STar RAin LiGht

Reunion with Duo of Trio of Original
Charlie’s Angels with Cortney’s Friend
filling in for the third spot as Chelsea did not
make it tonight.. and as always i got a more intense
Dance Work-out.. which is really
gonna make that
1020 Lbs on Leg
Press tomorrow
potentially less
than 33 reps..
as has been the
case when Charlie’s
Angels come in force..
Anyway.. Maggie on the left..
then.. Cortney’s new super sweet
friend and Cortney on the right
as i wind down from dance
and add 61 dance photos
to ‘New Moon Reigns’
where there
was a full
moon of dance tonight..
much more spirited there
tonight as ThanksGiving Night
is kinda dull as a different crowd comes out..:)
Facebook Friend Dan.. Shares this wonderful quote
that says “Call me crazy but I love to see people
happy and succeeding.. Life is a journey.. not a
competition” and i am so happy to have
lived long enough to see a new
generation that is more like
Peter Pan in way of Millennials
than stiff white collar and blue collar
focused only way of work over life.. and
my continuing participant observer anthropology
eYes ring this true on every Thursday Night as this
age group below 34 years of age.. most often accepts
all of who i am.. yes.. also college educated mostly.. over
most any other demographic in this red state area i live..
but never the less.. whether or not a person is part of any
specific demographic or ethnicity or any other label of
difference.. i for on see life this way as genderless
creedless.. and all other labels free no matter
if the politics and the philosophy and the
religion.. etc.. is part of what i agree with
or not.. and while it is not always easy
to hear things one totally disagrees
with from a friend.. friends don’t
throw friends away over labels
of difference.. now at least not
real friends in reciprocation
or not.. and when i was
in my darkest nights
of soul.. back
in the dead
zone days..
although i had zero
friends on Facebook.. using
this account Katie Mia that actually
originally belonged to my wife in Katrina
Mia namesake way.. was an awesome avenue once
an iPhone came out with a retina display technology
that somehow allowed me to tolerate that first 4 inch
screen back in March of 2013.. allowing me to finally
appreciate a glimmer of Nature living in photos Katrina took
with her giant digital lens camera of the beach and farms
and area beauty that i could only dream of actually visiting
and feeling then in senses and emotions as all was pain
and numb then.. never the less.. it gave me a faint spark
of something.. and even viewing the faces of people
i had known and felt long ago.. on Facebook from
an endless distance also provided a faint
spark of humanity as i could not
see a live face that way.. even
my own.. without intolerable
pain in the light of day..
and seriously.. when
i then took my first selfie
photo that showed any kind
of emotions at all after recovery
of the pain of my illnesses in July
of 2013.. i was totally shocked then that i
was still a FucKinG human who came back finally
to humanity life.. i value people.. all people.. no
matter what they do.. i provide discernment and
am strongly opinionated in the poetry i do in all of
dArk and liGht.. sHades of grey.. and beyond rainbow
colors i currently see feel and do.. but never the less and
always more i have the ability to see everyone as friend
and dismiss no one as less or more important than a
grain of sand and less that is God more now too as
Nature whole and pArt of all that is God of Nature
too.. the dArk goes with the liGht.. the sHades
of Grey and all the rest.. it is what it is..
and i wanna experience all oF it
no matter struggle or joy
same.. and in the
last photo of
profile pic with
the Sweet Millennials
from old Seville Quarter where
Pan as me dances with them all free..
there is a man who is in wider scope of that
photo there.. a little rougher around the edges
as a Navy Veteran who is actually my identical
age at 56.. as i spoke to him back in 2014.. when i
first started dancing there.. he has his own style
of dancing too.. and does it his way.. all free.. and
back in 2014.. he was in a dance contest and
the crowd was cheering him on.. no matter
if he matched any of their demographic
specs or not.. and this my friends
is why the world will eventually
change more towards a
‘Bernie Sanders’ way
as this is the online
who have
free access to
information.. yes.. they
still are spiritual but they
listen to no lies of old that says
that those who are born and bred with
different orientations of life are any less than
others no matter what labels institutions of before
have put on them as chains.. this me generation that
refuses the group think of old.. will be a savior of not
only each other but the environment.. other animals..
yes.. the very survival of every living thing on this
planet.. you can mark my words on that
long after i am gone.. to record
that prophecy here
and now..
as i simply
watch and
write it all down
as nows come to
greater liGht away
from the ignorance of before
and an apocalypse of lifting those
veils of ignorance in original Greek
Definition of just that.. yes.. it’s true
when i go to 120th Church street to park
on Holy and Sacred Thursday Night that place
is my true religion in SonG and DancE.. sure i focus
on DancE as focusing on SonG is what i similarly do
in Catholic Church on Sunday bypassing all the bullshit
that says
is less
than holy
and Sacred God
LiVinG as Force and
Power and SpiRit in
aLL of Creation Nature
sAMe now i AM all that is.. NOW..:)
Moving back to last Sunday
when the priest.. my Old Tennis
Buddy from high school.. and
just another Top 10 Senior who
was also in the Beta Club for nerds..
a Treasurer officer of the Club that i would
also hold office in as a Senior too.. hehe.. following
in his footsteps somewhat but no.. not eventually to
the status in hierarchy of the Catholic Church as Monsignor.. he
stating last Sunday that without the church there would no empathy..
no compassion.. no morality and basically no human love.. like the
Love instead
oF God of FucKinG
Nature on a Desert Isle
without any FucKinG Brick
and Mortar Buildings or even
a FucKinG Book.. yes.. i could
lose a friend over saying that but
it’s part of the Dark noW and Shades
of Grey and Beyond Rainbow colors now
that must be said if evil does not eventually
rule the whole world away from the inalienable
rights God Given Nature creation same to Life Liberty
and the pursuit of Happiness aka pleasure you bet your
bottom and top innate dollar on that of course.. as any
Indigenous person without the stain of books could feel
ya and sense ya same iN TruTh and LiGht within.. trUth
is when i didn’t go to Church for 23 years.. the Fundamentalist
Christian groups who came into bowl.. told me i was a living example
of their God Jesus.. kinda ironic if you think real deep about that huh..
anyWay.. i was love.. i walked in the liGht of Love.. seeing no one more
or less than a grain of sand of love same as i have always done at
and that
love comes
from within
all altruistic
innate as such
watered by the
same innate eyes
of Unconditional Love
that was my mother from
ages 0 to 3 from a mother
who chose to stay at home
and water the garden of
love that would come
to sprout of me
who refused
to keep
out of a Kingdom
of Heaven now.. no matter
how different they looked and
did live for tHeir free pursuit now
oF liFe.. Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness too..
so last night i am telling Maggie.. one of Charlie’s
Angels that my wife thinks she is beautiful and i might
add she said the same thing about all the other angels
too who dance with me at old Seville Quarter.. ’cause you
see true love is deeper even than flesh and blood.. true
love is binding no matter what.. never jealous.. never
greedy.. never owning.. on for free and uplifting
same.. my wife is happy the more
beautiful women i get to
dance with as her
hobby of
to help inspire
the liGht of otHeR
Free hUmans in sMiLes
comes to Fruition as she is
pARt of the KATiE MIA FredericK!iI..
Art teAM to bRinG more liGht oF Fearless SmART
Unconditional Love into the world.. and Maggie
said please bring her as she is the only original
Charlie’s Angels member who has not met her in
the mall yet.. but the truth is.. she can’t handle the
stimulus of Seville Quarter.. could have something to
do with her Epilepsy but never the less she can pose like Charlie’s Angels
too in respect and love of all that is free when Love is King and Queen over
fear and all con-social emotions associated with hate.. LovE DanceS SonG On..:)
three year ago..
no.. not a disease
the condition of all
that is that is God in
all of creation and human
experience too.. and using the
medium of blogs and photography
and freely shared cultural art in ways
of Google and Youtube way too.. i stARted
an eclectic journey of basicAlly doing what
ever made me happy all of course within the
parameters of local.. state.. and federal laws
but cultural norms in red state LA Lower Alabama
Florida panhandle..
hell no.. ’cause i
live in a country that
allows for freedom of expression
as first amendment rights no matter
any rule of local fundamentalist church
as praise the lord we have separation of church
and state so when it comes to hating all up on
Miley Cyrus.. she can have a place to lay her head
with rest in the new iSreal US of A where hey
even in New still conservative Jerusalem
in milltown way i can FucKinG be as
free for happiness this way
as i care to do too..
and if someone doesn’t
like it like even some
of my family members did
then in ways of exiting Facebook
friendship relationship ways.. that too..
is their right to the pursuit of happiness
in worshipping what ever kind of life they wanna
DOO too.. without any sight or site of what i care to
do in life.. so sure.. the unfriend button serves a purpose
but in less it is someone trying to make money off of me as
a scam as
such in
all the
ways that
comes.. i ain’t
gonna get afraid
of how anyone lives their
liFe in ways of excluding them
unless they are actually harming
someone with intent.. as sure.. i have
not many.. but some limits too.. in Freedom’s
DancE and SonG of allitis as allthatis too.. anyWay..
this was one of the first times i really let loose and
celebrated all of Nature here.. including me.. and sure
so good..
getting unfriended
on Facebook for it in relative way
or not.. hehe.. as liFe GoeS oN FReED..;)
And heAr.. yes.. see.. a YouTube Video of
the Sun with two Sun Devils at
in early
oF 2013
as part
of the Macro
Verse along
with other Beach
Videos to celebrate
Nature in yes.. the Macro-Verse
from three years ago.. titled
And then from two years ago.. ‘December’s Indian Summer’..
a little chilly last night and today from the
Cold Front that also brought straight
line winds and tornadoes of destruction
in Florida Panhandle way.. this is
the third Indian Summer that we
are having now.. as the
will soon
rise back
up to Sun tan
land wHere beach
is coming more year
around as nows go by
in climate change of course
believe that or not for ignorance of course..;)
And.. finally.. another MacroVerse from two years
ago.. looking at God more as a winning
Ferrari than a book
that can
be used
for love
and hate
and of course
for that too as
God is all that is..
dARk and liGht.. sHades
of Grey like i do love to say..
sure.. beYond all rainbow colors too..
as i continue to John 14:12 the Ferrari
and as me2..
pARt of Ocean
wHOle and that reminds
me to note that this
is the 726th current
Macro-Verse i am working
on.. finished now with the
137th dance week at old Seville
Quarter moving on to the 138th week
this Thursday niGht now.. as Lord kNows
i’m behind on pasting six Macro-Verses in
text only version to Personal Facebook Page
and my Facebook Blog and Nature pages for three Facebook
total pages since the post titled ‘New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen’..
Hmm.. anyway.. also note to self get outside to dance in sand and sun before
it clouds up with chill of afternoon.. as when creativity iN floW iN Zone goes
on.. you gotta keep going with the creative artful liFe away from the robotic
one step.. two step.. three step more.. mechanical cognition state of mind
that closes off
the faucet
of all
in what
i consider
as essence
oF Art and
LiFe and LaughteR
and LoVe and the resT
of HeaVen now awaY from
paint by numbers problem solving state of mind..
i’ll get
around to
it as it serves
for free back up
and yes.. an avenue
for anyone who would wanna
read what i do without all
the multi-media attached that
can and will also grind a slow
computer and narrow band Internet
to a
or complete stop..:)
Butt.. yes.. first i’LL
finish the art of liFe
and break for robOtic liFe
when i
to do juSt thaT..
aS SurE.. Art And
reaSon are a
oF liGht
And dARk..;)
Humans are relegated
to somewhat of a
as to be a social
animal means we
not only want each
other but instinctuAlly
we need each other as healthy
humans or even monkeys
all who are also
will wither and
die away from a
young age.. socially
isolated from what ever
apes surround them.. even
if they are the monkey see..
do.. and hear type of Apes as we
can and will meet in liFe.. from a young
age too.. anyWay.. as synchronicity will have
it i was feeling this today.. as i tend to have love
for everyone
without any
need of
anything from
them.. and sure i will
love with no reciprocation
at all as i have been to a place
where both feeling and giving love
was a physical impossibility as tHeir
is living organics behind a spiritual life
of Love and all emoTions/SenSEs dArk and liGht..
anyway.. not everyone looks at life this way after
the other
place of
fully null
and void now..
and i understand
that as i cherish and
practice Love like an olympic
sport simply ’cause i can and WiLL
a little off putting for some folks who have
not been to hell.. but never the less my friEnd..
the HeARt is an organic muscle of lOve from head
to toe that must be practiced constantly and worked out
in all the social empathic ways in art that can come free
with that or NOT And suffer the laws of attraction of Nature
God and sAMe in DArk actions.. including thought attract dARk
consequences and Positive actions same move toward liGht consequences
in all the ways life can and will come now.. however.. i am human and after experiencing
much isolation in life.. and much bullying when young.. it hurts when people say fuck you
these days
for no
but fuck
you as the
human element
in ways of empathy
and compassion goes amiss
when folks have 2000 Facebook
friends and perhaps little old me..
is the only one
views their
stuff and likes
it as just a metaphor
as my entire life has been
like that however the love came
back and lives inside groWinG stronger
as i acknowledge the dARk moves through
iT for even more liGht now that iSREaL.. as Love..
it’s true.. we are creatures of habit.. and memory of pain..
misery.. joy.. and laughter.. but when we lift each otHer up
and stick
it out
taller as Loving
Fearless smARt BeinGs
oF God and nature sAMe..
at leAst my FriEnd it works for me..
with sMiLes.. Zee.. as it doesn’t seem to
disgust you.. that i love you for no other reason
but to Love..
there was
a day
i couldn’t
say that for the
strangers around the
world.. and there was a longer
day that i could not feeL iT aT aLL..
fearless love is fearless love is fearless love
bottom lines of Yes
And to HealinG LoVe
giFted to uS by God.. the
greAtest Force and Power
we have as SociAlly BeinGs oF LiGht..
iN MoVinG.. ConNectTing.. CreaTinG ways
as in all things noW
Nature/God.. use
iT or
It RulEs..
Now as alWays..:)
One thing about this Good Cop Jesus
that rings true.. is tolerating the dArk..
long enough to see what hinders liGht..
and what we see.. and feel and sense in life..
tends to become
what life lives on
course as experiential
reaLiTy in liGht or dArk..
sHades of grey and beyond rainbow
colors as this witness for God of all that is
continues on the youtube call for an uprising
dude’s page this last time before you leave for
now to regain a soul of love over unresolved anger
that leads to A worse place oF aLL.. the pain of hate..
Yeah.. the Good Cop Jesus had a lotta common sense when
the Jesus oF liGht said live by the sword.. die by the sword.. love
not only your friEnds and family but all neighbors same as one loves
God and self same worth no harm in consuming others over now.. a food
and drink of life.. even to go as far as turn the other cheek which was honestly
likely fit in by those who would rule everyone’s life in expanding a Roman Empire
through A Nicene Council of 325 AD.. it is for ours to discern the good parts that
remain my friend and the other parts that say hate your family.. even
children if they don’t agree.. slay others if they don’t comply.. sure..
apologists will say it means something else as any metaphor
can but to bring a sword instead of peace is to potentially
die moreover in action and consequence of dArk
over liGht of the Love iN cooperation and
fearless smARt togEthERness as BeinG
hUman now… anyWay.. my friEnd.. A
source of hate and anger and
vengeance over victory usually
comes down to three words
and those words are..
and sure that applies
equally when one’s sister
is actually ritually sacrificed by
a so-called Satanic Cult.. while technically
rather rare in accord with law enforcement
identification it is more than that real where a
metaphor of Allah as God can be used by
extremists in other religions to rape
little twelve year old girls
writhing in pain of
the devil
sings praise
to the devil same
in metaphor my friend
as with most every housing
of vehicle and vessel of myth
comes essence of Truth in both
liGht and dARk and infinite ‘tween now
of that.. and i for one my friend too have great
wrath.. for i have loved women.. some of which
who were sexually abused by fathers and uncles
and one who was actually ritually sexually abused
in an actual small Satanic cult as a minor in a place
in North Florida where the most churches per square
mile in record book way is the place i live.. so sure.. there
is always the possibility of the sickest cults wherever one
goes as the Dark and vicious cycle of abuse carries on in the
cruelest.. and tortuous ways of dead soul dARk.. and usually
those folks were also abused too.. in ways of perpetrators who
were never watered fully and fed with a Loving SoUl.. SpiRit and
heARt oF liGht.. when i first found this site in the Google Algorithm
feed as i search out all avenues of human beings to learn more about
helping the human condition.. i saw you as one of the most pained hUman
beings in a voice that was only anger and a voice of dARk hate.. but you
see.. i understand better why now.. as you’ve come out with WHO HURT
YOU first.. your resolute to move back to the Good Cop Jesus who even
loves enemies to escape the dArkness and soUl killing power of anger
and hate IS A great iSREaL miracle to hear for me.. as i left this place
too.. not expecting to hear this good news after the pizza gate conspiracy..
sure.. you can be forgiven for that as your own personal faith noW
AS love of that Good Cop Jesus finally rings here as true and NoW
you do sound like the hurt human being who has been underneath
all this anger and hate for so long as i have been coming here now
my friEnd.. with lines of prayers that i will use in a longest long form
poem and witness for God.. yes.. still exceeding 3.3 Million words in
over 42 months now.. to help anyone who comes along and reads
my personal testament in witness for God.. yes .. noW.. the YouTube
Uprising Dude is Now pArt of that and for now there IS A Happy
ending coming for those who prayed that you would come
back to the liGht of Love too.. as it is the one’s who
are the most lost that the liGht seeks most
to bring back to not only love but a
a love of life that truly can
be a heaven on Earth
when experienced
a step away from
anger and hate..
dont’ doubt that
i too.. will remain
strongly defiant in the
way of anger and hate..
but the thing is.. my friend..
it all comes out in the wRite
and i walk away sTiLL in liGht..
God Bless you.. and best wishes
and hopes for all of your family as
as well as liGht memories in youR
eYes for your sister too.. when my son
died at 51 days from anomalies that were
just pARt of God and Nature sAMe.. i couldn’t
get mad.. as he never had the opportunity to even
feel love once.. i was bullied in school.. almost tortured
verbally as such.. but the love grown in me in unconditional
love by a mother won my life out in liGht.. no matter what iN
Victory.. my friend.. over Vengeance.. bottom line.. Love ISREaL
And Love is Victory.. anything less at the end of the now is dArk
my FriEnd.. may the Force of Love.. God’s greaTEst Gift to uS
be with you alWays.. it stARts with every word you thiNk.. and
every do you do.. thing is.. my friEnd.. juST do it and don’t give uP..:)
oH yeah.. and anoTheR preSent
for you or anyone here as i continue
A testament for God as forevermore now..:)
i love you.
and sure..
a liNk too..;)
it can’t hurt..
after all is sAid and DoNe..:)
WeLL.. no.. ‘this’ isn’t Friday Afternoon..
it is still Thursday night where the
Facebook Algorithm Video Slide
Show Presenter and handy
assistant is a little
slow in bringing
this super
cool option
up to date last night
but never the less.. it came
out great in expressing a dance
night of joy.. with yes… Cortney..
Maggie.. and Cortney’s sweet fill-
in friEnd for missing original member
of Charlie’s Angels.. Chelsea.. who isn’t
currently a member of the Facebook Rave
and by the way.. Facebook even automatically
tagged Cortney and Maggie in the Video with no
help from me.. dam this Facebook is getting too smart
to realize not everyone might wanna be tagged in one
of Fred’s goings on hehe.. but anyway.. Cortney is such
a creative little devil and such a natural theatrical talent
with that mischievous thing about her that makes the whole
thing that much more hilarious and fun too as life is the wit of
it fun
just fun
and more fun now..
iN an alWays joy of DancE and SonG..
And for full disclosure considering this went
Further than my Facebook page THAT IS
MY WIFE Katrina in the last photo..
as she does look kinda young..
but she is most definitely 46 years old..
with older me at 56 years old.. remember
Charlie.. the OLD DUDE from Charlie’s Angels
that you
to see..
heHe.. is me..
iN metaphor.. WriTE oN course..;)
Cortney responds
Dance Friends!
Green Heart Emoticon..
And i respond
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Zee..
Love is LiGht
From DArk
Sure tHeir
Are otHeR
PArts.. away
From that but what
Are Platitudes without
FeeLinG SenSinG DoinG
liGht more than kNoWiNG
Words.. sMiLes aGain with
Almost inFiNite Definitions
Matching Fire as Flame of
Love.. that
Burns a
Other than that
i pray that LigHt
That is yours
Grows A torch
As you..:)
of titles..
one song..
two versions..
first one hitting number
one on the Adult Contemporary
Charts in December of 2007
the Christmas
before i
went to
and the
other second
one hitting number
13 on the Adult Contemporary
Charts in December of 2012
the Christmas
i got
out of hell..
i never knew that
until a few moments ago..
never the less there is a little
personal magic in this new story
as the magic of synchronicity can
be anything we make it two thousand
years ago or even the same dam thing..
anyway.. bottom line.. Frosty is one snow man
that continues to evolve in the music world and sell..
as all myths do in someways even from 2000 years ago or so..:)
“He who is bent on doing evil can never want occasion.”
~~ Publius Syrus — Maxim 459 ~~
So what is evil..
empty promises
or FucKinG crazy actions
with no promises at all.. hmm..
humans tend to seek order when
please.. and
the Rovers say..
let’s shake this shit up..
and do something new..
and that sometimes
works in a land
of billionaires
as far
as international
diplomacy with
trigger fingers.. crazy F iN
is as crazy FucKinG does..;)
“The most pathetic person in the world is
a person who has sight but has no vision.”
~~ Helen Keller ~~
Vision with
with few
IS also
A BIG ORANGE problem..
to FucKinG Drop..;)
“Whatever we cannot easily understand we call God;
this saves much wear and tear on the brain tissues.”
~~ Edward Abbey ~~
Or juST say FucK iT..
juSt accept
move iT
create iT
oneSelf froM IT ALL THeRe/tHeiR..;)
“I don’t know why it isn’t clear to other folks,
which is alright, you know, different strokes.
But, why should that mean that they must
force me to believe, or fail in trust?”
So.. A new
age Jesus
yes.. last year..
is walking from the
parking lot into a bar
to do a Jesus dance with
scores of lovely women who
are also
and he
comes across a
group of bible thumpers
who tale him.. if you do not
recite John 3:16 and confess
that Jesus is the only begotten
son of God who died for your sins..
you are going to an eternal house of
for yes..
really all of
eternity forevemorernow…
little did the bible thumpers
know that Jesus had already gone
to this place for 66 months.. yes.. been
there done it already as Jesus already knew
that he was no more special than the devil
as God condemned
him to that place for
not having Fucking
common sense
to just
say no
and quit
A FucKinG
manmade job
under the illusions
that if he didn’t make money
Jesus’ life would come to A FucKinG
end without the real green black dollar dEvil of today..
anyway.. that was so yesterday.. Jesus had already over
came that.. 66 months of hell and since then he had come
close to taking back all the lies and writing his own FucKinG
Bible soon to approach 3.3 million words in short form and 12
million words in long form all on record of course in a place where
and written
by the original
person.. if the hackers
can’t get in.. hehe.. as
who would read anything longer
than a twitter verse anyway.. haha..
hehe.. makes coming as a thief
in the Bar ParKing lot
on 120th Church street
a FucKinG
in the
for everyone
to see hahEhuh.. even
FucKinG naked celebrating
God in King David more vile ways..
including Dancing for close to 6,000 miles
by that date every where in public somewhere
far far away from a place with zero mass communication
to get
an original
ministry of
praise dance
out ON smart phones
that did not exist back
in that desert patch way way
back then.. in fAct.. perhaps..
a new age way is prepared
and this whole
dam Jesus
was fabricated
by literally thousands
of folks along the way of
oral tradition in Aramaic amongst
thousands of desert wanderers in
round table way.. smart ass nerd
Greeks choosing bits and parts
of that to write down
and thousands
of copying
scribes making
written copy mistakes
and changing it to a new
revised version in totally open
source Wiki method then to whatever
fit the flavor of the intuitive or political
breeze of the now back then.. ending up with
both a Good Cop and Bad Cop Jesus to better
reflect then pitfalls of being human along with the
liGht of pro-social emotions that go along with expanding
empires in onward Christian killing indigenous people’s way..
keeping in mind
that the whole
time Jesus
was in
a bar
lot describing
this whole scenario
to a group of bible thumpers..
singing onward Christian soldiers..
in tHeir Merry Way close to Christmas
of last year.. never realizing that Frosty was
in their midst.. and to make an even longer story
they left
the scene of
new age oral tradition..
they told Jesus that he was
the devil and everyone who read
his new age bible would go to hell..
and Jesus just smiled so big and so bright
that the lead Bible thumper starting yelling a primal
scream to the top of his lungs saying get the Fuck
away from
me.. i
take IT any
more.. the most
amusing part of this
story is it really happened..
hehe.. and no.. i am not Jesus..
i am
Frosty the Snowman..
juSt call me.. FReEDman hEha..;)
AnyWay.. as you likely
can imagine.. i am A
Bible ignorant
as i cannot tale a lie..
only a BEgotten HAiry
tale that has come true..
Moral of the entire
story.. all my life
even if i am ‘the only
one’ who returns to a field of dreams..
This story is way too complicated
for the big screen or books..
it takes
A gigoid
to come
close to
even close to ALL OF what
i am DOinG uPon this Beautiful eArTh..
left of
thaT IS.. here..
anyWay.. noW..:)
AnyWay aGAin… thanks
gigoid.. a very inspiring poem
written by you.. 8 days after i started
this ‘little’
Now back to
the rest of the
pearls as quotes..
as extra long side note ends..;)
Humans hardly ever learn from the experience of others.
They learn – when they do, which isn’t often – on their own, the hard way.”
~~ Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love ~~
66 months in hell
in the
ass for the
truth of this..
bottom line now is all
now is and now i escaped that and am free now
bottom line
Now iS ALL ThAt iS..
“Once we truly know that life is difficult –
once we truly understand and accept it –
then life is no longer difficult.
Because once it is accepted, it no longer matters.”
~~ M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled ~~
Yes.. kinda like
what Peck said.. too..:)
“A man can only do what he can do.
But if he does that each day he can sleep at night
and do it again the next day.”
~~ Albert Schweitzer ~~
“In adversity remember to keep an even mind.”
~~ Horace ~~
Better yet..
whatever it
takes whatever
works juST FucKinG
survive and the rest WiLL coMe..:)
“When it’s dark enough you can see the stars.”
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~
i took a picture
on Thursday
iN a
with a
tale as big
as a kite..;)
“Reality can be useful.”
~~ Solomon Short ~~
True story.. if you wanna
find wisdom.. go find
the person.. sTiLL
biggest cross..:)
“I make my own reality…..”
~~ gigoid, the dubious ~~
“As one gets older,
one discovers everything is going to be exactly the same
with different hats on.”
~~ Noel Coward ~~
Hello gigoid..
back for pARt
2.. read the first
pARt to Katrina now
and she responded
with a Fredache..
as usual..with
different hats
on.. noW Now
But she did let
me finish..
yes that
was different..
as she was raised
in a Southern Baptist
church and no.. if i cannot get
through all the way now to my own
wife.. the mountain is yet to climb all the way
as surely
in that
way now too..
the hats remain
still to forevernow be
changed as sAMe.. now
as human
wHat reMains..
And reiGns STiLL
sAme and Different sAMe..:)
“…common human laws and interests and emotions
have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large…”
~~ H. P. Lovecraft ~~
as we are
the cosmos alive..
at large
star dust plus..
someHow OR anotHeR
some humans get that separate..
boy feels
and senses more
than that in purpose
and meaning iN aliVe noW..
it too.. as
tender vittles
speak volumes in purrs
In other words the
UniVerse iS in the
bar speaKing
to another
pArt of
the UniVerse..
whining about
the Universe
as the Universe..
or even FucKinG Validity
as pARt
sMiLes.. i once
lived on a Wrong
Planet where a substantial
percentage held that illusion
noW A saddest place oF all..
a self-created hell on eARTh..
or even pARt of an innate
condition as dARk..
with humans
who see little to
or validity to
tHeir very existence
as the UniVerse speAking with
eYes and eaRs and FucKinG Orgasms too..
IS A most important
inteLLigence and that
my friENd iS wHeRe myths
as houSinG Vehicles and
Vessels of TrUth and liGht coMeS iN..
as both
than significant
and even FucKinG
Awesome as TrUth and LiGht..
aS UnivErse
kNOwn as TruTh and liGht..;)
First world
oF A cosmic
DanceR SingeR oNe..:)
“I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing
than to teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.”
~~ ee cummings ~~
And that
my friEnd..
oF human existence
iN aLL oF A UniVerse now
as we
can be
A bird brain too..:)
“You must have been warned about letting the golden hours slip by;
but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.”
~~ James M. Barrie ~~
IN Heaven
tHeRE is
no timE
but now
now is Heaven
for those wiTh no
tiMe butt noW iN joY BreaThe..:)
“Do not be too moral.
You may cheat yourself out of much of life.
So aim above morality.
Be not simply good;
be good for something.”
~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~
and FucK
the naysayers
HiGh.. how are yA..
i’M happy to see Ya..;)
“I am pleased to see that we have differences.
May we together become greater than the sum of both of us.”
~~ Surak of Vulcan, “The Savage Curtain,” stardate 5906.4. ~~
out iN A maTh oF one..:)
“The best way to cheer yourself
up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”
~~ Mark Twain ~~
Like i do
laugh all ‘you’..
want with/at me..
i WiN when you Laugh..
as i continue to giggle inSide..;)
“None but a fool is always right.”
~~ Hare ~~
A FooL
IS Happy
at the
end and
of noW Now..
Happy or not..
Fool or not it IS what
it IS.. and frOwny face ain’t
i feel
forR NoW aT lEASt
And Now IS all that noW
exists now and now IS God
IS and God IS A Laugh as
i create
way.. as IS..
OH my GoD! IS Happy..
That IS good news to me..
“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,
but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.
We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”
~~ Aristotle ~~
or stagnate
and wear a habit..
and even be a nun..;)
i honestly cannot remember
ever seeing a nun who was smiling inside..
for a flying nun..
but perHaps it was
because i’ve only seen
them at school and church where
of face
away from
moving.. connecting
AND creating Different instead of same..:)
Habituate creativity allone
as alWays new..
A new
that is
never a rule..
and never ever a
FucKinG HaBit ALONE..:)
And beyond nun.. and it’s reAlly
sad as whenever someone talks about
this good news thing as lector at Catholic
they have
A funeral face
as dark as dark
growS in subjugation
and control.. only the
to make
jokes in
the Homily
but what FucKinG
happened to God IS A Laugh
in the Good News.. pArt mUsTa
by a
that was ‘A nun’…
iN frOwny face spirit
ugh.. ain’t no good news to me..
and what pisses me off most is when
the parents tell tHeir children to sit still
and not say anything when they are in hell..
same.. as
Jesus F iN
Christ they’ll never
understand the dry humor of the Priest
FrOwny Face..
surELy A microcosm
of what is to come in a much
larger hell for them at a very young
age in a world where both DancE and
now is
in hell at
a very young age..
anyWay.. i do my pARt
i wear happy shirts and
dance and sing happy
noW like an emOtional
Bird.. wHo iS Happy
Gay and free Now..
serIOUslY.. i only
go to aMuse
kids iN walls
of hell NoW..
like any new age Jesus Clown Fool
WiLL DancE and SinG iN Super Walmart too..;)
FucKinG A
A FAiry tAle iSREAL..:)
As alWays.. thank you
very much gigoid for
all you do online
in give
and share..
it’s off to dance
noW wHeRe words oF DancE and SonG
Now beCoMe juST FucKinG Do IS NOW..;)
gigoid responds.. reminding me that
humans are not any more special
than the rest of the Universe
and i return in clarification
and validation of my
communication then with..
Dude.. you miss the larger story..
i am no more special than
The miracle of a grain of
Sand.. it’s a metaphor for
A poem.. it is what it is
Heaven for some
And like your own
Ending quote..
Fact is
Free will
We help create
Our realities but that
Does not reduce the miracle
Of the grain of sand that makes
The Love of human being possible
That holds both a mountain up
And the love that Can and Will
Be human by the miracle that
All that is and that my
FriEnd can be shit pie
Or a piece of cake.. heaven
Or hell.. cause i done ’em
Both.. yeah.. i technically
Know A grain of sand don’t
Give a shit pie about me
And never will.. either
Here on earth or
Anywhere else
But if another
Part of God as
Nature exists
Out their
Like me
i reserve the
FAct of hope
And Love without
ILLusory Fears that
Is Emotion and Common
Sense that’s real Faith.. i believe
in only the realities that i now
Experience but been around
And have experienced enough
Of life to experience beyond
What most folks think
Is possible and it’s
Not fair but
It is what
It is
Of sound for
Now rides a
Metaphor of
LiGht over DArk
Over words that likely
Never will reach the full
Experience to
Reflect a frAction
Of the entire
Of now..
WiNk..i don’t
Discount your reality
FriEnd and of course it’s
Not mine..
every UniVerse
Looks different
Now for
We call
And that’s
A FAct oF FeeLinG..:)
In short..
Agree that
The UniVerse
As God ain’t
Fair and
Blame you
A bit for the
Way you feel
About the whole
Reality you see
It but
NO one rains
On my parade
Cause sure i
Could feel
Like like
You do now
Similar again
In what
The Future..
i retain Faith
i will not return
THeir simply
i can
No givens of
Grace alone my FriEnd
i eat this
Blood Sweat
And A teary cross
The greatest Gift of WiLL..:)
And we come to understanding
in common ground and i further say..
After gigoid says first
as i quote him
here in full
“*grin* “God is in the details; the rest is merely integers.” — Hacker proverb
As long as one doesn’t try to get others to travel the same path, it’s all good with me, my friend. Your path is, because of your own inner spirit, the one that works for you. What isn’t fair is that not all of us can see how that works, thus, creating resentment against the very universe they inhabit.
You keep dancing and singing (which is another term for living a poem…); everyone else will have to hone their own will….
And yes.. then
i go on to say..
WiNks.. totAlly
Agree.. thanks
For allowing me
To clarify and
Validate my
Own personal
View.. truly
Not often
I’ve found someone
Who either allows it
Or comes anywhere close
It but hey with more
WiNks.. i live in new
Red State
With yes.. thanks
Again and Love..
My own
ADvocation too..;)
Long Long day of reading writing.. yes..
alWays at lEAst a little arithmetic
as i’m alWays a numbers
person and sort
of an
as such if you
saw that recent
movie with Asperger’s
Ben Affleck Batman without
the cape Super Hero/?villain..eTc..AL..
anYway.. running across Ty ‘here’.. our historical
waiter at Ryan’s all one can eat feeding trough for
Sunday Dinner after Church for Lunch.. back from his
A-School.. over aT NAS Pensacola.. yet to be assigned
in his New Full-Time Job iN the Navy.. one of the only
secure jobs left in the Nation with some kind of future
of guaranteed benefits.. including retirement.. A lost
art of secure jobs in an economy growing more
efficient where humans need no longer apply
as automation robots continue to terminate
all the old jobs when humans had the
really great career jobs that
are now relegated to
service jobs only
mostly as
are today..
even with a
F iN College Degree..
lots of folks with college
under their belt doing the
minimum wage dance but
hey i did it all day for totALLy
free while we watched the folks
all around me.. get excited and
pull out their revolving smart phones
to capture what i love to do for free.. digitally
as such.. relatively forever as long as online servers
keep serving up my dance.. yes.. all for F iN Free as i finish
over 13 miles of dance today as noted by my trusty Nike GPS
Sports watch aS Such too.. as the free DancE and SonG oF liFE goeS oN…:)
Hmm.. i thiNk ‘this Yoga Pose
Hold’ for generating so-called
masculine and feminine Yoga
BaLanCinG Force as oneness
with God in static movement
as such is reAlly Super Kool..
if one could feel and sense
what i AM ActuAlly doing
here in this most
and Selfie Same
Profile photo that
kinda says who i AM
when all is wilLd and FReED..
hmm.. but with a shirt like “Chillin”
with extra cold shades on a Sun’s Face
it’s sure to make at lEast one person smiLe
along with that half A Marathon of Dance today..;)
Oh Lord.. almost 3 AM..
but not too late to get a
Video-Slide Presentation
oF aLL the art of the day out
on a day oF aLL around Cheap Thrills
as such.. hmm.. and yes.. tHeRE IS A
Song for that by Sia
that WiLL do
to finish uP
the rest of
what will be
a Micro-Micro-Verse
on this note.. of larger
Micro-Verse as pARt oF
Macro-Verse number 726
oF Ocean Whole Poem AKA
MiA FredericK!iI.. also too.. yes..
yes.. yeS and more yes.. sTiLL exceeding
a grand total of 3.3 milLioN words.. jusT ’cause
A Healthy
dose continuing
of moving.. connecting
and creating with heaRt and
spiRit of EmoTioNal HeARt fully
employed.. as WeLL As A MiNd
And BoDy SoUL that continues
A BaLAnCinG acT iN thE Art oF
MoVinG to regulate emoTions
and integrate seNses as weLL
as conNecTinG and crEAtinG
ArT as SonG and DancE.. including
Free Verse poEtry.. yes too.. ALL FREE STYLE TOO..
AND now for F iN Sleep as anoTher noW of Joy continues..:)
Ha! Happy Karaoke memories
in photo way with Cortney and
Chelsea from the original
Seville Quarter
trio.. one year ago..
singing Bohemian
Rhapsody.. one song
i cannot yet duplicate..
so i swayed to the beat
as DancE instead of SonG..
And that reminds me of at age 18 when me and
my first Love Sonia traveled to down town Pensacola
to see ballet.. the last thing i ever thought i would do would
be anything associated with ballet and surely not in public for
6500 miles in 39 months but seeing Old Seville Quarter for the
first time and me already in a long term relationship that i wanted
to see become marriage.. there was a free and wild hint of a call of
the wild that said.. not yet.. you are still young and you just need to
let it all go with nary a care before you get all wrapped up and trapped
in life as
as they
as i
was already
P whipped from the
beginning when Sonia
said you are gonna have to
spend all your time with me with
out even the freedom to go work out
and that’s what i did for 10 months.. spend
every single second of free time away from school
and work at her family home knowing and feeling still
tHere was much more to life that i was missing by becoming
her one and only and everything too.. until she got tired of the
much less confident person i became by not working on me..
staying strong and a little wild and free at least.. hmm.. my
life could have been much darker if she stayed and
it took me years to understand that i might
have never fully lived at all
until i learned to become
my own person first and
Love myself fully
rule my
life again..
and sure.. somewhat
i did that again.. as there
is alWays give and take as
far as that goes too.. as rules
are a necessary paRt oF liFe too..
anyway.. i got to back to Old Seville
when i was 22 to 24 in ending college
days with the ‘higher class’ girls i hung
out with in the more elite P’cola way.. 2001
a disco club of the so-called ‘lower classes’
came along and stayed for close to a decade after
that and Seville Quarter doesn’t seem nearly as classy
as it used too.. as i have the confidence now to see no class at all
and all folks as being equally as special as a grain of sand and me..
no matter
who are
what they
WE are all part of this
gAme oF liFe in my view now..
no less no more than a Grain of Sand
and yes
too of course..:)
“I miss the time we spent
together, I am watching over
you, always and protecting you
from harm. Be thankful for what
you have in life and you shall never
be port at heart.”
Sure.. i’ll wRite
it all down ONLINE
a thousand
years now..
after i die..then..
and speaKing of
that after seeing this
Message from the Dead
Facebook Ego Booster thingie
from the meaww algorithm thingie..
on second cousin Terri’s page.. Aunt
Christina ain’t Brain dead after all..
she Awoke from a
coma and
tongue out..
oh the Joy of living
it’s what life does when strong..
And sure.. i stick more than my tongue
out when living with even more of the spirit
that flowS in
my veins F iN
Wild and Crazy and
FucKinG Fully alive saYiNg
whatever the FucK iS oN my mind..
i have so much in common with her
have as
sure it all
runs in our veins..
as wild and free..
on the
wild and free
side.. @Least..;)
And now.. MacroVerse Memory in Facebook way too..
shared from a year ago for Clothes of GOD in
in more than
every way that
sTiLL can be sAid
And as the MacroVerse
Memories for today ends
from two years ago..
‘Ode to
my bullies’
as i alWays
now use
to juSt make
me stronger
and sure
i can
prove it too… as i whip
out my smARt phone online
and sHow it to ’em ISReaL2..
and that for one lives on far
far far in a Heaven above
with no sun or moon
to liGht
up defeating
the entropy
of Nature
extends Nature now..
as pARt and heARt.. SpiRit
and SouL of the wHOle FucKinG EnCHILada..
per John 14:12
if yA wanna NT scripture
that back to me less.. perHaps..;)
So.. Second cousin
Terri shares another
Meaww Facebook
Ego booster Algorithm
Profile analyzer as such that
says my full name is Katie..
Winner of Hearts
Enforcer of Justice
Harbinger of Love Mia..
and now i say..
i just
too see my
Profile pic all
showcased in a fancy
MEAWW frame and yes..
i do
care too
in a somewhat
BaLanCinG miNd
and BoDy sOuL way
with plenty of SpiRit oF
HeARt too as i juSt can and
DO now
aS Such
wiTh LoVe
So.. the county farmers.. got
together like an Almanac
and asked for
a rain
dance to
relieve tHeRe
drought.. little did
they kNow.. i did a full
regaLA Indigenous Indian
Rain Dance yesterday and
whatta yA kNow.. the deluge after
Catholic Church has come while we
wait out the storm at home now as it slacks
off and Public
Dance resumes
but while i’M on topic
on deluges and such as that..
today in Catholic Church the Synchronicities
Ring oN iN A-Causal connecting Principle
referencing somewhat frowny face nuns
and lectors as the first thing i see
when i sit down is a Nun giggling
with a laugh with the lady
and man who have 6 kids
spreading out across the
back row with me and
Katrina and our
older friEnd Lil..
and after that.. smiling
Lectors are present as we
have a different priest who always
now let’s the children do the liturgy as
such and do the choir after i talked about
the grey hairs doing the choir last week.. too..
so the lectors have sunshiny faces and voices
today too.. as they are children who sTiLL have a full
heARt SpiRit and soUL who remembers they are sTiLL noW
Free and Happy Children of God enough to really sMiLe at
leASt with giggles of honesty too.. as when the priest asks
the children what color robe thingy he has on.. a child immediately
speaks up and notices his color purple IS A shade different than
the deacon and calls it Pink instead of Purple as this will be the
third week out of four that homophobic type comments are
implied in the mass proceedings by the Priest to prove
their manhood and stuff like that.. so the Priest
says.. NO.. i do not wear pink.. and he said
his name but no need to use that here..
iT IS A breath of fresh air to
have children in charge
of God now.. but it is
still a very stale air
of the past
seem to think they
have to prove their masculinity
in an environment of a Catholic organization
as whole that has come to look like a place for
pedo apologists to rule at the hiGhest levels as such..
and yes.. of course human nature and God nature rules too..
as when you exclude marriage with the rules and having a wife
and stuff you are gonna attract closeted gay folks who are too afraid
STilL to come out to the family and go into the cloth as such and hide
and thou protests
too much as another
priest said when he wore
salmon this is salmon not pink
and i do not skip down the aisle
of the pews as such too.. anyway
it’s not really funny as this language lacks
compassion for the 4 percent of children in
that group today that science shows are going
to grow up gay.. with much bullying.. prejudice..
particularly in a red state area.. but that is getting
better as the younger generation is more like a Good
Cop Jesus in this way of accepting all others without color..
creed.. nationality and other stuff of difference in anti-trump
way but give Trump credit.. he said at least he was for gay rights
in the Republic Convention.. and considering he owns hotels in the
Hospitality arena.. he surely has plenty of gay folks as a stereotype
of course daily in his
past of who he worked
with.. at highest levels..
as gay can be happy too..
and really good with the high
class liberal customers too.. just
an observation that most folks with
common sense see.. so… strike a little
match for Trump.. and no priest.. you don’t
strike out with that homophobic stereotypical
remark that the men’s club still most everywhere
in angry old white dude way uses to prove their man
hood while it wanes into old age.. group think reigns..
it’s part of the con-social emotions of jealousy and hate..
and fear of course and insecurity too for folks who have not
yet arrived to the born again stage where all is love and tolerance
and accepting of differences as such.. in this way for those who
at least
worked in
the ‘Hospitality
Industry’ of really
getting to understand
that folks at core need
and want the similar things..
tolerance.. acceptance.. and Love..
and sadly.. i only have one pink shirt
that says don’t laugh.. it’s your girl friend’s
shirt.. nah.. i have some limits that’s one that
even i will not wear to church out of respect for
human condition
of myths and tradition..
anyway.. the other synchronicity
on this 1st Sunday of Advent is prepare
ye a way for the Lord of liGht as surely a Jesus
can love free for now at lEast in New Red State Jerusalem
with a Merry Christmas Shirt with Rudolf with sHades leading
the choir from the back of the church as same as the children
who still actuAlly sense and feel the God of Nature wHole
inside sTiLL as tolerating.. accepting.. and somewhat
fearless unconditional love who are not FucKinG
of the
pInk.. i came
up to the priest
with A remArk that
i like your piNk
robe and received
a hand shake and
a chuckle that
means for him i
am pArt of his
man’s club and
he has no idea
i was kinda
like a
thief in
the night
as he shakes every
one’s hands after church
in the lobby.. gave him one
of those firm he man bone.. yeah..
crusher hand shakes as i normally
do it softly as not only can i see the
soul that lies behind eyes.. i also can
feel it through a soft hand shake of feelings
that is more like a mind meld and surely a little
creepy to some folks.. i’m sure too.. as i am exposing
tHeir soUL like a beacon of liGht or bLack hole sTar inside
as it comes
out from
unto miNd..
as spock miGht
say with a spock
shake too.. he he..
also gave the older
more angry deacon dude
a firmer hand shake than that
and told another official of the
church.. and the lady next to me
too.. with the six kids and husband
in tow.. who had a little girl with a Christmas
shirt on too.. hey.. people are already decorating
tHeir yard.. so sure.. i can decorate me too.. as A little Rudolph2..
Okay.. now it’s
time for public
dance and Rudolph
will be coming back soon
to Facebook to let his Christmas
presents be kNown and fElt once aGain
as hiStory repeats itself in myths that house
the essence of trUth and liGht in so many different
vehicles and vessels that point toward fearless smARt
and Unconditional
for all
as pure
liGht FloWs
as Holy SpiRit WiLL..
when all of thaT iS FAiTh..
Oh yeah.. and A final synchronicity
from the church services and the previous
stuff i already wrote having no idea what would
come next is.. a reserve pilot instructor from Whiting
Field who attends church told me.. thank you for wearing
all those cool shirts to Church as his children love a break
of seeing them.. particularly star wars.. while we waited in line
at Taco Bell and in return He and Katrina.. he first and Katrina
for closing in on the thousandth time or so when we are toGether..
yes.. got to hear the entire miraculous story of a child of God named Fred..
just another
day and
soUL aS Such..
and sure another
Fredache for Katrina2..
same thing last night with
a lady in a long Christmas
check out line as she got to
hear the full story of Fred Gump2..
And as Forrest says.. i WiLL do more juSt ’cause
i can
with laser
FucKInG Now
Focus wiTH
100 percent Faith
in what i’M DOinG
iN Fred Fearless
smARt talk waY..noW
And yes.. the Grinch
story is on the way too..
with several dance shirts with
his face but of course we have
the orange version of that this year too..
as surely myths do come trUe for iSREaL2..
in blue
green and
orange pill form2..
i’ll take the Green pill
for now and continue to
gRow my grinch heARt Now
to maximum Multi-Verse
Ocean WHoLe way2..
or pInk
THe F FTW2..;)
Target Selfie ‘here’ with a very nice
and sweet Target Girl who also
noted i danced with her at
Old Seville Quarter as we
discussed the benefits
of having Uni-Sex
Bathrooms at
Target as let’s
juSt say a
certain element
of the community
carrying around banners
on their pick ’em up trucks
have honored their vow to
boycott Target over allowing
all Americans to pursue Happiness
in the bathroom of their choice.. Oh..
Lord.. and i can even remember back in
them dead zone days where i did not have
the protective coating around my body like
what the Star Trek Enterprise uses as shields
to keep unsavory stuff out.. i could feel intense stress
and general misery and discontent at Walmart and K-Mart
so much more than the Target of more open minded and educated
folk in weight of lifting the veils of ignorance per original Greek Definition
of the
really makes a
difference in the
mood of the environment
as such with an open tolerating
accepting heARt vs a closed discriminating
haTing heARt that has lost it’s very liGh..t i verily say..
anyWay.. she thought every thing i do.. down to the nude
art was cool.. as she has an open mind and doesn’t see darkness
in every
nook and
cranny of
difference in
A Free F iN Country NOW..
God Bless America for Target Freedom..
and she was also kind enough to tale me all
her friends loved me as i didn’t give a care what
anyone thOught.. as i exercise all my freedoms
from head to toe
even more
than before
she knew before
meeting the dancing
guy.. up close and personal
iN expose’ of all i am now..;)
As ‘they’ say for Target now
too and ‘Bulleye’s Playground’
iT iS that way for me too..
as the Heaven is at
Hands raised to
the sky in
with God
oF aLL
iN Yoga
Pose on the
Big Red Target
BaLL.. all free
aS SucH and yes..
it’s hard to see the Reindeer
red nose on the shirt but Rudolph
once again.. in this version has both
sHades and what at least looks like
a Mustache here.. oh yeah.. and the
Heaven’s at hand again made it’s way
into the Gospel of Matthew at Catholic
Church and sTillL folks are waiting for it
after death.. so sad to wait for Heaven and
never ever find it now.. trULy so Red Nose sAd..;)
What else.. yes..
the Algorithm of
Facebook video
production slide
show assistant comes
through in a timely manner
to document in public store way
the rest of the weekend Marathon
of mixed martial arts and ballet-like
dance.. and it surely was a blast with
free help and and free give away of dance
for those public audience folks.. kind enough to
share my all free spiritual praise dance music ministry
all around the Facebook world and such as that as dance does
go on and on
and on.. and closing
in on 777 dance events
in public like this not counting
the Seville 137 events where the
GPS Sports watch will not record the
miles of dance in that old building close
to the beach.. even if an average of only two
folks video tape what i do.. with the wife Katrina
actually catching many more do in dance events she
pays attention to for her hobby of what’s going down with
my dance with the audience too.. numbers add up quick..
and easily.. more than easily be a few thousand separate
videos of many circling the Facebook Globe now that still
exist there until they find someone else who is brave enough
to dance every where they go in the Metro P’Cola LA.. yes
Lower Alabama Florida Panhandle as such with a few
backwards ways of Old Testament view of an old world
somewhere else where scarcity rules over our overall
abundance over here in the lush forests.. beaches..
and the
rest of God
Nature too.. all
for purview and even
resources for making
survival real in a forage of
lifE sTiLL iN Wilderness way..
anyWay.. if need be i would likely
bite the bullet and become a hunter
and fisherman and in general forager
as such to survive but for now i thrive
with Grocery stores and yeS.. even the
Five Dollar and Ninety Nine cent Mexican
Meal special at Taco Bell available as a special
over all days of the week for now.. as they keep the ease coming
ways necessary
for me to get my hands
too bloody for the job of liFe AT HAND…;)
And Facebook FriEnd Rafiah shares a status
that says she just graduated from College with
her Chemistry degree.. so i saY.. in encouragement..
Congratulations!.. now off
To Scientist
Rafiah says..
I wish it so strongly, Freddy.
I hope this does happen. Inshaa Allah
smile emoticon
heart emoticon
And i return with..
i will continue
To pray for it
And you.. my
And then Rafiah shared
some photos of a movie that
she has had on her watch list
for some time and is happy to
finally get to watch that i remember
i really liked but at that time couldn’t remember the name of it..
So i say..
i loved that
Movie.. Power
iN the liGht
Of Love
Out of
Places and
And then after
dance walking
all day i then say..
“The Professional”..
took me until tonight to
remember the name of the
movie but as you know i would
like to
sort of
a daughter
too.. WiNks..
as i can’t have
one of my own now..:)
And then finally Rafiah shares a video of an Alan feature
creature or robot as such from Saturday night live and i say..
Hmm.. as synchronicities now
continue to ring in today in almost
everyway of what i do today for now..
this Alan Creature
is the way i am usually
received in public dance
by the female element of
the public audience as
compared to the
as such..
and sometimes
i see the males in
the dance hall physically
pull their girlfriends away from
asking me questions about what’s
getting down with the free dance of me..
i just don’t ‘know’ why but the male faction of
society has never liked me much.. i guess happy
i feel
iT too..
Happy graduation
again to you my friEnd
hope you don’t go somewhere
and never come back here.. stay
you can please..
as friends will continue
to do if they so wish and will..;)
And then i say to Rafiah
in regard to “The Professional”..
Oh.. and after watching
the trailer again.. that movie
is like the new movie.. “The
Accountant” with Ben Affleck
playing an assassin with Asperger’s
syndrome in vengeance way who has
great difficulty finding friends and finally
to care
about too..
who really cares about him..
as stories about life go on.. my FriEnd..
and sure i’ll park another trailer for that
perHaps for your continuing watch list before
you land
And Gary Oldman does
a reprise of a similar
role with a similar
cast with
a similar
of deeper meaning
here in “The Book of Eli”..
i have a feeling you’ll like this one
oF aLL..
Actors change
and the roles remain..
as well as human archetypes
“He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness
by changing anything but his own disposition
will waste his life in fruitless efforts.”
~~ Samuel Johnson ~~
i mean
common philosophy
of the ages of the sages
for most anyone who escapes
the rigor
now then
now always
noW Now
rules and
and guidelines
to control and subjugate folks
‘tween the sidewalks of life.. now..
This Dreamtime of time out of time..
sure.. the same stuff that Eckart Tolle
is speaking of in New age ways
more or less
the same
is also the stuff
of going deeper within
and connecting to human
Jungian-like archetypes that
even science is starting to give
credence to as of a Discover Magazine
not too
with a Google search..
anyWay.. Dream time is
heaven now for those who
escape the sidewalks of books
and such as that my friEnd.. they
are more likely to write them in some
into never
land and never
ending story now..
words don’t do it justice
never have never will as they
are both figurative and concrete too..
And sure.. it’s the eye of the needle and
a hugely overweight camel for escape..
same story.. same roles.. similar
archetypes and
as the
play goeS oN
and soMe add
verses to uniVerse
even iF it is watering
a sapling tree for life..
or a small
seed or whatever
the FucK.. mY FriEnd..
A devil doesn’t live in the big picture..
but sure.. one can visit never the less as more..;)
“We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves.”
~~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~~
Nah.. don’t
doubt now
A Power oF
A dArk Force..
not everyone is cut out to kNow..
that’s not fair and it sucks but it is what it is..;)
Sure.. bottom
lines inner
one calls it
it is what it is
too.. strong or weak
or almost non-existence
subject to A dArk force2..;)
Just Say “Know!”
~~ Realist Bee ~~
Trump yes
“For a moment, nothing happened.
Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.”
~~ Douglas Adams, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” ~~
Nothing seems
like a thousand
years in
for ‘those’
‘who’ visit ‘that place’..;)
“The fact that an opinion has been widely held
is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd;
indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind,
a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”
~~ Bertrand Russell, Marriage and Morals ~~
Hmm.. once one now
really studies all sciences/arts
usuAlly there is a deeper reason
can miss at least
as science shows now..
in the human art of both
thriving and basic survival..
For example.. scarcity makes
‘ridiculous controls’ for survival
and abundance makes
for ‘so much
over do it
and controls
that seem ridiculous
come about again
and the
on in even
‘more ridiculous’
ways for survival..
bottom shared line..
survival.. so in other words
sometimes ‘stupid is’ works..
now for
and the smArty
pants never get around
to reproducing while others
do it with their ‘ridiculous rules’
and carry on wayward sons as such..
and daughters too..
as even science shows
that while the population
of the world will stabilize
later this century.. those who believe
in ‘ridiculous religious rules’ will continue
to survive over smarty pants.. moreover..
for the
that they
are fucking
with no birth control..
it’s all about giving a
free fuck or not
hit the road..or not..;)
“There is what there is and what we wish there was.”
~~ Subtle Bee ~~
And there is
also a now
that is awesome
and beyond most folks belief
as bio-neuro-diversity goeS on iN liGht and DArk..
the reality
is Nature
that way
and it is
what it is..
even if one says
there is only a chosen
few who get to go to heaven NOW..
so ironic
for those who wait..
who could or would or should
seek it and find IT NOW forevermorenow..;)
“Tiger gotta hunt. Bird gotta fly.
Man gotta sit and wonder why, why, why.
Tiger gotta sleep. Bird gotta land.
Man gotta tell himself he understand.”
~~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr. ~~
and bird..:)
“There is no birth without pain.”
~~ Carl Jung ~~
Yeah.. i wish
i could
that step..
but i was way
too weak to make
it without the worst pain
known to humankind for
66 months from wake to sleep..
and when i say that was worth it..
it must
be a mighty
fine place i live
for now.. as honestly
i would do it all again
just for
of what
i experience
now.. can’t full put
it into words but i can
put it into perspective.. mY FriEnd..;)
It’s just like the movie contact with
Jodie Foster
i had
full ideal
‘this place
existed’.. only
a glimmer of a wink
of dreamtime from before NOW..:)
“They should have sent a poet”
-Jodie Foster
in that
inspired movie..:)
“There are worse things than dying.”
~~ Kalas ~~
A source NoW..WoN
oF aLL my WiLL/Hope/Believe/
FAiTH/LovE.. been tHeRE done thiS..
and perHaps
don’t go here..
as they can’t
make it
thaT other
place.. surely
hiStory sHows tHis..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. i
Write poetry to
Escape left brain
Thinking i
WiNks with
Joy oF LiGht
And LiFe..:)
In other words i
Have to work extremely
Hard not to over analyze life
And the propensity is
STill what i DancE
And SinG to
A Balance of
HeArt and Science
Shedding excessive
Yang.. from my old
But sure
Now and then
i slither Back
For BaLaNcinG aLL
As a practice and Science of
Thanks my friEnd..
yOur place is one of
my most favorite places
to visit online.. obviously..
i seek and
surely find here
free and free is alWays
the key now as far as
happy comes to me..
i am
or wrong
or tall or short
or fat or thin
or smart or
not the
Happy Intelligence i seek now..
juSt happy and free as iT happEns..
it’s kinda like when i dance in public..
girls moreover understand i am doing it
to be care free and happy and the ‘boys’
ask me why.. and obviously there lies the problem..
as when
they were big
enough to bully
me when a child
for just a smile.. ignorance
just sad….:)
The ‘only’ reaSon the myth of ‘Jesus’
is as popular as ‘he’ is.. is one..
to expand the Roman
two.. to
make it
men’ to smile now
for some reAson at all..
otherwise the desire for
fear and hate would have ‘killed’
but no.. he is
the ‘only one’ they
can ‘smile at’.. ain’t it
both ironic and ignorance of sad..:)
But on the other hand there is a bigger
reason too.. when scarcity arrives and
the tribal instinct arises to fight and kill
enough necessary for resources of
subsistence.. without killing
attributes of empathy
and compassion..
aversion to
noW and
wins Now
so empathy
and compassion
becomes the enemy
of kill and that too explains
why folks who live in scarCities..
no matter so-called time or place
develop frOwny face and become bullies
with cOld heArts too.. poor of food.. poor of drink..
poor of social roles.. poor of spirit as empathy and compassion
a slow
burn in
red state
hells of scarcity
of empathy and compassion
where the tribal instinct and basic
snake brain is the flavor of mind for survival..
and most ironically i must continue to exercise my
of freedom to love
in a place like hell..
that just SO hapPens to
be paradise too for those
who feel and sense the beauty
of the environment here thaT way
out of tHat other human dimension (world)
within of hell my FriEnd.. sTilLL Love Wins..
enough to breathe..
DancE and SinG Free..:)
SMiLes.. my friEnd..
L i L L i A N noW
A revolution oF Fear..
Hate.. and sadly ignorance
Has spoken and learned to
But a DancE and SonG
Can And WiLL sTiLL
BeCome A rEvolution
Orange as Earth.. WiNd
FiRe Dances and
And Free For
All Happy..
i Can and
WiLL DancE and SinG
For Freedoms Sting Be Ring..
Other than that.. Greetings
And Welcome back to the
Current states of affair
And three
Ring circus
Too with
With a Laugh
For the ironic
Comedy of the
Human Play
And DancE and SonG..:)
SOHEIR blogger friend
shares an Islam oriented
video on ‘Do not Be Sad”
and i say..
SOHEIR intimates..
Thanks Fred dear friend!!!
i intimate back..
Welcome.. blessings
As well as blissings
My friEnd SOHEIR..
Happy humans means
Peace.. Love.. and A
SonG oF Harmony..:)
SOHEIR enCouragingly
responds.. wiTh..
Well said Fred!!!
And i lovingly
return with..
Nice friEnd
And now i say..
that’s how love
gRows.. from
to Ocean wHole..:)
Then SOHEIR discusses
her pursuit of graduate
studies and
from online life..
And i say..
Good to hear
About the advancement
Of your studies.. SOHEIR..
Best wishes for continuing
SOHEIR says..
Thanks for the wishes Fred!
Have a good day my friend!
And i return with..
AlWays and
Forever now
With Happy..
My friEnd..:)
Soheir says
Smile Emoticon..
And then i finAlly
And now i say
it is refreshing to
come across folks
who are human enough
online to actually carry on
a reciprocating social conversation
of contact.. connect.. and care..
gives me
no matter
what side
of the
it comes from..:)
As i end a trip back
to Zee’s place to finish
this ‘Star Rain’.. for now..;)
And a repeat of what i’ve already
said with further response here too..
SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Zee..
Love is LiGht
From DArk
Sure tHeir
Are otHeR
PArts.. away
From that but what
Are Platitudes without
FeeLinG SenSinG DoinG
liGht more than kNoWiNG
Words.. sMiLes aGain with
Almost inFiNite Definitions
Matching Fire as Flame of
Love.. that
Burns a
Other than that
i pray that LigHt
That is yours
Grows A torch
As you..:)
Zee says..
I hope the same,
thank you for your well wishes..:)
And i return with..
Hope and Love
Wins for Peace
And Love
And now i visit Zee’s next post..:)
‘You did not get this from me.
Somewhere inside of you there is rain.
Somewhere in your stomach,
something beautiful is growing
and it is infinite.
Don’t you let them try and take that from you,
you are open and you are a flood,
someday someone is going to want to die in you.’
– “Jaan-E-Maan” by Azra Tabassum
(Jaan-E-Maan means “My Dear” in Persian and “Darling” in Urdu language.)
sMiLes.. my friEnd
Zee.. beFore i cAMe
here today.. i was having
a reAlly hard time finding
a title for
what i wrote
as i don’t seek
titles.. they come
to me.. along with
words my friEnd
that FloW
aS SonG
DancE when
SpiRit liGhts A hoMe..
anyWay.. for somE FeeLinG
SenSinG deep down iN aLL of
everynow.. ‘Star Rain’
camE Home..
and now
i come
here.. and you in thAT..
provide A gift unwittingly
too..noW of Both SonG
and Words.. sharing
freely that dots
A i
aLL oF home Now
oF eYe.. you kNow
i have thiS FeeLinG
thaT God iS GroWingLy
leARning to sPeak preSent
iN all of wE who seek to FiNd
A hiGher meaninG and purposE now
than beFore mY friEnd.. as synchronicities
continue to fruIT.. aS nows go on as Star Rains
that come from crucible iN fire oF Star bursts as
we sentient sTar duSt plUs GroW iN ConNecTinG Force
as simply MoVinG CreATinG
free as
do as Free
Rain.. Stars gLow
And gRow as Ocean WHole..
Thanks for giving
and sharing what
you do here..
it IS
hUman way..
as Star Rain liGht..:)
Hello.. Mark Dice.. i don’t usuAlly
say the name of those who deal
in terms of bucks in fear and hate..
and surely it’s been
a long now
i came
here before
when you mostly
dealt in fear and hate
in totally ridiculous conspiracy
theories that the minions who live
in scarcity.. fear.. and hate of group
thiNk fLock to wHeRe misery and company
liFe iN
my FriEnd..
now of course
misery does love
company and how sad
thaT is.. and hmm.. why would
i come here while LiVinG iN heaVen
now.. yeah that real place that whoever
wrote about and all wrote about that exists
now.. for those who live tHeRe iN hope and love
away from fear and hate.. dude you just interviewed
a bunch of Jesus folks and you are criticizing them for
not judging and you call yourself a Christian.. the anthropologist
in me has to wonder how and why a message by a man that folks
actually worship as God can get so lost.. well thaT iS simple my friend
you call those who live in dArkness out by highlighting liGht and they
see dark
as ‘they’
tend to
view life
where ‘tHey’ live
it.. and OMG you
even make a considerable
income in Google Pennies
peddling fear and hate online
as freedom of speech and expression
allows for now.. at least with donations
anyway as Star
Wars says.. don’t
discount the power
of the dARk Force and
that is why i visit friend..
in continual study and
recognition of the reaLIty
of both Heaven and Hell..
AnyWay.. Synchronicity rules
in bigger God TApestry and
Nature sAMe masterpiece
oF aRt continuing both iN
liGht/dArk.. ‘tween sHades
of Grey and beYOnd noW
F88KinG RAinBoW
colors too.. you
are masteRed
by the
bLack Tar
of Green Back
Dollar bILL mY
FriEnd as i recognize
and liGht the dARk here..
but never the less in places
wHere theRE were actually juSt
lost Christians.. i changed the course
of what they did.. a few you tubers heRe
and tHere who sTiLL had a liGht of something
more than a dollar biLL.. deep deep deep inside..
wHere liGht loves to eScape as Love.. so i’LL share
the same liNk that i provided the call for an uprising
dude before he gave up his old moon reign.. so here for
you today
New moon
Reign and to be clear
i am fully aware you never
read the comments here and
you don’t care about anything
here but a dollar bill.. but hey
tHere is still intelligent love
here and tHere
wHere liGht
the dArkest
starats too..
oh.. my friEnd
you are StiLL
someWhat of
a shiny bright
dARk muse.. and
it’s so dam obvious
thou protests a little much
as it aint’ hard to tale wHere yA come from..;)
Anyway2.. you just helped me to create the longest
long from poem ever in ISReaL witness for God in
over 42 months now.. exceeding 3.3 milLioN words
and F88KinG believe it or not.. it’s all for fun and liGht
and Love and sure recognizing thaT otHeR place too..
tHeir IS A REvolution of LoVE in Star Rain liGht noW my FriEnd
but the deal is.. only for those who are currently and alWays have
into that
noW aT Hand
IsreaL as natUre
and sentient star
duST pluS
from crucible
of star burst
fire that still
liGhts uP LoVeYes
of wisDom.. seNsing..
And FeeLinG aS OuRs..
Torch oF FLAme i AM
Yep.. this fits
iN juST fiNe..
see ya later baby..
iT is possible that you
have juST BEen ‘promoteD aGain’
to mY you tuber dArk muse foR noW..
to tale.. as
NoWs Go ON..;)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)
GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..
After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)
6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)
After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)
Book oF Ten Sixteen..
9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)
New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen
Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)
12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016
Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..

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