Dance and Sing 2016

Thanks so much gigoid
for stopping by on this
New Year’s day..
and hope you enjoy
the New Year day
away from sitting as
the rainy continues here and
yesterday is about the most i sit
since the last time i was really really
sick with an intestinal bug.. so i am fixing
to now make up for that sitting soon in a
loud way.. haha!..
and yes..
just missed
you at the junction
of the meaning of
life over
at your
he He..
as a Cosmic
Traveler or DJ
haha! again.. iN
ways of YouTube iN
selecting music now
from the
here in
Human Space..
SMiLes.. i’m sTill
working on getting
away from digital to
out the door now for
sand and water.. silt
dancing.. oh.. cloudy
now.. and finAlly
cold.. for the
polar bear
i am at
finAlly arriving
i suppose one justification for cynicfication of LiGht now
is CONCEPTS that we humans are more than humans
and the Nature AROUND US…
The tools of us measure
the more of us..
but the still
of us
and at hand
we are the only Universe
at core.. Extensions of that hand
in tools that include science that
explore the greatest depths
of dark..
even suggest
there is no purpose
to existence at all now..
we are the
Universe at Hand
and if Bonobos innately
live without aggression or
violence entire lives with
Love.. Instead the issue
is not us.. Nature
or the rest of
the Universe…
the issue is the
tools that extend beyond
the hands of us.. To peel the
layers off those tools can truly
be to come back now to the
of Life
that moves
from head to toe
and back again
to the
Somewhere along the now
line.. someone fat and
happy with huge
reserves of
then decided NOW
there is no purpose
in life.. ’cause
there no
is a
now of Life..
When pathS
no longer forge
and fork.. the food
of life
dies a
cold hard
and we become
the corpse of dogs
as road kill of US now..
i see dead dogs walking
upright most places i dance..
and yes.. i have plenty to eat but
dance is always a forAge of life.. from
the time the first primate dances invisible
according to a Golden Spiral PHI movement
that most all carnivores dance to escape predator
and to capture prey.. as always.. the secrets to success
are in plain sight.. but far far away from the virus of cultures…
in core purpose
and meaning
forAgiNg A
K.I.S.S. of Life
iCare4 now that iS
allthatis matter(s).. iCare2..:)
most often
these days
people worry..
i do not.. it is always
lonely worrying.. as of
course i used to.. too..
so i understand.. that
with fear/
song of
Love is
not theRe..
so i dance
with Allah..
then.. and
now i am
and Happy
New Year..
with Joy Now..
A dance with Allah
chases lonely away..:)
i always keep back in my mind
that the Word Press Notification
feature that provides responses
from others does not include images
as gifts of response.. so i come back
to find this very sweet and intelligent
Yellow KITTEN with blue eyes and round
spectacles likely gazing into the E-World
of human being.. or perhaps a book but
never the less it is a 2-D view of reduced
scope of Allah’s Living Nature.. and what
that reminds me of is.. the sad reality that
studies show young Chinese students are
requiring spectacles at rates of 90% on average
as these students spend so much time gazing at
close range at electronic gadgets of study and play..
some so addicted to video games they must go to clinics
for behavioral addictions associated with playing these screen
games.. for a child of God that once scans the horizons for predator
prey and berries same for foraging survival.. for a child of God that once
feels Nature against the skin as air and rain of water.. as brush and
trees and high limbs of climbing trees.. where Nature is more than
home.. it is pArt of us too.. with what science describes now as
the sixth sense of proprioception.. that allows us not only
to see God’s Nature but to be one with it as well
and on the bottom of our feet oxytocin receptors
that when barefoot allows us to feel
the same loving attachment
to each grain of sand
of God’s Earth
as the Loving
a Mother’s
tender touch.. yes
each grain of sand is
a tender touch too. and if
i do not get to go outside
to Love the gift of grains
of sand with bare feet
dance and martial
arts play
bush.. and
the sun refreshing
and invigorating every
square inch of my tan skin..
yes.. naturAlly i will also lose
some of the Loving touch of
God just outside these prison
walls of 27 inch iMac screen
of 24 inch rectangular glass
window to clouds and
cold today that
reminds me
that yes..
God is
more out
there than in here
except for your beautiful
words of you as sign language
and sign language of intelligent
kitties too.. well our cat Moby spoon
fed from birth never had the God of
Nature to raise him as smart as
God teaches our Yellow Boy
there for several years
wild in the woods
behind our
it is if they are
two totally different
species of animals.. one
always seeking the forage
of life.. and one always
looking for what
is given
of earned..
One that walks nobly
and strong all places he
goes.. with due caution
as he knows of the
dark of life
as well..
and the other
that seriously spends
his life only as a kitten of
Love only moving when the
gift of food comes to him and
he not to the forage of life..
there is no escape from
the God of Nature and
there are always
for going
and following rules
of human for control instead
or rules of God of Nature
whether the subject
is human
or cat..
so.. Moby diabetic..
like humans who are
fed an all you can eat
buffet that never stops..
limps no different than
people my age from
arthritis from
a body that
only sits
and lays..
it is very dangerous
to live life with culture as
God and sadly for Moby he
does not have a reasoning mind
to prevent this from happening once
he has the opportunity.. if any at all
to escape the lies of human
culture.. so sure
there is a lesson
for human now with
the bespectacLed
blue eyes kitten
to human
of Lies..
Live with
God or Live
with cultural lies and
humans do have a choice..
dance.. if you can my friend
and sing.. a song of
living joy and
it is
way after
all is said…
and hopefully
done in living
feat of feet my friend..
and touch the sand
with your
you can..
as well..
my friend..
and never
alone LOVE
Well.. from close to 80F all week
last week.. and now 45F and
cloudy today..
still great
weather for
reading and
writing.. and listening
to interesting insights
from people all around
the world as the
Google YouTube
me each
day according
to what i like in
passing videos
of yesternows..
i exclude
no source..
and often learn
more from people i do
not agree with than from
those i do agree with.. such
is life.. to find obstacles.. adapt
or remove them.. and move on
to brighter stuff of life..
so today..
i thought
the gym closes
at 6 pm.. but to
my then.. temporary
chagrin.. i get
there at 4 pm..
and find the
closing hour is
2 pm.. so an alternate
way of getting out of head
of writing comes to me then..
both wife Katrina and i have had
a little head cold.. of the common
variety last week.. so no shopping
for her.. as colds slow
her down..
but the
energizer bunny
is hard to stop..
so i keep going..
and since dance is
coming Saturday Night
at the official dance hall
of Old Seville Quarter for
a 91st dance week there..
the dance hall and
gym will be the
of road
where i live..
and OMG with
inspiring ear buds
same as anywhere else
the sky’s not even the limit
as i can move every which
way more than
as i move
below as well..
and usually feel
a new move by the
end of the dance
i’ve never
as there are
as many small
moves as there
are large ones
and many
And the best of all
tonight is the cold
grey North
Wind then..
as i become
the wind swirling
around not unlike
a strand
DNA now then..
in that 1.618
PHI of Golden
Spiral Mean
or a Tornado
or Hurricane or
even a Nautilus
shell.. a planet
spiraling the Sun
or our Sun and the
rest of the Suns of
the Milky Way
a Black
Sun Core
of DArk inspiring
the LiGht of all these
Suns that keep moving
to inspire us with liGht now..
and then one can come to kNow/FeeL
God Better as Nature.. and we as pArt
of Nature no different Truly than above
so below.. inside.. outside.. all around as
the pattern of the design of our DNA matches
the entire movement of the Milky Way.. our much
much larger home for now.. so in short.. i move like
a figure eight.. but you see.. not just with feet.. theRe
are arms.. legs.. hips.. toes and fingers now.. swirling like
the Milky Way2..
sure we are God2
sAMe as Milky Way2
and if one fails to see
God as Nature one
can fail to ever
reflect God
as ONE now..
the benefits
of Moving Like God
are beyond belief for many
who refuse.. and stick to machines
like Bicycles.. Treadmills.. and anything
that only runs by feet alone.. yes.. even
running and walking as well.. with limited
movement of the rest of the body too..
We are entire bodies
living in an entire
spheRe of
360 degrees
no.. not just the
shape of the earth
the potential of the
human body when
totAlly set free..
in peace and
and sure the body
innately.. instinctuAlly
and intuitively will guide
us tHere.. without a lesson
or guideline other than
what we feel
as we
to center
balance and human
bliss in flow.. where the
Zone is Free and the side
walks of life
to the
green grass
of GOD.. now
with no limits
of edgers or weed
eaters to eliminate
a new move..
where there
will always
be a
new move
for infinity
long as the art of us
stays free as a Shell
of God
or yes..
a Milky
But anyway.. the saddest part
iS some folks picture of God aS
an invisible God that can never
be seen.. ’cause OMG God is
when i move like a Galaxy
i become
more like
the pattern
of God so easy
to feel once one
is holding hands
and feet with
Free in a dance
of never ending now
bliss.. where dramas
and worries just melt away
and sure all it takes is three
feet of just you and God
toGetHer again
to truly
anew now..
i miss the days of Beyonce
BRinGinG in the New Year
on ABC
’cause the
dancers last
night looked
of a Walmart
Santa Claus
Robot dance..
as people become more
and more like the box that
is their smart phone small..
anyway.. speaking of the
devil there is always
YouTube now
and a soul
train to
so.. sure.. theRe
are great advantages
Perhaps.. now i am a polar
bear.. i danced in the new cold
wind last night.. block around
our household road.. with
shorts and T-shirt..
aside neighbors
in their
attire and slept
fourteen hours with
several laying waking
sprints on youtube breaks
but at least 10 hours of sleep
out of all of that.. where four
hours is usually
a Summer
for me..
or Winter
that never
becomes Summer
as it were until
but anyway.. whomever
invented the sitting human
attached to a box.. certainly plays
the craziest story that any so-called
primitive human could dream up..
for one connected to Nature..
just ask a kid from
the 60’s.. nah
i ain’t
in until the
last second of
Sunshine goes
use it
or lose it applies
to all that is life of human
being.. and use the stuff that
is not human.. and sure.. lose the being…
yeah sure.. people are alike all over until they are
no longer
we are our
i for one choose
Nature and Human
as much as possible
too.. my friend gigoid..
the Sun just came out
finAlly after
over and
out and free
again my friend..:)
Smiles.. Yes.. 55 is up tHere..
but i still can out-dance the rabbit..
But no.. i never run..;)
Currently limited to tiny keys on
smart phone in sand and sun..
will need two hands of typing
later to bRing all the words
over to visit..hehe.. Ugh..
it’s like playing the
piano with one finger..;)
Wow.. that is an incredibly great
weight loss from 250 lbs.. back
to close to your fighting weight
of 175 lbs.. on 5’7″.. and great
to hear about your
expanding walks
now up to
2 miles..
hopefully that will
help much with the
pain you have been
experiencing too…
At 232 lbs.. a
weight a
bean kid
will never imagine
to make.. i feel lighter
than ever with the art
of dance.. but no
i do not look
like a dancer
but who
it is the
feeling inside
that counts.. and truly
it has made me stronger
in so many ways inside and
out than i could have ever imagined
before.. i once had a life guard working
for me.. a Vietnam Vet and retired Parole
Officer at age 65.. who could run circles around
the other twenty-something life guards he supervised
under my supervision then.. me getting pudgier
at around 200 lbs.. then still around 6 feet..
softer in the middle
and unsteady on
my feet and gait..
and then i found out
he was a performance level
ballet dancer.. and that was
his source of strength to out
run and out swim folks a third
of his age.. additionally he was
one of the most balanced.. calm
and happy people i have ever met..
yes.. obviously his secret was in plain
sight.. the exercise of full body balance…
At that point i would have never imagined
i would dance again..
and the thought
of folks
less than
half my age
naming me the
MVP and now
dancing legend
of the Pensacola
area.. was the farthest
thing imaginable and certainly
an impossibility to me then.. and now
the greaTesT thing of all is none of this
was ever a goal.. just one step at a time
starting in reverse.. and now the butterfly
of me sings and dances floating and flying
land once again..
The E.T. i once was
flies free on Earth..
And sure 11 million
words.. where the
in right
eye and ear..
started that
Tsunami of
to go along
now with the
steps.. my friend gigoid…
Most people in real life don’t
know any of the story further
than steps of dance.. but sure..
they can find out more with
a link
online.. hehe..
HI Zee.. thanks for coming by and wishing me a Happy New Year..
on this second day of the New Year.. usually i make
a New Year’s Resolution Post.. but am still
getting around to that..
and i’m already quite
sure it will
‘Dance and
Sing 2016..’
where 2014 was
‘Brave as ONE 2014’
and 2015 was ‘LOVING balancing CREATIVE peace FORCE 2015’
And true through the course of my recovery since
July 22nd 2013.. i’ve been singing and dancing
all along the way to the tune of every
Sunday at church in song..
and every day
in martial
arts and
ballet like
dance to the
tune of over
4611 miles now
in all public places
i go while wife Katrina
shops.. and true poeTry
is a ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
that comprises over
three million
words of what
this blog is and
the other 8 million
since Nov. 26th 2010
that gets me to the start
of the three million
here.. but it
is the Art
of me
that SonG
in sharing
ways that probably
is the resolution of
a life well spent
and still
spending now..
and yes.. that
‘Whispers in the Dark’
video by Mumford and Sons
is like me too.. the photographer..
the wild motorcycle rider with
only feet of feat.. and the
refined gentleman i
used to be
before i
my wild
and free
back again..
from Childhood true..
and then there is the
nightlife.. with
wheRe the
drowsy of me
often needs a little
more sleep..
in dark
lots after
the dance
of the freest of me..
anyway.. that song
came out on YouTube
the same day my blogging
experience started on the
Google Blogger format
on March 10th of 2013..
so perhaps in a way
it is
song too..
smiles friend
Zee and may the
best new wishes for
2016 come your way
free as Allah iS iN uS
Well.. as illustrated in my last response
to you on my blog.. my New
Year’s Resolution is
just an affirmation
of Dancing
and Singing
of what i already
do.. no real ambition
but Arting life more..
but oh.. i know the
science of the work
life too.. and so wonderful
we have people like you who
have what it takes to work with
the less fortunate among us in
the medical fields
required to
us alive
out of the
dark places
of life.. but something
i could not do.. as a younger
person.. at one time training
to be psychologist..
one field
trip to
the asylum
with all the poor
and lost souls was
too overwhelming
for to ever
be able
to compartmentalize
my empathic nature
from a place called
hell.. i’m better at
it now..
a weathered
and worn human..
but not all people
are cut out to help
in the dark part of life..
not because of callous but
instead of feeling too much..
and for an empath what can
and will happen for folks not suited
to these caregiver roles is they can
eventually get drained so much that
they do become callous and even lose
their emotions and feelings for living at all…
Not saying that is happening to you as i would
have to know and feel
you in real life to
assess that
but it is
that if you
are an empath
you are very smart
like i was.. but just not
emotionally cut out for
it either like i was then..
but again..
no judging
here.. just an
anecdotal experience
i can relate to of my own..
when you mentioned the
suffering i could still feel
it to
of my heart
that lives strong
again.. my friend.. Zee..
and yes.. that emotional
draining is actually a recognized
medical condition associated
as a human
at one
point it was
too complex
to even have a name..:)
Yeah.. My cousin dances too.. and with smooth moves too..
playing multiple instruments and singing in several bands..
And fancy footwork of course.. His Father.. the identical twin
brother of my Father.. Their father from Ireland..
Our Grandfather of course.. So perhaps
an ancestral Lord of the River Dance
uncovered.. Yes now.. In Soul..
Of feats of foot..:)
(my Father’s Twin Brother top right)
And speaking of my father and his twin Brother..
yes there are dreams of youth.. aspirations
of where one will go before life ends..
and such were the dreams
of my father and his twin
brother graduating
out of Taylor
County high
in 1950..
and perhaps
it is true that
my dream of youth
was more of dad’s “never do today
what you can put off until tomorrow”
as sure i was a rather free floating
young man still free floating today now
except i swim strong and stronger with
the current of is.. always changing too..
And then there was the quote from
my tWiN Uncle’S year book
that says..
“i dare do all that
may become a man;
who dares do more is none”..
Hmm.. no short-cuts there..
and seriously.. yeah.. some
how i managed to not
speak until
age 4..
number 11 out
of a class of 381
in high school.. remain
at close to the top of
the class through
college with triple
in Health
Science.. Anthropology..
Social Sciences disciplinary
as well.. and sure the Autism
thingy was a little inconvenient
here and there.. still without
much writing or oral
skills.. acing multiple
choice but creating
much harder
to do..
ended up
at a Military Bowling
Center passing
shoes out..
then after..
working for
a Captain of
another base
in administrative
support.. coming
back to my home
Navy Station still
in Federal Civil
service.. becoming
Community Activities
Director.. then Athletic
Director.. yes.. from the
last kid picked on teams
in school boy days..
and yeah.. the
rest described
already too much
on this blog..
just in the
last 2015 Review
post with these words still
in that comments section now
too.. i suppose i’m kinda now
like Forrest Gump.. i floated
like a feather through life
through lots of struggles
and oh yeah.. i married
the most beautiful girl
in the world who does
not age too..
and some how
i’m still floating
like a feather
will do iN
yes.. literal
ways on land as well..
and i’m sure men have done
more.. but for sure i’m probably
the strangest
of all..
being odd
ain’t so bad after all
is said
God of Nature willing
in me of Course now
and yes.. below..
my father on the
right.. here.. perhaps
the better looking of the two..;)
Father on right Uncle on Left
And my Grandfather.. smallest one on the left..
with all his older brothers and sisters
living in Ireland then..:)
It’s enough for me to
be alive.. now.. end and
of story
And that’s as far as the taking goes..
but what about the giving.. truly there
is no giving too small or too large.. and
perhaps it makes some folks uncomfortable
in how much i give at times.. but it truly
is free in terms of the Dance and Song of
giving.. for me
speaking in
dollar amounts
but in nows
and effort
sure.. by
80 hours or
so a week.. for
yes.. the joy of giving
with zero expectations of
reciprocation from others..
a hello how are you means
the world to me..
and occasionally
the reward comes
and makes
me very
happy.. intuitively
i know and feel the reward
from God in terms of infinity
is much greater than i will ever
know in this lifetime on this terrestrial
plane.. but i try to keep my ideas as much
as possible grounded to areas that at least
most folks can relate to.. in their personal
experiences of everyday life now..
that yes.. most folks
measure in terms
of clocks
and other
mind ways
of understanding
reality.. but sure even
science in the realm of
Quantum Physics is finding
that reality is no holds barred
beyond what humans normally perceive
and no.. no surprise there as we are
tiny dust particles of the Universe
but still a fractal of the
whole of what
can be perceived
as science clearly
shows in empirical observations
of the golden PHI Spiral mean
of 1.618 patterns seen all
through our perceivable
reality from
Quantum physics
to the way the Milky
Way swirls..but
anyway.. again
the point is
no effort
of giving
of positivity
is too small and
one of my favorite
created parables
puts it in
yes.. a parable
by me.. they didn’t
stop with the bible no
matter who said don’t add
this or that here to
one little
black book..
speaking at
only 800,000
words or so..
chicken scratch
for me.. hehe..
when it comes
to total
of words.. haha!
So here it goes..
again paraphrasing
me from taling this
story a number of slightly
to significantly different ways..
as the same gets boring even
to me.. so i start it all
over and see
what will
come of
it now..
There is a small boy..
who cannot speak.. a disabled
boy in a small town.. with loving
parents.. but still.. he cannot speak..
but this boy has great love for the plants
of Nature.. one day his parents buy a sapling
tree.. and the boy gains an all encompassing
special interest to water and care for
the sapling.. so the tree grows
straight and tall.. a unique
variety of tree.. that now
has multi-colored leaves
and even fruit for
others to eat..
the tree grows
even taller and
stronger as the
boy tends to it
everyday.. and the
tree becomes so beautiful
that even college educated
tree specialists marvel at
the beauty of this tree.. sadly..
the little boy passes away but the
tree stands strong and continues to
mature.. and on that street where the
little boy lived.. the tree shades a wide
sidewalk where folks walk under it and
enjoy some relief from Summer heat..
then one day.. a shy young man
is walking down the sidewalk..
and a pretty.. young..
and confident
is walking
at first he is.. but
inspired greater by the
beautiful tree.. it makes
a perfect conversation piece
to discuss with the young woman..
and while the two under the tree..
marveling at the beauty of this unique
tree.. a spark comes in both sets of
eyes.. and a kindle of Love grows between
the two of them.. so they go on to a beautiful
courtship and come back to the place of the
special tree often.. as it becomes
a special place for a bright
Love come born..
and the two get married
and the young man more confident
through the Love of his wife.. gets
in the military.. gains great honors
for his service there.. and even grows
confident enough to serve his country after
the military in the political arena of state..
then nation.. then world leader.. amazingly he
becomes then.. and with his great strength and
confidence then.. he makes a decision to
avoid a war.. and helps
save the human race
from Nuclear
that would
come.. so who is
the savior of the world..
in terms of humanity.. the
young boy’s loving parents who
supported the boy who watered the
sapling.. the boy.. the tree.. or
the supportive teachers and same of
the young woman and young man or all
the supportive military friends
that helped him through
his career..
well the truth
is.. the savior of
humanity could have
never come to the place
to do that.. if not for
the help of an entire army
of folks all through his life
that bring greater LiGht and
Truth in Courage.. Wisdom
and yes.. beauty
to inspire Love..
higher in energy
and fearlessness
to make a life
and helpful
to the world in full..
theRe are no solitary saviors
in a world created by GOD.. as God
as ONE so are we.. holding hands together
or we die alone.. sadly some folks are hoping
for the end of the world to end their personal
problems.. and sadly if enough people believe that
it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy as that
is how prophecy works.. prophecy is a belief that
is fulfilled or not by human actions
and consequences thereof.. so
there is nothing
everyone from
becoming the savior
of humanity if they simply
make that self-fulfilling
prophecy of belief
come true for
on the other
hand we can believe
it’s all gonna be
dark and doom..
and surely
each person
who believes that
will have a life colored
by that in action and consequence
of the dark ways of life.. as even
science now shows there is a nocebo
effect of human being in negative
result.. even causing human
illness.. as opposed
to the power
of positive
thinking that
can be measured
by the placebo
effect.. so sure
live by Voodoo
or live by
but surely
what one believes
will be either the
ransom of one’s life
or the gift of liGht
that can be loving
giving eyes like
a Star of LiGht
to nourish
others everywhere
one goes.. it’s great
that God of Nature gives
us both this choice and power
of human relative free will.. but
the same concepts of belief can be
turned into darkness as well as liGht
and it ain’t really that hard to see
who is dark or who is light..
for those that bring
light in pleasure
there is LiGht
and for those
who bring
of harm
to others
there is Dark..
call it heaven or
hell.. or whatever metaphor
one choses.. but sure.. we now..
when we harm folks dark or help
folks liGht iN ways of
hurt or pleasure..
it’s not that
hard to tale..
unless we do not
care.. and that is
the darkness incarnate
come to earth.. to Care
is to Love.. Unconditionally
with Courageous and Tough Love..
anything less falls short of the
as Love
in Truth and Light
as gifted so free to us..
i’ll water the tree..
and if other folks
wanna starve the
Tree of Life..
sure they
but Infinity
is a very long
time.. while i cannot
prove it empirically i
know what God is capable
of.. just in this
life in terms
of setting
what they
name as the
Karmic human
record straight..
personally.. i wouldn’t
wanna be reborn as grasshopper a
million times for the Cycle of Infinity
of however that may come.. getting squashed
after living a couple of hours each time.. Quantum physics
more than anything shows we don’t know crap
about full reality..
so sure.. bowl
life at
one’s own
risk.. but
i suggest that
one practices giving
and bRinGing liGht
to the world
instead of
the worst
thing that
could happen
is one lives
in heaven now
by doing that..
so sure.. in this
way at least.. God
is Fair enough for me..
Where theRe is liGht there
is happiness.. and where there
is dArk.. discord comes.. it doesn’t
take a rocket
to be human
but sure.. being
a rocket scientist
can take the human
out of us..
i choose
it might
not pay the
best in dollar
amounts.. but it
pays forevermorenow
as the
of Truth
and LiGht
in terms of
Wisdom and Love
now.. just now..
in God’s
for us
Anyway.. i’m off to
dance at old Seville Quarter
now with all the cool college
age folks.. and deep down i know..
i feel.. there is no taling who
i might
to fall
in Love..
no.. not with
me.. with whomever
they are inspired to
no action
too small to save
the world.. from watering
a tree.. to feeding the world..
we are all hungry for Unconditional Love..
at least
the human
beings among
us.. naturAlly now..:)
And here’s my Mother
at age 17..:)
Helen Tate
Well.. yes.. such a rainy.. cloudy.. warm..
now finally clear and cold Holiday Season this year..
where if one put up outside decorations.. they were
wet most of the time.. so off to dance at Old Seville
Quarter.. yes.. now.. finally on Saturday Night..
celebrating my 91st week of doing it.. with all
the cool college age.. and yeah..
older folks in general.. on
Saturday Night.. but anyway..
i lit my self up.. with the Universe Cats..
and come spiraling my way.. in a galaxy of
human light in ways of dance.. as usual to liGht
the place up a little briGhter with the all free and
crazy dance of me!.. back at around 3 am with
at least one photo.. probably posted ‘here’..
but the rest of the photos.. to be
included in my next blog post..
named a New Year’s
Resolution better
termed really
as affirmation.. of
“Dance and Sing 2016”..
not likely ’till Sunday night..
as Church comes fairly early
after a long night of dance still
coming tonight!.. and then a farm
trip to a Southern Baptist Pastor’s
Farm at Spring Hill.. for an on the
lawn lunch there.. North in our county..
Metro Mall after that.. maybe Bookstore..
and maybe finally home to post this next
blog post then.. anyway.. all i know and feel
iN FUN!.. and perhaps for many more.. except JusT me..;)
Lots of people seemed to like
my cat shirt.. something about
lots of kitties.. that make
A tale of two stretches..
At 55.. i find i’m a little stiffer than in my running youth
where i ran miles and miles.. and in 10K races.. and
such as that.. and never ever felt the need to
stretch.. but now after miles and miles of
dance.. after sitting down.. i find
myself stiffer than in my
youth.. so one
might say i have
a religion of stretching
as i do it as a ritual without
fail as part of my martial arts
ballet-like free style routine
dance averaging 7.7 Miles now a
dance after 602 recorded Nike GPS
dances since the end of August 2013
totaling 4669 miles now.. so i arrive
Seville Quarter at around 10:45 pm.. a
little late for a Saturday Night.. unlike
my disco days of youth where then everyone
is dancing at 9 pm.. no one really gets
brave enough with spirit of drink to
get out there now and dance until at
least 11 pm.. yeah obviously now
much more inhibition
from a life spent
stuck in a
4 or 5
smart phone vs..
than years before where
more folks are moving connecting
and creating in the fleshy non-verbal
communication of plant.. animal and
rest of Nature life.. yes.. including real
fleshy human beings.. with all their
smiles and challenges but i
digress a little from the
first of my stretching
story.. as i enter
out into
44 degree
in my White shorts
and Universe
of Cats
i hear
some Merry
sounding Christian
song about Jesus down
the road.. so i’m thinking
probably not muggers.. i
don’t have to worry
about a warrior
stance at
this time
a group
of around 6 young
adults doing this coming
down the road.. so as i am
stretching.. the biggest young
man.. comes up to me with
a pamphlet and asks
me if i would like
some reading
and obviously
it is a cut and paste
on paper of the same old
verse that this particular
cult flavor of Christianity
uses to try to scare folks
into becoming Christians
that says God So Loved
the World that he gave
his only son who was
crucified and died
for our sins
and then
was resurrected
so we might gain
eternal life..
and if you
believe in him
you will have eternal
life.. but of course they
don’t explain what eternal
life is.. ’cause they still don’t
get the original message of Jesus
in Luke 17:21.. that heaven is now
everywhere for Gentile.. Jew.. Woman
or Man.. Servant or Free.. yes available
for everyone no matter what frigging book
or verse they recite in black and white print
and not only that.. Jesus suggests that there
will be individuals who come after him that do
much greater things than he does then.. and
in this heaven he talks about everyone
will be loving friends and there
will be no marriage..
sure Jesus is an
are.. and of course
there are rather contradictory
sounding verses if taken literally
in the New Testament about bringing
a sword of change.. and those who
live by the sword die by it.. and
then.. turn the other cheek..
nah.. if ya wanna get
some ethics from
the bible
really cannot
take it at face
value.. otherwise one
is listening now to A
habitual liar changing
the story from verse to
verse as they go.. but of
course folks who only love
power and status.. don’t
care nearly as much
about the Truth in
Wisdom and LiGht
in positivity as
Love.. than
live with the
all natural innate
instinctual and intuitive
power of human Love NOW..
but anyway.. in metaphor
as ‘you’ know.. i’ve already
written 11 million words
on the Internet that
i often metaphor
as my 13.6 bibles
written in prose
and poetry online
along with the specific
3 million words in my
Word Press Blog from
start to finish.. so i attempt
to tale the young folks now a new
age parable.. asking them if they
would like to read the bible i wrote
that is so much bigger than the bible
they have.. and i go on to remind them
after they tale me that the people who read
my bible will go to hell ’cause tHeir bible is
the perfect one that needs no additions or
subtractions.. yeah.. sure like the
part about it’s okay to rape
women slaves.. yeah
give me a break
i wasn’t
born yesterday
and i’ve read the entire
frigging book more than
once to see all the
mistruths of today
that are accepted
then as the
truth of
bringing pain
and suffering to
others.. including
animal and talk of
human sacrifice.. yes..
cult stuff of yesteryear indeed
that the Zealot Jesus saw as ridiculous
including peeling off the foreskin of male
babies.. as the REAL REPORTED then Gnostic
Jesus understood God as Nature now simple
Truth and Light for yes.. Gentiles.. Jews
Servant.. Free.. Woman or Man.. no more..
just one race and family of human beings
as one big tribe under the rules of God
as Nature Wild and Free and Loving
life as any Zealous person
would who
has a Passionate
Unconditional Courageous
Tough Love about their selves..
all other humans and the rest
of Nature AKA GOD.. Anyway.. then
after i am calmly and assertively
describing a little bit of my new age
bible to the young man.. he flips
out and starts screaming to
the top of his lungs..
Oh! Lord! Jesus!.. etc..!
and says i can’t
hear any more
of your talk..
we are leaving..
the all of us in our
van now.. so they turn
their tales and run.. off into
the sunset of tHeir Christian
Land.. with another lost me
away from their cult
of exclusivity that
only believes
that folks who believe
precisely like they do
will ever get to heaven after death..
well.. the Gnostic Jesus says if ya don’t
find it in this life now you will never find
heaven at all.. and sure heaven is as real
as the rest of Nature.. ain’t no different really
than the Kundalini rising.. Chi..Ki..Qi.. Dao.
Great Spirit.. and Nirvana they talk about
in other religions.. as the essence is
the Truth and LiGht that always
exists now.. regardless of
any human words
at all..
the essence
is the Truth LiGht
of the God of Nature
now.. likely similar to
same for folks all across
the Universe as seen with
the naked and human science
aided eye.. so jump with light
speed forward.. to the stretch at
the end of the dance.. as by this now
i have brought smiles.. and screams
of joy to hundreds of people in both
the dancing and non-dancing audience
as they view a truly wild and free human
floating like water and air over terrestrial
land.. after all we can get a surf board to
walk on water.. and skates to surf across
the land.. but to do it with regular Nike
Shox Shoes is even super cooler
than that.. to quote Jesus
in a round about way..
with the 11 million
word bible
in tow
of course
and 3 million
here.. but yes.. while
i am stretching.. a very
pretty young woman asks me for
the shirt off my back.. and
i would give it to her..
but no i do
not want
to excite
the place with
my very now hairy
and muscular chest…
Well.. i wasn’t actually
finished with the comment
but Katrina yelling again
at the top of her
soft lungs
get off that
F in Fred
or we are
gonna be
dam it..
and other
choice human
words of frustration
to go along with a keeper
of the towels straight across
the racks vs.. me.. a Force
that basicAlly radiates
everywheRE it
to go in
just letting it
all go as freest
Art may be and go
as freer human being
me for now at least TGONN
Thanks God Of Nature NOW..:)!
So yes.. what i was gonna say
before i cut it short with
the Amen above.. is
imagine this..
all the money
i’ve actually
spent on this
personal endeavor
of mine of spreading
Truth and liGht iN
my own opinion as
director.. producer..
actor of me in my
metaphor of
11 million
word bible
about 13.6
times that
standard of
revised black
book.. so many
times from thousands
of years ago.. and
the dance of me to
go.. now 4669 miles
since the end
of August
and the
effort starting
on Thanksgiving
day 2010.. is only
the price of my
souped up all Apple
brands iMac.. MacPro..
iPad.. iPhone6s and
the iphone5 versions
before that
oh yeah..
and iPod too..
yeah.. so $5K
worth of
and 400 themed
shirts.. specially
selected by wife
Katrina at an
average of $9
a shirt..
more dollars
in special
and OG
Shoes up
to 10 pairs
now.. at about
$100 a Nike Pair
so add in another
1K there.. so let’s
just round off $9.6K
for taxes and make it
an even 10K expenditure
over about 5 years.. sure
there is other expenses but
i probably would have had
them anyway.. like
Broad-Band access
fees and stuff
like that..
and then there
is labor.. seriously
since i started all of
this on Thanksgiving day
of 2010.. i have most definitely
been averaging 80 hours a week..
with only sleep and eat breaks..
sometimes no sleep at all for
a couple days at a time.
so in 266 weeks that
makes a grand time
clock total..
in Labor
hours.. and
on average full
time folks
2080 hours
a week at
40.. so yeah
that’s worth
10 years of a
full-time job
in half the
time of
5 years..
and even at
minimum wage
at about $8
an hour now
dollar figure
total will come
now to
$166,400 at
with zero
5 years
of Fred giving
now.. so sure
about $176K
of effort
in 5 years
now to spread
my own version
of Truth and LiGhts..
but the greaTest thing of
all about the dance and the
writing.. is it’s all recorded..
at least most of it.. and a gift
that will continue to give.. even
when i’m off the face of this earth..
as not only do i record the writing
in multiple places across online..
of the 602 dance events i’ve done
so far.. per Nike GPS Sports Watch
iN stores.. and the 91 dance events
extra making 693 recorded events..
it is safe to say that on
average 3 different parties
video tape what i do and
at least one shares it
on Facebook..
and then other
folks share that..
and ya get the picture
what i do is spreading
whether i personally
promote it or not..
in ways of inspiring
other folks higher
in Positive liGht
of all free style
and yeah the
writing.. that keeps
growing and growing
too.. as i speak now..
hehe.. but sure
it’s kinda funny
to think that
some folks
that folks
who don’t make
money off of their
efforts in spreading
truth and liGht ain’t
doing anything of value
’cause they ain’t worshipping
the God almighty dollar.. F
the dollar yes Fred the dollar
i am FREE as i can be and i will
F iN continue to spread that
now in the “Dance and
Sing of 2016”..
so sure..
a pack of
rug rats singing
a selfish song of
an only God as compared
to the real giver man who
never ever wanted to be
worshipped by any human
and just wanted to give
too.. like me.. has
been spoiled
by the likes
of Roman
that made a humble
teacher no different
really in true effect
and affect of the dude
Buddha before him.. into
a soldier Sun God to rule
the entire frigging Universe
from a patch of desert in
the middle East..
and sure the
Spreading Roman
Empire copying
and pasting
Jesus into
Religion at
that time.. Truth
is for those folks who
never truly met the real
Jesus and only now the
faux GOD Jesus Created
by a Roman Emperor who
also erected a
Sun-God Statue
of himself..
for others to
worship too..
along with his
Catholic Cohorts
back in 325 AD
in the back-room
Boardroom of the
Nicene Council
no different
really that
folks in
roles and
rules for
World Domination
with an almighty dollar..
power and status tries to
rule but the Golden Rule
of Love is the same
essence of human
Truth and LiGht
that has always
tRuly ruled
the SpiRit
of EmoTioNal
HeARt expresSinG
openly in moving..
connecting.. and
creating free with
other humans and
the rest of Nature
in a miNd
and BoDy
way with emotional
regulation and sensory
Integration as well in
SoUl of one human being..
others.. and Nature as
yes.. what i was gonna say
about those sidewalk
rug rats.. is if
they met Jesus
they would
tale him
he is going
to hell ’cause
he will not repeat
the Constantine lie
that he is a trinity
of a God.. instead of
just another human
being as loyal
to the
God of Nature
as the metaphor
of Prophet to bRinG
Truth and LiGht to
raise people up
away from
and suffering
of the human condition
yeah.. different time
different Buddha.. same
basic message.. the Golden
rule comes again in
the essence of
Truth and liGht
but oh crap.. i could
have been having a discussion
of Seminoles against Gator Fans
out of the tribal way of college
football and their religious fans
and they might have screamed our
team.. fight fight fight is the
best and your team sucks
sucks sucks.. it’s
the human tribal
instinct.. simple
and true.. it’s
about our team
is better than
yours and ain’t
no quarterback
ever gonna replace
our best quarterback
now.. well the feeling is
the Quarterback has already
been replaced and what Jesus
indicated in the Truth and LiGht
of Wisdom and Love that others will
do more after him has already come through
a myriad of ways now.. in the Art of human
healing from Medicine.. to Music.. to
ALL ARTS and yes sciences too..
of what bRinGs human closer to
the Truth and liGht of the Golden
rule of moving.. connecting
and creating.. the way
tRuly Loving humans
will jUSt do when
set free in
Tough Courageous
Unconditional Love
then or now as free
and wild.. kind and
courageous as homo
sapiens sapiens
can be..
so yeah.. i let the
Gator fans speed off in
their Gator van.. and nah
i am no longer a cheerleader
for the Seminoles alone.. i
am a cheerleader for GOD ALLONE
now.. in ways of Truth and liGht
of the
of the
God of Nature
manifest in Human
being now same as then
in essence of Truth and
liGht then and now as REAL!
OH yeah… and to really
end this comment section
now.. although i didn’t
give the pretty
young lady
the shirt
off my back
as she asked..
instead i gave her
the gift that keeps giving..
yes.. she takes a selfie photo
of me and her with shirt.. by
hand of her friend.. so the
liGht of UniVerse Cats of
Love can be spread
further and
to the
ends of the
Earth Freenow..
if only now Jesus
had this back then..
in terms of spreading his
own Good NEWS instead of
a corrupted version by status
and power hungry socio-pathic
leaning folks.. there would
be far more Love
and far less
and gnashing of teeth
in ways of human misery
and suffering in Mind
and boDy souls that
are OMG
so far
out of
that they
are like that
painting of ‘Scream’..
i’ve already done that
‘Scream’.. sure it is real
human hell and now i live
in Heaven
where a selfie
can be the smile
that keeps giving..
relatively speaking
in human terms
of forever
on this
as long
as servers
continue to give..
as well as human being..:)
On the road.. Lots of thoughts and feelings.. Be back later.. Whitman is real.. i like real..
From what i’ve read of Whitman.. which isn’t everything and truly limited to ‘Leaves of Grass’.. he sees the same God as Nature.. as the gnostic Jesus.. and sees the soul as transcendent and immortal.. that would put him in the territory of panentheism.. per technical Wiki Terms..
so he does go beyond Nature
somewhat to non-defined
science lands of
Nature now then..
but of course now..
humans and science don’t
have nearly all the concrete answers
to existence.. and even Quantum Physics
is beginning to show a flow of reality
like water
of concrete
as metaphor of
course.. ’cause sure..
water is concrete in terms
of linguists.. smiles.. and
it’s really nice to see a
celebration of all
the beauty
of human
being as great
and same as one
as pArt of GOD ONE
as Nature true and whatever
is Nature beyond human and
human aided eyes..
and truly
in a way
even if we
do not ever exist
after the death of us..
with genetic memory in
innate.. instinctual.. and intuitive..
way now.. we carry the immortality
of our ancestors in our genes.. a wonderful
gift by the sweat of their brow.. blood of their
skin.. broken bones.. pain.. and suffering to allow
us this wonderful gift of life.. and truly i feel when
we don’t make the best of it..
we spit on the graves
of the now immortal
soul that is paved
with blood
and bones
and skin
as well as
pain and suffering
of our forefathers
and foremothers
as well.. wow..
if Whitman
were alive today..
he would do what i do
and sure do even more to
celebrate the naked beauty
of human free now.. from
bone to flesh
to skin
to beating
throbbing hearts
passionate and
alive and
as leaves
of grass.. evergreen
with SpiRit of Life now..
sure.. i compared Bruce Lee
to the Gnostic fame of
Jesus.. and
is wRite
theRe at the top
of the pack and perhaps
even above.. as truly
worshipping the
gift of Life
that all
encompassing God
of Nature gives us now..
and surely a warm shower..
a soft bed.. and toilet paper
is the icing on the grass of
my friend
gigoid.. truly as whole
‘Leaves of Grass’.. in just
a few paragraphs of it..
is all i read of poeTry
before naturAlly
and emotion
together in doing it..
it truly is free verse to me..
and i’m so glad that i really
hated poetry thinking it was
boring when i was young..
as it is my own
way now..
and not the
copy and paste
of someone else’s
way of art.. same as
martial arts and dance
i am so thankful to the
God of Nature i never
took a lesson
and am not
to the
of humans who
pass my friend.. tHeir
immortal souls in my
genetics is all the
lessons i need
for now..
may your leaves
stay green my friend..
in the liGht of God’s Sun..:)
So Christmas has come and gone..
New Years here as 2016..
The big wait for Star Wars
iS already here.. so what
next for the new year..
drum roll.. per
Profile photo
status thingy..
yes.. who will
come next to
complete this picture
for now in year 2016….
But of course.. reference last
Facebook Profile photo status
thingy.. Super-man the Force
of the Universe.. an ET from
another planet.. goes up
against a humanoid
named Batman with
all his fancy gadgets
and weapons getting
a job done of protecting
Metropolis and so much
more.. even attempting to
harness the all encompassing
Universal Powers of Force of
Superman to make sure he is
not all free.. to match the
human order of the
day then.. yes..
coming to a local
Theater.. sometime
in the Sumer of 2016
The DArker Force of Batman
vs.. the liGhter Freer Force
of Superman to see..
who the winner
of this match
will be or
a draw..
a battle for
the free of being free..
vs.. the control of being free..
to suit the culture at hand now..:)
Another fun sharable Facebook test..
wheRe an algorithm determines facial age..
Yes.. it’s true i don’t feel any older than 19..
but yes.. obviously i look much older..
but still truly for those who do not
identify with how they look and
instead identify by how they feel..
that is all that F iN counts.. for me at least..
that is all that Fred iN counts.. yeah.. the inner me..
that radiates the spiRit that truly never has to age
across the lifespan.. and in fact can grow great
and greater in heArt SpiRit and SoUL liGht
as nows go by.. nowoneforevermoreeverforonenow…
long word.. but the
AND NOT not the dam movie.. about teenage
Love.. hehe.. a LOVE
of ALL.. again..
And to end here..
worth quoting from
Whitman in his
“Leaves of Grass”
“The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet. He consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly his delicious pay. What baulks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to his proportions. All expected from heaven or from the highest he is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak or a scene of the winter woods or the presence of children playing or with his arm round the neck of a man or woman. His love above all love has leisure and expanse … he leaves room ahead of himself. He is no irresolute or suspicious lover … he is sure … he scorns intervals. His experience and the showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar him … suffering and darkness cannot—death and fear cannot. to him complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth … he saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore or the shore of the sea than he is of the fruition of his love and of all perfection and beauty.”
 “There will soon be no more priests. Their work is done. They may wait awhile … perhaps a generation or two … dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place … the gangs of kosmos and prophets en masse shall take their place. A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man, and every man shall be his own priest. The churches built under their umbrage shall be the churches of men and women. Through the divinity of themselves shall the kosmos and the new breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things. They shall find their inspiration in real objects to-day, symptoms of the past and future… . They shall not deign to defend immortality or God or the perfection of things or liberty or the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.”

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