FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2021, 4 YearS Old

‘Riders In The Storm’
Seeds Carrying Hope
From Other Countries
In Hurricanes Free to Breeze

Every Door
A Room
To Thanks

Woke Up With This Thought
Regarding the Ending Now
Beginning of Your Poem Rue

Skipping Lust Hopscotching Over
Warm Fuzzies Sailing Beyond Stars
TaKinG Folks Straight to Soul oF

HEaVeN iN Dance Song

Mean While Someone Is Slaving
iN Front Of A GoD Screen With No Life…
Rider’s in The Storm Rider’s in The Storm…

‘Pocahontas’ Just Came In All Excited About
A Bee She Just Saw Pollinating Our Garden
Of Eden And How Sweet A Baby SQuAsH IS ALiVE

SMiles Dear
Soni Not
Sure if
You Were
Friends With
Poet Astha From
India Or If So If

You Know

She Passed
Away From

On April 30th…
Someone Notified
me on Her Blog


i was Checking
Up on Her 12 Days
On April 27th After
She Went Absent

She Was

Only in Her


Do Take

Care Dear


This isn’t

Only A

To The
Old For Real ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ท ๐ŸŒŠ❤️

Astha A Dearest Loving
Soul i’ve Ever Met



As You
aRE ALso True๐Ÿ™

Katrina Relates Don’t Joke About God Now
i ReLaTE God Will Be Happier With US iN Joy


Folks Condemn

Stuff They Fear

First And Lasting

Not Understanding Now…

Noper, This Is Nothing New…

Yet Deserves Greater Contemplation
Than Condemnation For Faith Don’t Need

Any ‘Holy Books’ to Figure This Out; Just ‘Common
Sense/Feel’ Born On As Such; The Oven Is Hot; Yet That Doesn’t Make it Damned…

What Is Different About ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is It Has No Story Books With Gods That

Burn Folks Forever

And Turns Around

And Says It is the God

Of Peace All Loving And

All For Giving; Face Palms Forest

Thick That’s Totally Inane God(s)…

The Advantage Now of BLM Is ‘They’

Have No Such God to Replicate AS Human…

From A Frigging


80,000 Word Anthology

of Free Verse Poetry In Story

Comprising 2,000 Words of

Vocabulary that Took 23 Years

to Receive in a Cave by an Illiterate

Man or Another Story Book Anthology

Of Free Verse Poetry Rather Small too At Least

In My Eyes Around 800,000 Words That Took Centuries

Upon Centuries Then of Ghost Authors Innumerable In Count

With Scripts Copied And Pasted Together And Numbered
As Verses in the 1300’s and Printed in a Book No Sooner

Than the 1400’s In ‘Gutenberg Way’ then; Is It any Surprise

That Humans

Are Afraid

of THeir ‘Shadows’

In Terms of Lust And

Aggression in All Stuff Reproduction
And Survival in Fear oF Fight or Flight Way; iN A Word (World) No….

NoW STiLL Is It Any Surprise that CuLTuRES That Hold THeir Hero Story

Highest In Esteem With A God(s) That Is All Loving Forgiving Peaceful

As Told By Story Also Tortures Those Who Make Mistakes Forever Turns Out Bad

In the Actions of Humanity; In A Word(s) (Worlds), Hell No, and Hell YeS on EartH….


Do it Better

Just Having

Sex All Day

Naked in Peace

WHere Love is the

Way And Pleasure Rules

Peace And Harmony for the

Forage of the Day, WHere Males

Live to Please the Matriarchy in Charge
This Way And After That ALL They Do Is Relax (like me) By

A Pond With Their Feet; All Ten Toes Propped Up Resting

Until They Get Charged for the Next Act of Free Love

To Be


This Works

Fine as long

As THere is No
Invading Tribe

of Bonobos Who Are

Different From the Tribe at Hand

Competing For Resources In Both Subsistence

And Reproductively too; Oh the Nature, ‘Riders on the Storm’….

LiVE iN Abundance of Subsistence in Pleasure in Balance And Thrive

Do The Other ‘Thing’



Hell Is

Ours to LiVE oN EartH;

From a Science Perspective;

Religion isn’t the issue, Per Say And

Do, Specifically, in the Middle East; it is

Struggle For Abundance And Territory Still

In Scarcity By Opposing Tribes; Meanwhile Over in North

America, Before We (The White Parts) Came Over Here; Lots of Dancing In Abundance of Nature

Freer Closer to Naked Pleasure; Lots of Respect for Nature in Balance; Lots of Fun to Be ALiVE NoW



No WHeRE Else

Folks Wanna Go

Enough And Totally Complete in Balance Now With Nature

Then And This Is Just Common Sense Now For Anyone Who

Spends Any Substantial Amount of Life Naked in Nature Free…

We Stand Upon The Grains of God And Fertilize them With Our Own

Unless We Wear ‘Diapers’…

The Only


That Hoards

Its Dead Or Burns

The Remains BReaKinG

‘The Circle of Life’; The Karma We Do Now

Clear For Any Naked Being Standing Upon

Grains of God Still Fertilizing God’s Breath Now…

Holy S%&$!






Resurrecting Gaseous

Star Dust From Crucible

Fires Of Star Death From

Super Nova Explosions

Iron FLoWinG Through

Our Blood Same

In Core

of Mother


We Still


Moral oF

A Greater

Human Story For Real

In Terms of God’s Breath Living NoW iN US We aRe ReaL NoW

Hehe, Not Gonna Provide Any More Details Of How i Find God…

i Do

i Am

i Will

Never Be

A Victim Now

For This PReSeNT

Gift of Breath This

Life Forever Now Breathing in PLEaSE…

On The Other Hand(s), i Naturally LiVE iN

Paradise THeRE iS No Struggle For Subsistence

In Abundance of Balance WHeRE i Exist; If In





Not So Much;

All i Have to Do


Ignorance of Gaetz,

Trump, And DeSantaNiS too

In Emerald Gulf Coast Panhandle BLiSS oF Florida…

Hey Baby, Just FoRTuNaTE to Be A Seed Landing In Heaven….



Tree STiLL

GRoWinG Leaves

Feeding me Green

And Spreading Brown
As Usual to Feed Circle of Life Breathing Now…

Just Another Grain of Sand; Just

Another Feather; SPiRiT WinD FLoWS oNoW..:)

Peace in Harmony With Love Yes i Agree…

The Loving Your Neighbor And Even

Enemy Part A Challenge Yet Possible too…

“If it matters don’t mind,

if you mind it don’t matter”

Great Advice by Tupac…

By the Way One of my
Best Friends Is A Muslim
Woman She Calls My Style

Of Writing Heaven on Wings…

i Have Many Other Muslim

Women FRiEnDS Who

Relate The Same

About my






Any for

‘SoMe ReaSon”

Usually The Same

Applies to Other Religions too…

Go Figure HeHe…

Other than


i Exist

And Breathe…

Have A Nice Day…

Actually My Post Was

About Peace Yet my Style And Truth iN DarK Thru LiGHT May

Be Hard to See And Hear For Some And That’s Okay With me…

i Exist… i Exist.. Riders in the Storm

We All Are Let’s Try to

Get ALonG iN Peace..:)

Woke Up With This Thought
Regarding the Ending NoW
Beginning of Your Poem Rue

Skipping Lust Hopscotching Over
Warm Fuzzies Sailing Beyond Stars
TaKinG Folks Straight to Soul oF HEaVeN iN Dance Song

Folks Gonna Be Very Upset When ‘JeSuS’ Returns Sends No
One To Hell Only ThanKinG Everyone Yes All For PRePaRinG A Way Now

“Why Buy The Cow” When Thank You Or Just Giving The Milk For Free Is Enough
Ocean Whole
CompleTE Now

Yes Pleasure
jiayali Thanks
For Inspiring Dear๐Ÿ˜Š

Light House Doesn’t Fit
In SHowS A Way Ahead๐Ÿ’ก

From India
Died From

On April 30th

Don’t Care How
She Got it Just
Wish She Was


To Say

Hi Hope
You Recover
Will Pray For
You With SMiles

We aRe all Rider’s
On This Storm For



Giving Best
For Every


Thru LiGHT๐Ÿ™

Day Yeka
Is Mother’s Day!๐Ÿ˜Š

SMiLes Dear
Karlien No One
Does God Better
Than Waves Dancing
Ocean Be
Wave Be
Water Do
Ocean Whole
SMiles Thank
You Dear For Waying๐Ÿ˜Š

Chaos Magic
Be Feather Wind
Be Free Breeze Seeing๐ŸŒŠ

Smooth Sailing
WaLKinG On Water
Success Is Balancing
Yin Yang SMiLinG Yes

Hey! Our Military
Gym Opened
Back Up to

Retired Civilians
During The Week

Yesterday too!

Now Life




Train Wreck

Is Finally Easing

A Bit As LonG As
We Get Gas Again
In Northwest


i’ll Get to Go
Again Hehe

Of Course
You Don’t




The Subway
In New York
One Less Problem HAha ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Yes So Very Inspiring With SMiLes!!

WaKinG (WaLKinG On Water)

A Bird Standing Upon

Its Shadow Mirror

Reflection In A

Pond All In

Center Point

Balance All Jobs

Complete Relaxing in

Ease What Nature Speaks

Greatest Yes Balance of
Animal Homeostasis Ready

To Expend Energy to Live
Eat Sleep Recover And

Breathe Again As Waves Rise
And Fall Again ‘Riders on Storms’

Or Calmer Waves in

Peaceful Harmonious

Ocean Breath of Faith

Center Point Balance

All Of Life Compete

Enough Ocean Whole Faith
SMiles FRiEnD I Had my First
Stressful Experience Where
i Really Went into Alert

Mode Yesterday Hehe
Since Word Press Said
i Maxed My Storage out
And i Spent Two Days
Helping Them Correct
The Mistake Last May With
A Resolution of
Now i Have
Unlimited Storage

Space my God Been
Correcting Errors of
Those ‘Supposed to
be In Charge’ Nearly

All My Life Like When A
Teacher Gives Wrong
Information in Class
And You Have to Raise
Your Hand In Class to
Correct The Teacher Hehe…

Some People Appreciate
That Other’s Might Fire
You on The Job For
Being A Know It All too…

Anyway The Insurance
Company Mistakingly
Dropped Katrina From

Coverage And It Brought
Back The Do Or Die Feelings
Of Fixing All The Problems
At Work When They Were
Eliminating Jobs And i Was
Nearly At The Point To Retire
i Couldn’t Afford To Make



It’s Even Worse
Than Grief As At
Least You Can Cry
To Get Comfort And



Again i Remembered

The Actual Stress i Endured
During Those 11 Years at
Work And How Under
Chronic to Acute
Flight or Fight

Stress How
Narrow Our
Focus Must
Be Just To

And How So
Many Parts of
Life We Are Able
To Enjoy Suddenly
All Disappear And Literally
May Not Come Back For

17 Years

About The
Number Of Years
It Takes a Cicada to
Re-Emerge Out Of



And Fly Again
As They Are Doing
In The United States
This Year Yeah the
Area Ran Out of Gas
Yesterday cause of The
Cyber Attack on The Eastern




We Have Enough
For Two Weeks it’s
Just A Little Funny
How i Said “Rider’s on
The Storm” A Song By
“The Doors” on The T-Shirt
i Wore Yesterday At The


Of The

Day A Self-fulfilling

Prophecy It Seems It’s

A Little Bit Strange So

Many Days What i Write
About in The Stage of

Creativity Comes Real

Next Like Penning
Reality With SMiles

You Are Going to

Be So Very Happy

Hehe See What I Just Did
Didn’t Say When

Just That You
Are Gonna Be

So Very Happy Now

A Cool Art
Tool For FReED..๐Ÿ™‚

LiKe iT
Or Not
hE He..๐Ÿ˜‰

‘Riders In The Storm’
Seeds Carrying Hope
From Other Countries
In Hurricanes Free to Breeze

Every Door
A Room
To Thanks

Monkey’s For Everything Bananas
Me In On Banana Wheat Bites Rue

No Matter How Well Done Prepared
Humanity Fails Without Tenderness
Excellent Love Thesis Indeed Rue

For Safety
Soni Stay Well

Protections Working๐Ÿ™

Our Insurance Company
Accidentally Dropped
my Wife Fixing The



Of Working For
The Government
So Many Years



To Reboot

Escape to Sanctity

Fortunate my Pencil

Is Sharp


To Erase
Mistakes of Others

Yet Only 1 This Day
Not A Thousand
That Day in Blue
Screen Death๐Ÿ‘จ‍๐Ÿ’ป

Those Who Dance
Dance Who Dance
True Be The Beach๐Ÿ
Or Footprints of Trees

Snoopy Makes
HiS Own Joy Doc
Sunshine Clouds⛅️

SMiles Dear Samreen i Am
Doing Great And So glad
You Are Safe From Your
Travels in India for the
COVID-19 Challenge…
Hope Your Brother’s
Marriage Was

Of Joy!
Thanks So
Much For
Catching Up!
Missed You And
Your Poetry Looking
Forward to New Poems From You☺️

Call In the Forest Death of
A Friend From Covid-19
In India my Travels

SLoWeD A Bit

Oh Goodness
Now 10 Poems
Behind almost
All Your Current
Stream of Poems

On Sidebar Dear Xenia
Belated Mother’s Day Wishes
to All Women Who Nurture Light
in Life Loving Nature of All As You

Do As Well
too in many

Paw Prints of Love…

STill Lake
Tale of
Law of Gravity
Balancing Peace…

Earth Day Always
Prayer Upon A




Up to See

To Be

to Will Free Doing

For Real Now Peace
Mountains of Souls
Human Love GRoWinG
LiVinG Trees Coloring
ANeW All Days Now Within Springs…

Eagle Wings Ease
PLeaSinG Bear
Winds Free


Flight Feather’s

Breath Live See NoW…

By A Lake Again

Scents of Dog Sense

STill Lake Peace Relates…

Strings of ‘Saz’
Playing Vocal
Chords Extending

Emotions In Peace

And Harmony


Songs of Souls Freely…

Leaves Sing GRoWinG
Leaves Fall Dance
RiSinG Green



Of Soils

Sprouting Souls
Deeper Roots Now
CoLoRinG Life Above Shines…

Melting Snows
Life of River Grows…

Spider Webs
Ladders of


Catch FLiGHT…

Ah Now Catching
Up With Ten Dear
Xenia Satisfied

Always With

Mother Earth



At First BLiNK All Of Us All Now We Breathe

Through Last Breath of Poetry iN LiGHTinG PeACE NoW

Hope All You Love Is SaFE Well LoVinG LiFE mY FRiEnD..:)

Yeah, It’s True, Now, While Personally i wouldn’t

Trade Places For Any Amount of Money or ‘Stuff’ With Elon Musk’;

‘This Thread’ Has Been A Bit Unreasonable, For Some of the Opinions

As That Relates to His Personal Accomplishments in Life that Most Couldn’t

Fathom to Touch’; Let’s go By Facts; Not Just Opinions to Assess that; In the Land

Of Subjective Judgement, there is No Doubt Some of Mr. Musk’s Functional Disabilities

In Cognitive Empathy, in Saying Things And Doing Things that Harm Other Folks Is Real As He Doesn’t

Seem to Have the ability to always Put Himself in the Shoes of Others as Functional Cognitive Empathy ‘Demands’;

The Harm He Has Done though, Pales in Comparison to Bishops Who Haven’t Required Masks In Masses in the Peak of
A Deadly Pandemic; Supported the Lies of Donald J Trump And Continuing to Denigrate the Humanity of
Transgender and Homosexual Folks All Around the World to A Tune That Yes Does Pale in


And Yes Is Socially

Accepted Within the
Walls of Institutional
Approved Ignorance in

Cognitive Empathy of Other Folks

Who Live in A Different World than they
Do; A Much Different World indeed, Yet

Just Another Part of Mother Nature, They Don’t Personally Experience…

Anyway, ‘Sheep’ Blindly Follow them (Popes, Bishops, Priests, Etc) Off Cliffs to Avoid Being
Who They Are; And Remaining Unmasked in a Deadly Pandemic, Along With Being
Chastised By Bishops in the Name of So-Called Jesus, if the Ones Who Do Safely
Stay Masked in a Deadly Pandemic in Masses Criticize those who Risk the

Sanctity of Breathing

Life And Aren’t Even

Strong Enough to Lift

A Mask; Not Nearly A Cross

To Save the Sanctity of Breathing

Life in A Deadly Pandemic; Talk About

The Essence of Not Laying Down Your Life

For Your Neighbor And Not Even Caring if they

Die As A Result of Ignorance in Behavior in Non-Caring About Neighbors’;

Thing is, They Can’t Blame A Medical Condition For Their Harming, Maiming, Killing Ways;

Organized Deceit, Institutionally Approved, is A Killing Field That Takes Away Innocent Lives

In the Socially Approved Politics of Unwarranted Lies the Same; Yes, Ignorance Harms, Rapes,
Maims, Kills Human Beings and Destroys the Sanctity of Life too in Extinction of Plant And Animals
Species Coming to the Table of Plenty, Killing 1 in 8 Species Canceled in the Coming Decades For Real…

Let’s Face it, Elon Musk Has Done Some Cringe Worthy Harming Things in Life in Terms of Words and Deeds;

Yet On the Other Hand, Not Unlike The Same With Steve Jobs, And Bill Gates, at least on a Broader
Autism Phenotype as Assessed by Simon Baron Cohen In Difficulties With Cognitive Empathy And
Yes Potentially Affective Empathy too; Those Folks Surely Made Similar Mistakes in Life; However

Their Contributions

to Humanity

Have Changed

The World in Positive

Ways too; Elon Musk Assessed

As Potentially Becoming the First Trillionaire

By 2025, Has the Potential to Do Much Greater Things

For Humanity; Not Unlike Bill Gates Who survived to Do that too;

Personally, i Appreciate the Personal Computer Bill helped Develop to
Gain a ‘Splinter Skill’ on the Side that Helped me become Financially Independent
By Age 47; And Without my iMac, There is No Damn Way i could Have Accomplished

What i’ve done in Art Just For Fun in my Retirement Years too; As Microsoft Products

Have Been too Damn Flaky in Quality And Not Nearly ‘Aesthetic’ Enough to Allow Distraction Free Productivity;

Yeah, Like Viruses that Requires A Complete Re-install of the Software, Often, And Just Plain Chaos for Design
of Software that is Hugely Inefficient For Laser Focus Productivity; This May Have Changed now; Yet Before 2013
It Was Just Plain Cr8p in my Opinion; And Better Before they So-called improved it Starting With Everything After
‘Windows XP’ Then…

Yet on the Other Hand,
What Microsoft Brought
To the ‘Table of Plenty’

Back in the 90’s, Gifted
me An Avenue to become
Financially Independent; Again, Yes

By Age 47; No Matter How Horrible

Bill Gates Was to His Employees; Like

Elon Musk Is Now too in Middle Age;

Elon Musk Is A Star of Capitalism,

What Many Folks Worship in Life;

How Folks Still Worship Trump; Who
Is not Nearly As accomplished in the Art
of Capitalism As Musk Is; And as Far As Having

A Silver Spoon; Go Read An actual Biography of His

Life; Never Mind, i’ll Provide Quotes Here That Relate His Humble Origins in ‘The Real World’:

“An awkward and introverted child,[21] Musk was bullied throughout
his childhood and was once hospitalized after a group of boys threw him down a flight of stairs”

“Aware it would be easier to enter the United States from Canada,[24] Musk applied for a Canadian passport through his Canadian-born mother.[25][26] While awaiting the documentation, he attended the University of Pretoria for five months; this allowed Musk to avoid mandatory service in the South African military.[27] Arriving in Canada in June 1989, Musk failed to locate his great-uncle in Montreal and instead stayed at a youth hostel. He then traveled west to live with a second-cousin in Saskatchewan.[28] He stayed there for a year, working odd jobs at a farm and lumber-mill.[29] In 1990, Musk entered Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.[30][31] Two years later, he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania; he graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in economics from the Wharton School and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in physics.”[32][33][34]

“In 1994, Musk held two internships in Silicon Valley during the summer: at an energy storage startup called Pinnacle Research Institute, which researched electrolytic ultracapacitors for energy storage, and at the Palo Alto-based startup Rocket Science Games.[35] In 1995, Musk was accepted to a Ph.D. program in energy physics/materials science at Stanford University in California.[36] Musk attempted to get a job at Netscape but never received a response to his inquiries.[25] He dropped out of Stanford after two days, deciding instead to join the Internet boom and launch an Internet startup.”[37]

It’s Worth Noting Per the Last Link Below that Musk is Criticized for Using the Term
Asperger’s As It’s Considered A Racist Term Now That Hans Aspergers Is Tied More
Into the Nazi Regime of His Days; So if Anyone Still uses the Term in their Life;

You Can Thank Mr. Musk

For Having the ‘Balls’ To Still Use It…

i sure am Glad, i Don’t Have to Bow to Any Target Audiences in Life…

Asperger’s Syndrome Has its Ups and Downs; Yes, Gifts and Curses;

i’ve Said Cringe Worthy Things in my Life too that Hurt Folk’s Feelings;

Yet, i Just Said What Was Literally On my Mind; i Still Do; It’s the way it is…

i’ve Improved in that way Far Beyond Elon Musk; Yet At His Age Now, Not so Much…

People Aren’t always Nice; Not Even The People Who Eventually Help Humanity Most…

Go Figure,


And Divide

And Don’t throw

The Baby of Survival

of the Species Out With ‘The Dirty Water’…

i’ll Probably Go Back to ‘The Evil Catholic Church’

Too as i Love Singing, And Find the Songs They Sing Very Uplifting

And Full Of Love; Some of them Written by Gay Jesuit Priests too; Ironically So…

And no, i’m Not Gonna ‘Cancel’ my iMac, or iPhone Because Steve Jobs Could BE A Real ‘A Hole’ too…

Life is A Struggle

‘We’ All Better Grow

Some Thicker Skin, If We Are Gonna Survive in the Longest

Runs And As Hard As it may Be to Do; We Better Not Throw

Out Love And Empathy too..

Yang and



It’s Nothing New;

And i Realize Not All Have A Capacity to Do it;

Dark and Light; Night And Day; the SHows Go on…

Elon Musk is An Enigma; If We Understand

Everywhere He’s Been And is still going…

Wouldn’t Wanna Be In ‘His’

Shoes Now, Yet ‘Someone’ Has

to Be ‘Him’ Until He Changes… As We All Do Now…

i Thought the Saturday Night Live Show Was

Hilarious; i Have No Problem Admitting

i am ‘A Wittiest Fool’ too…

He Didn’t Apologize; That’s

Who He Is too; Dark and Light like the Rest of Us…

Other than That He’s A Better Representation of Asperger’s Syndrome

Than What We Had in December 2012, With An Elementary School Shooting then…

Yes, Now There is Greta and Musk For Real; Controversial, Yet Changing the World For Real….

Go Figure,


is ‘The Same Old New Wave’ of Change…

Other than that; As Eccentric and Different As

i am Now; The ‘Wrong Planet’ Has Been the Most Difficult (Even Trump Town USA)

Place i’ve Traveled in Life to Be Accepted Or Even Tolerated Enough to Even Exist…

That’s Ironic; Yet What Happens When Cats Try to Herd each other; hehe… In Other



Bliss Baby…

Even Named An Angel With Wings….

It’s Okay to Be Different, Make Mistakes,

And Change For the Better too….

It’s Okay

It’s Okay…

And Grow Some Teeth And Claws

And Even Bring Lion Hugs too Instead of ‘Eating Cubs’…

Maybe Not Everyone ‘Sees’ It; Yet, i Already Intuit Musk

Will Help the World Better In Years to come; He Doesn’t Quit; He Perseveres…

He Perseveres…

He Perseveres…

The Core of Survival…

The Reality of Every Breath We Take Now…

It Doesn’t Always Smell Good; Life In ‘the Big City’ And ‘Smaller Larger Places’ too…

Other Than All of This, There Was ‘A Revenge of the Nerds’ Movies Series Back in the 80’s;

It’s Worth Noting That Prophecy Is Fulfilled Now; In case Anyone hasn’t Noticed Most Everyone

In ‘Their’


World in A 6 Inch Screen;

Who Would Have Ever Thought it Possible;

Someone Did; Didn’t Quit; And Here We aRe in A Truly Different World Online;

A Place With No Sun or Moon; A Place Relatively, Where There is No Distance,

Space or Time, Even Matter; Where Souls Are Uploaded Through Fiber Optic Cables

Continuing to Exist at the Speed of Light Traveling Around the Globe As i Fit All 242 Pounds

Of my Body

And Beyond

Measure of my

Soul in Words on a 6 inch

Screen too; Wow, It’s Amazing; Yet

Maybe, You’d Have to Live in ‘the Other

World’ For Decades; to Really See The Difference This
Change Makes; It’s Not All Good; It’s Not All Bad; Yin And Yang Is the Same Different…

Yet This is For God Damn Sure;

If Not For Folks Like Elon

Musk, And Gates

And Einstein too, We’d Still Be Living in a Frigging Cave…

With No Fabulous Place to Create Brand New Cave Art Either…

Ha Ha Ha; It’s Not So Bad Being A Nerd With Asperger’s Syndrome

After All is Said and Done…

i Don’t ‘Know’ About

Y’all’ Yet

i’m Enjoying

All of this Last Laugh FirsT… HeHE…

There Are Drones And Queen/King Bees; Welcome to ‘The Hive’…

Humans Are Resourceful Little Critters, Indeed; Go Elon GO;

‘Just Do It’; Change The World…. Better If WE Can and Will…

‘WiLL’… NoW
Like A Name
OF A NeW Baby Never Heard Before…

i Read 20 Times Faster Than the ‘Average Human’

When Properly Focused; And Write Poetry Free Verses In ReVerse;

Not All Of Us Have The Same


This Is True;

And Yes, i Find It Interesting

That You Don’t Read Center

Justified Short Lines; i For One Am

Able to Decode Most Everything in Life i come across; Just the Way i am born;

And Continue to Evolve; Truly, i am a Fortunate One, To Be Able to Absorb it all

‘Lightening Fast’; It’s



Me that

You Don’t Read It;

Additionally, i Leg Press

Up to 1520 Pounds, Approaching

Age 61, on 6.6.21; More than Any
Dude At A Military Gym, i Work-out
At; Yet There Was A Man A Few Years
Older than You at age 75, Who Still Squatted 450 Pounds…

That’s Impressive; Some Folks Don’t See it as Impressive; So what…

i Don’t Expect You to Do That Either; And As the Last
Kid Picked in Sports in School, No one expected me

to Be An Athletic Director Of A Military

Installation and Become a Public

Dance Legend At My Age

too now at 14,844 Miles of
Public Dance, Farther Than
Half the Distance around the Globe;

It’s Probably why i laud What Mr.

Musk Has Actually Done in Life, With No Reservation, Restraint, or Hesitation…

He’s Overcome Struggles And Become All He Can and Will Be With All His Flaws

And Failures In Tow; As A Child Not Speaking Until Age 4, i Do Recognize

His Achievements; And i Am Happy For Everyone’s Achievements in Life…

And i Realize What It Also Takes to Graduate With 3 College Degrees and Gain
Financial Independence By Age 47, Writing A 9.2 MiLLioN World Long
Form Poem As Well as Dancing 14,844 Miles of Public Dancing in 92 Months;

And It’s true, i Have Over 2,000 Selfie Photos With the Loveliest Young Women
In My Metro Area, Whose Ecstatic Smiles of Joy Make It All Worth Doing too; And True

Millions of Folks Around the

Globe Have Read What i Write…

Responses i Find Everywhere

Else, Yet Here, Are Basically

That Others Find It Amazing;

And True, Links And Quotes

to Prove it too; For Any Naysayers;

Yet, You’ll Never Know As You Don’t

Read Short Lines in Center Justification;

Others Will; I’ll Be Damned, We Are Not all the Same;

Yes, i understand

Not Everyone

Is The Same;

i Surely Don’t

Mind if You Don’t Read What i Write;

Am i worried About It; Not in the least;

In Fact, You’ve Inspired These Words;

Over 50,500 Views In A Thread of

Only me, Suggests That You Might

Just be in a ‘Verbal Minority’, Even Here, hehe;

One Cannot Bring a Mountain Down When It Is A Valley;

i Don’t Expect You to Understand that Last Line either with Smiles;

Some will…

And That’s

Great too..:)

Welcome Everyone
To You Is Adorable ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡

Happy Birthday
To Your Little
Niece You
Will Have
A Child one
Day So Sweet ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™

๐ŸšชDoors Give me
A Word And A Story
Will come knocking๐Ÿšช
At Its Leisure As
A River Streams
By FLoWinG



To Reflect


Molding Shores

Ocean Whole Now

In The Rain ‘Riders

On The Storm’ Radar

Orange to Red Lit Up

Sailing Through A

Thunder Head




You A Smiling

Work Week to Feel
60 Degrees And Sunny Soon

Woke Up With This Thought
Now Regarding the Ending
Beginning of Your Poem Rue

Skipping Lust Hopscotching Over
Warm Fuzzies Sailing Beyond Stars
TaKinG Folks Straight to Soul oF

HEaVeN iN Dance Song

‘Riders In The Storm’
Seeds Carrying Hope
From Other Countries
In Hurricanes Free to Breeze

Every Door
A Room
To Thanks








Treasuring Moon
Reflecting Sun


Yes, Other

Animals Still

Are Above And

Beyond Human

Animals Surely

Deserving of



Thanks And

Worshipping By Feeding Them

Food No Different than [(God(s)]

Turning Into Bread And Wine As

Such And Eating Them At Least iT Ain’t
Zombie Death-Cult Activity All Pagan As Such…

Other Than That There Are Many Feelings, Sensings, And
Other Reasons of Subsistence And Religion In This Way of Doing It…

Surely Ripe For Million Dollar Expenditures in
Study Yes Feeding The Birds/Squirrels, Etc… i Do…

Yeah, Even Living in the United States It’s Very
Scary When A Blogging Friend From India
Goes Missing From Online Wondering

If they Will Come Back And Yes
in my Case Receiving Bad News
That they Won’t Be Coming Back

Except in Terms of Warmth They Have
Already Brought to FRiEnDSHiP LiFE True
That Always CarrieS oN as This Is How We Live

Forever in the Souls

of Folks Who Have

Felt Our Kindness in Life

That In Turn We Give And Share
Caring Freely With Others With Least Harm

Smiles Shreya i Am Sad in Feelings to Hear

About All Your Losses From the Nepal Part of

South Asia Too and i’m Sure You Have Friends

From India too And Likely Other Impacted Countries too…

The More We Love The More We Stand to Lose Yet the More

We Still Have the Potential to Give Share And Care Freely As Long

As We Do Not Let the Love Given And Shared Freely in Caring Spirit
HeART And SoUL Go Away From Within Our EYes of LoVE NoW…

Best Prayers

And Wishes that

You Stay Healthy And

Well Dear FRiEnD Shreya

As Love May Still Ride This

Way Staying Atop Balancing this

Newest Rage On Stormy Night Waves

You’ve Been Gone about the Same Period

of Days my FRiEnD And Her Mother Who Didn’t

Make it Back to Word Press Glad to See You Back Still Here..:)

Indeed Dear
All Our Faith
Our Love


Be Continuing
By Nature of God All
Within This Breath For




NiGHT STill Day


Reflecting Sun๐Ÿ™

SMiLes Savvy i Just Left A Party in New York
Where Someone Suggested Vodka

Instead of



Into Lemonade

i Suggested A Trip

To the Beach Out of

The Big City To Become

Waves Shore And Seagull
Wings Spiraling Sun Ocean

Whole Every Rain Drop of Life

To Rain Sunshine More Oh How

Much Ability We Do Have to Change

All Our Weathers And Seasons Within Now

Location Location

Give me

Three Feet
And A FLoWinG

Dance And i Am

The Beach Spiraling Bliss

Actually i Shortened All of this

To Margaritaville Without A Drink

Not Sure if A Metaphor Will Get Through Or Not

Just Another Tree oF Light With Varying Roots to Spread..:)

SMiLes Vrunda All Emotions

Serve A Purpose


Out Of Every

Door Comes New Air


It’s Up


Us to Create

The Dance And

Song For Whatever

Room of Feelings We Enter Next

Write A New Better Story Always

If We Can And Will And Act it to Change in

Course Of Sails And Anchors That Otherwise



Us Back

Life is Change

Best We Accommodate We
Innovate And Become New And Improved

As Tears may Be A Greatest Gift to Bloom Butterfly Wings…

Other Than That So Much Out Of Our Control Indeed as

Nature is So Much Bigger Than Our Part With Butterfly Wings…:)

Hehe Why
Settle For

Or Vodka

On A Beach In


Yeah i Know
Sigh Nomad


To Go


Do Definitely
Matter Humans




To Survive



In Water

Hell or Whatever
A Location may



Anyway The
Frogs Do Fine
Here except For
Dangers of



Guzzling Dinojuice๐Ÿ‹ ๐Ÿฆ–

SMiLes As Much As i Love Science

No Different Than ‘Little Sheldon’ In

Science Class With His Hand Raised

Even to Correct The Teacher Hehe; Science

Is Only As Good as The Tools Science Has to Measure

Objective Reality; Barely Touching All the Ingredients of the

Recipe That Create Our Even Basic Realities That is the Conscious

Reality We ‘See’ Now; So True There was a Point in Time That Science

Didn’t Measure the Fact

That We Will Visualize


With Measure

of Empirical Growth in Strength

Indeed Mind Over Matter As our Conscious

Relative Free Will in Imagination Will Bring Fruition

in Empirical Measures of Strength And Of Course Science

Is Shedding Diapers too in the Realization That Words Are

Not A CuRE-All for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Either As

Feelings Precipitate Almost All Human Actions after the

Feelings In What We Determine Are the Reasons

Secondarily To the Feelings that Do Precipitate

Our Actions Deep Within Subconscious
Mind True All Is Not Measurable

Science Has the Same

Basic Tool the


Method For Many

Centuries Now There is Still

More to Learn As It is Likely We Will

Never Catch Up With Even What Our UniVerse

Within Is Capable of in Potential as there is no

Reliable Scientific Method to Even Measure Original Creativity

Hehe Yeah

Try to


my Soul Just

No Tool to Do it With SMiLes

And By Soul i Do Mean All Natural And

Organic the Integral All Part of Who i am

LIke the Rest of Us With The Rest of Reality Now

As Neuroscience Now Suggests We Hallucinate Our

Realities As We Go Based on the Hallucinations We

Create Before; Indeed, What’s Up Doc So Many More
Rabbit ‘Wholes’ to Explore Yet what We May Do Is

Take Photos Along the Way And Other

Measurements of what

Was Never


By Science

Possible Before

And Perhaps Never ever
Measured by The Rather

Antiquated, yet Still Effective Tool of the Scientific Method…

And NO, You Don’t Always Have to Have Any Titles or Degrees to Do it either..:)

The Republican Party Currently Represents 25 Percent

Of The Population; Their Lingering by A Thread Success, Dependent on

GerryMandering And Limiting The Ability of Less Socio-Economic
Advantaged Folks to Vote; Yet They Better Remember too Who the

Core of Their

Electorate Is

too by this General

More Disadvantaged

Socio-Economic Demographic;

Meanwhile, A Recent Gallup Poll Shows For The
First Time Ever, Church Participation, A Major Aspect
Of Where Republicans Gain Support is Below 50 Percent;

Yes, 47 Percent in 2020, Versus 70 Percent, Just 20 Years ago; Of Course,

Younger Generations are Leading the Change And Within About 5 Years,

The Republican Party Will Be Moving Out of Reach, No Matter What they Do to Get Elected;

So Sure, Folks Are Hanging on To Their Power No Matter What Lies They Try to Make Truth;

It’s Their Last

Hurray And

History Written

By Younger Generations

Will Not Hide The Depth of Shame

They Live in At The Top of the Bottom

of Human Lies And Failure of even being Human at all;

Soon Enough, ‘The Rats Will Be Jumping Ship’, No Different than
The Others Who Have Already Left With Any Level of Self Respect With Integrity And Honor…

The Congregation Will Wither, No Different Than Church Attendance Falling off a Cliff…

Nah, There Won’t Be A

Need For Any




Pigs or Cliffs as Such;

Not Even Changing Sheep into Goats And Burning Them Forever

By Direction, According to Matthew As Even one of the Insurrectionists

Recently Admitted His Insurrection Out of

‘The Congregation’ As He Said He Vaulted

Trump Over Jesus, No Different than The

Priest in the Catholic Church i Visit Who Said God Says in Effect Vote Trump…

True, they Pushed Jesus off the Cliff; Yet Love Will Be Resurrected by Anyone

Without A Name… Hint:

Essence Of Truth iN LiGHT; Nope,

Not Empty SHells on Hell’s Beach…

It Is So Frigging Disgusting to See

How Weak A Spine of Honor Will Stoop…

Obviously, it was Never A Backbone to begin with….

Actually ‘Real Men’

Have Enough Honor

And Integrity to Stand Up

For Truth And Women too;

In this Way Liz Cheney

Is The Only


in The

Republican House

And the Woman Replacing

Her Is Considered Less Republican Conservative than Liz;

Of Course You Are Towing the Line of Trump’s “Cult of
Personality” Here; No Different than ‘Party Lines’ of the ‘Church’…

Who Don’t Have Enough Common Sense to Understand Homosexuality

Is No Less Part of Humanity Than Any Other Part of Nature As God’s Face For Real…

Yet We

Are Getting

Into Metaphors

Here; God Forbid

Life isn’t Literally A Lie

As Trump Supports The
Sanctity of Breathing Truth…

And Those Who Support ‘The Cult of Personality’ As ‘The Audience Applauds’

Only For Show Though to Retain Power With Their Tails Between Their Legs; It’s Truly Disgusting…

Human Warmth More
Materially Reductionist
Speaking Akshita The Love

Neurohormone Oxytocin
We Are Wired At
Birth To Bond
By Mammalian

Human Mother’s Touch
Is A Garden We Are Nourished

In Life In All Ways

Human Touch


Powerful Making
Us So Much More
Resilient to Every
Human Anxiety

And Fear

As Oxytocin

And Love Shares
In All Ways Warmth of

Touch is Literally A
Greatest Preventive

Human Natural

Remedy For All

Human Stresses

That Are Indeed

The Origin of

Much Human Disorder
Many People Have Become
More Wired Like Cold Machines
They Use As Science Shows




Muscles For
Warmth Indeed
Yet It’s True What
We Can and Will Master

Is Love Yes Warmth Now
We Give And Share Freely
Caring With No Expect of


Shows As
We Master
This Art One
Altruistic Act of
Kindness Will Transform
The Giver Happier Warmer
For Months Even The Rest



Life When

Love Becomes

A Practice of Warming
Life in Greater Ease Yet
As You See Our Modern Life



To No
Time To
Truly Breathe
This Way And
Yes it’s More Than
Just Platitudes Yes It

Is A Human Organic
Biological Deficit of

Mammalian Love
This Is Why Humans
Have “Service Animals”

The Other

Furry Mammals

Still Feel And

That Kills
Anxiety And
Fear Sadly What
Humans are Becoming

Increasing Deficient

In Transforming Into

Machine More


Human Yes
Tools We Use

Nature In Us
Outside Us Will
Never Be Fooled in What

Is True


Of Warmth
As Cold As
We May Be
Spit out As
Love If We Don’t
Put Love And People
First Our Very Essence
In Meaning And Purpose

As Social Animal




Yes Together

Warm And Truly Alive๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

Have You Ever Heard Someone

Ask What The Meaning


Of Life is If
They Don’t Say
Love Obviously

They Are



Paradise of
Love We Feel
Within When

We Fulfill
Who We Even
Are As Dog’s Are
Being Hired As



Of Love


Replaced For
What Ordinarily
They Are Best

On EartH
Yet Only


In Balance

Not Transformed
Into Cold Tools We Become๐Ÿ˜Š

Sadly I’ve Heard Many Men
Say Feelings Are Mush And
Worthless in Life

A Big

Of Why
Life Insurance
Is Higher For Males
And Dudes Die Earlier
From Heart Attacks

Yes Love



The Heart

Muscle Stronger
And Lives Flourish Longer๐Ÿ˜Š

It’s Funny i came
Across A Meme
In Walmart
The Same
Monkey’s For



By Our


Party of Sin

In The




Honorable With
Truth Gets You


Lies Become
Truth A Country

Is Definitely


Monkey’s For Banana’s

As Metaphor Only As

Bananas Are Wonderful
Fruits And Monkeys
Have Enough



To Do
The Greatest
Human Sin Killing
Balance God’s
Breath God’s



Of All As Nature

Monkeys Leave

Bananas Still

For me to Eat

When The



All Human
Bananas Rot ๐ŸŒ

SMiles Rue What i
Am Relating Here
Not Contrary to
Experience As
A Better Teacher
Is in Terms of Love
Without the
Warmth Yes
The Feeling
No Matter What




Come From
And Yes
It’s Irrefutable
Science Shows



Are What
Precipitate Action Now

No Matter How
Many Times

Folks Say
Be Kind Those

Cold Within
May Talk Yet
More Rarely Dance


Of Kindness

Easy To See Yes
In A World Where
Humans are




Tools” They
Create Where

The Idea in The
First Place Was

More Space

To Rise Warm
Not Tools to Fall Cold

Yet Of Course This

Coming From An

Empath hehe

Go Figure
Why A Cold
Priest Would

Love is

Feeling Or
Emotion With
Monotone Voice

With No Life
And No


To Reach

Him Either

For The Place
Of Truest Human



Exists Yes
There Are
No Bullet
Lists For


The Fire

Real Most
Happen Next

The Human Touch
Love The Warmth


Human EartH๐ŸŒ❤️

Is THere Above And
Beyond in Spirit


Live On Earth

As Cold or Warm
Grains Of Sand Now๐Ÿ˜Š

SMiles Samreen
i Remember Still
How Astha Spoke of
How Much Comfort
She Received
After Stress
From Work
Laying Her
Head In Her
Mother’s Lap So
Glad the Young Woman
Found Love in Her Last
Few Months

Of Life
As Tragically

Her Last Poem
About Her Love


To Be


SMiles my FRiEnD
Kind People Never



Only True
Gold Melding
To Spread Their
SPiRiT SoUL Breath๐Ÿ™

A Valuable Lesson
my FRiEnD Astha
Teaches me Now
Is Kind People


Really Die And
Friendship Will
Be Thicker Than Blood

As Feelings Don’t Lie
It’s Amazing How A
Kind Friend You’ve Only

Known For A Few Months
Will Teach This Yet in All

My Life

The First
Time i Ever
Lost A Kind
FRiEnD To Death

Really Such A Valuable
Lesson To Treasure


More Than

Gold my FRiEnD

Love to You Hellooove
To All You Love Dear


With Happiness
Flowering And

Joy Blooming
Coloring Life Love ❤️

So Many Advantages of
Living in A Rich Country
Vaccinations Have Decreased
The Spread of Covid-19 to
The Point That The Gym is
Opened Back up During The
Week For Retired Folks from
The Government to Use

Home Gym is Okay
Yet it’s not A Million Dollars
Worth of Equipment Exercising
All Body Parts to the Max it
Really Helps Makes one Feel
Invincible from Head
To Toe So Young
And Vital

At My
Advanced Age

Hehe Honestly
Like Magic of Course
There’s No Free Ride
Working Out Like An
Olympic Athlete Even
When You Never Compete

You Just Want To See What
You can Do With Every Human

(When Money is
No Part of it Either)

Potential Yes
This is me Time
For me Hehe Now
That i Get to Go to
The Gym 3 Times A
Week i Can Pursue

That Again to the Max

It’s Sad India Produces
So Many Vaccinations Yet
The Country is Not Rich
Enough To Get The Vaccination
Out to 1.4 Trillion People i
Just Heard my Friend’s
Mother Passed Away too
From Covid-19 She Said
She Used To Lay in Her
Mother’s Lap For Comfort

It’s All So Tragic i Am so
Happy You Are in Canada
Where All Human Rights
Are Even More Respected

Than Here only if
It Wasn’t So Cold
With SMiles Still
Remembering How
Beautiful my Sister
Told me Toronto is in
The Summer so Clean

And Well Taken Care
Of Like The UAE too

Prayers For All Your
Family And Friends
In India Dear FRiEnD

In my
Sliver of
Back to
Balance Now

Treasuring Moon Reflecting Sun


SMiles, Thank You, As Far As i’m Concerned

All Women Are Beautiful, except for my

Wife, Who Is The Most Beautiful

Still Not Aging Since Age 19, Now

Appreciably, at 51; As i Approach

61, on 6.6.21, Stronger By Measure

Than i’ve Ever Been in my Life Still
Leg Pressing Up to 1520 American

Pounds, Stronger Than Any Military Dude at

my Military Gym On That Machine; True in ‘Real Life’

i’m Called Beast, Not Beauty at the Gym And Yes

More Appreciably too Angel With Wings

When My Soul

Speaks Poetry

to Women Friends At Least With SMiLes…

As Far as my Style Goes, it Was Hard for my Wife
to Believe i Do It On my Own Without A Software
Program to Do It For me in Shapes; True, No Machine

Will Ever

Replicate my

Soul Neither IN Essence

Or Form As There is No

Systemizing Original Creativity Ever Now…

It Births Like Stars, Science Doesn’t Create Stars;

It Only Measures Them After They Exist And Hehe,

Systemizing Folks Tend to Have Great Difficulty Understanding Art

As Art Comes From a Different Part of Mind And Actually Systemizing

As Science Ironically Shows Will Wither Social Empathic Intelligences And Art

Potential Away

In Original


at Least, Yes too

As There Is Paint By

NuMBeRS Folks Do

Counting Syllables

By Science of Structure

In Poetry Far Away From Original

Creativity of Free Verse Poetry FLoWinG too…

i Don’t Always Go to Places That Bring Automatic

Rave Reviews; This Way i Never Fall to A Victim Mentality

As i Keep




And Very Very

Thick And Resilient too…

It Doesn’t Take Long to
Get Back to FLoWeRS Online

too; As It’s All The Speed oF LiGHT

All Around A Globe Now Through this

Fiber Optic Cable, All 242 Pounds Of me,
Beyond Distance, Space, Time, or Matter; Yes

That too, The Size of the Dance and SonG oF mY soUL…


A Nice
Night And Day..:)

No, It’s No Paradox.

Other Folks Have the Intelligence
To Understand Each And Every
Word I Speak; It is You who
Have Not Developed the
Kind of Artistic


That Is Required

To Understand Deeper

Parts of Human Experience;

(You Are No Victim Here)

There is Still Time if You

Wish to Try; If Not That

Is Your Choice too; And

Obviously it’s Just

Not Everyone’s

Cup of Tea;

Yet Do Not
Blame Me For
What You Do
Not Have Context
To Understand Now

As if i Am Lacking Intelligence;


If You


What i
Do, When
i Don’t Understand;
i Figure it Out And Evolve,

Like Any Living Tree Reaching Light…

Hehe, i Say
Lots more

With No Words

At All; Yet The Dance
Floor Is Not Big Enough HeaR…

i Haven’t Found Anyone To Make
me Uncomfortable With Words; There
Are No ‘Sticks And Stones’ With Words
As Tupac Suggests in His Quote As Well…

It’s A Big World; i Suggest No Fear of Words
Folks Bring, You May Not Understand; Other than That

i am Here To Write Philosophy; This Is Just A Hobby

And Occasionally

i Write Long

‘Koans’, Just For Fun too;
If there is Anything You
Wanna Learn in Life, the
Google Search Engine
Is An Excellent Resource too…

Meanwhile, There is A Potential

War to Come in Israel And Palestine; Let’s Get Back on Topic, if You Will…

You Be You; And i’ll Be me; One Thing You Will Be Sure of Is, i Will Do As i Will..:)

Thanks Dear Xenia
All Vaccinated Healthy
And Well Same Prayers
For You And All You


SMiles Samreen So Glad Your
Family Recovered From Covid-19
i was Concerned About You
When Your Friend Saba
Notified me From my
Indian Blogger Friend
Astha’s Blog That She
Succumbed to Covid-19…
Saba Told me Your Family
Was Back And Safe Yes Very
Relieved i Was As Astha Was
An Angel On Earth Yes Showing
Everyone on Her Blog Kindness
And Love Like You Do Not Sure
if You Knew Her Yet if You Did Sure
You Would Agree Very Sad Indeed
my Family is Fully Vaccinated
Fortunate We Are Will

Continue to Keep India
And Your Relatives There
In my Prayers that They
Stay Self And Well Thank

You Dear Samreen Treasured
Friend You are With SMiles๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Š

SMiLes Dear Rue Considering You Are Millennial And Research
Shows 22 Percent Have No Friends And My Goodness 27 Percent
Have Not Even Any Acquaintances You Are Surely In Good Company

Of Having

To Whittle

Your Number

of Friends Down

To Meet Demand Haha

Hey You Said You Weren’t
Popular With SMiLes Yet True in

Science The ‘Dunbar’ Number as studied
Is 5 For Close Friends That One may Spend
40 Percent of Available Social Time With About
10 For the Other 20 Percent of Time Available

And Science Suggests in Group Settings Interactions

Social Comfortable are Limited to About 150 in Ancestral

Village Size of Max For Balance too As My Goodness 5,000

Friends on Facebook And 10 MiLLioN Folks in a City is Just Way too

Much Even When i Went to the Dance Hall And Literally Gained

Thousands Upon Thousands of Acquaintances As So-Called Public

Dance Legend for 6 Years of Doing That Every Where and Particularly

in the Largest Metro Dance Hall Before Covid-19 Yes i Do Have a Stellar Memory

And Am Extremely Extroverted Yet Out of Over 2000 Selfie Photos i took

With These Folks Not Always in the Best Lighting Conditions
i Felt A Bit Sad When Folks Came Back Around And Said

Do You Remember me Back

‘There And When’

Yet True i Interacted Regularly
With Over 100 Folks A Day Managing
And Working At A Military Bowling Center
For Close to Two Decades And My God More

People Than i Can Possibly Count online on Fingers

And Toes i Bet i’ve Interacted With Numbers Reaching Over

Several Hundred Thousand if Not More Through Life And That Doesn’t

Count the Vicarious Ones We Meet On TV And the Such Life Long too

And My Goodness All the Science And Arts We Are Exposed too online

Now too Where Does the Time Go For me at least 130 Words or so

Typing in Focus A Minute And Reading 20 times Faster than the Average

Human Being Does Create What my Wife Says As Far As Categories

Of Humans Go

And Do


Do Yes She

Says You Are

Something Alright

Something But i’m Not Sure What
Haha i’m Sure Many More Folks Feel
The Same Way And Are Nice Enough Not to Tell me…

It is what it is

We aRe aLL

Alike And Different in
Someways i rather Enjoy
The Number 6 of Course
As That Refers Again to my Birth Date of 6.6.60

Wonder How Many FRiEnDS A Devil Might Really Make in Life…

i have one Friend who only is in contact with me A Month or So Between

Each Contact Yet She Says knowing i am Her Friend Makes Her Happy on Her Lonely

Days Yet When She Is Lonely She Doesn’t Connect It’s Not always A Verbal Relationship i guess…

i don’t


Out of Giving

i Feel Very Blessed

This Way As There Were

Surely 66 Months Where There

Was No Feeling to Drive the Give Yet i Persevered in Pain and
Numb and Did Just Because That’s What my Mama Taught me to Do…
And Sure it Was Something to Keep my Mind Busy With ‘The Suicide Disease’ too…

i Don’t Judge

People For

How They Treat
me Seen too many
Dark Places in Hell to Do that…

When i Was Working Behind A
Computer At Work For Five Years
in 4 Job Changes At the End of my
Career A Computer Screen Was Just

About IT And All i had Left After Stress to
Interact With At All i had to Dream That Katrina
Even Existed in the Home She Shared with me
Always There And It’s True i Almost Will Guarantee

That is A Similar Reason Why So Many Millennial’s

Are Friendless Or Without Acquaintances Eyes Without

A Face Got No Human Race All That’s Left Avatar And Machine…

In Those 66 Months i Found A Way to put my Words in Soul if not for

the Pain and Numb And 66 Months it’s Highly unlikely i would Have ever

Written a word online as i was the Person Who Went in the Next Room instead

of writing

The E-mail
At Work i couldn’t
Imagine why folks

Wanted to Interact With
Machines When Flesh and
Blood is So Warmly Connecting

Come to Find Out Not All Have That Warmth…

Not Likely i would have ever figured it out unless
i lost my Sauna With SMiLes.. Hehe This Is Just A
Crutch that Once Saved my Life And Turns into a Life LONG Hobby..

As Really

Words Do

Really Become Flesh

This Way Some Folks like

my FRiEnD Astha have (had) the Ability
to Bring them to Life More Than Life itself in some cases..
Beyond Distance, Space, Time, or Matter A Place With
No Sun or Moons Beyond All Labels Where Angel Wings Touch…




Prophecy in that

Old Bible Come True Now…
For Those Who Don’t Mind Change..

Like Soul Transforming in Words Dancing
Singing Alive As SPiRiT Rings HeART Speed oF Light in Fiber Optic Cables…

True The Old Numbers Don’t Apply to This Place With No Sun or Moon As

Whether i am

Alive or not

i Exist No Different
Here Now as Soul Breath
Again Beyond Distance,
Space, Time, And Matter

How Ancestors Would Call this Witchcraft indeed hehe
Or Monkey Business Gone Bananas Perhaps too in Style

Just in Case

‘God’ Doesn’t Come back…
Reference A Song by The ‘Fall-Out Boys’..;)

Treasuring Moon Reflecting Sun Now For Real





Great That You
Are Vaccinated
Safe And Free!

As DarK
BeCoMES LiGHT too..

Dance Comes

Suddenly i Realized What
i Am CHaSinG Is Not What
i Dreamed i Am Chasing at All…

SMiLes True Dear

FRiEnD Sohair


No Longer

Divides Within

When Mutually Caring

Giving Sharing NoW

True Feelings iN LiGHT..:)

SMiLes Soni ReAlly Branching
Out in Arts Keep GRoWinG
Your Art Tree


Hehe Yes

My Leaves

Are Spreading

Almost Faster

Than i Will Catch
Them With SMiLes

Never A Dry Spell
Only A Tsunami



Every WHeRE

i Land NoW HAha..:)

SMiLes Never Dismiss
Lessons of Life Now

No Matter

Who Brings

’em DarK Thru

LiGHT if Ya



To An End

oF A Tunnel With Most LiGHT
Life is Pretty Amazing When
Whole Soul Becomes Target Audience..:)

From India The World Is Too Small oF A Place
Now to be Ignorant When it Comes to Pandemics….

Natural Selection Baby It Happens Some Days there
is No Choice Yet to Live And Let Die And Hope Rationality

(Guns or
Roses it






’em From

A Religion oF iGnorance
Or Ignorance of Science
It’s Come to the Point Now
There is Not Much Difference
Oh Lord Add Politics in the Mix
With The Religion of Ignorance

True A Rampage Dancing Spree Only Safe ‘Postal Solution’
Thank You For ALLoWinG This Drive Through Drive By Hehe…

Other Than That Born With Hardly Room To Breathe Out of
my Nose So Glad to Shed A Mask Totally Protected Vaccinated Now

Yeah It’s true my Nike Apple Watch Always Reminding me to Breathe i’m like

i know

i know

i know

Get off my Case…:)

My my Thought This Was Gonna
Be About Orange Skinny Jeans

Very Tight Indeed Zoe

And It Ended Up

Disney World

Instead How In the

World Did You Dream

What Happened to me Hehe

It’s Not Funny Truly A Tragic

Comedy This Will Be in Vegetable

Gardens of Love Bunnies Munching Carrots…

Other than That my Wife Planted A Vegetable

Garden In A Flower

Garden Lined



Railroad Ties

In Our Back Yard

So Sad Grow the

Vegetables With No Eden Treat..:)

HAha Publishing A 65,607 Word Free
Verse EPiC Long Form Poem And the
Word Press Reader Forgot To Publish

IT So Even i Could Locally

See IT Come Back

Suits IT Right

As Far As



A Wittiest Fool”

SMiles Kally
Love What
We Do Loves๐Ÿ˜Š

Yes Doc Bee
Breathing True ๐Ÿ

SMiLes Dear Rue Love How You Linked So Many
Of Your Poems to The Words Contained in this One

Do Take Care Dear Rue i Worry Lots About my

FRiEnDS in India, Etc, Don’t Wanna Lose Any

More Dear FRiEnDS

True Just

Lost Another

Young Indian FRiEnD
Too And True if You Ever
Go Away to the Spirit World

Your Soul Continues to Breathe
HeaR too my FRiEnD Hehe if You

Don’t Trust Word Press So Much As
They Do Go A Bit Wonky Now And Then

You Could Do Like me too And Fit All Your

Poetry in the Description Areas of Your Profile

(9,000 Words Will Fit in Each Description Area)

Pics on Facebook too Just A Hobby Yet it Works

Celebrating my 4 Year Anniversary of Doing that
This Memorial Day Weekend of “FB Profile Pic Bible
Vol 2021 4 YEaRS-Old” Scanning Over The Photos for
Just This Previous Year There are Approximately 2100
Profile Pics With 16.8 Million Words Total Contained Yes All Photo
Themed With Some Themes Duplicating With 20 Profile
Pics Accounting For About 1.3 MiLLioN Words A Year
Totaling 5.3 MiLLioN Words in 4 Years Now Since
(All The Words Before That Are Already Copied
And Pasted on my Facebook Blog Page too)
Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 Hehe And
On Top of that ‘Back-Up’ Nearly Every Word
of the Whole 9.2 MiLLioN Words (Way Over
100,000 Photos That Come With It too)
Long Form Poem “SonG oF
mY SoUL” is Just A
Copy and

Paste of

Free Verse Poems

Yes Letters Written To Folks

All Around the Globe As ‘They
Say’ Don’t Put All Your ‘Easter
Eggs’ In One Basket Yeah More

Precisely i’m probably the only one
Who Suggests it Exactly This Way too hehe

Plus i Administrate 7 Blogs Total Some
With Copy and Paste of Most of it And
Write on Philosophy Sites the Same

Just Hatching Easter Eggs
Hehe Every Where i Go…

Just Leaves of

Living Tree


me Green Where

i Go And Falling Effortlessly

Brown to Fertilize Souls Green

For Other Living Trees too As Like that

Dude Who Sells Beer on TV Says “It’s

Never Too Early To Beef Up Your Obituary”

With SMiLes Meanwhile Please Get A Vaccination

As Soon as You Can And Will Science Proves They
Work Protecting Us And Others too That i Pray Now too…

i Feel Like You Are One of the Most Interesting People i’ve
Ever Met You Are A Real Keeper Living And Still Living in Art too…

HAha Meanwhile

Just Another



Thirsty my FRiEnD…

Oh Yeah And the Way
i Got Acknowledged By
The General Audience
As Famous And Living

Legend Is Beyond All Religion
Of Words too Just A Non-Verbal
Public Dancing Endeavor For Fun Solo Where

No One Else Dares to Dance in a ‘Foot Loose’
Town of 500 Square Miles Around me in the
Toxic Patriarchy of Trump South USA AHa

What 14,866 Miles of Public Dance Will Do too
Just For Fun Living A Golden Age in Freedom What 92 Months of Public Dancing Does…

Other Folks Are Just too Afraid to Do It Still Not Even one Brave Enough to do it Now

Honestly It’s A Sure Way to Love Your Neighbor All of Them Beyond Religion Now

i Feel Sense

At Least

One Character

In A Story Who

Will Totally Agree With me now…

A Story Is Not Enough A Dance Breathes Now…

Stay Thirsty my FRiEnD Carry A Chalice of Blood With No Walls (Love)

And True Not Unlike ‘The Most Interesting Man In the World’ I too Wore

A Beard That Was Quite Popular Among Some of my Women Friends too

Here i am Ahead in a Race on a Bridge Back in 1983 Yes Senior Year in
College At Age 22 Graduating With 3 Degrees True i Shaved it At age 24
Just to Change my Identity i Will Leave You HeaR Now To Avoid A ‘Fredache’ for You



Hehe Yes
That Was

Not Only 38 Years

Ago 70 Pounds ago too..;)

HoW A SMiLE Savvy Colors
A World With Warmth

How Happy i am

To Be Able

To Go Out

In the World Now

And Not Only Color
It Masked in Dance

Yet With SMiLes For All too
How Lovely Yet Ironically
Strange too Now it Feels to
Wear A Naked Smile Again…

Yet It’s True Hehe Been Practicing
At Home Unmasked With my Wife
And A Bit too Online in Pics With SMiLes…

i Surely Pray The People in India Come Blessed
With Vaccinations Soon And Enjoy Life in Smiles With Less Fear too..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed Life Is

Full of Ironies Happy i Am The News
In the United States is We Who Are

Fortunate to Be Fully Vaccinated no
Longer Have to Wear Masks Which

Is Great For Us Who Believe In Science
And Do Not Fall to All the Conspiracy Theories
About Science And Truth in Light in General too…

Now i am Free to SMile And Breathe Free And
Sadly The Folks Who Don’t Believe in Vaccinations
Mostly Don’t Believe in Wearing Masks Either Losing

Young Friends to the Pandemic And Sadly Hearing Young
Folks Struggle With Long Haul Symptoms Up Close and
Personal How


Are We
With The Ability
to Gain Vaccinations
to Keep Our Loved Ones
Safe How Sad It is though
When Other Loved Ones May

Fall to A Worst Pandemic Now of
All Irony That Ignorance Harms
Maims and Kills too Not Only

Us Yet the Rest of Nature too
Most We Will Do Is Set a Good
Example Live And Breathe Love Now For All
One Living Tree We Will Count on Breathing Free Leaves Now..
About 27 Percent of my Community Are Fully Vaccinated And
There is No Waiting in Lines For the Rest to Save Harm And



Their Own Roots..:)

SMiLes Dear Summerhilllane i Remember
The Rest of Your Blue Honda Civic Coupe too

Cross Roads True

In the United States

Dropping Masks Safely

Vaccinated it’s Good

To Put Part of

That Way

Side Challenge

of Train Station Away

Choo Choo Wonderful

Art my FRiEnD Curves

in the Roads of Life We Do

Creating New Paths CoLoRinG SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Vrunda

Create The Reality

Show You Love

to Star in Most

True For Now
Soothing to Watch TV too…

Give My Wife A TV And She
Is Happy And Complete Enough now

Not me Zoom Zoom Zoom Screen or Not..:)

OMG Rue Is There Any Thing You
Do That Is Not Amazing All This
Fine Cuisine i’ve Looked

Over And

Now Even

Without Eating

i’m too Full To Eat Lunch Hehe…
Other than that Just Publishing
Another 65,607 Word Blog Post
Resisting the Urge to Tsunami

Your Blog With All You (Too Much)
Can Eat Buffets of Words Hehe With SMiLes

Keep Cooking A Way to Soothe Hunger for Sure..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair God
Bless You And All
You Love With
For The 12th
Hehe 2 Days Late
Too With Celebration
๐ŸŒน ๐ŸŽŠ ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ™☺️๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ™

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby 51 is one of
my Favorite Numbers Yet True During the Years
All Numbers Have Become Holy And Sacred to me in Fact All Parts of All That is As This
Way Everything In Existence Becomes A Dance And Song Yes A Poetry Prompt One May

Even Name God
As the Essence
Of Every Breath
Becomes A Worship Of

Love Well Number 51 Is A Number
That Just By Chance With No Causal
Connection is On the Jersey of the Dude
in the ‘Broken Arrow’ Video on YouTube

Where The Dude Based on A True Story
Finds A New Way to High Jump With the
Support of Just One Person Where there is No One Else

True It’s His Daughter A Blood Relation one Would Normally
Expect This Kind of Support Blood Deep As Such Anyway Back
to the Number 51 the Number of Days my Son Ryan Lived in Only
Pain You See Born on the Autism Spectrum my Savant Skill is no Time

Days i’ve Past
Experienced Still

i Have Power in Focus

To Bring IT Back No Different

Than This Movie This Reality i Exist now

In Full Color of All Senses And Emotions too

Movie Maker Memory With Soundtrack Fully Stereo Indeed…

Anyway i Remember “TSunami of LOVE” Back on July 18th, of 2015
one of the Longest Blog Posts then at 14,333 Words as You And Bryan the Founder
of the dVerse are the only ones then Who Truly Fully Supported my Long Form Poem
Free Verse Writing Efforts on that Poetry Pub Online Site As my Goodness Try to Do

Something New Particularly Bigger than Usual in the Modern Twitter World And The Current
Tradition Will Try to Shame You Away As Really That’s What Tradition Does Exclude Folks Who
Aren’t Part of the Tradition NoW As of Course Traditions Are Bonds and Binds Really Religion in
All of What Culture Does to Keep Folks Together on the Same Choir Sheet For Basic


And Rule Making

too to keep Unusually

Large Numbers of Humans

Working Together in Synch Still Now too

Although Technology Provides Assistance

Where one Will Branch Out And Stay Alive

in all the Ways The Modern Tools of Culture Do Allow

too So true even if Most Everyone Says Get the Hell Out of

Here Hurray

You Can/WiLL

Create New/NoW

Cave Art Outside

Of the Cave And Still Survive
God Yes Even Thrive of Course

We Must Flow in Autotelic Ways of
Creativity to Generate This Heaven Within Now

And Art is A Ticket to Paradise WiTHiN NoW EternAlly So
too as even Science Shows Now Too With SMiLes Anyway True

Being A Carrier Pigeon of Art As Such it’s Nice to Be Fed Crumbs
As Kind Folks Come And Go With Crusts of Bread this way So Even

Finding My

Way to Stay

in Heaven all

Alone then Allone as

Such MaKinG all of Life

A Poetry Prompt of God to Breathe

A Little Help From FRiEnDS iS Always
Appreciated for even Broken Arrows Who
Have Mended Themselves on This Journey of Souls

SMiLES Dear Shawna Baby the reception For Public
Dance Was Filled At First With Folks Trying To Shame

Me Out of their Tradition of Public Walking Instead of Public Dancing too

Hehe… my Son Didn’t Stop Breathing Even Though He Had to Do it With assistance

With Closed Up Congenital Sinus Cavities As Such True When They Did A Cat Scan
on my Sinuses The Doctor Said My Goodness How Do You Breathe So Deviated in
Septum Way Well of Course Through my Mouth Works And There is a Bit of Space

Left to Breathe through my Nose too…

It’s Probably why i don’t Get Tired

Public Dancing in Marathons of

All Day Dance Resistance

The Struggles of Life



Amazing Effects

That Bring Forth Amazing

Human Potential That Only

Folks Who Struggle Most May Come to Be/See…

My Body Makes Use of the Oxygen it gets Extremely
Well and True These Masks Have Made it that Much
More of A Struggle Yet i didn’t give up And the Dance
Tally Moves to 14,866 Miles in Public NoW in 92 Months

And i Didn’t Give Up on the Words Either Hehe as Now Every
Two Weeks i Write Approximately a 60,000 Word Free Verse Novel
Long Form Poem Just Another MacroVerse Subchapter of a 9.2 MiLLioN

Word Long Form Poem Free Verse Longest Long Form Poem Ever in the
History of Humankind “SonG oF mY SoUL” by the Little Autistic Boy Who couldn’t
Speak Until Four Who Folks Also Said was too Weak to Exist still Leg Pressing up
to 1520 Pounds At the Military Gym More Than Dudes in the Military on that Machine

Making 61 Years-old on June 6th Coming Up Stronger Than i’ve Ever been Before More
Focused And Still Evolving As A Soul Loving it All That i Surely Am Not Afraid to Name

God Beyond

All Names

Still Another

Poem Dance And
Song Sacred And Holy
Step And Word to Create Now

Hand-in-Hand Never Separate

Ocean Whole SPiRiT HeART SoUL ETernally Now

Nah Dear Shawna Baby i Never Forget the ones who
Saw me when no one else did And It’s true After About
A Year i was Named Famous and Folk Legend of Public
Dance By the Surrounding General Public Audience and
No One Ever Gives me a Hard Time now as True At Over
240 Pounds Floating Like a Bird on a Feather All Winged

As Such

Ya Don’t

Mess with

A 240 Pound Eagle

Hehe Still With the

Same Bald Spot on the

Crown of my Head i had at 18 Years Old
Just 3 Times Stronger Than At age 21 And 53 too

Now Reaching 61 More Proficient in Free Style Martial
Arts and Ballet Than Ever Before as i Spar With Leaves
Swaying on Trees Only Close Enough For the Wind my Toes in




True Wouldn’t
Be Nice To Strike

Even A Leaf With
That Much Leg Pressing
Strength It is True it is those

Who Do Not Give Up Who Do MoRE

And It is True Love is Still the Most Powerful

Force Worthy Enough FoR A NaMe of Forget me not God too…

i am Not Afraid of Broken Arrows No Matter How Many Try to Shoot me Down.. hehe…

Oh By the Way i Never Knew it Until Recently Yet the Name i Picked for my Child in Old

Irish means

“Little King”

True in this

Case the Son

Saves The Father

For the Smile in Pain

He Never Had i Still Gain

And Share in His Name As Well mY FRiEnD

SiGNaTuRE CoMes BeFoRE A SoN Worth Noting too…

STiLL Doing my SiGNaTuRE Poses too As it’s Worth ReMaRKinG

In all of Nature The Sign of God Is Move And Repose As Waves

Fall and Rise Same Below Small And Above Large My FRiEnD

Amazingly Even Noted As Such in the Gospel of Thomas Same

Place that Says to Find God Remove Our Clothes Dance

On Them With No Shame And Totally Realize

Indeed We aRe Naked Temples of God

As Flesh and Blood

We Continue



Are Innumerable More High

Jumps Coming And


Rope Dances

in Effortless Ease

of New Ways Yes Still Coming Now

Indeed All Existence is NeW TeSTaMeNT NoW…

Yes No Matter How Many Broken Arrows Try to

Suffocate God Naked Wild Loving Within Free..

It’s Rather Amusing The ‘Wrong Planet’ Website

The Place i Escaped to the Last 33 Months
of the 66 Months of the Suicide Disease

To Write Endless Empty Discussions

Colorless About Controversies That

Had no end to basically

Keep my Mind off the

Suicide Disease And the
Other 18 Life Threatening Synergy
of Disorders Has been the Most Oppressive
of Environments of Ironically Folks Bullying me
For Being Different in Style of Social Communication
Actually Philosophizing Through Free Verse Poetry there

Yeah Like Our Ancestors Did in Oral Tradition For Thousands
of Years Before the First Written Word Along With Dance the
Oldest Human Non-Verbal Communication of All Hehe We

Still Do With Our Face

And Now Again

All Vaccinated

And Unmasked Safe

too Gonna Really Zoom the

Dance Now With All the New Air

Flow Fresh through the Limited Spaces

Inside My Nose Shining my White Teeth

For All too See in the Greatest Gift We Have

of SMiLes too the Part my Child Never Got to Do

On the Other Hand i Was Born with a SMile And i’m

Not Gonna Give Up No Matter What the Naysayers and

Haters Do Even when the Christian Kids Spit on me in

School For Being A Boy And Daring to Smile then for

No Other Reason than Being Happy to Breathe

At All in the School Halls and

City Park

too even

if the Backboard

Was my Only Tennis FRiEnD Then…

Anyway Some Folks All Anonymous

With Faceless Avatars Still Try to

Bully me on the Wrong Planet Still

Yet It’s True Hehe You Can Google

It the Day After my 7th Year ANNiVeRSaRY

of “SonG oF mY SoUL” Long Form Poem i Started

A Philosophy Thread there Solo Very Autistically As Such

Hehe And As i Speak Since August 19th Approaching 500,000

Words of Free Verse Philosophy Long Form Poetry Oral Tradition

in Print 51,000 Views Just From the Members There Have Come Haha

When it got to 10,000 Views People Came to it to try to Convince me only

‘Bots’ Were Viewing it and No Warm Blooded Humans Haha Yet the Moderator
Set ’em Straight that Indeed only Members are Part of the Count It’s really not that

i am too Big to
See Hehe

For Some

‘Strange Reason’

(me) Some Folks Don’t

Seem to Want me to Know

Who They Are Who is Looking…

Generally Speaking That’s the way

It is With Public Dance too Katrina

Finds it Hilarious How Everyone Stares

Until Daring to Make Direct Eye contact with me HAha…

As They



Moral oF A SToRY

Same Old Damned Story my FRiEnD….

Yet i Never Fail to Entertain As For GiVinG ETeRNaLLY
Now Is The Thanks Giving Receiving Within (Love) FoR ReaL…

Anyway That Thread is Named “Depth of the Story” With Quotes

Number one Hit on Google And Rising Without Quotes too Just for A Flow of Free Poetry

The Good News is It is Easy to Open And Doesn’t take A ‘Super Computer’ Like my Blog…

And Of Course
A Super Artistic
Soul Like Yours Still
Helps My Twin Flame FRiEnD…

See Ya Around in Heaven Again Sooner Than Soon..:)

Making Waves Not
Unlike A Bird Rippling
Steps in A Pond

Waves We Make
Come And Go

And Hehe
Just Finished
Reading my Latest

Blog Post “BeCoME A
Wittiest FooL” As 65,607
Words Of A Novel Size
Free Verse Poem



A Dance
Step And A
Word Song


Wave in
An Ocean

Online i Send
Away Falling
In The Sunset ๐ŸŒ…
Horizon As ๐ŸŒ„ Sunrise
Brings Focus On A New
Wave ๐ŸŒŠ RiSinG Now


Is Life

For Birds
Water Wave
Ocean Whole

Wings By The
Way Reviewing
Your Latest Selfie
Art Spring On The Green
With Your Hair Sweeping
Across Your Face Yes Most
Adorable Sweet Work of




As You Yet
Anywhere You
Wanna Present
Yourself As Irresistibly
Sweet ThaT☝️One my

Indeed So Sincerely Sweet๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฆ☝️๐Ÿ˜‡

Happy Eid Al Fitr Dear Sohair
And As Tradition Will Have
It Stopping By at 1:24 AM

After Finishing Another 65,607
Word Blog Post Hehe Just about

Ready to Pass Out on the Bed

True it Feels A Bit like A Fast too

Fast to Sleep Soon Enough my FRiEnD With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Thanks For Dropping By Dear Akshita The Title “BeCoME A Wittiest FooL”
Thank Goodness Finally Published Hehe as i’ve Been A Bit Behind This Week
Finishing it on Monday… Yes the Title In Part Comes From When i Attended
A Catholic School in 2nd Grade And Being on the Autism Spectrum At the End

Of the Year Then in ’67 i Was Awarded “Wittiest Kid” in the School Thing is

i Didn’t Know Then If Witty Meant Funny or Smart

And i Wasn’t Sure What i Did All Year

Long That Was Humorous

Yet Apparently


i Amused the
Teachers as it Was A Big
School We Moved From A
Small Town And School And

i Was Like Lost All Year Long
Trying to Find my Way in A Very
Stressful Environment Perhaps i

Moved Funny Anyway i Didn’t Have
Google then to Look Up What it Really

Meant Now There is Google Search So i Don’t
Have to Ask Someone Whenever i Don’t Understand hehe..:)

Breathing LiFE NoW
As Love Through
DarK And LiGHT
To Touch Home

Seasons of

All Love Best
Samreen SMiLes

Every Name

A Dance


Poem Breathing๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

So Many Retired ‘High Brass’ Signing on
To A Seditious Letter in the Name of
A Big Lie; Just More Proof that the

Worst Pandemic




Faced is the

Danger of Human

Group Think; It is Neither

Rational At Core or Safe;

As of Course ‘These Days’

Science Shows This too;

The Only Question Now

Is How The Rest of Nature

Will Accommodate ‘This Pandemic’…

Of Course That Includes Us too; Perhaps a ‘Saving Grace’…

Only Problem is Them Is Us too; Oh What A Conundrum it is…

Anyway, Gonna ‘Party Like It’s 1999’ in 2021 As LonG As Peace Lasts…

FoR Me at least…

This Much

i For one

Will Master Now…

The Rest oF iT is

A Literal CR8P Shoot of

Chaos NoW As ‘They’ Ain’t

Figured Out ‘The Magic’ Yet… (Balance)

Anyway, Gotta Get Going; Got A Novel

Sized Poem to Electronically Freely Publish Titled, “BeCoME A Wittiest Fool”; Yes i Did It

Just A Bi-Weekly Hobby (Special Interest) iN mY Version of ‘MaGiC on EartH’ With Dance…

70 Percent of Republicans

Believe in THE BIG LIE

that the election was

Stolen From Trump;

That’s All Ya Need

to Know These Days

About Grass Root Conservatives

In the Republican Party; THEY BELIEVE



Polling Numbers…

Cheney Refused to Serve
The Trump Kool-Aid, So
She Got the Jim Jones McCarthy
Treatment; Yet Still Gets to Live at Least…

This Is All Unusually ‘Sick’ for Any Politics…

Not A Good Place to Live in at all in Any Country…

Of Course

i For one

Wouldn’t Touch
it With a 39 And A Half
Foot Pole; No Matter What
The Still Unreformed Orange Grinch Says…

Give it About When Trump Puts on An Orange
Prison JumpSuit And the Lies Will Try to Hide; Yet too late baby,

Dirt Sheep’…

“I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election,”
McCarthy, a California Republican, told reporters after a nearly two-hour, bipartisan
meeting with Biden at the White House on Wednesday. “I think that is all over with,
we were sitting here with the president today.”

You Can Start With McCarthy Stating Yesterday, After
Ousting Liz Cheney From Her Leadership Position
For Not Agreeing With ‘The Big Lie’; Changing His

Lie Again of Course Relating Additionally

That The Election Was Legitimately Done

And No One is Questioning That Fact

Day Before Yesterday, 5.12.2021

As Evidence

That the Retired

Brass is Spreading

‘The Big Lie’ As Of Course

McCarthy’s Word is Worth As Much As MaNuRE

Fertilizing Future Lies Again As The Record Shows Clearly…

The Entire Republican Endeavor Is Now Living in an ‘IT’ Street Gutter

As It’s All Literally Become An ‘Evil Clown Show’ on Show For All to See ‘PennyWise’ ‘Orange’ AS Such…

Honestly, Ya Gotta Wonder At This Point, How Long The Rest of Nature Is Gonna Keep Humanity’s ‘Home Lease’ in Tact…


i Had An Option of

‘Owning Godzilla’.

i Turned



What Would God Be If Human
Were Not Around This Art This
Bird Taking Flight With No Picture

So Far Now At Least How
Blessed We Are To Take
A Photo of Art God in Flight

Yet There is A Greater Feeling
Than Taking The Pic i Find

And That Is if We Focus on
One Art For Seven Years
Every Day Just on Solid

Ground We May Suddenly
Sprout Wings And Fly on
Earth to Our Greatest Joy


The Art

Is We

Practice For As
i Finished my Practice
Of Free Dance All Days
For 7 Years Becoming
FRiEnDS With Gravity
Finding my Arms Had
Changed InTo Wings
Giving me a Feeling
Of Center



Dance Flying
On Earth Honestly
It’s So Much More
Awesome Than Walking



As Let’s

Face It Now

Hehe Dancing
Is More Fun Than
Walking And It’s
True in Center
Point Balance
With Nature

Even When
We Are Sitting
Writing Poetry
Our Fingers
Free Style



Of Soul
On Earth Too
Yes it Was also
The Most Awesome
Experience That Happened

After Writing Free Verse

Poetry Every Day For 7 Years

Too So Amazing Most Folks

Dread Reaching 60 Bet

If They Knew They

Could Start Flying

On Solid Ground

With Wings

At That

Age They
Will Look Forward
To Each And Every



Glee And
This Concludes

Another Disney
Movie Ongoing

That is Truly
A Reality Show
That is All Naturally Produced

Like A Surprise Birthday



God Like
Of Mine


my Summer
Birthday In 2015
Nearly 6 Years ago too


Y.O.U. too

And i Swear Hehe
Have Pictures to
Prove it if You
Wanna Be


That’s Fine Too…

After All Is Said
And Done It’s
All Still God in FLiGHT๐Ÿฆ





The Story, All The Characters Are Real

First Time Ever Now Reality Bible Show

Of Course We ARE ALL Writing New

Testaments Playing God NoW ReaL

Just For The ‘Record Book’
If Anyone Ever Asks Why
i Did It i Just Feel Like
Doing Heaven Now For Free

Cause Heaven Feels Great!1!

Yeah It’s True As i Dance And Sing Now i Am Literally Practically
Fulfilling Old Prophecies Real Now New Just Cause i Wanna Do It

Welcome to my Life This Hive i THRiVE iN NoW PracticAlly ALiVE NoW
to Come iN A Place With No Sun or Moon Or Time JusT NoW

True “i Get ‘By’ With A Little Help From my


And Drones/Geeks Creating Online To

Download Pretty Birds Faster Helps Too

Don’t Get me ‘Wrong’ Thank You To All
The Help i’ve Received in the ‘Little Help
From Friends’ i Continue to Receive Now For Free

Why? Just Because i LiVE iN A Free Enough Country

To Do This With No Help From ‘You’

Give It 3 Days And i Promise You
i For One Will See ‘It’ HaPPeN
On May, 18, 2021 HeHe

Ah, Imagine A Day When Human Beings Write Fully Illustrated
9.3 MiLLioN Word Bibles With No Smaller ‘Middlemen’ to Answer to

Incidental Milestone/Featnote Coming “SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem Rises to 9.3M Words in 93 Months on 5.18.2021

FoR Me At Least Yes ‘This’ Keeps ME ETeRNaLLY NoW iN Heavenly
Autotelic Flow Enough Complete It Works FLaWlessLY iNdeed NoW

iN Short And Long i Am Only A Carekeeper Of A Garden Of Love
i Give, Care, Share Free Take The Wisdom How Ever You Will Now

Yeah It’s True A Record Of What i’ve Done Might Touch Someone
Else Yet It’s Also True What i’ve Already Done Achieves A Real Gift

All This Just Tools To Develop And Enjoy my Maximum Human
Potential Giving Sharing Caring Freely With All With Least Harm

True It’s My Present That Stays If i Ever Wanna Go Back And
Enjoy The Past HAha The Present Is Too Awesome to Do That


See These Are Just Personal Milestones And Featnotes The

ReaL Gift

Is The Actual One On One Interactions Now Close to 93 Months

So Many Celebrations To Come “Nether Land Bible” 7 MiLLioN
Words, 5 YearS Old” Next Then “15,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”

Yeah This Is Actually 3 in 1 A Trinity of Bible Poems Subchapter
“Nether Land Bible” RiSinG to 5 Years Of Effort And 6.9M Words

No Need to Update, Revise, And Improve John 14:12 Still Now
Like 2,000 And 40,000 Years Ago Humans Evolve They Don’t

Rot in Pews

And If Anyone Wants to Get All ‘Official Biblical’ With me Yes “John
14:12” Gives Even You Authority To Write A Bible Greater Than me

“FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2021, 4 YearS Old” Just A Subchapter Of
9.2 MiLLioN Word Long Form Poem EPiC Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL”

There Are Series of FB Profile Pics Part of 8,000 Word Stories Yes
Repeating As All 2100 Or So Pics in the Last Year Make ~16.8M Words

Yes God Yes “FB Profile Pic Bible 2021, 4 YearS Old” Now RiSinG to
5.3 MiLLioN Words iN All Profile Pic Description Areas iN 4 Years NoW

Well Actually God Is Everwhere And Is Everwhere Yet It’s True When
Everwhere Connects Everywhere Grows iN Synergy oF LiGHT Now Too

Or Do i Need To Remind Ya Again About A Certain Philosophy That Dances
Sings God Comes Into A Room Now When Two Or More Come Together

Still Most All The Words Inspired By Souls All Around A Globe An Only
Real Way To Do An EPiC Long Form Poem Bible In Real TiME NoW

It’s True Most Folks Post A Story These Days Waiting For Folks
To Read Not me i Travel To A World To Tell My Stories To Folks

So Just What Is A “FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2021
4 YearS Old”

A Collection Of Oral

Tradition Story Telling

iN Print ‘Round A World

The Story, All The Characters Are Real

First Time Ever Now Reality Bible Show

Of Course We ARE ALL Writing New

Testaments Playing God NoW ReaL

We are the bees and God is the Nectar
We are the nectar and God is the Bees
All is the Buzz
When we Fly
To Bee Free..
Free is the Bee
Who Lives as Nectar
iN Buzzing CoLoRS NoW
Seeds Of LiFE
Blooming Are We

So.. THere iS THiS FLoWeR
We CALL creaTion.. THere is this
DancE and SonG WE CAll LiFe NoW..
THeRe is this cycle that Dances oN Now
And there is the seed of never ending now..
There is the breath of all we do.. there are the
Moving pArts of subatomic way.. THere is LiGHT
And DarK And Lover’s pulse.. there are dreams
Of be and never be in night way EYes… THere
Is More and THeRe iS less.. THere is SWiM
And Love to Run.. floating in space HiGher
And Sit sTiLL never CoMinG NoW
Forever noW.. iN LoSinG
Breathe oF AiR
Three letter aLL
LaBELs now strung
FoR All THaT iS..NoW…
FLakes of crystals
Memory shine
Of physicsnow
GRoWN more
Ocean Rivers
Streams never
Ending in God
TUnED oh i oN
NoW oN i NoW
SunG..HiGH.. i
So THere iS ALL THiS
And DReAms of NONe..
Orgasms big bang
LiGHTS iN eYes
oF toes.. iN

PLanETs iN MoTioN PLaY
EasY PeaceY NoW
WHeRe ENErgy’s
oF GraViTY WHoLE..
AnD THeN SoMeonE NoW
SomEwHeRe Says STARt
ANoTHeR Play A PLay
oF DArker WayS NoW
AnD WHere NoW OnCe
MonKeys StaY iN Trees
And Hawks iN sKy.. HUmans
Out Of
PracticE NoW

SMiLes hey as Long as
Your Tears Will Sport
A Joke Like Donna
Summer Dances
And Sings
Survive.. thanks
For Sharing Your
Feelings Ms. Hugs
For SMiLes Always
Feels this
Is the
Best Way
To Fire Love
Up up and
Away to
A Kingdom
Of Heaven Within
To Give And Share
More as the Sun
Of Your
Heart Burns
Bright Even
More For All to Feel

Do Trees Care Whether Or Not We
See Their Leaves Rise And Fall They Grow
Until They Fertilize New Life Essence Remains

Hehe True In “That World” It Will Be Hard To See
WHere i Am Coming From Whole Tree Living Complete

Ha! Material Reducing God To Words As If God
Wears And Becomes Clothes Yes Humans Do

Sadly Western Civilizations And Its God Men
Turn Off God Free From Head To Toe And More

To Sense And Feel

This Living Tree

Birds Flying
Across Seas in
Ease Dropping






From Ocean Flow๐ŸŒŠ

BE A Tree Soni
Or Leaves Tree
Whole Or Endless



With No




Whole Grow
Complete Now See๐Ÿ

Above So Below
Of Sky And
Sea Beyond
We Gather
To See More
Of Reality to Be
For It Is Mystery
Bringing Wonder
And Awe Sacred
Holy Divine Light to Sight


Below Above
EYes Beyond Words
๐Ÿฆข ๐Ÿ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ๐Ÿฆข

Gratitude Anew
Springing Bringing
Happiness Whole Now
Complete Enough May

Be Growing A Tree

With All The




Rising For
Thanks Giving
For Giving Same๐Ÿ

SMiLes Yes Dear Shawna Baby
Bouncing Around In Heaven

As Majestic

As Floating

On Land


As Well For
Now Very Satisfied
To Catch Up With Your
Magnolia Bones As Leaves

Are Falling Off Our Three Brown Back
Magnolias Now And Pretty White Blooms
Are FLoWeRinG ALL OVeR Our Yard This Way

And True The Love You Give Your Family in the
Story All the Photos Tell is Surely Worth the Gold

Beyond Measure of A Loving Mamma Raising
Four Children Dedicating A Life Of Love to




As Centuries

Come Beyond

Shawna Baby’s Love Will Never Die..:)

SMiLes Ava my Favorite One is
Talking And Not Being Understood
Yet Always Listening to Others to


As That

Is Naturally

How Souls


By Understanding

We Grow By Others LiGHT And DarK
Hope All You Love In India Are Doing

With SMiLes..:)

With Bees
Honey to me Doc๐Ÿ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜Š

Actually, The Trump Arm of the Republican

Party As The Circus Clearly Tells Has Turned

Into the CINO’s, ‘Conservatives In Name Only’;

Nothing Wrong With Being Conservative,

Yet Men And

Or Women

Who Lie to Get

Their Way Are Neither

Honorable or Have Integrity

And Certainly Not Conservative

For The Truth For What It Even Means to Be Human’…

Hint: LoVE iN LiGHT (Truth); Honestly, CINO’S Are Poor

Excuses For Freedom…

Yeah; Let’s

Get the

#CINO Truth
Out; Oxymoron Indeed…

About As Un-American As One Will Get…

There Is No Excuse for Already Refuted Lies…

This Has Become A 3-Ring Circus Where Even Clowns Aren’t Funny…

At Least Now
The Audience

Is Only 70

Percent of


of the Country….
Hmm… That’s 17.5 Percent…

And Considering Many of them
Join Hands In Church Supporting
These Already Irrefutably Proven
Un-American Lies And Church Participation

As the Gallup Polls And Even Clergy Admit
Is Falling Off the Cliff; 20 Percent in Just the
Last 20 Years; ‘All in good time, my little pretty.

All in good time’, Except This Go Around Trump

Kidnapped ‘The Elephant Instead’ of ‘Toto’ Oh The Bad News Hits the Fan….

That Wicked Witch of the West is already Melting, Melting, Melting in Orange Goo…

Now It’s Just A Question; Will Trump Be Indicted in New Jersey or Florida Next ‘In Melting Style’…



All Of This Just

A Poem For A

Philosophy of Reality… Bites…

The Story, All The Characters Are Real

First Time Ever Now Reality Bible Show

Of Course We ARE ALL Writing New

Testaments Playing God NoW ReaL




Existence Is Change Our Inheritance
Remaining Energy Of Love All Frequencies
Vibrations This Dancing Singing Gift Remains

Always A Pleasure
Dear Karlien
At Best
Yes ๐ŸŒŠ
Leaving ❤️
Only Footprints ๐Ÿ‘ฃ
Soul Behind Forwarding☺️

Returning to Church Today
After 2 Months For Giving It Up
For Lent Everyone Kind Just Killing Time Before

Love Is




As Much
As Sun Sees Us..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy in

The United States

All Vaccinated



Snake SKins

To Smile Again

RiSinG Off Our Bellies..:)

‘You’ are welcome, my friend; the
journey is an end in itself for me
too, as well, as a practice of life.

And most simply put of all;

Human being,
as naturally
evolved IS:


else is


Don’t NeeD A Three Letter Word
For Tree When Tree IS A

Someone told me my Words Were Music to Their Ears.. Yes.. When Souls Speak Living

Realistically i cannot expect anyone who hasn’t been where i have to return the same

When Folks No Longer Speak As Song Move As Dance Their Souls Die Alive

Blind And Deaf See And Hear Again in Dance And Song of Soul

i would have been Greater Impressed Then Yes if Tim Tebow
Stamped His Face With ‘John 14:12’ Greater Yet ‘Just Do IT’

Autotelic Flow
Sweet Spot Tween
Apathy And Anxiety


Our Own


Focusing On

One Task




Human Potentials
NoW iNDeed Dear Karlien☺️๐Ÿ™Œ



Two Words
That Are Literally
60 Percent Art Without

The Art Part All That’s Left

Is S And M And HE No Big Surprise Vrunda

Really As Without Art Without Understanding

Without Social Empathic Artistic Intelligences

That Are Big Picture Cognition That Rule As the

Master of Our Metaphor of Right Brain Hemisphere


All That’s Left

Is Using Things

And Apprehending

Solutions For All the Problems

Humans Create In Abstract Construct

Ways of Word Think Following Us Around

In Past And Future Distance, Space, And Time

All Matters of Illusion We Continue to Create Now

So Separate From All the Other Intelligences That

Allow Us to Even Be Fully Human And Even Social
Mammal Now True Look Back 200 Years Ago and

This Is Not The Cultures That Humans Are Evolved

To Survive in And Surely Not THRiVE iN As Much

As Before As It’s true Per Study in the

1930’s in the Last Depression

in the United States

People Were

5 to 8 Fold

Less Likely to Be Depressed…

True We Will Cover Human Nature

Up With All These Clothes Yes Tools We

Wear And Become And Lose Who We Even Are Hint: Love…

Deeply Moving Connecting And Co-Creating In Flow of Humanity

Stronger Happier More Joyful Together Now It’s What Our Ancestors
Did to Ascend

And Many Still Do

Transcending In Life
ArT iN LiGHT Now Out

oF DarKesT Nights THeNoW..:)

True Life Is Sewing
Key Knitting
For Sewing..๐Ÿ™‚

SMiLes Dear Summerhilllane

SeemS HeART Desires

Spring Year ‘Round





And Hot Chocolate
No Longer Warms๐Ÿ˜Š

“Never Knew i Could Feel Like This Like i’ve Never Seen The Sky Before”

Fast Forwarding to the End of the Movie ‘Moulin Rouge’ A Greatest

Gift Any Of us Will ever

Have Is the Ability to

Love Until the End of Time

Come What May When Now Is Forever

Indeed When Love’s Breath Is the Breath

of the Rest of Existence Hence We Breathe

God This Way Suddenly the World Seems Like

Such A Perfect Place Suddenly It All Moves

With Such A Perfect Grace And Suddenly

Indeed As the Song Also Speaks

There is Nothing Left

Of Life that

Is Laid

To Waste As

Valleys Low Are

Mountains High Every

Tear Respite For Grief Now

Come What May Come What

May i Will Love You Until my Dying

Die Come What May Come What May

When All Of Our Breath Becomes Love Now For

All Of Existence How Easy Indeed It is To Breathe

Suddenly The World Indeed As Perfect As It Gets

Breathing Giving Sharing Caring Loving This Way Free

With Least Harm When All of Breath Becomes Love

Beauty’s Courage Wisdom’s Love Greatest Truth

Smiles Dear Rue We’ve Been Going out in Public

And Experiencing Our Life the Way ‘The Elephant

Man’ Did A Man With A Disfiguring Disease Where

Folks Were Repulsed By His Face So Much He Wore A Mask

In Disgrace For How Others Treated Him For What He Had No Control

Of Falling to A Disease This Way Yet You See It’s Not Just One Man

Rare This Go Around it Is Society Globe-Wide Who Cares Enough Now

With Come What May Love To Love One Another This Way As a Certain

Man Commanded As Truly Such An Easy Yoke For those Who Find Love

As A Greatest Union of Life No Longer Separated From God When All Of

Love Is Breath Now For All For Those Who Have Not Experienced Love this

Way Indeed



Masked No matter

What They Do or Do Not

Wear in Life Come What May

No Cross too Heavy To Carry to Keep

This Breath Living Now Come What May….

Anyway All Vaccinated Safe No Longer Experiencing

The ‘Elephant Man’s Disease’ It Was So Nice to See

Katrina’s Face Light Up Church Today And Every Store

She Went to After That too… As Long Now as the Spirit of

Love is Lit Up in the Room God Exists For Real mY FRiEnD NoW…


What May..

And Surely It’s A Sin of

Nature For You To Hide Your

Smiling Face And Kind Eyes

For All of Who You Rue Come to

Meet And Greet In Life As Of Course

God Will Be Happier When You Are Once

Again Able to Light the World Unmasked Again my FRiEnD..:)

SMiles Dear Akshita Thank you
And Yes Like Most Algorithms
With Social Media they Can

Be Quite Wonky As Folks
i’ve Communicated With
For Years May Suddenly
End Up In my Spam Folder

And on The other Hand
i’ll get 20 Posts Now From
One Person In The Reader

In One Day Whereas i Only
Post Once Every Two Weeks

And my last Post didn’t Even
Show up in my Reader And
Apparently lots of Other Folks

Too As You Are the Only one
The Reader Reached Yet That’s

Okay i Enjoy The Writing most
And Most of My Blog Posts are
Copy And Pastes of Who i’ve
Already Personally Connected

With In Poetic Letters to Folks

All Around the Globe

Haha no way

To escape my

Blog With SMiles๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜Š

Existence Is Change Our Inheritance
Remaining Energy Of Love All Frequencies
Vibrations This Dancing Singing Gift Remains

Good Morning Doc As A Participant Anthropology Observer
Yes That’s Actually my Degree From College Along with
Health Science And Social Sciences Interdisciplinary

True Hehe When i Do Something
i usually Go All the Way Double
Major Not Enough Triple Major
Soothes Better Hehe Oh by
The Way A Throw-Back Photo
From my Senior Year i am Attaching
Here at 22 Just For Fun as i used to
Wear A Beard As Some Students Do

Not to Look Like Such A Baby Face
Yes Of Course More Like a Man As Such
And This was Not Only 38 Years Ago yet
70 Pounds Ago too Albeit 3 Times Stronger
Now in Leg Pressing as Then i Only Did 500
Pounds And Now Reaching 61 Born on 6.6.60
Still Leg Pressing Up to 1520 Pounds to the Surprise
And Somedays Chagrin And Inspiration too of Military
Dudes Elite as Such 38 Years Younger than me Flight

(The Fundie Walmart Christian Cashiers Expressed
Sheer Terror when they Saw my Driver’s
License And the Three 6’s When
They Carded me back in
my 40’s Occasionally
Purchasing a Beer
Hehe.. Haha

The Audience

At the Dance

Hall Carded
Me to Prove

i Was Almost

60 Floating

All Over





While Dancing

in Flight Center Point

Balance RiSinG As Such

Yes Floating on Terrestrial Land

In Dance All 243 Pounds to Date

Last Night in Walmart Around

All the Ignorance Now

Still Of


Unmasked Fools

For Conspiracy theories

on YouTube And Church As Such

True They Really Have No Choice

Yet Now Not to Not Doth Protest

my Dance too Much




Not Every

Day You See

A 243 Pound Dude

With Butterfly Wings at

Walmart Seeming to

Defy Gravity

Yet it is only
A Skill Like Moon Walking
That Michael Jackson Did After
Enough Hours of Practice Leaping
Logic of Moving Meditation Indeed

Truly Reaching A Point for me after 14,866

Miles of Public Dance in Almost 93 Months

That Makes Good FRiEnDS Yes Communion

With Gravity Spiraling Not Much Different in Golden
Phi Way As Planets Orbiting Stars and Milky Way

Arms Spiraling Around Black Hole Suns Same

As Quantum Physics Some Theories Suggest

Spin And Torsion in Black Holes Bringing

Balance Perfectly May Actually

Birth Brand New UNiVeRSES

So Indeed Doctor Literally

This Way in Facts of Science

Still to Come Black Holes May

Be Wombs Truly Mother God’s

Birthing Entire New Universes

Resurrecting LiGHT Out oF DaRK As Such

Jesus F in Christ Science Is More Amazing this

Way than Any Antiquated 3500 Years to 2000 Years Old

Script of Words All Copied And Pasted Together Written

By Innumerable Ghost Authors And Copied Over Centuries

by Scribes With Penmanship Mistakes And Intentional Changes

Innumerable Also too True This is Part of Anthropological Study

And i am Actually Still in the Process of Writing What is Rising

to 9.3 MiLLioN Words of A Longest EPiC Long Form Poem

That is Truly Only A Study of the Human Condition

In Progress Still Evolving in One Life Now

Namely Mine too As The

Greatest Supercomputers

Are What Rises Out of Our Subconscious

Mind in Flow this Way in Dance And Song too

As The True ‘Master’ is the Metaphor of our Right

Brain Hemisphere of Potential And the ‘Emissary’

As Some Researchers Name it is the Left Brain

Hemisphere Metaphor of Truly What Ordinarily

Is Evolved to Serve ‘The Master’ Through

Using Tools And Apprehending

Solutions to Issues

That Require

Construction of the

Illusions of Time, Distance,

Space, And Matter For Survival

Now As Well Yet Again the ‘Master

is Seat of Most Cognition, Understanding,

Feeling, Sensing, Yes Actually Seeing Reality As It is Now

So Much Bigger Than Labels We Name Words by Metaphor

of the Left Brain Hemisphere Indeed.. Studies at Oxford Show

That Human Connection And Co-Creation And Of Course What

Many ‘Egg Heads’ Even in those Studies i will add As Number

One Actually Moving As All of Nature Does True all that

is Dancing Now Are my Fingers Rather Limited

For All the Potential of Feeling and Sensing

the World in Bio-Feedback of Mind

And Body Whole Soul For Real

So yeah Haha i Get Naked And

Move it all in my Private Back Yard

To Become Whole in Union With Nature

This Way Literally Nothing Human-Made

To Separate Myself except for the Human Made

Tools That Are Words Swimming Around in my Neo-Cortex still…

So Anyway What The Study in Oxford Finds is that Connection

And Co-Creation of Humans Together Is More Correlated With

Good Health As Opposed to Quitting Smoking Cigarettes as

No Duh Why Do You Even Need A Frigging Study to

Understand this As Social Animal Means

Social Animal No Ifs and or



So True i will Go Study The Catholic
Church Now this Morning Again as
Anthropology Observer Participant

To Continue to Try to Find the Reasons

Folks Will Be So Kind Yet So Damn Ignorant

And Harm, Rape, Maim, And Kill Each Other

And the Rest of Nature As The Catholic Church is on

Record of Doing now Certainly With the addition of Not

Requiring Masks in a Frigging Deadly Pandemic For Almost

A Year Now True i am Fully Vaccinated And So Is My Wife

i Damned Sure Wasn’t Willing to Give my Life for

This Volunteer Hobby of Writing this

EPiC Longest Long Form Poem

What i Amusingly Describe

As the Longest Bible Ever

Written Forever Now hehe..

Yet the Science of it Proves

That No Matter The Ignorance

of What is Said in the Halls of Church

Yeah Like Literally the Pagan Death-Cult Activity

Zombie As Such Literally Believing They Have Magical

Powers to Change Bread And Wine Literally into A Dead

Little Brown Man’s Body and Blood From 2,000 Years ago

Just another Mexican Roofer Yes Carpenter From the Middle

East Just Another Dude Sadly Crucified for Ignorance Then too…

Yet It’s Still True Even With All the Ignorance And Face Palm Forest

Thick Activities in Strange And Truly Pagan Beliefs Still Science Shows

That Humans Derive the Connection Social Animals Benefit That Is More

Healthy in Benefits that Quitting Cigarettes True Family And Friends Do the

Same in Other

Setting Yet

Let’s Face

It Most Folks

Stay More Trapped

Inside in Home Entertainment

These Days And 6 Inch Screens

Church Participation Has Fallen off to
Less than 50 Percent of the Population

For the First Time Ever As it was 70 Percent

of Americans Just 20 Years Ago in 2020 Problem

Hear is Humans Are Losing Social Empathic Artistic

Yes Literally Spiritual Emotional Intelligences As My God

We all Know Yes Feel Yes Sense What Spirit Feels Like at a Football
Game and Rock Concert Same No Different than the Human Connection

Folks Feel in Good Old Southern Baptist Gospel Singing as one of my
Autistic Savant Skills is Singing with Perfect Pitch too Haha.. yeah

Sing Song Speak is What Helped me Both Accommodate Now

Being Able to Speak After Age 4 And All the Trouble Stuttering

That Folks made Fun of me then too Yet You See i have

No Problem Flowing in Poetry Now as this Is

Just a Wheel Chair Making

Communication Possible

For me at all since

4 Years Old yes Connecting

Emotions to Words As Right Hemisphere

And Left Hemisphere All One And Love Does

Ascend And Transcend All Words Of Ignorance

Through Dance And Song True i will Dance And

Sing Ascending Transcending All the Ignorant Labels

Of Words in Church All i Will Be Doing is Loving All My

Neighbors this way Hehe the Irony is Delicious

As i Bring


Hero Literally

Back to Life No
Matter What Labels

They are Trapped in

What Beliefs of Ignorance

They Still Consume the Spirit

the Essence of Love is Still in the

Unintelligible Songs that Children Sing

And The Free Dances They Create With

No Lessons they Love to Live This Life of Breath Free

Now True Until Their Parents Scold them Coldly In Church

With Quiet Hands And Feet For the Start of A Long Rot Sitting

Still In Pews No Different than School And Work And All of Life

Now Behind A 6 Inch Screen Yes Dear Doc FRiEnD We LiVE iN

An Ill Society Yet Church is Not the Only Cause of The Social Ills

By Far Yet of Course it is As Well as if it Wasn’t For Churches Still Supporting

The Whole Big Lie of Donald J Trump A Real Father of All Lies A Real Devil

Against All Stuff Human Love Would Have Never Risen to the Top of the Bottom

The Way

He Did

Yes Dear

FRiEnD Cause

For Real Study Indeed

i’ll Keep You Updated on

The Effective Results As i go

Yet True i usually Find a Way

To Win the Race So Tired that

All there is Left to Do is Feel

And Sense Complete And Enough

In Peace And Harmony FRiEnDS With GRavity

Same Life is a Long Race Those Who Keep Running it in Balance Truly Win Love…


All the DarKness

R i SinG Dancing

Naked Free



HAha in this
Case the Shorts
Dudes Wore in 1983

Running 10K And 5K Races With SMiLes..:)

Yeah i Probably Told You
Last Time i Posted the
Photo i had Forgotten
It Existed until
We Found it at
my Mother’s Home
After She Passed Away
In February of 2017

Running Ahead of
Other “Healthy
“Normal People”
At 22 on That

Bridge Was indeed
A Freedom Bridge
as Running

Was A Key
That took me
Out of A Horrible
2 Year Cycle of
Depression During
College With My
First 3 Month Stint
Of Out of Control
Mania too In The
Middle of The



Years That Seemed

Like Forever Then

Indeed i


Myself With

Acts Of Balance

In Acts Of Dance

And Song Everyday

Without Fail As Lifelong

Therapy Still For

Over 93 Months

Dancing This

Tight Rope With

Ease What FRiEnDS

With Gravity And




i Will Pray
Real Hard
You get that
Shot Real

Soon Dear

Rue And if Anything

Ever Did Happen to
You i Wouldn’t Let



Go Cold


As i Did
For my


Indian FRiEnD๐Ÿ™

SMiles MaKinG
The World A Better

Place is All A Play

An Act Of


Some Do Undertake

No Matter Challenge

Of DarK And Ironically

LiGHT too For Ironically

Truth Blinds

Some Even



Is Cheaper

Than Flea Market Goods
Off To Fly Sweet Release


And Safe to SMiLe

Make It Always Your
Birthday Month You


Do When


A Way For A Better World๐Ÿ™Œ

FRiEnDS UNMasked
WHere Acquaintances

In Public Are Finally Able
To Share Sunshine SMiles
As FRiEnDS Do Oh How i

Value This



And Wealthy

In SMiles Beyond All
Measure of Money And
Material Goods Indeed i

Will Be Able to Ascend And
Transcend This Way In Church

This Morning Singing Unmasked
Ever Since i Stopped Going About
2 Months Ago Giving it Up For

Lent As The Church And Its
Leadership Did Not Provide
A Safe Pandemic Environment
In All Masses Now Those


Where The
Shots are Freely
Accessible For

All Will Be Safe
From Potential
Pandemic Death

Sadly Though
About 50 Percent
Of Republicans Believe
Conspiracy Theories Such
As Bill Gates Is Developing
The Vaccine to Reduce Global
Population Paradoxically Calling
The Life Saving Measure “A Kill
Shot” Sadly Ignorance is really
The Worst Part of The Human
Pandemic Responsible For

Of Thousands
Of Deaths in
The United States
As Ignorance Kills

How Blessed my Indian
Friends Who Have Passed

Away Would Have Felt Just
To Have The Opportunity

To Take The Life Saving

Vaccination My FRiEnD

Sadly There Are 3rd World
Countries With 1st World
Intelligence like Yours

And 1st World Countries
Like Where i Live With
3rd World Ignorance

That Harms, Rapes,
Maims, Kills Innocent
(And The Rest of Nature)
Lives Who Are Otherwise
Loving if Not For Ignorance

Sadly it Seems For Some
There is No Cure for Ignorance

As they Refuse To Lift Veils

And Come to See Both

Life And Soul Saving

Truth to Finally

Really Set


Free As Truth in Light

Does Anyway Healthier

Well, And Happier Than
Ever With SMiLes, Dance,
And Song to Give in Caring
Sharing Breathing Freely NoW
iN Truth oF LiGHT Ascending
Transcending Darkness of


Is All One

Will Do To
Of Love This Heaven



i Continue
To Rise Same
Wishes And Prayers
For All You Hold As

Love Dear FRiEnD

Happy SuNDaY
SMiLes iNDeeD

In Toronto

Springing To
You Dear FRiEnD

Existence Is Change Our Inheritance
Remaining Energy Of Love All Frequencies
Vibrations This Dancing Singing Gift Remains

Catholic Mass Readings, 5.16.2021 (Ignore the
Part About Handling Poisonous
Snakes And Drinking Poison;

Some Folks Tried that With
A Deadly Pandemic With Unhappy Effective Results

OBTW When A Father oF All Lies Starts Talking
About Disinfectant; Monkey, See, Hear, And Do
Cover Your Eyes And Ears And Just Do Not;

Worth Noting The Placebo Effect And Sugar
Pills Work; Yet Use Your Frigging Brain That Thing Tween Both Your Shoulders too;
If It’s Too Much Trouble Other Folks Will Lend Their’s For Free On A Google


Engine Result…

Reading 1, Acts 1:15-17, 20-26
15 One day Peter stood up to speak to the brothers — there were about a hundred and twenty people in the congregation,

16 ‘Brothers,’ he said, ‘the passage of scripture had to be fulfilled in which the Holy Spirit, speaking through David, foretells the fate of Judas, who acted as guide to the men who arrested Jesus-

17 after being one of our number and sharing our ministry.

20 Now in the Book of Psalms it says: Reduce his encampment to ruin and leave his tent unoccupied. And again: Let someone else take over his office.

21 ‘Out of the men who have been with us the whole time that the Lord Jesus was living with us,

22 from the time when John was baptising until the day when he was taken up from us, one must be appointed to serve with us as a witness to his resurrection.’

23 Having nominated two candidates, Joseph known as Barsabbas, whose surname was Justus, and Matthias,

24 they prayed, ‘Lord, you can read everyone’s heart; show us therefore which of these two you have chosen

25 to take over this ministry and apostolate, which Judas abandoned to go to his proper place.’

26 They then drew lots for them, and as the lot fell to Matthias, he was listed as one of the twelve apostles.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 103:1-2, 11-12, 19-20
1 [Of David] Bless Yahweh, my soul, from the depths of my being, his holy name;

2 bless Yahweh, my soul, never forget all his acts of kindness.

11 As the height of heaven above earth, so strong is his faithful love for those who fear him.

12 As the distance of east from west, so far from us does he put our faults.

19 Yahweh has fixed his throne in heaven, his sovereign power rules over all.

20 Bless Yahweh, all his angels, mighty warriors who fulfil his commands, attentive to the sound of his words.

Reading 2, First John 4:11-16
11 My dear friends, if God loved us so much, we too should love one another.

12 No one has ever seen God, but as long as we love one another God remains in us and his love comes to its perfection in us.

13 This is the proof that we remain in him and he in us, that he has given us a share in his Spirit.

14 We ourselves have seen and testify that the Father sent his Son as Saviour of the world.

15 Anyone who acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God remains in him and he in God.

16 We have recognised for ourselves, and put our faith in, the love God has for us. God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him.

Gospel, John 17:11-19
11 I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one like us.

12 While I was with them, I kept those you had given me true to your name. I have watched over them and not one is lost except one who was destined to be lost, and this was to fulfil the scriptures.

13 But now I am coming to you and I say these things in the world to share my joy with them to the full.

14 I passed your word on to them, and the world hated them, because they belong to the world no more than I belong to the world.

15 I am not asking you to remove them from the world, but to protect them from the Evil One.

16 They do not belong to the world any more than I belong to the world.

17 Consecrate them in the truth; your word is truth.

18 As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world,

19 and for their sake I consecrate myself so that they too may be consecrated in truth.

Existence Is Change Our Inheritance
Remaining Energy Of Love All Frequencies
Vibrations This Dancing Singing Gift Remains




HEaVeN iN Other World
News Just Got My Federal
Income Tax Papers in the Mail

For the May 17th, 2021

Deadline As Usually

Since 2008

No Federal

Taxes Paying
For Me At Least

As Everything Is Paid Off

Such A Bore Always Wait

As LonG As Possible to Be

“Paper-Work-King Again”

Love Eternal Now
Light Homes Those
Who Come Out
Of DarK NoW
Doc Yes
If More
Will Eternally
Staycation Now☺️

Given A Choice Rather Be Happy Than
Right HAha Sadly No Choice
DO Have A Nice Day Zoe WitH SMiLES…

Actually Keeping

Emotions Bottled

Within Is One of the Most

Dangerous Repressions Folks Do In Life…


That S…

Hehe ‘You’ Should

Hear me Roar A Sound
You’ve Never Heard Before

At Least That’s What Folks Say When They Hear me…

True Same Old Dam Phrases Clog Up my Human Potential too…

There Are Some Truly Kind People in The World Keep LooKinG SeeKinG

You Will Find Treasures Beyond Empty Within Now For Real Beyond Measure…

Aww… Always
A Pleasure
Dear Young
From Nigeria๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ

“The Trump Disinfectant Biblical Effect”

Dangerous Indeed As Folks Who
Follow Despicable Leaders Will
Often Die For Whatever the Despicable

Leader Says

As True After
Trump Pursued
Treating Covid 19
With Bleach Some

Ignorant Fools Who Take
His Every Word As Gospel Truth did it too

And This Is the Problem of Holding Books

And Words to the Sky to Worship A 3 Letter Word God So
Small and Often as Ignorant as What Trump Brought too

Studying the Bible for Nearly 6 Decades as i have been
Doing Now as Hobby of Studying Everything Else that
Comes into my Purview too Intensely of Course Effortless
in Ease as i do Now i couldn’t Find A Gospel Online Immediately

For the One They Used in Church online yesterday As i copy and paste for
The Record as Such to See How Old Teachings Apply to Events of

Today It’s Probably Good that Online Resources Used An Alternate

Verse For This is The One Foretold in Church Where The Deacon

Providing Homily Had to Give a Disclaimer NO YOU CANNOT DO WHAT THE


AS SUCH AS the Verse

Specifically Says

In Mark 16:15 Thru 18

15 Jesus said to his disciples: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.

16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned.

17 These signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will drive out demons,
they will speak new languages.

18 They will pick up serpents with their hands, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not harm them. They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Vatican 2 As Led By The Catholic Church Has Updated Mark 16:16 to Clarify

That Muslims In the Middle East And Hindus In India, Etc., Who Do Not Profess

The Name of Jesus As the One Way to Heaven Still Get to Go As Long As

They Find And Use the Spirit of Love Within that is No Different

Than What the Catholic Church By Way of that Vatican 2

Counsel Believes is the Essence of the Name

Jesus so Yes in this Way the Name ‘Jesus’

Is An effective ‘Sugar Pill’ For Some

Who Brings them to the

Real Science

Assessed Wonder
Drug of Healing Love Within
To Give And Share Caring Freely

With All Others With Least Harm Best

For All of Nature Now God Real All Love too

Yet How Imperfect And Fallacious the Original

Writings are As When You Drink Poison You May

Die And When You Handle Poisonous Snakes You May

Die too No Matter What A Person Believes now On the Other

Hand the Nocebo Effect is As Real As the Placebo Effect Sugar

Pill As that Applies to Positive Believing Loving Supportive Prayers

As Opposed to Negative Thoughts Associated With Emotions in Voodoo
Way For Real Now too Best We Will Do Is Intensely With Positive Emotions

Associated With Positive Words In Greatest Intent Focus Effortlessly With

Ease the Greatest Outcomes in Life to Be Ride the Wave Stay Balancing

Now Best We Can And Will Love the DarK The Best We Can And Will

As LiGHT For the Best Life Possible in Love Now Yes Loving

All that is

As Every


of Life Becomes

Essence of God Love Now

Yet to Blindly Follow Words

of Past in Ignorance is to also

Potentially Die The Bible is Far From

Perfect in Fact Parts of it Are As Dangerous

As Trump’s Jest About Injecting Bleach to

Cure Covid-19 Thing is We Will Never Know

If A Psychopathic Leaning Individual Did it with

Jest or Just Intent to Harm yet it’s true Mark 16:18

Is Just Pure Ignorance Not Even Suitable For ‘General Audiences’

Online Without Adult Supervision As Such By Educated Deacons In Church

Sadly This is what Leads Folks to Believe They Don’t Have to Worry About

Getting A Vaccination or Staying Masked in a Deadly Pandemic Credit

Mark 16:18

For Innumerable

Deaths Caused By

The Same Kind of

Trump And Other





Minions Who

Follow Despicable Leaders

Still Shall Anyone Refute these

Words Shall Anyone Even Answer

Shall Anyone Even Listen Who Knows, Feels, Senses

Perhaps i might Save one Life today FOR REAL with SMiLes of

Course Every Day i Do this i risk losing Another Friend or Acquaintance

Rather Lose them Alive than See them Dead Just God Damn Dead over Ignorance…

And the Reason We Have New Testaments Still Writing Like Reducing 613



Down to Two Love

God And Love



Same Yet Never

Ever Leave the Part

Out About Consuming

Others and the Rest of Nature With

Least Harm Countless Innumerable

Ghost Authors Combined to Bring

The New Testament to Print

Whoever the

Ghost Author

Who Wrote Mark 16:18

Is still Literally Murdering Innumerable

People Who Follow That Instruction Written as is….

At Least Some Folks Provide Disclaimers In Church

To Protect the Ignorant From What they See in ‘Black and White’

in Front of their Face

So i Write

A New


With Zero Shame

The Old one(s) Sorely Needs Revision more inDeed

Yes And on Top of that John 14:12 Says ‘Go Fred’
Just Do it Now no Ifs Ands or Cigarette Butts oF Old

And Of Course in this Case ‘Fred’ is Just A Metaphor for Anyone Else too..

SMiLes Dear Rue Looking Forward to Your Next Thesis on Love So Easy They Still Come..:)

Bonus FLoWeR LeSSoN
355 Just An Extra Get
Well Card For Your
Extending Mild
Fever if i

Could Present
An Artistic Collage
Of All Your Stellar
Selfies In New York

New York Bees ๐Ÿ Will
Swarm The Artful Collage



Than This
White Magnolia
FLoWeR In Fullest Bloom๐Ÿ™Œ

Just A Couple of Minutes Ago

This Was/Is Just so Awesome
To Click Wanted To Share It๐Ÿ˜Š

Hehe Trust
me Or Not
i’ll Create

A Scary





Fear to Tread

Feral Animal
i Still Create ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

Good Idea Now Yes
Yet Never Another
Competition for
me Dear Soni


That All
Up When i
Retired at


No One
Left to


With Yet
my Soul Evolving


Of Course

A World
Where there
Are No Contests

Or Competitions

Impossible As
This Too Is




A Tribe
Of One๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™Œ


Never Stop
Arting Free๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜Š

It’s Probably A Good
Idea Even though
You Are in


As We Grow
Older ‘Normally’

Our Immune
Systems Are
More Compromised

Indeed Your

Mind Is
Fit too

Is Indeed the
Human Pandemic
Unmasked That

Kills The

Rest of Nature
Most Indeed With
Gaetz, DeSatanis,
And Trump For





Of This Area

Expect Ignorance
Unmasked To


To Escape

Roach Golden
Towers in Broad
Daylight Where
Those Who

Their True
Enemies Most…

Don’t Get
me Wrong No
Prude Just A Dude
Love An Artistic Nude (my Wife)

See Beyond
Flesh Touch
A Woman’s
HeART Never Lonely๐Ÿฆข

Birds Are
Singing All
A Blue Bird Speaks
This Morning Wake ๐Ÿฆ

Honestly i Wish You
Were Free Financially
Free Like me So

You Write

Only For



Of Breathing

Now Presently Whether
Not Anyone Reads

Or Not


Paradox Of
The Truth

Of my




It is Still

i Empty
my Pockets
Into My Wife’s


To Escape

The God Of
Money to Live
For only Loving


In The



Gift As Most

Every Word (Gift) i
Write is One Word
oF A Longest

EPiC Long
Form Poem

Ever All
9.3 MiLLioN

Words in
93 Months
That Anniversary
Featnote Milestone

On May 18th, 2021



Free to Others
Around The Globe
It’s True if You Were

Homeless on
The Street My
Wife Would Give
You Five Dollars

If Only


A Cheap Six


Of Beer
i Ask


For Nothing
For My Poetry

Is Not Worth



Just The
Love Others
Receive Mostly
Women of Course

With Fairer HeARTS


As Enough
Tender Pay of Breath

Like The Place Before
i Visited Who Exclaimed
How i Have No Idea the


Of Dearness

My Profoundly

Simple Words Bring

SMiles Dear Human



You Were HeaR
i’d Save The World
Yet i Have Not

A Penny
In my Pockets
To purchase one
Of Your Books



You Wanna
Be Paid By

Is Not

In Your Poetry

For if So That
Might Elevate

You To Homeless

Paradoxically So

Yet to Master

The Art

Of Begging

The Greatest

Gift is Still




Riches i

It Doesn’t Feed
The Poor i Hope
Others Do Help

You to Eat
People Where
You Live Like my Wife๐Ÿ˜‡

Dude in Other Words
It’s All About The Target
Audience Almost Every
Person On WordPress
Is Struggling Financially

If You Wanna



Find A Place
To Sell Goods
Now Where Folks

Have Something
In Their Pockets
Folks With Thousands
Of Followers And Hundreds
Of Likes Make Ten Bucks
A Month off of “Ad Sense”

Carpal Tunnel

Could Be



On A Street

Corner 30 minutes

Once A Month To
Receive The Same
Damn Monetary



Is The
Same Kind
Of Begging
Just More





With No

My Wife
Grew up Without
Electricity, Food, And
Water in The Richest
Country in The World
Literally Looking



Of The

40 Foot Trees

To Pick Fruit

To Eat At 8 Years

Old She Knows

The Value


And i Understand
The Value of This
Country And This
Is Why i Breathe



With its
God in my
Pockets And

Why i See this
As The Best Poem

You Ever



As You

Inspired These
Words my Only
Currency, Pay Rate,
And Pay Grade



i Shed
The Dirty
Green Black
Print Notes



Of Money




Of my Pockets
Now Best Wishes
To Escape This God For You

We All Eventually

Do Whether

Or Not


SMiles Dear FRiEnD
Will Surely Pray
Your Fever
So Glad to
You Are Fully
Vaccinated From
The Pandemic As

Even if
It Broke

One Would
Hope Mild Fever

You Know What
With Spring Arriving
More Powerful in Canada

You May Be Exposed to

More Allergies

You Have
Not Encountered
From Flowers And Trees
In Other Countries You



Yet You
Know me
Always Practicing
Medicine Natural

Too Do


Dear FRiEnD

Please Do Always
Feel Free to Describe
Any Darkness You Feel

So We Will Pray



Way You
Stay Happy
And Well in SMiles๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿค—

Key To Longevity
Is Finding A Work
Of Art Amazingly



It With


Giving Caring

In A Far Away


Space, Time, Distance
Matter NoW Only Leaving

Of Love to

Dance And
Sing Wings Free

Traveling to See
Dear FRiEnD SMile

Each And Every


DarK thru
LiGHT Painting

Spirit Wind of Life iN Kind
As ‘ET’ Dances Sings Turn
Your HeART LiGHT on Carry
me ACross Moon ๐ŸŒš Reflecting


For All To Feel

And Sense For

Real Within NoW ๐ŸŒŸ ๐Ÿ’ซ ☀️

SMiles Annabel At
Best New Now
To Love We All




Now God At
Least How A
Story of Jesus


To Return
NoW On

EartH Yes

Light House

Within Home
Hehe just lived
42 Years Longer


Describe A
Meaning Of

Life A Child’s Song
Unintelligible Dancing
With No Lessons NoW in


On Earth

Speaks Same
Love For Those
With Eyes And


Of Soul
To Still See
Morning’s Love๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜Š




Not Every NoW One Ecstatically
Public Dances 14,888 Miles Singing
9.3M Words Of PoETrY iN 93 Months

Yet It HaPPeNS NoW iN Autotelic FLoW

Just Another Day To CeLeBRaTE NoW
Just Another Breath oF LoVE ReAL
YeS Heaven For Real Now To Be To Do

i SuPPoSE 40 Days Without Sleep and
66 Months of Hell and 6666 Miles of Dance
in 40 Months Born on 6660 is Just Synchronicity

Not Just Dancing in Every Day Circles i Dance the Golden Spiral PHI
Ratio of God’s Finger Print in 1.618 Foot Prints Naturally too And Oh

By The Way By Chance in Precisely 365 Days By Memorial Day Weekend Fruition
of 2017 Titled A ‘PHI Bible’ Months Before That Came to 1.618 MiLLioN Words too…

MIND OVER MATTER OVER MIND IS THeRE A Difference Well Obviously No Hehe

At Least

For NoW HeaR…

SMiLes.. i Do my
Verily Best to
And Flowers
Marrying the
Night Living the Day..
LiFE NoW Will Still
Be Rose This Way…

LiGHT HoME LiVinG Tree

Meh.. Bound To HaPPeN Sooner Than Later Thanks
‘Goddess Nike Of Victory’ For All Free Subliminal Messages to


Oh God How SHaLL i EVeR Thank ALL For PRePaRinG A Way to Do This ALL

Rise And Shine

Late To BreaKFasT i CoME NoW Be Right THeRE Katrina Sooner Than Soon NoW

Nah i Won’t Lie Puts Isaiah 53 And John 14:12 To Shame Not Hard To Imagine When i Try

Effortless Ease NoW iN Deed

‘Imagine’ 4 Years Of School To Graduate Write A 5.3 MiLLioN Word EPiC Long Form
Bible Poem In Profile Pic Description Areas of FB Do As Thou Wilt Do NoW Only

With LoVE (GoD) MeH… Works FoR Me

To Be Love Is To Be God To Do God Is Love DiViNE NoW GiVinG SHaRinG
CaRinG Free For All With Least Harm For All That Is Now Real

World IS A Rough And Tough Struggle Yes Yet God Is Love
Irrefutably Now For Those Who Are LoVE iNCaRNaTE TRuE


“SonG oF mY SoUL”Longest Long ForM EPiC Free Verse
Poetry Bible Ever Written On EartH 9.3 MiLLioN Words in 93 Months

93rd Anniversary Month Special Including 6.9M Word Subchapters
“Nether Land Bible” And 5.3M Word “FB Profile Pic Bible”

Effortless Ease Writing Longest Trinity Of Long
Form Free Poem Bibles In 93 Months Today

5.18.2021 All Three As “SonG oF mY SoUL”

Yawn Still KNoCKinG A FB 5.3 MiLLioN Word
Subchapter Bible Out oF A Ball Park Laying iN
Bed With One Finger A SMarTiPhone in 4 Years

Does Love Ever Require Worship Fear Criticism Or
Fire Any Part of Nature Forever No That Is Still ‘Trump Clan’ Think Sunk Stink Stunk

It’s Not That Religion Is Inherently “Evil” Just Needs To
Catch Up With Love No Different Than The Good Cop Version Of Jesus Relates Love

God Named
Dog In Reverse
Before Man Named

God For

Dog’s Still

Undying Love

Rue That Who Brings

Tears Of Remembering

Dog Souls in Darkest
Driest Nights of Black
Abyss Human



Moon Shine
At Least Now A

Second of Soul Sun

Yes i’ve Experienced

Savior too

Cat As Well

No Different

Love Is Love ๐Ÿˆ ๐Ÿถ ๐Ÿพ

Hehe SMiles Summerhilllane
Don’t Forget Winter Warmth
Hot Chocolate Dreams
Bring So Sweetly๐Ÿค— ๐ŸŒธ


๐Ÿ BeeS Now

Always A Pleasure
Dear Akshita Stay
Wealthy In Strength
And Loving Health
Dear FRiEnD


Kind SMiles๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š

Moon Never Gives
Up On Sun Savvy
Eventually Reflecting
iN Kind oF LiGHT SiGHT ๐ŸŒ

Hehe Akshita Oh
‘The Norm’ of Group
Think Authority

HaHa i Remember
My Uncle Suggesting


Become ‘His Normal’
Following His “Trump
Clan Think” It was one

One of The Funniest

Suggestions i’ve

Ever Heard

Yet True
i Don’t Work
For Any Rules
Now Yet what i
See As True Although

To Survive Often Folks
Are Required To Live A



“The Clan
Norm” When Financial
Independence Comes






Soul Freedom
To Truly Sprout Wings

Even Greater Admiration

For Those Who Find Freedom



Of Soul Prisons

Prayers For India
Too Today Dear Akshita๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š

Welcome FRiEnD
Good Luck on
Your Poetry
SMiles Soni๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™
Also Prayers for
All in India As Well๐Ÿค—

Prayerful Peaceful Dreams
Grace of A Blue Heron on
A Beach

Looking At The
Radar i See the
Tropical Cyclone
Impacting Your Home
City In Gujarat Now At
This Very Hour As India
Had its most Deadly Pandemic

Day Yet Prayers For All You Love
In India Plus For Your Fever that

i Hope Has Gone Away Too Dear

FRiEnD Nature
Still So Beautiful
๐Ÿ˜ป As
Wings too

Worth Noting “Nether Land Bible”

Also Celebrates 5 Years of Writing too

Yet Why Celebrate That Title Now When

A Next MacroVerse After This Will Catch

A Celebration of Both 5 Years of Writing A

Subchapter Longest EPiC Long Form Bible Poem

Of EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL”
9.3 MiLLioN Words As “Nether Land Bible” Also RiSinG to

7 MiLLioN Words By the End of the Next Celebratory

MacroVerse ARiSinG too Oh Lord Then There is 15,000

Miles of Public Dancing to Celebrate Too After i Celebrate

7 MiLLioN Words of “Nether Land Bible” Writing That 5 Years

Too on my 61st Birthday on 6.6.2021 Yet True Now That Just

Makes Room For Another Celebratory MacroVerse for “15,000 Miles
oF Public Dancing” After “Nether Land Bible 7 MiLLioN Words 5 YearS Old”…

HeHe Let’s Not Make This Too CoNFuSinG Enjoy The Ride it is Only me Who

Fully Must Wrap my Mind/Body/HeART/SPiRiT/SoUL Totally NoW Around
This ‘9 DiMeNSioNaL’

Chess GaMe For

Now Yes



i Am Currently Writing

Is Titled “FB Profile Pic Bible
Volume 2021 4 YearS Old” There Are

Also Volumes 2018, 2019, And 2020 to

(All Those MacroVerses Published Around ‘Memorial Day’)

Round Out Photo Album Thumbnails of All Facebook Profile

Pics WHeRE ALL 5.3 MiLLioN Words Are Held in

Description Areas of Facebook Profile Pics Since

Memorial Day of 2017 God Yes Just This Last

12 Months Approximately 2100 Profile Pics

Many Series Attributed to Individual Song

Themed Stories From YouTube

That i also Describe as ‘Frednatas’

Yes Several Moves of Emotions Generated

By Historical YouTube Songs Herstorical too

Of Course Hehe Averaging about 8,000 Words

Now Where Yes Among 2100 Profile Pics ‘Frednata

Stories’ HouSinG Now Around 8,000 Words Each That Makes

Approximately 16.8 MiLLioN Words Copied in Facebook

Profile Pic Description Areas in Just the Last Year With

Series of FB Profile Pics Attributed to Each ‘Frednata’

Yes Take Off on ‘Moonlight Sonata’ of Course Just

More Than 3 Moves That Come All Natural too

As i Write New Lyrics For All The Theme Songs in Ocean Whole

Way Water Wave Same Every Word Comes to Play Poetry Song Dancing Whole…

Listen Y’all Until You Escape the Left Brain Hemisphere Metaphor of Think Highly Unlikely

Ya Are Gonna Be Able to Catch Up to What i am Dream TiminG ETernAlly Now HeaR

When You

Do You



Until then i Just Continue to Do It Now

This Part of the Mind (Quiet Angel Part) is Usually SiLeNT Bringing

The Breath oF it iN Words Now Continually Breathing Forevernow…

Yes, Yes, ‘Churches’ Name it Holy Sacred Creating Spirit Essence no Different…

What Many Humans Who Escape Restricted Left Hemisphere Think Come

To Do in Creation Activities of Dreamtime Eternally Now Beyond Distance,

Space, Time, And Matter Yes Reality of Forever Now Just All That Is Doing IT (GoD) NoW..:)








Off to ‘After Church’

Treasuring the Rain Feeling The Tears

Touching The Joy of FRiEnDS

Holding What



Now The Rain of

Love Sweet Rain

Story Indeed Vrunda

Keep Raining my FRiEnD…

SMiles Yes FRiEnD
Annabel The

Other True



To Warm Your

Tears Before

A Monsoon


It’s Good

To Cry This

Is What Makes

Us Human So

Much Deeper



Like SMiLes

We Share Truly


Love God Bless

You And

All You Love ๐Ÿ™

Much Love To You
From Both me and
My Wife too Dearest
Young Annabel FRiEnD



“it’s better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all.”

Hehe You Are the Only ‘Z’ FRiEnD i Know Online Zoe so
‘Z’ Always Leads to Your Blog When i Decide to Use 10
Fingers off A Smart Phone Yet i Digress Yet Not

in Synchronicity on Topic as my Finger (Left Pinkie)

Slipped And Hit the

‘A’ Key Taking

Me Once

Again to Dear

FRiEnD/Poet Astha’s
Blog Where Her Last Blog
Post Has the Ending Line

‘To Be Continued…’

As She Started Off Valentine’s
Day All Alone And Kinda Jealous

Of Other Couple’s With Love as She
Said She Never Truly Opened Her Heart Before

And Almost Like A Miracle She Started writing About

A Favorite Person She Met And How She Was Rising

In Love Love With Her Most Special Ally

iN OPeN HeART Ways i Checked

Up on Her 12 Days after

She Wrote the Poem

to Make Sure

She Was Okay

Sadly After that Another

(3 Days Later Morning Breaking)

Person Then Who Read the Blog

Post Notified me that ‘Dear Astha’

Was No More Passing away in Her

Twenties From Covid-19 on April 30th

Just Not What You Expected to Hear About

A Sweetest Young Woman Giving Unconditional

Love to Every one She Met And Greeted in Life

An Indian Professor Engineer Pursuing Her PHD With

Her 8th Book of Poetry in Work to Be Published too..

Yet True All her Life she Never Opened Her HeART Fully

To Feel the Love of Another And Just The Distance of Valentine’s

Day Until that Ending April Day She Found Love to Be Continued…

i’ll Never


Forget that

Young Woman

And Probably Relate

This Story in my Travels

of Poetry off and on As Waves

Come and Go Until my Dying Day too

Or if i run out of Words Which Might

Happen if Hell Freezes over again…

Oh Goodness Rue Thought You Might
Be Too Far South To Be Impacted by

Indian Hurricane Tauktae

My Other Indian Friend

From Ahmedabad

Her Home Town

Impacted Yesterday too…

Glad It Wasn’t too Bad For You

Where You LiVE And A Very Inspiring

Story Here You Tale About the DarK And

LiGHT We Naturally Encounter In All Our

Breathing Journeys and Paths of

Life Oh Yes All the Heat

And Humidity Although

Not As Intense for

Sure as the

Most Southern

Latitudes of India

Strangely Tropical Storm

Winds Welcome To Cool Where We

Live too Particularly Hehe in all the Years

i Lived With No Central Air-conditioning in

Car Or Home When Young Where Even

A Fan Was a Luxury then

And yes Strangely


Close to Hurricane Winds

too Until the 1990’s And 2000’s

And Now 2020’s Come With Winds

That Destroy Living Ways too As Pandemics Do As Well..:)

A Pleasure
Dear Aloha

FRiEnD ☺️

Staycation ๐Ÿค—

Paradise Do Stay ๐Ÿ

SMiLes Dear Annabel

In My Working Years i used
To Edit the Work of others for
Style And Substance And Approve

Printing Jobs for A Very Large Military

Installation In An Administration Building

That Was All Paper Work And Technical

Lists to Check off then to Make Sure Perfection

Was the Rule of the Day With No Mistakes Never Does

A Scam Online Get Passed me pretending to be an ‘Official
Organization’ As Without Fail they Make at Least one Grammatical Mistake

Still in School Your Writing Skills Are Truly Without Mistake And You Incorporate

Creativity Assertiveness Confidence And Sincerity Not Afraid to Admit What

Ever Shortcoming You May Feel You Have too hehe notice i’ve Used No Punctuation

So Far And My Lines Are Not Confined to Any Part

of the Page as i Gave Up Rules And Money

After i Retired And Became

More Like Butterfly



The Cocoon

i Was in Literal

Hell on Earth After

Recovering from 19 Disorders

Mostly Stress Related Associated with
Work including Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
From Wake To Sleep For 66 Months Yes Assessed

As the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Commonly Referred
to in the Medical Field As the Suicide Disease And Yes Assessed
As the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Even Topping the Torture
of Real Crucifixion too Yes no 3 Hour to 3 Day Tour of Hell on Earth
For me A Full 66 Months From Wake to Sleep Where No Drug Would

Touch the Torture of What Felt Like a Dentist Drill of the Devil Real in
my Right Eye And Ear then and yes Dear it’s Hard for me to Believe i’ve
Already made 42 Comments On Your Blog Site As Your Records Reveal

Hehe i am Number Two Underneath You as it seems We only Recently just
Met And Didn’t Naturally Agree At First Glance on the Subject of “Little Nas X”
And His Outrageous Video As You Expressed Your Views on Christianity and
Asserted You Wouldn’t Welcome Questioning Your Religion Where Hehe After

6 Decades of Studying ‘The Bible’ Forwards and Backwards And All Major Religions

It’s Not Unusual For A Priest or Pastor to Get Lost in a Debate About What Their Religion
Says or Does not Say After A Paragraph or So of one of my ‘Fredtalks’ in Person Yet Of course

Like You i’ve seen struggles from Day one of Birth Born on the Autism Spectrum Not able to

Touch Human Made Materials Without Greatest Discomfort in Extreme Tactile Sensitivity

Not Able to Speak Until Age 4 And to Be Clear i realize i’ve Already Covered Some of

This With You in the Comments Here and Just One of my Comments May be as

Many Words As A Person May Blog in an Entire Year hehe… And True my

one Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Blog Post Free Verse is 338,630

Words Long With Over 300 Gorgeous Nature Pics at the Beach

i took And Published in the End of April of 2016 and i will

Link It Here Just to Prove it exists Yet You See When

i Wrote it as the way i did it is responding

Poetically to Every Single Prompt

And Poet of Probably the

Largest Online

International Poetry

Community “dVerse Poet’s
Pub” for an Entire Year April
Of 2015 Through March of 2016

And That Was Just One Narrow Focus

of What i Blogged And Compiled As An Anthology

of my Own Free Verse Poetry for That One Year

As Likely the Longest Blog Post Anyone Has Ever

Written Whether it be Poetry or Just Discussion Yet You

See there is a Reason for this Most Folks Are Motivated by

External Rewards True Success in Life is When We Come into

What is Called ‘Autotelic Flow’ And through The Bio-Feedback

of Emotions, Feelings, And Senses of What We Do As A Practice of

Life We Generate Our Own Happiness Yes Kingdom of Heaven Within

And Yes of Course in this Modern World Money is the God We Are Taught

Almost From Birth As We Increasingly Become the Tools We Use as i didn’t

get an opportunity to Comment on Your Post About the Pitfalls of Using SmartPhones

As i was Busy Publishing my Last 65,607 Word EPiC Long Form MacroVerse As i Write

And Publish one of These Efforts in Novel Size Every Two Weeks Just for the Fun of it and

While i may Receive 20 Posts from one person in one Day on the Word Press Reader Hehe

It Didn’t Even Share my Post With me on the Reader Yet You See it Doesn’t Matter if Over a

Million People View what i do or no one does And It’s True i Administrate 7 Blogs and Write

on Philosophy Sites And Millions of People have Viewed all of what i do And in ‘Real Life’ i’m

Assessed As A Dance Legend And Famous by the Metro Audience As i have Done a Free Style

Ballet and Martial Arts Public Dance For 14,896 Miles NoW in Almost 93 Months as one of the

Social Media Video Voyeurs Captured me and it Went Viral As i Recorded Many of the

1300 Comments They Made in a Couple of my Blog Posts as i got to be a Fly on the

Wall to Hear How an Entire Community in my Metro Area Assessed me as a

Human Being Where Most of them never talked to me and only

Saw me Dance the Comments Ranged From Hero, Legend,

G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) to i Hope He Isn’t

Crazy And Harms



His Dance

Hehe as Even though

i reach age 61 on 6.6.2021

i still Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds

And Weigh Between 240 And 245 Pounds

Hehe Depending on How Many Meals i consume

For Gas to Keep my Energizer Bunny FLoWinG You

See i can and will Feel Comfortable Telling All About

me to You As There is No Reason For You To Feel Jealous

Or Inferior to what i do as You Have already Done More than

i could Possibly Dream of When i was Your age then as indeed

i’ve Viewed What So Many Thousands of People have done and

Indeed at Your Age You Are Surely Enigma for Who You Report to Be…

Now Generally Speaking Some Folks Try to Get Away With Scraping the

Work of Other Folks to Try to Scam Money off of Others Yet Most Always

It’s easy to tell they are not who they say they are by the Quality of their

Writing abilities in the Comments Where Your Style Relates the Same

Style of Your Writing in Your Blog Posts As far as Grammar Ability

Goes It’s truly Amazing that You are Doing School in Addition to

This as i remember being Your Age And Beyond in College

only Being Able to Generate A Technical List of Firstly,

Secondly, And Thirdly When Asked to complete

A Creative Writing Assignment in Literature

Class then Somehow in 8th Grade

i won a Christmas Story

Among Two


Rooms and

80 Students Yet

That was one of Few Days

that i found the Emotions and

Senses That Generate Holy Creative

Spirit Flow that i also Found at age

18 in a Philosophy Class in College

it was Pure Magic i had no idea

That was in me yet i didn’t

Realize How the



of School

Withers that Human Potential
Away in Metaphor of Left Brain
Restricted Intelligence of the Part

of Our Mind that is Restricted to

Using Tools And Apprehending

Solutions of Problems Now We

Resolve in the Illusion of Time,
Distance, Space And Matter that

Part of Our Minds Create Yes in Terms

of Past and Future When Now is all that Really

Exists the Much Bigger Picture of Understanding,

Cognition; Artistic Social Empathic Spiritual Intelligences

the Metaphor of Right Brain Hemisphere Brings And You

Dear Are Already Proficient in Using Both Sides of Your

Mind In Flow And this is Obviously Why You Are Enigma

Here for it is Often Our Struggles in Life That Release the

Epigenetic Potential to Rise Above the Norm of those Born

And Bred With THEiR Golden Spoon of ‘Perfect’ For You See

There is no Perfect in Existence only Perfecting Even if God

Is Love is Perfect God is Only Statue With No Breath only A

Machine Stagnant Where No Where to Still Evolve And Grow

With Relative Free Will Now True A Machine Has no Free Will

Yet Humans Who Incorporate All of their Human Potentials More

Fully Surely Do Master Their Happiness And Heaven Within Now

Where in this Way What Jesus was Reported to Say about the Kingdom

of Heaven Will Only Be Found Within is True the Karma of Our Heaven is

What And Who We Co-Create Within With all of God Nature Now For Real…

Smiles Dear You are surely Welcome to Call me Fred as in my Pen Name And

In Life my Wife Always Walks Ahead of me For it is Also True True Love Requires

No Worship, Never Fears Criticism, Where True Kings And or Queens Serve All Others

And Put themselves Last as First Yet this Does Not Mean the Lion And or Lioness Must

Ever Bow to




them With

Love in Kindness Courage

Wisdom of Beauty’s Love Now

For Real For Love is the Greatest Gift

We Still Have Potential to Give Personally

i Hate Even the Idea of Money it is only A necessary

Evil to Survive in Our Modern World As i Look Out my

24 inch Window i See Abundance of Nature Free as

God All Colors of Spring Continuing to Green Yet

True Not All LiVE iN Colors of Green Abundance

Before the Europeans Came Here American

Indians Lived in Balance With God of

Nature And Never Had Any Need

to Own the Face of Nature God

As A Dead Thing to Buy

SMiLes There is A Movie

Called ‘The Emerald Forest’

Back in 1985 Where the nearly

Naked Natives Were Sold into Prostitution

Forced To Wear Clothes Adorning their Value

For Sale A Man Helped them Escape the First

Thing they Did in Disgust is Tear off all the Sin

They Were Adorned As In Clothes to Sell

And It’s True After i Prostituted

My Soul For 33 Years of
Work for Pay as

Slave to the

God of

Money As Soon

As i Retired i Stripped

Off All the Evil Green Print

Paper Bill Clothes and Emptied my

Pockets into My Wife’s Purse As it was

Ony for Her in the First Place For the one

Who took Care of me to always Have enough when i am gone…

Smiles Dear FRiEnD my Wife is Beautiful and Looks Perfect in Most

Folk’s Eyes still Now as she did when she was 19 Now at 51 Yet

She Struggles With Epilepsy as i did With Autism too when Young

And Yes Bi-Polar too as i have Seen Hell Most Folks Can’t imagine

Exists and Heaven too yet i accommodate that Struggle with

Only Art of Poetry And Moving Meditation in Flow of
Dance to Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses

That Accommodate the Struggles of Autism too

As i No Longer Have Problems Social

Communicating And Will Publicly

Present my Self in both

Oral And Dance


Solo Anywhere

With Anyone on this Earth

Never With Fear or Any
General Anxieties now

Smiles Before i could Hardly

Present myself in Oral Presentation

i did manage to Stay at the top of my

Class And Graduate With a Triple Major

of Three Degrees Yet i was raised Very

Poor my Wife Even Poorer than me with

No Electricity, Food, or Drink The So-called

Christian Kids Spit on her for having to get

Free Lunches and threatened to Beat Her

Up So Ashamed She Was She Stopped

Eating Lunch in School on the Other

Hand the So-Called Christian

Boys Spit on me Just

For Being Happy

To Be alive

Smiling for No other
Reason in School and

At the City Park too And Yes

Emotions Were Forbidden for

Males in the Early 1970’s Raised

In Middle School Then Yes From

1973 When i Was 13 And i played

The Song “Jesus Christ Superstar’

on the Piano in a Talent Show so

Spirit Filled i was i could

Hardly walk


As People Always

Made Fun of the way

i Moved and talked too…

They All Erupted In Laughter

At Me Like i Was Doing Comedy

Instead of Respecting Spirit So Deep in Verb…

SMiles my Dear the Meek Do Inherit the Earth…

Don’t Let this World Take Your Real Treasure Within Away…

i Wandered the Desert of Toxic Patriarchy for 40 Years Until

i Recovered Out of that Cocoon of Hell for 66 Months When i reached

53 i finally found a Union of Both Sides of my Body/Spirit/HeART/Soul/Mind

Before i retired last kid Picked in Sports i went from Bowling Center Manager

For the Military Installation in Federal Employment to Community Activities

Director to Athletic Director From the Last Kid Picked on Sports Teams

in School Yet None of What i was Valued For Had anything

to Do with those Jobs my Ability to Resolve

Information Technology and

Financial Managing


For the


i was in True that’s

How i Sold my Soul For Money

When i was A Caterpillar before

i Went to the Dark Cocoon of

Hell Where i Couldn’t Remember

if i even Smiled Before in my Life

As Emotions are Memories And Memories

Are Emotions and when they are Gone there

is Zero Reference point out of Hell in Hell All there

is is Illusion of Time in Heaven There is Eternally Now Bliss Out of Time…

Indeed that We Generate Within This Kingdom of Heaven Now Real

Since the Age of 53 i’ve Written the Longest Long Form Poem

Free Verse Poem Ever my Entire Blog Copied and

Pasted to Several Other Blogs i Administrate

too As Most All of it Yes all 9.3 MiLLioN

Words Now Are a Collection of Poetic

Letters in Free Verse Written

in Flow to Innumerable

Folks All Around

the Globe

Yes 100,000 Words

Now on Average Every

Month for 93 Months Now

With that 14,896 Miles of Free Flowing

Meditative Dance That i literally Have

A Prescription For From my Doctor

to Mitigate Challenges in Regulating

Emotions and Integrating Senses

As that Relates to Both Autism

And Bi-Polar too Yet You See this

Meditation of Writing Also Does the Same

i stay in Flow And go Go Go Go in Effortless

Ease hehe therefore A Comment Now on Your

Blog 2465 Words Long So Far More than Typical

Bloggers Write in A Whole Year And Yes “GodsUniverseNovel3”

Linked Below More than Most Folks Write in Perhaps a Lifetime too…

My EPiC Longest Long Form Poem that i Casually Refer to as A Personal

Bible i Write as really that’s what most Blogs are Personal Bibles Folks Write

Dancing Singing A Song Unique As God EYes of Soul Now Authentic And True…

Yet There is always Room For More As One Subchapter “Nether Land Bible”

is Soon to Arise to 7 MiLLioN Words in the Last 5 Years Now and writing

This Today i Am Writing my Next Blog Post titled “FB Profile Pic Bible
Volume 2021 4 YearS Old” As True That Effort Now in 4 Years is

5.3 MLLioN Words Long and Included in my Facebook Profile

Pic Description Areas on Average of 8,000 Words Each As

Yes There are Over 100,000 Photos i took in my Whole

“SonG oF mY SoUL” Fully Illustrated Longest Long

Form Poem Ever EPiC And yes Over 10,000 You

Tube Songs to Accompany it in Theme Music too

In Just the last Year on Facebook i’ve

Used About 2100 Profile Pics

to Illustrate it on Facebook

Some Repeat Each 8,000

Word Mini-Chapter Where there

Are Actually About 16.8 MiLLion Words

Copied And Pasted Just this Past 12 Months…

And Again That Doesn’t Include all the Other places

And i Started “Nether Land Bible” Subchapter 5 Years

Ago After i Wrote “GodsUniverseNovel3” As Yes Every

Word Counted by the Word Press Automated Counter

Arising to 7 MiLLioN Words by My 61st Birthday Month…

You Know there is John 14:12 That Says those who Truly

Believe in the Teachings of Jesus Will Do Greater Works than

Him There is Luke 17:21 That Speaks the Kingdom of Heaven

Will Only Be Found Within Now Yes i find Those Verse Numbers

Evidently True for me Now And True At Your Age if You Always

Put People First As You Do Now Evidently in Responses Back

to them in Comments And to All others You Meet and Greet in

Life Without Expectation of anything They May Do For You

Indeed my FRiEnD

You Do Greater

Works than

me As You
May Not have

to WalK iN A Desert

Without Soul for 40

Years the way i did without

Almost a Drop of God’s Creativity

Within to Drink to Serve Give Share

And Care Freely With All Others Most Now as Least…

i haven’t Made a Penny since i retired And as Far As i am

Concerned All the Money in the World And Nothing are the Same Value

Yet Love is Beyond Infinity Love is Beyond Measure When Butterfly Wings Fly As Love Free

i don’t See NoW Anything i Will Do in Intelligence or Creativity that will Overwhelm You

As You



It Seems

Secure in

Who You are

How rare that is

Dear and A Source

For Truly Stellar Human

Potential Yet Still to Come

Yep As Nike Says Without

Selling Shoes God Yes Just DO IT
And Now For 31 More Words to Reach
3,000 Words in this Comment At Best

God Yes Just



In Memory of As Dedicated to As ‘They’ Say too Annabel

SiGNaTuRE A Son Comes First As There is

Also ‘Ryan’ Too That Years Later i

Found in Old Irish

Means ‘Little King’

Ryan is the Little Boy in the Picture

Taken on Father’s Day of 1997 The Little

Boy Ryan Born With Multiple Congenital Anomalies

Lived 51 Days From June 4th, 1997 Thru July 24th, 1997

He Made it Through Open Heart Surgery to Correct Transposition

of the Major Arteries Yet Born Without Openings in the Nasal Cavities

to Breathe So Many Other Issues Born With Almost No Immune System

At All And Yes Never Experiencing A Smile in His Life True Breath of Love

Only Pain

All 51 Days

You know


Before Ryan i kinda

Thought i Had it Tough

In Life And True i had No

Idea How Much Struggle in

Real HeLL ON Earth Was Still Yet

to come 10 Years After This Day then…

Yet’s It’s Also True i Dedicated my Life

To Ryan That i would Always Smile For

Him And Give Sharing Caring Freely LoVE iN

SMILes To Everyone Else i Meet And Greet in

Life Sadly Stress From Work took My Soul And SMiLes

Away to Coming HeLL ON Earth WitH All those Disorders i Endured

in the Suicide Disease too it’s True i had a Chain in a Bicycle Basket

Not Because i Didn’t Have the Best Life in the World With my Wife’s Love

Just that Somethings

In Life Are so

Much Worse

Than Death

Just Beyond

Measure in HeLL ON EartH

As LoVE iN LiGHT Heaven Now is True…

i Had A Road In my Mind Far Away from

Home A Tree Far Enough in the Forest

Where Vultures Feeding on me Would

Give my Life Some Purpose and Meaning

No Longer A Burden to Those Who Tried to

Give me Life in HeLL ON EartH That Next

Morning my Wife Awoke From A Dream

Where She And Her Deceased Granny

Were Hanging Christmas

Ornaments on A Tree

That Spring

Where She Had

Never Named the Road

Before i Planned in my Ideation of

Suicide then And then i Understood

That although i had Lost All Hope in

My Life My Wife Was Gifted by God

In Her Dream With A Clear Message of Stay

Do Stay Fred There is a bit More in Life That You Will Still Do to Fully Come Alive

That i did on July 19th, 2013 Precisely 94 Months Ago Since Today 5.19.2021

A Spirit Within Drove me to the Beach i Stood Upon Sugar White Sands Sea

Oats Gently Dancing in the Wind Emerald Green Waves Sea Gull





Then and Now

Still Wings




As All


Shine of God Within
Union of All That Is

LoVE iNDeeD my FRiEnD

NoW Reborn it is No Myth

It is Real And True Too For
All Who Dance And Sing Free iN LiGHT..

Yeah There Are A Few Other Challenges

Like the First 40 Days of the Most Intense Pain

Not Able to Sleep Yet only 1 Hour of CardBoard

Shallow Sleep for the First 35 days of 40 None

In the Last 5 of 40 in the Winter to Spring Months

of 2008 too weak to get to a Shower Yet Mustering

the Strength to Find Some Car Keys in Last Grasp

Effort to Run into a Tree to end it all Always Following

The Rules i couldn’t drive past 55 finding a Bridge to

Jump off of too weak to get Out somehow my

Sister Finding me in Her Car at the Bottom

of the Bridge Taking me with her

Still Wanting

To Jump

Off the


End of the River
Walk Just to get Rid of that
Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and

Ear Many Folks Shoot themselves

i thought if anyone really loved me

They’d give me a gun my Sister

Took me speeding on a Country

Road Relating She Would Kill Us Both

Then Saying She Couldn’t Bear to Live

Without a Brother As She Was on the Autism

Spectrum too often Bullied And Left Alone i said

No And Finally Agreed to go to the Hospital as

i was terrified of Doctors for Decades then as i Knew

i was different Yet didn’t understand and was afraid of

What i might find as i wasn’t Diagnosed on the Autism

Spectrum or with Bi-Polar until after that.. the Hospital

Shot Me Up with 4 Milligrams of Ativan And i Finally Went to Sleep…

It was a long

66 Month

Dry Spell
In Hell Indeed

After Going to Hell

i Will Surely Not Wish

The Devil to Even Have to Go mY FRiEnD

for it seems to me i got to play that role too…

The Worst Place is when You Have to Leave

The ones You Love And You Are the Only One

Who Decides

to stay or go…


to be

Here my FRiEnD..

i Always do My

Best to Help Folks Stay With SMiles
For It is True There is Living Death And HeLL ON EartH too..:)

HAHa not
Sure if
Ya Got
The Joke
i Have



Cause Right
Makes me Happy

Zoe and Happy




JeSuS F iN
Christ Just

No Escaping

Heaven For Me me me๐Ÿ˜œ

Happy Birthday Kim i’ll Always
Be A Year And 18 Days Less
Older Than You Hehe Yes the Oldest

LESSoN 356
Perfect is Verb
No Different Yet
Same As God For



Becomes Noun

We Might As Well

Be An Idol A Stone Statue

With No More Air To Breathe

For If God Is The Noun Perfect

God is Machine With No


To Grow

And Perfect

This Love Greater

Now Hehe No Matter

How Our Numbers Grow

In Age There Is Always Room

To Perfect Hehe Even Reaching

61 i Still As Art Try to Perfect my

SiGNaTuRE Poses Whether

Clothed More Fully or Less

Yet True HAha if That Potential

Ever Decreases Where it

Hasn’t Yet There is Always

Poetry And Love And



Like Dear

One You i Pay
Close Attention
To What Pleases
You And Continue
To Listen to Your
Changing Seasons
And Weather too i




Of Perfecting

FRiEnDShip Most
To BRinG You Most

Pleasure Each Day

And Or Support too

Usually Fever Means

There is Some Emotional
Distress in Your Life too

Hope All is Okay With
You Dear FRiEnD Yet With
Stress At Work And Hardships

In Your Homeland i Can
Imagine Life May Be a
Bit More Difficult to



Usual As

Of Course Every
Accountant is A
Bit of A Perfectionist too


Hehe Rarely Does Anyone Say i Pray

For You (me) ‘Funny’ How That Works

Last Time Someone Did They

Prayed i’d Become A

Republican and

Vote For Trump

In the Name Of Jesus

True Some Prayers Are

Inherently Ignorant And Unwittingly
Evil it Seems Yet i Forgive Prayers too Rue

Other than That Just A Positive Comment of I’ll

Pray for You When Someone is Down Does Work

Science Proves it As Long As the Other Person Understands

They Are Being Prayed For With Positive Emotions of Love

Where Understand Equals They Feel Sincere Love That Was

No Where Present When the Person Offered Prayers

For Me Just A Berating Effort That ‘His

God Trump’


Bigger Than

The Light i See Feel
And Sense For Real

True Prayers Will Be Loving

Or Just The Tribal Nature of

Human That Remains Us ‘Verses’ Them..:)

Fire Flies Foresting FLiGHT

Hehe A Positive Word Savvy
To Add to A Jar of Life
Starting With the Letter

Of my


Smiles of

Course ‘Fred’

For When We Are

Happy Full of Joy

We All Light Up

The World

Like A

Jar of Fire Flies

Spiriting A Forest of

Life As Living Trees Everywhere Loving All
We Spread Our Leaves Fertilizing Souls oF LiGHT..:)

Seasons And Weathers For All
Emotions And Change These

Too Shall


As Waves

Rage Becoming

Rainbows Flavoring Skies Again..:)

Seasons And Weathers For All
Emotions And Change These

Too Shall


As Waves

Rage Becoming

Rainbows Flavoring Skies Again..:)

SMiLes Aloha FRiEnD All The Beauty

In Hawaii All the Sunshine And Good

Food All The Rainbows And Yellow

Flowering Trees in Spring

Yet Best of

All All The

Warmth The Animals

Have For Each Other As

Cats and Dogs And Horses

And Roosters All Get Along

When Farm And Beach

Come Together


is Love

Always to

See And Feel
Aloha Again to You And
Great To Hear You Are Coming
to Your Last Installment of Vaccine
Also Impressive How Hawaii is among
First States to Reach Herd Immunity too

Apparently Your State Truly Cares for the
People Who Live There All of Them Working Together..:)

i’m Sure There is A Golden Retriever
Waiting For You too Rue๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™Œ

SMiles Dear Rue Lost
From Emotions For 66 Months
i Never Hesitate Now To Dance
And Sing Emotions Move


To Live


Life Worth
Living to The
Chagrin oF All
Of Those Men
Who Say Emotions
Are Mush And Only
For “Weak Women”

On The Other



me They
Could Be
10 Times
Stronger Than
A Grinch Now

Too Just By Painting Wind๐Ÿ’จ

Hehe Cat-6

Hurricane Style๐Ÿฆ






‘No one You’er
Than You’ Now๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜‡

A KinG/Queen Of Freedom
Plays to No Target Audience…
HiS/HeR Story… Only Throne…

i Wrote A Moral oF A STory Sunday Morning
Internet Cliff Notes Sing ‘Game of Thrones’ Stories

Amen to That

‘Bible Writers’ And ‘Story Tellers’ aRe iN Charge of HeARTS SpiRiTS
NoW STiLL RuLinG HuMaN Souls DarK Thru LiGHT Dead Or Alive Living

NoW Yes

‘Commoners’ Are Folks Who only Follow other


Yet to Sing And Dance THeiR Own ‘GaME of


A Moral of A Jesus ‘Commoner’ Story is Create A
Greater Story Than Jesus Loving All Harming Least All (John 14:12)

What A Sweet Birthday Tribute to Your ‘Mommie’ Rue

And i Guess it Depends on the Photo As The Headliner

Photo Still Looks Like an Identical Twin of my Other

FRiEnD From India Who Poses With

Shih Tzu Dogs Not In All of Her

Photos Just A Few

Yet Some of These

Other Photos Definitely

Look Like A Clone of You

Uncanny Valley Effect Indeed

As i started to Wonder if it was

Photo Effects of Older photos And

Really You With SMiLes Best Thing

Is Your Mother Helped Raise You to Be You..:)

Thanks Dear๐Ÿ˜Š
Sohair Stay ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ™
Loving Best Bless Now

SMiLes Dear Sohair Just ๐Ÿ˜Š
BreathinG LoVE SMiles Now๐ŸŒน

This Step This Word God Yes
This Breath Complete In Or Out
LoVE iNDeeD Savvy Dancing Singing
All i Need LoVE iT ALL FLoWinG NoW…๐Ÿ™‚

Loving Giving Sharing Caring All NoW
Most Important Clause Dear Sohair WitH
Least Harm ALL As All Loves Differently NoW
Life This
God With

So Many Colors Breathing

LoVE STiLL CoMinG NoW..:)

DeaR Sohair SHaLL

Breathing Enough Rest oF iT ALL
iCinG oN Cake NoW Dear Vrunda

Than Prayer…

Oh Lord…
i Relate…
Do Take Care…

Got A 2014 Civic
Never A Problem
80,000 Miles It’ll



For The

Rest of My
Life Hehe to
The Chagrin

Of my Wife Who
Wants A New Blue

Touring SuBaRu Forester

That Costs Two Thirds

As Much As Our Home

Bought In ‘93 All



Now Worth

More Than 3 Times

More Living Free my Please

Civic’s Last For The Rest Of

A Life

To Live Freer Indeed

All Paid-Off Since

2016 Like Our Home

my Philosophy Wins

Early Retirement

Now Then

At 47 Susie

For 13 Years๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜Š

Never Tied Down
Again With

Greed Too





“American Illusion” ๐Ÿคฎ ๐Ÿค‘

How Exciting
3 Poetry


In A Row


Arting Soni☺️๐Ÿค—

SMiLes Dear Annabel Poetry Beauty

iN Flow Best Creating New Wisdom Truth

Kindness in Courage Connecting God As




This Way

Now Through

Poetry Ongoing

Collaboration Wherever They

Go MaKinG Every Word Sacred

Holy Poetry Singing Doing

Same Now With





God Free

With Others

Caring Connecting

By Soul This Way Now

Indeed Beyond All Categories

Soul How We Paint SPiRiT Wind mY FRiEnD

For What Never Comes Before Only Birthing






All ToGeTHeR Best…

Thank You For MaKinG

God A Bit Bigger In Connecting

God Energy Creation Soul Activity Today Now

Vibrations, Frequencies, Energy RiSinG Synergy LiGHT..:)

SMiLes Dear Annabel

Beautiful Poem Sitting

Here With No Pockets

At All Viewing All the Colors

of Green Spring Forever Into Nature

Through A 24-Inch Window So Much Larger

Forever Than This 27.1 Inch iMac Phone to

Deliver These Words Dancing Singing

Piano Keyboard

As Such

To Bring

The Keys

to Words

i Surely



Is A ‘Bane’

of Existence When

Nature is Green With Colors
of Heaven in Abundance Yet

True in Desert Life Oil Will Seem
Worthy As Gold For A Drop of Water to Drink

Location, Location, Location, You LiVE iN Nigeria

Your BLeSSinG GReaTesT Perhaps is Not Being Born

Into A Tower of Gold For the Greatest Garden of

Eden is When One Looks Within Coming Filled

With Love The Feeling Pure and Agape

Never Running Out for the More

Love We Give The More

Love We Become

The More Love

We Share With Care

The Wealthiest Capital Comes

to Pass Temple of God Yes Love Humanity

Breathing This Air Best We All May Share Now…

Indeed i Feel Blessed to Have Discarded the God

Of Money




Of the Bank

Where Only the

Accountant of my

Wife Must Deal With

That Devil Now Unless

She Needs a Bit of Financial

Expertise from my Life of Before in HeLL ON EartH

When Giving is So Much Fun It’s Hard to Understand

Why Some Only Seek to Take And Get So Upset When




For Love

Giving the

God of Money
Up to BREaTHE AGAiN..:)

At Best
That’s It Nan๐Ÿ˜Š

“Eat, Drink, And Be Merry”;

On the Other ‘Right Hand’

If ‘You’ Believe in the

Protestant Work Ethic, According to ‘Weber’:

“Weber posited that the spirit of capitalism integrated
a philosophy of avarice coloured with utilitarianism.
[7] Weber also says that, according to Protestant Ethic,
“Wealth is thus bad ethically only in so far as it is a
temptation to idleness and sinful enjoyment of life,
and its acquisition is bad only when it is with the
purpose of later living merrily and without care”.

Guess What, i Live Merrily Without Any Worries

And Spread Love Every WHere i Go

With Empty Pockets;

i Tend to

Agree with

The Teachings of Jesus

As Such More Than Any

Frigging Protestant Work

Ethic, Designed to Make Us

All Slaves to the Almighty Dollar…

If You Wish to Enjoy Heaven, Only In A

Dirt Nap Dead; More Power to ‘Your’ ‘OverlordS’ iNDeed…

Meanwhile, Continue Trying to Change ‘Trademark JeSuS’ iNTo Trump, if You Love,

Per Effect Here; You Surely Won’t Be Among the Minority of ‘Evangelical White Christians’…

Concocting Brew

Continuing This



Work Ethic

Cauldron Stew;

NO, Not into that
Kind of ‘BLacK Witch Craft’ Now;

More Appropriately Green Print

SHades of Totally Dead Dollar Bills;

Just SHells on A Beach With No LiVinG Love At All Now…

Or Shall We Review the Microcosm of HeLL ON EartH iN Lies

These Days All That Sits ‘Right’ In the House And Senate AS Such…

‘EViL CiRCuS’ Is in

Town The


Is Still Free

For ALL On ‘Bad News’…

WHeRE Down Is Up

And Left Is Right Now…

JusT All ParT oF A NeWeR AGE RaPTurE…

Thousand, Two Thousand Years, No TiME HeaR…

Yes! Almost Other Worldly
Like A Harry Potter Movie๐Ÿ˜Š

i Don’T Own “The Real Garden Of Eden”
i LiVE iN THE REaL Garden Of Eden EternAlly NoW

Some Folks SPend THeir WHole Life Trying To “Own
The Mountain” Others “Am The Mountain” No Need to CLimb to GET HiGHeR

Spoiler Alert:

“Mr. Chambers,
Don’t Get on That Plane!”

“The Rest of the

Book, to Serve Man,

It’s… It’s A Cook Book!”

Ha! hA! HA!

Morality is As Fluid

As Human Imagination

On A Day-to-Day Case-by

‘Case’-Basis-Now that ‘the

Ignorant’ Are Too Foolish to

Take ‘The Shot’ A Microcosm of this

May Be Seen Among the ‘Representatives’ of ‘The People’;

100-Percent of ‘The House’ Who Are Democrats Are Vaccinated;

On The Other ‘Right Hand’ as of Recent Analysis, 45-Percent of Republican

Representatives Are as this Applies To Close to What ‘Evangelical White Christians’ Profess

THAT ‘They’ Are NOT Likely to Ever Get Vaccinated Due to Unfounded Fears;

No Different Really Than ‘Q-Anon Non-Sense’ or Somehow A ~2000

Year-Old-Dead-Dude Is LITERALLY Gonna Come Back to Life

(YeS A Dirty Little Brown Man From the Middle East With

Sandy Feet; Same Way He Left Returning, Insisting He
Is Last Not First, Serving All As Meek Inheriting the EartH NoW)

Any Day

And Take

Them to


Just For Saying

A Magic Recipe in A Book…

None Of those ‘Three’ Are True;

Yet Morality Is Assigned to All Three

By ‘Religion’ As Lies; on the Other ‘Left Hand’ Now that

The Democratic (Religion) Faction is in Charge, ‘The Ignorant’

Now This Moment Who Need the Most Help in Society From Not Falling on

Their Own Swords oF iGNorance Are Thrown Under ‘the Bus’ (Democracy)…

As Now



As Democrats

Is More Important

Now Safe And Sound Vaccinated

Without Masks Than Yes If the “Ignorant”

Die or Suffer Years of ‘Long Haul Misery’…

And Don’t Forget About the Frigging Children…

(Or Conservatively Speaking, the Fact That Viruses Mutate)

It is What is Baby, Yet Morality is Always Relative,
Depending On Who And Or What is MaKinG Rules…

Yet Here’s A Key; What Do You Do When You Can’t

Make Rules to Require Ignorance to Change In A Civil



Love is

Required to

Defeat Ignorance

For The Good of Those

Who Have No Clue to Understand

How to Save Their Own Frigging Life…

People Can’t See ‘the Seat Belts’ in This
Case And Democracy is a Half Bake



And Safety…

Guess What Nature

Will Have Her Way, Live or Let Die…

Those Who Are Not Able to ‘See in The Dark’ Will Fall…

Hey, Trust me or Not, When i Say ‘Jesus’ Could Come Back

And Wouldn’t Be Able to Convince ‘Them’ to Get Vaccinated

Or Get ‘Them’ To Believe that He Wasn’t really An Artistic Representation

of What Leonardo DaVinci Looked like in ‘the Day’ of Painting ‘Their Last Supper’…

Like ‘the Twilight Zone’ Says Best, Be Careful of Folks Bringing Books ‘To Serve Human’…

It’s A HeLLuVA


MeMe iNDeed;

(This Story

Telling Business)

It’ll Be More than

2,000 Years for Some Folks

to Get ‘The Punch Line’ For Real…

Unless, ‘Trademark JeSuS’ Comes Out of the Clouds

NoW iN A ‘UFO’ And Takes them Back to ‘His Planet’…
HAha! It’s Looking More Possible Each And Every Day,

At Least

More than

Ignorance Changing

By ‘ItS Own {Free Will}’ To Be ‘Blind’ Now…

Humans are So F iN Predictable; You May Even See
Ignorance in Human Statistics As Science Shows;

Yet, Not Everyone is this Predictable; And Not Every
One Has Similar Levels of ‘Relative Loving Free Will’…

How God Answers Prayers True Story Rue Rewind to the Spring

of 1963 My Mother Is Pacing the Floor of the Living Room of

Our Trailer “God Help me Find my Keys or i am Gonna Be Late”

i am 2 Years Old On the Autism Spectrum And Will Not Be Speaking

Sentences for Another 2 Years at 4 The Answer to my Mother’s Prayer

to God Comes While She Still Frustratingly Searches Every Where For

the Keys in the Living Room i toddle my Way Back to Her Bedroom And Find

The Keys Fallen to the Floor

Beside the


So What

Drives me to Do this Then

Is it Church No Is it the Bible

No Yes it is Love as Love Naturally

Hurts when it sees the Distress of another

Part of Nature And Does its Best To Resolve

That Distress As All True Heroes Do who Actually

Experience Yes the Emotions and Feelings Associated

With Human Love/Empathy True Not All Children Are Empaths

Without Words to Speak Yet Some Do Answer Prayers Without Words…

Smile Dear Rue Ignorance is More than Deaf And Blind When Love Does Not



Is Nothing

At All For Real

For the Essence

of the Shell of the

Word Living or Dead NoW As God..:)



A Moral

(AcTuAlly i


oF A STory i ReTurn

With The Keys Smiling

Bright As Sunshine Love


A God Damned Word
JusT A LiVinG Tree LoVinG..:)

iN Short Don’t Need A Leash

“Love One Another” At Least “Dogs” Do It
As God For “Their Masters” At Least And

Dogfriends too

SMiles Annabel For
Someone Your
Age You Surely

Have A lot

Of Charisma

And Sway Sensing

A Real Entrepreneurial



Perhaps one
Day You Will

Drop Out Of School

And Pave Your Own

Way As Many


Do Best Wishes

We Have
To Do


It Takes to
Climb Out to

A Better Place

There Are Lots of

Lonely People These
Days Many Pay

A Psychotherapist

Just To Have


To Talk to

i For one





Free to

Help Someone Else

Finding The FRiEnD
Who Never Separates

Within To BREaTHE Love


Amazing How
‘This Woodpecker’
Evolves to Be Part
oF A Living Tree Breathing…

Love Each Other
Wonder How Many

Years It

Will Take

Christians to

Genuinely Sincerely

Allow All To Love Each

Other Without Any

Ifs And Or Buts

For What



Touch What

Perhaps Only

A ‘Vampire’ And

(Where Love is Blood)

2,000 Years or So

‘Knows’ For Very



Actually Act Out

LiGHT Of This

For Ever Now For

Real This Through

And Through Christian

Thing Are You Rue

Strong Enough

To Let Love Rule

Hopefully Just

A Rhetorical


For The


Sin Is Putting

LoVE iN PriSon
Very Rarely Do

i Come Across

A ‘Christian’



Love is Wings Free

More oF A Prescription

A Force Fed Pill of

A Prayer


A Shell

On A Beach

Just Words With
No Living “Sea Creature”๐Ÿ™

Emotions Move
All We Do only





Emotions With

No Clue of What It Even

Means To Freely Breathe๐Ÿ™

Oh Goodness
No AC in The



19 Or 20
No Wonder
Your Skin Still

Glows Hehe Bet
It Felt Like Heaven


Your Face
In Front of
Your First AC
In Southern



Summer Swelter☺️๐Ÿ™Œ

SMiles Dear Rue You’d Have
To See it From The

Perspective Of An

Autistic Child Who

Speaks No Words

Yet Genuinely

Prays For

The World


Without One

Iota of So-Called
Biblical Instruction

Do Prayers


To Speak

Words to Work

Of Course Not It

Is In The Eyes Of
The Beholder of

God As Always

Playing Devil’s Advocate

For those who May Be



Only Believe
In The Scientific

Method Tool For

Measuring Nothing




i For One
Will Pray More
Ways Genuine than



Imagine Yet
We All See




On The
Other Hand
Don’t Invade
A Bunch of People
On An Island Trying
To Forcefully Convert

Them To

Your Religion
With Prayers


You won’t



For if You
Do And i Don’t

Mean You


One May

Find That


God Favors

Their ‘Prayers’ More

Life Is LiGHT And
DarK Those Who


To See in
The DarK

Tend To Fall๐Ÿ™

i Surely Agree

With You Prayers

Should Be Genuine

Yet No One Has



Other Than

God Within to

Teach me How to

Pray All That i Do
Is A Prayer Every

Holy Sacred



Word Most

Real Devils Who
Escape Hell Pray


i Do
And i Have
No Idea How
Many Do Yet

One With SMiles๐Ÿ˜Š




SMiLes Have

YeS iN Deed My Naked
Religion Is In the Best of
Company ‘The Naked JeSuS’
Before Robed in Lies of CuLTuRaL

Worshipping Clothes

i See It Clear As Night Is Day
‘JeSuS/YoU’ Comes Back Re-born
Again Strip YouR Clothes Off LooK iN

A Mirror Aha i AM

My Flesh And Blood Is The Vine
The Trees The Leaves The Stars What
Part Don’t You Understand YeS EVeN

my Pen is LoVE (God)

Just In Case You Are Curious Why THere
Are So Many Stories About Naked Messengers
And Prophets Even Still Breathing Free Now (GoD)

iRoNiC HoW WhaT iS iNViSiBLE to So Many EYes
So Many Now Away From Lies ViRuS Or Naked LoVE

FREE Easier NoW

So Many ‘True Detective Stories’ i Haven’t Told Yet Just
So Much More Never Ending Still To Come In So Many

OTHeR Ways True too

She Also Says i Always ‘Kill Her’ Yet She Meant That In A Laughing
To Death Kinda Way Far As i Know At Least in These Modern Days

Anyway It Was An Interesting Topic of Conversation Then With the
Customer Service Lady Who Said i Bring Spring to Winter Earlier too

i Didn’t Tell Him About All the Other Stuff i Do He Seemed Really
Worried About ‘The Prowler’ As There is Bad Stuff on the News

i Said Dude Don’t i Look Strange Dancing This Way Do You Really
Think i am Security Same As The Folks At The Dance Hall too Hehe

i’m Not Kidding A Shirt With Yellow Colored Homer Simpson In His
Underwear Yes Big Belly Scratching His Butt With A Cup Of Coffee

Okay So ‘Here’ i am With A ‘Homer Simpson’ Last Perfect Man
on Earth Shirt On Dancing At Walmart And He Wants me to

‘Save The Day’

Anyway This Guy at Walmart Tells Me i Need to Go To Another
of the Store A Suspicious Fellow With A Back Pack Is Prowling

Yeah Father’s Step Father In Law Enforcement His Identical
Twin Too All ‘Blue Bloods’ Eating Dinner Living At Home With

Cajun Mama

Okay My Father Was in Law Enforcement 46 Years His Father Used
to Be An Irish Catholic Priest Do You Inherit Enforcing Laws Hehe

Yeah True This Used to Happen At the Dance Hall Lots Too
Just To Be Clear Everyone Who Wears Shades At Night Is

Not Undercover

The Dude Said i Understand i’m ‘Blowing Your Cover’ Yet i Realize
You’ve Been Undercover Security At Walmart All These Dance Years

An Older Dude Probably Younger than me in Numbers As A Trend
Continues to Grow This Way Naturally Of Course As Years Go Bye

In Walmart The Other Day Dancing Like A 243LB Butterfly With Built-
In Nike Athletic Shox Shoes Wings Arms Perfecting Balance Now

i Listen To Your Stories “The Piano Man” i ReLate to Your Pain For
i’ve Felt Purgatory And HeLL ON EartH Just As MucH AS HeAVeNoW

Yes i Understand i’m Far From “The Modern Norm” Naked God Suits Me Fine

People Who Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven Cause There Ain’t No Sex Damn Sure

Haven’t Come to A Place i Am Now

There Are Experiences In Life Like Heaven Within Lasting

Forever Now Feeling 1000 Times And More Greater Than Sex

Yeah Baby Use ME A Tool On A Dance Floor Yet You Wouldn’t Need
to Now If All of Life is Orgasm Always From Head to Soul Toes Now

Only Difference With Me is Every Atom of My Being is An Orgasm
Always Now That Requires No Shower For Cleanups Naked Free

Fact: Some Folks Are Just Not Naturally Monogamous And Some
Generate Bliss Within Where Sex is At The Bottom of Do Lists

Anyway if You Don’t Think Women Objectify Dudes Just For
Sexual Gratification Obviously You’ve Never Attracted Bar Flies As A Dude

Neither Regret Or Shame For Any Part Of God DarK Thru LiGHT i Am
NoWTheNoW Your Responsibility to Get Naked Not Mine i’m Free

Field Of Dreams All We Will Ever Master Is Who We Create
Complete Enough Whole Rest Of The Parts Naturally Fall In

Ocean We Make Now

After Being Told i Didn’t Deserve To Exist in Middle School
Never Really BeLiEVE iN MaKinG 1st Moves Build It And

‘She’ Will Come

Obviously Their Hips Lost Count
Yeah i Gave Them my Number on My
Driver’s License 6.6.60 In The Dark With Fearless Moves

They Confused me For 35

Like When COVID-19 Shut The Dance Hall Down on 3.12.2020
Two Young Women Gifting me Grinding Hips Asking For My Number

Hey Everyone Should Have Some Old Salty Sea Stories To Tell
By The Day They Reach 61 On 6.6.21 my Birthday Gift to You

Year Round

Yet Again It’s True Hehe Again Naively Strange Named Wittiest Kid
Awarded As Such By Catholic Nun Teachers In 2nd Grade School Yes

Hehe One of my Women Poet FRiEnDS Says i’m ‘The King Of Innuendo’

Too JeSuS F iN Christ i Was Just LooKinG For A Good Girl Like my Wife
Hehe Be Careful What You Wish For An Eternal Virgin Might Just Stay
Apparently the Women Heard Billy Joel’s Song “Only The Good Die

Young” More Than Once

Yes in My Pants Yet i Was on The Government Clock
i Kept My Hands to Myself Like A “Good Catholic Boy”

My Old Retired Salty Sailor Boss Said My God You Attract
All The Bar Flies True Coming Behind The Counter Putting Hands in Pants

i Was Still Way Naive in 1985 i Had No Idea That Was A Thing Then too
You Know Those Kinda Pics Yet in Real Life FlesH And Blood Red

i Couldn’t Remember Spilling Drinks on Them Serving Shoes
‘They’ Said A Real Man Would ‘Whip it Out’

Some of The Old Military Men Were A Bit
Perturbed They Said “You Leave
The Ladies Dripping At The Counter”

JeSuS F iN Christ i Wasn’t Even A Male Stripper
Then Yet True “Blinkie” Talked me into Doing it on “Lady’s Night Out”

Pinned Up Against the Columns Holding Up The Ceiling By
A Group Of Military Wives From A Lady’s League…

Cleaning The Bathrooms Inspected By

Nice Women Customers

Oh The Cold Hard Terrazzo Floor That Hard Job
i Had Serving Shoes At The Military Bowling Center

After College LoWesT Wages

Don’t Forget i Was Raised in The Catholic Church Where

Only Virgin Mary’s Are Preferred…

The Military Husband Saying Be Honest i Don’t Care Did You Do
That to My Wife When She took You To The Beach me: No

Taking me Back To Military Housing Taking Me For Free
Pizza And Beer Then Taking My Hand Leading me to

Another Room…

Ah… On The Dance Floor At The Military Clubs Military
Wives Rather Forward Whispering in My Ear “Wanna F”

i Told The Flight Officer

i Invested in My Education Hehe She Didn’t
Understand That Meant Student Loan

“Blinkie” Said Heaven Is Staying In Bed

All Day Snuggling

African American Girl Flight Officer Taking
Me To A Steak Dinner Impressed By Her VCR/Color

TV in 1985 Just Serving Shoes

“Blinkie” Sweet Young Blonde Military Woman Who Took
Me to the Beach In Her Sports Car Taking Her Top off Flashing Plane Pilots

Heaven’S iN A Hug No Ifs Ands Or Butts Cold Churches Professing Love’s Not A Feeling

Keep Your Hell Not me…

JoY KeY SavvY๐Ÿ’ƒ
DancE SinG Free๐Ÿ˜Š
NoW No ReaSons๐Ÿ”

When Gold Tastes
Honey Worth While ๐Ÿฏ

SMiles Dear
Doc Jet Setting
Wonders of The
World Through

These Fiber
Optic Cables

Speed oF LiGHT

Wonders of Nature

Human Art’s Breath ๐ŸŒ…

Big Blue Room
Yeka HoMe of
Freedom Wings๐Ÿ

Cottony Loose
Soft Texture of
The Swimwear
Feels Relaxing๐Ÿ˜Ž



With An Environment

Of Huge Hard Rocks

At The
All We Have
Is Soft Sugar
White Sands on
Our Emerald Gulf Coast

Of Florida
Yet Still
With Sights
Like This Springing Ease๐Ÿ˜Š

Be Nature Breathing
In Ease Yes That’s Us
Just Free to Be God Now๐ŸŽผ

Hehe LinkedIn
Reminds me
Too Much of

Work it Was
Okay The First
22 Years Yet the
Last 33 Percent
Yes 11 Whole Years

Was A Frog Boil

Where The




For 11 Years
Until You Realize
You’re Boiling With

No Escape Stress
Is Cumulative And
Possible to Overlook

Until 99 Percent
Of The Damage
Is Done And All





Left Is 1 Percent
For Any Chance
Of Recovery As
For me That took
66 Months First


Was in 100 Degree F
WeatheR A Warm
Breeze Made

me Feel
Chilled in
July of Florida
Sweltering Summer

Little Did
i Realize My
Nervous System

For Basic


Was Being
By Getting Lost
In My Head Solving
Problems Leaving my


To Die
With No
Soul To Touch
My Really Smart
Head That was Dumber


i Could imagine
Then What We Do
With Words Comprises
Less Than 5 Percent

Of What


Mind And
Body Soul is

It Was A Hard Pill
To Swallow That 19
Years Of School 3
Degrees And 33






me How
To Stay Human

Keeping in Mind
That i Worked in
Morale, Welfare
And Recreation

For The

Government And my
3 Degrees Were in
Health Science,
Social Sciences
And Anthropology

Was Still
Left Out of
smART i had
No Idea i Was Still

Missing 60 Percent
At Least of my Soul

As Without
Art All That’s
Left of SMart
And HEart

Is ‘50 Shades
And Less than Grey’

Yep, Just S And
M And HE With No

Art in What I Didn’t
Realize Was Wandering
A Toxic Patriarchal


For 4 Decades

(13 To 53 Years-Old)

Until i Escaped into
A World of Poetry
Singing And


Free With

Wings Fortunately

For Me Money Was

No Longer An Issue

When i Retired


If it
Was Highly

Unlikely i’d Be Here
Now Moral oF A STory



Find A Way

Of Sanctity

To Get



Of Our “Heads”

Without Dance i’d
Still Be Partially




Must Find What
Keeps A Balance๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ

LeSSoN 357
They Have Wings
We Have Smart Phones

True It’s Faster And
Cheaper To Fit All Of
me into This Fiber Optic

Cable Than Visit You in
An Airplane Each Day




Of Art Each
Day Even Stunning
And Beautiful As Nature

Comes With Wings This
Is A Skimmer Following
Shores Of Shallow Water



i Tend to
Skim Poetry
From Folks To
Get inspired All

Around The Globe
Hopscotching New
Shores Each Day Thousands

Of Miles Away

Always Returning

Here For No Reason

Yet I still Love to Come

It’s Easy With Smiling Wings
๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ๐ŸŽผ ๐Ÿฆ ๐ŸŽผ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ™
SMiLes Have ANoTHeR FLoWeR๐Ÿ˜

Some DayS A Dog Buries A Bone

And Goes Back to Find it to Find God;

True A Bone is God too; You Will Also

Find God When You Cut A Cord of Wood In two

Divided Yet Whole On Both Sides; Like When We Find

Union oF All Our Mind; Not Just the Material Reductionist

Part That Likes to Use
Tools And Solve

The Problems

Humans Co-Create

in All the Abstract Constructed Tools

(In Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, Matter)

They Create Now That Were Supposed to

Make Life Feel More Like Heaven; Yet of

Course Research Shows that in the Great

Depression Actual Human Psychological Maladies

Of Measured Depression Were 5 to 8-Fold Less than

This So-Called World of Instant Gratification We LiVE iN Now

That Hasn’t ‘Quiet’ Figured Out; Better Put, Remembered How to Even Be Human Whole Now Complete;

Yes, Back to the Metaphor of Art in Smart and Heart; Leave That Part Out and All You Are Left With is

P Better ๐Ÿ˜› As ‘Indian Kali’ Sticks Her Tongue Out at Humans Not Understanding That DarK Creates LiGHT

And DarK

iS Integral

To the Existence

OF LiGHT STiLL NoW Creating ALL;

True it is very Difficult for “Left Brain

Metaphor Restricted Humans” to Understand
All of Cognition, Social Empathic, And Artistic

Spiritual Intelligences As Metaphors Flow Is More

Relegated to the Right Hemisphere Mind Metaphor of Being;

What You Will Find in the Gospel of Thomas Is Not Text Changed

to Suit Material Reducing Minds, Who Do Not Wear The Kind of Mind That Sees

Deeper than Literal Shallows Of Life Now; True, Buried For Most of the Centuries

After the First Few, Escaping Innumerable Edits, Mistakes, and Intentional Changes

By Scribes Copying By Hand Over Scores of Centuries too Until We Got Something

Close to ‘Xerox’ That Wasn’t So Much Like A Round Table of Discussion that changes

Through Oral Tradition; Every Mile on ‘The Road to Damascus’, All the Roads Where

Folks Said they had a Different Vision of what Might Have Been Said 40 or 100 or 2000

Years Ago by a Little Brown Man, Who May Have Been Crucified for Real Named Something

Like Yeshua; Yet Never Writing one Word As He Was Obviously Illiterate Aramaic Like all the ‘Commoners’

Then Who would have been Associated with A Humble Carpenter; Particularly odd, if he wasn’t actually

Married In His 30’s, as Single Males Were Looked Down on in the Way ‘Incels’ Feel Today in Someways too…

Got Good News for ‘You’, i Understand the Meanings of Every Single Word Below; Got Bad News too, If You

Have Not Developed the Metaphor of Right Hemisphere Intelligences to Understand the Metaphors Below

Through Actual Life Experiences, chances are, You May Not Understand A Single Verse; Yet for those Who

Do they actually

Do Find ‘The

Kingdom of Heaven

oN EartH; In Short You

Really Never Die Now

As Long As You


LiVE iN Total

Happiness of

LoVE Real Joy Without Fear

in Giving For Giving Thanks Giving
Sharing, Caring, Without Fear Loving

Once Again With Least Harm Possible

to Everyone Including the Rest of NaTuRE ALL

too as it Comes Clear that ALL of Nature Including

Us; Yes that Cord of Wood Cut In Two; Even the Space

Between Both Is Also Moving God in Move And Repose Now…

There are No Myths Needed in the Text Below That is In the

Common Domain And Has No Copyright Now For Sale As Presented

in the Website linked Below, More Fully too, With the Rest of Gnostic

Gospels In the Common Domain Now For Free Perusal too and to be

Clear, i see the Text

Below As No Greater

Than the ‘Tao Te Ching’

Which Basically Just Describes

Autotelic Flow As Well In Effortless

Ease Of Increasing Complexities Achieved

In the Sweet Spots Tween Apathy And Anxiety Now;

Yes, ‘The Tao’ As Related Here And in Many Other Cross Cultural

Metaphors for This Active Meditation Across the Globe too;

Yes, Yes, Left Brain Restricted Folks By




Meal of Mind

All Tightly Saran

Wrapped And ‘Black and White’

Yet Guess what; Life is A River;

Life is Water, Wave, Ocean Whole Change Now

And So Are We Now Until We Actually Experience

This, We’ve Experienced A Lesser God of Nature

Than i for one Surely do now; That Much is Irrefutable

As This Much is My Experience and Not Yours Whoever You Are

As Indeed You

Are Me too

As the

Rest of Nature

Is All that is God too

Again And in The Space

of A Cord of Wood Cut in two…

It Wouldn’t Make a Bit of Difference

if the Authors of the Story Below come

BacK Now or Forevermore Without the

Understanding and the Experience Heaven

Will Never Exist for Anyone until they come now…

If you Are Waiting on Some Dead Corpse From the

Middle East; Some Little Brown Man to Come Back to

Life as A Zombie; More Power to the Ones who Teach You this for sure;

And Sure, More Power to You for there is No Way That Anyone Could Convince




In Stuff Like

Q-Anon Conspiracies;

Whoever That Person

Might Be or Trump As

Not A Real Father oF All Lies

Who Actually incited An Insurrection

Against Democracy As That’s Even on Tape

by McConnell And McCarthy, Both ‘Big Mcs’ oF Lies,

Where The Story is Always Changing to ‘Suit’ Empty

Lies of Greed, Power And Status; No Different Than What ‘They’ Did

to Change the Essence of the Story below; Yet It’s true They forgot

to take Out Luke 17:21 and John 14:12 That Cleary Relates the Only

Place You are ever gonna find Heaven is within now and We all Have

The Authority to do Greater Works Than God if You Really Believe God Is Jesus

Alone; Hehe

It doesn’t


A Rocket

(Left Brain Restricted)

Scientist to Figure This

Out; Both Liberals and

Conservatives Wrote the Old Bible

And Trump by Metaphor WaS iN

Charge of the More Psychopathic Parts

Like Do what i say or i’ll fire you forever;

And God Yes You Better ‘Kiss my ‘Ring’

And Leave Your Parents and Friends Behind

And Believe in Me like Any Cult will do their

Best to make You Hate Your Loved ones and

Distance You to become Slaves of Most Despicable Cults



Leaders Still;

Meanwhile, God

Exists in the


of A Cord

Of Wood Cut in two…

And Obviously This Is Just my

Opinion That i Came to Long

Before i Read the Text Below;

Yet Hey i Am Determined Not to Have Any Authority alone…

For It’s True the Last Are First And the Meek Inherit the Earth Serving All Others

Now i Have Enough Evidence in a 6 Inch Screen to Prove this Irrefutably in my Life

In Case Study Empirical Way, True You Don’t Have to Be Rationally Black And White

to Show Empirical


of what


Frigging Happens

In Form Of Life Creating Essence For Real too…

i Realize This Is Long; Yet Life is Forevernow When One Truly Breathes…

Hey, All the Cats And Dogs i’ve Met Understand this Without A Damned Human Word

to Speak;

Yet They

Do Hear Our

Emotions and

Feelings For Real

And Even Our Intentions

Coming By The Music of Our Words…

Chances Are if You ‘Think In Pictures’ There

is a Greater Potential for You to Understand

The Metaphors Below As Non-Verbal Learning

Difficulties Are Common as Studied Among About

50 Percent of Folks ‘Higher’ on the Autism Spectrum;

Basically That Means They Often Have Trouble Picturing

Something Else in Our Mind’s Eye When it Comes to Metaphors;

i surely Understand Why Many People Don’t Understand me when

i use this Kind of Intelligence Here, Yet it’s True, Even Under Gillberg

Diagnostic Criteria, Hyperlexic Type Speaking Delays Like i experienced

Until age 4 are Included And People Like me Excel Higher in that Other

Area of Mind Naturally From Birth; Input no Problem for me; Yet

Putting what i understand

That Many Other

Folks May

Have no

Experience of

is More Challenging for

Anyone Who Attempts to Put the

Silent Ineffable Part of Mind And Soul In

Words Yes as ‘They’ Metaphor ‘Holy And Creative Spirit’….

It’s Just When the Silent More All Knowing, Feeling, Sensing, Right Brain
Metaphor of Creativity Comes Awake And Decides to Speak in How it does….

It’s easy to for me to ‘See’ When it Does Among Other Folks Like the ones who Wrote What’s Below…

In Comparison, Trying To Reduce these Teachings to “A Dude Died, Was Buried And Rose Again to Save

You From Your Sins And Make You Rise Again too After Death; Doesn’t Even Rate As A Nursery Rhyme

From ‘The Grades’ i come From Now…

And Actually

It Does


as i for

one Truly

Never Die Now

For i Fully BReaTHE WHoLE

Complete God No Different

Than the Space Between

A Cord of Wood Cut in Two…

And to be Clear, i Surely Don’t Believe

In Accord And Tone of Many of the Words

Below Yet it is what it is If We Are Gonna Actually

Study Origins And Development of Christianity through the Ages;

The Vatican 2 From the Catholic Church Still Yet no Longer Requires

‘The Actual Name of Jesus’ For Folks to Be ‘Saved’ in Other Religions

And Countries As It Says the Essence of the Spirit (Love) Within is Same No

Matter the




Out of Diapers

The Catholic Church

Gradually Does; Yet if they

Don’t Put their ‘Big Boy PantS on’

Soon; the Church Will Sink Even

Deeper into Abyss of Non-existence Next…

Thing Is, Information is No Longer Censored

The Way It used to Be; Lies Have No Where to

Hide Where And When Folks Drop Veils oF IGNoRaNCE

HAHa, Like Truly Honorable People won’t See through Republican Sponsored Lies

At the Top of the Bottom Now; Clue: They will, They Do As 100 Percent of House Democrats
Are Vaccinated; That Empirical Measure Says A Lot when it comes to Saving Life Most Now FOR REAL


to Less than

50 Percent

on the Republican House

Side of Lies for Power, Status, And ‘Stuff’…

In Broad Daylight, A Circus oF Lies for All to See Now Revealed;

Feels A Bit Like A Real Biblical Revelation Come True With SMiLes…

Humans Have Been Self-Fulfilling Prophecies of Their Stories Always Now…

As Yes

Now is

All That Exists

And Life too For
Those Who Truly Fully
BREaTHE Complete Enough Now.

No Truth Without Lies;

No Day Without Night;

No Light Without Dark;

Why All Three Sentences

Are Metaphor As Lie;

None Of These



Full Essence of

What i am Speaking of Now;

Truth And Lies; Dark and Light;

Night And Day Baby These Are

Just Words, If Ya Wanna Get All

Black And White; All Words All Metaphors

Are Lies; And In Fact, Since Neuroscience

Shows We Basically Hallucinate Our Realities

As We Go Based on Realities We Co-Create By

Hallucinating Experiences Before; Everything You

See is A





That’s The

Cold Hard Facts

Of How We All

Paint Our




Souls Our

HeARTS Of Existence
As Is NoW Eternally Changing

Waves; Yet Still Water Ocean Whole Same;

So Yeah, You Are Both Right And Wrong too;

It All Depends on What We May Mutually And

Consensually Agree On What Reality is Now;

Yet It Doesn’t Change the

Fact That We

All See Reality

Different; The Reality

We All Co-Create Now;

Get A Paint Brush And Some

Paint And BeCoME A Greater Master Peace Painting

of Existence in Colors Never Seen Before;

Or Sure, Stay in A Cave Where What’s

Painted On the Wall Stays the

Same And is Only

Seen Different

By You As Now

Eternally Changes More;

At Least You Exist That

Much is True for You At Least…

And So Do Writings of Folks Thousands

Of Years Ago And Today too; Whatever Works, Works;

Whatever You Feel and Sense NoW As Deep As It Comes,

Or Shallow, Makes for the Depth of Eternity Now Shallower or Deeper…



i See Of Course…

Other than that The Bible

AS Whole IS A Psychopathic

Leaning Example Still of What

Humans At Worst Come to Be

As Fully Illustrated Below For Real Still….

Psalm 137:9

New King James Version:

“Happy the one who takes
and dashes Your little ones against the rock!”

If ‘God’ Were to Try That With my ‘Little one’, i’d Kick ‘His Butt’…. See i’m Just Human i’m ‘God’ too…

‘He’ Wouldn’t Have Another Cheek to Turn to Get Out of the way of my Mountain Moving Feet…

Only A ‘Real Fool’ Would Believe Anything Associated With Love Said the Words Above, If God Is Love at Least..

Or Believe
In Lies of


Damned Author

Only The Actors Change…

And It’s No Different than the

Part of Matthew That Says Jesus

Will Change Sheep of Humans who

Do Not Clothe the Poor into Goats

And Burn them Forever for Not Being Nice…

Now Still That Has Nothing to Do With Love or

Forgiving; Only Humans Writing Psychopathic

Leaning Stories; Cold Dead Hands of Fear And Hate; It’s True Humans Do MAKE Believe…

So Why Do Folks Call This Stuff Perfect; Simply Put; They Are Afraid of Becoming God (Love) And Not



To Blame For

DarK iN Losses

of Life Yet Still




Greatest (Love)

LiGHT Still Comes

From Dark For Those

Who Are Brave Enough to Be God (Love) Now For Real…

By ‘The Way’, ‘He’ Wouldn’t Do Anything to ‘my Little One’

in the First Place, Wouldn’t Have to Kick ‘His’ Butt At All

For You See Now, i’ve Really Been to Hell; All I’d Have

to Do Is Ask ‘Him’, If “He’s” Ever Danced With The Devil

In the Pale Moon Light”; Wouldn’t Have Anything to Do

With the Words; Just The Presence of my Energy in ‘the Room’; Works so far at least.. Hehe…