FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2023 6 YearS Old 7.7 MiLLioN Words

FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2023
6 YearS Old 7.7 MiLLioN Words

It’s Heating Up in Eden As Summer
Greets Spring Yet So Many Ways
To Cool Down in Summer Vibes

SMiLes Dear Savvy to Embodily

Become Mindfully Bodily Aware

Regulating Emotions Integrating

Senses Head to Toe

Through Usually

Some Kind of

Meditation in


Continuing Practice

Newly Now Of Mindful Bodily
Balancing Mind Awareness Integral
Whole For A Peaceful LoViNG SoUL

It’s True though i’m
Kinda Sleepy

i’ve Had a



Sleep is
Calling me to Rest..:)

Ah Yes Dear Kiran Will Surely Identify With

‘This’ Considering i’ve Made Public Dancing

A Norm Where i Am Literally

From For One Man

9 Years 9 Months
18,277 Miles Yes

HAha Namely

me With No Other

Name Really Than
“The Dancing Man”

And Other Derivatives of Course too Hehe…

It’s True It Took ‘Em Awhile to ‘Get A Load of me’

Yet Eventually Now They’ve Practically All Conformed

to me
at Least HAha…:)

It’s Heating Up in Eden As Summer
Greets Spring Yet So Many Ways
To Cool Down in Summer Vibes

SMiLes Dear Isha
Up And Coming
Young Indian FRiEnD


LoVE iN Peace
Will it Really
Be This Easy

True As Long

As We Unravel

The Yarn my

FRiEnD And Knit
A Blanket oF ToGeTHeR ReaL


WitH SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam i’m Neither Follower or Leader

i’M A GArdener of Weeds i am Free Yet oh Dear Lord

That Didn’t Stop the Folks Around me AT Work FOR



It’s More Fun Watering

The Top of the Pyramid

From The Base And

Fading Away

Like i


Existed At All…

Except of Course for A

‘Nine Dimensional’


Other Than ‘That Cat’
i Am A Weed i AM Rather
iNVaSiVE WeaRinG Many
Free CoLoRS oF FLoWeRS…

Other Than That Society Requires

Servant Leaders Who Are Compassionate

And Empathetic to Lead Same With Followers
You Seem Like A Good
Leader to me


Like That

Other Wise

Humans Fall

Apart Face Palms

Thick Wonder What

That Would Look Like As A Watcher…

(Oh Dear What A Sad Rhetorical Question)

Or Ever Day Participant Anthropology

Writing A
Too Just
For Puns of Fun…

Yep It’s True i Am
Heaven Dweller Now

in The Garden of myself
This Field of Dreams i Build…

It’s Shaped More Like A TSuNaMi
Than Golden Pyramid Or the ASTeRoiD That Came First

After 66 MiLLioN Years or 66 Months Time is of no Import…


i Am From
Staycationing New..:)

Life IS A Gift We
BReatH and BLinK
At Best We SPReaD
LiFE So OTHeRS Will See
Living Loving
Life for Present
Now thanks for
My FRiEnD..πŸ™‚

SMiLES onLY if We
All WiLL See
Nature as
The only
Gift of Life
To Give and Share
More than Take
And Hoard
And Jane
An onLY Religion
Of Nature Wild
JusT to Be
ToGeTHeR aLL..πŸ™‚

Below Above
Within Inside
Outside All
SaMe We
Are Free to
Be IS NoW..πŸ™‚

SMiLes… i Do my
Verily Best to
NeWLY NoW Marrying The
Night Living the Day Merry
LiFE NoW Will Still Be
ThiS Way..πŸ™‚

Thanks my Friend
i Find too.. Thorns
Do Keep Flowers Fresh…
A Year
No Passion
Flower Blooms
Or even Special
Warmth of Hot
Chocolate in
Winter Nights..πŸ™‚

Thanks my Friend
May Sleep
Into Blossoms
Coloring up Your Life..πŸ™‚

Hehe Dear Akshita Oh
‘The Norm’ of Group
Think Authority

HaHa i Remember
My Uncle Suggesting


Become ‘His Normal’
Following His “Trump
Clan Think” It was one

One of The Funniest

Suggestions i’ve

Ever Heard

Yet True
i Don’t Work
For Any Rules
Now Yet what i
See As True Although

To Survive Often Folks
Are Required To Live A



“The Clan
Norm” When Financial
Independence Comes






Soul Freedom
To Truly Sprout Wings

Even Greater Admiration

For Those Who Find Freedom



Of Soul Prisons

Prayers For India
Too Today Dear AkshitaπŸ™πŸ˜Š

Moon Never Gives
Up On Sun Savvy
Eventually Reflecting
iN Kind oF LiGHT SiGHT 🌝

Hehe SMiles Summerhilllane
Don’t Forget Winter Warmth
Hot Chocolate Dreams
Bring So SweetlyπŸ€— 🌸


🐝 BeeS Now

God Named
Dog In Reverse
Before Man Named

God For

Dog’s Still

Undying Love Dear

Rue That Who Brings

Tears Of Remembering

Dog Souls in Darkest
Driest Nights of Black
Abyss Human



Moon Shine
At Least Now A

Second of Soul Sun

Yes i’ve Experienced

Savior too

Cat As Well

No Different

Love Is Love 🐈 🐢 🐾

SMiles Dear Rue Lost
From Emotions For 66 Months
i Never Hesitate Now To Dance
And Sing Emotions Move


To Live


Life Worth
Living to The
Chagrin oF All
Of Those Men
Who Say Emotions
Are Mush And Only
For “Weak Women”

On The Other



me They
Could Be
10 Times
Stronger Than
A Grinch Now

Too Just By Painting WindπŸ’¨

Hehe Cat-6 Hurricane Style🦁

Seasons And Weathers For All
Emotions And Change These

Too Shall


As Waves

Rage Becoming

Rainbows Flavoring Skies Again..:)

Fire Flies Foresting FLiGHT

Hehe A Positive Word Savvy
To Add to A Jar of Life
Starting With the Letter

Of my


Smiles of

Course ‘Fred’

For When We Are

Happy Full of Joy

We All Light Up

The World

Like A

Jar of Fire Flies

Spiriting A Forest of

Life As Living Trees Everywhere Loving All
We Spread Our Leaves Fertilizing Souls oF LiGHT..:)

Last Time Someone Did They

Prayed i’d Become A

Republican and

Vote For Trump

In the Name Of Jesus

True Some Prayers Are

Inherently Ignorant And Unwittingly
Evil it Seems Yet i Forgive Prayers too Rue

Other than That Just A Positive Comment of I’ll

Pray for You When Someone is Down Does Work

Science Proves it As Long As the Other Person Understands

They Are Being Prayed For With Positive Emotions of Love

Where Understand Equals They Feel Sincere Love That Was

No Where Present When the Person Offered Prayers

For Me Just A Berating Effort That ‘His

God Trump’


Bigger Than

The Light i See Feel
And Sense For Real

True Prayers Will Be Loving

Or Just The Tribal Nature of

Human That Remains Us ‘Verses’ Them..:)

Hehe Best Part of
ReTirement No one
Can Or Will Fire me With

No Longer Bare Wheels

For Pay For Just Being
me It’s So True And There

Is More Than the Pay
of Money to Give Up

To Truly

Be Free
In All Colors
Of Loving Life Free Brings
The Rewards Are Inherent
Often Inclusive Yet Still Mine


Oh my God Dear Gibberish

i Don’t Really Know You That Well

Yet Listening to You Tell What Seems

Like A Same Story i Experienced in Distress

in HeLL ON EartH The Soul Part at Least When Not
Yet Technically
And Labeled
As 19 Medical
Disorders Shut-in
my Home for 66 Months
Including Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia The Worst Pain Known to

Humankind Maybe i’ve Already told You
A Lot of my Hell Story It Seems As So Many
More Folks Are Relating to the DarK of Life

These Days Than Ever Before So i Often Repeat
How i Escaped From HeLL ON EartH Coming to

What Really Feels So Free SPiRiTinG HeARTiNG
SoUL FeeLinG Full Within Yes,Yes,Yes Heaven Compared

to Hell For
ReaL ON EartH

Yet It’s True No Hug
Would Help me in that Place
Yet It’s True Even Those i Loved
So Much i Could Not Connect to
As in that Place Love From Others Only

Felt Like Pain And It’s True i Do Have FRiEnDS
Now Who Visit this Place They Grow More Silent
Needing to Be Alone As In this Place True We Often
Must Look Deep Alone Solo to Find Our Way Out of the

Dark Abyss
Souls of
the Night
The Months
The Years
Ever DarK
In Pain and
Numb LooKinG
To Escape the
Dungeon Out of the
Cave Once Again to Move
Connect And Co-Create ToGeTHeR
In All Colors of Love Life Brings for me

At Least Causal Factors Mostly Becoming
A Cog in A Machine at School Without the Human
Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual-Emotional Parts
Celebrated There Same As Work Eventually Just

Part of A Screen
Mostly Without
Very Much of the
Human Connections
Left Warm And Fuzzy Out of Life

True A Battery That Keeps Draining
And Draining Just No Place in the Whole
UniVeRSE to Find to plug back in and recharge

And Lord Knows Feels SenseS How in the World
Can And Will You Escape if it is What Life Seems
to Require to Even Survive at all Fortunately for me
i Almost Died ‘They’ Had no Choice Yet to Let me Go to
A Place For Years to Recover my Humanity Then We Are


We aRe Human
Yet Sadly in this
World Now Machines
Don’t Seem to Understand
Who We Truly Are in Other Words

There Are No Easy Words to Describe
the Depths of DarK When A FRiEnD
may Reply i’m Okay Yet Not Fine When

Okay Just


Used to Living
in What Really
Seems Like HeLL ON EartH

i Suppose All We Can and Will
Really Do Is Talk About Where We
Went And How We Got Out and Escaped

For me at Least A Naked Enough Whole Complete
Dance And Song of Life Free Burning All the Pages
of the Rules of Conforming So Much Before Yet True

it takes

to Live Again

Yet True Whatever

It takes to Love Life For Real
And Then Just Give it Share it
Care it And HeaL iT All Away Free my FRiEnD…:)

You Have A Wonderful Soul
Hehe Perhaps That’s What

He Meant When He Said
Stove HAha

Yet’s It’s

True Dear
Savvy You
Cook Up
Wisdom Like No Other

Can And Will i Feel and
Sense For Sure Always

Inspiring Soul of me to
Cook Up Something Else

to Digest too


SMiLes, The Fact You Actually
Experience Flow Made it A Much
Greater Potential You Might Actually

Sail my
With SMiLes;

Anyway, Thanks,

Rare i Receive Any
Reciprocal Social

On the ‘Wrong
Planet’ Yet Ironically i am
Sort oF An Extraterrestrial


NoW As Far As it Comes to

Being Stuck on EartH, hehe
Or It Seems Even in ‘Outer Space’ Here..;)

“The most excellent sweetener of human life is Friendship. To raise this to
the highest pitch of enjoyment is a secret few discover. Only Twin Souls
understand the importance of having a Soul Mate πŸ§‰ shalom

😁😁 hello, my two little darlings πŸ’― our hero because you two Twin
Souls have fingers ✌️ so strong 60,038 words… World winner poet


SMiLes Dear “Peace And Truth” Quoting Your Kindness With So Many

Hearts Big Bangs And Encouragements in Saintly SMiLes Of Peace As Such

With Yes of Course LoVE iN Peace Shalom Truly Can And Will Bring Real

And Indeed

Giving to FRiEnDS

A Best Way to Paradise

Found on Earth No Longer Worried

About Lofty Positions Titles and Statuses in Life

Just to Give Share Care Heal For All With Most Respect

And Last Harm


As You Profess

iNHaLinG Peace

Naked Enough Whole Complete
Moving Connecting and Co-Creating

As We Are Surely Doing Now too Dear FRiEnD
With SMiLes From All the Way Down Under in

The Southern


of Australia Freedoms True iN LiGHT too…

Yes Thanks For Dropping By “LoVE iN Peace Frees
NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW” Yes Now in The Comments

Section Drafting the Concluding Paragraphs in Flow

Of “ToGeTHeR Fly Free Birds Wing On With SMiLes” As

Yes As Usual Behind on the Multi-Media to Electronically

Publish That Effort As Yes too i Am Already Writing A Celebration

Of “FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2023 6 YearS Old 7.7 MiLLioN Words”

NoW As HeaR i Return Again Juggling 3 EPiC NoVeL Size Long Form

Poems Around 60 Thousand or So Words Per Effort With the

“FB Profile Pic Bible” Yes The Current Writing Effort Now

Then Volume 2021 Measuring A Total of About 2100

FB Pics With Subchapters of Entire “SonG oF mY

SoUL” in That Effort Total of Longest EPiC Long Form
Poem RiSinG to 11.7 MiLLioN Words in 9 Years and
9 Months Yes Again Today on May, 18, 2023 Yes

Each Description Area of Each Facebook Profile

Pic Ever Since Memorial Day Weekend in 2017

For The 12 Month Period of 2021 Housed 2100
“FB Profile Pic Bible” Pics At Around 8 Thousand

Words Each For That Volume 2021 Effort of Approximately

16.8 MiLLioN Words Total For that One Year Yes Then in 2022

2265 FB Profile Pics With 8,000 Or So Words Each in Description

Area Equaling 18.1 MiLLioN Words Last Year Total True Will have

Some Metrics For This Volume of “FB Profile Pic Bible” 2023 as Well…

Anyway i stay Full Engaged in Writing Free Verse Poetry Song that

Generally Speaking Comes From the Muse of A Free Dance in

Public Everywhere i Go of 18,277 Miles Now in Almost

9 Years and 9 Months When “FB Profile Pic Bible” Yes

All 7.7 MiLLioN Words Also Graduates on That May 26, 2023

Date As Well Yes With A “Little Help” From FRiEnDS All Around

The World Like You “Peace And Truth” So Kind to Visit me Here Now

For Over A Year

With Encouragement

And Appreciation For the

Effort at Hand And Feet Loyal

FRiEnD You Have Become iNDeeD

It’s Truly Not Always Easy to Find in This

World With SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Happy May

Days to You With Much LoVE iN Peace Yes

Truth” This
Celebration Day Again…

Thanks So Much Too Dear Peace And Truth

For Naming my Blog the Blog of the Month

And Sharing What i Do From

Where You are From

in Peace

And Truth
Too With SMiLes…

Wonderful Weekend
Down Under Coming
For You Soon too in Australia..:)

Being Embodied in a Dance of Life is So Exhilarating Versus

What it Feels Like So Limited to Be Trapped in A Video Game

in A Screen for Hours Upon Hours or Even Less Fully

Engaged And Interactive With A Program on TV

It’s Funny How So Many Technological

Advancements Leaves What’s So

Real Behind And Oh So True So

Much More Exhilarating God Yes

When We Create Our Video Games

of Life That Are Real and So Far Removed

From Screens Yet True That Does Give me an

Avenue As Avatar To Touch Human Souls Farther

Away Than A Locality Like Mine For Sure With Smiles

So Here i Am Surprise on You Doorstep With Another Day in the Life

of me

to Share

With You

Just For Smiles

of Breathing Free

Dear FRiEnD As Summer

Is FLoWeRinG Out of Spring

Soon So Far Above Where You Are too…

SMILes Dear Cindy No Matter What The Cost

i Do Believe We aRe ALL HeaR to Listen to

And Teach Each Other Wisdom For Every

Feather RiSinG

And Falling too

Ever Green Leaf

Talling Trees Every Brown

Leaf Falling to Soul Soils For

New Spring Growth Every Season
Every Weather in Yes Silent Rebirth

Thanks So Much For Sharing Some of Your

Wisdom Freely Here As It’s True It’s Not Just Intuition

Alone on How the Truly Original Creative Process Comes More

From the Silent Part of the Right Hemisphere of Our Mind That is Truly
Master For What

We Understand

In More Natural

Holistic Views of Life
Social Empathic Artistic
Spiritually Nuancing With All

Emotions Senses DarK Thru LiGHT

For It is True The ‘Little Professor’ or the
Left Hemisphere of Our Mind Attempts to Reduce

Materially the World Around Us And Yes may Pay

More Attention to Road Noise And Planes Above Yes

Than What the Song of Birds With Wings Really Means

Uplifting to Feel and Sense All That is to Be With Wings Fur

And Fins And Even Snakes Spiraling Close to the Ground as

Milky Way Home Does Far Above in the Darkness Up THere

And Within Yes Inside Outside and All Around True mY FRiEnD

We Do Need to Grasp And Apprehend Objects in Our Environment to

Survive Yet True


The Darkness

Arises From Silence

And Dances And Sings

Colors Never Felt and Sensed Before

As i am Describing the ‘Special Sauce’ Hehe

of Humanity That ChatGP And Its Offspring Will

Never Ever

Feel and

Sense About Life

True It Might Copy A Music

Class or a Poetry Class of Forms

Yet it Damned Sure Won’t Be the Next Jimi Hendrix on Guitar
HAha Or Syd Barrett From the Old Pink Floyd Days Indeed There

Are Deeper Places of Soul That Neither Demons or ChatGPT Offspring

Will Dare

to Tread

With SMiLes
SMiLes Continuing

Congratulations on Your
Book Drive Dear FRiEnD

Yet Do Feel the Value of one
3 Minute or So YouTube Video
For Changing the Course of A Soul on This Road to ‘Paradise Found..’

Iain McGilchrist, A True Renaissance Man And Gentlemanly Scholar,
Oxford Fellow in Literature, Department Head in Psychiatry in the UK,
Neuroscientist, And Researcher of the Human Mind for 30 Years Now

Well Respected Globally Spent 10 Years Writing Around 1500 Pages
And 600,000 Words of the Book “The Matter With Things” Exploring

All Avenues of the Human Mind And How Our Modern Civilizations

Have Reduced Human Potential to Paint by Numbers Restricted

Mind in So Many Ways i Don’t Often Recommend Modern

Western Scholars to Read or Listen to as So many

Are in it Just for the Money Making Power and

Status Yet For Those Who Don’t Have the
Money or Many Hours to Read His Book

He Summarizes it on His Youtube Channel

Commercial Free in 29 Volumes So Enlightening

in Every Way And So Affirming For Many Intuitions i’ve

Had in my Life And So Vindicating too i must Admit to All

The Naysayers Who Suggested That What i Said was all Woo…

Indeed Ya Won’t Find Many Science or Artistic Minds to match his

For A Life Well Spent in Pursuing All Potentials Real of the Human Soul…

Much Love
And Peace
to All You
LoVE mY FRiEnD..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy to Embodily

Become Mindfully Bodily Aware

Regulating Emotions Integrating

Senses Head to Toe

Through Usually

Some Kind of

Meditation in


Continuing Practice

Newly Now Of Mindful Bodily
Balancing Mind Awareness Integral
Whole For A Peaceful LoViNG SoUL

It’s True though i’m
Kinda Sleepy

i’ve Had a



Sleep is
Calling me to Rest..:)

It’s Heating Up in Eden As Summer
Greets Spring Yet So Many Ways
To Cool Down in Summer Vibes






SMiLes Dear Savvy True
If Only Humans Could Fully

Love and Forgive Like Pets Do

Of Course They Don’t

Have Words
As Clothing

To Get in the
Way Only Warm
Fur to Refurbish For Love

Of Letting Go Only Being Present

WaY iN
Peaceful Warmth..:)

Cafe Morey’s Seems Like

A Very Warm and Homie

Place in Paradise Dear

Hawaii FRiEnD
Very Attractive
Menu too in Stuff

to Eat Beautiful Honu

Turtle Pics too Thank You
And Glad Your Youtube Endeavor

Is Booming too Hehe Yes Instagram
Is Free too

Yet Dear

Lord if i Were
to Add Any More
Moving Parts to What i
Am Doing i Might Have to

Hire Artificial Intelligence to Help
Even More Free of Course So Many

Artificial Intelligence Ways to Make As Slave
i Enjoy Both Public And Rather Obscure to Stay

Creatively Free..:)

Equitable Outcome We All Come Into
And Go Out Of This World With
Naked SKiN Of God Nature ‘You’ May
Choose to Clothe That Fact
In Nature Deficit Disorder
Yet Not me
i’m Real
Not Ashamed
to Be Naked
SKiN oF God Nature

SMiLes “Oh What A Night”

i Went Straight to ‘1963’

In ‘December’ of That Year

And Still Have That

‘Ear Worm’ Singing

That Very Positive Song

Wildlife is Surely a Way of Life Free

Anyway ‘Earth Wind And Fire’ Got

The Date Correct on ‘September 21st’

i ‘Do Remember’ in 1989 True

Per ‘Afternoon

Delight’ too

Dear Miriam
With SMiLes

Life is A Dance And
Song Yes Whether We
Do it or Free Coyotes Do…

True i Felt ‘The Earth Shake
Underneath my Feet’ too hehe..:)

SMiles Sitting By
The Nile in Your
City Amazing


i Still Visit
The River i
Am Raised on

Now A City Park
For All to Be


oF A River…

90 Percent of
Humans in The
World LiVE Close

To A Body of Water
A Way Of Life Water

Is Dear Sohair Yes

Rivers Streaming

Through iN Our
Lives All Around



Of Course
Near Deserts…

Cheers to Green…

Waters Coloring iN

Abundance With SMiles

A Wave i Shall
Be Neither
High or
Low Dear
Sohair With
SMiles of


Indeed Living
Tree We All
Are With
Deep Water
Wave Ocean
Whole Dear Xenia

SMiLes in a World That
Is often stone
Cold you express
A totally
None of it
Hides how
What a Blessing
You are A Given
As FRiEnD to
You Greet
Thank you
We Could
Use 8 Billion
And more of A You..:)

Sensitive Humans are
Verily A Blessing Yet
Our Neural Highways
Traveled too much
Regulating Emotions
And Integrating
Senses are core
To Energy
Focus and
Utilize Best…

Considering Our
Emotions and
Senses Flow
From Head to
Toe Perhaps
A Greatest Failure
For Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy now and the Rest
Of Western Civilization
Describing Half Naked
Indians Dancing
Wildly Freely
Together around
A Campfire as
Savages is
The understood
Fact now
That they were
Their Emotional
Intelligence.. the
Core Always of
Most All so-Called
Rational Decisions…

So iN ‘Affect’ and
Effect “Guardian’s
Of the Galaxy” are
Still Correct there
Are smART ‘Indians’
Who Dance Now and
People who Do Not…

Where i live
End at 9th Grade…

How ignorant
Are who
Don’t even
What makes
Us Function
In Mind and Body
Balance Now
All Our

Human’s Will Be
A Functioning
ParT of A Hand Holding

Village to ActuAlly


Speak Poetry Dreams

PoWeRFuL Than A Pen is
Dance Is the Nuclear
Option for Joy LeSSoN 254

Writing Is Okay Yet
Being A Disney Ride
Of Dance Is Pure JoY

SinGinG Free For Real too

LeSSoN 255 Shadow
Mind Body HeART SPiRiT
Creates Soul iN BaLanCE

To Connect Without
It We Come Lost From
Near of God Is Love
Where Fear
Our Hope That
Breathes Fire of
Love Again to Be Us
Yes The Mother’s Love
Touches And Breathes
What Carries on Most to Be..
SMiLes Sohair Good Morning to You..:)

HAHa not
Sure if
Ya Got
The Joke
i Have



Cause Right
Makes me Happy

Zoe and Happy




JeSuS F iN
Christ Just

No Escaping

Heaven For Me me me😜

SMiles Yes FRiEnD
Annabel The

Other True



To Warm Your

Tears Before

A Monsoon


It’s Good

To Cry This

Is What Makes

Us Human So

Much Deeper



Like SMiLes

We Share Truly


Love God Bless

You And

All You Love πŸ™

Much Love To You
From Both me and
My Wife too Dearest
Young Annabel FRiEnD



Treasuring the Rain Feeling The Tears

Touching The Joy of FRiEnDS

Holding What



Now The Rain of

Love Sweet Rain

Story Indeed Vrunda

Keep Raining my FRiEnD..:)

SMiles Dear Gibberish
Indeed So Much Easier
To Tale A Story of DarK
After Returning To
Pray You
Find LiGHT
In Your Life
And Always
Stay i Wish
For All You
Love Thank You ☺️🏝

SMiLes Dear Akshita While Some Folks Spend Days, Months,
Years and Even Perhaps Decades to Come Fishing on ‘Dating Apps’

Casting Lines Out Shallow in Oceans of Souls Hoping With All

Their Might to Find Their Perfect Soul Mate(s)

Indeed Your Poem is Wiser

You Start Deeper in Your

Own Ocean Of Soul

You Continue To Swim

And Rise Up Until You Meet

The Mirror at the Surface of the

Ocean And Truly Find You Your True

Best FRiEND Forever Who May Never Leave Again

Yes The Soul

Mate Within

The Face to
Truly Make
Best FRiEnDS With
And Love Unconditionally

Without Fail When We Become
The Water The Wave the Ocean Whole

And Truly Become Able to Love Others Without
Catching Purchasing Owning them For Who We Believe
They Should

Come to


Us As True
When They Find
The One Within They

may Truly Be Able to
Love Without Taking
Share Without Hoarding Now

Loving Freely Waves Holding
Hands Water Ocean Whole at Peace
Truly Every Wave Naked Enough Whole

Now Again

Ocean Whole
Water Complete
Only MaKinG New
Shores to Explore Now
LoVinG Shining All New..:)

A Touch of Vermillion Red Indeed
Dear Ruchi And i’m Interpreting Your

Poem as A Celebration of Your Mother
And Father’S ETernal Marriage Continuing On

How Lovely When Stories Come True How Loyal


Stays Real
Is THere More
To Dance And Sing
Love Beyond Words Indeed..:)

“Manipulative, lying, mean-spiritedness, narcissism,
wrapped up in unconscionable, combative tyrant icing”

Always A Detail and Big Picture Dude True i Counted
All 7 Layers of Your Evil Cake And You Are Surely

On the ‘Big Money’
(For Little Man And
Or Woman Syndrome)

With The Ingredients
Quoted Above And True
Immediately Three Well Known

Figures Come to View Trump and
Indeed Mini DeSaTaNiS Trump me
And Wanna be


me Relief
In Hawaii
From THese
‘Florida Men’
From Your
Home Base
in New York

too Before

i Regurgitate
This Evil Seven
Layer Cake Again Hehe

What Else Do Ya Do With Evil
This Severe Other than Take It Apart
Ingredient by Ingredient And Regurgitate IT Out..;)

LeSSoN 408
Be A Hero Nah Skyscraper
Jumpers Need Not Apply
Just Reach Out Be Kind
To A Stranger Different

Hehe Other Than
That Only one More
Bucket List to Complete

Including A Discussion
Of Your Favorite Books

Ah Yes Dear Savvy Staying Still

Connecting Checking on
All of Our Neighbor’s

Welfare’s Near and

Far How Humans
Where i Lived Now

Survived Without Electricity
Without Phones When Someone

No Longer Traveled to Group Meetings
Including Church They Would Make the Travel

To their Home

Actually Knocking
On the Door Asking

Are You Okay and Not
Giving Up Until Someone
Answered The Door or To find

A Way in

As Neighbors

Took Care of THEiR

Own And Even Strangers

Passing By Who Needed A Home

For the Night True Dear FRiEnD Yes

Sad It is is When Technology Comes

And We Forget To Check Up on the Silent

Ones Who Never Come Around Again Now

i Remember my 94 Year-Old Great Aunt Jettie

At the Turn of This Current Century Then

Telling me the Story of How Living

Rooms And Oral Traditions

Among Families And

And Binding

Groups Were the
Essence of the Group’s Life
Stories Told Of Humanity’s
Soul Still Vibrant Alive Face to Face Breathing Then Yes

Giving Sharing Caring Healing Deep in Soul’s Lives ToGeTHeR For Real…
SMiLes if We Master The Tools And Do Not BeCome Mastered By Them

Even More Ways
Almost Unlimited Really
To Spread This Love New Now..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Generally

The Feathers of Discontent

FLocK Together in Addictions

to the Adrenaline and Dopamine

That Fear, Anger, And Hate Will BRinG

For It’s True THere is That Part of Mind

Body Soul Addiction

And The Other

Side of Human Potential
Soul In Pro-Social Emotions
Socially Empathically Artistically

Spiritually That “Paints With So Many More

Colors of the Wind” Yes The HeART OPeNinG

SPiRiT Dancing Singing Free SoUL With Wings

Springing Leaves Talling Trees Greener Higher

Ever With New Colors of FLoWeRS Not Yet Felt


On The
oF LoVE iN Peace
Ever CoLoRinG More
With SMiLes mY FRiEnD

oF JoY iN LiGhT Not Afraid

To SMiLe or Dance Free Without

Lessons Yes Or Sing A Non-Sense

Song For No Other Reason Than JoY iN



iN Peace
Even HiGHeR
WitH SMiLes…

All That’s Left
Behind Leaves Now
Falling As Art to Warm Souls RiSinG New
DaNCinG CoLoRS Ever MoRe iN Perpetuity..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Sitting by the Sea of Alexandria Sounds

So Relaxing It’s True i Could Go to Such A Place Where i Live

Every Day Yet i Rather Send A Soul Felt Memoir to A FRiEnD

Far Away in Egypt

Part of A Culture

Part oF A Religion

Many Folks Don’t
Understand Where i Am From

Yet Part of Humanity i See As Common

In All My Travels Where i Actually Meet Humanity

Those Who Seek to BREaTHE INHaLinG Peace

ExhalinG LoVE Giving

Sharing Caring

Healing All Now

For All it May take

With Most Respect

Least Harm a SMiLe

Warm And True or A Word(s)

That Dresses With the Same

Clothes of Peaceful LoVE iN BaLaNCinG Ways oF
JoY iN LiGHT Naked Enough Whole Complete

Moving Connecting



The Clothes

of Differences

mY FRiEnD Yes

Indeed This Is WHeRE i Find

The Seas of Alexandria Most

Yet It’s True How Fortunate i am

to Live in a Forest Deep in a Garden

of Eden i Am Able to Build as A Field of Dreams

To Share With mY Wife And A Place to Put Dreams into Words

That Are

There Were Decades of
mY Life Traveling Though
Purgatory And Eventually to Hell

66 Months WHere i Couldn’t Appreciate Then A Day
At the Beach or the Connections oF LoVE iN Peace
BRinGS When Not Washed Away With So Many

To Do Lists
And General
to Chronic to
Acute Anxieties FiGHT or FLiGHT

A Life at the Laundry Mat
To Wash Rinse And Dry All
Those Clothes of Life Making 5 Dollars
An Hour at age 30 Katrina Not Yet Working
In A Rental Place For Folks Without Higher Incomes

Yet Still That and

A Car Payment
Half of What i Made Then

Of Course Compared to So Many
Areas of the World A Place A Life Still Indeed
in America the Place of Opportunities Both DarK Thru LiGHT

Our FRiEnD HiMali Still Living in Canada A Decade of Sacrifice
Just to Reach the Shores of What i Am Given Free at Birth With SMiLes

And Another 5 Years After the 3 Years in Canada to One Day Even

Be A Full
Citizen Here

Dear Lord That’s a
Whole Generation to Fully
Arrive And Stay With So Much Sacrifice Indeed…

Life is So Much About Perspective Dear FRiEnD

For Where We’ve Been WHeRE We aRe Now And

WHeRE We May Still Want to Be By The Sea

or in the Company

of A FRiEnD

Who Allows

Us to Be FLoWeR
Free Blooming As
All May Uniquely Do

LoVE iN Peace is What
Unifies Us Most Again i Find
This No Matter Culture Religion
Or Other Human Differences No Matter

Where i Go Locally or Abroad All Around the Globe For Real
Hehe Of Course as An Avatar as i’d Truly Have to Be Rich to
Actually Go By Plane all the Places i Go in a Day at the Speed

oF LoVE iN Peace
With Broad Band
Access to Play of Course Hehe

SMiLes Dear Sohair in my 33 Years of

Work For Pay i Worked Nights And Most

Every Holiday too As That’s What You May
Do in the Years of Just Surviving Day to Day

In the History of Humankind it is Indeed Rare
Likely Every WHeRE iN The UNiVerSE Where

We May Seed And FLoWeR Somewhere Where

One Who Starts off at the The Bottom of Slave

to Pay May One Day Indeed Be Released From

That Servitude to Only Give Share Care

And Heal For Free Again With

Most Respect Least

Harm With

SMiLes And With That

Said Thanks For This Free Rental
Space on Your Home of Blog That

i Have Visited Going on 8 Years Now

For It’s True Hehe if Everything i Ever Sang
Was Erased Elsewhere Over a MiLLioN Words

Will Still Dance And Sing On Your Blog Hehe and

So Many Other Places too With SMiLes Oh to Leave

Tracks of Soul Behind Oh to Dance Sing Now For A Day of Today Free…

Hehe at the Laundry Mat i Had a Budget Book Where i Tried to Save
Like 10 Dollars

A Month So

Many Years

So Many Years

Watching the Figures
Stay the Same oh the
Journey to Be Free

From the


of the Dollar Bill
It Almost Killed me Yes
Yet True i am Free and Well Now As Today is my 118th Month

Anniversary of Heaven Within Ever Since July 19th, 2013

RiSinG Out of the Ashes of HeLL ON EartH Within At A
Most Beautiful Navarre Beach a Peninsula too Where

My Great Grandfather From the Early 1900’s First to
Homestead 150 Acres He Helped Name Oriole Beach
That He Practically Gave Away And Now is Full of

Multi-Million Dollar Resort Homes…

Anyway Sure That’s Where i am From
The Beach That Way Returning That Day Out of Hell
in 2013 Once Again Becoming One With Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze
Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Around the Sun Transforming into
Spiraling FLoWinG Free Dance And Song The House my

Great Grand Father Lived in With His Children As His
Wife Died From Breast Cancer His Oldest Daughter my
Grandmother Helping to Raise the Other Two Daughters

They Didn’t Have Windows Only Holes in the Walls Yet

The Daughters Had Each Other As He Traveled By Ferry
to the Mainland to Work Then And True He Had A Son too

Who Made His Own way With the Only Gas Station/Food Store on
The Peninsula that is the Emerald Gulf Coast Tourist Industry Now

It’s So Much Easier Now to Give Without Receiving With SMiLes…

Yet Indeed my
FRiEnD i Have
Deep Roots WHere

i Am From

(Also my Grandfather on the Paternal Side The Irish Born
Limerick PHD Schooled X-Catholic Vatican Counsel Priest Yes
And Noted Author From Last Century With His own Wiki Bio-
Page Actually Dining With Einstein Last Century

in the Socialist Circles of New York, New York)

As We All Have ToGeTHeR of Course True
Roots of Existence Real..:)

FLoWeRS For Friday ☺️
Don’t Usually Send You
Gifts on Friday Yet i Got

A Notification
From ‘Decoding
HappYness’ iN

A Dream Last Night
i Remember When
You Asked me Advice
On How to Decorate The

Title i Was So Happy to
Open Up The Blog Post
To See You SMiLinG in
Beautiful Connections

Of Joy
Although i
Do Realize
You Have
Solo To Achieve
Your Aims indeed
So Enjoyable Watching
You FLoWeR Over The Years

ThiS Way
When We
Work So Hard
For Our Aims
In Life And

Out And
Touch WHere
We aRe Going Now

A Second Wind Often Comes
Yes As A Marathon Runner

A Finish Line

That Is Also
A Beginning
Of Another Race
As Every Mountain
Climber Reaching

The Top is Truly The
Bottom too For Another

Climb Such Is Life Waves

Crests Yes
Same Effect
Of Surfing

To High

my FRiEnD

Best iN


Thanks For
ALLoWinG me

To Ride With You…

i Await A Next Wave

Of Hellooove

You Dear
Kiran For All
The Inspiration
You Bring in

With SMiles

SMiLes Dear Savvy True
If Only Humans Could Fully

Love and Forgive Like Pets Do

Of Course They Don’t

Have Words
As Clothing

To Get in the
Way Only Warm
Fur to Refurbish For Love

Of Letting Go Only Being Present

WaY iN
Peaceful Warmth..:)




Really Not Much Has Changed
It’s Up to Some one To Pick
Up A Ball of Confusion
And Make Eden

A Real Man And Or Woman
Fights For Their Own Truth
In Light With No
Respect to
in Win or Lose
The Real CRowN
The Real ‘GaMe of
Thrones’ Is YouR Story
You Sing And Dance iN LiGHT
Other Than That Good Afternoon
to You in France.. Ilona P. AKA Ms. Hugs…

The ‘Nice’
Gifted US
With Lady Liberty…

The Torch That Remains
Lit Is We Who Continue
To Sing And Dance Our
Own Stories BRAVE AND FREE..πŸ™‚

SMiLes.. ReMeMBeR
Humans Domesticated
‘Lions’ as ‘Cats’
Now ‘Humans’
are ‘Cats’
That ‘Lions’

As ‘AC/DC’
Sings and Dances
‘Who made Who’
We Make Lions
Master Us…

in other Words
We Fail as Wild And
Loving Free More often…

We are Often only Domesticated
Cats NoW No Longer Lions Brave
And Free With Lion Heart and Courage
Other than that from what i’ve Seen and
Felt and Sensed at Least Cats Master Humans
Loving Tricks Like Purrs…

Domesticated Dogs Teach us How to
Love… Feral Cats that and who are only
Lions In Smaller Packages Teach us How to Be
Wild Brave and Free Again…

i am no Domesticated
iSinG iDance Free
For A Little Lion
A ‘Yellow Boy’ Feral Cat Savior
Brought me Back to Wild Brave
And Loving Free Again Now For Real…πŸ™‚

Emotions Save Soul Best When Expressed
Emotions Lose Soul Worst When Not Expressed

Lift us Up
on Angel Wings
Who Will EVeNTuALLy
Cry Tears of JoY iN Light
Extending An Eternal Now
of Hope and Love over
Stone Cold Hearts
that and who
Fear And Hate..πŸ™‚

SMiles my Friend
it is only a Pleasure
to Be Able to Be Able
to Write anything Beautiful
At All for NoW in this Way it is
A Giver
Receives the
Most Empirically
Speaking as When
We Create Art Beauty
We Naturally Experience
Beautiful Neuro-Chemicals
And Neuro-Hormones That
All Naturally Heal and Protect
Us From Disease Within Us
is the Blessing
Within the Giving
And Sharing is the
Natural Icing on
The Cake
That Naturally
Comes From Within…

And Ha! Some Folks Call
Our Innate Emotions and
Senses Expressed Meaningless
Mush when acTuAlly Emotions/Senses Free
in Art We Create Will acTuAlly Put so-called ‘Incurable
DisEase’ into ReMission As HeART Free Naturally Heals…

i Find it Every
Where i Go where
Freedom Lives Most..:)

NDD and
PDD Nature
Deficit Disorder
And People Deficit
Disorder the Increasing
Disease oF A Terminator
Machine World where We
are the
We are the
Avatars and
Nature calls
Us back simply
As God As the
Call of the Wild
To Be Free Again enveloped
in the Green of Life and Yellow
of Always Giving Sunshine for Free
Ya can have the House Burning the
House i Paid off if ya Like as metaphor
only of Course Yet Ya are not going to
take the Back Yard of my Forest Away
all i
is Cold
Typing with no
View to Paradise
Outside this Window
to Heaven Real living in Colors of Green Versus Deserts
And Freezing Snow NoW Will make one literally Angry
About Life Seen it Happen out of the Green of Paradise Real
For Paradise
of Blue and Green
And all the Colors of Spring
They Stay and Create New Colors
of Art for All to Share and Give in
Heaven now
For Free..
just in
of course..πŸ˜‰

Words Double Edged
SWoRDS No New Cave
Art Words Means Staying
In Caves Leaving Rest of
Nature Flourishing Alive
What Remains
To Be Done
Are We
To Love Alive
NoW More than
Tools We aRe🌲

Bees Buzz MoRE
Bees Give Birds SoME
More Food Humming Birds Drink

SMiles Dear Rue You’d Have
To See it From The

Perspective Of An

Autistic Child Who

Speaks No Words

Yet Genuinely

Prays For

The World


Without One

Iota of So-Called
Biblical Instruction

Do Prayers


To Speak

Words to Work

Of Course Not It

Is In The Eyes Of
The Beholder of

God As Always

Playing Devil’s Advocate

For those who May Be



Only Believe
In The Scientific

Method Tool For

Measuring Nothing




i For One
Will Pray More
Ways Genuine than



Imagine Yet
We All See




On The
Other Hand
Don’t Invade
A Bunch of People
On An Island Trying
To Forcefully Convert

Them To

Your Religion
With Prayers


You won’t



For if You
Do And i Don’t

Mean You


One May

Find That


God Favors

Their ‘Prayers’ More

Life Is LiGHT And
DarK Those Who


To See in
The DarK

Tend To FallπŸ™

i Surely Agree

With You Prayers

Should Be Genuine

Yet No One Has



Other Than

God Within to

Teach me How to

Pray All That i Do
Is A Prayer Every

Holy Sacred



Word Most

Real Devils Who
Escape Hell Pray


i Do
And i Have
No Idea How
Many Do Yet

One With SMiles😊

Oh Goodness
No AC in The



19 Or 20
No Wonder
Your Skin Still

Glows Hehe Bet
It Felt Like Heaven

Dear Rue


Your Face
In Front of
Your First AC
In Southern



Summer Swelter☺️πŸ™Œ

Emotions Move
All We Do only





Emotions With

No Clue of What It Even

Means To Freely BreatheπŸ™

Love Each Other
Wonder How Many

Years It

Will Take

‘Christians’ to

Genuinely Sincerely

Allow All To Love Each

Other Without Any

Ifs And Or Buts

For What



Touch What

Perhaps Only

A ‘Vampire’ And

(Where Love is Blood)

2,000 Years or So

‘Knows’ For Very



Actually Act Out

LiGHT Of This

For Ever Now For

Real This Through

And Through Christian

Thing Are You Rue

Strong Enough

To Let Love Rule

Hopefully Just

A Rhetorical


iN Peace

For The


Sin Is Putting

LoVE iN PriSon
Very Rarely Do

i Come Across

A ‘Christian’



Love is Wings Free iN Peace

More oF A Prescription

A Force Fed Pill of

A Prayer


A Shell

On A Beach

Just Words With
No Living “Sea Creature”πŸ™

Amazing How
‘This Woodpecker’
Evolves to Be Part
oF A Living Tree Breathing

SMiles Annabel For
Someone Your
Age You Surely

Have A lot

Of Charisma

And Sway Sensing

A Real Entrepreneurial



Perhaps one
Day You Will

Drop Out Of School

And Pave Your Own

Way As Many


Do Best Wishes

We Have
To Do


It Takes to
Climb Out to

A Better Place

There Are Lots of

Lonely People These
Days Many Pay

A Psychotherapist

Just To Have


To Talk to

i For one





Free to

Help Someone Else

Finding The FRiEnD
Who Never Separates


To BREaTHE Love FreeπŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

“Love One Another” At Least “Dogs”
Do It As God For “Their Masters” At Least

And Dogfriends too

iN Short(s)
Don’t Need

A Leash

How God Answers Prayers True Story Rue Rewind to the Spring

of 1963 My Mother Is Pacing the Floor of the Living Room of

Our Trailer “God Help me Find my Keys or i am Gonna Be Late”

i am 2 Years Old On the Autism Spectrum And Will Not Be Speaking

Sentences for Another 2 Years at 4 The Answer to my Mother’s Prayer

to God Comes While She Still Frustratingly Searches Every Where For

the Keys in the Living Room i toddle my Way Back to Her Bedroom And Find

The Keys Fallen to the Floor

Beside the


So What

Drives me to Do this Then

Is it Church No Is it the Bible

No Yes it is Love as Love Naturally

Hurts when it sees the Distress of another

Part of Nature And Does its Best To Resolve

That Distress As All True Heroes Do who Actually

Experience Yes the Emotions and Feelings Associated

With Human Love/Empathy True Not All Children Are Empaths

Without Words to Speak Yet Some Do Answer Prayers Without Words…

Smile Dear Rue Ignorance is More than Deaf And Blind When Love Does Not



Is Nothing

At All For Real

For the Essence

of the Shell of the

Word Living or Dead NoW As God..:)



A Moral

(AcTuAlly i


oF A STory i ReTurn

With The Keys Smiling

Bright As Sunshine Love


A God Damned Word
JusT A LiVinG Tree LoVinG..:)

Some Folks SPend THeir WHole Life
Trying To “Own The Mountain” Others
“Am The Mountain” No Need to CLimb


i Don’T Own “The
Real Garden Of Eden”
i LiVE iN THE REaL Garden

Of Eden EternAlly NoW

Yes! Almost
Other Worldly
Like A Harry Potter Movie😊

“Eat, Drink, And Be Merry”;

On the Other ‘Right Hand’

If ‘You’ Believe in the

Protestant Work Ethic, According to ‘Weber’:

“Weber posited that the spirit of capitalism integrated
a philosophy of avarice coloured with utilitarianism.
[7] Weber also says that, according to Protestant Ethic,
“Wealth is thus bad ethically only in so far as it is a
temptation to idleness and sinful enjoyment of life,
and its acquisition is bad only when it is with the
purpose of later living merrily and without care”.

Guess What, i Live Merrily Without Any Worries

And Spread Love Every WHere i Go

With Empty Pockets;

i Tend to

Agree with

The Teachings of Jesus

As Such More Than Any

Frigging Protestant Work

Ethic, Designed to Make Us

All Slaves to the Almighty Dollar…

If You Wish to Enjoy Heaven, Only In A

Dirt Nap Dead; More Power to ‘Your’ ‘OverlordS’ iNDeed…

Meanwhile, Continue Trying to Change ‘Trademark JeSuS’ iNTo Trump, if You Love,

Per Effect Here; You Surely Won’t Be Among the Minority of ‘Evangelical White Christians’…

Concocting Brew

Continuing This



Work Ethic

Cauldron Stew;

NO, Not into that
Kind of ‘BLacK Witch Craft’ Now;

More Appropriately Green Print

SHades of Totally Dead Dollar Bills;

Just SHells on A Beach With No LiVinG Love At All Now…

Or Shall We Review the Microcosm of HeLL ON EartH iN Lies

These Days All That Sits ‘Right’ In the House And Senate AS Such…

‘EViL CiRCuS’ Is in

Town The


Is Still Free

For ALL On ‘Bad News’…

WHeRE Down Is Up

And Left Is Right Now…

JusT All ParT oF A NeWeR AGE RaPTurE…

Thousand, Two Thousand Years, No TiME HeaR…

SMiLes Dear Annabel God Yes Poetry Beauty

iN Flow Best Creating New Wisdom Truth

Kindness in Courage Connecting God As




This Way

Now Through

Poetry Ongoing

Collaboration Wherever They

Go MaKinG Every Word Sacred

Holy Poetry Singing Doing

Same Now With





God Free

With Others

Caring Connecting

By Soul This Way Now

Indeed Beyond All Categories

Soul How We Paint SPiRiT Wind mY FRiEnD

For What Never Comes Before Only Birthing






All ToGeTHeR Best…

Thank You For MaKinG

God A Bit Bigger In Connecting

God Energy Creation Soul Activity Today Now

Vibrations, Frequencies, Energy RiSinG Synergy LiGHT..:)

This Step This Word God Yes
This Breath Complete In Or Out
LoVE iNDeeD Savvy Dancing Singing
All i Need LoVE iT ALL FLoWinG NoW iN Peace…πŸ™‚

What A Sweet Birthday Tribute to Your ‘Mommie’ Rue

And i Guess it Depends on the Photo As The Headliner

Photo Still Looks Like an Identical Twin of my Other

FRiEnD From India Who Poses With

Shih Tzu Dogs Not In All of Her

Photos Just A Few

Yet Some of These

Other Photos Definitely

Look Like A Clone of You

Uncanny Valley Effect Indeed

As i started to Wonder if it was

Photo Effects of Older photos And

Really You With SMiLes Best Thing

Is Your Mother Helped Raise You to Be You..:)

Yes Dear
Savvy Thanks
So Much Now
For Your
Song of Soul☺️🏝

SMiLes aeidola Yes
Seeing LiGHT iN DarK
Excellent Virtue Indeed

What Perspective Brings
When We Are Finally Able

To Set Ourselves Free
Yes the

Of Heaven Within
Seeing Valley High
Mountain Low in Thanks


With SMiLES..:)

SMiLes Dear Cindy As Long As We aRe Improving
Yes ‘Planting Leaping GRoWinG iN Faith’ Truly

We aRE LiVinG Yes Still Evolving
True to LiGHT Now Out of Shadows

We May Experience Before How

Lovely To Remodel Who We aRe
And WHeRE We LiVE THiS Way True

Hehe, My Wife Watches So Many Home
Improvement Shows Impressed She is as i am

On the Progress of

Rebuilding Your

Home Every

Nail Now And
Board With SMiLes

And As Far As Weddings
Go Hehe A Free For All When
We Got Married on A Boardwalk on the
Black Water River i Am Raised on From Youth

By A Notary of the Public And A FRiEnD The Same
For Free True my Wife Spent Her Youth Walking to
School Almost A Mile in the Rain Without An Umbrella
As The Bus Didn’t Come Except For A Mile and Over Way

And Umbrella’s Were Out of the Question Just too Expensive
Yet there Were the 40 Foot Trees She Climbed Overlooking the
Roofs of the Haves at 8 Years-Old Back When Wonder Woman
For Real Was Only A Little Girl As Her Household Was Have Nots Without

Food or
Drink yet
Picking Delicious
Moist Fruit off Trees

One Way to Beat A
System of Poverty then…

SMiLes Ironically in A So-Called
Christian Town i Was Spit on For
Smiling in Youth as that Was Not Allowed
For Hopes of Sending More Boys to Men to Another Vietnam

As It’s True Without Empathy And SMiLes Easier to Pull A Trigger

in My Home Town Still Now The Sheriff Counsels on TV if Someone
Breaks An Entering In Your Home No Questions Needed Just Shoot ‘Em
Dead to Save the County Money And They Will Even Provide Lessons For Better Aim…

And As Far As My Wife Goes the Same ‘Clan’ of Children Spit on Her in the Lunch Line
For Being Poor Needing Reduced Price Lunches i Would Love to Dance Sing We Humans As

A Species

Are Still Evolving
Yet When It Comes
To Culture And Tradition

All Bets Are Off When Ignorance
Enters the Room Anyway Thank
God For Strong Women Just Thank

God for


Such a Precious
Resource Indeed my FRiEnD…


Lovely Poem You Write For Positive
Change in Gratitude For Life With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Every Mistake A New
Path Out of DarK iNto LiGHT

Sort of Like How
Reality is Birthed

And We Too Through
Gaseous Star Dust

THeNoW of FAiLeD
Stars Above From
Crucible Fire of Super
Nova Explosions Iron
in Our BloodStream
Same As Only Earth Home

At Core of Streaming Life
IN FLoW Living Successfully New
As Us Below Above Now For Real..:)

“The list of jobs with the highest rates of psychopathy:

Media (TV/Radio)
Police Officer
Clergy Person
Civil Servant

The list of jobs with the lowest rates of psychopathy:

Care Aide
Charity Worker
Creative Artist

Compiled by Oxford psychologist Kevin Dutton, author of The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success.

Dutton has said that ”a number of psychopathic attributes [are] actually more common in business leaders than in so-called disturbed criminals — attributes such as superficial charm, egocentricity, persuasiveness, lack of empathy, independence, and focus.”

This may explain why many of the jobs attractive to psychopaths – such as CEO’s, salespeople and media types – are often found in the tech industry.”

It’s Already Established through the ‘Science of Psychology’ that Develops Lists and Labels for
Patterns of Undesirable Behaviors For Humans that ‘Anti-Social-Personality-Disorder’; the Catch
All for ‘the Piranhas’ of Society Do Not Necessarily Have to meet A Deficit of Empathy as A Required Negative
Trait; to ‘Qualify’ for a Diagnosis as it is only one of Other traits where a Majority of the Traits are required for Diagnosis.

Just to Use Autism Spectrum Disorder and Bi-Polar Disorder as an example that i am fully familiar with;
One can Be Seen as Successful in Work-life with the Energy and Reasoning Powers to Solve all the Problems
And Escape without a Diagnosis until one’s 40’s and 50’s; and even never get diagnosed, unless the Challenges
of Life; both Problem Solving And Social Interactions Become More than one is able to Successfully Adapt to in Life.

We Humans Are all Spectrums of Epigenetic And Neuroplastic Potentials; Negative and Positive, in both Problem
Solving and Social Interacting; As Well as All Stuff Art as that Relates to Science too; across the Lifespan Changing.

Typically Folks on the Bi-Polar Spectrum Who have Low Levels of Latent Inhibition, which means they feel and sense
more of the Environment than most folks do, both in Empathy and Actual Sensory Receiving of Environmental Stimuli;
the ones who have much Higher ‘Standard IQ’ are much more Likely to Navigate Life as they are better able to Use
the Mechanical Cognition of the Neo-Cortex to Find Effective Ways to Adapt to these Challenges of Life; Problem
Solving for the Art of Life it is; as the Art of Life Becomes Science too; with the Reasoning Powers we have or do
not have.

This is why i Thrive the way i do ‘Dancing A Tight Rope with Ease’ as is for all of what i do; yet i am complex enough as
a Human Being Where it took 5.3 Decades to Find a Personal MaNuaL That Works for me consistently always now.

My Mother Was on a Bi-Polar Spectrum; She Was as Nurturing and Empathic as one will ever find
in a Human Being as Long as the Environment Around Her Gardened that way of Being In Her; She
Was Successful enough in life, where she was never diagnosed with anything; Yet Obviously she had
her ups and downs.

My Father Was on a Spectrum Near Autism; And His Father who as an Irish Catholic Priest too; eventually an
Excommunicated one That led to my Existence too of course, in Getting Married and Having Children;
Both Of them Are and Were Described As Aloof; And Not Having Depth of An Emotional Life; My
Father Was in Law-Enforcement for 46 Years; You don’t do that if you are not secure in who you are;
Yet the only time he expressed Emotion was when his 20 Year-Old Cat Died and My Son Died; so he
wasn’t totally Dead inside as some ‘Psychopathic Cannibal Types Are;’ And Thank Goodness that Extreme is rare;
Of course, unless the Culture Supports Cannibalism As some ‘Tribes’ Have and Still Do, to some degree or another.
Of course, Neither Were Diagnosed and even if a Label was available when they were Young Enough to Get Diagnosed;
They found their Niche and successfully completed their Lives with what they were able to do at best to stay afloat; That’s
Life Really We All Do That Or Not.

Anyway; here’s the point again; We Need everyone on Both Top 10 Ten Lists as a WHOLE SOCIETY to Survive;
Meeting the Needs of Diversity in Humanity; as some folks can make it without ‘Church’ and some Folks Just can’t
in terms of a Charismatic Leader with ‘Psychopathic Leaning Traits’ to take their Anxieties away in whatever Sales
Pitch comes next; Just because this or the other Person is not that Weak and Vulnerable; doesn’t change the reality
some folks are and Require Different Carrots and Stick to Make their Best Possible Life Real Now; “Pursuit of
Happiness” As ‘they’ Dreamed this Possibility into Fruition; ‘Founding Fathers and Mothers’ Of course still now.

Bottom Lines; Society isn’t possible
Without Neuro-Diversity; try to somehow
Genetically Engineer one Vanilla Perfect Flavor
of Human Being in either Creating or Eliminating Folks;
Then The Society Goes Away; Let’s Face it, the Smile on a
Down’s Child who will Hold the Hand of an Outcast in Church;
Perhaps, a Young Lesbian Woman who that day in Church was contemplating
Suicide because she didn’t feel like there is any place in this World She Belongs,
Could make
a Life or
That Day for Whether
or not She Decided to
Keep Breathing or Become the
First Woman President to make
a Decision that Saves the Human Species
From Certain Destruction and Extinction;
It’s Very Possible that such a Woman And Such
A Down’s Child Exist now who will Save The Entire Species from Extinction;
Yet You See the Rabbit ‘WHoLE’ Goes Deeper for those who do take ‘THE RED PILL’;
by saving the Human Species did or does that Action Destroy Most of the Rest of Nature
in the Future for 300 MiLLioN Years or so until the Rest of Nature Breathes Free without any of us at all.
It is
It is;
Make the
Best of it;
Come What May;
Loving it all The Best
We Can And Will; This Gift of Now is all we have for sure.

This is Life; Breathe; Really Breathe; or Do Not; This is what We have Giving Love at Best iN Peace

Empathy is a Muscle as Love Is; That We Either Garden And Flourish With; in Giving or Sharing
Free Or Do Not.

Giving More
Than Taking Free
Will Save All Who are concerned Best.

Come What May…

Generally Two Kinds of Love

Love That Holds Owns

Love That Lets Go Frees

The First May Come to Be
A Kind of Affliction Lasting So Long

The Second May Be So Very Difficult

To Do Dear Sohair With SMILes For True

We aRe Only Human And Love Does Not Play

Alone With
Rules of

Logic in

Books As Such

Yet Poetry Dances
And Sings Both The
Affliction Sweet and
Sour And The Dream
of Letting Go Setting Free With SMiLes…

iNDeeD Naked Enough Whole Complete Free For All
To Give Share Care Heal With Most Respect Least Harm..:)

Thanks For
All Your
And Shares
Love It All
Dear Candie
With SMiles☺️🏝

Oh Dear Lord Dear Miriam in my Public Dance Years now Totaling Close to
9 Years And 9 Months Come May 26, All 18,277 Miles i Went Through a New
Pair of Over One Hundred Dollar Nike Shox Athletic Shoes Every Three Months
Yet i Didn’t throw Them

Away They Were

Sort of Metrics of

How Much Further

From the Past i Might

Continue to Travel in Public Dance

Particularly When i Got to 40 Months

Oh the Synchronicity as on that Very Day

my Nike GPS Watch Recorded 6,666 Miles

(Still Have the Photographic Evidence to Prove it)

Which Meant An Average of 166.66 Miles A Month

For 40 Months True i Am A Numbers Dude Before Words too hehe

When i Rose
Up to 22 Pairs of

Various Colors and Newer
Styles of Nike Athletic Shox Shoes

my Wife was Growing Rather Impatient

Per the Pile of Shoes Gathering in my Home

Gym Room So i Came up With A Solution i Don’t Know

if it Would Work For You i Gathered All the Shoes Together

And Even Some Old Clothes That Reminded me of the Old

Hell Years of Work Uniform Shirts With Symbols of the

Military Station i Worked So i Spread Them out Even

my Old Long Pants i No Longer Fit into As the

Muscles of my Buttocks Were No Longer

Flat Like Before Dance as my Wife

Noted to me After that Fact

With A More Rounded

Rear AS Such

True i Made A Rather
Decorative Display on the
Floor Took Some Artful Pics

And i Do Believe They Are Somewhere
Amongst 130,000 Plus Photos and 11.7 MiLLioN
Words in the 9 Years and 9 Months of my EPiC Longest
Long Form Poem “SonG of mY SoUL” And Honestly it’s Really

No Different Than Them Being in my Closet That’s Enough
i Never Even Think of Looking For them again And Honestly

It’s Like All the Words Highly Unlikely i’ll Ever Visit them
Again and Besides Who Would Wanna Go Back When There

Are More Memories to Create in Even More Creative Ways
Than the Past Indeed i Write a Novel Sized EPiC Long Form

Poem Twice A Month Around 60,000 Words Each Every Month

Yes i Used to Go Back to Proof Read them When Finished

Yet Now the Present Writing Singing Creatively is Just

too Precious to Waste my Hours Minutes

And Seconds of Precious Life Left to

Go Back the Best Advice of

All i Ever Gave myself

to Follow Through

is Write A New Story

Every New Move Holy
Dance Every Word Sacred
Song Make this One Present

Gift A Breath of Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE Real Heaven STiLL

Ascending Transcending Newly Now

FLoWinG As Days Goes By the Seconds The Hours

The Years The Eternal Now New is Still Evolving For Real

And Finally Eternally Now It’s All Naked Enough Whole Complete…

Yes Other Than That my Last Pair of Athletic Shoes Lasted 11 Months

It’s the Butcher’s Blade of ‘Wu Wei’ Where The Knife Glides Through

The Meat in Effortless Ease Less Dulling of the Blade Same Applies

(So Much Like When You Master A Vehicle For EV Hybrid Mode)

to Soles of

Shoes Indeed

Same Applies

To Souls of Humans

Eternally FRiEnDS Newly Now

With Gravity Balancing For All We Do

Ascending Transcending into ‘Electronic

Vehicle’ Mode The Need For the Adrenaline of Gas

Practically Disappears into A Cloud As We Descend

God Yes Above
Becomes Below

Dear Lord You Are
Amazing Dear Miriam
You Just Inspired A Story
For How Humans Go New to
Heaven Now And Staycation Hehe…

Honorable Mention Goes to Nike And Skechers (Newer Shoes) And
Honda And Yes Of Course my Lovely Justifiably ‘Nagging’ Wife HAha..:)

Really Not Much Has Changed
It’s Up to Some one To Pick
Up A Ball of Confusion
And Make Eden

Catholic Mass Readings From the Wee Hours of May 21, 2023

True it Seems i Already Wrote A ‘Homily’ on An Ascending

Transcending Way to Basically Staycation in Heaven Now

A Meditative Flow Holy Sacred And Divine Cross Culturally

Told Through Metaphors Like Satori, Samadhi, Nirvana

Oh Dear Lord The Metaphors May Be Always Changing

in Forms Yet The Essence of the ‘Tao’ Beyond

All Names True too is The Experience

Within Integral And Whole

And The Mystical

Experience of the

ALL iN ALL Regulating

Emotions Integrating Senses

Through an Autotelic Meditative

Flow Yes a Free Dance And Song Now

of Poetry Continually Works A Way For me

Yet of Course Mileage Varies Tween Human

Vehicles and Vessels True And Just Like Zen

Another Metaphor For the Tao So Difficult to

Put the ineffable Into Words Yet Poetry

Will Surely Give it A Shot So the

Father or the One Will Be

One With You Too True

However This Might

As Well Be Word Salad
For One Far Removed From

The Experience Holy Sacred Divine

Within For Real WHere Creativity

Productivity Focus And

Attention Spans

May Sky


And Human Potentials

The Same if Ya Don’t Wanna

Seek and Find ThiS WAY Within

For How You May Come to Be As Well

Or Even if You Want to Put it Off Until A

Dirt Nap Your Choice Yet THere is No Now Yet

Eternal Now of Heaven Experiencing IT WiTHiN Yes

NeW iNDeeD Beyond All Distance, Space, Time, And A

Matter With Things Including Words That Will Never Do

The Experience


So Far Removed

From Words Yet A
Dance And Song Free May
Still Move Us to the Above Below For Real…

For Any Form of Religion or Person That and Who Believes

They Hold and Own The Experience Alone Well Chances

Are They Are Far From Coming to the Divine Within

For When They Come to this Table of Plenty

They Understand This Divine

Holy and Sacred



Comes From
An Endless Fountain Within

Now All Ya Gotta Do is Find it For Yourself..:)

Reading 1, Acts 1:12-14
12 So from the Mount of Olives, as it is called, they went back to Jerusalem, a short distance away, no more than a Sabbath walk;

13 and when they reached the city they went to the upper room where they were staying; there were Peter and John, James and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot, and Jude son of James.

14 With one heart all these joined constantly in prayer, together with some women, including Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 27:1, 4, 7-8
1 [Of David] Yahweh is my light and my salvation, whom should I fear? Yahweh is the fortress of my life, whom should I dread?

4 One thing I ask of Yahweh, one thing I seek: to dwell in Yahweh’s house all the days of my life, to enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh, to seek out his temple.

7 Yahweh, hear my voice as I cry, pity me, answer me!

8 Of you my heart has said, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, Yahweh, I seek;

Reading 2, First Peter 4:13-16
13 but in so far as you share in the sufferings of Christ, be glad, so that you may enjoy a much greater gladness when his glory is revealed.

14 If you are insulted for bearing Christ’s name, blessed are you, for on you rests the Spirit of God, the Spirit of glory.

15 None of you should ever deserve to suffer for being a murderer, a thief, a criminal or an informer;

16 but if any one of you should suffer for being a Christian, then there must be no shame but thanksgiving to God for bearing this name.

Gospel, John 17:1-11
1 After saying this, Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and said: Father, the hour has come: glorify your Son so that your Son may glorify you;

2 so that, just as you have given him power over all humanity, he may give eternal life to all those you have entrusted to him.

3 And eternal life is this: to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

4 I have glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do.

5 Now, Father, glorify me with that glory I had with you before ever the world existed.

6 I have revealed your name to those whom you took from the world to give me. They were yours and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word.

7 Now at last they have recognised that all you have given me comes from you

8 for I have given them the teaching you gave to me, and they have indeed accepted it and know for certain that I came from you, and have believed that it was you who sent me.

9 It is for them that I pray. I am not praying for the world but for those you have given me, because they belong to you.

10 All I have is yours and all you have is mine, and in them I am glorified.

11 I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one like us.




SMiLes One of the Beauties of Being
A Lone Wolf HoWLinG at the Moon

Separated From the Pack

Even Being An Omega

Wolf Looking To Start A New

Pack is THere is Room Dear Savvy

FoR A New Direction

Authentic Wings

And Feathers

To Sprout


Clipping From

Others As Sheep
Often Must Endure

iNDeeD A GReaTesT

Gift to Travel to Authenticity

Land Enduring Dreams Outcast With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa As Numbers

Grow on Letting Go of the Past

May Mean Present Years

of the Now Last



If We
Truly Value The
Rest of Now That Returns..:)

Ah Yes Dear Miriam

If We Don’t Balance

Work and Home Life

Eventually Life Will

Balance Us With or Without

A Fall Out of Gravity Out Of Orbit

of Our

Swept Away
Into Oblivion

With A Chance of
Course For A Return
oF A New Creation

True The 5th Decade
Is Assessed As the
Decade Most Likely


to Let Humpty
Dumpty Try
to Rearrange
Pieces Left of The ‘SHeLL’….

Looking For And Perhaps Even
Finding A New Love For Life God

Yes Never Experienced RiSinG OuT
of DarK Oblivion oh the Silver Linings


of Eight’ into
Colors of New FLoWeRS

A Soul We Cannot Afford
to ‘Default’ on Now For Real..:)

Hehe We’ve Been Discussing

Ice Cream For Weeks From

my Home at the Store

And So Far The
Has Been

Although my
Sister Offered Us
A Cone Just Like That
From Her Home That is

Next Door to Mine Dear Isha

And We Still Managed to Avoid
The Temptation hehe as Once it

is in the Home Yes i Will Surely
Consume it Until It is All Gone

Yet It’s True What a Delicious
Treat That Brings Some Ice Cream
Nuts and Fudge Relief Hope You

Enjoyed It With SMiLes i had
To Just Do With my Sweet Wife

And Fortunately She Is Enough
For Now With SMiles Hehe As
Long As She is in a Sweet Mood…

Oh Dear
Lord Got
Ice Cream
on my SoUL Hehe
Again Thanks For the Share..:)

“Free Time”

Ah Yes Dear Sohair Life Without So Many
To Do Lists of Course That Never Really

Happens for a Mother

Ah Yes Dear Sohair Life Without So Many
Deadlines of Course That Never Really

Happens for a Mother

Never the Less if You Have A Holiday

Away From Teaching If Your Students

Have Finished All their Classes Translating

Arabic into English Hope You Do Make the Best

of Whatever Free Time Comes to Your Use mY FRiEnD

As Oh Lord

A Bit of Rest

And Recuperation

Is Necessary Not to

Burn-Out in the Long

Run if You Aren’t Already

Only Operating on Fumes

Stress Will Make A Human’s

Systems Go ‘Wacky’ Overall

As the Folks Where i

Worked Who

Had Been
Hell Tried to
Explain to me
Before IT All Fell Apart

They Don’t Teach Us About
That in Schools Where i am From
How Humans Have Limits That Way…

It’s Almost Like ‘They’ Believe We Are Machines
At Least That’s The Expectations i Received At Work…

my Boss Said 10 Percent of Workers Do 90 Percent
of the Work Of Course if He Had Been A More Efficient
Boss He Might Have Spread Out That Percentage a bit More…

Yet on the Other Hand
That’s me too i Just
Do More That’s my


So yeah my
Fault for not Saying No
Or Just Go Away For Change..:)

Rubble Risers…

Stones of Humans
Without Empathy
Falling Down
On Humanity
Now Just
Rules Us
Always Now..
An only God
Worth Saving
Alive And Well NeW…

Greatest Story Your Story
Is God’s Love Story

Longing Bitter
Aching early
iN A Morning
Late at Night
When Days
Are done
LoVing DanCinG

LeSSoN 256
At The End The Beginning
Of The Day We Give Or
Take Positive Energy Away

We aRe NaKeD Nature
We aRe NaKeD God
We aRe NaKeD LoVE
CuLTuRaL Clothes And
Other Tools of Words Take

This ‘Bonobo
Memory’ Away

LeSSoN 357
They Have Wings
We Have Smart Phones

True It’s Faster And
STRiP AWaY ALL ‘CuLTuRaL Clothes’:
Trumps/Popes Suits/RobeS NoW oF Lies
BReaTHE Naked Free Spirit Star Wings


Enjoy Seed of Our
DeLiGHT FLoWeRS We come
See Beauty Our Existence Freest

Naked Be LoVE iN Peace

Cheaper To Fit All Of
me into This Fiber Optic

Cable Than Visit You in
An Airplane Each Day




Of Art Each
Day Even Stunning
And Beautiful As Nature

Comes With Wings This
Is A Skimmer Following
Shores Of Shallow Water



i Tend to
Skim Poetry
From Folks To
Get inspired All

Around The Globe
Hopscotching New
Shores Each Day Thousands

Of Miles Away

Always Returning

Here For No Reason

Yet I still Love to Come

It’s Easy With Smiling Wings
πŸ™πŸπŸŽΌ 🐦 πŸŽΌπŸπŸ™

Be Nature Breathing
In Ease Yes That’s Us
Just Free to Be God Now🎼

Cottony Loose
Soft Texture of
The Swimwear
Feels Relaxing😎



With An Environment

Of Huge Hard Rocks

At The
All We Have
Is Soft Sugar
White Sands on
Our Emerald Gulf Coast

Of Florida
Yet Still
With Sights
Like This Springing Ease😊

Big Blue Room
Yeka HoMe of
Freedom Wings🏝

SMiles Dear
Doc Jet Setting
Wonders of The
World Through

These Fiber
Optic Cables

Speed oF LiGHT

Wonders of Nature

Human Art’s Breath πŸŒ…

SMiles Ava Bullying Comes in So Many

Flavors And In Tandem With the

Act Comes Victory

or Vengeance too

To Rise Above the

Darkness isn’t Always Easy

And Yes Much Harm May Come

Yet Struggle Is Part of Nature And

When We Overcome Darkness We May

Become More Victorious in LiGHT Than Ever

Before Persevering Through Resistance Of Others

Who Try to Force Us in Their Mold Humans Commonly

Bully to Shame Folks To What They Believe the Human

Condition Should Be

Lots of Folks



Behind And No

Different Than Waves of

Ocean Some Continue to Rise

And Ride the Wave Out of Prison Others Create

Being Different One May Expect to Find Resistance in

All Ways Bullying Comes Becoming Strong Enough No

One Gets Through Freedom Once We Become Valley

Mountain High Same

Main thing

is to not


to the Levels

Others Come to Take Us

And Nah Not Always Easy

Yet Those Who Do Sleep Better at Night

Refreshing Their Selves in Every Day Love..:)

On my
Way to
At The
Speed of
Fiber Optic

Mr Gottfried⚽️

And Just Like
A ‘Digital Flash’

i Arrive Mr. Gottfried

With SMiLes No Space

Left For Avatars Am i Really

Here Relatively SPeaKinG i Guess Hehe

Yet Still Out of Distance
Yes Space

Yes Time

Not Even Really
A Matter of Things
Just Avatars of Words

That’s All Yet i AM SO EXCITED



UP to a Billion Scale Faster Than Digital

1’s and 0’s of Bits And Bytes For What

Will Be the Next Dinosaur Age of

Information Technology

Sort of Like Eight Track
Tapes Yet in the Space of
my Home Both A Player and

Tapes That Still Work Antiques Out
of the Fossil Record of the 70’s Hehe

The Good News About the Space of What
Quantum Computing Will Bring Of Course

(Perhaps An iPhone New Not Choking on my
EPiC Novel Sized Long Form Poem Subchapters)

An Equation to Figure Out ‘The Limits’ of Infinity

For Potentially Hehe Even More Space That Doesn’t

Really Exist

As We Are Over
Here and Over

THeRE too

Which Means

‘We’ are the Center
oF iT All And So Are ‘They’

Dear Lord And Other Folks Are
Still Stuck in Different Sects of
Religion Politics and Culture

When We Are Simultaneously

EveryWHeRE At Once All With

All That Is Part at Least Whole With SMiLes

The Other Good News is Quantum Computing
May Determine The Next “Carrington Event”
A Solar Plasmic Discharge From Our Star Sun
Traveling 93 MiLLioN Miles Like 1859 That

Lit Up The Skies with Northern Light
Aurora’s In The Tropics Where

Newspapers Easily

Could Be Read

at Night in

Green and Red
And the Such LiGHT of Course

No Electricity Then Before the

Huge Plasma Sun Eruption Hit

And It is Suggested No Electricity

Oh Dear Lord ‘Blinded By The LiGHT’

After the Next Event Globally Wide


Will Provide an
Answer to Avoid That too

Yes Like Moving to A Place not

Too Cold or Hot With Something
to Hunt and Forage Like Before 1859
Indeed A ‘Great Reset’ Depending if
One Misses the Olden Days of Way Back When

‘They’ Happen Usually Every 500 Years Yet Once

Came Only 100 Years Separating Two Way Back

Around 800 AD Dear Lord Maybe a Pandemic is All
We Will Get

Not Again

Out of Time
Distance Space
And A Matter With
Things Germ Free So far Online…

A Place With No Sun or Moon No
Real Human Distance Space or Time

Or A Matter of Things as i Become
Words With Wings New Again Now hehe..:)

Oh my Gosh How i Love Studying Human ArTiFacts
Coming into my Home With All the Sea Life ArTiFacts

Where one Might assume A Mermaid
Lives Here And in a Way She Does
As She Could Fit the Shoes of Most
Any Disney Princess Still at 53 Mirror Mirror
on the Wall And Such As That Yes Sure “Age

of Adaline”

As She’s No Longer
47 Pulled Over by A Cop
Demanding Proof of How Old She Is

And 53 Now With At Least a Couple of Silver Strands

Yet Belying The Truth That Fairy Tales and Happily Ever After

Comes True too

At Least After Turning
The Beast into More of
A Prince than the Phantom
of the Opera And the Hunch
Back of Notre Dame And John
Nash in His Dark Years True too

A Real Princess Sticks By Her Man
And Real Men Don’t Attempt to Bully
Mickey Mouse And His Or Her FRiEnDS

And Moving into the Cave of my Computer
Desk the really only Part of the Home that Belongs
to me the ArT-i-Facts on the Desk Might Seem A Bit
Sheldon Cooperish until Delving Deeper into the 27.1 Inch
i-Mac Screen Where Hints of Van Gogh And Online Come Soon Enough


In University
Studying For Triple
Major Degrees of Health Science,
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, and
Anthropology if Sheldon Desired to become

More Human
And Less
Machine too

Field Research as Research
Associate in Anthropology and
Cultural Anthropology As Well included

Bagging And Labeling All the Charcoal and Bone
Remnants of Subsistence Items the Indians in Our Area
Once used After We Spent all Summer Day Long Digging
And Wading Through Shallow Bays to Get to Islands to Dig

in the Sweltering
Heat For Another
Day of Endless Boring
Monotony in the Name of Science of Course hehe

Participant Anthropology Observer Assigned With
A Young Woman Classmate to a Lamaze Class to
Study That Specific Cultural Experience i Had to
Do the Lamaze Massage and i Still Vividly Remember

The Smell of the
Nicotine and Such
As my Classmate
Was an Avid Smoker

And then There was the Bank i Worked
at As Janitor For Pay Along with Clerking at
A Book Store and Research Associate in Archaeology
3 Part Time Jobs With A Full University Schedule i Swear

i Was Accused
of Being Superman
Then By Another Young
Woman Peer in School as

She Longed At Age 25 Back
in 1983 For the Frankie Avalon
Beach Parties She Never Got to Experience

As TV Told Her That Was What Life Will Be

Anyway as Part of my Field Research i Analyzed
The Garbage of the Tellers at the Bank And How Far
They Missed The Garbage Can When They Threw Stuff Away

And It’s True How Much Do We Really Know By Studying What Humans
Value in the ArT-i-Facts They Leave Behind Do We Really Know the Souls of


By the Pyramids
And Other Cultural

ArT-i-Facts They Hired
Artisans to Do That Reflected
More A Dance And Song of The
ArT-i-Sans Souls Than Pharaohs then

It’s Sort of like Our Modern Bibles too

Sunday After Sunday Folks Hold up the Words
of All the Ghost Authors and Scribes Who Changed
it All Around Plus the Editors And the Demagogues too

And High Priests And Folks Like that too True Folks Still Bow

Down to the

of Words Dead
Old Humans Leave

To Stay Alive At Least
This Way in ArT-i-Facts Past Death

True This is How We Defeat Entropy
of Our Souls After We Die After We Enjoy
That Trip to Hawaii With the Remnants of
Forever We Bring Back Still Knowing Full Well

That If We End up Blowing Up Our Word the Earth
Will Recover and After 300 MiLLioN Years or So there

Won’t Be Even Any ArT-i-Facts of Us Left To Study By

Whoever is Foolish Enough to Take Our Place And Potentially

Destroy the World

Again Perhaps

if We Just Stayed
Naked, Enough, Whole,
Complete, We Might Have
Lasted As Long As the Other
Apes Might Have Carried on Their Genes…

True it All Depends on What We Value Living
On Earth or Forcing Ourselves Out to An Empty
Dream on a Planet Like Mars Where no Flowers Grow

Just Waiting
For Human

‘The Matter With Things’

When i Was Little a greatest
Fear was My Stuffed Polar Bear
Might Get Lost in A River Flood
Where i Am Raised DownTown

i Didn’t Realize

The Love for

That Stuffed
Animal the Warmth

i Felt Was Actually What Was
the Most Real of All Realities the

Warmth of Love and Life i Generated Within

It’s True Eventually i Weaned Myself off that Stuffed
Polar Bear like When i Got Out of Hell And A Group of Rowdy
Kids in A Car Next to our Brand New Honda Civic Slammed Their

Door into it
and Made

A Visible Dent

There Was A Day That
Would Have Bothered me
The Rest of my Life to See the Dent

At least for what i Valued in Life then

It All Depends on What We Come to Value in Life

True i Still Have All the Computers i ever owned in
Old Tupperware Tubs in a Shed Just to Remind me

That i used

to be
More the Stuff
i Used Than Naked,
Enough, Whole, Complete

Once Again Like age 3, Before i
Could Speak At 4 Then i am A Leaf
oF A Living Tree That/Who Falls to Soils
Feeding New Living Trees of Forest Whole

Organic Souls

True i Still Use
the Tools Yet Now

They No Longer Master me
True i Had to Lose Effective Use
of my Eyes and Ears With the Worst
Pain known to Humankind To Come to Find

What Was Always Real

How i Feel and Sense

Within Yet Not

Just “The Matter With Things”
By Name of A Book by Iain
McGilchrist Re-Unifying Our
Mind into An Integral Work of Art Mastering Reason
As Reason Becomes The Servant of Art Yet i Likely
Will Not Read the 1500 Page Book Yes It Comes in
YouTube Videos for Free as It Likely isn’t Selling
Much for That Size of Ideas Hehe So Much Free

Stuff These
Days Love it
As Much As
Being A Naked
Leaf Living Tree
Yes Forest Ocean Water Wave Soul
Yes Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete…

An Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe painting sold for $195 million
Basically A Silk Screen Photograph Done in Vibrant Colors For Effect

Most Dollars Ever Used to Buy A Work of Art By An American Artist

Only Proves
How Subjective

Our Values Are

For me

i’d Rather
Remember A
Smile i Left Behind With Her For Real
Chances are i Would Have Taken A Dance Selfie With Her Hehe

Or Perhaps She Would Have Inspired A Poem Oh How Deep Humanity
Comes and Goes…

Yet This Truth
Remains Now

Humans Are
So God Damned
Interesting Every First
And Last One of them

i’ve ever met…

AS Humanity
Still Comes And Goes…

At Best With SMiLes Forwarding New Now…

You Know You Really Feel Sense What’s Priceless to me Every
Day When i Come Here And You Inspire What’s Inside of me…

Hehe and of
Course i Get
to Copy and Paste What i
Write And Inspire Other Folks too…

Thousand Upon Thousands All for Free…

And What’s Left For Real Love Who Gives Free..:)


Naked And Clothed
Paths In Life Naked
More Apt Telling Truth

SMiLes Dear Yam Every
True Father Wishes For

The Child to Soar
Higher Building
Blocks of Strength
And Will Always A
Foundation First of
Balancing Grace and

Love Gift of Mother First
Strength And Will Father
Within Will Bring As Well

True if We Live Long
Enough We Become
Our Own Father
and Mother


too as Life
Passes By
And We Remain

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Ever Fiber of Our Being
Ever Cell And Subatomic

Particle Ours to Wire For LiGHT

Of Positivity Every Move of Dance

And Ever Word of Song We May Create

Anew to Light Our Living
Trees Every Leaf A

New Color to Enjoy

And True Once

Again Every

Leaf to Fall to
Soils And Color
Forests Whole with

Even More Colors For
Green And Living Trees Now..:)

SMiLes Dear Orchard Daughter Lillian
Indeed So Much HeART in Your Art
As You Present Here So Openly

And The Song Goes Well with
All the Expressions Coming

From All The Shades Now to
Colorings of Your Soul So Free

Such A Nice Share Thanks So Much..:)

Love is The Touch
That Spreads A Heal

Heal is A Breath That

Comes From Love That

Never Gives Up Where Forgiveness

Is Spelled With
Even More

Love Where

Love Replaces

Grief And


Once More To Breathe
Dear Savvy With SMiLes..:)

Cheers to Saintly
Nerd FRiEnDS
Forever Now
With SMiles
Still Awaiting
A FRiEnD Ship
Date At the Book
Store to Discuss
And Relate Your

Books to Date
☺️☺️ πŸ˜‡ πŸ€“πŸ˜‡☺️☺️

Living Trees We

All Are Dear Akshita

Green Leaves RiSinG

Leaves Not So Green Falling

Thoughts Associated With Emotions

Emotions Moving Us Higher or Lower

As Our Branches Reach Out and Touch

or Wither More Away Inward as It’s

True Every Move We Make is a Leaf

of Feelings DarK Through LiGHT

Every Step We Make in

Balance Opportunity

More to Become

FRiEnDS With Gravity
Peace Within Sprouting

Wings More of Loving Life

Out of Greener Leaves Wings Become

Dancing Singing LiGHT More Than Darkness Sees

More Than


Breathes As We
Integrate Both
Shadow and Sunshine
Within Radiating Rays for

Others to Be..:)

SMiles Dear Peace
And Truth my
Favorite Book
Is Every one
i Read For Free At
Barnes And Noble
Sunday Afternoons
Listening To Meditative
Music Entertaining The
StarBucks College Study
Crowd Public Dancing

In Tandem
With Finishing
The Whole Book
Dancing In About

How i
Cool Down
After Spending
Dance At Church
And The Mall A
SunDay Schooling
Of Dance And Writing
Song of Poetry Before

With SMiles
Of course i Read
Deep Spiritual


For Free
Only in Return
For A Free Dance

And Song Later On Now☺️πŸπŸ™Œ

SuNDaY School LeSSoN 486☺️
Choose Mountains
We Climb Wisely
High Or Low

For It Is True Some
Folks Scale Cliffs
Without Safety
Harnesses For
The Feel And Sense
Of Being Totally Mindfully
And Ecstatically Engaged
In A Flow Far Beyond
Anxiety Or Apathy

Of Life

The Fear of
Death Fully
Loving This
Present Gift

Of Life When
They Might
The Same
Rewards Public
Dancing 9 Years 9 Months Yes
All 18,288 Miles Newly Now As
Long As They Avoid Running
Into Someone or Something
Or Offending Anyone too


In Crowds
Of Hundreds
To Thousands
Of Different

Kinds of Folks
Indeed Lots
Of Variables
To Master
In Total Focus
In Details And
Big Picture Ways
Yet less Farther
To Fall to One’s Death

A More Intelligent Way
To Climb And Non-Verbally
Interact With A Metro Area

Of People
Even Indians too!!


Singing Poetry
ThiS WaY True!!

SMiLes One of the Beauties of Being
A Lone Wolf HoWLinG at the Moon

Separated From the Pack

Even Being An Omega

Wolf Looking To Start A New

Pack is THere is Room Dear Savvy

FoR A New Direction

Authentic Wings

And Feathers

To Sprout


Clipping From

Others As Sheep
Often Must Endure

iNDeeD A GReaTesT

Gift to Travel to Authenticity

Land Enduring Dreams Outcast With SMiLes..:)




SMiLes Dear Miriam The Only Broken Bone

my Right Middle Finger Long Ago When i Am

A Small Child Ouch!!!! in A Huge Oak Door The

Way They Made ’em at the Turn of the Century

Last Century in ‘Shot-Gun’ Homes

on the DownTown River Banks

To Ever Last

On Stones

Elevating Them
For Minimal Floods

True Stone’s Throw
From the Railroad Trestle

Really Didn’t Matter Which

Side AS Humanity is Humanity to

me Fortunately i Haven’t Had to

Use that Middle Finger at Least

Not in A Negative Sense Gotta

Save it For Writing Never

Even Got my Hands

Close to Any

Big Teeth

And Jaws After that
Although i Did See ‘Roy Scheider’
Tanning At the Holiday Inn During the


of ‘Jaws 2’ at
Navarre Beach

at 16 the ‘1st Jaws’
Movie the Very First
Real Violent Movie i Was
Exposed to then So Many

Scars Yep Scars We Don’t Even Need Indeed…

Anyway Here i Go Again Just Electronically Publishing
Another Bi-Monthly EPiC Long Form Poem at 61,512 Words

And In Tandem About 16 Thousand Words or So Already into the
Next Effort

No Scars
Just More
“Wu Wei” Play
of Effortless Ease

FRiEnDS With Gravity

Butcher’s Blade Still
Not Dull Yet Dear Lord

i Did Change Out my 11 Month
Old Athletic Shoes for All the Public Dance

And Barren




Here i
Go Again Hehe..:)



Capt. Salt sees what
Happens to Sgt. Pepper
Unreliable Crews make
Comic Book Writer Movies
Come True
Always Stays
Up with His/Her Ship

iS Heaven
So i do it more
Same with Song

mY Favorite
is FRiEnDS
i am Always Now
On Vacation New…

You are part of a Few
Vacations for me that last Thanks
for the Vacation here my FRiEnD…

And it’s true if i had many more
Vacations like
You i would
Not Likely
have time
for any more
Vacations hAha…

Hehe.. You are A
Vacation that lasts


i am
A River
NoT A River Bed

SMiLes mY FriEnd Xenia
i Dance A Beach Now more
iN ReVerse FLow Watching
Seagulls Above Leaving
Human Foot
Prints Milky Way

A BreaTH
A BReath
oF LoVE iN Peace…πŸ™‚

LeSSoN 257 MaKinG
Every Moment NeW
A Life of Dance And
Song To See And Be
Music Loving All NoW🎢

New For Real iN Peace…

It’s Feelings Senses
NeW That Count Most
NoW Everyone KNoWS Feels
Senses That It Is The Imaginary
Lover That Our Soul Is
Who Is The Best Lover
We KNoW Feel New
And Sense At Least
If We aRe Able to Let
Go of the Guilt And Simply
Be Wild And Loving Free As That’s What You
Remember Most A Free Spirited one Who Drives
You to Moon Skipping Over Sun Hop Scotching

All the Way

Beyond Stars
For Midnight
Touch Yes On
Beach WHere Diatoms
GLoWinG Emerald Green Waters
Feel Through And Through…Through



i Do Love to: Make From:
A First Step to get Back
iN Touch With A God
oF LoVE iS Dance
Free BreaTHE SinG
GiVinG Air
Water Waves
LoVE NoW Fearless
iS Heaven
So i do it more
Same with Song
NoW my Friend…
i am A River Not
A River Bed
A BreaTH
A BReath
Air oF LoVE..

Ocean WholeπŸ™‚

Just A Weed
Yet Treasure
FLoWeR New Now
For Butterfly Wings

When i Became the Leaf πŸƒ
Feeding The Tree The
Forest Looking Over
The River Before

i Could Speak at
4 At Age 3 Seeing
i Feed The Forest
Complete God Yes When
i Fall As Leaf CreatingπŸ‚
New Souls of Trees And
Other Plants Landing in
Forest Whole Soils This🍁
Way Leaf, Tree, Or Forest
Matters Not All Grown up
Forever Now Circle of
Life Complete As



All Grown

Up At Age 3 Nah Nope

School, Work, And Even
Church Had An Opposite
Effect And Affect On me

As Leaf i Became Separate
Lost From Tree And Forest
No Longer Whole Grown Up
Eternally Circle of Life Complete

Yes True it Took 50 Whole Years
Half A Century In Human Terms
Of Time to Live Forever Now Again

At 53 Standing on The Beach
Finally All Grown Up Circle of
Life Complete Reborn i Am








Whole Yes

Swaying Sea Oats

In Summer Breeze Emerald

Green Waters Sugar White Sands

Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Sun i Am

Smiles Dear Vrunda my Wife insists

She Does The Human Adulting

The Best So She Demands

Taking Care of


Rest Yes

i’m Not only

Grown up i’m

Blessed Guess Living

With The Forest And Beach

is Enough For my Wife Complete🏝

SMiles Yes i Love my

Mother And FRiEnDS

Covid-19 Took

Away And

Even Girl


Who Crushed

me While Alive

The Same

As Ever

Before Yes

i For One Master

Love ThiS Way





They Or

Love Ever

Passes Away
In my Soul At Least

i Credit my Ability to

Love Ones Who Harm

me i Might Otherwise

Hate For This Ability

Now To Never



Ones Or
Love Complete
Whole Breathing Within

Now Nice to See You

Again Ms. Dimples

Do Stay


And Truly

Wealthy As LoveπŸ™πŸ˜Š

SMiles Dear Zoe All i’ve
Ever Lost in Life
Teaches me

To Love more

Yet i Am
Kinda A

Cup Over

Dude Inherited

That From my

Mother Most it Seems

She’s Dead too Yet

Not Really As



Still Breathes

Through my Words
Yep Lots of People


See it

As Too

Sticky And
Sweet to Be
Real too Never

The Less When The
Neighborhood Kids
Got Sad They Came

To Pour it
Out on



She Was Their
Mama Yes The

Tradition Continues…

i LEarned Greater to
Love Storm

Be Rain




To Come

Out Of The
Storms No


Ignoring Thunder

Creating my Own
Lightening See To

Be i Am

For Giving
Thanks Giving
No Escape Loving

All iN Peace


Now Being
Gift oF LoVE SMilingπŸ™πŸ˜Š

Aloha Lovely Paradise
my Hawaii FRiEnD Now
my Feeling Is Love Old
Love New

As Old


It’s Kinda

Hard Not to
Do When You
Are Born With The
Name Of Fred That in
Long Version Of German



Peaceful Ruler
And in Shorter
Form of Fred

Is in

Yes Fred
In Fred All


Whole Now LoVE iN Peace πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ

SMiles Dear Zoe When i Am
Little Hehe “In Those
No Central
Air Conditioners
No TV No Radio

Not Even “The

Beatles” Yet


Adults All

Sitting Around A

Kitchen Table Full

Of Expressing Emotions

Bringing Stories To Life

Like Famous Poets



Oral Tradition

They Did It In A Way

Where They Swept You

Off Your Feet into Their




Be That

Soulful As

At 7 Years old

i Started Turning
Into Our First Black
And White TV Fast


To Now
i Am One
Finger And


On A 6-inch
Screen Even With
All These Functional


i’m Still The
Little Soul


to Grow Up😜

SMiles Naked Now
Enough Whole Complete
Dear Doc NeeD i Dance
Sing More God Yes God Yes
i Am Earth
Iron In Blood
Stream Same As
Core of Earth Born

Of Star Death Crucible
Fires In Super Nova Star



Still From Gaseous

Star Dust True



Are An

All Natural

Miracle Churches

And Bibles Seem





To Just One

Miracle of Our Breath

i Am Star Flower Seed Still All🌟

SMiles Cherie
Yes No One Will
Stop Water Now
From FLoWinG
Ocean Waves



RiSinG Now😊
Again New☺️

Nor Shall



Wind in A Jar Now πŸ’¨
Or Feather As Breeze New

Becoming Cat 6 Hurricane

SMiles Shubi Dancing Free
Amazing How Human
Water Will Lose


Whole Breeze

Feather Freeing Wind🌊

SMiLes Dear Savvy

i am Invisible
Yet You Feel
And Sense
me i am Wind

SucH A Simple
Metaphor Yet Such
A True One of Many For God

Even Letters Word Pictures

Idols For Essence Attempting to Grasp SPiRiT SoUL

Yet Will Never Hold Wind in PriSons Jars of HeARTS..πŸ™‚

Wow Cherie! What A
Lovely Poem on The
Advantages Of Aging
As True Youth is Soul
Evolving Wisdom Love


As Love Will
From: Inside Out

Too What my Great Aunt
Jettie Taught me With Her
Radioactive SMile Infecting

Everyone With

Joy At 94 And While
At 47 i Could Leg Press
500 Pounds The Stress
Of Cog in A Machine A
Slave to Someone Else’s

Any Spirit
Left in me
Not Even A
Memory of A SMile

i Quickly Learned How
To Beware of my Locality
That Suggests Emotions
Are Weak For Men Nope
That is What Makes Mama

A Force
Ya Don’t Wanna

Test Well to Make
A Much Longer Story

Now Of Youthful Strength Of
Spirit Love Shorter Not Unlike

The Grinch i Lift Mountains
Of Love including 3 Times
More Empirically Measured in

Leg Strength
That No Elite
Military Dude
Can Budge at
The Military Gym

Just Warming Up With 1540
Pounds 12 Reps Yep Still
Leg Pressing It Coming on
my 63rd Birthday on June 6th

All That’s

me From Doing
More is The Machine

Won’t Hold Anymore Plates

Indeed What A SPiRiT

oF LoVE iN Peace
Fully FRiEndS With
Gravity Balancing
Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses Dancing
Singing Freely In Meditating
Flow Will Do in
A Dude’s Body

At Least Where

i Live
A Thing
Or Two

From LoVE iN Peace
God Yes If They Really
Worshipped LoVE iN Peace

As God And Practiced
God As Real Great John
14:12 And Luke 17:21 Works


LoVE iN PeaceπŸ™

Yawn… At Least
All The Women in
my Life Close Already

Do So Easy to Prove
On The Outside Too As
The Pics on my Blog of

my Wife
Will Do on The Inside


Too At 53
As She is
Called Eternal

Teenager And Such As That🏝

Hehe To Quote
“A Joker,” “This Town
Needs An Enema”
Oh God Way Too

Many Plumbing πŸͺ 
Connections Never

The Less “Wait till
They Get A Load of
me” And Find Out

i’m Actually
Real After
i Go Away..;)