MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+

Hmm.. what better way to staRT out
A MaGiCaL Mystery tour of a
93rd MacroVerse of
“NetherLand Bible
2017”.. now aRiSinG
on Good Friday to 1,379,495
words since Memorial Day Publish
on the 39th oF May.. 2016.. than yes..
what better way than to join up with A regular
Three Year Duo of Trio of Original Seville Quarter
Charlie’s Angels with Chelsea on the left and
Maggie on the right.. and if i heard Maggie
properly in the Boom Boom Dance Hall
with ear plugs in.. her Friend.. Pepper
came to serve another role as
fill-in Charlie’s Angel
For Cortney currently
protecting wild life at the Beach..
anyWay.. i better get going.. it is kinda late..
at wRiTE past 3:33 AM.. and i still have over
50 Dance Photos to add to Four Blogs aS Such..;)
i had to Google Moxie.. Shawna Baby.. and
i surely hope you don’t think i would ever do
anything intentionally to hurt yA.. ‘Cause i Love Ya..
anYwaY iT was/IS A soft drink that/wHo outsold/sELLs Coke..
kinda like John Lennon and the Beatles..
hehe.. hmm.. my next MacroVerse
is gonna be all about riding the
coat tails of theMes aSaLwaYSand
MeMes you kNowFeeLSenSe..
MaKinG iT aLL
aBout miNI mE2..
i’M even gonna
do one on 93..
and Good Friday2+Easter
and by A way.. i arrived
late at the Dance Hall past
11 last night but just like last
week A A parKing place magicKaLLy
appeared.. juSt in tiMe for mE.. me
me me.. and as promised.. i changed
into the
Dance Lion King
oN Good Friday
aRiSinG aS Such
With Charlie’s Angels..
but a fill-in came by for
Cortney Angel and her name
was/is Ms. Pepper.. if i heard it right too..
the radio
as the prophets
continue to write
iN Dance And SonG
oF Concert Halls per this
Lyric by Rush now.. my friEnd..
repeated aGaIn from my Last
MacroVerse.. ‘sPArKs oF NaTuRE’..
StILL oF course very very rELeVanT..;)
“A modern day warrior
Mean, mean stride
Today’s Tom Sawyer
Mean, mean pride
Though his mind is not for rent
Don’t put him down as arrogant
He reserves the quiet defense
Riding out the day’s events
The river
What you say about his company
Is what you say about society
Catch the mist, catch the myth
Catch the mystery, catch the drift
The world is, the world is
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his skies are wide
Today’s Tom Sawyer
He gets by on you
And the space he invades
He gets by on you
No, his mind is not for rent
To any God or government
Always hopeful yet discontent
He knows changes aren’t permanent
But change is
What you say about his company
Is what you say about society
Catch the witness, catch the wit
Catch the spirit, catch the spit
The world is, the world is
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his eyes are wide
Exit the warrior
Today’s Tom Sawyer
He gets by on you
And the energy you trade
He gets right on to the friction of the day”
So.. wHo is that says that Rush can’t be a New
Age Isaiah or i can’t be a New Age Buddha.. eTc..
as Jesus F in Christ.. don’t say you’re gonna be the J word
or folks will think yoUr craY.. but the best thing of all is the
J man.. yes.. whoever John was that wrote a Dear letter in the
14:12 pARt of his Book
left the real
Jesus.. whoEver
he may and will be
just one loop hole to come
back as Lord knows if a Syrian
Looking Five Foot One One Hundred
LB soaKing wET Dude came back
Trump would
just wag
and insist he was is bigger2..
hey.. Trump IS A MeMe and
TheMe i’m uSinG as dArk MuSE2
and the Jesus MeMe and ThEme is2
the same one the writer of the last
two SuperMan.. Big Screen versions admits
he used
for his
Dam Google 4096 Character
Blogspot Comment limits..
anyWay.. hehe.. tHeRe’s
alWays pARt2 WiTh me..;)
Human Archetypes..
DNA.. Genetics in general..
StAR DuST PlUS senTient Stuff
we all are.. from the origin of what is now as any Bard
and or IRiSh FiLi WiLL Dance and SinG as Cosmic Dancer and Singer2..
AKA GOD pART wHOle aLL2.. ResurRecTiON.. from Crucible
Fire oF StAR BurST Death.. yes.. oh God2.. yes2..
And versioNs 1..2..
per George Burns..
WalKinG Miracles
we ALL are..
Son and
eTc.. paRT aS WHole
as NaTuRE as GoD sAMe
and DifFereNt wE aLL are2 and1
quite FrankLY A reaSon i am writing/wrote
A 1.317 Million Word “MesSage iN A Bible Bottle”..
as pArT oF A “NetherLand Bible 2017” in jusT a Birth
Term of 10 months thennow aRiSinG close to 1.38 MiLLioN
words as paRT oF Ocean Whole Poem “SonG oF mY
soUL”.. NoW aRisinG past 4 Million words now2 iN
this MacroVerse more doubling more as 764th
MacroVerse too.. and yes.. also iN
44 Months with 7200 miles of
public dance in the
same human
illusion of
time frame noW as pArt of
A 12 Million word 77 month
nET effort too.. is.. i’m tired of
NoW the NoW SamE OLD God DAM
Phrases/DO’S.. yep.. i’m tiRed
oF Folks putting Chains around
a three letter word and calling
all that
a tiny
God when
God isReaL..
heHe.. anyWay..
Shawna Baby.. feel
free as alWays to delete
my mesSage as no one can
delete a New Age Jesus message
now.. aS SoMeone figured out copy and paste..
and it’s
all good..
we can use
each other all
up as muse and
only save the pARTs
we love to eat and drink
as bread
and yes..
and all of that as2
Art Cannibals we may be2
OKaY2 gotta
go/coMe Back to/too/2 my MFOAB..
Mother/Father Of ALL BlOGS2..
see ya
Baby.. heAR
yoU @leASter2 my friEnd2..;)
Moxie.. SpiRiT.. heArT.. soUL
you kNow the original coke
version of Jesus said
the World
the Culture
the Religion
the King David
who no longer Dances
and Sings Kills all of that..
And it makes me sick to my stomach
that hardly
that message
anymore.. just Dance
and Sing.. just Strip your
clothes off and Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 FeeL anD SenSe the LiVinG
GoD wHo Lives Within.. and that’s the thing..
my FriEnd.. i’ve been where you’ve been.. nah..
never been physically abused or molested
but heART and SoUL and SpiRit
DRained by a Warrior
Brain culture..
and R E L I G I O N..
And sure.. Autism Spectrum..
Bi-Polar eTc.. as yep.. someone
not even from this planET for/per
all practical intents and purposes
of following the Cultural Norm of Before
and now..
thing is too..
it’s possible per the
same Joseph Campbell
Hero Archetype of Jesus
and Isaiah Chapter 53.. yeS NOW..
to be reborn.. to be resurrected
noW iN life.. in the Kingdom of Heaven
now.. that reAlly just means REgaining a sPirit..
a HeARt a MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUl that
Flows like A River that continuALLy wilts and blooms
like all FLowErs do.. wAves StreAMs Ocean wHOle..
do Do too..
‘Existential Intelligence’..
we even have a Systemizing
Science Word and Self Actualization
by Maslow and Fowler’s highest level
of Agape Love/Faith for all of Being to relate
in secular ways for the Message of Jesus
that has
into an idol
as Religion
to worship.. a sHeLL..
A Form.. of the essence
that lives free within we all
as the Nautilus BeHind the sHeLL. the OZ..
when isReal.. Faith.. nah.. not Faith
in what someone said back then..
but the LiVinG Faith of Love
that Lives Within..
TrUSt iN allThAtIS
when all beComes holy
and sacred full of meaning and
purpose as when we live as we are
evolved to be.. naked and free with
arms toGeTheR.. we live my friend.. we live.. we rise again..
as the
Gift oF
God and
Nature sAMe aS Love..
you see.. i love everyone.. but
each human being i love IS A NeWNoW..
UniVerse of FriEnd ShiP as God’s Neurons
that are we connect and become stronger toGeTheR..
so yes..
the Shawna
and Fred Love Connection
heAR.. and i do Love it.. and
i FeeL iT
as i sEnSe
Within2.. mY LOVE..HOPE..JOY
dArk too
as jusT another
Vehicle Vessel to THeRE..
A HouSinG oF LoVe..FReED..:)
heHe.. i can be a little
complicated.. so glad
you understand me..
Shawna Baby..
as Jesus
hAha iT’s
liKe hiStory
repEats mysELf..;)
You are such an incredible
Muse.. Shawna.. thanks so much
for your friendShipS heHe..
in so many
oF ArT in my
LiFe..NoW.. anD beForE
As MaGiC WiLL Do isReaLasaRT..:)
PS..SB.. i finAlly
looked up the
Baby Definition
of Shawna and it IS
A form of Sean
means now..
‘Gift from God’..
i alreaDy kNewNoW
thaT anyWay.. God tOld
me so within oF/oN wRiTe cOURse..
GoD WiNks
too.. wiTh.. naH..aHA..
No Godwin’s TRump2..;)
Good Friday
And Easter..
Great Muse..
oKaY enJoY
the rest of the day..
see Ya SB..;)
By A waY That’s A FucKinG FredKu too..
and the rest of the sTuFF IS A FredBun2..
And i’M gonna
do soMe
on2 aS
aT thE Gym2..
iN BallET Martial
Arts-like way too..
Style means no copyright necessary..
My soUL
will never
be for sale
for not even
a computer will
ever be programmed
by a human to copy this sHit now..;)
i alWays Love to provide
appropriate credit to all
the muse that comes my way..
and before the Shawna and Fred
Discussion.. i stopped by the Ashe
Facebook Page wHeRe yes.. she was
reLating a story about Falling asleep2
with her glasses on so i saidsay..then2..
YeaH.. i don’t like
That so much
With SHades
Either at 3:33
AM at my Home
Base Desk and
Both my hands
Go numb with
A Mother
And Father
Of All Blog
Posts to clear the tunnel..
yep.. MFOAB.. for Good Friday2..;)
As i continue to WriTe oN cOURse..
Yeah.. i kNow this may not make
much sense now butt tRuST mE
oR NoT iT is pARt oF A Much Much
Larger MFOAB UniVerSaL Story sTiLL aRiSinG..
anyWay.. don’t you worry ’bout a thing.. i got this ‘thing’.. AA OK2..
iN terms
of MacroVerse
93 too.. now nAMed
“MFOAB Easter2”..
oh what
a story
oF MeMe2..
As i continue to DancE and SinG FReED..;)
Wow.. not to change
the subject as of
course it doesn’t..
Wow.. the skill it takes
to jump curbs in as Rain Woman
MaGiC with SandalS on.. jUSt to open
the door for me at Ryan’s Restaurant then..
two years ago.. thaT my friEnds IS A LoVinG
And DeVoTed Wife Katrina whose Language of
Love is really Big on S.. NoW..
yes.. the L.. Language of Service
for others.. that i Love too.. sAdly
her otHeR L Language is Material Gifts..
not my thing aT aLL.. Essence over form for
me in all
Piled Higher
Like PHD ShiT..
And by a way..
i Love the Language of
Love that is Touching otHeRs..
AfFirMinG oTheRS.. QuaLiTy tiMe
in deep deep soULFuL Convos/Dance.. And
of course the Fowler Way of Faith that is AgAPe
Love wHeRE all is HoLy and SaCred FuLL of Meaning
and Purpose when all is OBVIOUSLY GOD WITH EyES AND
EaRS TO SEE iT above and BeyOnd only the Organs one sees..:)
And only one MacroVerse share today from two years ago..
thaT surely sTiLL APPlies as “Free Range Freddy”.. and just
a reminder to me in recorded history way.. attempting to be part
of two communities that could not handle the size of my heART..
was really stressful as i was just trying my best to help exPaNd
tHeiR eYes and eARs HoRizons beYond material
reductionist ways
in both
and poetry
too.. expanding
a spare tire around
my middle then as the
hardest of stress for humans
is social stress when the community
continually tales you in no uncertain terms..
conform or be cast out as chaining and changing
to us or go on your merry way out.. i’M out and iN NoW
these modern days.. it’s possible that truly a new Beethoven..
Michelangelo.. Leonardo.. Van Gogh.. and FucKinG yeS even now..
Buddha.. Jesus.. and Lao.. may aRiSE aGaIN beYond the Archetype
of conform.. conForm.. stay with the heard of herd or be cast out now..
there’s lots of virtual support that can be found in all Arts And Friends
on the world-wide web now.. truly a band-aid of sorts for Healing for
the Budding
remain hUman
too.. and Genius reAlly
is doing something new..
that has not been done before..
same stuff that John 14:12 per John/Jesus/eTc..
yes.. #John1412 that is not nearly ironicAlly A TAG..
as important to folks as #John316 and #Romans109 ..
thing is it takes IsReaL Faith BAlls to jusT do John 14:12..
And tHeRe is no LuKe HoT FucKinG way that anyone who says you can
do more
is an
only this
or that or
the last or first
anything as living
iN this world then or now..
and that’s just common sense
for those with eyes and ears to see it..
it’s a quite a challenge out in the world of
witness and testimony when a person can
prove in irrefutable proof they juST did do and
continue to DO John 14:12 NoW.. with Love
you raise the other person uP.. and
you never ever say..
no one
do it
better than me..
this is Just Writing and
Dancing.. other folks have
given the ultimate sacrifice of their
Life to set others free.. And FucK no..
while the Jesus Archetypal Hero story
as supported by the Isaiah Chapter 53
story.. literature.. by Joseph Campbell..
and CarL Jung and all tHeiR friEnds
of Agreement in past and
future now too..
tHeRE have been
MiLliOns and MiLliOns
of othER Jesus’ who have
done more and more too.. iN their
multi-specialized Fields of achievement
in juST doing it too.. let’s not forget about those
folks either please on Easter SuNday alWaYs now
as our Freedom stands uPon the Bones of others who
have given
the ultimate
Price to Free oTheRs
too.. this is juST a metaphor..
mY entire liFe too.. an archetype+
and noThing anymore special than
a grain of sand that holds up Mountains
and HUmans of LovE sAMe and diFFeREnt too..:)
Hmm.. almost left out MacroVerse
from three years ago.. short enough
and long
to quote hear..;)
Tonight is the Blood Moon
start of the coming Tetrad
of Blood Moons
2014 to 2015..
And it begins at 2 AM
Eastern time
According to NASA..
the color
is a burnt reddish orange…
as the COLOR of
for a ‘little’ sexual healing
of the
So sad..!
Christianity as practiced today..
is anti-christ
per freeing this sacred chakra
reference the gnostic gospel of Thomas..
to kNow the LORD
GOD or the
with the
‘The Beatles’
and all of that…
But unfortunately
snuffed out
a war of materialism
against love
Oh yeah.. and about that SonG NoW..
the Orange version of Rihanna’s ‘UmbrELla’
as she accenTuates the ELla pART
for EL that is juST
for God who
lives within as
pArT and WhOle
oF oUR EsSenCe and EnTity
soULfuLL BeinG.. but hey.. she does
it in esoteric and occult-like way not to
offend those too much who walk iN the
dArk oF FeAR and HaTe in TRuMp ways oF LiFe..
yeP.. iT iS kinda raining liKe HeLL theSe dAys as ShADe
of dARk ariSes as Anti-Christ does away from Beatitudes
Chapter Matthew 5.. verses 1 through 11.. but heY as LonG
as thoSe whO WalK and YeS.. DancE and SinG iN and aS LiGht
juST DO NoWNoW..
KeeP DoiNG tHeir
tHInG ToGeTher
aLL oF iT iS Good
as ‘theY’ DancE
and SinG even more
WidE awAke noW eNLiGhTeNinG LIGht..
as TRUTH FLiES even hiGher than Trumps..:)
Hmm.. almost left out MacroVerse
from three years ago.. short enough
and long
to quote hear..;)
Tonight is the Blood Moon
start of the coming Tetrad
of Blood Moons
2014 to 2015..
And it begins at 2 AM
Eastern time
According to NASA..
the color
is a burnt reddish orange…
as the COLOR of
for a ‘little’ sexual healing
of the
So sad..!
Christianity as practiced today..
is anti-christ
per freeing this sacred chakra
reference the gnostic gospel of Thomas..
to kNow the LORD
GOD or the
with the
‘The Beatles’
and all of that…
But unfortunately
snuffed out
a war of materialism
against love
Oh yeah.. and about that SonG NoW..
the Orange version of Rihanna’s ‘UmbrELla’
as she accenTuates the ELla pART
for EL that is juST
for God who
lives within as
pArT and WhOle
oF oUR EsSenCe and EnTity
soULfuLL BeinG.. but hey.. she does
it in esoteric and occult-like way not to
offend those too much who walk iN the
dArk oF FeAR and HaTe in TRuMp ways oF LiFe..
yeP.. iT iS kinda raining liKe HeLL theSe dAys as ShADe
of dARk ariSes as Anti-Christ does away from Beatitudes
Chapter Matthew 5.. verses 1 through 11.. but heY as LonG
as thoSe whO WalK and YeS.. DancE and SinG iN and aS LiGht
juST DO NoWNoW..
KeeP DoiNG tHeir
tHInG ToGeTher
aLL oF iT iS Good
as ‘theY’ DancE
and SinG even more
WidE awAke noW eNLiGhTeNinG LIGht..
as TRUTH FLiES even hiGher than Trumps..:)
As Good Friday Ends and The Day Before
Easter also known as Sun
Day to celebrate
In North Korea..
a hair trigger
A Nuclear
Option isREaL..
And the Katrina attempts
to get an interview with the
Easter Bunny with a little hug
and sweet talk but the Bunny who
represents the Generation oF LiGht and LiFe
in sure.. reproductive and creative way stays
and fuzzy
with not a word
over the current
cray cray human condition
but yes.. there is another
method to get the
Bunny to
i must
wear my
Trump Hat..eTc..
to extract gOld of
Wisdom in Rabbit
Holes yeT to come
as the Next FB Profile iN
fully illustrated way comes back aGaiN
for further and fuhrer review.. hmm.. yes.. neXt..;)
Yes.. as Trumps might say with saber rattles of my bomb is at least bigger and louder
than yours.. must shake the rabbit uP to get the Rabbit to talk outside rabbit
holes more.. yes.. currently enjoying a muse of Pink Floyd Sheep..
with pyramid prism beyOnd Rainbow Colors per dArk
Side of the Moon and PiNk Floyd too..
at least in Katrina Purchased
T-Shirt way.. hmm.. as news
reports show those who come
for reward and are sheared in job
benefits and potential future health
care.. will vote for the Shepherd who
keeps them in line.. Dear Leader you can
even shoot someone in the public square
and we will still worship the Ground you on.. in fact..
we will Kill others in your name.. even American Indians
all innocent and naked one in being with the Great Spirit
WiTh heARTS FuLL oF SpiRit ExpreSSinG HeArt iN MoVinG..
CoNnecting and Co-Creating With GOD all thAT is iN miNd
and BoDy BalanCinG soUL way now too.. yep.. kinda like
the real Beauty and the Beast.. story as old as
iLLusion AS CLock LaDeN SoULs.. stucK
in endless fear and hate..
AS Sheep they
Roam without
a liGht LoVe HoMe..
So.. who is tHeiR Shepherd…
Money and things and other empty
promises or the Love that can and WiLL
jusT LIVe within.. as practice of LiFe continuously
to gain even more TrutH anD LiGht saved Within..
As thAt iS wHeRe the LiGht and Love and WiSdoM
contiNues to GroW.. aLL iNnate.. iNstinctual and iNtuiTive too.. aNyWay..
After Dancing through the night last night.. through the County Celebration
iN Down Town on the Black Water River by the Rail Road Trestle i was raised
nearby on River Front Land.. yes.. A Celebration named Scratch Ankle for
a MiLL ToWn born on River where the Briars were so bad on the Banks.
that first settlers actually named the place i lived Hell.. hmm.. Milton
is way
than thaT..
@LeASt.. NoW..
iN nOw the Nuclear
Option Blows aWay…
Nature Preserve in UniVersity
way coming tomorrow too.. juST
iN Celebration for a luST and LoVe FoR Life..:)
Hmm.. and conVersELy
heAr is soMe Good News
to giVe and ShARe eveN moRe NoW..:)
SoMe NoWs FacEBooK
iS jUSt F iN AwESoMe..;)
Assessed with most used words
left to right in anotHeR
one of those All Free
Facebook Quizzes/Tests..
Friend Word Dance
Human Love
Light Life Free Real
And the only negative
words is ‘hell’.. the
i lived..
for 66 months..
placed small directly
in a center circle of words
yeS.. uNtil i reached Heaven
with all the other positive words.. AS HUman2..:)
So truly
hell or the
other word dARK
scattered to the side
are either truly negative
for even God lives in HelL
as literAlly
WiTh H
leFt as Heaven
and L for Love ARK
Back to LiGht NoW..:)
AnYWay.. like love as i sAiD..
Good Friday and Easter
are HuuuuuuGe MuseS
And SinG2..:)
Hello.. gigoid.. heHe.. a little behind in/on/as a lot of things
but since i don’t work i can continue to put off backing
up 22 MacroVerses to three Facebook Pages in terms
of a total of 132 Facebook statuses spread across
three pages in a bigger than biblical effort
as far as copy and paste and
Carpal Tunnel can travel
in a total of 864,000
words.. or so.. nah..
not gonna get it done
today.. so when i do i do..
and instead of do doing that now..
i am arriving heAR to catch up on the
latest of the 8 or 9 Current Efforts you make
HeRe as sometimes you have to do McDonald’s NoW..
and forgo the Buffet of play before it becomes yuck.. work again..
when one can play it is rather insane to go back to work.. hehe.. at least
as a practice.. hmm.. well considering it is the Biggest Religious Holiday Weekend..
this weekend
other than
the religion
of Easter egg hunts
among children and yes
Christmas among 2.2 Billion
human beings around the world
who finally make it to church on Easter
Sunday all decked out in flowery
dresses.. can’t remember what
the men wore.. but i’m like
that.. a male of course..
and mostly i go to
church to see
in dresses..
i love women’s
legs and even yes..
ankles.. a delight it is to see..
thanks God i was raised as a Christian
as this is something Muslim Men do not get
to see.. hmm.. maybe the ankles though and ‘they’
do wear the best eye makeup over tHeRe and eYes i do
love the most of all iN Women as doorway to tHeir soul their
heARt and if the pupils dilate.. it means they like me for
whatever reason just a little.. hehe.. maybe my endless
wit.. so.. see there are advantages of going to
church.. that and singing and for those
brave enough to hold a
Sacred Fool’s hand at
church instead
of issuing
a crown
at the door way
when i come in wearing
a Goat Shirt this Sunday..
i am a Goat.. i am a Ram.. i am
not a Domesticated Sheep who follows
the heARd Speak of so-called Saint
Trump Constantine and all his
continuing minions in
different clothings
and religions
men who
seek power and status
as part of the occupation desired
by those who check the psychopathy checklist
in the top 10 list of jobs… yes.. the clergy.. the goats
without a soul.. no where to make a living except for selling
snake oil of empty promises and illusory fears of something somewhere
but now where all can become sacred and holy and full of meaning and purpose NoW..
dARk to LiGht.. ‘tween Shades of Grey and beYond RainboW colors too for those who
have eYes
and eARs
the organs
that sEE and hEar..
iN Other words.. we have
many more intelligences and
feels and senses thaN eYes and ears..
and sure some folks can neither think much
in visual images or think much in words.. some folks
see green instead of red.. others feel beauty.. others never
stop to smell the flowers as they are just too busy in a world
of mechanical cognition full of worries.. some cannot feel beauty
at all.. some feel tHeiR only sick pleasure from the pain of others and
their selves and some of those from birth.. others who grow stone cold hearts..
a mix of UniVerses it is as far as how people perceive reaLiTy as is.. anyway as
the Biblical part of Matthew says.. don’t let the right hand know what the left hand
is doing when
one gives.. i say
Fuck no.. as the Golden
Rule comes much easier if
one gains a little more cognitive
empathy even above empath skills
born innate as such.. people are my
Hobby and for God IS A three letter word..
i choose with CaN and WiLL and Love to all of
Nature in the Interconnecting Interdependent relationship
of all that is.. as an integral paRt of all that is thaT Nature plUs
what i as a tiny speck as fractal pArT oF aLL the UniVerse PluS
am too.. as God me.. the self i recognize from the Gift of Life that
is Love
that is Will
that IS A Divine Feminine
Grace and Love and a Divine
Masculine Will and Strength that
i am sentient star duSt Plus enough
as resurrection of StAR BurST Crucible
Fire Death.. to be heAR NoW to Co Create
as pART oF aLLthAT is.. yes.. parT and wHole
Ocean sAMe.. trUly A Miracle heHe.. that God has
come to speak on your blog now among an almost infinite
number oF oTheR eYes and eaRs thAT ‘we’ on this Beautiful
Blue and Green and Brown Orb can feel and sense in Agape Love
for the
of existence
to ace the test
of Existential Moving
Physical and Emotional
and Sensory Intelligences and
yes.. Experience too.. to be all we
can be or not.. or more or less as that
is the way the story goes to this now AFAIK..
some humans fly in feel and sense and others
wander the fields as sheep and do no more..
i’m a bit like Jesus and Lucifer in the
sense/feel i for one be all i can be
in respect and thanks for
this gift of life and
i am never
proud to realize
i am no more important
than the grain of sand that both
holds up mountains and humans NoW
who express the greatest power and gift
of Nature and what i cALL GoD sAMe And
DiFFeREnt too.. thaT iS LovE.. for those who
have the abiLiTy and the Can and WiLL to take
that HiGher PoWer of Positivity in FeeLinGS and
SenSEs and Science and Art ExpreSsinG SpiRit to the next
HeaRt step where no one they kNow has gone before.. in an inner
outer and all around above so below UniVerse thaT Can and WiLL
be the hUman experience soUL more for those Goats with horns as Rams
who scale
the side
of Mountains
refusing to fall
down with CaN and WiLL
and if they are fully human..
yes.. Love too.. A wonderful
Adventure.. A beautiful Adventure
and A Wise and Strong Future NoW God
Lives within as Science and Art of BeinG hUman
Nature all reflects as hUman BeinG.. spArks oF LiGht more..
Now off to the rest of the
story for today my friEnd..
And perHaps i’LL back track
later and perHaps thIs will suffice
for all the inspiration plUs i have already
gained by reading it all with close to a photograph
memory for text.. hehe.. sMiLes.. nice to drop by aGaIN.. my FriEnd.. gigoid..:)
“One cannot live without inconsistency.”
~~ C. G. Jung ~~
Stagnates into Random Soup..:)
And that reminds me of an egghead
stuck in material reductionist left brain
thinking only dude off of the “Wrong Planet”
who said i was a fool.. for dancing backwards
when science clearly sHows that doing stuff different
increases focus
and short term
working memory
and makes one FucKinG
smARTer than they were before..
as if that shouldn’t already be common sense
thaT physical and emotional and yes.. artful Intelligences
sAMe is/are the most important pArts of Success in LiFe aLonG
with a trUSt
in all that is
Nature including
the human variety
that yes can now
only be gained by
existential intelligenceS of course MoRe
as existence is the only reAliTy that Bes..
for one
NoW for more.. at Peace..
And on top of that when one gains
greater agiLiTy and balance and proprioception
they are less likely to fall on their ass or get in a car
wreck in the most dangerous thing that most folks will NoW
ever do in their life.. lose focus in a car and fuck up and die..
and kill
Sharp Focus
saves Lives and
Free Style Dance
and Martial Arts makes
a man and or a woman into
a Graceful Powerful Lion.. or
a Goat or a rAM A Wild and Free LiVinG
Feet as Feat of Life..
Fingers only move so far
on Keyboards of Screen alone..
but sure.. they write personal bibles
that illustrate this and more so fingers are
holy and sacred full of meaning and purpose and all that is aka God too..
i think i’ll
write a book..
and interestingly
any book used to be
called a Bible as literacy
was reAlly rare back in the olden
Aramaic Jesus Days in the Greek Days after
thaT when anyone had the abLiTy to write then
anything at all down as recorded this or that
And writing then
was Holy and Sacred
and FuLL of Meaning and
Purpose.. so.. yes.. back in them
days.. the standard for writing Bibles
was/is sub sub sub pAR for what that potential
in increasing existential intelligence is today for those
and artful
eYes and
eaRS that see
Deeper ‘tween the
lines of more to coMe..
And for those who can and
will write a mini-novel based and
inspired by just a few words from
Synchronicity 2
as even Sting Sings too..;)
“When the fox gnaws — smile.”
~~ Lazarus Long in Robert A. Heinlein’s
Time Enough For Love ~~
PAws for WRite..:)
Beauty is truth, truth beauty, –that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
~~ John Keats — “Ode on a Grecian Urn” ~~
And to have empathy
and compassion for those
who can neither feel Beauty
or see
IS A Greater
Love as Wisdom2..
As A story goes2
‘someone’ on a cross2
had empathy and compassion..2
including sympathy for the
same of
ignorance in ‘that day’..2
and also for those who could
see no further than tHeir shoes..:)2
Fear is sharp-sighted,
and can see things under ground,
and much more in the skies.”
~~~ Miguel de Cervantes —
Don Quixote, Part i, Book iii, Chap. vi ~~
Chi is rare
Chi sees
further and
tires re-tired..
with nary a worry
that the sky is ever falling..:)
“We must laugh at man to avoid crying for him.”
~~ Napoleon Bonaparte ~~
Ignorant humans
rule the free world
through voting booths..
they are A force to be taken
say do not
the power of the
DARk aka Ignorance.. haha..
And you kNow my friEnd..
the saddest part of all
is Trump despises
and never
hides it and
those sheep will
follow whatever he
says off the cliff they believe
as ignorance Will liGht as dARk..
as in i’ll kill you and you’ll still Love me..
fool i hate you..
you ignorant fool..
never hiding it..
yes i must
my Friend
to avoid crying for them..:)
“The mastery of nature is vainly believed to be
an adequate substitute for self-mastery.”
~~ Reinhold Niebuhr ~~
Humans with
clotheS.. oN..
laugh at ’em..;)
“How could the drops of water know themselves to be a river?
Yet the river flows on.”
~~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~~
sets humans
aS StreAMs
to RiVer
as Ocean whOle..:)
A man said to the Universe: “Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the Universe,
“the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.”
~~ Stephen Crane, “War is Kind”, 1899 ~~
Every hUman Attribute and
Virtue is both
NaTuRe plUs
sAMe and DiFfeREnt
FracTal wHOle aS eVen
Science sHows now
seen with jusT A Visible eYe..:)
THeRe is
both reaSon
And art beHinD
-ForResT GumP..
VerSioN 2.0+
gigoid returns with hello and more and i say..
sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. gigoid.. the pleasure
iS always mine/miNd/miNeD and an honor to
come to visit the Wisdom
you BrinG heAR
a free hand
to riff off thaT
in whatever coMes
may cOme in Art of
River more.. StreAms
WaVes.. Ocean wHole..
all that Jazz eveR GroWinG
mY FriENd in hUman PoTenTial..
that’s reAlly all i ever reAllY wanted to do..
be all i WiLL CaN be.. with hopes/Love that someone
would CaN WiLL allow
that for
free in
life without
a slave to others
for tHeir missions and goals….
Retirement my friEnd.. A place for SMiLeStones
more rubber oN As SoUL.. to be aLL iT/i/thAT NoW
CaN WiLL Be.. the adventure oF A Lifetime folloWing
no expectations or limitations of others NoW to take
tHe trEE oF mY soUL dowN LowEr than it CaN fly
as branches WiLL LoVe LiGht TrUth.. NoW2..3..
more as
that float
and fall at
ease of.. yes.. BloWinG
iN thE WinD full of holy and
sacred meaning and purpose..
Kilroy was
heAr my
NoW is what counts..
As Kilroy Lives Free..:)
So yes.. Big Foot Saw me
but no one believed HiM..
iN 10 Facebook Profile
Pic photos.. NoW A
‘MFOAB EasTeR2.0+’
Story CoMinG for
Proof thAT i AM..
thaT yeS i eXisT..
butt first for soMe
R and R ACtiviTies
as this HoLy alWays WeeK
Celebration has/iS been
as ‘they
say.. foR NoW@LeASt..:)
Hmm.. 11 profile pics in one day.. even a record
for me on Facebook but never the less.. more
of course with the all seeing Bear.. heAR.. yes..
Grizzly Bear and for some reason the FB share
Function decided to rotate me all around Reverse
with the Karmic eYe clearly visible to see through
ignorance and Bullshit same.. yep.. all seeing eye as
‘they’ say when human being is gifted not only with liGht
as love But Truth as Light as Wisdom too.. slicing through
crap with positive ease of CHI.. thing is.. when human reaches
full potential of the within Strength and Power and Force of a Naked
Bear iN WiLL and yes.. Strength and Wisdom with Grace and yes.. Love..
there is no need to saber rattle big bombs and bigger bombs when one has
the power of a MFOAB.. yep.. Mother and Father oF aLL Blogs per LiGht per
this TrUtH to slice through dARk as Love and Wisdom and WiLL and Strength
and Grace
so.. sure.. well some folks..
yes.. some men with what they
name as little man syndrome were
exploding their tools of toys to alpha
tool up one on other little men with
OUT seeKing SpiRiT and HeARt
and SoUL ouT of BaLancE
iN Love and Wisdom
and Strength and
Love and
as fearless
naked as any Animal
wearing God fur WiLL do.. otHeRs
of us wear that Fur of God Free brOught
into this world as innocent children of God
and God sAMe.. paRt of WhoLe as Animal
Standing TaLL unafraid of pure God who lives
within.. yes.. FReED as we are and do wiTh WinGS
oF GOld within that never merit a dollar amount of HeLL..
AnyWay thaT iS what empty soULs do.. feverishly do their
best to feel uP an empty space that has no whole.. little stream..
stagnant rivers.. dead seas.. waVes that no longer or never did move/be Ocean whOle..:)
So.. my Stepmother.. purchased this Grizzly Bear shirt for Christmas with
Foot prints in tow.. a size too small where the sleeves comes up
less than loose to show the prowess of my left
arm strength more than elbow high..
in other words gun as ‘they’ DancE..
SinG but not gun in steel
gun in biceps
that do curl
over two hundred
Lbs along with a neck that
does the same along with those
bear fur legs that leg press 1020 Lbs NoW on a very
difficult parallel leg press machine with arms to
the sky like a Ballerina up to 50 times with risk
above 33 times of incurring a leg strain as the
adrenaline assist when my mother went into
her last days in the Hospital brought
to me then that is still a reminder
that Chi is a much more
powerful and durable
Force of Human
being in
of reliable staying
power than adrenaline in fight
or flight will ever do to last a full
12 rounds of a challenge to ever come
now or then.. nah.. don’t confuse my kindness
for weakness as any Grizzly Bear will say.. God sent
me.. yes.. same Great Animal Spirit of the American Indians
who live in my blood in ancestral way of Sioux and Cherokee..
to set the record straight in Truth and LIGht iN a war dance of Love
that NoW is moving even beyond 7200 miles in public mixed ballet and
martial arts free style.. that with the Strength training at around 233LBs
now.. iS obese per medical disorder in the record at 6 Foot or so.. that doesn’t
for human
Bears through
epigenetics and neuroplasticity
who are no longer domesticated noodles
of the straight variety.. hard and plastic
in Spaghetti bags of dormant
stagnate human potential
never unpacked in
DNA through
appropriate Environmental
Challenge to God all you can be..
never ever born as any other way
that tall and free.. never ever bowing
to anyone or anything other than Love
that Gives and shares that evolved love does
still as classicAlly in altruistic standing tall ways..
nah.. i always seem to miss that part of the Catholic
Mass that says you are not worthy as it is total bullshit
for a Roman Empire to hold you down in fear of religious ways..
nor in Eastern way either as Love looks one straight in the eye
with no fear and no inhibition of connection as Stars WiLL do that
Dance/SinG upright and freer on eARTh plane now.. kind and courage.. as they
say.. i will give and share but i will not bow down to any other creature but WILLsee Namaste
NOW as God in they eye to eye no less no more than God aLL whOle Ocean Standing tALL
and never
juSt my opinion..
jUSt my Truth..
JUst my.. yeS..
BoW iF you like
i will look Jesus eye to eye
and give and share even more
in respect of being even more per
John 14:12 as any forEbearer of family
will do in hopes for more joy and happiness
and achievement to bring the entire species
up instead of bowing down stagnant in desert dusts
never moving somewhere where Garden of Eden is isREAL
NoW.. yeah baby as Austin Powers says Armstrong with Love
in Left Hand
as no arm
right or left is
more or less than
the otHeR when GOD whOle NoW..
no oTheR PArT either as member as God
whole and Jesus F. In Christ that paRt iS EveN
already in the more antiquated Bible as Designed
by Scribes and Catholic Cohorts.. from the Old days
of Desert Road Table Oral Tradition aMong illiterate Aramaic
Speaking folks including whoever the 100 LB or so Five Foot one
or so Syrian looking Yeshua dude as way back when 2K years ago or so
said.. and did.. until the smarty pants Greeks who had the luxury in Greek
as skill to write and scribe records selected out of many Christian sects by
100 to 200 years then after the Death of so-called Yeshua and or Jesus..
as some sects believed in one God and some sects believed in 12..
but whatever Jesus really said was long long gone
down dusty roads were he spoke and others
spread an oral tradition that changed
for decades after that until
the Emperor Constantine
and his Catholic Cohorts
sorted through the scribed and
copied books.. to come up with what
they liked and censored the rest out no
different than the Greeks did way back when
to reach the Gnostic Gospels finally found in
Egypt and finally released in English text in 1959
to the closest thing we have of anything that resembles
what may or may not have been some original message of
a Syrian looking dude named Jesus.. Yeshua.. whatever
they named just another Carpenter with some Good
News then.. along with the Bad Cop
Version of Jesus who rattled
sabers too to bring
a sword
of Peace
to keep you on
your Will and Strength
Divine Masculine Force too
as BeinG hUman with Love and
Grace too.. in Divine Feminine Grace/Love
Balanced wHole.. anyway.. the Constantine
and his Catholic Cohorts made Jesus into a
Soldier Sun God copying pARTs of the Mithra
Regional Mythologies to also bind folks with common
meaning and purpose in holy and sacred comfortable
enough tradition.. to keep that empire growing as the
text was spread even more by scribes.. making mistakes
along the way and decided to make this or that change depending
how tHeir holy and creative spirit reacted to what was said before in
that personal way.. not unlike Saul the Paul or whoever Luke and John
and Matthew and Mark were not.. as those words cannot be traced to
any living man and likely a potpourri of Catholic Scribes recipes to make
what we see of a man and myth named Jesus.. of which the original version
likely yields little resemblance at all of what’s left in a book.. but never the less..
the teachings in liGht and TruTh sTAnd the saMe on their own TrutH and LiGht
Merit for those who are no sot weak iN isReAL Faith as Agape Love who don’t need
myths and greater Legends to make Faith GRow as Love within Free.. inside.. outside..
below.. so above.. and all around for and as GOD whOle Love noW for and as allthatis GOD
noW iN A Place
named Heaven for those
wHo Make Love Full of Meaning
and Purpose in Holy and Sacred way free..
yes.. takes work.. lots of work everynow.. but
yes.. Heaven is worth it.. NoW and God DAM
sure beats HeLL where all thEre is is tiMe..
whereAs in LivinG eTernal LiFe iN as
Heaven and as Kingdom of
GoD sAMe and DiFFeRent
too.. tHeRe is no tiMe.. No
wHole GoD
aLL LiVinG witHiN
in Strong Arms and
eYes oF WiLL as Love
And Grace doeS and Be’s NOW..:)
WeLL.. actuALLy My Sister with her big Gun Nikon Digital
Camera and me with my easy point and shoot iPhone6s that
NoW is enough Quality and ease of Art Flow to come as
Beauty more to me.. NoW iN Free Verse Photography
too.. in yeS oNce aGain.. the Mother
and Father oF ALL Bibles as
size goes and complexity
and diversity and
all around
MaGiCK as
any 93rd MacroVerse
WiLL Bring too in Hogwarts way more..
iN isREAL LIFE as reALiTY MoRE NoW2.. NoW
jusT NoW.. yes.. MoRE NoW3 and even more FReED..
NoW and nah.. it wasn’t easy holding uP a Tree oF Life NoW..
so what i did is become one with the Tree oF LIFE aka God NoW..
as yes.. our TrIp stARted to day at my University Alumni of UWF
gaining the three college Degrees of Health Science.. Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary and Anthropology with even a stint as Research
Associate in Archaeology in the Wet Lands of North West
Florida digging up mostly subsistence related
bone fragments and charcoal.. oh..
what a very boring job..
although being
in Nature
was and is a
School and Work
Related TreaSure..
until we came into the Lab
and bagged and laBeled that shit
up in what seemed like a never ending
story then.. that almost bored me to death..
yes.. let
me out
as Art.. took
three decades more
from 1983 first triple
Major Graduation Date..
but WeLL WortH aRT
iN HeaVeN NoW..
all content..
joyful with
soul soaring past
moon and stars alive NoW too..
anyway.. i’m holding up a Big Oak
in leaning uP too.. ways of Hope..
and this is at Pensacola State College..
in what once was my first J. College Alma
Matter.. getting my Associates of Arts degree
there in smaller school comfort way.. beFore
MoVinG oN UP to the Nature like Campus of UWF
where the Humble Nautilus is Logo.. Mascot
as Argonaut of Seas.. with a motto
of build thee more stately
mansions.. and nah..
no brick and
mortar for
me.. by ‘Holmes’
NoW.. Just upload
a statELy MaNSioN
oF A SoUL oNline NoW..
in MFOAB way even MoRE NoW2..:)
So.. as any Archetypal one day Hero Journey in WiLL and Strength as Courage
and Wisdom and LiGht as Love and Grace as Beauty CaN and WiLL do.. i met
the ScareCrow First with Shades in a Garden of Love.. and yes..
i do have a
NoW iN Evolution
Revolution Orange
way of LuSt and
Love for aLL of LifE
aS aGaPe ways Now.. with
aGaPe Love as Faith as well..
where the smallest acorn becoMes
A Tree oF LifE more and more NoW aS LiGht.. iN OaK TrUTh..:)
And No.. in this Alice And Wonderland Journey
and Oz way too.. there was/is no tin man for
HeART oF Kind as Love.. so i went
with a Beautiful Red Rose
Bush at Pensacola
State College
Garden as
MoVes WriTE
aLong as Archetypes
CaN and WiLL aLL Natural
and HUman when Quantum MetphoRus HoLy
SpIRiT is unleashed ReLeAsed for Do Do
jusT dO NoW too.. whatever it makes/takes.. NoW..:)
And yes.. as far as Lion Like Courage and Strength and
WiLL and Aslan the Lion in how that Story Goes too..
just aNoTher closer up and further away
photo of a HUman..
Lion.. or Bear2..
iN TotALLy Free View..:)
OF aLL the Alumni who have come back to
visit UWF.. how many can trUly say they
have done what no other wo/man has done or
dared to do in the FiELd of ArT and
sCiEnce they simply Love to do..
in my case
DanCe and
SonG in Steps
of Martial Arts
and Free Style Ballet
all around the metro area
in public past 7200 miles or
so.. in close to 44 months.. yes..
blah blah blah yada yada yada yada..
writing 12 Million words in 72 months
now extending that to 77 months now.. 4 Million
Words as Longest Long Form Poem conservatively
sPeaking in count of words in 44 months too..
1.38 Million Words as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
stArTing that on Memorial Day.. yes the 30th
oF May 2016.. 39 was juSt another metaphor
for the last lash or day of no sleep you
get before you live as death and
must be resurrected from
death as life
to life
iN PHoenix
Rise from flames
as heArT.. SpiRit and
sOUL do rise aGaIn one
With Beach aLivE aGaIN..
yeP.. God Within WaLking TaLL aGaIN
as any Sentient Star dUsT Plus CaN and WiLL
Resurrected from Star Burst Crucible Fire Death
as we all be NoW as LiGht BeingS oF and as GOD pArT
and whOle as Fractal of aLL ThAt iS too AKA GoD aLL NOW2..
yes.. T-mINus 6 minutes now to Easter.. moving into T-minus
5 minutes too in the midst of the Jewish Passover too aRiSing
to the end of that close to the publish on this somewhere around
4.17.17 on that day
After the
Easter too..
mostly a celebration
of cross of dARk struggle and
Joy of LiGht aliVe as Love for me..
sure with a bit of creativity and reproduction
flAiRed into with Sacred and Holy FuLL of Meaning
and Purpose Free solo Tantric S yes E X.. never a
dirty word as HoLy Sacred FuLL of Meaning and Purpose
heAR in form or function of Temple of God sET FReED as me..
oF My Religion
and i have to share
and give it within the
parameters of a Country
where Religious Expression
and Freedom of Expression are
allowed in avenues that harm no
other in consensual way of That HoLY
and Sacred ArT FuLL of Meaning and Purpose
way now too.. nah.. not everyone is brave enough
to walk in front of the world this free.. some are some
are.. like
Me and more..
the Midnight hour
and 12:01 Easter iS NoW..:)
Standing in front of the Organizational
Divisional Sign of the Anthropology paRT
wHOle aT University of West Florida.. and
OH God.. yes.. something i share with Trump..
who also gained a Degree from Penn State past..
in Anthropology too.. and yes.. i learned much
more about humans aT the University of Bowling
Center way for close to two decades there and
in the iNner UniVerses of HUman Beings Online
at the Wrong Planet.. Other Outcast Online
Autism Communities and Poetry Places galore..
i got this human study down in both harder science
And anecdotal Case study way too.. true.. it’s been
the case that those who treat me for my former darknesses..
look to me for answers now.. coming out of hell in all my LiGht Glory..
and yes.. i don’t
just.. NoW..
study man
as in
i study Woman
with all my fortitude
iN Dance ways and Poetry
ways too.. and sure eTc.. ways.. too..:)
NoW.. FinALLy.. the 11th FB Profile Pic Status from the day
Before Easter 2017.. Standing in the Distance at the
Head of the Provost ParKinG Space.. a CEO like
Head of the UniVerSity Whole flanked
with Vice President Spot on my Left
and President Spot on my
Right tHeRe iN WRiTe
heAR oN 4.16.17
early Easter
Morning at
12:14 AM
and Verse way
too NoW.. do what no
man/woman/eTc.. has dared to do
and done before.. do it more and
hope NoW that otHeRs do even more
iN yOUr Love and LUSst for Life too..
In whatever area of accomplishment in milestone
Life ways you do too.. that’s what UniVerSitY is for..
to teach you how to never ever stop learning more aCross
the LIFeSpan iN Science and ArT ways too.. yep.. two BA’s for
me and one BS too.. in that Health Science pART as Whole
oF UniVersity too.. and in my Final Quarter of School
when signing up for classes.. the administrator
said.. Fred.. what ya gonna do with all
that knowledge from Triple Major
Ways of UNiVerSity Education..
thing is.. it wasn’t
what i was gonna
do with it..
it was
what i am
doing with it then..
as is for now for LIGht
and TrUth oF Life more NoW..
Money was never a want of mine..
just shelter and subsistence and Love
was enough for me.. and to fulfill my human
poTenTial without anyone else dragging me down
to tHeir size and smaller as they never saw and see
the heights of my mountain LiFE view now.. it took me until
i got away from School and Work to go anywhere close to the
HuMan Lucifer and Mix Of Jesus Humble Potential in WiLL and
Strength and Wisdom And Truth oF Love and Grace.. yeP..
iN Kind and Courage too.. wHere no HUman
has gone beFore in my niche
heAR.. it’s what Beethovens
and Einsteins.. and Mozarts
and Van Goghs do2.. and
as i right say
Fred now..
it is what
i do too.. And
in this New Age of
Freedom of Expression
and Avenues of both Science
and aRt that are practically free
for Humans to give and share in too..
let’s just say.. ‘they’ prepared me a way..
Son of Man and Woman and eTC.. and aLL oF Nature
God.. AM i.. i witness and mY testimony for God as Nature plUs
too.. as
this is
with God too..
mY Holy Grail.. take
it NoW and or live/leave it as God Lives Free iN and as Me..
head to toe.. naked and fur.. Temple of GoD aM i NoW
And SoUL FReED..:)
To be continued
iN more than
one way…
Facebook Friend Rafiah Shares a Facebook
Status while watching the Dr. Who TV series..
And relates her Emotions in doing so by
saying.. “Too many Emotions Man…”
so i offer uP a UniVersal Easter
Prayer as Poem for her thAT
likELy most God and Science
as Scribe of GoD BeLieVinG
HuMaNs can at leASt reLate to as Truth and LiGht
irRespective oF Traditions Different and sAMe hELd
CLose to heART..
EMoTioNs=HUmaN LiVinG LiFe NoW aS
aS CreATioN aLL as SeeD oF dArKLiGht too..
And WoMaN too.. And tHaT/tHiS
iS mY Easter Poem for yoU.. aS
faR As reBirtH oF LiGht iN Star
Wars Peace ForcE CRuciBle
FiRe oF Star Burst
Death Resurrection
SenTiEnt StaR duSt
pluS uS NoW
iN aS aLL
hUmans NoW..
mY FriEnd.. Rafiah..:)
And now i go on to say.. as promised
iN the wee hours of Easter 2017.. wRite
about the time of John 12:14.. yes 12:14
AM i sAid then.. With Job 12 Verses
7 through 10 attached in Profile
Pic way along with
ongoing Documented
Proof of my Metro Public
Praise Dance for and as
GoD within me for 7208.28
Miles in the 44 Months of Doing
that all around the Wife Katrina/Isis’s
Favorite Shopping Stores.. yes.. Wife/
Mother/Sister all in one as incarnate
Goddess Aphrodite Ishtar 2st Century
Fox yes Foxy Sexy Wife Katrina coming
soon in her Blue Easter Dress as she rarely
shows of all her Divine Feminine Grace in Public
and in 30 minutes
she will be saying in
Mother way get your ass
off that Computer in words
to thaT EmoTioNaL Affect iN
Effecting Change in my personal
MFOAB.. yes.. Mother/Father Of
ALL Bible WriTing Ways in New
aGe ProPHet and Messenger
oF God LIGht
within me
as you
Can and WiLL
do too iF God all
i can be you2.. i get a notification
from my Cousin’s Facebook Page
that says.. this is all about our Passover
Lamb and not about Ishtar.. nah.. i won’t
make it all about Katrina either.. hehe.. and
anyway.. that’s one of those Snope refuted
thingies on half truths and half falsehoods on
Facebook too.. and i ask mysELf.. hmm.. should i correct
that.. with an appropriate link from Scientific American as after
all i’ve posed in Divine Feminine Grace Before in my Speedo Grey
Underwear with not even much of a retractable bulge.. and lost a FB Friend brother
in law who was afraid people might think he was gay if he had me as a Facebook
Friend.. and a Cousin who had an abortion when she was young promoted by her
parents then
as through
the grape
vine tOld..
and yes a Sister
in Law who spent time
in a crack house.. dying
from Cancer too.. all turning
their back on me doing something
even less then than King David Did
in the Public Streets of Fundamentalist
Side walk Robots then too.. too afraid to
commune with God all Naked and Free Standing
in Front of the World in their Underwear with Zero Fucking
Shame oF Fear.. not unlike the suggestion that the Gospel
of Thomas Jesus makes in Verse 37 to find the LiVinG GoD
Within as metaphor of stepping out of the Camel Clothes of all Culture
that not only binds
us together as
Religion but
also separates
us from Nature as
the LiVinG GoD alWaYs
NoW LiVinG Naked within as
Essence and Temple of God Form..
it’s worth noting2 that i have close to a photographic
memory for text.. and have read most all myths and
religions from back to front.. and also notable that i haven’t
only read and talked the talk.. for i have walked in the archetypal
shoes of Jesus per Isaiah 53.. as all archetypal heroes do too arising
as Phoenix from Ashes as the original symbol of Christianity.. nah.. not
a Fish.. a Bird rising From Ashes as we do from Stars too.. until Emperor
Constantine spread his Empire combining myths of other religions/myths to
keep a peaceful enough
bind togEther of
his subjects
to get the job done..
yes.. it’s like Trump who
is all for abortion and says
he’s not as that is enough to
make all his subjects love him
and vote for him.. even if he shoots
someone in a public square.. takes their
job programs and health benefits away..
as that is how psychopathic leaning folks
have been controlling minion sheep for
as long as hiStory tales the same
God Dam story over and
over again.. now..
different actors
clothes pulling the
heart strings of hypocrisy
as time honored lies same..
nah.. tHeir quite FrankLY isn’t anyone
who can stand toe to toe with me in a debate
about God.. as i did the JOB thingie too in 66
months with a type two trigeminal neuralgia assessed
by science as the likely worst pain known to humankind
assessed as worse than the ‘wimpy’ pain of Crucifixion
for a three hour to three day stint.. as mine was from wake
to sleep for 66 months.. yes.. i’ve done John 14:12 in terms
of crosses too.. and i dare anyone to prove me wrong in any
shape or
of essence
or form.. and not
only that not only did
i promise to celebrate
the Lord God as Nature
plUs in more Vile ways
of Nature Pure as
the Aghori
do too.. in India
to free the slaves of
castes too.. i just did it
and do it more.. and as per
this photo share of 3 years
ago.. with this pre-Free-WiLLy
Dorsal Fin arm limp wristed way
with only leg pressing power of 500Lbs
at around 220 LBs of human then.. now arising
to 1020 LBs skilled in Free Style Martial Arts too..
and nah.. i wasn’t flexing that Dorsal Fin hear in
angular way off grace of curved flow on top of head..
as any Nautilus of God will do in Feminine Love and Grace
all relaxed as such before a potential necessary Dance of Death..
yes.. this is the photo i sent in to be shared in my Alumni Year Book
Edition from University of West Florida that year2.. as Tricksters WiLL
do in Sacred Fool Way too.. after all one of my Majors was Anthropology
too.. i don’t just do book learning in ways of Bible or School.. i FucKinG
and I can
Prove it in
Empirical Case Study
way too.. nah.. no one
challenges a King of Words
in new age way when it comes
to God.. as i am FucKinG Luke HOT
NoW as any BeYONd the ARrchetype of Jedi
WiLL JuST Do too.. in Star Wars Peace oF LovE NOW..;)
Oh yeah.. and as far as walking
all around Ethiopia and
Egypt Naked
as prophet
and messenger
of God as Isaiah reported
he did for 3 years then.. even
if he didn’t exist then and someone
else told that story.. fact is.. i can
prove i did it now in all legal
restricted link and
still public
way in
more vile
Nature of God
ways free as me..
for 44 months now too..
yes.. links available on request
for proof.. and as far as Isaiah 53 goes
as resurrected as Phoenix from my own ashes
on or about July 22nd of 2013.. yep then.. about
the time of the Star of David Planetary Alignment
Google related links too.. as i finished
6666 miles precisely of Public
Praise Dance in 40 months
too.. to date per say per
evidence too.. as
i back it all
uP Baby
isreaL Book
oF ELi Denzel
Prophet and Messenger
too.. except i dont just remember
a Bible.. i create one as 1.38 Million
Words in just a little over 10 months
as paRt of “SonG oF My SoUL”.. uploaded
online at 4 Million Words plus in 44 month
Witness and Testimony per what i continue
to do heaR NoW too.. and i FucKinG did all my
homework online inclusive of 12 Million words now
in 77 months too.. reaching that Milestone for and
as and with God in 72 months too.. yep.. come and challenge
me as they say truth and dare baby.. DO MORE in the Benefit for
Being Mr. Kite Song that i’LL go with heaR again.. juST for fun as
Alabaster Stone Bust of stoic long face with mustache rising
out of burial ground living death life way off an album cover
from ’67 too.. per Captain Salt way now as the ‘Devil’
Sgt Pepper
number 93 dude then..
out of respect to all of those
who venture out of the box
of religions and myths ‘fore..
and explore places
where no
or man..
eTC.. has gone
before AFA they kNow
then and yes Heaven yes now too hear..
Oh yeah and Kite is just another word for
a Sky Goddess like Katrina too.. so sure..
if she is Misses Kite and Mother and Sister
too.. i guess i can be Mr. Kite too.. even
iF it was jusT Synchronicity off a
then.. you
see God is much
more like a Trickster than me..
if this isn’t proof enough do it yOursELf..;)
Messages coming in from Isis/Katrina
loud and clear at 9:42 aM NoW.. too..;)
Oh.. yeaH.. and for you Horatio’s who didn’t/
DON’T believe Jesus ever existed then.. well let’s
jusT say in Version John 14:12 now..
and WILL BE..
NoW.. Given enough
AND sure.. i will be yoUr FRiEnD and you
can be my friEnd a thouSand years after
i am ashes again and return to Star duSt
Before i coMe aGaIN iN oTHer Form as
Essence of God Force and Energy
as long as servers serve uP mY
soUL online.. hehe.. this
is really fun @LeaSter for me..
juST remember with Can and WiLL
i challenge you to Fred 1:11 NoW2
DO even more
me.. so.. Horatio’s get to work.. hAha..;)
Isaiah 53New King James Version (NKJV)
“53 Who has believed our report?
And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?
2 For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant,
And as a root out of dry ground.
He has no form or comeliness;
And when we see Him,
There is no beauty that we should desire Him.
3 He is despised and rejected by men,
A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him;
He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.
4 Surely He has borne our griefs
And carried our sorrows;
Yet we esteemed Him stricken,
Smitten by God, and afflicted.
5 But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.
6 All we like sheep have gone astray;
We have turned, every one, to his own way;
And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.
7 He was oppressed and He was afflicted,
Yet He opened not His mouth;
He was led as a lamb to the slaughter,
And as a sheep before its shearers is silent,
So He opened not His mouth.
8 He was taken from prison and from judgment,
And who will declare His generation?
For He was cut off from the land of the living;
For the transgressions of My people He was stricken.
9 And they[a] made His grave with the wicked—
But with the rich at His death,
Because He had done no violence,
Nor was any deceit in His mouth.
10 Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him;
He has put Him to grief.
When You make His soul an offering for sin,
He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days,
And the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.
11 He shall see the labor of His soul,[b] and be satisfied.
By His knowledge My righteous Servant shall justify many,
For He shall bear their iniquities.
12 Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great,
And He shall divide the spoil with the strong,
Because He poured out His soul unto death,
And He was numbered with the transgressors,
And He bore the sin of many,
And made intercession for the transgressors.”
“This would have been a little easier with a little more
help from ‘some friends’..”.. but never the less..
thanks for preparing A way”… and for
folks like Rafiah.. far and few ‘tween..
hey.. like Yellow Boy and Isis/Katrina
she IS A star too
EasTeR 2.0+”
per MacroVerse
Number 93..
Bible now..
for anyone with MUCH more than
the science assessed attention span more
than a second less than a Gold Fish in old new age ways2..;)
(in other wordS iN case oF A Miracle
you read this far
down.. HeAr.. heHe..;)
Don’t Forget
K for 11
as two ones
become H8 standing
taLL InfinitY aS NoW2..
BridGinG AS HemispHeRes
oF BRaiN aS left reaSon
and RiGht heART.. as 11
BecOMes H.. as all Human
Neurons oF eARTh Hold
oNlinE Hands toGeTher
iN and
AS HemiSpHeres
oF eARTh LaTTiTude
NoRth and WeST aS WeLL
As HeMISPheRes SouTH and East..;)
‘This Boy’ is in First Grade..
And it appears that he
Will Be A A Grade SchooLeD Actor
As NoW.. BefoRE He reaches Second Grade..:)
Will comply
with all Work
and School related
Regulations and Guidelines..
as long as
her Pen
Paper on her
Desktop is lined uP
perFect.. jusT PerFect..;)
First oF aLL..
tHeRe is no way
i can go back to
school as i do not
fit iN or
on the
Desk.. And yes..
i weigh.. way too much..
to stand uP on ToP of
A Dead Poet’s Society
Desk to.. to make
A Societal
hmm.. muSt
Find aNoTheR waY NoW2..;)
Yes.. ANotHeR.. more fully illustrated
Story to tale.. iN “MFOAB EasteR 2.0+” ..
way but meanwhile Back oN thE
Ranch.. soMe hELp
from my
Ain’t no way..
i could have ever
Driven an Arctic
Cat.. like this..
handling the steering..
acceleration.. and brakes…;)
Lord KnoWs FeeLs and
SenSes.. ‘somedays’ at
Church i feel so out of place..
yET i FiT RiGht iN.. like a thEMe
Song of Katy Perry’s ET should
stARt Playing as MeMe when i enTer
iN the Temple Doors..
anyWay.. the pARTy
stARTed as usual
in the Church
Lobby and
entry way sAMe..
as an Old Easter Goat and
the Easter Bunny seemed T
be the Star Attractions for 15
Minutes of Church fAMe DifFeRent too
iN ET ways of Artful Play through the eYes
of children in middle age and more too aLiVe..ET..:)
In Sim Soc Class.. Yes.. Saint Rose County Simulated Society Leader Ship Class..
and in my case.. Class 19 back in 2004.. during the Fall
of Hurricane Ivan Devastation and Destruction same
we learned 4 colors of human Personality.. the
Red Personality of those who rigidly enforce
laws like Military Folks And Cops and
folks like ‘this Dude’.. ‘back heaR’
thinking this is out of order
and doesn’t seem
to be planned that
the Easter Bunny would
be inviting Picture Opportunities
for Children with an Old Easter Goat
like me too.. yes.. sure.. the Easter Bunny
is enough fun in the Lobby of the Church.. so..
i can’t really blame the Red Personality Dude for
his stoic look of concern.. and then there are the
Green Personality Folks.. the Sales folks out tHere
who are always milking used car sales with illusory
fears and empty promises.. kinda like a mix of Red
and Green that makes a pastor.. priest.. clergy.. eTc..
too.. and oh yeah.. the Yellow folks who are cautious
in personality way.. the lawyers who interpret laws
already written and who write them too.. the judges..
the book keepers.. Accountants by and large and yes..
smaller.. folks who stick to left brain mechanical
cognition solving problems only And suffer
at the hand of ARt.. but wait! yes..! tHeRe
iS A Personality type as far as the
Subdivisions of Society..
as the Blue Personality
iN Society way2.. often2
the sad sad poets
as stereotype too.,
the Van Gogh’s.. iF you
WiLL.. often highly misunderstood
like Katy Perry’s ET too.. AnyWay.. the
come hither routine ain’t worKing in the Church Environment today..;)
The Easter Bunny is shocked..
never expected to see me
at Saint Rose of
Lima Church today..
IN Catholic way..
Hey.. even at
the end of the
Day.. NoW.. the Road Runner
And the Coyote are FRiEnDs..;)
THE Katrina is our tour guide today.. dressed in her Easter Dress
no less.. with the standard Southern Baptist Pamphlet
on.. ‘Are you Good Enough to Get to Heaven’..
one can find duplicates of these
tour guide pamphlets all
over the South..
often placed
in strategic
locations in bathrooms..
yes.. next to toilet paper too..
and perhaps the Doctor’s office would
be a good place too.. for these pamphlets
are more like inoculations on how not to go to
Hell than anything about Heaven at all.. sad.. butt yes..
understandable as the origin of the Modern Christian Religion
is through an Emperor of a Roman Empire expanding the Borders
of that Empire in Imperial way.. and mosT aLL psychopathic leaning folks do
that through the power of
illusory fears
Voila.. the Trump
Factor as clearly
seen today.. used to
be the Bush Factor.. the
Adolph Factor.. the CEO Factor
and the Stock Broker Factor.. and
yes.. the Bill O’Reilly Factor.. Breathing
Heavily on the other end of the phone with
someone who does not want to participate in
an all free way in the current act he does per controlling
others with perceived power and status.. for a man with little
man syndrome..
who can’t get
sMiLes from
who he is
as a naked
man with no tools
of dollar bills and power..
so yes.. i don’t need to even open up the
Tour Guide Pamphlet on Heaven in the Southern
Baptist Church.. what i will find is John 3:16 that screws
up the Greek Language and says that Jesus is the only
Son of God instead of the original version by the Greeks
that matches the OLD T version of yes.. Ye all are
God’s per A.. NOT THE Son of God and
then there is the Romans 10:9
version by Paul the Saul
who said he had
a direct
conduit with
God to get his
version of some Good
News like we all do as children
of God mostly when we are actuAlly
children.. the Heaven at hand now that has
always been the sAMe Inheritance of a Human
Child born Healthy into an Environment of Abundance
in subsistence and shelter and a Touching.. Hugging
Flesh and Blood Family and Village too.. kinda like
the Dinner on the Grass after Easter SERVICES when
all the children are playing happiLY
togeTheR and the adults
enter into this
of Nirvana
Loving Oxytocin
Feeling SenSing Being
Kingdom of Heaven within..
you kNow.. the deeper meaning
in metaphor for the Kingdom of God
as Love at hand within in this generation heAR..
if you happen to be a Happy child at 5.. 55.. or 105..
anyWay.. Romans 10:9 basically says to avoid HELL AND HEAVEN one
must believe in the Myth that Jesus was actually physically resurrected
per did the impossible of actually dying on the Cross and coming back to
life other than
the deeper
of being
reborn again
as a child of God
at any age when Happiness
is the inheritance of all the struggles
it took/takes since A origin of now to make this
Earthly Benefits package of Heaven in all Natural
Way even possible now.. verses non-existence on a Moon
or such as that in total Desert Sands way in way too cold
or hot way to even exist now at all.. so.. what i often do.. as words
can surELy get in the way of both sEEing and FeeLinG and yes SeNSinG
Heaven too.. is.. i take still photographs of Heaven to show yA A Way oF
what it looks like.. at lEast to me.. and then you can use your imagination
and creativity to see and feel and sense what Heaven might be for you too..
A child
has no
problem with
this and it CAN BE EASY
for us other adult humans
or older humans who wear the
clothes of school and work to see this
Heaven now.. it is simple as a smile on A Child’s
face or even a smile on a Dog’s Face.. True.. Dogs
smile to cool down.. but true too.. as science shows2..
all sociAlly connecting mammals who feel that social
animal connection who are healthy experience the same
touchy feely all natural love drug.. oxytocin that we humans do too..
yes.. even when
we are out on
the soft balls field
as adult males in the
heat of competition and adjust
‘ourselves’ to feel a little bit of that
all natural Love Drug.. Oxytocin.. to quell
any competition anxiety to hit just another home
run too.. when it comes time to either hit one or do one too..
we are flesh and blood humans.. children of God.. and no.. we are
not evolved to see a Heaven of Gold and Pearl and Emeralds.. we along
with all other social mammals are evolved to Feel and Sense and See the
Kingdom Of Heaven that is MoVinG.. ConNecTinG and Co-Creating NoW with
OthERs along with FeeLinG the overall Nature of God through the Oxytocin
Receptors of our Feet when we Dance BareFoot and touch the Love Sands
in Grains that Hold uP Mountains and we HUmans of Love sAMe when yes..
we make Love
to God
the bottom
of our Bare Feet
Dance.. Heaven.. like the
story of the Jesus Dude.. can/WiLL
easily be seen through a child’s eYes
now.. the challenge is becoming a Child’s eYes
again.. and sure.. somEhow discarding the RELIGIOUS clothes
of work and school.. and yes.. realisticAlly speaking.. iN
an increasingly complex world comprised of mechanical
cognition thinking problem solving and worrying ways..
that is the anti-christ in left BRain thinking away
from the right bRain of social empathic
Loving Artful Life that Moves.. Connects
and Co-Creates.. rarely measured by
Modern Cultural Standard IQ
tests that measure our
proficiency to be
good little
in the Walls
of School and Work
to create creature comforts
for the rest of the tribe continuing
like well oiled parts of and as the machine.. Hence..
as Neo says.. one must find a way for BaLanCinG miNd
and BoDy SoUL to get unplugged and Live in the Kingdom of Heaven now..
folkS iN the far east have words that label the different dimensions
of mindful awareness.. oh.. so high.. butt hey.. sometimes NOW jUSt SwinGinG
on a sWing with children or climbing a tree with them.. if even in just
Vicarious Mirror Neuron way with a sMiLe.. is the normal human
short-cut to heaven now..
or perhaps
one might
safely climb
a tree.. or swing..
(place a kitty KAT
photo on FB too now)
or even dance free verse
style 7200 hundred miles/44months
iN the Metro Public stores to prove
to adults that Heaven is something you
just do.. and to prove to the children that
Heaven is something you just don’t have to
stop doing once you go to school and work..
and yes.. church.. true.. they don’t realize i don’t have a
real pay for work job..
but i must
SinG2 that
writing over
the size of three Novels
each and every month is not
what the average bear human being as ART
does for no money aT aLL.. Love does thAT
And so does the Kingdom of God alive iN hUman..
you see.. mY “MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+”.. yes.. per this
“93rd MacroVerse of ‘Nether Land Bible 2017’.. with
other MacroVerse names like “MesSage iN A Bible Bottle”
at the 88th MacroVerse point.. with the “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
still existing named title coming in at the 69th MacroVerse point..
is not a Book about how to get to Heaven or how to avoid Heaven/Hell
reAlly.. it is just my own personal story of what it is like to live in the
Kingdom of God at Hand this generation now within.. yes.. i attempt
to describe my Heaven in words.. but yes.. sometimes thee smile
of Katrina and a little totAlly loving innocent young boy like
Katrina smiling says more
Twelve Million words..
my smART phone is more
than my friEnd.. my smart
phone is also
Gateway to
Heaven with NO Walls..
Fences or Border wHeRe
everyone with eyes and ears
to see.. FucKinG Gets in.. gentile..
jew.. servant or free.. woman or man no more..
Child’s eYes..:)
Yes.. FucK yes..
And in this place
tHeir are TEARS OF JOY..:)
And sure.. even folks like
that ’93 dude’.. Aleister Crowley..
and sure.. even Adolph are eventuAlly
welcome to come in.. if and when they
to jusT do it..
in metaphor
of course in Trump way..
that’s the thing.. you don’t get
to have the empathy of 14.5 Billion
years in terms/FEELINGS of sympathy for Devils
NoW uNtil God makes you the Devil and sHows
you hell first.. you kNow.. like it says in
Isaiah 53.. God bruises
to sHoW Ya
A DiffeReNt dARk..
so yA can/WiLL FinAlly
see ALL OF HEAVEN2..NoW aS LiGht/
TruTH And sure.. it’s fine if you
call God Nature as
it works
sAMe as
Essence and
DifFeREnt no
matter the humanly
designed abstract constructs
as form for essence more2..:)
So.. anyWay2.. moral of a very long
story that seemingly never/doeS ends
iN borders of book covers that
never come.. for sure..
why would i do
all of this..
yes.. just for
free.. yes,, just for free..
NoW iN HeaVen now..
2.. too.. God and Nature sAMe
sayS iN mE.. it’s worth a very
long guided tOUr that never ends
now at staRts aLivE as LIfE overcoming
all illusory fears and even any thOught of deATh.. yes.. alWays AliVe NoW..
you.. kNoW.. Deeper meaNings/FeeLinGs/SeNses pAss literal pAMphlET sHeLLs of curRent HeLL..:)
And yes.. while this is only.. relativeELy one small MicroVerse that
coMes to me in imagination and creativity.. out of 12 million
words since Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. it IS A whOle
MicroCosm of HuMan Heaven MacroCosm too.. iN play and
Story Book Fully Illustrated Form For EsSence iN TrUth
And LiGht2.. And as ‘they’ say2..
at the end of
and movies
too.. the cast
takes a BoW anD iN this
case the Director is the little
Angel with A blue shirt on.. yes.. behind
the camera as producer and photographer
too.. taKing this ending credits photo
on Easter Day.. Sunday.. 2017.. yes2..
HE2.. sent to eARTh iLLuStraTinG HeAveN
to give
A Child’s
SMiLe is Heaven NoW..
work on that and God WiLL WiLL Direct
the entire FucKinG HuMaN Play WiTh eYes of Love
of AS God FinALLy
sET Free in a PLaY of Heaven NoW..
A MesSAge from Birth Fully inherited NoW..ReBORN
and yes
A couple
oF tEars StreAMinG DoWn my FAce..
to be so priviLeged to scribe iT aLL NOW..aGaiN..FoR FReED..:)
As far as Fonzie and Jumping the Mythological Shark.. just the word
Superorgasm is sure to gain some Hyperbole attention
in Marketing 101 way.. and it’s worth mentioning
although some of us reAlly smARTy pants
deep deep folks in metaphor
ways too.. can figure
out the much much
deeper and
in figurative way
of sacred text moreover
than just black and white literal
speak.. not all folks can and surely
not all folks will.. it’s kind of like the
hard cold reality that if ‘they’ privatized
Social Security Old Age Retirement benefits..
only around 5 percent or less of the general
public would actually take the can and WiLL
to actually save anymore than pay
check to pay check now.. strange
though that they would
put off Heaven
until after
but that is
a pArT of a Sad
Sad Minion Movie too..
in real life now.. in other words..
trutH and liGht be tOld while tHeiR
are only a relative few with can and
WiLL enough to save money for retirement
in actuality money changing tables real
of putting actual dollar biLLs aside
as symbols for retirement
rather than FeelinG
uP Garages
with shit and
back yards with boats
and campers with loans
for that nicer car and home
that go on and on and on and on..
yes.. it’s True.. the American Dream
for the Pursuit of Happiness with the other
unalienable rights for Life and Liberty can be a
pipe dream at most when one never gets fulfilled
in paths and journeys within the inner Universe of BeinG
human to grasp a leave of lawn whole of Happiness more than
a brand
car as
even Styx
back in ’77 too..
yes.. the Grand Illusion
per Styx speaks.. just another
Band influenced by Uncle Al as they
say.. Mr. Crowley and his home that
Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin purchased to honor that
dude too.. for setting folks free from pre-conceived notions..
although.. it’s true.. Mr. Crowley did torture small animals
as a child and yes.. his own Mother Designated him with the
title of the Beast as in 666 Bible Lore too.. per the original
historical target of that code.. yep.. the old Nero who persecuted
Christians in Roman days too.. and the same one the Christians
Love today in Evangelical way.. yes.. the Trump.. breaking all 1 though
11 Verses of Sermon on Mount Olive Beatitudes too.. in Chapter 5 of
Matthew too.. per what his ideals were/are to defeat love from the bully
pulpit of running for President.. successful he was as fear
and hate won.. in anti-christ way.. hmm.. some of
us never left and never leave the Hope and
Love and Joy and SouL Soaring Contentment
of Heaven too.. simply ’cause not only can/WiLL we
save money for retirement as buying shit more thaN
the reaLiTy of FeeLeD uP heART.. SpiRiT and
soUL means nothing to us.. more than
shit in a garage with
attached.. by the
way.. i do love Walmart..
they have the best all free Dance
Hall in the metro-area.. and there are
days when even i am not assessed as
Doctor Strange the most when i dance tHeir
too.. heJe.. plUs.. they often have in tune cultural
Artifacts for the traditions of culture that continue to trend
or begin anew.. all free to capture with smART pHone and
share with the whole frigging world.. yes.. of course.. for those
who extend tHeir abiLiTy to focus and attend to the moment of now
more than what science says is the current norm oF A Human Attention
span of about one second less than a Gold Fish.. believe it or not Ripley..
in increasing
in Epigenetic
and Neuro
Plastic ways
NoW.. too.. yes..
the anti-Ripley too..
ugh.. so long Guinness
New Records too.. as long
as the Aquarium stays as
the standard cultural rule
of stagnate way
away from
Greater hUman
PoTenTiAL NoW… farther.. yes.. oh God yes..
NoW faster.. longer.. and deeper as i say now..
oh yeah.. and tHeRe’s “Moore’s Law”.. still waiting
for all of Technology to catch up with my Artful out
put in Ocean Whole “SonG of mY SoUL” way.. Poem..
it’s really hard to pare down 500 current fully illustrated
Gems AS photos in this ‘MOAB EasTeR 2.0+”.. MacroVerse
Number 93 of “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. doubling as 764th
MacroVerse aS “SonG of My SoUL”.. Still exceeding over
4 Million Words and totAlly attached to thousands
and thousands of linked YouTubE Videos
too and many many other links
with yes.. over 100K of
my own personal
artful taken
Photographs too..
all you can be as God/Nature says2
iN Imaginative Creative output of arT2…
Champions of Freedom too.. MaKinG NeW
Paths and overAll Journeys of aRT coMe TrUe.. too..
Okay.. now that i’ve got your attention on the topic of Superorgasms
more about that now.. as yes.. the article is a bit hyperbolic coming out
of the ‘Sun’ and ‘Mirror’ ‘Papers’ over in Europe.. kind of like our ‘National
Enquirer’ over HeaR iN Mullet Wrapper way too.. butt yes.. Tantric sex
in prolonging the time to release is a real deal that EasterN Religious
Folks DO2 in Holy and Sacred way.. oh GOD YeS!.. full of meaning
AND purpose in multiple pleasure way too.. for hours on ends with
waves and peaks and receding shores and building shores
of endless bliss and increasing the Love Neurohormone..
Oxytocin for attachment to other human beings in Social
Animal way as well as the Serotonin
Neurochemical for trust and
self-esteem.. endorphins
to reduce pain.. and yes..
the overall Pleasure Neurochemical
Dopamine that enhances all of human
creativity and productivity in general way too..
so.. yes.. in this way.. even the solo practice of
Tantric sex in M way.. for those who do Master
that for hours on end.. avoiding total release..
sure.. particularly if one is male.. per
biological normal limits..
it’s most definitely
just another
way to
increase yoUr higher
powers of Nature and
God same.. all natural aS Such
with no external substances except
perhaps for some imagination and consensual
porn in moderation where legal and accessible
too.. sure.. close to free in price too.. and yes.. it’s
true.. in a way i make an art of that too.. in holy and
sacred text2 full of meaning and purpose too.. on holy
and sacred R and R Thursdsay’s too.. and sure.. perHaps
on the Weekend when Easter comes too.. as in a way it is
an old so-called Pagan way of celebrating that too.. in terms
of Spring Fertility rites.. in even older Min Egyptian God ways too..
and it’s true.. prostitution is the oldest profession because it increases
all these beneficial Neuro-chemicals and Neuro-hormones too.. like looking
for Ms. Good Bar and Mr. Good Bar at the Meat Market of Bars too.. in Dance
Hall way.. thing is.. with the “M’ solo practice of this Holy and Sacred FULL OF
MEANING and PURPOSE ACT.. there is no veneral disease.. no unwanted pregnancies..
yes.. reducing the dire negative effects of human overpopulation too.. and on top of that
as long as the porn tools are consensual and legal too.. no one gets harmed in emotional
and physical way too.. true.. the crowds are not nearly what they used to be at the
strip halls and brothels too.. butt even those workers for consensual ways
of making a living can do it in a much safer way for yes even the
necessity of making a living by the dollar bill if there
is nothing else to do to make a living as
tools of automation continue to
make a reality that
humans no
longer need
apply as tHeRE
is self service everything
else in terms of robots too..
but nah.. nothing will ever take the
total place of flesh and blood as there
is so much more involved for those who truly
Do Holy and Sacred FuLL of Meaning and Purpose
not only feeL and Sense Lust but do Feel and Give Love
no matter anything sexual related at all.. but it’s true Love
Feels and Senses similar too.. as all is whOle and none is
Separated under a total BLanKeT of GoD sET Free NoW..
and yes in terms of number per ’93’ as a numerical
symbol for those elite folks in HollyWoood
and Big Big Business who are in
touch with so-called
Occult practices
of so-called
Secret Societies
with Secret Hand Shakes
and related Symbols.. the term
“Sex MagicK” comes into play..
but you see.. Mr. Crowley intuited
the overall beneficial factors that science
shows that the art of sensuality and sexuality
more brings to the human condition.. through practice
and imagination and creativity of course in his case.. and
he spread that to others.. in likely some Veneral Disease way
too.. but still the core science of what he was generally talking
about has trUth and LiGht in even empirically assessed ways
of Tantric Sex.. as the article above does allude too in somewhat
hyperbolic marketing over the basics of the science as associated..
Anyway.. we already got the Joy of Sex better defined by Dr. Ruth.. surely
revolutionary as the secret came out per Victoria and Victorian ways that some
Women even Love sex more than men.. more than just another supine exercise
down face up..
and get this over
with please as everything
about it i’ve learned just brings
more dirty and guilty feelings now..
truly sad that religion has stopped folks
from feeling and sensing free more of their
God Nature now within.. yes.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below and all around in every position
and feeLinGs and senSinGS that one or more humans
can imagine and create now.. all safe of course as
legally consensual too.. to protect others
of course from harm too..
as not every one is
a free and
free spirit…
HUman Birds of some
variety of feathers not only
wear clothes but keep their feet perched closed..
anyWay at LEast for NoW in the US.. the pursuit
TO TOE IS THE LAW as per wHere alloWed all Legal STiLL..
you just
can’t beat
it and you
can when consensual
in more than 50 shades
of consensual free for all too..
as sadly it’s true.. the only pleasure
some folks feel at all is pain.. as per science
some folks are even born that way all innately as such too..
whips are
one of the oldest
professions too in
terms of lashes for pleasure
as Nature is a trickster too.. yes in terms
of God iN all the dARk and LiGht.. ‘tween
sHades of Grey and beYond RainBoW colors
of sure..
in some primitive
societies self-esteem
is gained by the woman
for the most male partners consumed..
anyway.. when consensual.. fAct of the Bonobo
matter is in Ape way too.. iT.. iNcreases the Love
Hormone Oxytocin where aggression and violence
is almost unheard of and unseen.. with zero chance for
World War III among the Ape Variety of Bonobo’s aT LeASt NoW..
yes.. it’s true
the FeeLinGS
and SeNSinG of
LoVe in Each oTher
as Namaste all pasted
togeTheR in the work of
not only the night but the day too..
in every which way and loose too..
this is an unabridged bible too.. no holds or positions barred..
in a way to keep the text all PG related too… if by total Gold
Fish Human Miracle anyone at all reads down this Low and hiGh in Focus and Attention uP…
anyWay for R to other rated versions.. one can google Tantric and find out much much more..:)
Hmm.. and Oh Lord.. a bit behind too..
in sharing Facebook Memories of MacroVerses
and MicroVerses to date from up to 4 years
past too.. with some photos too.. no tiMe
like the preSent noW of GiVinG
and ShARinG mOre iN
a MesSAGe and
Lord of the
RingS way
too by
Styx and a Video
Giver and Sharer on
Youtube who let’s everyone
know he knows all about the occult
from Uncle AL with a signifier of
93 by his user name.. hmm.. i don’t
take Uncle AL’s symbols any more important
than any other symbols that do a crude attempt
to express the essence aLL oF God for we HUmans
are only small flea who ride uPon a God as Dog that
wHO.. we cannot fully see and will never fully understand..
WiTh LiMiTed FeeLinGS and SenSeS And that makes the
Mysteries of Life even more fun as
to uncover
now.. alWays
interesting.. always
exciting for those with
more than eyes and ears to see..
and even science agrees in scientist
way that Nature’s complexity aS oNe
miGht nAMe GoD aLL plUs too..
it IS A good liFe for those
who do continue to seek and find
forevermorenow with no limits or
expectations of concrete end NoW..
alWays MoRe…LOVE
A lUSt foR LiFe
as occult Mistress
Lana Del Rey ReLates
too on 418 early on A Tuesday
Morning of 2017 heHe like me too..
yes.. i open up the mysteries too for you to perUse..
And sure i’LL be DanCinG WiTh my Beloved Minion FriEnds..
at SuperWalmart On Tuesday NiGht too.. as STiLL NoW
‘they/i” say
left BeHind..
iF ‘they’ Can/Care/
WiLL see and hear with
more than just literal
eyes and ears.. NoW for
TrUTH and LiGht MoRe.. tHan GOld..:)
And heAR for soMe meMories aGaIn..
All Fresh Book.. i Mean Facebook Delivered FReED..;)
“i PROCLAIM my LOVE 4ELOHIM”.. yes the symbolic name for
God used to be ELOHIM and still is in some circles
today.. and yes.. it also indicates
a divine masculine will
and strength and
a divine feminine
Love and Grace in
on Human Being
as left and right
brain attributes come
together for reason and
art too.. so in other words
there is rhyme to the reaSon
and reAson to the rhyme as Strength
and Will and Love and Grace come toGeTher ONE..
and i explore my more feminine side in the physical
art of Temple of God as form of essence more heAR too..
and sure..
whether you
like my style
or not.. i enCourAGe
oTheRs to DevElop tHeir
own unique Style of Personal
ArT too.. nah.. don’t have to
give and share it.. but that’s what
teachers and counselors do.. tell and show..
and yes.. of course all PG rated in all the stuff
i do.. not less profane than the Greatest Story ever
told about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve too..
fig leaves
in tow
frontal way..
and sure if you wanna
call it gay.. go ahead..
but yes.. i still have martial
arts ass kicking legs that leg press
1020 LBS on a very difficult Leg Press
Machine with arms raised in the air like a
Ballerina.. and when i do my graceful ballet/martial
arts/Tai Chi routine to warm up.. no one giggles or smirks
as most of them have already seen me Load up the machine with half a ton..
so yes..
i can
with no
problem at all too..
as far as Dick Waving
contests go too.. Balls
live inside of Strength and
Will in Grizzly Mama’s more than
most men i ever see or HeAR Here..
add Grace and Love to that and the Nuclear option
moRe Free
Fearless Baby
in Super and
Bat man tights..
you do kNow why Batman
and Superman wear tights..
with briefs.. yes.. the occult
meaning in symbol means true Strength
and Will is nourished more in Love and Grace..
Secrets in
plain site
as they say..
Kryptonite is the
Loss of Oxytocin
too.. just
A way..
for those
who are not
in the FeeL and
SeNSe of LIFe’s
Greater Mysteries per label of Occult
as TrUtH and LiGht oF Touch and FeeL..:)
Anyway speaking of that.. heAR IS A
YouTube Video on more about that too..
in a MicroVerse Memory from a year ago..
as the one before is from three years ago..:)
Entropy vs. Creativity..
Books of yesteryear..
oF noW..
Tapestry oF Art
SinGs from SpiRit
heARt.. iN FloWinG
ZoNe Of MiNd
and BodY
When every
noW iS an Adventure
of New.. tHere iS no
old.. young.. gender..
nationality.. race..
creed.. oR
coLor oF
other than
more than
wITh no LimiTS
or expectaTionS
Set FrEE
TrUe Creativity
iN FloW.. iS magic
without pre-planning..
juST oN Go
oF DoinG liFe
and yeS..
easier said
than dONe oF Course..
trUly doAble wITh DO..:)
And to end this
‘For YoUr eYes onLY’
post as per the video
linked above.. Secrets
trUly are in plain siGht
aLL around us.. as when
hUmans come toGeTheR
wITh DancE.. wITh SonG
wITh reAson..
anYthinG iS
and heARts
work toGeThEr
to get iT aLL dONE
as WeLL as possible..
noW iN.. harmony
oF Balance
HUman BEinG..
aLways MOre to
gRow.. alWays morE
to Do.. alWays Survival
and Love iN now.. different
players.. different labels..
cultures.. and all
of that..
but same
Love and Survival..
overall.. to make
liFe exCiting Struggle
iN Fearless Love aLL sAMe..:)
“TAX of U LOVE DAY 41515”.. note to sElf first.. do taxes
tomorrow.. never owe.. never worry about ’em
but paper work debt still comes.. hehe..
other than that.. this two year
old memory goes
into detail
about the
tax of Unconditional
Love that is worth
paying it forward
for always
per the
Act now
of paying Love
iN Unconditional way
to oTheRs iN GiVe and ShaRE way NOW..:)
Now for fOUR.. one year old MicroVerses..
wRitE oN ToPic oF cOUrse oN WriTE cOURse too..;)
Facebook Friend Rafiah
views the thumbnail large
Word Press Publishing
photo as it comes..
when i share
the ‘WinDoW
Ark’ Blog post
and says..
I love the
window and
the view in it.
heart emoticon
I would like to have that
kind of corner in my room.
And i say..
SMiLes mY friEnd.. Rafiah..
thanks.. i’m glad you enjoy
the view here.. through mY
WinDoW.. truly there are two
kinds of windows iN liFe that
i Love the most..
one is a WinDoW
into the garden
of Eden which
iS God’s
and the other
iS the WinDoW
into the soUl of
God that iS also
the human eye..
both are views of God..
and iN mY liFe as trUly i was
a lot like Spock in the sense that
i wasn’t fully aware of the expressions
on my face.. but i laser focused iN
miNd melding thoughts and
emotions as empath
when i connected
with eYes
to any other
human being..
and even though
i could not really concentrate
to ever read any homework books
in school.. i absorbed the teacher’s
brain and heARt with eYes
that could see more
than words
of books..
mY friend..
so in 2008 when i lost effective
use of mY eyes.. then.. trUly i lost
two beauty WinDoWs to view the heARt
SpiRit and SoUl then of God that i could
so easily see that lives in the eYes oF
Nature.. including all eYes oF animal
and hUman alike.. so.. what to do.. oh..
to BRinG God back iN connection
deeper than God that liveS iN
me then as iS back
weLL.. that iS
when oN a Thanks
giving day for me on
November 26th.. 2010..
then when what our church friend..
yesterday.. when we visited her..
wHere i took off my shades for
a second to rub mY eyes says
oh.. you have beautiful green
eYes.. as offline
aLL folks
see of
the WinDoW
to mY soUl iS
the dance of me..
and mysterious shades
covering what iS more inside..
mY soUl as WeLL.. mY friend..
Yes.. slowLY words became
mY covered eYes..
mY spiRit
mY heARt
and the even though
after i lost aLL the pain
i sTiLL must wear shades
everywHere i go offline..
the dance of i..
iS noW
mY spiRit
mY heARt
mY soUl
iN words and STEPS!..
of i.. oH.. the Windows of God
my friend.. they are everywHere i look..
and the best places are wheRE hUman
eYes connect.. in eYes .. iN words.. and IN STEPS..
AND You.. mY friend have some of the most beautiful
WinDoWs to a soUl
i have ever seen both
in eYes and words..
as neither
bE complicated
pARt of GOD.. noW..
and oh.. the eYes in liFE
that i have viewed that do set
you aPart from most.. over 100K..
worKinG in a WinDoWless Bowling
Center to Nature but FuLL oF hUman
Nature inside.. and likely over 100K online
since that Thanksgiving day iN 2010..
but i must
say sTill
the hUman
eYeS arE mY favorite
WinDoWs to God’s eYes..
and yours are deep
to God mY friEnd..
thanks for sharing
them iN Brown
and Black
Print.. so
oN Facebook now..:)
Ah.. the intelligence.. reason
oh.. the heARt.. FeeLinG
and sAdLY wHere
most uSnoW
live wherever
First World Problems
rule.. the reAson
Sun of Life..
away from
feeLinG.. mY
FriEnd.. Prajakta
and sAdly as iS a
story of life so long
away from feeling
and closer
to reason
wHere smarT
loses the heARt
of Life.. iS a journey
aWay from what is REALIST
In bEinG hUman aT aLL.. spoon
fed this from birth.. it truly can be
hard to get back to arms iN comfort
of BeiNG hUman as.. as Nature trUly
goes.. the gift of Love that iS iN innate
altruistic Nature oF truLY wiLd and
Free human
iS a
Book oF Love
where the true savage
can be the books.. the
school.. the work.. and the
green and other colored paper
and metal stuff that ruins aLL oF
That wHere the pasSiOn and Love
of hUman is the TRUE GOLDEN RULE
OF THE TRUE liOn hUman either iN the
Jungles.. the Savannah.. the Forest or Beach..
Mountains.. meadows.. etc.. etc.. liVing
away from
dead caves
and books..
words.. and
other symbols
like paper money
and print that takes
uS away from Love
iN fearless end and beginning
of story In livinG more than just
Survival.. iN liVing fearless magic Love..
with roots that defeat entropy and apathy
of living
friend.. Love
Spreads without Fear..
Tree of Life over
from a year ago..:)
Oh.. God!
NakED Love..!
you eXcite me..! you
comfort me.. you make
me more human from the
NOW i am 16 and aM eXposED
to the greatEst art of God iN.. hell
yeS.. penThouse magazine.. oh ending
JeWeLs oF God.. bEhind pants and dresses
of school.. you wiLL not be held back anymore..
God’s Love of human sKin iS here and will NOT
be hidden anymore.. well.. at least online.. anyway.. hehe..
And surely enough when BROAD band access of free online
human naked art COMES.. back in the early 90’s aLL ‘kinds’
of crime goes down.. should iT reAlly be any surprise that the
NaturAlly occurring social bonding oxytocin neurohorMone
and dopamine and serotonin in pleasure and trust neuro-
chemicals and pain killing endorphins that are
increased by the human contact either visually
or feeling in seeing and touching flesh from
head to toe.. in so-called porn..
reduces human
violence and
warring ways..
weLL.. HeLL NO..
as thAT iS God’s
Nature aLL Natural
bEinG n0w grEat!
releasED iN hUman
form.. of what lies
and tells the truth
underneath and wITh
hips and lies that don’t
lie in human eYes oF Living
free.. and oh.. the entropy.. the
death of liFe iN liVinG.. iS precipitated
bY coveRing up the nakED trUth oF
feeLinG comfort and pleaSUre
of bEinG human.. but ah..
entropy iS defeated even
greater now..
as oNe
of hUman
Love iN sKin
in mirror neuron
way.. increasing
human oxytocin..
dopamine.. serotonin..
pain killing endorphins
and even potentially the
so-called God molecule
DMT.. from potenTiaLLy
the Pineal gland above
and yes associated
with the Penis
and Vagina
and breasts
and hips and all
the delicate and tough
muscled skin above and
below.. inside and outside
all around that.. is shared relatively
free online now… wheRe the beauty
of the sKin never ages as long as
the servers of God iN online way
keep on serving
of God’s
sKin iN Real
as videos and
photos WiLL COME
WAY.. and
for me to take
this without giving
would be the greAtest
sin of aLL in relative
way of course
so i give
of whatever
i can to defeat
the entropy of living
death where God’s greaTEst
gift is covered up.. and in those
places where it is covered uP as
God WiLL say iN God’s way..
those are the places
where the most
in ways of
aggression and
wars do still exist..
and the most peaceful
places are topless beaches
and even more peaceful places
that are bottomless to wHere this
pit to heaven.. is open ended sKin
of GOD
an Ode to
God’s Porn
aLiVe once
again iN hUman
Form.. at LEast
online free.. and you
can frOwn all ya want
but iF yA are huMan
and trUly Free God’s
children.. you too
WiLL share
iN aLL the
ways oF God’s
Love Free.. LiVinG
as the Real reported
Jesus does say iN the
Gospel of Thomas 37..
so sure.. consensually speaKinG
these days more than likely iF Jesus
walks the earth now.. he would be a
consensually performing porn STAR NOW..
it’s no joke.. he said he was a stripper when
37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid.”
Yes.. Jesus was the first
dude back in iSrAeL
a nudist
camp back
then.. and somehow
tHiS trUth and liGht
got aLL covered uP
by those who would
Own God rather
God free
Yeah.. baby.. ‘Jesus’
was a lot more like
then and
Side note.. i’m FucKinG
wickED aRt in liGhTinG
IF yoU
See K
God.. God’s
cover.. Now..
iN words noW..
or pay NoW now
the consequence
oF THE action of LiVinG
D E A T H N O W.. aKA
or HeLL..
Hmm.. so the scientist
of my mind engages back
here.. while i am opening
the patio door and Katrina
is emptying her mop water
and i think..
well.. actually
i kNow as a degreed
Anthropologist.. Sociologist
Psychologist and Health Scientist
as degreed at the University of West
Florida.. where the humble Nautilus
Shell in the form of the Golden
Spiral 6.. sits atop my desk
in yes.. three 6 Nautilus
SheLLs of degree
college tHere..
that hell no..
Jesus rule
of stripping
down and going naked
everywhere we go in large
cities today in huge populations
more than 150 to 200 sets of friEndly
human eYes that we are StiLL evolved
to comfortably live in will not work now any
better really than a frigging 1 or 2 thousand
sets of eYes or thousands more on a busy
city sidewalk wherever one looks away
or is overwhelmed by social stimulus
in taking in social cues and
figuRinG them aLL out
at one now..
and OH MY
GOD.. add in several
thousand penises.. breasts
butts.. vaginas and all of that
and crap your brain might likely
explode from all that social
info taken in
all at
one now
then and now
per se.. so.. clothes
have their place in large
human societies.. yes.. even
covering up the whole enchilada
in hot arid desert lands to keep moisture
in where water is not easily found to prevent
dehydration and ultimately potential death there..
Survival is key.. and even though there is more aggression..
violence and wars over there.. they are still reproducing
and kicking
alive in fists
and feet and
chopping heads
off and crucifying
folks.. burying Lesbians
up to breasts and stoning
them.. slowly torturing them..
while they cannot cover their
eyes from Rocks.. but nah they
Live in iRan and IRaq.. etc..
and i live
in the Heavenly
abundance of God’s
Paradise.. in Beaches..
Sugar White Sand.. Sea Gulls
SpiRaLinG the Sun.. Rivers with
fish fLoWinG Freely into oceans of
bliss.. Forests filled with Deer and
Flowers beautiful iN all seaSons
of the year..
how can judge
the folks who live
iN ‘hell’.. or the children
who were never hugged and
giving yes.. the feelings of life
from ages 1 to 3.. both tHere and
here.. these people deserve our
empathy and sympathy in understanding
ways to help them into heaven the best
we can
from HeLL
as aLL iS God
from mountain
to the
grain oF
sAnd that
holds the
of God’s
iN hUman
Being Love aS WeLL..
so sure.. maybe one now
they WiLL gET freely accessibly
broadband porn too.. and consume
it in whatever amounts bRinG them
greater levels of oxytocin social
comfort.. dopamine pleasure..
serotonin trust iN Nature
wHoLe.. and perHaps
even DMT..
the God
too. now..
balance iS kEY
some folks can
take and give more
others less.. but wHere
there is a volume knob
and an on and off button
iT becomes choice iN stead
of Force of Fear.. anger.. and hate
Where fearless Love rUles hUman
Heaven now..
Free as Free as God
Be in
eyes for
It’s a fAct iN science
now that lust or what iS
otherwise known as the
human connection of flesh
from head to toe.. either
in sKin
of touch
or mirror
neuron way
of seeing it
in recorded
way.. or imagining
iT same in day dreams
of luCid DreAMinG BLiSS..
that lust increases human
productivity and creativity as
well as social cooperation iN
Surviving.. Living and Loving
free.. a balance of LuST
and Love
iS what
makes the
FREE World trUly
greAt.. and sure
i’ll lInk that video
aGain.. as FActs..
sPeak Louder to some
folks than Just doing iT NoW FREe..
in God given innate instinct and intuition
in touchY feeLY ways of MoVinG.. Connecting
WiTh.. for
and AS
the God oF Nature NOW!..;)
Yeah.. baby it’s science and art..
and this is just more proof
as to why
i am so
creative.. productive..
iN general.. and
and Sacred
personal path
of Thirsty Thursday way..;)
And yeah.. it kinda pisses
me off how the church/state
Jesus.. historically
speaking.. and
me when
i was
young.. coveRinG
up the best that
God has to
iN hUman
beats pent
And nah.. the Bible..
the Kuran.. the Gita..
the Tao and all that
sTuff.. iT’s cool noW
but NOT nearly
aSiT left
aLL tHiS
super cool
human GoD shit out!..
so yeah.. i’LL juSt do iT nOW..
and FucKinG un-Neuter ‘Jesus’..
and aLL those ‘Mary’s’ then and noW
too.. oh.. oH YES!.. so.. NaKeD and
Art and Science..
puT ’em toGeTHeR
FucKinGnoW aS
Do ya dare mE to nAMe
tHis neXt GodbLog posT
naH.. won’T
do thaT..
iT miGht
bOil the
blood of
liteRal ThInKinG
cardBoard miNds..
eVen worse than aLL
oF GOD eXposED aS
iF yA.. don’T liKe thiS..
which more than likely
Ya wiLL noT..
iT oN Facebook..
after aLL iS said
and dONe heRe..
‘Facebook’ asked
mE ‘what’S on
yoUr miNd’..
baBy.. bE
careful what
YA wish for.. ya..
miGht juSt geT iT..
or heLL..
iN noW..
It cAn
aNd WiLL
Be Now aT lEast
iN pArt bY tHe chOices
ya maKe iN priSon oR FREe..:)
without Art
is truly A noW
yes S and M
way of bEinG..
Art iS literally
66 percent
of SMart
but S and
M stands
out in terms
of misery.. pain..
and suffering.. and
those who enjoy the
pain of living smart without
ARt.. are rather insane to
N0W tale A
trUth iN liGht
oF Lies foR NoW…
Mechanical Cognition
over Social Cognition takes
an organic toll on mind and body
balance.. Standard IQ points are bare
measure over much greater and required
intelligences for animal survival.. vs.. spoon fed
Mechanical ways of cognition from now of birth..
it’s like 1 plus
1.. 1 without the
other is missing 1…
The Bonobo answer is Love
The Human answer is Love
Culture’s answer is
the mechanical
cognition of
IQ noW
over BeinG
hUman.. and
those iN power
are doused witH
mechanical cognition
as the intelligence of the
HeArT dies a painful death
without BEinG hUman noW..
iN MoVinG ConnecTing Creating
EmoTional HeARt.. Spirit ExpresSing
heARt and boDy
and miNd
balanCinG soUl
wayS oF BEinG NoW..
so the beginning and
ending answer is the
1 that’s missing that iS Love aS
the greaTEst primate gift of ALL
living NatUre
ReaL nOw as the
GreaTest primate
Intelligence hOlding hands..
noW.. SMiLes mY friend..
i have ‘rich folks’ iN
‘mY family’ but the ‘poor’
ones wear a sMiLe that’s reaL..
And reaL iS trUly aLL that counts..
iN thiS liFe that can trUly bE JoY when REAL
from tests
of culture that
cover up what’s inside..
GreaTest gift for me.. loSiNg
effective sight and hearing for
66 months.. loSinG the virus of
Culture.. and rebuilding the JoY
oF Culture
REAL my friend..
gigoid.. iN noW
100% SMaRT..
My FRIeND..:)
“WinDoW ArK”.. MacroVerse Memory
from a year ago.. FuLL of Nature..
Dance Hall SMiLeS and Poetry too..
sTill finishing up a year long effort
heAR in this MacroVerse in poeticAlly
responding to all dVerse Online Poet’s
Pub.. Prompts and Links.. for an entire year
then.. from April of 2015 through March of 2016..
when i
a year long
‘cross of sorts
of doing even more then2..;)
Photo taken heAR by Wife Katrina in November of 2012.. excited i was to finally
purchase an iPhone5 where for then.. A first time in 5 years.. in April of 2013.. then..
i could tolerate an Apple Retina Display at 4 inches.. with still.. the incredible
eye and ear pain associated with
Type Two Trigeminal
the art
she brought
came into my
life as a little
liGht and Beauty..
eventuAlly aRiSinG
to Love as ‘Katie Mia’..
was just a goal then
to beCoMe the Love
my Wife Katrina Mia
was capable
in my Dead Zone
Days beforE.. my
personal soft love
resurrection on 7.22.13.. as Lana
Del Ray.. too.. so nicely illustrated
in her Film Length Version of “Tropico”..
thaT should be enough to finish this section
in MicroVerse way entire of Number 93.. Macro
Verse wHole after the Message and the Lord of the
Rings fully in tow and far finished by now.. of course..
to rise as re-Born
for me @LeaSTer MoRe
in DancE SonG tHeMe Way2..:)
“POWER AND GLORY OF SACRED LOVE’.. in all caps of course for
emphasis in importance.. from three years ago… as MacroVerse
somewhat smaller and yes.. much smaller than what
i wRite now.. and yes.. continuing heAR in
this MacroVerse to pursue art
oF Form in esSence
oF Human
Of God
iN Divine
Feminine Love
and Grace with
Divine Masculine
Strength and Love..:)
“MagicK VAN of TRUE WiLL AND LOVE”.. MacroVerse from two years
ago.. exploring mysteries with Left Brain thinking
mostly folks from the “Wrong Planet”.. online..
with of course.. soMe Dance Hall SMiLes too..:)
With four more MicroVerses from a year ago.. aS WeLL..:)
Hmm.. sTiLL haven’t
got back to two weeks
ago.. Thursday 169th open
link night at dVerse for poeTry
expressions unleashed again..
but over two weeks to current
at the 170th open link night..
the free poet Shawna always
nesting new blogs and leaving
her old eggs behind..
has perched for
a moment..
so i will
pay tribute
to her freedom
for a little while
this morning before
we are off to Biloxi
Beaches.. one armed
bandits for Katrina
and beach/casino
dance walking
for me..
just to
the entire city
of traffic as such
on the main beach
drag.. in sand too..:)
Katrina is ofTen
saying the shape
of some of my poeTry
looks like tits too.. yum..
busts are are so great all
around the world.. but anyway..
looks like i’m gonna be 6 prompts
behind.. perhaps until the 2 week
July break.. so just stopping by
to say hi.. and that one
about the bones
got me out
of bed with
my smart phone..
as it is particularly
inspiring and requires
a full loaded gun of
10 fingers to respond to
too.. be theRe in a couple..
to let the word buLLetc fly aRound..
hehe.. never at a loss for AMmunition..;)
Oh.. oxytocin.. what sets Christian
the hugging Lion apart
from puff
the real
and Zombies
is a lack of oxytocin..
the neurorealhorMONe
of love.. in affection way..
and as an empath back now
from Zombie LAnd for 66 months..
yes.. back in my dead zone.. 2008-13
days.. and long long cold night of life
24-7.. i lost my oxytocin then when
i first could not feel the pet of a cat..
and yes.. that warm and fuzzy
baby comfort feeling is
oxytocin.. as the receptors/
makers for that are from the brain
to the bottom of the
feet when
we feel
the mother
of earth and
Sun warm our
toes and finger
tips too..
the cat’s ears
went back as the
cat can feel a lack
of oxytocin too..
and knows
it is a sign
of snakes and
other zombies as
such.. so due caution
is at straying away..
and yes..
as i know
you are interested
in serial killers.. this explains
the Zombie part.. as it is a pretty
horrible place to be.. not to be able
to feel the empathic spirit of another
person’s soul or one’s own so to literally
consume the body.. is a failed attempt to get
the human
touch at all..
ugh.. the darkness
of life.. and yes.. just
like my Old cat Arthur..
whose ears peeled back
when i tried to pet him without
oxytocin.. it is a helpless feeling too..
when one has plenty of oxytocin but
the other person.. has little to none..
wondering how to get something
out of them.. they just
don’t organically have
the ability to share..
but i got mine back..
so it’s possible.. however..
science suggests if ya
never get it.. in the
first 3 years of
life.. it might
be gone
where Christian
the Lion can only
eat you and not Love
you with warm and fuzzy
arms.. of
hmm.. hEArt
iS wHere it’s at..
so sad when
it’s dead
or never
and speaking
of that.. sex in all
the forms and activities
that comes in.. is one of
the most powerful stimulus
activities to gain the oxytocin
nurturing feeling.. so folks who
are looking for Ms or Mr.. Good
Bar or entry point as such
often are craving
the humanity
that so many
folks experience
just going barefoot
and touching the
sands of Mother
earth.. so in this
way.. dancing in
sand is like sex of
affection with the earth
and God as such.. and in this
way seriously.. i have mind blowing
sex with God all the time.. and seriously
that is why i can totally ignore the Bill
Clinton Def of sex day in and day
out and the wife is like
that too..
and that
is why
we are
angels on earth..
with just a little
sarcasm on that
one fully
and sands
of God.. my friend
just felt like saying that…
it makes me
feel warm
and fuzzy
inside.. now!
oh! oxytocin!
you connect me oh!
so sO yeS YES! WeLL!..;)
Truly it is sad
not to live with
oxytocin.. and
trust me
the empty
dollar will never
provide the oxytocin
that a soUl sings with
spiRit of heARt my friEnd..:)
Until next come what may
comes.. see ya
S baby..;)
And sorry if you
can’t open up my
website.. but don’t
feel lonely.. i will
and visit you..
(when i find you)
and i have to have
a megaton computer
and broadband access
to open
me up
Ha! yes..! Real iS aS Real does..
and proof of multi-verses noWin the
fAct that every human experiences
reaLITy different.. from folks in caves
who hear voices to free verse poets
and folks who believe in myths of
folks dying on crosses
and coming
back to literal
life when the point
reAlly iS coming
back to life
oF emoTioNal
hEart.. SpiRit
heaRt.. wiTh
miNd and boDy
balance of soUl..
but oh.. to live a lie
is as real as living the
truth… but sure theRe iS
real heLL and real heaven
and that purgatory stuff
‘tween.. as relative
free will allows
us to be the
experience and
one who has a great
amount of feeling
into creating
feelings now…
i’ve heard people
say that mechanical
cognition is all that counts..
and i’ve heard people say
that human emotions are
foolish to experience in
all the degrees of feeling
that now can bring..
but sure thaT iS
iN pArt tHeir
choice.. but i for
one.. choose iN biofeedback
of feelings.. senses.. and yes..
sensuality too.. to make my
nows aS aWesome
as multiVerses
can come
to live..
Surely.. living
with emotions is more
fun that just being an atom
of a Sun and generating heat
and burning
now.. my friend..
but ha! try to convince
that to someone like Trump
or any other elected official
away from FeeLinG and
it’s like a worm
hole that
to get
through the
opaque window
of hell and or
now.. N0W
Now iS rA eL
iT’s ALL that’s real
but oh my.. it can be so
large or so small depending
on the paths and journey of
multi-verses.. free or lockEDin
labels of words.. culture.. and
collective intelligence
in lucid
nightmares now..
No exclusions for me..
i’ll dream iT aLL and make
It real
in multi-
verses iNow..
with no real
now my
friend.. ‘God’ is
dead.. ‘Jesus’ is dead..
but the essence of both
sTiLL lives
witHin.. outside..
above.. so below
aLL around Me
wE.. aLive mY
friEnd iN iREALinoW..
And for the cloSed
minNded heArted
spiRitED soUled
wiTh WiNks
and SMiLes oF REAL..
my friend.. gigoid.. iNow..
Seriously.. some folks worship
labels.. when gOlden calves
aT lEast..
are shiNy
iN liGht.. mY friEnd..
iF theY dance liFe
Oh yeah.. and
thanks ‘for this’
song.. ‘Tis a great
oxytocin song.. to
go along with all that
i’ve written here.. traveling
on a bus to biloxi.. looking out
the window at the bilLowy looking
November clouds.. it reminds me of
18 again.. first love.. and all the oxytocin
songs like this they played in the 70’s and
cuddling with my girl friend saying stuff
like no.. i love you more.. and she
saying.. i love you more.. no i
love you more babe.. etc..
and i’m thinking/FEELinG..
you kNow/FEEL.. the real
evidence that the Zombie
Apocalypse is here.. somewhere
between the 80’a and now.. Love
is dying more in oxytocin human
way.. so few songs like this are left
anymore.. as new songs.. and now in
the dance hall there are bootie
dances back to front instead
of the old slow dances of face
to face.. oh.. new rules of
human being
as everyone
looks for
the oxytocin
connection in
extreme Ms. and
Mr. good bar
ugh.. the death
of human love..
that really
when dogs
and cats are
more human
than human
in terms of Love..
and truly that is why
some autistic children who
are not empaths like me go
for animals
to feel
oxytocin on
farms and such..
swimming with
dolphins and all
of that.. Zombie
Apocalypse YOU
as feelings
slowly drift
away to bootie
dancing paNdemic
Zombie dead Love…
but true.. Bootie
is better
at all..
in all
M ways
that comes too…
FucK iT aLL.. juSt dance..
wITh eYes of moVing..
creaTinG REaL..:)
dam dirty
the only animal
who labels itself
other than being..
just being now..
and there
the problem..
separation from
what makes living life..
And of course that reminds
me of yet.. another Charleston
Heston movie.. that original ‘Planet
of the Apes” Movie.. where Charleston
and his gorgeous girlfriend with only
loving touch and no words.. stands
by.. when Charleston iS curSing
humanity then for blowing
all the cultural infrastructure
up.. not an issue for the girl
on the back of his horse.. the
horse.. or any part of
other than
wishing away
the beach.. the horses..
and the beautiful Girl for
edifice of olden way.. yeah..
tradition dies hard in
all the cultural
ways iT
To be whole
iS oNe wITh NatUre..
not likely.. the rest of
Nature ..iS wrong wiTh
ouT wordS iN noW..:)
Dance photo and fun as described from
A year ago in MicroVerse way too..:)
We travel to the Biloxi Casinos today..
namely the Hard Rock Cafe.. and on the
way.. Katrina and i have a discussion
on me wanting to go to Gallery night
in P’Cola to see all the Arts
there on one Friday
Night when it
comes to
close to Seville
Quarter.. Katrina
too shy for that but
wait!.. little do we know
then but when we arrive
at the Hard Rock there is
a Biloxi Festival on the Greens
full of Arts and Crafts but the besTest
pArt of aLL.. iS a huge brick dance floor
and a variety of live bands.. and the first
Band i dance for.. i am the only one dancing
and i have my Jaws T-Shirt on.. yes.. the
Great White coming to the surface
with the classic photo of the
blonde swimming naked
up there where the
sky meets the
water as such..
so after i finish dancing
and am walking away.. they
play the Jaws theme SonG..
haha.. it’s hilarious.. then..
but the funniest part of
all comes later in the
day.. when i go
back while i’m dancing..
walking around the other
Casinos and Katrina is sitting
in the Casino Lobby and she hears
someone over a loud speaker outside
saying Go Fred.. Go Fred.. Go Fred..
yes.. chanting my name like i’m
running for a touchdown..
and i’ve been invited on
the stage to dance
with a really
cool Soul
and even get
‘this cool selfie’ with
the lead soul sister
singer.. and she is so
nice.. and says.. she will
hire me for a back-up dancer..
haha.. as a joke of course..
Anyway.. it was another
Ferris Buhler’s day off
Kodak moment.. with
her band groupies
hi-fiving me
with smart
phone photos
coming off the stage
saying way to go Fred
way to go.. and sometimes
when i’m out there dancing
in front of several hundred folks
solo.. a couple of seconds i catch
myself coming back down to earth
and saying OMG.. i’m doing this
in front of all these folks alone..
but then i just ZonE back iN..
In the trance of Dance and
become one with
the Seagulls
around my
head.. and take
some photos at the
same time i’m spinning
around like a F iN 230LB
Ballerina on the Red Brick
dance floor hall ouTside FReED..:)
“Hips..Lips..and Eyes Don’t Lie”.. not too risqué to gain at lEast
one like from one of my Close Female Muslim Friends from Pakistan..
And yes.. very informative too.. and wRite oN Topic HeAR too oF cOURse..
aS Such too..;)
Just a randomly picked SMiLinG Dance Photo..
wiTh a SMiLinG FriEnd at Old Seville
Quarter from two years ago now..
but tHeRe was and is NoThing
Random about the
Fun of the
of HuMaN ConNecTioN
iN/aS DancE and SMiLes
all non-verbal Language
that sTiLL compRises.. anywHeRe
from 60 to 93 percent of Healthy
Human Functioning in reciprocal communication.. out of Deficit ways..
supported by a world becoming text more than flesh and blood..
a photo
SO muCh
moRe iN
TerMs of
BeinG HUman
FLEsH and Blood
as Children of Nature GoD sAMe..FReED2..:)
A Seagull.. sure.. one can call it a Jonathan Livingston Seagull in the Flesh too iF one
cares or likes to too.. i for one Can and WiLL aT LeASTer NoW2.. wiTh a
few MicroVerse words to accompany the photo from a year ago
too.. as i come to the ending now of what
is as i sAId IS A HuuuuuuGE MuSE
as and oF Easter TrUe iN LiGht too..:)
Hard to believe.. that
photos like ‘this’.. come
from a casual point
and shoot
step out
of my car
at Super-Walmart
with a Cell Phone
that is also powerful
enough to open up
my website.. almost
instantly.. iPhone 6s
you Rock
and Roll
iN WinG
oF Free Bird
Sun LiGht..:)
Yes.. thanks to the
transhumanist tools.. i say NoW..
Of Technology thaT DO assist
greater to prepare mE A way..
MoRe Ways too..
to be
i can/WiLL
be.. yeaH
aS God says2..
AS i continue ONE..
to humbly iNHeRiT NoW..
the Gift of LiFe and NAtuRE aS eARth
PArT i.. as WhOle of GoD MoRe iN HiGher PoTenTial NoW..
and ascending
even more NoW
aT Hand iN thE
cOmE isREAL NoW HeAR@LeASt..
iN and aS NoW TrUtH and LiGht LOVE..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked