Truth of Veil

i am glad you feel comfortable
wearing the veil and it makes you feel close to GOD…
In the Catholic Church where i attend
it is once the tradition
to wear covers over the hair of women..
and although no longer mandated..
A few women do still wear the cover
as it is symbol for them still..
of their humble servitude with GOD…:)
We all have our languages for GOD..
and our cultures do prescribe traditions..
new and old..
but the constant that stays..
is GOD exists and we exist with GOD..
the illusion is always separation..
whether by words or other symbols that some may disagree with..
But yes..
does remain Universal too…
And with that ALWAYS
comes tolerance and acceptance of differences..
for what one choses with their True Will only Under GOD..
that lives within our body.. mind.. heart.. soul.. spirit.. and beyond…
WITH the GOD of Nature..IN AN INTERDEPENDENT WAY.. that will continue to exist.. long after the earthly plane is gone.. or before the earthly plane exists as now… before…..
Yes.. Where words do not exist…. as they are symbols of love and hate..
but we CAN CHOOSE the path of love..
In words and ACTION!
Dear friend..:)2!:)
Another great example of the continental approach..
is Robert Anton Wilson’s revised 1997 version of Prometheus Rising..
where he takes a multi-disciplinary approach
to the potential of human awakening..enlightenment…
i happened to come across the link
from an Illuminati conspiracy theorist..
likening him to a devil worshipper
for going above common ‘robotic’..
culturally..religiously prescribed
routes of human being…
Fortunately his book is available
free online now at the following link…
It is only 284 pages long
and a relatively easy read for me in about an hour…
And yes..
definitely worth the time
for folks who want to live ‘beyond the ‘4th neural circuit of life’…
The greatest inhibitor of true genius in human beings
is a combination of specialization and closed mindedness..
feeding each other into a reality of entropy of mind
instead of potential self-actualization…
And in the book.. the points made.. provide clarity and better understanding
of why some folks in this forum
are so stuck in the third metaphorical neural circuit of EVOLUTION of mind
THAT IS possible..
where there are potentially eight that can be pursued
and self actualized in only one life…
But no.. this is not possible..
with a closed mind.. or specialization of knowledge…
Wilson leaves no stones unturned..
ranging from the poetry of Aleister Crowley
to Quantum Physics…
And he does realize his limitations too.. as only human being.
Again.. worth the time to read..
for those who wish to further their potential as human beings…
This is the potential of the real Superman..
the modern Prometheus human being. :)
Yes.. no stone.. no note.. unturned. ;)
And yes..
ONE CAN read the book
to understand why i linked the youtube video…
It’s a secret. :)
NOT really a secret..
a banquet really..
with invitations..
that not all are chosen for ;)

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