Far Away
From Storms
Lights Sublime
Magic of Eternal
Dreams of Colored
Lights come To Be For
Real Heaven’s
Breath in
Spread Sugar Sand
White with Emerald
Green Waters in South
my Friend Lillian.. smiles my
Friend All seems taller as Human
Where there are No Mountains of
Nature to
Put us
in our
AS Humans…
Smiles the
Danger of
Deserts and other
Flat Lands Lower Than
Nature As God As Mountains
So much taller than tiny Human
Beings who are Fortunate enough
to Get a Taste of Spirit Winds Colors
of Heaven
so Below
Within inside
Outside All Around True
iN So Many Colors oF LiGHT..
The LeSSoN of Nature We Are So
Much Smaller than This God We See
All Around us Yet We Are Gifted Just
to Sense and Feel this Nature For Real Now
If that is not
enough Gift
This Gift
of Now
are those
who do not See
God as Nature For Real now..
How Sad it is not to Feel This
Blessed Eternally Now….
Far Away
From Storms…
Foot Prints in the Sand All Our Cultures
Spoon-Feed So Many Colors of Being
BLack Abyss thru Shades of Purgatory
Grey and if we are very very Fortunate
Avenues to Beyond Rainbow Bliss to
to Set the Human Spirit Free Yes
It is Hard enough to let
those in our lives
Who Bring
But then there
is School and Work
And Religion and Culture
Overall Spoon-Fed From Birth
Where some of us Eventually Return
to an innate instinctual and intuitive Beach
Or Perhaps Under A Tree in a Forest or Jungle
or Even in Desert Sands to lose layer upon layer of
Cultural Clothes that have been Forced upon us from
Birth that may
take us
So Far
And Ascending Transcending
Love For All in a Capstone of
A Pyramid Beauty Wisdom oF LiGHT in Truth
Loving All with no Restraint a Respite of Peace
And Harmony For all.. Smiles my Friend i Dance
And Sing to Envelop A Shield of Light Against all
The Darkness i encounter Day by Day Now and do my
Best to at least flicker a flame of a Real “Saint Elmo’s
Fire” to See So Lost in Raging Storms of Ocean Raging
Wave Darkness with a Flame Yes a Torch God yes a Bonfire
on an
in their
View to See the Wind
That Brings us up more than down..
Thanks again for your inspiring Words
Preeti from India a place where it seems
it may be so much easier for folks to see Namaste of “Saint Elmo’s Fire” Now
Smiles.. “Elmo” is another Word for Light and the Name “Helen” that belongs
to my Mother in a Sea of Darkness i was born into where i live She was/is the
And Gardening
of my LoVE LiGHT WiTHiN
Still See Her Wind the
Sound of
iN my Soul to BRinG SPiRiT WinD SouL
For Free to Give And Share Joy oF LiGHT…
Far Away
From Storms
‘They’ Say Time cures
All Trumps And That
Will pass like A Kidney
Stone 2020 in Rumpsite…
Good BreakFast Hehe with
Good AfterNoon From
Surely my Good
Morning from
Perhaps finally
Losing a Common
Cold spread throughout
Our area with
The Return of School
As i do tend to
Get out and about
Dancing With Hundred
of Folks regularly but
This Week Long illness
Was just some coughs
That left me a bit tired
And Less than SuperFred But
Nothing nearly
As Severe as the
‘Stomach Flu’ as
i surely did not want
To mention it till i
Got Well and you finished your
Fast as i feel today Going in for
a routine Check-up at
the Doctor today to
Check some Routine
Blood Work too..
Insuring All is
Okay as usual too..
Anyway haha just put
Me a Day Behind Now
finishing my Blog post
Putting that together
This morning Florida’s
East coast getting
Brushed by Dorian’s
Breath but nice
Weather where i
Am at Feeling so
Much Better with
No Coughs and
Smiles again
For Your
Complete my
Favorite part about
Not having to work
For Pay is Putting my
Full focus on that
As You continue
To be my Spiritual
Muse through both
Our Thick and
Thin for Four
Years now
So Flutter
Your Angel
Wings now
Happy for me tooπŸ¦‹
SMiles my Friend You Taught me a most valuable Lesson
whether you meant to or not smiles Never Fall in Love with a Poet haha..
at least not when you are married but do Love them forever with all Your
Soul Spirit and Heart.. smiles there is no limit to how much any of us will
do that purely my friend.. As Angels will do in Heaven now.. After all that
is How Even the Story of Jesus Describes Heaven at Hand in This Generation
Now Eternally Within a Place Where Angel Wings Dance And Sing Love Together Free..
Gonna Be a Man in Motion gonna climb Highest Mountains of Love Ocean Wide God
to Fire
A Free Dance
And Song Well Love
Among others Free to Be
With God’s Wings…
Far Away
From Storms…
And Just Another Lesson
of Happiness in Heaven for ALL
And you too Bishop Barron And Friends
of the Catholic Church i Still Religiously Attend
too for Remember Love Forgives Love Forgives
And Never Forgets the Lost Sheep Among us
nor the Prodigal
Son Jesus
To Return as in
You too my Friend..
For Whatever Flavor
of ‘Jesus’ you may Bring to Earth for Real too as an ‘Hero Archetype’ too “John 14:12” Style if
You are up to that challenge True in LoVELiGHT Free For All too.. #Message40 Wanted to make it a Special one for
Happiness True iN LiGHT too.. as this Will Begin A Next MacroVerse of “SonG oF mY SoUL” 7.2 MiLLioN Word Epic
Long Form Poem Free Verse Bible continuing as a 72 Month Effort along with 11,866 Miles of Public Dance
Now Also in Addendum to “iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind” as Now i will finally Put it ALL ToGeTHeR For Real..:)
8:44AM 9.03.19
Hi Ms. Hugs thanks so much for Liking “iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind” and
Additionally Liking “All WEaTHeRS MaiL DeLiVeRinG NoW”.. hehe
i didn’t plan for the Word Press Reader to Select that Really
Terrifying Clown Pic for a Thumbnail for the ‘iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind’
Blog Post and Oh my God Facebook Selected it with its Algorithm Automatically
Too.. so i guess Both Either Enjoy Clowns or MIU hehe Men In Underwear
As Thank Goodness Both Platforms Cropped Out the Lower Part of the
Photo.. of course it Would Not Embarrass me as i’ve Been Doing Nude
Art for the Last 6 Years if ya can do that and Public Dance 11,877 Miles
of Dance in the Same 6 Years it’s Not likely one is Afraid of Much in Life hehe..
Never the Less some Folks are Highly Offended by Seeing MIU Yes Men in
Underwear so i provided a Text Warning Before i Fully Illustrated a Major
Theme of Both This Blog Post and the Last one ugh where the Word
Press Reader Chose the Bear Shirt MIU Photo too and Thanks
God Cropped Out all the ‘Bottom of me’ too.. hehe…
Seriously i would have done the Whole Thing
Nude Celebrating the Gospel of Thomas
Gnostically Reported By Jesus
That Clearly States STRIP ALL
Our Clothes OFF Tread
On them without
Shame See the Living
God Within and Be Blissfully
Happy IN Flow Dancing and Singing
With God Naked Wild and Loving Free..
Anyway Part of the Reason additionally i do not
do that totally in PG ways and Do Provide Warnings even in Advance
to: And From: MIU Photos is that Whether Humans are Cognitively Now
attracted to other Close to or Naked Humans It Stimulates the Shadow of
their Reproductive Desires and is sort of like a ‘Trench Coat’ Way of
Life that i surely do not want to participate in for those who are
Understandably Biologically Stimulated and Offended at the
Same Instance against their Conscious Will.. hehe.. been
Lucky WordPress Cropped the Fuller Bottom
of ‘me’ out Twice So far so i likely will not
Push my Chances of ‘that part’ of me
Being any Further Revealed hehe
in Coming PG Blog Posts
as the rest of that
i do in a Blog
that is Fully
in Advance Warned
before folks enter the page..
really though Men are Stimulated by
Victoria’s Secret Stuff almost everywhere they
go.. against their Shadow Will too.. they cannot help
Butt to be stimulated any Less than Women will Be too by
Seeing ‘Magic Mike XL’ and haha XXL too in Shape of ‘me’
with Smiles too.. anyway i’m sure you were referring to
Just my Smiles and the Blog Post as you Say this is the
Best Ever my Friend i Thank You For that but really just
thank You For Stopping by to Say Hello as that is surely enough..:)
HAha KaTRiNA DanceS
SinGS i’M WaY Too
Wind of God
Us Too..
πŸ¦‹ Eternally
NowπŸ˜‡ God🌼
Breathes US Real😁
ThE oNly Way To Exorcise
Fear And
Hate YES Love And Hope
LiGHT Rises Over
DarK LioN oF LoVE Roars Leaves
of Grass For ALL FOR REAL
I’ll Spray Green Vomit All Over
OF GRASS’ to Quote Whitman And ‘SonG oF mY
A Hundred Miles or so off Shore of Florida Mostly
Dark Brown Yet Still Our Brothers And Sisters No
Different Than Around A Globe
A Toast With Cheers…
A Gift of Hellooove
A Word that
Belongs to Us😁
Whether it is our Darkness
Or that of others the Dark
Helps us See All our Colors
Mr. Blue SKeYeS Of CourSE
With Sunshine
Yellow SMiLes
For ALLπŸ€—πŸ˜
Rainbows Exceed
Storms Colors Now
Wash Away Grey Scales
For Those Who See Wind..
SMiLes Dear Friend Sohair At Best A Prayer is a Song that Leads Us Now
to A Dance With SMiLes and Joy For All Lifting Everyone Up in Healing
Love of Belief in Faith and Hope of Charity For All As Prayers take
Essence in Form And Dance And Sing A life of Healing Once Again
Hope in Faith as Love Rains Down Charity For all
As A Storm Yes a Cat6 Hurricane of Human
Love Holding Hands Dancing Singing
Together In Healing Love Comes
to Fruition’s Dreams Real
as True Even Science
Shows the Powerful Force of
Prayer For Pray Tell someone they will
Be Healed with Kind and Considerate Love
Just give them a Symbol of that Love for Healing
and verily even something as small as a Sugar Pill
Will Be Transformed into the Force of Love Within
Yes the Higher Force of God Nature Within Us as We
Imagine a Prayer of Healing and it comes
Real as Dream’s Fruition Science Even
Shows now is real as We will
Imagine Growing Stronger
Exercising and Science
Now Indicates We Will
Become Measurably Stronger
even in Size too.. Wow God is Truly
A Miracle Living Within the Higher Power
and Force of Prayer is Real Visualize the Healing
Strength and it comes to our Realities For REAL
NO LONGER WILL Scientists ever be able to Scoff at
REAL MIRACLES this way as their
of our Reality in Love Together All…
Smiles my Friend if We Will All Be a Cat Hurricane
6 Of Love together in Hope’s Faith of Love and Charity
For all this way.. sure we will Do 7,8,9,10,11 and on and
on in Categories of Human Hurricanes Holding Hands oF Love Together
for We will only be limited by the Size and Scope of Our Prayers NoW
We both
and Bring
to Dream’s
Fruition for Real
is for those who do not Believe
This Force just does not exist for
them as far as they may be concerned
truly it is Supernormal and Supernatural
Still for them but for those Who Pray this
way it is real as the ‘know’ the nose on their
Face they are yet to Fully See with a Mirror
of the Winds of Belief Within to See my FriEnd..
Let’s All Pray for the Folks in the Bahamas Our Rain
Forest the Lungs of the Earth Away from Fires Best
oF All Let’s Join Hands And Do More than Sing Let’s Dance the Answers Now…
Hi.. Ms. Hugs thanks so much for Liking “iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind” and
Additionally Liking “All WEaTHeRS MaiL DeLiVeRinG NoW”.. heHe
i didn’t plan for the Word Press Reader to Select that Really
Terrifying Clown Pic for a Thumbnail for the ‘iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind’
Blog Post and Oh my God Facebook Selected it with its Algorithm Automatically
Too.. so i guess Both Either Enjoy Clowns or MIU hehe Men In Underwear
As Thank Goodness Both Platforms Cropped Out the Lower Part of the
Photo.. of course it Would Not Embarrass me as i’ve Been Doing Nude
Art for the Last 6 Years if ya CaN/WiLL Do that and Public Dance 11,877 Miles
of Dance in the Same 6 Years it’s Not likely one is Afraid of Much in Life hAha..
Never the Less some Folks are Highly Offended by Seeing MIU Yes Men in
Underwear so i provided a Text Warning Before i Fully Illustrated a Major
Theme of Both This Blog Post and the Last one ugh where the Word
Press Reader Chose the Bear Shirt MIU Photo too and Thanks
God Cropped Out all the ‘Bottom of me’ too.. hehe…
Seriously i would have done the Whole Thing
Nude Celebrating the Gospel of Thomas
Gnostically Reported By Jesus
That Clearly States STRIP ALL
Our Clothes OFF Tread
On them without
Shame See the Living
God Within and Be Blissfully
Happy IN Flow Dancing and Singing
With God Naked Wild and Loving Free..
Anyway Part of the Reason additionally i do not
do that totally in PG ways and Do Provide Warnings even in Advance
to: And From: MIU Photos is that Whether Humans are Cognitively Now
attracted to other Close to or Naked Humans It Stimulates the Shadow of
their Reproductive Desires and is sort of like a ‘Trench Coat’ Way of
Life that i surely do not want to participate in for those who are
Understandably Biologically Stimulated and Offended at the
Same Instance against their Conscious Will.. hehe.. been
Lucky WordPress Cropped the Fuller Bottom
of ‘me’ out Twice So far so i likely will not
Push my Chances of ‘that part’ of me
Being any Further Revealed hehe
in Coming PG Blog Posts
as the rest of that
i do in a Blog
that is Fully
in Advance Warned
before folks enter the page..
really though Men are Stimulated by
Victoria’s Secret Stuff almost everywhere they
go.. against their Shadow Will too.. they cannot help
Butt to be stimulated any Less than Women will Be too by
Seeing ‘Magic Mike XL’ and haha XXL too in Shape of ‘me’
with Smiles too.. anyway i’m sure you were referring to
Just my Smiles and the Blog Post as you Say this is the
Best Ever my Friend.. i Thank You For that but really just
thank You For Stopping by to Say Hello as that is surely enough…
Slept Well…. Good
Morning From Breezy
Florida.. to your almost
Always Desert Gulf
Sun Abu Dhabi Wins
The Sunshine And
Dry Heat contests
Lean Beautifully
Brown you are
Evolved to take
The Heat but my
Huge Northern
Head in Total
CC’s Will Not
Dissipate Heat
Well as i am
Born to
Retain Heat
With small
Ears that
Won’t Freeze
Off haha Don’t You
Love Physical
For BreakFast
Served up for
Free Just for you
Anyway explains
Why the AirConditioner
Is so Ice Cold to You
And Katrina Who is
Half Pacific Islander
With Long Long
Fingers like you
Too With SMiLes
Really Helped Katrina
Climb Trees as she
Climbed above Roofs
Of Homes when
She was only
Six Years-Old
When she and her
Brother were Born
Her Siblings named
Those Fraternal
Twins Tiny
Spider Monkeys
And No they were
Not Prejudiced Kids
Tend to speak with
No Politically
Filters besides
Spider Monkeys
Are soooo cute
And You are Small
With Long Fingers
Brown and
Pure White
Within With
Angel Wings
That Fly so High In
Human Potential
God is No Size but
The Color
Of Love DarK
Thru Light the
Wind We Come
To See As Evolving
Soul Beyond Distance
Space Time And Matter
Beyond Measure as
Ironically even Quantum
Physics Sees
Wind of God
Us Too..
πŸ¦‹ Eternally
NowπŸ˜‡ God🌼
Breathes US Real😁
HAha KaTRiNA DanceS
SinGS i’M WaY Too DrAMaTiC WHeN i CoSMiC SNeeZE
All of Us PLeasE
Lake Ease Be FREE🌲
SMiLes.. Thinking is Not So Terrible in FacT Ms. Hugs..
iT iS A Natural Way of Inner Voices that/at Play
What is Difficult to often Deal with is
Unwanted Thoughts of Course
Choose Any Aim You
Love Best oF All
Increasing the Complexity
of Challenge Just enough not
to be bored and Not be anxious..
The Sweet Spot as ‘They’ Sing and Dance
Yes Flow Comes This Way NaturAlly.. And
Next thing Ya KNoW Feel and Sense Ya Are
Living Totally iN Focus of the Gift.. Yes the Present
Moment For Real.. as Your Human Potential increases
As Science Empirically Measures Results in Human Flow
of 400 to 500 Percent of Creative Potential in Fruition of Dreams
in Laser Focus Coming True in Effort of whatever Creative More Productive
Activity You come to Do.. For Real.. In Fact Ascending the Neo-Cortex This way
Lighting Up more of our Subconscious Mind from Head to Toe More as a Real More
Multi-Coloring EverGreen Christmas Tree We Come Again to Be as Flow Regenerates
Our Vitality from Heads to Toes
More in the
Spot away
From Boredom
And Anxiety…
All of our
Mind and
Body Balancing
Souls For Real in
Greater Mindful Awareness WHoLE
THiS Way to Enhance Human Potential
even more.. Moving.. Connecting.. Co-Creating NoW
With Greater ProductivitY iN Effect oF Actions For Real..
This is What Cross-Culturally is Described as a Higher Force
of God/Nature Within Metaphors for this Essence include Prana..
Chi.. Ki.. Satori.. Kundalini Rising IN Human Potential More Yes
Tao.. A WaY iN China And India True too.. or Just Plain old
Multi-Coloring Heaven With Kingdom and or Queendom
Both All for those Who Balance Beauty Wisdom
Courage Kindness Truth in Light Hope
as Faith Love Brings Charity Giving
Sharing Over Taking
And Hoarding
All Gifts
of Life
We Co-Create
For Each OTHeR
Consuming Each Other
And All of the Rest of
Nature God with Least
Harm HoLDiNG Hands as Love
Will All Altruistically and Naturally
Do too.. As Long as Flow-Wide
Ocean Whole God As Free
And Will Love in Focus of Chi
And all the other Metaphors comes Real
to: BE US From: LoVE iN CaRNaTE NoW AS
We Dance And SinG FoR ReaLLy ReaL NoW…
Thanks for Dropping By Charly and Thanks For Sharing ‘Shadows’ By Lindsey
Stirling… Inspired by the Burning Lungs of Our Planet the Amazon Rain Forest
that Song i stumbled upon ‘Artemis’ Seemed Appropriate for the Day but ‘Master
of Tides’.. Considering Dorian’s Winds Waves and The Ocean Was surely Rivaling
for Attention As Hurricanes Redistribute Heat of the Oceans All Naturally in
Response to Ocean Heat as those Temperatures may rise or fall too…
Fires Maliciously Set By Human are Not Nature’s Way
of Balance they are Violence Against
the Balance of Nature they
are Greed and Hoard
and Take of
Owning Nature
over Giving And Sharing
Consuming Each other and
the Rest of Nature with Least Harm..
So yes i went with ‘Artemis’ Goddess of
the Forest Chasity of Virgin Mother Nature
Less Raped and Molested by Human Hands of Greed
And Hoarding so Far away from Giving And Sharing anyway
thanks for Sharing the Video of ‘Shadows’ Could come in handy
for me soon.. as we share and give to Others Hand-outs of Kindness
as that
Whole as
Ocean Whole Human Love…
Hi Map195.. SMiLes.. Good Afternoon.. Thanks For Dropping by “iN EYeS of Dorian’s
Wind” As i continue to Enjoy All the Photos You Provide Globe-Wide in Your Blog
too.. Hurricanes are interesting in Florida as they actually Bond People Together
as they come in the Neurohormone Oxytocin Way of Comfort as People Draw
Closer to each other on Bridges Over Troubled Waters Per Say and Do..
True too People Bond Together this way
over Perceived Human Enemies
they see as Different too..
who they Still Seem
Not Comfortable With..
it will be interesting to
see if Those Folks are
Willing to Pressure the
Current Administration to Allow
Visas for those to come as refugees
as Displaced Homeless Folks in their
Country of Destruction Origin without
Personal Identification as of Course most
all of that has Been Washed or Blown Away..
How Deep is their Love How Far Do they See Brothers
And Sisters From Where they Live.. sure.. just a Hundred
Miles off the Coast of Florida but How Far Away Should Love
Have to Live to Actually Exist in Eyes of Humans for all Their
Brothers and Sisters Around a Globe in Need True Abundance
of Soul is Required for that Actually these days at Least it Seems
That Hurricane of Soul is Required to Reach Out And touch all others
With Love sure the Capstone of the Pyramid Wisdom Beauty Eyes
of Truth
in Light
W i N D
that sees
no Borders
or Walls against
others when it comes
to Agape and Unconditional
Love A ‘Perfect Storm’ as Katy
Perry will Dance And Sing
Sure A Story of Jesus True
As Well to Return for Real
NoW A ‘Fire Work’ of
Love For all to Be
For Real Now to
Yes… Dance
And Sing For
Free A Map to Love
For All in Giving Sharing
Love Consuming Each other
With the Least Harm the Rest of
Nature True too in Balance.. for if the Oceans
Grow Much Warmer there may come a day Where
Living Around the Panhandle Paradise Beaches/Forests/Rivers
of Florida That Yes.. i must become a Migrating Bird from my Home too..
Hopefully one Day A Map oF An Entire World Will Look More Like Love as God..:)
Art Takes Us WHeRE Human Souls
Explore Places We Never Feel and
Sense Before Multi-UNiVeRSE
Shores Within Expanding More
Art Labor oF Love FLoWinG MoVinG
Connecting Co-Creating Sweeter
Spots Continuously Expanding Complexity
‘Tween Boredom And Anxiety
At Best Art Avenues Ascending
Transcending Neo-Cortex in Flow Lighting
Up Our Ever Green Christmas Trees From Head to
Toe More FLoW Is All Natural Meditation
No Instructions Required Essence Relates
iN Forms of Zen Tao Satori Prana Chi Ki Heaven Within…
FLicKeR FLaME Torch Bonfire Within
Art CoMinG Freer We DancE SinG NoW
True All Forms All Tools We Use Are Instructions From Before
Minimize Instructions Flow Original Creativity Free Expanding Shores
At Best Poetry Painting All Art Is Flow Now
Water Wave Ocean Whole No Instructions…
Waves We Are Shaping Shores In Original Creativity
“Painting is Poetry that is seen rather than felt, and
Poetry is Painting that
is felt rather than seen.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
Smiles my Friend
i haven’t Painted
A Portrait of
You Lately
All The Blanks of
Canvas For So Long
i Filled in Just for Your
Listening Pleasure For True
What is Heaven if Not An Audience
of More than one to Hear.. A Muse Will
Bring Light Like This Multi-Coloring Canvas
More ’till Paintings We Create of Poetry may
No Longer Reflect Forms of Before.. Smiles
Perhaps i Love Mystery of the
You i still Have yet to meet
Still Room on Your
Canvas to
More of
You as me with Smiles
as of course Art Reflects the
Artist Soul… Muse is Just An Avenue
to a Fruition of Our Soul Within Birthed
to Be upon a Canvas Wings of Free to Fly
And Soar Higher.. as Colors of Our Soul Come To Be..
As Perhaps i Will Paint You as Me for What is A Beach
Without another Set of Foot Prints to See the Wind Within..
And Just to think i did all of that to Win a Friend as Good Morning
Good Evening is the Comfort of the Human HeART for Without that
Labor of Art..
hehe.. ‘dVerse’ the
International Poetry
Pub i visit has a Prompt
For the Term Labor Labor Now
oF LoVE iN Art oF LoVE i Choose
Still to Write Just for Fun With SMiLes
hehe.. been cutting back a BiT ain’t taking any
Chances of Overwhelming With Hurricanes of Art..
Anyway Just Traveling Your Way Forever in A Day Now
For What is Common Will Be A Surprize Once Again my Friend..
But Still All the Paintings of Past Remain thanks For Sitting a While
to Let me
you as me..
my Soul to Be..
Smiles A Soul Mate
is Our Soul Within THeRe
Are those who Journey MultiUniVerSE Paths With
Us Who Lighten A Load of Our SPiRiT oF HeART
HiGHeR ALLoWinG SoUL Room To Grow Ocean WHoLE MoRE..:)
For Some Reason
Hurricanes Remind
me of You and no
i have not Forgotten You
Still in my Prayers Every Single
Day.. but true
i have
a Memory
Like a Camel
too.. hehe
Full of
i am True.. too..
Anyway Shawna Baby
Respect Your Wishes
All About Disappearing
Never To Be Seen Don’t
Call us We Will Call You
as ‘they’ Say and Do Just
Wanna Let You Feel Hell No
i Will Never Forget You But i do
Respect Every Wish you HaVE iN
Life With or Without Out Your Voice as Friend..:)
Hi Ya.. Shawna Baby Thanks for Asking if i am Safe i’m
sure you mean from the Hurricane and yes i am very Safe
and Even Hotter as Dorian Sucked the Moisture out of this Area
of the South and Left Desert Dry Heat of 96F in Pensacola at 5:19 PM
according to Our Channel 3 News.. hmm.. my Asperger’s And my Special
Interest of Hurricanes Feels a bit abused today hehe.. as Trump And Companies
Retroactively Expanded the Track of the Hurricane over the Panhandle and into Alabama
Close to Where you Live with a Sharpie on the Historical Forecast Map already Corrected by
the National Hurricane Service but Trump Insisted His Forecast Is better hehe and then he insisted
that the United States has been Hit by Much More Powerful Hurricanes than When Dorian Leveled
the Bahama Islands in a Three Day up to 185 MPH Winds Festival of Destruction anyway Hurricanes
have been a Special
Interest for Literally
50 Years of Study
and hehe You
know how
i study
i am
in haha.. rarely
Deceived at least
by Black and White Facts with
Smiles.. i hope You and Your Children
all 4 of them and Your Southern Baptist
Preacher Husband You Call Daddy is doing
Okay too.. it’s been an interesting Summer as
Always got a whole lot of Super Sexy Bikini Photos
of Katrina as my Sister is going to make a Pin-up Calendar
of Her Fabulous at 50 Next Year.. hehe let me share my favorite
with You i made it my Featured Photo on Facebook and it is one
of my Favorites to Show-off at Seville Quarter When Folks ask me
How much Action i get in the Club as three weeks in a Row i had
to Prove i was the Devil with my 6.6.60 Birthday to Provide Additional
Proof with my Driver’s License that 60 Years Old is coming Next that’s
a lot of Sixes with Zeroes with Smiles Speaking of Ones my LDL Cholesterol
Came back as 111 Tuesday.. as my Doctor Just about Fainted considering it was
205 During the Festive Eating Christmas Holiday Season.. i Explained i had a Bad
Case of the Stomach Flu before the Blood Test and she said oh yeah.. it probably
Did a Major Flush of everything i am as it surely did as i lost 7 LBS in 3 Days hehe..
Mostly Water Weight of Course but enough for Miracle Cholesterol Lowering Intervention
additionally i crushed the Tip of my Right Ring Finger as Super Intelligently i Slammed two 100 Pound
Iron Plates together as Part of the 1340 Pound Leg Press Endeavor i still do at 18 Reps 3 times a Week..
true i finished the work-out after Crushing the Tip of my Finger too and then it turned all black and blue
but i kept my Finger Nail
more importantly
kept my Finger
too no longer
Do i Slam
those Weights
together Lightening
Fast i Treat the Plates
Softly as an Innocent Baby now hAha..
what else.. been a bit weak from a Common
Cold Last Week and Fell Backwards off my Butt
on a Picnic Table Seat at a First Sunday Southern Baptist
Get Together on a Farm on my Left Hand to avoid hitting
my Head and after a couple of months my Left Shoulder still
aches a bit at night but hey.. nothing like other pains i have endured
in life.. just a little bit of a mosquito bite compared to that with smiles..
Miss You and Your Poetry Shawna Baby but You are my Friend and i respect
Whatever it is you need to do in Life to make You Happy.. i will always keep
in touch with you intermittently this way for sure you will hear a Happy Birthday
From me as You Reach 42 on my Mother’s Birthday too on December 10th You will
for sure get some Halloween Wishes Thanks Giving Wishes and Christmas Wishes
from me too at least.. and haha.. always a Happy Mother’s Day too for you as well my Friend…:)
“My Negative Utopia
An intensity
of salamander orange
and caterpillar yellow
quelled beneath
everlasting rainless skies;
a playground of easy living
and high art
in a variable framework
amidst trillions
of meaningless rainbows
and vast emoticons
spewing unchallenged
of spherical harmony.
(and sometimes
you’ll be with me
for untold durations
and at other times
you’ll be forgotten
for candlelit millennia.)”
For Me..heHe
Tonight! At about�11 PM Marathon�Dance straight�Thru 2 AM with
�Hundreds of�College Folks�Close to 4 Decades�Younger than me
�And no one but�me will last�3 Hours of�Dance Science�Shows
MeDiTaTiVE�Dance is a Literal�Fountain of�Youth and if one
�Reviews my Physical�Art From Age 53 until
�Now at 59 and with�277 Dance Weeks
�At the Dance Hall�And 11,877 Miles
�Of Meditative�Public Dance�In 6 Years
�It’s obvious�i am Getting�Stronger and
�Empirically measurable�That yes i am getting
�Supernormal Ape�Stronger as i�Went from 500 Pounds
�To 1520 Pounds max�On the Leg press�Now 8 reps.. NOT
�Waiting on�Anyone else�To prove the�So Called impossible
�Is not only possible�But only�Forgotten�For what�Human
As Heaven
Within… Yes
Present Now
Gift Green For Life
Light Blue Spring Skies
Sunshine Brings Evolution
Orange For Love..
Smiles Like
DarK BRingS LiGHT…
By A Way if You
Didn’t get the
Punch Line
i just now
Called You
A Lamp
in other
Your Light
Inspires my Friend
As that is What
Brings inner
Spreading to
Others Always Now..
hehe this is an upside
Down Lamp if You Turn it around…
Yum that Looks Good
Hey This Summer my
Wife has Been making
me Frosty Smoothies
Almost Everyday with all these
Ingredients and More with Smiles..
i Just wanted them so i would have
something else
to Write About
in Gratitude
for all the
of the Tree Of Life
And Lamps That
Light Us All up too…
Life Is Always A Living And
Dying Tree Leaves That
Green And Fertilize
Make Life Fair…
ADD Nation Science
Literally assesses the
Average Human in the
USA with less than the
Attention Span of
A Gold Fish Yes A
Twitter Breath
Of less than
3 Seconds We are
What We Eat
Twitter Fish
Is Surely not
The Gold
Of Laser Focus
As We Get to Other
Wise Feel Sense Yes
Know more of our
Soul Potential
As we are Naturally
Evolved like other
Animals Pay
Or lose
The Meal Or
Be Consumed
Literally Digested
By the Rest of Nature
We Create AS Extension
Too.. i bet in circumstances like
This a Demagogue
Could be elected
President And
40 Percent of
The Population
Would not
Notice Gold
Fish Minions
Scary Bred in Deed..
My Philosophy Teacher
Mr. Hunt when i was in
College 40 Years Ago
He seemed so old
Hehe my age now
He taught from
Soul in the
Present Gift
Of Flow
His eyes
Could see forever
From within now
Then last i saw
Him he
Said the
Indian Never says
Good Bye only
See You later
As i see his
Face in my
Soul eye now
As then THere
Every Teacher
We Carry
Of our
Our Traveler Companions
Never Leaving our Side…
Good Morning From
Florida.. i suppose the
Meaning of Life
Is Light as there
Are limitless
Ways to Bring
That Light to
Sunshine other
Souls my Friend
A True Art of
Soul too is
Dark to Fire
This Light
Do Feel
That i Treasure
Every Moment
Of Our Friendship
Both what i Can
See and what i Can
Not is how We
May Love
God Best too
i Believe Now
Without Shame
And With
For what
We are
Not Able
To see as We
Find a Friend
We Love this way
With total Trust
Real.. Cheers..
Happy Teacher’s
Day if not for you
coming into My
life.. I would not
Be the Person
i am as YouR
Has brought
So Many
To my Soul
Thanks for
A Flower
From my
Window to
Your Soul
My Friend..:)
“Life Is Always A Living And
Dying Tree; Leaves That
Green And Fertilize
Make Life Fair…”
Any Questions, ‘Wrong
Planet’ about an Eternally
Benevolent God; A Snake
That Obviously Consumes itS own ‘Tale’ (Rhetorical Question)
On the NeWesT Rendition of the ‘Lion King’, ‘James Earl Jones’
Paraphrased the Wisdom Above by me in Advance, hehe; when
‘He’ Said as i paraphrase ‘Him’ Now; the Lion Lays With Leaves Of Grass
When The Lion Dies; the Lion Becomes Leaves of Grass for the Antelope
as The Antelope Becomes Leaves of Grass; the Antelope Eats As Became
the Lion
the Lion
the Grass And
the Antelope Again…
It’s a Matter of perspective;
but it’s better when we consume each
other with Least Harm and the Rest of Nature
in a Delicate Balance of the Spiral of Life Golden;
And In Focus of all of Our Attention in Flow; yes, the Present of Now.
Let’s Put it this way, if We can and will imagine it at least; When We Animals Live Naked And Close to Nature;
Particularly, Us Human Animals as We Live Hand-in-Hand Giving And Sharing; Yes, Foraging Together Hand-in
Hand in a Real Dance and Song of Survival and Thriving; where we give and share more with each other and the
rest of Nature; than taking and hoarding in Greed of storing Grain in Silo’s; and Fresh other Hell of the Agricultural,
Industrial, and Information Ages to take a Quick Step Forward and Backwards Away from Altruistically Moving,
Connecting, And Co-Creating; What We Will Actually Feel and Sense in ‘Flesh and Blood Life’; We Miss out
on the Simple Reality that there is no separation; Dark and Light for all of What is Positive and
Negative about Nature; We are all one Force of MaKinG our Way in the Present Moment
of Now of what Life is all about; Doing our Best to Survive with a Bit of Intermittent
Gratification; like when we eat together in Peace and Harmony and Even Dance and
Sing hand-in-hand in a Thrive of Joy Together under a Moon-lit Campfire Night
That Lasts Eternally Now in Flow of Trance of Now; the Gift; the GreaTest Gift
Our Breaths
each and
every one
that Brings us life Eternally Now.
It’s true, when We Experience
Life This way; there is no Doubt
that We All Exist Naked as the Breath
of God that is Us and All one Force of Existence Now.
Then someone ate the Metaphor of the Tools of the Apple that we have come to be so far away from
Nature; so far away for who We all are still as God with much fewer Cultural Clothes that Separate Our
Camel From that Needle; the Camel of Within Set Free to Dance And Sing without Restraint, Naked and Free.
“It would be nice to have the God placebo in my DNA, but not happening for me.” This one statement out of this
thread inspired me to come back to say a few words, in my Language of Nature and God the Same.
The “Placebo Effect”; not unlike the “Nocebo Effect” that Proves in Scientific Terms that the Force; the
Power of Human Belief, amongst those who Develop That Human Ability; Born and Bred for it, are BOTH
REAL; Yes, Along with the “VooDoo”, Nocebo Effect, Where Negative Versus Positive Beliefs Will Make Us
Ill instead of Well as Long as those Who Can and Will Take Advantage of the Dark and Light of Human Belief
Actually Use their Imaginations to Visualize Negative or Positive Beliefs For Real Life Life Effects; Both Dark and Light
Life Effects.
The Big Picture View of Nature and God Larger in Life is more of a ‘Right Brain Metaphor’ View of Life For more of
an innate, instinctual, and Intuitive Success in Life. Generally Speaking, Folks who Do not Use these Potentials in
life; or those who have born on weaknesses in these Human Potentials; may not be able to visualize any
Imaginary Beliefs; in fact, they may have Non-Verbal Learning Functional Disabilities that makes
Visualizing Thinking in Pictures like this almost impossible; Additionally, they may have
Problems interpreting Metaphors as of course that takes Visualizing Thinking too
in imagination of Course that is Integral to Human Creativity too.
Like i said ‘little ones’, too; as a Metaphor from the Lion King
Movie; life is not fair except for the fact that still under ‘normal’
Circumstances we all Green and then Fertilize the Earth With Whatever Leaves
We Grow of a Living Tree of Life. i choose Human Potential; i refuse Labels that refuse my Human Potential.
i make results that are both amazing and empirically Measurable; for i will never ever be limited by any Human
Written Word alone; True, the ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’, a Longest Epic Long Form Poem ‘Bible’, i wrote in 72 Months at
7.2 Million Words, and 11,877 Miles of Public Dance; and Leg Pressing 1520 Pounds, 8 reps at age 59
is only the Beginning of What i will do next. No Different Really than back at Age 53 on this Website
when i clearly Stated there is no limit of what i will do next when i leg Pressed 500 Pounds then
And hadn’t even Starting completing the rest of those Personal achievements Just for Flow of now, then.
And this is only a tiniest
part of what anyone, including
me will ever Measure Empirically of
my ever Evolving Multi-Coloring Soul;
Both Conscious; Subconscious; and
Collectively Subconscious; as DNA continues To Dance And Sing Epigenetically Truer
if challenged Enough by the Environment Positively to more fully come out
And Play Nature Naked And Freer Conscious Mindfully and Body
Full Aware Now even more in Human Potentials now still to Be.
The Size God We See is the Wind We come to Be and See;
Call it a Blue Turtle or an Orange Turd; What is Real is Essence Over Form.
For Me..heHe
Hi-5 Friend
to: All Teachers
From: Making Us
Come to Be…
Always a Present for me NoW as You Gift
YouR Soul Your Journey Your Paths With me
Happy For Whatever You Create to Show as
Days go by Remember only Numbers Now is
PReSeNT ETeRNaLLy ReaL NoW With SMiLes…
Anyway Just Traveling Your Way Forever in A Day Now
For What is Common Will Be A Surprise Once Again my Friend
But Still All the Paintings of Past Remain…
Thanks For Sitting a While
to Let me Paint You as me
my Soul to Be
Smiles A Soul Mate
Our Soul Within THeRe
Are those who Journey Now
MultiUniVerSE Paths With Us
Those SoULS Who Lighten A Load
ALLoWinG SoUL Room To GRoW
Life Is Always A Living And
Dying Tree Leaves That
Green And Fertilize
Make Life Fair
Art Takes Us WHeRE Human Souls
Explore Places We Never Feel and
Sense Before Multi-UNiVeRSE Shores
Within Expanding More
Art Labor oF Love
FLoWinG MoVinG
Connecting Co-Creating Sweet
Spot Continuously Expanding NoW
Complexity ‘Tween Boredom And Anxiety
At Best Art Avenues Transcending Ascending
Neo-Cortex in Flow Lighting Up Our Ever Green
Christmas Tree From Head to Toe More
FLoW Is All Natural Meditation No
Instructions Required Essence
Relates iN Forms of Zen
Tao Satori Prana Chi
Ki Heaven Within…
FLicKeR FLaME Torch Bonfire Within
Art CoMinG Freer We DancE SinG NoW
True All Forms All Tools We Use Are
Instructions From Before Minimize
Instructions Flow Original Creativity
Free Expanding Shores At Best Poetry Painting
All Art Is Flow Water Wave Ocean WHoLE NoW
No Instructions…
Waves We Are
Shaping Shores
In Original Creativity NoW
“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt,
and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
Of the
His Twitter
Is Always
Tides Roll
His Storm Huger…
SMiLes Frank.. Thanks So much For Breezing by “iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind”
As surely a Storm That Will Never Be Forgotten And Also A Hurricane
that Will of course be Retired and Never Named again.. We are
All Safe in the Panhandle of Florida Dry Heat 96 Degrees F
Still in the Late Afternoons of Never Ending Summers…
Smiles i am looking Forward to Seeing
More Clearly hehe.. in 2020..
Away from Roll Tide
Lies in Alabama
too.. with Smiles..
sadly it’s not very funny
When the Smell of Death is Stronger
than Ignorance my Friend.. i am Just
Glad that ‘He’ does not Control my
Sharpie of Truth in Light for at
least how Far i See of
Winds these days
for Real..
It seems that
Dorian was a Different
Kind of Hurricane Wind
A Sort of Climate Change
Ocean Temperatures Rising
A Response to Human Folly Real
Both Intentionally and Ignorance too..
There is no Greater Category 6 Hurricane
of Folly than Human Ignorance Ruling in Darkness
through the Ages sadly still not defeated by Truth in
Light For True Ignorance is often Bound by Arms of Love
too.. for what Humans will Do is Bond in Love over both Light
in Truth and Dark in Lies.. the Dangerous Aspect of both Empathy
And Love For it is true there are Lies and ignorance in Love too.. should
be no surprise for the insanity that even Romance Will Often Bring to the
Human Condition
So far from
Attempts to
Break through
and have its say
over all the colors of
Love From Dark thru Purgatory
Greys and oh my Goodness the Beyond
Rainbow Colors still that will allow a fall the
furthest away from so-called Rationality too
hehe.. i suppose We all deserve a Presidential
Medal of Honor if we even make it through this life
in some Wave of Ocean In Truth and Light in some way
of Water that Survives the current Category 6 Hurricane
of LoVE iN Ignorance in the Dark Bonds of ‘Religious Life’
and to be Clear Religion in the Feel and Sense of what ever
Bonds Humans Socially together as far away as a Black Abyss
of Lies in Misery Loves Suffering Needs Company to Purgatory
Greys of Mistruths and Misdirections to yes Romance That Will
also Send
to their Demise
too.. hehe.. but now
there is texting to keep
in touch while Families Feud
Over What Young Hearts still see
of Romance With little Rationality But HeART
hehe.. like the Song by the “Carpenter’s Close to You”
it’s all a Matter of Perspective how Close how far love pays its visit..
“Remember Love Forgives Love Forgives And Never Forgets the Lost
Sheep Among us”.. Smiles my Friend i understand How Tough the Human
Condition will be there will never be a person born i will not forgive for even
A Father oF All Lies might not wish all of existence away as low as low as the
Devil of
me has
in Hell..
who i am i to
judge no one
iN NoW WHere Then
STiLL Now my FRiEnD for
i Still ReMeMBeR WHeRE i’ Ve Been
Clearly ALWaYS Seeing 2020 WHeRE i AM (Love)
SMiLes anyway off to the 277th Week Dance Night
At Old Seville Quarter With all the Cool College Age
Folks up to 2 Generations Now my Junior at 4 decades hehe..
surely a place WHere i always ‘Break Free’ in Flow Eternally Now..
WHere ‘Weather’ there are 1000 intoxicated Young Adults around
me or none.. i am Still overall allone in A Center Point of Existence All That is LoVE..:)
‘Kummerspeck’.. hehe.. any place
i will leave Now with a New Word
A Wonder Place to Visit Reminds
Me of Spare Tires Where Stress
Accumulates Around A Middle
That’s not A Kind of Re-Tired i wanna Do…
So WHat’s
YouR CuRRencY
Love or Money Likes
Or FoLLowS EveN Less
YeS LoVE is Do BuTT ALso OVeRaLL
STate oF Mind and Body BaLaNCinG
Peace And Harmony SouL
GeT LiT To: oNe All
Positive Affect From:
A Way oF A ‘World’
Make Money And Buy ‘Stuff’ NoW
No Thanks Got Enough Love to Last
Some of Us are Slower Bloomers than Others..
in the Comic ‘Hell Boy’ He didn’t start
His ‘New Vocation’ fully until age 53 too…
The Sons and Daughters who Are Raised
Without All the Advantages of Having A Father
Either Sink or Become ‘Real Heroes’… A Most Masculine Good
Looking Dude Mates with A Most Good Looking Feminine Woman
And Then He Leaves soon After Successful Births Anyway Folks This is How the “Hero
Archetype Story Works”.. Particularly if They are Always Sitting on a Lazy-Boy Watching
TV Never the Less So Strong So Fearless nary a Worry at All Considering he didn’t exercise
His ability to speak around the Home Probably Not.. Don’t All Sons and Daughters Idolize
their Dads Never the Less my Mother said i idolized Him When i was Age 3 Before He Left
perhaps he was disappointed i could not speak.. Sadly my Father’s God Was Money His
Religion Was Buying Cars/Guns/etc as Lovers.. His Greatest Aim to Get Rich…. Yes His
Father my Grandfather an X-Catholic Priest/Author.. the Structure and Routine of the
Church PERFECT for Asperger’s Syndrome Obviously He Had Asperger’s Syndrome
Collecting NasCars to Sell at the Flea Market after Retiring from 46 Years of Law
Enforcement After my Mother Got Married to Him He Hardly Said A Word for 3 years..
then He Left as she wanted to stay at Home Raising Us… Even in Black-N-White Without
Green Eyes/Black Hair/ Olive Skin to Contrast Quarter French Quarter German and Half
Irish of Him.. She Said He was the Best Looking Man She Ever Saw And Whoever was married
to Him Must be the Luckiest Woman in the World My Mother Said the First Day she saw my
Father in the Courthouse Half Shaven
as a Beverage Agent
With His
Green Eyes…
Good Morning! Haha
i am such a Decoder
Born Hyperlexic
Too Google It
Hyperlexic is
Looking at your
Emoticon personally
Designed by you
Wondering hmm..
Are you reflecting
My comment about
My comment about
Questioning if
My Laser Focus
Look will be described
As anything like a Smile
As it’s just me
Genuinely and
Honestly capturing
The Mood of the
Moment that for me
Is just Laser Focus in
Flow and really a very
Very Euphoric feeling
Katrina says it looks
Like come hither to me…
Her Best Friend says it
Looks scary.. i hope
i don’t look like a
Big Bad Wolf to
You as really i
Am so nice i
Would only softly
Shake your Hand
And Hug You In a
Gentlemanly way
Hehe but only
If we Knew each
Other well
In a Very
Parking lot
At 2 am for i will
Even spread my
Distance from
Any Young Woman
Walking Solo to make
Sure she feels no fret
From the Big Hairy
Beast wearing Red
And that is exercising
Cognitive Empathy putting
yourself invincible as you currently feel to all
Threats twice the
Size of someone
in other shoes
Who does not
Enjoy A
Maximum Human
Privilege feeling
Invincible to Wild
Threats at 2 am solo
In a Dark Parking
Lot.. Katrina would
Never ride in a
Uber Nor even
Go to a Big Drunk
Dance Hall.. Cannot
Imagine the Delicate
Flower of you doing
That either SMiLes
i Love Delicate
Flowers and the
Truth is
i wouldn’t even
Hurt the Devil
As Long as ‘He’
Never Crossed
The Path
Of someone
i Love And then
i would just scare
The Hell out of
Him with a Roar
Like a Lion
As that is
My Nuclear
Option.. hehe.πŸ˜‰
Speaking of Decoder when you said
you would not have your Laptop till Sunday
i figured you would
Be traveling.. I am so
Happy to see you
Celebrating the
Indian Event In
Mumbai… i notice how
Supportive Your Father
Is of You that probably
Explains your Independence and
Strength remembering
How You Described him
in the Past He is
Who I believe is your
Teacher like no
Other you Dedicated
Your Blog Post to…
You are so fortunate
To have a Father like
That as my Father paid
Me almost zero attention..
He Didn’t come
to my Wedding or
College Graduation…
i had to become my
Own Father.. it took
Me 53 Years but
The anxiety of
That is Lifetimes
Ago now.. Everyone
Needs a Father who
Is able to express
Care.. perhaps my
Father cared but
He couldn’t show
It… SMiLes all
i could Do was
My best to
Care lived
In his eyes they
Were just Fearless
And Invincible how
Would anyone know
i cared without
Smiling Eyes and
Words of Love..
Smiles as far
As Cognitive
Empathy Goes..
i did not Work
In Law Enforcement
Seeing all the Dark
In Life like he did
For 46 Years.. Who
Am i to judge…No
One… Who am i
To Forgive…
This is what Devil
In Hell for 66 Months
Does GreaTesT Least
Wishing Existence
Away in Hell
Coming Back
To Heaven
Sympathy for
Even Devils
With SMiLes…
Enjoy your
My Friend…
Life is Worth
All oF it..
SMiLes.. I researched what you did in line
For 7 Hours amazing
Patience and Dedication
With Faith in
Your Sacred Beliefs…
SMiLes.. i Create my
Own Religion of
Dance and
Now.. Yes
With SMiLes
Essence is similar
To what you have
Done lately
My Friend
Best to make all
Of Life Holy
And Sacred Full
Of Meaning
And Purpose
All With Gratitude
Is it any Wonder
i get along with
Indian People
Not Really…
With SMiLes…😁
Hehe i realize your
Other Emoticon
Was just a typo
But i made
It into
A Short Story
The SMiLe
On your busy
Travel Schedule☺️
But makes my
Knees weak
You on
In high places
Hehe.. Heights
Are the ONLY
Thing that
Make me
You are so
Super Stylish!!
My gosh your
Travel bag is
Almost as Big as
You and yes i don’t
Like Heights
Any more than
You like Sheep
Hehe but i
Would be okay
As long As
You Held my
Hand With
Smiles i can only imagine.. particularly the 7 Hour Wait in Line.. surprised after not eating
for 8 days you did not pass out!…πŸ˜‰ Smiles you are like Katrina you are always beautiful
no matter how tired you are or whether you have make-up on or not or however you may
be dressed.. Angel Wings all around me day and night.. Anyway Love to see your Travels Adventures from afar maybe one day i will travel too as a Traveler of Adventure true…
One Day… Smiles you always look like you are having
SO MUCH FUN when you travel it always makes me
happy to see you this way..πŸ™‚ It seems to be your
nomadic element and nature too… hehe otherwise
you would never be friends with someone as outlier as me with smiles..πŸ™‚
Smiles i Love to Explore Nature my Favorite Human Nature and you of course too…πŸ™‚
Smiles i know it is your favorite too along with long conversations with friends as remember
i never forget anything you tell me with smiles..πŸ™‚ but sure i make typos too.. hehe…
Your Pencil is sharp and trust me mine probably used to be sharper as i was
described as a Computer that never made mistakes always Perfeccccttttt
solving everyone’s problems at work .. hehe.. i left that behind now
i even screw up on purpose with smiles..πŸ˜‰ Hey! that’s my
Father in my current FB Profile Pic.. do you think he is good looking my Mother sure did…πŸ˜‰
The man standing to Him is His IDENTICAL Twin Ted my Father was the more Masculine
looking of the two.. Ted is still Living at age 87.. he was dancing with Women at a Dance
Hall with Elder Women at age 84 While His Wife who Still plays the Piano in a Band in that
Country and Western Music Dance Hall is now 86.. Her Birthday the Day after My Mother’s
on December 11th.. wow.. twins do so many amazing things alike just shows you that Life is
more amazing than any material reductionism per say and do.. Hehe my Grandfather was Practically A Genius who was an Author Last Century who actually dined with Einstein in
the Socialist Circles of New York City Last Century my Father was born in Long Island
New York and He talked every bit as fast as me too.. rarely when he did.. hehe.. didn’t
get all of my Father’s Looks but i sure got my Grandfather’s Brain the X-Catholic Priest
as all of that is surely in my Blood as He has a Wiki Page you can look it up and You
can even Google his Book “Behind the Dictators” as it is still available online in PDF
Form for Free.. hehe.. it would probably be boring though it is about the Catholic Church’s relationship with Nazi and Other Dictators Last Century my Grandfather was both a Christian Evangelist/ Editor and Author Who Exposed lies too..πŸ™‚
But He was no Poet my Mother Was a Published Poet and her Poems Naturally came in
Shapes like mine.. i never read Poetry or Wrote Poetry until my 50’s and my Mother didn’t
write poetry until her 50’s either.. i would have never imagined being able to do that before
53 years old.. or being able to Leg Press 608 Kilograms.. 18 reps now but i guess that was
part of the Human Potential my Father Never touched as he stayed overweight most of his
Life as he was so good looking he didn’t have to worry much about his Body to Be Loved by everyone with smiles..πŸ™‚
Yes.. he really was perfect every square inch.. he never said much to me but i used to just look
at him and wonder how can anyone look that perfect and be so fearless he put James Bond
to shame and i am seriously not kidding all the Women at the Sheriff’s Office stood in line to
write his reports hehe.. hey my Mother was voted with the Best Figure in both 11th and 12th
Grade.. verily they were a match made in Heaven in Looks but totally opposite in Soul for
what counts MOST IN LIFE.. so many lessons learned so many shoes to wear i am so
glad that people saw me as ugly when i was Young for i focused more on Soul..:)
He was only 17 in that Picture.. he got much better looking after that in a rugged Masculine
way.. and yes i used to wonder how in the World did i get born to them particularly as my
Mother was So Verbal and So Social and i was not then.. but now i am way more Social
than either one of them ever was but everything i am i worked for with Blood Sweat and
Tears and Literal Hell..πŸ™‚ Hey but to be clear that is My Father’s Twin Brother standing
on the Left side of him the Photo of him is only cropped and focused to tell which one..πŸ™‚
You Know what Life is Funny as you Might Guess it has been Very Beneficial to my Soul Writing about my Relationship with my Father for truly at moments like this i will shed a tear i am rarely able to shed about his relationship with me.. what is funny is
if it was not for Your Blog Post About
Teacher’s and Your Close
Relationship with Your
Father this day of writing
about my Father might have never
come for me this way.. so what i wanna say
is Thank You my Friend my Teacher once again..
i am going to give you Rest to enjoy the rest of your
Vacation with some sleep now too with a Very Good
Evening to Your Spiritual Quest ongoing my Dear Friend..
from India.. truly a Soul Country for me..
i would Love to really visit one day
not to see the Country but
to talk with as many
Indian People as i
can and will find in this
World to be Friends with as they
have been so so nice to me online..
Yes.. the Women mostly as i have always
been more associated with Women it
seems.. go figure my Dad didn’t have
any Male friends either Lady’s Man
until the very end.. like his Twin
Brother too with no Male Friends
still Dancing with all the Elder
Women Pleasing them at age
84.. with smiles my aim until
at least 123 no aim too small for me..
that was His Senior Class Quote my
Father’s was don’t do today what you
can put off until tomorrow the
‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ he
didn’t make that visit
he promised hopefully
i always will my Friend..πŸ™‚
Okay.. i Literally just asked Katrina what Her Secret to Being So Old and Beautiful is and she
said well Thanks for the Compliment but she feels Old as Hell inside but she says she has
no right to complain cause of all the Suffering and Misery in the Bahamas but you see she
doesn’t understand what it means that she is an Empath and she feels the Pain of the
Rest of the World that is truly old as Hell my Friend.. i used to feel the same way my
entire life as an Empath until i started my Meditative Dance as it puts a Shield oF Light
All Around my Soul leaving unlimited Compassion for others instead of all the Pain in the
World Draining me down to nothing each day the way it used too.. as yes.. i literally could
feel all of the World’s Pain.. i kid you not… that is a bit of Hell to experience too and my
Sister is Just like that too.. all empaths and so far i am the only one who has been able
to cover myself with light.. i try to talk them into the Dance but they don’t believe it will work..
at Least..:)
Let’s be genuinely Intellectually
Honest Social Science Shows
Smallest Homogenous
Cultures are the most
Peaceful as They Forage
Every Day Hand-In-
Hand Loving Giving
Sharing Dancing
Singing together
Consuming the Rest
Of Nature (God Alpha
Thru Omega All)
With Least
Harm as Close to
Jesus And The Kingdom
Of Loving Sharing
Giving Dancing
Singing Within
As It Gets Eternally
Now in This Generation
At Hand NoW As
Close to ‘Jesus’
Really Coming
Back LoVE
As it gets Now for
Being Human With
Or Now Without any
Written Text as let’s
Remember Aramaic
Illiterate Jesus LoVE
And Oral Tradition
Of SonG that We Will
Only Have Faith That
Innumerable Ghost
Authors Roman Writing
In Greek Paid Due then
A Truthful Semblance
Of What A Real Human
Of Love Will Dance
And Sing of
As Altruism Still
Born Gardened
All Naturally As
Human Being
Does Now… So.. We
Have a ‘Dear Leader’
Oh.. Over 12,000
Mis-Truths Who
Retweets too He is
A Second Coming
Of God the Chosen
One He Proclaims
Even able to
Than the
NHC.. if you don’t
See this Problem
And Shout it
From Your
Top With Your
Lion Roar of
Jesus Love…
i will continue
To search the
Globe until
i Find a
Who sees ‘The Wind’..:)
‘Kummerspeck’.. hehe.. any place
i will leave Now with a New Word
A Wonder Place to Visit Reminds
Me of Spare Tires Where Stress
Accumulates Around A Middle
That’s not A Kind of Re-Tired i wanna Do…
So WHat’s
YouR CuRRencY
Love or Money Likes
Or FoLLowS EveN Less
YeS LoVE is Do BuTT ALso OVeRaLL
STate oF Mind and Body BaLaNCinG
Peace And Harmony SouL
GeT LiT To: oNe All
Positive Affect From:
A Way oF A ‘World’
Make Money And Buy ‘Stuff’ NoW
No Thanks Got Enough Love to Last
Some of Us are Slower Bloomers than Others…
As Above So Below
Mirror Reflections
Water We aRe Tree of Life
Love Below Above Roots Mirror
Leaves Spreading Living Light Feeding Life…
Saplings Middle Aging to Elder Trees Reaching Out
In Wisdom’s Light Shedding GRoWinG Leaves as Branches
Grow Wake
MoRE.. NoW
SMiLes i attempted
to pass a long a bit of
what i see in Life to a Customer
Service Person who never Looked
Up from their ‘Smart’ Phone.. Middle
Age around 40 or so and then
a 77 or So Year-Old War
Hero from Enlisted
Ranks to
Special Forces
in Vietnam Fox
Holes of Religion
one of flesh and blood
And Then Commodore of
a Navy Station.. Pentagon
Duties and all of that stuff..
Truly a Mentor of the Human
Condition thing is He had no ‘Smart
Phone’ With Him only Tales of the
Hero Adventures he Lived.. and truly
All i Had was Hell in my Back Pocket
With my Own Advice too as finally
succumbing to Aging no longer
Able to Shrug 700 Pounds
as he did not too long
ago.. as i told him
you know what
is worse than
the Worst Pain Known
to Humankind literally assessed
as Worse than Crucifixion like a Dentist
Drill in Right Eye and Ear for 66 Months
From Wake to Sleep that no Drug Will touch
Yes.. Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia as he seemed
puzzled for what i might say next as i went on to explain
that Memories are Emotions and Emotions are Memories when
We Lose our Emotions the Memories of Emotions are Naturally gone
no Reference Point back to the Feeling of a Smile and beyond Infinity
Now From the Feeling or the Action of a Laugh.. no warm comfort of a Cat
Purr or a Puppy Dog Tale Wag within nothing from Your Most Beautiful Wife’s
Hug Just
is all.. and then
i said as he reminisced
about the Days no one
would ever dare to kick any
Sand in His Face at the Beach..
Yes then i said you know the Worse
Pain i can imagine is the Loss of Soul
the Loss of what even a Smile Feels like
to Give and Share for Free.. true if i lose the
use of my Arms and Legs and Still Have that
My Soul Will Still Be Attached to God For Real..
it’s a matter
of perspective
the Worst of
All Disabilities
are no longer being
Able to See the Wind..
i am glad there are still a few
folks older than me in the World
i worry when there are none and that
is why i leave my Soul Behind Truly i wish
he’d write A Blog about his Soul Adventures of
Life if he loses His ability to Walk Perhaps he will
Save the
of at
Soul this
way my Friend..
Smiles Frank.. giving and
sharing is too important to ever give up..
When the Sea the Ocean and Tree Stories of Life
are gone We not only lose our Roots our Leaves
no longer Green and Feed Light…:)
SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
With Love God Bless
And May YouR LiGHT
ALWaYS Bliss You
In Every Way
You BRinG
inTo A World oF All
i must be very Strange
i’m Glad i am it’s 11:53 PM
WHeRe i Live Still the 6th my
Promise to you still in tact as Long
as i Live i won’t break a promise no
matter what as that is my Religion
My Way of Life..
true though
i will bend
the Rules
for Freedom
5 More minutes until the
7th here my Promise of
the 6th to you as there is
another Friend Now with
a Promise of the 7th that
comes Next for if i never met
You i would have Never Met Her..
it’s wonderful truly amazing as each
Unique Forever Friend Love connection
Pure this way we make in Life.. God Wakes
up a bit more in Love for all of Existence more
Eternally Now.. smiles 4 Minutes Left to Midnight
And another Song Coming for True i have 3 more
Friends a 4th and a 5th to visit and the 5th who no
longer replies to me as well.. but it’s okay for it is the
Love the Flicker the Flame that Makes the Bonfire that
Never goes out what cost is Love but to Grow that Bonfire
than ever
Before but true
first we have to drop
the defenses all the Cultural
Clothes that Separate Love from
Will some of us are Born and Spoon-Fed
With More of these Clothes others of us come
Freer in Love and Stay that Way until the end
of the beginning never finishing always Starting
Now 2 Minutes Left an Eternity of Colors of Love
Ever Blending as Soul to give and share more i have
Another Friend Who Believe in Multiples of 7 like me..
with one minute
left i will
of my Soul to Give
And Share With You Now
as the Clock Strikes the 7th
Where i am.. 9.6.19 was truly
A Beautiful Day of Love for me
But True the way i am Gardened
on Your Website 6 Years ago is
still part of My Soul that Brings that Love
today there is always room For Gratitude
3 Minutes After Midnight Eternally Now my Friend Lala Rukh..:)
Perhaps i’ll drop by every Month
on the 7th Now Just to Remind
My Self How much i Love Nagging
Wives and Shy and Silent Friends
who always
of my Soul
anyway Happy
7th Rafiah the
Flames of Real
Friendship (Love)
Never go out hehe.. to:
at least now WHeRe i am From..:)
SMiles Lillian Your words Bring
Moving Pictures to my Soul as
These Two Poems You Write
Reflect the ‘She Wolf’ Myth
of the Saving Wolf
oF A Village of
Love Wherever
that Village may Be
Housed in Vehicles and
Vessels of Love a Song by
Sia then called ‘She Wolf’ from
2012 Your Words Inhabit Here
to me.. off to the Next Part of
the Words You Bring Deeper
As She Wolf Will See my Friend.:)
Our Ancestors All of Existence still now
LiVE iN our DNA We Seek Find And Shine
Forward the 6th of September more specifically
in 1981.. i am called this Way As A ‘She Wolf’ of Love
in my Blood.. all these Stories Like this are A ‘Hero Archetype’
Out of DarK iNto Light only a call for me that Day That Culture and
School And Work Will Not allow more than a Break from All those
Cultural Clothes for 3 Months then…
A long Way back
So many Tears
Sweat and
Blood to
find that
‘She Wolf’
Breath Again
Divine Feminine
WiTHiN Foundation of
Grace in Balance of Nature
With Force of Love Pure in Frequencies
As Will And Strength Stand Upon Love and Grace
Vibrations Energy Light More We Evolve to Be NoW
Tree of Life Where Roots Reach Far Branches Become Leaves oF LoVE..:)
Ah Yes Dear FriEnd Sohair Groups and Bigger
Groups SHaRinG Prayers Surely and Verily
Do Synergy Energy More as Sum
Than Just the Parts
Each as Love
In HeaLinG PoWeR
Force This Way.. i have
a sense and feel that at
least some of the Dark Powers
Where i Live are falling on their
Knees to only Shadows under LiGHT
However the
Never end
or Shadow Will
Rise Back up
in Fear and Hate..
SMiLes Sohair Living
Without Feeling
A Smile For
66 Months
And Surely
i understand
What A GreaTesT
Meal for Sustenance
IS A Smile A Journey Now
of God AlivE LoVinG Real..:)
LiFE Is Good God
For Those Who
Make ‘It’ LoVE
Affording Enjoying A
Luxury of No Distance
Space Time Or Matter
Seeing Wind
The Big And
Small Painting
Becoming Brush
And Paint Painting
Portraits Reality Free
A Secret to Happiness
Is to have this much
Gratitude for Loved
Ones even a Tree Now
From: Roots to: Leaves
That Green And Fall
Feeding EartH LoVE
Souls Home And Well;
Just a Few Facebook Statuses i made this morning as Metaphors for my View of Reality Like Waves that make ever
Changing Shores Tide in Tide out once again returning to ‘The Eternally Benevolent God’ ‘nice enough’ not to
Create Machines of Human Beings; instead, Flesh and Blood Beings who Bleed and Passion Ecstasy Beyond
Measure as well; True, there is the Measure of Blood; But Ecstasy now for Beyond Rainbow Colors will
Never Be Measured by any other than the one who experiences their Flavor of Heaven now. Smiles,
And then there are those who Extend Paths of Hurricanes with Sharpies; and then there are those
who will see value enough in those lies to Buy those Sharpies at 1500 Percent or So profit
off the Ignorance of Empathy of Love that in deed bonds over darkness of Lies. The
Christian Religion will be reduced to two Laws; Love the Alpha thru Omega
All with no name in Vain with all Your Heart and Soul and Spirit; of course
including Your Neighbor and Enemy the same; considering that Dark
Brings Light in most every metaphor of existence; a Measure of
Gratitude creates the Benevolence of Trust; yes, Faith
Within for All of Reality from Deepest Darkest
Suffering to Light of Ecstasy beyond
Rainbow Colors more; Problem and Solution is
We Choose the Love We Co-Create the ‘Good or Bad’ Wolf
Within as Metaphor only as Wolves do not wear Cultural Clothes
oF Lies when Wild and Loving Free; Humans are Damaged and Domesticated
no Different than Wolves in Captivity that are Fed Sheep Free without Working Together
to Capture them as they lose the ability to Hold Hands just as humans do now. A Benevolent
God is up to us;
We Can Choose the
God of Expensive Sharpies
That Draw Lies and Love Those
Sharpies with all our Hearts, Spirits,
And Souls incomplete; or LiFE Is Good God For Those Who Make ‘It’ LoVE.
Life is an Art Project; We Are the Sharpie; true, some folks aren’t sharp others
are dull and colorless of Soul; Don’t Blame Nature When it is the Choice We make.
No Doubt ‘Jesus’ was a Pantheist who believed in a mighty Power Placebo Effect of Belief;
At least from What is Written; Don’t Blame the Messenger who never had an opportunity to Write a Word;
But Do thank, if You Will, Innumerable ‘Ghost Authors’ With Famous Pen Names Like Mark, Luke, Matthew,
and John; who do give us different points of view of the Human condition; ranging from Ignorance of Turning
Money Tables Over; to Ignorance of sending Innocent Sheep over Cliffs; to Making Wolves Scape Goats for Human’s
Folly of Domestication; Nuclear Bombs Becoming Human Tools; to Loving All Dark thru Light in Gratitude of Bliss LoVE iNCaRNaTE US. But No, if You Will; as Well Do Not Blame God As Nature From Biting Back as We Steam Her Ocean Wrath.
God Is
Than Alabama
L.A. Lower
Alabama too…
Hehe currently Dancing my Fingers
i will get to the ‘Smaller’ Muscles later…
Never Forget the IS A Power of Pen With Smiles..
Typing Verily Magnifies the Effect by 10 Digits of Digital Prize…
Visited Franks’ Place of Poetry Now to Visit the Same for Xenia
And Drop by the gigoid Place of Aphorisms from the Sages of the
Ages just
to riff off
of for
For Mind
Play of always
Changing Waves
Tides in and out NoW
Shores always Changing
As Well as who will even tell
God What to Do Above So Below
Within Inside Outside Above So Below
And All Around Only Humans Who Believe
they Will draw God only With Human Sharpies
Dull and so
For all
of God
Colors We
Will Never even
Fathom or Imagine as Real..
Not to Be Limited by ‘Trump
Sharpies’ Still to Come in Lies
True still Days to Do more for
those who do not See A God Enclosed
in a Prison of TRuMPisT Sharpie Limitations oF Lies..
Perhaps You do not see it but this is what Group Think
Limited to Sharpies does in Most every Religion of Church too…
Sorry Little BiTTy Humans Butt You Will Never Force God into
Being Your ‘Alabama Spare Tire’ Or Even ‘Jesus’ Really Existing Now
Forcing A Hurricane’s Direction No More Ludicrous Than Restricting
God to Only Speak ‘Alabama Bible Belt Language’…
Not to Be Limited by ‘Trump
Sharpies’ Still to Come in Lies
True still Days to Do more for
those who do not See A God Enclosed
in a Prison of TRuMPisT Sharpie Limitations oF Lies..
Perhaps You do not see it but this is What Group Think
Limited to Sharpies does in Most Every Religion of Church too…
When Two or More
Dogs Gather Together
God LiveS HeaR God
Smiles Paw Prints Real…
Seasons Change
But A Dog’s Smile
Weathers All Love
Never Hoarding
All Dogs May
Return With Balls..
All Forgiving
Dogs Move
On With Love
Smiles Xenia a
Wish that Dorian
Carries No Ocean
Wrath Redistributing
Heat to you too much at
least for Balance is the Rule
in Scotland True
the Law
for Nature’s Fair..:)
“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
~~ Aristotle ~~
Also Depends on How Many Levers
Modern Human Monkeys Press to
Get their Dose of “Smart Phone”…
Getting around to Anything oF ORiginal Creativity…
Pass the LinK Please Be Quiet as ‘they’ don’t Say and Do…
“So this is what it feels like to be potato salad”
~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~
Refer Back to the Last Comment Please
No Likes.. Shares.. or Followers Just Feel Do Please…
“Anyone who has had a bull by the tail knows five or six more things
Than someone who hasn’t.”
— Mark Twain
Not unlike Squirrels and
Cats Bulls Protect Their Nuts
The late rebellion in Massachusetts has given more alarm than I think it
should have done. Calculate that one rebellion in 13 states in the course
of 11 years, is but one for each state in a century and a half.
No country should be so long without one.
~~ Thomas Jefferson, in letter to James
Madison, 20 December 1787 ~~
It’s Now to worry More About EarTH
ALL The Home The Climate of Change
Unless one is into Sharpies and ‘that kinda thing’…
Get up, stand up,
Stand up for your rights.
Get up, stand up,
Never give up the fight.
~~ Bob Marley ~~
Or Forget the Dance the Song Just a Button Press into Oblivion of Soul
“Cunning and deceit will every time serve a man better than force.”
— Niccolo Machiavelli
ALL iT Takes For Some Folks is a Sharpie oF Lies
And Ignorance All Aboard 1500 Percent in Profits over Tools oF Lies
“What luck for the rulers that men do not think.”
— Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)
Perhaps 40 Percent Now Less…
“Most people can’t think, most of the remainder
won’t think, the small fraction
who do think mostly can’t do it very well.”
— Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love
If ‘They’ Dance They Sing More If they Sit Still They RoT in Words Stagnate
“Glad to be of help/service. In lawyer talk, that will be $500.00.”
— Savvy Bee
My Cat Solves all my problems.. Now that He is Gone i am my Own Father
“I haven’t committed a crime. What I did was fail to comply with the law.”
— David Dinkins (Mayor, New York City) — Answering accusations
that he failed to pay his taxes.
Trump Doesn’t have to Question Why He Lies He Just Lies He Just Does it..
Surprised He’s Not Selling Shoes to Minions Yet.. Sharpies that Lie with
1500 Percent Mark-Up Will Do.. Soothing Mass Ignorance of Group Think…
“Always take a lawyer with you, and bring another lawyer to watch him.”
— Bo Diddeley’s Observation on the Law
Get Enough No Need For Group ‘Sex’ For Pay at Least….
“The United States also has its native Fascists who say
that they are 100 percent American…”
— U. S. Army (1945)
Demagogues Rise With
Lies Fall On Their Sharpies AS HiSToRY SHoWS
“We Americans, we’re a simple people… but piss us off, and
we’ll bomb your cities.”
— Robin Williams, _Good Morning Vietnam_
Ignorance Makes Loud Explosions Bigger Winds And Waves That Kill
“At my order, and for the good of the state,
the bearer has done what has been done.”
— Cardinal Richelieu
State the Real Bride of the Church AS HiSToRY oF Trumps
continue to BRiNG OuT THiS TRuTH THeN And NoW ReaL
“Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!”
— Robot from Lost In Space
Considering the Suggestion by Modern Quantum Physics and the such
that there is No Real Time.. Matter.. Distance.. or Space
All Is Nothing to Fear
“Why Not” is in fact an excellent reason.”
— Fatalist Bee
Free Will Is Why Not
“He bids fair to grow wise who has
discovered that he is not so.”
— Publius Syrus — Maxim 598
Shadows Exist
Ignore them for Twist
“I expect nothing. I fear no one. I am free.”
— Nikos Kazantzakis
Try going without Water Find What You Expect…
“A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a Unicorn.”
— Smart Bee
Only IF A Unicorn is own Her Back
“I do my best not to offend, without fucking with the purpose.”
— Chris Pirillo
See Above
Below Please
“If this material is offensive to you, and admittedly it will be offensive
to someone, than you should take time out to contemplate this truth.
Seriousness is the refuge of the truly shallow!”
— BlasΓ© Bee
“It is in the shelter of each other that people live.”
— Irish proverb
My Homes are so much
Deeper than Sweet Home LA
“Don’t take anything seriously except happiness.”
— Albert Camus
FucKinG A iF YoU SeeK iN GoD MaKE No Pay Grade
Pay Rate Currency but LoVE ALL CoNSuMinG The Rest
of Nature Alpha Thru Omega ALL (God) With Least Harm
Never Send a Hurricane
that Refuses to Go to ‘that place’….
Regarding ‘All Summer Long’ with Hints of Dorian And Gray Still NoW
A Song Sampling ‘Werewolves of London’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’
in the Seventh Studio Album of ‘Kid Rock’ Yes ‘Rock N Roll Jesus’ as He
Remembers His ‘Sweet Thing in a Bikini’ From 1989 the Year of the Katrina
For me.. it’s true i Do Not Have to Create A Rock N Roll Song or Even a Rock
N Roll Jesus to Bring Back My Sweet Home Jesus Katrina from 1989 In Her
Aqua Blue Bikini.. True.. haven’t had Sex Standing Up on a Public Beach Lately
as depending on my
Mood i am not
very Shy
even way
back then
With Her
but true2
hAha i
am Still
Up to it
if she cares to do it…
Perhaps this is TMI but
It’s True and i Do Prove it too..
Unlike Fake Tits on Alabama
Hurricane Maps Katrina’s are
As Perky as Ever And As Natural as Real Jesus too..
True i never have to draw Sharpie Breasts on Katrina to
make them real
as 1989.
God Is
L.A. Lower
Alabama too..
And Just another
Message Delivering
Number 41 For Bishop
Barron and all YouR Friends
Hopefully Seeing more of ‘Alabama’ True..:)
As Studies on Paraplegics and Lottery Winners Go; Money may not make a Difference in Happiness;
But Surely ‘Enough’ Money Will Set You Free From Being a Slave to someone else’s Play of Life;
Whether you want to be included in their Play or Do Not. Being Free is What Nature Does Best.
I see absolutely No Advantage in an excess of Money/Stuff More than to Survive Comfortably as i do now; in Fact,
A Lottery Win By my Wife would just be a Distraction For my Style of Heaven Within to Give and Share for Free.
On the Other Hand, She Would take the Hours and Effort To Distribute the Money; Money does convey advantages
of Not Being Slave to the Play of others; but as far as Happiness goes; it is absolutely meaningless to me as i’ve
seen both Sides of that Story; All the Money I’ll ever Need living in Hell and Heaven too; The Money Made Zero
Difference other than Basic Survival; just at it does today and that’s it for me at least; People Will Love Whatever
they Value; Could Be A Statue of a Man Hanging on A Cross; but really most people i see Worship an Idol of Money too.
Material Wealth is Largely Immaterial to Internal Wealth; all the Colors We May Gain in Holy and Sacred Meaning
and Purpose in Life that We Co-Create or Do not. Now is all that Exists; Now is only as Deep and Long as
The Colors of Existence we Move, Connect, and Co-Create; Regulating Emotions, Integrating Senses in Mind and
Body Balance of Bliss in Flow: Satori, Prana, Nirvana, Tao, Kundalini Rising Forms for Essence Similar Now for Real.
When i Worked for Money for 33 Years, i worried about money a whole lot; Basically, no part of Happiness then.
You Do What You Have to Do to Be Set Free for Your own Style of Self-Authenticity; Ascending Transcending
Flow; Sure, the Art of Heaven within to give and share for Free too; if that is what you attempt to do too.
Do i think i am more important than anyone else for having enough; ha! that’s ridiculous; yet, i experience
People Saluting me and even Bowing Down to me with their Hands Folded only for the Fun of an 11,881 Mile
Public Dance in 72 Months. Fame Doesn’t Impress me either but Smiles do; Real Hell is not remembering
what a Smile feels like. Real Heaven is effortlessly Bringing Smiles to other folks wherever you go where
like a ‘Pavlov Dog’, Just the Sight of You Entering any Public Place in the Metro Area brings a Smile to
their Face. That’s a Skill Worth Keeping and Exercising the Rest of Your Life; Heaven is Bringing
A Smile to someone else’s Face as it comes in Multiples off Hundreds and Thousands as Light
of Joy Grows even though no one need know Your Name; never making a Penny off the Joy of others Free.
Writing is Fun; as i rest my Feet that Bring Smiles to others for Real.
Occasionally, My Writing Brings Joy to Others; but it’s like the Dance;
i do it for the Eternal Now of Ever Expanding Colors of Life and Loving
All that Life is the Potential to be more now. My priorities are totally different
than Close to Everyone i know; but they work for me as what i feel and sense is as real as it gets for me.
Generally Speaking, the Public Audience View of me is the Happiest Person they’ve ever Seen in the World.
Generally Speaking, they have no idea if i have a Penny to My Name or even any Name at all but A Dance i do.
Generally Speaking, From what’ve i’ve seen of the World, i’ve Never Met a more Miserable Person (me) in Hell or a
Happier one now in Heaven Real Within For a bit over 6 Years now; much better than the 66 Months in Hell before;
BuT AGaiN, Money, the Least of My Worries; enough of that is just enough for me to continue to LiVE iN Heaven NoW.
More and Less i am A Real Version now of “Mr. Blue SKeYes” to Heaven’s Fruition Real; i study Happiness; i make it Real.
‘Groot Hair’ Doesn’t Care about ALL Your Money and Stuff; On the Other Hand, Love what You Will That’s How it Works.
Love it All; There’s Only Up More Than Down; Obviously, For those Who See and Hear ‘This Wind’ Within For Real.
On Top of that Science Shows That Women are Least Attracted to a ‘Fat Wallet’ and Most Attracted to Fearless
Confidence; Trust me; i ain’t in this Game to impress any Dudes; yet Still ‘they’ Hi5 me now for they see ‘THE REWARD’..;)
Occasionally, The Women Low5 me or whatever comes Below in Bootie Dances as such; My Wife doesn’t care as she
Hardly ages; she doesn’t spend her life worrying about money either; but more than me; it doesn’t even ‘cross’ my HeART.
Hehe; ‘Trumps’ Gives me the Giggles; such a Big Rich Frown; so far so far away from anything associated Real
With Heaven’s Gate Now; But largely, inconsequential for those Behind Opaque Windows From Heaven’s Existence;
often Colored With Green Paper iDolls of Money or Human’s on Crosses; whatever they Love to Love they Will Do.
“Sky Isn’t The
Limit Your Belief
System Is”
Oh God So
True only
Big as
The Wind
You See….
In Other Words Fearless
Empathic Love The ‘ANTI-
TRUMP’ Sun Day School Humor
What Would Become of Mother Teresa
And James Bond’s Child Rhetorical Question (Jesus)
Empaths are Love
Lack Love You
Are The Light
They are
The Moth
When You
Meet Another
Empath they
Will look no
Than the
Of Your Soul…
Thank You Xenia..
Dorian surely
A Formidable
Force of Nature
Perhaps changing
Perceptions of
Paradise on
Islands particularly
As Homes in the Future
We All Should Treat
Nature more
As Friend and
Separation.. Greater
For Evergreen Life🌲
SMiLes i encourage you as
A Young Person To always
Write Your HeART This Way
You Will always find Your HeART
And not make
The ‘Mistake’
i made
In my Life…
Poetry is a
Greatest Medicine
For Evolving Souls…
SMiLes.. NoW i often
Find Divine Spiritual
Tears in Poetry Your
Words are Fertile
For the
Divine that
Needs no Name..
It’s Like when i
Read Certain Poetry
In Sacred Texts From
All Religions the Flesh
That Writes it may
Be Different but
The Divine
Is the
Tears of
Spirit Within…
Smiles.. so Thanks
For “Sunday School”
Could be an Erotic
Poem or one about
Of Wild
Loving Wolves…
i see no Difference
In Divine Spirit
My Friend…
Whenever i Read/Write Stories and Or Poetry inevitably it seems
A Tune Starts Playing Automatically in my imagination.. “Lean
on Me” Was Automatic.. then.. i saw i wasn’t the only Fred who
Is in Tune with that.. So… since i wore a ‘Friends’ Logo Shirt
to Public Dance today.. i thought about “I’ll Be There” but
True the World has changed so much lots of folks
Are Independent without even a Friend
particularly among the Younger
Generations as Technology
Replaces Leaning on
Flesh and Blood
i Love Cultural
Statements in Pop Songs
About the Such so here is
“Panini” by ‘Lil Nas X’.. and speaking
of Oddly Independent as Technology continues
to take more of us that way.. the Dance Shirt Last
Night Was ‘Snoopy’ and truly i am a whole Lot like
Snoopy as i Entertain myself so much it was just unavoidable..
11,888 Miles of Public Dance in 6 Years literally makes it where
i cannot go anywhere without someone pointing at me and smiling
whether i am dancing or not now and even though seriously Someone
Will ask me do you know how famous you are it’s still like ‘Snoopy’ now
as no one
to be
‘Joe Cool’ Either
hehe.. anyway already
did Nerdy White Boy.. so yes…
there is always room for Change..
It’s nice to not have to get paid to inspire folks to smile..
Seriously.. i used to always wonder back in those close
to two decades i worked at the Military Bowling Center
why don’t we just Work to make Folks Smile and
Let someone else Foot the Bill for Subsistence
Truth is if technology takes over that’s the
Only choice Left to survive at all not
unlike The Bahamas.. Ya gotta get/
have a Job
And Shelter
And Food…
According to Human Social Animal Evolution Friends too..
So Yes.. Technology IS A Real Hurricane breaking News
Anyway.. like the ‘Terminator’ still Says ‘i’LL be back’..;)
SMiLes FRiEnD.. You
Are Both an Honorable
And Human Being Full
Of Life there are some
People very few people
Who are so Kind NoW
Sweet And amazingly
Beautiful inside and
Outside that as Y.O.U.
Once said about
Someone you
Loved that the
Day will find it
Impossible not
To fall in Love with
Each day and it should
Be A Crime not to Love
Them with unadulterated
Love whoever that Is/
Was i Wish is/was THeRE
Now to take care of
You forever but do
KNoW this is the
Person you are
And We are all only
Human too there is
A Kind of Love so
Much Deeper and
Purer Than Romantic
Love this is the way i
Love Katrina as this is
How she touched me
No matter what kind
Of Physical Relationship
We Would have and
Without even seeing You..
You did too From
The very beginning
Smiles there are some
Things in life that
Do not have a set
Concrete explanation
But they are eternally
True NoW THeRE are Some
People Few People You
Meet You never
Forget from
The first breath
Of connection
And Do feel
That i am likely
One of many who
Love You this purely
It is just that the others
May not be Able to
Articulate it this way..
Smiles.. you allow me
To open my Heart up
Fully so easy to
Speak all my
Truth with you..
These are the
People who
Touch our
HeART most
We will always
Love unconditionally
As Love becomes
An Eternal
Light that
So much
MoRE NoW than
Any physicality
No.. It would not
Matter if
A Fish or a
Mermaid with
No Visible Female
Parts below in effect
As Katrina is surely
A Mermaid this way
To me Love that
Forever Loving
Soul of Love Real
Have a nice Sunday
Always Love to write
Something just
You with
Okay here to help!
Anything just
SMiLes still here..πŸ™‚
SMiLes no rush I’ll always be here no
Matter what…
Hehe.. unless I’m in the shower.. Working out..
Asleep or in Church
Other wise armed
With connection
To You as you
Wish haha
Is my Command.. Hehe
Really ask me anything
Anything at all haha
Surprise me
If you like
With something
I’ll never
You are
Good at
That too.. hehe..πŸ˜‰
Anyway while i’m
Waiting to help
Perhaps i will
Write you a
Poem i Hope
my FRiEnD
Finds the Man
Of All Her Dreams
But that may Be So
Difficult as Her
Biggest Dream
Even bigger
Than a
Boyfriend is
To Land A Job
In America and
Live here the rest
Of Your Life.. Not
So easy to do both
If you want to keep
A Career for yourself
As now Long Distance
Marriages don’t work
As the reality is mostly
True.. Men will not go
Without Sex.. haha
Unless You meet
Someone as Spiritual
As Me With a very
Colorful imagination
Other than that Now
Do get that iPhone11
Hehe.. really though
i want to always
Be the Friend you
Feel comfortable
Enough with
To ask any
For advice with now
No fears.. haha you
Can even ask me
How to please
Your SO as there
Is nothing off
The Table With
Me whatever your
Pleasure is
My Happiness
With SMiLes…
So do not
Fear to ask…
Hmm.. okay.. either you got busy
that happens a lot of course or you
Became too nervous to ask.. if so let
me attempt to put you at ease with an amusing
Question probably
The Last thing i
Would expect You to
Ask considering i
Am comfortable
Enough in my
Friendship with
You to describe
How Katrina’s Breasts
Are still so perky at
Age 49.. You are surely
Welcome to ask
Me Advice and Help
On what to do
If your SO’s
Penis seems
Too large for
You.. smiles
FRiEnD dealing
With Reality
And Change
Has Become my
Specialty with
You Dear Friend
Real Love
Feels no
For Truth whatever
That Light May
Be With
Of Kindness
And Understanding
For whatever
Come haha
Or Not
Come Next🌲
There are no
On Love…
Or Friends hey
Katrina bought
That Logo T-Shirt
From the Show
‘F R i E n Ds’
Will Wear it
To Dance
Will show
You later
Today in today’s
World that’s what’s
Most Your
Pleasure is mine..🌲
SMiLes i am so not
Surprised you have
really been pushing
The limit and really i
Have been very
Worried about
You Our personalities
Are Similar this
Way.. Grounding Is
Necessary for Peace of
Mind and Body Balance with
Focus Essential to
Long Term Well Being
Success and even
Survival and must
Come First to adequately
Both Give And Receive Love…
You Have the Tools already i believe to increase Mind and Body Balance and Focus and those
are Yoga and Working Out of course.. Smiles.. No Travel for a while i suggest but the hard part
of that is Your closest relationships are so far away which makes for Social Stress as You
continue a Nomadic way of Life to achieve success in the Social Economic Realm of life…
Smiles.. if you can imagine a Life like Katrina you surely wouldn’t have stress but what you
would have is an unfulfilled life for Your Human Potential that would likely bring a level of
existential angst too.. finding the balance is Key but Love and Social Support must be part
of the mix.. you cannot expect to isolate Yourself and recover my friend but what you can
and i’m sure will do is get back into the Routine of Yoga perhaps first and even by yourself
if necessary but group support helps and surely exercise but when you are overstressed
vigorous exercise may only lead to more overall exhaustion as been there and done that
too my self you will of course know you are recovered when you no longer feel overwhelmed
inside of course you have been through this before and even fell to levels of serious depression
too as that is what happens when we exhaust ourselves too much.. Smiles you know i am
Bi-Polar so i have to be very careful not to get too high.. Lots of Super Smart People have
this inclination as they would not be Super Smart without Naturally High occurring Levels
of Dopamine Will Fuel us in Exploring and Potentially Exhausting ourselves in life.. don’t
think of it as an illness but just an excess of dopamine that makes some folks smart when
the Nomadic desire comes we must just muffle it a bit understanding that it may take us to exhaustion and a disordered state of mind out of focus to get all the jobs of life done that
must be done.. slow down breathe deep relax listen to relaxing music get rest as you are
able to relax think good thoughts and know Your Friend Fred is always here for you when
you need me and always patiently waiting for you when you are away too.. other than that
i Love You FRiEnD and Wish you the best… i Am getting ready for Church but will be out
about Noon my ‘time’ 9 PM Your Time but i am hoping you will get plenty of sleep.. sleep is
such a Major issue for achieving max Human potential and recovering from exhaustion too..
Smiles Dear Friend that is what the Weekend is for not planes and trains and waiting in line for
7 Hours for You will worship all of life better in Peace and Harmony where the symbol is love
inside to give and share freely achieving your human potential too.. remember fly lower when
you feel yourself flying too high.. i seriously have to watch myself to prevent myself from getting
too happy or i will surely ascend and never come back to ground.. haha..all of Katrina’s nagging keeps me closer to earth with smiles if you and me were both younger and together we might
oar away and never come back.. with smiles…
Haha.. me too.. And ReMeMBeR NoW
Humans are only evolved to Focus
on one task at an instance to make
Flow and Laser Focus Happen
So yes No Internet
Browsing and
Work together
Hehe unless
Browsing is
Your only job
Or Dancing then
Singing like me..:)
1)What inspires you to wake up every morning? BReaTHELoVE
2)What is your purpose for your blog? ? BReaTHELoVE
3)Do you like to talk walks or jogs? Dancing And Singing Always
Every Step and Word BecoMes Poetry Holy and Sacred
Full of Meaning And Purpose this way
i Do NoT Run for i AM not Afraid.. hehe..;)
4)What is the most important thing to you when it comes to family? ? BReaTHELoVE
5)Have you ever took a trip and got stuck there because of the bad weather?
What is Bad Weather Love Warms And Cools All Dries Tears And Makes Stuff Wet too..:)
6)Do it snow where you live? Rarely and when it does i still
Wear Short Pants.. Haven’t Worn Pants since the Summer of 2013…
But Again i Wear Shorts Some of the Day at LeasT.. heHe..;)
7)What makes you want to keep writing? ? BReaTHELoVE
8)Do you like to ride horses? If so, have you? Hehe ask my Wife She hasn’t Tamed me Yet..;)
9)What is your favorite type of birds? Flying on Terrestrial Land the Bird of me Free..:)
10)What month was you born? 6 the 6th Day of the 6th Month of 1960
And i Really Love the Number 6 and even 9 Spiraling Gold Like
the SiGNaTuRE oF GoD NaTuRE ALL PHI Golden Ratio 1.618…
As today is a Lovely 9.9.19 Day With Just 1 And 2 With 0 Complete
For Greed upON HuMaN Date And Yes of Course i Love the Number
8 Standing
Tall BeYoND
As HuMaN
11)What is your favorite place to eat pasta?
*Pizza.. the Mall Will Do or Whenever
my Wife Gets Around to Letting me Eat it at Home..:)
(Don’t Like *Pasta Much But i Will Eat IT IF That IS All THeRE iS AND LOVE IT ALL)
*This IS A Secret to Happiness Loving ALL Pasta; hehe at least for me..;)
SMiLes THeRE iS onLY A Pain And Numb
That an Empath Will Understand
A Living Dying Cross that’s Real
When Drained WiTHiN From:
Love With
Left But to:
Care for Others
With Empty Shells
With No Sea Creature
Ocean Whole Who Lives Within
So What We Will Do to Feel The Living
Love Within Truly A Most Desperate Place From:
to: Live and FeeL AGaiN A Touch of Love Within..
True in this Case
A Human Orgasm
May be A
Back to
Living Love We
Feel and Sense within..
Verily Science Proves this out
As surely A Most Powerful Source
of Feeling the Love of the Neurohormone
Oxytocin the Breast of Love From Nurturing
Birth that Brings Holy and Sacred Divine Love
Full of Meaning
and Purpose
that is
the Warmth
that connects
Us Living Again BLiSSinGS
SMiLeS NoW to: Those who are
FeeLeD Within With Love and are
Not Drained As From: Empaths come to:
Be Now From: Feeling Sensing all the Pain
of the World From: Those who are Neglected
At Birth From: Those Who Are Abused by Family
And Friends And so-called Lovers who are not Lovers
at all to: Those Who are Separated From: Love as finally
Coming to: This Emptiness Spirit Poor Understanding God
Is Really LiTeRaLLY
Love and You will
do anything
in this World
to Feel this
‘God’ IS
Even A
‘Drug’ that
May Not
Be Love
At All Now
True as the
Black Rose Seeks
From: to: Find Color Any Color
to: BecoMe the Color of Blood From:
It’s True ‘A Penis’ is not Required for any
of this but it may be all that’s Left to: get close….
From: And then
so far
far away….
Smiles For others
it is Power and Status
to: replace the emptiness
Within for others never ever
FeeLinG the Void Within Ocean
Empty No Sea Creature to: Live
of ‘God’
to: L O V E
Within FoR
to Give and Share For Free
Consuming Others and the Rest
of Nature (God) All With least Harm
For those Who have this LoVE NoW IS
Eternally ENoUGH
once again
to give
for Free
Consuming the Rest
of Nature (God) All With Least
Harm Yes ReaL AGaPE LoVE iNCaRNaTE US..:)
Haha NoW it’s
For Me
Don’t even
Have to wait
To CoMe AGaiNπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚
Change the
Savior of SaMe
Different the Beauty of FLoweRS
Continuing to Color Change
SMiLes Ms. Hugs. Thanks
So much for nominating
Me As Sunshine Blogger
Will be by in a Few
To do my
Best to
Some again
With SMiLes
of courseπŸ˜πŸ€—
Barefoot.. Sand.. Sun
And Dance Enough That
Thin Crust Mall Pizza πŸ•
Great Two ‘Pieces’ Left
SMiLes.. Forever IS A
SMiLe iN Twilight Now
Of A Sunset One FindS ETernAlly
NoW As BreaKinG Dawn Of Soul to Give
For Free to
Be i Am Now..:)
A Poem
From You Always A Great Day
Only Separated by Time, Distance, Space, And
Matter proves none of these Are Real Love of
Friends is only Far Away as Beyond Infinity
of HeART STRinGS Playing
Dance and Song Spirit
Deep within
Wind For
Two or More
To See And Hear
You are from a Place
Where Friends mean
More than Material
Things, and Money,
Age, Nationality,
Gender, Sexual
Religion, All
Other Labels Given
To Human Differences
You are From THE ONLY
REAL place that counts
A Place Truly Beyond All
Time, Distance, Space,
And Matter the
Home of
Place oF UNconditional
Love that Gives and Shares
For Free Consuming Others
And the Rest of Nature
(God/Namaste) With
Least Harm For
All how
Gifted i Am
To Hold Your Hand
Beyond All Distance,
Space, Time, And
Matter, the Wind of
Love the Friend
i See and Hear
As ParT
Of my
Eternally Now
Good Morning
From Ever Breaking
Dawn my Friend who Cares..πŸ™‚
SMiLes Bishop Barron on this Very Beautiful
And Very Special 9.9.19 Date of the Year Agreed
Upon by Humans Like a Religion of Numbers to Be.. NoW
Yes and To All Your Friends Hello too This Sunday Homily
Finished a Bit Late as there is no Time.. Distance.. Space
or Matter in
of God
SaME And
DiFFeRenT too..
Yes this is MeSSaGE 42
And if you Like you may Name
it A Meaning of Life at Least for
Now for the Measure of What i Bring
For Love Beyond iNFiNiTY MoRe to CoME too.. NoW
This Message is Mused by 5 Lovely And Powerful Women
Around the World You Will Not Find them in the Church Bulletin
but Never the less as they say the Least will Become Greatest
And the so-called
Last Will Become
First in
A World
of Love
Beyond iNFiNiTY
The Thing that stood out most for me in Church
on Sunday Sadly is that the Congregation Demanded
A Collection for the Bahamas but the Best the Church could
Do is Hold Only One Collection on Sunday and Put it off until
The Following Sunday for a Second Collection then as if Death
Will Wait
And then there was the
Homily What i remember most
about it is the Priest relayed the
Virtues of ‘Judge Judy’ but what
is more worrying is that the
Church still gets
its Politics
From ‘Faux News’
at Least Where i LiVE
WHeRE 80 Percent of the
So-called Folks even more Sadly
Mostly So-Called ‘Christian’s Voted for a
Dude Every Color Painted of What anyone
has seen as a Demagogue Anti-Christ Against
Love Decades Before that choice was made as he
Proudly dismissed them with enough Minion Ignorance
to Support Him even if He Shot Someone in Public Shame
Shame Shame so-Called Christians You Worship Jesus a
Man as God but You Fail to even Do Love as AN ONly Real Pay
Rate Pay Grade And Currency of God now Yes Real LoVE AGaPE STyle at Best…
Then the Priest Ended the Mass all About ‘the Cross’ with a Letter from our Region’s
Bishop with Copious Praise for all the Giving Bucks for the Church with a Plea for
Mercy about how
the Church
Screwed up
so Royally in
REAL Hell Raping and
Molesting Little Children
And Covering it up with the
Same Bull Stuff of Lauding the
Way that ‘Judge Judy’ and Her
Friends Treat Folks so far so far away from Jesus/God/Love..
Smiles there are certain days i feel i need to take a Bath in Holy
Water when i leave that place but you know what i do not have to for i Am LOVE iNCaRNaTE
And sure i will spit out the Dirty Water whenever i get a Chance and Keep the Baby Jesus ALiVE iN
me i wore
a ‘Friends’
(The Other Show)
Dance Shirt the Catholic
Church still really Needs
to Become a Real Friend
And not Just a Shell without
A Living Bride of Nature Love(God) Essence Within..
Here’s A thing Another Hurricane Humberto now may
Be Forming Yes to strike before the Last Blood Dies First..
There is no Procrastination in Love But Death oF LoVE First..
Again Just a Voice in the Wilderness With No Power or Status
You Guys Volunteered for the Rest Now Get the Job DonE for LoVE ALLoNE…
Trust me when i Dance
And Sing God of LoVE
Yes i make mistakes too
Our Best Friends NoW are
Those Who Point Them Out to US
And Devil’S ADvocates in Clothes of Jesus Will be Greater at this too
Than Even ‘Jesus’ as ‘He’ Readily Admits by Report of John 14:12
Aim Higher Grasshopper
Take the Love is Written
In the Stone Away from my Hand..
-‘Kung Fu’ the Show Circa the 70’s….
Wish i had A Had A Public Dance T-Shirt
too for Visualization of that Message too..
ho hum this Dance And Song Will Just Do IT too..
And God Yes.. Earth, Wind, And Fire Will Surely BRinG THiS
SPiRiT WinD to See With More than Organs of Eyes and Ears
the Real
TrumPeTS of LoVE RinG.
SMiLes Dear FriEnd Lillian..
All the Force of my Dance And
Song of Life Comes From Less than
A Grain of Sand i am WiTHIN Hell on Earth
For 66 Months as a Shut-in in my Bedroom
With the Worst Pain Known to Human-kind And
18 other Life Threatening in Synergy Disorders from
Wake to Sleep then Like a Dentist Drill in my Right Eye
And Ear that No Drug Will touch assessed Literally Worse
than Actual Crucifixion.. Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
named the Suicide
for that is
what it is
i asked my
Mother Why this
‘Cross’ for me what
did i do to deserve it.. i did my best
then i always tried to Love everyone
and not Harm any Part of Others and Nature
God All she said two simple Words ‘Why Not’
but she also said ‘This too will pass’ i never need now
to meet the Man they call ‘Jesus’ for my Mother was/is
A Real Jesus then now no myth of Son of Man God Real
Woman LoVE iNCaRNaTE Breeding Birthing me
Gardening Love Just to Fall to Hell From Heaven
for no reason but ‘Why Not’.. smiles my Friend
that Works the other way as well and that is
the Gift of Heaven most
making that less
than a Grain
of Sand
Creating more
More A Mountain oF LoVE
STiLL iNTeGRAL to that less
than A Grain of Sand the Hell that
inspires Heaven Most oF all Within
inside outside above so below and all around
more.. In Hell there is no telling if one will survive
the Next Second NoW iN HeaVeN THeRE is no
Distance.. Space.. Time.. or Even Matter All is
Spirit Wind to See HeART of SoUL MiND and
BoDY BaLanCinG LaSeR FLoW Focus to Be LoVE
NoW to Give and Share For Free MoRE ALWayS
doing the best to Consume the Rest of
Nature All with Least Harm this
is no new gift this is the Dance
And Song of Love We All
Give and Share Best
to: BReATHE From:
Real Understanding
That Dark Creates the Most
Light to Be Forgiving the Darkness
That Will BRinG GReaTesT LoVELiGHT oF LiFE BReaTHiNG
Now too.. SMiLes my Friend.. my Words Breathe much too long
Now for most folks to See the Spirit of my Hurricane i BRinG this
Way.. oF LoVE but my Dance 11,888 Miles in Public that Brings
me the Flow and Focus to Write 7.2 MiLLiON Words in the Same
72 months since i recovered from Hell as i told a Group of Young
Folks who exclaimed do you know How Famous You are for Your
Public Dance in a Metro Area of Several Hundred Thousand Folks
As They Stated Literally everyone they know.. talks about me
And Knows who i am haha.. like An Anti-Trump Down
South in my Metro Area now too.. as i reply to them
i am LoVE
only a
of Sand
i am only Less
Than A Grain of Sand From:
STiLL NoW And That is enough
to: make LoVE ReaL mY FRiEnd…:)
A New Wind Of Dance MosT All Will Notice; A New Song of Wind Rarely Will Anyone See.
In Six Years At 59, i Public Dance Wind 11,888 Miles; Articulate Wind 7.2 Million Written Words of Free Poetry/Bible Song.
When i Am Three i See/Create Wind, SpeaKinG No Words; Short Cut See/Create Wind; Thousand Plus Cuts Articulate Wind.
Some Folks Are Afraid Of DarK/Cynical oF LiGHT; iT iS Often Those Who Are Not, Who See/Create More Wind;
‘Star of David’ Brings Life Human’s God too;
Two Triangles Intersecting
Up And Down Will Do; Sure,
Six Pointed Walmart Star Too;
God Is Not Only A PeN iS GoD Is A She SheD
Or A Bottom And Top Of A HeART;
A Religion For All Or A Religion Of All Will ‘You’
Discern Which One Is More Comprehensive As ‘God’;
Afraid oF Or Seeing/Creating Unknown Guess Which Way Is More Fun.
i Enjoy New Stuff; Not Everyone Does; That Pretty Much Captures
the Human Condition In A Nut Shell And Outside of A Cave True.
Smiles, i Enjoyed ‘the Video’; Folks Were Creating New Terms; Articulating more of ‘the Wind’
They See in and as Natural Existence; Somewhere Around 99 Percent of the Population and More Will Not.
Not Everyone Is Born, Bred, AND Gardened to See and Create More Wind; And Again Those Who Are And Do Have
So much
As Nomads
ThiS Way than
Cave Dwellers Still Horrified
of Dark and Cynical of What Lights Outside of ‘Plato’s Cave’ Will Come To Be And Do as ‘US’.
SMiles my Friend You are A Gardener; You are Interesting in Creating and Seeing More Wind;
That is About as Rare on this Internet Site in this Forum as a Flower in a Desert; Just coming
By to let You Know, i for one Appreciate what You Share and Give; HA! YaH HeH HuH and
Overall i See and
Create Way
too Much
Wind to be
Here; surely
UnderStandAble OverAll too.
Hehe; at Least for those Who See and Create more Wind..:)
The Dark Doesn’t Scare me; i Want to Experience the ‘Horror’ oF it again;
but True This Horror is Not Fear at All; This is the Adventure of Seeing
More Wind Never Cynical oF LiGHT
For that is what
The Dark
BRinGS Best More oF LiGHT;
Seeing/Creating More Wind.
And True Peaks and Plateaus Flow
More Not Unlike A ReSounding Key of E
at the End of a “The Beatle’s”, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely HeARTS Club Band’ ‘Day in a
Life” Eternally NoW WHeRE We Become the Note the Song the Orchestra Symphony ONE;
True, Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” Will “Take ‘US’ THere”; A Mix in Flow of Pakistan and India True too…
Plays Forever Soul NoW oN More Wind in/as Light ‘US’;
Sure, as the Beatles Dance Sing; “Will Love to Turn ‘Them’ On”, too;
but THeRe are Many Days in a Life WHeRe i Live at Least, Where only a Dance Will Be Seen.
Let’s Face it Not Everyone Will Do a Mix of Pee Wee Herman/Forrest Gump/the Dude off the
Big Lewbowski/ And The Story of Jesus on ‘Saturday’/Thursday ‘Night Fever’ too even Bringing
that Myth Alive For Real at least by the Book and More hehe;
For Real With No Myths;
Not Likely even
John Travolta
or The River Dance
Lord Will be Able to Do me at almost 60 hehe;
It’s true ‘Jesus’ Could have done more if he avoided
Getting Nailed to a Cross at 33 too… for Real of Course With no Myths.
John Lennon
Made a Huge
Mistake and so
Many Others True too;
The Secret is Being too Big With too many Colors to See;
hehe, in Broad Day Light, i Dance And Sing it All For Real Like a Real Thief,
hAha; Smiles, People have been doing it this way to Survive for
Centuries on End; but Now Herstories are mine too…
Opposites Attract Need i Dance Sing More..hehe..
Sure a WallStreet Journal Article Prepares me that
Bases Personality Types on Those Ruled by Serotonin
Versus Dopamine And Testosterone Versus Estrogen Same Old Archetypal Stories
Men are from Mars Women are From Venus that Old Dance and Song
That is either
Spoken or Mute
i do it all what will
i Dance And Sing
i Do Left Hand Right
Hand i do Martial Arts
Ballet Bass and Tenor
in one Dance and Song of LiFE
in other Words i Switch Hit Left and
Right Above So Below Within inside out
side All around but enough about me haHa..
What about Rafia it changed from Rafiah
part of me resistant to change doesn’t like
that but the Creative Part Says let’s go with
New Yes Rafia Rocks and Rolls Colors Life New…
True the Resistant Part is Serotonin Safe and Change
Averse Traditional Truly Efficient Conscientious Meticulous
to Detail Sounds a Whole Lot Like a Chemistry Major attuned
to Equations that Work Consistently to me.. by the way we’ve
known each other for Five Years Traditionally observing Anniversaries
of Friendship A Byline for that too.. But who Cares when now is Eternally
Forever what a Free Bird Will Dance And Sing with Soaring Wings of Dopamine
above and
that Grounds us to Earth Then there is
Testosterone Broad Shoulders
Strong Jawline Hairy Chest
Fewer words Protecting
the Village From
Lion King Strong
Patrolling the Boundaries
Building Walls to Keep Predators
Out Baring Fists And Teeth Fight
to the Death if Necessary to Protect
Women and Children Reproductive Necessities
And Extremes Pillage and Rape War Torn Spoils..
hmm.. sounded pretty good huh until i got to the Last
Part of the Reality of Human Dark Mixed With Light.. What about
Estrogen Empathic Sensitive Artistic Creative but wait!
That sounds a lot like the Hairy Beast of me Standing
6 Foot something rounded off at 110 Kgs in detail
Just for where You Live in Metric Measure of
Information any Chemistry Major will
Appreciate.. Leg Pressing 608 Kgs
More than Five Times my Weight
12 times slowly for 100
Seconds got the
Video to Prove
that to Disbelievers
Who attempt to Question Grace
Yes Manhood in Ballet when i Dance
Before i show them yes what that much
Force Will Do With… A Martial Arts Kick
less than a quarter of an inch from any
Object in Range Lightening fast then one
watches them visibly move away surely but
slowly out of reach just a bit but yes it’s an
Autonomic Reaction for Survival my Friend….
Yes Yes Yes sure there is Correlation Here with
just another ‘Social Arts’ Study attempting to Masquerade
Human Arts as Science Yes Emotions And Senses that Rule Behavior
like a Beaker in Chemistry And Micro Chips to Rule a Computer but F no
Humans are Not Science Humans Masquerade Reason to Pretend that
Emotions and Senses are not the Master of all Our Greeds and Passions
As Shadows Will Come out and Play and rule us if we do not become an
Effective Servant more than Slave of Our Limbic System and Reptile Brain
that Evolves First Long Before a Neo-Cortical Illusion of Reason in Dominance
Smiles my Friend
Patriarchal Dominant
Cultures that still live
in Scarcity of Socio-Economic
Reality Breed Human Culture this
way for Basic Survival And Subsistence
Needs Erase the Empathy From the Tears
of a Young Boy Suck it all up be a real man
one day fight and die for the Village Never
say You are Sorry as that is a sign of
Weakness too.. Sure Die 10
Years earlier than Your
Wife as a Cultural
Same Reality
For Acute Heart Break
Will Literally Bring on Disease
as Life Long Repression of Emotions
Like Tears and Joyful Laughter with smiles
will slowly rot a soul into Mute Servitude even Slave
to a Limbic System and Reptile Brain too afraid to come
out of the Shadows and Play Free for more than just rough and tumble play…
smiles my Friend
i grew up in a similar
Culture too there was a day
in my twenties when my Girl
Friend told me i touched her Heart
Strings and i kid you not i thought she
meant that had something to do with her
Vagina.. Trust me when i Dance And Sing
And Ballet and Write Poetry and Paint the Wind
With all the Colors of Love that all this Mars and
Venus stuff is just Cultural BS as far as who can or who
cannot come out of their Cultural Cocoon.. but you know what
if you grow up in a place like i do you practically have to become
i mean
to do either one…
Smiles my Friend as ‘they’ say
tolerance and acceptance for what
we can and will not change in life..
my Father Was terrified of me
when ever i expressed
any emotions
at all
that that might
mean his Precious
Little Boy Loves Boys
even though i had Crushes
on Girls From Kindergarten on…
the honest to God Truth is i never became
a real man before i developed my Heart back
again the Culture the Military one i lived in took my
Soul away.. my Spirit my Heart all that colors life in
a Young Boy’s Dreams.. Bright eyes the Bright eyes
Without Veils of Ignorance Colored With Grey Afraid
to Paint the Wind With Pastels of Love.. and quite Frankly
Where i Live at least a mix of both even pushing 60 makes
me A Prince
to a Young
Woman’s eyes..
a Man Strong Enough
to Love is a Real Man
my Friend a Man Strong
Enough to Both is in DeMaNd
these days for sure.. Katrina Nags
me day and night but never for a closed
HeART only for if i do not keep the Towels
in the Bathroom Squared Away from Top to Bottom
While i spiral
A smile
of sure Yes
Dear i guess i forgot..
Truth is i see A Bigger
Picture now i am no longer
afraid to Live Both Small And Large my Friend..
Other than that i really miss you but sure i am
As Confident as a Lion King that You will Never
Forget the Love of my HeART.. Here’s A thing
my Friend all is fair in War and Love Difference Between
Warriors and Lovers is Warriors die at 60 and Lovers still
Glow HeARTs of Young Women….
Women too
When they
Still Sing Attune
to their Younger Girl’s Soul…
‘Boys’ on the other Hand get Jealous
and Frown ‘Boy’s Who Will one Day
Be Lion King’s too Hi-Five Understanding
Without Eyes and Ears Love Rules First and Last Eternally Now no
Matter Time Distance Space and surely Numerical Age my Friend…
oh by This
Way How
Are you? see
it’s still hard for
me to do small talk for i
am just a ‘Dude’.. at HeART too..
Let’s put it this way at Least THE Gym i Work-out (God) Love
At most is neither Walls or Floors or Ceilings at All This Gym Breathes…
Typically Most
Lionesses in the
Wild are more likely
to Swoon when i act
the Silent Type and Just Dance.. hehe..
online it’s mostly the Computer Majors
Accountants and Chemistry Majors who
appreciate my meticulous attention to
as a
Words Smith most..
You are most definitely
A Mix of Serotonin and Estrogen my Friend…
A Bit of Ice while at Nature i am Fire when
fully unloaded as a Gun..
One other interesting
Note Women who Do
Birth Control are more
Likely to be attracted to
Softer Looking Men.. sure
if i am not smiling and dancing
and singing most people mistake
me for Law Enforcement and while
i wear my Sunglasses in doors at the
Store Before i start Dancing the ‘Illegal
Immigrants’ take cover with a sigh of relief when they see ballet next..
my Father was a Law Enforcement Officer for 46 Years His Father
An Irish X-Catholic Priest Both Traditions Structure Discipline and
Punishment my Friend…
There are Days
When i look in
the Mirror
Where i find
both of them still Looking
back at me.. meanwhile they
both Left Early and now i thrive all the way around..
My Mother Planted and Bred a Seed of Love A Flower
in me that never
truly died at 13
back to Life after
Wandering a Desert
of Toxic Patriarchy for 40
Years at 53.. Truly Phoenix
Rising From the Ashes Ocean
Whole (God) Love NoW mY FRiEnD
Anyway Bottom Lines i miss You a whole
Lot i miss Your Anchor i miss You always
telling me the Truth i miss everything about you….
my Real Friend..
Tears my Friend For Real
And No You do not have to
Say a thing i will never forget You..
Every Man in Your Culture is so Fortunate
to Have Wives Like ‘You’ the Best part of Your
Culture are Women my Friend Men should Never
Forget the
Gift of ‘You’…
Yes of course
i remember this
Every Night i Hug
Katrina i’ll take A Nag A Million
Times over just one Lie my Friend..:)
Perhaps i’ll drop by every Month
on the 7th Now Just to Remind
My Self How much i Love Nagging
Wives and Shy and Silent Friends
who always
of my Soul
anyway Happy
7th/9th Rafiah
Flames of Real
Friendship (Love)
Never go out hehe.. to:
at least now WHeRe i am From..:)
VeRSioN 2.0 PLuS” NoW i GoT
A TiTLE FoR ReaL too NoW..
Meh; Most Folks Are CaLLeD WiTHiN
Go Figure iN HuMaN Temples This IS
From: Those Who Can And Will to: Those Who Are Up to A
Challenge of Just DoinG IT NoW FOR REAL
‘This’ Is No Reason Feeling or Sense to Give Up on Delivering
A Message of Faith Hope Love And Charity For All Just Do IT NoW
Beyond My Pay Grade As to Why Some Folks See Wind Some Folks
Do Not Some Folks Dance Sing Some Folks Do Not Now
Traveling This Globe Past Present Future Now i See These ‘Prophets’ And
Include Them NoW in my 7.2 MiLLioN Word Bible YouTube too
‘Jesus 2.0+’ The ‘John 14:12’ Version Consists of Innumerable Super Soldiers
of God/Love Providing Unlimited Avenues to Heaven Now
‘Jesus 1.0’ The Story Book Provides A Golden Rule of Love And the ReaLiTy
That Heaven Is Real Now Within In This Generation Now
Corner Stones of the Kingdom of Heaven Within At Hand ALWaYS
In This Generation Now For Real FOR REAL NOW NO MYTH
True.. So Much MorE Than Dopamine And Serotonin And Oxytocin too But
Let’s Face Building Blocks of Love Hope Faith And Charity too
A Religion of Loving iT ALL IS A Best Religion oF ALL In This Way Science
Proves This Is True Too Way SmARTeR Than Hell For Now
100 Percent Faith and Trust Gratitude For Alpha Thru Omega
Continuous Flow of Serotonin Best Mental Pill Worshipping God ALL
Doesn’t Matter Unless You Make Every Number Letter Word
Step Dance Song Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose
Perhaps This Will Get Published on 9.10.19 or 9.11.19; 9.9.19 Might
Have been More Fun But The Numbers Will Be Overall Similar
Gotta Scan the Horizon A Bit in the Morning if i am Gonna Pass
my Far Sighted Vision Test Tomorrow Annually As Such
Routinely to This Point the Last FB Profile
Pic Hits 6,666 Words
in the Description
Area Wrapping
Up This As
of Yet
MacroVerse Next
With A Tale of the Tape Now
And MacroVerse Memories from
3 Years to Date as additionally
MacroVerses From 3 Years to
Date Are included in those
Measuring a 6 Year Effort of
MacroVerses to date Total in this 6 Year
Endeavor of 72 Months for ‘SonG oF mY
SoUL Longest Long Form Epic Free Verse
Bible Poem Recorded in Human HiStory
Well actually MyStory hehe.. as “iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind”
is now the 891st MacroVerse of that Overall 7.2 MiLLioN Word Effort
Doubling as the 218th MacroVerse of ‘Nether Land Bible 2017″ As that
39 Month Bible Story Rises to 4,657,324 Words.. Additionally as “iN EYeS of Dorian’s Wind”
Triples as the 116th MacroVerse of FB Profile Pic Bible 2018 that includes as Volume 2019
Edition now too.. as that total 27 Month Endeavor Rises to 3,046,292 Words Where those
Words Are Also Included in the Facebook Profile Pic Descriptions at around an average
of 7,000 Word Each.. As This Multi-Chambered Nautilus Shell Uploading mY SouL
Within as Dance and Song has Multiple Doors and Paths to Travel in a relatively
Never Ending Story and Nether Land Story Too.. As Yes mY SoUL SPiRiT
oF HeART CarrieS oN This Way more now too.. yes in 11,888 Miles
of Public Dance in 72 Months too.. with an Erotic Poetry Novel
That is no longer linked to this PG Rated Blog Since May
of 2018 as it just got too hot to even touch a PG Rated
Blog hehe.. as that Effort is holding still a bit stiff
and unchanged at 93,620 Words as i
haven’t had many Minutes to
Post all that Art that i am
Still 13 or so Posts
Behind in Doing
in the Last
6 Days of
Finishing this up
for Publish Later too..
and that’s okay when it comes
it will as usual too.. just fly be free do
it up more when it Naturally feels like coming again…
Best way to Do all Art in River Flow Be Water Wave Ocean Whole More.. Now..
Well anyway that along with the 277th Dance Week Night with all the Cool College
Age Folks Last Thursday Night Covers all of the Tale of the Tape for Now at Least..
now to
Memories 3 Years to Date..
From: Beautiful Evenings Now to:
Hope Full Prayers and Wishes
For Peaceful and Harmonious
Mornings With Productive
Workdays That
Transform into
Playful Evenings
And Weekends
Full of Joy Now
As Happiness
Travels paths
Bliss Now
Moonlit Sunshine RealπŸ™πŸŒ³πŸŒ²
“Macro-Verse 700 Love Labor”..
A Labor of Love a ‘Real 700 Club’
“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Haha.. The Title made me Giggle..;)
Anyway.. This Rounds out “CaLLinG
ALL FRiEnDS VeRSioN 2.0 PLuS” At
11:33 PM on 9.9.2019 in This 6 Day Effort of WRiTinG THiS..
Publish Coming Soon as i Put iT All Together Next And Press ‘the Button’ to Send..:)

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
7.1 MiLLioN plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
“SonG oF mY SoUL”..:)
Approximately 50,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
“CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs”..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
“After Book of Fred”
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
“6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
“After Dance oF Fred”
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
“Book oF Ten Sixteen”..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
“New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
“12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016”
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
“2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
“Grand Cross Bible 2016”
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
“KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review”
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
“CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017”
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
“VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017”
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
“CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn”
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
“Nether Land Bible 2017”
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
“7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of Over Two Thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record Growing
Still of Four Years Plus of Dancing tHeRe..
And note.. in some of the liNks.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the Photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
“MesSage iN A Bible Bottle” as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked
“MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+” as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)
“PHI Bible”.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)
“SoN oF Google NoW2”..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)
“1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)
“6th Bible Memorial”..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)
“SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old”
Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it in any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  A
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.
“BoWLiNG ALLeY DaYs BeGiN AGAiN 2017”
iN KeePinG WiTH SuRPriSeS iN PLaiN SiGHT.. NoW
A FourTH ArM oF A Fred HeRRiCaNE CoMeS NoW
WitH CaLM CenTeR BaLanCinG ForcE oF FaiTH aS
PuRE LoVE NoW.. aS A TRiLoGY NoW GaiNS A FourTH pART too..
RiSinG ARiSinG THiS FouR pART StorY NoW To WeLL oVeR tHosE
aForE MeNTioNeD NuMBeR oF Prophecy Photos to OVeR 2K NoW too..
WHeRE ‘MiNi-sToRy’ CoMeS iN FouR ParT HaRMoNY WHoLE NoW aLL aT 83,303 WorD2s..:)
“LioN KinG SHoW MusT Go oN 2017”
A Fifth Arm Doubling NoW aS A Ninth
Arm stARTinG wiTh MacroVerse
“6th Bible Memorial”
As the actual First
Arm too of what
WiLL Come after
the 10th MacroVerse
CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
As the 11th Arm of a Third
New Testament since 2016
Adding Another 180K words or so
to “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that
Longest Long Form Poem aRises to 2 MilLion
Words just Behind “SonG oF mY SoUL” STiLL at 5 MilLion words plUS..:)
“8000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Celebrating 8000 Miles of Public Dance in 48
Months as this MacroVerse also Doubles as
10th Arm and Chapter of a Third New
Testament as the 11th
MacroVerse comes neXt NoW
Also Celebrating 2 Million Words..:)
“EQUiNoX DanCE CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
Morphs into “SiGNaTuRE CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN”
As This Title Change is NoW Complete For a Third New
Testament that also CoMeS as this Title NoW too..Complete..:)
“THiRD oF oCToBeR ’17 Dreams oN”.. Also identified in the Body
of this 12th MacroVerse of Third New Testament oF “SiGNaTuRE
CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN” as “New World Love 800th MacroVerse”
And “New World Love October ’17 Surprise” and sure.. pART
And ParcEL too of 5 Million Word Long Form Poem Plus
So Far “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. And the 129th MacroVerse
of PLuS 2 Million Word Long Also Longest
Long Form Poem Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017” at the number two position
in Rank Below the 5 Million Word pLuS
aLSo kNoWn as Bible “SonG oF
mY SoUL” and First Ranked
Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Recording Long Form Poems
on Searchable Google Results at least..hehe..
iN other words it’s just numbers anyway.. huh..
empiricAlly MeASurAblE “John 14:12” Efforts too…
otHeRWise who will ever believe i actually did and do
it without the Money of Evidence Without any Washington
Bills and Lincoln Cent Sents to Water Down the Value of mY
soUL as the
isReaL DeaL
Going Down NOW.. FREE
yes..  just for FucKinG FuN iF
yoU SeeK iN thE GoD oF NaTuRe
As NaTuRe pART OceaN WHoLE
WaVe NoW iN oTheR Words
Be all you can BE WitH
GoD aLL or NoT
YouR ChoicE
iN HoW eVer yoU ArT
And SciencE LiFE NoW MoRE
“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”
WeLL iT’s True.. NoW2..  Every Third
New Testament NoW Needs a Thirteenth
MacroVerse to complete The Effort More
Fully in 12 weeks also kNoWn as 84 days..
as this Third New Testament NoW completes
at  255,193 Words as pART WhoLe of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’ NoW aT  2,076,239 Words as in the 130th
MacroVerse of that effort as pART wHole
“SonG oF mY SoUL”  as this is the 801st
MacroVerse of that Effort too..  continuing
on past 5 Million Words in the 50th Month
of that whole Writing Expedition aLong WitH
oVer 8000 Miles of Public Dance in the sAMe
50 Month Period of Human CLock tiMe too..
also Soon to enter into the 84th Month and
Completion of 7 Years of Writing aRound
12 MilLion Words or so online since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. jUSt
an online Babe of Sorts i was
then2.. heHe.. and sure..
neXt milestone heAR..
likELy a cELebRatioN
of thaT 7th Birthday
oF oNline eXisTenCeHeRE2..;)
“7 YEarS Old 12M Words FReE oNliNe WRiTe i aM”
The 33th/137th/808th and pART oF 12M Words as
MacroVerse NoW Respectively of “Facebook Profile
Pic Bible 2018” at the 6th Month Point of that Effort
Now at 640,319 Words and “Nether Land Bible 2017” at the 18th Month
Point of that Effort NoW at 2,258,319 Words and Yes.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”
at the 51st Month of that Effort at over 5 Million Words.. aLL NoW Combined as LoVELiGHT iSReaL.. as this MacroVerse all NoW titled.. “7 YeArSoLD Free Online WRiTe i AM”.. where the total effort in this 7th Year Birthday of online existence continues to
Measure in at
aRounD 12 Million
Words Conservatively
SpeaKinG iN A 2555 continuing
Day to Day Writing Effort NoW WitH
No Break Since Thanks Giving Day.. 2010..:)
“Grand Cross Bible 2017”
7th Major Titled Bible As A Child NoW of
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. Finishing this
766,047 Word Effort in 7 Months from
Memorial Day through Christmas Day of
2017 Coming iN As A Second Grand Cross
Bible that also compliments the 915K
Word Effort of “Grand Cross Bible
2016” in 2016 accomplished
in 7 Months also from
Memorial Day of
2016 through
Christmas Day of 2016.. too..
As All 7 Bibles Now are Children
And Grand Children of the Grand Parent
Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL” at around 5.5 Million
Words on this Date of 12.27.2017 so far Continuing
As Waves Do Grow Ocean Whole More H2O continuing
TogeTHeR as STreAMs to RiVeRs WaVes of OceaN ExPaNDinG
Shores for
oN CourSE aS
DancE and SonG
Free too EVeN MoRE to CoMe..:)
“KATiE MiA FredericK 2017 A Year in Review”
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record YearS EVeN MoRE NoW
“THiS iS Me NoW3”
As ‘they’ say.. when “Hell” Freezes Over…
A Second Super Blue Blood Red Lunar Eclipse
or ‘which’ ever
First Last and LastS AGAiN..;)
FReEDLoVENoW 35,357 Words
LoVEFReEDNoW 43,151 Words
iLoVENoWFReED 35,896 Words
A Trilogy Story About Love in
A Triune of 114,404 Words Total..
Diverse iN A Range of Dance and
Song of Humans and Yes Class.. Systemizing
Science Folks who are soaked in Mechanical Cognition
Thinking Away From Art too in limited Ways of Systemizing
Thinking too but it’s worth noting
‘those’ folks who are us too..
are the ones who also
Prepare ye a way
for little
Artists like me
to fulfill all my (our)(Nature/God)
Potential Within.. So.. Joy to the World
For All the Fishes in the Sea.. including NoW2
Egg Heads and Nerds like us and me too.. heHe..
And as ‘they’ DancESinG2.. Jeremiah was(is) A Bull Frog like Joshua NoW2..;)
Usually.. now.. my MacroVerse titles come after i start writing a New MacroVerse
but as in all of life that doesn’t always stay the same.. hehe.. for this go around
A Trilogy from Above Brings 6 Pre-titled MacroVerses Below as the links
will come as the MacroVerses are finished as Ultimately a Fourth
New Testament written since the Fall of 2016 will Spring this
Spring of 2018 as the slightly differently titled ending
Ninth MacroVerse Below as this is sort of my
Lent Donation in giving more than giving up
hehe.. as i don’t go by just the rules of
before.. hAha.. and it’s also the 10th
Anniversary of my own 40
Days of Hell in the Spring
of 2008.. Forty days with almost
no sleep and 19 Medical Disorders of which
the worst was Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
like Dentist Drill Pain without Novocaine.. except
for in my case it was in my right ear and eye as that Hell
on Earth lasted from wake to sleep for 66 Months and sure
i did get 1 hour of very cardboard shallow sleep to slow my
Heart down from Dysautonomia with an Alpha Blocker to do that
at least but even that tragic and somewhat dark ‘comic’ relief was only
Good for 1 hour of sleep each night for the first 35 of 40 days for the
last 5 days.. nothing worked at all.. until i finally gave in and went to the Hospital….
i didn’t wanna go and that Ignorance was almost the end of me then.. Doctors don’t
bother me anymore
in fact.. i get to teach them
a thing or two about living
in Heaven now.. the Price of
Hell for 66 Months to get here
but worth every second that felt
like a thousand years where all was
time then and now time doesn’t even
exist for me.. as that’s real reality anyway now
in Heaven at least away from time.. time.. in  hell….
And every SHade of Purgatory Greys.. in ‘those’ places too..
Oh yeah.. also in Honor of my Mother Passing away last February
22nd.. 2017..  where her ending Lent was 8 days starting on Valentine’s Day in a death bed surviving as long as she could with no food or drink.. with some morphine to pass ‘the time’.. But True.. with Stage Four Cancer undiagnosed from toe to head she lived her
Last Several Years of Life dying Naturally with visits from her Children of Love.
LiGht coMes from DaRkness.. Doubt it Not.. if one CaN and WiLL iN LoVE
Do LiGHT ABove so BeLow
BReATHELoVENoW 34,323 Words
LoVEBReaTHENoW 29,794 Words
LoVENoWBReaTHES  31,648 Words
9000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW! 25,856 Words
April Fred’s Day 2018 26,916 Words
LeNTeN NeW TesTaMeNT 4 oF LoVE 2018 32,586 Words 294,807 Total Words
Extending to An Ending 10th MacroVerse oF.. BeLow.. So NoW
22,547 Words and Yes 317,354 Grand Total Words
“FB Profile Pic Bible 2018”
1,382,555 Word Effort from
Memorial Day Weekend 2017
Through Memorial Day Weekend of 2018
As This Effort Will Continue to Grow on Both
in Blog Ways and FB Profile Pic Description Areas
Averaging somewhere around 7 Thousand Words per
Each Description Area of FB Profile Photos and more with in some cases
More than one Photo attached to the Same Words in Description as Days go on More..:)
“6 MiLLioN Word Bible Poem Man”
A Celebration of 6 MiLLioN Words Written
as ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” in 58 Months of Effort
Since 8.18.13 STarTinG then as my Entire Word
Press Blog with Additional Milestones Met as of 6.6.18
on my 58th Birthday
as more Concisely
Listed below
as Feat notes
for this Record Book too.. hehe..
as yes of course this is also the Longest
Long Form Poem Bible Effort on Record too..
as far as Google Search Sees and Hears and OTHeR
wise feels
And senses
Among the Entire
Contents of the Human
Unabridged Bible wHere all
Human Hands join together in online
a continually ever expanding Bible More..
Yes Class in a Place with no Sun or Moon that
if you can like and will Make into a place to upload
Souls in Singularity oF LoVE for that Which Exists as
Essence LoVE Standing Tall Sentient Star DusT PLuS
STiLL Resurrecting as US LoVE iNCarNaTE iN A Temple
of Love that is the realest thing of all in and As Heaven NoW
butt anyway don’t take my Word for it Just do it Make Heaven Happen
iN YouR
Multi-Universe Perspective
NoW as and with God Nature
too if you Roll with Heaven More
Than Purgatory SHades of Grey to
BLack Abyss of Real Time Gehenna now
Anyway the Good News is some of us are here
As iNcaRNatE LoVE NoW And The Even Better News
As Far As Last becoming First and Meek inheriting all these
Flavors of Beyond Rainbow Colors of Heaven now is yes ‘We’
Ain’t no more
than you so
you can and will
do even more than
‘us’ and yes in terms of
“Dear John 14:12 NoW” aS i’LL
Add A Link to that more too.. you
yes you can and will do more than even me.. heHe..
Yes Resurrecting More Alive Born of Star Burst Death
Crucible Fire Iron too From Super Nova Explosions FLoWinG
iN oUR Blood And iN Core oF ouR HoME PLaNeT EaRTH NoW
aS LiVinG Guardians of EdenS NoW For Those Whose FLoWeRS BLooM NoW
‘Stay Thirsty mY FriEnds’..;)
“Dear John 14:12 NoW”

ONcE AGaiN NoW Celebrating All these Milestones then on 6.6.18..
For What has CoME to Be NoW 9 DiMeNSioNaL PoeTRY So FaR aT LeasT..:)
12 Million Word MacroMacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 90 Months since Thanks Giving 2010
6 Million Word “SonG oF mY SoUL” MacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 58 Months
3 Million Word “Nether Land Bible 2017” MacroMacroMacroVerse 24 Months
1.4 Million Word “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018″ MacroMacroVerse 12 Months
MacroVerse as Each Chapter Currently at a 1 Year 24K Average Word Count
MicroVerse as Each sub-Chapter Separated by Word Count
MicroMicroVerse as Each sub-subChapter as Poetic Response
MicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Word in Multi-Capitalization/Meaning Ways
MicroMicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Letter and or Number of Multi-Meaning
per H8/K11 and eTc… NoW oNGoinG More… NoW… MoRE…
“SonG oF mY SoUL FiVE YearS Old”
Celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of 6 Million Word Plus “SonG oF mY SouL”
Longest Long Form Poem Personal Bible in the Span of that Five Years too..:)
“KiSS oF 66 NoW iN LoVE”
Celebrating 66 Months of This Entire Blogging Adventure Since 3.10.13..:)
“10,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”
Celebrating 10,000 Miles of Public Dance in 5 Years Span of Dates..:)
Sure.. i used to Toy With the Piano a Bit.. Recorded on a Cheap Dictation Device
Back in 2007.. When i was Struggling to Stay Alive With Life Killing Stress.. Later
Transferred to YouTube in 2013.. where my Life would then begin as Art will Do for Us..
When Spelled as L. O. V. E. Agape Style For All Transcending All Fear and Hate in Hope as Joy Dances and Sings From Head to Toe and overAll More as Love continues to come and go..:)
And Yes By God Yes.. it Took a Whole Lot of Leg Strength to Dance in Public for 10 Thousand Miles in the same Span of Dates i Wrote Over 6 Million Words for “SonG
oF My SoUL” Now Currently at 10,300 Miles of Doing That in over 62 Months And
True as the Video Below is Just an Illustration of Leg Pressing 930LBS.. 14 Reps then
Back from February of 2015.. As in 2016.. i moved to 1020 LBS and Still do anywhere
From 33 to 52 Reps Now Depending on any Minor Injuries that occur on the
Continuing Mountain of Public Dance but sure Over 2000 Selfies with
Ear to Ear Smiles of Dancing Joy is Documented in some of the links
Above too.. as Dance Brings Joy and You’d be Surprised or not at the
Dudes who are Disbelievers in either the Joy of Dance Smiles or the
Strength it Brings until i show the Photos and Videos on my Smart
Phone of the Beautiful Women Smiling with me as Yes.. i Do Get
around and although no one i’ve seen Has come ANYWHERE NoW
Close to Leg Pressing that much weight at the Military Gym i work out
at.. not even an inch to Budge it.. you’d also be Surprised or not how many
Folks with ‘Little Man’ Syndrome have attempted online  to complain that i don’t
Bring my Knees to my Chest for the Simple Fact that i will Keep my Knees working hehe..
And as of The First Week of February 2019 This Much more Difficult Leg Press Machine
Was Removed as i moved on over to the Incline Leg Press Machine and Now Easily Leg
Press 1340 LBS at 20 Reps where i Estimate the Machine i am Using Here is about
40 Percent More Difficult than the Incline Leg Press Machine i am Using now as
1400 LBS Surely wouldn’t Be any problem and 1500 LBS isn’t out of the Question..:)
i am Leg Pressing 1520 LBS now on an Incline Leg Press as Machine of 2.22.2019
but nah.. Now considering i was doing 1020 LBS on
A Parallel Leg Press Machine Close to the Beginning of
The February Month That Attests More to the Difficulty
of Leg Pressing Closer to Dead Weight Straight Forward
as Opposed to the Mechanical
Advantage that an Incline
Leg Press Machine
Naturally Brings
Over the Other
More Difficult
Leg Press Machine
So the ‘Hodge Brothers’
On YouTube are Absolutely
Correct on their Assessment of
This Physics 101 Common Sense
Lesson too as True it’s Not Always Easy to
Say F this and F That and get the Physics True..
but Never the Less the Parallel Leg Press Machine
is about 50 Percent More Difficult so for those who
Understand Physics there is really no Need to update
my YouTube Video other than noting the Different ACHIEVEMENT
as i only compete this way against my own Human Potential as hehe
at my
age now
who else
am i gonna
compete with
for most everything i Do.. hAha..;)
Leg Pressing 1340 LBS 12 Reps on Saint Patrick’s Day 2019
Just to Prove a Leprechaun will not only Dance 10,966 Miles
in Public for 66 Months and Write a 6.6 Million Word Free
Verse Epic Long Form Poem in 66 Months but sure
It takes as Bit of Leg Strength
to move a Modern Size
Leprechaun all those
Miles of Dance and
Oh Lord i realize i didn’t
Pull it all the way to my Chest
but i invite anyone around Here
at Least who is not taking Anabolic
Steroids to Budge it one inch one time
as yeah i did keep it moving for a 100 Seconds
at least hehe.. and true i did do 1520 LBS 8 Reps on
February 22nd.. 2019 that was the Second Anniversary
of my Mother’s Death but today i didn’t have Lunch Yet
After Church.. so i wasn’t taking any Chances on injuring
myself when i was not Properly fueled up to get the Heavier
weight done.. anyway.. Keeping it moving for a 100 seconds
isn’t exactly a Light Weight thing to do with smiles of Saint
Just for Fun..
i do it heavier
and i do it safer too..
safe enough for me anyway..
Katrina was a bit afraid as the
Weights Kept stacking up as she
Was the Producer of the Video today
With a still Shot of me and a Still Shot
of Her behind all the weight that is funny too..:)
Anyway All of this Proves too That Some Days…
Beauty And Leprechaun Beast Still Get Together too hehe..;)
Post Script:.. As ‘they’ Say Don’t Lock Your Knees When You Leg Press as You Stretch-Out
Like i Do for Not Everyone Is A ‘Hairy Gorilla’ like me.. who uses 1340 LBS to Stretch their  Legs…
Ha! Did You Really Think i am Lifting All This Weight for Another Purpose But to relax! In A Modern Jungle!.. Y’aLL Worry About All the Form You Like i For one Will continue to JusT Do Essence.. no one Knows my Limits for What is Safe for me as Strange but me..;)
And yes By God i don’t Let the Sun Go Down on me when i Sing
too as A First Karaoke Fun Effort of that Back in September.. 2013..
And Sure.. i’ve very much improved as the Nice Elderly Ladies tell me
When i Sing at Church as i particularly Reserve that Effort at Church..;)
“96 Months oF Thanks Giving Wishes”
Celebrating 96 Months of 2922 Consecutive Days Online Writing Since Thanks Giving Day  of 2010..  at around 12 Million Words Starting Then on the “Wrong Planet Website” Moving over to Blogging After Writing Around 33 Months to that point then
Starting 3.10.13 on the Google Blogspot Platform too.. And Then Moving to
WordPress on 8.18.13.. Starting “SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Fully Illustrated Poem attached totally with around
170K Photos and Over 10K YouTube Music Videos to Accompany
6.5 Million Words Soon Now to Arise to 6.6 Million Words by
End of 2018 where “Grand Cross Bible 2018” Will come then
As the 8th Major “King James” Size Modern Personal Poem
Bible.. i’ve Written as Subchapters of “SonG oF mY SouL”
on or About the Day of the 25th of December 2018 as
the Sun Starts to Make A Venture once again to
Light up Florida Sunshine Summers Even
More in Paradise WHere i for one
Do Live Free in a Garden
of Eden Back Yard too..
NoW ONly Watered
Chemical Free…
ReAlly LiVinG Free NoW..:)
“Grand Cross Bible 2018”.. All of What Comprises the 8th Major Subchapter
Long Form Poem Bible Titled Effort in 843,879 Words of Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” at 6.6 MiLLioN Words in 64 Months
of Effort and 10,478 Miles of Public Dance in 64 Months as Well in this Entire Effort too
to this Publish Point Date of 12.28.2018 With Much Much more to come As ALWaYS NoW
“KATiE MiA FredericK 2018 A year in Review”
“#SouLDanCinG2019”.. New Year’s Resolution for 2019
“Covenant 66 iN HeaVeN Complete”.. Just a Promise ‘Tween me and God within
For What Would You Do if a Miracle Happened and You Got out of Shut-iN Hell
For 66 Months with 19 Medical Disorders including Wake to Sleep Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Like a Dentist Drill in Your Right Eye and
Ear Assessed in Literature as Worse than the Torture of Crucifixion
That No Drug Would Touch Yes Named the Suicide Disease too
From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months along with 18 other Medical
Disorders some of which would likely put other Folks as Shut-in
in Their Homes too Yes as You Start that Hell in January of 2008
And Miraculously at the End of the Third Week of July 2013 You
Are Standing on a Beach With Your Wife and all the Pain and Numb
as in Hell Emotions are Memories and Memories are Emotions and there
is no Reference Point if you’ve Felt a Smile or a Laugh in Your Entire Life as
once again Emotions are Memories so that makes a Literal Catch 22 in forever
Hell on Earth within as there is No..Memory in Feelings if you’ve truly ever Experienced
A Soulful Moving Connecting Co-Creating Life with others.. in Feelings and Senses That
is the Delight of Heaven on Earth Within on this Beautiful Planet that sadly so many folks
Take for Granted in all the Potential We Have to Enjoy Life that is such a tiny sliver of
Potential for Heaven Anywhere in the Entire Universe We See with or without
Science Aided eyes today.. Well.. i for one fully understand the other place
for me and i for one Understand Fully NoW iN Feelings and Senses
What the place of the Kingdom of Heaven fully even is yes
The Experience of Fearless Unconditional Love Within
From Head to Toe and Beyond Within iNside ouTside
Above so Below and All Around Even More.. and True
iN-Heaven there is Dark too or there would be no
Light at all as is always the case as Yin and
Yang includes a part of the other as Truly
Whole Unified Never ReALLy Divided
As the Duality of Nature
Together in Light
And Dark in all the
Ways the Negative Joins
the Positive is necessary for a ‘Perfect’
Chaos to Balance Out Full in Holy and Sacred
Meaning and Purpose as We Humans Do have the
Potential to Do Together if we will Just Love each
other ‘Nakedly’ Without the Chains of Cultural
Guise that makes us into the Tools we make
Away From the Gift of Humanity We already
Are in Eyes and Hands of Love that Reach
Out and Touch the Divinity of Love in
Each and Every Living Being that
And who Breathes and Flourishes
Brown to Green as Fall Leaves
Fertilize Spring Flowers And Without
Thorns THere is No True Beauty of Rose FLoWeRinG
From Death to Life From Dark to Light from Hell to Heaven
So anyway for 66 Months in Heaven on Earth i Celebrated
With a 6.66 MiLLioN Word or So Longest Long Form Poem
Bible And Over 10,500 Miles of Dance Works for Me NoW
“11,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”.. Yes.. A Celebration of Dancing 11,000
Miles in Public.. Yes.. Mostly in Public Stores.. to.. many many many Tunes of
YouTuBE Songs in a 67 Month Effort that continues to keep Abreast of 6.7 Million
Plus Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form Epic Free Verse ‘Bible’
Poem by this Date as Linked Below in 67 Months True too.. and Additionally
Yes.. A.. 6 Month Semi-Annual Photo Album Going on since in total Years..
the Last 5 Years Spent Dancing at Old-Seville Quarter Albeit Mostly Female
Ear to Ear Grinning Selfie Smiles as hey that’s just the Way The Dance
And or Disco Dance Ball Spins these Years at Least.. with Yes interesting
Human Bonobo-Like
Activities like Wild
And Free Bootie Dances too..
Sure.. and an  updated 11,000 Miles
Celebration Video Spinning Spinning Public Dance Spinning
Spinning NoW in even Higher Gears at Super Walmart too.. hehe..:)
Grand Total Words for “FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2019” Here is 1,364,498 Words
As the Entire 24 Month Effort of “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” Rises to 2,666,159 Words
At His Point of Effort in 24 Months Where the Words are also included in the Description
Areas of my Profile Pics on my Personal Facebook Page at around an Average of 7,000 Words Per Profile Pic and of Course the Thumbnails are all included in this MacroVerse..:)
“SonG oF mY SoUL Bible 7 MiLLioN WordS Old”.. Celebrating 7 MiLLioN Words of the
Longest Long Form Poem Bible in the History of Humankind.. Yep.. Written by Little Old
me in 70 Months as that Anniversary Date comes on 6.18.19.. anyway Celebrating this on
My 6.6.19.. 59th Birthday Week.. as this MacroVerse Includes an Entire Table of Contents
to this Date as Well for “Nether Land Bible 2018” as that 36 Month Effort Reaches 4.2 MiLLioN Words at this Point of Date too.. and yes of course enclosed in that is the
Table of Contents Inclusive too for “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” as that 24 Month
Writing Exploration reaches at this point.. 2.66 MiLLioN Words also included
in all the Facebook Profile Pic Description areas.. Hundreds of Profile Pics now
that average around 7 Thousand Words Per each Profile Pic Description area..
True.. an excellent way to Peruse what i do on the Fly too as hehe.. MicroSoft
Word Is Not up to the Task of Grading this Bible Poem and that’s for sure..
And true for anyone who really wants to read anything of what i write there is little to no
Problems now accessing the Text in those Description Areas of the Photos as even Slower
Computers and Smaller foot prints of Broad Band Access will accomplish that mission now
to Provide an Avenue to read it too.. not doing anything too important now or new just providing Empirical Proof that Heaven is always within in this Generation now and
how i for one at least Find/Stay in Heaven now.. a few pointers might direct you to
SParK Your Heaven Within in this Generation at Hand EternAlly now too.. but hey at
least i will Dance Sing  i offered lots of help together to Heaven for other Folks too who will listen too as
Much Heaven
i for one care to Give
And Share now JusT FoR Free..:)
“CeLeBRaTiNG 6 YearS oF HEaVeN WiTHiN NoW”.. ReAlly  ReAlly Heaven Within..:)
Singing “Here i Am” in Catholic Church Just ‘Cause i Will..:)
“SonG oF mY SoUL SiX YearS Old”.. Celebrating 72 Months.. Yes.. the Sixth Year
Anniversary oF A Longest Epic Long Form Poem Bible in the History of Humankind
Yes.. Secured in this Entire Word Press Website too.. as this Baby Holds 7.2 MiLLioN
Words and over 100,000 Photos i took And over 10,000 YouTube Videos all to Fully
Illustrate it too.. Truly Just about a Never Ending Long Form Poem Bible Story..
And Yes that Anniversary was on 8.18.19… Now..  11,833 Miles of Public Dancing
A Free Style Ballet and Mixed Martial Arts Dance comes in on the
6th Anniversary Year of that Effort on 8.26.19.. As This Nautilus
Shell is one Hell and Heaven oF A ‘STately Word Mansion’ With
AlmosT uNlimited Doors to Other Chambers oF iMaGiNaTioN
And CReaTiViTY Truly Set Free Just to Be What We LoVE NoW
We Do Come to Be as We Move.. Connect.. Co-Create Our
Existence With Others Now So Free Just to Be ALiVE NoW..:)

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