mY LamP iSreaL

Facebook Friend Himali says..
Smiles, friend, winks..:)
And i say in happy return..
Hellooo.. Himali.. and the good news
is Facebook is not greying out your words..
yes.. both you and i sTiLL exist here in words..
and likely WiLL a long long time more in now..
as words WiLL surely tale a tell of more
of SinG SonG DancE oF Words and
Steps too.. ugh.. this Facebook
commenting thingy wHere one
must shift and press return
keeps interrupting mY
floW iN StreAM
of Consciousness
wriTing iN ZonE oF Y i..
aliVe more now as words
WiLL fly allone with Nature
one aka God all too for ONE..
and hmm.. Love this Most words
used on Facebook.. and would Love
to see yoUrs sAMe.. wHere my top
ones here say.. HUMAN LOVE FRIEND
FREE LIFE REAL WITH A secondary smaller
used tier of words that say.. WORD DANCE
FOLKS NATURE WAYS amazing what one
of these run off the mill algorithm profile
analyzers can say in ways of hUman
FeeLinGS and SeNses iN heArt
of HUMAN EmoTioNs.. aS
SpiRiT eXpresSinG mINd
and boDy BaLanCinG soUL
as sAMe as Real ‪#‎iSreal‬
Now.. and oH
Lordy i have a new
title for this 687th Macro
Verse of Longest Long Form
Free Verse Poem ‘eva in
history of humankind
already in tHis first
micro-verse oF
Macro and
Ocean wHole
UniVerse Poem
iSreal noW
as words
do continue
to path a way anew..
ha! thanks for the Monday
Morning Muse.. my sweet
fRiend Himali.. wHo sParks..
the fist micro-verse of juST
another Day in the liFe oF Y i..;)
Himali says in response..
Glad to know my comments
are no more greyed !!
Wish you a happy
Monday morning..:)
And i say
in final happy
for now..
Yes!.. my friEnd
and Happy Monday to
you too.. HiMali NoW!..:)
Celebrating a year hEar at dVerse
Online PoEtry Pub.. as a two year
Facebook Algorithm Milestone..
as the dVerse PoEtry Pub was
celebrating tHeir online
milestone of existence
full online as well..
and as the Nautilus sHell
WiLL Geometrically gRoW iN
fossil record of animal gRowth..
what staRted as rather overall
smAll spirAling ways of words
oF SonG of PoeTry and
DancE sAme continues
iN UniVersal fLoW Now..
as i go on more with
mEmoRy milestOnes
along with
Scores of thouSands
oF photos and thouSands
of YouTube Videos and otHer
hUman symbols to express more
oF Physical INteLLiGence.. EmoTional
INtelligence.. ExisTenTial InTelligence
and etc.. etc.. beYond iN thE TrUe
MaGiC oF HUman existence far..
far.. BEyond what Standard
IQ and school teXt books
WiLL say alone..
iN noW oF..
allone wHoLe..
iN Ocean poem Wave
Flow aGaIn in F Y iSreaL..;)
And fast forward/reverse heRe to October of 2014..
wheRe one of my first long macro verse
copy and paste of micro verse inspirations
comes from dVerse in 2777 words
oF real time NoW
Poetic response iN
SpirituaL EmoTioNal
and SeNsory expresSinG
sonG of poEtry noW iSREAL..:)
And yes.. here.. jUst a year ago..
with a TSunami of LOVE..
almost a Facebook
Memory but
here first..
from online record
poEm.. on 7182015..
wHere 14,333 words seemed
like an amazing accomplishment
of MacroVerse Ocean Whole Poem..
in so many micro verse of macro verse
ways of free verse style poetic words..
but seriAlly noW iT’s juSt another day
iN the lifE of F Y i.. wHere every
three to four days.. i spit out
close to this many eXpreSsinG
words here.. and now without
even the inspiration of dVerse..
or the Wrong Planet oF bEfore..
as use it or lose it applies to
use it a lot and give so much
more.. so sure now iT’s juSt
another 3 or 4 days in the
liFe of F Y i..
Real as iSREal
can be jUst DoinG
iT in Peace and HarmonY
Love and fearless style iN
and couRage
way for reaL noW..
oF Oliver Wendell Holmes
more stately word mansions
oF oNline PoEtry FREE VERSeReAL..;)
Here.. April 27th of 2013.. sTiLL in incredible
pain with a synergy of 19 life threatening
medical disorders real.. where every
second of life.. i was unsure i could
make it one more now.. with
the worst pain known to
humankind.. Type
Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia.. for a
total life lap of 66 months
from wake to sleep ending
this week to date.. three years
ago around July 22nd.. 2013
then.. and i was aLready amazed
that i reached the online mArk of
writing 5 Million to 6 million words
then.. in poetic words or not..
as before i started writing
on Thanks Giving Day..
2010.. writing or reading
was the las thing i wanted
or even could do.. from
January of 2008 until
that Thanks Giving day oF 2010..
Yes.. the Nautilus oF F Y i proves
now in the record book of Online
iSREAL THAT F Y i.. never gives
up like the Turtle totem and
Elephant animal totem oF Y
i Wild Wolf2
REaL Now aLiVE..
iN WeLL BeinG wHole..:)
Back to the flesh and blood world heAR.. as heRe’s the thing..
i live in heaven.. i reAlly do.. i have unlimited energy.. write
4 to 5 thousand words a day.. with little to no effort..
am approaching 6 thousand miles of public dance
walking every wHere i go per the 3 year
September time frAmE of this year
since 2013.. and am moving in
on 4 million words of the
longest long form
poem ever..
and also
12 million total
words at this speed
of distance and space
in words of DanCe iN
SinGinG SonG way
aT the 6 year mArk
this ThanksGiving day
or so.. of 2016.. REAL..
and look at those hands..
those are a lover and artist
hands that will never make
a fist to harm another human being..
but look at those elbows thaT curl..
well over 200 LBS in Nautilus Machine
ways.. the over 17inch neck that
lifts over 200 LBs in Nautilus
Machine way in neck way
as well as arms.. and sure
the hips and legs
that leg press
close to half
a toN.. noW..
33 times.. and
why don’t you see
more 6 foot or so
233 LB men..
making and
holding selfie
moves like this
just for artful Statue
of David moves both
clothed and nude.. well..
i don’t sit on mall benches
at the mall.. and watch Bball..
and Fball and Sball same..
i FucKinG work B**tch iS
what i do in DancE and
Martial Arts and Ballet
Free Verse too..
like Britney say..
and sure.. i attract
a few dance girls
at halls in steps of
dancing with the stars
of love and lust balanCinG
aS well.. but you see.. i Am
here to show you something perhaps
you have never seen now.. i went to heaven
at the end of July 2013.. and have lived there
for 3 years now sAMe.. in what the medical field
describes as Bi-Polar Mania to hypomania..
in hypergraphia.. hypersexual/ sensual.. and
hyper religiosity ways of GoD oNe noW 2..
Jesus through reports of Luke 17:21 and
Buddha.. and others did most definitely
say that the heaven of Nirvana..
and purgatory and hell
on earth is real here
now inside.. outside..
above.. so below and
all around in hUman
poTential NOW..
but sadly they were
not here to document tHeir
experiences in first record real..
and sure there have been many more
who have done more than they and likely
do much more than i do in so many more
potentials of human spiritual Intelligence
and physical Intelligence sAMe.. but now
the difference is through the science
and art/science oF trans-humanism
i can show folks how heaven
works and what heaven looks
like in my own multi-Verse of
Uni-Verse REaL nOw..
i cannot and will not
tale you what you
must believe or do..
you can follow others
for that.. but i only hope
thaT anything.. oF everything
i do iRise iSreal Now WiLL yes…
heLP you on YoUr never ending
story and land of BeinG oNe
WitH God iN the iSREAL
Kingdom of Heaven
Journey pATH noW..
as.. oh yes..
noW.. iT iS
hUman super
heroes do.. wITh
thE iSreal HUman
hiGher God oF NatUre
sAMe Force of Fearless
Love in CourAge and kInd wAy NoW..:)
“Adventure is not outside a man; it is within.”
~~ David Grayson ~~
Oh.. Lord.. trUe.. never
judge heaven
by the clothes
it does or does not
wear.. and every good
Ninja lEarns to
bLend iN to
noW make
the mission..
real.. efficient
and with results
that last more than
just bandaids
for symptoms..
tHere WiLL alWay
bE dArk and liGht as
thAt iS how NatUre worKs
in deaTh of fAll.. dArk of wiNter
liFe that IS A spARk in dArk
as bLack as WhiTe that BrinGs
back SprinG of FaLL to Summer’s
liGht.. it could be over noW.. so i never
worry about what i WiLL never change
and thaT mY FriEnd IS A dArk of hUman
NatUre that InspiRes tHe LiGht bRinGers
contiNuiNG to liGht
uP.. as thE dArk Force
is not to be underestimated
REALTOO.. as i often say.. been to
real hell.. real purgatory.. real heaven
iS wHere i Live now that i easily prove
without a court case now in self study way..
and sure.. i got the FucKinG Doctor records
in reams of 100 pAges of Medical documents
that more than real proves that other place exists
too.. as two places of Heaven and Hell that almost
never intersect
except in a perfect
Storm of Real.. in both
liGht and DArk.. but hehe..
i’M rAmBling again and thaT iS
what nomads wHo never ever give
uP the poTenTiaL oF life do in liVinG gRace..:)
As Paul McCartney.. eT aL..
sayS iN ebony and
a Piano
pLay WitH
juSt ivory
or ebony alone… ALLoNE..
IS A symphony oF reaLiTdARK..
IS Instruments oF liFe oNE noW..:)
“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together!”
~~ The Beatles, “I Am The Walrus ~~
i AM
thE Walrus..
bottoM liNe..
WitH WiNks
and sMiLes..
and a mustache
since i was in middle
school 2…. and W/big teeth too..;)
But speaKinG of SGT Pepper..
Devil’s Chief of Staff and such
as thaT in mythical mystical
magicK toUrs sAMe..
Captain sAlt2..
as anY Good Cop Stone
Statue.. in stoic long
faced mustache look
WiLL rise uP out of
law enforcement
burial ground
B E a T l e S
Land and dO
eYeS One.. noW..;)
WiNks as i
to roLe
so ABove
to the riGht to
the leFt.. stand uP
sit down fight fiGht
fiGht.. go teAM liGht..1!!..;)1
don’t tale anyone
hehe.. or do NatUre
i AM
as Wolves hoWL
Free iN cALL oF thE
WiLd toGeTheRneSS
MorE nOW..;)
PS.. in a new age..
write like you do from
bottom to top to right
to left.. wHere anyone
can come in at any Twitter
point and come back
with something
in twitter way
sort of and sure longer
too.. are a new wave of
an ADHD Nation..
wHere most people
just do not have much
more than a Pokemon
of attention
span left..
pick a
and play
wHere pOkemon
microverses pop out
of Ocean Whole Poems2..;)
Some wHo
so much
God dAM
wHoLe too..
as Humpty Dumpty SMiLes
in an American Garden oF sAnd and sUN..
And here.. a more ‘true to form’ version
of the “I am the Walrus’ SonG which
is rather oxymoron.. as the
Walrus SonG trUly SinGs
a Free Style of Folks
like Jim Carrey..
Robin Williams
and you kNow the
‘crazy’ other dopamine
and other natural neurochemical
and neurohormone folks full of
Dopamine Creativity.. Serotonin
Trust and ‘DMT’.. etc.. fullness..
of God’s Beauty.. and sure
some may have oxytocin
warm and fuzzies..
and drug enhanced
get it more stuff..
but chances are
there is some empty
darkness in that Bi-polar
human nuanced lighter
and sHaded liGht that
inspireS the greater creativity
too.. and sure adrenaline excitement..
androgen lusty waves of sensual deliGht
with the groupies as inspiration too.. all i can
relate to at lEast a little bit now.. except for
any God dam enhanced drug use.. as i have enjoyed
noW three years of ‘legend’ with no fame money along the
way of a public dancer in New Jerusalem style.. hehe.. and
dVerse comes back from vacation.. a place i have been mostly
away from a month too.. with a 5 day celebration of prompts..
to celebrate a 5 year anniversary there too.. where my
first two links three years ago.. were my Revelation
66.. 6 thousand word free verse abstract free for
all.. that took me over a week to do.. where
that is like a one day floating flighting
word play for me now..
and i provided my
‘About’ link on ‘Blogger’..
and hehe.. Brian Miller
the founder.. along with
a lady called Claudia
who have quit the
rigors and roles of more
strict ruling administrative poetry
upper brow classes and school too..
diD get a short interview by way of
Brian Miller today.. who was the
only Brave soul out of the dVerse
link group to respond to my
super abstract flow
of stuff and words
then.. so a nice a guy
he was who made sure he
got around to every poet’s place
to give them love and encouragement
unconditionally as he teaches in a Christian
Church way as well.. in real life.. a missionary
in India.. helping heroin addicts and other troubled
youth.. a real super doUper trouBle shooter to
heLp other human beings in Jesus Good cop
Golden rule way.. anyway.. he really provided
a thriving environment for freer verse away
from the rules poetry for advanced
enhanced nomad
ways of going
beyond the
norm of
poetry before..
but not every one has
an open mind like him.. it’s
nature and the conservative
vs liberal human beast that
keeps the world in a duality
of continuing yin and yang
Karmic flow of dArker
more conserving
scared energy
and liGhter
more liberal
giving and trying
new stuff in open
ways of doing stuff..
and as science shows now..
these ways of being are both
written in our DNA differently
in functional affect and effect..
with environment playing a huge
role and rule in who goes the way
of Dr. Jekyll or towards the more
wild side of Mr. Hyde2.. and in my
case a good cop Hyde with empathy
instead of the bad cop psychopathic
Hyde.. with a cold soul who gets pleasure
out of power and status over others and
even potentially their real emotional and
physical pain in life as well.. yes.. the world
is a many splendored and splintered reality
of dARk and LiGht.. the environment there now
is great for rule followers but for the non-conformist
nomads.. and super liberal ones like me.. just hell no..
just hell no.. i already worked for the Federal Government
for a quarter of a century and felt with their OCD rules too dam
long that made my mind eventually into a computer pARt too
without the
art of heARt..
stuff changes..
and today’s first prompt
of five that will make their
self present through Friday
POETRY ABOUT a theme of a journey..
and sure i am rested and refreshed from getting
away from that place after literally responding to every
prompt and every link for an entire year from April of
2015 to March of 2016.. as nicely illustrated in my
Blog Macro Verse Novel named
GodsUniVerseNovel3.. of the
338,600 words it took to
copy and paste that entire
year of effort in free verse
style poetry and prose same..
but my definition for both same
is poEtry as both prose and poetry
is one writing from the heARt wHere
iT floWs like a river over the banks oF
what was and is before.. to Ocean Waves
Whole that kNOw no Boundaries of either
spiRit bank or shore in miNd and boDy
BaLanCinG soUl noW
sAMe.. i fill and FeeL
iN the rest as i paint
the winds in color
oF Y i..
and juSt go
and go as far
as Oceans juST do.. FReED..
like i sAid.. i AM the Walrus..
Captain sAlt.. make oF iT
what yoU WiLL or WiLL noT..
i’M just in it for the NoW of
Journey with no God daM
destination but noW iN/
oF Heaven
iRise iSreal uP.. Up more..
and juSt KeeP goinG noW..:)
And sPeaKinG of That hEar i go..
to do dVerse soMe moRe.. with WiNks..
SMiles.. my friEnd Lillian..
been on about a month
break from dVerse too..
and so sorry to hear about
Viv.. stopped by tHeRe.. too..
but these days a heARt can stay
in ways of spiRit expreSsing
words of what a miNd and
yes body Part or two or
more has to say
in this brave
new singularity
of hUman souL
when uploaded
to a new unabridged
hUman bible named
online and sure.. so much more..
hehe.. sTiLL wrote a hundred thousand
plus words of my style of poetry in the last
month.. a novel every two weeks is my
own personal style
of free i
A play in middle school..
a poem of Christmas SonG
that won an award among
80 home room students in
8th grade too.. at age 13..
but after that for 40 years..
little to no poetic
eYes in hands
of finger
a short stint
of philosophic
flow in Philosophy
class at Junior College..
and a play of piano keys
in free verse SonG of Electric
keys as well in composition fLow
iN Zone of free creativity finAlly
away from sheet music prison..
as still recorded in digital
device on YouTube
now from 2007..
but not until
a full forty years
of DeserT iN Creativity
eYes come noW in
2013 from ’73
way back when..
wHere the promised
land is found within
and expressed without..
as inside.. outside.. above..
so below.. and all around more..:)
Journey of aging
a sure way for those
who survive life.. noW
lost from emotions
death at
1.. 2.. 3
from social
abuse.. and
be oh..
so young too…
as nicely played by
my crippled 94 year old
great aunt who could just
tell her pain to go away with a
a life of spiritual strength
in relative free will..
while i at 47
then.. had
no spirit at
all or Emotions
to speak of even
dark.. to escape
any pain @aLL..
yes.. there
are so many worse
things in life than
a death as living..
young too and
oR A
Ray briGht
heArt @94
no matter
crippled feet
a hEart as
never age
and iN fACt
God.. i’M glad
i have that perspective
as i never ever worry about
aging as i’ve already been dead in life..
for oh
a thousand
years in a second
even too… as
there is
no time
in life as dead…
my way
‘JoB’.. FeeLs
better than know..
in form of wiLted
Rose thAt sTilL SinGs..:)
Note here.. i FeeL it is
ridiculous to have to
include the word
journey in
a poem
i mean.. duh..
why get hooked on labels..
anyWay.. i ain’t gotta do it..
’cause i gave up that linking habit..
and won’t.. unless the word
comes before i think
about it..
greater than
labels without soUl..:)
note ends.. back
to regularly
You kNow Victoria..
a little bit of Viv lives
on in my words.. jack
henry.. don.. jill or jane..
perhaps i have forgotten
their names.. but the greatest
thing about living them all in
sharing words
pArt of
of heARt
never dies
as our hands
Write a pArt
of tHeir
eYes soUl
back to life
as yes.. the
journey goeS oN..:)
Funny how my words
turn in to lamps all oN
tHeir own.. true poEtry
is proof of God too..
a nice pLace oF liGht
to visit
WeLL i thiNk
it so sweet
all but two
so far now…
have freely
dedicated tHeir
journeys to Viv who
passed away in France
here recently.. certainly
a beloved member of dVerse
and more who will be missed
whose word do sTiLL livE oN..:)
Working with the military
for close to a quarter
of a century.. i got
to see the
fresh faces
go to war
and the
faces and bodies
come back from what
they named as sand box
life.. and truly when they
say like my father used
to say the military
will make you
into a strong
man.. there
is even
change in super
man-like way among
many fresh faces and
worm like bodies that
come back off
i wasn’t strong
enough to do it
when i was young
but i finally learned the
secret to success in life
is never leaving bootcamp
even if you never went..
as yes what
my elders
said is true..
male or female..
getting old is not
a nice game for so-
called smart phone
sissies.. and i was
the biggest nerd
usually in
the room
in techspectacular
sitting jelly fish way..;)
sMiLes Freya.. have written
close to 120K words in the
last month.. without
even the
that doing this
for a full year
last year and
responding to
every single
link and every
single prompt
brought then..
my other
lesson in life
use it or lose it
applies to all stuff
nature.. and never trying
IT.. IS A sure way never to
be all you can be.. per what
the army says.. i was a very
fragile child and young adult
in many ways of Emotional
Intelligence even though
i made straight A’s
and graduated
with a triple
three degrees..
sad to say in reality
i had to face the fact at
the end of all of that and a
25 yrs upper ending pay grade
level of Federal employment
that i had gained hardly any
of the Emotional.. Physical..
and Existential Intelligence
that could really lead
to a life not
but truly
and if i went
that long in the
dark.. i’m sure there
are many more who now
do the same.. as Lord
knows i tried hard to find
the answers.. but i could
never truly find them anywhere
else but deep within.. i have never
been happier.. or even physically
stronger at 56.. and i will not pay attention
to any limitations noW or expectations that
the 6 o’clock news or school/work bRings again..
as the bell
for mE now..
smiles and thank
you.. you alWays
make me feel welcome
i truly am in this for the journey
alone.. no likes.. no follows..
and the money
i left behind
in the bank..
hehe.. then..
long long
long ago..
ugh.. a society
without money
if it could happen
could really be heaven
now.. for so many folks
who could make their social
roles in moving.. connecting
creating ways.. like our distant
ancestors did too.. anyway.. i Am
from a month
break from
dVerse and
surely AM
AS hurricane
Fred in rain of words..;)
THeRe was a day when all my memories
were dark and negative.. and all my
feelings were pain and bLack..
and surELy a bLack
wHole soUl liKe
thaT WiLL
dAnCe and
SinG a SonG
rekneWed aS
liGht life bright
the finish now
journey never
ending starting
as phoenix rising beginning
from ashes ‘fore in death oF Life..:)
What i love now about
a bus is it IS A wonderland
in tour of new hUman
heARts when they
come separate
to be
as travel lust..
but i am a people
person.. and miss
that bus of life
when it
is not
of new
heARts to explore..
and sure of course..
this is a bus too..
and i am
the words
of your bus too..;)
Ttrue.. my friEnd
thaT A bLackest
wHole of perspective
can bRing A bRightest
bulb of hUman Hope and Love..
for when one has gOne
tHere and escapes
as hUman
iN us as far
as i FeeL a way
out mUst bE
shaRed as Love
oF liVing liFE aS liGht..:)
Train whistles sounds of
past or hopes for rides
to future destinations
past of Love
or past of
or now
of pain
that whistles
by.. funny how
all i heard was
train whistles so
far away.. when my
heart no longer SanG
a SonG of NoW.. and
now my SoUl whistles
in SpiRit FreED..
the train
is now
i always
board in FloW
in ZOne of Tracks
oF liGht of never more less
thaT i can and will do more..:)
Ah.. the canopied
road that shows a future..
a place of hope of roads
untold.. but sure.. a place
of DArk that
some can
no longer
go.. what once
looked ike despair
for so long is nothing
imaginable but hope..
a secret IS A reaLiTy
of alWays
a path
for more
than less before..
for oh the places
oNe WiLL GO iN briGht
on roads unwinding tOld..:)
Oh God.. way back then for
a whole decade it took
me a six pack of beer
to dance in my twenties
and now i am the only
one out of crowds
of hundreds
that wakes
up with no
headache at all..
and a full wallet that
never needs the first
dollar for the alcohol shot
of fearless legs.. hehe.. the
best way to lose all fear is
to dance in public..
at least for me..
and sure to
be a general
public named
legenT of dance2..
hehe.. i never need
a beer for fears..
As FeeT SinG DancE FReED..
iN Happy Feat of 56 year old PeN
Grin iS DanCinG
noW aLiVe..:)
That’s interesting..
i never thought about it
but neither Grandmother
offered any insight at
all about father or
in personal
way away from
them.. surely
that is a nice
to know
what one’s parents
parents fElt of Them..
and i never met either
Grandfather.. but fortunately
one was an author and an
X-Catholic priest who literally
left a published book behind
named a ‘Soul of a Priest’..
it was good to get to
know and feel
him.. as he
died some
10 years before
i was born.. the power
of words that last can
never be underestimated
in human terms lasting longer
than even deaths of days before..:)
Not to just lessOn the grief
but even in the dArkest
days of loss
as now science
even shows.. what
can be lost in oxytocin
warm and fuzzy social
comfort feelings.. and
serotonin neuro-chemical
ways of trust can generate
liGht in greater ways of
dopamine seeking
in the
science of
grief relieved..
as sure.. the dArk
can bRinG liGht
even in neuro-chemical
and neuro-hormone way..
as the creativity is what drives
new friends aS liGht of art STiLL to come..:)
All caught up at 6 0’clock pm.. 7182016
now for dinner/gym work-out
and perHaps
more later
in words to coMe..:)
The greatest changes we humans experience and
journeys are those epic to everyday mohumanments
(haha.. have no idea where that word came from)
of life that are always MoVinG.. ConNecting
and creaTinG anew.. even IF we are not
mindfully aware of the reaLiTy of thAt..
in a world filled with ruleS.. in
both limitations and
expectations we do
become as my friend Katy
Perry says.. people of’Ye
of so little faith’.. we are sons and
daughters.. etc.. as the Sun that
shines and gives uS energy.. we
radiate emoTioNal energy to inspire
we that includes me.. i.. you.. and us..
and in a world that focuses all on the
material reductionism of life.. we miss the
big picture that we are mini-me’s of God.. you
see.. some are the lucky ones.. the ones who have
escaped this material reductionism of life.. the Buddha
and the Jesus per what has been scribed of those men
off of oral traditions of many years that may or may not
fairly represent the life of these men..
perhaps.. it is the scribes themselves
who transmit both truths and
lies of what remain
in sacred text as books..
however.. we humans are all
one family that share the same
DNA and much of the same DNA
that the common rodent ancestor
way back from 75 million years ago..
shares with many of our mammal and
more closely related primate ancestors
and still cousins today.. in ape ways…
to deny the real potential power of
human emotions and senses
as mini-me’s of God oF all
Nature way.. is to
deny the potential
journey of life in light
of sun of we… to
explore it fully
is to potentially
go BEyond.. wHeRe no
human has gone before
and with that said i will quote
the best part of my journey of life
so far that was coming out of a hell
of within to a heaven of within.. without..
inside.. outside.. above.. so below and
all around from July 19th of 2013
standing on a beach with
my wife Katrina..
with an even
fuller recovery
coming on July 22nd..
2013.. and a journey of
eXpanding MoVinG ConnecTinG
CreaTinG.. heaRt expreSsinG emoTioNs
in regulating way and senses in integrating
way as SpiRit with a miNd and BoDy soUL NoW
that is constantly balancing no different thaN
thE planets revolving around the Sun and the
Sun/Solar System revolving around the Galaxy
and the Galaxy revolving around the black
hole center that in my case was
the middle of my life at ages
47 to 53 for 66 months
in bLack wHole
helL.. so
sure i am
‘super star’
with humble
black hole middle
endings and beginnings
that continue to go on in
mindful and bodily awareness
of now in emotional and sensory
Force of human being.. iRise iSreal..
and yes.. no doubt i WiLL use this
Katy Perry theme SonG many more
noWs in the future.. as Lord kNows
heR song ‘Firework’ back in 2010..
before i started writing was the
one spark of liGht my soUl
could see.. like an
Angel calling
out to me
to say
there is
hope somewhere
for you.. where you
no longer be a piece
of pain paper floating
aimlessly in the wind..
yeah.. i get upset when
folks suggest that Katy Perry
is some kind of Fucking illuminati
demon when she has the voice of
a real Katy Christ and a tattoo of
on her arm
that remains
of the part of
she has
not given
up for dArk
wHeRe thEre is
liGht of the memory
of a man who still lives ‪#‎iSreal‬..:)
July 19, 2013..
“Today was a wonderful day of
celebration for me.
I have risen from the ashes
like a Phoenix
since 2006
started a path of
human exhaustion
leading to many health
problems culminating in
a place I can only describe as
‘Hell’ on earth at the bottom of
a span of 1 hour of sleep each night
for 35 days and 5 at the end of 40 with
no sleep at all.
In beginning of March 2008 I developed
a type of atypical nerve pain behind my
right eye that was like someone stabbing
me in the eye 24/7 for 5 years until I started
this spiritual journey March 1, 2013, with
this blog starting on March 10, 2013.
I played the song
above in 2007 creating
the music to attempt to
re-attach my emotions that
were lost to severe and unrelenting
stress as an Athletic Director of
a military installation.
There was a Female Captain
that no one could please, who
took me and many others through
a metaphorical journey of hell at work.
There is no drug that will
touch the type of nerve pain I experienced.
The only solution was to kill the
nerve in my face; which
I could not face as
there could be
From March 2008
until November 26th 2010
my eyes also would not
make tears which
was the equivalent
of swimming
in salt
eyes open.
I spent many days, months..
eventually 2 and a half years..
thinking..I could not
read..listen to music
watch TV; there was
only thinking.
I was
not able
to listen to music
until I started this
journey too, as the
nerve pain affected my
ears too.
At the start of this journey
my goal was to once again
be able to visit and enjoy the
beautiful Gulf Island National
Seashore that is one of the most
beautiful paradises that exist on this
In my journey of typing on the internet
starting in November 2010 I find
the ability to withstand the pain
of the light of the screen
taking the mind off the
pain exploring logical
discussions with many
people on the internet.
I spent years of roaming that beach
as a young man and child.
It is the same beach that
is recorded in the video
‘Captain of Her Heart’ I link
in the Revelation 66 post.
This journey of blog
works to reconnect my
emotions, and love both
spiritual and human affection.
I uploaded the piano music I created
from a dictation device, that started
my ability to listen to music again
in March of this year.
The music that is favorite for my younger
years re-attached the emotion with
mind and language allowing me
to ultimately connect to my family again.
Along the way I found my spiritual life
again, finding the ecstasy of
spirit at a level I have
never experienced
before in my life.
At the start of
rise out of
ashes I was
having to take
4 MG of Ativan
to sleep at night
with the eye pain.
My pain is at a low enough
level where I finally celebrated
a night without any Ativan last
night after a slow and painful
weaning of this most powerful
anti-anxiety medication.
It saved my life to
sleep but almost
destroyed my
ability to
feel or
I am diagnosed
with a form of Autism
where I was a non-verbal
child until age 4.
I have always had difficulty
with emotion and language,
but I did not ever
think I would
get them
with that pain
that lasted
only pain
and empty discussions
of rationality on the internet.
In this spiritual journey
that went into full speed
on 4/27/2013 with
a post called Autism
and the Nautilus
I lost most of
the pain
and regained
as much strength
in body and spirit
as I have had all my life.
That picture of the beach
is were I landed at the end of this
day with my wife and I again
enjoying this wonderful
paradise of beach.
I looked at it in pictures so long
but being there with eyes without
pain was pure bliss.
I stood trancing at the
waves coming in
matching the
waves I feel
in mind
as now
I connect
to a place
that is almost
magical with
connection of
one and all
in mind.
If God had
took me then
my life would be
not time
to go yet..:)
My wife is 43 and
she is as beautiful as she
ever was at 19 when I met her
at age 29.
I marveled at her
beauty as she walked the
beach and found a nautilus
type shell for me with
my favorite shape
of 6 of golden
When we
capture it
with photo I am
going to link it here
at the top of this topic
to represent this pure white
shell I find myself in soul now.
I went to the doctor today and the
health is wonderful again.
My testosterone was a problem
when there was pain but is
now measured at 666 the patterns
of 6 I like so much because
there are three in my birthday.
Feeling as this number represents
the golden spiral along with 9 for life.
I recently find that there is a pattern
of flow of words of speech and typing
that match this ratio of life too.
One can see it in the shapes
that form in my typing throughout
this blog as the songs
of Nautilus Golden Ratio sing in
the archetype of mind and
Universe with me one and all.
My song I created on the
piano was at the start of this
struggle to keep my soul.
It is interesting to
me too, as close
to midpoint in my
music the mood changes
to uplifting instead of pensive.
I explore these many archetypes of
mind and culture in this blog.
In linking the you tube videos
it brought me to this
wonderful dark haired woman
and stallion of black on the desert.
The Woman favors my
wife very much.
I feel that she is like this
woman taking the black
horse that was soul
carrying across the desert
to meet it’s life again on the beach
that always was so much of soul to me.
I experience great joy, deep sadness,
true light spirit love and true will, with
the love of affection for my wife again
today all in one; once again
proving my soul and heart
of humanity.
The tears of joy stream down
my face
when I come to
this video and see the
whole of my wife who is
the guardian angel in this many
colored dresses taking me through
life guarding my soul no matter how
black it becomes after this pain that
is worse than any death I imagine
except for that death at the bottoms
of those last 5 of 40 days of no sleep;
a literal place of hell that is a thousand
years! in one moment!
I am thankful for every experience in life
as it takes me to this full
place of humanity and soul!
There is no possible way to
describe the happiness of
bliss I feel to be alive
on that beach again!
For anyone traveling
on this journey with me
in the background not speaking
I hope you feel my joy and can share
a part of it!
I am not sure what comes next but I am
ready for it!
Love and blessing true will to
all of you my friends!
KATiE MiA FredericK!”
And a couple of more
memories here in
Macro verse way
of continuing
Hmm.. WeLL.. perhaps
that Turkish Evil eYe bit..
is a little bit not what i expected
as instead of protection for everyone..
after the shooting of innocent police
officers in Louisiana.. the U.S.. environment
for domestic terrorism continues to grow more..
yes at home..
and all sides
of the human
coin.. now.. ugh..
from those who
protect to those who
kill and or do both.. a
sad state of affairs that
iS far from UniTed Now..
and oh my God.. the world
oF politics.. a free fall of human
deceit.. lies.. and bully boys are us
they for sure now.. anyWay.. iF yA thiNk
wE got it bad here.. perHaps you haven’t
studied current events and history same of
the rest of the world now.. it ain’t
exactly A piece of apple
pie.. a Summer Game
oF Baseball.. or
a pool party
over there..
over all over there
either.. as we do have
a pretty nice overall whole
pie over here.. as Jesus F.
iN Christ.. according to some
books there was a son of
God who was crucified
just for professing
the Golden rule
true and that
we are all children
of God deserving the
same God dAM treatment
dArk to liGht.. in all the colors
and shades of grey from white
to bLack that comes in too.. the
Golden rule is rather simple as the
dude Jesus said that just one commandment
of Love the God oF Nature all with all ya heARt..
SpiRit and SoUl.. and yA neighbor as ya self as
pAft of aLL of thAT in consuming no harm to
yOur neighbor too.. fulfills all laws of
before.. as they FucKinG are not
needed as long as folks treat
other folks in fearless
courageous love
in kiNd real..
yeS.. iNcLudinG
Nature wHole too..
wHere even Love
yA so called enemy
and help ’em out instead
of stoning them.. cutting of tHeir
hands or strangling them in honor
killings same.. or anything else besides
this unconditional Love real as highest
hiGher God Given Altruistic Fearless
Love as all FReED inheritance gift
from God oF Nature sTilL now to
wE homo sapiens sapiens iSREAL
NoW.. this ain’t rocket science..
UGH.. as the world turns..
can be a nasty dirty place..
but sure tHere IS A way
out in Golden Rule simple
Heaven now for those who
see a team effort rather than
a divisive way aWay from Unity
now.. but true.. once again.. human
diversity as great as iT iS for overall
survival speLLs potential conflicts in
both Nature and Nuture way.. a BaLanCinG
act more than ever for the camel making iTs
way through the smallest needle eYe of a culture
and cultures trULy grown too large for their Trump Britches..;)
WeLL yes.. this pARt of the
story of the 686th Macro
Verse.. iRise ISreal..
per Yellow Boy’s
Visit to the shower
was quite clear to me..
and sure.. everynow Katrina
puts on the latest World and National
News Dirty Events in politics.. domestic
terrorism.. bad cops and stuff like that..
he runs to the shower to grab a bar
of soap to clean the shit all up
no less than a covered up
litter box of STUFF..
yes.. he’s quite brave
only armed with
a bar
not clearly
visible in this photo
too.. hehe.. Katrina
said i was weird wearing
my green sandals on the
opposite foot while i got
my knickers down as
the Walrus
And finAlly heRe beFore i hit the
sack and bed the same..
Goddess Isis in full
personal style
of Egyptian
head dress..
with Sea Horse
thigh tattoo fully
displayed for humble
praise.. for beauty as
such the Queen and i.. yes..
sure per iSiS REAL NoW2..;)
Facebook Friend Himali says..
Katrina looks soo pretty while
drying her hair..:D beautiful she is !
And i return with..
Katie Mia sMILes my friend.. Himali..
will relate your sweet
words to her!..:)
Yes.. Hashtag..
‪#‎iRise‬ ‪#‎ISreal‬ ..
for inspiration
‘porn’ at lEast..
and by the way..
have ya seen that Kia
we toGeTheR soUl YouTube
extended Video about unity and
differences among humans and
culture coming toGeTheR and DanCing
and SinGinG.. and plaYinG instruments
togeTheR as weLL.. WeLL.. Ki means
coming out or arising as well out of
the east which is short for Easter
as such for rebirth when yA add
the A.. which of course translates
into another symbol totAlly..
iN South Korean Language
oF course.. and sure.. i’LL
leave a YouTube
liNk as i WiLL
use that as the
headliner theme musiCk
to go along with all the Nature
pics in my next Macro Verse
oF Longest Long Poem form
Poem ‘eva pushing that
4M wordS iN no limits..
no expectations.. for
the different of My
Human potenTiaL
fuller explored as
nows go by..
and rise aGain..
yes.. in thaT coming
687th Macro Verse
titled.. wErise iSreal
yes.. sure.. hashtag..
‪#‎wErise‬ #iSreal ..
whatever hash tags
care to do as it’s
just another cultural
meme as nows go by..
as the ‘SonG oF mY
soUL’.. also web site
titled as KATiE MiA FredericK!iI..
continues to gRow and shine like
no form Ocean Poem of beForE.. so FReED..:)
So.. i checked to see the results of last Facebook Profile
pic Turkish Evil eye.. and i’ll just call it the Karmic eYe
now as i do like to be somewhat original in creaTioN
activity @lEast.. so anyWay.. ha! whether it was done
on purpose or not.. Trump’s wife’s speech
per the opening so-called ‘gay’ mans
song in way of ‘We are the
Champions’ that would
have Freddie Mercury
rolling in his grave
if he kNew the Trump
fame stained his greAT!
creative and inspirational
SonG.. so yeah.. as the Karmic
eYe WiLL have it.. the Trump wife’s
speech came out sounding like a Black
Democratic President’s Wife as such..
and sure both speeches were
equally inspirational as the
story of any immigrant
coming over here..
by ancestor
way of wish
or even more
struggle to get free
here.. once yA get here
as an historical Black slave
too.. anyway.. careful what stones
yA throw aT Hillary glass houses or
the shattered glass my end up falling
on Trump and Trump’s own by the end
of last night’s convention events that did happen..
Oh.. the Karmic eYe.. no matter what happens yA
get the last look.. and say/do.. and with Yoda at thE
hELm.. yA are surE to maKe more poSitive liGht iSreal..:)
No matter how much camouflage..
Yoda Guise.. or very hairy human
legs.. it is almost impossible
to hide and blend in on
NorthWest Florida
Beaches… Rivers
and StreAMs oN
sugar white
oF LiFe..
so.. aLiVe..;)
Ah.. yes..
finAlly a place
wHeRe Yoda BLends
iN and can jUSt be himsELf..;)
Facebook Friend
Himali says in response..
to me as Yoda in the Garden..
What a pose with the beautiful garden. .
You truly seem to blend in..:)
i say in Happy return..
SMiLes.. and Hellooo.. my friEnd Himali…
Good to see your smile AND text this morning.. hehe..
and yes.. a beautiful Black Water River Forest bench
here in small park by that River.. Downtown that i grew up on..
the Water and FoRest is Healing no matter wHere i go i blend in
WitH God when NatUre is near.. and sMiLes2.. you are Nature too
my FriEnd.. hope you are having a wonderful evening in
India.. as i AM guessing your mini-vacation there
away from the Emirates of Arabia..
is still going on..:)
Himali says..
Hehe.. yes still on vacation mode !
And yes nature is so soothing and peaceful.
You’re lucky to have grown up with such natural
beauty around and we all melt into nature as we belong there:)
i say in on hashtag of bliss..
#Bliss ..:)
Facebook Friend..
Rafiah says..
I love the garden and the bench.
I would want to drink a cup of tea
with my favourite chocolate chip cookies..:)
Thanks my FriEnd Rafiah.. a lovely day it was..
i am currently watching the video you shared
and will be there soon to comment..:)
Facebook Friend Rafiah shares
a version of Sharia law that suggests
that it is non-violent and humane..
which of course is not at all
what one hears
about it in the
west as there
are horror stories
right and left..
yes in
and religion ways of discussion..
So i say in return for clarification..
in context with the recent honor killing
in Pakistan of a famous fashion model..
I’m hoping your Sharia law does not
support this.. as it does in some Muslim
Rafiah responds..
Islam does not even allow hitting a woman,
killing her for any reason is out of the question.
Sharia forbid any such activity. In fact sharia is
very pro woman. It is the society that is misogynist.
His brother is caught by the cops and hopefully
he’ll be punished for what he did.
i say..
Good to hear my friend..
thanks for letting me know..
sadly it doesn’t operate that
way in many other Muslim countries..
but i am happy it works better where you live..
sadly.. the teaching from the Koran and similar
teachings from the Old Testament now in the
the still revised version in the U.S.. has been
used in fundamentalist ways for all types
of abuse against women.. Jesus came
to perfect those old imperfect laws
by reducing 613 Torah
Commandments into
one of Love one’s neighbor
as themselves and God with
all their heart without consuming
each other with harm.. if one does
that with empathy and compassion
there is never even any light beating
of wives that according to the secular
laws of Pakistan is still allowed..
that’s sad.. but countries
will evolve as the U.S.
has steadily done too..
for women’s.. minority’s
and disabled people’s rights..
as God lives in all of Nature..
not just a select few as more valuable
than others from mountain to human
to less than a grain of sand and more and less..:)
“Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great. [Quran Verse 4:34]”
And i say here now.. sadly a so-called Jesus
hasn’t come to correct verses that harm other
folks in the Koran.. and happily one was reported
to do that in the Christian New Testament but no
matter that when the Jesus says gentile.. jew.. servant
or free.. woman or man no more.. the old antiquated verses
in the Old Testament that were supposed to be perfected with
the Golden rule are still used as a heavy hand to at least ostracize
those who are the woman or man no more.. per everyone is children
of God no matter inborn nature or cultural associated differences as nurture..
so sure a verse out of Leviticus is still cherry picked to oppress God of Nature
born homosexuals as sexual orientation.. but thank God they don’t support raping
women per the verses in Deuteronomy that do just that.. but sure they could
again.. if the heads of churches same as clerics in Pakistan still allow
light beating of wives..
sure they could
spit in their
face and not
hurt them
but they
are not dogs
and even dogs
are children of God
same that deserve neither
spit on the face or a light beating as such..
to treat a human or dog less than a child of
God and the rest of Nature is just not what God
WiLL do when truly fully human in human form..
with or without lies and or truths of black
books of
there’s a better
way.. and it is
the Golden Rule
with consuming
no pARt of Nature
the bread
and water oF LiFe..:)
Rafiah’s Facebook Friend Saad says..
Islam is peace for every one for every relation.
BUt we r not perfect followers.we need
to mend our ways through education.
And i say..
SAMe is true in the U.S.. my friend..
not many people accept me.. for the
fact that i WiLL not put Jesus on the
only level as A God.. any greater
than any human as pArt oF God
when history clearly
shows now that IS A lie..
one then orchestrated by
Roman Emperor Constantine
and innumerable scribes and
scholarly suggested numbers
of 3 to 4 hundred thousand
copy and revised mistakes..
God lives now end and
beginning of never
ending story..
but that is not
something even
taught in most religions
or schools as paRt of US..
no books.. no schools.. no
religions needed when God
speaks through aLL of we
as Golden Rule
Love.. God’s
greAtest giFt
to wE.. noW..
the world is no
longer a patch of
dirt in the middle east
or even only earth.. God’s
territory extends bEyond Infinity
much too far for any human tongue
or eYes to fully relate unless they think
they are God FULL incarnate.. we speak a very
limited Language noW of God but wE muSt alWays
seek to see/speak more oF God.. or we give uP God..:)
Saad responds..
Oh I am happy to read this.
spread peace every where..:)
i say..
Amen.. my friend..
Peace and Harmony
Is God’s Language
iN all of Nature
wiTh Balance..:)
Rafiah.. shares a Islam
Scholarly video that
suggests that God
actually allows
light beating
in some cases..
of women straying…
as Rafiah says..
the explanation and right interpretation of the ayat you mentioned here is explained by Nouman Ali Khan. See one need proper understanding of all aspects necessary to know exactly what the ayat is telling. Glancing through the translations, which sometimes are very poor in conveying the whole and main message, it does not help much. Anyways Noman Ali has tried opening the reality and meaning of the ayah here.
And i say
in somewhat
analytical science and
FeeLinG Poetic terms..
Hi.. Rafiah.. no matter how many scholarly degrees a person has in science..
religion.. or philosophy as in the case of the New Testament when Jesus says
who is the one who has not sinned who will throw the first stone.. at the
so-called evil prostitute.. which after all is the world’s oldest
profession and a far CRY better.. that what is reported of
up to 80% of young girls sexually abused in the home..
in Saudia Arabia by physician studies there..
as the young men are not allowed ‘normal’
relationships with females when they hit puberty..
and that natural frustration can go to evil deeds of child abuse..
as a horrible alternative.. there is no excuse for violence..
and there are better ways to live life..
and there are reasons that human
beings stray when they live in
oppressive societies..
light beating.. is in part
a symptom of an overall lie that
seeks to subjugate and control women..
by timid men.. who are afraid their wives
will stray.. well.. the REAL news is many
women do not like timid men.. and God makes
them free to stray to seek stronger men.. and
that is the rule of nature.. and only the weakest
man will strike the straying woman.. rather than
defeating the man who defeated them..
in getting stronger and making
a better way for themselves
with someone else that is
the way nature works..
weak men will most always lose
in the end.. and those who fearless
love will win now.. it’s how it goes..
my friend.. i have been listening to a
barrage of news stories on the abuse of women
in Pakistan and the whole thing disgusts me..
but i know the reason for it.. it is
both culture and the interpretation
of a book that is honestly confusing
as hell to most people but not
confusing to me at all..
as i know who is writing
it is just a man.. no more or
less than any other human being.. we
all have voices of God.. some stronger
and some weaker but any man who would suggest
that a man should beat a woman.. even lightly..
over her freedom to seek a stronger man is just a
weak man.. period.. with a sword or not.. and i am
free to speak for God no different than Mohammad or you..
i’m sorry.. and no.. i’m not sorry.. there are many women
in many Muslim countries.. Many homosexuals same and many other
people who are dying because of that book.. and ALL THE
interpretations of it.. and sooner or later..
as folks did with the Old Testament that
does the same thing and even worse
than the Kuran when literally interpreted..
change will come.. and eventually people who
are perceived as weaker will NOT die at the
hands of fear and hate.. there are no perfect
books anywhere any place any time.. AS GOD SPEAKS
not just a patch of sand in the middle east.. no.. not
just a rock named Earth.. an Infinity greater now than
any of us will ever be able to relate with tongue or eye..
and the weakest of all humans will solve any problem with lightly beating..
humans are smArter than that.. when they exercise theIR gifts from God free..
and some are not.. and that is why the state of affairs are what they are for
many people in many countries in the dark of what life can bring too..
over here if a man lightly beats a woman no matter what..
he can go to prison.. and if she strays he can
see if he can attract another wife..
if he shows he is strong enough to
even do that.. otherwise.. he will fall
to dust as we all will with the love we make
or the hate we take.. in ways of lightly beating
or strongly beating.. better yet kissing God in all of uS..
anyway.. all this is very inspiring.. i tend to be fearful
that i will say something like i have with so many other people
in truth and light that will turn them away.. as i am only human
and do need friends too.. as all we social animal humans do.. but i
will never stand tall for anyone to be beat lightly or strongly as God
lives in those humans too.. NO MATTER WHAT.. and yes i am strongly
against all forms of capital punishment from paddling kids in school..
to the electric chair too.. all those folks would be better off visiting
a prostitute than hurting another human.. but only if the prostitute was
helping that situation out of their own will.. Love wins.. bottom line..
Nature proves it without a doubt.. and i do not visit prostitutes
or hit women who would stray as i am much stronger
than that of what weak men are.. but some are
not and that is reality too… anyway.. thanks
for sharing.. i’M always up to lEarn something
new and to give and share a little more of what i come to lEArN..
i’ve written close to 12 million words.. sorry.. NO.. not sorry..
a 80K word Koran of a limited vocabulary of 2000 words that i’ve
read about a hundred times and scoured it from front page to back..
doesn’t impress me that much… we humans are evolving still..
and i aim to move forward with everyone else as God’s
children and what Jesus was reported to say about
folks doing more than he.. is coming true
all around us for those who have eyes and
ears that see and hear more of God Given Human
potential now.. the first clue for me that there
would be problems with the Koran was a human being
who insisted that he had the last word of God.. WeLL..
my friend as science shows now.. as it did not show then..
God’s world is much bigger than a patch of dirt in the middle east..
and i cannot fault Mohammad for ignorance of what he did know then..
we know more now.. bottom line of all that is God now.. and we continue
to grow.. or stay stagnate and beat other humans lightly when we no longer
tolerate their behavior that we do not think should be done.. God rules..
free bottom
bottom line..
with no humans
books @ALL.. my FriEnd..
And i’m listening for what
God WiLL say neXt to mE2..:)
Saad responds back suggesting i don’t understand
Islam and the culture they have and they don’t fully
understand other cultures with no reference points.. and
sure he is correct.. as no two people will read any poem the
same and that is what all sacred text is as poetry that expresses
more than concrete labels for stuff like the sky is blue in color
way.. and the sand is brown and grass is green.. of course all those
are metaphors too that can be described for other pArts of liFE in almost
infinite ways of human imagination and creativity same.. noW all metaphors
are art.. there is no science alone for God.. and sadly that is what folks
attempt to literally do to religious poems.. and it will not work any better
than the so-called ‘novice’ that stumbles across my words play no different
in parables.. and almost unlimited style and yes of creative word play too..
that comes deep within human archetypes that is written in my DNA no different
than any other human at core of expression but with different metaphors of course..
so anyway.. he asks that i talk more about the Universal aspect of Allah God.. and
i do what i do..
i do what comes
next freely with
God i and sAme
at the
of the
soUl oF Y i.. and say..
Thanks my friend.. Muslim
people i meet along my Internet
travels are among the nicest folks i meet online..
and true examples of what we call Golden Rules Christians
over here in the U.S.. i have seen much pain and suffering
in your culture and it hurts me to see that as i am human
and i do not separate myself in empathy and compassion
from or for no other human beings.. i have
studied all religions deeply and the
thing that sets humans apart as
special from all other animals
except for perhaps.. Bonobos..
is their capacity for fearless and
unconditional love which means zero violence..
this is the way the primate Bonobo lives its life
in a healthy balance of lust and love that drives
we all beings to survive and love when that capacity
exists too.. and no.. it is no one’s fault alone..
not Muhammad’s fault directly.. nor Islam.. nor
Judaism.. nor Christianity or Buddhism same
and other religions for their imperfections
that i have studied for decades.. it is
the Environment and challenges of insanely
large groups of human beings living in close quarters
in places of non-abundance that leads to all this strife no
matter religion or not.. God lives in all of us and sure the
term Allah is a beautiful metaphor perhaps more than the three
letter word metaphor GOD for same.. however.. God has existed
long before human beings construct abstract language.. put that
into words.. collect abstract intelligence to approximate the
essence of God.. but only God can speak God’s language
no less than any man alone can be God… this is basic
logic my friend and common sense that we humans
are gifted with who escape the illusions of
culture and religions same.. God breathes
in us and as us and all things else seen..
unseen.. felt.. not felt and unkNOwn sAMe
and so much more.. we humble specks of sand
can only blasphemy God in suggesting we are or
know all of God’s language whole.. as the truth
of the matter is we only speak human and are only
a speck of dust in God’s eyes whole as you say Allah same..
the meek who take no more than they give will always inherit
the Earth.. and as humans travel now.. they live out of balance
with God.. so no.. of course humans are not God’s favorite creature
now.. as humans Destroy God’s home here.. and each other.. who God
lives in and so many other God eYes and ears in sensing and feeling
ways in the rest of the Animal Kingdom and more in the world as whole..
either we humans shape up or we will eventually ship out and not
come back for potentially infinity more.. and more of what
God directs as creator and liver of all stuff creation now..
in both animate.. inanimate and other ways.. that no
humans words will ever capture alone.. anyway..
in human eye..s unconditional fearless love
that will harm no other.. including violence..
light beating.. or spitting on the face of a woman
that way.. may save the world.. for human beings species
all.. or not.. it depends on us.. action.. consequence of light..
or moving towards.. dark.. death and destruction.. God will always
have the last word.. that says whether or not this human species
will continue.. or something greater will take humans place..
as in some cases that already is the case.. as with the
Bonobo primate who lives in Peace and Harmony with
both each other and nature whole.. tHeir
advantage my friend.. is they have no
written words.. no bound books in chains..
no cultures of oppression and repression
they speak directly to God as humans used
to do in the forest too.. before chains to words..
of writing.. to cultures/religions of oppression
and repression.. they hear the call of the wild of God Free..
and they simply fearless love in passion of living now in balance..
sadly.. humans are the dirty violent apes of real now..
as the movie series planet of the apes
nicely illustrates.. in new human
prophecy way.. anyway.. you are
very nice friend as is Rafiah..
none of my dissension here is ever
directed at you good and nice people
as nice as anyone at least where i live here
in the U.S… have a nice day my friend.. with
pEace and harmony.. loving fearless eyes that live
in balance with God wild and free now.. as God’s
children will be when unchained from darkness.. now..:)
So i just finish writing a poetic expression to
my Bestie Muslim Girl Friend Rafiah.. about the
merits of the Golden Rule of Fearless Harmless
Love for God of and as of all of wE.. from the mountain
to the grain of sand of less and more..
So i go outside to do my sand
and sun dance free with
God.. i look down
without my
corrective lenses
on my face.. in shades
way.. and the sun is reflecting
brightly on shiny looking mineral
specks in the sugar white sandy loam soil..
and nah.. first noW onE has ever spArked
my interest or is ever even noticed by me in
three years of doing this now.. with God of
Nature one and sAMe.. so i pick a fleck
of the shiny mineral looking substance
up.. iT is gold metallic looking in color
and makes the shape of a heArt and
leaf the sAMe.. except iT is like
a heArt penDent
of Nature one..
now with me..
so sure.. God
is both Winking at
me.. smiling at me
and perhaps
or 3
and infinity
more now..noW..
and the messAge
is only for me but perhaps
for giving and sharing for
others too.. as of
course the God
of Nature
all too
iN Force
as sAMe
thaT mY Voice..
heARt.. SpiRit
soUl wholE noW
WilLL carry further
a while longer than
that shiny moment
with God in Heaven..
seriously.. if the sand
shit gold bricks.. i would
be less happy than getting
now oF
as Tree
oF LiFE anD
Face pain in all shapes and sizes
ugh.. and intensities.. i can relate..
hope it ends soon..
and thank
tHeRe IS
and i have to
go get my fangs
cleaned on Thursday..
just a got a friendly
Dental Hygienist
now off
to your archived
post without pain..;)
Sadly.. the English
Language has
reduced heArt
more to semi-colons
and periods when Art
is speLLed as heARt
and River sane..
HA! iNsanity
stops and goes
and rarely changes..
Nature goes and goes
and rarely stays the same
even in patterns of sand
as positioned
in a desert..
as the wind comes
without semi-colons
and periods to change
all of that whether
we wish
or stARt
the WiND for
more liFe different
than what the SuN
broUght oF Now
never sAme
as bEfore..
a hUman cHoice
oF heARt flows with
or without the symbols
that can be written text..
the human spiRit SinGS
without restraint when emoTions
Flow without specks of periods to cut off
breath.. from MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
CreaTinG iN Zone of StreAM noW
wHeRe mINd and BoDy soUl
iS BaLanCinG upon a
now with
no labELs
of whaT
was bEfore
in priSon of hEart
no lonGer SuNG..:)
The SonG ‘Kýrie, eléison means “Lord, have mercy” in Greek, and is a part of many liturgical rites in Eastern and Western Christianity. Kýrie, eléison; Christé, eléison; Kýrie, eléison is a prayer that asks “Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy”.[3] According to Page the entire song is, essentially, a prayer.[4]’
as per Wiki research as before
the Tune came into my bRain
directly after i wrote the passage
above about the fleck of God’s HeArt..
i already fElt the essence of the SonG
from the 80’s as remembered noW saMe
as Christ SpiRit for metaphor of
Golden Mercy rule of hUman
being.. all innate…
instinctual and
as we
at core..
kind apes..
no less and even
poTenTiaLLy more
than Peaceful Easy
Loving Bonobo Balances
Love and Lust for Peace
and Harmony iN Life NOW as
empirically assessed by science
now with no doubt.. NO.. nO No NO..
hUman BeinGs are not cruel at Nature
given by God aLL of Nature when FReED
to be WiLd as any Child of God WiLLs to bE
iN Balance no less than all the rest of NaTure Free..
and sure tHeir is a burning fire of Love in Christ-like
metaphor for Golden rule as heArt but yes.. aS iN other
metaphors of symbols tHeRe IS A serpent of WiLL that wraps
around thaT heARt of Golden Rule for survival tRue tHat WiLL noW
ultimately do whatever it takes to survive as sure.. Cold Andes Mountain
Plane wrecks show when the most civilized of hUman beings WiLL turn
to Cannibalism.. no different than Bonobo.. when stresses of domesticated
liFe priSons become too much out of BaLancE wiTh Nature.. and sure.. culture
in aLL itS liGht and dArk ways can be pArtly either the dArk Nightmare inspiration
or dreAmy Heaven of NoW inspiring way of LiFe.. tHere is the Jedi Christ-like
spiRit but it is tempered in a way of tribal Sith sword as metaphor when
necessary.. as sure.. retaining a Wild and Free Loving Life
in Liberty for the pursuit of happiness is worth fighting
for.. and this Tribal Instinct of competition
for subsistence is aTiLL Ruled
by reptilian serpent brain
for basic survival…
Sports.. like
the coming
Global Olympic
games IS A much better
way to express the hUman
tribal instinct.. world-wide
soccer competitions..
eTc.. than Bloody
that have
Now no
end.. noW..
A Golden Rule
without an end
Ah.. the color red.. the lady in red..
the Ape who is ready to mate..
the Sith who is pissed..
the blood that colors
our hate..
and lust..
lips that say Now
Romance is soft.. LoVinG
and hot.. cheeks flushed
and warming up for Love..
Upper chest colored same..
in eYes of brEast.. male and
female sAMe.. sports cars
for folks who make up
for all of that
in less than
of human
LiFE.. noW..
the color of blood that
runs hot and cold and
sadly just Luke
iN some oF
aLL of wE..
who FeeL Blood Red..
and sAMe iN all ThAt is
LiVinG noW foR Now oF LiFE..:)
OKay.. iF oNE reAlly thInKs… about thiS
and FeeLs iT toO.. thiS iS reaLLy epiC..
Superman.. Batman.. Wonder Woman..
the Joker.. Lois Lane.. and
somEone elsE
Trick or Treat..
YoUr choice..
when me and
the Cookie Pool
Monster get TogeTheR2..
butt anyWay..
at lEast
i’M no
a 98 cents
So oKay.. the 687th Macro Verse
title changes again from
#wErise #iSreal
iRose iSraEL..
as tHeir IS A sentient
intelligence of God wholE so
far beYond hUman intelligence
that trUly rUles and judges in God’s
own way thAt most folks misS it AlToGeTHer..
and the closer i geT to God in ways of Synchronicity
it becomes more incredible by the second.. more amazing
thaN i ever thOught i could experience liFe without thiS hiGher
power as A REAL NATURAL PART OF MY LIFE that cannot even NoW
be fully described in words.. as iT is often so far BeYond words..
i’M not sure i WiLL ever come close to describing
God iN Words.. so far beYond any scientific
definition.. any Jewish or even Occult
Definition.. Bible or Kuran
or any human symbol
i kNow of or FeeL
and SeNSe NoW
jUst beYond books
is what i AM oF God
allone.. riSinG hiGher
by thE second.. iN a
BaLanCinG way thaT iS
cAlm and as easy as Hurricane
eYe oF Y i.. i cannot hope to take many
folks to tHis place WiTh God i eXist but
a few perHaps can come WiTh me for
wHere i’Ve been and places thAt even
i cannot fathom in Hands of God
and so.. noW.. so much
more.. iRose iSraEL..
as those words
from so far
for the LuST
and Love oF LiFe
in FigHt of wHat iT
means to FULLY LiVE
WitH GoD FReED.. i say
BRinG God back and
share God
Free for
who can
and Do
WiLL thAt iSreal
sure in wERise2..:)
iN Short and tALL..
BLessed BeYond
to DancE WitH GOD..:)
WeLL.. i slept with the Lady in Red on my miNd and heARt
last niGht.. in DreaMs of One with God as God
for metaphor for Lady in Red too..
as the fire at the middle
of Sun that gives
us life to
the blood
in our veins
that pumps oUr
heaRt.. as without
the core of liFE we no longer
Flow.. we no longer eat and
drink.. and no.. we no longer
reproduce and carry on the
human race.. and i will say
now.. this micro verse
is dedicated to the
young woman
in Pakistan
who was strangled
by her brother as he thought
her free and wild woman in red
behavior was intolerable and as
the laws of Pakistan say.. if the family
forgives.. the murderer.. he could get off free..
in what they call honor killing in the
Sharia rule for not following the rule of
Mohammad and his patriarchal female
ruling friends now same as in
632 AD when a 6 year old
girl could be purchased
and bedded at age 9
with her dolls
in tow..
or ‘lightly’ beating
‘disobedient’ wives..
i’M sorry.. i MEAN..
but to lie means
more womEn will die..
at the hands of men who
think they can control the free
God of all pArts of huMan Nature
who do live less or more wild in however
God manifests as hUman being.. yes.. as science
shows.. the human species is not even FucKinG aT
core a monogamous species as the Kinsey reports
and others have clearly shown.. some are monogamous
but the majority are not.. of course males naturally leading
that human.. nature and God reality same.. some folks will
never feel comfortable parading tHeir bodies around naked
and for others who ARE more wild and free with God Nature eXposed
they do it noW like second air as i GOD DaM SuRE WiLL TOO WITHIN
DO ALLOW.. anyWay.. the truth is for males who are too afraid that they are too
weak to hold the interest of their girlfriends or wives.. their method of control
is to execute it with force.. and sure the converse applies.. as well as within the
realm of legal papers named marriage where there are consequences for
straying.. including divorce and splitting up the marital assets
and starting again for those who lives revolve around
temporal material success..
SO ANYWAY.. here are the facts
about honor killing in Pakistan
and other related information..
“On the morning Qandeel was murdered,
she shared a picture of herself staring
defiantly into the camera, wearing a pair
of leopard print pants and a black tank top.”
i say.. YOU GO GIRL..
On the list of 145 countries featured in the World
Economic Forum’s 2015 Gender Gap Report,
Pakistan is second to last with regards to gender disparity.
According to the Independent Human Rights Commission of
Pakistan, violence against women is rampant, with as many
as 212 women being killed in the name of ‘honor’ in the
first five months of 2016. Pakistan’s Prime Minister,
Nawaz Sharif, has vowed to tackle the problem
but critics say few concrete
steps have been taken.
i say..
IT.. at least in part.
“Despite reports that she was scared for her life,
she wrote that she was a fighter.
“I will bounce back,” she said,
adding that she wanted to
inspire women who have been
“treated badly and dominated by society.”
i say.. go girl again..
And now i say.. God is
listening and watching
in Karmic eYes of God
And this is what
the Killer said..
“The brother of Pakistani social media star,
Qandeel Baloch, says he’s proud he killed his
sister, claiming he did it because “girls are born to stay home.”
And this is what the other Killer
and rapist Mohammad said..
as i already said
it above..
and now i say..
Muslim countries
are comprised of Human
Beings and no matter what
he or she said before.. human
beings will strive to take care of
each other.. and gloss over the
injustices of before..
but the truth
is sometimes
the obvious
be said
clearly with
no ifs ands or buts..
as when i saw that Tarzan
movie.. that man with the mustache
and the hat who was in charge of the killing
and enslaving of the black folks was Mohammad
incarnate again on screen.. i’Ve seen ‘the horse’
up close
and personal
and the horse
is very dark
and dangerous
as the horse knows
how to mix love with
hate and get his way..
but true Angels of God
are not deterred at all
or fooled by the lies
of psychopathic
And here is what the
Gnostic Jesus had to say
about it in sacred texts attributed
to Jesus long before Constantine
or Mohammad had the opportunity
to twist what was left of these earlier
pristine texts un-convered in original
form as late as 1959 in Egypt and
to be clear.. there are still no
written words of the man named Yeshua
and Jesus.. as scribed from oral mixed
tradition the 40 years after he died
as records suggest that this was written
100 years after he died.. no suggestion of the
myths of a virgin birth.. resurrection or any non-human
natural human miracles.. and no.. i do not agree with all
of it either.. as i will Love my Mother and Father no matter
how much i disagree with them.. and yes.. i will offer dissent
to great extent.. but i refuse to even hate Mohammad or
Adolf Hitler same.. as over 200 Million deaths have
been attributed to the rise of Mohammad’s empire
as human warrior ways will do with or without
a so-called religious hand of God..
to secure territory and subsistence
resources including reproductive
controls for mating
and making
more children
to replace those
who have fallen in wars..
it’s not a pretty picture.. in fact
it is horrifying but it is part of
human nature when
there is competition
for resources no less
and more than the rest
of the animal kingdom too..
but yes.. with WILL over fearless
Jesus as reported in the
Gnostic Gospel of Thomas says..
“37) His disciples said to him,
“When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked
without being ashamed, and
take your garments and
put them
under your feet like little
children and tread upon them,
then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid.”
Does that remind you of anything
i do.. WeLL the truth is it works..
when a person loses the
guilt that has been
instilled upon
them by the
lies of Abrahamic
Religious myths
that the lady in red
who is naked from
head to toe no
less than
and a LOT more
by the bravery of
this hero woman
in Pakistan.. or
and the Penis of the
even uncircumcised
human being now..
is anything less
than Now noW..
holy and sacred
they are simply lying
to themselves and
lying to and as God
the same as God is
Wild and free and sure..
somenows/then in arid lands
God wants to keep the moisture
in and not die of thirst by covering
up with light.. light colored clothing.. that works..
fine.. but in places like Florida where the humidity
is high.. and not evaporating sweat on the skin
to cool the body in the free air of God could
mean heat stroke and death.. it is only a fool
who would cover tHeir Body from head to toe
and die in disrespect of God’s Greatest gift
of liFe.. Jesus was a Naturist.. a Yogi-like
Dude eerily similar to me..
it’s easy to see if you
read that sacred text..
down to almost
say and Do iF
one reads
than the
lies of Constantine
and his Catholic Cohorts..
and like i say.. the Karmic
eYe oF God huwomanifest
in all “wErise” human
iS watching
as the title of this
687th Macro Verse goes
and changes iN the longest long form
poem personal bible.. now approaching
4 million words.. at least four times longer
than the old bible.. both.. old testament
and new testament put toGeTHer.. and
40 times longer than the Kuran
as only a flea of what
Mohammad could
do then.. as
compared to
mE.. except for
purchasing little
girls for sex and marriage..
and being a war lord and
raping and pillaging the opposing
teams material goods and mothers
and sisters and wives.. i’d rather
be a writer with words/dance as
my only sWords are feat of feet and
hands of PeN
iS what i do
2.. noW Now
Free as God
can be maNiFest
in hUman being and
if nothing else i AM
jUst fulfilling that Saint
John Verse that says
that Jesus reports tHeRe
WilL be those who come and
do more works through hope..
faith.. and belief than he did then..
and hell no.. he was handicapped..
as he had no iPhone6s.. iMac desktop
silver workhorse.. or a pair of earbuds to
pick and choose his prophets and angels
from around the world and share them in
Google and Youtube and overall web
ways of a new age of freedom of
speech and all other forms
of human expression
from head to
sure there
IS A photo(S) that
goe(S) along with this..
As someone i heard somewhere
said something about someone
somewhere coming in glory
to judge
the living
and the dead..
and a Kingdom
that has no end..
i’M not waiting
around for anyone
else to do it.. as Jesus
said Just do it.. and DO IT MORE..
as the latest Superman Movie as the
writer said IS A metaphor for the
return of Jesus.. when Jesus
would say i cannot
do it alone
we must
rise aLL
and do iT aLL..
#iSreal #wErise ..
And if Jesus were to
come back now..
i’m quite
sure tHeRe
would be a hug
and a shake of hands..
and that would be enough
reward for me to serve like this NOW
as a soldier of Love/God with NO FEAR..:)
And yes.. i kNow i’M juSt a needle in a haYstack..
a tiny wave in an ocean of world-wide web..
a hUman with many huMan weaknesses
and functional disabilities..
but the bottom
line is for those
iN ThE #iSreAl
#wErise REAL
KnoW anD FeeL
anYthing iS possible
WiTH GoDHeaRt@HanD..
as the TITLE
but my words
are set in online SToNE..
and Love iS written iN THiS SToNE..
MaKinG room for anOTheR SonG noW..:)
Yes.. the eye is back..
and again.. the new
and improved Karmic eYe..
in left way
WeLL.. Shawna.. so nice of you to come by.. and hehe..
no need ever to say you are sorry to me or it has been
so long.. as in my terms of time.. all is now..
and you never left.. and after all..
oh my God.. you had to travel
probably close to 30,000
words and 200 or so photos
to get down to even say
hello on this 20th day of
July.. yeah.. sure i’Ve missed
you but yes.. you have four children
and are home schooling and this is
an Ocean Poem.. and not just a fly
by night verse of words and yes a
fly night verse of words too.. hehe..
in broads day light of course too..
and haha.. actually i didn’t
notice that girl’s
butt on the
Turtle photo..
as not only are
Katrina’s shoulder
lovely hehe.. so sure..
i’ve seen better butt days
than that too.. but i do love
all female butts as they do provide
a fertile way for human growth.. as
the scientist.. man speaks uP for me..
what else.. oh Lord.. i was just gonna
go outside and sand dance before i got
yoUr notification.. but i AM alWays pleased
to hear from another Super Creative individual
who home schools all four of her kids2.. and hope
all is going great on the home front there.. have spotted
your footprint here and there across dVerse trails but ugh..
no linkie to hook up with your poetic words yet.. been sitting
in this chair way too long today.. do have to sand dance in the
Sun but if that hyperlink is still working for a place you stay..
be by
to check
the latest
version of Shawna
and all of her poetic word
play and see wHeRe we can go
neXt.. yes.. Lovely seeing your text
here and perhaps i’LL catch a smile
of your glimpse of whatever you are
doing now.. after i sweat a little bit
and work on my artful
head to
*Update.. went
back and looked at
that butt you are talking
about and the girl’s butt up
there is covered by a WEAR TV
Channel 3 news banner.. ugh that other
one is a man’s butt.. you had me a little
worried i missed a great girl’s butt..
but the dude’s
tattoo on
his leg
is okay i guess..
i suppose he needs
to get to the gym
and grow some hair on
his legs.. funny isn’t it
how women no longer like men
with hairy chests compared to the
70’s where my fur was one of my
main selling points back then..
now it’s ooh a hairy man..
instead of oh lala or
whatever excited
women say
that way..
i remember
one super
girl say
at a outdoor
festival looking
at my dark chest
forest then..
oh Fred
that looks
so good..
i blushed
i blushed
and blushed
some more…
any way.. Ape
i’ll be
Ape i Am
proud Ape
to be hairy
handed or not..
oh.. and that reminds
me.. another Pacific Islander
Virgin Catholic Girl told me
when i was playing Volley ball
with her at school or rather
she asked me.. Fred is the
Color of your
hair Golden..
i said i guess
and blushed
very red
and for some
reason my pants
got tighter too..
oh the joys of
living back then..
in NEW Jerusalem
wHere even bad boys
respected women oh so true..
unless they were not virgins
and oh boy that was so truly sad..
but stuff changes.. from head to toe and MORE..;)
oKay.. i have to go play
in the sand and sun..
but will be back
in a bit to
play more
with you..
just to
hold you
over ’till
the neXt
play of
wE comes..;)
Yes.. i’M back and oh Lordy
it’s so so hot outside..
and of course after
doing that
i AM
with an excellent
shaped butt.. with
some blue jeans on..
and just to be honest..
she looks like she is ready
for anything that comes next..
Oh Lord i’M sTiLL dripping with
sweat and my feet are still half
coated with sand on top..
okay.. off now to
see what
of fun
and play
in creation
activity i kind find
next.. as Lord kNows
today and yesterday i got
i might bit top serious in play
now to let it all go an duSt have fUn..;)
i just stArted to say i will
now ravish your poetry from
top to bottom.. except for
the pARts i have
already filled
iN.. but
i look down
and see your
bottom has gotten
much longer than
beFore so sTiLL
wE wiLL
see what
comes neXt..
as Lord kNows2..
a Girl with a cowboy
hat with a quick release skirt
is super
note here..
i’m starting
to fiLL like i
AM the Walrus aGain..;)
as note ends.. with
Shawna now fully in toes..
and feat of hands..
in poETry
FTW.. as
Walruses and
egg men sAMe
WiLL do to WiLL
when sEt FReED..;)
First oF aLL Love to be
able to fully play
with a highly
creative skeLeton
BRain and a key
of 11:50 a
or pm
28 seconds
and sTiLL counting
more.. hmm.. the
key has pink laces
and the pInk shoes
have grey laces..
and very
maY bE
a Deeper
meaning for
that as sure..
what is written
will be dOne
onLY in
iT Can
be interpreted
by creative minds..
and yes.. bodies too
all iN BaLaNCe sOUL..;)
(ps.. a zillion youtube
sonGS are running through
my head.. juSt great to accompany
all these spRead oUt tHoughts
sTiLL to come)
as free
is the key
to all creativity..
prophecy.. Wholy
Spirit stuff and
the all
wax that
starts us
all aLivE.. as
Big Bangs wE..;)
First of all one time
you said thank you for
the privilege of Carouseling
your eYes.. Jesus F. In Christ
imagine what it would be like
to visualize almost every word
ya saw.. after you read oh God..
100 million or so..
i can’t totally
do that
but 4some
reason i can
sure remember
purple eyes
and pink and
blue everything else..
sounds like a chick flick
to me.. i’m pretty sure you
would eventually want to see
an ax
movie again..hehe..;)
Okay.. i’ve heard of getting
kicked out of bed for
eating crackers
but eating
is like
in bed.. so
i can’t say
that is
too mean
of you to eat toast
on your husband’s side..
as long as you eat the crumbs..
and don’t break the bread too much..
oh Lord.. iF Katrina isn’t mad at me at
least once
a day..
i take
her pulse..
but she is way
too OCD to eat
anything in bed..
ugh.. the things
i miss out on in life..
seriously.. i wouldn’t
get mad at all if she ate cake on bed..
as long as she licked the icing
and didn’t
get the
too sugary
and sticky..;)
WiLL is so important..
and Oh Lord society
takes it away by providing
all the instructions before
we almost
live and leave
the crib..
where to go..
what to study..
what to write..
how to sit still
all day moving on
from one class to
another 7 or 8 times
a day.. and now the screens
are a new 4 to 27 inch domain..
with 60 inches or so of HDTV reality
beyond the
smells of
and mosquito
bite itches..
to feel
ya skin..
hmm.. yes..
wHere did WiLL
go.. to School.. to Work..
only Free play liFe trUly bRinGS
back what we WiLL to wAnt..
i want iT all now.. i found
now.. and i need
but now..
it was
so simple
aLL alongG
now.. iS
was and
is all that is
now.. so i savor
now.. like a lollipop of God..
and should i say i suck on it..
that would BE
PC incorrect..
butT i surely enjoy
every last drop of God
Oh.. Devil yes.. been
tHeRe done the skeleton
hAir dance.. that never moves..
with cLouded eYe lids of dArkness
blUes thaT fAde to grey.. SinKinG
as dead..
oh.. the bones
so cold.. the bones
so lone.. where split
ends become dead branches gone..
and all the leaves have wept to sleep..
just looking
uP waiting
for the
Sun to
SpRing liGht
iN Winter Skeleton greys…
in wait of skeleton white reflections liGht..:)
the heARt
gRow wander..
Ravens store
no eat
Yes.. PS.. eTc..
That woman’s
right hand
is maKinG
me kinda
i skipped
her skeleton
right half..
funny how the
mind moves to
even with
holey eye..;)
ps2 play
left hand
or i will
my prompt..
ugh.. no mistakes
alloWed.. bonies or not..;)
This makes
on one Shawna
prompt.. oh teacher
oh teacher.. i wanna
another gold star now..
or at least
they do
in home school2..;)
Now to move on
4 step
And here is
six and oh God
you’ve caught up..
as i now move on
with my
6 in fuller under tow..;)
um Yum
is an om
for me
as i sit
my dog wood
tree.. oh.. but i cannot
sit still so i fidget.. get up
and lift my toes.. next is
a side swing of soul of foot
to the left and right.. hips slowly
sway.. thighs and knees move
in waving
lines.. fingers
raise to sun.. clouds
and dogwood tree top too..
whirling twirling i go.. me
and God never
get Dizzy
as gravity
our friEnd sAMe..
we fly we fly on terrestrial
plane.. cRap.. walKing on water
is boRing
to this fun
or even breakfast
in bread with extra
crumbs of toast
but that
was delicious
when the wife
swallowed the last bite..
the cake is all finished
what wiLL
ugh oh..
i feel like
i just walked
naked out my
private back yard
into the
and now
i’LL move
of hillabillaritrUmpway..;)
Ah spread
open places
love the clear
view here..
and did you
say naked and nude
as noodles come soft and hard..;)
Oh Lord that reminds me
of what stays at the Sim
Soc and Las Vegas stays
at Las Vegas.. yeah..
Jesus F in Christ..
a leadership class
where folks had the
opportunity free to cheat
on their wives.. everyone was
drinking at the bar tables.. and
i was still Autistic shy as hell.. good
thing.. i guess.. as i remember catching
the tale end of someone
saying they
walked in
the room
and saw
or her on
top of her
or him and
by the end
of that class her
or him or the other
person was pregnant too..
people can
be such rascals
when they think
no one is looking..
that’s Y i do it all out
in the open.. as my
scarlet letter is what it is
on top..
with no
one else..;)
Lord.. this
makes me
glad my
I was just
going to your
bottom and
now i’m back
up to your top..
and truly the
makes the
top and
Oh God yes..
dancing on the
table top..
the earth
is definitely
mY table
haul overall..
it’S like the world
IS A strip joint and
i’MfuLLy clothed
with Bliss..;)
Now.. i’m thInking what’s
easier.. all this fun
or approving
all my comments
to see what comes
next.. oh Jesus
in Christ..
my handwriting
is a wreck of chicken
scratch worse that Kurt
Cobain.. and i can’t even
play guitar..
for Dance..
yeah.. it’s crazy
but i remember
the way Kurt Cobain
writes.. and i like Nirvana
but tHeir songs are just ok to me..
but i do Love
teen spirit
still over
the age of
18 in dance hall way..
to be clear just the spirit..
as shy Autistic boys sTill do now..;)
Yay.. up top
again with
more Coyote Ugly..;)
So now i’m down
at Songs.. and
this reminds me
of a girl i once knew
who talked dirty to me..
she said.. never mind
keep your
head here..
while i keep it clean..;)
Man.. i mean
Woman.. i mean
Shawna.. i mean
that stringed instrument
there is a great Yo YO play..;)
Oh God ..i knew if i cLicked
on that liNk i would go straight
to Angel
but yes..
it was tastefully
done as the super
masculine Angel
will mix
as fallen
do with
Angels.. too..;)
Too much
skip to
the next
one and perhaps
be back in official ‘form’..;)
Word be
tOld i am
a lips
and eyes man..
and this is pleasing..
very pleaSinG..
and yes of
done right of course..;)
Ugh.. looks
likes a
Love without
emotion only sucks..;)
Some how
this reminds
me of what i just
said in reverse of
6 form..;)
There is
i Love better
than a 32 string
guitar with
This reminds me
to perHaps go back
and finish up on that
Journey prompt..
as i continue
to cover
you in
commentaries noW
in real time journey flow..;)
This reminds me of what
it looks like when a butterfly
enters a black Whole soul
and loses
all its
until it
comes out
on the other
side 66 months
later.. and finds
out human
are a
real deal now..
iN 8.. 9.. 10
1 start again..;)
Hmm.. back
out of Wonderland
back in Wonderland
but still
back to
work and
i’LL keep Playing..
on all fours
i like
the suck
version better..
it has more
to it..
CRap.. how did
i miss Kid
Rock way
up here..
and i wanna
be a Cowboy..
it’s like
i felt someone
wondering why
i left
kid’s rock out..;)
WeLL cRap again..
i just looked at
that previous poem
verse too.. and come to
find out it sucked too..;)
a great
dance position..
very comfy and cozy looking..
like holding a Teddy bear.. etc..;)
Man.. i mean
Shawna.. it can
be difficult to have
some names from other
countries and live here
in the
U.S. of A..
unless it’s
of course..
or Kida Rock.;)
SonGs are the best..
there was a really
cool one about
the Lady in Red
last night
but i
the female
free form..;)
Window pane flowers
of artificial
nah.. i’d
rather be
real too and
never be like that2..;)
Well okay.. i end here
with a multi-colored
on the
line.. perhaps
a Beatle Walrus..
a Yellow Submarine
play and am Egg man
too with Easter Colors here
smILing.. and to free associate like
the Beatles do as well.. BRinGs
different interpretations of
what could
and might
fly.. truly
no different
than abstract
thoughts in revelation2..
hmm.. now it’s time to work
out.. i guess i celebrated the
dVerse celebration at your
place.. now
you said hi..
wInks.. Love
ya Friend.. fair
wishes and following
sees on your re-reTirement
into wheels that alWays have
new rubber
of Shawna
WE are aLL going to have to iSreal wErise
up to get this job dONe of peace
for East and West..
stArting witH the
balance of our
own hemisphere’s
of miNd and Body way..
and then the two hemisphere’s
of Earth.. and Latitudes and Longitude
of hUmans WiLL Follow neXt as particles of H20 streaM
ZoNes whole as Rivers to Field and Ocean sAMe..
but will all that sAid.. herE IS A Facebook quoted
meMory from mE from three years ago here..:)
‘Peace Prayer for East and West’
IT is All for Love.
IT rings true backword or forward Center Balance of One and All.
The fight of west against east is Prayer Peace.
ALL One Sees Passion Life Sees One aLL
IS Experiences Ones
Neither an Answer
OR Question
Neither IS Question
an Answer Neither
Ones Experiences IS
Ones IS
IS Experiences Ones…
Ones Experiences IS…
aLL One Sees Life Passion Sees One ALL
Love for All is IT.
SMiLes came back long
enough to say hi
and catch
the last five
for a total of
41.. night
night.. Shawna Baby..;)
Ok.. i’LL go
five to top one..
and that’s quite
a selection of wine
that rap dude has..
a silver cross with
pp.. a stick
and star
and a
ya don’t
mess with big
bad jim sneer..
anyway.. lean back
is what ya do with ya ride..
when ya are super fly cool..
and yes.. i too have advanced
to the Tiger on the Savannah
Glad to the
twins are
still doing
Man.. i mean Shawna..
i Love eclectic Album
Covers and oh my God
i have an ear bug from
i Am the Walrus
and Jim
the SonG
that i don’t
wanna get
rid of as Jesus
F. in Christ..
is so much
more fun than
serious.. a clown
i’LL stay and the
to play for free..
even without
and grins..;)
resurrection th/igh
parallels rootless
legs my die refuse i but
plagues with me scalds
still scripture quiche
Spanish my rim
quiet along
hunger called wish
tracing stag
became Grey
Sebastien day
room b(re)aking
the heart—
my lost I
this: know but
bed the jib and
up it back just
know you didn’t
servants have i
penetrations eight-
figure about prophecy
continues music Irish
while brackets gloomy
cortico castrated our
guarding i(nsi)dicy
mischievous this
through stumbling
keep goo button-belly
sticks licorice
in written-notes
ransom block-half
around Pagan-wearing
Mansion almost cremating
decay and slaughter of horrors
here in hot
frigging it’s
me breathes.”
Hehe.. i just
Palindromed you..
with a Trumpwriter..;)
(note: this means
this IS A quote
of Shawna’s
Poem in
told ya..
you would
be desiring
an ax-like
Oh.. Lord.. got
confused.. didn’t
realize Sebastien
was a tailored suit
boy.. thought
we were
50 shades
of grey.. but
never the less..
dear as
and red
sith devils might say…;)
“Few are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of the colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Each time a person stands up for an idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” — Robert F. Kennedy Speech, South Africa, 1966
it’s a tough road fighting ingrained culture..
it’s a culture that keeps human life going..
It’s a catch
22 that
both ways..
and yes.. Kennedy
iS correcT noW
has to
An effort..
one word.. one
step at a now or the cave
art remains.. alWayS iNsaMe..:)
Thanks to you my friend.. Shawna..
i’Ve been discussing some really
sad/sick and disgusting stuff
the last couple of days..
and it was heArt
in our
little poem
play yesterday..
And ha!.. poEtry
with another person
is like sex.. with another
person you Love.. the more
you hold
more you
have to give..
hehe.. and sometimes
that’s equally true when
ya would kinda like to punch
the person
and they
don’t strike
oh.. the dARk
and liGht oF liFe
you move me both
ways and sides now..;)
Ha! sorry..
no i’m not
sorry.. in fAct
even when i wanna
be sorry.. i’m usually
not sorry.. as i base my
philosophy of liFe on unconditional
Fearless Love.. and sometimes it’s true it
hurts the feelings of other’s ignorance when one
strives on with Love..
you kNow the kind
that says
in front
of the world totally
naked and unashamed
like the Gnostic Gospel
of Jesus
said to
set ya free..
i find these truths
self evident.. and truly
what is self evident in my
eYes is the trUth and liGht
of what God SinGs to mY
heARt.. SpiRit and SoUL..
and i cannot help
but to repeat
this SonG
to 12 million words..
God inspires me so much
as all free spirited animate
and inanimate paRts of God do..
tHere are lots
of preconceived
notions of protestant
preachers in my mind
as my life goes by and what
i have experienced of that in
both dArk and liGht.. including
moments with my tennis buddy
Catholic Monsignor from high
school.. i kNow
and feel
the secrets
the cloth.. and
i cannot help but
to expose those too..
in each and every way..
kNowing you
and FeeLinG you
the way i do..
i don’t
see how
it could
be easy
for you to
be truly you
and fully you..
married to a man
of the cloth down south
in Alabama lands..
but i’m sure you
do your best as you
do here.. my friEnd..
alWays best wishes to
you.. and your husband and
four Lovely children.. see you down
the trail.. as Shawna never gets old to me
iN aLL yOUr
my FriEnd..:)
Facebook Friend Himali shares
a link that sings to a woman’s
desire for Romance in books..
and the
men of life.. so i say..
SMiLes.. my friEnd Himali..
we are all born on this rock named
earth.. some folks see all the
colors of the stone
and romance
it and others
tend to rape
it without much
FeeLinG of Beauty
oF all the Colors oF Love…
Romancing this stone
iS what i do
as pLay
oF liFe..
the Earth
is my Lover
in all it gives
and takes as well..
as truLy Love is Written in the Stone..
And then tHere are the stars and all of God
to give
and take
as Fearless Love..:)
Facebook Friend Himali returns..
So true.. We come from the earth
and belong to it… No better
lover than the nature..:)
And i say..
Yes.. my friend Himali..
sad when folks separate
themselves from Nature and
surely in work life i did that for
decades with Nature finAlly taling
me in Nature’s own way to come back
home and home
is wHere i live
now.. no longer
a Wrong planet of culture..
the cAll of the Wild SinGs God’s
SonG unmistakable in book ways..
when one hearS it noW as HeARt
spiRit SunG soUL SonG SO-FReED..:)
WeLL.. as i’ve mentioned before..
in longest long form style
poetic expressions
now.. to
free associate
and art in eclectic
ways is to Force 10
as Rush says in SonG
too.. and go further than
the tribe before..
it’s what
through all nows
have done.. the nomads..
the crazy ones.. hell yes of course
the dopamine filled somewhat to
extremely manic one’s
with dark lows
like Jim
Carrey.. Robin
Williams.. and
his dead
come to life
in me as wELL
iN all ways that comeS now2..
ThE more colors we feel as heARt
oF liFE the more we Sense and sex
and all the rest.. in ExpresSinG those
FeeLinGs and Senses and sure sexual
intelligence as pArt of the core libido
that drives life in general
in most all living
species of
the animal
and fishes..
and other
stuff too2..
and sure even
at the smallest particles
that join togeTher in INterdependent
relationship with all that is aka God too..
Life is sexy.. very very sexy.. to eXpress a
it up like a book and never open it up until
you are of marrying age or never at all
like a priest.. or monk.. can be to
never fully live and love
at all.. in this spiRiT
oF God and hUman
togeTher ONE more
fully alive..
as miNd
and BoDy
Balance soUL
‪#‎iSreal‬ as real can be
‪#‎wErise‬ toGeTher Free
in MoVinG ConnEcTinG
cReating liGht ways or we
fAll to the non-moving.. non-
connecting ways of non-creativity
that sets much of the world sTiLL
iN DarKness way.. sad thing is it’s
hard to change the titanic around when
all it’s ever seen and done and felt in life
is more or less like an iceberg always waiting
i’ve seen
the iceberg through
the eyes of my friends here
and those who consider me an
enemy or those who simply do not
have the ability to understand me
hardly at all.. the iceberg is
ominous for those who
live in this dark
titanic way..
they are
from God allthatis
and the pain sings a horribly
dark SonG to eYes and eARs
that would love to heal.. so i
try.. i cry..
i continue
to try..
i want give up
as i have been both
titanic and iceberg one
in the dArk way of liFe that
is Evil without even FeeLinG
or SenSinG or SeXinG liFe @ALL..
oh the balance.. oh the KUNG FU BALANCE
more than a kick or punch.. the Balance liveS now..
As mentioned earlier i will easily go toe to
toe with any man or woman of the so-called cloth
as i kNow and FeeL the so-called secrets
underneath a cloth of lies and truth
trUe in both dArk and liGht..
and while i might not win
a battle with Bruce Lee..
just try me.. i cry..
just try me..
with words
as sWords.. as
i’ve been around the
block of 11 to 12 million or
so now written.. and i can whirl
and twirl a tongue of liGhTENing
and thunder vocal chordS aS weLL..
as the Lion SinGS a SonG that
WiLL not easily be missed when
as Roar
as Roar
does FloW
iN liVinG zonE
oF liFE as Free to bE..
Yeah.. i kNow and FeeL like
they say.. take a picture it lasts
longer and that is why i type to
take a picture as symbol iN
essence oF
a Lion’s
or as Long as Servers
oF iT in Robot way serve
me up some more in web ways..;)
WeLL.. those two memories are from a year ago..
this one comes into more so-called secular ways
of liFE out of Church and Martial Arts sAMe..
but the samE prophetic spiRit that can
SinG in SonGS of church RinG
trUe in all other art forms too..
even in commercial ads
as they play to
human archetypes
that run no less deep..
if someone is selling panty
hose or filling up the
golden bowls
at tithing
nows of church..;)
WeLL.. as the scientists
say.. most all humans are
born innate with ability to
eventually speak and do non-verbal
language.. mine was delayed but eventually
will not stop.. hehe.. and sure there is the
non-verbal language that has always been
the primate way to dance and speak..
and that is the language over
here in so-called
First problem
that is endangered
the most along with
vocal speak..
as in all
stuff in life
use it or lose it
applies.. and yes.. this
comes with empathy and
FeeLinG too that has alWays
been related more in non-verbal
FeeLinG communication.. touch
and face and all the rest
of dancing
body too..
these truths and
liGhts are self-evident
and tHeRe is great innate
science as to why the non-verbal
dance of life along with SonG of Voice
is what makes us human.. and noW heals
us from head to toe to heArT.. in the west
we are losing that.. and sure
in the big
of India
they are
not to lose
it too.. the breath
of a child in SonG
says more
my Friend..
Brian Miller.. to
Breathe Free.. i..2
to Love and
Live Fearless
Nice to see you
friEnd hope yoUr
journey continues aLive2..;)
Blogger Friend SOHEIR
shares a photo that says..
ALLAH can mend a broken
heart, but you have to
give him
all the
And i saY in
trUthful liGht
True.. To
Hide any of
The pieces of we
From God is
Pain…. Hope
You are doing
WeLL.. Friend
SOHEIR says..
Hello Fred!
Have a great day and thanks!!
i say..
You too..
And SMiLes..:)
SOHEIR says..
And i say
like with
the like
Word Press function..
And now i say heRE noW..
The measure of humanity
iS reciprocal social communication..
whether that comes in vocal speak..
non verbal language of body or sign
language in text.. videos.. photos..
and or other symbolic
sign language
to approximate
the essence of
social reciprocal
hUman communication
IS A way oF all social mammal
animals in the animal kingdom….
iF one was blind and deaf like Helen
Keller they might find a typewriter way
of symbolic communication to type as well..
but what i have found in my vast Internet
travels as the words do report in
68 months all around online as
empirical evidence in all
11 to 12 million words
or so still documented
between my blogs and
the Wrong Planet etc.. sTill..
is that the human who reciprocates
text communication without fail is the
human who touches human the most
in text online.. and sure.. not every
one even has time to hardly
communicate at all
WitH love iN the
human touch
as school and work
can exhaust in ways of
mechanical cognition with
little left for huMan heARt..
expreSsinG of thaT heARt
oF EmotiONs.. SenSes.. and
yes.. SeXuality too.. by way
of Reciprocal Social hUman
communication in Social
Empathic ways of Mind and
Body cognition in KnoWinG
and FeeLinG wayS in metaphor
oF ReaL soUL of hUman bEinG
when in balance as creating art and systemizing
ways science of the overall human touch that
connects us as one race of Life with the
rest of Nature God aLL one as WeLL..
problem is.. we restrict pArts of our
God Given as Nature human
nature through the nuts
and bolts of
and religion..
This Allah and
God sAMe wears no
cultural clothes beyond what
we are born with.. as we co-create
with God one as us.. sAMe as wE pro-create
the hUman Race as species sAMe.. we have
a reasoning neo-corticall newest mammal way
of being that remembers the past and attempts
to predict the fuTure in what can be a trap
of the illusion that tHere is sTiLL anything
but noW.. and we have the EmoTioNal
BRain to give and share with otHeRs..
and the Reptilian brain
for basic
survival that
needs no think
or feel much at
all to simply survive
when nows get tough..
so.. sure the innate part is
the Father and Mother we will
never escape although many folks
try to do that through oppression and
repression of our God given Natures
in all forms of human EmoTioNs..
SeNsory Intelligences and
seXuaLiTy too..
and then we have
this reasoning mind
of mechanical cognition
that can restrict the liFE of
God within us too without us too..
and that can be the saddest paRt
as the board in the eYe of very Loving
Folks like my Friend SOHEIR who is as
overALL Loving as anyone i meet on the Internet
and actually told me to my face in text that she loves
me too.. would be lost enough in religion to not condemn
the stoning of a Lesbian woman covered up to her breast
in dirt in Iran.. not able to cover her eyes while she was stoned
to death by a crowd of devil dark haters lost.. lost.. lost in the
so-called reason that is no part of God but what humans
have created as so-called religious associated
rules to control.. to oppress.. to restrict
God Given nature.. to hide it
from God when it is
God incarnate
in all of us real
for now.. in all the
biodiversity that God
makes as human being
same as us.. as gRains of sand
same and unique in beach of LIFE FREE..
iN US.. a feeling that can come back to free those
of us who are hidden from God through the lies
of Books over the Nature
of God
as gift to us..
and yes.. just recently
a woman going to court to
be sentenced for adultery.. was
stoned in the street in front of
cops and the judgement building
same.. and no one stopped
that in a big city in
Pakistan.. NO..
as Jesus was
dead there..
in so-called
Allah land of lies
of they know
not what they
do of the most evil acts
imaginable for humanity vs
when free and wild with GoD..
the real apocalypse as i’ve said
before is the original Greek meaning
in lifting the veil of ignorance in the world
that can be human co-created nightmares
of both culture and religion in destroying both
human being individuals and Nature as whole
to by taking more Nature GoD oNe than
giving back in restoration
of this greatest
gift of earth
and life same
from God aLL..
and sure.. i know the
difficulty in doing this as i
cannot even convince my own
mother of this.. as her eYes are
blinded by the lies of both religion
and culture associated with that
religion not much different
than the lies of
in the middle
east.. however at
lEast here the stoning
has gone away and yes..
perhaps Jesus could live
here and at least avoid physical
crucifixion but would his online presence
be banned in some places along with comments
that suggest gentile.. jew.. servant or free.. woman
or man no more.. as a unity of the human race whole..
i can tell you yes..
i can cry yes..
but i will
never give
up that
of Fearless Love..
even if i go out of this life
with no one at my funeral but
the words that live on as Truth
and liGht Free.. as Brian Miller
recently suggested as advice as
a writer.. don’t get too caught up
in pleasing the limitations and
expectations of what
the audience
wants.. to get
all those likes
and followers of group
think.. well.. the same applies
to a real life prophet.. a real life
messenger of God and Nature sAMe..
the prescription.. for life.. yes the RX is
the TrUth and liGht of God oF Nature ONE
WiLL set yA Free iN Heaven now iFyoU WiLL..
It’s not alWays easy
being mE but trust
Me iT
Super Epic..
wiTh sMiles
and WiNks.
as i for one
WiLL to be FREE..
in Fearless LovE noW
WiLL to liVe naked in front
of God hiding no pArts of wHole..
And trUst me tHere iS noW no REAL
iN faCT tHere IS A Bliss
no heLL and alWays
HeaVen noW wHeRE
i for one live.. as i didn’t
shut God of Nature out
of mY life once aGain
when i heard God’s
CaLL of the Wild
and juST
and intuitively
within.. inside..
outside.. above.. and
so below and all-round
continue to do JuST
wHat God tales
mE to do in
God sPeak
and no life
of cultures or
eViL sTiLL choKing
books of fear and hate..
no matter what the source..
secular or religious sAMe..
i guarantee you.. i have made
many folks very angry.. and
others ecstatically happy..
butT i guRan God dAM
tale yoU.. noW theY
WiLL never forget
here.. as
long as
live now
or in dance
oF liFe fRee
as sure.. tHere
is no one like me
and the sAMe applies
for you once you set youR
gRain of Beach free from
of DiRT
in original
Adam way..
you knoW.. like
Batman and Bruce West..
Clark Kent and Superman..
Wonder woman and whoever
she was before when she too
escaped the cocoon lies of culture2..
and yes.. the original characters
who these characters are based
on of Dr. Jekyll and what can be
the Good Cop Mr. Hyde with
empathy and compassion
and mercy
for the
us like
the Jesus
of before and
WHO liVe as wE and
Superman sAMe noW..
human archetypes are they
aLL as printed in the Stone
sTiLL of our DNA
in Epigenetic
and Neuroplastic
way.. as sure science
rates in limited empirical way2..
as just another hemisphere of
bRain and Earth Free to Be NoW..
oh Lord.. manifestomomentous
juSt another noW
iN sUper
i.. F Y i..
DeePest 6 liFe..
and now as Taylor
Swiftie baby says..
gotta get out
in the Sun
and Sand
in front
of God
and shake it all off..
as yes.. baby.. Thursday
iS Holy R and R day for Me..
ugh.. but gotta go to the Dentist
to get me fangs cleaned before
the rest of dance stARts.. never
the less.. hehe.. NO.. never the
less wiTh mE.. aT lEast
so far.. far away
beyond the
and Pokemon
World today..
and yes..
God daM
killers too..
bully boys..
and lies lies and
more dirty God dAm
lies.. i dance.. i dance
with God free and naked
more.. i SinG a SonG oF
mY soUL Free in the Great
U.S. of A.. wHeRe GoD iN WE
liVeS free.. with more 119th dance
week At Seville with aLL A
thE KooL college age folks..
fun dance photos coming
around the July 22nd.. 3 am
time frame now.. in this
new post here.. of the
third year anniversary
of the resurrection
of my soUl from
the dArk dead
i once
waS in HeLL
for 66 months..
oh.. the ashes.. but
oH.. the WinGs of FiRe
as the Phoenix continues
to iRise.. and wErise hiGher ONE..
too.. iN iSraEL iSreal NOW toGeTheR..
No.. these are more than words.. thOughts
are and distance is energy
too.. in hUman EmoTioNal way
with Zero limits or expectations..
iN SpiRit as UniVersal prayer..
and truST or not
me.. iF you thiNk
voices carry.. yes..
SpiRits do to for REAL
one canvas one brush one painting WHOLEGOD..
Yes.. SOHEIR is juSt anotHER
AngEL sent from God..
and one day noW
when she
worship A
book and A
man who writes A
book.. shE WiLL fINd
that out noW for herself
within.. inside.. outside..
below and above..
and all around
And yes.. WiNks
it took me about allahour
to write all of this.. it
was trUly
aT aLL..
i’m not impressed
with men who are too
weak and so weak they
have to BEAT their wives lightly
to keep
straying away..
but sure they are
from a culture someNOWS
wHere they kNow not what they
do.. i offer the trUth and liGht but
i cannot make anyone come to it
or drink iT in
Heaven flow iNZonE now..
Fearless Love wins..
FearfuLL Hate
Loses.. i don’t
have to tale you
that iT is action consequence
and a rule of God all nature
as gifted or cursed to us
in pArt per culture..
religion and
our free or
so free WiLL..
so live in hell or
live in heaven.. yoU
really do have a lot of action
and consequence in liGht to
avoid the dARk of pain
that chokes the
liFe of God
yes YOu..
and of course
mE too.. i KNoW
and FeeL and SeNsE
better now.. and i exercise
that gift of hUman Relative Free WiLL
in regulating EmoTions.. Integrating SeNses..
for extreme focus and short term working memory
in cognitive executive functioning too.. as the trUth
and LiGht of the Karmic eYe action.. consequence
of the science and art of Nature God sAMe iS
iT iS the Law of God and Nature
sAMe and tHeRe
is no
but pain..
pain sucks
don’t you think..
A ND GodaM FeeL..
See and heAr.. eTc..
butt you are the only
one who WiLL do the work
to SeeK.. FinD and LiVe in Heaven
now.. or live in that other painful place
of fear and hate.. and all human EmoTioNs
and SenSEs and SeXuality sAMe as related
to that dArk place of negativity too.. oh Nature..
you SinG a SonG of GoD sAMe aLL
aH.. you are beautiful
when wE SinG
God’s SonG oF aLL..:)
Now.. i say..
Thank you
SOHEIR.. you
inspire me.. so
much mY God
Sent Sweet AngEL..
from good old Egypt..
hopefully.. she’LL geT
thE RinG of PinG back
to heAR that prayer of thanks2..
i could put this on her blog site now..
but it’s pretty safe to say i’ve blown
her mind in more than one ways..
she gets
a break now
and a pass from
me.. as she has no
idea of the gravity
of how much
she has
me with
this overall
mesSage of tRuth
and liGht iN noW..
as LaMp oF #iSreaL ..:)
WeLL.. this is my 59,960th comment
on my KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
Word Press Blog in around
35 months now..
and of course
most are my
as comments
are one and
same as my
for paint
and canvas
draft same..
as the end
of August makes
three years for that
as my Friend LaLa Rukh
talked me into starTing this
Word Press Blog then at the
end of August 2013.. as i was
gaTherinG the basket of mY humanity
all in sHades of Egg whole after being
lost in hell for 66 months from the end
of January 2008.. as the pain
was accelerating from type
two Trigeminal Neuralgia..
actually starting.. Winter
of 2006 wHere colors
started hurting my
eYes.. oh.. so
strange.. along
with horrifying foot
pain then spreading
from the beginnings
of Sjogren’s Syndrome
Immune System Disorder that
started at my feet and eventually
dried up my tears like swimming
in salt water with eyes-wide open..
oh.. so much time spent in a dark
room to save my eYes.. with all that
heavy eye goo eye drop stuff to keep
some moisture in.. any air on the eyes
was tremendously painful and it didn’t help
that the Dysautonomia.. where nervous system
no longer properly synched my heart rate and
blood pressure properly.. MaKinG it oh.. so difficult
for the blood to get to my brain.. and equally difficult
to breathe with effort as simple as walking around the block..
so sure.. a ceiling fan would have ‘helped’ that iN air with more
pain for eyes.. And yes.. by the way.. if you haven’t heard.. Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia is the worst pain known to mankind assessed in some
literature.. as worse than the pain of crucifixion but in my case
i didn’t get off in three hours to three days of tortuous death
with this pain like a dentist drill in right eye and ear
without novocaine as in my case it was
from wake to sleep for 66 months
full.. starting with a 40 day sleep
less stay.. around March of 2008 with
only 1 hour per night of alpha
blocker aid to slow
my Dysautonomia heart
rate down so i could
sleep that cardboard
box shallow hour of sleep
the first 35 of 40 days and
the last 5 of 40 where it stopped
working.. and i did everything i couldn’t
do to kill my self.. and finally agreed to go to
the Hospital to get a large shot of Ativan in my
arm to put me finally down for a little relief
in hell of life.. oh sleep.. you were my only
relief.. but i could not dream much at
all and all the Ativan brought to
me when i did.. was the weirdest
ass dreams ya could imagine
in dark ways of
then.. ugh.. ugh oh..
Hell sucks and on top
of that and the Fibromyalgia Pain
i was diagnosed with and associated
coat hanger pain across the shoulders
associated with Dysautonomia too..
along with Severe Degenerative
Arthritis in my spine.. spinal
stenosis.. and a newly found
fact of congenitally fused
vertebra that helped
to onset the
early rise
of Arthritis
spine pain..
oh yeah.. and when
they were searching for the
source of that Dentist drill pain
in eye and ear.. the extra discovery
that my sinuses were so closed up
in congenitally deviated septum way
that the ENT asked me.. man.. how
do you breathe.. after i had been
breathing almost 50 years
with that limitation
already.. it
was kind
of a dum
question i guess..
as sure somewhat of
A mouth breather i must be..
of no duh.. way.. face palm
moment too.. anyWay.. perhaps
it was Doctor humor.. but it wasn’t
very funny to the Dentist Drill pain
he couldn’t see in my eye and ear then
that was desperately and pain STAKE
TO GET OUT OF HELL FREE.. hmm.. it took
’em two years to diagnosis that by sticking
a stick up my sinuses with Lidocaine that
gave me about a second of relief where
some folks get hours relief with the
condition i had.. they offered
to burn the nerve in my face
with the potential of
permanent numbness
of my face but by that point
i could feel no emotions and the
pain of dentist drill was actually preferable
to that as piece of paper existence is the
worst pain of all.. where all is numb like
just dust in the wind with humanity NOT
attached alive.. hmm.. what else
as i write my hell poem here..
to go with LamP iSreaL..
the likely ending name
of this 687th macro
verse here in
now.. oh yeah.. the
Autism and there was a total
of 19 medial disorders but honestly
stuff like Anhedonia.. Alexithymia..
Severe Depression.. Severe Anxiety..
Panic Attacks.. PTSD.. Tactile Sensitivity
Disintegration Disorder.. Mood Lability
before i got the most recent diagnosis
of Bi-Polar high after all of that
low.. low low.. part of that
then.. as all the doctors
got to see of me
by the time i gave
in and went was low
low low super low
of the
black whole
soUl way of death
in life in hell then..
well.. all oF iT worked
together to make an almost
perfect storm of hell for me..
the real story of Human JOB..
and all the bullying i got for
the Autism Asperger’s thingy
in life was a far distant icing
on a piece of relative heaven cake compared
to hell.. yes.. i have perspective of what hell
and heaven real in life is.. i have a story tale
of bliss to report now.. from head to toe and
more.. and a reality as documented in over
100 medical pages of documentation of
hell way back when.. anyway.. as you
might guess by now.. i count
my FucKinG BleSsinGs
second by second
and LamP iSreaL..
ain’t no pisser
now.. and that
reminds me when i first
stArted DanCinG free style
ballet and martial arts waY in
Super Walmart.. a yellow dressed
bleach blonde 60 something year old
Southern Baptist Baby.. came up to me
and heckled what i was doing.. and so i found
her and asked her.. what do you think i am doing..
and she said drawing attention to yourself through
her bright yellow hair and dress as she was taling me this..
she said you really think you are something.. well you look
ridiculous dancing in public and should be ashamed of yourself..
and i said.. well my friend.. you never heard the story of King David
celebrating God in dancing in close to what we name underwear to
day and promising to celebrate God in more Vile ways.. and by the
way this was awhile before my nude art came.. in restricted link
public way online.. so she said.. well.. you are not King David..
and then i told her about Jesus and shining the light
of your lamp.. and she told me your are not Jesus..
and then i said.. if i walk on water will
you FeeL my liGht is good then..
and for the third time she denied
me and said you are not Jesus..2..
and then i told her i Will do more
than Jesus as that is what he prophecy’s
in Verse of Saint John too.. along with
Luke’s verse that says that heaven is
at hand now all around us and soMe
folks just don’t see it and FeeL iT
as such like a Katy
Perry ET
of reaLiTy NoW..
anyWay.. i could have
told her the story of JOB
for 66 months or the story of
Moses wandering the desert of
New Jerusalem with the bully boys
that said boys are not allowed to
smile or do art OR ELSE.. for
a total of 40 years.. beFore
i got my Art and Creativity
MOJO after age 13.. fully
when i recovered more
on July 22nd of 2013..
eXpanding in liGht
after that with now
56 hundred plus lAMp
miles of dance to
match my age of
56 now.. leg pressing
close to half a ton
33 times now strongly
in parallel leg press
way with arms stretched
in the air.. Dancing now 119 weeks
as of tonight with all the cool college
age folks at Old Seville Quarter.. and
as i play this Katy Perry iRise theme
SonG aGain to celebrate my rise
above any human archetype
of pain and heaven
of beFoRe..
yes.. i tale
the story of
mY LamP iSreaL
completE noW.. as i tOld
that Lady i would do more than
she ever dreams then now and i as well
as the total close to 4 million longest
long form word poem noW in Ocean Poem
Field say continues to groW iN micro-verse
here to Macro Verse LamP iSreaL NoW
687th wave verse now.. in the water
and air particles oF Y i aS oNe with
GoD now.. yes.. the iRise iSreal
continues and tHere is noW
no limit or expectations for
of beYond within.. inside.
outside.. so below.. above..
all around that this
shine oF light
LamP iSreaL
WiLL Go neXt
as i WiLL continue
to shine my little liGht
wHerever God guides liGht
of Truth of F Y i.. neXt for iSREaL..
meanwhile.. i’ll kill ’em with Kindness
as the last pARt of my pen name miGht noW
suggest.. with a SonG for that to accompany
the photos to come after 3 am on that record
three 3 year iRise oF Y i.. July 22nd 2016.. soon to BE..:)
BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels
41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel
338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)
KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)
And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..
Love iS
GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)


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