body.. is a failed attempt to get
the human
touch at all..
ugh.. the darkness
of life.. and yes.. just
like my Old cat Arthur..
whose ears peeled back
when i tried to pet him without
oxytocin.. it is a helpless feeling too..
when one has plenty of oxytocin but
the other person.. has little to none..
wondering how to get something
out of them.. they just
don’t organically have
the ability to share..
but i got mine back..
so it’s possible.. however..
science suggests if ya
never get it.. in the
first 3 years of
life.. it might
be gone
where Christian
the Lion can only
eat you and not Love
you with warm and fuzzy
arms.. of
hmm.. hEArt
iS wHere it’s at..
so sad when
it’s dead
or never
and speaking
of that.. sex in all
the forms and activities
that comes in.. is one of
the most powerful stimulus
activities to gain the oxytocin
nurturing feeling.. so folks who
are looking for Ms or Mr.. Good
Bar or entry point as such
often are craving
the humanity
that so many
folks experience
just going barefoot
and touching the
sands of Mother
earth.. so in this
way.. dancing in
sand is like sex of
affection with the earth
and God as such.. and in this
way seriously.. i have mind blowing
sex with God all the time.. and seriously
that is why i can totally ignore the Bill
Clinton Def of sex day in and day
out and the wife is like
that too..
and that
is why
we are
angels on earth..
with just a little
sarcasm on that
one fully
and sands
of God.. my friend
just felt like saying that…
it makes me
feel warm
and fuzzy
inside.. now!
oh! oxytocin!
you connect me oh!
so sO yeS YES! WeLL!..;)
Truly it is sad
not to live with
oxytocin.. and
trust me
the empty
dollar will never
provide the oxytocin
that a soUl sings with
spiRit of heARt my friEnd..:)
Until next come what may
comes.. see ya
S baby..;)
And sorry if you
can’t open up my
website.. but don’t
feel lonely.. i will
and visit you..
(when i find you)
and i have to have
a megaton computer
and broadband access
to open
me up
Oh yeah.. and
thanks for ‘this
song’.. ‘Tis a great
oxytocin song.. to
go along with all that
i’ve written here.. traveling
on a bus to biloxi.. looking out
the window at the bilLowy looking
November clouds.. it reminds me of
18 again.. first love.. and all the oxytocin
songs like this they played in the 70’s and
cuddling with my girl friend saying stuff
like.. no.. i love you more.. and she
saying.. i love you more.. no i
love you more babe.. etc..
and i’m thinking/FEELinG..
you kNow/FEEL.. the real
evidence that the Zombie
Apocalypse is here.. somewhere
between the 80’s and now.. Love
is dying more in oxytocin human
way.. so few songs like this are left
anymore.. as new songs.. and now in
the dance hall there are bootie
dances back to front instead
of the old slow dances of face
to face.. oh.. new rules of
human being
as everyone
looks for
the oxytocin
connection in
eXtreme Ms. and
Mr. good bar
ugh.. the death
of human love..
that really
when dogs
and cats are
more human
than human
in terms of Love..
and truly that is why
some autistic children who
are not empaths like me go
for animals
to feel
oxytocin on
farms and such..
swimming with
dolphins and all
of that.. Zombie
Apocalypse YOU
as feelings
slowly drift
away to bootie
dancing paNdemic
Zombie dead Love…
but true.. Bootie
is better
at all..
in all
M ways
that comes too…
FucK iT aLL.. juSt dance..
wITh eYes of moVing..
creaTinG REaL..:)
dam dirty
the only animal
who labels itself
other than being..
just being now..
and theRe
the problem..
separation from
what makes living life..
And of course that reminds
me of yet.. another Charlton
Heston movie.. that original “Planet
of the Apes” Movie.. where Charlton
and his gorgeous girlfriend with only
loving touch and no words.. stands
by.. when Charlton iS curSing
humanity then for blowing
all the cultural infrastructure
up.. not an issue for the girl
on the back of his horse.. the
horse.. or any part of
other than
wishing away
the beach.. the horses..
and the beautiful Girl for
edifice of olden way.. yeah..
tradition dies hard in
all the cultural
ways iT
To be whole
iS oNe wITh NatUre..
not likely.. the rest of
Nature.. iS wrong wiTh
ouT wordS iN noW..:)
We travel to the Biloxi Casinos ‘today’..
namely the Hard Rock Cafe.. and on the
way.. Katrina and i have a discussion
on me wanting to go to Gallery night
in P’Cola to see all the Arts
there on one Friday
Night when it
comes to
close to Seville
Quarter.. Katrina
too shy for that but
wait!.. little do we know
then but when we arrive
at the Hard Rock there is
a Biloxi Festival on the Greens
full of Arts and Crafts but the besTest
pArt of aLL.. iS a huge brick dance floor
and a variety of live bands.. and the first
Band i dance for.. i am the only one dancing
and i have my Jaws T-Shirt on.. yes.. the
Great White coming to the surface
with the classic photo of the
blonde swimming naked
up there where the
sky meets the
water as such..
so.. after i finish dancing
and am walking away.. they
play the Jaws theme SonG..
haha.. it’s hilarious.. then..
but the funniest part of
all comes later in the
day.. when i go
back while i’m dancing..
walking around the other
Casinos and Katrina is sitting
in the Casino Lobby and she hears
someone over a loud speaker outside
saying Go Fred.. Go Fred.. Go Fred..
yes.. chanting my name like i’m
running for a touchdown..
and i’ve been invited on
the stage to dance
with a really
cool Soul
and even get
‘this cool selfie’ with
the lead soul sister
singer.. and she is so
nice.. and says.. she will
hire me for a back-up dancer..
haha.. as a joke of course..
Anyway.. it was another
Ferris Buhler’s day off
Kodak moment.. with
her band groupies
hi-fiving me
with smart
phone photos
coming off the stage
saying way to go Fred
way to go.. and sometimes
when i’m out there dancing
in front of several hundred folks
solo.. a couple of seconds i catch
myself coming back down to earth
and saying OMG.. i’m doing this
in front of all these folks alone..
but then i just ZonE back iN..
In the trance of Dance and
become one with
the Seagulls
around my
head.. and take
some photos at the
same time i’m spinning
around like a F iN 230LB
Ballerina on the Red Brick
dance floor hall ouTside FReED..:)
Been on a Bond kick
lately.. and will still be
using a few theme songs
to accompany my ‘next’
blog post titLed.. yES..
“For yoUr eYes onLY”..
self explanatory.. iF yA
wiLL.. so here’s mY Bond
Look on the Bay.. and iF i was
an International Spy.. i WiLL not
be working for the British
undercover.. solving
World crimes.. i Will
be using words
and dance..
as a
so secret
agent for GodiN
Winks oF REAL..
and yes.. 007 gets
aLL those fancy
weapons.. aLL
‘Triple A’.. KATiE
MiA.. Kind Autistics
Taking in Everything
Mindful in Awareness
iS poetic words.. photos..
videos.. other symbols..
yes.. many dance steps..
and the way God sPeaks
wITh synchronicity as my
SE OTHER than a few
cherished friends..:)
Autistic Love
And the Science of Kindology
An Ideological First Identity
And truly the only sacrifice..
i am maKinG.. is rather
tired feet after the
166.66 miles
in dance
per month..;)
Katrina says..
‘this’ is my
shit don’t
stInk look..;)
And then she says..
‘this’ is my smug..
God’s got my
back.. you
Fuck with
me.. Fuck no..
not even Superman
can top God Back
uP lOOk now..wink emoticon
Oh the world of poeTry.. and the human
form as a work of art.. BOTH female and
male when done tastefully.. butt where does
one draw the line.. iN what IS tasteful.. weLL
of course that depends on the artFulL or
Less audience.. and somewhat like
a Doctor.. theRe is NOthing about
the God Given human
form or functions
that disgusts
me natural
as truly it is
all natural from
head to toes to
buns to penis and
Vagina and all the ‘tween..
but here’s the thing.. there
is and has alWays been since
the days of Egypt and Min.. yes..
the God of fertility in mythological
way.. a double standard.. as since
Min.. raised the bar for human art..
Men have had the private pARts
broken off by the religious
fundamentalists in
some of the
greatest historical
nude male art.. including
statues of Apollo.. wHere the
fundies actually literally
chopped off the stone
penises in fear that
someone’s wife
might stray
from getting turned
on or whatever the F
might make a woman’s
head turn from her owner
ship papers in ‘deGREED’ way
as such back then.. and now it’s
all a bunch of homophobe crap too..
’cause as the science oriented folks
among us know now.. even in the
Kinsey reports it shows that there
are at least some homosexual
inclinations among close to
50 percent of the population
even if they do not ACT on
it.. as yes.. our closest
Bonobo ancestors
do it freely without
the rules of culture
and to each his or
her own on that
but here’s the thing..
men who are secretly
attracted to good looking
forms of the male art of the
species.. will use homophobia
as a defense of their own fears that
they themselves might be ‘queer’ or
whatever.. as a man secure in his own
masculinity will never do this.. as yes..
some of us only go the female route..
particularly when we are balanced
in our feminine and masculine
qualities all God given in life
and are not afraid to
show our graceful
and will full
strong sides..
and sPeaking of Bond
as of late.. what few people
understand.. is that Ian Fleming
was interested in the occult per
mysteries of human archetypes..
and Carl Jung.. Aleister Crowley
and the like.. who went a little
further than school text
books to get this human
thingie more figured out
to help the rest of the tribe..
better reach their human potential
in self actualization that is just another
term truly.. overall.. for being reborn later
in life and whole.. Kundalini Rising.. etc.
etc.. but the bottom line is WheRE the emotional
and sensory.. including sensuality mind and body
become one balanced soUl.. of truLY amazing
human poTenTial fulfilled.. and it’s true
releasing that feminine side or
masculine side whomever the
he or her is.. WiLL
allow one to
more fully explore
tHeir poTenTial wITh
the God of Nature fully
iN toW allone with one..
like the real gnostic Jesus
was speaking of in the Gospel
of Thomas when he said the
man and woman will become
one being.. in one human being..
nah.. he wasn’t talking about marrying
someone else.. he was talking about the
feminine and masculine elements of the
human being coming together in metaphor
of alchemical all natural process and blooming
more as human flower now.. anyway.. back
in 2014.. when i first staRted exploring this
all innate.. instinctual.. and intuitive process..
and actually started expreSsinG these elements
in selfie art.. as technology now allows any
human being to become Michelangelo
in the flesh of selfie “Davids” instead of
cold stone statue art.. and
yes.. perhaps i am only
one of few straight
male artists to do
this as most men
are afraid they
will be shamed
with this homophobia
thingy.. but here’s the
bigger thing.. one’s peace
of mind and body.. healthy
state of well being.. and incredible
poTenTial fulfillED iS at stake.. iN what
Jesus.. the gnostic gospel version said
was at stake too.. for not getting the masculine
and feminine sides balanced.. and it is true.. and
the benefits go far far.. further than individual
way.. as what i find is most true.. is.. that
‘real woMen’.. as metaphor please..
who have tHeir masculine
and feminine sides balanced
iN both fearless strength
and Love.. per masculine
and feminine sides are
attracted to men like this
liKe hoNey.. and iF one wiLL
notice.. this art of the Gun as
phallic symbol.. and the graceful
naked dancing girls on most all
the early Bond title Videos show
the male and female forms coming
together as one.. as that is precisely
what Ian Fleming was aiming at as larger
deeper messages in his early Bond Novels..
as portrayed in earlier films.. and if one watches
the portrayal of Bond.. by the first
Super Masculine.. actor..
Sean Connery.. one will
see.. while he has a very
strong side.. he is as metro
FiN Sexual as any man
now in graceful
and combining
those two elements
is why he always gets
the beautiful girl in the end..
and sure that is how i’ve worked
my magic on girls.. from the beginning..
even when i was F iN Dirt poor.. working
at an F iN Bowling Alley.. strength and
grace… drive trUly wild and free
women wild.. and there is
a lot more going on
than what iS
between the
belt and zipper
iN all of Lust and Love
as that were and still is..
as much fun as some of the
homophobes.. attempted to
make of me when i first went
to Seville Quarter as they had
rarely ever seen a man do ballet
like moves in public.. after a few
Kung Fu kicks and spins.. most
aLL i get now are high 5’s and sure
in terms of how much
female attention
i receive as i have
documented too in blog
way to show the alchemical
process of combining the
masculine and feminine
toGeThEr in one individual
is more than religion.. and
the occult.. it is FucKinG
science.. and the
results of my science
project are more than clear
to see.. but anyway.. the hypocrisy
sTiLL runs deep.. and when i stArtED
doing this art program in my under
wear.. with only some racy profile
images of my buns as such..
the prudish among the
bunch of older female
fundie poets
complained very loud
and wanted me kicked off
of dVerse just because the
stuff was on my blog site..
but nothing at all was said
about total frontal female nudity
as art in poetry.. and amazingly
in poetry land.. it wasn’t the men
that complained.. it was the older
fundie women.. but i suppose tHeir
is some denial there of their own
human nature
as the science documentaries
i have provided lately provide
clear empirical evidence for..
it’s true.. Hips.. Lips..
Eyes don’t Lie..
when they
are pARt of
God’s Nature
Free and this idea
of polarized genders..
truly leads to aggression..
violence.. greed.. jealously
ownership of other human beings..
porn that is humiliating to the other
genders.. and all the darker pArts of
human nature.. Jesus was correct then
and so was Michelangelo.. and Min too..
as mythology back in ancient Egypt..
wE live in a world where the
trUth and liGht is no
longer censored
online.. and
this is
a source of
much greater hope
and inspiration.. wHere
the human heaRt.. SpiRit
and soUl in MiNd And BoDy
balance is aligned back to
iT’s natural state of God oF
Nature being when the
call of the wild
and free that
iS the sAMe as
the cALL of God
as Christ liGht per
metaphor is set free..
and truly any thing less..
iS Anti-Christ in terms
of metaphor too..
the real
Greek word
Apocalypse ..
means lifting
the veil of darkness
in human ignorance.. and
in that sense.. my friends
and other.. the APOCALPYSE
IS NOW.. AND i’m just a symptom
of iT among milLioNs.. of other
folks coming
noW aS
Free and
Wild and
balanCinG iN
the metaphor oF
Christ liGht aGaiN..:)
DraWinG to LiGht
FoR AwaKeNs
Hard to believe.. that
photos like ‘this’ come
from a casual point
and shoot
step out
of my car
at Super-Walmart
with a Cell Phone
that is also powerful
enough to open up
my website.. almost
instantly.. iPhone 6s
you Rock
and Roll
iN WinG
oF Free Bird
Sun emoticon
Entropy vs. Creativity..
Books of yesteryear..
oF noW..
Tapestry oF Art
SinGs from SpiRit
heARt.. iN FloWinG
ZoNe Of MiNd
and BodY
When every
noW iS an Adventure
of New.. tHere iS no
old.. young.. gender..
nationality.. race..
creed.. oR
coLor oF
other than
more than
wITh no LimiTS
or expectaTionS
Set FrEE
TrUe Creativity
iN FloW.. iS magic
without pre-planning..
juST oN Go
oF DoinG liFe
and yeS..
easier said
than dONe oF Course..
trUly doAble wITh DO..:)
And to end this
‘For YoUr eYes onLY’
post as per the video
linked above.. Secrets
trUly are in plain siGht
aLL around us.. as when
hUmans come toGeTheR
wITh DancE.. wITh SonG
wITh reAson..
anYthinG iS
and heARts
work toGeThEr
to get iT aLL dONE
as WeLL as possible..
noW iN.. harmony
oF Balance
HUman BEinG..
aLways MOre to
gRow.. alWays morE
to Do.. alWays Survival
and Love iN now.. different
players.. different labels..
cultures.. and all
of that..
but same
Love and Survival..
overall.. to make
liFe exCiting Struggle
iN Fearless Love aLL sAMe..:)

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