Yes.. Been to what they name
as Krul Lake and the Sweet Water
Trail aT Munson.. Florida.. so.. yeah.. of course..
wRite on course.. more Nature free verse photos
too.. coming in this 683th Macro Verse of the
Longest Long Form poem ever wRite
here on Facebook.. Word Press..
Several Blogger Blogs.. etc.. etc..
and in any case i Give and
share as that IS A what
A FreeST OF Bird
hUmans do when
feaThers fLY toGeTheR
as FriEnds oF sAMe more
than enemies of Difference ’till
so called Kingdom comes anYwHere
but the Heaven oF noW reAl.. i for one..
LiVe ISREAL.. WitH GoD onE
ALL oF NatUre alWays noW..:)
Well.. yeah.. tHere IS A SonG named
by Karen Carpenter.. something about
the Angels got together and decided
to create something Anew.. and
perhaps i’M not anointed
by God but i’D rather
have God Rain
of color on
and as mE more
than any special
gift from birth thaT
iS noT Earned bY
Power oF Fearless
WiLL iN LoVe NOW..
ISreAL.. aS REaL ISraEL..
As FREEST BIRD oF/As yes..
GOD onE NATURe noW onE…:)
Anyway.. not to change the subject too
much but Pakistan Facebook now 2 year
Dear Friend Rafiah.. who has communicated
most consistently with me most in my tenure
as an online human being who i very much
treasure and would love to meet one
day in flesh and blood just to give
her one tight hug for freely
Loving me so much
as a friend..
confirms that
when we meet it will
be hand over heart
instead of touchy
feely human
as the tradition
of her cultural way
oF liFe.. and she says
it this way as i quote her now..
“This is how we greet if we
ever meet inshaa Allah
#dreamingtoomuch ..;) ..:p..
So in return of i cannot
touch you but i am
still dreaming too
much of meeting
you with
smile and
stick one’s
tongue out
silly banter
i say..
SMiLes.. you Had a very tight
Hug coming but Yes.. I know
different now.. Better.. From my
God View.. No.. But i Am raised
to hug for Love and not sex.. In FAct..
i didn’t know what it even was in full
function until age 18.. And I am very
sad to hear a recent study that shows
in some Middle Eastern countries.. 4 out of
5 female children are sexually abused.. mostly
by close family members.. Nature rules my friend..
Behind closed doors tHeRe is no fooling the God of
Nature.. Public hugs can be safer than repressing
God given Nature to touch in friendly
affectionate connection.. But with
all that said.. i can Love
almost as much or more
with text than flesh and blood…
We humans do the best we can..
my friEnd.. Rafiah.. And when we
find ourselves in Rome or the
Literal Wrong Planet.. We adjust..
Yes.. God Willing.. In and as Us..
With Love iF wE find and use
that Gold iN A Practice oF LiFe iSREaL..
And on top of that my favorite pArt of
any woman’s physical being is her
eYes.. and trust mE.. iF we ever
meet as Loving friEnds
too.. i WiLL
see your
eYes and iF
onLy for A second..
i WiLL kNoW and FeeL
more about you than a hug
or words WiLL ever tale as
the Window to Allah iS ouR eYes as SoUl..
but sure.. when you see me i WiLL lower my
gaze as sure i can play by whatever the boy
and girl rules are of flavor where ever i go sTiLL noW..
Anyway.. i have always been very respectful to women..
and most always it was they who made the first
so called move toward me in almost
every way..
mY Friend..
and it seems..
many find that very
refreshing as i have
never been a predator
toward a woman’s gifts..
but on the other hand it
seems my eyes were interesting
enough where i didn’t have to.. as
always walk the other shoes before we judge..
and i will always be a giver more than a taker..
as i simply
have more to give..
and that my FriEnd
IS A greaTest blesSinG from
THAN TAKE.. as sure.. i feel like
slapping some of these ‘little’
men upside the head.. the
way they talk about
women in bars
over here..
but perhaps they
don’t have enough to give..
and oh.. how sad that is not
to be filled up so much with
Love that there is only room to GiVE..:)
And i say here now.. yeah i’m somewhat
of an odd bird male as i was born an empath
and got it straight from my mother.. who is probably
one of the greatest empaths to walk the Earth.. yeah..
just like Wife Katrina too.. and surely FriEnD RAFiaH..
is the sAMe and wiLL make some hopefully nice young
Muslim man a best wife too.. as she is the marrying kind
of keeper like my mother and wife too.. as she proves
that to me as friend at least.. anyway.. i was always
the kinda guy that girls would/will hang around with
to be friends with as i was/am safe.. and no
dog male as they say.. not to demean
the animal of that term.. per se..
but anyway.. some folks
are human angels
as empaths and
others are actually
born demons as
with psychopathic nature
as well.. to none of their fault
and just a byproduct of the God
of Nature2.. and perhaps they get
a Role as a killer for the Military
or whatever role works as
socially acceptable
in culture.. as
yes.. a
stock Broker..
CEO.. or even
Surgeon to cut and
sew up hearts without
getting too emotionally
evolved with shaky hands
as it were and still is with either
scalpel or machine gun
as surgeon.. soldier
but only
real heroes
in super way as
such are both fearless
and empath sAMe that IS A
MiX of hUman who iS noT often
forgotten in the longest runs as Legend
of what human CAN ACHIEVE in cooperative
change toGeTher to change the F iN World Better..:)
Ah.. ‘echoist’
vs.. narcissist..
echo of people
pleaser vs
of self pleaser..
as long as social role
is filled to fill up
an empty whole as Ocean
that cannot easily feel..
as truly most serious personality
disorders are associated with a
lack of feeling and giving in
human empath or
not ways..
of Loving
Just Loving
noW as REAL..
Oh.. Emotions.. you flow
as rivers oF Y i.. paths streaM
branches of those EmoTioNs aS OceAn
so nuanced and free of patriarchal
ways of repression.. oppression.. of what
can be.. oh.. so real.. aWay from cOld
eYes that kNow no.. UniVerse wHoLE
beyond of Object to usE
iNstead of FeeLinG
GiVinG ShArinG
wiThin.. aS REAL
NOW.. TrUe.. To Be.. Voices oF
EmoTioNs carry so much further
in HUman way as Voice oF wE
ToGeThER iN HuManKind
say.. as always the heArt stARts
at home iN SpiRiT eXpreSsinG way
of EmoTions Strong or Weak to spread
from ages 0 to 3 or not.. as cOld.. can be.. iN
Terminator Refrigerator ParentS gRowN.. EmoTioNs way
to die as life in stagnant pools
of Electric Dreams
of Devices with
little to no tool..
of hUman iMAginATiON
iN MoVinG.. ConnECtinG.. CreAtinG
ReAL.. anyWay i AM reminded oF the
old no creativity days oF yesteryears..
aS Wife Katrina’s Samsung Galaxy 5
got all filled up.. so filled up
it would not synch..
not a problem with
iPhones of course as thAT
is all automatic.. but after
a few hours.. got it all straightened
out in mechanical cognition ways of new
Google search fix it and do it yourself..
if one can navigate the fray.. so i say..
now.. the memory this brOught waS
iN years of dead zone beta
wave mind of problem
solving human being..
so far ouT oF mind
and boDy Balance iN
school.. in MoVinG
ConnEcTinG CreaTinG
much GreaTer state
of alpha to theta
waves in focusing
and remembering
short term WoRkinG
Memory aLL ToGeTheR
as cognitive executive
reaLiTy FuncTioNing WeLL
then thaT i checked out a
Book aT University Library
stiLL card catalog in hard
back way of read named
iN fAct.. Decades sAMe
as BEinG this way iN
analytical only miNd
of human reasoning..
sure.. A best way to move..
connect.. and creatE.. is LeaVinG
thAT pARt of Mind Far enough behind
to reMain trUe to SpiRit oF HeARt
iN EmoTioNs true as MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL noW..
So interesting that
the magic of liFe is tRUly
not inspired by this way of
problem solving.. iT comes much
deeper when the riches and reserves of
our so-called sub-concious mind.. reacHinG
now to the surface of what wE come to do creatively..
iN moVinG ConnEcTinG waY noW so aLivE in Alpha..
to Theta waves Mind and BoDY peaceful ways
oF BalanCinG as arT and GoD sAMe.. wE..
Co-Creator oNE.. and even
more interesting perhaps thAT
a science of creativity and even
pre-cognition ways of REAL PSYCHIC
BeinG iS contingent on how far aWay
WE caN geT from Mechanical Problem
Solving ways of thiNking.. MoVinG
and ConNecTinG to oTheRs too..
wHere the little actual
science that proves
Pre-Cognition IS A
largely untapped hUman
poTential.. as put a mix of
sexual images in cards to pick from
and iT liGhts uP the Creative SpiRtual
way of BeinG and precognition literAlly
and figuratively in hips and breasts and
oThEr boDy pArts iN and ouT thAT do noT LiE
A Problem SolVinG waY of DeatH iN liFE of
whAT can bE hUman PoTenTiAL so much
hiGher as Free iNside.. outsiDe..
aBove so beLoW and aLL a’Round..
and i suppose iT takes the
dARk at TiMes eXposed
too.. aWay from
in spooky spooky
and sometimes even real
evil ways of being.. beyond
the epileptic seizures my wife
has that are medically associated
and not deeper rooted in Personality lost..
in FeeLinG ConnEcTinG liGht that can go
DarK in Human potential way
as scarey as scarey
can be.. then/now..
to get the notice
of Doctors like Psychiatrists
too.. to see that human potential
in both liGht and dARk caN go places
no one guessed it could go bEfore they
witness both liGht and dARk miracles
of human potential and all thE
Tween of that now..
Interesting link
here on the
dARk side..
and sure iT
exists too in the
depths of all the dARk
pArts of a human soUL reAl
inside.. as some folks name
Real Demonic Possession.. wHere
no medical intervention WiLL work
but the so-called white magic of
what the subject may believe
WiLL cure as
anyway.. i suppose
iF Rain man can solve
amazing mathematical problems
that Rain man never learned in
school.. there is some way a person
can speak Latin without school too..
deeper than science kNows now of course
in eXplainIng REaL hUman Miracles noW..
perHaps Levitation too.. but i’LL
believe that when i actually
see it.. in smARt phOne
way of Evidence uP
close and personal
ANYWAY.. for
some folks sTiLL..
they have to see the
Devil up close and personal
as metaphor beFore they can
see God real and personal2..
so i’ll share the metaphor
of dEvil too.. as sure i’Ve
been tHeRe too.. and sure..
the deViL can Strengthen
uP one’s God
iN liGht
aWay from
dARk no longer
iN FeaR of dARk
or cYnical oF liGht
wHen oNe Understands
they both liVe as
potenTial iN juSt
US and GoD toGeTHEr
aS oNe
noW iSReaL..:)
Well.. it’s kinda hard to see..
but T-shirt of the day says..
Live Every Day Like
You’re bAtman..
and as soon
aS i finisH thiS
TarGet Kick-bALL..
gAme thE pLay cLock
WiLL REsuMe iN tiMe..;)
Does anybody kNow what
tiMe iT iS.. Does anyone
reAlly care.. WeLL.. mY
Irish X-Catholic Priest
Grandaddy’s family from
the Black Forest sure did..
as they were a family who
made world renown finELy deSignEd
watches and sold diamonds as weLL..
and did we see any profits from thaT Family
Business or from the Rainsford Irish side..
who sold the building that houses the
original Guiness Beer operation..
HeLL.. no.. staRt from
scratch.. no inheritances
from Ireland or Germany
for we United States..
relatives over here..
or over tHere from
what i hear from
the kinfolks
providing uS..
wITh aLL thiS TIMeLY
anyWay.. my head says 9..
my left leg says 11..
and my right leg
says ‘tween
32 and 33
iF ya reAlly
wanna kNow..
mY TiMe TALinG noW..;)
“People seem not to see that their opinion of the world
is also a confession of character.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
WeLL.. i’ve seen ‘this’ before in others
and lEarned iT iN mE sAme..
LiFe is viewed through
we wear..
or colors
that have no hues
oF liMiT.. amaZinG iT
iS aS oNE pErSoN views
a saME woRld as different
iN HeLL.. and the oThEr
LiVes Nirvana aLways
noW.. Animal
IS A WaY of
tHe AniMaL KinGdom..
mostLy.. except for hUman
BeinGs wHo contrive either
Heaven or Hell and all the ‘tween
of Purgatory noW oR tHEn buT
alWays noW when it goes
down or up.. as sure…
ReAliTy iS oNly
as Relative
as onE’s
Free WiLL iN
MiND and Body
BalAnCinG WiLL tale
or the other place of disorder
from even lowest level of so-called
Maslow’s levels.. in poTenTiaL Pyramid
way uP to SelF ActuAlization WiTh even
Further aS NatuRe oNE NoW ALL ToGeThER NoW..:)
WeLL.. mY FRiEnd Lala
Rukh.. the 6th has arrived
once aGaiN noW oN tHiS
July day.. actually tHeRe iS
8 more minutes lEft.. in the
states here.. and thAT means
i have 8 minutes left to bRinG
this somewhat short comment
to an end at 12:01 am..
yes precisely on the
first minute
after the
hmm.. so
what to say kNow..
as yoU liKely noW knoW..
writEr’s bLock iS noT a word
that has existed in mY vocabulary
since November Thanksgiving day
oF 2010.. when ALL A these words
seT iN for 11 million noW approaching
12 million to CoME.. sooN as WeLL..
in Free Flow iN ZonE pasSiOn..
people are funny you kNoW
and or FeeL they reAlly
are.. soMe folks are
able to carry
through any
fire of LiFe and
otHeRS crumble
and waste aWay BeeN
to BoTh Places and sides
iN one liFE Dear.. so sure..
i can do this for 2 decades heRE
and sTilLL haVe hope for yOuR continued
Creativity to arise bacK uP.. as it took mE
four decades to geT mINe BaCK and 66
months to even become anything more
than an empty DEviL hUman
then.. as less than
poTenTiaL reAL..
anyWay mY FriEnd..
i sTiLL remember you saying
time and time aGain.. that we disappear
and no one remembers us or gives us the
time of day Again.. and sure i can say that was
more than true one period of my life.. but as LonG
as i remember otHeRs iN GloRy BouNd waY noW..
i AlWays LoVe moRe iN GiVinG.. and no one can
take away what i Give mY FriEnd.. as iT is AlWays
a Gift that has no return address that requires
any payment whatsoever.. as Love…
fully practiced never ever
gives up oN
mY FriEnd..
So God Bless
yoU noW iN whatever
or wHeREver yoU are
DoinG iN liFe.. the only
thing that lasts for ever
noW iN this LiFe
my FriEnd
iS the
an individual
endeavor aT noWs..
but never the less
a giving
And i love you.
iT never costs
anything to say thAt
When iT is TruE.. mY FriEnd.. noW..:)
Friend.. Rafiah..
from Pakistan says..
And now when I have woken up,
Eid Mubarak guys..
with cool
As part of a
And i say
in return..
Happy Eid
As i
Bow too
iN God iN
You and no
i did not have
To Google that
To know it means the
Day after
And then i happily
skip on over to Facebook
Friend John and co-worker
over a spread
of decades
at Federal
work and
at once A
fellow Choir
Member of the
older Catholic
Church in
much smaller
building way
in the 80’s.. here
iN noW New Jerusalem
Town oF miLTon.. Florida
in the sAMe New poTEntial
of trUlY ISrAEL nEw U.S.A..
iN FloWeRed saY of Saint
Rose county at mile
marker 33.. and
county tag
in size
of county
at 33… in Saint
Rose Church.. iN yes..
the State oF FloWers
suNShIne WhOle
Santa Rosa
County.. Saint
Rose of Lima
Catholic Church
same as metaphors
do go on iN Synchronicity
God’s laNguage free with
no limits or boundaries
of material reductionist
science one step two
step five and
more clunky
ways iN
BlInd ways
to God’s Much
REAL and never seen or fElt
by most with eYes and ears
who do not yet see A
Fuller potential
of what God can
bE and iS of
Course as wE..
Anyway.. John shares a Facebook
Status and a SonG in reference to
all the world events of killing in terrorist
ISIL Extremist ways.. and political associated
events that bRing Distress to he and his frieNds
as Well.. and then in reply i say to John.. then and now..
That SonG..
Be Not Afraid..
Best advice..
As Jesus
Never walks
As Fear
Or Hate..
At lEast
The Jesus
i for one
The Jesuits..
in General..
Have authored
Some Great Songs..
Per Catholic
And of course
The next Jesus
Step is to aLWays
Walk as Hope and
Love In Courage
And Kind
When one
The First
Step to Love..:)
Back memories
Too.. Of your
Very Loud
Voice and Trumpet at Church
In Choir.. The first time After i went
Nuts and came Back to Church..
in the Early 80’s and you told me i looked
Athletic at the first ’82 Fall Festival.. Funny
How History..
And now i say..
per the photographed
Gospel words of the
Catholic Church that
were shared in my
last Macro
Verse of
Ever written
by anyone
or sole..
That Jesus and his friends
were pretty cool homeless dudes
who carried no money.. no bags..
nor even shoes along a trip to stranger’s
homes who they saw as friends who would
reward the labor of sharing the Good News
that Heaven is at hand NOW.. AND WELCOME
please share this Heaven with uS noW.. sure the
entitlement was the Love of Human.. the Love of
Giving and sharing freely in abundance of this
liFe’s gifts.. with no expectation of any
true reward but fearless Love to
give and share in this
Heaven now..
that is this
great Earth
of Garden of Eden
that God provides of
Nature free for those who
in fertile ways of soUL Give
and Share all they have to
others freely ’cause that
iS what Humanity
when LiVinG
iN Abundance
of God’s Love
oF Nature
to uS
yeah.. those humans
who are too selfish
to give and share
freely as they are empty
WHO seek a crust of bread and
drink of water to live..
that garden of Love
is never watered
in some children..
by school age peers..
work related duties..
and school age
that take
us away from
WAYS of HeARt oF EmoTiOns.. Fully
ExpreSsinG SpiRit as such iN a mInd
and BoDy BaLAnCinG soUL iN NoW..
iN what trUly CAN AND WiLL bE
the Heaven of Now that the
never Luke warm
Luke spoke
of in Verse
17:21 of that gospel
that still lives as Good
News in Both New Testament
way and the heARts of Gentile..
Jew.. Servant.. or Free.. woman
or man no more ALL WITH NO
leaning human
beings still reign
a rein of selfish when
given the opportunity..
and that fear and hate continues
to spread.. in ways of Unjustified wars
like Iraq that in response to 3000 plus
terrorist inspired killings of fear and
hate.. lead to over 100,000 United
States Sponsored Killings of
human beings
who are no
less unjustified
for killing for state
of power and status
to rebuild a country that
will be torn down for profit
of those in power with
perks that
of blood
and flesh..
So those same kind
of folks have taken advantage
of a country torn down named Iraq
and a country next to that one named
Syria.. and the vicious cycle of Vengeance
of hate and fear.. and selfish power and status
grabs.. in the name of good and what religions
could otherwise stand for as Hope and Love
over fear and hate.. kill in the name
of their God in an especially
inspiring way of what
they name
as Ramadan
Month no different
really than what Christian
Catholics call of Lent
in sacrifice of
what they
like to worship
the God they fear..
over Love in fearless
way.. as Hope.. anyway
that isn’t the Jesus God that
is the same God of fear and
hate that the Old Testament
and Kuran sadly
still promotes
when taken
as written
as such..
in fundamentalist
way and no different
than the Movie.. the Book
oF Eli.. with Denzel Washington
or the Minions movies that metaphor
clearly in liGht of DArk ways that there
are scaredy cat human beings who will
follow any evil ideology if that means they
get a social role out of it.. no matter how
dark the binding force over liGht
can be on the way
to living then
or now
but then there are
those real Jesus folks..
you’ll see ’em on the side
of a road.. with a hand extended
for help.. and most always they will
share some Jesus words.. no different
than the Apostles of old wandering towns..
barefoot with no luggage of substance
expecting the goodness of human
WiLL provide a hand-out to
help for Food and
Drink to share
the Good News
of Love iN Giving
sharing way of what
humanity innately iS
Before the storing of grain
and Agriculture of greed becomes
the fall of human away from sharing
Forager ways of Living Free with God
than the American Indian way..
trUly beFore the real
anti-Christ so-called
Christians took that
balance of Nature away
from those God People of Nature
Living with respect of ALL of God
Nature true as they too.. iN Fearless
Love of ALL of creation GREAT SPIRIT ONE..
..yeah.. when i was 21.. after navigating the insanity of modern
culture in straight A.. ways of being in mechanical
cognition of school away from Social Cognition
Empathic Human God ways of being
Free Forager whole..
and i worked as
Janitor alone at nights
and what ever social activities
in clubs in high school.. went away
in the commute to college to build
a computer brain higher and higher
away from Love.. one day i woke up
so cOld in SpiRit and heARt of SoUL..
and God woke uP in me of Nature wHole..
and said enough of this insanity now.. no matter
if you ever make a cent of what they name as THIS
God in this country now.. So i Left school.. i left work
i traveled to the beach.. took my shoes off.. my shirt
off and walked the beach in shorts.. from A middle of that
day to late at night.. and i kNew then for sure THAT ALL i NEEDED
WHOLE.. i FOUND GOD AS i one and sAME wHole iN a Heaven
oF Now that the Catholic Church never really highlighted
per Luke 17:21 red hot now thaT i had paId
attention to at lEast beForE in the
Church of mumbling priests..
with no emoTions
expPreSsinG thE
Real poTential
SpiRit oF Human
HeARt as mINd
and boDy BaLanCiinG
soUl.. sure.. call it Bi-polar..
the manic swing in Heaven
now.. a Vision quest by my
ancestors saMe in Sioux Ghost
DancE And Cherokee SpiRit Wolf
ways.. iT was the Human Archetype
of the Good Cop Jesus come back
aliVe as i.. no less or greater
than anyone else
who escapes
the insanity
that is human
so-called modern
advanced western
civilizations now as once
again.. i too.. AM An indigenous
Indian person of God who rises
from the Ashes of Lies propagated
by those who KnoW God any less
and FeeL God as toTaLLy naked
born in this world..
Child oF God..
wHere yes.. the
Kingdom of God lives..
within.. as Gifted.. all innately..
instinctually.. and intuitively sTiLL..
call me the village idiot who dances
this SonG both clothed and naked Free
in all the passion Luke Hot that God sTiLL
gives to mE free.. hOld my hand or brush it away..
hug me with Love.. or fear my nakedness whole..
iT is God Fearless as Love who LivES as mE
and unTiL my dYinG
dAy i WiLL liVE
WHOLE i as eYes oF GoDiSReAL..
And that mY FriEnds
WiLL be the title
of this
Verse Now..
Wave of particles
iN MicroVerses as
thIS hEar.. Ocean
of wHole FiEld oF
DreAM from River
i.. in affect
and effect oF
iN hope and kind of CouRage
Yeah.. i remember that
first go around in ’81 when
the Patriachs no less than
than ‘The Big Lewbowski’ scene
when Jeff Bridges is obviously
plaYinG a real role too as
just another modern
day Jesus
or town
bum hobo true..
and the Old Testament
God sitting on his throne
says Jesus get a job..
you Lazy bum don’t
you know your Mama
Mary won’t be here forever
to support your ass.. don’t you
know the bums lost you fool.. noW..
Hehe.. i dance all over town after win of
collecting yOur patriarchal bucks i never
needed to spend.. as i kept that Love whole
of that first go around nuts iN heArt oF Y i SoUl..
and now finAlly BoDy And BaLanCinG
wHole and Self
actualized SoUL..
i AM no longer just
a Love Filled Twenty-One
year old man.. i AM noW a
LioN Strong Real and Fearless
sAMe.. And you can’t FucKinG
Stop a TRain of Love noW thaT
IS A i on the railroad tracks
of Global web
sPan of
extended noW..
sure tHere was no
mass media back in
the old days of Jesus’ back
then.. but now we bums.. who have
Poet hands.. and Dancing Feet
iN SonG oF God’s LoVe and
HopE FReED.. WiLL never
lose a mesSage
of the ages..
no matter flesh
and blood.. crucifixion..
at the stake burning.. or
hanging now.. as the meSsaGe
YEARS AND MORE.. as servers cannot be
beat by nails
of Hate
and Fear..
and Jesus F. iN Christ..
Apollo and Pan had iT correct
in the first place.. DanCinG and
SinGinG Naked Free beats swords
of Hate and fear in ‘Love and Hope ISREAL’
AND yes.. you.. yeah
the Father of that 16 year
old Italian Girl i went to
her prom with back in ’81
before i escaped the insanity
of culture then.. who said we
were hoping you would get your
shit together to date my daughter
then.. but hell.. she was the
one who asked me to the
prom.. anyway..
(to make
her boy
jealous and
and when i showed
you that sketch of a
positive ion in physics
of human metaphor setting
human free in Hope and
Love now.. you said
nah that will never
be enough to MAKE
‘them believe’ iN
God and sure it’s true
as history shows time and
time again.. the real God
is not one who demands anything
from us but to Love ourselves and
others Nature same freely to live
in Heaven now Nature same as gifted
to us innately..instinctually and
all intuitively when set free from
the fear and hate of collecting
and storing jealous greedy
grains.. with fear
and hate of
giving free..
as any bums who
wE FReED noW..
so sure that sketch
of a positive iOn
of a smAll
visual metaphor
of representation
of the true power
of human hope and
love in kind and
courage no different
than a ray of Sun that
warms uS truE to Live
as LiGht Real no less
than Human EmoTiOns
rays of SuN
we Are
sTArs and
Galaxy mini-me’s
of God sAME.. iN
Free Verse Long Form
PoEm heAr iS Art oF mY
heARt and SonG of My
SoUl come toGether
in a lifEtime
Opening now Free
toward 4 MiLLioN
word personal
Love and
Hope wins
in CouRAGE
Luke hoT
oF KiNd
hUwOmaniTy NOW..:)
“Believe nothing,
no matter where you read it, or who said it–
even if I have said it–
unless it agrees with your own reason
and your own common sense.”
~~ The Buddha ~~
Well.. ain’t that the
tRuTh/liGht and onLY iF
tHat were the preface
of every sage.. guru..
pastor and
as sAges
of ages different..
okay.. i’LL go back
uP and read the rest..
but trUly.. mY fRiend i need
KnOW nothing but that piece
oF greaTest advice now.. juSt now..;)
Yeah.. as i add Norah
Jones and i don’t know
why.. FeeLinG iT aLL
noW then STiLL
noW on
a Barefoot
Beach of Love
ONE ForeverMoReNoW..
but don’t believe iT.. heHe..
until you try iT true for you too..;)
“There is no point in waiting.
The train stopped running years ago.
All the schedules, the brochures,
The bright-colored posters full of lies,
Promise rides to a distant country
That no longer exists.
~~ Linux Songs Poems no. 570 ~~”
Man.. i wish i could remember the name
of the movie.. but this reminds me of
the one about the artificial intelligence
robot of human being that waits
for ever with a Virgin
Mary Statue
at the bottom
of an ocean
with no need
to breathe
air.. then..
as of course
Robots can do that
forever as long as tHeir
battery works free sealed
at the bottom of the ocean
never even needing to swim
up top to escape to another
day of existence different
than the one before..
Anyway.. so the
Boy then now..
stays at hand
with Statue of
same Virgin Mary
waiting for Jesus to
come back as programmed
and the little boy is still waiting
there as girl as well in flesh and
blood churches all over the world
still today.. Meanwhile Norah
and others live aS Barefoot
Heaven on/iN/as beaches
free.. wHere the
path of new
to Branch
and tHeir
IS A alWays
AneW greater
SonG to SinG than
the one beFore noW..
wherever NoW was bEfore
then.. imagine human beings in
the realm of Infinity eventually coming
back and never finding heaven now as
they listened to the programming of someone
else.. and never seek.. or find that common sense
barefoot beach of heaven Free as Kingdom of so-called
God now.. no different than Sea Gull.. Sea Turtle.. or even
Sea oats that brave storms of wind.. only humans are saddled
with a virus of culture that take us away from An Inheritance
Free.. but of course i don’t expect anyone to believe that
unless they free
from the
Ocean Brain
Wash from the rulers
STiLL of Aeons of Minions
who refuse to come to surface
OF Ocean wHOle.. does it matter
i can’t remember the name of that
movie.. no.. not reALLy as iT
fuLL noW
InFinity ever
more Free or
prisoner of written
words.. collective so-called
human Standard IQ and a plate
of that all served up from prison
birth away from
in foot prints
only as We in
LiFe’s a Beach
and never same
day as Bitch ever
aGaIN for at least
most nowS Real ISREAL..:)
And smiles.. my friend.. Vengeance
never solves anything but a selfish soul..
and just a thought iF infinity is real there
is no stopping the potential of coming back
as a grasshopper and being stepped on
for a thousand times if that
is the way
the negative
energy flows..
at least that thought
me away from the same thoughts
you express up there that thank
God never came to fruition
for me.. not uncommon..
only real
on Vengeance..
anyway.. glad i’m not
hearing those words from
you current anymore.. but
it is of concern that they come
back more when you are down..
no personal judgement here.. as
i’VE been tHeRe beFore.. but remember
a Grasshopper may have more lives than just
one.. or perhaps a grain of sand.. or dust or
just energy
sAMe.. NoW..
wE are all in this
gAMe ToGeTHer
and tHere is aLways
room for change
for the
thAt much
i know as tRue..
but perhaps i AM
juSt a grasshopper
and none of this ISREAL..
anyway.. like the Buddha says..
don’t take my word for it.. until
you too.. have lived a life of
a grasshopper who
has been squashed
by life dead in life
for 66 months long..
Karma is real.. DEADLY
LifE as
LiFE as
only Victory
over Vengeance can BRinG
in fearless unconditional Love
as Kind and Courage sAMe..:)
And finally.. i’LL end/stARt with this..
“The miracle is not to walk on water.
The miracle is to walk on the green earth
in the present moment,
to appreciate the peace and beauty
that are available now.”
~~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~~
Neither of those impress me..
i find the miracle of life is moon
dance walking in deep sands of
beach with athletic shoes on
floating with the wings
of seagulls same
as patterns of Golden
Spiral shores no different
then the patterns of these
words in form of symbol here..
my Friend.. or perhaps the first
time i tried moon dance walking backwards
underwater as feet become one with sands
under water shores.. and the wife video taped iT..
but it was only my first try.. perhaps i’LL share it
later when the moves twirl underwater above
as same like any ballet artist without lessons
WiLL do when unleashed and released from
expectations bEfore.. yeah baby.. hell
no Jesus didn’t walk on water..
but providing the reality
that folks would
do more..
whoever said
that is the same reaLiTy
of the Buddha who said don’t
take my word for it that this is the
last word either for what you find as
True and liGht noW.. True iS that no two
human beings are different and no two human
beings are same.. all are multi-Universe mini
me’s of God whOle one beYond what is seen
and feLt of beYond Universe InfiniTy FREe..
but don’t believe me my friend until
you try iT first..
i would walk
on water too..
but someone would
accuse me of being a
cat2.. oh
the irony oh
the sweet irony
of TrUth and liGht
in Victory way now..
totally ignoring the Vengeance
mind set that rules this world now..
Come away.. with me friend.. the water is great..
and when one becomes the Beach.. the God.. the water
one all Balanced iN ONE.. the beach can drive
in a car oN a desert and sTiLL bE Beach ONE..
yeah.. my wife doesn’t understand why i’m
so happy when she curses the green
liGht turned red.. and i say
what in the hell are you in
a rush for babe..
don’t you know
this is heaven now..
problem is unless one
FeeLs it.. It never existed
words are
nothing without
the substance of
FeeLinG and SeNsinG
that WiLL alWays beat
only words written as
so-called collective
common sense..
and FeeLInG aLL oNE
caN as beach over bitch now..
i can only Hope i pReach to the choir.. mY FRiEnD..:)
Hi Himali.. just stopped
by to say i Love you
Sister FriEnd.. juSt
’cause i can
of OnliNe
wRiTE oN course..
anyway.. whenever
i see your name it
makes me sMiLe..
so thanks for BRinGinG
the Himali name my way..:)
Okay.. i heard the SonG next
in my head.. and wanted to make
sure it was Sister Friendly appropriate
to add to this poem.. and iT FeeLs Good
and i WiLL FeeL what comes neXt of this noW..:)
Hmm.. maybe i am done with dVerse.. as just floating
around iN Space iS kinda cool.. well i did the Wrong
Planet for around three years.. in full time spent there
and have done dVerse for three years running so that’s
six years of learning the science and art of communication
from others.. anyway.. as the wind flows i will blow as
water swimming
me same..
and sometimes
a Loving sMILe of
a sister friend iS enough
to MusE the Love hiGher and
Higher oF Y i.. and yes.. Love IS A
ultimate way for any Art of muse when
iT is trUe and liGht Love WiLL carry uS
as through wE higher and higher
than ever beFore
iN Fearless Love..
they say to only Love
one woman in anyway after
you’ve loved a family same from
Grandpa.. to Grand ma.. to sister
and cousin same is kinda confusing
to me.. as Love is Love is Love is Love
to me.. and sure there is sex.. but do married
people really do that much after 30.. 40.. 50
or 60 years more when they are holding hands
in A park.. and shedding tears at the graves of
Loved ones lost.. nah.. it ain’t the sex
ya remember it is the friend
of Wife or Husband
that iS real
and lasts
forever in one’s
eyes and ears of voice
So True oF liGht so real iN
Love.. except for those who are
never gifted with love at all and
perhaps they own women for cattle
to put their private parts in and out
to make a child or perhaps a
male baseball team if
that is what
they choose
to own as inheritance
for all their material goods..
but i for one believe that one
who loves the most no matter
who the who they are is the one
Who lives the most of NOW
as God child
Free as Lord
knows the Gift
of Human Love iS
the greatest gift oF aLL
when shared innocently
and freely with no care of
fear for Loving More.. anyway..
the dude Jesus said that heaven
is now.. and even said there will
be no marriages in heaven at all..
no we never own anyone.. we only
give/share love when it is free without
any legal
to make
a Land oF FREE..
and fortunately for
me the wife agrees
with me too.. and never
gets jealous of the Love mE
alWays spReading that ISraEL
no different that ray of human
sunliGht shining bRight as ONly
Human Love can do greater than
Sun or Moon in only skies above..:)
Anyway.. so back up to the top
message.. sweet friend
Himali responds back
to tell me
her dreams
of making
the American
Dream real are coming
true as her company
is transferring her to
an American Subsidiary so
she also will be able
to gain
her CPA
and she is so
happy and i share that
happiness with her and it
reminds me how lucky i AM to
be born into this Paradise no
matter the dark parts of America
now.. and how hard folks in other
countries work just to get a privilege
to come here.. and how this country
is built strong in that
same nomad
spirit that makes
it all come out in the
wash of what is today..
no matter all the dark
and truly evil paRts
that fit in to
what all has
come to now..
bottom line.. Heaven
is real and possible here
and so much harder to obtain
in other countries real.. this
can be REAL ISraEL for those
nomad Indians
of God
who seek
it noW
and Find
AND no doubt in my
miNd/FeeLinG that Himali
is already here
over tHeRe noW..
and her
liGht an
addition.. a
wonderful one
to all the other
liGhts of trUly
Free who live here
in Victory of what it
truly means to be a FReED
Child of God Now.. jUst noW..:)
The grass is waiting
as Whitman says
Leaves of Grass
one whole Grain
oF Sand UniVerse
same as mini-me
Gods allone..
i remember college..
i remember school.. and
quite honestly when i went
back to visit that place of close
to 6 years of upper level.. and
13 years of lower level spent..
the only part of higher level
that caught my fancy
was that whatever
class we did that
one time
in the grass..
haha.. and the first
time i went so-called crazy
and escaped it all as i had no
cell phone or Facebook to communicate
how bored and dead i was inside in all
ways of living human being in
social empathic
artful way..
i just went out into
the wet land board walk
Trail of University same
as alWays beFore
but this
now of then
same as now..
i was the grass..
i was the leave..
and grain of sand
and no longer fusing with
only lecture faces and books
from GrAin oF sAnd..
and when i left those grounds
of Nautilus Mascot and motto
same of build thee more stately
mansions it would be no
brick structure
that i would
to Be my Friend..
Candice aka Albino phoenix..
i like to read 7 to 10 of your poems
all at once.. just to FeeL what
WiLL come neXt
when the
as Sand oF Y i.. NoW..:)
More Facebook Algorithm
supplied memories from
two years ago here..
yOur FREE!..
like fun..
lIGHT of
sure true hEar..
this additional
two year-old
Macro Verse
Memory aGaiN..;)
Wild Goose
can be
silly crazy oNEs..;)
And finally this Facebook Algorithm
manually shared 1 year memory
here as it
was missing the
trusty share button..
in notification way..
anyWay.. Days of
New old Age GOLD
TrUe iN LiGht as REAL NoW..:)
So the wife says.. do i have
to photo you in front of that
double door star-mart
display of six pointed
stars in micro to macro
to Ocean whole UniVerse
now.. and i say yes.. i will
build it until ‘he’ comes.. or
everyone gets access into
thE double doors oF BeYonD..
iN FiELd
Facebook Friend Himali..
Shares one of those Facebook
Quizzes that uses profiles now to
compare you to memes of culture..
And this one predicts what Character
you will be off of the Famous ‘Friends’
Show off of TV..
And it chooses Rachel
for her.. and Monica for me..
as i share the share on my
Facebook page too..
And since i use
the combo writing
Pen name of Wife
Katrina Mia.. as Katie
Mia.. along with Frederick
as last part of that Facebook
husband wife duo.. as pen name
same.. Facebook calls me a her..
sure a very hairy her from head
to toe.. but never the less
the Character Monica
off that show..
and i say
in witty
retort.. perhaps
i should change my
name.. anyway Friend
Himali responds back
Haha haha..:p Monica, meet me;
I’m Rachel, your spoilt best friend..
So now i continue on in my response
to her here in blog way to be copied and
pasted to Facebook.. as i hate having
to hit the dam shift button as i return
a lot in my way of
Waves of
Free Verse poeTry
as God miGht naturAlly
speak one as mini-me’s
through as/us now.. if
we just let it flow
iN ZonE as
and WiLL
say FReED..
Hi Himali.. you know/feel i thInk
it is so cool you like the show ‘Friends’
that ran successfully from 1994 to 2004..
to take the place of the ‘Cheers’ show that
ran from 1982 to 1993.. and now i must say
the closest ‘Third Place’ show that fills in after
‘Friends’ is ‘The Big Bang Theory TV’ show and how culture
has changed through the years as it is much more distant
in opportunities for people in the flesh and blood world to
experience the ‘Third Place’ phe·nom·e·non of a close
knit small village of friends who hand in hand together
for years without separation.. where basically
like on ‘Cheers’.. everyone knows
‘Norms’ name.. and seriously
in our modern ways of living
that has become nomadic
to the point of nuclear
families.. couples
and even
brave young
women like yourself
who travel the world in
finding work.. and new
adventure.. are of course
missing in someways that
bonding element that makes
‘Cheers’.. ‘Friends’.. and the
still running show since 2007..
‘The Big Bang Theory’.. fill ins for
what we as humans are still actually
evolved to be as tight knit groups of
folks who hang together for decades
as friends in social-cooperation to
carry on our potential wayward
sons and daughters
as they forge
tHeir way through
now to this grand
social experiment
that can be so isolating
and lonely in many ways.. once
we live work in isolated cities so
far away from the small village
of tribal connections that
make us feel
so warm
and fuzzy
inside all
connected with
trust that Love is
real and touching..
motivating us to live
warm and true from birth
to death together.. my friEnd..
instead of separate.. so what we have
is a functionally disabling society way of
being that takes us away from our human
ways of warm and fuzzy being together free..
i worked nights in a REAL Cheers.. Friends
and the Big Bang third place friends
environment for almost two decades
during the runs of Cheers
and Friends on TV..
and since both
shows ran
on Thursday night
that along with Friday
night were my only two
nights off.. those two shows
are among a select few that
i watched with wife Katrina too..
on the Friends part when we married
in the 90’s.. and the Cheers re-runs ran
at the Bowling Center as background noise too..
and sure.. soap operas play the similar role for
the housewives alone at home with children
away from Village touch
until they went
to work too..
and oh gosh
those social
interactions at work
of flesh and blood are becoming
so fewer now as computer and human
screen and keyboard become a transhumanist
machine way of life now.. so truly the real new Cheers..
Friends.. And the Big Bang Theory.. is what we have
left of Facebook in sign language along with
visual stills and videos.. of what
flesh and blood toGeTher
Village life used
to be..
Wow.. how fortunate
i was to actually live the
Cheers.. Friends.. and
The Big Bang Theory real..
where the Bowling Center was
the third place of connecting Village
and i actually saw the children of folks
grow from infant to one full generation
of marrying age real.. and they used to
call it as the ‘Bowling Ball Turns’.. per
metaphor of the old Soap Opera named
‘As the World Turns’.. and we had all the
melodrama.. romances.. flings.. flirts.. and
nerdy.. macho.. supervixen characters
no different and much more than
even those three shows put
together.. as this village
was one that
housed hundreds
of slightly different
regulars depending on
which league days came next..
and celebrations of tournaments
twice a month in moon light Bowling
and 9 pin no tap tournaments with feasts
of International Food at the end of each
league season no different than religion
with Ten Pins and Bowling BAll same..
Well.. when home Entertainment
came out in the 80’s.. the Leagues
slowly faded away..
and computers
put the final
death nail..
and the Bowling
Leagues and Alleys
have been closing down
since.. and have we evolved
better as human beings.. well..
considering i would do it all again
free.. for no money at all.. i suppose
is the answer to that as most every
human has this empty
space now that
is the village
and third
away from
home and work
now same.. smiles.. i could
write a book about all those
Bowling Center Life experiences
in true Village of life in moving..
connecting and creating.. i had
then.. but instead i write the
Longest Long Form poem
ever where my online
friends are
‘Friends’.. ‘Cheers’..
and ‘The Big Bang Theory’..
from the ‘Wrong Planet’.. the
online poetry world and
Facebook all in one..
And of course a
little ‘Cheers’
mixed in at
Good Old Seville
Quarter with all the
drinkers and partiers
on tHeir Merry Third place
way too.. and yes philosophy..
religion.. politics.. science and
all of that too.. as sure i am Ted
from Cheers.. Sheldon from the
Big Bang.. and sure in a way
Monica now from Friends
too.. but i am
now.. not just
an actor.. who
actually plays
the parts in
real life.. i am
also Director.. Writer
and Producer and now
online actor real too.. the
reality show.. my Friend
Himali.. of the fullest
blessings and
of a life
TO LIVE.. as we
humans WiLL continue
to make amazing adaptations
to challenge for change.. whether
that is watching an old recording
of the Friends Shows in online
way to fill the mirror neuron
fuzzy warm feelings of
putting our selves
in a warm
third place
on screen.. or
if it is just Fred and
Himali.. in real time
being friends on line
as pARt of a Longest
Long Form poem ever
that may stand the test
of time in transhumanist
way.. as we Live forever
together.. as others true
gain the warm and fuzzy
feeling of at least being
close to a third place village true..
SMiLes.. my FriEnd there is always
room for
the neXt
show now..
even if one
must watch
the screen play
before the show comes out..
when both are truly one
and same reality
who in
truly no pARts
are missing of
what iS all
here NOW
as FRiEnD..:)
Himali says..
You’re indeed lucky
to live through it all..:)
And i say..
SMiLes.. my friend..
there is no life
then says..
Yes ! So true and all thanks to
digital media that we are connected
in spite of being so far !
And in conclusion
i say..
Yes.. and in a way i was fortunate
to lose effective use of my
eyesight and hearing
and ability to connect to
people in real life.. as
i was in so much pain..
and so numb in flesh
and blood emotions then..
i could not even connect
in vocal words or touch
to my wife.. as it was
beyond pain
to do so..
So i had to
make my text organic..
or my soul would die
forever alive.. and that
my friend is the source
oF Y..
Facebook Friend..
Rafiah.. shares two
Lovely photos of her
colorfully dressed young
sisters as part of their
EID celebration after
the end of
the Muslim
And i say..
Your sisters
Are growing
Into beautiful
Young women
Like sister
And Rafiah
Desi, I am. But, princess?
Not at all..;) ha ha
(note here.. Rafiah
IS A very beautiful
young woman
and equally
and humble)
And then
i say..
Okay.. then..
you will just
be a princess for me..
Katrina still doesn’t
believe she IS A Princess
either.. so sure.. hiStory
And truly..
every girl who
is my friend IS A
Princess to me2..
But sure there is
only one Princess
Rafiah as friend to me.
So.. i kiss your hand Queen..
no.. i hold my hand to my heARt
for REAL..
With you
my Desi
Queen as
sure i can promote
you too.. at least in DreAMs
oF ImaGinAtions and Desi
Creativity REAL as now can bE..:)
And.. i add a note..
By the way.. those clothes
your sisters are wearing
have so much soul
in artistry of being
human with
God my Friend..
Colors speak wonderful
innocent human emotions
of being free.. no matter if
they cover head to toe.. or not..:)
And now i say hEar as a side note..
you know even though i might
look like a hairy gorilla or
i am so glad
i am an emotionally
sensitive man who knows
how to touch more than
the flesh of a woman
in hEart ways
of Being..
hmm.. and
those young men who
saw a photo of my wife
at the bar who said man you
are gonna probably rail her when
you get home.. what they don’t understand
is they will never save enough money to be
financially independent before they reach 50..
’cause as long as they have that kinda attitude
about women.. and never learn to touch a woman’s
heart.. they will have two or three.. or perhaps four
or more.. if they ever get married at all… wives
to support in children ways too..
they will probably
be living in an apartment
like my father was at close
to age 43.. after the second
or third marriage complaining
about the measly 125 dollars
my father had to pay for
child support for us
two kids who
were to reach close
to then.. the 18th year
of his debt for siring
children.. done.. and finally
own a home of his own..
with still a mortgage when
he died suddenly that we had
to pay off at his age 81.. after
two marriages to the
second wife and one
to the third..
but nah..
he never
really learned to
emotionally connect
to the opposite sex.. and
that takes holding hands in
school.. sometimes before you
do the hook-up part first..
or the sexting
or the
denigrating aspects
of pornography when it
is not done tastefully and
is a game of domination
close to abuse
as way
of being…
Moderation.. and
open heArt.. and mind
in spiRiT ways of ExpresSinG
ways of EmoTioN iN MiNd
and BoDy soUl in Balance
WiLL much more likely
BRinG that warm
and fuzzy glow
to a woman’s
eYes that
binds a couple
together.. where the
woman even trusts the man
enough.. at age 56 to have friends
who can appreciate a heARt oF GOld..
still when they are in their twenties.. you..
see.. i am red blooded male.. but the reddest
pARt of my Body.. no matter what you miGht
think/feel.. from just observing the form oF Y i..
through all of me.. including
my nude Art..
is the ART
to hE
thAt iS
Anyway.. i cannot
convince people who have
not taken the real time and
effort to grow a heart.. easy..
if the soil was never tHeir
to fertilize
that heARt
early as only
a Loving family
from birth can do..
With FriEnds of KiNd
and couRAge who come
a LONG to hold hands iN
LoVinG connections
more than
now.. oh.. the
Love of man and
woman when innocent
and free beats any hook-up
alone ever imagined in a
Rail way
man.. or
woman too..
Bottom line..
Love when
alWAys thE
LiFe Long Practice
under WiLL that takes
work.. work.. work and
is never free.. anyway..
Karma is real
and doing
more than
never doing @ALL..:)
Now is all that exists..
now is all that has ever
existed.. at least that is
the evidence that now
alone allone bRings..
so of course both
potential heaven..
hell.. and purgatory
‘tween in metaphor
are now as WeLL..
or sure.. not so well
@ALL.. so how to make
Heaven real as real can be now..
Now is key.. as now expands as far
as human moVing.. ConnEcTinG. and
CreaTing can take now.. now in ways
of EmoTioNs SenSinG ReAsoNinG
now BeinG.. when all elements
of life in Free association..
in all the colors.. hues..
sHades of grey..
bEyond black
and white..
of any Rainbow
of yesterday limited..
to only 7 colors tHeir..
tRuly iT iS the nuance..
the hues of EmoTioNs..
and the same 7 notes of
musical scale as well in
Vowels of human language..
that wash shores of ocean true..
in 1.618 mean.. of Golden Spiral
same from UniVerse whole
Galaxies.. Nautilus Shell..
and the curled fetus who
is fixing to be as she as
i speak here in a delivery
room now as Katrina’s great
great niece.. as she travels
to Pensacola to that event
now.. while i stay behind to
do a continued birth of words
free here.. to relate more of the
human condition and experience
that i have bEfore now.. anyWay liFe..
of Heaven now WiLL only ever fore
and after now bE as FuLL as the NoW
oF Heaven REAL and the more colorful
in nuances of MoVinG.. ConnecTinG
creaTinG ways from head to toe..
human to human and nature sAme
in nuance of all the hues BeYond
rainbow of yesternows lone..
bRinG more of potential
hUman heaven allone to
to share and give now..
to a human without
restraint and free in this
new now world age.. FReED..
and here in this post of Facebook
memory shared oF when my imagination..
and freer association way of being starts
greater back in 2013.. three years ago then..
to let it flow.. to let it go.. without fear of
what anyone may think or feel of art..
is to be free..
is to make the
now of Heaven greater
than the heaven of
yesternow REAL
Will be done…
Alignment Approaches!!
The A response
to the V Poem
with a K
for 11.
Puzzles are Fun!!
Hold on Tight!
Don’t Let IT
slip away…
A Devil’s
Can Be a Friend.
While the Devil
may be Found
In DeTails
The Easter
is in the Eggs
D’evil’ed Eggs
Can be
Even Without Friends
One can Play with Words
And other Symbols
Remove the “Knows” , “Divine”, “the Devil”, “Without”, “Other”. and One can more easily
find “a Heart”
and “Art”
With “a Friend” in “Words”
“Thank you for Being a Friend”
by Andrew Gold
Every Puzzle has two parts..
Sometimes the second is long in coming…
If one looks deep enough at ‘ST ONE’…
one finds the image of the 17 age..
and the K and H for 12…
in the Statue
of the Stone
in Sargent Pepper’s
Lonely Hearts Club Band…
And in the words of Album
in ‘Mr. Kite’…
for ‘K’.
Mr. Alabaster is kind of ‘creepy’… He is Sargent Pepper…
He’s the ‘boiled’ guy on the left in the top row…
“Trust me”, he is no one to be afraid of…
but if one approaches his writings, be cautious…
Alignment continues to approach…
on the 22 day of the 7 month
of the 13 year 2 K…
11 and 11
is 22.
Reads A
Poem this
Morning and
Awoke at One…
Inspired with A ‘THOUT’
by AMusing Poem of V….
If one finds no ‘Key’
answer just ask…
iAm in the
is nothing
to hide now
nothing in the
World of stone…
as One with All..
signed a “Lonely”
but Spirit Filled boy
in soul…
by Andrew Gold….
There is no time… or distance…
It is ALL an Illusion. There is Only Love…
Can ‘you’ see 11 now…
It speaks to ‘her’…
It is in ‘her’ too…
And ‘me’ as w el l…
the way…
I love your last two poems,
the first one was really A musing…
Oh! how I do Love Puzzles…:)
A birthday
of June 6 1960
is center
in Gemini..
for 11,
the symbol
of the twins…
It is the most
powerful BD
of the year
for Hermes…
the H…
The messenger of the Universe…
When planets align
this power is magnified…
in One.
The song of ‘Magic’
sets one’s spirit
free !!
into sKeye..
with the planets
that do align
and the
first thought
of ‘my Mind
does not
to me’…
Love is written
in the stone…
and in the stars…
IT returns in poetry
of endless spirit
and mind…
There is no chaos…
Only PefecK in One…
The answer to the
Puzzle is in 11
the Key
Gem is
in the eye
of eye…
for Diamonds
in the
The V
IS written in the stars
This IS
the message..
make what IS…
Thou T
wil T
be done…
A Universe of Prayer Inspired by Poetry, Words, Letters, and Numbers…
Thanks Mind Retrofit for the end of a song…
IS meant
to be…”
And sure.. the iMaginAtiOn
and cREatiVity tRAin
rolls off track
out of box
from three
years ago true..
as liGht oF Y i..:)
“Act of Contrition.. (coming to a blog soon)
coming in at 63 right after 62 for the ‘out of the box’ fest in the last face book post…
I just want to spread hope… It is a balance of emotions that creates hope… I think the post below, might compel someone to read part of the rest of the thoughts to find that hope too, if they find the blog…
I don’t think anyone will take me seriously without the polar opposite nature of these two posts to complement each other.
It is going to take awhile to actually make posts 62 and 63. Right now 62 is only linked by a permalink in the ‘Stone’ word at the end of the last post… from my facebook page.
This will be post 63.
Now, here is a little story, that’s true…
There was this Autistic guy born on 6/6/60 that had a really great life; yeah some challenges, but don’t we all…
If there is such a thing as Karma he must have sacrificed something in the last life to deserve this…
In midlife things change, Oh! do they really change… It becomes the test of Job…
At the bottom of the Pit, there is this ‘thout’, one has done this for infinity and never got past this point…
He didn’t jump off the bridge 5 years ago, after 40 days of little to no sleep; yes exactly 40; and yes it literally is a bridge…
He doesn’t have the health to live in the Earth world anymore; the only place to exist is on another planet online…
It takes him 2 and a half years of not being able to use his eyes to read to get to that point… Lots of deep solitary thought between point A and point B on November 26, 2010…
Putting up the baby picture as an avatar, on December 25, 2010, was just a little funny, but when you are in so much pain, sometimes synchronicity escapes you, but later comes back for a ‘real’ laugh…
This guy just doesn’t have a judgemental bone in his body.. He finds himself taking up for every underdog, even the feared Autism Speaks; the evil empire, if you will…
The good guy turns into Darth Vader. Some people call him Aghogday.
He is one of the Autistics, but not accepted by the autistics…
Everyone wants him banned, but he doesn’t break the rules.
Meanwhile, the anger of the Autistics grow; they follow this guy online, everywhere, hoping to see him fall.
Dam! He’s like Titanium, he just want fall..
The guy will not give up; in fact, he becomes the Mysterious Katie and Kate Mia, escorted by two exotic cats; ancestors of Egypt.. One Black and Noble; one Gold and Wild with eyes of Aqua Marine Blue…
Kind of like that gold and blue baby. Hmm… Interesting coincidence…
Make no mistake; this cat is not a desert cat… He is from the sea…
The gray domesticated one stays at home. He is too shy to go online…
In the meanwhile, there is over a 5 million word trail…
All linking back to his blog.. In fact, at least where he lives Agh Auto fills Aghogday before Aghast… HA! HA!…
Katie Mia Auto fills Autism. Why is that… I think I’ll look…
This Autistic doesn’t receive any messages, but oh yes, they are still listening; there is over 15K views on a blog after 3 months; About 4 thousand in the last month…
If you wanted to spread a message online… Who would you choose? Who would follow the message like glue, just to see what happens in the end…
Well, when that Autistics Should be k***ed (hmm kati’ed) ‘thing’ happened there were 7 results on the internet. Now there are over 56 Million results for Autistic Should K***ed; just like I predicted… but more than I could imagine…
These Autistic People are really tenacious…
But, here’s the thing that’s strange, there are no advertisements on the blog; what’s in it for this guy…
All I wanted to do is share love…
‘Gotcha B***’ (not you)
don’t I now…
(the gotcha b***) is amusing,
but that’s how love works…
So far that’s how the story looks on the outside. but the Autistic Guy was really struggling to stay alive…
There is absolutely no one supporting him, and finally he is banned from the only community, he is getting interested in…
But wait there is a hero! Her name is Mags! The coincidence of the first three letters of the only one that supports that guy, in this internet world, with those Autistics that would nail him to ‘a cross’ if they could shoot him down, does not escape his imagination.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the Autistics have determined that this guy is actually a full time social media employee of the ‘Evil Empire’; more than one person compares him to the devil incarnate…
The devil just won’t give up. He wants their soul. He wants them to see light so, so bad…
The thing about light, is you don’t miss the stars, you live them…
It is impossible to hate inside a star…
The more the star is hated, the brighter it grows…
In fact, if the star is hated too much, it might just explode with Light.
Aleister Crowley understood this principle… He started a chain reaction of light, back in the forties, that continues to grow as we speak…
‘Illuminati’… Cool word… I probably could create a ‘catchy’ phrase like that, if given the opportunity.
There is a point that is coming; we are made of stars; we do know our destiny, it is written in stone, in DNA…
It is hard to find it in a world of cultural illusion…
It takes something interesting for someone to question reality…
It is all analogy. It is all divine comedy…
Mags you did save me; with one word; and Mind Retrofit, whose real name is xxxxx xxxx, took me to ‘God’…
The one that lives in all our souls and everywhere else…
Maybe there are 2 or 3… I don’t close my mind…
to anything…
I don’t know much about her as a person, but if you look at my responses in poetry to her responses in poetry, on her poetry webpage, you might think there were two poems that were engaged in some unusual ‘mystical’ experience…
Think about this now… Autism Speaks… This guy was so tenacious he ‘made’ people believe he was a full time social media employee of this large organization.
The guy was just sitting in front of a computer; most of the time in his underwear (sorry too much info.) with this incredible eye pain..
Now it’s AutisticS Peeks; all these ‘sublime’ messages everywhere he writes. The villain has turned into something.. We are not quite sure what… But they are still in the background listening.
If they made it through the journey; chances are… at least one person moved out of the box…
Damn, (excuse me dam) I am so glad I didn’t jump off that bridge 5 years ago…
I have never enjoyed something more than this; in my life time.. It is so funny… I could laugh forever…..
With all; not any one..
Maybe I will… Who knows… Anything is possible….
Hope… I didn’t have any.. I got it back. I wanted to share…
It is the least I could do, to thank the Universe, for letting me be part of this ride….
My decision.. My free decision to
try my body at close to nude
art came in January of 2014..
and it was inspired by a poetry
prompt in pARt from Brian at
dVerse from the Dead Poet’s
Society in Carpe Diem way..
not something i had considered
before but i was the really shy dude
in gym class that was uncomfortable even
in getting in his underwear in locker room
way then.. and people made fun of me in how..
i was tall.. slender.. with blue eyes and long lashes
with long blonde hair in middle school.. taling me
i should have been a girl and worse in pejorative
ways of language then..
told me i had bird legs..
and worse of course2..
so sure.. i developed an
uncomfortable sense of
being.. overall in my body
for years to come.. and this
was an ultimate challenge for
me to do this in a legal way of
course within the limits of
social community standards
and blogger restricted links when
i went all the way with it.. like the
Statue David and a ‘little’ more
than that.. and sure i lost friends
on Facebook.. even some who
named me as their family..
as in-laws and even blood
ways.. some of
them.. much more
wild than me when
young in more ‘perverse’
ways than i could have ever
imagined then.. but never the less..
this was my time for greater freedoms
of ExpREssinG myself even at
approaching age 54 then..
so my art milestones..
were to achieve a new
age renaissance straight
male nude art as the new
homophobic standards of
modern society do not honor the
Michelangelo ways of chiseling
this art in stone.. so now the opportunity
with Kodak selfies.. brought and out of
the box art thought to me.. and sure..
since then.. females.. such as
Miley have gone all the way
with this without fear
of the conservative
human back lash
over fear of both
the female and male
born being of naked from
head to toe as God bRings uS in
as Star dust and back to Naked
Star dust we go.. anyway.. i for one
work for a naked GoD.. not one clothed
by the illusory subjugating fears
of folks who are afraid of
the naked God within..
inside.. outside.. above..
so below and all around..
so shudder the thought of
a mid-fifties straight
230 LB male who was
around 220.. in this
picture.. here..
it is what it is..
it is what God sees
of me as same.. and
the clothes only cover up
the beauty of God that is
Temple of human freed.. and
while we watch terror attacks
from little men who are afraid of
the growing naked form of human
free around the world.. this my friends..
is just me sticking my tongue out and
more of those who would chain God in
us with clothes of skin never touching
The Sun of God above..
So i celebrate that.. yes..
from head fully to toe now..
and perhaps if you too ever
see.. feel.. and truly kNow iN
Truth and liGht free God as you..
in you same and all around.. everywhere
all that is now.. you too.. WiLL no longer
fear the Naked God in and as you
now naked
and free
as free can be..
but sure.. follow all community..
local.. state.. and federal laws..
in expressing that Freedom TrUe
iN liGht.. as sure a whole city of
humans is not evolved to connect
this way in stranger way.. and yes..
there is an off and on button..
and restricted link
of where i am as
Free as God can be
as Temple oF GoD
i am no body
builder.. i Am
a soUL builder..
that must be FReED..
to unchain God in
and as
mE Nature
Whole aLliVe noW..:)
And finAlly.. here IS
A memory from a year
ago.. per Terminating
Ghost Town of heARt..
that i have already spoke
to in elaborating FeeLinG
and tHought.. through-out
this 683rd Macro verse..
of current stiLL Longest
Long Form Poem
ever moving
4 MilLioN..
wordS now..
yeah.. this one
refined noW to title..
of ‘HopE LoVE ISraEL..:)
THeRe are those
who free..
And thErE
are those
who chain..
and the
iS the
Meaning oF LiFe..:)
And then therE
are those
ask why
and never
ever see
Hi.. penniewoodfall.. nice to see ya ’round these
gigoid pArts again.. ah.. the root ’cause..
and the suffering folks
seem to endure
at will.. yes.. lots
of symptoms these
days.. with few answers
that last.. but of course the
more complex written language
becomes.. recorded collective intelligence..
and the clothes of culture.. the further away we
get from inborn ways of pleasure.. and the more
chained we get to balls of culture from birth
of diaper to a coffin and a three piece
suit that prevents the cycle
of life and worms
from getting
due nourishment
in the giving and taking
Balance of Mother Nature
aka GOD whOle as sAMe
seen.. unseen.. felt
insane and sane..
and unfelt too
in kNOWinG
and unWiTtinG
ways tHree… me tHinKs
Bonobos don’t worry too
much about this.. i can see
the empathic connections to other
Bonobo’s that are the windows to tHeir
sOuLs eYes real.. and anthropomorphism..
only really guilty to the extent that we make
clothes of culture that lead to much suffering..
and THEY mostly enjoy the reproductive
subsistence of life..
and lay around @
tHeir Hobo ease..
after the foraging
in giving.. and sharing
of subsistence duties
in Matriarchal ways
are done for the now
@Real.. i mostly live in
a state of Euphoria as i use
the tools of culture to my advantage..
no one tells me what i must do or must
not do beyond my legal pleasures..
and i master my emotions
through regulating
them and integrating
my senses saMe iN
Moving.. Connecting
Creating.. Giving..
sharing wayS noW
with a Gorilla Growl no
different than when Bonobo
must defend itself against predator
sAme.. as i do that when i leg press
930 LBS in parallel fashion.. 33 times
with my graceful ballet/yoga arms in
air.. so i’ve moved from why to
just doing euphoria now..
but oh.. the Matrix
of Culture when
one is chained
to it in ways of
subsistence making
is no easy root ’cause.. to
escape.. my friend.. it’s safe
to say i for one am FReED..
wasn’t easy but my hips and
eYes do not lie the Truth of my ecstasy..
tHeir is no suffering in joy.. and for those who
reach that level of existence in ways of Nature
aided with the best pARts of culture at hand.. it’s
the best heaven sliver i for one FeeL/kNoW.. who
has certainly experienced some of the N U M B eST
cOldest hell lives iNduration for 66 months as TRuE sAMe…
cAN say is real true.. and present.. no where.. no time but now..
hehe.. i know why.. at least for me.. and that is why it can be
exhausting for most people in the real world to talk to me..
as sure.. i wish everyone could be euphoric
all day all now too..
but no longer
would they be
slaves to what benefits
me too.. and the rest of culture
of course in creature comforts..
anySay.. i’M iN the GOlden years
now.. not sure how anyone can
get hEAr without paying
dues in
with some
misery and suffering
of modern cultural
root ’cause for
NDD Nature
Deficit Disorder
now.. i revel in my
Wild Kingdom.. my friend..
i AM a Wild man and that is what i
WiLL stay with a little reasoning to
pepper my
Captain and
Sergeant way..;)
Snapcat returns for a quick
visit.. meanwhile.. now.. to ready
for the 117th dance week.. at Old
Seville Quarter with a prism
of colors and Pink Floyd
T-shirt to go along
with a Thursday
Night of fun
with all the
cool college age
folks dancing ’till the
wee 2 am hour or so..
and back at 3 am on Friday
morning after this 7th day of the
7th month.. of the year 2K
and 16 moves on over
to the 8th.. and a
weekend will
be here soon
again.. but hehe..
everyday IS A SaTurDay
for mE FReED as any Pan
or Apollo of a new age WiLL Do..
anyWay.. more photos coming then..
to this newest Macro Verse number
683.. titled.. HopE LoVe ISraEL arriving
soon and speaKinG of Arriving Soon.. Katrina
IS A new Great Great Aunt.. per Grace Kathleen
Wallace.. anyway.. hehe.. that makes me a Great
Great Uncle in-law too.. so sure.. i could be old enough
to be the Grandaddy of those girls tonight dancing and
Katrina could be tHeir Grandma too.. Funny how liFe GroWs olD..;)
Katrina says..
Here iS her Sweet Beautiful
Baby Great Great Niece
Grace Kathleen
Facebook Friend and
80’s Club 2001 Dance
Friend.. Sherri
says in response
to the Shared
photo of
Baby Grace
and Katrina..
One darling baby!!
And i say..
Yes.. thanks
and this makes
Katrina a Great
Great Auntie..:)
Sherri says..
Beautiful dark
head full of hair!
And finally
i say in
to Sherri..
Hi Sherri..
i remember
those days
of a head of
full hair too..;)
And as final note at the end
of this blog post now.. until
the Dance photos come after
3 am or so after the 7th day
of the 7 month ends..
an addition..
an addendum..
to the body
of this
683rd Macro
Verse as i spoke
to an Italian Girl
Prom date
Dad about
the fAct oF God’s
Existence and he pooh
poohed the simplicity
of my Philosophy
of simply
iN us as Nature TrUe and liGht..
God’s Greatest gift sAMe to US
iN Huwoman poTenTial toGeTHeR
FReED.. his wife told a different
tale in the shiny eYes of sHe..
as when i visited tHeir
home for the last
time as i was
walKinG out
her door she
turned to me with
sparKlinG eYes
that yes
gifted too.. to a
daughter who would
eventually be the nurse who
delivered our baby some 16
years later and console me in
her thoughts that her child’s blindness
was something she blamed herself for
and she came to respect me much for
the somewhat innocent man i was
then.. and of course our child
only had 51 days after
that to live..
anyway.. back
in ’81 her Mom
said.. ‘Fred you
know something
don’t You.. as she
kNew i had a real
mystical experience with
God that not many humans
have the fortune and the challenge
to experience in liFe.. but the thing was
then.. i couldn’t put iT aLL iN words.. i jUst
kNew that Heaven was then now.. experienced
a taste oF it for three months and liVe tHeir alWays
NoW aGaIN.. so basicAlly after studying further the
real historical fActs about what we kNow now in context
with original Greek Words and beFore of what whoever
wrote those words of a reported man Jesus were.. that it
is true we are all Sons/child of God.. and there WiLL always
be new prophets and messengers of God of Nature
wHole iN unseen.. unfELt and words unkNoWn
from the bEfore of Now then who will
do greater works sTiLL evolving
as hUman BeinG than
ever BeFore as true
we are all Stars
of God.. Galaxies
and UniVerses fractal
mini-me’s sAMe.. tHeir
iS no separation from wE
and God as uS.. except for
illusory fears of words and empty
promises of future for Heaven any
wHeRe reAL butt at Hand noW ISraEL..
FReED.. and no.. you don’t need any words
@aLL to kNow this.. as iT is FeeLinG SenSinG
beYond wordS noW oF KnoWinG thE reaLITy
of HeaVen ReaL noW.. and unless you exist
heRe.. for all practical intents and
purposes Heaven never existed
aT aLL yEt for you but tHe
ReaLiTy IS
Can bE
and So iS GOD
As liGht BrinGer sAMe
aS wE NOW FReED iN TrUTh NoW..:)

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)


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