Super F of Hope

Well first of all.. do you get YouTube now..
that CREEP song is a good song for meaning..
and I do hear that Vevo is attempting to ‘clean’ up its act
well enough to be allowed in Muslim countries.. but just curious on that..:)
Ah.. but yes.. that Creep song i can relate to perfectly.. in several stages of my life.. in 2nd grade.. moving from little school to big noisy Catholic Private school.. in my father’s hometown in Florida..
to middle school where everyone tells me I do not deserve to exist for my strange looks.. telling me i am too skinny.. have a head that is too big.. etc.. etc.. people can’t understand me when i talk.. and all of that homophobic stuff.. from patriarchal Christians.. when i smile too much…
Then i wish really really hard that i will be special.. and finally i get special enough where the bullies tell me they are proud that i meet their standards finally in high school.. to my surprise.. i mean seriously.. a girl named Gracie actually tells me she is proud of me.. when she sees my transformation to a little more normal looking ‘ET’ Freddy..
And then OMG.. when my first girl friend breaks up with me at 19 years old.. trauma.. i fall apart.. i start losing handfuls of hair.. and i feel like i am disintegrating into nothing.. and i am feeling like the creep that walks the college halls..
and oh gosh.. i wanna be special again.. i keep wishing.. and again.. something magical happens and God changes me into special again.. at age 22.. and the girls start to like me again.. and once again.. i am happy.. for 25 years.. get a job.. get married.. get a home.. and all that stuff..
And ugh.. back to age 47.. and i become a shut-in hunchback.. of Notre Dame.. all pain all the time.. no feelings at all.. literally cold inside my body on 100 degree temperature days.. wearing a tattered jacket in the summer.. with ear plugs and shades ’cause a cricket sounds like a freight train in my ears.. and streetlights at night.. with shades on at 3AM.. walking creepy around my neighborhood block.. looks like Sun with no shades on..
And oh no.. i lose my ability to even hope or wish.. so i just write skeleton words to keep going and going and going.. starting in 2010.. and then eventually God gives me a wish instead of asking for one.. in 2013.. and then i just humbly do what God ‘says’ to do with ‘his hands and feet’ on mine.. and ‘voice’ in me..
and God does finally heal all the disorders.. and to make a much longer story shorter.. now folks in my metro area.. call me hero of dance.. legend of dance.. and so forth and so on.. and yes.. mostly people think my writing is still weird on the Internet.. but 1.1 million people look at it on my Google Plus stuff page.. without commenting.. so it must.. at least be special.. in a creepy way.. haha!
Oh..! and yes there is my friend Rafiah.. and whenever I comment on my friend Rafiah’s blog page.. she is the most special person in the Universe to me.. and she makes me feel like the most special person in the Universe..
And to be clear.. God does give me this Unconditional Love stuff.. which allows me to feel like even folks who view me as enemy are the most special person in the Universe.. when i communicate with them.. but the difference between most people and Rafiah.. is that Rafiah makes me feel like the most special person in the Universe.. when i communicate with her…
So that makes Rafiah one of the most special people
in the entire Universe to me.. all the time..
not just when I communicate with her..
And that’s how special
feels.. with friend as the highest example of that..
’cause as my wife says.. they don’t have to
do my dirty underwear laundry
and smell me
I love you .. you are special..
and I WILL LOVE to see that
‘ABOUT RAFIAH’ thingy say:
Wow! you changed it.
That’s the best gift
you can
give me.
‘You and Ghogsy should form an alliance:’
“It doesn’t have to be rational to be saleable”
Hi, Oldavid.
I am going to give you the ‘most
important advice you will ever receive’,
My Friend.
Whether or not you take action on it,
is negligible to me, as you are not
my only target audience
when i respond to you
here, by far, so, here
It is:
Here’s the thing about Magick.
Whether or not the abstract concept
MagicK can be empirically measured by
science; MAGICK IS REAL, and I will tell you
how Magick works; yes, here now; right here!
If you believe that Magick is real. it does
not matter what form your Wish may take;
it is a proven scientific fact that human behavior
changes to make Magick and or Wishes happen.
It doesn’t matter if you call it Magick or Wish;
all that matters is your mind and body works
behind the scenes of your conscious mind
to make Dreams and or Magick Wishes
come to fruition. Oh, and here’s
another little bitty scary fact;
as science also shows
not only is the
placebo effect
of affective
real; so
is the
of negative cynic;
the world’s a bad
place of bad people
stuff thinking. And that’s
why some folks keep digging
a whole of negativity deeper and
deeper, until finally they just fade away
with only Black MagicK in their life, and
no White Magick, to make dreams come true.
I mean seriously, there is both metaphor and science
to this friend; and seriously this is PROOF THAT i am
JUST selling you something that really works in life;
and honestly it’s why hyperbolic marketing works in
both negative and positive ways, as the Placebo effect
of affect, per the human emotions of faith, hope, and
belief are as real as the ‘nose on your face'; but if
not utilized; trust me, you will never truly ‘smell’
White Magick in your life friend; and that’s sad;
but that is your will; and hopefully other
folks will listen and make the real life
dreams of miracles come true in
their life, as I have evidenced in
mine, time and time
again, here.
The bottom line
IS Magick works,
when one has the
formula to make it
happen; so in reality,
ironically enough; yes,
MAGICK is systemizing
science too, and Fred JUST
shows you the science
of it, if you can get
both the metaphor
and science of
it down.
And if you already are doing this;
and just kinda playing devil’s advocate
here, with all your cynical material reductionist
views; that’s fine too; ’cause as mentioned before
Devil’s advocates can be best friends too!
So, here is some more science about Black MagicK:
And here are some more metaphors about White Magick:
Enjoy or not; my friend;
your will in life, and of
course my will is White
Magick, all the time
And OMG, the results
are Super Cool;
as again,
time and
time again
here! in my
own science
and metaphor
project that
as a real
And just in case, you
do not see ‘the movie
Superman, the latest
one; yes, S means
hope and F
with S
(;for full disclosure:)
Hmm.. ‘Super F of Hope’
sounds like a ‘good’
‘one’ for
(Thanks God; i am wishing
for a great title!)
Thanks, for the inspiration Oldavid;
you are simply amazing,
as a muse for
me; light
or dark;
male or
nice like
my Angel
or NOT;
the muse
is the muse..;)
That’s IT; not unlike the new Prometheus Frankenstein;
life starts with a spark of Electricity or Intense Light
aka Lightening.
It just starts small
and then evolves
into super cool
stuff like
Humans, Dolphins,
Whales, Bonobos;
‘And All the Rest!’..:)
God for
the entire
of creative
otherwise known
as the
So, may the Force be
with ‘you'; AS
No wonder, we humans
Love to watch Lightening
so much, as it ‘reminds’ ‘us’
of ‘our’ beginnings of ‘all
that is’ ‘US’
from LIGHTening
Force of Nature
(per Amino acids, sparked by electricity
forming into proteins, first, then evolution
that continues on to make all the cool stuff
that lives as us!)
The most important thing I learn about life, in the last two years; that I never really know, before 2013, in terms of innate instinct and intuition; is the fact that humans have the ability to ‘hear’ the call of the wild and act on it; really no different than any other social animal.
The call of the wild is a really important instinct for social animals and truly basically it means connecting with nature, gaining subsistence, reproducing, and maintaining animal homeostasis and conserving energy at all times for maximum potential in gaining all of the above.
While many of us have an all we can eat assortment of sugars, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and plenty of water to drink out of the faucet and or plastic bottle; this is instant gratification, as a way of life, compared to the evolved human animal for periods of time without food, where challenge and adaptation to challenge in PHYSICAL ways is the name of the game for survival.
In my practice of Martial Arts/Ballet-like Dance Walk; now if I want to sneak up on; say a squirrel; to take a photo in my yard; I can do it at a speed slow enough like a cat in balance, not turning a leave (me at 230LBS) and make the picture before the squirrel scurries.
Before, my lumbering robot walk will scare the squirrel away, well before I get close enough for the photo shoot I want close up..:)
Interestingly, in studying wild animal behavior, as compared to World Noted, Asperger’s Expert, Tony Atwood’s ‘Spot the Aspie’ segment that he does in his lectures where he walks with his butt sticking out, and head tilted down toward the floor a few feet ahead; is well, yes, the way I walk before; to much ridicule by others, in life; discomfort even standing still; and truly having to copy my wife walking in total comfort or whomever else is with me in stores, before I turn 53, to even frigging be comfortable in my own skin, part of the way.
And truly this is a major source of human anxiety; NOT TO feel comfortable in one’s own skin.
But the issue is, for me at least; is it an innate issue or an environmental issue, from all those gold star academic awards sitting still in lectures; being too timid to play team sports to get all around the field, and yes, after two years I can say with certainty now that other humans are amazed, in empirical terms by what they describe as excellent posture and graceful terrestrial like butterfly walk, where in a way I walk right out of a cocoon of discomfort fostered by a truly insane culture focusing on head thinking, rather than body thinking in feelings and emotions; at least in my case. Yes; Ha! some folks suggest I grow taller, who have not seen me for over a decade; but that’s what good posture looks like; taller..:)
And oh, yeah; emotions everywhere, never controlled by me, and a dizzy boy who cannot walk straight with integrated senses before 2013; with mind and body balance now, through the actual practice of Dance Walking a martial arts/ ballet style for 3629 miles, in 21 months, in most all public area stores, by measure of Nike GPS sports watch; all that is under control with the practice of human relative free will; not unlike eastern philosophies that pursue martial arts as a way of life.
But here’s the other thing and it is extremely important. The ancestry of human being encoded in our DNA for innate instinct and intuition is the necessity of defending ourselves from physical threats from human beings and other animals. Now of course, walking ‘invisibly’ helps to escape the predator of other animals; but that just will not work with the predator who is human, as humans stick together and are hard to escape.
So the choice in that is fight or flight. But the thing is, if one never develops skills to defend themselves physically; other than weapons, the only choice is flight, which is an anxious thingy by instinct that one lives with all the time around other folks, if they never learn now to defend themselves comfortable in their own skin, doing it, as well.
And then there is the instinct for reproduction, and for females it is not as strong after bonding for a family as far as sampling what’s out there out of the ‘cave'; but males, overall, are another story, and to repress that drive has consequences of natural penalties by nature, in ways of deficits in hormones, and strength to get that instinctual job done.
So what to do; play with it; and while that can be taken literally; that’s not quite the full hormonal effect of being
around flesh and blood T and A. And it’s truly amazing, as when I start going back to the dance clubs to dance, last spring; I am kinda, a little bit like ‘Free Willy’, before he escapes his water prison.
I am just not as virile, nearly as virile, as I used to be in my 20’s, overall, and not just talking about sex; the whole
male package from head to toe in confidence, is more what I am speaking to here. And now after a year of dancing with all the young women; ALL THAT CHANGES, for me, now, big time..:)
But yeah, married and all, in my 30’s, back then, now with me fixing to turn 55, there is just too much stress then, with work and all, to even worry about basic animal innate, instinctual, and intuitive call of the wild stuff.
Go to work, go home, watch TV, play a video game, go to bed, get up, for five days; get all the housework related subsistence gathering stuff done on the weekend, and then the rat race continues on for decades, in a maze of culture far removed from the call of the wild, as experienced before marriage, mortgages, and all the complicated stuff of life spent in a head of mechanical cognition; instead of much greater potential physical intelligence to basically be more undomesticated again in mind and body balance with emotions regulated, senses integrated, and much
better cognitive executive functioning
by way of focus and short term
working memory for REAL SUCCESS!..:)
What I am saying here, is; at least for human beings who go back to nature; even having the opportunity to hear the call of the wild, and act on it; is amazing human potential that can be gained, if one really listens to their inner free warrior and survivor, and makes life an imaginative and creative physical potential, instead of just stuck in a mechanical cognition mindset of work, and the rest of day to day life.
And the greatest thing of all about becoming proficient with a unique style of dance, is one does not have to go to the female dancers; they come on their own, as most all females love nothing better in the bar life than a man who can shake his groove thing. Over 200 photos documented in my blogs tell the tale on that with smiling ear to ear women, with me and the muse of dance I bring.
Now to be clear; not every middle aged guy is cut out to do this stuff; including the leg pressing 930LB thingy with my arms raised in the air slowly and surely on a parallel leg press machine; BUT, FOR all practical intents and purposes, as the last kid picked on sports teams, even behind girls in school; I do not seem to be cut out for it either.
But here is where the real KICKER (930LBS OR SO), comes into play. Epigenetic potential through challenge and adaptation to created environmental challenge is what makes most all this stuff possible for me.
I show photos of me as a teenager here,
and I am much more of a weak looking teenager,
than most of what I see in the photos of males here.
A major issue on this Internet site freely discussed here is disdain for alpha males; and the sadness that comes with being a weaker male, in terms of reproductive success, acceptance, and success in the work place.
Trust me after being the human archetype
of omega male and alpha male;
Alpha male is much more fun.
And yeah, even in the wild; the omega male can adapt and does move
to the top, as well, with proper physical intelligence challenges.
So what this means is; fuller success in life, in what really
counts; and don’t ‘fool oneself'; I’ve been around the block
too many times to fool myself, to Know I am just another
male social animal; with all the potential pitfalls
and successes that comes with that; physical
challenge, adaptation, and growing stronger
in success of male social animal
or moving down the
totem pole
the call
of the wild
IS a Real Deal.
Being wild and being able to control it,
to keep a wife, and all of that
through human relative
free will, is the
to what I can
do, epigenetically speaking;
that I have evidenced on this
site time and time again; just to
let other folks know, they do not
have to spend life with their ‘tales’
between their legs, shuffling along
in robot walk, looking at the floor
instead of standing tall, with head
faced forward, ready to meet,
any instinctual challenge that
comes in terms of physical
defense, whether or not
it really comes or not;
and I will tell you
this; if you get a
‘leg up’ on it early;
the way folks are
becoming softer and
softer; YOU WILL have
a huge advantage over
others in success in life.
Nature rules humans; there
is no fooling Mother Nature;
but there are ways to make
‘her’ work to YOUR ADVANTAGE.
‘Apes Together STRONG’
LIKE Inventor says; I am
no longer a ‘hairless
ground ape'; I move
truly is
Truly; not
unlike that
half wolf and
dog in the book by Jack
London of the same name.
And yeah, that book brings tears
to my eyes, as a youth reading it;
but truly the tears then
are for me;
as clearly
that now;
as just
God as
and ‘US’,
when wild
And yeah, there’s a theme song
for that, too; smiles, and
again; Apes
That’s where I live in Florida; assuming you are speaking about the ‘Wild One’ video.
But yes, it is lower down; however, the Sugar White Beaches and Emerald
Green Gulf still beats the Everglades/Miami; hands down; smiles.
Interestingly, if you ever see the movie Contact;
which I will provide the relevant clip below;
The “Paradise” at the end of the movie
is identified as a holographic
model of Pensacola Beach.
Carl Sagan inspires the
movie; and the bottom
line is the human
connection is
the meaning
of it all that
makes life worth living;
When I am ill and watch
the clip; i no longer feel
THAT and recognize how
lost I am; easily then;
All back now; plus TG!
And yes; on a moonlit
night with diatoms
shining in the
gulflit night;
with a beautiful
naked girl in ages
of Youth; and wife
to come; there is
Navarre Beach, a
little to the
East; settled
by my family
elders; early 1900’s.
The beautiful girl is
my second cousin;
my wife comes later;
for full disclosure;
I have nothing
to hide; why;
Paradise is
for me..;)
I am not sure what I do to deserve it;
but never the less; it is an irrefutable
P.S.; My second cousin becomes a
‘Stripper’ too; in that regard;
I am a very late
And to be clear;
Yes; ‘our’ ‘relativeness’
is all Platonic; but
never the less;
she does have
a gorgeous
worth looking
at; but nothing
compared to the
wife who comes later; Katrina.
Honestly though; considering
all of this; it should not be too
surprising I equate GOD with
Nature; the evidence of IT IS
Well beyond refute for me,
The ‘Contact’ clip below,
does not come close
to serving the
where I
There are more
variables involved
for me; many more;
No surprise tHere; huh..;)
Well; that’s an easy one Fnord; there are endorphins; there are adrenaline related neurohormones; there is dopamine; there is serotonin; there is natural occurring DMT; there are all sorts of androgen related hormones; and then there is the synergy of CHI with human relative free will in total focus of positive emotional energy; with no fear baby; at all;
same stuff as this Christos Energy Ana is speaking of; different cultural metaphors; same stuff at essence
of truth, in real flesh and blood stuff.
Well; that’s the reason I can leg press 930LBS, 14 times, slowly, with arms raised; all force on legs, on a parallel leg press machine that is about twice as difficult as a vertical sled leg press machine; that steroid heads often struggle to do with their hands pressing their knees. I have the CHI, The Christos, and oh yeah, ‘the FORCE FROM Star Wars’ mighty strong in me; and when people do call me Legend in real life, and Hero of Dance; it is because of precisely this.
So what have your endorphins done for you lately, in terms of empirical results, in actually doing something with your body that impresses another person, in real flesh and blood connecting life that you can prove.
CHI makes stuff happen baby; it ain’t nothing new; but no one, and I do mean no one, leg presses 930 LBS the way I do, in the entire YouTube world of steroid heads; CHI, is all natural all the time; all amazing Force and Christos metaphor of energy too; and there are scores of other metaphors for this much greater all innate, instinctual, and intuitive human potential power found within human being and practiced across cultures.
I just know how to put it into words; more than most, for a wordy explanation down to all the neurohormones and neurochemicals involved in a perfect storm of human potential named CHI, Christos, QI, KI, Force; and yes, again, the list goes on and one for the same essence of truth, in massive human potential more fully realized, like that mustard thingy that the real historical folks report in Gnostic Gospels of Jesus.
Trust me whether or not Magick exists; if you
have the potential for the Placebo effect;
it will do you wonders to believe in
something beyond
what you ‘think’ is real.
‘Thinking’ is the problem to begin with.
In REALEST CHI, CHRISTOS, and the ‘Star Wars Force; there is no thinking at all;
ONLY DOING; when the flesh and blood hits the real highways of
real life challenge for again, massive human potential more
fully realized..:)
‘The two of you have fun, now!..:lol:’
You kNow, Fnord;
You seem to be a miserable man.
Now to be clear; I could be ‘wrong’
but I seriously doubt it; at least for now.
That seems obvious by the way you speak
here; all cynical all the time for anything
more than you personally view in life.
And truly, I hope one day you feel like
like both
me and
With what
Real Jesus dude
and or Bruce Lee
is really
or ‘BE
THE Water';
It’s all
the same;
And Peace of
Mind and Body
All the
I don’t need an LOL
smilie; ’cause
I have ‘real’
You know Ana; yes, the energy of Christos is real.
And truly with direct conduit with the GOD of Nature
that is truly what I prove on all my blogs; that yes,
IS real, and yes it does make a person more loving;
and yes, this includes Unconditional LOVE;
and Yes, this includes amazing feats
of strength, endurance; and yes,
I will be 55 on June 6th, and
I am stronger, and healthier
than I am, when I am 21;
and I can prove in
photos that now
at age 55, I look
years younger
than I do
And in fact; until
I tell folks I am old as
their ‘grandaddies’ where
I dance; they see me
as just another
How many men at
age 55, NOW, can do
all of what I
on Google
this Christos
Energy is the
most powerful
all natural human
synergy of energy
anywhere in this
world we live
And I for one prove
it everywhere I go;
so folks who are
hoping ‘someone’
with it; will ‘come
back'; will get to
actually see
it for real;
for the
IT just
any better,
in the human
Universe than
this; at least
Biggest SMILES..:)
And the best thing of
all is most everyone
has the potential;
But the God of
Nature is a GOD
of Merit;
there ain’t
no free rides
or annointing
from above in
this life; it’s
all about hearing
the ‘call of the wild’
that is GOD and
acting on all
natural innate
instinct and
Thank you Ana; for your recognition of that.
Words are just metaphors for lie or truth.
The essence is what is real.
The ‘Christos’ energy is real.
I let actions speak
much louder than
words, alone;
I am
in real life,
as people
can FEEL
‘the energy’
from ‘me';
just by being
near ‘me'; by their
words; not mine..:)
The first step in helping people;
is to see the potential in action.
Cynics rule the world, still.
And in reality, in flesh and
blood; rules, in general,
are cynical; to be
free is to be
free of rules;
all local, state,
and federal laws;
per the metaphor
of giving what
is ‘Caesar his';
as going to
Jail is of course
not Freedom; the
path for freedom
is laid down by the
‘Memorial Days of
Bones of Sacrifice;
we stand upon;
like the article
for Memorial
Day you
Life is Messy;
and Good..:)
AND amazing with
the ‘Christos Energy’
WITHIN, outside,
above so
all around
in Golden Spiral
PHI Flow for NOW..;)

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