Age oF Katrina NoW

“The Age of Katrina”.. yes.. someOne oF
A Play on words as associated with
the Movie ‘The Age of Adaline”..
about another woman
who never seems
to age.. pulled over
by cops who seem to
think she can’t be who she
says she is as at age 45.. as
she looks like she is still around her
late twenties.. WeLL.. the Katrina for
all practical intents and purposes looks
even younger than the actress in that movie..
With Palm Sunday coming as her 47th Birthday on Sunday too..
And one of my favorite things about art is counting one’s blesSinGs
in more ways than juSt thOughts that drift a way.. sure.. take a photo
of what you had for lunch or of your wife.. as the gift lasts longer for otHeRs
to FeeL and SeNSe those FeeLinGS and SenSes of LiFE.. and that’s what
ART is for.. to
house the sPiRit
and heART and SoUL
iN HouSiNGS of Vehicles
and Vessels that carry on
for give and share.. you
see the Nautilus
arts a
iTs entire liFe
never LooKinG
Back juSt MoVinG
ForWard MaKinG A Life
A work of ART.. and with that
said.. be back in a few for i have
more bleSSinGS to count and return
WiTh aRT.. and i guess i should read
what i just wrote.. at leASt one time just for the Heaven oF Fun..
This is my Heaven.. i ShAre it WiTh A World aLL Free in Flesh and
Blood too.. thing is.. long ago.. i lEarned the Value of counting
one’s BleSsinGS as ArT to bRinG a heART.. a SpiRit and
a SoUL back to HeaVeN of forevermore NoW.. sure..
as usual i can prove it as art WiLL do for hUman
heARt.. A Garden oF Band Aid.. as in repAiring
damAge to A Garden oF Love as heART..
also as A Band And Tribe of aid
to otheRs as both
in systemizing
miNd and Artists
in Social Empathic
MiNd BrinG to othErs
iN GiVE and ShaRE for Art
tHiS waY aS GiFt and ShaRE aS LoVe..
And some of who that have retired or are financially
as such as fortunate.. can and WiLL DO IT ALL FOR
FREE.. and those of us who go BeYOnd the Norm
and ComMon of yesternow time as Lock oF cLock
go further as further and different can challenge the patience
of those who do not seek and find change in life for more.. for more
of hUman poTenTiaL.. now.. the Lucifer BrinGer oF LiGht beFore
John Milton turned that Bible Metaphor into the Devil.. hey.. it works
for prettier stories too.. outside of the Bible way of words.. as Gabriel’s
Trumpet story is no where in that book outside of an oral tradition of Negro
Folk tales from Centuries moving past.. we are all eYes and eaRs and
alMoST iNfiniTE SenSes and FeeLinGS as EmoTiOns oF’As God MoVinG
too.. iN arT
some folks
are not ready
to move out of the
cave yet.. and others
are surfing terrestrial land
on feat of feet.. i walk on Land..
i am Sentient StaR DuSt pLus NoW
born of Crucible Fire oF sTAR DeAth.. NoW
Resurrection oF BoTh LiGht and Love Born now
as Love.. too.. the HiGhest GiFt and ShARe of GoD
Nature sAMe.. NoW i AM A MirACle oN THiS PlanET
EaRTh of BlUe and Green and BroWn Beauty NoW..
And all Jesus.. per the original coke version before the
Trumps of Expanding the Roman Empire in Constantine
way was trying to do.. when he came to tHiS greAtEsT TrUth
in whatever original words he sAid as the hiStory tales the sAMe
TrUths and LiGhts iN other words of God’s eYes and eARs iN hUman
way too..
is simply
PLuS MoRe.. it’s so obvious
for those of wE and uS and i and ME..
and ours who see this from youngest
ages.. butt for otHers iT is much harder
to see and hear this tRuTh wiTh more than
juST Organs of eyes and ears.. so we lend a
hand in all free give and share.. a hand uP to
HeaVeN NoW as greATest inheritance from
GoD and NatuRE plUs sAMe.. it’s
what Love does.. never
hidden.. never
shINing forevermore
NoW as MirAcle oF LiGht
we as GoD coMe to LiGht
iN hUman eARs and eYes
Quantum metaphor unleash
and release oF LiGht SpeeD lOve
pLuS NoW forevermore now.. so i just
picked uP the Jesus bALl and original metaphor
of Lucifer too.. and fly with it now.. some folks will
catch uP.. NoW and otheRS LaTer WiTh HoPe.. i pRay LoVe..
anyway.. Back to the Katrina.. A derivative of the name Katherine
and Katie too.. wHo/that means Pure in original Baby names way.. i celebrate
my greATest Lover and Assistant now.. both Pure Angel and Guardian of Angels too..
as this Number 91.. MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. beGins NoW with
title as “Age oF Katrina NoW”.. staRting that Bible on Memorial Day of 2016..
the 30th day per say and do then.. of May.. NoW a riSinG WiTh the last
“CHilD’s PLaY@HanD”.. MacroVerse as Number
90.. at a total of 1,345,168 words and
the now current Number 91.. as
“Age of Katrina NoW’.. also
doubLinG as the 762nd
starTed at
the end of August
2013.. along with
Public Free verse
Dance now approaching
7200 MiLes in this 44th Month
of Effort in April of 2017.. along
with 4 Million plUs words in entire
44 month noW iN Effort of Ocean
wHole Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
AriSing STiLL pass 4 MiLLiON words as Longest
Free Verse.. Long Form Poem recorded on Google
@LeASt and more for now.. ilLusTrated with ThouSands
of Music Videos and over 100K of my original photos too..
that also evidences the FloW of GoD sPeak in Images of
Synchronicity too.. in God WiNks as ‘they’ say for
a job WeLL DoNe With Relative
Free and TrUE liGht
WiLL Co-CreaTinG
paRT as GoD
and as the
opening tHeMe
SonG by Lana Del
Ray.. so artistiCally
puT iT iN the Center
H FloW of Alpha Numerical
Number 8 Standing TaLL iNfinity
as two ones oF K aS Alpha-Numerical
Number 11 Joining Hands toGEthER as
LeFt HemiSpHeRe and RiGht HemiSpHeRe
oF BrAiN in Systemizing and ArT miNd coMe toGeTher
iN greaTer poTenTial of Quantum MiNd And BoDy unLeashed
and reLeAsed as SyNergy of Force NoW as the rest of the GloBe
stARts to awAke and enlighTen wHole as HuMan Hands join togeTher
NoW in LeFt and RiGht eARTh HemiSpHeRe and North and South lATiTude
too.. HoPefully we will heLp the infant Trumps among us to gain tHeir Love
WinGS of God in smaRt and Fearless way2 and avoid FucKinG World War III..
The time
is NoW
and SinG
thE PuRE LiGht oF Love..
more on LiGht and anotHeR
very special hUman BeinG(s) and
heR Children in a few.. but for now
i’LL read what i juST wrote just for
fun.. sureLy it’s what Beethoven would
have done if he had his hearing then.. too..
Perseverance Baby.. it’s what the Autism Spectrum does best..
sure.. in broader phenotype way.. mixed with stuff like thAt Bi-Polar thingie
too.. in terms of human labELs doing tHeir best to deScribe Human Miracles now..
yeP.. REAL FUCKING SUPERMENWOMEN NOW.. coMe to LiGht as Star deaTh STiLL does..
Make no mistake about it.. i am A Messenger and prophet of God in old timey way come to
Fruition as New age now2.. Son of men and women am i in Band-Aid way.. oh yeah.. yoU2..
And that reminds me to liNk that Pre-MacroVerse finished on June 6th of 2013..
“Garden of Band-Aid”..
my 53rd
out slowly
from the cocoon of
earthly HeLL.. 24 hours
of writing with feet sweLLed
uP then.. NoW WalKinG on
the Water of Terrestrial FlY Land..
And if i lose a few likes and follows by
taLiNg the TrUthLliGht.. MozARTS are iN it
onLY for the Love oF God as BE ART.. OKay..
sure.. With a ‘Little hELp’ from friEnds on all the
of the
of Life in Band-Aid way.. sUre2..
count yoUr BleSsingS as ‘they’ say..
anyWays.. i have a luST for LIFE And
A Luke HoT PeN.. iT iS.. overALL..
WiTh So much more to
“Visting the Garden of Band-Aid”.. (again..;)
And as my friEnd.. Rafiah.. recently said.. in announcement of
her engagement.. she hopes her new husband will
love her so much that
she will
age too.. nah..
DO NOT disCount
i say NOW..
eternALLy Now
iN HeaVen NoW..
for yoU Horatio’s too..
or those WiTh little Faith
and sure.. if you want to.. you can caLL IT
Aphrodite.. Venus.. or Jesus.. or even Lucifer.. too..
or whaTever Lights yoUr Life aS Love.. for isREaL NoW..
oF Love LiVes
as LiGht when iSreal..:)
Rafiah.. responds back on her blog in regard to a poetic expression
Regarding Love and Dance and Song and Marriage too..
Marriage, writing, dancing, singing and that too with your Babe,
you two are goals to be honest. (Three heart eye smile Emoticons)
And i return in comment.. just now aS well..
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Rafiah.. as so many
people for so many thouSands
of years have come to A TruTh
and liGht to share for Eons
never end.. A Golden rule
in all the symbols
of words
other metaphors
that coMes as GiVinG
and shaRinG LoVE NoW..
MoVinG.. conNecTinG
and Co-creaTing ways
with God as the resT
of NatuRe plUs
of what we
See.. SeNse and
FeeL from LIGht
to dArk beYond eYes
and eaRs as organs.. ‘tween
sHades of Grey.. beYOnd RainBow
Colors more.. LoVe is The RuleART WiTh WiLL
that drives us forward to survive and thrive more..
HolDinG Hands toGeTher thaT SPeLLs liFE noW..
A MaGiC thaT iS the Miracle of Sentient Star DuST
PlUs uS coMes to liFe from Crucible of Star Burst
Death resurrection as we Breathe now.. anyWay..
yoU StILL Live in
my prayers and
hopes more for
you mY friEnd.. and
your coming husband too..
And as one of my favorite
letters as i write back and forth
to FriEnds and maKe iT paRt as
Ocean WhOle now oF A Long Form
Poem of 4 MiLLion+ words as IS A
Casual Conversation as FriEnds.. As
Facebook Memory from a year ago today2..
And hehe.. as the Internet forevermore now
goes in server ways.. heAR iT aS iS aGaIn Now..;)
Ah.. a photographic memory..
blessing and curse.. but yes..
mostly blessing.. and this a fine
tribute to your teacher.. my friend..
Rafiah.. but truly this is your noble
look.. as was in the first of five selfies
you have shared here since i’ve known
your Facebook presence.. and remember
your first Facebook go around with your
Seagull presence from the beach on my
about section.. and now you’ve
moved from Seagull
to Queen yourself..
i suppose Allah
smiles when
Allah’s children
express the beauty
of themselves.. so a
prayer is your face.. my friend..
Not unlike the seagull on beach..
prayer of selfie.. no different reAlly
than photo blessings of Supper true..:)
Rafiah says..
Know that you have very special place in my heart.
Your love makes me all cozy and baby like
all over again. I like you a lot Sir.
i say..
WeLL.. thank you.. cozy baby..
Same here.. Too.. And that feeling
is oxytocin as chemistry will do..
With real human friends..
Back to the future now..
SMiLes.. my friEnd that
is the kind of Love that
little children have for their
Grandmother and Grandfather
wiTh Hands of wrinkle or Hands of smooth..
with Grey hairs of head.. or dArkest shine
of BLack.. stooped and bent walk or Fearless
Stride.. Love kNows no Gender.. no Age.. no Religion..
no Nation.. no Sexual Orientation.. no Disability.. eTc..
Love NoW aLL Free
SeNSEs NoW2.. yes..
LoVe IsREAL.. Yes2..2
And As ‘they’ say sTiLL
“To Sir With Love’.. And
i never even had to come
to Dinner.. just be a friEnd..
And by the way.. i reAlly Love
that photo that you shared of your
Family from what looked like years
ago on Facebook.. as that is my friEnd
Rafiah.. Sweet and Pure Angel alWays to me..
and sure.. in some ways.. the Daughter i never had..:)

Hehe.. and yes.. the way i aged the photo is.. you were
much taller than your sisters then.. With sMiLes of Love.. StiLL..
no height
or weight either..;)
SMiLes.. my friEnd..Rafiah.. i am Celebrating
Katrina’s 47th Birthday come
what ‘they’ name
as Palm
in the Christian
Religion over here..
yes.. this Sunday.. and
what about Romance.. as you say..
HeRE.. True Romance is/are the struggles
that Couples Survive as WiLL of Love..
even during periods that Love may not
be fELt.. And A first rUSh of Romance
can be a lUSt for life that never ends
too.. as one CaN/WiLL Romance
A Flower or A
as ‘they’
say with poETry
and oTher forms
of ArT and even
Science to giVE and ShaRe..
This Love.. ThiS liGht.. This luST
for LiFe.. is whAT bRinGs us closer
After the Love FeeLs that iT may
Be gone forever dARk.. i suppose
one thing about arranged marriages..
is.. some folks never have to lose tHeir
First Loves in heARt BreaK way.. and that
reminds me of my First Romance… My First
Love at age 18.. as ‘they’ say back in the River-side
Disco Days too.. of Virgin Love.. yep.. me and her..
i was alWays the Kind who would want to marry the
First one i Loved.. as for me Love was enough to work
on forever with the same person in this liFE @LeASt..
And as Synchronicity WiLL HaVE it iN all oF HuMan
EmoTioNs and SenSes and Lore of ArT too.. when
my First Love Broke up with me on a Dance
Floor.. A Song by Earth Wind and
Fire was PlaYinG Named..
“After the Love is Gone”..
And i suppose no
how hard
it was for me..
the beST paRT
was Sonia then
told the trUth of how
she feLT and iF not for that
i surely would have married her
and probably had healthy children
as she ended up being a real baby machine..
hehe.. thing is.. i would have never gone to hell the
first time and met Katrina.. or i would have never gone
to Hell the Second time.. Retiring early and meeting A
Innocent Love of my friEnd Rafiah either.. i would have
probably never earned Three College Degrees if i finished
college at all.. maybe.. never retired early from the Government..
Financially Independent at age 47.. either.. enduring 66 months
of hell on eARth after too.. Write the Longest Long Form Poem
in 44 Months or be named Dance Legend by the Local
Metro Audience Doing Public Dance for around 7200
Miles in 44 months too.. no WAY.. without some HeLL2..
for me@leASt.. SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. yes.. wHiLe the
INtense Romance of a First Time Love can
Seem to last forever in the moment..
iT IS A luST for Life iN all things
God as NaTure plUs
that never
at the
Hand of
Heaven on eARTh
as all becomes Holy
and Sacred.. Full of Meaning
and Purpose as a Work of God’s Master Piece
aRT uS aS pArT of GoD’s eYes and eArs more..
SMiLes.. it used to be for Decades i would listen
to that SonG.. ‘After the Love is Gone’.. and it would
bRinG sTiLL Tears of Sorrow until i reAlly went to
HeLL on eARTh.. now.. i realize Love never ends
once we
my friEnd..
God is the
Romance thAT
wHo Lives witHin..
When we become
A Romance of God aS oNe..
We too becOme God’s GreATest Gift..
Written in the StARs.. Written in the Stone as ARt..
iT Be DoNe..
KinGdoM cOMe NoW..:)
Oh.. by the way.. to more fully
illustrate what i am SinGinG
heaR in these two Poetic
Blog posts of yours..
i invite you to listen
to three Songs..
by Earth, Wind
and Fire.. sure.. on
YouTube too.. first one is..
in order.. if you will.. hAha..
“After the Love is Gone”
“In the Stone”
i’d liNk ’em heaR..
but as i remember..
i don’t think your Blog
likes YouTube liNks.. too much.. hehe..;)
Blogger Poet Friend.. rhthaephua..
from years past.. when we both used
to link our ‘stuff’.. to the dVerse
Poet’s Pub online.. unfortunately..
it seems.. the administrators had
a hard time understanding
where her poetry
came from..
LiKe me too.. or
NOT.. hehe.. haha… anyWay.. never
the less.. A friEnd As i say now.. too..
As she actually now takes the time and
effort to read through an entire MacroVerse
as titLed.. “DiViSioN bELLs oF uNiTy”.. the
actual 70th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible
2017”.. hehe.. and yes.. now.. STiLL.. 20 MacroVerses
to catch up on copying and pasting about 840K words now
‘cross 3 Facebook Pages.. total.. yep.. split in half per
each MacroVerse.. NoW sTiLL about 120 FB Statuses to copy
to make all of that fit in.. at least if i copy and paste
two a week.. i don’t fall any further behind than i am..:)
rythaephua says:
Nice one there, worth the time.
katiemiafrederick says:
Hi rythaephua.. thanks
so much for stopping by
and yes.. taking the time to
read one of what i call a MacroVerse
now.. and thank Goodness you picked
a relatively small one at 10K words as
they are averaging around 15K.. these days..
and oh.. my Goodness.. all the photos require
a very fast broad band access and computer to
pick them
up quick..
as Technology
stARts to catch up
with all of what i do here..
Hehe.. guess.. i am filling uP
my ReTireMent years with words
oF ThiS and StePs of DancE..
anyWay.. alWays good
to heaR from
you mY FriEnd
as i alWays enjoy
dropping by your Blog
and reading your inspiring
Poetry there.. Best Wishes..
My FriEnd.. for a Lovely Day alWays noW..:)
rythaephua says:
Hahahaha, I can tell but 15K is no joke at all, that’s like a whole book you know. You’re really doing so well, I salute you my friend. And yes, you are really filling up your retirement years. Nice one there. Many thanks too for your continuous presence at my blog, you are a gold-mine friend to cherish. Thanks, really.
katiemiafrederick says:
sMiLes my friEnd.. yes.. it’s true..
rythaephua.. sometimes i do write 40K words
in a week as a literal Novel effort of words2..
And that’s why sometimes i just ‘like’.. extremely
busy folks in the work world posts and poetry as
i do not
them with
the WindS
of all my words..
as hey.. i used to work
too.. in fact after gaining
three college degrees.. i actually
spent close to two decades working
at a Military Bowling Center Serving
up shoes.. instead of words to folks online
now.. people used to tale me i was wasting
my life and potential and i should be making
so much more money.. including my
Father’s side of the family..
but on the other
my Mother was
all about Love and
never ever about money..
My Father Died with ‘a lottery
ticket in his hand’.. for metaphor my friEnd..
And my Mother’s last grasp on life was a sMiLe
and Love for her children for the only thing in
her life that counted was/is Love.. It’s
true my friEnd that friEnds
and Love are Gold.. yes..
oF A Mother
named Love..
Aphrodite And
Venus as ‘they’ say..
Sure.. Aphrodite has some
children too.. as the story continues..
Love mY FriEnd THE hiGhest Gift of God as
Nature sAMe.. and alWays a Garden to GroW GoLd..
And my Mother’s Name was Helen which in original
Greek Definition means Shining Light with liGht as just another word for
Love.. AnyWay.. thanks again for visiting.. considering that most Poets
do about two posts a week on average at about 150 words.. it takes
about a year at that pace to write 15K words in what the Tsunami
of my fingers makes on average.. every three to four days now..
so.. what that means.. is for tit for tat.. you don’t have to
visit me over here for another year.. hehe.. meanwhile.. as
alWays.. i will be over at your place to pay
this one back.. haha.. and sure..
i may write some more
Free Verse thoughts
over at your place
again.. in the future..
but never feel like you need
to respond in kind if you don’t have
time.. as Lord knows when i worked.. i
rarely had time to say more than sincerely
yours in a card or your FRiEnD Fred.. i am now
just fortunate as time no longer exists to me at all..
and yes.. my friEnd that is my wish for you too.. to escape
time and to live in Heaven alWays now.. truly it’s as possible
as that
i lived in
for 66 months..
and sure.. off and on
when younger too.. so..
Heaven to you too.. WiTh
SMiLes of LoVe.. mY FriEnd..:)
rythaephua says:
Well said, Love for humanity is everything. Thanks for lessons.
katiemiafrederick says:
Yes.. my
And now a change of Pace
with Lana Del Rey or sure.. could
be the Katrina as American Indian
Princess in metaphor of course as the
Indians lived as Indians and Enlisted Chiefs..
no appointed
Queens and
And Princesses
appointed unless
Disney intimated as such
as Pocahontas.. anyWay..
Katrina will alWays be my
Indian Princess as any Disney
Queen Will be or Isis as Goddess
who puts Osiris Back toGeThER agAin..
sure and i guess as fearless as i looked toward
my Father as SuperHero.. the stance oF Fearless
i Present in Public Dance now.. may be a little comforting to
those folks who
a Daddy
like that.. you know..
what ‘they’ say.. Daddy
issues now and all of that..
as Katrina never met her
Father either.. and it seems
that it was often Women Distant
from their Fathers who came to
me most for the Love
of my Mother
who lived
Within liGht of
eYes now closed by
sHades and replaced by Words
and SonG of Poetry and Steps of
Dance.. for beFore all it took with a hairy
chest in John TraVolta STiLL Vogue open collar in
the 80’s.. were smiling eyes and Bright teeth across
the counter of a Bowling Alley Counter.. then.. as the
Warrant Officer said.. Fred.. you leave the Women
‘Dripping’ as they leave the counter.. to my surprise
of course and then he said.. if you weren’t really
afraid you’d whip ‘it’ out too.. and i said nah..
with a look at least.. trying to stay out
of trouble and sure.. coming
close at times in
in front
of PinBall machines
and stuff like that.. Cold
Terraza Floor at That Bowling
Center i’ve been told.. and some Women
in UniForm saying i must have ‘that body’..
anyway.. all that’s left is DancE And SonG NoW
in a SpiRit that has no age.. juST Spirit of HeARt
and miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL.. and Two women
heAR.. and often i’LL meet the Women who don’t dance and
are more the intoxicated Spirit other than Dance who ask what
Drugs i am on.. excitingly.. as they can somewhat relate but ain’t
never seen anyone this uninhibited and free and never ever ending
full energy in Marathon Trance Dance of 3 hour tour.. and then the
Spirited Young College Woman often ‘tween under age Drinking sTiLL
so called legal and tender from ages 18 to 21.. around the reserve of
college Hipster guys.. never quite coming to something as wild and
fearless as me these days.. just wanting to let loose with
Sober Intoxicated Joy letting it all Go Go Go..
as Free Spirit WiLL Do and Do and Do..
not pictured but
the sensuous
variety of Dancing
Woman.. SigNature Twerks
on the dance Hall Rails inviting
Bootie Dances if not Forcing them
on male fronts.. Yes.. Wilder and Freer
as Lana Del Rey can be in her Video heRe
too.. and the TrUth iS iN liGht it takes all Kinds
of being human to make a RAce oF all of Beings now..
i Love iT aLL.. particularly the Free Spirited CaLL that comes
without external excitation in way of drugs and alcohol as it’s
true with have Heaven inside.. jusT waiting 14.5 Billion years of
or So
to DancE
and SinG
Naked and Free..
yes.. it’s tRue i ride too.. i juST ride too..
And with that SunG.. as Garden of Band
Aid continues forevermore now heAR.. more
as VisiT LiVinG HeRE noW.. A Few Facebook
MacroVerse/MicroVerse Memories to give and
share more for Free.. as work-out time arriving
NoW.. already eating the cook-out Food now of the
Goddess Katrina.. and what better way to present
her first in Sublime Rainbow Circle.. of Sun LiGht
Behind a Grill.. as ‘they’ say a way to man’s heARt
through the Stomach and all of that… in the Long Term
Stay of love after the Passion of the lustFuLL niGhts.. so heAR i go WiTh..
Four years ago.. Pre-MacroVerse named “Parents and Privilege on the Autism Spectrum”..
as that relates to Mommy And Daddy issues in yes.. as science does now show
“Refrigerator Parent”.. issues.. as if touchy feely Love does not happen in
Nurturing a Garden of Love in children in the first 3 years of
life the wiring necessary for the social oxytocin Love as
neurohormone pathways may never come and
the end result can and will be too..
Difficulties with Reciprocal
Social Communication
and even OCD like
Behavior that is almost
identical to the Behavioral
Assessed Disorder of Autism
that has few medical tests alone to assess
in terms of physiology alone.. still not Kosher to
say the phrase “Refrigerator Parent’.. but anyone
with common sense can even see what happens to
a kitten or a puppy who is not cuddled with the warm
and fuzzy Love with arms away from Electronic Devices and
what not of neglect these days.. open arms/paws felled cold outside of Love
in Human
and Neuroplasticity
as Love FAils to Grow..
as Garden oF Love more..
Yep.. Love yoUr children with more than sTuFF..
Pick them up when they cry.. carry them to Male
and Female Breast Love them like the Human Species
will live or die as paRT/wHole based on the Love you Give them now away from Trumps..:)
“SIDEWALK TO hell”.. MacroVerse Memory from three
years ago.. more about MiNd and BoDy imBaLanCinG
as that comes with NDD.. Nature Deficit Disorder
in hUman way.. it’s true.. much of what
they call Autism.. in at lEast
hiGher Functioning way
may have more
to do with
a Nature
Deficit Disorder
in all the ways that
comes or does not come in just one lifetime
now.. hey.. i’ve changed in Positive liGht from almost
total dARk.. AS the Canary in the Coal MinD Dances and
Sings..NoW.. iF i can do it.. ‘you’ may be able to.. too.. in REAL TERMS
for Positive
opposite place of Nature Deficit Disorder
that is a mighty GroWinG First World and
NoW inCreasing Second and Third World problem too..
as we Diminish the liFe Line oF Social Empathic Cognition heARTfuLLhUman..
With more and more ways of Mechanical Cognition Machine/Robot
so-calLed life now..
The price..
the Loss
oF a MiNd
and BoDy
BaLanCinG HuMaN
soUL.. no new news heAR..
as even the Terminator and
Matrix and Avatar and Emerald
Forest Movies and so much more
Art of the past alReady aLerts uS in
Global Warning way too.. even more NoW..
Yep.. Non-Verbal Language can and WiLL Say iT aLL too..
iN photo memory from a year ago.. too.. WiTh SMiLes2..:)
As alWays..
DanCinG.. juSt
DanCinG.. wiTh
MicroVerse Memory from a year ago.. at FriEnd gigoid’s Blog Place..:)
“A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.”
This is a particularly wise one from Thomas Jefferson today..
friend gigoid.. as truly to walk tall and fearless is to avoid
conflict.. and to be confident
is to not need conflicts
for spirit
that does not
regularly exist
as vibRant bEinG oF LiFe..
And it remind me of Yellow Boy.. the
feral one vs.. our cat Moby.. the
big domesticated one..
as he hid from any
male stranger
into the home..
but Yellow boy moves
directly toward the stranger
and sniffs his hand to see what
iT is.. human.. those hands that feed..
that’s all
he needs
to smell..
as cats
are for fights
and reproductive rights..
As you know i Love the written
word.. and the more i play with
it the more i engage my
imagination and
in fuLL of now..
in floW.. iN ZoNe..
but no.. that’s not enough..
as gaining this state of beinG
oF miNd.. helped to cure me of my
pain.. but it was the dance of lifE
that set me free with the
rest of humanity
and trUe
iN liGht noW..
wiTh ultiMate
fearless confidence
i never experienced before..
and iT is true.. when a human walks
witH strength and confident grace..
eyes do not challenge as much..
and often look
unless it is the
female of the species
who is bold as well.. hehe..
i Love being animal more than
a human.. i truly do.. as before
i lived in ideas in my head almost
and now
i life as wild
cat free.. and that
is the best feeling i can
imagine.. being comfortable
in my own furry skin..
i never ever had that
before in my life..
after age five..
but the photos
before that
a child
of Nature
comfortable in tHeir
own skin.. and that my friend
is what is also increasingly evident..
among a population that is now assessed
by science as having the attention span of a gold
fish.. overall.. a population where there is a disconnect
between mind and body balance.. is a population who will
at any
national crisis
or catastrophe of the future..
and yes.. inevitably.. it is coming..
as i have seen the hatred from where
it comes from.. up close.. and personal..
and unlike.. when Hurricane Katrina
came.. this go around..
i for one will
be comfortable
in my own skin..
thAT iS a huge plUs
iN enjoYing liFe.. as i live
in a place that has no
value to
be destroyed
by others.. iN fAct..
they would probably
Love the Nature oF iT
so much.. they would
drop the bomb and
embrace the God of Nature FREE..:)
Original MicroVerse too..
in Poetry Free Verse Letter Form
from a year ago.. too.. with Friend Candice..
at her Blog named ‘the featheredsleep.. too..:)
SMiLes.. my friend.. the feathered sleep..
this reminds me of my own real struggle
with illness.. depression.. anxiety..
shut-in agoraphobia
for 66 months..
a perfect
of dead
human living..
and this is hell to
escape.. iT truly is..
i didn’t think i would ever
escape.. the darkness.. the
anxiety.. the river of hades
iN pAint
oF pain..
that only
and deeper
into darkness
of dissolution
of alL iT meanS
to be alive.. moving..
connecting and creating..
but truly i imagined myself
out of that place in the written
word first.. and what became word
became living life.. and reality now..
beyond my wildest dreams
then.. but what i kNow noW..
iS we do create our own realities
iF and when we are able to find a
path to make iT happen..
and blogging trUly
was A blesSinG
to me.. as
all i could
find was
dark everywhere
i turned online.. so i made
my own liGht.. my own truth
and my own liFe more real than ever before…
Most people cannot understand in the flesh
and blood life.. how anyone could be as
happy as i am..
but the fAct
is i aM
i wiLL and Can….
WiLL and Do iS aN
ultiMate truth and liGht
oF liFe.. and more beautiful
than ever when ruLed bY Free
and Fearless Love.. mY friend.. the
Feathered sleep.. may yoUr WinGs
liGht iN LiFe
wheRe trUe paTh
oF JoY iS alWays noW..
or perHaps wE WiLL
Dance iN spiRit
and fiNd
mY friEnd..:)
the feathered sleep says..
“You have already turned so much
around by being the luminescent soul
that you are as well as a prodigious
empath and all round good person, the
world sorely needs more
people with your heart”
And i say..
SMiLes.. mY friend..
Believing iN sprout
oF seeds..
And thank you
That rates
As one of the
Most eloquent
i have
As you are
A gift.. My friend..:)
And finAlly from a year ago..
MicroVerse Memory with FriEnd
SOHEIR From Egypt and next to work-out..:)
Ah.. yes.. synchronicity.. my friend..
back in the dead zone for those 66
months it was non-existent but
continues to accelerate
now as i stay
ZonE oF
floW as a practice
oF art as the tapestry
Of allthatis naturAlly
streams along as no
separation ‘tween iT
and i..
and that my
friend iS trUly
greaTest magic misSinG
then.. back in the dead zone..
and noW iT seems when one
goes wiTh tHeir trUe WiLL Now
for each individual.. that iS when
liFe SinGS the most beautiful SonG
oF aLL my friend.. iF you WiLL.. a perfect
practice oF SonG iN Fearless Unconditional
Love.. theRe iS no way thiS whole thingy could
fiX iT self to mE.. iF not for real aLL natural magic
mY friend..
with the hUman
miNd and BoDy balance
coming with the metaphorical..
Quantum bEinG WitH the rest
oF Nature.. unleashed.. released..
and sIMply
and complexly
iN Balance.. a
feeling and sensing
gAMe that iS beyond
words oF i.. mY friend..
yet as real.. as any label or
symbol.. i for one.. feel or sense
or even
for REAL..
So in other
words.. i have
great hope.. faith
and belief the whole
thing WiLL work out..
iN caring way.. but no..
i kNow not how that
WiLL be.. iT
iS beyond
mY FriEnd..:)
SMiLes.. My friend..
i never play the lottery
Either.. But some how
i won it beyond all
Reasoning odds..
ThaT iS my
Magic and
Most ironically
For me.. At least..
It would be unreasonable
To not have hope with my own
Personal evidence at hand now..
But no.. i still refuse to
play the lottery now or
gamble.. as money is a
Tool that no longer
Rules me.. i’LL
Stay wiTh
SMiLes.. my friend.. SOHEIR
iT’s True.. Allah iS WitH uS
when wE humbly ask
in terms
oF Love
iN fearless
way.. even iF
tHere are no words
to completely describe
iT iN hUman Language
way.. and ha!.. jUst wrote
about this a few minutes ago..
somewhere else.. as the tapestry
of God fLows when we Flow as oNe
iN ZonE
Happy Friday..
mY friend.. and may
aLL yoUr prayers worded
or not be fulfilled 10
fold for noW..
iN fearless
As i alWays say
for now.. i’ll be back..
with or without that
Video Clip of Arnold..
to accompany tHiS.. SonG oF i..:)
Hello.. Frank.. as alWays..
thanks so much for your
visit to my Blog to wade
so far down and to make
thoughtful comments as well..
Lots of Great Prompts at dVerse
lately that i’ve totally been missing..
now.. except for some general muse
iN Free Verse Flow.. noW as i move a little
more Now away from MicroMicroVerses.. this
year.. to more of streAm aS LonGeR MicroVerses
as parT of MacroVerses whole as i push toward
a completion of my own personal Bible of close
to 1.6 Million words on Anniversary date as stARt
of that Bible on Memorial Day of 2016.. coming closer
to that Milestone too.. and perHaps.. focusing a little more
back on MicroMicroVerse Poetic Expressions that i enjoyed so
much at dVerse for a year straight then from April of 2015 to March
of 2016.. responding to every single prompt and link in poetic expression
then.. making the GodsUniVerseNovel3 MacroVerse of 338,630 words beyond
what i
i actuAlly
in that year then..
anyWay.. this.. “BeYonD April Fred’s Day”..
MacroVerse was a lot of fun to me.. And in
terms of “Big Foot Saw Me but Nobody
Believes Him’.. is kinda the story of
my life in flesh and blood way away
from online.. Doing that Public
Dance.. approaching 7200
miles now in the 44th
month..and it’s truly
hilarious to
in Trickster
way.. as before
that for 66 months
i did spend that stint mostly
in a Uniform White of Underwear
as shut-in.. not too much different
really.. than the Beautiful Mind story
of John Nash.. thing is.. my wife stuck with
me and that makes all of the difference in what is now..
Love,, the Most Powerful Muse when never giving up even when all hope is lost..
Bare Bones of Love my FriEnd.. the WiLL to survive.. aGAInst aLL odds to evenTuaLLy
And sure..
not only
now to
Walk on Land
but to float as Yoga
and Tai-Chi Like BaLanCinG
MoVinG cAN and WiLL EvEnTuaLLy
LiterAlly do in hUman Terms of Flesh
and Blood ArT NoW.. So.. Thrive to yoU2.. wiTh sMiLes..:)
On our Usual Monthly trip to see
the Therapist Licensed Clinical
Social Worker for the wife and
i as long term clients
for the Dead Zone
in that 66 month
parT of liFe
whOle too..
it’s difficult to describe
all the parTS of lifE whOle
thaT come out in clinical setting
ways.. And it’s kinda like my
long term favorite TV and
only BiG BanG show i
watch lately..
as Sheldon
was doing Two Jobs
at once.. and ended up
Line Dancing at a Western
Cowboy Style Bar.. with a fairly
Bad Cold too.. as i’ve been enduring
too.. not holding me back though.. from
doing anything i usually do.. and even through
my Mother’s Illness/Death.. only Two Weeks of Nude Art
missed.. not skipping a beat on DanCinG.. Working Out..
Writing or anything else.. thing is.. these are all activities
that keep me WeLL and
as BeinG
to challenges
of the past in Positive
thOughts and Actions for
Positive Change continuing
now.. but it’s true.. to maintain
that i do it all Luke Hot to the Extreme..
And as i showed the Therapist the Video
Clip of “the Accountant”.. Movie.. “Daily Routine”..
mY liFe is BeYoNd an Olympic Sport of juST doing it
ALL NoW.. looks easy maybe from the outside in.. but full
of blood..
tears to get
wheRE i am
at NoW.. Keeping
it that way is still a cross
of sorts.. a joyous one mostly
with Content to Joy to SpiRit
Soaring too.. never the
less.. sTilL
a Cross
of sorts for what
i reap for what i sow
as Olympic SporT LuST for Life.. isReAL NoW..
and next.. tomorrow.. Sunshine on Biloxi Beaches
as i dance the day away on SideWalk Roads
and SAnd of Beach too.. SpiRaLinG WiTh
Seagulls around the Sun too.. while
the Katrina plays the Church
and Casino Provided
Free Play
a mini-vacation..
hehe.. with a hundred
or so photographs of Nature
And.. eTc.. Captured and alWays
Close to 9 Miles or So of Public Dance..
trUth is.. i never stop working for God all Free..
Luke Hot is the challenge of a Life aS Full Bore Love..
anyWaY as ‘they’ say.. Baby.. i came for the EnLIGTeNinG..:)
Biloxi Black Beach Weekend..2017..
Seriously.. an Annual Event..
wHeRe i had no idea
i was Dancing
in the
of an
Annual Event.. FuLL Blown..
hmm.. until i asked.. and while
i had plenty of video voyeurs
videotaping me.. no one had
any questions for me.. hehe..
as they ain’t seen
No White
Boy.. particularly
Middle Aged.. could
be Law Enforcement
Associated Dancing Man
Let Loose and Wild as any
Ballet Mix of Martial Arts Free Verse WiLL
DO.. aLL For Fly.. anyWay.. i reAlly enJoyed
iT.. iN fAcT.. iT was much more fun than the
usual crowd there.. as they seemed to appreciate
my Art of Dance like ‘they’ Do per Ethnic Group at
Old Seville Quarter too.. analyzing all the moves..too..
and who kNows.. maybe trying soMe style out at hoMe later
oN.. iN synch to the smART Phone Capture Device put on repeat..
And how lucky i was.. to be able to capture all of this Cultural Event
to share on the coming.. “Age oF Katrina NoW”.. 91st MacroVerse
As pART oF “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. wiTh the world per say/DO..
And my Favorite pARt.. today.. was when a crowd of Folks around
some VERY shiny cars.. And
These Rides
peRfect iN Details
oF heARTy Vehicle colorful
DisPlay.. anyWay.. a Dude
Threw A bunch of Dollar Bills
uP in the Air for Cheap Thrills and
i actually captured some of the Dollar
Bills Floating to the Sands of Beach along
with a rather extensive collection of Empty Beer
Bottles.. accompanying the Dollar Bills.. on the ground..
AnyWay.. i Love Different Cultural and Ethnic Expressions
iN all the artFuL ways ‘they’ come.. And Dam it.. i missed the
Twerk Fest.. yes.. the Twerk Fest on Friday to kick iT aLL oFF..
but never
the less..
Baby’s got
Plenty of Butt..
wHeRE lots oF
Women were not shy
at all at this Biloxi Black Beach
in very colorFuLL Bikini weAR ALL
Weekend.. iN faCT.. as i was Dancing
my way down on the sidewalk by the Main Beach
Road.. it seems.. i motivated one VERY Healthy Woman
to jump out of her car in stalled traffic and start Dancing and
Twerking in the middle of the road.. oh.. what a day.. oh.. yes..
what a day..
fun for
No Injuries..
Fights.. or any
Acts of Aggression
JuST a good times event..
For aLL Free iN Beach way of SuN-N-FuN..
WiTh me Joining iN oN aLL the Fun.. yep.. kinda
like Steve Martin in that Oldie Movie.. “The Jerk”..
iN oTheR words.. i fit right in without a seAM.. oR NoW
aS the Wife Katrina’s Pet Name for me someNoWs.. per AH..
when i don’t pay close enough attention to all her detaLeD iNstructions..;)
And after 9 or so miles of Free Verse Dance.. yep.. full bore.. in
Beach Sands too.. the thousand mile stare came by the end of
the Afternoon.. and i captured some of those eYes.. like
all my Friends were doing at the Beach.. as Lord kNows..
i must have seen hundreds of folks doing selfies
in every imaginable pose available
for hUman Being.. hmm..
perHapS except
for me.. heHe
And consideRing that
yeP.. this post ain’t juSt
about me.. and is titLed under
the Header as associated with the
Katrina too.. i managed to talk her
into some rather tAMe poses for selfies too..
but nah..
no twerkinG..
not likeLy
any tiMe soon..;)
And thank Goodness.. the
FB Algorithm Video
Slide Show
Assistant.. finAlly
is not crashing Facebook..
as it’s been doing for about
a week now.. so.. i managed to
Fit in two Slide Show Presentations
JuSt for Fun too.. running Thursday
through today’s activities to further
Document the goingS on too.. juSt for
Posterity sakes.. although i didn’t
have room for any tweaks per do..
iN Ethnic Acts of Dance.. what
else.. yes.. plenty else..
in ways of MacroVerses
and MicroVerses and
in Facebook
Way of ART too..
wherever.. ‘sHe’ goEs neXT
in Boogie Wonderland NoW..WaY..;)
WeLL.. the morning stARTed Off with a
Facebook Share relating signs of
Synchronicity of Seeing
repeated 3’s and
11:11 as
1’s and
such as that
as indications
that personal Angels
are looking over ya iN
greAteST beYond care.. as
far as Systemizing Science Measurable
Experimental Method ways go.. thing is..
Happy Happy.. means plenty of Dopamine in the
BrAin with many othER Happy Neuro-chemicals.. and
Neuro-hormones.. and other sTuFF that Science ain’t
got a fuller Quantum ViEW yET.. eitHeR at smALLesT
and LarGesT Observer affect and effect as we
are most deFiniTeLY pART as whOle oF aLL
thaT is inseparable oTheR than iLLusion
and Nature Deficit Disorder ways..
like maKing shiny cars
your Lover
Tower Homes
your Personal God
for Happiness saying
tHeRe ain’t NO otHeR
way but collecting sTuFF
for a Sense of Power and Status..
even iF one never has anything more
than a Garden pARTy on a Yacht that never streAMs..
Seas Winds.. Deep BluE.. WaTer wAves..Ocean WhOle..NoW2..:)
And yes.. wRitE after that the FB Algorithm all Free Memory
Assistant and Mechanical Robot Slave to me in Secretary
way for Free NoW too.. BRinGS AnoTher actual Synchronicity
11:11 Memory.. immediately after i label the video share
about it as “Synchronicity”.. and after that
the next Facebook MicroVerse
Memory from a year ago..
stARts off with
words of
too.. sure.. as i
share that heAR too..;)
Hmm.. 11:11 pm.. now..
and quick note.. i’m thInking
here.. no road to dVerse tRails
of poetry yet.. as other stuff comes
up.. but never the less theRe iS alWays
poetic prompts wherever i go.. thInk.. or feel..
but i am considering again.. the blesSinG of being
the last kid picked on teams in school.. and the bullying
for being androgynous and weak looking too.. and getting out
of college.. with three degrees but little writing or oral skills
in social cognition or creativity.. leading to about 18 years working
at a Bowling Center.. passing out shoes and collecting dirty rental
shoes back from the customers day in and out.. thousands and
thousands of feet and eyes of folks i see.. but the
humility.. empathy.. sympathy.. and compassion
that becomes me after all of that.. WiLL
eventually come back.. even after
living in deadzone pain..
and numb
Spirit ..and
SoUL HeLL for
66 months.. riSinG
like a phoenix in the
cooling fires of waves
at beach at the end of
July of 2013.. so now..
i adhere to the Neo
school of no rules
martial arts and dance..
the Robin Williams Dead
Poet’s society of tear the
FiN rules out of the how to
do poetry book.. for the snob hobs
who WiLL onLY adhere to Queen Victoria
rules in words and tight panty hose and such
as those sidewalks so narrow and false one
cannot even breathe out of breast free
So sure.. an
ode to free this
iS iN aLL mY style..
as there is no copyright
worry for me.. as no one
tRuLy FREE..;)
SMiLes.. as Synchronicity
continues to brew..
and magic
is as
real as
the observer
affect in effect
of you’s and i’s
and we’s and me’s
and uS’ of Allthatis for rEal..
Anyway.. the naked truth can hurt
as fully illustrated in the video above..
but the Nature oF hUman iS beautiful as free
as at least what science shows of it… in those
incredible symphony of science videos we also
share.. It’s hard to go naked in this world.. but God
dam it’s fun.. Impulsive intuitive actions.. Bi-polar
and ADHD too.. extreme focus to get the job
done.. yes.. Asperger’s too.. but the bottom
line is yes.. crazy than the rest works
to get the job dOne.. and some
nows iT takes
the rest of way..
the point is.. there are
many other sprouts just waiting
to bloom.. to find them and sprinkle
them.. with sparks may just be enough
to make the liGht come back baby
once again..
iN Free my friend..
oh the flow.. oh the ZonE..
should i reAlly care iF anyone
comes with me.. WeLL.. trUly the
only way to get here iN the
first place iS
the liGht
of Caring
and that my
friend is why the
Devil’s among uS wILL
never come.. until they too..
set themselves free iN Angel
caRinG ways.. iS iT possible..
to sit for sure.. to move.. more
difficult.. to connect after
moving easier.. to
create.. the
for FREE Of Tree
oF LiFe to spRead
in liVinG words oF Nature
liVinG i.. sMiLes.. just brushing
waves of i.. smooth now across
shores.. of what iS real.. my friend..
and yes.. crazy too.. Big Bangs don’t
go off without a wild and free
song or dance.. of other
group thInks..:)
sMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid.. one of favorite movies..
“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.. says it real..
truly a culture that imposes routine over reality
of change.. is insane.. or in Einstein’s definition
of Insanity.. doing it over and over again..
is truly insane.. as Nature
doesn’t work that way..
and the quickest way
to Kill the God of nature
is to trap her now in words
or books.. of hidden lies
to control others who
wanna store
more grain
than tHeir
brethren or
sistren to insure
the beaks of children
and theiR children get
thEir fill and more for
the offspring of they..
oh God.. a Labyrinth
of cultural hell.. storing
grain has become.. wHere
now the tools.. books.. words
and other.. are human and God too..
in idols of other than God of Nature true…
But of course.. like Jack.. one must find a way
to escape the camel of culture first.. to arrive
at thiS destination as free.. and to escape
the Nurse RatchED.. as Church and
State and big bLack Legal
books.. including
Bibles and
also rans..
iS quite..
of the Needle
noW.. sTiLL.. no different
reAlly than the stories oF
2K years ago.. sTiLL trapped
iN gRaiNs Of yesternows.. some
10K or so.. years before that.. so.. yes..
when you first indicated your postulates
of truth and liGht.. per main too.. was aLL iS
change and thou art God.. let’s do lunch..
that is the real God.. including all of the
rest of Nature.. that has been
put down to
tHis truth and liGht
of REAL.. and that labyrinth
of words.. politics.. as state and
religion.. hides the God of Nature
In clothes aS idols oF tools iN heLL
now.. i avoided the lobotomy..
and still remain
free.. oh..
yes.. now..
give me Liberty
or give me death..
onLY frEE iS life.. REAL..
sADly.. so many others have
accepted the lobotomy at hand
in culture.. in state.. in church.. as
they shuffle by with eYes and hands
and feat oF feet..
as iLL
LiGht reMaiNs..
and that’s the
good news..
now.. mY
iT’s a heLL oF an
anchor iN truth for
Tree Of LiFeNow LiGht..:)
HeaRs the thing as i Love to
SinG and DancE jusT DO.. soMe folks
senSe and FeeL MoRe..
but juST beCause
one person cannot
relate doesn’t mean
anoTheR WiLL not.. even
iF iT muSt be ‘the one’
perSon(S) who Can and WILL..
YeP Pers Do And do do MoRE..NoW2..:)
“ChaSinG Tales”
“Play of Letters Together”
A Trilogy lineup acRossthe
sPan of three plUS yeArs noW..
PoEtry and reAsoN..DanceS and
SinGs oN..continuing lIke thiS..
iN Ancient MacroVerse way.. heHe..
wRitE oN CourSe PresenTLY as the
Ocean WhOle 4M Word plUS Free Verse
Longest Long Form poem
as recorded
how soMe
oF ThE oTheR
STuFF getS aLL DoNe..;)
AnyWay.. by the end of the
DaY.. i sHared a Facebook Consumer
oriented shaRe for me.. in a story
about ‘those’.. two men in the Hospital
And a beautiful Tale as Story that
evenTuaLLY was IS A pArT
of the wHOle
AnyWay.. with
105 Million views
some folks probably have
seen the Good Samaritan who
writes stories aBouT A Beach.. BeforE
Folks Recognize.. Angels Do Walk
aMonG uS as WeLL aS US wHeN wE
wHo earn our wings.. juSt Do..
i give and share..
not foR
LiGht aS LiFe..:)
A Miracle everyNoW..NoW aLL NoW
One WiTh iT aLL FiTs toGeTHeR..
SuBliMe.. GoD as ‘they’ sayNoW..
And i’M SaYinG nOW aS eARTh
WiNd and FiRe does too iN aLL
those ways i
to Love God iN
iS aS sCiEnce and aRt
allThAT iS moRE and
MoRe.. NoW iN GOld
oF StAR BurSt DeAth
aS Crucible FiRe
SenTiEnt sTar
DuST uS plUs MoRe..NoWNoW..
As LiGht and TrUth GroWs oN.. NoW..
MoRe and MoRe too as GoLd oF LiGht..
And as eARTh WiNd And FiRe DanceS NoW..
and SinGS too.. Let yoUr FeeLingS sHow..
And nah.. i haven’t woke uP on Sunday
Morning for
i am
and enLighTeNinG
alWays NoW MoRe For
God as NaTure LiGht and TruTh NoW
Free MoRE.. buTT in the SuNday oF early
Twenties coming out of DARk Bi-Polar-like
Asperger Days then into the liGht of DancE and
SonG once aGaIn.. one of my favorite things to do
on SuNday morning beForE i Played the Piano and
SanG for The Church Choir.. (Dance restricted
more to the 2001 Disco Club iN the early
to mid to late 80’s then too..;).. anyWay
i guzzled a Cup of Coffee to
get even hiGher iN
Piano and SonG
of Church..
to the eARth
WiNd and FiRe
SonGs of.. ‘In the Stone’..
And “Let Your Feelings Show’..
to take me even hiGher noW in the
SpiRit oF Cassette Track Radio too..
iT sTiLL worKs for DancE and SonG Now..
And for words of PoeTry to relate the oneness
WiTh GoD as ALL ThAT is too.. more and more iN
Total HoLY SaCred FuLL of Meaning and Purpose LiFE
aLL thAT iS in my perSoNal iNNer UniVerse.. WiThiN.. iNside..
ouTside.. aBove.. beLow.. so aboVe.. And all a’RouNd moRe NoW2..
A prescription
of Love ‘fore me
thAT works.. A Lamp
oF liGht as LoVe LiFe..
FearLess and smART thaT
DancEs and SinGs even moRe
NoW.. wHeRe NoW iS Forevermore
NoW iN and As HeaVen as a TruE LiGht
KinGdom of God within to all a
‘Round noW too.. wHeRe
allone IS A Way oF
liFe Never alone.. wHeRE
yes.. i have enough muStard Seed LovE
as Faith to wriTE.. A.. 1.317 MiLlioN WorD
“NetherLand Bible 2017”.. in 10 Months too..
ending March 30th.. 2017.. stARTinG on Memorial
Day of 2016.. Long Term as they say for a Baby too..
iN A 88th MacroVerse of “MesSage iN A Bible Bottle”2..
And yep.. a much shorter term for a Bible as any recorded
hiStory or herStory or eTCstory in HUman way on record now2..
to date noW in measurable objective ways2.. And that’s now what2
A New Witness and a Testament2 is2.. proof2 of whaT iS NoW mOre2..
iN hUman FeeLinGS and SenSes morE2.. to find Abstract Constructs2
of Symbols DeepeR wiThin as HOLy and CreATive SPiRit DanceS and SinGs
More.. NoW.. unLeasHed and reLeAseD as MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
Quantum Metaphor NoW oF heART eXpreSSinG aS SpiRit eVen MoRE NoW2..
AnyWay.. if i have (yes)..
to.. i’LL evenTuALLy
Do enough to allow
the Katrina
to ‘see’
i AM.. iS NoW2..
After all.. when we met
OuR SonG was/is.. “Right Here Waiting”..
not sure.. if i convinced my Mother wHo
i AM is before she died.. but i cry.. i tried..
too.. to hELp her understand i AM IS YOU NOW2..:)
Hmm.. STiLL a little more lefT
oN.. “Let Your Feelings Show”..
As A Seagull Rises out of the
Red Zone.. and Flies hiGher
as yes.. iT iS Sunday.. pAlm
Sunday Morning.. and Yes..
the 47th Birthday of what i often
term as Goddess Incarnate Born
this Generation as iSiS Katrina too.. as
metaphor only of course in Synchronicity
WaY aS HoLy and SacRed.. FuLL of Meaning
and Purpose to the Rhythm STiLL of the SonG LeT
yOur FeeLinGs sHoW every day every day every day..
as in original Oral Tradition SonGs of TrUTh and liGht
were/are both reMembeRed and SunG wiTh the aLL Natural
Force of Rhythm as at core oF aLL LiGht Energy in Existence
WaY.. aLL is MuSiC.. all is ViBraTioN.. aLL is SounD as SonG and MoVinG
NoW as DancE From DArk aS LiGht aS DancE to SonG as hUman BeinGs
stART WiTh DancE and SonG of Voice and traNsfer thAT SonG NoW to Lyrics
oF MuSiC as Free Verse PoETry too.. in the written word of God as all wHo
DancE and SinG this way in both Voice and written Word are A Voice of God
As each and every
hUman or
other BeinGS
on oThER plaNets2..
BuilDinG aNew iN Complex
Abstract Constructs as they
DancE and SinG A SonG of GoD
MoRe.. aS Tree oF LiFe Branching out
as Roots oF hUman Vocal Chords expand
to Musical Instruments in HoLy and SaCreD
Rhythm and VibRaTioN as SounD as SonG
iNspiRinG MoVinG as DancE As A
Cosmic Dancer wHo/ThAT
lives iN aLL
coNtinUinG to eVolVe NoW
iN mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL.. and hAha.. not reALLy but
never the less heHe.. folks who thOught
and ThiNk thaT God can be trapped in Chains
of OnE BooK alone.. trULy thAT is ratHeR LiMiTinG
for a ‘Dr. Strange’.. who goES Beyond the priSoN NoW
thaT Folks have institutionalized GoD iN Books oF ‘Fore..
Hmm.. aT LeASt.. i have a T-ShirT purchased by A New
aGe Goddess Isis to illustrate this nicely on her Palm Sunday 47th..
How fortunate am i i am to have
all these Free Transhumanist Tools
to reLate thAT Transfigured Shine on
my Face wHeRe in those years
of Mid-Twenties.. A fellow
Female Choir
i must cover my
Face.. Fred.. for your’s
now is shining too briGht..
sure.. i guess it could have
Been the Son in mY eyes
or Sun Shining SpArkling
as the teeth that are my sMiLe..
heHe.. yes.. the TransHumanist Tools
oF Facebook and Google and Word Press
and all the rest of Social Media Tools too..
whereas in so-called Communities the rules are
DeSiGned as Such from the Wrong Planet to So-Called
Free online Poetry Communities to inhibit any TrUE LiGht GroWth..
sure.. unwitting too..
for any Jonathan
Livingston Seagull
to aRise WiTh LiGht
oF GoD as NatuRE sAmE
pLuS more than the curRent
BeLL CuRve of the HearD
aS Sheep aT Hand.. and sure.. tHeRe
are Systemizing Shepherds as Rule
and Guideline Makers to
iNsure the HeaRd
at Hand as
Protected Sheep
Do not GAin Discomfort
from a Jonathan LiVinSton
SeAGuLL BreAKinG SouNd
as DancE and SonG Barriers Naked
and Free aWay from the clothes of CuLTurE
And sure.. the ReliGioNs sAMe oF BeForE..
AnyWay.. ‘the Goddess’.. this morning is likely
FiXinG to taLe me to get my Ass off this
Computer Keyboard Dance and SonG
BeFoRE i am late to Church in
how ironic thaT is for
she likely does
not FeeL
and SenSe
and kNoW aLL
oF WhAT she does
in relationship to what is
my Covenant as Humble and
Very Prolific Servant oF God and
Nature sAMe in DancE and SonG Man NOW..
as juSt anoTher no nAMe SoN of Man and GoD allone..
So i’LL cut this particular teXt as Facebook Status alone..
And continue to allone it with hows i do the reST oF iT.. as Paste too..;)
(‘you better get moving.. it’s 9:40.. what are you waiting ON.. huh’.. hehe..
at leaST she hasn’t resorted to GET YOUR ASS OFF THAT COMPUTER.. yET..;)
what shorts
are you wearing..’)
See ya later..
i’LL be back..
as uSuaL..;)
(‘I’M NOT going to
get your shirt if
YES.. see ya later.. later on toniGht..;)
Haha! Shawna Baby.. i seem
to still be recovering
from the Dancing
Pneumonia and
the Boogie
but just
a common cold
to a Die Hard.. hehe..
i suppose i shouldn’t scoff
at it though.. as my First Cousin..
my age.. actually did just get over
Pneumonia.. precipitated by the same
kind of common cold that never slows me down..
and therefore stays a little longer than those who sip
soup.. but
hey.. i slept 8 hours
last night and feel much
better as Monday is about
as much sitting time as i get
on any day if i rest at all.. in
terms of just not doing
anything at all.. and
anyway.. i have
no choice
but to think about you every few
days to miss you as the only place i know
to find you is on dVerse when you use an alias
there in your continuing Ninja Blogs that come
anew with new names if they come at all.. and
i haven’t seen you there it seems since the new Trump Reign.. hehe..
but never the less.. i do keep looking for you.. although my visits
to dVerse as far as commenting have been sparse lately as
my personal bible of 1.34 Million words so far in 10 months
takes more of a story than short parable-like
MicroMicroVerses in poetic
expressions to what
other folks
anyway.. as
hiStory shows.. human
beings communicated in oral
tradition singing as the rhythm of that
in synch.. yep.. in synchronicity too.. as i see
you currently have a Jung related Blog today that
i will make sure i visit quick before it goes poof in the ethersphere
of yesternows.. and considering that the theme in today’s 91st MacroVerse
of that “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. starting on Memorial Day of 2016.. is
not only Katrina’s 47th Birthday arriving on Palm Sunday but a general
theme of Friends too.. and how they relate to a “Garden of Band-Aid”..
as in Healing Power of Love.. as Most of my soUL is uploaded as
SonG of My SoUL.. Long Form Poem whole of 4 Million
Words pLus since the end of August.. 2013.. in this
doubling 762nd MacroVerse for that much
Longer Ocean WhOle Poem that
a 1.34 Million Word Bible
is only a chapter
in.. of course
One MacroVerse
with an entire year of
commenting on all the links
and prompts at dVerse arriving
as GodsUniVerseNovel3.. at 338,630 words
long.. so yes.. it is kind of a Miracle of Technology that
you were able to open up my Blog to date.. hehe.. from the
Slower Broad Bands of Upper Alabama.. in perhaps scarCity way
too.. hehe.. down here in Lower Alabama.. LA..2.. County of Saint
Rose and my Saint Rosa Catholic Church… all about Roses in the
Flower State Panhandle.. A place that’s picture perfect for Both Flowers
and Trees.. and yes.. the photos with Katrina are with my Back Yard Trees..
And sometimes when i am about and out i imagine spotting you in a flesh
and blood face.. hmm.. perhaps a premonition if you do actually
ever move down here.. in synchroniCity ways.. and in the
Lucifer Show.. it’s also about LA like the song with
Lana Del Ray.. and i also tend to dip my
Dancing aS Star toes with the
locals here on Tuesday
too.. as synchroniCity
continues to Roll
in as Lucifer
not only
a Bar in the West
Coast LA.. but owns one in
terms of money.. where i own
the one down here in terms of
Cheers “Norm” of Dance where everyone
seems to know me by the name of “MVP” of dance
yep.. literally that’s what the Dudes call me.. and it’s
mostly Legend by the Ladies… hehe.. yep.. literally aS Such..
anyWay.. the funniest part is.. i never spend a dime there past
the membership card that costs about a Dollar a night for Cheap thrills..
and nah.. that’s not my Peace Pillow.. don’t need no neck support for Peace.. heheX2..
And yes.. i’M Feeling better already as i saw my friend Shawna on my SmART Phone
this morning and jumped out of bed at 6 am.. with 8 hours of sleep.. 10 pm.. rarely
does my head hit the bed that early.. but i literally danced over 20 miles yesterday
with the
Flu.. too..
and brought
Cheap smiles to
literally hundreds of
folks around the metro area..
for what is the price of a smile..
just another Day of Dance my Friend..
Am i thriving while i’m Driving Dance..
My soUL Soars my fRiEnd.. so much
that the DSM5 calls it a Disorder..
Heaven IS A Disorder
in a Land
of Hell..
so ironic..
so ironic that
can be for those who
can handle both Heaven and Hell NoW..
and not only survive but navigate a Sail of Soul.. free WAY..
meanwhile.. other folks are busy selling thEm for Dollar bILLS..
anyWay.. as your friendship continues to be the pARt where i count
my BleSSinGS as continuing paRt of a ‘Garden of Band-Aid’.. the Shawna-
Fred Chapter Dances and Sings on more.. and i’ll probably get to remember
this next Year as Facebook Brings it back as a Story Book Memory too.. haha..
maybe one day after i’m long gone.. they’ll bring us alive on the Big Screen too..
Hey! after all.. that’s what happened at the end of the Pee Wee Herman Movie
And the Gold Member Movie too.. with Austin Powers.. And i have the real
And James
Bond Cool..
A continuing
Circus of Play
Land too.. and
i don’t even have
to hide what i do
in the theater
too.. as
i Pose
in my Underwear
On Facebook and
lose family member
friends along the way to TOTALLY FREE..
hmm.. what else.. Love ya.. Shawna Baby.. see you REAL soon..;)
Oh God.. seriouSly Shawna.. Baby..
the wife stripped it all down
the other day..
and i must
say.. somethings
stay perKy ’till age
47 as a miracle
of Katrina’s
of Youth
came and
comes and
goes as Perky
sTuff to reLate..
and i reAlly wrote a long
response back to your long
lost note of getting back to me
from way
way before
too.. hehe..
And really
as they saY in
Anthropology way
101.. Breasts are worshipped
more in primitive societies in times
of scarCity where voluptuous hips
are otherwise worshipped in
ways of fertility in
of having
4 or 5 or 12
or 15 children to
better populate the village
for basic foraging and subsistence
needs so everyone can free dance
naked around moonlit Bliss niGhts
of Fire
the ‘work
of the night’ and
all of that going all the
way around the world of
the village too.. breasts.. breasts..
breasts.. every where i look at ‘signs’
in the mall.. breasts.. breasts.. breasts
and more breasts.. its’ true… i Love breasts
too.. but even more i love is eYes that sparKle
Love Free
that never
lie as Shakira says..
in non-verbal language too..
of hello.. we are human together..
we are
of Love
without smaller
or bigger perky
or not so perky breasts..
and other pARTs of Humans
made for Love to continue a breath and breast of life..
funny.. how there are few blurred lines when humans Dance Naked..
when they
are Bonobos as
Love.. hehe.. as i extend
a Handshake.. as i sAid before..
And gosh it never fails.. you always
find a way to extend the perky pARTs of my Bi-polar
in ways of Creativity.. too.. hehe.. i guess if you didn’t
go hide..
i might
have to go
get some Lithium..
Katrina is like my grounding
Force.. at least.. when she is dressed..;)
(note: Theme Song of this MicroVerse
contributed by Shawna on the
second part of this
in response
to her
Blog post
is what
it’s all about.. Mama”..;)
LoVe tHe
nAMe EmiLie JunG..;)
Shawna B..
now i get
the Breast
connection better..
with yes.. this other
Jung connection..
truly fascinating..
oh yeah.. and my
Mother Passed away
in February.. the 22nd.. but hey..
Your Birthday is still on the 10th.. of December.. too..
that was really hard but her Love sTill Lives in/as me..:)
OKay.. S.B.. i finished aLL your output for
the last several days.. alWays
keeping in miNd/heART thaT
when someone
it to
the end
of one of my MacroVerses
Weighing in at an
Average of
15K words..
not counting
an average of
15K more words
at the bottom and
if one does count the
comments section and
does not even count two to
three hundred photos.. that’s
the average output of most so-called
Online Poet’s who average.. two.. 150 Word
Poems every week for a year.. and at least
yA don’t have
to wait for
to Load.. haha..
hehe.. anyWay.. we/
you are more
tit now..
Shawna B..
And to be honest..
i particularly enjoyed
all the mammary deLights
i found them quite tit
as of soon..
And as alWays
the combination
of art and science
thaT yoU BRinG iN
Creativity is alWays
intoXicating to my
soUL and miNd
and BoDy wHole..;)
Facebook Friend Rafiah responds back to my last Poetic Comment
on her Blog Poem as related earlier in this MacroVerse all
about.. “Age of Katrina NoW’.. as follows..
What great pleasure it is reading your comment here!..:) Love is a beautiful thing and something very mysterious in nature for me. So i often wonder about the truth and reality and greater significance of this emotion, hence this post..:) How very beautiful it is that my friend Freddy opens up to me and trusts me enough to share his own experiences and lessons. I feel pleased.
And i return again.. NoW with..
Beautiful Response my FriEnd..
Rafiah.. at a Restaurant now..
Celebrating.. Katrina’s.. 47th..
Birthday and will have more..
To say.. later at home with
Ten Fingers Free.. away
From one finger play
On SmART phone
Way.. With
More about
Love.. coming.. then..:)
Rafiah.. sweetly responds back with..
I am so happy for you two that I want to give you two a group hug..:)
Happy Birthday Kat. Happy being the most amazing and beautiful person you are. Happy making your husband drenched in love for you and ever wanting you. (Heart eYes Emoticon)
And i.. with thanks.. say..
So.. Sweet Rafiah..
As i relay that
Kind Appreciation
To Katrina now..:)
And as promised,, i come back again for
some more words about the Topic oF Love..
Oh.. Goodness.. Rafiah.. passed out last
night with over 20 Miles of Dance During
the Day.. and so much to eat to go along
with that.. And i surely hope your new Husband
is rich enough to take you to all the best places
to eat too.. as i know how well you cook on your own too..
And hey.. as ‘they’ say.. After all the Romance Heat has driven its
way.. A way to the Husband’s Heart is through the Food.. hehe..
as i thiNk too.. in the past we already talked about
the Five Languages of Love as Systemizing
Science speaks to in terms of
Touch iN Hugs.. Acts
of Service..
Quality Time..
And Words of Affirmation..
As i continue to count my BleSsinGS
heAR in a Story of mY SouL as pART
of my Friendship with close to Three Year
Friend Online.. Rafiah.. NoW.. THE 6th Language
of Love is what i Love to Call God’s Love.. sure.. Allah’s
Love as you say over ‘there’ and some folks say over
‘here’ too.. and the Secularists tend to call it Agape
Love in Poetry Books too.. This Love is
Positive liGht in Metaphor..
100% Faith as Trust
iN Nature iN AS
Connection WiTh/
wHeRe all that is dArk
and liGht is God.. ‘tween
sHades of Grey BeYonD RainBow
Colors of HUman SiGht in FeeLinG too..
And SeNSinG Waves of Bliss as Heaven
MoRE alWays eTERnAlly NoW.. this lOve
has no Science Measured liMits.. this Love
is Metaphor of Quantum iN AS no Distance.. Space
or Time.. This Love is.. yes.. God and it is much
more than a hug.. This Love is liGht..
this LovE is dARK.. this Love
is aLLso Co-Created
bY HuMan
With all thAT is
NAtuRe pLus.. this
Love is eternAlly Now..
And this Love totAlly Forgets
Death as this Love only Lives my FriEnd..
as all thAT iS iN eYes of Human as GoD LoVes as uS..
And as they say in the Christian Religion.. when two or
more people.. eTc.. come toGeTher as BroThers and SiSters.. eTc..
without regard to Blood.. eTc.. Relationship.. iN SpiRit.. eTc.. NoW..
this Love Grows as Ocean
my friEnd..
this Love continues
to GRow now.. online
too.. HolDinG Hands among
all Peoples Now and this Love
in FeeL and SenSe of HOlding oNline
Hands has/iS the Quantum Force of Love
iN Synergy of Force More ALL..NoW..
to glUe this World of HUmans
back toGeTher
as more
separate as
A Hive of Eu-socialist
Cooperation.. yes.. to save ouR ass..
as hey.. there are also Jokers of Love too..
aWay from Orange burnt ways of Hell my friEnd.. in Golden Towers..
the Real Nuclear option.. mY friEnd.. is Love thaT groWs
hOlding online hands..
An iSreal
Band Aid.. NoW….
And as John Lennon from the
Beatles did NoT say.. in his Song ‘Imagine’..
i never imagine there is no Heaven now.. heAR..
as i live Heaven now.. the 6th place away from Hell..
nah.. NOT.. Seventh Heaven.. Sixth Heaven.. YeS.. And some
folks are so afraid of the Number 6.. they totAlly
miss the REAL HEAVEN NOW HeRe..
And reAlly.. the number
6 is beautiful even
when it comes
in 3’s.. or
as 9 as both
numbers reflect
the Golden PHI Mean
of 1.618.. seen all through
Nature and God sAMe.. as the
fetus gains comfort in curl and
the kitty cat too.. and the Patterns
of the Sun Flower Swirl.. and Hurricanes
and Waves of Ocean.. and yes.. even the
way my words flow in form on Page in Pyramid
shape often as Trees too.. as the Breath of God Speaks
Through Hands of Free Flowing Love iN zoNe oF GoD aLL too..
as ‘they’ SunG in the Movie ‘Frozen’.. let iT go.. my friEnd.. Spiral as the
Galaxy that Loves Free in our Sentient Star DuST plUs eYes Born NoW
from the Crucible FiREs of StAR BursT Death.. yes.. as isReal Resurrection
of Eons more as BeinG hUman Miracle WalKinG on thiS Beautiful
Blue Green Brown Orb Heaven of eARTh now for those who
realize the struggles of 14.5 Billion years or so….
oF what it took/takes to
Heaven now..
and what it takes
us my friEnd to fully
See this Heaven.. to heAR
iT.. to FeeL iT.. to SenSe iT aLL
And mosT importantly to DancE
iT and SinG iT stripping off the clothes
of Society and the such that allows
us in the first place to forget
it from born that way
as a Child of
Grown soWn
as Garden of Love
to share that Love with
all others Free.. as any Bonobo
sTiLL remembers how to do as an
Agape Love of Ape.. kicking back after
the FoRage Day of Love and Survival toGeTHeR
to rise.. to thrive.. to enJoy this Great Struggle and Adventure oF Life..
to make The iSreal MaGiC wHeRE all beCOMes LoVE
As LiGht.. The 6th Heaven.. mY.. friEnd..
And the Song “Imagine”..
Yes.. A “Cover SonG”..
by the
on YouTube..
MeaSures the
liGht of tHis thOught..
Quite WeLL.. i FeeL and
SenSe iN toGeTheRrness
As Peace mY friEnd.. aS isREal
DreAM’s FruiTioN.. YeS.. Heaven NoW..:)
Katrina.. heAR.. heRe After Church.. WiTh
Some Extended Family Members..
From the Common Homeland
oF thE.. Philippine Islands..
And now for a
nap of sorts
after close
to a Literal..
mA L L D AyeR.. too..
WeLL.. Back am i.. after
a detour to Pakistan now
and Upper Alabama too..
with a Very Devoted Muslim
Young Woman and then with
the wife.. yes.. the wife of a Southern
Baptist Pastor… as i say.. Shawna Baby..
oh yeah.. and that nap i took at 10 PM..
of the passing out variety oF A Full intoxicated day
of dance
substances as ‘they’ say..
but the Love as/of/iN Crucible Fire
of soUL from stARs duSt mE that sTiLL
Drives the DancE and SonG oF i aLive..
And heAR.. i am pictured sTiLL tall and broad
with blonde to now greying hair.. close to 57
on my own Birthday coming on June 6th with
3 Island Girls total.. originating in ancestory or
off a boat from the Islands of the Philippines and
yes too.. on a tour bus with all tHeir First Generation
FiL-AM.. mEmbERs as overall group as many of these women
found their American Spouses off a Navy Boat too.. but the most
amazing thing NoW is.. same as one sees with the Ethnic Groups
of Mexicans.. Japanese.. Chinese.. Vietnamese.. East Indians.. eTc..
and yes.. STiLL.. American Indians too.. eTc.. it’s the binds that keep them
toGeTher in/as common cultural grounds.. yes.. the religions of tHeir
life.. whether
in brick
and mortar
or other cultural
traditions and symbols
that bind them toGeTher
better as Love iT iS what sTiLL
successful surviving thriving
humans have/do alWays done
DO through hiStory and the
Records as
it sTiLL
exists now..
Clearly Defined Social
Roles where humans see
and hear tradition and symbols
sAMe as Holy and Sacred Full of
Meaning And Purpose.. And truly the
sickness of human is when they lose
their clearly Defined Social Roles and
Commonly Held Holy and Sacred Full
of Meaning and Purpose Traditions and symbols of Life..
And the FAct of the matter is.. no matter how difficult a pill
of reaLity to swallow.. the outcasts of life have little to none of this..
and that is where so much of the pain comes for those who are outcast
from life.. from those who have disabilities.. to those who don’t fit the
mold of fat or thin.. to those who are poor in clothes away from rich..
to different sexual orientations.. to those whose hands are discarded
from holding more.. i am from that territory of Desert home.. even
in the most Abundance of Green Ground.. Blue Skies and
Multi-colored State and County/Church of home.. a mix
i was of androgynous male loving females..
as boy from Kindergarten days.. could
not put words together even with
out-reached arms to others
until age 4.. and after
that stuttering
and what
‘they’ named
as ‘mumbles’.. not much
different really than a Happy
Penguin who had not yet lEarned DancE
SonG steps of Creativity to connect more..
i found a niche among nerd friends at school..
i found a niche in a Military Bowling Center with
a smile in teeth and eyes that handed out shoes
from the protection of a Shoe Top Counter.. and
after i burned out from a ladder of importance i
never wanted to climb.. at work.. i was lost and
erased from the world
of humanity
i may be a smARTy
Pants but i understand the
value of religion and i do feel
empathy and compassion for those
who are outcast from the oxytocin of Love
that the tribe feels Naked and furry as friends together..
things is.. things are.. when i was young and outcast i find/found
an imaginary to real friend in a man called Jesus.. nah.. not because
he was any kind of only God but only because he stood up and protected
the outcasts among the tribe.. then.. and providing them an entry to be more
fully alive to both survive and thrive as pArT of the Bigger Group of Humanity.. too..
And yep.. i think about those folks.. the Homosexuals who are held back from what
they name as a Sacrament of Love as the old paRts of the Old T still rule
from the Leadership of a church that has not yet come into the
21st Century more fully away from the Planet Earth
as the EgoCentric Center of the UniVerse now..
and the Truth is.. those two Filipino women..
with the shortest one.. still Eternal
Teenager too like Katrina
at age 47 in Loving
Spirt and Form
too.. Angels
are Bred
more than born as bread..
as herStory prays and tales more..
it’s true.. the white Folks of the New World
are missing out on something warm and true..
Love.. juST Love that gives and shares.. yes.. i am
an outsider and so was the theMe and the MeMe of the
Jesus too.. you know.. just the common man.. who emptied
his pockets with his Friends and set out on a mission of
Unconditional Love accepting hand-outs from those
who Loved as well.. and shaking off
the sandals from places
they were
not welcomed
to/too.. NOT sorry.. i don’t see
Jesus NoW iN a three piece suit
or in a statue.. or Golden Tower
Heaven.. just a man.. just a son of
man/woman.. looking for a place to lay is weary head in and as Love..
so.. sure.. sometimes.. in the back Pew of Church and at the
end of church as i am dancing around lone.. in the crowd
there.. i imagine i am Jesus and wonder why
still see me
until Palm Sunday
Weekend comes and
the Black Folks notice me
on Saturday at Biloxi Black Beach
Weekend and make me feel right at
home as the Dancing Man there and
yes.. the Filipinos always make me
feel part of their family like they did
at the Bowling Center too..
it’s true.. no one
but the
Black people
mostly even fully recognize
Jesus these days and in my
life so far.. i’ve found this to
be anecdotally true.. yeS it’s
true.. at the Dance Hall on Thursday
Night.. a Young Filipino Military Man from
who saw me at the Whiting Field Gym came
and brought me a cup of water at the end of the Dance..
these Women heAR.. fed me on the Bus.. for free for Love
as they treat everyone else too.. But most importantly.. they
continue to allow me to see that Love Still Lives heaR.. and NeAR.. they
give me hope for the human race in more of what i see than white overall…
And it’s true.. at the mall yesterday… Great Great Aunt Katrina saw her Great
Great African American Niece of mixed heritage there too.. i couldn’t be any more
proud of her like the two young males who were the first two males i’ve seen in the mall
of the local variety who were/are brave enough as homosexuals to hold hands
openly in the mall.. sure.. more common among women.. but still.. a relatively
dangerous/rare thing to do among the ‘rednecks’.. hear.. of the
white variety of course.. and sure.. i could pass
for ‘redneck’ as my neck is often
that color too.. and as
i approached them
at Star Bucks as
the Dancing man
to laud their brave
and likely often outcast
souls there.. they looked a
little wary.. like a cat who had been
kicked by the neighbors more than
once for a morsel of acceptance.. and
i just imagined myself as Jesus and
said you guys are awesome
just the way
you are..
and tHeir eYes lit
up.. and the Katrina
said the same thing to
them as well.. it’s’ true.. for
all practical intents and purposes
‘we’ are Mr. and Mrs.. Jesus today..
just casually sitting in the Back Row
of Catholic Church.. watching what goes
on in the News.. mostly her.. monitoring that too..
two sTiLL.. so-called Permanently Disabled assessed
citizens in the U.S.A.. both Medically and Legally too..
just God’s and Goddesses
no different reaLLy than
‘these’ two
up in ‘cultural clothes’..
that bind that bind as Love..
And as i paraphrase a commenter
from the Earth Wind and Fire
YouTube SonG.. StaR..iT’s
and Fire
raised/raises the Vibration
of the Dance and Song of the Planet
Earth and by God i put that SonG on repeat
iN ka
of theiR
SpiRit ever liVinG
And LoVing oN now..
Send yOur Love to
the Future as Sting says too..
Oh yeah.. and when the ‘Older
Goddess’.. asked me if ‘this’
photo was/is gonna be in the
News Paper tomorrow/today..
jokingly so.. she asks/asked..
i said/say
send it to the world
And i reAlly mean that FriEnd..
As ‘they’ say… so let it be sAid..
so let it be WriTten.. butt more importantLY.. JUsT F iN DO iT..
Water/Feed a
Sapling Tree..
yes a
of Love..
and wHo
kNows what
yoU.. miGht JuSt FeeLinG SenSinG
ReaP neXt.. from juSt doing DO..:)
And now.. as ‘they’ say.. to slow it down a little
and come to a finish point of this 91st MacroVerse
of “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. And doubling as the
762nd MacroVerse effort aS “SonG oF mY soUL”..too.
Ocean WHole Poem.. STiLL exceeding 4M words
to go along with inclusive year long
coming Chapter of 1.345 Million
words plUs.. this 91st MacroVerse
Effort heAR.. and now that reminds
me.. not only did the nice Filipino
Folks Feed me.. one nice Woman offered
to Massage my Leg.. stretching it out
a little after the Bus Tour ride and
yes.. she eventually did my shoulder
all free as a trained masseuse.. she
was in school.. some people
are so nice.. just
for free you
you FeeL
you senSe
When Love
sprEAds as
isREaL hUman LiGht..
ReAson enough as ‘they’ say allone2..
And with that sAid.. some MacroVerse
and MicroVerse shares as all Free
Facebook algorithm helper/
Assistant Can and
WiLL do for
me too..
or without
any warm and
fuzzies..of Love.. hehe..
from years pasSinG aS wriTing too..:)
“Musing Heaven and Hell”
Hmm.. not so Casual Conversations with
the Folks online at the Wrong Planet..
some hell bent on believing
as material
see reality as
not much more than
less than sentient star duSt pluS us..
in other words.. if it don’t come out
of the maNual from beFore it might
as well not exist out of
that’s missing
half a brain.. by
the words of science coming now too.. to a theater closer to aLL LiGht..
And in Poetry way.. also the StARting insPiRation of words written
PoeticAlly eventuAlly from April 2015.. to make a 338,630
word GodsUniVerseNovel3.. yep.. in an entire year through
3.31.2016.. responding to every single Prompt
and Link at dVerse Poetry
Pub site..;)
“i am ELOHIM AND”..
It’s kinda straight forward..
exploring the form of self with
selfies.. and just a stArT of thAT more..
as Elohim for metaphor of anima and animus..
Feminine Divine Love and Grace With Masculine
Divine WiLL and Strength.. and sure.. tHeRe
is ReAsoN and WiSdom wHo thaT beLongs
to both of those..
iN Book
Written Words
too as collective kNowLedge
as well as Intuition too..:)
“i DARE! to DANCE WITH! AND kiss! ELOHIM!”..
So.. shall i go a little further with Selfie Poses and
even do a SelFie Gif Dance in my Underwear
to further expose my online Freedom
in all legal ways..
sure.. of course..
but not to the continued
chagrin of associated relatives
who are afraid of someone on FB who
dares be this free with God all that is..
or.. the more reserved in Poetry Land too..
who will turn an eye pass a woman’s naked breast/butt
but yell foul.. umpire.. foul.. at the sight of A Grown man
in yes.. no less than A Speedo one might find on a Conservative Beach..
so.. sure.. i also exposed some Foul Double Standards along the way of Hypocrisy too..
and after
to censor me AND
OR de-Friended me..
more.. i went FULL BORE
“DANCE! the fountain of YOUTH!”
Sure.. with more of me Exploring
God within in my Greyie Tighties Form
butt NoT too much for PG related STuFF..
iN Form of EsSence FuLL miNd and BoDy SoUL..
iN other words.. ouTsiDe of Restricted Adult PlayGround Blogs..:)
Three Pre-MacroVerses from four Years ago.. full of reaSon
while i was mostly stuck in left Brain ways of thinking
like the rest of many poor souls on the
Wrong planet too.. onLiNe..
out of
Force as they
say.. stuck in Yang
away from Yin.. TrUth
sure.. some of that to find..
liGht.. not much in reaLiTy oF
FeeLinG.. SeNSinG and ExpreSSinG
HeART as SpiRiT as EmoTioNs and
seNses (LOVE) more than empty
sHeLLs of
in a
Book without ART..
aka minus Love of BeInG HUMan MoRe..:)
“ToM Theory of Mind/”Mind Blindness” and Autism”
“Prevalence of Personality Disorders Co-Morbid with the Autism Spectrum”
“The Major Factor Underlying the Increase in Rampage Killings”
Back in my Free Lance.. Scientist Days.. this was the most popular
Opinion Piece i authored on the Wrong Planet.. achieving over
80K views years ago then.. and still one of the most
popular Google hits in search way with any
of these Title key words.. toGeTher..
Original Post coming shortly after
the Sandy Hook Terror..
and as expected
of factor..
in Rampage Killings
Yes.. Loss of Social
Roles among young males..
A Real problem.. Males with no social roles..
ending up mostly with Drug related or other
Basement Dwelling Video Game issues for real..
no joke here.. for real.. a growing problem..
as humans no longer need apply as automation
continues to consume human jobs full and gone..
you know.. the ones with real roles and not just
someone who types away.. or inputs stuff never seeing
A Created product to give and share to connect for survive and
thrive with
the rest
of the
Village in
touchy feely Love..
empty souls.. empty.. Trump Souls…
Wheels of LIGHT LOVE with a change oF TUne in SonG theMe too..
And short enough to Quote in Deeper Meaning isReaL hUman ways too..:)
i suppose…
if a river only flows one way..
it runs out of water…
ALL of thIS..
than emptiness of
i suppose..
i feel..
i am..
always better than..
Knowledge is nothing..
to feel
worth it…
i suppose..
the wheels of
the sleep of LOVE..
or wake..
the butterfly
never looks
i love Elohim..
and i knowNOW..
and i hope always..
to love
the wheels of life
are powered
me and ya..
dedicated to Gino Vannelli..
one of the artists
who puts deep
and to folks who are good friends
No matter the cost..
the LOVE
is returned
Those were mostly MacroVerse
Memories from two and three years ago..
And heAr are a couple of MicroVerse memories from a year ago..:)
WiTh a change of ThEme SonG aGaiN.. Y not..;)
Ah.. emotions.. feelings that run from BRain to Gut
through vagal nerve and spread out to receptors
in cells all over one’s body and sure before
science the limited but sure scribe
of God carefully maps
out in someways
HOW wE FeeL.. and sense..
there are infinite connections
as uS iN Moving FeeLinG..
connecting creating..
no different
as above
so below
inside.. outside
all around.. and that’s
the thing.. Science measures
repeatable observable phenomena
and we humans are highly restricted
from what we can be when set free..
in terms of all potential emotions..
senses and sensuality
as the cAll of the
WiLd that StiLL
lives iN uS yes..
sAMe as cALL oF God
REAL.. when iN balance and
Free heaven.. when out of balance
and prisoned hell on this terrestrial plane..
Frequencies of vocal chords express human
moving emotions to connect and create.. Instruments
as same.. copy and expand human emotions.. the tools
of human Love and all other potential emotions grow
beyond the human
head alone..
allone.. and more
creates the UniVErse
within more.. and more..
as we humans cooperate
and expand our potential
moving.. connecting
oF liGht
as Life WiLL
LiVe when FREE now..
and hmm.. or humm.. the
frequencies of humming meditation
to fiRe and un-repress human emotions
from lower frequency growls for the fight
of life.. to soprano song of Love in Romance
for comforting connections of neurochemicals
neurohormones.. namely dopamine.. serotonin
oxytocin and yes.. even aLL natural DMT when
set free higher and higher as body and mind balance..
and no for me.. no rules.. just move like wind and water
free.. and in the video above.. it’s full of rules and points here
and there on the body for focus.. but when moving free in every
which way the mind and body balanCinG WiLL.. iN terms of freeing
senses.. emotions.. and sensuality.. the best way i know iS in sUn
and sAnd.. and sUre.. water too.. but with rules come the
mechanical cognition mind.. and reaSon.. wHere the free
animal moves iN balance
to conserve energy
and be invisible
to both predator
and prey..
a prayer
is trUly free in moving
dancing humming singing..
the way to bliss.. nirvana..
and heaven now.. to feel
the naked sun and be the
wind and water.. Is to Live
free.. no rules reAlly.. balance
and free expresSinG oF wHo wE
are when tHe cALL of the WiLd that
God SinGs true as SonG oF SoUL
for Free..
and this SonG is dedicated
to Yellow Boy.. feline leukemia
restricts him. in a cave of dead
things.. where his paws are glued
to the only thing that lives inside that
iS uS.. his refuge.. the smells and sights
of a screened in back patio.. but escaping
today twice.. just to roll around in the warm
sands free.. immediately wild and free again..
in the fiGht and Love for the real purpose oF
liFe that
iS FeeLing
iT aLL as God’s
eYes and sKin wE are..
wHere we are the arms of
God that hugs each other and
Nature true iN sands of eYes thaT truth
iN liGht.. and yes.. Yellow Boy cAMe back
with kind and soothing.. words.. me crawling
at his level on the sand slowly and quietly
toward him..
as one force
oF SUn.. WiNd
and Sand true liGht..
And here’s the thing
God lives as Nature.. and do
you really thInk… feel.. or say..
that God iS happy as astronaut
coming back from Satellite view
to planet that is cancer in destruction
of cultural out of balance human tools..
God iS REAL and GOD LIVES real iN
aLL of Creation noW.. to harm any hAir
out of balance.. iS to bE God dARk and
deVil way.. and is tHeir a price for
doing this.. do you see the
misery and suffering
iN faces of God
everywHere you
Go.. WeLL.. Karma
iS action consequence
noW.. and people are paying
for out of balance everywHere God’s
eYes of dARk are liVing less that liGht
of positive flow in ZonE of Balance now Truth..
to pay the piper iS simple.. to live in balance
of liGht or out of balance in dArk.. the way
back is simple.. but culture is complex..
there is no purpose of dancing
iN the sand.. sun.. and
Winds of balance
free moving
but Life..
Just Living
as God WiLL
do when FREE..
So dance.. So Sing
So Move.. connect
and Create.. it’s no one’s
choice reALLy fRee but me..
we.. us.. you.. and i now FReED..:)
~~ Spock ~~
Patterns of Force, stardate 2534.7.
“He that feareth is a slave,
were he never so rich, were he never so powerful.
But he that is without fear is king of all the world.”
~~ E. R. Eddison, The Worm Ouroboros ~~
QFTA.. Quoted
For Truth..
an interesting
Juxtaposition and
one i must say Rules
and Loves the world
in terms of
bEinG Force oF
human dArk and
liGht.. and when i look
to the difference of myself
and my father.. so similar iN
many ways now but so different
in the choice for status.. power
and money.. and truly it starts
iN a nursery of
mothers where
his mother told
my mother..
don’t pick up
that child who is
crying in the Nursery..
my Grandmother owned..
OR that child will come to think
the world owes ‘it’ something
and never learn independence..
hmm.. yes.. that part of my father
was never filled up as a child.. apparently..
at least not from the mother as his grand
parents did most of the raising.. i hear..
but as they say this is most
often a cycle of one
parent to
the next..
where my grandmother
used lots of words that said
Love.. but the loving touch that
my mother owned so well.. was
missing to the point where instead
of being where the grown-ups were
a step-up in her home.. when we stayed
in the afternoon.. living in her city for a year..
in child rearing duties.. we were relegated to
cots with the tiny tots.. and i remember feeling
like i was in prison.. and she was the warden
locking us in a cot.. me.. an old soul at age 7..
wITh and where my loving mother
alWays alloWinG copious
amounts of Loving freedom..
bottom line was.. no matter how
fearless my father was he was
missing that certain something
named expresSinG Love.. truLY..
yes.. to rule one’s
iN peace..
iT does take
Fearless Love..
as it’s true.. i trusted
the world completely
and found out it was
far away from true..
the gift of Fearless
and Love
iS what
a so-called
perfect storm of Love..
and i think that has to come
later in life when the Yin of
Love and the fearless of Yang
come toGeTheR finAlly and
shake hands with
a Willow Olive
Branch that
WiLL bend
yet not
break.. true i was too
Loving and soft.. and was
missing the other side
that my father
the best pARt
that iS Love.. but the
bottom line iS i have all i need
in the Fearless Love of Life and
trUly when one has that one iS
the King
of Real
who truly
iS the servant of
aLL ’cause they have
iT aLL to give.. and nothing
iN return as necessary to fiLL
up a space that was never satisfied
iN the young hugs or school hugs of liFe..
Love lives.. Fearless Lives.. both thrive iN Now..
And the truth iS we need aLL kinds of humans to
make whaT iS
as there are
so many kinds
of humans that
make the world
what iT is.. now..
and no.. i wasn’t
willing to have the
chairs broke against
my back In breaking up
bar room brawls like my father
was.. knowing he was asking for
that in his 46 years of Law Enforcement..
So.. sure.. Nature provides many kinds
of temperaments
to get the jobs
all doNe..
but aGaiN.. as i often now
say.. i for one.. hit the jackpot
oF Fearless Love.. now.. to be a
humble servant and truly
kNow and feel when one
iS tHe King of fuLLness
oF empty..
tHiS tRuLY
priZe oF the
sages of the ages
iN bliSS.. nirVana…
yeS.. heaVen noW..
SMiLes but i do get
carried away iN the
out put Of liFe n0w..
and loss count of
the date.. forgetting
today was the 9th of April..
my wife’s 46th birthday.. just reminding
me now that no King is perfect except
the Queen who serves him well iN
So today iS
“Isis” day for the
Queen who never
ages.. and one who
worships his wife.. iS
one who has a happy liFe..
Sadly that iS likely why Spock
wITh WinKs..
and Creativity
iS King and Queen
iN MoVinG ConNecTaRion..
wiNninG planEt for…
And yes.. my father was like Spock..
married three times.. and truly mY
financial independence in terms
of money in the bank..
was not needing
it and
the same
dam wife..
for 26 years..
the best bank
account of aLL..
he left my mother
’cause she wanted to
stay home and raise the
kids.. she stayed until age
three.. where the cut-off date
for the brain in pruning the window
for a liFe aS Love ends.. as scientists
now say.. so his gift to me.. was leaving
me with Love and his future dream of
money too..
Life is ironic
and magical
too.. as dARk
leads to liFe in so
many curses and
gifts iN real LiGhT2..:)
AdditionAlly per the
topic of this for
now ending
per “Age of Katrina NoW”..
Photo of Katrina with her Sister
to her Amusement and per a little
Comic Tragedy at 5 years younger
has been mistaken in Public
for Katrina’S
the Ageless Goddess
Isis.. from three years ago..:)
And now a photo from a year ago.. illustrating
Fully that the Katrina gets Kool Aid from me..
often reTaLinG a Story that when we met and i was
poor IN BUCKS RICH IN SPIRIT.. i promised
she would never age if she let me
take her hand.. as ‘they’ saY
iN marriage way2
and i say2
in myth
and legend
way going down
for isREaL ReaLiTy sHow NoW2..
oh yeah.. and when i compared the
Katrina to the age of Adaline in church
last year.. i roused her temperament to red..
with blush.. so this year at Church i stood up
PROUDLY AND SAID.. from the back row.. i will
add as this voice comes atomicAlly
BooMinG through NOW2..
“i’ve Been Cautioned
not to go on all about how
the Lovely Wife Katrina never
ages.. but i digress.. never the
less.. she turns age 47 today.. on
Palm Sunday”..
yeS.. success
as i
it just
enough for
the Katrina
to sinK iN her seat..
and not get the really red
face of mad against me.. heHe..
And as i exited the Church.. i told
the old Tennis Buddy/Now Monsignor..
from High School Days in 1975..
And Square Nerd like me in the
Beta Club for Top Ten
School Mates and
Eleven for me
out of a
of.. 381..
yes.. i said animately
as i am now curved and
no longer square and plastic
in steps and words.. “You kNow..
Mike.. i was voted the Wittiest Boy
in 2nd Grade at Private Catholic School”..
and i guess he thought i was reciting a poem
again.. in his divided attention.. shaking several
hundred hands of worship coming out of the Church
as he just
said.. “Fred..
that’s reAlly
Beautiful Fred..
that’s ReAlly Beautiful”..
me thinking a chuckle was/is warranted.. haha..
AnyWay.. when i received that reward at the end
of 2nd Grade in the rigors and stress of Catholic
Private Big School then.. i had no frigging idea
what witty meant.. hoping it meant i was smART
but more than likely meaning i was/am an
Sacred Fool.. then2..
AnyWay.. the bottom
lines of all this
Sacred Fool Chatter/Dance/
SonG IS All my efForT iN aLL
i do/did led/leads to the Biggest
Human Reward/Prize of/aS Katrina Now2..
See.. the thing is.. i am/was alReady
Gifted with the GreaTest
Reward of my
liFe before
i even
it NoW..
iN Humble
Zealot Servant of
God aS naTuRe sAMe..
So.. ThE RiVeR karMa FlowS oN..
reMeMber.. no diStance.. sPace.. or tiMe.. WHEN LOVE..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)
2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen
Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)
Grand Cross Bible 2016
61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review
A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)
CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)
VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)
CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)
Nether Land Bible 2017
NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)
7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)
The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)
MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

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